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The Long Road To My First BBC part three

I heard the latch being set in booth next to me. The strong smell of men's cologne passed through the GH. Somehow that caused a shiver of excitement rush thru me like electricity. The light from my movie playing was causing my hose to shimmer. I began to examine my stocking clad legs with my hands and at that moment I realized I actually had very sexy and shapely legs. More tingles and shivers. My breathing was so shallow and rapid I was sure my new neighbor was wondering what was wrong with me.
No cock had poked its beautiful head thru the GH as of yet. I moved my head slowly to the GH in o... Continue»
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Show4U's True Stories: My First Bi Experienc

Disclaimer: The following story is 100% truth with no exaggerations or embellishments. Names and/or usernames have been withheld to protect the privacy of other participants, who shall be referred to only by their first initial.

If you've read my profile, you already know a bit about my time on xHamster. If you haven't, the relevant background for this story is that the sum of my journey here left me, at 32 years of age, desperate to experiment with another male for the very first time. I was very particular in my search for the right guide for this kind of exploration. Having no prior... Continue»
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My shortcut

So I live in bath and I've spent a long time looking for and spraying loads over another xham member who goes by the name of Nicola diamond, I've litreraly sprayed pints of cum over her profile and her fantastic stories........ now for a story of my own........the day I meet and facefucked Nicola diamond!

It was my day off and I had decided to go for a stroll around town it's was a nice hot day so I was expecting to see a lot of women showing a lot of skin, I spent a good hour wondering round admiring the legs tight asses and fantastic tits on display when I noticed a pair that I had jerke... Continue»
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just a little fantasy..

It all starts at the bar, were getting d***k and hitting it off. You drop a line and ask if i know how to play pool. I answer honestly and say I'm not very good at it, You assure me that you're the b**st teacher ever with a wink and a seductive smile. I giggle and give you a flirty shove. You rack the balls for us, and ask if I have ever used a pool stick. I have, but still am no good at it. You come around behind and wrap your arms around me. You're so close to me, I can smell your cologne. The smell of you, on it's own turns me on. You place your hands over mine on the pool que and position ... Continue»
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Batavia bang for four #1: Ashtyn

Batavia is a bar for foreigners in old town Amsterdam, frequented by me and three tasty foxy friends
Booby black-haired beauties almost my height are the two tall sexy s!sters: Sasha and naughty Natalia

Blonde baby beauty awesome Ashtyn is still a teen, she looks as lovely as in my dirtiest dear dreams!
B-size breasts as far as I can see, and a shy smile she only shows to me while we chat with some beers

Because both Natalia and I are regular custumers who got friends of the barkeeper team, we can stay on
Beyond closing time the real fun for us four starts, as we suddenly have pr
... Continue»
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My First Time Was With Gran

I’ve been going around to my gran’s house to cut her lawns and little odd jobs for the last year now since my granda died. I don’t mind as it is extra pocket money for me and another benefit is that when I was tidying the shed out one day I found granda’s old stash of porn magazines that I have read and learnt a lot from.

I love the stories and photos from the reader wife’s, they seem more real to life than some model posing on page three. Some how I am drawing to the plumper wife’s photos and being fifteen I have wanked many times at there pictures in the garden shed.

I have just finish... Continue»
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The Smell of Money and Pussy

My final couple of years of high school I got into to this work study program. I was a very smart k**, kind of a nerd. I had all the credits needed to graduate so they thought this would challenge me. I got this job to work at the local bank during school hours. I shadowed the bank president. She was a tall slender woman with silver, almost white hair. She kept it in a bun on her head. I figured she was around sixty. Not bad looking for a granny. She dressed all business. Skirts and blazers. She was all authority no bs kind of boss.
Several nights we would work late. She gave challenging... Continue»
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The woman who took my anal virginity

It's been a few years since a girlfriend first talked me into letting her take my anal virginity... convincing me to lay face-down on her bed with my legs spread apart, so that she could get between them and have her way with me.

It was obvious that she was really turned on by doing this kind of thing and that I was not the first guy that she had done it with, because what started out as a gentle probing with a single finger gradually turned into a vigorous ass fucking with a good sized dildo that she brought out from a box of toys that was hidden under her bed.

She began things quite sl... Continue»
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The Boss over for Dinner

This is a true story of how my wife and I got to learn and enjoy sex and come out of our shell.

The Boss over for dinner

The knock on the door heralded the Boss( also a good mate) and his Wife's arrival for dinner. I opened the door and was surprised to find Jim standing there alone. “ Sorry, but Anne has one of her headaches so I hope you don't mind won't be coming ,we would have let you know earlier but she was hoping it would have cleared up ... Continue»
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s****r in law catches me masturbatin,true start wi

One afternoon at about 1 o'clock I was sitting alone at wife was at work and had a couple hours to kill and thought I might as well put on a old DVD I have not watched I a while " extream anal 3" .I thought I would be fine and did not close the curtines to the big picture window that looks into my living room .my wife's s****r was supposed to be in work but got out earlyand came over and drop off some party supplies:) .I have always thought that she had a hot body I find. It hard not to look at her when she.puts on a her bathing suit and we swim in the river.I start the DVD and pull my... Continue»
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My Fake Mom - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It was going to be another long summer living with my parents. I could not find a job after graduation. I wanted to move out. But I need to make some money. Both my parents worked. They were gone before I got up most days. They did not come home until after 6pm because of traffic. We live in a nice big development. There are a few house up for sale. The one next door just sold last week. I heard a moving van yesterday but I played video games all day online.

I had a long distance relationship for 3 months. But over time we just lost touch. She s... Continue»
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Big Boob Hunting - BBBBTS

Buck's Big Boob Bed Time Stories....

It was close to 3am when the alarm clock went off. I had rented a cabin just off the highway across the state. I was able to leave work a day ahead of my hunting buddies. They were suppose to get here the following day. I was going to scout out some good places to hunt. There was a lake not to far from the cabin. Its suppose to have allot of Ducks this time fo the year. I spend most of the time drinking and cracking jokes, then hunting anything. Sometimes I forget to load my gun. It's more like just getting away for the week. I was just dumped by my ex... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 5

Clearly the largest cock was Marcus’, followed by Jack, Frank, and Ray. My cock was right in the middle of the pack and I could sense that all of us were getting very excited watching the girls going down on Angela and scoping out each others bodies and cocks in the room.

Pete started rubbing his cock, and slowly pulled it out and started stroking it. All eyes moved from the video camera to his nice brown cock, with a cut pink tip starting to grow larger and harder with each stroke. Pete was nicely shaven and was clearly ready to get the party started.

“Nice cock Pete,” complimented John... Continue»
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gefickt vom freund und seinem onkel


wir waren 18 und schon immer gute freunde. felix und ich haben uns zum ersten mal schwule pornehefte besorgt und sie sofort in seinem zimmer konsumiert.
die geilen jungs und kerle habens in allen stellungen gemacht.kleine kurzgeschichten haben die bilder kommentiert.
es kam, sie es kommen mußte, unsere jungsschwänze spannten in unseren hosen und wie von selbst zogen wir uns gegenseitig aus.
felix nahm sofort meinen harten schwanz in die hand und fing an zu wichsen bis der erste tropfen vorsaft zum vorschein kam. ich ermutigte ihn, den tropfen abzulecken. offenbar sc... Continue»
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s*s and I

For a little bit of back ground I will say that dad left, when I was six years old and s*s was four years old, which mom then had to go to work to suport the three of us, s*s, mom, and myself.

With the job that mom was able to get, we wasn't able to keep the house we were living in when mom and dad divorced, so we had to move out to a house that a friend of ours had, as long as we kept and eye on things around the place, which put us out in the country about three miles out from town. What I mean by keep and eye on things is, to keep people from just coming in and taking what isn't theirs, ... Continue»
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BBW Wife Gone Wild Part III

I am sorry it has been so long since my last story but a lot has happened since the last time I wrote. Those of you who read the last story recall the night she had a gang bang with some college boys. Well it turns out it was a lot more wild then we thought. A few weeks after that we found out that she was pregnant. However we did not know who the father was. We weren't sure if it was me or one of the college guys. After nine months she gave birth to a red red headed girl. Obviously was one of those boys from the gang bang. So shortly after giving birth we had her tubes tied and ... Continue»
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Gloryhole slut in training

As some of you read in my other story i am a young guy that wants to expand his number of cocks he has had. I dont know exactly how to do it and i search around the internet and gloryholes caught my attention. I just think they are the sexiest thing ever! like taking load after load whats more hot than that? I knew i wouldnt be able to just go in there and go full board (even though i sucked a few cocks) but not many. I doubted i would be able to swallow all that cum even though i knew i most likely could so i started training. I did it by saving up big loads over a few days and flipping my le... Continue»
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Margaret Ann My Mentor

Margaret Ann was my step S****r. She was ten years older than me and I had grown up with her. To best describe her would be to say voluptuous. Dark hair and eyes, she looked exotic. Every since I could remember I had been transfixed by her and would hang on her every word or motion.

My dad and step mom were an odd couple. He was a very docile type and she was very strict. She did not hide the fact out of his presence that she would be happy to be rid of me. Every summer we would take a vacation trip on the cheap to somewhere. It was more of a duty than a time to relax. I never looked forwar... Continue»
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Kat was on the prowl. we had been out of state and with f****y so her pussy intake was very low. As soon as the plane landed she was on her way to Janette's house a woman that she took out of a PTA meeting and two hours later had the strap-on balls deep in her red haired cunt. Janette ran a small office was married and had two daughters one 19 and away at school and then Kimmy 16 years old perfect ass and big tits for her age. She ran track and her long tan legs drove Kat crazy. Pulling up to Janette's house Kat walked to the door and just as she was about to knock she noticed Kimmy laying ... Continue»
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The holiday beach cabin with mum

I was away on holiday with my parents to a friends villa in Spain. We was only away for a few days so I took advantage of a free relaxing trip with my parents. We was a couple of days into it and was a bit bored of the pool and as we had hired a car dad said he would take us to the local beach 15 minutes away. We had a cool bag packed and our towels and we set off mid morning. I didn't no until we pulled up that dad wasn't actually coming to the beach with us he said that he had things to do. He dropped us off and said that he'll be back to pick up us round about 4 ish. As me and mum got out o... Continue»
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