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Meeting Mommy by loyalsock

"Tommy, are you seeing that little Asian girl again tonight?" Doris Evans asked her eighteen year old son. "Yup," he replied while combing his hair, "I think we'll hit a movie and stop off for some burgers after the show." Doris leaned against the bathroom door jam while admiring the build on her only son. Solid as a rock without and ounce of fat and handsome to boot! "Don't you think it's time you brought her around to meet me?" she asked casually. "Not yet, mom," he replied softly. "Maybe in a couple of weeks or so." Doris was quiet for a few moments before replying, "Son, I'm not asking... Continue»
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A Tale of two kitties

My wife and I are very aware that she finds women attractive, she has been open about this since we first got together, but she has never done anything about it. She is also a little bit of the jealous type and didn't want me to ever do anything with another girl, or even see one naked playing with first. Her resolve on that had waned a bit over time. She remains firm that she doesn't want my cock inside of any woman other than her. I was pretty much resigned to the fact that girl on girl would never happen in my marriage, at least not with me there. She has been growing increasingly ... Continue»
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Angie, Susan, Tiffany and Amy set out for the concert in the Capital City. Their favorite group finally was playing in this big city. They had traveled miles just to see this concert and hook up with some guys or at least get to a party. They decided to cruise through the town since they had arrived much earlier than they had expected.
Amy was the first to spot it. The little store on the corner lot. The red and green neon sign read “Adult Movie and Bookstore.”
“Let’s go check this place out!” Amy exclaimed.
“I don’t know about that.” Susan remarked.
“What else do we have to ... Continue»
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My group sex session

It had been about a year since Sam and I had our first gay sex experience. We had more experience now and had started to try new things. One of the new things you are about to read about is a gang bang we had.

"Go upstairs and get yourself ready!" Sam ordered me "the boys will be here soon". Sam had aranged for 4 of his bi and gay mates to come over. He had aranged that I would service all 5 of their cocks together and I would do whatever they requested me to. The way he had described it to me was I would be their 'cock slut' for the evening and that they owned me. I loved the sound of thi... Continue»
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How we got into the Lifestyle

I had been trying to get my wife to try bringing someone else into the bedroom for a while. Another woman would have been perfect, since we are both into women. However, my wife wasn't comfortable with seeing me with another woman yet. So I suggested another man. She was more comfortable with that, but still not exactly on board with the idea. For the next couple of years I would bring it up occasionally, until she started to get accustomed to the idea. Then eventually on board with the idea. She was excited to try it at this point, but still nervous as well. She said she would do it, but made... Continue»
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Online Sex Slave Turning a Real Sex Slave (Based on my true story of my life)

I started my life as a Cam sex slave at very young age, when I was curious of chatting on yahoo. I created an account teenslaveboy17 and started chatting with girls, and guys. The girls never gives importance so, I started chatting with the guys. Mainly I used to get old guys. The basic question asked in chat is “what is your asl?”, or “what you like?”. During my initial days I never understood those questions, but later I realized that they were interested in sex likes. So I started to share my interest with tho... Continue»
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How Easy Tina got Her Nickname

How Easy Tina got Her Nickname

On our way home from our wonderful Memorial Day weekend in Ocean City, we were all talking while waiting in holiday traffic. My wife Tina was in the backseat and Barbra was up front. I asked Barbra what was Tina like as a teenager. Barbra asked me if I knew what Tina's nickname was in high school. "No." I replied. "Easy Tina she said, how did she get that nickname I asked?" "In high school every boy that she went out with got to second base by their second date." Tina looked at her s****r and gave her a dirty look. "Well it's true." Barbra replied. "... Continue»
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The Most AMAZING Day

I met her online and we chatted and texted back and forth for quite some time. In fact, I did not think anything would ever come of us other than talking online. Then one day it happened. Suddenly, she became quite interested and slowly us getting together to fuck was transforming into reality. She wanted to be with both of us and we were excited beyond belief. She came home with us and we talked for awhile and had things to eat and drink. Soon she asked me to come in the bedroom and to please shave her pussy! I had never shaved any woman besides my wife so this was quite a shock. I happily ag... Continue»
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my ex and her older s****r

Sorry for the bad grammers. But this is a real true story. Yes i am hmong. This one day i went with my ex Pa Lee and her f****y to MN to visit sum of her relatives. Her older s****r lives in MN with her bf. After visiting sum of their cousins and going to hmong stores we stopped at Pa's s****r Ong place. We planned on kicking it with Ong's gangster boies cuz they hella cool but i denied it cuz they dunno me and i dont ride like that going into a group that i dunno. So changed plan and Ong called her white boy benefit to come join us and go to the motel to drink n chill for a night. We drove to... Continue»
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Work Buddies

We’d all been out drinking, and when the bar wouldn’t serve us anymore, a couple of the guys from work came back my place to end the night with a few more. Julia, to her credit, had matched us drink for drink while we were out; Of course, she’s half my size, so by the time I helped her through the front door, she was good and hammered. Julia is an incredibly sexual woman at any given moment, but when she’s had a few too many, her drive really gets amped up. The entire cab ride home was filled with not-so-subtle sexual innuendo, capped by a pretty blunt “I better get fucked tonight” as she stum... Continue»
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You Can Go Home Again

This story grew out of the desire to write a story about an imagined first sexual encounter, yet have a little something in it for others. None of the characters are real, none of the events happened to me or anyone I knew, this is a total fabrication. Love to hear comments.

“What a long day,” I said out loud as I unlocked the front door of my parent’s house, walked in and stopped before throwing the keys on the floor where the hall table had been a few days before.

I began my day began supervising the final loading of my parent’s furniture into the moving van and in the process got qu... Continue»
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Tax Day

This is a fictional story, just something I was thinking about when I was getting my taxes done the other day. I'd love to hear what you thought of it. Enjoy!!

Tax Day

Hannah hated tax time. She worked hard as a waitress to support herself but was living paycheck to paycheck with little left over. She had been saving since January so she could get her taxes done but then the alternator went out on her car and she had to use every penny she had squirrelled away to get it fixed. Now it was down to the wire and she didn’t know what she was going to do.

Hannah’s boss, Kevin, had told her... Continue»
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The Fantasy House by loyalsock

There is one advantage to living in a large city - you can find more people who share your dreams. One day, my friends Mary Kate and Barbara were over for lunch. As usually happens when several 30-something women gather, the topic soon turned to sex, and how dissatisfied we were with the imagination of our husbands (in their case) and my boyfriend.
"Wouldn't be great if we had a safe way of living out our fantasies for a day.. or even a weekend?" Barbara asked wistfully. I looked over at Mary Kate and she nodded silently. Our eyes met, and then the idea struck me.

"Why don't we pool our re... Continue»
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The Travels of LiHua, The Little Asian Slut

You were traveling around Europe, flying now from Italy to Serbia. As you happily walked through the airport in Serbia you were stopped by this tall police officer. It seemed that he was more than just a regular officer but you were not afraid thinking that you didn't have anything i*****l. You were put in the room with the tall officer and another airport security member. They started to question you in an aggressive way.

"Whats a 19-yo like you doing in here? I bet you have some d**gs inside of your body don't you?"
Confused you denied everything. But you felt so aroused by the aggressiv... Continue»
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Sarah And I Fucking A Guy From The Bar (True)

This will be the first story on my new page so I thought what better way to start then to share a story about Sarah and I with a guy we met at the bar. Enjoy

It was Sarah and I's day off and we didn't feel like wasting it so we decided to head down to the bar we usually attend to have a couple drinks and maybe make some new friends. We got dressed and headed out arriving at the bar where we sat at our usual table greeting all of the people we knew that were there as well. Sarah and I had a couple drinks with a some of the people we knew when Sarah pointed out a guy that was sitting at the b... Continue»
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A story wrote by my friend gutak72 with input by TANG

Something is shoved into your mouth to stop you from screaming and a dark hood is brought down over your head, many strong hands take hold of you and you are bundled into a vehicle that takes off at speed, you are lying down on what feels like a cold metallic floor! The vehicle stops after some time and you have no idea where or how far away you are! The unknown men drag you out of the vehicle and you can hear birds chirping, dry twigs are breaking underfoot and there's a scent of woodlands!

You are pushed down o... Continue»
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A story wrote by my friend gutak72 with input by TANG

You are rushed into my examination room on a trolley, you are pale and weak. My two nurses have to help you to the table as you are barely able to stand by yourself, each of them hold an arm around your slutslim waist and hands on your filthbuttocks, groping them as you are gently slumped down on the couch! I take up a thick hospital journal and read out loud:
"Tang, aka The Cumwhore SpunkStrumpet, suffering from a severe case of Spunkemia and Fuckcess. If her fuckholes aren't filled with cockmeat and shagcum on a da... Continue»
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Playing Truant - 2

It seems very strange to mr now but with all the scent of sex pungent upon the air, the men and Mary all stopped for a cup of tea! I sat watching them as I wiped my mouth with a tissue, Dave moved to my side giving my boobs a squeeze, " You ready for some fun now then baby? " I simply nodded as I looked at Mary who was slowly wanking her husband's recovering cock , " Did you like his cock inside you? Bet that you've never had a bigger one?" Mary asked me, a sense of pride in her voice. "Oh believe you me Mary she's had bigger up her tight cunt, haven't you my schoolie bitch?" Laughed Dav... Continue»
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Don't Tell Anyone

My husband always said I should loosen up a little. That I am too uptight and kind of a prude. I thought about this as we prepared to go to this large party. A bunch of people that I do not know. I put on the tight little black dress, my husband said I looked great. Then I showed him that I was not wearing a bra or panties, and that I had even trimmed my bush to a nice landing strip, something he had always wanted me to do. He said that was great and that I should flash some guys and have some fun.
The party was huge and was at this huge mansion. I was getting a lot of attention from men... Continue»
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Playing Truant - 1

Going back a number of years to my last year at Secondary school, my 'boyfriend' told me that, " Tomorrow you will be playing truant! Just get up as normal put on your black lingerie and stockings, then pop your normal school ubiform over them and I will pick you up at the bus stop at 8.20am. I said OK to him, as if I had any choice in the matter.
I was up at 7am and after showering put on my best black bra and knickers along with my black suspender belt and black red topped stockings.I said bye to my mum and headed to the bus stop. A few minutes later Dave pomped his horn and I moved t
... Continue»
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