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My Fantasy!!!

Ok so I have a fantasy to be with my girlfriend and a Tgirl..... Here we go....

I am at home laying on my bed naked watching transsexual porn. Nicki walks in an can't believe that trqnsexuals turn me on. She is asking why I never said anything an I tell her that I didn't want her making fun of me. She says well baby I have a suprise for you.... She leans down takes my whole 7"in in her mouth an sucks me for a minute an says she will be right back an that I had better stay hard. I'm gonna love it. While she is gone I grab my dildo lube it up an start slowly putting it in my Tight ass. ... Continue»
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Best Friday Ever

Best Friday Ever Pic - See best Friday ever Galleries to see some of the pic from this story.

I woke up early today and realize Friday is finally here. I have been planning for today since last Saturday. Last Saturday, I decided to create a photo album of myself in different states of dress and performing various sexual acts. My plan was to create this as a father’s day present for my husband. Once I got started, I change my mind and I came up with a new plan to give this out to a select group of people that my husband and I have played around with in the past. My list is Scott my boss, J... Continue»
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Gail Porter is fucked

My name is Jane Harrison and I, and my husband Jerry, are professional photographers. We specialise in erotic nude photographs of women. The girls feel more relaxed posing in front of a woman, especially when opening their legs. We've established a good reputation amongst the famous and we've also done a few pornographic films with a few of them on request; sometimes with Jerry as the lover, sometimes me, but we don't advertise the fact other than discreet word of mouth. Because of this we get some remarkable photographs and film, which we keep between ourselves and our willing clients.

I w... Continue»
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My GF Nicole's Wild Night

To start let me describe my girlfriend Nicole for you. Shes 5'2 130 lbs not big but not skinny just right. She has DD tits and the most amazing massive ass iv ever seen. She has a sexy belly that is pierced and the sexiest feet iv ever seen. Small smooth feet. She is a brunette with brown curly hair and a pretty face. She hasnt bin around shes a goodie girl and my favourite feature is that she creams when pleasured right. She also has the hottest most attractive asshole in the world. She has 2 fetishes one being anal play getting her asshole licked etc the other is she likes giving footjobs an... Continue»
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My Second time Bi experience...the FIRST hour!

So, the Next week I couldn't wait for Monday evening to roll around. I was still in a little bit of disbelief over what had happened the Monday before (See First Bi experience). Finally after being semi hard all day (More so than Normal for my 18 year old cock!) I headed to the book store and as was the case the last week, there was only one other car in the lot when I parked. I sat for a minute collecting myself, torn between feeling a little ashamed of what had happened the last week and the Excitement of it possibly happening again! It didn't take long for the Horniness to take over and I g... Continue»
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Batehole Two - Public Tearoom Sex

Batehole Story No. 2

Public Tearoom Sex

By Buck Jones

No matter what video you are watching or what toy you are playing with, it is your imagination that takes you down the batehole and to the finale with your sperm shooting out in all its glory. Or your insides being ripped to shreds by that favorite instrument of inserted pleasure. The road to the point of satisfaction can be a long one or one that develops quickly and leads to an almost instantaneous gratification. And the attack of desire to masturbate can overcome a person in any location at any time.

When I jack off, sometim... Continue»
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I Always Wondered

threesome – bisexual – mfm

I admit it. I always wondered. Even before my first experience I thought about it more than once. Even though I thought about it I still tried to deny my desires, especially publicly. All guys have thought about it at one point or another. Many guys desire it but won't admit it. Only a few are strong enough to admit it and pursue it.

I had no idea how much my life would change when I came home from work that day. My wife and I had talked about expanding our horizons many times. We had talked about all the normal things open minded couples discuss. Threes... Continue»
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Brittany, Arcade, and three horny nerds

Hi everyone. So my name is Brittany. I'm 5'4". I consider myself curvy with big 34E cup tits and a nice tight bubble butt. I'm a very shy nerdy girl with only a few guy friends I associate with. I dress very moderate so not to show off my curves although I'm as horny as the guys on this site. This is purely a fictional story. I'm just getting back into writing so don't bash me too hard please. FYI I love you guys writing stories about me too. So if you do. Post them or message me them. Huge turn on. Thanks

We had all just graduated high school and we were all going our separate ways. I only... Continue»
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Waiter free for all!! part two

Waiter free for all part 2

The second and last part of my wife’s going over by the local restaurant’s serving staff!!

As Karen lay back on the sofa, spunk all over that pretty face of hers, I could tell that this was something she had been wanting for a long time. We had often talked of her being fucked by a group of men while we were having sex but I thought this was just to spice things up. Little did I think that this fantasy talk of hers would be coming true in our own living room!!
The fourth man in the group had been watching all of this going on but had stayed back a little. ... Continue»
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blackmiled wife part 3

i tell him'' only absolute and unconditional obedience will keep this from your wife''still sobbing and on his knee he thanks me promising to do anything,i let them know that in case an accident would occur to me the day after the videos would be posted on social network by three different bloggers.I have to cover my ass from any possible attempt to fight back they must feel utterly power less and vulnereable.Both are still sobbing,while sitting on a bar stool i get Andrea to take her shirt off, suck my cock and look at me in the eyes,i like her pretty face covered with tears and my dick in he... Continue»
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Art Class Ch. 02

bisexual - mmm - anal

The following week was a pretty much spent with the same naked abandon. David & I just loved being naked & hard together and loved our intense bisexual union. Jen loved to watch or participate whenever she was around. Matt was rather pensive and remorseful about the little incident on the previous Saturday, and kept his distance.

The next Sunday was my birthday and David & Jen wanted to take me out for brunch. We all ended up at “Le Mer Blanc” a nice waterfront restaurant. David had mentioned something before but it had slipped my mind when he introduced Beth... Continue»
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Staying with Friends

threesome – mfm - bisexual male – oral – anal

I had a bit of vacation time that the rest of the f****y couldn't join me, and our old friends from our hometown, Lori and George, invited me to come out and stay with them. They're a little bit younger than us and have no c***dren. They're both tall, slim and good looking. George is taller than me, blonde and good looking. Lori has the face of a model, is about 5'6, with short dark hair and small breasts that seem to be as firm as when I first met her 20 years ago. I know this because she often goes braless and I can make out her chunky ... Continue»
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By the pond

This happened to me when I was about 16 me and a friend lee were in the local park fishing when I need to relief myself but there's not public toilets near the pond and I knew I wont make it to the nearest ones but the pond as a wooded area that goes nearly all the way around the pond so I told my mate to keep an on my fishing gear I wont be long and ran so far in to the woods so no one else fishing could see me I was nearly pissing myself so as soon as I pulled out my cock from my shorts It came shooting out and once id finished I gave it a a good shake when I heard a female voice saying wha... Continue»
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blackmiled wife part 2

She spring up and look at me irritated and disgusted but before she can put voice her thoughts i calmly say''Only absolute and unconditional obedience will keep this photo form your parent and friends''she sits down,eyes fixing the floor,her confidence and strength are gone,unable to come to terms with what she is facing.A very loud silence is filling the room.After ten seconds with a harsh voice i say''Do it''she start to quickly undo the shirts buttons so i add''Slowly slut''... she lift the bra uncovering her tits but i shout''I told you to LOWER the bra and i roughly pull it down under the... Continue»
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Alles aus Geilheit geile Studentinnen lassen s

Alles aus Geilheit – geile Studentinnen lassen sich abficken

Hi, zuerst einmal möchte ich mich euch gerne vorstellen.
Mein Name ist Kristine und ich bin 23 Jahre alt. Ich wohne
in einer kleinen Stadt in Niedersachsen, wo eigentlich
Jeder Jeden kennt. Ach ja, das wichtigste hätte ich ja fast
vergessen, oder wollt ihr nicht wissen wie ich so aussehe?
Das dachte ich mir. Also wie gesagt ich bin 23 Jahre jung
und bin 1 Meter 72 groß. Ich habe zwar blonde Haare (die
wirklich echt sind) aber ich glaube wirklich, daß ich
keine typische Blondine bin, wenn ihr versteht was ich
meine. Naja, ... Continue»
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Peach and Daisy's Day Out

It was a normal summer day in the Mushroom Kingdom, things were quiet on the political front and Princess Peach was spending the day with her cousin Princess Daisy on a private beach. It had been close to a month since they had been able to visit each other so this was a welcome respite for the both of them. On the beach of golden sand and salty sea air Peach took in a deep breath enjoying the sound of the crashing waves, she smiled broadly before a beach towel smacked her in the side of the head knocking her crown off. Quickly pulling it away from her face Peach looked over to see Daisy grinn... Continue»
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He sat nervously at the hotel bar, his hands idly playing with the edges of the napkin that his drink was resting upon, his third drink. He didn't often drink like this. Normally one or two beers will suffice over an entire evening. But today was different, today his throat was perpetually dry and his hands needed something to do. Finishing his drink, he looked at his watch again and noting the time he ordered another Captain and Coke. How much longer, he wondered. How much longer till she arrives?

His mind began to drift, back to the time they first started chatting over the Internet. That... Continue»
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Dirty Wolf Dream

(The following story is in a fantasy world setting)

Loping through tall grass, the wind rippled over his soft thick curly fur. Greg ghosted through the meadow, his wide paws making almost no sound. A shadow of black with only the high sun to highlight the deep red that lies within as well. Golden eyes survey his surroundings. The day was perfect. The sky was bright and blue with only the sparse thin high clouds to break it up. Hundreds of butterflies danced atop the high grass, in a swirling mass of color. Birds of all kinds, sizes and colors filled the air with their songs. The perfect day... Continue»
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stuck up wife with part 2

Andrea,my young wife,is a teacher,slightly stuck up,she does not talk to strangers unless she has to,tall and slender with medium size firm breast,vegan diet and dally yoga keep her very fit.After many refusals she finally agreed to wear black stockings for my birhday.At the restaurant I drop my fork twice to bend under the table to get a glimpse of her thighs but legs are together,I asked for a short skirt but she did put on a just above the knees one,when I get up she look at me with commiseration shaking her head The young waiter is luckier than me,I note how he gets the best angle to look ... Continue»
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Road side gloryhole visit.

My husband and I were driving back from South Caroilina
when we passed an adult bookstore with a full parking lot.
I had been teasing him since it got dark and had my pants
off playing with myself for passing truckers. I told him I
am so horny I would be dangerous in a adult bookstore. He had
a big grin on his face and After talking about it for a
few minutes Greg turned the car around and headed back.
We parked at the far end of the parking lot and quickly
walked into the store.
I don't know if the few customers that were skulking
around weren't used to 'new' people, or may... Continue»
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