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Travis walked into the kitchen to find Jennifer, cleaning up after dinner, alone. She was humming softly to herself, with her back turned to him, and hadn't noticed his entrance. He stared at her for a moment, taking her in. Her jet black hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She was wearing a tight fitting purple tank top which she had jogged in, as well as a pair of black running shorts. And shorts they were-- they demonstrated her long, toned legs and showed off her shapely heart-shaped butt without leaving much left to imagination. He would occasionally get a glance at her profile as she ... Continue»
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Helping Grandma

After serving time in the service then getting an honorable discharge, I decided to go to my grandma's house to see her before going on to mom and my stepdad's place, that was off in another state or two from where my grandma lived. The main reason for going to grandma's place first is cause I really wanted to see how she was doing since my grandpa had died one and one half years before, plus I needed to get an address for my mom and stepdad's place any way, and I knew that grandma would have their address.

I pulled into the drive way at grandma's house and saw that her yard was in need of ... Continue»
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Showing Amy the ropes

I had babysat Amy since she was young, a favour for a friend. Her Mum and Dad were incredibly protective, so even now they wanted someone to watch her.
Amy may have only turned 16 a few months ago but she had already blossomed into a very pretty and astonishingly sexy girl. Her 5 foot figure had been toned by dance lessons, and you couldn't help but notice her firm round breasts, especially as she was so fond of figure hugging tops.
So I came along to 'babysit'. It was a Friday night and her Mum and Dad were out for a party. Back late, so all I had to do was watch the house while Amy w... Continue»
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A True Story

I sat on the bench press after my workout. Totally gassed, drinking from my water bottle. Looking up, I saw her. Her. The woman that had been coming in every Monday/Wednesday/Friday for the last month. She was new to the gym and to be honest...I’m not sure I would have stuck with my workouts if she hadn’t kept showing up.
Without fail, she would wear short black skintight workout shorts and a neon colored sports bra. Today was no different. I always try to be subtle -- looking off into space as I recover -- but really watching her on the stair-step machin... Continue»
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7 old gentlemen to gang bang my innocent daughter

i am happy that my elder daughter is now an adult, a pure adult in the legal terminology.I am fucking with a good number of young and old persons. But i feel I am too old now. I am a little pervert as well. So i determined to invite at least 7 lusty males to deflower my elder daughter on her birthday celebration.
Let my daughter narrate the happenings at the Hotel Sexo Grand,the venue of my experiments of various kinds.
( Leela, my daughter narrates . . . )
Hello, I am Leela, just turned to 18 year but as I am petite and pig tailed I really look as a 15 year girl. I have seen my mom fu... Continue»
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first time with a milf

I was on an online dating site one day as i came across this wonderful milf named "sarat2987" as ive never been with a milf before i was excited so i soon messaged her and we arranged to meet. The drive out there seemed like it took ages and as i pulled into her apartment complex my heart beat faster. I soon got out and As I walked towards her apartmentI felt my nerves fill up, “should I turn back” I thought. I decided against it as I drove this far I might as well go the extra mile and head in and see what would happen. As I walked up the steps to her place I sent her a text saying “im here”.... Continue»
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My monthly review meeting with my BBC manager ;)


I wore a body contour pencil knee length skirt with a zip (Pics above) on the right side going from the bottom up to the top so u can unzip it showing as much or as little of your leg and ass as u like with a white low cut blouse and high platform peep toe heels.
Me and my manager had lunch earlier, completely innocent in the work canteen. His was sitting next to me eating ... Continue»
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"What are you doing?" I sat down on the steps, the wide wooden stairs
of our back porch.

"Hey Kris. I'm just sitting." My b*****r shrugged.

The sun was going down behind the not very old maple trees in our
backyard. It wasn't much of a view, since we lived in the middle of
Suburbia. A thousand identical houses, all lined up nice and neat. It
was easy to get lost and if you weren't careful you could walk into a
stranger's house by mistake.

I'd done that when I was 17 and a little d***k after a party. My
boyfriend had missed my street by two blocks and I snuck in through
the op... Continue»
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'The end of the summer'

One man read 'nap time.' In a PM he told me that the way the story ended with a kitchen timer going off, reminded readers that this was a story about time. I took people back in time fifteen years. That man said it best. I took readers back to when nothing else mattered but Pokemon. It's time to set the kitchen timer for one more hour. Back to a time when I was just eighteen. The boy I wanted was nineteen. He was raging hormones. I was in a different place. A sad place. I left it all behind me when I went to work. When I got home, there was death everywhere. One thing I learned about watching ... Continue»
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Just looking for love

Brandy's left hand pulled in on the clutch lever. As her right leg balanced
the weight of the drag bike between her slender legs.

This allowed her left foot to push the shift lever down connecting the eight
hundred plus horse power engine to the trans and the trans to the rear tire
causing the Fat Lady to jerk and sink down as the built to the hilt mill
stood ready.

She placed both her feet firmly on the black top as she held the only thing
keeping the Lady in place.

She shoved her buttocks back as she lay her long six foot slender body on
the fuel tank as her face wen... Continue»
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Fair Exchange

As is the case with most boys (and as far as I can guess most girls), my first sexual experience was a solo one,

i.e. masturbation. From the very first time I held my cock for anything other than to pee I was hooked on the

sheer delight of orgasm, the building pressure in the brain (and in the balls) leading up to the cataclysmic

release is a feeling I have never lost the desire for.

One way I have discovered to increase the pleasure is to masturbate surreptitiously in public. Typically I would

go to a pub or club wearing a baggy pair of jeans that have had the front pocke... Continue»
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loosing virginity with uncle

His hard cock was sliding in and out of my pussy. He was on top with my legs spread wide to give him full access. We both were full of lust as if we couldn't get enough of each other. I knew I was approaching an orgasm and began moaning. Evidently when he heard my moans, he speeded up and pounded me like a jack hammer. I groaned and yelled as my mind and body were overcome with passion. When my body began to relax a little, I heard him say, "Roll over on top and ride me." I did as requested and started wildly fucking him. I could feel him hunch up to me and knew he was about to fill my puss... Continue»
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Pauline Anne and Me

The sc***l heating had broken down so we were sent home. As the next bus to my village was not until 4pm Pauline said to me "Come round to ours". As it was so cold and wet I accepted.
We got to her house accompanied by Pauline's friend Anne who was in the same cl**s . The house was empty .
"Mum's not back till 5" said Pauline "what shall we do?"
"Let's get out of these wet things" Anne stated " You go into the bathroom and throw your wet things on the landing and Pauline will bring you some dry ones from her b*****r's room"
I stripped off and threw my uniform onto the landing. Soon Paulin... Continue»
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Wedding Party

I had a full on man bush and was ready to stick my dick in some pussy. My Friends and I had talked about it for along time. Spied on each others moms and s****rs. Circle jerked. Looked at magazines. I was on a trip with my parents and s****r. We were staying at this fancy hotel. I would sneak out of the room and go run around the hotel in the middle of the night while everyone else slept.
This night there was a huge party downstairs, someone got married. As I walked down the hall, I could hear everyone fucking in their rooms. This made me more horny. My friends had told me that I could ta... Continue»
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Breaking in New House!

My husband and I had bought a new house, we had not taken possession yet and I wanted to measure windows for some blinds I needed to order. I met with Darren our real estate agent on my lunch hour to get access to the house, he let us in and helped me measure the windows. We ended up downstairs where the windows were high up, Darren moved a bench over so I could reach as I came down off the bench I slipped and he caught me before I could hit the floor. Darren was a big black man 36 years old about 6 foot tall, not what you would call body builder but strong and very handsome. I'm 48 mother of ... Continue»
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Ms. Paterson's Addiction

Nancy Paterson was respected member of the community. She was an office manager for the county. She was active in various community organizations. She was considered a real lady by all that knew her.

If there was one rumor about her it was that she might be attracted to women but there was never any substantiation of this being true. She had never married and no one could remember her dating anyone.

The truth was much different than anyone could have known. Nancy had spent her life alone because of an addiction. It started w... Continue»
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Twinverted - Chapter 1

Sam & Cat: Twinverted - Chapter 1

I was surprised by the phone call. Usually, I'm grateful if my s*ster calls me once every two months. It’s much more likely to be a text that says, "I'm alive. U?" But I had just gone out to play a trick on her friend Cat in November and now she was calling me almost two months to the day and trying to get me to come out again to play a trick on the same friend.

I said, "I really don't think you should. Cat seems so sweet and trusting. She took your last prank in good humour, but you can’t expect that to work again. And honestly I think it’... Continue»
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Me and my mum part 2

Me and my mum. Part 2.

So it was Saturday morning and as u read in part 1, my mum had come down to the kitchen fully dressed, with a look of disappointment and kind of happy.

Her friend and her husband came down and my mum carried on like normal. We all sat around eating breakfast and talking about what we should do, as my mums friend and her husband have never been to our town we decided to take them out and show them around. My mum decided to go get changed as she wasn't dressed for going out.

After about an hour she came downstairs looking absolutely stunning, iv never seen my mum ... Continue»
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How I started Cross Dressing and other first times

I love to cross-dress! I love everything about it!
Like most of us cross dressers, I love everything about ladies undergarments. I like seeing lingerie in ads, in stores, on models, on TV, on women, on men and of course on me! I love the feel when I am dressed up. I love the taboo of wearing them. I love the thrill of being “underdressed”, which is wearing lots of lingerie under your manly clothes, when I go to work. I especially love the incredible horniness and lack of all boundaries when I am dressed. But alas, I can only dress on occasion, not nearly as much as I would like to.
I ... Continue»
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Boy gets NASTY with his UNCLE BILL

Hi! My name is Mike and this is a story about my Bi Uncle bill, my feet and how he "taught" me to do things about my own sexuality!

I was young, impressionable and still just a freshmen in high school. I had a great body and was on the wrestling team and also played football. I had never thought that my Uncle would or could do things that he did to me one summer, but here's the story and let me know if you have ever had this happen to you.

Our families had some lake front property near Atlanta at one of the major lakes. Several times each summer, many of the f****y would go there
... Continue»
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