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B.t.V.S. - Sin Wagon

The train station was bustling with activity, snow crunching loudly under the feet of everyone who passed by the group of four girls huddled together near the back of the platform. Their puffy jackets and knit caps did nothing to protect them from the blistering cold that whipped through the station as another train approached - hopefully theirs this time.

Buffy's face was mostly hidden beneath the collar of her jacket and the part that was left exposed was pressed against Faith's shoulder, trying to shield itself from the freezing cold. Faith wrapped o... Continue»
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My wife's name is Elsa. We were taking a bath together, watching each other, when I first thought of this. We were very much in love. All of a sudden she asks: “What are you thinking?”
I answered: “I was thinking what a very beautiful and perfect woman you are”.
“You say that just because you are horny” she said.
“Yes, I´m always horny and I want to fuck you” I said. “Every cell in my body hungers for you and loves you.”

She rose from the bathtub and I watched her body, mesmerized. She was washing the soap from her hair, knowing that I was watching her pussy. She was perfectly shaved ... Continue»
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Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC Part II

Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC Part II

If you read part one of “Playing with Fire: My Wife and BBC”, you know that I had written a fictional story of a fantasy I had about my wife and another man. Since then, you might say that my fantasy has come true, although in no way how I had hoped or envisioned it.

The following is the real life follow up of what really happened:

a man whose spouse has committed adultery
the husband of an unfaithful wife.

to make a cuckold of (a husband).
to make a cuckold of someone by being unfaithful, or by seducin... Continue»
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Becoming One Of The Guys (Fiction)

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I don't think I will every understand why my mom left and I don't think I'll ever understand why it didn't seem to bother me at all. My dad on the other hand, a tall, stocky guy was really affected by it....that was for a couple months and then we went right back to enjoying the single life which mostly was him hanging out with his best friend Jake who was a tallish, chubby guy. The two of them went to the bar almost every night and when they weren't at the bar they were at the house playing cards. I on the other hand began to... Continue»
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18 Only: Daughter Swap!!!

the Daughters

It was a beautiful Saturday morning as I watched my friend Mark and his daughter, Laura pull up in front of my large suburban home. Mark got out of the Lexus and helped Laura with her suitcase as they made their way to where I was standing on the stoop. My cock had been waiting for this all week.

Mark and I shook hands before I gave Laura a peck on the cheek.

"Her clothes and some other surprises are in here, Jeff." Mark said, handing me Laura's ... Continue»
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Steph's Not Here Anymore

I'm her older b*****r Orrin. Me and Jason (our younger b*****r) called her last Friday night and told her we'd be dropping by her place.

The whore knew what was expected of her: She greeted us at the door wearing only a bathrobe, which we removed after about 30 seconds.

She was definitely a sight to behold, standing before us totally nude, her full, taut breasts thrust forward, left leg slightly bent with foot arched and toes pointing. She knew what we were gonna do with her luscious young body. At least, she thought she did!

Jason argued that he should fuck her mouth first, b... Continue»
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Self-Sucking Sissy

My cock was already hard as I strode naked into our huge living room. I finally had the house all to myself and I was going to take advantage of it. My dad had taken Bimbo-Barbie (a.k.a. my step-mom) to Tahoe for the weekend, and my step-bitch – sorry, step-“s****r” – was off with her vapid pack of friends doing who cares what. but she always acted like she was one of the grown-ups around here and I was just some stupid k**.

I did a circuit of the living room, not caring that the curtains that hung at the three floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooked L.A. were wide open. Bimbo-Barbie had... Continue»
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B.t.V.S. - Third Wheel

The afternoon sun beat down through the high windows of the gym, bathing the young slayers in a bright warm light. It didn't seem to bother them, especially with the air conditioning system blowing on high, but their skin still glistened from the effort of their workout. Faith and Kennedy were resting back on some mats at the side, Faith drinking from a bottle of cold water and oblivious to the fact that Kennedy was staring longingly out towards the crowd.

“I don't know how you did this for so long and you're still alive. I'm so horny I think I might ... Continue»
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My Daughter’s Dildo

Being a single father has many challenges, especially when you have a daughter. Nicole’s mom has been out of the picture since right after her first birthday, so it’s been just the two of us for the past sixteen years. It wasn’t easy early on, but I managed to provide a stable home and raise a pretty good k**. I admit she was somewhat of a tomboy, but she was healthy and happy, did well in school, and the two of us got along great. Unfortunately, this didn’t mean I was at all prepared for puberty.

It was something I’d avoided thinking about, but before I knew it there she was. My little gir... Continue»
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I met Ann and Dave via a pre internet sex site, they didn't have a picture but gave their interest in wanting a threesome and requested a nude photo and details.. it took about 2 weeks before the phone call, the woman gave told me she liked my looks, gave me a weekend date and told me to pack an overnight bag and meet her and her husband in a bar in Leigh. I walked in the quiet bar and spotted a couple in a corner, she smiled and called me over. 'You look different with clothes on' she said grinning' I checked her out, small, slim, with a cheeky grin and not bad looking. Her husband had the sa... Continue»
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The Meeting

I arrive at the Hilton Garden Inn before nightfall. In advance, I had made reservations for a handicap room as these rooms have a nice big walk-in shower. From inside one of the bags that I had packed, I pull out all of the interesting toys that I brought from home. I set up everything on the table, the night stand and the dresser before you have a chance to arrive. You arrive about an hour after my arrival, and it has been a long and hard drive. To meet up with me, you would have driven clear across Texas for our long over-due rendezvous.

As you enter the room, you notice a metallic... Continue»
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When young I spent a lot of time with my friend Rich at his house
His mother Diane was divorced but a sexy blonde with big tits tight arse lovely long legs
and wore very very short tight minis
Rich had a year younger s****r Kate a brunette with little pert tits at the early stage of sprouting
I had a very big cock when erect which was most of the time as I get so horny watching porn
I spent a lot of time trying to look up his moms skirt to try and see her panties
I stared at her big tits in her lacy bras as she always wore tops that showed off her cleavage
I think she was aware becaus... Continue»
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Sheila and June the next step.

Over the last 9 months or so I've been shagging my neighbour Sheila, and also her friend June. Both women are older than me Sheila by 12 years and June by 7 years(Sheila is widowed and Junes husband works away for weeks at a time). On Friday when i got home from work Sheila was waiting for me as i got out of my car, she asked me if i wanted to join her and June for supper. I told Sheila i would be with them in about 30 minutes as i had to shower and change out of my work things, Sheila told me "don't wear too much, it won't be on long" and squeezed my balls as she walked away back next door. I... Continue»
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Our first MMF

First time we had threesome, my wife was 23 and we were not married yet. At that time we were not even in relationship, just fuckbuddying. We went out to the club to have a few drinks and fuck somewhere outside. She liked partying and having breaks for fucking, literally around the corner where people could pop up any second. She liked getting groped at the dance floor or at the table. If we had corner box, she wouldn't hesitate to take out her wonderful tits and let me suck on them. I liked rubbing my cock against her ass while dancing.
That night we met my good friend and had lot of drink... Continue»
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A Fishing Day

True Story...

This happened to me on April 19th. 2016. I went fishing in a fairly remote place on a lake near me. I had been fishing for about half an hour when I heard someone coming through the brush in my direction.

I looked up an saw a young man with his tackle box and pole. He said hi and came down next to the shore line with me. He told me this was a good place to fish and that he had caught a lot of fish here.

I found out his name was Rob and we talked and fished for another hour, catching 3 or four fish a piece. As we were talking... Continue»
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Marks wife in pantyhose.

I turn up at your house and ring the bell. I am expecting to be greeted by the sight of your hard cock in sheer pantyhose. The door opens and your wife is standing there. She invites me in and I enter. She shows me through to the living room and explains that you have had to pop out on an errand but that you have left me a treat to keep me going till you get back. I wonder what she can mean. She pours me a drink and asks if I have come dressed for fun. I reply that I have and she says why don't I get rid of any unnecessary clothing while I am waiting for you. I don't need to be asked twice so ... Continue»
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Sara gangbang photoshoot (Updated)

Sara, 38, brunette with long flowing hair halfway down her back - 5'6' slim and fit with small pert breasts a flat tummy, peachy ass and perfect, pretty feet. Unshaven hairy pussy and a cute hairy ass, the whisps of black soft curls extending along and around her little brown button of an ass hole (a tight and puckered sphincter, with perfect dark muscle surrounding a tightly closed anus - gently fingered, not yet fucked) stopping just at the back of her buttocks. She has a trace, more of a line, of hair running from the top of her pubic bone up to her cute 'inni' tummy button. Brown eyes an... Continue»
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Truth or dare gangbang

My wife had a longtime friend of hers’ that was roughly 10-15 years older than her, but they were always close. They were always there for each other, even though they were separated by state lines and then some. She’d come stay with us when my wife needed her and vice versa. One day my wife, Jessica’s phone rang with her friends’ ringtone and I half listened to the conversation. Her friends’ daughter was getting married and she needed help with the rehearsal the weekend before the wedding. I knew she wasn’t going to say no. She told me I was going to have to hold down the fort and that she wa... Continue»
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Business- Only Business??

The hotel was the most extravagant yet for the company’s annual party. I knew a few wives and did my best to mingle while Simon played the appropriate politics with business associates.

I made my round and ran out of familiar faces. I looked for Simon and saw him involved in conversation.
As I made my way to the bar, the bartender caught my eye and smiled. He was young and very attractive. I smiled back to let him know how flattered I was by his silent compliment.
I ordered my drink and he turned to pour. I found myself sizing him up and my eyes came to rest on his hard ass that filled... Continue»
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Swinging with friends

Dawn and I had been experimenting with swinging for a few years when we met a couple who we really hit it off with. Carl and Linda were about the same age as we were and that just seemed to work better for all of us. We found them through one of the local swingers news letters from one of the adult book stores. This was before we had a computer and we had contacted several other couples and a few single women before. We had meet with a several different couples and "played" with a few but nothing really seemed to "click" after our first meetings. we had begun to wonder if there was something a... Continue»
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