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A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

A masochist flasher gets lucky Part 1

I am a flasher. I love being naked, wanking and spunking in front of women and young girls. I often go to parks and forests, strip naked and walk around wanking until come across women then I stand and come in front of them. I love all their reactions, some are shocked, cry out and run away, others laugh and watch, others get angry and insult me but they also stay to watch. I have often been attacked by women that I flash to, punched, kicked and slapped as they insult me which satisfies the masochist side of my sexuality, I love pain and especially hum... Continue»
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Dinner time with Becky Part 1

My first sexual experience began when I had just started school. My s****r Becky was 3 years older then me. She had long, dark, curly hair and a slender body. Since as long ago as I could remember, she would play "House" with me. I was always her baby and she would dress me up, pretend to change my diaper, feed me and things like that. One day she decided to take even more of a motherly roll.
Playing like usual, Becky told me "take off all of your clothes Timmy so that I can change you again". I was getting too old for this now and it was becoming more and more frequent, but, I didn't ... Continue»
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A "Step" in the Right Dirction

Synopsis: My wife's girl form another marriage is home before going to grad school. I happen to see her getting out of the shower unexpectedly..... For the rest..... Read on....

Adult c***dren of your spouse from another marriage are not really yours… so it isn’t really i****t, is it??
Tara is Jane’s daughter…. And that girl… well read the story….

The flat tire on the car was an unexpected stroke of good luck. I called my boss who told me that since I had already hit my quota for both the week and month, I could just take the d... Continue»
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Teacher's Punishment

As the new assistant dean of the Business department, I was determined to increase the caliber of our offerings to that of a four year university's. I planned to start by auditing some of the courses of the more experienced teachers to see what techniques they may be able to share with the rest of them. From the instructor evals, I see that Prof Randy PSR is very popular. I think I'll start with him first to see what the secret to his success is.

Evening classes are typically filled with older students trying for their degrees while working full time. It's always interesting to see the... Continue»
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The Exam.

A Colon Exam and a ‘Quickie’ can be a good thing.

A friend asked me if I’d ever had to go to the hospital after a meeting with one of my friends. I did, a few times, but not because of what he did. I did have to be treated, on occasion, for an irritated bowel; irritated colon is the better term.

This usually happened when I lived with a guy for a while or was dating someone who wanted sex numerous times in a week. The condition actually began when I was in my teens, it was treated then but, no one questioned ‘why’ it happened. When I was living with my one boyfriend it was an ongoing pr... Continue»
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Femdom Politics

Mistletoe at the Office

I am really not looking forward to going to this year's office party. Since I'm the director of HR, everyone always tip toes around me like I'm kryptonite. To make it bearable, I think I'll use an egg vibrator under my dress. That should keep things interesting during the party. Maybe there will be someone disposable there for me to play with. As I walk into the office, I'm bombarded with garish Christmas decorations spattered about the room. I decide to kick the vibrator dial up a notch. Thank God there's a bar at this thing to lubricate myself up with to t... Continue»
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The Sultan's New Concubine

While cruising on the ship to Morocco, I fall asl**p on the lounge chair by the pool. The sun warms my white skin and melts my stress away as I drift off. All of a sudden, the captain announces over the intercom. "We are under attack from the Sultan of Morocco! Everyone hide in your cabin! He is looking for women to add to his harem." I jump up and run to the spa area to hide.
> To my surprise, the Sultan enters the spa room, and eyes the women being pampered. Seeing me standing tall and looking him over, he barks an order to his 2 male guards to prepare me for the royal blessing. ... Continue»
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Allyson - my b*****r´s girlfriend PART 3

Jake met his friends at the bar and after ordering a cold one He decided to return Allyson´s calls. But she wouldn´t answer.

The girl was busy packing up her things in his room, totally ignoring her cell phone, totally ignoring her cell phone. She was done crying and now anger began to take over.

“Son of a bitch!” – she cursed as she took the books she had lent him even if he Jake was not the kind of guy who actually enjoys reading. That would be me.

Her tea was getting cold in the kitchen so I decided to take it t... Continue»
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For Kaytelee2002 my little slut !!!!!!

"Please, Sir. May I cum?" She begged desperately, testing the restraints and hoping he would finally allow her desires. Eyes wide and pleading like her long slender legs, she had started dripping in anticipation, as if her body believed that a more attractive home for his torments would somehow earn her an orgasm. Unfortunately for her, this was not the case.
"I've taken my time to make sure you feel the pleasure you've earned. Made you nice and comfortable with these ropes. Even made your pussy nice and needy for me. Still, after all this you ask for more? Don't you appreciate all the litt... Continue»
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Alles aus Geilheit

Alles aus Geilheit – geile Studentinnen lassen sich abficken

Hi, zuerst einmal möchte ich mich euch gerne vorstellen.
Mein Name ist Kristine und ich bin 23 Jahre alt. Ich wohne
in einer kleinen Stadt in Niedersachsen, wo eigentlich
Jeder Jeden kennt. Ach ja, das wichtigste hätte ich ja fast
vergessen, oder wollt ihr nicht wissen wie ich so aussehe?
Das dachte ich mir. Also wie gesagt ich bin 23 Jahre jung
und bin 1 Meter 72 groß. Ich habe zwar blonde Haare (die
wirklich echt sind) aber ich glaube wirklich, daß ich
keine typische Blondine bin, wenn ihr versteht was ich
meine. Naja, ... Continue»
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Operation dress for success

It has always been a fantasy of mine to watch my wife pick a man up at a bar take him home and fuck him while I am watching from a closet (we have had threesomes but never just me watching w/o him knowing I’m there), so after many discussions about it she has agreed to try it. She even came up with a code word for our plan, its called operation “Dressed for success”.

We now start making plans on how to accomplish this. After talking while on a road trip, we come up with the location that we think might be best and even came up with hand signals in case one of us were uncomfortable with the ... Continue»
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Teri and Tom

Being on display in public is an interesting experience! Especially when you know someone out there is examining you but you can't see them. But that is what Teri and Tom had requested. They are somewhere in this place looking at me, judging. Am I worthy, sexy enough? Teri and Tom are a cuckold couple in their forties. We had hooked up through a website/email invitation. She had though my profile was hot and my photos sexy. But she also wanted to see me in the flesh, in a public place. I had reviewed their profiles and here we are….
Suddenly from behind me, a male voice, "May we join you?"
... Continue»
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Her Dad

I stayed at Carol's house many times. We were best friends. This night about 2 AM Carol was asl**p and I went down to the kitchen to get a pop. I had on a tube top and bikini panties. I have nice firm DD tits and love to show them off. I was getting ice when some one grabbed me and kissed my neck. I turned to see Carol's dad there naked. He had been watching me and his big thick cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. He was very hung and I liked seeing him hard. He grabbed me and began kissing my mouth and giving me lots of tongue. Carol's dad is single and quite handsome and now I know... Continue»
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Hey,everyone does it!

I first saw him as he entered the pool area. We were all sitting around drinking some beer when we heard the clang of the metal gate slam shut and we all looked over to see who just came in. He was about 5’ 10” tall with a body that was well chiseled but without being overly muscular. He skin was a golden tan and his hair was brown and neatly cropped. He had on surfer swimming trunks that seemed to accentuate a set of six pack abs. All the girls at the pool, whether they were 5 or 55, were all looking his way and whispering.

One of the guys in my group asked if anyone knew the “new guy”. ... Continue»
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He Refuses To Notice (Pt2)

I decide that I am going to fuck my former lover in front of my husband. I get the feeling that this bimbo will not fully realize the reality of his love getting plowed by a gigantic negro. What if he were to find out and open his eyes? What is he going to do, leave me? LOL! I know I come across as an evil bitch, but I really am not. I actually really love him very dearly. I want him to accept me for the BBC cum slut that I am; I want him to know that that my pussy itches for black dick on a daily basis; I want him to know that it our first baby will most likely be black. With all that said, I... Continue»
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First Vaginal DP 3

Dawn was still riding up and down his dick and I asked her what would be best and easier for her. She said she wasn't sure but that we'd figure something out. Well call it karma or the powers who over see fantastic fucking or what ever but all I needed to do was kind of squat down a little and I tried to time it so I would be trying to shove my cock inside her when she was gliding down and had about 1/2 to 1/3 left to go before she got to the root. Well all I can say is that the powers of great fucking must have been pleased because I/we seemed to time it perfectly!!! I had the head inside her... Continue»
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First Vaginal DP 1

21 June 2016

Fantasy Story for My New Friend From Canada
(for Susan P)

Thought about this earlier today while chatting with one of my new online friends about a few of the things we hope to be able to do to, for, and with some hot sexy girls!!!
We talked about sharing the girl(s) and some of the options that could open up. One that we discussed was DPing the girls. But not "just" DPing~~~but double vaginal DP!!!
I remembered the times I would fuck my wife while she also had a dildo shoved up her already tight cunt!!! Damn it felt wonderful to me and she told me tha... Continue»
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First Vaginal DP 2

She sat on his face and started to suck on his dick.Well in no time at all he was rock hard and ready for more. He told her he wanted to taste her super sweet pussy cum!!! She moaned and said that if he kept doing what he was doing that would happen very soon!!! Well she wasn't k**ding because in no time at all she was creaming all over his face!!! She then got up and gave me one of her "you're going to love this" looks and I could hardly wait to see what my nasty hot slutty wife was up to now!!!! One thing I knew was that she absolutely loved the feeling of that huge cock filling he... Continue»
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About Paula

Paula looked at the slip of paper in her hand again.
No, there was no mistake, this was the right address, but the place was looking kind of closed down.
It was, or rather, it had until recently been a bar, but now both windows were covered in plywood. But the door was slightly ajar. She entered, calling out a testing “hello..?”
There was no immediate response. All the furniture were still in place, but covered in clear plastic. The place had been a bar until a few day ago; a brew-pub, but much to her surprise, it was not in business at the moment.
Then why in the world were they still ... Continue»
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Hey I guess I got a story..

I went to a sushi restaurant with two of my cool girl friends that had the sexiest short dresses on. We were just hanging out and eventually they both got really d***k. We went back to my car because we decided to start heading back home. When we got in the car, we started arguing because they wanted ice cream and all the ice cream shops around were closed. One of my friends fell asl**p in the front seat and my other friend kept whining about ice cream. She then started whining about not getting what she wanted and about how she hasn't gotten laid in the past mon... Continue»
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