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First Gay Experence Getting Fucked By Older Bear N

My name is Ryan, I am seven teen years old and I live with my mom and dad in a quiet, rural town where most everyone knows each other. My mom and dad are hard workers so when there not at home they have had our next door neighbor John watch me and as much as I hated the idea at first I soon found out John was a cool guy. John is a single guy who is in his fifties but is in decent shape since he considers himself an outdoors man. John is tallish and stocky with a black goatee that is starting to grey. Anyways hanging out with John was always fun because he didn't treat me like some random boy w... Continue»
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My Evil stepmother part 6.

So after catching me fucking his wife again, my stepmother Melinda, my father moved over sea's indefinitely and Melinda and I were left to our own devices.
We soon were fucking like a regular couple and things were good for a while, then my father cut off the money, and stopped Melinda's credit cards and Melinda had to go to work cause I didn't make enough money to take care of us both and a house.
It take Melinda long though she was in fact a well educated woman and very quickly she got a job in advertising with a big advertising firm and with in a few months she landed a very important big... Continue»
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Pity Fucking My BBW s****r Like A Slut

My name is Jacob and I am six teen years old. I live with my parents and my s****r Katie who just turned eighteen. My household is like any other I guess, my parents work a lot to pay off all of our nice things so its just usually Katie and I doing our own thing but its usually me more so than Katie. I am tallish and in decent shape with blond hair, blue eyes and I will admit I have a nice size dick not that I like to brag. Now I am the kind of guy who likes going out and hanging with my friends and picking up girls which isn't that difficult for me but sometimes even when I am having a good t... Continue»
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Extreme femdom torture

I did not write this. What is given below is a first hand account of one slaves extreme punishment at the hands of a Mistress who shows no mercy.

link: http://www.maxfisch.com/thehang/ubbthreads.php/ubb/showthreaded/Number/1556910/Searchpage/1/Main/147753/Words/chalet/Search/true/Long_term_imprisonment_torture


I was fortunate enough to spend three days with Madame Celeste de Monial, at the house of Madame Carah, at Germany's infamous Chalet of Pain (COP).

http://www.sm-langzeiterziehungen.com/gastladys.ht... Continue»
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Fucking My BF With A Strapon (Written By Sarah)

Hello all. This is Sarah again and because most of you seemed to really enjoy my first story I am going to try writing another one. It's my day off so I hijacked my boyfriend David's account and am going to again try my best. Hope you all enjoy :)

Now as I am sure most of you have read David's stories so you kinda know how our sex life is. We have done a lot of things and its gotten to the point where we are trying to think of other things to try. One day David and I were sitting at his place bored out of our minds so we d... Continue»
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The night I fucked my s****r

t was Christmas night we had f****y over and a lot of alcohol. I drink beer mostly but s*s goes for the hard stuff. By 10pm she was already passing out. Company was just starting to leave and every Christmas my mom spends it at her parents house. Dad couldt hear a dump truck drive thru the house and my other b*****rs are moved out. So that left it with just me and s*s in the house. Plus her two k**s spent the night at friends house. So it was the perfect setting. I was tipsy from the beer and when I drink it feels like i have the balls to say and do anything so s*s was passed out on the couch ... Continue»
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You win some, You loose some - That's life I


Many of my long time fans have been asking me lately, "Sue, why haven't you posted anything new in so long?" For a while, I have basically been telling people, "I think you have seen just about all there is to see of me...I don't know what else I could show you that is new". This was only partially true.

However, there's actually a reason why I haven't been posting my encounters with strangers lately and it's far more complicated than you may imagine. In the spirit of keeping it "r... Continue»
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Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

It had been over a week since Vicky and I were together as we were both busy. She called me and asked if I was ready for her and Mary tomorrow and I said it just so happened I was free and best of all I could spend pretty much all day with them. She was really excited with that aspect and said the she and Mary had plotted a day I would never forget.

I arrived at Vicky's house wearing only a t-shirt and my bathing suit. Before I could ring the bell, they opened the door and greeted me with big wet sloppy kisses. They were wearing matching ba... Continue»
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The New Manager

Eventually Donna got a permanent job at the store, she had been working there in a temporary part time position but now she’d landed a permanent part time position. After she’d been there a good couple of months she was doing an extra two hours when her line manager, Sally, asked if she’d sort out the clothes for the sale in the store room at the back of the store.

She was walking round to the area when Steve caught up with her, “Oh you’re back with us” he said, “Yes and I’m permanent” she replied, “Shame as I’ve got a promotion I leave the day after tomorrow but be careful the new guy does... Continue»
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Sienna fucks Felicity in pantyhose

I opened the door and there stood Sienna in all her finery. I invite her in and take her through to the lounge. She sits down on the sofa as I pour a couple of drinks. I sit beside her on the sofa and we sip our drinks and explain that Felicity is just having a bath and getting ready. I ask Sienna if she has dressed as I requested and lifting her skirt she shows me her lovely clit covered by a pair of sheer tan pantyhose and a pair of sexy see through panties. I reach out and place my hand on her bulge and give it a stroke through the nylon before standing up and removing my dressing gown to r... Continue»
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New Neighbors

My first attempt at writing one of these. Let me know what you think.

My roommate Mike burst into the room grinning, “Dude, have you seen the two girls that just moved in down the hall?” That caught my attention, “Wait, that blonde and brunette are moving onto our floor?” I had indeed seen them earlier outside the building. They had stood, laughing and chatting with one another, while movers unloaded boxes under their supervision. I couldn’t help but notice them; the blonde in a slightly too short summer dress that showed off her strong legs, and a low neck-line that promised never-ending ... Continue»
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My girlfriend was with another guy

Me and my girl had an issue and broke up for about a month and then got back together. We were talking about things and I asked how she was doing this past month. She said she was good and was glad we were back together. It's great being with her again. She once told me the only way she would dump me is if I had cheated on her. I never had and I told her ditto. So prying into that subject a little I asked her," so, you haven't been with anyone else seance we broke up,right?". She gave me a look and bit her lip. So I asked again. "We're you with another guy while we weren't together"? She hung... Continue»
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Let's Dance

Sarah and Noah had been together for eternity, living together in their little house they were loving life and each other. Noah loved to run and Sarah loved to dance, they both enjoyed their time together and their time apart. It made them whole. Sarah’s dance classes kept her fit and alive, challenging herself made her feel good. Noah’s running kept him out of the house for hours
he enjoyed pushing himself for longer and longer.

It was Saturday and Sarah headed to her regular class, a substitute teacher had stepped in for the next few weeks and wanted to work on some new challenging r... Continue»
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Two for One

It had been such a long time since there was a date night out, fortunately the k**s were being looked after and we had a hotel in the city for the night. Deciding to make the most of the freedom we headed out for dinner. The wife looked amazing in her short dress and high heels, so stunning and sexy. We tried a new restaurant sharing a bottle of wine, the mood was intimate and filled with delicious anticipation. We talked about everything and nothing, plans for the future and plans for the evening. We were both just enjoying each others company. After dinner we decided to head to a bar aro... Continue»
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Two's Company but three can be more fun.

It was late Saturday night and I couldn’t sl**p, going downstairs I gravitated to the computer and turned it on. Mind wandering around I clicked around to my favourite porn site. “May as well knock one off, might make me sl**py” I thought. Clicking on a random video I began to stroke myself. The video contained two reasonably athletic and well endowed guys and a blonde chick with a nice ass and big boobs, nice boobs not fake. The video progressed past the undressing and into the foreplay and watching was getting more aroused. All of a sudden I was caught! Cock in hand watching porn by my... Continue»
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Never saw this coming!...my former s****r-in-law

I’ve gotten myself into something that is way beyond my expectations involving my former s****r-in-law, Noella. I’ve been divorced for 6 years, and I get along well with my ex who’s remarried, but my ex is not the issue here.
My former s****r-in-law Noella and I always got along well while I was married, and ever since, but never any fooling around or even flirting.
But looking back I suspect we had a connection of some sort, a lot of trust, a lot of shared advice, but never anything even near being sexual.
In fact, I was the one who introduced Noella to Robert, who she’s married to, and s... Continue»
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On the Balcony

I was on vacation with two of my mature female friends. We were sitting around the pool checking out all the young men and women. I saw this one young man starring at me. He looked to be in his early 20's and very good looking. I made eye contact with him and smiled. He waited a little until I smiled again at him and then he approached me. I was surprised because my two lady friends are much better looking than me and have great bodies, which is why I like them. We are all bisexual.
He stood over me and asked me if he could talk to me. I got up and we started to walk slowly away from my frien... Continue»
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Singapore Fling

Alex and Mike boarded their flight to Singapore, a quick two day stop over before they headed to Paris. The holiday was well over due. They had both worked and saved hard to have a great three week break. Alex took the window seat and Mike in the middle hoping that the aisle would remain free. Although only an eight hour flight the extra room would be good he thought. As the plane filled each person that came past their row could be a potential candidate. “Not that fat guys, please he whispered to Alex, not this chick either she looks like a seat hog”. “Just relax babe” Alex said. Eventua... Continue»
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SOVIET SADIST'S SLAVE (Not of my authorship, author unknown)


Ursula moaned and arched her back harder.

Tamara sucked the bold burnished nubbins of her glowing tits and fingered her cunt hole with relish. She pressed her thumb against the girl's distended clit and sank all four fingers into her writhing pussy slit.

Her pussy muscles obliged with only a bit of resistance.

Obviously, the girl had taken a good sized dick recently. Or she was quite used to taking big cock without complaining.

"Oh, yeah," the hot and horny Ursula moaned, "do that to me. I love it."

Tama... Continue»
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a sex slave

Several hours later, and Deborah was rudely awoken due
to a strange and rather painful sensation at her butt.
At first she didn't know what it was, but slowly, as she
got her senses back, she realized what was happening.
She was lying on her side, with her legs slightly pulled
up and her back turned towards the man that held her
captive since last night. She could feel his hands
holding her firmly by her waist, and she could something
probing in her anus, it was the man's rigid dick. He was
about to ass-**** her!

Instantly she was wide awake. Her eyes were
wide open from... Continue»
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