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can I watch?

Years ago I was in the pub. waiting for a mate to come in, (which he never), when in came a woman workmate from my new job. She was very friendly to me at work, but joined or sometimes led, the pissing taking out of me, the new boy on the job. Most of her piss taking was sexual, wanting to know how many girls I'd done, etc.

Angela sat down besides me and started to inquire if I was waiting for a girl. When I said I was waiting for a mate and that we were out on the pull once he came in she found it funny and said, "k**s today, you know nothing".

So I questioned her about her experienc... Continue»
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My s****r In Law 02

Its my second shower of the day, something I thought I really needed after my wife’s s****r coming down on me earlier, it was the first time anything like that had ever happened to and it left me a bit stunned.

Standing with my back to the bathroom door I am, looking out of the bathroom window, but, as I dry the back of my head with the towel I can see in the full length bathroom mirror my side view silhouetted showing still a firm member, there is no problem about exposure it is so remote here that there is no chance of being caught, but I pride myself of a firm physic so there might be... Continue»
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my first time was with 70 years old man

I'm 18 years old with thin body 1.75 height and 65 weight and im not open gay . As a young boy I'm always horny and I find satisfaction on internet watching porno videos with men fucking men sucking linking cocks I play with my self 3 or 4 times a day until my dick is tired to be hard again.
I want as nothing else to be with a man in my age but because I live in a small community and my parents' are old mind's I afraid to do anything.
So I was still virgin.
In my street there was an old man his house was at the end of the road so every time I was passing from there he was sitting there... Continue»
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Amy and Claire

Here is a true story about my fabulous BBW lover Claire. I didn't know it when we first met, but later on found out that she was bisexual. This didn't bother me at all, actually it turned me on.. a lot. One day when we were chatting, she asked me if I would every like to watch her with another woman. Well I was shocked and very horny at the prospect, "yes ok, that would be fun" I said, but she new that really I was gagging to watch! She said that she had a friend who was a lesbian, who she had been shagging for months, who's fantasy was to be watched and filmed by a man. She said, that as the ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-2

Jennifer is a petite blonde beauty and still a virgin celebrating her 18th birthday at our sex studio
Extremely excited by her first two orgasms with Petra she longs for more of those lovely love lessons
Next lesson takes a completely unexpected course as Petra invites her to bend over her lap for third!
Nicely she calms her down by some caresses at her ass before Petra suddenly starts to slap her bottom
You never were spanked before, isn't it dear Jennifer? Wait and feel how hot you can get off on it!

Jennifer tries not to scream but her butt hurts after the first dozen s
... Continue»
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loving pantie sniffer

When I was younger I used to go thru my older s****rs clothes hamper an pull out a pair of her worn panties , the fresher the better . I think she knew I was jerking off to her soiled panties because I would shoot a hot load in them an leave them so she would see them covered in my cum . One day she went to take a shower an left a fresh pair she just wore on a hot summer day after playing tennis .As soon as that door closed I went in a sat on her bed an pulled out my hard cock as I picked them up noticing a brown pubic hair in the middle of the crotch as they felt really wet from her juices , ... Continue»
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Fifty shades of blue

Some years ago I had a girlfriend who lived in a different town, getting to it was impossible because there were no trains or buses, you must take a car or a motorbike. It was a sunny Friday afternoon when I got there and spend some time with my GF (that I will call Mary from now on). She wanted to ride my bike so we went to a river a few km far, when we were returning to to town, I noticed my bike had some troubles in speeding up, so, worried about it, I looked for a mechanic. "It's an easy repair but you have to wait until tomorrow because now it's too late to work on it" he said.
Mary and ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-1

Jennifer writes a letter to the two owners of an exclusive erotic shop for females only
Exchange of letters follows, which we will quote below this paragraph in extenso for you
Nice turn of erotic events is bound to happen to her, hosted by Professor Peter and Petra
New to all possibilities of pleasure and pleasing, yummy Jenny looks like to learn a lot
Young great girls are my favourite appetizers for a warm weekend for three in my studio!

Dear Sir Peter and Petra, I hope you two can help me!
Let me introduce myself, I am Jennifer and almost eighteen
I am completely inexp
... Continue»
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sex lesson

When you’re young, and dumb, you reckon that you know everything there is to know about sex and how to make love, wrong!

I was just like that. It went in, it wobble about a bit, I cum and that was about it.

So no wonder then that girlfriends didn’t last too long.

Then it all changed with a nurse girlfriend. For a while it was the same ol, same ol. and one day she sat me down and gave me this huge medial book. in it she had marked out the section on the female genital. “I want you to go home and read this section, start to finish and when you have we’ll have a chat” To say I was... Continue»
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my mothers lovers

My mom and I had just moved in with Greg, my soon to be stepfather. He was a rich lawyer and his house was huge and luxurious. I was happy that my mother was marrying Greg because I really liked the guy. He was a very handsome man who really took care of himself. At age forty he looked at least ten years younger and had a very muscular and well-trimmed body. Unlike the majority of my mother's previous love interests Greg was down to earth and genuinely nice to me.

My mother was an extremely beautiful and classy woman who loved life. At age thirty-six she was very energetic, athletic and i... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #21: Anne-1

Anne is as attractive as naive, so she easily falls for the tasty trap I set to make her obey me
Nice naughty sexy suprise seems to happen to her, visiting our exclusive erotic shop for females
Not exactly as she expected wanting to buy some sex-tools, she is seduced and held captive there
Erotic fantasies she had about pretty Petra, even being a bit submissive in her dirtiest dreams!

Anne is an attractive slender sexy tender tasty teen blonde beauty her long hair has a reddish hue
Nice day in early Spring she goes shopping for sex-toys in old Amsterdam, where no-one knows her!... Continue»
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Repost : Heavy Slepper

Before I get into my story, let me tell you a little
about myself. I am 16 and in high school . I am just an
average guy. I am 6'1" and weigh 175 lbs. stripped. I am no
jock nor am I a brain. Just an average guy, like so many
other guys. I am not any better looking than most but not
unattractive either. Much to my own amazement there are a
couple of girls in school who think I am special. Not the
girls I wish, but beggars can't be choosers.
I live with my mother, a divorcee and my little s****r.
We have a nice house on the edge of a small town. My mom and
I get along very ... Continue»
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So hard so big hoooffff

Hello my friends. I realised u liked my diary. ((Please excuse my writing mistakes and English))
I went trough of a lot of memories, good and bad, nice and ugly ,
but most of the memories of that time is about how to make someone's happy.
After my fathers start to see me as a girl ,who can satisfy him in lots of different ways.
Slowly slowly I get use to it . To how be a good girl for him and how to quickly in different places specially in public places make a cover up story or cover my naked body for good.
I loved my father and my female part. Drawer full of panties and bra shelf f... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #8

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #8 – Nate

"I wish Tori loved me like I love her."

Nate Shepherd woke up with a really bad hangover. He had no idea how many beers he had at Jade's party and he was ashamed to admit that he had a couple more when he got him. He hadn't even managed to take his clothes off before passing out. Tori was on his mind, which was normal, but this time, he was stuck on the idea that she would never feel the same way that he did. Despite feeling awful, he found himself gripping the sheets next to him and imagining it was the fit and warm body ... Continue»
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My Very First Time......with an old man!

The thoughts all started when I would stroke my cock and wish that I could suck it. That eventually turned into the desire of sucking any cock.
Of course, growing up in the day and age that I did, doing such a thing was VERY taboo and not something I had ever considered.

Eventually I started dabbling with the Gay Male phone lines and what not, never actually following through on anything, but stroking my cock while talking to guys about it.

Once I caught up with the computer age, porn was so much more readily available and I ran into personals sites and chat rooms dealing with gay and b... Continue»
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Next young sexual experiance.

After my 1st masturbation school experiance, see story, i instantly started to enjoy masturbation and these new wonderfull feelings i was discovering with my young body.

I couldn't wait till a was alone in my room, either pretending to be doing homework late in the evenings and playing with my young cock.

While these new experiences were happening, little did i know, that it was going to become more intresting.

One k** that lived down the road, which i spent time with over the weekends, we would become very close friends!

Tony attended another junior school, he was about a year old... Continue»
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Watching Mom Get Fucked Before Joining

My name is Ryan and I am 18 years old. My life was as normal as any others I guess with my mom and dad living in a nice house with lots of nice things, that was until my mom and dad got into a huge fight. I remember them yelling at each other and then my mom coming up to my room telling me to pack a bag because we were staying somewhere else tonight. I didn't question or argue just packed a bag and left with her as my dad sat on the couch with an angry look on his face. I sat quietly until we arrived at a hotel and stopped at the front desk before making our way to our room. It was a typical h... Continue»
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Mammas kille

Vi satt där i soffan, jag och min mammas kille. Jag kan inte varit mer än 18-19 år då, och min mammas kille, Jasper, var inte mycket äldre än mig. Men jag vet inte exakt hur gammal han var då. Det vanligaste som jag bar då var ju ett par mjukisbyxor och något tajt linne, bakåtlutad i soffan, och tuggande på några chips eller popcorn.

Jag zappade mellan kanalerna, ihopp om att hitta någonting bra, men eftersom det var måndagskväll, fanns det som vanligt inget bra på TV. Min mamma var ute och reste, annars kunde hon ha underhållit oss, och kommit på någon lek, typ charader eller nått. Jag fu... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #20:: Sasha and Ashtyn-2

Sexy Sasha big boobed beauty pops also the rose of her virgin tasty tiny tit tight teen awesome Ashtyn
Ashtyn secretly seduces Professor Peter to take her at the toilet, which the others find out very fast
Sasha orders her tasty teen lesbian over to take back her position in a daisy-chain of pretty pussies
Her second anal initiation evokes an almost religious ritual for four foxy beautiful Bishops of Love
Ashtyn votes 'thumb up' as Professor Peter proposes to retire as Pope, stepping down for Popess Sasha

Sexy Sasha and awesome Ashtyn left my readers at first episode at the m... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 4

Mom went to her bedroom to get dressed for a night out as I went to my bedroom and got dressed as well and returned to the living room to wait for mom as she asked me to when I had finished dressing.

What I had put on was a western dress shirt and my best pair of blue jeans socks and western dress boots.

A couple of minutes after I had sat down on the couch in the living room mom came in wearing a sleavless white blouse with a short blue pleated skirt that stopped half way to her knees in a pair of flats. I could see she had a bra on under the white blouse with it being a see through typ... Continue»
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