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Pussy Boy

Pussy Boy Nathan

After kissing his mother and shaking his father's hand, Nathan lugged the last box through the hall and entered into his dorm room. As he entered he nearly bumped into the 6'3" black man in his room.

He was dressed in an oversized black T-shirt with Tupac on it. His jeans were sagging and baggy, exposing his blue paid boxers. He had completed the look with a pair of tan timberlands.

"I am sorry." Nathan mumbled trying not to drop the box.

The man took the box from him and placed it on the floor.

"It's okay. I am your new roommate, Tre... Continue»
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A Royal Lay

When I was a fifteen year-old k** there was a girl with an unusual name who
lived next door. It was a combination of her father's name, 'Roy' and her
mother's name, 'Leigh'. They called her Royaleigh pronounced Roy-a-lay. But
I like to think of her as Royal Lay, because she was.

Royaleigh loved to lay out sunning herself in her backyard. She wore the
skimpiest of bikinis when she lay out on her lounge chair. I could see her
through the window in my bedroom and would often watch her. She was also
fifteen and very well developed, conical breasts behind her tiny bikini
top. She had ... Continue»
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My First Threesome

this story is based on a true story that happened to me shortly after i got married. it really is a collection of chats I had with a deal gf of mine and put into a couple of paragraphs. it doesnt have all the detail, but it tells what happened. i could never be the same after this...for better or opened a door into a life of sex and pleasure beyond what i planned...

My First Threesome

Our wedding was a mad rush...we had all these plans to see friends and spend time hanging out with them...but most of it didnt work out... two of our good friends, Jeff and Jason, came to ... Continue»
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A Trip to the Grand Canyon

We had been traveling all day, just sight-seeing the great western
territory of America on our way to see the grand canyon. My twelve year-old
s****r Linda and I had been riding in the back seat with Robbie, our five
year-old b*****r, for about ten hours and we were bushed. We were slumped
together asl**p when Dad pulled the car into The Grand Canyon Motel. He
rented two adjoining rooms for the night.

Mom and Dad took the room with the large king-size bed and us k**s were put
in the next room with two twin beds. There was a set of adjoining doors
connecting the two rooms. The doors... Continue»
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Dominating my Sibling and surrendering my Virginit

“My super bohemian parents have always insisted on walking around our house naked. So the first penis I was exposed to was my dad’s.

Usually I’d see it when it was flaccid. But one day I walked into my parents’ bedroom when I was about five, and when my dad got up to go to the bathroom, I saw this thing protruding straight out from between his legs.

He had a raging boner, a morning 'Woodie', something this little girl would learn later in life, was an early morning gift for good sex, as I always seemed to find myself in a state of arousal, thank you to my brain making up dirty dreams,... Continue»
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Good Neighbor Wes

Right after my hubby popped my friend, her first real cock in several years, she confided in him that she was interested in her next door neighbor. Too shy to approach him herself, she ask my hubby to meet him and see if he was interested in her. She knew his name was Wes and that he was single. He and my hubby has spoken briefly at times but it was mainly just a courteous hello when they happened to see each other coming or going. Over the next two weeks he managed to be there when Wes got home and their chats became longer as they established a friendship. Men talk and it was not long before... Continue»
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Caravan Holiday

Hi, when I was 17 I was returning back from a f****y caravan holiday when we stopped at a large service station for some food and a piss. I after I had something to eat went to the toilet for a piss and ended up in a cubicle in the middle of a line up of around 6. I started to read all the horny writing on the wall while pissing then left with a semi cock to go and wash my hands. As I was drying them I seen a guy looking at me as he was standing at the urinals so I decided to go back into a cubicle nearer the end of the line up as there seemed to be a bit of cruising going on. The second cubic... Continue»
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The Palestinian Girl in Kuwait

I was in Kuwait in the early 1990's and had to liaise with some local hospitals and the NGO I was working for. I had to borrow a US military 3 ton ambulance to get into the city as we had no vehicles of our own. It was a German UNIMOG as this was the early days of the humvee and the Americans weren't giving those out freely.

I went into a small local hospital in Kuwait one day for work and there at the reception desk was this young, tiny Palestinian girl wearing these nicely snug-fitting scrubs LPN working the reception desk.

Being North American I looked directly into her eyes when tal... Continue»
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Submissive Sissy Jenny's First Cock

Submissive sissy Jennifer's first cock

There is a shy knock on your door. You open it, wondering who it can be. A stranger hands you the end of a dog chain, you can see that it leads to a red strap round his neck.
"I'm Jennifer, Sir" he whispers, softly & huskily. It becomes clear now - you remember the conversation on the web a few days ago. Not saying a word, you pull the stranger into your room with the lead, shutting & locking the door behind him. You slip the end of the dog chain over a coat hook behind the door. "STRIP" you command.

Jennifer slips off her coat - it was a co... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part 22

I sat watching the TV with Veronica, it was mid week and things had been quiet, then Milly my teenage daughter and her friend wandered in.
They had been out with friends most of the evening and now it was getting late had returned looking for favour.
"Daddy" said Milly making my cock twitch in a way it shouldn't.
"Could you give Gina a lift home, its late and she lives in the next village"
I sat for a moment thinking about it.
"Please!" begged my hot blonde daughter.
"Just do it" said my wife giving me a nudge.
So I agreed and after Gina had said good bye to my daughter we strolled out ... Continue»
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my s****r Ginny

"I'm just letting you know," said Joey. "I don't know what you can do about it, but that's what Peter told me."

Vic nodded and the two boys parted. He thought about everything that his friend Joey had said that afternoon.

Vic's 14-year-old s****r Ginny just became a high school freshman about a month earlier. According to Joey's b*****r Peter, almost all of the guys on the varsity team had gotten a look at her and they were all more than impressed by her. They were almost unanimous in their feelings about her. In short, they were all wild about her. If a beauty contest were held in ... Continue»
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Mile high club

he was already in his seat when he saw me coming down the aisle carrying a small bag and clutching my boarding pass. I could see him thinking "Oh let her be sitting next to me" as I approached and he couldn't believe his luck when he saw me move to him. I lifted my carry-on bag into the overhead locker reaching up and revealing my full breasts almost which were hardly concealed by my flimsy, summer clothing, the fresh in the aircraft air had hit me though and my nipples felt as if they were unmistakably evident as they reacted to the colder air. I could see his cock twitch involuntarily in his... Continue»
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First Kiss 4 – Fillow #1

B.t.V.S. - First Kiss 4 – Fillow #1

"Look, Red, all I was saying is B needs to chill out, okay? I ain't no leader," Faith grumbled as she paced back and forth in Buffy's room. Willow was sitting on the bed, watching.

"Buffy's been going crazy with everything, Faith. No one wants to listen to her anymore, because we're not getting anything done and we keep losing Potentials. We need to make some headway if we're going to have any chance of beating the First. You can help us with that. Buffy just keeps telling everyone what to do."

"That's kinda what bein' a leader is. She's, like, the ... Continue»
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Wank sessions

I dont know if every young lad experiences this but when i was in high school me and a bunch of friends used to stay over at a friends house rent porn and have wank marathons we use to cover ourselves with blankets or pillows, as i was best friends with the lad that let everyone go to his house to wank there were times when it used to be me and him alone we used to have so many amazing wanks together but still covered up. I was really interested to see if he had a bigger dick than me so i used to not cover myself as time went on he never used to cover himself but as we were sat on a couch we w... Continue»
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​M​y friend Rosa

My friend Rosa is now 18, but she used to be my pupil since her 16s. Rosa (​which means *pink​*" in Spanish​) is a colour which describes herself pretty well. You can find it in her mouth, lips, and down there between her legs​ if you are lucky​, along with the brown of her hair, eyes and, of course, nipples. We are now a bit more than friends, and much more than pupil and teacher... She is my slave. She is really shy, but a great, always horny and dirty minded slut.

Except for that of my cousin, I have never been with anyone as young as her, but she discovered me I love that​ taste​. It ... Continue»
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Hubby sent me this anniversary treat!

This is an email I received today from my husband - please do not copy or steal, it is original:

We have a weekend arranged without k**s for our anniversary and agree that it's time for us to do something special...

We get dressed up in our fanciest clothes, me suited and booted - looking immaculate and muscular after my recent gym workouts. You're all made up, looking beautiful and sexy in a revealing black dress that shows your amazing curves and more cleavage than you're usually comfortable with but at the beginning of the night I say to you:

"Tonight, you're mine to do with as I p... Continue»
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Fucked my neighbour Neelam aunty

hi guys....
My name is Veer, 23 yrs old n i m frm mumbai....
As usual around 7 am in d morning i walked out of my house and was on stairs when i heard a noise of smebdy falling. To my surprize it ws Neelam aunty. Shes 56 yrs old bt trust me shez a bombshell. Her boobs r like watermelons. i tried to help her but she got u*********s. Taking advantage i slide my hand in her dress n squeezed her milk tanks. I swear guys they wer nthng soft than a cotton ball. n big like a musk melon.... hehehe
i felt wetness in my hand n i saw dat d hand which ws supportinh her head had got wet with her bl**d.
... Continue»
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s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

s****r in Law’s Power Goes Out

Tina s****r Barbra called in the middle of the night her power had gone out and Dave her husband was out of town, and she was scared and did not won’t to mess with it. So Tina asks me to go over and look at it I got up and got dressed and went over. When I got to Barbra’s house it was in total darkness. She stood at the door with a flashlight shining in my eyes. I took it from her and as my eyes adjusted I noticed that she was in a see threw nightie. I shook my head as I walked past her. I told myself regardless of what may hap... Continue»
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Blackballed 2

The night before I was to meet Chas for the second time my hubby was horny. I was too but wanted to save it for the next morning. He was more than glad to settle for a blow job. And after three times during that week of his cock or a vibrator covered with a black condom fucking me I had a hard time sl**ping. I hoped that Chas was just as anxious. I woke up early and headed for work about a half hour earlier than normal. That gave me enough time to start the morning prep and not have to rush sex. I kept looking at the clock, wanting time to speed up. A few minutes after eight Chas knocked on th... Continue»
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Blackballed for the First Time

While chatting with a guy yesterday I was reminded of something I had done many years ago. While I have had two affairs this was more of a fling. My hubby and I owned a restaurant and dealt with a lot of salesmen. One of them was Chas. Chas came by our store once a week to visit and get out order. From the day he took over the route he blended in with the attitude my hubby and I had. Very nice guy, charming, easy to talk to and good looking to boot. The fact that he was black did not really enter the picture until he and I began to tease and flirt with each other. Hubby liked the fact that we ... Continue»
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