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my swimming lesson

It was on 8th standard summer holidays that my parents decided to take me to a one month summer swimming camp. They had separate section for boys and girls taught by two different trainers at different timing. We paid for the classes and I even started going for the evening boys classes for one week. Then it happened. I fell sick, making it unable for me to go for the remaining classes. By the time I became well and got fully recovered, the swimming class was over. Nevertheless my parents wanted me to go and check if something could be done about the remaining classes.

I went and checke... Continue»
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My love.

Well, seeing as you can't be at home with me I'll come to you. When everyone goes out I'll lock us in your office. Seeing as you so subtly hinted you'd like me to strip for you. I could probably sit on your desk, slowly taking off all of my clothes. I'd have your favourite red underwear on and surprise you with new stockings. After that if you haven't already started touching me, I'll start until your big hard dick wants more.

Well I'm going to guess that you want to watch me so I sit on the edge of your desk right in front of your chair. I tell you to come closer, spread my legs and balanc... Continue»
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The initiation of Claudia (1)

The initiation of Claudia (1) It is now three days since I met Claudia a beautiful brunette woman 32 years with generous shapes and heavy breasts that I like in a bar in the city where she was having a drink at the bar.  I invited him to take a last drink at home and we made love immediately. Excited we gave this three times in the night.  Tonight I gave him an appointment with me. I concocted a good little Asian meal.  She arrived, splendid in a small quite short black skirt and slinky with a white blouse neckline glimpse largely leaving her beautiful breasts.  Halfway through the meal, I ask... Continue»
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The start of an epic semester

This did not really happen

So at campus I’m just always in my books never really worrying about anything but mid-year my Auditing lecture changed unsure why but it was needed we were failing like it was a requirement.

That’s when everything changed my new lecture was something amazing she came in just greeted and the class was dead I think it was more because of how she looked then she just being there. I was facing my friend when she came in I heard her voice and just turned around that’s when I saw her. Long slender legs wearing stockings, a really tight top was all I noticed making t... Continue»
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Facetime Accident With Mother In Law

Facetime Accident With Mother In Law

It was the usual time me and my girlfriend would facetiming but I felt a little risky this time so I was already naked. I gave her number a ring and had the camera straight at my junk trying to throw a little surprise there for her. I was swaying it back and forth and I still didn't get a reply. All I heard was.. “Uhm... Hello...” Next thing I noticed it was my girlfriends mom. I said oh shit and struggled trying to hang up while she said “No no... don't hang up. You've already done too much mister.” Sounding pretty mad. We now were facetiming as you sho... Continue»
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My first time

I was a 20yr old virgin the first time I had physical sexual contact with another person - besides the light petting a (male) cousin and I got into when I was 15, and the french kissing sessions I had numerous times with my best friend's s****r. For the first time, someone was gonna touch my cock in a sexual manner and I was going to explore them too.

For a couple of years, I had "played" around on the local phone chat lines that you sometimes still see on late night tv. These were free to call, totally free for women, and limited to men.
It was also around this time that I had discove... Continue»
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That Afternoon


Greg James could not believe what he was doing. Nor how this had come to happen. Circumstances and situation, he conveniently told himself. Of course, this explanation excluded the fact that it was ultimately his choice. Nor did it allow him any comfort in the truth that he was enjoying the wickedly delightful experience. Very much.
Greg was not an evilly minded man. Until that afternoon, he did not consider himself to be wicked either. Yet, something had changed in him. His mind had abandoned logic and morality. His a****l instincts had taken him over. The physical need bec... Continue»
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Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 4

Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 4

This story involves (i)ncest…if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 9
The feelings of arousal are building as Linda, Mark, and Julie play…

Linda could feel her body trembling; her daughter’s mouth felt so good on her tit, at n*ne years old her little girl wasn’t suckling for nourishment, she was suckling with passion. Memories flooded her mind of the last few times Linda had breast fed Julie, she let her daughter nurse until she was f*ve years old. Linda had been reluctant to stop tr... Continue»
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Sex With Girls Of My Tuition Class

I was about 21 year old at that time. 85 kg weight and muscular body with 6 feet height. And i was a student. I used to go for tuitions. At my tuition there were many girls but one of them was extremely beautiful and i was attracted to her. Many boys used to follow her after tuition and used to pass comments on her.

Her name was Anchal 20 year old. She was dam hot with about height of 5.6 and fair looking. Her figure was about 32 28 30. With a beautiful face like angle. Looked cute and was simple.

She always had her friend with her. Her name was Anisha 18 year old. She was also hot a... Continue»
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Bathroom Incursion [Literotica]

My s****r Kara just turned 18 years old. My name is Josh and I'm 10 months older than Kara. We have a very playful relationship. We aren't particularly close, but we do mess around with each other a lot and play the occasional prank and so on.

It was early December when our relationship became something a little more. We had both just finished high school and were currently on holidays as I was in the process of looking for a job while she was waiting to hear back from colleges. She had always been smarter than me.

These holidays I had gotten into the habit of getting up very late and sh... Continue»
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the night we met

Ist a Story from craigus44 that i post here:

I hurried into the pub; ignoring my ringing phone, he was to be there already. It was only 7pm so not many people were there yet. All eyes were on me as I checked the room, he was not here. Disappointed I grabbed my phone, it was ringing again. "Change of plans, Babe. Come to my friends place, I have sent the address via sms."

Smiling I left the bar and rushed to my car; I drove like a woman possessed, only stopping for red lights. When I pulled up at the address given a buxom blonde greeted me, ushering me quickly into the house. I was swep... Continue»
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An Amazing Deflowering in a Man's Toilet

I have been reading the stories on here and making comments, the odd thing is, that I have adopted a male persona, and in doing so, I find it suits me as I have a huge sex libido.

In reality I am a girl, with nice breasts and rounded hips, and to add to my image, I completely shave my vulva, so it resembles the cherished adornment of a girl three years my junior, in fact the age I discovered sex and all the excitement, and my first orgasms.

My name is Jenni and here is my story.

The competition was over and we were runners-up. Netball for all its ups and downs, as I later found out, i... Continue»
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xhamster what im looking for x

Hi names Mark been on x on and off for awhile but loving how it looks with all these hot bodied woman who apparently are as horny as me!!! love a story so gunna write what im hoping will happen on this site!! reply if your interested!!

Its starts with seeing a profile of a woman who has sex appeal and loves cam sex! I friend request her and we introduce our selves. Im a fit male in the building trade and she loves the photo of my semi hard cock, I share some messages with her and we exchange details to cam after the nervous tension has passed we cam each other she is more beautiful than I c... Continue»
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Taking my younger s****rs virginity

This is a True Story.

At the time she was 14 and I was 17, me and my s****r were really close. I taught her how to play sports in our back garden since she was able to walk.

It all started with me and her hanging out one day home alone, she was in my room playing PS3 while I was smoking out the window, after I finished I lay down in my bed, she was busy playing GTA. She was sitting down on my bed so I was lying down behind her. While she was playing I must've fallen asl**p, I woke up after an hour or so with a hard on, she heard me wake up and looked back and saw my 7inch cock but at tha... Continue»
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Sexy Wife's Sexy Young s****r - Lesson One

As my wife was sucking on my cock, taking it deep into the back of her throat as she always does, her younger s****r awoke from all the rustling, tossed and turned a bit, looked at us and just stared. We were not married at the time and I was spending the night over at her folks place. As the house was relatively small and the s****rs shared a double bed, we would often lay in the same bed together and wait for her sibling to fall asl**p before we started our business. This night she turned to us, opened her eyes and blankly gazed while her older s****r swallowed my cock stroke after stroke. ... Continue»
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Linda : The 1st time I Cross-dressed

When I was 18years old, (you have to remember this was 1975) a female work colleague (Kath)came to me and said I dare you to go to Mawer and Collingham (a local posh store)and go and buy her Black Stockings, Suspenders, Knickers, Bra and garter.

Well I wasn't going to turn down a dare, so off I went with the list and money, later got back and passing over the sexy goods I said that was so simple, you can do better than that surely.
Hang on a minute she said, I have got a dare you won't find as easy, and passing back the bag, giggled, and said ok I dare you to wear ALL these to work tomorro... Continue»
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temporary post

Here's the thing. I have to go way back, then I have to go back, then I can tell you about last night's date.

Way back:
When my folks were newly married, they lived in an apartment complex and were best friends with the couple next door. Then both couples started having families, and jobs took both families to other cities. They remained close but the families saw each other very rarely -- every 5 or 10 years, or even longer.

Around 2000-2001, my work moved me to a hip part of Atlanta. One day Mom calls me and says, "Oh, you know I got a Christmas card from [f****y X] and it... Continue»
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Step s****r Nicole 2

It was quite strange, I bya done before Nicole, to his wife, to my step-s****r to one of the coolest girls. I did not know what to think, confused, went into the bathroom to shower.

Later after lunch Nicole wrote me to go to her room.
- H: Hi Sasch. I want to talk about this morning.
- C: I do not know Nicole, there's nothing to say it happened so izvednash never looked at you with those eyes, was wonderful but I understand that will not be repeated.
- H: Well, I wanted to talk, I want to repeat. I loved watching you. Your naked body, hard penis, juicy balls only imagine moving your hand... Continue»
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Susana Gives Up Her Ass To Save Her Cherry

This is part three of a series you can read it as a standalone story, but if you really want to get the characters read the other parts of the series first. Part One isn’t essential, but Part Two sort of is.

I was in heaven as the love of my life an eighteen year old virgin was in my bed with me and she had a butt plug in her ass prepping herself to take me inside her ass for the first time.

She said, “I think it is time for the bigger one now.”

I slowly pulled the smaller one out of her butt and watched her formally tight asshole try and reassert its naturally tight form. Before that... Continue»
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Kays first time shared with another man

I have been asked many times how sharing my wife Kay all started, so I thought I would share this with all those interested. I am not a professional writer so please be understanding.

Kay is five feet five inches tall and one hundred and 130 pounds. She has an hour glass figure, great ass and 42 D breasts. She has a beautiful face and long dark hair that hangs to her waist; she is a very cheerful and happy person with a great sense of humor and personality.
The first time Kay was shared she was 21 and that was about 30 years ago. It was out of love and caring, trying to help a great frien... Continue»
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