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It was exciting as well as naughty, sneaking our way over to the fence
between the compounds. Sure there were those little plastic inserts in
the chain link to prevent people from seeing from one side to the next.
And I was giddy as I followed them into the bushes, only to discover
that there were actually sections cut out, big enough for a hard cock.

I could hardly believe we were about to just suck off a bunch of random

"Where are they man, I need a fucking blowjob," we heard someone saying
on the other side of the fence.

"Relax will ya, didn't you hear the cars."... Continue»
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Old Cum Dumps First Experience With Bi-Couple.

For about six years I had only experienced sex with men. I enjoyed being seduced by older men in my teens and the amazing thrills they gave me would never be forgotten. Total strangers taught me to suck cock and swallow cum, to fuck men, to be able to have cocks fuck me, and of course they loved to suck off my young cock. I will always be thankful to those much older men for giving me so much pleasure, excitement, filth, and cravings for more and more cock.
When I had just turned twenty-two years of age, I unexpectedly entered into a completely new sexual activity. During my time of v... Continue»
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First Gay experience

Hi, just thought you might want to hear my first homosexual experience. It's a 100% true story, no embellishment, I hope you enjoy it.

I was 20 years old and had been working in my job in retail for about 6 months at that time. I'd always been bi-curious, but never had any sexual encounters with a man before. I'd never pursued anything before, but often fantasised about doing it. But that was about to change very soon.

I was working in the shop when I was approached by a customer, he was tall, wearing a smart suit, short black hair, clean shaven and looked about 50. He asked about some f... Continue»
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Catching a nice one, PT 2

I am sitting on the bank of the river and wonder if the middle aged pastor I had just sucked through the glory hole was going to return for the tackle box he left. Of course when I discovered it contained his personal porn collection I was sure he would be back.
I put a line in the water and waited. Soon enough he drove back into the parking lot. He walked back to the bathroom were we had been and where he left it. It was not there. I had positioned myself so that I could fish but the he could easily see that I had his box beside mine.
After what seemed like forever pastor Tom walked up... Continue»
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Some Kind Of Lipstick

Two pretty office workers convince their boss that it is in
his best career interest to let them dress him as a girl and
be their femininzed sex slave. They train him to get erect
at the sight of a girl putting on lipstick, and they make
him beg to wear lipstick too. f***ed dildo sucking, penis
bondage, and a trip to the mall dressed as a girl where he
meets some more pretty office workers are part of his

Chapter 1: I Begged Them to Put Lipstick on Me

"Please, Sharon. I really need you to enter those numbers
into the computer by two o'clock."

As usual she was tak... Continue»
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Becoming Sissy

Looking at me now, one will have an extremely difficult time
believing this story. But let me assure you that every word is
true. It started late one spring afternoon. The weather was typical
spring weather, windy, wet and cold. I was walking home from high
school, hoping for a ride. I had just turned 18 a couple of days
before and was within two months of graduating. My options after
school were causing me much concern. I was very small, looked 16
and feminine. If you're thinking that's normal cause I am a girl,
let me tell you up to that point I was definitely all male.
Ju... Continue»
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My favorite dream

I don't know how long I was under...days, weeks...who knows, maybe even
months. Reality blurred with nightmares as I felt my flesh being cut into
by cold scalpels and stuck with needles, filling me with horribly
persuasive dreams of a beautiful new body. I tried to imagine myself as a
man, just to see if I still could, but it was futile. Every dream I had
featured me with bouncing breasts, an hourglass figure that told everyone
when it was time to fuck me...which was all the time, and a face of an
angel..or a succubus. I just became more and more alluring in my
dreams...more fuckable, ... Continue»
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Dressed as a young lady for my step-s****r's dinner-party. Phoebe's
glac - k** long gloves. My parentage and boyhood. I am left under the
guardianship of a girl. How "Dennis" was transformed into "Miss


Phoebe the maid, though she was as big and strong as a grenadier, had
the deft, neat hands of a French woman. She threaded a pink satin
ribbon amongst the shining curls of my coiffure, buttoned the last
button of my very long glac-k** evening gloves, and dusted lightly with
a powder-puff my white bosom and shoulders. Then she... Continue»
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Mistress orders..

It was a sunny morning in the winter season, when one of our former
neighbours called upon my aunty to say that she has invited me, aunty and
uncle for a lunch at their house, to which my aunty said that as she will
accompany uncle to a marriage ceremony only me will have lunch at aunty's
house whose name is nandini aunty. Nandini said ok then send him by 10.30
am and you both come any other day. Things were settled in this way and I
had to go at 10.30 am.

I arrived on time and saw that uncle was not at home and Nandini aunty was
seated at the sofa and the door was already open for m... Continue»
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I would be the Young Sissy...

My 21st first day as a man, as a true lord of the
first day as a Master. I was so nervous I threw up my lunch. Not very
manly, I know, but just the thought of having my very own sissy to play
with had me teetering between the giddy excitement of a k** right about to
open the biggest present under the tree, and the stark terror of officially
being a man in my step-father's could I measure up to him? I
felt destined to disappoint him...and I didn't even know why I cared so
much. He isn't my real father...he's isn't really my step-father when I
think ab... Continue»
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Cuckold Club

The limo stopped in front of a huge mansion. Edward and Bella made their
way to the door and rang the bell. The door opened and they were greeted by
a tall maid wearing a maid's uniform which seemed very small for her size.
She curtsied and e****ted them into an office and asked them to wait,
"Please wait here madam and Mistress Rebecca will be right with you." She
curtsied again and left the room.

"Bella, I am not having a good feeling about this." Edward's voice was
close to shivering. He didn't like the club's name in the least, the Sissy
Cuckold Club. He looked at his wife who st... Continue»
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Now cocksucker

Becoming a Cock Sucker as a Young Man – 1

A neighbour and friend of my parents when we lived in our country's capital taught me to be an excellent cock sucker. He and his wife were friendly with my parents; they had a baby daughter at that time. He was a scientist of some type; with astronomy as a hobby and he had ground his own 6 inch reflecting mirror.

He had discussed his hobby in front of my parents and I indicated an interest in looking at the moon and planets. I was invited on a few occasions, when there was a clear night and I guess when a particular planet was easily ... Continue»
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I was standing on the table with my only undy worn and being inspected by
my landlady for our night session. The husband was sitting at a king sized
chair infornt of me face to face wearing a red sleeveless chudidar and red
lipstick, he was a cd and was a sissy to landlady and she was the
commanding person here. To the right were sitting 3 aunties of middle age
-- one was wearing a small, thin n tight white blouse with an almost
visible black bra, n a white saree with dark red lipstick with a wicked
smile, may be she knoew what was to happen with me. Next to her seated a
lady bit fat ... Continue»
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Sissy Toes

Little Sissy Tippytoes

"Queen Mary, she's my friend;
Yes, I believe I'll go see her again."
Bob Dylan
"Just Like A Woman"

As is true of young soldiers everywhere, I hung out with a bunch of
guys from my platoon, since those were the people I spent most of my time
with, and felt closest to, aside from my folks back home. It seemed
that the goal in life of all the guys in my barracks - again, like
most soldiers everywhere - was to earn weekend passes, so we could
go off-base and l... Continue»
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My First Threesome

My First Threesome

This is a story which happened to me a few years ago. I was living in London at the time.

I woke one Saturday morning and went through my usual routine - nice bath shave etc. Once I had done my makeup and got dressed (nice lingerie, natural coloured tights, denim skirt and a t-shirt), I sat at the computer to do some work which I had to finish – once the work was done, I had a little surf through the internet and suddenly became really horny. That was it I had to get some cock in me, I went through all the usual sites to get some action – but it wasn’t happening. So I ... Continue»
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Christine et les 2 garçons

Cette histoire vient de mon imaginaire…
Même si les personnages sont inspiré de connaissance ^^

Quand elle arrive chez elle, sa grand-mère demanda « alors cette journée ? »

« Que de surprise Mamie et j’espère que celle de demain va m en réserver plus »

Les choses qu’elle avait vu hier, l’avait très excité, elle eu du mal à dormir, sa petite chatte était encore chaude et collante, elle repensa aux bites qu’elle avait vu, la façon dont elles rentraient dans une femme puis s’endormie dans sa chambre, elle eu de nombreux rêve erotique

Le lendemain matin, après sa douche, elle commenç... Continue»
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My name is Jerry, and I'm a 42 year old and own a successful architecture
firm, employing over 50 people. I have married for 19 years, most of which
have been happy.

I do have an eye for the ladies, and Mary, my wife couldn't help but
notice. She is very jealous and keeps a close eye on me.

We are still having sex but it's been getting a little routine. For the
last year and a half I have had a wonderfully discrete affair with Marsha,
who has added a lot more interest to my sex life. I had been extremely
careful not to deviate from my normal routines or leave any clues about
M... Continue»
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Office Party

The office party was great. Since moving into the new space, TechTronix had not thrown a happy hour. The office manager had sprung for an open bar. The company had just over 300 employees and about half of them worked from this particular location.

One of the support team members, Vic, had several screwdrivers. He was not the only person to drink a bit too much. He was about six-two and weighed around two-hundred-forty pounds. His beer gut was slight and he had nicely defined arms and pectoral muscles. His head was shaved and he wore glasses. The caramel-skinned brotha had no problem getti... Continue»
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Fucking my roommate.

When I returned to the states, in 1967, I spent a few years bouncing around in a few jobs; nothing that I would make a career out of but they supported me pretty well. I made new friends and had set up camp in the big city of Pittsburgh. I won’t go into all of the details but one of the friends and I wound up sharing an apartment for a while. Tom was a nice enough guy but straight; I was trying to get laid every chance I had and, if he wasn’t so straight, he would have made a nice fuck buddy.

We had separate bedrooms and worked at different jobs; we didn’t always go out together and worked ... Continue»
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Becoming One Of The Guys (Fiction)

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

I don't think I will every understand why my mom left and I don't think I'll ever understand why it didn't seem to bother me at all. My dad on the other hand, a tall, stocky guy was really affected by it....that was for a couple months and then we went right back to enjoying the single life which mostly was him hanging out with his best friend Jake who was a tallish, chubby guy. The two of them went to the bar almost every night and when they weren't at the bar they were at the house playing cards. I on the other hand began to... Continue»
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