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7 of 9 gets help from Tom Paris

Lt Tom Paris had to hurry from the Bridge to sickbay. Voyager had just received an emergency distress call from the Delta Flyer. Apparently some strange gas had gotten into the shuttle and was messing up the ship's systems as well as physically harming Seven of Nine. Seven of Nine and the Doctor had been the only members of that particular away mission and with Tom being the only medical assistant he had to leave his post at comm. and head down to sick bay.

Seven of Nine and the Doctor both beamed directly into sickbay from the Delta Flyer. While Tom had immediately started scanning Seven h... Continue»
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7 Of 9 Isn't The Only One Infected

Tom Paris and Seven of Nine were standing in sickbay completely naked, in front of Captain Kathryn Janeway, whom was glaring at them.

"I can't believe two of my senior officers would do something like this!" yelled Janeway.

"Captain I can explain. You see..." began Tom, but Janeway interrupted.

"I don't want excuses! You two have no idea... Seven why are twitching like that?" Seven of Nine had been twitching before but it suddenly got worse. Seven could no longer control herself and just brought her hands up to her perfect tits and started squeezing and twisting her nipples.

"Seven... Continue»
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A young Starfleet officer tries to relax on shore

Sumati pulled her uniform jacket taut over her body, glancing down briefly to confirm that she looked suitably smart. It really shouldn't matter, she thought to herself, as she flicked aside a few stray hairs from her jet black fringe. Here, just beyond the borders of Federation space, nobody was going to care that much.

Except that the senior officers might very well care, especially with the Captain being such a stickler for rules. The Captain always looked immaculate, almost infuriatingly calm and polished. And Sumati knew exactly what the Captain would say: today she was representing St... Continue»
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My assignment

As a freelance writer, I usually take whatever jobs I can find, but recently I have developed a certain fondness for writing scripts for television variety shows. It's interesting work; it pays well enough, and I meet and get to know some of the sexiest women in the world while I'm doing it. For example, a while ago, I got a contract to write two scripts for variety show segments featuring Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. As an admirer of beautiful female bodies, especially their succulent and curvaceous asses, I probably would have worked for free, just to be associated with those two outst... Continue»
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Me and my girlfriend get to KNOW a certain 'a

Lemme tell you a little about myself. I've been watching Dark Angel ever since it came on. From the second I saw Jessica Alba, I was seriously in love with her. The first time I saw the commercial for Dark Angel, I was like, "OH MY GOD!! There is no way that somebody can be THAT beautiful." Ever since then, I've bought every magazine with her on the cover, cut out every picture and kissed each one every night before I go to bed. Anyway, now that you know that I'm basically obsessed with Jessica Alba, I'll tell you the story of how I met her and got to "know" her.

I was watching Dark Angel, ... Continue»
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I,m an old man now-not so old I don,t like pussy, but my wife,s health means seldom and rare. I recall the days when I first dated wife Sarah and how shy I was when we were on our own. I suspected Sarah knew a little about sex as she,d been dating a british fellow for six years before I met him, but it had never got serious on her part. In 1967 I was an airman in the US Air f***e based in what was then West Germany and had taken a ten day leave to come to england. I,d had a stroke of luck on the fruit machines at the hotel in West London then leased by the US Department of Defense and I felt i... Continue»
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Milking Machine Abby

Milking Machine Abby

Abby had her sweet little tongue buried inside a tight hole... her tongue tip alternately thrusting and spinning in circles. The taste and smell of warm honey flooded her mouth and nose. Her hands were sliding loose skin up and down a large shaft, milking it. The staff throbbed so hard it seemed to quiver. Vibrations from the special seat she was straddling sent shock waves all the way to her cute toes. Abby and her dad both panted. They both felt so lucky to be with each other.


Abby was a wonderful girl. Red-haired like the rest of the f****y but with... Continue»
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Old Cum Dumps First Experience With Bi-Couple.

For about six years I had only experienced sex with men. I enjoyed being seduced by older men in my teens and the amazing thrills they gave me would never be forgotten. Total strangers taught me to suck cock and swallow cum, to fuck men, to be able to have cocks fuck me, and of course they loved to suck off my young cock. I will always be thankful to those much older men for giving me so much pleasure, excitement, filth, and cravings for more and more cock.
When I had just turned twenty-two years of age, I unexpectedly entered into a completely new sexual activity. During my time of v... Continue»
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Wish we'd had the chance to ....

My wife and I liked to talk about our fantasies when we would make love ... sometimes when we had a friend or couple join us. One thing we talked about often but, due to her sudden passing last year, never got to experience was that we both wondered what it would be like to attend a wild swinger's orgy! I mean one with a lot of couples as well as several single men and hopefully lots of bi-girls! Dawn was bi and we often talked about what it would be like to have one or two hot, sexy, luscious bi-girls with us at the same time. We had also discussed several different men sharing her at the sa... Continue»
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4th of July with Mom

It was hot outside, really hot. It was the 4th of July and Mom and I were relaxing in the pool. We had decided that this year we would just stay home and enjoy our vacation week, hanging out in the pool and watching movies. No work, no schedules, and since we were staying home, no crowds or traffic to contend with. Lying there on the pool float I was thinking how this was just about perfect. The only thing better would be if I had a girlfriend to hang out with instead of my Mom.

It had been a few months since I broke up with Jill.

We had been dating for about six months and we had gotte... Continue»
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s****r for Christmas

My younger s****r Kristy and I have always been very close. Since we are only a year apart, my parents treated us like we were a twin set of boys. By that I mean we took baths together until we were about 10 and we were f***ed to sl**p in the same hotel bed on f****y vacations until I was 16. We finally needed our own beds because even though we were close we still always fought about everything, just like any other b*****r and s****r.

When we were younger my s****r was quite the tomboy. She always chose to follow my friends and I to get in whatever mischief we were in. She would even parti... Continue»
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Dirty sex as you have never read before

'Lets go in there and sit'. I looked at Julie, 'It's a swing park', I remarked, 'I know', she replied, 'but it has dirty old men looking for girls' she continued, 'and we can make a couple of bob, by pleasing them'.

We walked down the pathway and saw some old geezers sitting on benches, 'I bet they're guessing the colour of our knickers', she laughed, as we approached one old man sitting on the bench.

He was watching us as we approached him, sitting at the far side of it, as she stopped and put her bag down and lifted her leg and put her shoe onto the bench, and pulled up her hosiery, lo... Continue»
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Voyeur watches pool encounter between neighbors &a

2:37am is that time of the morning where your either already in bed sl**ping heavily, or up and partying. For me it was the first, soundly sl**ping next to my wife. Out of the fog of sl**p I began to make out the thumping bass of music being played somewhere near my house. Seeing as I was now somewhat awake, I went to investigate.

We live in a pretty middle-class neighborhood in Florida. The homes are nice and the schools are good. This kind of music was rarely heard in the area, and certainly not at 2:37am.

I went to the room in our house closest to our backyard and looked out the win... Continue»
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The Razor Blade

I had a wonderful experience with a disposable razor and a neighbor that I just have to share with you. First, let me describe her. Christina is 24-years old, has shoulder-length blonde hair, and measures 34D-22-33. She has an athletic build and a beautiful face highlighted with a small beauty mark on her cheek and subtle makeup. I’ve had the hots for her for a while, and come close to fucking before, but nothing happened until last night. I invited Christina down to taste a new bottle of wine I’d hoped to add to my collection.
After a few glasses of wine, we started having one of those ... Continue»
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First Gay experience

Hi, just thought you might want to hear my first homosexual experience. It's a 100% true story, no embellishment, I hope you enjoy it.

I was 20 years old and had been working in my job in retail for about 6 months at that time. I'd always been bi-curious, but never had any sexual encounters with a man before. I'd never pursued anything before, but often fantasised about doing it. But that was about to change very soon.

I was working in the shop when I was approached by a customer, he was tall, wearing a smart suit, short black hair, clean shaven and looked about 50. He asked about some f... Continue»
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A Warm Sunny Day. Part 2

Terry and me were still lying side by side on the sunbeds, we were holding each other and lightly running our hands up and down each others body. I smiled and said, Terry that was definitely was a very special welcome home, I was totally amazed when I looked over my shoulder to see who was stroking my cock and, there you were smiling back at me and your huge hard cock swaying back and forward and seemed to be smiling as well ! We've never done anything like this before, yes we learned how to wank together when we were boys. Do you remember the first time ? You'd been staying over at my house... Continue»
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Secret Panel - Noah

Secret Panel - Noah

Noah was bent over a pillow on the floor. He was naked with his skinny legs spread wide. He was holding his firm butt cheeks open… waiting for his lover. Where was he? Why was he delaying their fun? His tiny ass hole was pulsing with hunger. He couldn’t wait!

Noah heard a faint noise. Thank goodness… it was finally pleasure time!


Noah lived in a NYC apartment building. There were six large apartments on his floor. One day he was looking for something in his closet and he discovered a loose panel which opened into a bedroom in the adjoining apartme... Continue»
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I will be sumiting our true advetures as a life l

This is the first ever time which has led to a vulnerable situation.

WE HAD BEEN OUT ON THE TOWN and this was a summers evening Emma and I had been drinking quite allot, and through to the early hours in the clubs and bars we decide about 3:30 am to make our way to the taxi rank to get us home, we spent ages waiting and one thing led to another playing, kissing and fingering, we had a few admiring glances and one guy came right up to us and gestured he would like to help out he looked a way to d***k and a little creepy but fair play on his part no meant no and he respectfully went on his wa... Continue»
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Fucked my bbw s****r in law

I've never been that attracted to my s****r in law Becky. She's 35 bbw nice but not really my type...until the last several months after I had an erotic dream about her. I wasn't obsessed about fucking my wife's younger s****r, but after I thought about it, I decided that if it ever came up, I'd fuck her...or at least mess around with her, maybe a blowjob or a nice make out session. Anyway, Becky had a fight with her husband, and was staying at our house for a couple of days until things blew over. I had a comp day off one of those days and my wife was at work...Becky was there so we chatt... Continue»
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Spray tanning

What This Spray Tanner REALLY Thinks of Her Clients
Amanda Adams, CPT

It was one of the best, yet saddest jobs I ever had.

In college, I worked at the only tanning salon in town. Confession: I loved it. However, there was one part of my job that I dreaded more than any other—giving spray tans. (But not for the reasons you might be thinking… keep reading. And if you've read this blog before, you need to read it again).

Since this was the only spray tanning place in town, I saw women of all ages, sizes, skin tones and height. ... Continue»
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