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Just One of the Girls

It was a clear crisp fall morning as Mike walked to the first day at his new school. His mother had taken a promotion in a new town, badly needed since it was the four of them: Mike, his two s****rs, and his mother. But that meant new schools for the k**s.

Abigail and Candy were attending the high school; Mike, the middle school. He walked slowly since this seemed very much like a jail sentence to him, attending a new school where he didn’t know anyone. Mike was inherently shy and that tendency had been reinf***ed with being sheltered by his over-protective mother and s****rs.

He rou... Continue»
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Lucy, My Niece

The bedroom door creaked open. Lucy, my 16 year-old niece, stood there in her school uniform. Her white cotton blouse, normally fastened primly to the neck, was now open showing the uplift of her pert breasts which had grown nicely since I'd last seen her to a nice tight stretch across her chest. Her short grey skirt was cut well above her knee showing a nice expanse of long teenage leg.

'I thought you'd like some coffee Steve.' she said smiling and showing me the tray she carried. She often used my first name.

'Well thanks Lucy. That's very thoughtful of you. Put it down here.' I said... Continue»
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Pink Mini

I couldn’t help myself. I just had to take a long slow look at her sexy little ass, half-covered as it was by her thin, pink mini-skirt. Her white thong panties were only just visible in a little bulge over her cunt. Her cute cheeks pouted below the skirt which must have ridden up as she slipped down the sofa.

She was d***k of course. It was what all teenage girls seemed to do every Saturday night. Lying in bed reading I’d heard her come in at around 1.30 in the morning; a couple of hours earlier than usual, and like you do as a responsible adult I listened for the tread on the stairs and... Continue»
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My s****r's Baby

I know it's corny but my little s****r Emmy really was frightened of storms. If she heard thunder or saw a bright flash of lightening she would run and hide, or if it was at night she'd crawl into our parents bed to be comforted. That's fine when your six, but not when you're twelve or thirteen and starting to display some of the teenage charms that will develop into a fully rounded female body by the time you're sixteen.

It was inevitable that my parent's would ban her from their bed as being 'inappropriate'. Emmy didn't really understand why. She pouted and complained at the change a... Continue»
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Reward by loyalsock

"Congratulations, Mz. Perkins," Eilene Branson said as she was taking another call from her receptionist's desk, "that was a big one, wasn't it!?!" "Thank's, Eilene," Ellyn replied, "and yes, it was a very big one, do you have any messages for me!?!" "Just one," the receptionist replied as she handed her a slip of paper with a phone number scribbled on it, and oh yes, Mr. Grogan wanted to see you as soon as you got in!!!" "Okay, thanks," Ellyn replied over her shoulder as she made her way to Dick Grogan's large corner office over looking Lake Michigan, "nice going, girl," Mike Walters yell... Continue»
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A Few Firsts

OK this time in my life was turbulent, as far as sexual relations developed, with here I am at the beginning of the Sexual Revolution, Vietnam Protests, Protests in general, Peace Love Dope, Flower Power, Flower c***dren, Acid Rock, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Timothy Leary, even the dawn of Gay Rights. That plus I had a head start in knowledge. I was torn between what I was taught was proper and paths others led me down. My girlfriend, which I was taught was the normal thing, I thought, where she was quite the deviant. BJs I had received from her, our developing relationship, how things like ... Continue»
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My first gay sex

***This is my first story. None of the events are true and it is purely fictional***

I'll start off with a bit about myself. I'm a 20 year old male with an average build and average height. My cock is about 6 inches long. This is a story about how I found out I liked cock and my first gay sex experience.

I was staying at a mates place because we went to the footy that night and it was just too late to take the hour long journey home and I hadnt seen this particular friend for a good year or 2 so the catchup time couldnt hurt. For the purpose of this story we will call him Sam.

We had... Continue»
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My friend, the one who's pics I posted

She was a huge slut as you could tell by her pics. I met her in class one day and we hit it off, she gave me her number and soon after was texting me sexy ass pics all the time asking me what she thought of them.

I tried to be polite but after a while I gave in and told her that I wanted to fuck her hard like the slut she is, but instead of being turned off, she texted me her address. I got there as quick as I could, with my cock at half mast all the way.

When I got there she was wearing nothing but that nightdress and answered the door in that.
My cock was bulging almost out of my p... Continue»
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Extras at work 2

As brian stayed at the hotel for 2 nights every week due to his commute to work it soon became a regular thing , nothing sensual and barely sexual , we chatted as normal like two life long friends and he received a handjob before he left .
it even took a few times before i had even removed my tunic top and bra ( yes id remembered to wear a sexier one from that first time ) .
i had set rules from the start and he was totally happy with them and had never tried to cross them like no touching below my waist , no kissing etc .when we first started doing it i wouldnt even say it was overly sexual... Continue»
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Did s*s Start it or Me

I guess I'll start with my s****r first, she stood about five feet at the time this happened, and her tits were about a B cup with eraser size nipples, maybe a tad bigger if any, light brown hair down to the middle of her back, a nice little tight sexy round butt that a quarter could be bounced off from, and blue eyes. She wasn't the smallest chested girl, yet not the biggest either, comepared to the other girls her age in school. By the way, her name is Marry.

Now for me, I was only about five feet three inches at the time and still skinny, comepared to the other k**s in school my age. The... Continue»
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Watching…Emmy - Part 3

Watching…Emmy - Part 3
Former Title - Watching…the k*ds – Part 3
Sub Title…
Young girls wet the bed too – Part 3

Chapter 4…Edited from the original.
Chapter 5…NEW CONTENT.

--------- Chapter 4

Late in the evening, that same day…

Jenny was very happy that night, she had the whole night for them planned out…she went about the house singing, humming, a smile on her face. She had never felt so good in her entire life. She loved to fuck…and now it was with her own teenage ch(i)ldren; she had so many erotic thoughts swirling around in her mind…she had talked to so... Continue»
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My Friend gets Sucked

My Friend gets Sucked

This is a true story of my friend and I.

It was a normal Friday afternoon. My friend Matty and I were hanging out in my room talking. I don’t know how the conversation started but we started talking about blowjobs. As teen boys we are always thinking about sex. We talked about what it might feel like to get sucked-off. “I got sucked-off just for a minute before”, Matty admitted. “Really!”, I replied. “When I was 13 I went back East to visit my aunt for a couple weeks. There was a girl that lived next door to my aunt ... Continue»
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Mother Olga

Chapter 1
     The Beginning
     This is the real story about the relationship between a mother and her son. Initially start with a description of her mother. Her name is Olga. This is a very beautiful woman 35 years old, who always looks great. Take care of yourself, stylish and expensive dresses, preferring all the best. As I said in her gorgeous appearance: height 174cm, beautiful breasts, beautiful face and ...
     In general, it simply does not have flaws, and all the men only dream about it! Son's name is Sasha, he just turned 11 years old. Still lives with them their father... Continue»
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a true story about how a girl finger fucked an ass

so its a kinda funny story im dying to tell someone but i cant. cuz hear me out.

it happened about half a year ago when im in a foreign country on working holiday trip.
i was working as a massagist n as a female in that industry i constantly been asked m i do the 'happy ending' stuff. n btw i dont. n u would be surprised how many men like their ass be rubbed. like... everyone. seriously. too many men even asked me to go 'inside'. i was like wtf u mean inside wt hell? go wash ur dirty bum first then ask me that weird n offended question. it smells n not in a sexy way!

so theres a day my ... Continue»
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Εγώ και η μ&

Ήμουν 19 χρονών τότε, έκανα παρέα με μια κοπελίτσα στη γειτονιά την Λία ένα χρόνο μικρότερη . Είχε έναν αδερφό τον Τέλη 18 χρονών που όταν μέναμε καμια φορά οι δυο μας κατι έβλεπε στο κινητό και χάιδευε τον πούτσο του. Μια μέρα περίμενα την Λία να τελειώσει τα μαθήματα και καθόμουν με τον Τέλη στο σπίτι της γιαγιάς τους που έφευγε κάθε άνοιξη μέχρι το Σεπτέμβρη στο σπίτι στο χωριό . Ξαφνικά ο Τέλης κατεβάζει το παντελόνι και αρχίζει να τον παίζει και να βλέπει τσόντες στο κινητό, μου λέει "θές να δεις;" απο περιέργεια πηγαίνω δίπλα του και βλέπω μετα απο λίγο αισθάνθηκα το παντελόνι μ να φουσκ... Continue»
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A nuns seduction

It was late July and s****r Joanne was walking back to the convent after inspecting the apple orchard. She would do this more and more frequently through summer, thinning the fruit and improving the crop. The orchard was some 2 miles from the convent and she enjoyed her walk as it allowed her to relax, and let her mind wander away from her religious teachings. Her route took her past the garden being worked by a middle aged gentleman who she recognized. It was the painter, Mr Robins, who was employed by the abbess to attend to the exterior or their buildings.
Mr Robins was clipping t... Continue»
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Pizza Woman by loyalsock


I was in a rut. Another Friday night alone. Just like last Friday and the one

before that. Sitting here watching some stupid info-mercial aimed at inbred

trailer trash. My God- I was watching and thinking of buying the assinine

product!!! I needed to do something...quick. Hell, I’ll just get a pizza

and take it from there. Yeah, a pizza with everything.

With shaking hands and trembling fingers, I picked up the telephone and

triumphantly placed my order: "Three pizzas - the works, and a six pack of

diet coke." I impatiently waited for my gourmet feast to arrive.

Nee... Continue»
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Making love with a friend

It was a winter afternoon in Arizona when I lost my virginity to a girl named Emma. At the time, we were merely k**s. I was 14 and she was 13. At the time, we had known eachother since I got into middle school. We even dated for a while until she moved to Maine. During that time we never made love. Now every once in a while she would let me touch her, but no sex of any kind and she had the most amazing body in the whole school. And since we were in the eighth grade she had the most amazing body in the entire class.
Smooth curves. C sized breasts. Long, brown hair with brown eyes. She was wha... Continue»
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my fantasy part I

I've always been interested in being a prostitute but never had the guts! This is what I would do if given the opportunity!!

It was another morning alone in my dump of a one bedroom apartment. Sexy shemale porn playing on my laptop and me performing my usual morning edging session!! I was strolling the web and came across some pictures of sexy crossdressers hooking on the streets! This made me want to cum so bad but I couldn't because I was edging and it felt to good when I stopped myself from cuming. I usually edge for an hour or two until I get so much precum my hand is sliding up and do... Continue»
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The New Neighbour Chapter 1

The New Neighbour

Chapter 1

Upon arrival home...i was greeted with a beautiful sight..there you were busy cleaning out the garage next door.... i got out of the cab and moved up the came out sweat running down your brow... i greeted you and we smiled and exchanged hand shakes as my hand took yours i could feel the excitement rush through me although you were in your sweats they clung to your body showing all that i needed to conjuror up a picture of your soft cures...
you excused yo... Continue»
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