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haron's Boy's-Going Home

Sharon's Boys- Going Home

It had been Big Jake's idea for Sharon to return to her hometown after 20 years. The annual founders day celebration was nearing and he had planned to send her and the boys. Sharon had only remained in contact with few from her past, but Lucy Bogg's was always held close. It had started weeks ago when Sharon got an email from Lucy. She had told Jake about it and after urging from the boys, plans were set in motion.

The morning started as usual. At 7am, Jake felt the bed move. He didn't open his eyes, he knew it... Continue»
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my s****r Ginny

"I'm just letting you know," said Joey. "I don't know what you can do about it, but that's what Peter told me."

Vic nodded and the two boys parted. He thought about everything that his friend Joey had said that afternoon.

Vic's 14-year-old s****r Ginny just became a high school freshman about a month earlier. According to Joey's b*****r Peter, almost all of the guys on the varsity team had gotten a look at her and they were all more than impressed by her. They were almost unanimous in their feelings about her. In short, they were all wild about her. If a beauty contest were held in ... Continue»
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My wife fucked in the sauna by a stranger

My wife and i visit, on a regular basis, the sauna. I just love it when men and woman have the opportunity to see my sexy wife completely naked. When she takes of her bathrobe to take a shower, a couple of men are trying to be unvisable. Their eyes are staring at her great tits and sexy ass. When she stretches her arms upwards her feet are lifting, as if she was wearing high heels, I’m getting horney…
I'm fantasizing that she would be grabbed and fucked in the sauna. To be ohnest, she’s not that kind of woman that would allow anyone to touch her. My mind's playing tricks on me.

We visite... Continue»
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sexy time with fiance

I just got done having some really satisfying sex. I had been horny all day, and playing with my butt here and there. But we were watching TV before bed, not really planning on having sex. However, the show we were watching had a lot of sex in it (Ascension on Syfy, everyone has sex with multiple partners), and my partner got really turned on by it. Even though it was late, she really wanted to play.
I started by standing behind her and kissing her neck, caressing her and scratching her back. She took her yoga pants off, then her shirt, and finally her panties. Once they had fallen to the I s... Continue»
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Sex ever day

After our first swap with Hans & Gret I had no idea what the next 2 weeks would hold for us, The sex with our new friends had been wonderful, so different to our normal mundane sex life, but we decided as we would not see these people again we would act out our fantasies whilst away so discussed what direction our holiday should go. Angie fancied the big coloured member of the maintain team while I fancied anything with a pussy.
The amimation team worked their butts off trying to get holiday makers to participate in their activities, Ange did aerobics in the pool, more to see the bulge in th... Continue»
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Hubby sent me this anniversary treat!

This is an email I received today from my husband - please do not copy or steal, it is original:

We have a weekend arranged without k**s for our anniversary and agree that it's time for us to do something special...

We get dressed up in our fanciest clothes, me suited and booted - looking immaculate and muscular after my recent gym workouts. You're all made up, looking beautiful and sexy in a revealing black dress that shows your amazing curves and more cleavage than you're usually comfortable with but at the beginning of the night I say to you:

"Tonight, you're mine to do with as I p... Continue»
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[user][/user]I want to tell you a nice sexy story.

I’m sitting at the keyboard wearing my favorite and most comfortable clothing: just a sweatshirt. There will be no restriction if my cock decides to get hard. I’ve opened the window just a little bit so the cold air will drift through the room and make my bare legs feel chilly, reminding me of my partial nudity.

I used to live in Toronto, where this happened. I won’t bother telling you how I met her, or how she ended up in my temporary apartment. We’ll just say that it was very late on a Friday night, it was very hot, and ... Continue»
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Fucked my neighbour Neelam aunty

hi guys....
My name is Veer, 23 yrs old n i m frm mumbai....
As usual around 7 am in d morning i walked out of my house and was on stairs when i heard a noise of smebdy falling. To my surprize it ws Neelam aunty. Shes 56 yrs old bt trust me shez a bombshell. Her boobs r like watermelons. i tried to help her but she got u*********s. Taking advantage i slide my hand in her dress n squeezed her milk tanks. I swear guys they wer nthng soft than a cotton ball. n big like a musk melon.... hehehe
i felt wetness in my hand n i saw dat d hand which ws supportinh her head had got wet with her bl**d.
... Continue»
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s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

Tina s****r Barbra called in the middle of the night her power had gone out and Dave her husband was out of town, and she was scared and did not won’t to mess with it. So Tina asks me to go over and look at it I got up and got dressed and went over. When I got to Barbra’s house it was in total darkness. She stood at the door with a flashlight shining in my eyes. I took it from her and as my eyes adjusted I noticed that she was in a see threw nightie. I shook my head as I walked past her. I told myself regardless of what may hap... Continue»
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My previous neighbor part2

Aisha and I fucked one more time before I left that evening. I had just
reached home when I received a text message from Aisha she wanted to
know if we could talk on the phone. I called her right away. She
sounded a little low when she said hello. I asked her what's wrong? She
told me that she didn't now what came over her and how she let her
emotions get the better of her? She told me though she had a great time
we need to make it our first and last time. I wasn't very happy to hear
that, but I told her it was fine with me. We spoke for a few more
minutes before we said bye.
... Continue»
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My Dirty Little Mind

I lay on my bed thinking of him. He makes me wet and I want him so badly. I close my eyes and slide my hands over my body, imagining that it is his hands. My tights white tights cling to my wet pussy and my nipples get harder as my imagination gets sexier and sexier.

I feel the bed move. Someone has laid down next to me. I turn my head and open my eyes. It's him!

I turn and get on my knees. Our faces overlap and we kiss. It's not a normal position, but its sexy. The wetness between my legs increases and our tongues intertwine. I want him more than I ever have.

I pull back and stare at... Continue»
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My previous neighbor

My wife had to travel on official work to another state, which left me
tending for myself. It was a lovely morning. I had to go to the market
to buy a few things. I had just about done my shopping, one last stop
for some fresh fruits and I was done. I finished buying the fruits and
was walking towards the parking where I had left my motorbike when I
saw a familiar face. It was my neighbor from our previous apartment.
They had shifted to a new house. She saw me and we exchanged greetings.
She looked beautiful d****d in a sari. We exchanged a few words and bid

I got... Continue»
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Because I am a bartender even on Halloween, I had to work until 2:00am. Daniel works the total opposite; he came to visit me at work. All the staff was in costume. I was dressed as a witch, quite sexy I must say, it got me a few unsuspecting compliments. Apparently, I am rather passable as a witch. I was referred to as a girl a several times by people who aren't regulars, but who expects your bartender to be a 5'8", guy in a ruffled skirt, fishnets, corset, black lips and nails, covered in glitter.

Daniel hung around with me for a while then I lost him somewhere out in the party. He made a... Continue»
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Velvet Crush's Kinky Marriage

I squatted down, my back against a brick wall and my dress pulled up, exposing my bald, dripping pussy. Two slightly d***k men, whom my boyfriend, Anthony, had pulled from the club, were taking turns putting their stiff dicks into my mouth to suck as we were hidden behind my car. Including these two, I had sucked off a total of 5 different guys this night, as Anthony paraded me, Velvet Crush, his well-known, porn star, girlfriend, around the club, pimping me out for sex to guys he wanted to see me fuck and suck. Two of them had spent some time pumping their cocks in me, but all five eventually... Continue»
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The Joy of Pecs

This story is 100% true and happened about twelve years ago when i was in my last year at uni .I was in a house with three other girls all in our last year ,we had shared the same place last year so knew each other pretty well and were all quite close.One of us had a steady boyfriend ,one was working her way through the university rugby team ,and progressing nicely.I had had a few flings over the three years with fellow students,but i was starting to get bored of them ,the same routine ,they want you to suck their cock then bag you like a jack hammer .This is where the fourth member of our hou... Continue»
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The Girl Likes Her Some Anal

I had known Malcolm my entire life, we lived right down the street form each other and our families were really close, in fact our parents were on vacation together right now. Growing up Malcolm and I had been like b*****rs, now even attending the same college together. Right now we are back home for three weeks while school is on break. As I am walking over to Malcolm’s my cell phone rings. “What’s up?” I answer. “I’m heading to the store, Keyshia’s home just walk in” Malcolm responds before hanging up.
I hadn’t seen his s****r Keyshia yet since I had gotten home for vacation, I wish I had b... Continue»
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video nights

He’s my husband and I do what he says. Not always, not everything, but usually, you know, most things.

I wouldn’t have a tattoo, never, even though he nearly begged, just a small one, on the inside of my upper thigh. Nobody would see it. But there was absolutely no way. That was pretty much the last time I said no. I even didn’t mind a piercing, in an intimate place. Well as you ask, one in each pussy lip, near the top. Oh and one small ring, through each nipple. It was his special land mark birthday, it was a present for him.... he had been going on about it for a while. So I thought, why ... Continue»
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The rehearsal dinner pt 4

I'll refresh your memory. My name is Kim I'm 53 5-11 175lbs I have 44dd boobs. I've been having an affair with a college buddie of my nephew. He has come to visit me while my husband is away on business.
On Tuesday morning hubby left for the airport and I was getting ready for work. I couldn't wait till the day was over so Greg and I could spend the night together. At noon time I called Greg and asked if he wanted to meet me for lunch. Greg said to just come to his hotel room. When I arrived I knocked on his door he opened it and he was naked. He pulled me in we started kissing he said that ... Continue»
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Sexe With Old Homeless Man (EnglishVERSION)

It's 23:00 p.m and i goes tot the metro station. The time seems long. I turned again and starts making 100 not in the station. I think of the homeless. I would give him a good room, but I do not have a round on me. I turned toward him. I am only 10 meters away, and there I remained speechless.
The pig is jerking off looking at me up and down.
I turned swiftly to not see that.
It's been a strange feeling to see a man jerking off for you. No doubt that I held in my excites more than provocative. I do not blame him, it's normal after all. It must be a long time he did not love. I, who wanted t... Continue»
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The GILF Next Door

My roomate and I had been renting the house for nearly 8 months now, both of us college students at the local University. Most days I had the place completely to myself because my buddy Mark was always at his new girlfriends place. Our next door neighbor Mrs. Jones was an older woman in her sixties, she had bright blue eyes, long blonde hair and was always dressed in the most expensive, top of the line clothes. For being middle aged she still had a great body and I had been fortunate enough to catch a few glances of her in her backyard in her two-piece sunbathing. I had met Mrs. Jones a week a... Continue»
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