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It was about 10 years or more that I never hear from Biker Ken Kemp,
Until the summer of 1995 when I was drinking in a straight bar in Buffalo New York
I was all alone when he came and sat down on the bar stool next to me.
Wow ! I knew right away it was him for sure, He look a lot older but had the body,
We started to chat and he said, Do I know you from some place. " I said yes that we meet about 10 years ago "
I was walking in the woods down by beside the river.

He laugh and said you are Tom right ? " I said that is me Sir " As we both started to laugh.
Why are you here in Buffalo d... Continue»
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1st M2M Anal

I have never been the receiver of m2m anal sex until this night. Since being in college, I have sucked, fingered and fucked men but never had it done to me. I have a gay friend (let’s call him Dave, even though it’s not his real name) I would play and hang out with regularly. Dave knew I was Bi and that I had a girlfriend.
I went over his house one evening to hang out, watch TV and drink some wine. We sat together and had the wine, finishing the bottle. We started kissing pretty hot n heavy and soon he asked that we go to his bedroom. We get there and soon start making out hot n heavy again ... Continue»
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1st GH suck

When I was in college in the 90’s I use to go to an ABS by campus, first to buy some porn and then eventually to get my cock sucked whenever I got horny. I went into the store one night and purchased my coins and headed to the back for another quickie blow job. I went to a booth I knew had a GH and soon had a video playing and my cock out in my hand, hoping someone would enter the booth next door. I saw a light in the other booth through the GH in the wall and soon saw an open mouth with a tongue sticking out. I needed no urging or invitation and stuck my hard cock through like always and he ... Continue»
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College life 25

Waking here at college on Monday, both Kris and I were dog tired after one
long talk before we headed off to sl**p. The weather didn't help matters
much with a light drizzle falling while we headed to our first classes.
The drizzling rain was still falling after my last class. Reilly spoke to
me but very briefly. I think he wanted to keep his foot in the door, so to
speak, but I had yet to tell him that I was back with Corey and had my
needs more than satisfied with him.

Kris came walking in with his blond hair damp and hanging down in his face.
He pushed it back. "Matt, I'm very t... Continue»
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fishing story (fictional) part 3 all characters ar

as we lay in the bed sean laid his head on my chest and thanked me for taking him in, your welcome i replied now it's time for your chores, we need wood for the fireplace you have to chop some, and without hesitation he sprung up from the bed still hard as a rock and ran out into the back yard but naked(but lucky me my rad was fenced in) i watched from the kitchen and was so horny again i jacked off and came really good, sean came back in and saw that i had cum on the glass table, he bent down and licked all up and motioned to me to lay on my back, i did and he raised my legs and let my cum dr... Continue»
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Rmembering UK Cottaging.

It all started when I was sixteen when I went into a public Toilet in the city of Ayr in Scotland, where I lived. I went into the cubicle and sat down. Looking around me, I noticed the adverts on the wooden partitions for men looking for cock fun. Then I noticed a hole in the partition on each side of me, but there was paper on each hole on the other side of the walls. Reading the adverts and some stories, I got quite sexually excited and began to wank myself. I felt quite safe in there as, I thought, no-one could see me. I had never before wanked myself in a public toilet and I found it excit... Continue»
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Bat Manager

I was the new fastball team hitting Coach for this years up coming season.
It was very nice going to help Coach the best team in fastball.
I have just had a meeting with our new team Catcher John Holden,
He was around 5'10 a good solid 180 short brown hair with a nice brown trim goatee,
We were in the locker room when we could not find the proper size ball pants for him,
I was looking all around for a sized 36 waist with a 30 inch leg.
Finally I found one and the other locker cupboard.

All the guys were changing in the Locker room when I walk in for a quick chat.
I saw John putting ... Continue»
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Russian Shemales 3: The Revenge

I am asking the translator what that means: The Revenge. There is no revenge in my story! And she says it is a kind of joke. Like the Electric Boogaloo. I do not understand why that is funny, but she is telling me to trust her, and continue with my story.

When we grew awake in the morning, Svetlana wanted more sexy sexy time, but I said to not. Because Mr. Aronoff would be there soon to pick us up for the bus ride back to home. Svetlana, who looked more like Serge in the morning, said quietly, he did not want to go back home. I pushed him into the shower to wash off the cosmetics fro... Continue»
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Gay naked twister

We are sitting in the living room. I’m on the couch; you’re in the recliner. We’re drinking, because drinking is what we need to do if we’re really going to do this tonight.
Are we really going to do this tonight?
After several drinks we decide to get out Twister. It’s a k**’s game, but we’re both d***k enough that we’re feeling pretty playful. We put the mat on the floor and start the game. A few turns in, you make the suggestion that we should play naked.
I guess we are going to do this tonight.
The clothes come off and we play a few more turns. Left hand, red. Right foot, gree... Continue»
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Biker Ken

I was going for my afternoon walk in the woods,
There is a place that I found very private around 100 metres from the dirty road.
They place was great to lay me blanket out and it had a nice huge Maple Tree,
I was also about 10 feet from the Brook that was going through the forest.
It was around 1 pm when I heard a motor bike coming real close to me,
Next thing I knew I was beginning to drift off.

I woke up suddenly and there he was standing about 8 feet from my feet.
" I said can I help you Officer " He reply back was he just checkin things out.
He the ask me what my name is ? " I t... Continue»
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My first adventure

I joined the army after I quit school in the 12th grade. After joining the army it put a crimp in my dressing up as a girl. I did wear panties whenever I got the chance but I really wanted to dress up completely as a girl. I wanted to go out dressed and I have to admit I was attracted to several guys in my unit. My third year in the army I went to Viet Nam in December 1967. I was in the 101st Airborne. I had a best friend in my unit and we were friends since we were both assigned to the infantry unit. He didn’t know anything about my sweet secret. We had planned to go to Thailand for Rest & Re... Continue»
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College life 24

"Kris and Colt did what?" I asked Scott who was there with Hayden while I
was with Corey in his room.

"I'm telling you Matt they fucking threw down about two hours ago. It was
a good thing Rick wasn't around or else they'd be in big trouble," Scott

"You should see Kris's lip but you should really see Colt's eye. Kris
dotted that sucker really well," Hayden said right after Scott finished.
"Jess is the one who broke them up."

"Any word on what started it?" Corey asked.

"Colt was accusing Kris of flirting with Monica all night..." Scott said.

"Wasn't Liz with him?... Continue»
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The Wrestler Dream

I had a very good dream about my fav wrestler Arn Anderson.
This is how it went all down in my dream.
I was at my nice new log cabin around the main highway 17,
Mr Anderson was out Hunting for Deer when he got to close to my cabin.
I then went out to chase if off my property and stare at him for a while,
He was wearing his Hunter boots,pants, ball cap and pants.
Next thing he came over with his gun pointed down to the ground,
"Cool down Dude " And then he gave a nice apology for shooting to close to his cabin.

I shook his hand and told him that my name is Troy,
Hello he said his na... Continue»
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The First time I sucked a dick.

I was 25, Had been looking online for awhile, Before this I had only recieved head twice. One amazing time in high school from a lovely girl who later became a psycho... Well not really, but at the time I thought so.

Then a second time when I was on a drive home from visiting f****y and drove past a roadside adult video store, I had been reading the Squirt pages about the place for awhile and knew they had booths and there were usually guys looking to give head in there, I was horny so I figured I'd give it a try, I had realized my bisexuality in college, but never came out, So I went into ... Continue»
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Fooling Around With Step Son Pt2 (True)

This is part two of the story many of you have asked for with me and my step son Kevin. Enjoy guys and gals.

Fooling around with my step son Kevin was an incredible turn on for me because even though he was my step son it was just one of those things that seemed so forbidden it made it even more of a turn on. And also the fact that Kevin seemed like it was no big deal and he was just so cool about it and he would ask me to suck him almost randomly during the day as long as his mom and s****r weren't around and even then somet... Continue»
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Fucking A First Timer Guy Off Craigslist (True)

This is a true story that happened about four weeks ago and I thought Id share it with you guys and gals. Enjoy.

One night I was sitting at home by myself horny as fuck. All my friends were either working or busy and all of my fuck buddy friends weren't getting back to my text messages. It had been a long time since I had went on there but I decided to look up Craigslist on my phone to see what all was on there post wise. There was a bunch of older people in my area until one ad hit my eye. There was a guy named Brian (Photo Above) who was eighteen years old and the title of his post ... Continue»
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Fun with the b*****r-in-law

I am staying with you for the weekend. Our wives are s****rs and they got together to shop and catch up. On a whim they went to see an old college friend in a town about two hours away.
You and I went for a game of racquetball and then dinner and beers at a sports bar. At dinner the girls called and said they were staying the night.

I have suspected for some time that you like me swung both ways. I saw the way you looked at me in the shower after racquetball. I think I even saw you soaping your cock a little longer than needed as we showered. I have checked out your package too. It is ... Continue»
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My Memories as a cum dump

Prior to joining the Navy I was trained very well in the process of pleasing men sexually and this training became very useful when I arrived at my one and only duty assignment at San Diego, Ca. I was an 18 year old white boy, skinny as a rail, very shy around people and very passive. I was a follower and not a leader so consequently is was very easy for men to seduce me into acts of sex.

Being a young seaman I could not have civilian clothes on base so I had to rent a locker which I did so at the 7 Seas Locker Club. I was putting my clothes away when I over heard one person telling anothe... Continue»
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Last night i truly wore out that i'm bi curi

After being bi-curious interested by watching so many porn movies past 13-14 years. Last year experienced first experience and this year another both a spa excess in TO.....and this week as I approached a milestone birthday thought would have another experience with me. So early in the week I wanted to experience a black man. So I got a massage by a black man where I was allowed to suck his cock, and finally got to suck my first black cock.

So yesterday was the milestone birthday. I felt since I didn't have a date or anything planned. Was time to go to spa excess again, and this time hopefu... Continue»
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Coach Darcy

I was 18 years old and was end my last year of high school.
The new Wrestling coach for the up coming season name was Mr Darcy.
Mr Darcy taught grade 12 math and science for that year.
He was around 44 with short redish blonde hair along with a goatee.
Put his body was in very great shape for his age group.
He like wearing a tight version of 70's grey track pants with a red hooded jacket.

We had a huge match about 220 and twenty miles from were we all lived.
I was Mr Darcy room mate for the 2 nights in the town of Bellville.
The hotel told Mr Darcy room that they only had 1 bed in it... Continue»
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