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Popped His Cherry Pegging

I pegged my husband last night for the first time, popped his cherry as it were.

Gawd that was fun!

Hank, my husband, had been looking at a lot of pegging themed videos on his iPad. I happened upon his browsing history by chance and decided to make his desires a reality. Fucking my husband's ass last night turned out to be an unexpected thrill for me as well!

Now as I awaken from my euphoric slumber I realize that my prosthetic penis is still deeply penetrating my husband's ass. The vibrating bullet has ceased to vibrate so I assume the battery has run down while we slept, but the bu... Continue»
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I am My son’s bitch

I had been to Bombay for a month. My son rakesh was having some business there and I had not seen that city so I accompanied him. He had prospered like hell in his business. He had booked a siute in Taj. We reached the hotel at 7 in the evening. He went to take a shower. He came and we had some snack after I had taken wash. He had an invitation for a party, “why don’t you join me, mommy?” he asked me. I was more than happy. I dressed in a black silk saree and went with him. Lot of rich crowd was there. Women had dressed very seductively in party and some of them were running after my son.... Continue»
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Bi MMF, FemDom, Cross Dressing, Cuck - Part 3 Oh M

All dressed up super sexy, I was setting out for my erotic date with my new lovers, former friends. I felt so desirable and sexy as I drove to my erotic destination. I couldn't help but have a boner the whole time I was driving. I kept feeling myself while I drove. Feeling my exposed thighs, my smooth legs, my silicone tits, my sexy cock.... I was insanely turned on. I also kept looking down at my fuck me pumps. I'm addicted to heels more than anything else so just the sight of my sexy nylon/fishnet clad legs was enough to drive me crazy!

It was still light out, late summertime about 7:15... Continue»
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Shalini’s Gangbang in Company’s private party

Hi my name is shalini and I am 24 years old. I am very fair and tall. I have a good figure of 34-28-36 and innocent oval face. Most of them used to praise about my beauty whenever they met me for the first time. I finished my degree and was in search of a job, and I had applied to a call given in a paper seeking for a P.A. for the manager in a production firm. During the interview they were so impressed with me that they offered me the job on the monthly salary of Rs. 18,000/-. I was so happy with it. But for it I also need... Continue»
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Hot Sex Service For Pregnancy

Hello readers and fans. This is Surya Raj after a long time with a narration of how I made a lady a mommy of a c***d by the use of my service. To tell about myself I am 25 yrs old, an average colored man, 6 ft tall with 5.5 inch length and 2 inch thick penis.

Any lady would fall for that. I am a computer service engineer. And I provide sex service to the married ladies in Coimbatore who do not have a c***d, widows who do not have a c***d, thirsty aunts and thirsty girls. I will do this service only in Coimbatore. Any of the
... Continue»
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Orgy with my wife

When I married my wife Trisha she was 19 years and I was 24 years. Ours was a love marriage. During my first service I met her and it was love at first sight. Although both of our families were against us to marry each other but some how we married without the presence of our families.

We were married at a temple with some of our friends present as witness. To describe her she was a beautiful short height girl, slightly dark complexes with beautiful figure and the pride of her was her waist length hair. When she let loose of
... Continue»
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I Drilled Virgin Punjabi Girl From School

My name i ankith .This incident happened when i was in my 12std ……when i fucked a Punjabi girl thanvi(name changed)….

I will not waste time in saying my and other stuff etc….this incident was beginning of my sex life….

When i lost my verginity…..when i was studying i had many friends both boys and girls …..and once we had to give some dance program for the inogration of club in our college…

So we guys used to practise and i was in the dance and there were few girls……once while practise one of my class mate jenny gave h
... Continue»
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It was during the time when my wife had gone home for her delivery. During the pregnancy, as natural, my wife avoided sex. My wife had left for her home about six weeks ago. I used to return from work at about six in the evening and after that the servant maid used to come to clean up the house, clothes dishes etc. I rarely used to see or supervise what Shanti (my servants name) did.

Shanti was aged about 22, a slim, average height lady who was dusky but very attractive. But then she had a sexy large bottom and seeing her
... Continue»
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Hema My Maid’s Widow Daughter


Hi I am a 24 year old guy working in Bangalore. I stay in a 2 bhk flat with another guy working in the same company with me. Our apartment is a regular building and not a society of sorts. An old lady used to work here – cleaning and cooking. But recently she broke her leg while falling from the stairs and is thus sending her younger daughter to work.

The daughter – hema is around 25-26 years old (not quite sure though – she looks 25). She has a decent figure with average breasts and a
... Continue»
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Surprise Massage

I hurt my back a few weeks ago at work and decided I would seek out a massage. When I finally found a nice woman, Katherine, I sent her a message and we set a time and date.This was my very first massage and I really didn't know what to expect, so I was really nervous. All I was hoping for was some relief from my back pain.
The day finally came and I was super nervous as I knocked on her door. Again this is my first massage and really don't know what to expect. She answer the door and my chin nearly hit the floor. She was an incredibly beautiful woman. Around 45 years old, redhead and in inc... Continue»
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Best friend's wife.

I met my best friend soon after we started school, we were friends all the way through to high school.
We met his wife to be Kat in drivers Ed.
She was sitting in front of me and was flirting a little with me.
Being the wimp that I was then I was afraid to ask her out but Joe did.
They started dating and got really serious pretty quick.
They got married right after graduation.
They moved to a rental place and that became our groups new hang out!
A few years go by.
We all got into riding 4wheelers. We rode every weekend.
Joe and Kat always wanted to buy one and they eventually did.
I... Continue»
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Jack was lying on his back naked looking at his naked wife. She was so sexy with her DD tits and thick ass.She was twenty years younger but she loved sex. She had been sucking his long thick cock for over an hour. She would suck him as long as he wanted as she loved his dick. She very seldom wore clothes around the house as she wanted to be ready for Jack any time he needed to fuck her or lick her. She loved the taste and the feel of cum. She would always suck Jack till he would cum twice. She was so good at sucking his balls too but her ass skill were the best. She loved to kiss Jack's ass an... Continue»
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Addicted to My Ex-Wife Ch. 1

He can't stay away from his ex-wife.

"Lori is something else!" my ex-wife Denise grinned.

"She's a slut," I shrugged.

"Hey!" Denise laughed. "That's my s****r you're talking about!"

"It must run in the f****y," I said.

"You're probably right," my ex laughed as she reached out and took my cock into her hand. We were both naked on her bed.

Denise was a well-endowed blond woman with curves that still drove me wild. I loved her heavy, milky white breasts. Her areolas were large and I took as much of one as I could fit into my mouth.

My ex's current husband Bob was out o... Continue»
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Consent P5

So Marie and I went to get dressed. Since I had ridden to the party with Karen so Marie offered to takes us to my place. I put my arms around her shoulders and kisses her soft lips lightly. I open her door for her then get in beside her. She giggles, "May I say something." "You can say anything to me at any time." "Daddy, no one has ever opened my door for me! That was so hot and so expected of a gentleman." She grabs me and kisses me hard. She breaks the kiss, "I knew I chose the right man to be my Daddy, my special daddy, my daddy that I can talk to about anything, My daddy that will fuck me... Continue»
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Conquistar mulheres - Segredos revelados

UMA Curiosidade…

Ao contrário dos homens, as mulheres não dão tanta importância ao facto de homem ser bonito ou não. Não quero com isto insinuar nada, apenas desmistificar uma ideia errada que os homens têm das mulheres.

O que as mulheres apreciam em primeiro lugar é comportamento e atitude e como um homem as faz sentir. O aspecto exterior não é decisivo. O que vai fazer as mulheres quererem estar contigo, será a tua capacidade de as fazer sentir calor, calafrios e magia no mais profundo do seu ser.


A autoconfiança é seguramente a qualidade mais importante que te... Continue»
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There was her Lady friend sat on the wall by my car, " I want a word with you, young man! “she said
and gave me a slip of paper, then motioned me to follow her to her house.
We went inside. As we entered her house she dropped her jacket and shoes, asking me if I wanted a drink.
She poured us both a drink cracked open a blue pill poured it into both drinks we sat on the nearest couch. She was soon whispering in my ear nibbling on my ear lobe. The pill was a Viagra, she knew I had cum multiple times in the previous 12 hours and she want... Continue»
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Club Slut - How I Got My Nickname (Part 2)

By: HornyJ (hornyj@hotmail.com)
Part II
Checking myself in the mirror, I made some adjustments to my hair and dress, both of which were looking a little messed up. I noticed a
couple small drops of cum in my hair, which I cleaned up with a tissue. My lipstick was completely worn off around the inside of my lips, and I touched that up and blotted it with the same tissue.

Walking out of the lady's room, I found Shannon and Shawn talking animatedly. They both hushed as I approached.

"Getting to know each other?" I questioned playfully. "What were you talking about?"

"You", they chime... Continue»
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that time i fucked a midget

it all started on a dating site. i had been on it for two months with little luck one day i got a message. her name was amy. we talked over a week and got to know each other. we even ended up having phone sex once. her last message to me was asking if i wanted to meet. there was a shop down the block of her apartment and that would be a good place to meet. i knew by how she was talking that meeting met sex. i was ready for it. i put on a nice tight t shirt and my jeans, i was freshly cut and carry with me condoms and gum just in case. i got to the shop a bit early so i got something to drink a... Continue»
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Favorite Fucking Fantasies... Coffee Shop Pick Up

I had been really lucky to get a table to myself, the coffee shop I always used was unusually crowded today normally I would grab a newspaper and spend an hour reading it and sipping my coffee but every paper was taken today so I was stuck with people watching, my table was tucked away in the corner but it had the advantage of being close to a window that looked out on to the main part of the shopping arcade.
I noticed her before she came in, a 50 something woman very nicely dressed in a black skirt and a white blouse that looked like silk to me, short dark hair and rather sexy high heels, qu... Continue»
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submissive Gold-digger whore

Summary: Gold-digging beauty is seduced by a rich business woman.

Note 1: This is dedicated to the real, beautiful SOPHIA.

Note 2: Thanks to Rachal, Sophia and Giann for editing this story.

The Game of Seduction

Miranda scanned the bar. And this wasn't just any bar... but a bar where the young and rich came.

Miranda was a gold digger. She used men to get pretty things and then when she got bored she dumped them.

After being with a rich yuppie who was super-hot and equally insipid, Miranda was on the hunt for her next victim.

Miranda was very beautiful in the superfi... Continue»
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