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When I was 18 part 1

When I was 18 and just graduated from high school I had applied for several secretarial jobs and in a couple of days I received a call. It was for a receptionist at an investment firm. There was just my boss and I working there. It was a great job I really enjoyed going in every day ! My boss really treated me great and in my first few months I had already received 2 raises. Mike my boss was 59 and a very handsome man and like I said really treated me great He was always gracious and very professional Mike told me that he wanted to set up a party for his clients and their f****y's He told me w... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 9

You want me to fuck you with it while I’m sucking you I asked Jason? Fucking of course he said back. I told Jason to sit on the edge of the bed and open his legs. I put a little more lube on the tube and got on my knees between Jason’s legs. I placed the tip on his asshole and slid it in. I slowly pushed it about half way and held it there.

I then grabbed his hard cock with my other hand and held it up straight and lower my mouth onto it. I started sliding his cock in and out of my mouth while I was fucking his tight ass with the toy. I did it slow at first, but then started going faster. ... Continue»
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Afternoon at Mike and Mr. Kings

Mr. King stroked my little dick for a few minutes, he asked "how does that feel?". I said it feels funny, but good. He used more lotion to keep it moist and said" I do this for Mike sometimes". Really, I ased. Yes he said. " sometimes he'd get hard and it would hurt, so I do this for him till he starts to feel better". I told him I wish I had a dad to do it for me. " not all dads do." He said, " most don't want to know about it, and others know their sons play with it but don't want to say anything". Well I wish my mother would do it then. He said" moms are different, they think it's naughty a... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 8

I grabbed our empty beer cans and walked out telling Jason I was going to get a couple more beers. I also wanted to make sure none of the lights were on that shouldn’t be. I left the hall light on which gave us some light in the bedroom. When I got back to the room with the beers, Jason was laying on the bed stroking his cock. I handed him his beer and we both took a couple of gulps before putting them down.

I told Jason let’s do it a couple of times on the bed like we usually do. Jason got both of the pillows and put them behind his head, propping himself up some. I got on the bed and posi... Continue»
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mom and me

Even though mom drank and made some bad decisions I knew she loved me. I know now she has her sexual needs and would bring some men home. Not all of them liked c***dren, a couple down right hated me. I stayed in my room when they came over.
My mom and I were invited to a picnic that a f****y friend(so I was told) mom went in the house where the adults were talking and drinking, I was sent to the backyard where the k**s were. Some played games, others stood around bragging about how rich they were and all the stuff they had. I couldn't wait to get back home.After a while a guy came out and ta... Continue»
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I could not believe the situation I was in!

I was standing in front of a group of people all of which were strangers and my husband was in the process of selling my clothes!

He was telling them I was a reluctant stripper who needed encouragement to showing my body and what was he bid for my little black dress!

Let me explain a bit about how I find myself in this situation. I had heard about a new club in the big city, a club where live sex, totally uncensored sex, could be seen on stage. I knew the name of the club and where it was. I had always had a big sex drive and being much... Continue»
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a little about myself

My father decided he had enough of the f****y life when I was very young, leaving my mom to raise me by herself. In order to work she hired sitters or when she could afford it send me to day care. After a few years of the pressures of bringing up a boy on her own she became an alcoholic, and some of her decisions were flawed. Not appointing blame, she did what she could.
Some times I'd be sent to a womans home for the day. She watched many k**s and couldn't keep an eye on all of us at the same time. At a young age I knew girls didn't have a dick and some boys weren't circumcised and I was. M... Continue»
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Cross-Dresser Delight

As a cross dresser you feel like such a woman when you have on your sexy panties and bra, and other feminine unmentionables. Sometimes you just wear them underneath your boy clothes. But sometimes I like when you have a dress and even high heels on too. I get to look at you, a beautiful and sexy woman. You get to tease and titillate a guy like me with your sexy body. You make me so horny and hard when you prance around the house looking so pretty. You always wiggle your sweet ass when you walk by, and you often find something on the floor to bend down and pickup in front of me. My eyes j... Continue»
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Suck Buddies Part 7

Jason called me two days after he and I had sucked each other the first time at my neighbor’s house. He asked me if I had gone over there yet today to do the stuff that I was taking care of: bringing in the paper and mail and watering the lady’s plants. I told him that I had and he seemed a little disappointed. Of course I knew exactly what he really was asking. He wanted us to go over their again and do some more stuff together. And of course I really wanted to do that too.

I told him I can go over there anytime I want, they weren’t coming home for another week and a half. I told him I’ve ... Continue»
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First time

g First taste
I had a gay friend when I was younger and one night after drinking I agreed to suck his cock in the shower. After soaping each other clean I took a deep breath and knelt down. His cock was 6 inches about the same as mine and I got so excited when it was right in front of my face.
I started by gently kissing and licking the head which exited him as he got harder I started to lick the underside of his shaft which in turn made me hard as well. As I licked up and down his shaft he told me he had an idea.
Then I placed his head in my mouth and stared to lick circles around it. I... Continue»
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Light under the Door

It's August and you are one month from starting your Freshman year in
high school. You are a perpetually horny boy that just turned f******n a
few months before. You have a s****r who is one year older than you. She
will be a Sophomore.

Tonight your s****r has a bunch of her friends at your f****y's house
for a sl**pover. Although your s****r sometimes treats you like a pesky
little b*****r, most of her friends have always been really nice to you
throughout the years. Plus her friends are now hot f******n and fifteen
year old girls. Bonus.

Your s****r tolerates you h... Continue»
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Young man seduced on a plane by an older woman

> As I wait in line for my flight to Mykonos, I spot a shy young man looking unsure of what to do. It looks like this might be his first international flight. As I approach him to offer my help, I notice how well built his body is, but how young and innocent his face looks. I wonder whether his mind has caught up to his body yet.
> "First time overseas?" I inquire. "Anything I can do to help?" He turns around and smiles at me sheepishly and responds "Yes, ma'am. I was wondering how we get our seat assignments?" "This airline let's you chose your own. Why don't you sit by me an... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 03


After Friday morning Kim was very distracted. He had spent the whole day half naked, never managing to get on more than a camisole and panties before his hands kept finding their way back to his body. All he could think about was the feel of Chris' strong hands on his ass, and how desperately he wanted to feel them again. And so much more. How to get Chris' hands on him again was the big question. Getting out of bed he slipped into a pair of little panties and a long sleeve shirt before he started cleaning the house.

Around mid afternoon he got a text from Chris.

"Ca... Continue»
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my friend Mike

We moved to a latge city when I was young. I made a few friends at school, but no one in my age group lived by me. During recess we would break up into groups. Some played football and others played baseball, others just wanted to run around playing tag or IT. I was in the tag group, along with an other boy Mike. We made friends quickly being we were about the same high, build, and speed.
After asking my mother if I could have someone stay the night, for a long time she finally agreed. I asked Mike if he wanted to stay the night, he had to ask his dad.( an other thing we had in common. He ha... Continue»
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Horny 18 yr old and married man

 I was just 18, had split up from my first serious boyfriend and got a job in a local bar (UK, not US!). I was upset after the split and just wanted attention and a good time. After finishing the night in the pub I started getting a taxi onto one of the local nightclubs. One of the drivers was in his late 20's and was easy to talk to . Even though I hadn't before been attracted to older men I found him strangely attractive. We started flirting and I was finding that every time I ordered a taxi it would be him! Things progressed and we ended up having sex every time I had a lift. It was tha... Continue»
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New roommate

This happened after I had gotten a divorce. I was kicked out of my house and renting an apartment. My exwife and I used to be swingers and some of the couples would message me from time to time. Most of the time they would not do anything with just a male.

One day a new number message my phone saying that person was in the same shape as me and we used to swing together. After a few text messages I figured out it was a guy that we would swing with and his wife had kicked him out. Since they had not been to my place he was wondering if he could just hide out there from the craziness. Which h... Continue»
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First Time I Sucked A Dick

Sucking dick has always turned me on ever since the first time I sucked one. I enjoy having a dick in my mouth and looking up to see the excitement in the guys eyes. I also enjoy being degraded while sucking dick. It turns me on when I hear a guy say "suck that dick bitch" or hearing him call me a whore. So anyways, I was hanging out with a friend and she asked if I would like to come back to her house to swim in the pool. So as we are laying out by the pool catching some sun, I look up and see someone looking out the blinds. When he saw that I had saw him he quickly moved away from the window... Continue»
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Fun in the library

Quick Information beforehand: I am not a native English speaker and generally not that good with words. Also, this is my first story. So please leave some feedback.

Fun in the library

It started as a pretty normal summer day, I was up early and went to the public library to research for an upcoming exam. I grabbed my books, took my Laptop and searched for a nice quiet place to work. A table in a corner besides two walls with two comfy chairs looked inviting. So I started working and soon I had books all around me when suddenly someone grab the chair right next to me and sat down. I j... Continue»
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First Time Suck Buddies Part 6

I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other.

Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks!

I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out of Jason’s mouth. Jason stood up and barely gave me a chance to get to my knees before he was pushing his cock in my mouth. I’m going to throatfuck you like you did me, Jason said as he thrust his cock deep. And that he did, fucking my mouth and throat f... Continue»
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My wife's fourth of July gang bang

The idea of my wife being gang banged had always been on my mind. I have watched her have sex several times but it was always with just one guy. I brought up the idea of she and I hosting a pool party for the fourth of July. She is always on board for a party so as we talked out the details I mentioned that I'd like for it to be a guy only party. She asked what about me? I said you can be there and if things work out like I want them to you will be gang banged. She smiled and said oh goody.

I started calling all my single guy friends and told them it was going to be a blow our. I'd have ri... Continue»
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