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Fun on the Common. Part 2

After I had got back to the car, I opened the windows. My shirt stank of pee and it was because of that I knew that it hadn't been a dream. After a few moments, I realised that I was going to roast if I didn't move. I was hungry again and thought that I should stop soon to buy more food! I didn't want to stop at a supermarket but knew that I would need to shop later. I remembered a newsagents that sold odd things on one of the ways home that I could choose. It had a parking bay right outside! I pulled into the parking bay. There was a bus stop just before it and I made sure that I was not park... Continue»
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Daddy's Girl


Meet Shadow, Shadow is not his real name, just a nick name. He has a beautiful daughter, he loves her very much. In hindsight he and her mother weren’t mature enough to have had c***dren at that time but he has no regrets, he loves her, she makes life worth living. It’s not easy being a single parent either, he had to grow up fast, never got to go out every Saturday night, have a bachelor pad or any of the things young free men get to enjoy. Now that Brianna is a little older he is trying to make up for lost time. Tonight is his first date since Brianna’s mother.

“Are you... Continue»
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Mom In Te Shower

I was ## when I found the sex education books in my
mom’s night stand. The books showed sketches of the
male and female reproductive organs. I had never seen
anything like that before. Growing up on a farm I had
seen a****ls mating all the time. (I really liked
watching the bull breed our cows.) But I had never
thought about men and women mating. Reading those books
started an intense desire to see what a female looked
like naked.

That night I realized that our old farm house had a
bathroom with a clear window . The best chance I would
have of seeing a naked woman wo... Continue»
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My First Time Blowing a Friend!!!!!!

This is a TRUE STOEY I wrote down about 9 years ago::::
I was at a friends house hanging out with 3 of my close friends and this guy from school we hung out with sometimes. We were all a little tipsy from drinking and had started talking about girls we had fooled around with. Well me and the friend we hang out with sometimes (Doug) had not been as lucky as our peers and had started to talk about pornos we'd seen instead. It then occurred to me that I had a porn DVD in my car and asked Doug if he'd want to check it out. He said sure and we began the trek to my car.

We got down to my car (... Continue»
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B'day Gift in Train by a Stranger

Hi, i am Sanju from Delhi, I am a regular reader of this website. I liked some of the stories very much and thus I decided to narrate you about one of my true and adventures story of my life which happened in a train some time back. I would try to narrate my story in hindi. Yeh baat last year (2007) ki sardiyon ki hai jab mai apne office se kuch dino ki chutti le ke apne ghar pe new year aur mere B’Day celebration ke liye jar aha tha. Maine 2 class AC Compartment mai reservation karwaya hua tha. Mujhe aaj bhi yaad hai who din, it was 30 Dec tha aur delhi mai aachi thand pad rahi thi. Meri trai... Continue»
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b*****r And Me In A Relationship That Is Beyond Co

This is a real incident which happened when I was 19 years old and my b*****r was 24 years old.Briefly describing my f****y which consisted of four members. My young mother who was 42 years, my father 49 years and me and my elder b*****r. I had started my graduation and my b*****r had completed his studies and was earning. He had got his job a year back and was on probation. He was athletic and well built. My mother was a housewife and was very energetic.

In my college I was surrounded by friends who were of the same age and all of them were conscious of themselves. We would joke, tease eac... Continue»
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The Realtor

Every so often my parents get this thing where they think they want to buy a new house and move to another town. We go out and look at many houses then they change their minds and nothing ever comes of it. So any way that got it in their heads to buy a new house and we are out looking at these houses. Our realtor lady is an average looking woman, kinky curly brown hair , thin, big wedding ring, really nothing to get to excited about. I am thinking she is in her late thirties. She has that used car salesman air about her. She is showing us all these houses and it is really boring.
Several ... Continue»
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Me and mike after

10 days after Donna, Mike and I had had a threesome we were sitting round the pool when Mike came over and sat next to us, after the usual pleasantries Mike said to me “Will you come up to my room I want to show you something” I looked at Donna and she said “Go on then”, I stood up and Mike and I walked towards the stairs.

On the way up to his room I asked him “Where is your wife?” “Over by the pool she’ll be alright for a half an hour”, the lift doors opened and Mike walked towards his room, unlocking the door I followed him in, he sat on the bed and said “What I did with you and your wife... Continue»
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She's Lonely on Fridays

I can't come over tonight, I have stuff I need to..

*message cannot be sent*

"Yeah, I can come over."

You guess it, social networking strikes again!

So, this tanned, bbw called Molly has gotten awfully lonely. She dropped me some messages, we exchanged numbers, she gave me her address of a familiar street I know. It's the last house on the left, can't miss it. I walk in and her relatives leave for a night out. We sit down, have some wine, we're both single, both adults.. Then the conversation stopped, she said she was going upstairs and I was worried we only ... Continue»
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Christian Girl Ellie

It was a cold winter, my friends were all in university as I was too poor to continue my music course. I had recently met Ellie who was a sweet 18 year old, Christian, curly haired, brunette with blue eyes. She had something about her, though we were nothing alike, it all started at a friend's house when she basically dry-humped me when no one else was around, then it went further on route to her house..

Me: "You sure you're ready Elle?"

Her: "I want you in my room so baad.. *she guided my hand to her jeans and slipped it down her knickers*"

Me: "Wow, you're so wet! .. Have y... Continue»
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Wendy & Tommy – Part 2

Wendy & Tommy – Part 2
Twins playing with each other – Part 2

…………Chapter 4
Friday evening…
Playing with Wendy & Tommy

Later that evening…the house was quite when Leslie Stone entered her home; apparently Wendy & Tommy were still out of the house. She went to her room, undressing to her panties as she went into her room. She carried her clothing into the bathroom, then ran the tub full of hot water.

She noticed her panties, frilly, and lacy, were soaked at the crotch. They had been clean and fresh when she had put them on after the playtime fun she had with her young daughter tha... Continue»
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A shemales revenge

I had been heartbroken for weeks ever since Paul and I had ended our relationship. We had been dating for about six months and it was the best six months of my life. We did everything together and there was nothing I couldn't tell paul. But even with such comfort in our relationship there was one secret I had been keeping from Paul that I knew eventually had to come out so on our usual "date night" one week I finally decided it was time to tell Paul the truth about me. He was nervous of course as I told him over the phone that there was something I needed to tell him and that I had been ke... Continue»
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Good Girl’s First Black Cock

My name is Nicole and I am 22 years old and I just moved into my very first place of my own!
I have always been a good girl. My mom and dad had raised me up to be kind and I always did the right thing. I was always modest and in my dating life I always dated only the most respectable of the guys from the private schools and colleges that I went to. I had one serious boyfriend in college that finally resulted in me having sex but it was only a couple of times and frankly I wondered why everyone made such a big thing about it.
Whi... Continue»
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Upper Class Tart with Big Tits

This is a real story and happened about 15 years ago when I had been divorced for about 3 years. In that 3 year gap my sex life was close to non-existent as I was focused almost 24 x 7 on growing a company that I had started with a few colleagues. The company was now growing very quickly and I after I had been paid a few dividend checks I was feeling like I wanted some female company again. Not having spent any time socializing or going down to the pub I was at a loss to think of how to make contact with a nice woman who was looking for a dinner date with wine and bed to follow but without any... Continue»
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Virgin Queen

One day about five years ago I was at my friends house. We were looking at some porn on the internet when his older b*****r walked in and busted us. "You guys are dicks!" He said. "Why don't you go get some real pussy instead of looking at that shit." "Go fuck yourself Ron, we would get real pussy if we knew how." My buddy replied. Then Ron said "You two pansies would not know what to do with real pussy any way. You probably have not seen real pussy." "Well Ron, we have not but we will some day." my buddy yelled back. "Well if you want real pussy go see the Virgin Queen, if you two are above ... Continue»
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Fuck Buddy Jane

You will probably be wondering what kind of woman I chose for my fuck buddy and I hope you will be surprised that she was a very short plump lady probably weighing about 100 lbs. and just under 5 ft. It was her wicked grin with a way of making some very amusing innuendo that left you wondering if she was looking to hook up with you. I rarely saw anyone that looked like they were her husband or partner and it was purely by chance that I found an opportunity to ask Jane if she would like a lunch time drink. Well, one drink led to four Southern Comfort and Canada Dry ginger ale shots. We sat on b... Continue»
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How My Deviant Life Started

I was a few years shy of my 18th birthday Life was good, I had a part-time job, grades were ok and I just started dating a girl. I was still a virgin, and so was she(she kept telling me that my cock was too big and it hurt too much), but we were fooling around quite often and she sure as hell knew how to suck and loved the taste of my cum! Standard teen age life, Until one fateful night that changed my whole outlook on sex.

So there I was, after work, late one night, I was home, and just showered, and as typical, my cock was rock hard. So I laid down on my bed and took matters into my own... Continue»
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a life. chapter one, first memories

My earliest memory is of moving to the new house. I guess the move provided a cut of point for my brain. I remember the door opening and all of us wee yins running about the sparsely furnished house. The walls were white and the stairs weren't yet carpeted. We ran up the stairs to bags rooms, and explore the cupboards and look out the windows. The garden looked huge and although it was bare we charged out to explore and play. only coming back in at dinner time.
Eventually the place took shape, carpets were ordered or floors were varnished. The garden gained grass, some trees and a shed. We ... Continue»
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Barely Legal Teen Neighbor Comes Round to get Laid

The f****y hadn't long moved into next door.

They consisted of a mum, dad and two siblings a son who was training to join the Army and a daughter. The whole f****y was very nice.

I was stopping at my parents for a weekend break away, I had already met the f****y next door the last time I visited. I had spoken to the daughter a couple of times. Mainly just to exchange a few words as we happened to see each other when going in and out.

This weekend was going to be a lot different....

It was in the summer around Aug and My mother had decided to ask the neighbors round for a few dr... Continue»
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poolside sex

It was a hot and sunny day which made this day a perfect one for lounging at the pool. I texted my friend Emma if she would like to hang out at my pool for the day and when she said “yes” I became excited about it and pictured in my mind all kinds of sexual fantasies that could happen,

about an hour and a half later the doorbell rang and sure enough it was Emma and man did she look hot, she had her long dark hair down to her mid waist, short jean shorts that showed off her sexy legs and a loose black t-shirt which complimented her nice breasts. She smiled at me and say “hey you, wanna swim... Continue»
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