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(Gay) Scummy Streets Of Vancouver

The following is a true story. Not one I'm particularly proud of, but t's real and it happened. Enjoy.

This story happened because of two things.

One - my friend Laura and I planned a one month holiday to Vancouver.

Two - I was beyond horny.

So, after the first night in Vancouver, homelessness was aparent. No one is blind to it, we just choose to filter it out. And I think the other thing was that it was literally in every doorway along Granville St.

On the first night here, I couldn't help notice that there were a few homeless guys who w... Continue»
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How much of Billys CUM?

My friend 65yr. old Billy loves me....loves my 17yr old butt hole.....he loved jamming his fat dick in my butthole.....myself I was such the boy whore, that it got me off twice as much when he would fuck my pussy while all his older friends watched and rubbed there cocks and got the cum load ready for me the sexy bitch.......he loved inviting all his old mature gay friends over and in middle of conversation he would reach in my pants and pull my big dick out for all to see stroking it while he pushed his fingers into my front of at least 6 to 7 people old gay men with big gay dicks... Continue»
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my first m2m encounter

when i was younger i used to work in the travel industry and i'd meet a lot of people. i was so into having fun, i really didn't seek out a long term relationship but just went with the flow. i had graduated college and my girlfriend was on to me to get married, settle down, and have k**s right away. what sucks is that what i admired most about her was that when we were younger she was such a free spirit and that's the girl i still loved. so, anyway, we split up, i was "devastated", she married and had k**s right away. at first i was upset, but then i thought, wow, dodged that bullet. and i th... Continue»
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Virgin Boy Scout Butt Fucked

Ok, I am ashamed of this but DAMN...I loved it all and I just wanted to tell my story to SOMEBODY before I grow old and die!

I an now a lot older and I know that lots of you have fantasized about maybe sucking your first cock or maybe even having a good large one shoved

in your ass! Well, let me tell you that's it's great and the first time is something you will NEVER forget!

Now first, let me say that this was back in 1943 so I know lots of you don't know how things were back then but they were a LOT different than

now. If you even looked like you were having fun with a perso
... Continue»
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What a day.

This story is purely fiction, but it is the first time that I have ever tried to write a story in the first person. Feel free to make comments and maybe make suggestions for other stories. Enjoy my fellow perverts.

I can't believe the day that I just had. I woke up to a phone call from my girlfriend and she said that it was time for us to us to see other people. "We lost our spark." she told me. 5 years gone down the hole. I tried to get her back but she said no. I went to start my car before going to work and it wouldn't turn over. I couldn't take care of it right off the bat so I had to g... Continue»
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Self suck and first time ass play

So one night in bed i was smoking some weed i had just used this nice gar wrap to roll a blunt...high ass fuck i start getting horny a dn begin rubbing my cock getting it nicr amd hard it has been a hard week and been quite a few days since ive cummed soni had a huge load ....i pull out some playboys amd begin jerking offbut the playboys just wasnt doing it for me looking down my cock was so hard and big it was makng my mouth water so i decided id try sucking my own dick ive been able to do so before with some persistence and i started rubbing my cock i got it nice and hard i cross... Continue»
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Oh my God I had never had such a raging hard on cock was stiff and throbbing as Albert slowly teased me pumping his old calloused hand up and down my shaft before pulling my foreskin right back and dipping his head he sucked the tip into his mouth and sucked as he slid his lips down my shaft to the base and slowly oh so slowly back up to the tip. I was being sucked and wanked by an 71 year old pervert who had persuaded me to let him into my toilet cubicle ... a place I often frequented after school for a quick furtive wank looking at all the graffiti and drawings of huge cocks ... Continue»
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2 guys at a lake.

Wouldn't have exspected it to come down like this.
I was going fishing with my cousin Mike to a lake near his house.
I went on Vacation with my f****y, so he kinda had the duty to show me arround and keep
me entertained, but we were getting along well.

However, this evening was crazy.

We had sucess fishing a few and he showed me how to cook the fish over a fire.
I thought it was disgusting at first to eat them 'raw' like that, but i
did not want to pussy out, so I ate them too.

After a lot of talking about casual stuff we started talking about girls.
I have never had a girlfrie... Continue»
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Used In A Booth....

I was in a book store out side of Atlanta, on the east side I believe, looking at some mags that had pictures of huge male phallus. Now I know only a very few men have penis that exceed seven inches and even fewer that has penis that exceed ten inches, but the thought of entertaining a man with a penis that extends twelve inches is enough to put me into a lust filled frenzy.

Lost in my thoughts, I was unaware of the man inching up to me, I was so absorb in examining the picture of a huge phallus that when the gentleman(sic) stood behind me and slide his midsection across my buns I actuall... Continue»
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Older man wears stockings

I had seen the old man twice that morning enter the toilet block and come back out within a few seconds he was looking for some sex ... he was mid to late 60's and a bit scruffy and he looked really furtive as he kept looking around him seeing if anyone was about ....he couldn't see me as I was hiding behind two trees in among the thick bushes leading up to the toilet block. I had been to these toilets only three times before and had to date been wanked off twice by older men one of which let me suck him off.... and I sucked another cock through the glory hole but he left straight after he h... Continue»
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Fuck a Friend

Thad and I have been best friends since college. Consequently, I have had a bit of a lust for Thad since college as well. Since we were in seminary, my bi-curious tendencies needed to stay at bay. Not to mention that Thad was married and I was engaged. Nonetheless, I put aside my desire and focused on our friendship. I went into seminary as a little chubby, but quickly got on a health kick and lost my weight. Thad was already in great shape. He worked out and jogged with me. I guess that is how our friendship started.

Thad was a semi-ginger. He has fair skin, but could tan a little... Continue»
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New neighbors 4

Sue laid on top of Kate as they kissed and rubbed their naked bodies against each others. Kate had her arms wrapped around Sue gripping her tight little ass as they pressed their wet cunts together. The french kiss lasted a long time before Sue raised up and slid down a little.

"I just love big nipples." She whispered cupping Kate's firm 34C cup tits, admiring her big dark brown nipples. They were hard and sticking out about a inch from her snow white tits. She looked up at Kate , flicking her tongue over the thick rubbery flesh. She moved over and teased the other one before sucking it int... Continue»
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Pozed at the bookstore part 3

Part 3
I had never been fucked by more the one guy at a time and now I had just received my fourth load of cum up my fuck hole. All bareback. And even though I had been led to believe they had all been tested negative for HIV I was informed after the first load that they were all poz loads. And there were at least a dozen more poz infected cocks that we're going to breed my negative ass. I had just fucked a poz infected ass that was full of toxic poz cum and had shot what was probably going to be my last negative load.

As my softening dick slid out of the poz pit I had just fucked ... Continue»
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My first proper bi fuck

So this is about the first time I was properly fucked, I had been fucked once before but being my first time it wasn't that enjoyable....

I had arranged for a local guy I know to come over one day, I was just supposed to give him a blowjob as I had on a few occasions before, but this time I had on some sexy knickers. I opened the door to him in my red thong and a t shirt and lead him into the front room, He was sat on the sofa and I had put some porn on the TV to help with the mood. He unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled out his cock, he was clearly excited as it was growing rapidly in h... Continue»
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Wishing it was humble pie i was made to eat :(

My heart was beating faster and faster as a sense of panic rose in me partly from being unable to move due to my bonds but really at the though, the revulsion I felt at what may happen. I kept telling myself this was all being done to scare me afterall if this went all the way then it would be ****, a serious crimenin anyones book. There's no way he would go that far nor would my Shells let him despite how angry she may be feeling and hurt too.She wouldn't stand there and watched me ****d.......would she??

He kept pushing his wretched dick across my lips smothering them in his seminal flui... Continue»
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Midlife experience

I was trying to remember when I first got the urge to see another man penis. I mean, i am a straight guy. I've had many woman since an early age. Patty, my first girlfriend use to come over to my parents home during 8th grade school lunch period. No one was home. We would quickly go into the living room and start playing with each other. Petting and kissing, trying to undo her bra. My she had the biggest tits an eight grader could have !! I would the slip my hand down to her white panties and insert my fingers into her moist wet pink hole. I would get so hard that I would nearly blew my load. ... Continue»
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Here's a chat I had with Rob(in) in 2008:

Me: Hi there. What's your dick like?
Rob(in): What a novel way to start a chat. I like it.
Me: Cool. Do you want to chat?
Rob(in): Yes, very much so. But first, I must explain that I am Robin not Rob. I am a 35 year old spinster so we can stop right here if you don't want to chat with me.
Me: Well, that is quite a surprise. Your profile was very brief and didn't mention that. However, no problem. I'd be happy to chat with you.
Robin: Ok that is wonderful, not a lot of guys will.
Me: I just won't ask you the traditional questions about what do... Continue»
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It's been a long hot summer

If you've read my blogs you know that Kimmy and I have had some incredibly hot encounters, but the summer months have been rough on a married closet sissy like myself.f****y obligations ,works schedules and vacations have left little or no playtime lately.But things are starting to get back to normal. The sky"s opened up and our schedules synced up for a window of opportunity this morning,neither one of us could host but we did have some time to get together,I must interject that we have a sort of sissy bucket list that we want to work through what happened this morning is ,or was on that list... Continue»
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Encouraged by the ex

So, I think it started with my ex. She was a mean d***k and drank a lot. She got violent and insulting. We had sex pretty regular at first and one time she reached up as I was getting close to cumming while in missionary and pinched my nipples hard and said "cum in me you little bitch" I did instantly and she just laughed. I asked what was so funny and she told me her friend Stephanie thought i was a pussy and told her to pinch my nipples next time we were having sex to find out. I said, "that's fucked up. You and your friends talk shit about me?" She said, "shut up bitch, you liked it." I sto... Continue»
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My wife and I often spent the winter in the south where it’s sunny and warm. We were to return home at the end of March. However, my wife caught a flu and we decided we would stay until the end of April when she‘d be strong enough to travel.
Mid-mornings when she is napping, I walk to the coffee shop about a block away. It’s never very busy and I usually get to chat with the Lee’s. They are an attractive young married oriental couple who work there. She waits tables and he is a cook.
If you read my "Vic and Vicky" story, where I took photos of a young couple in their bedroom, I have been w... Continue»
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