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Aphrodite by Pierre Louys (1896)

Aphrodite by Pierre Louys


TO ALBERT BESNARD The homage of profound admiration and of respectful friendship



The erudite Prodicos of Ceos, who flourished toward the end of the first century before our era, is the author of the celebrated apologue which St. Basil recommended to Christian meditation: "Herakles between virtue and voluptuousness." We know that Herakles decided for the first, and was thus enabled to accomplish a certain number of great crimes against the Hinds, the Amazons, the Golden Apples and the Giants. If Prodicos had limited ... Continue»
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Well, baby, now it’s my turn to tell you what happened not so long ago.
You know, I had to return the pants to the big department store in Makati and decided to stay there a couple nights. I had some problem with doing it and talked to a supervisor. She was taller than you (maybe 5’6”), slender with nice figure, about early 30’s, lovely eyes, full lips (made for cocksucking I thought) with very red lipstick, and dark skin. Her name was Reslie. We finished the exchange and had a “spark”, and so I asked if she wanted to get dinner after she finished work. She said no, she was ma... Continue»
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"The Lady and The Gentleman" or "A

The day after my surprising date I wrote my friend a text to thank him for the amazing date he had set me up on. He wrote back how happy he was that it had been a success and he was the one thanking me as I had really helped him being able to show up with short notice. It turned out he had many celebrities as clients at his dating bureau and he asked me if he could call me another time since I didn't seem intimidated by going on a date with a celebrity. Obviously, I told him I was up for it.

I was really excited but the weeks went by and I heard nothing from my friend. Then one evening the ... Continue»
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Wife before we met - More

Following on from my previous story about my wife’s sexual encounters before we met, I thought that Id recount another one which gets me particularly turned on. First, though, a bit more background. As I said before she was a late starter and her first sex was at 20 with an experienced guy she met at college. She was on the pill before they started having sex and she continued taking it after they split when she finished college (I think she wanted to control the safe sex bit). She was then celibate until the Greek experience which got her into sex again. The guy she met on holiday who she agr... Continue»
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Kenzie-Marie's first tinder hook-up

Tinder hasn't been hugely successful for us. We've matched lots of people but the ones we've met are few and far between. Besides an ffm we had a month or so ago, it's been pretty dry. That changed for Kenzie [Marie is a middle name] a few days ago. She had been on Tinder for a few weeks and matched an under-30, German guy. Decent looking guy, and willing to meet up with a couple who desired a threesome. Gotta give him credit; he was at least up for meeting, as he had never done a threesome before.
We met him for a drink at a pub not far from our place and Kenzie was attracted to him so she i... Continue»
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A very erotic massage

My name is Jessica, I am a white girl in my late teens, and have long shapely legs, with blonde hair down to my waist, 34-24-34, and a cute little nose ( or so I'm told ).

I recently took evening classes on aromatherapy massage at the local college, and got to make friends with the others on the course, especially an athletic muscular lad called Jake, who was a bit older than me. We hit it off the instant we met.

On the very last lesson before the classes broke up for the mid term break, he approached me to ask me if I would consider letting him practice what he had learned on me ... Continue»
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Hitchhikers paradise

In my early 20's I decided to hitch hike across the US from New York down to Florida then across to California. My friends told me I would be mugged or murdered before I got to Texas but I'd done a bit of research I and thought I was pretty safe, however on one ride I got a lot more than i'd bargained for and more than I could have hoped for.

I was hitchhiking just outside of Jackson in the pounding June sun praying I got picked up before my brain juices started evaporating when a beat up old camper van pulled up beside me. When you're hitchhiking beat up old camper vans are pretty standar... Continue»
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Dad Stays With Amanda While On Business

The mixed race female offspring of a man welcomes him to stay with her on his business trip. Maybe there was a little too much alcohol… or maybe it was just the right thing to have happen. Either way, this is a story of sexual love that even the ladies will enjoy and men…. Well a man wrote it!!!

Get ready and enjoy!!!


I was in Dallas two weeks ago for business so instead of staying in a hotel, I stayed with our daughter who is a Physician’s Assistant down there and doing very well for herself! After having a taxi drop me off at her apartment and catching up a bit sh... Continue»
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New Job-New Pussy

I had just finished school and was off to college. I moved immediately to the new town and got a job at a hotel doing maintenance. The first week I spent getting training and then the second week they gave me a bunch of old work orders and told me to figure out which ones should be closed and which ones still need attention. So off I went room to room checking the complaints.
I came to this room, knocked on the door. An attractive woman answered, I told her that I needed to check the AC. She let me in. She was blonde, brown eyed, and wearing just a robe. She shut the door behind me. I we... Continue»
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hanna becomes a slave for life

Consciousness returned slowly, and as it did a number of things strike me at once - my arms and shoulders are aching...my hair, lank and damp, hangs across my face, obscuring my sight...and my jaw aches horribly. For some reason i cant focus properly, and it dawns on me that i am bound tight, my arms above me and my legs obscenely spread open below me. Looking down i see a fleshy colored blur, and i realize i am naked.
Long minutes pass before i hear the sound of footsteps approaching, the creak of a door opening on dry hinges.
"Its about time you woke upp whorelet. I was beginning to get im... Continue»
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Marriage Creampie

I can still remember the first time I asked her if I could do it. I had always had a fascination for tasting my own semen, you see.

My wife Megan had indulged me certain levels of satisfaction in this matter but refused to let me give her oral after sex.

She said it was "gross".

I had licked it off her tits and she occasionally would kiss me after a blowjob, but that was the extent of it.

But then I had an idea. What if I fucked her with a condom on and then ate her immediately afterward. It might satisfy my craving.

So later that night, as we lay together in bed, I decided to... Continue»
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Making it Big at the Gig

After a long week at work, Friday night had finally arrived. The band I play for, the M.E. Groves Band, was booked to play the weekend at Benny's, a popular watering hole and "meet market" a few blocks from my home.

We got our gear in and set up. Nick, our sound man, ran through his checks and pronounced us good to go. Davy, the bassist and my b*****r, picked up his Fender Jazz and ran through a few scales, listening to the monitors and adjusting his settings. I strapped on my Telecaster and joined him, and before long Liam, the lead guitarist was there with his Paul Reed Smith, while... Continue»
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Back to business with a 22 year old.

For over 2 years after Jen died I didn’t date at all. My step s****r, Vicky kept trying to encourage me to get back “on the horse”, but I just didn’t want to. I sold my home, and moved to London, investing some of my considerable inheritance from Jen in properties. I also concentrated on my career, changing organisations, and gaining a big pay rise, better prospects and the opportunity to travel the world, although I soon found out that such business travel is pretty crap – I visited lots of airports, business area’s and hotels, but got to see very little of the countries I visited. However, i... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Phase Two Pegging, Cock

Over the next week Tim's training continued each night getting his medicine
Nancy walked over to the table and picked up a vial of medicine. She walked back over to Tim and sat on the edge of the bed, 
"You see this?"
As she jiggled the vial of medicine in her hands, 
"This is a little something to lower your testosterone level, and relax your muscles so that you will become a little more submissive and accept what is coming.

"She reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the chastity device and showed it to him.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Ummmm....No! What the hell is that... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Pegging

Tim and Nancy had been married for over ten years. Tim was a construction worker and Nancy was a nurse. For the first few years of marriage everything was great, but as time went on Tim became more and more unhappy in their relationship, and started becoming aggressive towards Nancy. On a few occasions Tim, in a fit of rage hit Nancy! Tim was a "mans man" kind of guy who believed that males were superior to women and that a woman's place was to serve a man! Tim's behavior seemed to come out of nowhere, because he had never exhibited this kind of behavior before, but Nancy suspected that he has... Continue»
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Oh Mary!

Oh, Mary!

The title of this story says it all really and I guess it started about 6 months after we had married. I hadn't known Mary for all that long but we are both in our early 30s and I guess we just clicked and a couple of months after we met we got engaged.
Mary isn't what you would call a stunner but she just oozes sex appeal. Some people just have that I guess and certainly her large breasts probably helped. There are pictures of Mary on the authors profile and you will see she is a pretty and ample blonde with a lovely smile

I had heard a few snippets from her friends that le... Continue»
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RoadToGlory: Friend’s Korean Wife Part 2

Later that night we arrived at Sunny’s place and David was waiting for us in the lounge. We all gathered around in silence as the room fills with David’s emotions. After a long silence David finally spoken, he had asked Sunny why she cheated on him while holding back his anger. Sunny responded by telling her husband how he left her unattended. David replied in Koreans and the two began to argue. After a while I stepped in to give my side of the apology. David didn’t want any of it that night and told me to leave. As I left the house I told Sunny that if she ever need anything, I’m only a phone... Continue»
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My wife's cruel way

I can't explain why I talked my wife into the cuckold lifestyle but I did. Like most women she thought at first it was a trap but after seeing how excited I got while talking about it she was convinced I wasn't k**ding. It started out with her meeting her guy friends after work and coming home wearing panties wet with a mixture of her and his love making. It took a while before she started having me clean her with my mouth after she had been out. I hinted very carefully how I'd like this to progress and she took the hints but worked it out in her own way.

The way she dressed also changed ... Continue»
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Mama Lina - Hot Latin MilF

So umm... this is the first time I'm posting a story about myself. I was sexually active from a young age as a lot of sexual things happened and was done to me when I was a k**. I was pretty shy, and I'm still kinda shy now but not as shy as I use to be. Although I was shy, I guess because I was sexually active since I was a k**, I was umm... I guess you could say sexually incline. When I think back about some of my encounters, I don't know if it was because I was attracting that sort of thing of something, but I ended up having a lot of sexual encounters with women older than me. Sometim... Continue»
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Becky's First 3-Way

Becky is a beautiful long legged lady with long dark hair, fantastic legs, great ass and very perky 36B breasts. We have enjoyed a great sex life for years. Becky is a true exhibitionist. She has always enjoys wearing sexy revealing outfits and flashing truck drivers or guys in stores, restaurants and bars when we are out of town shopping. Becky’s favorite activity was going to adult theaters and having fun. She would normally wear a blouse tied at the waist, a mini skirt with thigh-highs, stilettos and nothing else.

We were in southern Colorado shopping one weekend when she said she would... Continue»
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