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The Slumber Party

Tiffany and Monica rang the doorbell of Beth’s front door. The door opened and there stood Tim who is Beth’s sexy b*****r. Both girls have had a crush on him for the last couple of years. All three checked each other out quickly.

“Beth, your friends are here! Come on in girls.” He said as he watched the two teen girls wiggle by him

Tiffany brushed against Tim and then looked and gave him a smile. Beth came down the stairs and gave a little squeal at the sight of her two friends. The three girls had been close since they were... Continue»
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My Online Hook Up From St. Louis

My Online Hook Up From St. Louis - “He Came As An Innocent And Left As A Stud”

“We met online”, and for 4 solid months we chatted, daily, not a foul word, never a single selfish want, it was amazing, I never imagined that
I would find some incredible friends in those dungeons of smut, yet they exist, what a wondrful guy, I would hate to see him get a rotten bitch, he is so deserving if anyone was, it was him : ) , he flew in from St Louis just to meet me, had no expectations, I could tell,...he was shy, smart, kind, brave, perfect gentlemen, what a nice guy, and here I was, “the c... Continue»
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Victorious: Catorade

Jade West sat on her bed, crying. This was her first Valentine's Day in three years she spent alone. She made it clear to everyone that she didn't care about Valentine's Day, but secretly, she liked it. Beck went out of his way to do things he normally wouldn't do for her and to actually show here some form of sentiments. She was stuck at her house while her parents were out on their date.

Meanwhile, Cat and Tori drove up to the West residence with the biggest grins on their faces. Jade had confessed to Cat over a text message that she was actually ups... Continue»
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One boy was really pressing his finger right up where my arse hole was saying - Her arse
hole is right here’ Yeah & her cunt hole just here’ This went on for 15mins.
The boys were Feeling my body with me on my back’ front’ sideways all over’ I was dieing to get hold of there cocks but made myself hold back ..for now, But it was to much for 2 of them as all of a sudden a huge torrent of spunk blasted on my tits & face’ To say it was only 2 loads they both had a hell of a lot of spunk on them, Oh wow that was nice’ I ran my fingers in it all then licked it off’ HMMM that’s lovely’ Then... Continue»
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Mature couple use me as interracial sex slave

A few years ago I made contact with an older middle class couple, S & A, on an amateur porn site. S asked me do some tribute pics for A and this led to more as I regularly chatted to them and masturbated on cam for them. S & A had been married for 25 years and A was a virgin when they met and they were looking for some more excitement in their marriage. As we got to know each other better S & A started to use me more as part of their fantasies and role playing scenarios. In the most common of these I was the couple's brown skinned sex slave who was used to fuck A while S gave me orders of ... Continue»
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Wife wants 2 cocks again

It was only two weeks later and we made our house empty again it was time to have our fuck buddy over for round 2. We all played cards talked and listened to music for the evening. I loved watching my wife flirting with him bending over in her tight jeans and her big tits bulging out of a low cut shirt. After a few hours of hanging time she disappeared into the bedroom and locked the door the 2 of us talked about how much fun it was to fuck my wife together. He couldent get over how tight her holes were and no matter how hard you fuck my wife after a few minute break shes tight again both hole... Continue»
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Sharing the wife for the first time...She let him

The wife and I had been talking dirty during sex for years about her getting fucked by another guy, it always made us extra wild in bed too. She had been hanging out with an old friend of mine on the weekends which got us thinking. We both trusted him I could tell he thought she was hot and we knew he was D free. We stated our plan she was friends with his s****r and would often catch a ride to her house with him. I had her start being flirty and wear tighter than normal clothes whenever he was picking her up. It was about 3 weekends later the she rode over with him and I got a text message fr... Continue»
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Kim was gang banged by eight men

About two years ago, I had eight very rich and successful businessmen charter my yacht for a day trip. I asked my wife to serve drinks in her string bikini. The men loved to watch her and as the alcohol took effect, she was "felt -up" and at one point requested to serve in the nude. I told her it was her decision and she answered by untying her top and brief bottoms. The men went crazy when they saw her nice shaved pussy and perky boobs with hard nipples. The situation became even crazier as now she was occasionally fingered and this led to a request for her to have sex with them. I took her b... Continue»
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Sharing My BBW Wife.

My friend, Dan , was happily married but made so secret that he found my wife attractive, everytime he saw her, he would always tell me how he wished his wife would gain a few pounds cause she was so skinny, or that he would like to try fucking a thicker girl with “meat “ on the bones, or just flat out compliment me on how great my wife looked or how lucky I was.
So it wasn’t hard for me to ask him if he wanted to watch me fuck my wife sometime, to which he could hardly believe I would let him. My only condition was that she couldn’t know it was him watching and I was gonna blindfold her, ... Continue»
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Studland beach dogging

the year 2000 was a pretty good year for my dogging adventures.

I'd been told about a place called Studland beach and seeing as I was working not that far away I decided that I'd take a look one day after work.

It took me a lot longer than I expected to drive there, and once there I had no idea that you had to walk for quite a bit. Nor had I expected there to be so many people. Studland is a very popular place.

It might have been that I was there on the wrong day, or at the wrong part of the beach or that I was getting my leg pulled but it certainly didn't seem like the place for dog... Continue»
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I'm Watching Sure...

I typed:
It’s hard to fuck your best friend’s wife, especially when you’ve known both of them for years. It was probably awkward for him because he spends a lot of time with ya’ll and , add to the fact that I know you suck a mean dick, Mike probably would’ve caught feelings and tried to keep you.
It’s easier when you’re not emotionally involved with the couple. Like there was this interracial couple that wanted me to watch them have sex one day.(More liked I inquired about it.) It was my first voyeur experience (definitely didn’t to touch, being married and all) and was really excited. I tho... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part5

It was a few days now since we had moved to Cockington and I had seen more strangers fucking in that few days than I had seen in my entire life.
That afternoon I was trying to put up some shelves but I soon ran out of screws and decided to head down to the couple of small shops in the village to see if they had any.
I strolled into the first shop, the little convenience store and walked the couple of isles looking for some screws after not finding any I approached the till area to ask the blonde plump woman who worked there.
I immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw her sat back in her... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise!

Victorious: Birthday Surprise!

On the day of her eighteenth birthday, Tori Vega awoke to darkness.

She frowned, slowly bubbling to consciousness, raising a hand to swat at the material covering her eyes, only to realise her other hand was jerked up with it. Tori lay still for a moment, mind working. She flexed her wrists, silky material twisting over them. So she was blindfolded. And bound. She knew that much. Maybe this was some kind of birthday prank or s... Continue»
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Teachers Pets

For those who recall my first story about the teacher, let me just say there really is a Mrs D. She is a teacher and the first story is based on an experience she told me about when we in bed one night. The incident is true although I may have embellished a little to make for a good read. This second story is a work of fiction. Although, if she ever has the chance I am certain she would go for it. Enjoy the story and please comment.

It had been a long couple weeks of work. John and I were both looking forward to letting loose for Friday night. We decided we would hit a couple pubs t... Continue»
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My Gf's Gloryhole Vday Present (True)

This is the story of a couple years back when my girlfriend Sarah gave me the best valentines day present I had ever gotten. Enjoy guys and gals.

It was around the beginning of January when Sarah began to tease me about my valentines day present. Everyday she would smile and say "You are gonna love what your getting". Usually I was pretty good about waiting but as she teased me more and more I started to really wonder what it was especially when she gave me the hint "Its something you've always wanted to do with me". It was rea... Continue»
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Annie - Party Wife

Annie and I were at a party one night last summer. It was pretty warm, the music loud, the dance floor crowded and the beer flowing. Annie had not eaten before the show and it had not taken many drinks to get her past the ‘well-behaved lady’ stage and on to the ‘party girl’ she became when charged up. I’d seen her slut-side emerge before and it was obviously about to take over again any minute. I loved my wife dearly … and I also loves the slut in her.

We’d been there about three hours and I’d spent most of the night talking to friends and dancing with a couple of old flames. I was aware An... Continue»
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About Becky - A bi-sexual Story

Hello, my name is Jason, and I'm gay. This story is essentially about a gay experience I had, or more accurately a Bi-sexual experience that I had a couple of years back. I thought it was unusual enough to share, so here it is...

It all started when I met Becky Anderson. She was a real hotty! She had a body that a guy might dream about while masturbating, you know the type; big innocent eyes in an exceedingly pretty face and a body that would be at home naked on any topless beach in the world. I knew that girls like her existed, but I never thought that I'd ever have one.

I met Becky a... Continue»
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Wife's Surrogate Cock

If you recall, Babs brought Becca, our young housekeeper and babysitter to our bed to sl**p with us on and off as the occasion allows. I promised her that she could also bring a man to our bed to sl**p with her but he had to meet with my approval.

My job took me out of town for several weeks and I knew that Babs would be lonely while I’m gone so I asked Becca to help me find a man that could keep her satisfied until my return. She instantly told me that she had the perfect man in mind and would talk to him.

This past Sunday afternoon, Becca brought a male friend of hers that she’s know... Continue»
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Episodes from my nudist experience: Meeting Ann

Episodes from my nudist experience
By Yonekhadvash

This is a hopefully, the beginning of collection of short episodes that happened in my life, mainly nude in public, voyeuristic and exhibitionist.

Meeting Ann

It was one of the first times that I sunbathed nude on a clothing optional beach north of Tel Aviv. I expected to have a relaxed afternoon on my own.

I was getting more at ease with being naked while other people on the beach are clothed or in different stages of getting naked. Each time spent in the nude on the beach, I was progressing in being more comfortable and feeli... Continue»
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Lilprincess's slutty story

The tale of this sexy insatiable cumslut starts on a night that she had no idea would end in her filled and covered in cum.

On the night in question she attended an evening out with her hubby NuNu who had taken her to the cinema followed by a nice meal at their favourite restaurant. She had expected to be heading home after they had eaten, so found herself a little confused when they arrived outside a local hotel after leaving the restaurant but became curious to see what else NuNu had planned for her.
They check-in and make their way to the penthouse suit, to her excitement they... Continue»
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