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The Husband’s Tale: His first good fuck

Sometimes at night we like to just lie in bed together, naked, idly stroking each other, intending to eventually fuck, but feeling no need to hurry. We just enjoy each other’s company and the touch of each other’s hands.

“Tell me a story,” she said one night. “I want to hear about one of your early sexual adventures. I want to think about you fucking some young babe.”

“Anything in particular you want to hear about?” I ask?

“How about your first time? Not very original, I know, but you’ve never really told me about your first fuck.”

“Well, my first time, really my first couple of t... Continue»
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Older women. They are the best.

This is an honest true story. It's long but why not have a story you can fantasize about. If you don't like it don't read it.

I used to work the overnight shift at a local frozen food delivery place to supplement my farm income. Since I was the warehouse manager my job was to meet with the drivers when they came in to discuss what product had been loaded on their trucks and any concerns they had. One morning a gal came in and introduced herself as a new driver taking over one of the delivery routes. I introduced myself and told her what my job was and gave her my cell in case she had quest... Continue»
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My s****r in law's cousin

I suppose I should really have called this my wife’s cousin because that’s who Steph is but of course she is also my s****r in law’s cousin so that makes it OK. I have been unfaithful to my wife three times. I am not proud of it and I am always remorseful afterwards; however, I cannot deny that I really enjoyed all of them. Two of them were with my s****r in law Jayne and you may have read about my confessions regarding them. This is what happened with Steph.

I grabbed our suitcase and took it out to the car; we were only staying for the week-end but we seemed to have enough luggage to ... Continue»
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Work Head and Facial!

As i am sitting in the break room on my hour lunch. My female co worker walked in. I turned around to see who it was and it was Miss A. I stared for a few seconds because she has nice big tits. Im guessing D cups. Anyways she walks right up to me, jumps on my lap and kisses my neck roughly. Then wispers in my ear, follow me nigga! Now in total shock, lol, i just stared as she walks toward the door. She stops and laughs then says yoooo come on. So i smiled, stood up and followed her through the door. She headed upstairs where there is a empty office with a bathroom that employees rarely uses.Sh... Continue»
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67 PAM share part (1)

67 PAM share part (1)
Pam lay beside her husband Jim of 5 years; of late their sex-lives had been on a gentle downhill slope of same old same old. Since the k**s, Peter, four, Milly, three and her f***ed hysterectomy at Millie`s birth they had slid into the pattern of duty rather than spontaneity they had once enjoyed. No doubt 90% 0f us have experienced in lesser or greater degrees at some time or other.
He sensed her less than enthusiastic approach to his usual advances, asking if something was wrong, reluctantly she muttered that she was bored, that the spark was missing, that it, m... Continue»
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A weekend alone

My first story....completely true...and a pivotal moment in my life.
The first part covers how I started enjoying kissing other boys.
The second part tells how I lost my bi cherry to another guy and became actively and happily bi sexual.

Part one

As I boy growing up in a small English village in the 1960's, sex wasn't a subject that got talked about in an educational or overt way.
The very conservative nature of our society at the time meant that any useful education was gained either from whispers in the playground at school, or through the usual c***d/teen exploration.

I r... Continue»
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my best friend

this is a fictional story.
I had a best friend since I was 5 years old. We did everything together, we watched movies together, we went to school together, we did homework together. Yesterday my best friend Mike had his 18th birthday. we went to see a movie with bunch of other friends. the movie was funny and good, I enjoyed it a lot. On our way home Mike asks me: "Jason, do you wanna to come and do a sl**pover?" I thought about it for a sec and I answered "sure". So we walked to his home and we were talking about the movie and how funny it was. We entered the house and he was empty. "where a... Continue»
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Black guys first taste of white meat

I'm a 29 year old black man, I grew up in rural area, and live today in the city. I live with my beautiful wife, and one son about to turn 3, .

I've been what some people call a Bull, I like white pussy, I especially like to fuck white, married women. Cheating wives that?s out to get a good fuck while hubby?s busy making a buck,. Even better, I like fucking them right in front of their husbands. Having them scream from getting a big cock, fucking that hubby can't give them. And I've came across lots of white married guys, that wants this to happen, and I'm glad to help them out. I can't... Continue»
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Sex With A Sexy Stranger - Pt 1 The Elevator

I was out of town on business. Been a long trip, actually been a long few months. Work has been intense and home, well not much good to say there. My wife, hot wife, has shut down sexually... Loves to dress up like she's got some slut in her, I'd fuck her all the time, like we used to. Oh well, needless to say I'm horny as hell. Just had a few drinks, things were quiet at the bar. I've never cheated on my wife, didn't think I ever would but she's not giving me any choice... Porn is ok but it's been too long, I need some real pussy. There were a few hot girls at the bar but none worth taking a ... Continue»
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wife decided she wanted a gang bang!!

The wife Jane has enjoyed 3 black cocks at once but she one day decided she wanted to lay there and get fucked by at least 8 black men..i was like really how am i suppose do organize that?? she said i don't care just do it its your job. i got to thinking and i had a brain wave, i would go down to the local refuge center and ask them if they wanted some work. i drove down to the center in a mini bus i had rented and i asked the local girl if i could ask a few lads if they wanted to dig my garden over i would pay them and feed them, she said that would be great for them thanks.

i took my time... Continue»
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Freaky Teachers

Kayla has always had an interest in being a teacher, maybe from both her mom and dad being teachers, but it was her dream job. She was 21 at the time and she got a job at one of the island's top most respected high school. It was like a dream come through to land this job straight out of college. Kayla thought she had at least a year or a few months to play with before getting tied down to a full time job, but she was still grateful to be making her own money and good money at that.

Being in charge of an entry level class of students that totally adored her and still being the only... Continue»
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First time crossdressing with another CD

This is part one of a story, from a former user. I'd like to read the continuation, or anything else written by them. I enjoy the stories as much as the pics and videos, they all get to the right part of me. Any help would be great.

First Time Crossdressing with a mate part 1

This is a work of fiction, though someday I hope to make it a reality.


It was the height of summer, and my girlfriend was out of town for 2 weeks. I'd had a handful of experiences with guys before, but ever since I dressed up like a slut for the first time, I couldn't stop thinking about meeting ano... Continue»
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Judy Gives In to Her Desires.

Judy Gives Into Her Desires.

After living together for almost two years Judy and I decided to get married. Judy had been married once before and I had been married and divorced three times by my twenty-ninth birthday. In my profession I was around ladies all day and my wives were really jealous. I was forty-three and Judy was forty-four.

To describe Judy she was like a dream come true. Five foot two, one-hundred and ten pounds, blonde hair, green piercing eyes that you never wanted to get angry at you. My favorite points were her double Ds. Her measurements were 34-24-35. ... Continue»
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Cuckold , a real life lesson

Plain and simply put my wife fucks outside our marriage. I'm not complaining and in fact it's my fault. I introduced her to the idea after years of watching guys check her out when we where out. At first she thought it was a set up or a test but once I had convinced her that I actually wanted for her to have sex with a guy outside the marriage she gave in.

Now years and many lovers later we have settled in to a true cuckold lifestyle. She has grown as a hot wife and now she has a stable of studs to choose from. I was fortunate enough to be able to set in on a conversation she had with one o... Continue»
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Our Boss Fucked Our Wives, We Got Even

Boss thinks he rules with his power and big cock

“It doesn’t matter who she is, if she is married to one of my employees, I can fuck her.”

It had just popped out, and Jed was finding this hard to believe. He was probably the only employee in the company whom his boss, Tom Jenkins, felt free to confide in. Because Jed and Tom shared something in common, the love of going to a bar and watching football, and since Jed had been with the company almost from day one, Jed was hearing something from his boss that he had never thought he would hear.

But Tom had been... Continue»
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Happily Married...Needing More

Doug had a good life. Anyone looking in from the outside would find it to be so – dare say they would be envious. He was 40 and had been married for eleven years. He worked as a manager of the forest ranger team at a state park. His wife was attractive and taught fourth grade. He had two daughters who both were on the honor roll at their elementary school. He drove a nice decked out GMC Sierra pickup truck and his wife pushed a late model Cadillac ATS. He lived in a two-story four-bedroom Georgian-style house that was situated on a patch on a patch of three acres of land. He was on the deacon ... Continue»
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Losing my Virginity to my maid

This is my first of my sexual memoirs. I chose my first sexual memoir to be about me losing my virginity to my Indonesian House-Maid. The story takes places in Kuwait in 2007.

Marrissa, an indonesian house-maid that used to work for my f****y was always the naughtiest of the housemaids, as she was more forward and wasn't afraid to ask questions or speak her mind. She looked pale with the typical indonesian woman nose feature and cheeks. Her cheeks were high up and made her smile look better. She had shoulder length black hair and looked around 30s. ( found out later she was 38 or 42, I forg... Continue»
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i want that house - a fantasy tale

Cassandra stood staring out the kitchen window at the view across the country side , it was her second viewing of the house , she had viewed it a few days earlier with her husband and they both fell instantly in love with it .
at the first viewing they instantly offered the asking price but the estate agent said he would let the owners know but as there was still two more couples to view the house that week he said he couldnt take house of the market incase they beat their offer .
cass was gutted as she didnt want to loose the chance of getting the house , it was perfect for her husband and ... Continue»
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The After Party (continued)

"You are being sooo good, baby," Linda said playfully, kneeling down and kissing me tenderly and whipping away the tears that had fell from my eyes involuntarily. "Are you having fun?" she asked. I smiled and nodded that I was, although I was still a little anxious not knowing the future.

Just then Kathy appeared with a towel and some wipes and began cleaning the cum from my back and legs and wet asshole. The gesture was almost infantile and I could feel the sting returning to my cheeks. Oddly enough, though, it was turning me on even more. Kathy was meticulously cleaning my mancunt, carefu... Continue»
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My unexpected festival highlight

For the first 44 years of my life, I neither had, nor had considered any
sexual liaisons with anyone of the same sex.

This was until the following took place:

Just to give you an idea of me, I am a tall slim (but not skinny) man,
with short brown hair and blue eyes. I was in the car with my wife
travelling to a music festival, we were having a row. I won't bore you
with what it was about (as it's not particularly relevant) but it was
getting quite heated and my wife's driving was becoming more
erratic.Behind us, her s****r was following in her Mini. We ended up
pulling off at a ... Continue»
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