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When I first started cumming I was always on the toilet jerking-off.I had a few small girlie mags and would stretch out on the seat as I looked through the mags and played with my then small hard rod.I was so horny then that I could cum right away.I wanted the good feeling to last awhile though so I would stop playing with myself just before I came and would let it go down to a semi before I started playing with it again.I had discovered edging right at the beginning and didn't even know what it was.The only kind of mags that I could get in those days were ones with pictures of girls tit... Continue»
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First Time Eating My Cute Friends Pussy (Fiction)

This is going to be a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

Since I can remember my best friend Katie and I have been more like s****r's then best friends, we do everything together and have a ton of things in common but one thing I know Katie has over me it looks. I always tell her how cute she is with her short blonde hair, blue eyes, pretty face, thin body and braces that make her look ever more beautiful. I have the similar blonde hair but other than that she is leaps and bounds prettier than I am even though she tells me all the time that I am beautiful as well. One su... Continue»
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Our first MMF

First time we had threesome, my wife was 23 and we were not married yet. At that time we were not even in relationship, just fuckbuddying. We went out to the club to have a few drinks and fuck somewhere outside. She liked partying and having breaks for fucking, literally around the corner where people could pop up any second. She liked getting groped at the dance floor or at the table. If we had corner box, she wouldn't hesitate to take out her wonderful tits and let me suck on them. I liked rubbing my cock against her ass while dancing.
That night we met my good friend and had lot of drink... Continue»
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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Memories

"I'm legal! I'm legal!"

Celia Ward's uniform pinafore pleats below her hips swirled as she danced backwards down the austere corridor, the brick walls painted in dull battleship grey and the sombre dark lino floor lit feebly from the lights overhead. Our accompanying celebratory laughter suddenly died.

"At last, I'm L...."

Celia looked at our change in expression and swung round. At the end of the corridor at the entrance to her study stood Miss Hardcastle. With a sour look and a too-short, severe haircut that gave us the creeps, she crooked her finger at Celia beckoning her to com... Continue»
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One Crazy Trip

Being a virgin in your late twenties isn’t a cool thing I should say. I think the issue goes back to my middle school years. It was a tough period for my f****y, we lost few of our beloved ones during a span of two years and back then my f****y was literally falling apart. As you guessed it already my head was a mess, plus I was self-conscious of the fact that I was very skinny so to say that I was very insecure was understatement. Obviously I wasn’t very popular among pupils, I’m not even talking about my relationships with girls because there wasn’t even such a thing for me!

After I grad... Continue»
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Daughter in Love with her Daddy that Summer.

'You need to get to know who your father is', was all mother said to me. He and mother had parted ways shortly after I was born, so I never got to know him, let alone see him, except for photographs.

I had learnt through the f****y g****vine he was homosexual and that had been the reason for their breakup, but mother never talked about him, anger I suppose being duped into marriage and a baby to follow, I could not blame her for seeking love elsewhere, albeit as a used woman, her stock had fallen, and her new beau was a man as old as her own father, lucky him, as she was still a vibrant and... Continue»
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Truth or dare gangbang

My wife had a longtime friend of hers’ that was roughly 10-15 years older than her, but they were always close. They were always there for each other, even though they were separated by state lines and then some. She’d come stay with us when my wife needed her and vice versa. One day my wife, Jessica’s phone rang with her friends’ ringtone and I half listened to the conversation. Her friends’ daughter was getting married and she needed help with the rehearsal the weekend before the wedding. I knew she wasn’t going to say no. She told me I was going to have to hold down the fort and that she wa... Continue»
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"Poker Night" - The Leatheress, episode

"The Leatheress"
Episode 1 - "Poker Night"

I hadn't gone to Bruce's house that night with any expectation that I'd be finishing the night by blowing him on is black leather sofa, but that is the way it turned out. Don't get me wrong; I'd had an interest in him ever since the first time I saw him reporting on my local evening news, but it's not like I truly ever had envisioned a scenario where such an interest would grow to become anything more. It is just funny how things work out, sometimes.

I guess we should probably start with some backstory. Myself, I always had an interest in dre... Continue»
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Roly-Poly Jessi

Roly-Poly Jessi

The young teen slid a slender dildo into her pussy with one chubby hand. Her little body jiggled and shook as she stroked; sending the dildo in and out. The other hand was behind her rounded bottom with one of her fingers deep in her hungry ass. She moaned and groaned… interrupted by several short bursts of giggling. She peeked at her laptop; her secret boyfriend was watching intently, eyes wide.

She opened her chubby thighs so her neighbor could see her better. She hoped he could see how wet the dildo was. She moved the dildo from her pussy hole to her ass hole. It... Continue»
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77 Her mother’s gardener.

77 Her mother’s gardener.
I was just finishing my breakfast, sat mopping my plate of the last of the egg-yolk when my wife Margaret suggested that while we were out we ‘popped in’ to visit her mum.
Not one of my favourite occupations visiting and I spluttered a bit but knew if she wanted to ‘pop in’ then pop in pop in is what we would be doing, my life would be less happy if we didn’t, all husbands know that ‘a suggestion by the wife’ is actually a plan set in concrete in most regular marriage`s. They tell me that some wives are subservient ‘yes dear’ ladies, well mine [and millions of oth... Continue»
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Go For It!

As I was going thru puberty my older b*****r told me to always go for it! If a girl gives you an opportunity to have sex I should go for it. I had many girlfriends but never had sex. I came close a time or two but for some reason never closed the deal. I had the biggest crush on one of my teachers all thru high school.
Her name was Mrs. Sue Foster. She was not really hot per say, but there was something about her that made me want to fuck her. I could tell that she had a fairly smoking body, nice sized tits, nice ass. She was about five foot eight inches tall, dirty blonde hair about mi... Continue»
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My first time at 18 years old

At this time I am 18 years old and its summertime. Having just graduated from high school it was to be an exciting summer with new plans on the horizon. Throughout my teenage years I was always very much a straight guy and still am to this day. The only difference is that I had a secret longing to be touched by an older man , a fantasy of sorts that I had decided I would soon experience. Back then the main social media was Myspace , it was all the rave and one horny night on the computer I stumbled upon the page of an older man in his late fifties who happened to live in the same town as me. ... Continue»
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Fucking my slut Chloe!

There you are sitting across from me at the table, trying to be so prim and proper as we sip our drinks and talk about our lives. You must be getting bored with the discussion because I see you fidgeting with the bottom of your short little mini skirt which barely covers anything!

I am telling you about that annoying bitch at work and you couldn't care less 'cus all you want is sex, sex, sex. You have been doing nothing but complain for the past hour about how you aren't getting any. On and on as if you thought you might die if you didn't "get some" soon.

As your knees start spreading, ... Continue»
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My Daughter and My Wife Go Black

Our white daughter is 19, attends a nearby college. To save money still lives with us. She has her own bedroom and sometimes has male friends over when we are out. It took a while, but we got used to it.

This one Friday night my wife and I were supposed to go out for dinner as usual, but there was a long line at our favorite restaurant. We decided to just grab a couple hamburgers at a drive-through and head home -- a couple hours earlier than usual.

As we sat in the kitchen eating our hamburgers, we heard the bed squeaking in our daughter's upstairs bedroom. My wife and I looked at each ... Continue»
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First Night Out as a Sissy Pt 2 (By Crystal_ed)

So picking up where I had left off from my last published story…. I had just ventured out for the first time as sissy, determined to find a man. I went to a local sports bar dressed in in my tightest jeans and favorite panties and teased a group of guys. Was able to get one of them into my car for my first blow job ever and after swallowing his enormous load, his friends busted us before I could know the pleasure of him inside of me. After being busted (but feeling sweetly naughty) I was going to call it a night before I realized the bar tender still had my card because I hadn’t closed my tab.... Continue»
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Meeting my Neighbor

I live in a small but growing city, but most everyone (including me) is on the DL so there's never a lot of action. I saw a post on Craigslist last night from someone in town. Since I couldn't get away I figured it was a missed opportunity, but I emailed him anyway hoping that maybe we could work something out another time. I was pleasantly surprised when he emailed me back this morning, and he was still looking and could host. He was only a couple blocks away, too.

I made my normal excuses ("going to get some exercise") and walked over to his house. He met me on the porch and we chatt... Continue»
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My first abuse and humiliation

I can't see, my nipples are on fire and my throbbing cock is being teasingly stroked, all's well.

I don't get to cum without my partner and due to an extremely busy week with no physical contact I'm extremely pent up, my balls are full and my mind has been utter filth for the last 4 days. In our time apart I am permitted, no, encouraged to touch myself, edge, tease, but never cum. That is her semen, her orgasm and her property between my legs, but she always likes to have her fun before I get my release.
I answered the door in just a dressing gown, she kisses me and smiles, quirking an eye... Continue»
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Wife's Sexting Gangbang

My wife had a longtime friend of hers’ that was roughly 10-15 years older than her, but they were always close. They were always there for each other, even though they were separated by state lines and then some. She’d come stay with us when my wife needed her and vice versa. One day my wife, Jessica’s phone rang with her friends’ ringtone and I half listened to the conversation. Her friends’ daughter was getting married and she needed help with the rehearsal the weekend before the wedding. I knew she wasn’t going to say no. She told me I was going to have to hold down the fort and that she wa... Continue»
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Cuckold Teen 2

As I started to cum, Tasha opened her mouth and pearl white sticky cum streamed from my rock hard cock into her mouth, there was a heavy load and it started to trickle out the corners of her mouth. "Hold my cum in your open mouth" as I again grabbed my phone and opened the camera, a few photos then video, ensuring that Stuart was in no doubt how hard she had been face fucked, her mascara had ran down her cheeks and this little cum bucket had a mouthful of my cum in her mouth "swallow my cum you little slut and tell your pathetic boyfriend hoe it tastes" I commanded, Tasha gulped my cum and eve... Continue»
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Early Morning Encounter With Transwoman

Was walking back from town early in the morning, was stranded in the outskirts of the city which is distant from my own home in one of the suburbs. I had left the warmth of the house of my friend in the city, and ventured out into the early morning, 1:00 or 2:00 o clock, it was cold, but not as cold as it could have been, the clouds in the sky made sure of that, and for that i was happy, despite the occasional light to medium downpour.

I had been texting a Lady friend, a woman, asking her to let me in and stay and in exchange i would eat her pussy, she agreed and was horny however she was ... Continue»
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