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s****r gets to know her b*****r better

I spent the hottest day of the summer sitting by my pool with my friend Stacey. We spent the afternoon working on our tans and talking about nothing in particular.

At some point, I had noticed the curtains in one of the windows was pulled back slightly.

“Don’t look now Stace, but I think my b*****r is watching you.”

She raised her eyebrows slightly and peered up at the window.

“Oh my God! What’s with him? Not only is he weird, but he’s a total perv!”

“Hey that’s my b*****r! He’s not a perv, and he’s not that weird!”

“Oh please Anne, He’s weird. I don’t think he’s ever said m... Continue»
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b*****r is set up on a blind - with his s****r

I am sitting at the far right table at the eatery in the mall waiting on you (my blind date). I met you through one of those online dating services. Just the thought of not knowing who it could be was exciting. I start to think about the possibilities as I keep watch for you. It could be anyone I think with excitement! It could be that hot chic in my home room class, who I would love to fuck the shit out of. Or it could even be my own s****r, who has no idea that I would love to throw her down on the bed and lick that juicy wet pussy while I rub around her ass hole.

I have been thinking abo... Continue»
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Bj for daddy

"You had better stop now, honey. I don't think it would be appropriate for me to come in your mouth. Maybe you should finish me off with your hand."

My beautiful daughter took her mouth off of my cock and smiled up at me. "Well, Dad, it wouldn't really be a blow job unless you came in my mouth, and it isn't like it would be my first time. I've sucked off at least ten guys."

"Well, if you really want me to," I said. Knowing that I was close and ready to come at any time, she sucked enthusiastically. Damn, she was good. I had never had such incredible head. She didn't bat an eye when I sta... Continue»
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A Birthday Blow Job for Daddy

I gave up on birthday parties after my thirtieth, but my wife Joan and my daughter Karen insisted on celebrating my thirty-eighth with cake and ice cream. I blew out the candles with one long puff and then Joan carved out three wedges. After we finished off our sugary treat, my pretty wife wished me a happy birthday and handed me a gift-wrapped package. She had thoughtfully bought me a best-selling book that I had been planning to read.

"I'll give you my present later, Dad," Karen said. When mother and daughter shared a giggle, I knew that they had cooked something up. My beautiful daughter... Continue»
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Four b*****rs & father give mother a gang-bang

My name is Ken and I'm a successful businessman living with my wife in New England. Every year on my mother's birthday, I make a pilgrimage home to join my father and b*****rs in giving her a very special birthday present. My wife and mother had never taken to each other, so, as always, my wife did not ask to go along. She did not know about my special relationship with my mother.

As I left the heavy city traffic behind, my mind wandered and I began reminiscing about the first time I contributed to my mother's special gift. She had made a man of me that day. The experience was so intense th... Continue»
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s****r gives shy guy the night of his life.

My birthday was only a week away. This didn’t fill me with a great deal of excitement, as I was still fairly new here in town, and didn’t really know anybody. Almost twenty-three, and I was still suffering from the shyness that had plagued me all my life. To make matters even worse, my birthday this year fell on a Friday. I’ve always hated weekends; usually I spent them at home, alone, bored. I could easily imagine a multitude of people spending their weekends partying, clubbing, dancing, laughing, making love, and generally having a good time. Meanwhile, I’d have to be content sitting at home... Continue»
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Final Payment

I had been having some trouble with my computer at home and a friend from work offered to come home with me to see if he could straighten it out or at least tell me what was really wrong with it. Tony is a good guy like that, always willing to help out if he can. He is also a very big black man and, though I didn't know it, I was about to find out just how big he really is.

Let me start at the beginning. I have a stepdaughter who used to be a real pain in the ass. Always giving my wife and I grief over something. That is until a few months ago. She had a problem, (I created it for her thoug... Continue»
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A Big Misunderstanding


"Can I lie on your lap?"

Tim's eyes widened a bit, not sure what to say. He was downstairs watching a movie with his stepdaughter and she was already molded up against him. Every breath brought her one breast to move against his side. While the touch was so light, the results were anything but. He had a raging hard-on and did not want to move the blanket. He certainly couldn't have her put her head down there.

"No Kara, you are not a k** anymore. It wouldn't look right."

Kara huffed and jerked the cover back to lie down anyways. Her hands touched his rigid member when she ... Continue»
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A Bad Day Gets Better

What a day! I get to wake up to a corrupted file system, a crashed computer, no OEM for my OS CD to restore, a lost report, and a longing for sexual relief. However, I didn't know that it would eventually turn out better.

It all started when I when I woke up this morning. I had been doing some rather important schoolwork on my computer and grew tired, so I saved and let the program run all night. And when I woke up, my computer was frozen and refused to boot into Windows 98. I tried to salvage the information through another OS on a separate partition, but to no success.

Distraught that... Continue»
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Daddy and Daughter learn more about each other

My head is still spinning from how quickly the relationship between my 21 year old daughter and myself has changed. Just one short month ago, we hardly knew one another - now, she's the closest friend I've ever had - and so much more.

I've always loved my daughter, but we've been through a lot in our relationship. Her mother and I divorced when my daughter was less than a year old, and re-married almost immediately. As the years went by, my daughter and I had less and less contact, and so, grew farther and farther apart. During her rebellious teenage phase, I wanted to be a good father, but... Continue»
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The bond between father and daughter grows

Where do I begin?

Well it all started early one morning just after Mandy (my wife) had left for work. Julie (my daughter) had jumped on the bed and wiggled under the covers. I was half asl**p and snuggled up to Julie thinking she was my wife.

"mmmm this is nice daddy" Julie said as she snuggled right up to me, spooning.

My arm had gone around her waist and pulled her in tight. Thankfully I was wearing my boxers as we lay there because I was getting hard as I normally do when I'm spooning with Mandy.

We lay there for quite some time cuddling with my hard cock nestled in between her... Continue»
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"Do you feel like taking my cock...

…up your ass?"

I've already fucked her to one orgasm, with her lying on her back, legs spread wide open, me pounding into her cunt. But I haven't cum yet and I desperately need to. I think about having her turn over and get up on all fours so I can fuck her doggystyle, but I crave the feeling of something tighter around my cock. I haven't fucked her in the ass for at least a couple of months. I’m overdue for a bit of buggery, and I suspect that she is, too.

She gives a sharp intake of breath. I know I’ve touched a nerve by bringing up something that she really wants but is too shy to ask... Continue»
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Melinda Chapter 13

He watched her as she lay on the plain straw mattress, her body naked but for a pair of black nylon panties stretched tightly over the ripe curves of her buttocks, and the plane of her stomach. He had watched many beautiful women go through the system, but this one was special. She slept peacefully enough, occasionally turning on her stomach or over on to her side, her breasts full and round, quivering with each movement, their nipples soft and docile, buried in the plump flesh, her short flaxen hair resting on the single white pillow.
A guard was always stationed in the cell with all new arr... Continue»
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Deep Throat Games

oral – bisexual – deep throat – curious – strap on – dildo

I had always wished Lori would fulfill my fantasy and deepthroat me during oral sex. Lori, my wife of four years, is a stunner. At 5 feet and 7 inches tall, she has oversized breasts and the ass and legs of a sprinter. Before I married Lori, I had many girlfriends. One of my girlfriends was such an accomplished cocksucker that she could take my whole prick in her mouth and tongue my balls at the same time. My wife Lori sucked my cock, but she couldn't or wouldn't deepthroat me.

My life changed the night I complained about ... Continue»
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Time with wifes boss

Time with wifes boss

My name is Sandy and I am a 34 year old green eyed blonde married to my husband of 10 years. My husband Dave is an architect and engineer and gets busy as he flies around the US working on large projects. As a married mother of 2 daughters and the administrative assistant to the division sales manager in a large manufacturing company, I am required attend sales meetings for distributors from across the country. My girls stay with my mother and she takes care of them while I am required to take care of my job.

My boss is Bob Davis, who I have worked for for 5 years... Continue»
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The Stalker

When I entered my teen years I started to work out alot along with masterbating. My bedroom was large enough that I able to put a work out bench in there. I wanted to get buff, you know, in the hopes that I would attract lots of women wanting sex. As I worked out I would get the feeling of being watched. Sometimes I would catch a glimpse of a shadow in the upper window of the next door house. I assumed that Mr. Foster might be spying on me and that he might have some kind of fetish for me.
The Fosters have lived next door for as long as we have lived in our house. Their master bedroom w... Continue»
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choot ki pyaas

Reena is a 32 years old married woman. Her husband is an engineer in merchant navy and he comes home once for a month or two in a year. She is a school- teacher and also gives private tuitions in the evening to pass her time. She was sex-starved until last year and used to masturbate to satisfy her sexual desire.

Last year, She visited her friend (Nisha) of college days, who lives in Delhi. Her husband is a doctor in UAE and she is a teacher like Reena. One day Reena accompanied Nisha to a ladies kitty-party where she was compelled to drink more than her usual capacity. When they reached ho... Continue»
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Two Teen Nymphos At The Ice Cream Stand

Chatting with a nubile on here the other day inspired this one…

God I hope she likes it!!


Stepping out of the shower after a long hot day of landscaping and I figured I deserved at least some ice cream as a treat since the wife was out of town. I slipped on some shorts and went commando since I did not plan to be out long before coming back and going to bed.

I pulled up and ordered my ice cream. While I waited I looked over and saw two girls with “Congratulations grad“ shirts on. I smiled, they giggled. The blonde was in a miniskirt, the brunette was in cut off short... Continue»
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My wife with the repair man

My wife's computer had a melt down, I had no clue how to fix it. So we called a repair man. They told us he will send someone out the next day. Next morning, someone was knocking on our door. Linda, wearing nothing but her nightgown, got up and answer the door. It was the repair man, he was 6 foot tall, dark hair, good looking chap. She took him to her room where the computer was at. The repair man introduce himself, his name was Mike. I was still in bed but could hear them talking. Mike was getting his tools out and laying them on the floor, one of his tools was a little mirror. Mike started ... Continue»
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Arabian Plaything Chapter 10

Colonel Perez contemplated the lush, naked bottom before him. It was nice and plump. Very soft and white. As the Colonel liked them. Even so, the bottom was not as large as he would have wished. For Colonel Perez had a penchant for the over-blown as far as women were concerned. He enjoyed them most when they were big-breasted and big-buttocked.
That was the only thing he had against the Harem of Quireme, which he visited regularly when he was out of South Africa on leave. He had a standing invitation from Princess Karina, an old friend of his. His complaint was that there was no... Continue»
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