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The Best Week Of My Life, Pt 4

I woke up the next morning to Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Higher Ground” coming out of my alarm clock at 7:00 am. The house was empty, my dad going into work early this week and my mom at work, meant I had the house to myself.  Rolling out of bed and doing the morning paper crossword over coffee and oatmeal, I pondered on what today held for me and what was to come. I received a call about 9:00 am from Rachel, a girl I went to high school with and who was now going to college about an hour and a half north of here. Her roommate went home to be with their f****y for a funeral and Rachel wanted some... Continue»
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You MY woman – ALL woman

I started jerking off to ejaculation when I was around14. Once I started doing it, it was all I thought about, 27/7 it seemed like. I collected fuck mags and porno tapes wherever I could find them, to use as visual aids. Just looking at those sexy nude women being loved up by their hot men made my dick so fuckin' HARD! Because of that I was able to convince myself that I was normal, of course, in retrospect it is obvious that I was identifying with the women.

One day when my AUNTIE HELEN was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer.... Continue»
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Samantha Fucks Daddy!

Samantha was looking forward to spending some time with her dad. Since her parents had divorced she only got to see every other weekend and then for a couple of weeks each summer.

Samantha felt that over the last couple of years they had grown apart but her recent sexual awakening was even more if reason to want to be with her dad.

Samantha had been introduced to sex by her boyfriend Tony. He was a fantastic lover but he had a secret. Tony was sexually attracted to older women and the one he was the most attracted to w... Continue»
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Introduced in a fantasy world and seduced in a rea

Introduced in virtual world and got fucked in real world, White foreigner seduces a young stud

Hi Readers and Writers
Here is my real experience which i am going to share.

Sept 13th 2014, 03:30 am Hitech city, Hyderabad. I was checking an online advertisement website looking for guitars when i got a message in chat saying \\\"Hi Nightly Owl\\\".
I cleanly ignored it thinking as one of an automated advertisements which haunts every time.Again i got a message saying
Dev: Hi This is Dev
Prithvi: Hi
Dev: I am sorry to call you an Owl, But i was curious to see some one at this early ho... Continue»
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Chapter Two Luggage recovered

The next morning Nicole called the office and explained that I would not be in due to my missing luggage. She asked that my appointments be changed to tomorrow and that the scheduled show “the new guy his apartment and how to get around” program be moved to today. Her boss agreed and said they would take of the schedule changes.

She said, “Well now that that is handled, how about a joint?”

“With coffee?” I asked.

“Sure, you roll the joint and I’ll get the coffee.”

She got up and turned on the TV as she left the bedroom. No sound again. I rolled a jo... Continue»
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Chapter Three Not just a one night stand

CHAPTER THREE The deal is finalized

I put on the only clothes I had and watched Nicole dress. I envied her as she slid a pair of white, lace trimmed panties up her long legs and then over her cute ass. She finished by hooking her thumbs under the sides of the elastic top, running them around and meeting in front. Then she placed her hands on her buttocks, hooked her thumbs under the elastic and pulled up. She went back to her chest of drawers and pulled out a matching bra. Watching me in the mirror .she kept her back turned to me as she reached her arms through the bra straps. Then she turn... Continue»
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Chapter One, The lost luggage gambit

I had been sent out of town to work out some problems in another office. When I my flight arrived I was met by a woman from the local personnel office who introduced herself as Nicole. She explained that she would drive me to my hotel and then to work the next day. After a tour of the office she was show me to the furnished apartment that had been arranged for me. Then we would pickup a rental car and she would turn me loose to buy some groceries and get settled in.

I was single and perpetually horny so I naturally sized her up. She was okay looking,... Continue»
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Young and naive at the gym and steamroom

Well, I'll start out this experience at the age of 18. I was just out of high school and looking to gain some muscle at the gym. As I worked out, some guys asked if I needed a spot on the bench press. It was nearing closing time, I'd say around 9pm and the gym closed at 11pm. These guys were pretty built, one was about 6'3" 220 lbs. (Mike), the other was maybe 6'0" about 180 lbs. (Nick) both in their early thirties. Very manly and very masculine. It was us and a couple of females that were working out. I noticed they were very helpful, very polite and kept an eye on me (assuming they were w... Continue»
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Butterflies in my Stomach 1: Taken by surprise

You are restless all day. In the office you are hardly able to concentrate. You write an e-mail twice, and only notice it quite at the end, thank goodness before hitting the send button. When you bring a cup of coffee to your boss, your hand trembles and you ruin a document on his desk. Your apology is stammered and indistinct. He looks at you blankly – confused by the change in your behavior. Then, on the way home, you step into a gully and brake the heel, the right heel of your new black pumps, those you've bought just for today. Bought just for meeting me...

It has been three days since... Continue»
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New Neighbors

It was the start of summer and I had just finished high school. I seen the moving truck pull next door, a SUV and a pick up pulled up behind them in front of our house. I watched the beautiful dark haired women get out of the SUV. She was hot, and sexy wearing a crop top t shirt, extremely short shorts that showed just the bottom cheeks of her fantastic ass. As she leaned over the open back hatch and pulled a small box out of the SUV, my cock started twitching around looking at her firm, tight ass. As she turned I could see her camel toe, so fucking sexy I said to myself. She was tall and slen... Continue»
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Tammy tries something new. Learns she loves it.

Tammy had just moved to the city, she had an hour before the restaurant she worked at closed but was exhausted, Jill the girl who had trained her when she started saw her yawn. "Hang in there girl." she said with encouragement, "I'm trying," Tammy responded, "My boyfriend went on tour with his band 2 days ago and i haven't been able to sl**p much." Jill gave her a devious look and whispered in Tammy's ear. "Do you party?" she said it while tapping her nose. "Like coke?" "Kinda like that." Jill said with a wink. "My boyfriend is in a rock band, of course I party." Tammy replied with a laugh. "M... Continue»
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Pirate Erotica

Were are sailing off the West Indies. A pirate flag is spotted. The sailors begin preparing for battle. The captain advises me to go to my cabin, to keep the door locked. I pace. I fret, wondering whether the ship is prepared. Cannons are fired. I hear the sounds of fighting outside. Then there is silence. It’s an agony of waiting. There’s a knock at my door.

Who is it?

I am the only survivor from my ship. My life is spared because of my youth and good looks.

As I’m taken into custody I hear the pirate captain tell his first mate, “Don’t kill this little whelp. He’ll fetch a pretty ... Continue»
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The First Time I Questioned My Sexuality

Now this story is entirely true. I've changed two very small details just so it doesn't get deleted by the mods :).

When I was younger I used to spend a lot of time at my cousin's house. He and I were very close in age and he almost always had a friend named Will from his school over. When I was younger I was relatively shy and introverted so I didn't spend much time in a sexual situation with either sex and I never really put much emphasis on it. While I was staying at his house one summer his friend was also staying for an extended period of time due to a divorce with his parents. I remem... Continue»
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The Village - Part 1

The following story is a work of fiction, presented as fact.

I present this to you as a tale, and as such it contains a small backstory. I suggest you read it. I suggest you feel it. You should absorb yourself in this young woman's every feelings, however if you wish to skip right to the action, all you have to do is search 'the sex' and you'll find it...

The Village

Bailey was a young woman living in a small hamlet in England. It was one of those picturesque villages that you'd visit on the weekend with the f****y, see the local farms and the lambs with spring in their steps. ... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Fantasy

So my girlfriend who is 18 sent me this the other night;

I want your hands on my body, and I want to undress you, slowly, starting with your socks, and then stroking you to get you hard, so you're begging me to take off your pants, but I'd take your shirt off first, kissing and biting your neck, still stroking you, and then I'd take off your belt.Undo your button and zip, and roll off your jeans and I'd lick and bite and tease all over your hips and inner thighs

You squirming beneath me, and I'd take one of the belts and tie your hands, then tie the other belt around the knot and tie t... Continue»
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Swingers Club Fantasy Cont:

I was shocked as we got up and my wife led the way nude, and dripping cum. We picked up our cloths and went straight to the locker and shower room. Since it was a Sunday most of the lockers were empty so we had our pick. We all choose one close to the showers and grabbing towels from the neatly stacked complimentary rack. All four of us went in and found the shower heads in a circle in the middle of the tiled room. As we let the warm water flow over us James started to soap up Karen. Starting from her shoulders he rubbed her tits with soapy hands. Her own hands grabbed his huge cock and... Continue»
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My Niece, Then My s****r

I got the call from my baby s****r Gina on Wednesday that she was divorcing her husband. They'd been married
for about 13 years. I asked her what happened. She told me her side, through tears, and said she had nowhere
wise to go. I told her that I had a couple rooms available, as long as she was able to help with rent and
bills. She said she could and would be looking for a job when she got here.

I'd just gotten a divorce from my wife about 9 months before this. After 16 years, there were just too many
burnt bridges to repair and she chose to get out. I was sad to see her go, but... Continue»
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Bored Little s****r

It was an autumn Saturday. The last blazing heat of summer had finally broke, and cool breezes were again
coming in through my bedroom window. I was laying in my bed, taking a break from homework and college
hunting, and having a nice conversation with a book. The door to my room was open, to allow the fresh air
to move freely. Just one of those really great moments of solitude. Then Truvy sort of just plodded into my

She had this pathetically fake woebegone look on her face, her shoulders were slumped, and she was dragging
her feet. If I had any other s****r try this act, ... Continue»
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Dirty dream of bil and s****r

I just woke up from one of the crazies dreams that i've had in a while. I still catch my b*****r in law eye balling his s****r ass and down blouse views when he can.

My dream began with me at work helping to load a truck with supplies. After a while the scene changed around me and I was outside in an empty lot watching my k**s play. A few minutes pasted and the scene changed again. I was still watching my k**s but this time through a window from inside a small white room. The room was filled with various things all over the place. I was getting tired so I laid down on the bench I was watchi... Continue»
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Well I think the dildo has been in there long enough! One of you can pull it out if you like’ There was no shortage of volunteers & out it came’ Fuck yeah look at that’ Fuck Elaine your arse hole is huge! Look at the gape on that fucker! Oh don’t worry its use to it Ha ha’ My body then got pulled up & bent in to a doggy so they could really get a good look at my gaping ass hole’ Hands were running all over my ass & thighs with fingers starting to explore my open ass’ I was just so in the zone & up for anything & full on so I just yelled out FIST FUCK MY ARSE AS WELL! In seconds hands were p... Continue»
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