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Watching Girlfriend And Her Friend Fuck (True)

This is a true story of what happened the other night when my girlfriend Sarah (Redhead) and I went out with her friend Jessica (Blonde) whom Sarah and I call Jess. I had to get this up as quick as I could to share with all of you. Hope you enjoy.

I just got home from work when Sarah came out of the bathroom getting ready and asked said that Jess had texted her asking if we wanted to go out for a little bit. I was exhausted from work but I always loved hanging out with Jess because she was a sweetheart and also because of t... Continue»
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"So how have you enjoyed the process of hypnosis Summer?" he asked.

The question was so incongruous that bemusement tugged the corners of her lips, her brows rising slightly.

"That's a strange question Mark. How have I enjoyed the process of hypnosis? I've never experienced it, so I wouldn't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about."

Summer had been delighting in getting to know Mark, their weekly catch up and coffee becoming something that she looked forward to. There was no pretense, no affectation of what it was, no overt sexual overtone. That wasn't to say there wasn't a f... Continue»
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Swimming in Cum

Swimming in Cum
by yutubeslut

I wrote this story years ago for a lovely lady I exchanged n00dz with.
It was originally titled, Housewife Night
She loved cum so this was just for her.
We lost track of each other
If you're out there, La****, PLEASE write me. I miss you.

“DAMMIT, that BITCH!!” you rage silently as you undress before the owner of the place. All because you lost a stupid bet.
He’s quite young, in his early 30’s but he’s seen it all.
You know immediately he’s Mafioso.

You stand there, naked and trembling in anger and humiliation.
He has a bored, world-weary look
... Continue»
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The Dressing Room With Mom

This is another fantasy story of mine. Hope you enjoy guys and gals

One of my least favorite times of the year has to be back to school shopping. I don't mind school so much but being pulled from store to store with my mom was not my favorite thing to do. My mom works at a law firm and she works a lot so when she finally gets a little time to do my school shopping with me she tries to get it done as fast as possible. When the dreaded day finally came my mom woke me up already dressed in a tight, black dress, black high heels and had her long blonde hair combed and straightened. "I have to w... Continue»
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The night I surprised my cuckold hubby with 2 crea

So me and my hubby would talk about things we have wanted to try and things that really turned us on and that we thought were hot and he mention a few times about how he wanted to come home from work one day with cum waiting for him to eat out my pussy and a video of the whole thing he could watch after I made him eat every last drop of cum outta me . The thought of all of it really turned me on every time he brought it up so last Friday I finally surprised him . ;) It took me 2 weeks to set the whole thing up I wanted to make sure everything played out perfectly .... it took me a week to find... Continue»
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Watching Cassie – Part 1

Watching Cassie – Part 1

--------- Chapter 1
Tori watches as Cassie & Pam play…
Wednesday Morning

Tori stood watching from the stairs down to the basement rec room. Her daughter, Cassie was sitting in the middle of the carpeted floor; her skirt was bunched about her waist. Her legs were spread out wide before her, her panties lay around her ankle. She sat sideways to Tori’s line of site, and it was obvious to Tori that her daughter was playing with her hairless pussy, agitating her clit with her fingers. Soft gasps of pleasure came from the girl.

Directly in front of Cassie sat ... Continue»
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Wow I'm Bigger

Wow I'm bigger

It had been years since Wowimbig had started pumping her pussy up, slowly seeing the results get more extreme, and feeling more and more like a freak that people would be disgusted by. At first, that alone was a thrill for her; the thought that people would point and ridicule her for her huge puffy cunt. But eventually, she craved to be told by real people, what a weirdo she was. How her blown up lips were disgusting, and how she was a freak for doing that to herself. She felt electrified by the comments people left for her on her videos. People telling her that she would n... Continue»
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Amherst - Part 4

Thereafter, I just focused on riding Donnie and have my fun with him. He was truly enjoying it, and I’m glad to say that I was enjoying it too.
His lamenting cub-growls were really sexy, and his caressing of my knees, thighs, hips, butt, torso and chest felt really good. He ran his glance up and down my body. I loved looking at his staring eyes traversing my skin with lust.
He wasn’t too nimble and his fat arms didn’t really have much range of motion, but he really tried paying attention to my body. He noticed my dick was as hard as a mast, and he attempted to stroke my dick a few ti... Continue»
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Andy and Brandy 3

Subject: Andy and Brandy Chapter 3

Andy was over the moon now he had a new friend and lover in Yousef and
tried to spend as much time as possible with him but time was rapidly
running out as the summer holidays were coming to an end, it had been an
exceptional hot summer so far with only a few days rain and he had made the
most of it and had a very good all over tan. He stood naked looking at
himself in the bedroom mirror after getting up and stretching after a great
sl**p when his mobile went off and he looked and it was Yousef calling, he
keyed the chat button "hey sexy" said Andy ... Continue»
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Andy and Brandy 1

I didn't write this and take no credit for it, There are three parts and it just keeps getting better.

Subject: Andy and Brandy (b********y)

Andy Stubbs was bored out of his skull, two weeks into the
summer holiday and he had nothing to do at his grandparents
house in the country, he knew nobody around the area and
although he tried to make friends nobody was interested in
this 14 year old, but then again they were all older than
him. He couldn't even use his laptop to chat to his mates at
home as there was no internet connection in the house, the
nearest was in the village at the... Continue»
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Andy and Brandy 2

Subject: Andy and Brandy Chapter 2

Andy and Brandy

The usual applies that if its i*****l to read this wherever you live then
leave now!!

Chapter 2

Andy took Brandy a lot on his walks while his owner an old lady was in
hospital, there really wasn't much else to do in this small English
village, he was there because it was his school holidays and his parents
were away abroad working so his grandparents were taking care of him.

His walks with Brandy always took on the same scenario, they would walk for
around 30 minutes into the thickest part of the woods and when Andy thoug... Continue»
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Affair with a BBW

A Low Maintenance Affair with a BBW

Rylee always wore a baseball cap and this day was no exception. It was a standard part of his maintenance uniform and kept the sun out of his eyes as he traversed between buildings fixing everything from busted pipes to plaster dings. He was six feet tall, naturally tanned by his work outdoors, and had incredible green eyes the color of a pine tree in a rainstorm. Along with his baseball cap, he wore a tan polo shirt with the logo of the apartment building emblazoned on the left breast pocket, long Carhartt's workpants, sturdy steel capped boots, and a be... Continue»
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I was just 18 when I went out whorin' for the first time. It was something I had an overwhelming urge to do after fantasising it countless times. I had been painting up and dressing since I was 13 and my 18 month older b*****r had been fucking me regularly since I was seven until he went away in the Army when I was 16, plus I had been shoving all types of objects in my pussy almost daily. My desire to have my pussy ravaged was insatiable. I used cucumbers and even a slender long Japanese eggplant about two inches in diameter, fantasizing it was a BBC. I reveled as I watc... Continue»
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A walk in the woods!

I was coming back from a shopping trip the other day and as it was a very pleasant warm morning I thought I would call in to a small wooded cruising area near the race course in our city. It can be a bit "hit and miss" with the types of guys you find there but it was a nice day for a walk!. I parked up and saw only two other cars in the small car park but thought that as I was there I might as well have a look for some action. I started walking the tracks in the wood that went through some heavy undergrowth, working my way to the back of the small wood, I got onto a narrow track that I knew le... Continue»
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Concert Night

Andrew knocks on the door to Natalie's apartment. Only a few seconds pass before the door opens and she smiles at him. "Right on time, lover." Then gives him a warm hug and kiss.

He looks her over and gives a grin. Black denim skirt almost short enough to be a micro, mid-riff baring bustier and her come fuck me heels. "I'm almost tempted to skip the concert," he says admiring her long, lean legs and the way her B-cups are on display

"Plenty of time for dessert later, sexy," she replies, running her hands over his tight ass. "We've both been wanting to see them, but maybe a little playt... Continue»
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Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 9&am

Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 9…The End

--------- Chapter 19

Linda wore nylons and a garter belt under her mid-thigh length skirt, her cunt was naked and exposed. She laughed as she d****d her legs over her Mark’s shoulders and pulled his face tighter to her pussy. She was glad Rick hadn’t fussed when Julie threw herself at him…it could have gone so badly…she knew from experience.

Mark had told her what they had planned for their father once they got in the kitchen…they had been watching from the doorway as Julie, first sat in her father’s lap, and then on the coffee ta... Continue»
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Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 8

Teaching Julie how to be Naughty – Part 8

--------- Chapter 16

While Linda was showering, Julie and Mark put their heads together and came up with a plan to bring their father into the fun. He was a good father, but he was always so exhausted after his business trips...

“What if Daddy won’t do it?” Julie asked innocently.

“If he won’t, then there’s something wrong with him.” Mark laughed. “Every man dreams of a tight, young pussy. Listen Jewels, haven’t you heard all that stuff Mom has told us. You know…when they were first married. How Dad couldn’t get enough of her, always fuck... Continue»
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Charles Carmichael

It was a day just like any other for Charles Carmichael. He had risen from his bed at 6am. He had gone for a 5 mile run, doing 100 push ups and 100 ab crunches on his return home. He had had his 7.30am wank - this morning he had picked the thought of spanking a woman's arse, hard, as he took his time to insert his massive circumcised penis into her soaking pussy. He had his usual warm shower at 8am, washed the, still warm, cum from his hairy chest, using the soap to please himself further - not in the same way - he took his thick strong throbbing cock that was slowly losing its size in his han... Continue»
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Full Moon Fuck

I’m at a lovely little B&B in Vermont with Sarah, the same lady I wrote about bending over the pool table in her hotel suite. This is fairly early in what was to become a four-year affair. I’m married, she’s freshly divorced. She’s ten years older than me, and, at the time, the most sexually open and adventurous woman I’ve been with. She loves to fuck, and is not shy about letting me know when she needs some cock. My sex life in my marriage is pathetic, to say the least, so I’m more than happy to give Sarah’s insatiable cunt as much attention as it needs.

We live quite a ways apart from ea... Continue»
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Workout with new Amazon Co-worker

A dark haired Amazon of a girl walked by me today at work and I wondered what it would be like to pound her. The compulsion to touch her was so strong when she bent over to put some sugar in her coffee that I almost earned myself a trip to HR!!! I think it would have been worth it!
Anyway, that got me to thinking……


I had noticed Amanda the very first day she started work in our office complex. Most guys did, come to think of it. It was not every day th... Continue»
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