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Afternoon at the Movies II PART

I just muttered, or maybe it was a whimper. Either way, it was definitely an affirmative response. I was lost in too much sensory overload to be able to respond coherently.

His mouth on my neck and ear, kissing and talking dirty to me.

His cock in my hand, large and hot.

My mouth salivating at the thought of him invading me.

The public scene we were in. Anyone could walk in and catch us. The projectionist could be peering down and watching us.

He brought my face back to meet his and looked me in the eye. He pulled me in again and began kissing me. It was brief and then he pul... Continue»
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Daryl Wants Me Girly

Daryl is a black guy. He's everything for me. I simply adore him and we gel so well; the things we like and want to do are sublime.

Just being with him sets me apart from the guy in the street or the guy in the office, or the guy who uses to go out with girls and to what end? I guess I was just following the trend but girls soon suss you out and no way could I love nor have sex with a girl.

Sooner or later it just had to come out I was gay and when I met Daryl on that sweet Sunday when he had me over the bath full strength I realised then just what I was missing and where I should be g... Continue»
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My 1st Pimp

The first man who pimped me out for money was a man who had picked me up a number of times in his car and was quite inventive about fucking me. Sometimes he would d**** me over the back of the front seat or he would take me outside and bend me over the hood or trunk of his car and one time he brought a friend of his along and I ended up sucking one cock while he would fuck my little boy pussy.

One night, late in October I was starting to walk toward the roller skating rink, not to go roller skating but to get picked up by men and have fun in their back seat. I had not gone more than a few s... Continue»
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Afternoon at the Movies - by CSK©

Hello everyone. Here is a small tale about a young man who encounters a fun surprise in a movie theater (not an adult theater, mind you). The story includes aspects of seduction, humiliation and an older-younger encounter. I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to your feedback. Hopefully you will want to see more. I like this idea because this situation could easily be one where the main character could be either male or female and the story would still work.


I sat frozen, looking at my computer. The blinking cursor on my screen provided the only movement in my cubicle. I knew I w... Continue»
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College life spring semester 1


Following Kris back to start our second semester was so much easier than
the first time I made this trek. Now, I very much looked forward to
returning to campus and continuing my education after really not knowing
what to expect the first semester. This semester would test me even more
after nailing down a 4.0 my first semester. This semester would involve
two more college hours after taking it easy the first semester to get
adjusted to the demands.

My Christmas break went way too fast for me. It started with our ski trip.
A big smile was on my face thinking ... Continue»
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Bottom Bitch

Bottom Bitch


Let me set the scene.

My name is Mike, as a "Gurl" I go by Fiona. I am a gay man, mid thrities,
white, 5' 9'

165, reasonably handsome, both in and out of women's clothes. One of the

ways I express my sexuality is to dress as a woman and get fucked by

other men. Preferably in a humiliating situation, with several guys fucking

Just one of my kinks.


This night was the second time I had gone with Anthony. The first time was
the Friday Night bef... Continue»
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Karl The Hunter

There were a good 10 km old railway tracks that are now a trial were I would like to go for a walk every day,
It was early morning around 7 30 am I was about 3 km. from my SUV when I was approach by a deer hunter
who was a very Red Neck Biker, He was about close to 6 feet a good sold 220 short dark hairy with a few
day's growth of facial hairy. He was a little upset at me because I have scare a deer off that he was hunting.
He was very upset as I told him to back down a bit, He then got right to my face as I pull my badge out that I
had in my back pocket.

Right away he back down and be... Continue»
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Several times a week I go to the health club for a mild workout. I often see a guy named Mike. We chat as we workout. Now I am a secret TS so I'm totally clean shaven but also lots of guys who are into working out are also. Anyhow Mike is a real hunk! As most guys do Mike will make an occasional joke about the size of his penis. The bulge I secretely glance at looks pretty good but real size hard to tell. So last week we were done together so we were showering & boy was he right about the size of his cock. So he caught me looking & said "see told you it is pretty big". I said "yes it ... Continue»
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Finding a Sissy At Work Part II

Finding a Sissy At Work Part II
Well here I was in a Vegas suite fucking Tim my young cross dresser Computer Specialist. His ass was slightly elevated off the bed and my six inch cock was buried half way in. I decided I would really enjoy my new boi toy and take him slow. I gently eased my cock in and out of his asshole in a rhythmic motion. Tim lay on the bed softly grunting with each inward thrust of my cock into his tight ass. When I pulled back he breathed a sigh of relief only to be followed by another moan as my cock eased back into him. After a few minutes of gentle fucking his grunts ... Continue»
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Opportunity knocks

In the 6 weeks since his 1st encounter with his mother, Kevin had been made redundant from his job and whilst he had found something else, the pay was almost half what he was on before. As a result, he had moved back into his parents house, not that he minded, when his father spent every Wednesday playing golf and then hitting the 19th hole for a large quantity of drinks after, Kevin got to engage in his new favourite past time, sexually pleasing his mother. His father remained completely unaware of the goings on under his own roof and for good reason. Anyway, Kevin was returning home from w... Continue»
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College life 31 (the final chapter of the first se

To start my Sunday here in December, I headed down to do some laundry and
have it done before finals began here on Thursday with Wednesday being
`dead day'. I was nice and threw in Kris's towels along with mine even
though he still had a lot of laundry left. While doing laundry, I did
carry my laptop down and studied for some tests. I got a call from Dad
wanting us to meet at his house for an early Christmas. I told him Tuesday
night would be best for me. He agreed and gave me directions. Basically,
all I needed was an address and my phone would take care of the rest.

For a Sunda... Continue»
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It Is-written Episode 03

Jake and Achmed sat at the kitchen table in Achmed's apartment with a Hebrew textbook between them. Achmed was explaining conjugations to his younger friend. "לכתוב," Achmed explained, "is the infinitive. It means to write. You have to conjugate it before you use it with a noun. Each noun has a different conjugation depending on whether it is singular or plural and whether it is feminine or masculine."

"So how do I say, 'He writes'," Jake asked.

"הוא כותב," Achmed answered.

"What about, 'She writes'?"

"היא כותבת,"

"And how do I say, 'It is written'?"

"That one is trick... Continue»
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This is inspired by a true story. Unfortunately it happened to me...

Watching porn gave Dave such a huge swelling hard-on. Every time he watched hairy men he wished it would happen for himself.

He felt like he has sucked a hundred cocks, given endless hand-jobs, and listened personally as men screamed passionately. He felt he made those men shoot their loads and he loved every fantastical thought about it.

There was one guy he heard was a godly man. His name was Jay. Such silver-touched hair the guy was probably forty but to Dave he was "hot as hell."

One time when he went to a r... Continue»
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my first nutt

I'm a married man, but I still think about my first nut, I was about 14 or 15, walking down the the street when this guy offered me a ride, I got in, he was a black guy about 25, I could tell he was gay, he pulled into a alley and rubbed my dick and said take out, I did and as soon as he touched it I came all over the place, he said don't worry about it and still wanted to suck it, but I got out and went home, as soon as I got there I went right into the bathroom and jacked off for the first time. Soon after that I saw that guy again and he picked up and took me to his house and sucked me off,... Continue»
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I was no into my final year at my local swim club swimming for the team ,
This year is going to be very exciting with the new Head Coach for the swimming team.
It was like 7 am when I got to pool and see him standing in the pool area glass office.
He wave at me to come in, He said his name is William Townsend as he begin to shake my hand,
I told him that my name is Joseph Howard and it was a very nice to meet you also Coach.
He was very tall man 6'1 a good solid 230 real short and well kept hair with a nice well trim stache.

The rest of the team is here now as we now began our warm up... Continue»
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Finding a Sissy At Work Part 1

I glanced down and Tim was sucking on my fully erect cock, he was dressed in a black bra, black lace panties, and a garter belt and nylons. His long dark hair was accented by his flawless make up. Tim looked like the nineteen year old petite little nylon clad baby doll that he was. I looked down as his head bobbed up and down my growing cock. I wondered “how the hell did this happen”.
I own a large construction firm in Kansas and knew I had to hire someone to run our new computer system. I left this to my secretary and when I came to work on Monday there was a thin boyish looking guy in the ... Continue»
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Interracial Fuck

This is a true story that happened just yesterday. Feeling horny as hell and hungry to have some cock in my faggot mouth, I headed off to the Happy Time Bookstore. I have had some great times at this place and yesterday did not disappoint.

When I pulled up to the store there were only about six cars, but I decided to go in and see what was up(hopefully a bunch of dicks) lol. Anyway, after watching a few gay and shemale flicks for about 10 minutes I didn't get any action. I decided to walk around the maze of booths when a black guy called me over. He was already down on his knees at the... Continue»
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College life 30

Friday, I did feel better after feeling awful for two days. Corey was with
me and had been nothing short of the greatest boyfriend I could ever hope
for or imagine. He waited on me hand and foot for my every desire without
a care whether he'd get sick or not.

"You look better if nothing else," Corey commented after we woke up and
rose from bed. He kissed me on the cheek to bring a smile to my face.

"I feel better as well thanks to not overdoing it," I stated. "We'll see
how the day goes."

We showered and dressed together with Corey bringing down some clothes for
the day the nigh... Continue»
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My First Gay Experience

Ever since secondary school i could tell i was different; i like boys, i liked the look of boys and i always had this obsession of seeing them naked yet i still liked girls and still wanted to see them naked? However being in school with these feelings were quite restricted so i couldn't tell anyone however i came out as Bi Sexual in 2012 to my closest friends and like any other school it spread like wildfire. I lost quite a few of my friends and found my true friends. Once i told everyone my life changed, i was bullied, i got constant questions like "how many cocks you sucked" or "does anal h... Continue»
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Stocking Wearer

It was a Saturday night and my wife said, “I want you to take me to one of those movie/peep shows with you. The ones where you jerk off while you watch the movie. I want to go with you.”

“Why?” I asked.

“Because I want to see what you like about them. You could watch a porno movie here and jerk off, why do you go there?” She had asked me about them before and had always wondered.

“I just like to.” I said.

“Do you ever see other guys there, you know other guys jerking off also?”

“There are guys there, sure. But they each have their own booth.”

“Didn’t you say some have holes... Continue»
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