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A surprise at the party - Part 2

In part one of this story I've told the tale of how I met Tanya. A party at my friend's house, in which we were introduced with no pretext. A few drinks and a slow dance later, We were running up to find a bedroom, like a high school couple in a college party. An hour more went by and we were standing together in the shower after an unusual, yet very pleasurable sexual encounter. She was tall, beautiful, and had soft East-European facial features I just couldn't resist.

As we were standing in that small shower cabin, and I was washing off the soap off of me, she leaned in to kiss my back, w... Continue»
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A night to remember

I remember it like it was yesterday. It was back in high school one night, I had stayed the night at my girlfriends house. She hadn't been feeling good so she had went to sl**p pretty early. Her mom had been out drinking so it was just me and her at the house. Bored with nothing to do, I figured I'd go down to the kitchen and make myself something to eat and watch some sportscenter. It was around midnight. I'm searching through the kitchen looking for something I can snack on when I heard the front door open. I can hear Amanda's mom stumbling in the hallway coming to the kitchen.
"Alex!" She... Continue»
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Big Mature Farmers Wife at Hay Time

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing on my first day, Mary the farmers wife big colossal tits were hanging down, swaying from side to side in her white bra as she bent over. Mary had told me yesterday to meet her down in the hay field after offering me some work because her husband was in hospital for a hernia operation. It worked in well with my other job as a milkman, delivering bottled milk in the mornings.

As I got closer to the tractor I became a little more excited with seeing her big mature tits on display, only being sixteen I had never seen tit this size and so nearly naked da... Continue»
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My best night, and best partner. Part 1

I have had a good run of some great times of sex. I usually have to count the many conquers that make up my little list. But all have to measure up to each other, measuring on the best to the worst. Right now this story is my top fuck. Its not how many I did, or how big things were, its more about the time spent and the build up to it. I am all for call and then fuck, but this one was a nice build up to an amazing night and morning. So here we go.
I met Melissa when I came for a visit to my s****r's house. I knew of her but this was the first time we met, as an adults. Melissa as a young l... Continue»
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Night on the Dock

Well it was a nice moon lite night out and we had made our way down to the boat dock over looking the bay. We sat and had a few drinks as I was sitting on the top of the steps and you where just on the steps bellow me. You was leaned against my inner thighs as I started to massage your shoulders. Not much was said as I continued to massage them. I would with each massage motion run my hands down your outer arm. As I brought them back up to massage your shoulders I would brush up against your breast. After several minutes of massaging you I started to run my hands over your breast I could feel ... Continue»
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I think ever since I can remember, I was the hopeless romantic. I would open doors, pull chairs, bring flowers, and offer my assistance if someone needed help. It seems like this art form is dying day by day right in front of our eyes. I can assure you, there is nothing romantic about what transpired in my first encounter that cold January night! I remember it like was yesterday, not in a good or bad way, just as one of the funniest sex stories I will write about of sexual encounters of my life. Hopefully if you guys like this one I will have many more to add to the list! I am a goof ball and ... Continue»
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s****r In-law (wife's s****r)

I really can't remember when it started. Somewhere in my 8 years of marriage, though, I had become infatuated with my wife's younger s****r. Twenty seven years old, with an athletic build and wonderful smiling eyes, Ginny was anyone's definition of a knockout. I was captivated by the beautiful shape of her ass, and I found myself stealing glances at it whenever I could. Wrapped in a skirt or barely hidden by a bikini bottom, my eyes were drawn to it like a magnet.

Six months ago, while expecting our third c***d, my wife and I went on vacation to the Delaware shore. On our second weekend t... Continue»
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Ex Skank Continued

Ex Skank's Story Continued

Britt still touching herself staring at my glory with 1 hand and bottle in other wished she had a didlo. V whispered if he can give her 1, I nodded and wondered why he would have 1?  Does he suck it or slide it up his hott tight ass? Curiousity got me wett again! Walking naked back to room handing me porn box of discs, red dildo, and purple dildo unopened. Discs of 3 somes, fat ass chicks, but i put the black guys gang bang a white chick on. V said he likes seeing color contrast then sat next to Britt an lit another joint offering that and her new purple toy! Sh... Continue»
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Old Cum Dump Gets Fucked For First Time.

After my first experience at a glory-hole, I couldn't stop myself from going back for more and more cock-sucking and being sucked off myself. I was now a total addict to this wonderful sexual activity. I was now a cock-sucker and remain so till this day. I have absolutely no idea how many cocks I have sucked, but it must run into thousands. And every one that cum in my mouth I swallowed.
A few months after finding glory-holes I met a guy there who was twenty-nine years old. he was there frequently for cocks and cum as well. We became friendly.
One night I arrived at the toilets and he was w... Continue»
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My Town's Story III

Becky pulled me down to her and kissed my mouth. My eyes remained fixed on the picture of her daughter Debbie. My mind was reeling as I tried to reconcile what had just happened.

Debbie Stewart was the girl at school that I wished I had the nerve to talk to. Like most young guys I had trouble thinking of anything to say when the pretty girl that I jerked off thinking about was standing there. Now I had just fucked her mother!

"Wait a minute! Becky's last name was Robbins! Maybe Debbie was not her daughter!" I thought to myse... Continue»
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All because of Chatroulette

We are good friends with another couple, Colin & Alison. Colin is pretty much the same kind of guy as my hubby. He’s tall and a good laugh and we all like a good drink or two when we are out. In contrast, Alison is a complete and utter prude! So much so that she has put a dampener on many an evening with her strong opinions and her absolute intolerance to any mention of anything sexual. Even the silliest “Carry-On” type of humour, where it’s obvious we are just having a bit of fun is met with tutts and disapproving looks from her. Hubby and I have actually felt sorry for Colin on occa... Continue»
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Someone to wipe her tears

Fall in Slovenia, approaching winter. Bleak, rainy weather, typical for season. I was driving towards Cerknica, to a party that was taking place in a hunting lodge, outside of Cerknica. I was vaguely familiar with the place, since I used to party there with my friends some years before. This party was unrelated, my ex-school mates organized it, and I was looking forward to seeing them again. I arrived at the lodge, after following road signs on tarmac road and into forest utility ways.

Parking place next to lodge was full of cars, and people were already drinking and having fun, all engaged... Continue»
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The Sissy Trainer Part 1

This is my fantasy on being broken in by an older gentleman that is a sissy trainer…

I was finally ready to meet my first real guy. After talking to him for over a week on Squirt, I knew he was the right guy to break me in. Ken was in his mid-50’s, had a nice body over 6 foot. He knew I was new to crossdressing. The agreement was I would follow his instructions and never question him. He told me what to wear before his arrival. Black wig, black & pink high heels, black tube dress that tightly covers my butt and black thigh-high nylons. I was to be fully shaven, not a speck of hair, full mak... Continue»
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Mommy Teaches Me Fisting

* Disclaimer: This story does not include actual i****t or u******e participants. This is simply role-play between two consenting adults. *

Background: I want to find an older woman, probably in her mid to late fifties, with a nice loose pussy and saggy tits. I want her to treat me like I’m her young virgin son. I’ll call her mommy and pretend to be completely innocent with no knowledge of sex. This is how I see it playing out:

I’m playing video games and mommy calls me into her bedroom. When I enter, she’s standing in front of me completely naked. I’m so shy and afraid that first she ha... Continue»
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Young Lover in Hotel Room Seduction 2

Things get crazy!!!!!!!!


Paula walked over to the chair where I was waiting for her with an erection that any man would be proud of sporting and her eyes never left my lap. She had said she had only had sex once before and my guess was it was with a k** as inexperienced and nervous as she was! She was almost close enough to me to pick her up and set her on my lap when she knelt down on the floor. With her hands on my knees, she spread my legs wide and then moved forward, resting her arms on my thighs.
... Continue»
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Old Cum Dump's Glory Hole Delights

It was quite a few month's later that I found toilets with glory holes. Up until this happened I had been getting groped and wanked off at urinals or standing in the middle of the toilet's floor. The first time I saw a glory-hole it was in a wooden partition between cubicles. There was a glory-hole in each partition on each side. My immediate thought was that it was a peephole to watch other men wanking in the next cubicle and for them to watch me.
So I sat down with my trousers around my ankles. By now I had no embarrassment in letting anyone see my cock and balls. In fact it gave me an imme... Continue»
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Visiting a colleague and his wife

I open my eyes, I feel a warm hand gently caressing my morning erection, her heavy breasts leaning against my back. "Are you awake?" I hear her husband say. "Yes, and ready for more" she say’s.

I'm 28 and since a few months I work for a German company trading in building materials. My job is to sell their products on the Dutch market.

Soon after I started working for this company I became good friends with Gert my German colleague. Although he is 12 years older, we seem to share a lot of thought and we work very well together. Gert is a typical commercial man. Well-groomed, smoot... Continue»
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First Time Old Cum Dump Sucked and Fucked A Man.

Shortly after I had been introduced to glory-hole sex, I was back in my favourite toilets seeking to have my cock sucked. I was sitting wanking myself keeping an eye on the glory-holes hoping someone would enter the next door cubicle and start cock fun with me.
I heard the door close in the adjoining cubicle and before long eyes were peeking through at me wanking. Soon the finger was through motioning me to put my cock through. Of course I obliged. Nothing would stop me by now. I was getting to many thrills from different mouths of strangers exciting my cock and mind. Then I felt that lovely... Continue»
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Exercising with Lucy

Exercising with Lucy

Alex watched his petite girlfriend sliding her tight little asshole back and forth on his peter. Lucy was on her hands and knees in front of him. Her head drooped, sweat was dripping off her nose, and she was grunting like a racehorse mid-gallop. It was her favorite way to sex. He was trying hard to think of something other than her tight rectum so he could last long enough to make her climax. He thought of their first meeting…

Alex’s f****y lived in a Co-Op in NYC. It had a gym on the top floor which was rarely used. He originally went up there to look out at... Continue»
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Older Daddy Cock

I'd been secretly crossdressing and keeping my body and little cocklet hairless and smooth for about six months, having recently discovered internet shopping and blitz shopping for wigs and slutty lingerie and bigger and more challenging toys. My ass pussy was stretched and always aching to be played with. I had been lurking on Craigslist for a few months when one day I suddenly worked up the courage to place an add searching for an older daddy to fuck me senseless while I played the panties sissy slut. A guy answered back within minutes that happened to live nearby and from his pictures he ha... Continue»
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