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71 Dawns Birthday neartreat

71Dawns Birthday near-treat

So as a scribe here I am again reporting one of Dawns escapades, Dawn as you know is a lady that I am pleased to say I write for, she has a cuckold hubby named Andy, and a master named Ray. Each year at birthday time (they are both near one another date wise), they have perhaps just the one ritual birthday “treat” together.

Me, well I pick up the notes after and write them into stories for you all dear readers! See my story of last year`s [http://xhamster.com/user/alibodge/posts/384488.ht] for an idea of the style and what we all expected this birthday! ... Continue»
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Gil Finds Out He Was Not Fooling Anyone. #4

Gil Finds Out He Was Not Fooling Anyone. #4

My last two stories have been about my friend Gil. I have decided to finish the Gil era in mine and Judy's lives.

In my previous story (Gil Comes Back For Seconds), Gil called me on the pretense that he needed me to go to Monterey to help him fix his car, which was all a lie. After that happened we didn't see Gil for almost two years. Judy and I tried to find out what happened to him, but he was no where to be found. I finally made contact with his last roommate, he told me that Gil had gotten married and moved to another city. Gil married a... Continue»
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Brandi Gets A Lot More Than Counseling. #3

Brandi Gets A Lot More Than Counseling. #3

Brandi was really getting caught up in our sexual activities. She wanted sex all the time. We watched all the movies that we had made. We talked about Dave and what they did at the movie constantly. After about two months, I noticed a change in Brandi. Brandi was spending a lot of time with her friend Ellen.

Now at this point is where I have to explain how Ellen and Brandi became friends. Brandi and Ellen had met in college. I had met Ellen once while Brandi and I where together during that period of time. I could tell Ellen was a d**... Continue»
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Fran, the submissive slut

I have arranged for you to take a part time job as a substitute teacher at an all-boys school. The
classes you will teach are small, 5-8 boys, at a school for especially difficult k**s with behavioral
problems. The k**s are around 18. Young, eager, and very horny boys.

You will dress in a simple blouse, two sizes too large for you, so that the top can easily fall away
from your boobs. You will leave the top three buttons undone at all times. Your skirt will be
about knee length, flared at the bottom, very tight around your ass. You will wear stiletto heel
pumps, 5" high, to fi... Continue»
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Happy Birthday Audrey

This happened about 27 years ago. I’d been visiting Grandma with a mate of mine, Steve, and was walking back towards his house when we bumped into Audrey. She welcomed me and said tomorrow was her 70th birthday and did I fancy a drink at her house which was right next to where we were talking, as she went inside she left the door ajar.

Steve looked at me and smiled “Is this the old bird you shagged a few years ago” “Yes and she’s horny as fuck” as we made our way inside. She motioned for us to sit down, she had a three piece sofa so I sat on one end with Steve on the other. She came in with... Continue»
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Brandi Turns Into A Slut. #2

Brandi Turns Into A Slut. #2

After Brandi had decided to go back to work, she got a job with her old company. It was one of the largest companies in travel agency business. She had been back to work for four months. One Friday afternoon Brandi's company had to shut down, to have their computers serviced. They let everybody go home at twelve noon. Brandi hadn't planned to be off so she decided to do a little shopping.

She went into Macy's and started looking at the tops. She had on a short skirt and a sweater top. Brandi wanted a blouse to match the skirt. She tried on ten blouses ... Continue»
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Gil Returns For Seconds. #3

Gil Returns For Seconds. #3

I have to tell the most exciting story, that Judy and I ever did. To this day, every time I think about it, I still get a hard on. It was the first time I got to see Judy with someone else.

Gil kept calling Judy at work, wanting to get back with her. He had no idea that I knew anything about their first Trist. Judy called me from her work, to tell me that Gil had been calling her. She wanted to know what I wanted her to do. Of course I wanted her to do something with him again. Our story time, when Judy went over to his house was great, I wanted more. At this ... Continue»
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Too Good to be True

It all started when I replied to a sex ad online. There was a woman, in her early 50's, looking for someone to hook up during the day while her husband was at work. What was amazing after talking to her is that we lived only blocks away from each other. We exchanged several emails and agreed to meet just a few days after my initial response.

I arrived at her house over my lunch hour. She met me wearing just a silk nightie. We hugged and started kissing. She led me to the bedroom. I agreed to perform oral on her first...that was part of her agreeing to meet me. I stripped my clothes off and... Continue»
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Taylor's weekend

sl**ping sound though the night like the dead I awoke the morning to an empty bed, much to my chagrin, I had hope for morning fun. I put on my boxers and walked in kitchen for coffee. There were my two beauties both of them wearing my dress shirts with nothing else on and both had them barely buttoned. It was a beautiful sight to see.

“Good morning my loves” I said
“Good morning my husband” Toni said
“Good morning daddy” Beth said.

I asked what was on the agenda for today. Toni informed me her s****r and f****y were coming to visit.
“When” I asked.

“Today’ Toni answered and we do... Continue»
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Dominate BBW Security Gal

I was walking thru the hotel lobby of a local hotel where I was spending the night. A white middle aged bbw security guard stares at me. She is a medium sized with really short dark hair. As I pass she says
Security; Excuse me do I know you?
Me; I said, I don't think so??
Security; oh, OK....I'm sorry!
Me; Its OK it happens, have a goodnight!
I went out for dinner and I was thinking about her as I was eating. I did remember her messaging me on a popular dating site once. I finished my dinner along with quiet a few beers and I head back to the hotel. I started thinking if I had ever s... Continue»
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My boss. Real woman but alas a fantasy ! Kate

I sat, my job was on the line. My boss of 15 years strode in, hearing her booted legs clicking down the hall made me turn, It never failed to amaze me 54 years old, Lips so dirty looking it was hard not to look and think filthy things, fit and toned from exercise classes her body was tight, poured in to a shirt that formed her breasts perfectly, I just wanted to pull on her nipples until they stuck right through!
Crossing her legs. Staring at those heels so perfect with pointed toes made from leather, I could feel my cock bulging, her chair swung toward me her leg bobbing up and down my eyes ... Continue»
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The Book Store (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1
I was on the way home from work and decided to stop at the book store and find a steamy erotic romance novel so I had something to read as I soaked in a hot bubble bath with a large glass of my favorite wine. I loved the feeling of having the warm bubbles all around me as I caressed myself in all the right places as I read.
I arrived at the book store thirty minutes before closing. So I went straight to the adult section and began browsing the new books that were there since the last time I was in. I didn’t pay much attention to anyone else in the small store un... Continue»
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Naughty Girl - Round Six

Naughty Girl was laying on the bed, her body covered in sweat and sticky cum from her sessions tonight. Her hair spread on the pillow, her thick legs spread slightly open and her finger toying with her clit. Kenny's cum was still slowly leaking from her cunt. As Ron and Roger got to the door they saw her dipping her middle finger into her juicy cum filled cunt to get some of that cum and lick it from her fingers. Everything she does, every way she moves is pure sex.... They stood there for a few minutes, cocks in hand, just watching her play with her sensual body. She hadn't noticed them ... Continue»
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Soccer Practice. Clarinet Rehearsal. Anal Practice

Soccer Practice. Clarinet Rehearsal. Anal Practice. Ballet Recital. Dinner. Homework.

It's 4:25pm, and she's still lively as she trots to the van.

How I admire her youth. Had I gone through a full day of classes only to follow up with an intense soccer practice, I would already be physically spent. But not her. And the day is only half done.

She hops into the backseat, a huge smile on her face with sweat and grass stains on her side. This was her favorite activity of the day. Maybe second favorite.

There is no time to wash the earthy smell off of her as clarinet rehea... Continue»
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Reminiscences of the Night Before

What a wonderful way to wake up! I awoke in Hubby’s right arm with my naked body pressed against his. He was still asl**p. My breast was resting on his chest, my crotch pressed up against his thigh that was between my legs. His hand resting gently on my shapely ass. It was such a deep sensual feeling to awake like this, especially after what we had experienced the night before. As my eyes slowly opened the first thing my eyes caught sight of was hubby’s flaccid circumcised love tool resting peaceful up along his stomach with Its eye seeming peeking up at me.

On his left side, practica... Continue»
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First Night Together

She had given him the location of the cove hoping he would come by and he didn't disappoint. This had been her place for so long and never thought that one day she would share it. After that kiss in the elevator they had shared, she had not hesitated telling him where she would be that evening. Now there he was on the sand, waiting for her. He was sat by her clothes and towel - seemingly casual but she could tell by the set of his eyes how intense he was. She wondered if his heart rate matched her own.

She had gone swimming topless, determined that if he showed up he would get a show. Now ... Continue»
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Fucking my step-s****r Tina

Our parents met when I was 15 - Tina was 13. At the time Tina lived with her mom.

Three years later, her b*****r James and I both graduated High School - he went off to college, and I remained home, choosing Community College because I knew I was just not a good student, and didn't want to waste the money.

Once James left, Tina moved in. She was really cute - about 5'4", 125lbs with light brown curly hair, and brown eyes. She had some B cups, but they were really nice. And she had a spectacular ass. She had this one pair of jeans that made her ass look so good, anytime I would jerk off ... Continue»
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My wife - the early years.

I have been meaning to write this for a while, but being way layed with bronchitis now seemed the ideal time.

Irene and I had known each other since school and she was always a wild c***d, but I sort of knew she was my wild c***d. She had a bit of a reputation and when I started going out with her I found it to be well justified. She was definitely not a virgin, she loved cock and sucked it enthusiastically. I found out later that she was adopted and putting two and two together, had lost her cherry to her adoptive father when she was about twelve. I, of course was similarly corrupt so we m... Continue»
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Valentine's Day for a Kitten's Master (p

Journal of a kitten's master

Today I woke up to the taps of my slave girl kitten tapping on my leg begging me to play with her. With nothing but kitten ears a collar and a tail butt plug I knew what she was up to. Had my leather paddle in her mouth that she was offering to me to spank her with. I asked if she was naughty and wanted a spanking. She looked up at me while on all fours with her cute butt sticking up and wagging. Her eyes were were very big this morning as she was trying to get my attention. I took the paddle out of her mouth and she began licking my arm and holding my arm with ... Continue»
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e****ting Addiction

After my husband left me for a 22 year old I was lost and confused as to why! We are both in our mid to late twenties, me 26 and him 29, we’d had a lot of fun together since we hooked up eight years earlier and we were married for the last five. We were planning to start a f****y. I was scared that I would lose my petite figure and my firm 34D’s would begin to sag after giving birth to our first c***d but I didn’t care because I loved this man dearly.
It was a bitter break up he couldn’t even be honest with me about why he didn’t want to be with me. It became apparent though when he took h... Continue»
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