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A Sucker for Big Black Cocks

While making the final adjustments to her dress, my wife Joy, said with a big smile "I wouldn't miss this party for anything in the world! Jamal said he has a real big surprise for you tonight! And I know what it is" Joy teased. Jamal was one of several black men who along with my wife belonged to a social group for interracial harmony. Several of my wife's friends, other white women, also belonged to The Order of The African Spear. As Joy readied herself for the party she couldn't help showing her excitement as she rushed herself and me, her pitiful husband, out the door. I couldn't help noti... Continue»
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Jenny and Laura

I used to work with a lady called Jenny until she retired last year. She was a total flirt and not bad looking either for an older lady. The last time I saw her was at the xmas party where she was pretty d***k and kept putting her tongue in my ear and talking dirty to me. We had a goodnight kiss, a really deep tongue session with tongue sucking and a good feel. She was rubbing the front of my trousers while I fondled her large soft breasts. Her taxi arrived and we parted. we kept in touch and the other weekend we arranged to meet for a drink.

I arrived at the pub, near to her home, and saw... Continue»
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the night it all happened

The night it all happened

I had been making a plan for a couple of weeks and tonight was the night it was all going to happen. I had been getting ready most the afternoon and was very excited. I knew my husband would be home from work soon and was getting a little nervous about telling him. I thought this is what he has been telling me he wants so I’m just going to tell him it’s going to happen tonight, then I thought, should I just surprise him? Should I tease him? I’m just going to tell him, he is going to know something is up from how I’m dressed up. I see him pull up and now I am really... Continue»
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The Bus Home

~A sweet Fantasy of mines~

I'm Alexis, 24, not so ditsy blond, ice blue orbs for eyes. The works for the perfect body. A spoiled single c***d of a loveless marriage that ended up with me having to travel between my lovely states of California to Canada. Now I was spoiled, only because my dad made me that way. But that's a different story then this.No, this story is about my trip home from visiting my dad right before my big legal 18 birthday.

It was a late and tiring night for my Mother and I. We've were just leaving the bus port to home, back in the US. I sort of hated Canada in ... Continue»
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Encouraged by the ex

So, I think it started with my ex. She was a mean d***k and drank a lot. She got violent and insulting. We had sex pretty regular at first and one time she reached up as I was getting close to cumming while in missionary and pinched my nipples hard and said "cum in me you little bitch" I did instantly and she just laughed. I asked what was so funny and she told me her friend Stephanie thought i was a pussy and told her to pinch my nipples next time we were having sex to find out. I said, "that's fucked up. You and your friends talk shit about me?" She said, "shut up bitch, you liked it." I sto... Continue»
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Exhibitionist Wife

Me & the wife recently went away for a few days in Dorset, we stayed in a lovely executive caravan. The owners of the caravan assured us that if we had any issues they would contact a neighbour who would be happy to help with any problems. On the 1st morning we discovered the TV in the main bedroom wasn't working properly, my wife emailed the owners regarding the problem. We heard nothing back until the following morning when shortly after getting out of bed a chap knocked on the caravan door, he was about 60yrs old, 6ft & had a broad Yorkshire accent. He told my wife he had been contacted by... Continue»
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iFuck You

iCarly: iFuck You

It was nearly time for the next show, and Carly was preparing something special. She deliberately hadn't discussed it with Sam and Freddie, because she knew they'd never agree in advance, but she kinda reckoned that they'd be willing to play along once the show was under way.

She was wearing her shortest skirt, without any tights, and had bought some cute panties to wear underneath, although if all went to plan she wouldn't have them on for long. She had taken off her bra, and just had on a skinny-fit pink t-shirt that fitted really tight round her little ... Continue»
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kate 7 continued

We went back down stairs, she sipped the tea which had now gone cold, make me another one please she said
I ran down and made another when I came back she was in the bathroom just taking her bra off, put it on the bath please she said,
I watched as the bra straps slipped down her arms , and the cups slipped away exposing her breasts, her dark nipples erect,
Her fingers went into the waist band of her knickers and pushed them down over her thighs until they reached her knees then she let them fall to the ground
Are you enjoying yourself she asked, I was just staring at her beautiful body, ... Continue»
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True love

This story starts 22 yrs ago . I was 18 at my friends house for his sons 1st birthday his little s****r was a bouncing lil 8 yr old that was one of them that liked to set in your lap. She wasn't bothering me but her dad said Tracy leave Mike alone and go play she looked at him and said that we were going to get married 1 day everyone just laughed. Not long after this her older b*****r went to prison.  I never even thought about her for the next 20 yrs. After going threw a nasty divorce 3 yrs ago I'd yet to enter the dating world again I had a couple fuck buddies but nothing serious. Then I sta... Continue»
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Girlfriend fucks giant black cock w/out permission

I am not a writer by any means, but I had to tell my story.
So my girlfriend of 5 years has always been a good one. She does her best to keep me happy. Unfortunately she also does a good job at keeping herself happy.
A couple years ago, she and I got into taking molly on the weekends and pretty much just sitting around naked smoking cigarettes and talking. One of these weekends for some reason we absolutely could not come no matter how hard we tried or how kinky we got. So eventually we got to the subject of past boyfriends and girlfriends. Obviously her track record was a bit more extensi... Continue»
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Holly Willoughby

This is my first attempt at a story so if its crap I'm sorry haha have a thing for holly Willoughby so haha here goes...
When I fucked holly Willoughby

for my birthday my boyfriend had bought me tickets to go and watch my favourite television programme, celebrity juice I was so exited to see all my favourite celebrities Keith, Fearne but, especially Holly. Despite being with my boyfriend since high school I have always been a little bi-curious, I've always thought girls were cute. However holly was different when I first saw her it was pure lust the first woman I couldn't stop thinking I J... Continue»
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Beth Needs a Daddy – Hardintown Bus

Seth Wilson looked at the k**s lined up to get on his bus. He really liked his job. The pay took care of his basic needs but the fringe benefits were being able to see the sweet little teen girls getting on and off his bus. It was like a smorgasbord of teen pussy.

His absolute favorite was a cute little hottie named Beth. By coincidence his route was to pick her up first and drop her last. He loved watching her with her oversized tits on her small frame. He also loved her short school girl dresses that were the dress code. He... Continue»
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Sam’s Secret

Sam & Cat: Sam’s Secret

[A little background for this, Sam was born with male genitalia, which is one of the reasons why she doesn't like the word panties, something she can't technically wear because of her 'extra' friend. The only four people who know about Sam having male genitalia are her doctor, her mom, her s*ster, and Carly. Carly found out because the two secretly dated for a while and lost their virginities to each other prior the finale of 'iCarly', and after Sam broke up with Freddie. When she was younger, i.e. before 'iCarly' premiered, she was made fun of for havi... Continue»
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The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5

Harry Potter: The Many Misadventures of Young Adults pt. 5 - Myrtle Made Solid

Ron Weasely snuck along one of the less travelled corridors of Hogwarts on his way to a rendezvous with his s*siter and lover, Ginny. For precaution's sake he wore Harry Potter's invisibility cloak, which he had snitched at his s*siter's request and donned after leaving the more crowded parts of Hogwarts. After all, it would hardly do to have an unseen presence bumping into people. Finally he reached the room that Hermione had dubbed "The Chamber of Eros", Ginny called "the Love Room" but that he an... Continue»
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Masturbated often while watching cousin have sex t

Last week I hooked up with a guy I met on Craigs List. He is a heavy masturbator and so always looking for someone to j/o with. He has a several regular buddies he masturbates with throughout the week when he gets tired of masturbating solo and c2c.
So stroked each other's cock on and off and masturbated together while we talked. One of the things we talked about was our earliest experiences. His story grabbed me and made my erection so hard that I have to share at least the situation he found himself in and how he coped.

He is 45, divorced, white, average height and build, small belly... Continue»
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caught cumming in borrowed panty which leads to a

Luke my best friend and I were looking for stuff to do this weekend, I was going to be a three day weekend from school so we wanted to do something all three days. After looking things up and debating it out we decided we would go to the theme parks in the area since we could get discounts.

We decided on me staying over at his house this weekend since it was closer and we wouldn’t have to leave as early in the morning. After school let out we walked to his car and we drove over to his house.

When we got out of his car we walked inside is house and saw that no one else was there. We walke... Continue»
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Night club quickie with my best friend

To start off with, I better paint you all with a good mental image of this girl. Her name is Sarah, and she is a total babe. She was a short girl with long wavy brown hair, beautiful hazel eyes, and the pinkest little pink lips. Her body was incredible, such perfect silky smooth pale skin. She had such petite little breasts, a slim waist, and a booty of a Latino woman.

So it all started with Sarah breaking up with her boyfriend. I decided to take her out clubbing to take her mind off things. We have always been close, but always totally platonic. So I never could have imagined that night e... Continue»
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Cheryl gets me to do it.

Cheryl and I were having dinner with Lisa and her boyfriend, Mark and they described the sexy see-thru lingerie Lisa had purchased and they were really enjoying. Cheryl and I talked about it and the next weekend Cheryl went shopping with Beth.

They came back from the store and Cheryl told me she purchased some HOT lingerie similar to Beth’s. Mark was there with me and we sort of teased them to model it for us. Cheryl was sitting on my lap and she looked at me and I said: “I’d like to see you in it.” She agreed that she would show it just to me and got the bags and went into the bathro... Continue»
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What a f****y to Live in #2

What a f****y to Live in #2

Sandy and I had got up from having a great round of sex with each other, but instead of watching any television, we got something to drink, then sat on the couch making out for a little bit, then ended up in my bed for around of some sex, and then went to sl**p, to wake up the next morning with a wet spot in the bed, and the two of us in each other’s arms.

When I opened my eyes and saw Sandy looking at me, she smiled, “How is my new handsome boyfriend this morning?”

“Needing a kiss, from my new sexy girlfriend.”

Sandy then leaned over me as I pulled her... Continue»
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The Village 1: The Capture

This is a new joint venture between me and my roommate [user][/user].
Have fun, more chapters will follow soon.

Chapter One-The Capture

Bella curled in a fetal position to stay warm in the bolted cell. The nights were horrendous to say the least. Since she had been brought here only a year ago, she had witnessed many things. Staying cold at night was one of them. She lay on the thin thatched mat doing her best to concentrate on staying warm. The thin coverlet was just too tattered to do much good, yet she curled it around her shoulders in an effort to ha... Continue»
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