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After the gig in the clio (fiction)

My friend and I had gone to a rock concert and it was his first proper gig. I can remember looking at him wondering if he was ok being this close to the front feeling the sweaty bodies ramming into our backs with the mosh pit going on in the distance. He smiled at me with his grizzly beard he had started to grow and his amazing blue eyes. Whatever I felt towards him had been nothing but friendship but the growing sensation in my pussy said otherwise. I was about to grab his hand when he flung them into the air screaming “yeahhh”. Theory of a deadman had just come on singing ‘hate my life’ our ... Continue»
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Pussy Redux

It is a long story, my wife busted me fucking our 18 year old neighbor, then they found out I was fucking the 18 year olds mother, the neighbor, and the lady that lives behind us. So my wife took pretty much everything I owned in the divorce. Then for some salt in the wound, I learned that my wife was fucking my boss for some time so I got fired during the divorce. So I had to move back in with mom, with nothing to my name. Mom is one of these pure Texas women, beautiful blonde hair, nice figure, petite, and tells it like she sees it. Mom is very upscale and classy out in public but at home sh... Continue»
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The Boy NextDoor

The Boy NextDoor

My name is Jack Duncan. I am 45 and a professional
photographer. My wife Debbie is 32 with wavy, natural
blonde hair atop a 5'6" body weighing 123 pounds.
Blessed with a beautiful face and stark green eyes,
Debbie has shapely hips carried on long, lovely legs.
With supple breasts filling a B-cup, she is an
attractive woman.

My appetite for eroticism to some is strange. I am a
voyeur and having a vivid imagination and pretty wife I
am highly aroused watching her flirt with other men. I
even encouraged her to get a boyfriend. Of course this
hurt... Continue»
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Our Favorite Routine

We have a routine we both like. We go to the bedroom. She takes the comforter off the bed and lays it out on the floor then puts a couple of pillows down. This is for later.

I undress and lay across the bed. I watch her undress. I love her body. She is a beautiful Puerto Rican woman. She has large dark nipples and a hairy dark bush I love. She lays down next to me and I take her in my arms and we kiss. I love the feeling of her body next to mine.

After a few minutes she pushes my head down on her right tit and I begin sucking her nipple. With her hand pressing down on the back o... Continue»
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One day about noon I came out of the back room with my hands full of shoe boxes and my uncle was waiting on this cute girl about my age. I smiled at her, she smiled back and I commenced putting the new shoes out on the shelves. She left without buying anything and my uncle then left shortly thereafter to go golfing. The afternoon was uneventful until she came into the store about 5:15. I showed her several pair of shoes and she was one of the most modest girls ever saw. She was wearing a skirt but she was so prim and proper I never got even a glimpse of thigh or panties. She kept her hands in... Continue»
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One night of Pleasure (Incomplete)

This is an incomplete story a writer friend wrote, if you want more comment below.

I'm laying in bed and I call you to come and lay with me. You slowly make your way to the bed

smiling, asking me "Hey sweetie? What's up?" I tell you strip off your clothe for me and lay down. I rest

my cheek upon your chiseled chest, look at you smiling from ear to ear. My left hand starts to playfully

caress your right hand. Gently touching and holding between each finger. Analyzing every single line and

indention and kissing them lightly. I stare deep into your eyes pulli... Continue»
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A language exchange

A few months ago I was on a short trip to China, in the nice city of Hangzhou. As I was exploring the city and the difference in culture, I went online to find someone with whom I could hangout and explore even more the place. I was pleased to see that a girl responded to my invitation. We met in a restaurant on the third day that I was there. I had seen a picture of her on the chat application we were using but I didn't realize how cute she was actually before I saw her in real life. She was stunning beautiful, a nice smile, beautiful lips, small in stature but full of energy.

We spent th... Continue»
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Mature Black Bred 2nd Attempt

My white wife's first breeding attempt failed, this is her second attempt. My wife is 38DD-32-39, gorgeous long haired blonde, blue eyed, curvy. Her big natural breasts with their veins showing, hairy bush and large pussy lips are a magnet for well hung young black studs. My wife is 61 but looks 15-20 years younger, so young black studs think they'll be impregnating a beautiful mature white woman. As black young studs have told her, they live to impregnate a big breasted mature white woman, it's in their genes!

My wife's first breeding attempt with Rodwell failed, but he still thinks she's... Continue»
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The Price Of Success

Sara and Erica went out and had a great time at dinner, talking and getting to know one another. They found they had a lot in common such music, movies, even their politics were similar. Sara was also found out that Erica was not that much older than her. She was only 10 years old than her, but she looked younger. Sara found herself thinking of Erica as more of a friend than a boss, and from what she could tell Eric felt the same. Once dinner was finished Erica told her,

"The next client I'm going to give you is an older gentleman. He's married, but that probably won't stop him from hitting... Continue»
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My First MILF

My First MILF
Part 1

When you grew up in a conservative small rural community in the mid-west back in the 1960s, it was not unusual to reach high school graduation without being initiated into the practical realities of sex. None of my friends had had sex. Petting or copping a feel was a big deal. One of my friends claimed to have felt his girlfriend's tits a few times, but I was more than a little suspicious about that. One of the girls in my class was rumored to have been "ruined" by a college guy. That was it.
But that doesn't mean that my adolescent hormones weren't raging total... Continue»
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Mature White Wife's Young Black Stud Breeding

My gorgeous 38DD-32-39 all natural with great curves, long blonde hair, stunning blue eyes, mature white wife goes on an every 6 month "sow her oats" session. She was 60 when this story occurred, but she easily passes for 15-20 years younger. She likes to select a young black stud who's well endowed to breed with her, or rather, that's what the young men think! She's a magnet for these young black men, they simply can't resist a big breasted, full bush with big pussy lips, white mature lady. She'll go for a weekend or week and very rarely slightly longer.

She visited a nude camp site. After... Continue»
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The Story Of Me And My Bitch Cousin (True)

This is a true story of mine from many years ago when I lived back home about the first and only time my cousin Krissy and I had sex. Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

Now first I should probaly explain that growing up Krissy and I never really got along all that much atleast not behind each others backs. I would always hear from other people about how she would talk shit about me to her friends who would eventually come and tell me what she had said. Now I was always good about shrugging off what I had heard she said about me and ... Continue»
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Letting An Older Coworker Fuck My Gf (True)

So many have told me how much they love the stories about my Girlfriend Sarah so heres another one for you. This is the story I had up on my old page about sharing Sarah with an older coworker. Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

My coworker Mark and I had always gotten along because we had a lot of the same intrests and I thought the guy was pretty badass. Mark was in his fifties has some tattoos on his arms, long grey hair and was a huge Lynyrd Skynyrd fan. Mark was always quiet but around me he always seemed to open up and we wou... Continue»
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Adoption gone wrong 2

Carol woke up with her head spinning. The wine had left her with a horrible headache. Her body felt sore as she tried to sit up. "Wow what a weird dream that was.", she thought to herself as she stood to get dressed. She felt something on her leg and reached down to brush it away. Her fingers felt we and sticky. Looking at her hand she saw that it was a large amount of leftover cum draining down her leg. "Oh my God! It wasn't a dream!". she thought now panicking. She realized that her crotch hurt as well. She rushed to her bathroom to clean up.
Jamal woke up relaxed and rested. He s... Continue»
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My Sexy Aunt

Aunt C was the youngest of my mom's 7 s****rs born in 1920. She didn't get married until late 1956. She was a real party girl. She lived on the West side of Buffalo in an apartment over a storefront. The neighborhood was then mostly blue collar Italian, a very apt place for the daughter of Italian immigrants. C was the bad girl in the f****y, flitting from one boyfriend to another, out most nights doing the 50's bar scene. Mostly the higher class places because she was very good eye candy.
I was 14 when my most erotic experience with Aunt C happened.
There were a couple of break-ins on her... Continue»
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Caravan Adventure Pt 1

About a month after I’d been to the cinema I decided to ring the number given to me, it rand a couple of times and then this voice answered “Hello” “Hi I was the one in the cinema” “Oh I wondered if you’d ring you want to meet up?” “Maybe”, he said “I’ll meet you at the park entrance on Thursday 2pm” “Ok”.

I was parked outside the entrance when this little car drew up behind me, he got out and opened my passenger door and there was the blond lad from the cinema, the one I’d been watching and who licked the seed off my face. “Hi” he said “We can’t go back to my place cos of my girlfriend how... Continue»
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Chub cub takes his first anal load

I took a cum load up my asshole for the first time yesterday morning.

Initially I met the guy online, but we got together at a local motel so that he could have his way with me. He loved my titties and was excited that I love sucking cock. I told him I’m really good at sucking dick and I would love to call him daddy. He said this really turned him on. I told him that I was a hungry boy who is eager to please his daddy and beg daddy for his load. He said it made his dick really for a cute boy like me to call him daddy.

I told him that I would love to be fucked up the ass and have him ej... Continue»
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My Daughter Did Porno - My Wife!

This story continues the tale of a Dad who discovers his daughter has done a porn video. There are two previous chapters.



"Holy Shit!" Was my response as my daughter informed me that her mom had also done a porn shoot

Allison just smiled at me as my cum dripped down her chin. I could not believe what she had just told me.

"Your mom has done a porn movie!" I said in the most shocked voice of my life

"Daddy, sh... Continue»
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My Indian new friend ;-) Saturday 1st August 201

I got a random call Friday, and this is the story behind it.

"Hi, sorry to bother you, but I was given your name by someone you know called Karen. She told me you might be able to help, and take a look at my car please? Sorry, my name is Mandy"

Karen I thought? What Karen, so I asked the caller. "Karen ******" she answered (I wont mention the surname).

OK, now I know. This Karen is someone I met a few times from a swinging site. I was happy she thought of me, but wasn't too keen on her giving out my number, but, I said I would take a look at her car, as she was only local, a... Continue»
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parkservice Monday, night mid july

The awaited letters arrived just before July 4th.
It became obvious that my wife and I would be traveling separately, so we would need both vehicles.

The letters were marked do not share information. So neither of us knew where the other would be, so this may open more information later.

I had a different location to be at on Monday , Wednesday and Friday, with a note that there would be a surprise one day (day not specified). Vickie also sealed the information for each day stating not to be opened until the day before.

So this was a mystery game and no one knew who they would be pai... Continue»
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