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Friends Mother

Ashley was spending the night with her best friend Carol. The two had been friends since high school, and had just completed their first year of junior college.Ashley and Carol were alike in many ways, but there was one major difference; Ashley was a lesbian.

She had know at a young age that she was different than most girls. She didn't care about the boys, or going out on dates and all the other nonsense girls cared about when it came to boys.

She had been introduced to lesbian sex when she found a stash of her fathers old porn movies in the basement by accident. Thrilled with her ... Continue»
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Lunch with a Younger Woman turns into more!!!

Please comment on this story!!

I love writing about my exploits and things that happen in my mind.

This happens to be about a young XH member who wanted to meet me in person. I agreed. She is MUCH younger and I figured nothing would happen but an ego boost.

This is what happened, more or less!!


It was all supposed to be platonic. We had been chatting for a while on XH and curiosity drove me as much as lust to meet with the girl the age of my own sons. A restaurant a fair distance from my own home and I assumed from hers as well suite... Continue»
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Seven miles up slut!

We arrive at the airport with the slut dressed in a white open blouse that highlights her fine firm tits & with a lucky angle a voyeur could glimpse her dart like nipples. Her purple mini skirt is long enough to barely cover her bubble butt & tight enough to expose a shaved split in her white thong. Her white fishnets are accented by white stilettos. Yes, the slut is a head turner & a lust builder. Her long jet black curls captivate on lookers & frame her angelic face with full purple lips. The slut is a sinner & a show!
We arrive at the airport in a limo & when exiting the slut opens he... Continue»
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for Ndr

I had just turned 18 and started to prepare for college. I had everything I needed cloths, books, phone, computer. The only thing I was missing was my first car. I started my search and found the perfect car for me a red suv with only a few thousand miles. Only problem it was all the way in Hendersonville, Tennessee. So I started my long trek to meet the man who was selling my future car, I couldn’t wait to see it. After a long long trip on a train I arrived at his house. I was nervous because I had never met the man before; I grabbed my purse which had the agreed $5,000 in it for the car. ... Continue»
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Catching a Small One

I had read about glory holes and cock sucking a lot on the web. I loved sucking cock in my younger days but hadn't had any cock since I had married many years ago. Since the wife was getting less and less interested in sex, I guess I was getting more and more interested in porn and experimenting.

I didn't know how to start. I couldn't go to an adult bookstore. I might get caught. I couldn't go off and meet some guy because I work with my wife. Too hard to get away. So I resigned myself to reading about dick and dreaming.

That changed when I started fishing at a different lake.

I h... Continue»
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Babs' First Nude Beach

When Babs and I got married, she was pretty straight laced. She made me wait until our wedding night to have sex with her. She was so beautiful and her athletic build made me want her all the time, but I honored her request to wait.

Our friends had rented us a hotel room for the first night before we flew off on our honeymoon. All I’ll say about that first night is that it was very much worth waiting for.

Both of our parents had got together and sent us on a two week honeymoon to Australia and we were both excited. Some of that excitement waned on the long flight over to Ozzieland. Fro... Continue»
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Fucking my Aunt

Back in my early teens I had an experience involving my Aunt Mary which I shall never forget. She is only four years older than I am and was not unattractive. Not that you tend to look at your Aunts that way even if they are so close to your age; not to begin with anyway.

My Mum and Dad both worked full time and from a very young age I lived with my Nan and Granddad during the week and spent weekends at home. This arrangement continued well after my b*****r was born because they didn’t want to interrupt my schooling. Uncle Harry, Aunt Annie and Aunt Mary all lived with us.

For a short... Continue»
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A Warm Cum Bath, on Sara's Hen Night

Part 1. The Meeting with Alise

No one can say that Swedish girls can't attract attention, especially on their last night of freedom, on the eve of their betrothal, some will be found d***k, and some found stripped nude, and even some having a last minute sex with old boyfriends and so on, but one, only one had the experience, most girls cream their knickers thinking about, and this is her and her e****ts account, of her wildest fantasy come alive, the night 200 men ejaculated onto her, boys and men alike, all strangers, doing what men like to do to a beautiful blond 18 year o... Continue»
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An European weekend to remember

I started writing this story as the plane taxied to take off from Malaga airport. The 1st 4 paragraphs were completed shortly after take off. It has been a magnificent weekend away in Marbella. One filled with several first experiences and a visual feast of beautiful young women.

For those familiar with my stories and blog, you will know I write about my current and previous experiences concurrently. Since I started writing a few months ago, I have been contacted by past and present friends, interested in reading my version of our encounters anonymously. This story is nothing like that. It... Continue»
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First Time Fantasy

"Tap tap tap." I heard him quietly knocking on the door. It was late, around one in the morning. Immediately my heart started pounding. I was so nervous, but excited at the same time. I had never done anything like this before. Sure, I had fantasized about it a million times, but to actually follow through? I thought it would never happen.

There were no lights on. Images of gay porn on the screen of my computer faintly illuminated the living room. I quietly opened the door and saw him standing there. He was about 25 years old, skinny, effeminate. I could barely breathe.

"Come... Continue»
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Discovering Anal

Wind-blown rain tapped against Ashley's dorm room window the first time she tried it. Boyfriends had asked for it, online porn was filled with girls doing it, and she decided it was time to try it at least once.

Ashley doubled checked her dorm room suite, making sure her suitemates were gone. Sure, she had her own bedroom, but it still felt creepy masturbating while someone was rattling pots and pans or watching the big TV in the main room. Carrie preferred being lost in her world without interruption.

She started with stories read from her tablet. Wasn't that how it always started? She... Continue»
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Bikini fall off

Needless to say, this wasn't my proudest moment but it was definitely hot. Speaking of hot, it was the middle of last summer. I had just turned 20 years old. It was just my stepfather, his friend and I at home for the day. They were outside talking and I was ready to go in the pool with my new bikini. I walked outside and they stopped talking and just stared. I smiled at them and they resumed their conversation. So then I jumped in the pool and when I came up, I noticed that my top had fallen down. They both just stared at my 36C chest for the entire three seconds they were exposed. I quickl... Continue»
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All morning i've been on hamster looking guys jerk off. I'm not suppose to like it. I'm in a lesbian relationship but I look at cock wayyy too much. I met this guy about a month ago we exchanged numbers and he tell me his sex stories and I to him. He loves to hear me talk about my gf and me having sex he jerks off on it ALLLLL the time. All this conversation about sex and he sent me a picture of his dick. Then a video of him listening to me as he jerk off. OOOOOOh it turned me on so much. So my gf went away to visit her mom and dad in Texas. I told him. He begged me to cum over so he c... Continue»
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A night at the caravan site with mum.

It was a lovely august weekend and we had gone away for the weekend to stay with friends on a nice carvan site. They recently bought it so we gave it a try and to be fair it was pretty nice. It was your typical site where as soon as you drove in you could see the sites club house and arcades, the big lake and the tennis courts. Once we enter the site we drove to what seemed like the furthest caravan at the back. We parked up and got out. I had drove down with my parents and we was meeting up with there mates who owned this caravan. We done the usual meet and greet, they gave us a tour of the c... Continue»
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Young sissy loses her virginity (true story)

So this is a true story about the 1st man that I ever met. I was about 13/14 years old and had been talking to a much older man over the internet. He was about 50 if I remember correctly.

I had been dressing in my mother’s underwear and dresses for a few years and found it so sexy, I had not considered myself gay or bi, I just knew I belonged in female attire, it made me happy and felt natural.

The thought of pleasing this man made me excited, terrified and scared, but very excited. I could tell from my little clitty. After chatting for a few hrs he wanted to meet me?

I had never me... Continue»
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nerd and a jock

My senior year history class had one final project. I was paired up with Jake, he is your typical jock. Six foot two, 210 lbs of muscle. The football teams quarterback. I am your typical nerd five foot seven, 145 lbs soaking wet. We were never close friends but never had any issues with each other. We are now partnered for a project on the war of 1812. A few days later Jake invites me to his place to work on our project
Jake lives only a couple streets down from me so when he texted me saying he was home from football practice I walked over. Jakes mom answered the side door and welcomed me. ... Continue»
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First Time Being Fucked by a BBC

Several years passed since I gave my first Black guy head. Make no mistake, I was thoroughly enjoying myself surprising unsuspecting Black men ‘out of the blue' with blowjobs. The look on their faces when they became clear on what my intentions were was priceless and something I really enjoyed inspiring. I gave head everywhere from a bowling alley to a football stadium pre-game parking lot to convenience store back rooms after midnight when the store was quiet. Dee started pointing guys out when we would be out and it sort of became a game, a challenge to get myself into position to nonchalant... Continue»
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The Girl Next Door

Last week I was doing some work on the computer when a flat-top trailer drives passed. I notice it stop outside my neighbours’ house. Thinking I would be able to have a quick word with Tony I pop out. unfortunately Tony’s not there, but his daughter Amy is. She’s 21 about 5’1 slightly cubby but with beautiful breasts and a smile that lights up a room. I walk up and we start talking about the car about to be taken away. She’s wearing tight jeans and a black low cut tee shirt, and I have a great view of those puppies. We talk for about 30 minutes, about her job, living at home, my job, holid... Continue»
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Gabriel's Story

My Husband's story. Here he goes by Gabriel because that is his profile in xhamster. This is part 1. I thought I would post it here.

Hello and thank you for stopping by.

I am Gabriel and my mission is to explore and try to understand my own sexuality and the sexuality of others, and have fun while doing that.

My very first memory of anything remotely sexual... Continue»
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Lizzie's First Time

“What’s the matter, Lizzie?” Sarah’s hands squeezed my shoulders and her hair brushed my cheek as she leaned over to peek at the papers strewn over the desk.

“I think this is my 20th hang up in a row tonight,” I complained, rolling my eyes toward the phone. “They finish half this stupid survey and decide it’s too long and hang up.”

“Aww I know, but don’t sweat it, hon. Don just went home and left me in charge, let’s knock off ten minutes early and grab a Dew,” she said, reaching across me and gathering up my surveys. I plopped my pencils into a cup and stood, stretching, my shirt pullin... Continue»
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