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Thailand LBFM

While in thailand with a firend a few years back i had my first sexual encounter with one of those fasinating ladies known as LBFM ( little brown fucking machines ) . my firend had been talking to a girl from the local shopping center and we arranged to meet her one night when she finished and she would show us around her home town. after drinking for a few hours we headed into a nightclub where my friend and his new found girl startd getting hot and heavy. the club started to fill and soon i was surrounded by ladies all wanting to dance with me or have a drink with them, now i have no desire ... Continue»
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Inter-sexed 1

Back on the road again, Big Maxine had the windows down. Her loose hair blowing as wind blew through the cab. She and Casey both had on a similar summer dress. Circulating air blew their dresses back or billowed them up to flap. Max sighted Casey's flying dress and said,"you left him out"? Casey giggled back "yes, I had to. Seems fucking you has given him a mind of his own. Look at him moving. If I put him back in, he will certainly fuck me". , he actually will fuck on his own now, I do nothing". Max grinned. Casey said "I'm serious, it's your cunt he's after". Casey turned to face Max a... Continue»
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Underworld: run me through

I couldn’t recall how I came to be in this place but I instinctively understood its horrifying purpose, brutal agonizing torturous death.
At the center of the chamber stood two tall wooden posts, linked by a raised steel rod from which hung a set of ominous looking wrist restraints. I felt my heart quicken as I stared at those waiting restraints. How many people had spent the final agonizing moments of their lives locked within the unyielding steel embrace of those restraints? It was almost as if I could hear the terrified screams of all the countless victims who’d died within this ancient t... Continue»
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She talks dirty to me

Once in my bedroom, I didn't waste time. I pulled Chelsea by her short
blonde hair toward me and thrust my tongue in her mouth, moved her
around, my hands hard and heavy on her torso. Pressed against me, she
felt good in my arms.

I stripped her down naked with the only exception of her black heels as
I remained in my office clothes, for now. I was already throbbing and
hard, and wanted to fuck.

I pushed her back on the bed easily; kneed her legs apart and pressed my
cock up against her, bare cunt, through my slacks; kissed her, hard,
felt her body under me.

I pulled back... Continue»
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Maxine Bell, "Big Max" is her CB handle. 12 years long haul company driver, turned independent owner/operator. She ate diesel smoke. A term given describing people who had f****y roots in truck driving. Her father, Charlie Bell was a legend. He delivered regardless of weather conditions and always on time. The legend died in Hurricane Katrina. Maxine at this time had already been hired as an "over night" driver making short haul "bump and runs". She immediately stepped up to hit the big road.

Maxine is a BBw with a "tear drop" body. Her full mane of fire red hair, green eyes, a quick and... Continue»
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Mary Mary...

I have always found it strange the way things happen sometimes. Things seem to happen when you least expect them too. For me one these strange events happened when I was in my mid teens and in the throws of puberty. I was ready and willing to nail my first girl. Maybe I was trying too hard I don't know. I would sneak into my parents closet when they were at work and look at my dad's dirty porn mags. I would study the pictures and read some of the articles, the stories that were sent in by regular people. I felt that I had a pretty good grasp on women and sex and was ready to fuck.
My mom ... Continue»
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Ex Jailbait

You, Nicole, are jogging around the track, sweating lightly. You are aware of the football team ogling you as your large (36DD) breasts bounce as you run and your short shorts soak through. Your long hair swings in a pony tail as you run. Your tight figure attracts more than just the young men's attention. With your stunning brown eyes and dark hair, you are a f***e to be reckoned with as a senior at this school. You have fucked a few members of the team, enjoying the feel of their dicks in your mouth and pussy, but you had turned eighteen last week. You are no longer "jailbait," and you have ... Continue»
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Jiti came for fuck by AJ

Jiti and I started doing lesbian sex

In the last story maid brought Jiti to my home so we can play.
We started getting together once a week if not more.
We were like s****rs. s****rly love was in the house when she
come to our home.

One day when we has finished having sex with each other we sat and talked.

Jiti asked me how you will feel if I do sex with your husband.

I said to Jiti I have no problem for sharing my hubby with you
We are like s****rs. s****rs always share.

We set the date for Jiti to come to our home. Jiti said just 3 of us I do not want maid
Here. Jiti sa... Continue»
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A slight departure from Mandy.

As I said, I was preparing for a US trip for about 5 days before this last encounter with Mandy. Well something happened on the plane coming home which I would like to share as it is sort of related.
As is obvious by now, I have been writing about my adventures with Mandy. Well I wrote quite a lot of it during my US trip. So it was an overnight flight back from the US, I was sitting in the window seat of a row of three with a couple next to me. I am not sure of the ages, but I’d guess 40 something, but it doesn’t really matter. They both fell asl**p, or so I thought, but as I never can, I o... Continue»
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To Hell With Men

This was my first attempt at a lesbian story from my old profile. It was also my first time describing the people involved. I hope all you sick bastards and bitches out there like me enjoy. And feel free to comment on this or any other story I have posted.
Dru is a petite 22 year old woman with large breast, strawberry blond hair, and blue eyes. She had been use to dating assholes and was getting sick of it. "Why do men only care about the size of a woman's breast? All they want to do is fuck me and leave me." She would think to herself. "To hell with men! I'm done with them for now. But how ... Continue»
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#1 An Afternoon

I got undressed, spread my legs over the edge of the bed, my hard cock pointing straight up.
"Get here and suck it."
My wife turned, walked over and dropped down on her knees, opening her mouth. I think her knees touched the floor at the same time my dick penetrated her lips and entered her mouth. I didn't have to push, she lowered her head until I felt the back of her neck. She held it there, her tongue snaking around the shaft, the she parted her lips and out it went, cupping my balls, her mouth so low she almost licked my ass.
She stayed there for a few seconds, and then her mouth starte... Continue»
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caught by my s****r and her friend 7

Kate led me away into the garden, my head was spinning, I had just watched my mom being gangbanged by five guys including both our fathers. The image of that huge black cock stretching her pussy was stuck in my head, not to mention seeing five loads of cum running out of it, mom and dad were supposed to be away looking after grandpa not at Kate's parents house fucking everyone in sight!

Kate had led me to a grass area out of sight of the house, I was standing there in a daze with the hardest boner I have ever had and Kate was trying to get my pants down past it. Once she had succeeded she ... Continue»
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Note on the Plot:

Story of the Eye (French: L'histoire de l'oeil) is a 1928 novella by Georges Bataille that details the increasingly bizarre sexual perversions of a pair of teenage lovers. It is narrated by the young man looking back on his exploits.

Story of the Eye consists of several vignettes, centered around the sexual passion existing between the unnamed late adolescent male narrator and Simone, his primary female partner. Within this episodic narrative two secondary figures emerge: Marcelle, a mentally ill sixteen-year-old girl who comes to a sad end, and Lord Ed
... Continue»
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Jorge, Chris and me , boys next door hot spit roas

Hey guys i know its been a while since i last posted a sex story, its not that I've been bored , i mean NY is never boring , just haven't had time i guess. well i wanted to share this particular story with you guys cause i think it was pretty hot and fun.

A few weeks ago i was bored in my apt and horny of course, so i opened this magic hook up app which i think all of us know the name (i don't have to say it since is so obvious) so since i was new in the neighborhood , guys get crazy when new young flesh appears on their radars , anyways, i started talking to this guy that lived really clos... Continue»
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Wife with older staff member and me with her daugh

I was making the bed after my wife had left early to her florist business that she owns. I noticed
stains on the sheets which was not there the morning before and we had not sex since then.
Was she having it off with another. I needed to know even though my wife and I have a good sexual relationship.
I retrieved a mini digital wireless camera I bought to protect our house when we are away on holidays. I then powered up the recorder to tape any movement in the bedroom.
Two days latter after she went to work I downloaded the video of the day before.
Was I surprised when I saw her with the w... Continue»
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Hollywood Mom

Having a Hollywood Mom isn't always the fairytale most think it is. I know because I have one. I am her greatest secret, because the prim and proper public perception of her doesn't allow for a bastard son. The fact that she had me in her teens would flaw the image. I am always "little b*****r". I have my place in the lie, but it does have advantages.

I am Carlton, baby b*****r of "Darla Shore". I live with Grand Mother/Mom. She trained me well on all aspects of keeping the secret. We live in Bakersfield, Ca far from our native Kentucky. Our charade holds without question. I am 20, Dar... Continue»
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Our First Meeting - Part 2 of 2

I have been Chatting with a Married couple with a teenage daughter…I was contacted by them using PM on xHamster. I have met them recently…here is some of what we did together over the week I spent with them. I have changed their names…to protect the NOT so Innocent…

Our First Meeting – Part 2 of 2

A few hours later…that same morning…

Myra is leaving the bathroom after her shower, her mother Cindy is outside the door waiting for her…

“We need to talk about a few things, Sweetie…lets go to my bedroom so we can talk.” Cindy said, as she led her teenage d... Continue»
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Our First Meeting - Part 1 of 2

I have been Chatting with a Married couple with a teenage daughter…I was contacted by them using PM on xHamster. I have met them recently…here is some of what we did together over the week I spent with them. I have changed their names…to protect the NOT so Innocent…

Our First Meeting – Part 1 of 2

It is late at night…the house is quite….and Myra stirred in her sl**p…

Uncle Mark stood at the side of her bed, wearing just underwear that was tented by his hard throbbing cock. It was past 2’oclock in the morning; the dim moon light from the window was just bar... Continue»
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A Shot Never Forgotten

This is the first story I wrote here on XHamster on an old profile of mine that got deleted but they kept the story. I hope you all enjoy.
Lucy and Dave are a kinky bisexual couple. Dave loves being dominated by Lucy. He never use to like it, but there is just something about her that drives him nuts when she gets her way with him. One day as Dave was watching his favorite team on tv, Lucy started to suck on his ear and rub his cock thru his pants. Dave tried to shake this off wanting to finish watching the game, but she continued to torment him. Lucy lifted up Dave's shirt and started to suc... Continue»
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She Got Her DP

This is another story I wrote on my former profile. Enjoy it.
I've been asked to write stories based upon my experiences by a friend. So as any precaution names have been changed to protect those who don't know i'm writing this. And if you couldn't tell by my first story, I'm not describing people so you can use your imagination for your perfect people.

In his younger and wilder days, Dave use to date Bobbi. Both were very experimental with sex and sexuality. Dave is actually bisexual. This didn't bother Bobbi one bit because she knew this meant she could have more then one guy as long as ... Continue»
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