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Kat in the Hat

I nearly spewed my coffee all over my iPad. "Say What?!"

"I said it's time you got laid!" My step-daughter Allison never was
one to mince words. Just like her mother, God rest her soul.

"Thank you very much for your thoughts, young lady, but my social life
is not the business of a 17-year-old yenta."

"Oh yes it is, Hank," she said, all serious now. "You've been
miserable since the anniversary and it's not what mom would have

Alli's mom Jill was killed a little over a year ago in a car crash
caused by some dumb-fuck holiday d***k driver who barely got a
scratch. He ... Continue»
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Open House

"For sale?" I wasn't too surprised to see the sign go up on the empty
place next door. It has been more than eight months since the Cooke
f****y moved out. They were the kind of neighbors you like to have -
friendly, quiet, and on the rare occasion they had a party they made
sure you got an invitation if for no other reason than you could make
plans to be somewhere else if you wanted to keep your sanity.

And they had a beautiful 16-year-old daughter Sally who liked wearing
the smallest bathing suit possible when sunning herself in the back
yard. Yeah, I looked. More than a few times... Continue»
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Slow Pump

I'm not sure what was more depressing -- having to work on the
holiday, or watching a big chunk of the bonus money I earned go right
into the gas tank of my decade-old Subaru. I pulled into the service
station on the opposite side of the pumps from a beat-up grey Ford
Taurus. Duct tape was holding part of the bumper together. As I swiped
my credit card at the pump, I saw a slender blonde in short white
shorts and lacy black sleeveless shirt start walking my way. Well,
this was certainly a pleasant diversion from the task at hand.

She looked to be in her early 20s, about 5'2" and pr... Continue»
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Old Man and My Busty Girlfriend

This is a true story.

AND A LONG ONE (You've been warned)

My name is Robby (obviously) and I have been with my girlfriend Angie quite a while now, she has a beautiful bubble butt, a lovely pair of 34DD's and prefers to trim down below, rather than shave.

Earlier this year me and my girlfriend Angie took a two week holiday up in McCall, to a camp site; a rather expensive one!

The view was gorgeous, fresh air, country all around and the site was full of mostly older men and women, we even shared a garden with an older man named Curt.

Curt was easily nearly 60, mostly bald and what... Continue»
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Fantasy Gang Bang

At my dom's house.

I am dress in a corset and thigh-high fishnets with lacy see-through black panties. My eyes are painted and lined and my nails are freshly polished. I am clean and smooth from head to toe. I am wearing my studded metal bitch collar, and my dom holds the leash. I am a little nervous but excited. His job is to put me in heat.

He does so with the skill he always displays. With gentle hands, he caresses my shoulders and arms. The back of his hand lightly strokes my cheeks. He raises my chin and kisses me while is fingertips move down my front to my little breasts. ... Continue»
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My first time (true story)

We were living in Baltimore and one of our friends was gay. We didn’t think much of it, he was just gay. One Saturday when my wife was out of town, I offered to help him work on his car. We finished up early in the afternoon and went inside his apartment to clean up. While we were having a cold beer, he offered to pay for dinner to thank me for working on his car. Because I was alone that weekend, we arranged to go to dinner that night. I had to go home, shower and change, but we had plenty of time.

While we were talking, I noticed some magazines on his coffee table and asked if I cou... Continue»
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Str8 guy playdate

Jake and I met on-line and agrred to meet at my hotel for some guy play. We were both str8 and married but wanted to see whst it was like to play with a guys cock. We were not going to kiss, hug, fuck or do bjs just play with our cocks.

I had a fridge full of beer ready so Jake and I could enjoy a few beers when we got to my room. I took my shower first and came out wrapped with only a towel but with a boner already. Jake took his shower and came out with a boner without a towel on. He was not real big, maybe 5-6 in, and fairly thick but size does not matter to me so I was already getting e... Continue»
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Who is it.....

I'd been trying to get my wife interested in having sex with another guy for quite some time, but to no avail.
To her, sex is naughty, something responsible mums dont do. Its not banished completely, and when sex does happen, its fantastic, its just not regular, and not very often. I had thought it was me.
I thought that maybe, if I could get someone to chat her up then it might.make her realise that sex is enjoyable as well as a good thing to do - the more regular the better.

One night I decided to post an advert on a well know personals site. I asked if there was anyone who knew my wife... Continue»
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Taught Son To Be A Man, So He Fucked His Mom

My son Seth who is seven teen years old has always been quiet, shy and way to afraid of confrontation. Seth has always wanted to do things with his mom that most girls like to do like shopping etc. One day I made it my mission to try and make him more into a man because he was my son and my only k**. I started trying to get him to go outside to play ball or to even go hunt or fish but he usually just told me he didn't feel like going. When it was just him and I at home we would be watching T.V where I would intentionally flip past the porn channels just to get his mind on looking at girls like... Continue»
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A young mans obsession with me


A young mans obsession with me

My name is sally and I have been married to my husband John for 15 years and in all that time I have never looked at another man in my years of marriage,

My husband and I have a very active sex life and he is a great lover and sex is amazing with him,

I love john very much and would do anything for him, we are a normal couple who like to experiment in the bedroom our favorite is fore play we love watching porn films while in bed,

John loves me to dress up when we go out and always say how sexy I look I do look after my... Continue»
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Straight guy has seen the BBC light

Every since my first experience with interracial thoughts when I bought my first black dildo I cant get black cock off my mind. I am known to my friends as a straight guy that would never do something like this, even at the end of the world. But here I am, thinking of black cock day in and day out.

As mentioned in my first story, I sneak in and steal my GF's aunts panties and ... Continue»
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Sarah's and Carole, her lover

I am lay on the eiderdown, on my back, with my legs wide apart, dressed only in my undersized silk bra and silk tight fitting panties. My pleasure is swelling and your eyes are being drawn to the sweet smell of my passion. Your eyes are widening as you notice the damp patch that is spreading from my clitoris down past my love tunnel and between the cheeks of my bottom. Take deep slow breaths and move both hands to your breasts. Close your eyes and caress your breasts through your night gown. Do not touch your nipples. Circle them without actually touching them. While you are doing this I am u... Continue»
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Sarah and my lover Linda

This story has been rewritten at the request of Oxoncple. She has asked if I might include her so I have rewritten a true story in my life but have replaced the name for Linda and Geoff (not their real names of course). Actually, having seen so many of your beautiful photos, I often fantasise that it is you and your partner sharing my orgasms and wetness. Even as I write this I am gasping and swollen and no doubt it will have to be done between cummings and goings.

I have a friend, Linda who is 38, 36B, slender and very, very sexy. We have been friends for over 10 years and lovers for just ... Continue»
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Us growing up!

Our parents didn't have much money -- they usually drank it all -- so my older b*****r Tim had to share his bed with me. Any other k** might have complained about sharing his bed with a b*****r who was six years younger and barely walking yet, but I never remember Tim complaining. And when my parents argued at night, I'd hug onto Tim, and he would wrap an arm behind my back and pull my head onto his shoulder, then he'd just hold me and sometimes stroke my back. I adored Tim.

I'm not sure at what point I began getting stiffies while hugging onto him. Maybe I did all along. Little k**s
... Continue»
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It happened

I started looking on cl for a "very clean,disease free, m2m to suck me off. Because I'm married it had to be very discreet and he had to host. I got a few responses and finally one interested me. He was 36 5'8 and 160. About 10 years younger than me. I showered and went to his place, knocked on the door, he answered and we went straight to his couch. Both of us were nervous, he was married too. I set down on his couch, pulled my pants down and he kneeled down and started sucking my cock. I was so horny I came in about 2 minutes in his mouth while looking at a picture of his wife hanging on the... Continue»
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Fun on the Common.

We were in the middle of a heatwave and my job involving so much driving and my company car did not have air conditioning. It was Friday and I was looking forward to the weekend. I was on my last call. When I arrived at my customers, the person who I was due to see had gone home very ill. So I promised to phone Monday and reschedule. On the way home I picked up a cold drink and some sandwiches and suddenly remembered a layby which would be shady so that I could stop and enjoy my lunch and relax for half an hour or so.
The layby was butting up to a common, which is what we call an area of natu... Continue»
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Older s****r

"I will have to admit that it is a very strange disease that your
daughter has contracted. Until such time as her body has completely
recovered, she will have to take the medication religiously every
evening. Even the medicine required is strange and powerful. She will
sl**p normally and be fully aware but for all practical purposes . .
." the doctor mused for a moment,

And this was just about the time that I stopped by the parlor door to
ease drop.

" . . . she will be completely immobile and paralyzed by the
medication every night. But it is for her own good." "If it's
ne... Continue»
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Davis' House

Davis and I became best friends in elementary school. He had been held back a year (back when they still did that sort of thing), and I was one of the youngest in our grade, so he was a year and a half older than me. He definitely hit puberty first, showing me when he got his first pubes. Soon, he had a little patch of them.

The summer after he showed me his first pubes, when I got my new swim briefs for the summer swim team, I was pleasantly surprised by how much my own dick had grown. The size had sort of snuck up on me. When I tried on my new team briefs and saw how I filled the
... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #10: Céline-5

Céline and Petra munch at each others mussels, while I wait for the turn of my mighty muscles

Céline continues to lick along the love lips of my gracious great granddod pretty Princess Petra
Céline can not to stop to drink Petra's pussy juices while I walk away for another bottle of wine

Every drop of you tastes so precious Princess Petra Céline tells her between long love licks
Every hour of the day or night I can make love to you if you want my mighty Mistress Princess

Long time I watch after I come back to the scene with the second bottle of white wine w
... Continue»
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DISCLAIMER: This is a really long story but if you read till the end, I guess you might like it.
Also, this is my first attempt at writing so please bear with me.

The funny thing about life is that you never know what is going to happen next. One minute, you are on a bus ride to Coimbatore to attend a seminar and the next minute you are, well, in heaven.

I’m 25, 5 ft 8 inches, well toned with broad shoulders and good looking. I work in a reputed company so I usually dress well. That day, I was on my way to our Coimbatore branch to attend a seminar. It was just a 3 hours thing so my sch... Continue»
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