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The Comfort Room

First, I need to acknowledge and sincerely thank dirtymindedmom who has so graciously allowed me to barrow her scenario and characters. I would suggest that you read her story, "Stroke Break" before you read mine below. That story will give you a much better idea than my attempt below.

I had spent more than an hour this morning; this is my first day of working for the company, with the pleasant HR lady. Jennifer is her name and she is kind of cute. She is relaxed, helpful, and pleasant. So we have just finished all the tax stuff, when she hands me what I find out later... Continue»
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Asian Delight: Principal's Orders (Gay)

I moaned as my hips went down to have my ass slap against strong thighs. The person below me pushed up to shove his big dick deeper into my little, Asian hole.

"Are we almost done, Principal Tark?"

"Not yet, Jesse." The black man below didn't pant like I did. He remained laying on the ground while his hands gripped my wrists. There was no escape from his thrusts that made my body tingle, mostly around the ass. "Your punishment isn't over until its course has been run."

I held in my moan while my short, black hair brushed against bare shoulders. My jeans and white shirt were ripped. U... Continue»
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Cougar Stalking

Cougar Stalking
by edintx99

I run five miles in an isolated park every day. It clears my head, lets ideas and fantasies seep into my brain. Little did I know fantasy would turn into reality?

It was a typical hot, steamy August afternoon. Running shoes, socks, and shorts were the attire of the day with my t-shirt gripped in my hand, not worn.

Pound, pound, pound…the cadence of my running feet hitting the winding dirt path.

With the sun directly overhead, the woods on either side provided no cover. People thought I was crazy to run at this time of day. But I liked the in... Continue»
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Hallie the Slut - I Had a Dream

Hallie the Slut - I Had a Dream

Since she'd had a couple drinks that evening, both Hallie and Mark suggested that Jessica spend the night with them. She could drive back home the next day. Jessica admitted that was a good idea.

On the way home, Mark told the two girls that he had errands to run the next day in a city a couple hundred miles away. He told them he would be getting up and leaving early and wouldn't be home until very late in the evening. So when they got home Mark excused himself, took a shower and went to bed. The girls picked out a bottle of wine and took it and ... Continue»
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by edintx99

The lake—water crystal clear and sparkling in the sun—was on one side of the narrow sandy trail. Small boulders and rocks, bleeding out to a desert landscape were on the other. A jagged mountain range rose starkly in the distance.

I’d been hiking since sunrise, the cool morning air now turned furnace-hot by the mid-day sun. I had chosen this isolated trail to clear my mind of the week’s burdens. I hadn’t seen a soul the entire time.

I shed my T-shirt, rung it out, and adjusted the straw cowboy hat on my head. I laid shirt flat on a waist-high, flat ... Continue»
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69 Pam`s holiday part 4

69 Pam`s holiday part 4
The night had been a long one for Jim, the woman was insatiable. He had been made to use his tongue for hours, interspersed with straight sex, anal sex and the use of his finger`s, he was now tired, well way beyond that really, but she had said he had done well and he could claim his reward later that day.
He missed breakfast, snored his way through mid morning coffee and crawled out at midday. Molly was out with the k**dies and the dog, and old Fred despite a long night himself; had been working since six!
Pam did him some sandwiches then over tea told him th... Continue»
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New Lover Hotel (Part 5) Fun With Food

WE are in the bedroom following our walk. We kneel opposite each other on the bed, each with a bottle of orange, we drink, the acidic coldness cutting through our thirst. You are so naughty as you pretend giving the neck of the bottle oral, your tongue and lips licking the neck. I take a mouthful and kiss you squirting orange into your mouth, we laugh, orange is everywhere, the perfect excuse to lick your body, your neck, your breasts, your nipples. Again we kiss you squirt orange into my mouth, it has been warmed by your mouth mmmmmmmmmmmm. We drink we kiss we lick.

I sit on the edge of t... Continue»
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UPS Driver

When I was 23 years old I had just moved in with my girlfriend we had dated for over a year and decided to live together.We found this little one bedroom house that was in the middle of know where and it was secluded. The last house on this dead end road no body around closest house was like a quarter mile up the road. the little house had a back deck and it was nice to sit out there after work and relax. I was working a afternoon shift and she was working her day shift . I had the house before I went to work and she had it after she got off of work . Whe I got off work most nights she would... Continue»
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First time sex with men and women

My first time sex with men, and women – Part 1

The first time I had sex with men, I was 18 years old. I’ll tell you about that but first of all I’ll tell you of the events that led to that.

When I was young I was in a boy’s boarding school and as you can imagine, us pubescent boys experimented with sex in the dorms at night. There were 4 dorms, one for the boys aged 11 and 12, another for the 13 and 14 year olds, then the 15 and 16 year olds and finally the 17 and 18 year olds. Each dorm contained 20 boys. I was put into the school when I was 13.

We would all strip naked and fondle ea... Continue»
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Indian F w/ BBC & White guy

As we finish cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, he puts his arm around me, looks at me, and says, wow you are just so beautiful. I smiled and thanked him of course. He says, but you already know beautiful you are. I said, its always so much better hearing it from someone else. He said, I better be the only guy telling you that and I said absolutely. He kissed me, no tongue, just soft, gentle kisses. On my lips, nose, cheek, forehead, and my neck.....mmmmm....kisses, soft kisses on the neck....mmmm.....feels so good.

As he softly kissed my neck, his hands find my breasts. he runs ... Continue»
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My Town's Story

I could not believe how lucky I was! I got a job at the Food-n-Stuff. It was my first job ever and all I wanted was enough money to buy my first car. You see when you are a teenage boy having a car meant you can cruise and when you cruised you could meet some girls.

Yeah, I was a typical teen boy back in 1974. I was growing up in a small southern town of Whitesboro. It was a small town where most people made their living at one of the pulp mills or growing tobacco or cotton.

It was big news when my Dad told me that Huey McPh... Continue»
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Sex at a concert with Em

imagine you come to kingston for a concert. we're at the grad club and it's packed in tight. our bodies are pressed close together and we're both looking toward the stage. you can feel the music coursing through your body and it's giving you good feels. then you feel something else. something warm sliding down your bum cheek down between your legs. at first you're startled because you didn't expect it from me. then you're a little scared and nervous because we're standing in the middle of 100 people.

but after a quick scan you realize that with the tightness of the crowd and the position of... Continue»
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Connie and the Chalet - Day 1

Day One: Welcomes

The drive to the chalet, a Swiss-style vacation home in the Pacific Northwest, was wonderful. Connie lay back on the reclining front seat of their Escape, drowsing in the early afternoon sun. Her window was cracked slightly open, and the sweet scent of the recent showers wafted in, mingled with the aroma of fresh greenery and one of her favorites, the smell of the rain evaporating from the two-lane road they meandered along.

Her husband Sam navigated the unfamiliar road well. Sam was practically a fanatic for safety and smooth travels, and Connie could well imagine t... Continue»
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Walking through Manchester one sunny day I cut through the back streets to an Adult store I visited regularly. I'd got to know the guy who worked there, Alan; he was happy to pass on the more hardcore uncensored stuff to me. I browsed the shop but I wasn't buying, I explained to him that I was flat broke. He offered me a leaflet off the counter.

"Try out for that," he said: "they're auditioning for a porn film. You tell them what you're willing to do and they pay accordingly."

The audition was in three days' time, which gave me some thinking space. I'd taken a few shots of mysel... Continue»
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Bred by my black friend :P

*Just a little story I thought up* (not finished)

So I've been playing with a friend lately and he told me he really wanted to "hangout". I thought about it and well I thought why not. I wore some tight jeans to show off my ass, and a tight shirt to show off my tits needless to say I was being a little cocktease. I think I had a heart tongue stud, my little heart nipple rings, just a pink belly button stud, and a cute heart clit ring, yeah I like piercings haha.

I got at his place around 8pm he welcomed me with a kiss on the cheek, and said I looked hot showing off the goods and my ... Continue»
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I had just started a new job at the bank the previous May, so I was just getting to know all the people on the floor. The Christmas party was here, we went into work as usual 9am, then at 12 the answer machines were put on, drinks and food came out and music was played. At around 3:30pm people were drifting away and I were mingling, talking to some lads about football and stuff
Then the 4 blokes I was talking to got me another drink, I must have had eight vodka’s and this guy brought me a whiskey, then I asked them what was behind these blinds, pointing to a room. As one went and opened th... Continue»
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Blind date

Nate's going home lonely, like he has for years. Wondering what went wrong these last few years. Cause he hasn't had a date or any one nighty stands. Its not he isn't tried cause lord knows he has, he even tried to pay once for this cute red head!!but his luck is changing he can feel it he has a blind date who said no rules. they are meeting tonight in a fancy motel. they have never met just exchanged emails she says she is sexy as hell and wanted to know if anything goes??he said that's ok and wandered what does it matter and asked her what time would they be meeting and if he needed to bring... Continue»
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Sex with my friend from work

I work for a restaurant, not saying the name, I am a busser there, where I clean tables and set it back up for the next person to use. I worked with a female busser named Beth. She has some meat on her, she is a brunette, had glasses on. She was pretty cute, I think her breast was a small C cup from the look of it. I work mornings and she usually work nights, lately she have been doing some days and nights. When we work together we chat, she is such a nice lady to talk too. She has a boyfriend, and they live together with another friend. Few times after work, we went out for ice-cream, because... Continue»
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So, How the FUCK are you?

So? How the fuck are you?
How a wife turns into a slut

Grey clouds scudded across the sky, the temperature was in the fifties, and I was leaning against the front of my wife’s car. This would be okay if I were at home waiting for her to get ready to go shopping or go out somewhere. Not so. Her car was parked at the curb of a chain motel where the rooms faced onto the parking lot, not an interior hallway.
As I sat, or rather leaned, I considered the last month or so of following, watching, taking photos and making notes; in other words stalking my wife. Taking photos was the easy part; p... Continue»
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Confessions of a Gentleman Episode 1

Ok. Good evening guys. Hope y'all had a wonderful day? well i have gist for you. I will start with an event that took place just a few weeks after my 18th birthday.

I am the first c***d of a young f****y from Southern Nigeria. My dad was a fresh recruit of the National Petroleum Corporation deployed to a petroleum academy for a 3 year(s) intensive training. We were 3 k**s by that time and the domestic load was becoming too heavy for my mum who was doubling as a dress maker to support the home while we patiently wait for dad to be fully confirmed as a staff in his new firm. This stress push... Continue»
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