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Taylor's weekend

sl**ping sound though the night like the dead I awoke the morning to an empty bed, much to my chagrin, I had hope for morning fun. I put on my boxers and walked in kitchen for coffee. There were my two beauties both of them wearing my dress shirts with nothing else on and both had them barely buttoned. It was a beautiful sight to see.

“Good morning my loves” I said
“Good morning my husband” Toni said
“Good morning daddy” Beth said.

I asked what was on the agenda for today. Toni informed me her s****r and f****y were coming to visit.
“When” I asked.

“Today’ Toni answered and we do... Continue»
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Gangbang party at Ricks part 1

This weekend, Rick my b/f had a poker party, more like a poke her gangbang 6 of his horn dog buds had a female hooker she had a nice 200 cash out there, well she chickend out at the last min. she heard about the cock yes 8" to 12" and she diddnt want the money , said to rick no way, and who she was, OMG she was young n hot and we knew her. found out it was later.6pm no one there yet, everyone knows he is BI his buds did to. So he called me and said His party was a bust he needed a sissy slut like me. we did not have Cell phones 8 pm time to party. well my fantacy he told me be ready just... Continue»
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Cruise Part II

My wife and I walked over to the pool and set up our stuff on a couple of chairs. The sun was hot plus I needed to cool off from that little display I just put on. I was hoping the water was cool because my cock was refusing to go down from the earlier massage of that man. At the very least the water would hide the wet spot I had. It almost looked as though I pissed myself there was so much precum. I jumped in but to no relief the water was warm, and my cock was being so stubborn.
My wife joined me in the pool which was now very crowded, and we both decided to swim up to the bar ... Continue»
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An Afternoon With Jason & Eddie

I had just hung the phone up after talking to Jason - some young guy that I had met almost a month ago at an ABS. I had talked him into coming back to my place where I gave him his very first blowjob...and his second! We both loved it. In that phone call, I invited him back again in the near future. He said that he would be looking forward to it. I had just asked him, as a favor, to not jack off until then...about a week away. He said, "Wow, Yes! I'll try my best"...and then there was a silence. That's when he asked ME for a favor. He said that since I seemed to really like giving him blowjobs... Continue»
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Reminiscences of the Night Before

What a wonderful way to wake up! I awoke in Hubby’s right arm with my naked body pressed against his. He was still asl**p. My breast was resting on his chest, my crotch pressed up against his thigh that was between my legs. His hand resting gently on my shapely ass. It was such a deep sensual feeling to awake like this, especially after what we had experienced the night before. As my eyes slowly opened the first thing my eyes caught sight of was hubby’s flaccid circumcised love tool resting peaceful up along his stomach with Its eye seeming peeking up at me.

On his left side, practica... Continue»
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My wife - the early years.

I have been meaning to write this for a while, but being way layed with bronchitis now seemed the ideal time.

Irene and I had known each other since school and she was always a wild c***d, but I sort of knew she was my wild c***d. She had a bit of a reputation and when I started going out with her I found it to be well justified. She was definitely not a virgin, she loved cock and sucked it enthusiastically. I found out later that she was adopted and putting two and two together, had lost her cherry to her adoptive father when she was about twelve. I, of course was similarly corrupt so we m... Continue»
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First Time out at a club...

The date had finally arrived... The date we where both dreading, and both getting really exited about. We were of to Club Utopia!,

We set off at 7.30pm to arrive for about 8.30, we had spent quite a while making sure we looked totally sexy for each other, and whoever else might want to notice...

I was wearing my black trousers, with the G-string underneath and the white see-through shirt. I had a pair of tight boxers with me in case we felt overdressed while wandering around. I was glad to be wearing the G-string, my cock was pressing insistently against them, begging to be let out... bu... Continue»
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first time anal for me

Five month have passed since A and I went together on out little retreat. The winter had ended and it was spring time.
I was busy again with my exams and in order to lower the stress I would jerk off thinking about A and those two guys. Since than, everytime would meet we ended up fucking and I really started to accept what she really was and to love her for that.
We decided to go to the sea side after I'd be done with my exams. Everything was planned out but a week before we left she told me her parent decided to tag along and that pretty much bummed me. I was hoping for hot crazy sex on th... Continue»
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Night in Paris

"Oh my god," exclaimed Ted, his bright blue eyes riveted to some amazing scene across the room.

"What?" asked his good friend Greg, craning his head and brushing the locks of brown hair out of his green eyes, being only 5'9" he was four inches shorter than his friend and couldn't see around the mass of milling people in the crowded bar.

"Paris Hilton is over there!" Ted's turned his blonde head down to look at his good friend and constant partner in sexual adventures, an excited and anticipatory smile coming to his handsome face.

Greg grinned back just as hard, "You don't say..."

"... Continue»
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Sexual Humiliation by old men

Sexual Humiliation by old men

I am a white teenage girl called Sally, and my very best friend of a similar age is a black girl called Tanya. Together we decided to raise funds for the new village hall by going from house to house asking for donations to raise as much money as possible.

Setting out on one hot summers evening wearing only denim shorts, tea shirts and flip flops, we visited as many properties as we could. It had just started to get dark, and there was just one more place that we wanted to visit, as we were sure of a warm welcome;...... how right we were!

We were on ... Continue»
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straight girl gets fucked by lesbians

I was so ecstatic when I finally made the cheer team. The captain, Natalie, called me personally to congratulate me and invite me to the first cheer party of the season. Natalie was the only girl on the team I knew, so I was excited to meet some of the other girls.

The party was on a Friday night at Natalie's house. When I showed up, Nat greeted me with a huge hug and showed me around her house since I was the first one there. It was amazing. I'd never visited her house before because her dad was always working at home and hated being interrupted. It was awesome finally seeing it all. There... Continue»
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Fun at the Taylors


Beth and me arrived at home, Toni was waiting and even had couple glasses of wine ready for us she had poured me a much larger one than usual.

“Wow Toni gasped that is really quite an outfit”?

“Don't you like it Toni”? Beth asked as she twirled around?

“Yes darling I do but it is very revealing isn't it dad”?

“Yes that's what I thought too I replied with another sip of wine”.

Toni said “you have to admit honey she does look very sexy and beautiful”.

“Yes I suppose so I said”.

Beth smiled and kept twirling for... Continue»
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Picking Up A Stranger

It all started innocently enough, my beautiful wife Melissa wanted to go out for drinks after a long, hard week of working. We called a babysitter to watch our twins so we could go out and relax and enjoy an evening alone.

My wife took her normal, relaxing shower and prepared herself for a nice evening out. We did not really have any set plans so I asked her again what she would like to do. My wife said she would like to go have a few drinks and then maybe some dinner. So we decided to try a new place that we have not been to before called the Mumlu Bar. There we could have a few drinks, d... Continue»
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I have been thinking I should do a character studY on each of these guys
This guy's name is Peter known as Pete
Since Chris shared his story to the group, we have had others of the group tell their story after an intense session or to fill in time.

The next guy is Pete.

Pete's cock is like a Boerewor sausage when deflated and 10-12 inches long when stiff and needs 2 hands to work it, and leaks precum like a dripping faucet
Pete is 21 has been doing similar classes as several of our group and went through school with 2 of the guys.. Pete's development... Continue»
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3 Confessions of a very Bad Girl.

Where do I start to tell about my life as a very bad girl?

Usually this is the domain of boys, but in today's World, girls are just as bad, as if we have something to prove to men, so you can imagine when I was sent down in juvenile school, for committing crimes, my parents and friends were aghast as my rap sheet was read aloud, including having paid sex after school, so you can see how, as I write of life for me after getting out, about an incident, that was, lets just say, bizarre and frightening, but as deeply disturbing, as much as I found it deeply appealing, sexually.

I had just tu... Continue»
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My first bisex experience - Part 3

Tim popped a porn tape into the VCR (yes, this was a long time ago). I sat between them on the couch. The story was a threesome with two men an a woman. She sucked them both, then both at the same time then the usual mmf sex tape. The video was not great, but the combination of watching the sex on screen and the three of us touching and playing with each other slowly got Tim and me hard again.

I turned and kissed Sylvia and played with her tits and pussy. Tim was running his hands over my dick, balls, and ass. I moved to straddle Sylvia and started tit-fucking her again. She pushed her bre... Continue»
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My first bisex experience - Part 2

The next winter break Tim called me and invited me over for dinner with him and his wife. I asked him if she knew about us, that he liked sucking my dick. His reply was, “She knows she cannot fulfill all of my needs.” Hmm...I was not sure exactly what that meant, but what the hell.

They lived in an apartment complex with a pool and clubhouse. We went swimming in the pool and I got a look at Sylvia. Tim and Sylvia are about 30 years old. She was about five foot five and a little over weight with big tits, wide hips, and a very cute face. She had long chestnut hair. Her suit was cut low in t... Continue»
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My ex wife and I first threesome

This story takes place a few years ago when I was living with my wife at the time. It was a Saturday afternoon and my son had gone out with my parents and my wife and I had the house to ourselves. My wife was 5'3 130 lbs with long brown hair and fair skin. she was a beauty and that day was warm. she decided to take a shower and she left the bathroom door open while I decided to take a peek. she was washing her hair and I could see her trimmed pussy and ass as the water ran down her legs. her nice big breast had also turned me on. after she showered she came into the room wearing a towel and I ... Continue»
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My Milf is slutty party entertainment for many guy

I love sharing my brunette mid-thirties bbw milf with friends and strangers alike. She is a little submissive and likes it somewhat rough but when she parties she likes to let guys do anything and everything that turns them on. This usually ends up with at least one or two guys in any given party getting very rough and leaving her bruised and crying. I often stop things before some of the guys get too carried away abusing and hurting her as the fuck all of her holes, that is if they can get into her tight ass, which is no easy task and I am not just saying that. If you look at her pictures and... Continue»
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xmas stockings

my gf worked as a hostess in a big fancy disco, they were short a hostess that night and it was going to be a busy one like all saturday nights, especially around the holidays. i'd been there many times so i knew what hostesses did, basically, look real pretty and make people feel welcome, show them around if needed, etc. so when she called and said, please, please could i fill in, and, to expect good money, i said sure, besides, i was planning on going there that night anyway, might as well make a little extra cash... and then there were all the hot guys that go there! i thought it'd be fun t... Continue»
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