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Ana and a pair of gay guys

Ana and a pair of gay guys

My loving Victor was out of the town during that long weekend and I really was starting to get bored home alone, but then my old friend Jeremy called me. He invited me to take a walk that Saturday night and of course I accepted in delight.
My good friend was younger than me, a handsome guy, polite and a real Gentleman, fire in his eyes, a nice thick cock, but… he was gay…
That night I made my best to get sure I was looking good. A short black silk dress and a pair of five inches stilettos, just to consider myself “a little bit fuckable”…
Jeremy was at my door... Continue»
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Money at the Airport

The wife and I had gone down to London to see a show, we’d gone on a trip where you get the journey down from up North, theatre ticket and an overnight hotel room all for one price. We’d been out and seen the show and had got back to our hotel, which was situated near the airport, at around 11:30pm.

I wasn’t particularly tired but she was knackered and after eating she’d had a shower and was soon nodding off in bed. I decided to go down stairs to the smoking area and have a cigarette. I was smoking when I realised I was busting so heading off to the toilet I was surprised to see, upon enter... Continue»
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one lucky customer

Here I was working from home and in imagefap looking at photos of men sucking cocks when a customer arrived, so I shrunk the window and opened my business app so I could serve him, I watched him walk in from the fron gate and in the time it took him to get to the front door I had put my still hard cock back in my pants and put on a work shirt and walked to the door, My hardon was poking out a bit and I didn't care cause it felt good and made me even more horny.

I greeted him and shook hands and I realised that was the hand I had been jerking off with a minute ago, he was tall and lean a... Continue»
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Are you sure

The days had been really humid and the k**s had taken the xmas break but the weekend was over so most people had to return to their jobs, only some of us lucky ones had work from home, at this time of year I'm not that busy so I can take a leisurely couple of hours to get into the day, A swim in the pool then a nice coffee and on we go.

The k**s next door would be using their pool and as they are all under 16, Dave their dad asked me to keep an ear out when they did for safety, Darth was the oldest at 16 and he was an ok k**, his s****r was 12 and just starting to bud, anyway my office ... Continue»
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Unexpected First Anal (M2M)

I was in Boston for business and went to a local adult bookstore to score some action. Unfortunately, there were only a few people there. I decided to look around at the movies that were available to see if something would be good to take back to the hotel room. I started in the straight videos but soon moved to the bi-vids. After looking at a few movies and deciding against them, I heard a voice say “you know the real thing is better than the movies”. I looked up a little embarrassed to see this huge guy standing next to me. He was in his mid-40s and had to be about 6-4 tall and w... Continue»
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The men in my girfriends f****y

Anyone who has read any of my stories knows that I love taking deep dickings and being bred. Best feeling in the world. And that I am not necessarily attracted to men, but attracted to their cocks and the cum they give me. I still got aroused at the sight of a girl.

I was an average k**. Nothing special to look at. The only reason I did get attention was from guys that knew I would suck them off or let them fuck me. So when a girl from school actually started to show interest in me, I started to get interested in her.

She was average looking, too. But she was smart and nice. We would ta... Continue»
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Chisholm Trail Blowjob

I looked over at my tent mate Josh, it was 1871 and it had been twenty days since we left San Antonio, Texas, on this month and a half long cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail to Abilene. We had over 1000 head of Texas longhorns to watch over, but we were lucky the trail boss had bought us two man tents to keep us out of the rain and cold. I was twenty when I signed on for this cattle drive. I was not a typical rugged Cowboy; I had fair skin and a girlish physique. I knew my fellow Cowboys sort of sensed that I was a “Mollie” (a man who likes to be fucked like a women). I heard stories that on... Continue»
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OK.....this I have to tell. I can't believe I actually did this.

The other night my wife had to be at her office at 11PM and since I had the next day off I figured I'd spend most of the night on the computer jerking off to porn since she would be gone to at least 9 the next morning, so I was looking for at least a 3 load night. I took her to her office and dropped her off and headed home. I got back to our apartment and stripped nude and got my lubes and laptop ready. I logged onto my usual sites first, checking for messages, friend requests and comments but as I did something in the... Continue»
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Anal On The Chisholm Trail

I looked over at my tent mate Josh, it was 1871 and it had been twenty days since we left San Antonio, Texas, on this month and a half long cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail to Abilene. We had over 1000 head of Texas longhorns to watch over, but we were lucky the trail boss had bought us two man tents to keep us out of the rain and cold. I was twenty when I signed on for this cattle drive. That’s when I met Josh a much older man who asked to share a tent with me. I suspected he was attracted to me probably because of my fair skin and girlish physique. I knew he sort of sensed that I was a “M... Continue»
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The Steam Room (M2M)

I had been chatting with this local guy for quite some time. With wife, c***dren, and work we never have hooked up. He said he was a high-level executive at a national hotel business overseeing a new hotel being built in Atlanta. His profile had him at 190lbs, and 6-4 and a married white male. Through all our chats he never sent me a body or face pic, but that was ok. His cock pic was enough for me. He had an awesome cock. It was a nice uncut, thick, and the head of his cock was like a flat mushroom!. I was hot just thinking about pleasing that thing!

One day the my wife and k**s... Continue»
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that's how I want my gf to cuckold me D:

That's a question I got ask:
Would you rather cheat or be cheated on? And what would be your fave scenario?

That was my reply:
What kind of a sub-sissy would I be, if I would want to cheat on my mistress? ô.o

Fav scenario huh?
Hope at least one person will read the whole story… It took me so long :o

I would like her to tell me about some guy that’s in her class. Let’s call him Dave.
She always complains about what an asshole he is, and how he tries to hit on her everyday. But one day she just stops talking about him.
After two weeks or so I ask her about him, and if... Continue»
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How I began to like men...

I went out shopping one day after school at a small "quick mart" kinda store with like I usually did for groceries and stuff. I was done getting all of the necessary items on his list and I was grabbing the last couple of things. Curiosity bit me as I started looking through each of the five short isles and I quickly noticed that other than the lady behind the register there was only one person in the store at the time besides myself. He was a grown man, old enough to be my dad and that made me think about how much my dad wasn't around. I was lost in deep thoughts while I headed for the regist... Continue»
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sl**pover gone wrong

The following is a mostly true story about a sl**pover me and some friends once had...

I've never had a sl**pover that didn't involve sex in some way. We were horny guys experimenting afterall! This is just one of those times where things got more... involved... and a fond memory I wanted to share.

Names are no more than first letters. All participants are 18.

The Truth

It was another weekend, and another sl**pover round at A's house. This one was slightly different though as there were the three of us. Me, X and Z. I'd been at sl**povers before at X's house many tim... Continue»
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Me and men: part 1

Firstly, everything I'm going to write about is true and recalls my experiences with men, to the best of my memory. I will change names of people (or make them up because I can't remember!).

How it started.

2001 and in my second year of uni. We had just got internet at home and I spent most of the Christmas break looking up porn (I had a girlfriend, we had regular sex and she would give me hot blow jobs and even swallow, but she wasn't around - but this tale is about men, I'll write about the women another time). Finding porn was easy, finding GOOD porn was difficult and then some... Continue»
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Fantasy about nudist camps that cater to gays

Like the title says this is a purely fictional story of what I have been thinking about. About a 30 minute drive from my house is a nudist camp that caters to gays and bi`s.I learned about this place from guys posting ads on craigslist wanting to meet up at this camp. Thoughts of sex in the outdoors was getting the better of me so I thought that I would go check it out. Upon arrival I stopped at the main office and checked in paying a $5.00 fee. Drove around for a while just to see if anything was going on and to try and get the hang of the place. Did see a couple of tents set up with families... Continue»
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My sex slave

I had a friend who claimed he wasn't gay come to my house today. There was a tranny I fucked regularly there that helped me find out if he was into girls with dicks or not. I brought him to my basement blindfolded and when he got downstairs I Had her bound with her ass and balls exposed and she was gagged with a ball strapped to her face. "Does this turn you on" I asked him. He had on sweatpants and a t-shirt with no underwear on. I told him if his dick gets hard he has to fuck her ass. "don't pay attention to her cock just look at her asshole" I said. I had on a black suit with a red tie. The... Continue»
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(Gay) Deciding To Cheat - Friend With Benefits

This is my second story. Feel free to read the
first one. Don't forget to like & comment at
the end. Thanks, and enjoy!

Reconnecting with old friends is always an interesting experience. People change so much over the years. They grow up, they become more mature. They are almost like new people, but at the same time, the old person you knew is still in there.

After 3 years of seperation, an old friend by the name of Hayden randomly facebook messaged me out of the blue.

I'd known Hayden for ages. He was the boyfriend of an ex co-wor... Continue»
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Taking One for the Team - Chapter 4: The Hangout

The following is the long awaited 4th part to my ongoing true story...each story is stand alone but it definitely helps if you've read the previous chapters!

It had been about 4 months since I had my last male to male encounter. That time in the gym with Marks friend who I didn't even drove me wild and I knew I needed more. I continued to cruise the gym every day, but I only ever saw him a few times, and each of those time he was either passing me by in the parking lot, on... Continue»
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My glory hole visits

The last time I went to visit the glory hole was when I was in Corvallis. I went in around lunch and a found an empty booth. After feeding the machine I sat down and started stroking my cock. I waited and stroked for about 15 minutes before I heard the door in the next booth open and close. I looked through the hole and watched this guy pull his pants completely off and then I saw his real nice cock. It was about 5 inches long and soft. I watched as he stroked it for a few seconds and then I put a finger in the hole. He slipped his cock through and into my awaiting mouth. He tasted pr... Continue»
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Bi friend

Tom started to undress and of course he had no underwear on, normally that wouldn't be a problem but tonight we were sl**ping in the same bed. He was walking around with his cock flopping all over the place, Tom has no modesty and I could resist taking a few glances when he was looking. I noticed that Tom had a nice cut cock with a large mushroom head probably about 7 inches. His cock wasn't real thick as opposed to mine which is also 7 inches but extremely thick and uncut. Well I started arguing with him that he better not get to close tonight in bed and hit me with that thing, he got me so m... Continue»
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