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my interracial daddy

one late afternoon i was lying in my bed with my phone next to me and i went off so i look and i was a text from old billy. old billy is an old black guy i met at a adult store he is in his 60s and is taller then me and has this nice big black dick. so i open up the text and it is a pix of his dick semi hard with a text saying i'm lonely here come over and service my cock he needs a little love. so i text him back i love to come over what do you want me to wear. he text back wear a tight black shirt and a pair of panties and black tight leggings i want to stain it in cum. i texted him i come ... Continue»
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The Treatmnent - Part 3

When Roz placed my hand on her vagina, I could feel that it was warm and slightly damp through her underwear. I felt my fingers start to move slowly in a circular motion and could hear Roz starting to moan softly. As she kept looking into my eyes I moved her underwear to the side and started to rub the outside of her vagina with my fingers. She felt wet and slightly sticky in my mind started to race thinking about how warm it would be inside of her. At this point Roz noticed that my cock was getting harder and she started to stroke it through my trousers.

I kept thinking about the fact t... Continue»
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First lesbian encounter with my best friend

After spending all week home sick from school, missing out on my senior year of high school due to a pesky case of strep I was ready to get out of the house and socialize with my friends in the real world again.There was a party that night at the hottest guy in town's house. I begged and pleaded with my parents to let me go, but my mom "the nurse" said she thought I should stay home and rest up since I would be behind upon return to school Monday. I was crushed. I wasn't a pretty girl or a girly girl anyway so the chance to be in the same room with every hot guy in our high school was the culm... Continue»
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First Time for Santa

It was a week before Xmas and my friend billy, his wife Anna (names changed) my wife Jill and myself were invited to a 40th birthday party.My wife looked stunning this particular night in a pencil skirt and fishnet tights and a pair of black calf high boots. I could hardly take my eyes off her and neither could a lot of the male guests at the party and i could see was getting admiring glances from some of the other women. Needless to say it was a great night had by all, what with the time of year and the drink flowing freely everyone seemed to be really enjoying themselves. I couldn't help b... Continue»
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L'apprentissage de Chloé... Fin de soi

Il est plus de minuit et malgré nos jeux, elles ont répondu à ma question en disant qu’elles n’étaient pas fatiguées et n’avaient pas sommeil.

Le seul changement que je leur ai imposé et que Chloé elle aussi, porte à nouveau un bijou elle aussi.
Elles ont dû me les montrer en s’écartant mutuellement les fesses.
Et qu’elles se touchent les fesses l'une l'autre les a un tantinet excitées.
Chloé a reprit le bijou rubis et Marie a fini par se dénicher un rosebub de sa couleur préférée.
Émeraude… Et non « hémorroïde » bien heureusement.
Et sans qu’elles ne prononcent une parole p
... Continue»
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Morning with Melissa

So you think having sex three times in one night would be enough, but sometimes for me its not. This starts with my wife having a bit too much to drink, and leading her to be very horny. I was in bed, when she stumbled in and climbed right up on me. Three hours later she is asl**p and I am drained. So I head out to the living room, watch some tv and check my texts. At 4am, didn't think I have any, but I had one message. It was from Melissa, a s****r of my wife's best friend. She only text me if she was straight out bored, d***k, or depressed. It turns out she was two out of three. I text her ... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 7

Chapter 7

As Francis was having a wonderful time exploring and meeting older men and classmates a few other chubby freshman students were not so lucky. William and Richard were two students who were experiencing the same needs as all other guys their age. The two gravitated together in a science class as lab partners because it seemed all others in the class seemed to know each other.

Richard was shorter and plumper than William a second year student who was had a better built as a result of being a wrestler in high school but no longer continued to practice that sport. When the two were... Continue»
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Seema Teacher Or Sex Teacher

Hi this is Sameer. I m going to explain my real life sexual experience with my teacher. This happened when I was in college. Her name is Seema who teaches me management .she is really a hot aunty, aged around 32 but she will look like 25 yr aged girl. I was her favorite student . I lived next to her house. We used to go in the same bus. She used to be very strict in college but in home she was like my friend. My college closes at 5 and we move from college to home by bus. She is a divorce. She lives alone with her c***d. She ha... Continue»
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Sexiest Lady On The Earth

Hi Everybody, This is Shekhar from Bangalore. Going to tell a real incident that took me to the heaven in my life. As I am a Software Graduate in an Reputed University in Bangalore,I am 22 years old with average physique and good looking, wearing spectacles which mostly attracts womens in my area.The area we reside all the families are rich except our f****y. Coming to Girls and Aunties they are sexy with revealing dresses.

Among them there is one beauty queen and a princess Anushka Agarwal, who tops the position in terms of sexiness and beautiness .But she is married and have one ba
... Continue»
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Young Wife Learns To like Anal

My wife Karen is a petite 5’2 gorgeous brunette. When we met when she was just 23 a recently divorced young mother of two who apparently had been married to a guy who knew nothing about sex which was fortunate for me. I got to teach Karen everything about good sex and her own body. She had her first orgasm after I had fucked her for about half-an-hour. After that she was hooked, she was a former ballet dancer in high school and she knew dance moves that she used during sex that would drive any man wild. When we first met I was teaching her how to give a blow job and she asked “what do you do w... Continue»
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d***k and left alone

It was another Saturday afternoon as I finished up running a few errands before heading home. My husband was going to have his friend Mike over for the night so that the two of them could hang out in his man cave and enjoy several drinks. I was out running a few errands as well as picking up some potato chips for the guys to enjoy later on. I eventually finished up and headed home. Once I got home, my husband was out back firing up the grill. He was going to make a few burgers and hot dogs so we could all eat. He told me that Mike was on his way and would be arriving shortly. They hadn't hung ... Continue»
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Just getting the sale

I am a sales guy in the industrial repair area and travel to manufacturing plants all year long. I had been doing this job for a few years and was doing ok but last year I found the key to success.

I was in Jackson, MS trying to get a large company to commit to me selling them all supplies for the next year. I met with the plant supervisor Joe and he was not going to do it because we had too high of a price. I finally got Joe to agree to go to dinner and discuss what options we could make work. That evening Joe picked me up at my hotel and we went to a nice restaurant and had dinner. D... Continue»
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My Wife’s first time – the last part

Hopefully you have already read parts 1 and 2. If not, check them out before reading any further!

We set up our little get together party for my friend and his wife for the following Saturday night at our home. Lots of refreshments and snacks and of course there was plenty of our homemade beer in the cooler. We brewed our own beer and bottled it old Coors bottles and it usually ran to about 9 or 10%. My wife really likes our home brew!

We figured we would start the night off by playing some card games, downing some refreshment and generally letting everyone (especially his wife) get mor... Continue»
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Chubby Freshman Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Francis continued to explore cafes, restaurants and art galleries in search of mature men who he could have sex with. A week after his encounter with his classmate Harris the chubby student went to an exclusive gay club which he found out about while chatting with a man on a site for chubby men and chasers. When he entered the club he was dressed in his usual preppy style with a sweater hung over his shoulders and looked around the club. He saw a dance floor and men of all ages either dancing or socializing while standing or sitting at tables. He also saw some young faggy gay guy... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 11

Chapter 11
The Exhibit

A week after the meeting with Donna and Tom Joie was being interviewed by the local media at the gala opening of the exhibition of French African and Parisian art which was being presented in a local museum. The event was being attended by various dignitaries made up of local government officials, representatives from the arts community and officials from the French Consulate. The interview was broadcasted on local television news and in print in local newspapers with a photo of him.

Joie was wearing a classic preppy style, indigo colour, Italian made slim fit... Continue»
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Accidental Intromission

Since Dad left us Mom and I had settled into an "It's us against the world" mode even though we knew it was not true. We had f****y and friends to support us including Dad's mom, however our attitude brought us closer together.

Mom and I had an easy love. We kissed and hugged often for no particular reason other than to show how much we loved each other. I do not remember when our soft, lingering lip-to-lip kisses started but to me it seemed that I had enjoyed them my whole life. Partial nudity had also been common in our household and we had each caught glimpses of the other naked.

Yet ... Continue»
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My slave, My Hucow

Today I had a quick look here on Hamster, one of the first vids that popped up was one of a Hucow, a submissive that was on all fours, with a milking machine attachment on each breast and nipple which was clearly milking her.
She was dressed in a Black & White suit, she was dressed in that manner to give her the appearance of a real Cow and to conform with her mind set of being a cow. This immediately brought memories of my first slave when I resided in Qld to the north of Brisbane.
We had met in the Local BDSM scene back then were a good match, it didn't take long until I offered her My Col... Continue»
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b*o & s*s together

My plane got in at 10.00 am, and I lashed out on a taxi to take me to see Mum. I'd phoned ahead, and she was waiting to see me. I got a big kiss and a very motherly hug when I arrived.

"How long can you stay, Scott? It's been so long since you were home."

"I'm sorry, Mum," I apologised, "I've got to fly out to Melbourne this evening -- I start my contract on Monday, but it's only six months, and then I hope I can come back."

"Oh, pooh," Mum voiced her disappointment in the usual way, but she knew I wasn't going to be able to stay for long. I'd recently finished my IT degree, and some... Continue»
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whats up everyone ! i just wanted to share another epic fender bender story of my interesting life and chronicle the events that have happened over the last 48 hours while everything is still fresh. i never write short stories.. i like to reminiisce about each detail as i remember it

life is like a box of chocolates.. you just never know what your going to get!!

first off... if you are reading this .. you can check out my profile page AZNSWAG, remember to read the requirements if you plan on adding me. i was an uploader but recently got the dreaded 3 strikes... Continue»
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Everyone gets to fuck the Bride and Groom –

I met the sweetest and cutest girl in the world. I couldn’t believe my luck. She was from a South American country that will go unnamed. Along with this girl came some of the strangest customs that I had ever imagined. She was worth it through.

She was dead set on remaining a virgin until the week of her wedding. She never really explained why the week, not the night, of her wedding. When I would ask her, she always found a way to skirt the subject.
... Continue»
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