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Bad Teacher Ch. 04

Chapter 04: Carmen got game...

Next day my good fortune continued. As I got up my phone rang. It was my mother and she told me, my father had to be away on business for two more weeks and she would like to be with him. I told her no problem as I didn't think it would be a problem for me continuing staying at the Grants.

In a good mood I went to the kitchen. Both Peter and Carmen were up, Carmen wore a white turtleneck sweater that fitted her gorgeous form like a glove, and tight black pants. I told them about my mother's call and her request.

"Of course, you can stay, Ryan." Peter ... Continue»
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Wrong Room Ch. 03

The following morning Amanda's eyes opened slowly. Her mouth was dry and as she tried to swallow she could taste the remnants of last night's fun in the back of her throat.

"What a night." Amanda thought to herself as she sat up in bed.

Looking over at her husband who was fast asl**p Amanda started to remember bits and pieces of what happened. She couldn't believe all the crazy stuff that had happened last night, all she knew was that she'd had a good time. Amanda made her way into the bathroom and looked herself over in the mirror.

"That was a wild night." Amanda smiled; all too aw... Continue»
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My first black Pussy

I was around 24 years old when i had decided I wanted to have sex with a black female. I had always had an attraction and figured it was time. I started flirting with a sexy lady named Tanisha on a dating site. She was 34 and lived alone in a neighboring town. We chatted for weeks just getting to know each other and after agreeing that it would only be for sex because neither of us wanted to deal with the racist static you get from dating another race the time had come. Tanisha sent me a message early on a friday morning that said.....Im going to some friends house tonight to drink and play ca... Continue»
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Birthday surprise for hubby

Well it's was my hubby birthday and I wanted to do something for him that he would never forget. Well it turn out to be a night neither one of us would forget lol. Well I decided I would take him to a strip club for his birthday. I knew he has never been to one and now I am bicurious and love looking at sexy women I figured it be a great adventure to share together. Well where we live there is not one so we had to travel about a hour to a bigger town that did have some. So I decided I get us a room and after the fun night we both be so horny we go back to hotel that is only about ten minutes a... Continue»
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Valentines day suprise.x

my girlfriend is let's say a little racist she says ew when she sees a black guys cock

In porn so I thought I would give her a little treat this year on the holiday of romance.

thanks to the help of a kind black gentleman I met online, a 35 year old african man with

an 11 inche throbbing monster and I asked if he would help me out He was happy to help.

7:30pm valentines day night I walk my princess to his car she has a blindfold on and has no idea

whats gonna happen I keep her from peeking on the way to Rick's apartment and just as we get in the door

I tell her to get on he... Continue»
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Baker's Dozen part 02

12 for fun, and one for love, I thought. A Baker's Dozen. Seriously? Aidin must have a wicked sense of irony, I thought. The events of the evening were mostly pushed out of my mind. I did my best to wrap my head around this idea of goddesses, gifts, and all the sex I could want. I knew that, back in ancient Greece and Rome especially, the gods and goddesses did this sort of thing all the time. This wasn't ancient times, though, and I didn't even really believe what was going on.

Last night's blowjob was amazing. I didn't know dirty sex could be so good and passionate. Now, when I say dirty... Continue»
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Strappn b*****r

"Jules, hi! Waiting for a shower?"

I looked around to see my s****r-in-law. I knew she came to this gym, but I'd never actually seen her there before. It was a Saturday morning, not my usual time for working out. "Oh, hi. I was, but there seems to be a long queue, and I don't like the communal ones. I think I'll just go home and shower there."

She nodded agreement. "Yeah, dunno why, just doesn't seem right."

I hesitated. "Want to come back to mine? Shower there and then grab a bite? Mark's away so we could have a nice girly lunch."

"Sure. Nat's tided up doing something all day. Tha... Continue»
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Strapon b*****r 2

"What you doing today?"

"Fucking you. All day." I'm a doctor and work shifts, so despite being mid week I had a day off. Unfortunately my husband did not.

"Afraid not - I'm working all day."

"I'm so fucking horny."

"You've been horny since Annie fucked you up the arse. She really got you."

"Annie fucked me up the arse because I was so horny. Come on, a quickie?"

"I really have to go - I'm already late."

"Spoilsport. Pass me a dildo then."

"Front or back?" He'd pass me a smaller one if I said back. So considerate and understanding.

"Hm. Actually, both."


... Continue»
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h4h Hannah: angel at day, slut at night ( I )

I was outside für some business, when I got Hannahs text message..

I feel my pussy.. I know it’s wet even without touching it

mmm love

I’m so horny love, if you were here right now.. I would not care what you are doing and stand infront of you naked.

mm I want you badly

I’m soo ready.. my body is in heat right now.

I was done with my job, I ran to my car and drove home as fast as possible. I didn’t care about getting a ticket.

I need you to fuck me love. I am already naked and my legs are spread out..

I’m on my way love!
... Continue»
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Barely Virgin Night

He went over to Elizabeth's apartment. They had been instant messaging and emailing one-another for months online, but had not met in reality yet.

And his cock wanted that to change.

As did her pussy, and her tits.

She was in college in Indianapolis to learn massage therapy. He was a semi-professional athlete who needed massages often. At 26, Ryan played college football and basketball, but hadn't quite made it "big time." But he hadn't quite given up. He'd played a year of professional basketball in Europe, and was working in the arena football leagues around America now.

Elizabet... Continue»
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Girl Like Victoria

"Hi. Victoria?" I smiled and reached my hand out to her. "I'm Jon. It sure is nice to finally meet you."

Victoria and I met on an online dating site. We exchanged a few messages before texting back and forth. Admittedly, I fumbled through the first bits of communication. Victoria was honest and up front about being a different kind of girl. I really didn't know how to approach her.

Normally, I come off as intelligent and witty. With her, I was a bit nervous and clumsy. I didn't know if I was going to say the wrong thing and put her off of me. I guess she thought it was endearing because... Continue»
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Enjoying a Strangers Cock!

We were going home after a day at the mall , as we got on rt 43 , I reached over and rubbed Ed's Cock! I asked him if he wanted a blow job as he's driving! Hell yea! Ed pulled out his Cock , I started sucking! Ed started to pull my top off,I said people will see me! Good he said! Ed said get nude ,I want truckers to see you! I took everything off! And see me they did! Truckers were checking out my Ass as I gave head! You know how truckers are,sharing over the CB! We were close to our exit and it was getting dark out! I was grabbing my clothes , when Ed said keep them off! We live two blocks... Continue»
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Close Encounter of the...

Another great tape and another great yank of the crank. Yea, she-males were pretty hot, Tom thought as he hit the eject bottom on the tape deck, but where on earth would he really find one? He had little doubt that if he did find a place where they hung out that there would be more than a few with a serious case of ugly. The chances of finding one like the ones in the video taped he had just been watching was pretty slim. But, he knew if he never went looking, he would never find one. He knew they preferred to be called transsexuals and not she-males as they regarded she-male as a rather derog... Continue»
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sl**ping' Husband

This is a true story, something that I have wanted to happen for months, if not years. My wife and I have been together for 11 years, married for the last 4 and have, until the last 2 year, had a very active sex life. But due to her stressful job and working in excess of 70 hour weeks our sex life has dwindled down to once every month, if I'm lucky.

I still find her insatiably attractive, taking a glimpse of her massive 36H breasts whenever she is getting dressed and staring at her tight, trimmed pussy whenever I get the chance. She is the perfect woman in my eyes with a body to die for, a ... Continue»
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24 Hour Slut Wife

She looked so beautiful, even after being used in the manner and capacity she had been. She still had on her zebra stilettos, her jean skirt, no panties of course and the tight white shirt she started out with. She looked exhausted!

"Seven". I said, somewhat disappointed but also somewhat relieved.

"Yeah" she said with groggy eyes.

"One short of your goal, but looks like you had fun. I know I did." I said reassuring her.

She had just finished having sex with seven different men, her goal was 8 and she could be a slut for one entire year but she fell just short. Again I was disappoi... Continue»
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HOW TO: First Dry Prostate Orgasm

I am only posting this to help spread the joy to others who have tried to achieve a DRY Prostate Orgasm but never could. Or anyone who just is not sure how and needs pointers. Firstly just a bit of background. I am in my late 20's and never really though about anal play until about 5 years ago. I am also straight and married but do wonder from time to time what a gay/shemale/bi experience would be like so I guess I am open. I am not saying you have to be like that to achieve this wonderful orgasm but that is just my mind set. It might not work for super straight people. This is going to be lon... Continue»
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Nerd's Guide To Getting Hooked Up

1. Overcoming Your Goofiness
2. The Great Transition
3. On The Bed, and Other Furniture
4. The Wow Level

Hey you! Nerd! Yes, you with the Krispy Kreme t-shirt and broken heels on your Doc Martens. What’s the problem, my geeky friend? Wait, I bet I can guess. You either just found out that Blink 182 cancelled their concert in your city, or you haven’t seen non-Internet pussy since you peeped your s****r in grade school. And that was last week. Perv.

Listen, it’s alright. I know you’re hungry for sloppy sweat-dripping sex this weekend, if only a good friend would take the time to expl... Continue»
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Communicate with your partner

You would think it would be easy to discuss sexual desires with someone you feel comfortable enough to have sex with, but that clearly isn't the case. The simple fact that we do care so much often makes it harder to make ourselves vulnerable by sharing. Someone we care about has more power to hurt us than a stranger. Similarly, it can be difficult to tell our partners that they are doing something we don't like for fear of hurting them.

Many times I've heard people say, "I couldn't tell my partner I want to do that. What if they...?" What? Laughed? Were disgusted? Filed for divorce? What, ... Continue»
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7 Tips To GETTING Good Head

"My girlfriend never wants to go down on me."

How many times have you heard that or even said it? "She thinks its gross." "She says it makes her sick." "She's a prude, a bitch, frigid." "That's not gonna change; it's just the way she is and she ain't never gonna change."

Not necessarily.

She might never change, that's true. But what if maybe...just maybe by following these 7 tips you could change things. You could get your girlfriend to change from being a fellatio-phobe to being a fellatio-phile. Think of it, a girlfriend who's not only willing to go down on you, but who loves it. Yo... Continue»
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Photo shoot with Asian got sexual.

So first a bit of background knowledge, I'm a young man, late 20s living in china. I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist and wanted to try my hand at some nude photography. I advertised on several sites for photographers who want to use me as a model. Being in china there weren't many takers apart from afew gay men who clearly wanted to just get off to seeing me naked. I was at the point where I almost took one of them up on it. Until one day I got an email, it was from a Chinese woman aged 38... She was into exhibitionism too and had lots of photos taken of her around her local town nake... Continue»
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