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As if it was yesterday...

I often remember the very first time I had sex with a guy...Who am I k**ding, I was not a willing participant...I was skipping class in the woods near our urban high school. Our lower athletic field was bordered on three sides by a vast area of woods...this consisted of tress and under growth.

There was numerous paths thru the area, being that it was well traveled by students and locals. They all crossed or met in different areas of the woods, some in an open area that was well shaded by tree limbs and a few open areas where the sun would shine thru.

All the paths eventually came out... Continue»
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You Took My Cherry!

I've only had 3 M2M experience's and they stretch out over a 20+ yr. span.
The last of which was over 10 yrs ago. Each occasion was simply a one and done (2 protected-Me Totally on Top. One with me as the Bottom-unprotected).

My first time with a man as a Bottom:

I was 19 and going thru "C-school" in the Navy. I was a knave country boy and easily got along with any and everyone.

I was a natural "Ladies Man". I was young and fit and had an ass the women seemed to love to pinch and squeeze. MANY women would often compliment my ass. When I wasn't training or in school... Continue»
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Mom's Boyfriend

It is a Friday afternoon, Amber is upstairs taking a shower. Mike is still at work, he had called and said he would be working late. Her mom, Pat is downstairs with her boyfriend, Kevin or as Amber refers to him as her “boy toy”. Amber had left her bedroom door open not concerned with her company seeing her naked. As she was getting dressed, putting on her leggings and a light blouse, she could hear them talking and laughing in the living room. Amber went to blow dry her hair and after she was done and finishing up she couldn’t hear them anymore.
Her first thought was “oh god, they are down ... Continue»
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How I lost my virginity

I was out one Friday night with my mate, Neil, just in our local pub, when I caught the eye of a couple of girls I knew from my summer holiday work in the warehouse of a local factory. The girls waved me over & we sat down with Carol, a plain looking girl of around 20 with a penchant for revealing tops & short skirts which showed off her trim body.With Carol was Elaine, a married woman in her mid 20's with 2 k**s, a pretty girl wearing similar clothing struggling to contain her, more well-upholstered, frame, & June, who I didn't know, was Elaine's younger s****r, & dressed much more conservat... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 10

Chapter 10

The Cruise Continues

Terri and Fabio accompanied the two young men Harris and Ben to the disco. En route to the disco they learned that the two young men were not a couple but friends who were exploring the idea of gay cruises. They were young professionals who had met on line as neither one of them were out as gay. Harris was a nautical engineer working for a large firm with a very busy and long work week. Ben was a busy partner in a small but successful law firm working 70 hours a week and no time to develop any social life or relationship. They both were looking for private... Continue»
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No que noo

Esta historia, podría ser la realidad de unos hechos vividos por un amigo de la infancia, al que casualmente me encontré en la gran empresa donde ambos trabajamos, el me contó, en una ocasión, en la que ambos habíamos bebido algo mas de la cuenta, cómo llegó a realizar el amor con su madre y hermana, con las cuales estaba viviendo.
La historia que me relató es la siguiente:


Soy de una familia mas bien pobre, mis padres poseen una pequeña industria familiar en la que ambos trabajan y van sacando para el sustento diario. El resto de la familia la componemos, mi hermana Sandra... Continue»
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0042 Milking Machine Abby

0042 Milking Machine Abby (Repost)

Abby had her sweet little tongue buried inside a tight hole... her tongue tip alternately thrusting and spinning in circles. The taste and smell of warm honey flooded her mouth and nose. Her hands were sliding loose skin up and down a large shaft, milking it. The staff throbbed so hard it seemed to quiver. Vibrations from the special seat she was straddling sent shock waves all the way to her cute toes. Abby and her dad both panted. They both felt so lucky to be with each other.


Abby was a wonderful girl. Red-haired like the rest of the ... Continue»
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0043 Mr. Vibrator for Dilly

0043 Mr. Vibrator for Dilly (Repost)

Dilly sat near the end of the sofa. Her red dress and her sheet music were on the other end. She was nearly naked. The only thing she was wearing were the red and white leggings that she loved so well. They started high up on her thighs and enclosed her curvy short legs until they ended over the toes on her dainty feet.

She had her pretty legs spread really wide with her right leg over the armrest. She was very relaxed; she had been in this position a number of times and loved it. Mr. Jamison had told her that after another lesson today with ... Continue»
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0044 Underwear Fun – Sammy

0044 Underwear Fun – Sammy (Repost)

Sam thought back to the beginning…

Sammy’s bladder woke him. He walked quietly to the bathroom. He mustn’t wake daddy. When he arrived, he pushed his briefs off and removed his T-shirt. He was naked… so he couldn’t have any accidents… like the last time. He only let out a little bit at a time to stay as quiet as possible. As he finished, he heard daddy snoring. Had he disturbed daddy? He went down the hall on tip-toe to find out. He was so concerned that he forgot to put his clothes back on.

He crept into his room and moved toward the ... Continue»
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0039 Doctor’s Exam – Naomi & Abram

0039 Doctor’s Exam – Naomi & Abram (Repost)

Subtitle: The years to come will be years to cum.

As a young teen, Naomi was a total innocent. She never had a kiss nor even had a boy hold her hand. Her circumstances easily explained everything. She lived in a very rural area and her parents were very strict. She was the oldest of six c***dren, all girls. As such, she was expected to help with her s****rs in the home and during any outings. She was only allowed to go shopping with her parents, to school, or to church. Her school was so tiny that her two youngest s****rs shared the s... Continue»
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0040 f****y Secret – Alice

0040 f****y Secret – Alice (Repost)

Joe: This is my story.

Last week I moved to a new community. I met my new neighbor, Alice, one bright morning. After talking for a bit in my driveway, I discovered she was a single mom (a war widow) with three k**s. Alice looked far too young to have three k**s but she just scoffed when I said that. She told me she had a set of fraternal twins, a boy and girl, and a younger teen daughter. The twins were named Patricia and Patrick and the youngest was named Victoria but called “Muppet” by everyone.

Alice had a secret… it took me several month... Continue»
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0041 Gymnast Josie and the Chair

0041 Gymnast Josie and the Chair (Repost)

Time: Near the end of summer…
Josie crawled into bed and drifted into a gentle sl**p. Her sweet pussy and asshole were softly throbbing from her latest session with Coach. She knew she would awaken tomorrow, yet again, with a special stickiness between her thighs… a heavenly mix of Coach’s and her juices. Coach was so much FUN! And she was so very HAPPY! Her sweet mouth smiled as she entered her amazing dreams… of her and her beautiful Coach.

Time: The start of summer…
Josie awoke already excited. Today she would start training with he... Continue»
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0038 Artist f****y – Annie

0038 Artist f****y – Annie (Slightly modified and reposted)

Annie was sprawled out on the floor making pencil sketches. She was a dark haired beauty with small red framed glasses over her pretty eyes. She was bottomless since she liked the freedom that nakedness afforded her. Her tiny little male organ liked the coolness of the kitchen floor. It lay limply behind her as her slender legs framed it. Her sexy little ass jutted upward and might have been her best feature. She was a stunner! Her dad was nearby, busy at his easel. How did she get into this position?

Her mom and dad... Continue»
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For obm_cd - Part 1

I am sitting on the edge of the bed, no I am pacing the floor, fuck it I’ll pour myself a drink. I hope whiskey is ok. I bought it as it seemed fitting. I mean he is traveling all this way to Glasgow to meet me, so it’s the least I could do…..well it’s a start. Staring out the window at the city, it’s alive, humming with a certain electricity and excitement. I picked Glasgow over Edinburg because of its personality. It’s a darker city, possibly because of its roots, but essentially if I was going to do something naughty this is the perfect place. I started shivering with nervous excitement thi... Continue»
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One for the Books...The Share Holders Meeting, (pa

It was just your average day at the bookstore, the girls were all buzzing about the latest Twilight movie, I was sorting books in the back because truthfully ..I wasnt in the mood, I had been kinda bummed every since Joey had quit, he got a chance at a better job, great news,right? except he had to move to his grandparents , hours away.
I was into my fourth box of novels when Nick walked in,

“ There you are! I was wanting to see if you were up for a little ride, you seem a bit....down, bored,sad, or some shit lately”

“ Im fine....and Im sure of the ride youd like me to take, ( I smirke... Continue»
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Catching the Big One...

Sometimes the smallest of things lead to big moments of our lives, a conversation...or even a fishing trip, or this is how it was for me...

Mark and I had been friends for a little over a year, not that we really had a lot in common, Im about five foot six, slim frame, very much into movies, games, and scifi of all kinds, Mark? He is pretty much everything Im not, a true redneck type, into fishing, hunting, all things macho , years of construction work has left him pretty well cut and built, makes me a little jealous if Id admit it, we became friends because we were hired in together at the... Continue»
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One for the Books...Disciplinary action

I guess it all started when I quit my job in fast food,a buddy of mine had mentioned this job in the used book store in the old strip mall ,it sounded completely lame, but with my junky Saturns payment coming due, I was a little short on options, and bein five, seven and a little over a hundred twenty pounds, I didnt exactly wanna kill myself unloading trucks either so I figured Id check it out.
I went in the store late the next afternoon, I wasnt thrilled about the place, at least not until I was hanging out waitin on the owner, and seen all the employees were hot girls, everyone of them, ... Continue»
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One for the Books... The Hard Earned Bonus

Well, almost two months had gone by since I started my new job at the bookstore, but I was getting no closer to my Camaro, between gas, and dating I just wasnt being able to save money.
I was quickly learning, getting what you want is a mixture of who you know, what you know, opportunity.......and leverage.
Maybe its time I got in the game...instead of watching it, hey, they say luck favors the bold.

I entered work the next day, on a mission, I informed my boss as confidently as I could pretend to be that at his next convenience, I would like to talk to him about my position here at the... Continue»
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One for the Books...On the Job Training

It was yet another day at the bookstore, my life was actually going pretty well, my new Camaro was lookin sharp, I had just had the windows tinted and bought some hot looking new rims, all was going well.....or so it seemed.
I entered work and the girls were all giggling and jabbering excitedly....I stopped Lisa ,

“ Whats all the commotion? Whats up?”

“ Nick hired some new guy, starts tomorrow”

“ What are you talking about , there arent any positions open?”

“ Well I guess he made one, hes over there”

I stood there stunned, this guy?? Across the store he stood , talking to two o... Continue»
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raised as a daughter

This was a dream. Pure fantasy

I was born on April first. Fools day.
My mother had 5 girls ranging from 4-10 when I was born.
Dad's a VP at a large bank, and goes on business trips 4-5 times a year from a few days to weeks, so I never had a steady father figure at home. While I was still in diapers my s****rs would dress me like a girl or one of their dolls. As I got older everyone thought I was a girl.
They would put frilly under pants on me, one of their dresses and a bonnet. Wheel me around the block like I was their baby s****r. The women would say how precious, and the girls wo... Continue»
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