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xhamster what im looking for x

Hi names Mark been on x on and off for awhile but loving how it looks with all these hot bodied woman who apparently are as horny as me!!! love a story so gunna write what im hoping will happen on this site!! reply if your interested!!

Its starts with seeing a profile of a woman who has sex appeal and loves cam sex! I friend request her and we introduce our selves. Im a fit male in the building trade and she loves the photo of my semi hard cock, I share some messages with her and we exchange details to cam after the nervous tension has passed we cam each other she is more beautiful than I c... Continue»
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Taking my younger s****rs virginity

This is a True Story.

At the time she was 14 and I was 17, me and my s****r were really close. I taught her how to play sports in our back garden since she was able to walk.

It all started with me and her hanging out one day home alone, she was in my room playing PS3 while I was smoking out the window, after I finished I lay down in my bed, she was busy playing GTA. She was sitting down on my bed so I was lying down behind her. While she was playing I must've fallen asl**p, I woke up after an hour or so with a hard on, she heard me wake up and looked back and saw my 7inch cock but at tha... Continue»
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Sexy Wife's Sexy Young s****r - Lesson One

As my wife was sucking on my cock, taking it deep into the back of her throat as she always does, her younger s****r awoke from all the rustling, tossed and turned a bit, looked at us and just stared. We were not married at the time and I was spending the night over at her folks place. As the house was relatively small and the s****rs shared a double bed, we would often lay in the same bed together and wait for her sibling to fall asl**p before we started our business. This night she turned to us, opened her eyes and blankly gazed while her older s****r swallowed my cock stroke after stroke. ... Continue»
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Linda : The 1st time I Cross-dressed

When I was 18years old, (you have to remember this was 1975) a female work colleague (Kath)came to me and said I dare you to go to Mawer and Collingham (a local posh store)and go and buy her Black Stockings, Suspenders, Knickers, Bra and garter.

Well I wasn't going to turn down a dare, so off I went with the list and money, later got back and passing over the sexy goods I said that was so simple, you can do better than that surely.
Hang on a minute she said, I have got a dare you won't find as easy, and passing back the bag, giggled, and said ok I dare you to wear ALL these to work tomorro... Continue»
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temporary post

Here's the thing. I have to go way back, then I have to go back, then I can tell you about last night's date.

Way back:
When my folks were newly married, they lived in an apartment complex and were best friends with the couple next door. Then both couples started having families, and jobs took both families to other cities. They remained close but the families saw each other very rarely -- every 5 or 10 years, or even longer.

Around 2000-2001, my work moved me to a hip part of Atlanta. One day Mom calls me and says, "Oh, you know I got a Christmas card from [f****y X] and it... Continue»
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Step s****r Nicole 2

It was quite strange, I bya done before Nicole, to his wife, to my step-s****r to one of the coolest girls. I did not know what to think, confused, went into the bathroom to shower.

Later after lunch Nicole wrote me to go to her room.
- H: Hi Sasch. I want to talk about this morning.
- C: I do not know Nicole, there's nothing to say it happened so izvednash never looked at you with those eyes, was wonderful but I understand that will not be repeated.
- H: Well, I wanted to talk, I want to repeat. I loved watching you. Your naked body, hard penis, juicy balls only imagine moving your hand... Continue»
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Susana Gives Up Her Ass To Save Her Cherry

This is part three of a series you can read it as a standalone story, but if you really want to get the characters read the other parts of the series first. Part One isn’t essential, but Part Two sort of is.

I was in heaven as the love of my life an eighteen year old virgin was in my bed with me and she had a butt plug in her ass prepping herself to take me inside her ass for the first time.

She said, “I think it is time for the bigger one now.”

I slowly pulled the smaller one out of her butt and watched her formally tight asshole try and reassert its naturally tight form. Before that... Continue»
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Kays first time shared with another man

I have been asked many times how sharing my wife Kay all started, so I thought I would share this with all those interested. I am not a professional writer so please be understanding.

Kay is five feet five inches tall and one hundred and 130 pounds. She has an hour glass figure, great ass and 42 D breasts. She has a beautiful face and long dark hair that hangs to her waist; she is a very cheerful and happy person with a great sense of humor and personality.
The first time Kay was shared she was 21 and that was about 30 years ago. It was out of love and caring, trying to help a great frien... Continue»
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Ceres Calhoun's first time

Ceres Calhoun was a vicious stereotype of a plain jane. Her pale skin, waif body and figure were unremarkable. Her straight brown hair was parted in the middle and pulled int a pony tail by a black scrunchy. She didn't help the image with a brown cardigan, over an off white beige button up blouse tucked into ill fitting brown trousers that exposed her brown socks. Her shoes though were white trail running shoes. Rather they were once white, the were filthy with mud and dirt from executing their primary function. She liked to run, but more on that another time. She was senior archivist for the ... Continue»
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Inside a Woman's Head, with Sex

My name is Jennifer, I am 25, getting on a bit, if I have to say so myself, but I have a little thing about myself, I would like to share with all you men reading this, I love sex, and I get lots of it.

You see, my dear readers, I get horny, every day horny, not for my lovely husband, but for men like you, as part of my horniness is in that I like to let men have their naughty way with me, bareback of course.

Everything in life must have a number of things, variety and freshness, texture and taste, physical state and degrees of flexibility, I think from those short sentences, you can see... Continue»
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Young and Insatiable Part 1

I'd been away for two weeks in Hong Kong and Japan on business fortunately I finished two days early and changed my flight to arrive in Adelaide one day early or should I say one night early as it was the last flight in before curfew. I hadn't let Anne know as I wanted to surprise her, it was 1:30 am when the taxi dropped me off and I quietly opened and closed the front door, leaving my bags in the hall I went into my office and poured myself a good measure of Laphroiag to help me relax after the long flights. I sipped it as I checked my email and my answering machine, nothing interesting so I... Continue»
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Part 9 – Finally get to watch her get fucked

After the young couple left, we fucked. It was the first time I had my dick in a pussy that was freshly fuck. It was so wet, so hot and so smooth. I felt like I could fuck her pussy all night. She let me fuck her until she came twice. Then she started to tell me how big the young man’s dick was. How it made her come. Then she told me how she made the young lady squirm by sucking her nipples, rubbing her clit and licked my cum out of her pussy. I could not hold it back any long and added my cum to the young man’s. We got out of bed and took a shower together. There is nothing sexier t... Continue»
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My Aunt's Hot Box

I'd wanted my aunt for years. My Dad's youngest b*****r
married Peggy eight years ago when she was a sexy 27-
year-old. Now she's an even sexier 35 and with a body
that would melt cold steel but put a hard-on on a dead

Since Jim, my dad's b*****r, is always out of town for
days at a time on business, I'm the guy Peggy calls when
she needs help around the house. For years she's known
that her body turned me on when she was in the same
room. My cock would get hard and she'd giggle at my
embarrassment and discomfort.

I've whacked off gallons of cum thinking of fuckin... Continue»
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A Night in the Dungeon

Come with me, my sweet..." Master Marcus' deep,
resonant voice commanded the pretty young wench. He led
Wendy, his slave for the evening, down the spiral
staircase of his big house in the countryside. Marcus
was a handsome man of thirty-four, with a stocky build,
a clean-shaven chin, and a head of wavy brown hair. His
black-leather outfit complemented his looks and frame

When Wendy had first seen Marcus at the invitation-only
S&M party earlier that evening, she knew that he was
born for the role of a dominant man. She glanced his
way a few times, hoping that he wo... Continue»
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Aunt Sandy's f****y

My mom had died a few months earlier. I was 17, so I
wasn't a k** anymore, but I wasn't so old that I could
take it in stride. Or maybe you're never old enough to
take things like that in stride; I don't know.

Anyway, I still felt pretty torn up about it, but I
tried not to show it too much, because I figured it was
harder on the k**s -- my b*****rs, Willie and Mark, four
years younger. And with Dad away most of the time
flying, I figured I had to be the man of the f****y.

I don't know how we would have gotten through that time
if it hadn't been for everything Aunt Sandy ... Continue»
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Every man needs a hobby.

After I had performed oral sex on my neighbor who we will call Bob for convince. We had a talk a few days later. He had never had someone suck him off to completion. Nor had he had anyone finger his a**.
He had seen me out a few times earlier in the early morning when I was going to get the newspaper in what he thought was a dress.
I explained to him that what I was wearing was a mu mu. My wife and I had gone to Hawaii a few times before. I saw the women there wearing them. I thought why not a man? The look comfortable and easy to get into. So I had bought some for myself. They are the best ... Continue»
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Mother-in-law and I Fall in Love part 2

As Linda drove, I slid over closer to her noticing that she wasn't sitting on her dress tail, with her pussy on full display. When I got next to her, I rubbed my hand around her landing strip of hair for a bit then slid my hand down to her pussy lips and rubbed up and down, smirring the cum around on them as it was leaking out of her pussy.

"Ben, what are you doing, besides making it hard to drive." in an excided voice.

"You might say that I'm trying to keep your seat from getting socked with cum juice."

"If you keep it up, there will be more cum juice, than you can keep off the seat.... Continue»
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It was a very rundown hostel with around 20 double decker beds. Good thing when I checked in that time, there were still available beds at the bottom.

I checked in around noon and it was almost deserted except for a Japanese guy. It wasn’t until the next day when I have some surprise – I found out the Japanese guy didn’t care about nudity. I went to pee (the room had two toilets and two shower areas with curtains) and was surprised to see the Jap taking a shower with the curtains open. Luckily there was a urinal between the two showers that I peed in a position that shows my dick to the Ja... Continue»
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My very first time with a guy - Part 1

This was my personal and real experience with a guy.

I am 25 so this happened 6 years ago. I had this classmate very fresh dude and nice athletic body, and we knew each other since we were a k**s, we lived very close by my house and we were very close at that time. As we grew up we went to different schools, but in high school we were brought together.

S(i will call him S in this story) and I were sitting together in most of the classes and we were really close since c***dhood and we always joked with each other. He was wearing tight shirts, so his muscles could popup and S was popular ... Continue»
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Tomboy From Work I Fucked (True)

This is a true story of mine I thought I would share with you all. Enjoy guys and gals.

Like most people I hate going to work and if I had my way I wouldn't but one bright side to my job is the amazing amount of good looking girls that work with me. Staring at their asses and tits seems to make the days go faster sometimes which doesn't sound like much but it gives me a reason to get my ass out of bed in the morning and go to work. I was also friends with plenty of guys who shared with me the enjoyment of staring at the gi... Continue»
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