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10 Easy Steps to Getting Laid

10 Easy Steps To Getting Laid, or How To Get Someone To sl**p With You

Have you ever wondered just how you can get someone to sl**p with you? You know the hot guy or girl that everyone wants but you have just never been able to get with. There are a lot of magazine articles and how-to books out there, but most of them are total bullshit. The person you desire just does not desire you! Do you wonder why? Maybe it was how you presented yourself that turned them off. You are correct. Here are ten things you can do to prevent that from happening next time. This simple advice is short, to the po... Continue»
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"The Twilight s****rs" - "The confr


I had this dream that I suddenly was in a quite crowded company somewhere at somebodies house, and everybody looked good and quite decent. I suddenly saw a charming young lady greeting everybody standing in a half circle near the corner of the room, she had long dark light nappy curly hair, dark eyes and a quite tanned skin. I remembered while she was greeting she had a calm and dignifying presence and a smile given with special care. Then when I looked around a little more it seemed like I saw some guys and younger boys around that looked like they were my cousins and nephews. Then sudd... Continue»
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First male experience part 1

It pitch black...I can't see anything...this older guy has his hand on my leg, slowly moving it up my leg ...getting closer and closer to my hard cock. I had never been in this kind of situation before....I was high as could be, with my body rushes going on like never before. I was mostly afraid....even though my cock was enjoying the anticipated touch....I had only fooled around a bit with my younger s****r at this point....certainly nothing ever with a guy.....being high and scared....I just froze and hoped the other guys would show up, or this guy would just stop and say he was k**ding or s... Continue»
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Friends with benefits

Hi guys am not new on this site but I just discovered today that the story page is way more functional than I thought. I personally have a lot to share and I will gladly post them here for fun. My stories are personal life experiences no twists, no turns 100% true events. In few cases, i may change names of characters to protects the identities of my friends. This article may contain unfamiliar slangs and sentences that are only peculiar to my society but am pretty a huge part will make so much sense to you. At least fucking is a global word. lol

Many of you would agree with me that sometim... Continue»
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Faculty Affair

"I really should not be doing this!" I said to myself as walked down the hallway toward to gym.

My nerves were on edge but I also could feel the lust already burning in my bl**d. My conscience told me what I was about to do was wrong and a betrayal of my marital vows but the worst feeling was the self-doubt that was at the heart of my inner fears.

“What if he is not interested?” I asked myself.

Just then I turned the corner and almost collided with the Principal, Mrs. Warren.

"Hi there Kate. You are here late. Is ther... Continue»
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The Nurse

It was Sunday night and I was returning from another long trip from Europe. This business trip left me jet lagged and tired. In addition, I had come down with something. My schedule left me way too busy to stop and see a doctor like I should have. I just knew that I could gut out whatever was ailing me. I was positive the orange juice and vodka screwdriver that I had on the plane would get rid of the cold sweat and chills that I had on the eight hour flight home. The persistent cough and wheezing in my chest was something I was sure that I could ignore. Stuffed in economy with my head ready to... Continue»
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First time sex in a moving vehicle.

I was surfing the net as usual, answering E-mail and yes checking out pictures and videos. I came across one e-mail from a guy that was interested in me fucking his girlfriend. He sent me a video and some pictures of his woman and she was smoking hot!! They talked about her being with another manbut never followed through. One day while they were surfing the net they came across my profile and some pictures I posted. She got interested again as did he. We set up a meeting in a local cafe and had some coffee and conversation. We hit it off really well and she began to rub my leg with her foot. ... Continue»
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Adventures of a Sex Addict

I have always been intrigued by anything to do with sex. When I was 5 or 6 years of age I would find myself looking in the Sears catalog at the women's bras and panties section. I don't know why but it was just so interesting to me. Then, when I was 8 I hit the mother load. My parents had a collection of adult cartoons as well as playboys and other type nudie magazines.

I remember reading them and staring at all the pictures of both women & men. Some of the cartoons had pictures of humans with a****ls. That too was very exciting to me. I never really had an orgasm when I would look at these... Continue»
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The Pool Boy

My b*****r was in college and had this swimming pool service business where he would go around and clean the pools and check the chemical levels and all that stuff. Well the business did really well and he had hired some guys from his school but sometimes they would not show up or get behind. Then he would call on me to help out. I did not mind this too much. He had done all this on a shoe string budget. he paid me well so I did not mind. He needed me to fill in for most of the summer.
I had just got my drivers license and was ready to practice driving. The first few weeks went well. I... Continue»
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I heard her hit the floor just as the door was closing. I quickly used
my foot to keep the door from locking me out as it closed.

Pushing the door back open, the sight before me was Facebook-worthy;
actually, probably more Reddit-worthy: my co-worker Carly had fallen on her
face, dead d***k in the entryway of her hotel room.

I couldn't help but notice that her already short skirt had ridden up a
bit, giving me a good look at her toned thighs. Damn, that yoga was really
working for her!

Yes, I "checked her out" before checking how she was...I'm a guy,... Continue»
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Country Boy

I have been into some wild parties, with all kinds of sexual games and the like, but recently, it's caused me a bit of stress. I guess I should start by telling you about my friend Tim. I met him at the collections agency I started work for. He started work there right after I did, and we kind of hit it off. He was fun, but god was he naïve! I mean, I came from a small town, but this guy... If you couldn't milk it or harvest it, he didn't have a clue what you were talking about. And here he was in a city like LA. I tell you, if I had not gotten to him first, he'd have been stripped, beaten, an... Continue»
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Seducing the neighbor

Knock knock i heard from the front door so i got up walking over to see who it was. Hello my names jennifer the lady said with a smile I'm your neighbor i live in the house on the left of you. I saw you all moving in for the past couple of days and i thought i would introduce myself i wasn't interupting you the lady asked me. "Oh no i said your fine its nice to meet you as well im Riley by the way." Well Riley it's nice to meet you are your parents around by any chance i would like too meet them as well," they lady asked? Oh no i Don't live with my parents i live with my grandma she had to go ... Continue»
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First male experience

The setting was a long time ago when I was about f******n or fifteen years old. I was a very shy, and led a pretty sheltered life. I had made friends with a guy at school and we hang out all the time. He had a bunch of b*****rs, and a dad that loved to go hunting. They hunted every kind of small game you can think of. So me coming from the inter city, I jumped at the chance to go hunting with them. One of the craziest things we used to do was coon hunting. They had a bunch of dogs and were really into it. My buddy , the youngest of the b*****rs, used to like to get high, drink and party a lot... Continue»
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An Indian wife’s desire – Part 2

Mira, an Indian wife’s rite into sexual awakening – Part 2
By mirax86@xhamster. Based on real events. Contd. from Part 1
Still hard and deep inside, Ram spoke. “You have been such a cock tease, prancing this butt…” he paused and moved his left hand down to grab my left ass cheek in a strong grip “… and these tits, braless.... Continue»
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Kate and Amy


Kate and Amy were best friends growing up. They were two normal girls who did everything together. Kate was the quiet one and Amy the loud one. Kate was reserved and conservative, Amy was outgoing and wild. In high school Amy had the pick of any boy she wanted, she was tall, blonde and beautiful whereas Kate was short, brunette and kind of plain. Kate wore glasses and her f****y was not very well off while Amy had it all. Despite their differences they were inseparable.

Amy went through boyfriend after boyfriend. Kate didn’t have a real boyfriend until her junior... Continue»
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With a couple

Around the beginning of 2016 I was headed out to Arizona and posted a few cl ads. I was looking to watch a couple and masturbate nothing really more but was open to it. I would be out there for a few months so I planned ahead of time. I had a few responses but nothing real or very attractive at that. So after reposting it a few times I finally found a couple named Trevor and Serina with a fairly pretty Columbian lady. We emailed for about a day or two and I told them I would be out to Az in a week.

We exchanged contact info about 4 days before I headed out that way. We exchanged photos here... Continue»
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Should i feel bad?

Hey babe I'm back from the store, I said as i walked through the door. "You weren't gone that long" i heard my girlfriend Mya saying from the kitchen do you pick up the stuff on the list i wanted you to get? "No" i replied back to her turning on the television to watch some basketball. "Joe joe Joesph" i finally looked to see what she wanted? "What in the hell joesph i wanted too cook us dinner tonight before we leave tomarrow." calm down babe me responding to her trying to get her to relax. You can cook for us when we get back from are trip besides i got pizza! "Fine whatever have you talked ... Continue»
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How it all began

How it all began

It´s been a while back, i was young and very curious about sex, porn and all this stuff. I started wanking about a year ago, mostly on stolen Playboy magazines. Back than we had a a bookstore in the station, with a adult area behind a curtain, they hat real hardcore stuff there and i decided instead of steeling another playboy to slip behind that curtain. I need to steel,because i was not of age to buy them.

It took a few days and tries, but someday i slipped in without been seen, and i grabed the first magazine i could reach, stuffed it under my shirt and walked out.

... Continue»
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Train grope leads to ongoing gloryhole(True story)

This all started a few years back in 2012... I leased a BMW for like three years. For those that aren't sure how leasing a car works, you pretty much sign paperwork stating that you will make payments on a particular car during specific time frame. And after the lease is up, you can decide whether to keep the car for longer or return the car back to the dealership... So after my lease is up, I had to turn the car back to the dealership. They soon convinced me to get another car lol, as they are trained to and I did just that. The only thing is that I had to wait a few weeks until the car I req... Continue»
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My first Glory Hole experience.

Thought id share the story of my first Gloryhole experience. As it was, i was a young man and like most guys, always looking to get off. As teenagers we would always find dirty mags or books and occasionally, one of our friends would discover their parents movie stash. All of us huddled on the floor in that particular friends house, the sound of the old 8mm projector whining and clicking away all the while praying that his parents didnt come home early. I guess thats where my affection for porn began. I can remember going home after watching those movies with a throbbing hardon in my pants, a... Continue»
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