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Sex with strangers

Being in my young 20's, I was willing to try anything dangerous. It started with a bet among friends to see who could hook up with someone they just met online that same night. The wager was that the other two roommates would pay a month's rent for the winner. We all ran to our bedrooms and got online. It didn't go as expected. Several hours past and none of us were having any luck. One roommate was stood up and i had yet to get a girl willing to meet me in person. They would chicken out right after I gave them my address. Around 1:30 am, I started talking to girl, Becca, who lived an hour awa... Continue»
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Knock Her Up

My wife, Sue, and I had been married about seven years but we could not have c***dren because of an accident that happened to me years ago. We both wanted c***dren and were trying to decide the best way to do this. My mother in-law and one of her close friends were over and we sat around the table talking this thru. They got focused on doing the turkey baster thing, you know, get a guy to jerk off into a turkey baster and then go squirt it up my wife's hooch while she is standing on her head. Thinking that this might be a chance to see some stranger rail my wife I yelled out "Why not just sc... Continue»
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Nick and Sue were friends all through school. She was a petite blonde and he was a good looking black guy. In high school Sue developed a nice set of tits and she and Nick went out several times. She would let him take her shirt and bra off and suck her huge globes but no further. She planned to go to college and did not want to risk any unwanted babies. Nick stayed content sucking the big boobs. Then when school was over they both went to different colleges and had not seen each other for about five years.

One day Sue was in the bar where she was at a convention and she looked up and ther... Continue»
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No que noo

Esta historia, podría ser la realidad de unos hechos vividos por un amigo de la infancia, al que casualmente me encontré en la gran empresa donde ambos trabajamos, el me contó, en una ocasión, en la que ambos habíamos bebido algo mas de la cuenta, cómo llegó a realizar el amor con su madre y hermana, con las cuales estaba viviendo.
La historia que me relató es la siguiente:


Soy de una familia mas bien pobre, mis padres poseen una pequeña industria familiar en la que ambos trabajan y van sacando para el sustento diario. El resto de la familia la componemos, mi hermana Sandra... Continue»
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The Rota Of Big Ones

A different pair of huge tits for each night of the week.

Newly single at 32, I went on a big tits rampage. I’d spent years with a set of C cups but throughout I’d harboured an increasing desire to get hold of some really big ones. By the time I moved away from the C cups, this desire had become a need.

Once I was living alone again, the idea was simple: to search out the biggest, heaviest juggs I could find. The age, race, or body size of the woman never mattered and the face was certainly of no importance. All I cared about was the amount of titmeat she had hanging off her che... Continue»
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A Night On The Town Ch. 3

As Mr. W and I rushed back to his house all I could think about was how I never knew that having sex in front a bunch of other people would turn me on so much, all I could do was marvel at the sexual extreme that he had taken me to. As soon as Mr. W got back to his place the first thing I did was to slowly rub my hands across my entire body checking for Mosquito bites, I didn't realize that Mr. W was eyeballing me real close as I did so until he came over and squeezed my right ass cheek hard like it was a stress ball, "damn... tonight was just plain sexy" he said reaching down and grabbing the... Continue»
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One for the Books...The Share Holders Meeting, (pa

The sun was shining brightly through the curtains of my room when I woke up late the next day, I came down stairs to find the cabin for the most part, quiet..I found David in the living room, cursing loudly at the soccer ball game he had playing on the big screen,

“ Where is everybody?” I ask,

“ The ladies have went shopping” he said with a smart ass tone, that did nothing to alleviate my fears that he had heard us all last night.

I decided I was going to go for a trail run, I wanted to avoid any conversation that might lead to questions, I didnt know how to answer.
It was a beautifu... Continue»
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My First Experience And Blackmailed The Boys

Hello guys, I am Sneha new to this site and always wished to share my experience with my friends even have said to my besty and she recommended me to post in this site.

Coming to the post

I am 21 years now and about me fair in skin and 30 size of my breast that’s it. Lol

Stepping back to three years before when I was in school. We had a class strength of sixty students. I used to prefer to sit on the back benches to have fun with my friends.

One day I was totally irritated by the lectures so I decided to observe w
... Continue»
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dinner and a nice show

Jerry has decided to give his wife, Janet, the special gift she had requested for their fifth anniversary. First a marvelous dinner at their favorite restaurant, and then a very special show that she will remember for a long, long, time.

This story is primarily about exhibitionism, but there is an overtone of bondage and some more than consensual spanking action.

Janet McCarthy is a "shy exhibitionist" and a "closet bondage freak"- at least that is how she describes herself on several bondage sites under her user name of Off_Broadway_Barbie. Many of the people who look up her profile l... Continue»
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Repeat Encounter

The encounter with my married friend I wrote about earlier has had many starts and stops. For the first few months we got together whenever the opportunity presented itself for one of us to host at home. Then, for some unknown reason, the intensity seemed to wane and a period of abstinence became a month, then six months, than a year. We talked about getting together whenever we saw each other, but it didn't happen. We were still very good friends it just seemed the urge to get naked and play had definitely peaked. To be honest, I often thought about his strong orgasms and hot throbbing cock. ... Continue»
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Accounts payable

I’m interested in having sex with my apartment management’s accountant Amy, Amy is tall with curly brown hair thick plump ass and a pair of big ass tits i often dream about having her big boobs in my face running my tongue over and over her nipples

I went into my apartment billing office one day and she was there, damn amy i thought to myself, she came from behind the desk to get something, she was wearing a red and white tank top shorts and flip flops pretty feet, pretty eyes knock em out tits and an ass to go with it. My goodness, her ass the way it sways when she walks,

I would do a... Continue»
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Adam and Bre Go To Miami

Adam and Bre Visit Miami

1. Airport
Florida is beautiful. Everything there is lush and healthy. The sweet ocean breeze cools your skin from the sultry heat, the smell of the ocean enticing. Miami...the most sexual city in 'Murika...a beautiful (and dirty) place.
Adam and Bre arrive at the Miami international airport just after 2 in the afternoon. It had been a long flight, 2 layovers and a 5 hour delay. They were tired, angry, and dirty. Adam is hungry so they stop at a Cuban joint for food before getting a taxi to the hotel. During the meal nothing is said between them, mostly just irri... Continue»
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By the Reins

She sat on the leather couch perpendicular to mine. Her fidgeting fingers, grazed along the accentuated small ridges of wrinkles. I stared at her and wondered, ‘what you are expecting?’ Her outfit: Mere black leggings and a tank top variation of sorts that brazenly drew attention to a line of cleavage, where I struggled not leer. It could have been my imagination, but she seemed to have noticed as she looked down play with the front. Drawing it down and then press your breasts together from the sides, she then looks at me and I exhaled…’I guess I hadn’t been breathing’… I begin to squirm aroun... Continue»
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CUM DIARIES: Venice & all its beauties part 3

I jolt up, my body as if falling down an elevator shaft. As I catch my breath, quickly I come to the realization that this girl is keeping my occupied during the day with her company and at night in my dreams. I hit the snooze button and swipe my phone to log into my app and see what’s been going on in other timezones as i scratch the crumble in corner of my eyes. Satisfied with the early morning finances it was time to satisfy myself. Being in the hotel of the prospective person I’d ... Continue»
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A great day

Daniel Jacob did not have an easy life to say the least. Brought up in a strict, religious household that used faith as an excuse for hatred, he objected strongly to the beliefs of his parents and strongly refused to go along with their lifestyle or the idea he should continue the f****y ways of supporting and being a leader in the organization.

Despite having good grades at school and the potential to make something of himself, he'd shown potential in the school choir and shined during musical lessons, he was left with little alternative than to escape the toxic f****y life and run away fr... Continue»
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Dads Little Slut got pregnant

Kavita stretched her lithe young body out along the lounge chair with a groan, her skimpy bikini barely covering her perky tits and shaved pussy lips. “What’s wrong, honey?” asked her equally sexy mother, Geeta, as she lounged on the chair next to her daughter.

“I’m just so frustrated, mom! Ashok and I have been trying to get pregnant for the past year, and nothing is happening! I want my belly filled with a baby!” She pouted as she ran her fingers over her slim, tanned 20 year old belly.

“I know baby, there’s nothing like having your tummy stretched with a baby and your tits fi
... Continue»
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Cuckolded My Useless Husband

. I am working as nurse in a multi specialty hospital and in charge of master health check up programme. i have to go to hospital by 8.30 and my husband Peter has gone for duty by 6 AM and he is working in the same department as accountant.

Me a very horny girl and wants a dick 24/7 in my juicy cunt and my husband can’t cope up with that and hence he accedes his defeat and let me go loose in sharing bed with others and hence I fuck other males some time with his knowledge and most of the time without his knowledge and he never minds about that.

I allow him to fuck me once a mont
... Continue»
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My Dream For Double Dick

Hi my name is swathi. This is my very first story which I am going to share. . I noticed everyone sharing their real story here, so decided to share my one too. I am 5’3’’ and weight 49kg and my body size is 34c-29-36. I have black hair and black eyes. My husband Rakesh is 5’6’’ and 60kg with dark hair and black eyes with a 7’’ cock. We have been married last six years we have a k** age 4yrs. This is my real story which is happened last summer when my husband out of town for two weeks for some business works. Rakesh basically from a semi developed town so he dreams big.

For that reas
... Continue»
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A Work Party- Chapter 3, Things Are Getting Emotio

A Work Party- Ch. 3

Ron was true to his word, and Tony got a promotion. From an area sales representative to a District Sales Manager. I think he would have eventually gotten the promotion, anyway, as he was good at his job, but now he was a manager. With it came some nice benefits. A raise, and he got a company car, better health insurance, and his retirement benefits increased. He had access to stock options, and better bonuses, too. With it came perks and responsibilities. Sometimes he could come home early, and sometimes, like near end of month, he was extremely busy. He had peo... Continue»
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Public Bathroom Sex With Stranger

My name is Swathi aged 23 and am from ONGOLE in ANDHRA PRADESH. I finished my engineering and I was doing a masters course in a reputed college.

Well coming to my body I have nice big boobs of 34 size and a waist of 30 and a big ass of 35. All this happened when I was travelling from ONGOLE to another place in a bus. Usually the journey takes 8 hours to travel so I was in ONGOLE on a holiday as my college was declared holidays for 4 days… after four days I reserved a ticket for night and got ready to go.

My dad dropped me in the bus stand and the bus was ready to leave. I got into
... Continue»
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