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My EX & I.

Back in late 80’s, my ex wife had lost her drive. We were down to sex three times a month when things were good. Nothing I could do would get her drive back. That is, until she took a job working from 4pm 10pm. Things were normal for the first few weeks, she’d come home right after work and go to sl**p. Then one night she called and asked if she could go out for drinks with her coworkers at one of the local bars. I had no problem and said it was OK. This happened about four more times over the next two weeks.

One night she came home and crawled in bed while I was asl**p. Instead of her usu... Continue»
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Ode Anal

Ho asperso il budello con acqua di rose,
accorta è stata la mia dieta,
mi sono astenuta dal cibo piccante
che infiamma, e pure dall'afrodisiaco,
che eccita la pelle.

Questa notte ho dormito beata,
e ho trattenuto il tremore dell’emozione,
la speranza e il desiderio...
E la sera, lievi unguenti ho dedicato
allo sfintere per renderlo cedevole,
appetitoso e morbido.

Non è stato facile trattenere le dita:
sciogliendo le creme, trasmettevano calore...
e dopo il calore, la voluttà.
Il piacere di soffrire l’attesa, è stato più forte!
Devo farcela e devo aspettare:
aspettare e ... Continue»
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I am now concerned about what kind of life I have led.( That is not really a true statement, I know I'm just a swinging dick man whore." I only say this because the rules above cover more than half of my best stories. Well, all I can say is "Shit, piss, motherfucking goat, squeal like a ****d pig, and bless the girl scouts.

I was taught about sex by my xxxxxxxxxxx. It started when I stayed over and was taking a bath. Picture me naked other person not but soaping me up really good. Okay now we all know that I know that thing is for more than xxxxxxx out of. So, I was educated early on the ... Continue»
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Tammy, baby - part one

In high school I worked as a teacher’s aid at the local junior high school for extra credit. Since I was in high school and had my own car, it upped my cool factor with the girls at the school. Many of the girls would flirt with me, but most of the time it was just joking around, nothing serious.

My favorite was the little s****r of one of my classmates. Tammy, was four years younger and maybe 4 foot 6 with dirty blonde hair and barely filling out a training bra. She had deep brown eyes, sexy little bubble but and great tanned legs. “My s****r says you’re a good kisser,” she said to me one ... Continue»
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A Fantasy

The k**s were away with their grandparents for the night and she
would be home soon. I hurried upstairs to get ready. We had spent the
last few weeks experimenting more and more and pushing things further and
tonight was definitely a play night. Several months ago we bought her a
strap-on, and she really enjoyed taking my ass with her ?cock?. Ever since
we discovered how sensitive my ass is I?d been loving nights like this. My
wife is hot, and even after almost 10 years of marriage she just gets
hotter and hotter to me. Telling her how much I enjoyed the vibrator and
toys in my ... Continue»
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Daddy Letting Strangers Fuck Me On RV Trip

My name is Emily and I am six teen years old. Ever since my mom left its been just my daddy and I and as hard as it was at first we are now closer then we have ever been. I don't have many good memories of my mom but one thing that I took from her was her looks. My dad tells me constantly how much I look and remind him of her. I have long brown hair, blue eyes and like my dad always says an "Angelic" face. Anyways my dad and I managed on our own just the two of us but eventually my dad and I agreed it was time to get away and relax. We sat down and planned where we wanted to go for our vacatio... Continue»
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Fiery Heat ch 3



Damon stopped his Jag at the gate of his house and punched in a code. The gate

opened and he drove inside to park directly in front of the huge mansion.

“You know, I never get over how huge this place is.” Tristan said, getting out of the car.

“Your place is huge too.” Damon countered.

“Yeah but not as huge as this.” Tristan stated the obvious.

The estate was as huge as a castle. Since his mum had re-married about two years

earlier and gone off to like with her new husband, Damon lived alone. He did miss his

mum but Luke was a very nice... Continue»
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Fiery Heat ch 4

Fiery Heat Ch 04


Damon laid Tristan on his bed and proceeded to strip him naked.

“Damon, the light.” Tristan said shyly. After all he was stark naked whilst Damon

remained fully clothed.

Damon didn’t answer him. He stretched out on top of Tristan and captured his lips in a

fierce kiss, a kiss that rocked his soul. Damon’s tongue pushed past his lips, pumping

into his mouth with slow, deliberate strokes, teasing him, making him groan in hungry

need as his cock became rock hard. Tristan wound his arms came around Damon’s

neck and kissed him back for a... Continue»
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Enjoying my babysitter

So here i was in bed having woken up to a beautiful blonde teen in my bed I kissed her good morning and started running my hands over her beautifully soft tight body. Now guess your wondering how I got here my perverted and lovely readers as always this is a true story but enough of that lets begin. The blonde is my babysitter ashtyn shes 19 and very sexy shes a petite thing at 5'7 and has a tight little body with cute little b cup breasts, Ive know her for a few years since i worked with her mother shes a very nice girl kind and care much more so than i was at her age. I needed a babysitter a... Continue»
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Jenny's car

It has been a long hard day as Jenny Simms leaves her office walking to the parking lot a van with the radio blasting loud passes her and side swips her car. Jenny is mad as hell and jumps in her car and follows the van to the college across town. Getting out of the van four cheerleaders when Jenny runs up to them YOU BITCHED HIT MY CAR AND I WANT YOU TO PAY FOR IT!!! The girls look at each other and then grab Jenny pulling her inside the house then to the basement. Once there they strip her and tie her to a bed. After fasten her down they leave her there, about an hour later a girl about 2... Continue»
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First proctologist visit. No turn or coughing from

When I was younger, my mom took me to the proctologist for an exam because of a pain I was having in my tummy and because of f****y history.
He was an older man, short, and almost weasel looking. I remember he was so gruff and not very personable.
He started the exam by making me undress down to my skivvies. He pulled down the front of my underwear and very roughly massaged my balls between his ungloved hands without so much as a "how do you do, young man?"
He then told me to turn around, pull down my undies, bend over the exam table and grab the sides. I was so young naive; I didn't know... Continue»
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We lived in a small art deco block of 8 apartments while house hunting in
Florida. Ours was on the upper floor and to the rear with a lovely large deck over the ground floor utility room. Behind was a row of upmarket duplexes which I looked at when apartment hunting so I knew they go for $1 mill and above. The one located directly behind has a nice splash pool and has been standing empty until about 3 months ago. I knew because one of my bedroom windows faced directly onto it, and I noticed that lights were suddenly blazing and then I heard a guy talking on his mobile in the yard. The fun st... Continue»
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The Cruise

Penny and Tempest Hawthorne were very excited. They were going on a
cruise with their parents. It was not their first cruise, so they knew how
much fun it could be. This one was different, though, this one was almost
all the way around the world, and was almost three weeks long. It was
bound to be fun, they both thought.

They had arrived in Florida, and checked into a motel. The next morning
they took a taxi to the boat dock, and were checked onto the boat. They
found their room, and unpacked and stowed away their clothes. Part of the
reason they were so excited was th... Continue»
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Finally my first threesome!

Well it's finally happened that moment!
Last night my work colleague stayed over, he regularly does, and I have often found him staring at my women's ass, okay so I'm tony my friend and colleague is Mike and my other half is Rie, last night we were all getting rather merry, in fact on checking the bottle count this morning three bottles of red and three bottles of white! Rie was determined to get d***k! Which she duelly did, we have often fantasised about Mike, well Rie has and I found it a massive turn on, (I guess my fave videos show I'm no stranger to a little cuckolding) we would often be... Continue»
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watching dad and mom act

Hi this is Raj, am going to submit a real story which happened couple of years ago. At that time my age was 18 years. My f****y consists of three. My dad, Raghu is 48 years, mom Rani (38-30-40) is 40 years, and me of Raj 18 years. We live in 2bhk flat a reputed city of Andhra Pradesh.

My dad is a sex manic, I saw him ogle at many of aunties in my locality. He also had a crush on our neighbour aunty Radha

And I saw him flirting with her (I saw inbox of his mobile, messaging sexy things with her which my mom doesn’t know as she is an orthodox women)

link will open in a new tab

I als... Continue»
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Een hels ritje......

***Een hels ritje....***

De 18-jarige Tony staat te liften bij de afrit van een truckstop langs een drukke verkeersweg, ergens in Frankrijk. Telkens als een truck de baan weer opgaat steekt hij zijn duim op. Reeds bij de vijfde truck krijgt hij 'n lift naar het zuiden. Tot hier is hij met de trein gereist. Om geld te sparen is hij uitgestapt om de rest van het traject te liften. Hij mag voor de eerste keer alleen op vakantie en zijn ouders stonden er op dat hij op een veilige manier zou reizen. Met de trein dus naar Spanje. Maar Tony had z'n plan al kl... Continue»
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Fiery Heat Chapter 2


Tristan entered his father’s office after a quick dash to the bathroom, and sat down in

the couch facing his father and Damon. He couldn’t help but notice the way Damon’s

mouth was set in a grim line, jaw tense. Was he angry? Was he as confused as he was?

One thing was clear though, Damon wanted to pretend nothing had happened

between them. Fine…two people could play that game. But Tristan could fool any other

person but himself…he was still shaken by the encounter.

Caleb cleared his throat and quickly went over the Albatros project, outlinin... Continue»
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Soccer Coach's Wife

Karen Johnson had a problem!

Karen was now in her late thirties and her body had developed a serious need for sex! All the worse was the fact that her husband seemed to be moving the opposite direction. They still had sex but it seemed to be by rote.

This left Karen to spend a significant amount of time doing self-service with her vibrator. It was during these little sessions that her mind would wander to whom she would like to have sex with. In the last week she found herself coming back to one person on regular basis; Justin... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 2

The first night mom was home from the hospital was a whole learning experience in the caring of mom as far as her bathroom needs, bathing her, and in trying to feed her, and I stayed hard most of the time and had to go jack off a few times.

After eating supper that night, mom wanted me to clean her up a little bit, then mom and I sat in her bed while I did the little bit of homework that I did have from the classes that I did attend that day at school, before having to leave to go to get mom from the hospital and just as I was finishing up with them, mom said, "Ray, would you go in and get... Continue»
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My 18 year old wife fucks my best friend, who is b

I took a photo of my young hairy wife Dee Dee naked in 1974 when she was 18 years old. She was a senior in high school and getting ready for class when I asked her to pose naked for me. She asked why and I said I wanted it so I could remember how she looked naked when she was in high school.

She thought that was a good idea and posed for me in a position they used in cheers, as she was a varsity cheerleader at school. I also wanted the photo to give to my best friend Willie, who was black and still a virgin. Willie had known Dee Dee for 3 years, and had met her after she and I began d... Continue»
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