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ClassMate Fantasy part 3

As I open the door into the bedroom, a little bit of jizz oozes out and makes contact with my leg. I pay no attention to it and start turning the shower on. I leave the bathroom as I let the water start to heat up as I leave the room to go lay out some clothes for after. I pull out some boxers and a shirt to wear around my place until I need to get ready. I get back to find that I turned the heat on way too hot and now my glasses get blasted with steam when I enter the bathroom. I turn on some cold water immediately and try to simmer down the steamy shower. I look down at my crotch area ... Continue»
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A Sissy is Born

sissy – lingerie – lipstick – male dom – male submissive – bra – panties – thigh-high stockings – cum slut

I've been waiting for this day for a couple of weeks now. We've been exchanging e-mails, trying to come up with a plan that works for both of us. You placed an ad on Craigslist looking for a cock sucker. I answered it. One problem though, neither of us can host. Now I'm waiting for you at Viaduct Park in Bedford, OH.

I'm getting ahead of myself. Let me back up a little. You didn't want just any cock sucker; you wanted one that would be your sissy slut. You were looking for ... Continue»
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First visit to Libertine Club in Paris

This happened in February 2015 in Paris. I'm having to rely on my memory but it's still very vivid as we use it so often when we have sex to make us both cum so strongly.

We were in Paris with friends and had done the usual Eiffel tour tour etc and had gone out for a few drinks after. The time was reaching midnight and our friends wanted to head back to the hotel. I persuaded them to stop on route at a nightclub I had heard about. I didn't tell them it was a Libertine Club as I wanted to just go in and see what they thought. I was sure it would be fun or at least funny to see. When we got ... Continue»
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My girlfriend's granny

This happened a long time ago. I was in my first year of college. Being just 18 at the time, I was always horny and felt the need to masturbate practically every day, however, being a somewhat religious young man I tried my best to avoid masturbation. The tension would build up after a few days to the point that my balls would ache and my throbbing cock wanted me to stroke it. It was a constant struggle.

Anyway, this incident with her granny happened during a break from college. I traveled to see my girlfriend during the break. She was always extremely horny and would wear her shorts so sho... Continue»
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Our first time threesome


Hi we are from the UK.

I have been watching my wife having sex with other men for the past three years and I’m going to tell how it came about and what our first experience was like?

For sometime we’ve been fantasying about my wife fucking other men. During sex I would use her dildo and role-play her taking this as another mans cock. After a while she admitted to me she would like to experience sex with another man and feel a real big cock inside her.

To help you appreciate our story and our first experience let me share some background information and our inner thou... Continue»
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Waking up wet

Everyone in this story is over 18 so fuck off.

I lived with my mom and stepdad and everything was great. I had my privacy so I could jack off 2 or 3 times a day at least.
Then my stepb*****r, Jimmy, moved in. He was a skinny, blonde haired blue eyed k**. We had plenty of room but he had to sl**p in my bedroom. Now I wouldn't have the privacy to engage in my favorite hobby. We got along fine, being almost the same age, and liking the same things; sci fi, ninjas, war shit, movie monsters, etc. But not being able to jack off whenever I wanted became a problem. Even trying to lock the bathroom... Continue»
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Humiliation 2 the ex

As difficult as it might be to believe, things after my huge embarrassment at the hands of my girlfriend, the large black man known as Link, and my closest friends, things had actually blown over. My girlfriend has not cheated with anyone else, (that I know of), and the whole affair is no longer even mentioned in our home. I thought, maybe, just maybe it is all over, but I was dead wrong.
One day, as I came home from work, my girlfriend was on face book, as usual, and I figured it would be another normal day. But, instead of sitting down to dinner as usual, she says to me, I am going out by m... Continue»
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Room 209: First Sex as a Crossdresser

crossdresser – trans – interracial – lgbt – first time – virgin – black cock – crossdressing – natural tits – bra

I've been crossdressing for much of my life, as far back as I can remember. I would even go to sl**p as a k** and pray that I would wake up in a girl's body. In the last few years, now that I live by myself, I spent about $1,000 on a whole wardrobe of women's clothes for myself - bras, thongs, dresses, tops, stockings, lingerie, make-up, perfume, etc... I have also been overweight for some time so I have breasts. As a man, I have to minimize them all the time. As a women,... Continue»
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I was planning a trip to England and I began researching for some unusual things I might do there I came across an ad in the in the travel section for the Fantasy Fulfillment Theater. It was two lines, “Travel adventure, make your fantasy come true.”
I sent an email to the address provided and received a response in the form of a registered letter. There was a release, all matter of confidentiality stuff, an authorization for a performance bond guaranteeing my personal satisfaction and insuring against the release of my private information. I also found a fantasy request... Continue»
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My First Cock

femdom – anal – male submissive

When I first met Jeanette, I thought, what a wildcat. She was beautiful and wild. Our very first night together I felt like she fucked me rather than the other way around. She made it clear that she loved being on top, and truth be told I loved it too. She aroused some deep passion in me, and I never wanted a woman more than I wanted Jeanette.

One night after foreplay that I wished would never end, Jeanette began bringing out a number of silk scarves from a drawer, saying, "I want to tie you up. Will you let me do that to you?"

She had already ca... Continue»
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No Sermon While On This Moumt by Bingville

Joan and I have been married for more than twenty years. Our love life is still maturing. Other than acting out and verbalizing our respective fantasies, we have remained mutually exclusive. I think that a threesome with the right other man involved would be something which Joan would find habit forming. She claims this is something that she would never do, but really becomes aroused in our love making by the idea of fucking a former lover, fucking someone we both know who she finds attractive or, most of all, fucking someone with a big thick dick, black or white.

Joan still communicates by... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 3

Chapter 3
After his encounter with Richard a mature gentleman, the chubby college student displayed much more confidence with his courses in school and also around the guys at the dorm. One guy even asked if he had a girlfriend however others had continued to make crude remarks but he just shrugged them off. He carried himself with confidence and of course continued masturbating and thinking about older men. He even had even thought that the head of the History Department, a mature gentleman was interested in him. He had met him at a social for the Department when a professor had introduced t... Continue»
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Elders Meeting – Elsbeth

Elders Meeting – Elsbeth

There was a bit of a crisis in the Upland Rustic Church. Pastor Daniel and the two church elders had been making plans for months for their annual Elder’s Retreat and the Pastor’s assistant had just gotten pregnant. Who was going to take notes and run errands at the Pastor’s cabin in the mountains? It would not be seemly for the Holy men to look after themselves.

The Pastor’s assistant, Lily, was unmarried and just turned a teenager and those facts cast a big shadow over the church and the Retreat. Who was the father? The possible list of boys was so very sh... Continue»
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at last

some time back I posted a story about how i used to try and get 'caught' wanking off in B&B's/motel's that sort of place.

Someone recently asked me if it ever worked. Did i ever get caught and it lead to full on sex? Well not read on

It's been some years since I started this game and up until this event the best I'd ever had was some chalet maids stay and linger (watch) as I wanked off. But no-one actually said, "let me".

Skip forward many years to just a wee while ago. I was in a northern town, on business, staying in a mid range sort of place, saving a few pennies ... Continue»
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My Friend Tracy's First Lesbian Encounter

This story was told to me by good friends. They are a 15 year married couple, they are both bisexual now, but that only started over a year ago when they went on vacation to Caye Caulker in Belize. I hope I do it justice. The event is true but it is in my own words. I will be sure to have them read this over prior to me publishing it.

David and Tracy arrived in Caye Caulker in December of 2014. They had rented a nice cabana by the beach that offered a great view over the water. They were on the second floor of the cabana with a separate accommodation below them. Both accommodations w... Continue»
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My Son's Best Friend

Jack was my son's best friend. They have been friends for many years. I have always had a thing for Jack and he has had one for me. The whole time he was growing up I would flirt and tease him. I would flash him my tits and my pussy. He would blush after he got an eye full. When the boys hit puberty the got very good looking and horny. Jack and I continued our harmless fun. I was only twenty years older than them and really enjoyed the thought of Jack having nasty thoughts about me.
Well then my husband got a job offer in another city, it was too good for us to pass up. We were going to ... Continue»
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The library

Mr. Donaldson (Gary) (32), was a library executive assistant at a old library in a small town. The head librarian was a strict lady Gertrude Tunney (64) who had been there for years and was very prim proper conservative who ran the library with very strict rules. Her library employees were Mr. Donaldson, Diane Jenkins a redheaded 20 year old and Jane Foote a 19 year old brunette. They all wore very formal clothing and acted in a very prim and proper way. Mr. Donaldson was a nudist and a art/erotic photographer on the side and did not like the strict nature of Gertrude's dress code. Gertru... Continue»
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An amazing first with friend and her cousin ... Pa

While they were catching their breath I was busy fondling and caressing them both. After a few minuets Amber asked what I had in mind next and I reminded her that she had told Amber that she needed to suck my cock!!! Amber blushed and said she would love to but had never done that before and Jamie said that she guessed she'd just have to teach her then. She told Amber to lay down next to me, pay real attention and watch closely. Jamie got between my leg and reached out and wrapped her hands around my rock hard shaft. Then she bent down and kissed the head of my dick before licking all around i... Continue»
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A canoeing day that went wrong/right.

A canoeing day that went wrong/right.

The events that got me into this position are unimportant. What is important is that I’ve been backed into a blind date, so my canoe buddy can get into a perfect 10 blonde’s pants. He has covered for me in the past. So fairs, fair. The 20 something brunette in the front of my canoe has a pain face and has dressed in clothes that do not show her figure at all. The only thing in her favour is that she hardly says a word and obviously knows how to paddle. I can’t wait to get this ‘date’ over!
The trip went without event until the last weir. John and ... Continue»
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Pilots Strike

We would never have met Johnny if it hadn't been for the airline pilots strike in '89, normally we would have flown from Adelaide to Melbourne for a wedding but due to the strike we had to drive. Which meant we ended up meeting Johnny, more unusual was because it was a friend that asked us if we could give a lift to a friend of his son, complicated but we ended up picking the guy we had never met from Fullarton, which was out of our way and taking him to Melbourne.
Johnny was an 18 year old university student, well presented, however I think that was because he was going to his s****rs weddin... Continue»
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