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Unplanned 3 some with a huge cock FFM

It had been a beautiful day from the outset and I swung by the
apartment of some friends, wanting to say hello since I was in the area.
When I got there, Kay answered the door, dressed in a small bikini and a big grin. She greeted me by throwing her arms around me and giving me a hearty kiss.
Now Kay is attractive, but not what some would consider attractive. Facially, she's pretty plain, but her smile and sparkling blue eyes tell a lot about the warmth and passion of this young lady. Her figure is nice, with large breasts that wobble invitingly, a reasonable waist with just enough... Continue»
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Glory Hole First time

Josh was in a hurry as he walked up Seventh Ave. on his way home after his workout. It was cold and the December wind cut through his wind breaker and made his whole body shiver. Not only was he cold, but also uncomfortable because of the beg hardon that was straining against his jeans. “Dammit, “ he thought, “haven’t cum yet today!” Josh, it seemed like, was always hard! His whole f****y was highly sexed! His older b*****r, Brian, had just about fucked every girl in the small town high school they had both attended. Josh’s dad fucked his mom at least three nights a week even after twenty fi... Continue»
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Wife turns Slut at Football Game

It was day one of the new NFL season and the boys and I were set to watchsome football. I had just put in a big screen TV and naturally all myfriends wanted to watch the first big Giants game on my new set. The Giantswere playing the Packers this afternoon. It was with great irony thatbefore half-time was over the only Giants we cared about were those packingour shorts.The boys showed up about 12:30 with beer and munchies in tow. It was theleast they could do, since I was providing the TV. I didn't realize I wouldbe providing the entertainment as well. The guys handed the goodies toBobbie, my ... Continue»
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Class Dismissed by loyalsock

"Class dismissed," Dr. Monica Gutierrez announced with a smile and gathered up her papers. "James," she called to one of her students before he could leave. "Stay after, please, I have to discuss something with you." The sandy haired biology major took a seat on the nearest desktop and waited for the rest of the students to file out of the small lecture hall. Monica took her time putting away her things and clearing off the desk.
"Professor" James prompted nervously. "Is there something wrong"

Monica sighed. "I'm afraid so, James. You see, the thing is that I've noticed your grades seem to... Continue»
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This is whats got me always excited!

My first wife and I were married for several years and got divorced and until this day I can't really understand all the reasons why but when I got married the second time it really changed my life. This is all true and believe me I have got one nice wife! Nice in the fact that she is 21 years younger than me and at least 42dd in the chest with the prettiest eyes you have ever seen.

It all started after we got married and we had a few ups and downs and split up for a little over two weeks and she stayed at her mothers house for that time. We would talk to each other mostly at night and ... Continue»
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First Gloryhole Experience

On the way back ‘up north’ from our weekend in London, we’d been on the coach a good three hours when the driver announced he had to have a legal break, so he pulled into a service station. As most of the people on the coach got off the wife said she’d stay on as she was still tired, I said “I’ll have a look round, a couple of cigarettes and get a drink” she said “Ok”.

As I got off the driver said “45 minutes” I looked at the wife and she nodded, I motioned for her a drink and she shook her head. I had a cig and then went for a look round the shop, it was the usual shit and as I looked at m... Continue»
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webcam mom

This story relates to my mom rittu who is 42 years of age and has a sexy luscious fig of 36 34 38 and she used to wear tight blouse and her nipples were always erect and hard as it can be seen in the blouse.My father had left for Chandigarh to setup some business over there whil I was studing in college in delhi.
We were living in rented apartment but enjoyed good life and dad used to send us money.I always admired mom for her sex beauty and always wanted to be by her side but mom never gave me a chance and always told me to concentrate on her studies.I kmew mom wanted to have a big cock in h... Continue»
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The Awakening of the Wolf

It was the summer of my freshman year. So as to not cause issues, because I know how things are viewed and needing to be careful in regards to exact wording, I’ll just say that this wasn’t my college years.
My next door neighbor, we will call her Dawn, asked me to come over and help her with some chores around the house. Her husband was in the Navy, and he had just gone out to sea, where he’d be for the next 6 months. Dawn was all kinds of hot. She was short, at least to me. I hit 6 foot around the age of 12. She was probably about 5’4ish. She had shoulder length platinum blonde hair and ... Continue»
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Deflowered at 17...Part 1 (ENGLISH VERSION)

Many friends, some of them curious and excited by my (recently discovered) Polaroid pictures made at the seaside (with stockings) when I was 17 years old, asked me to tell the story associated to them. Someone also pointed out, "but if in one of your stories you talk about your first man -see story “my first man”- after having been “initiated” by a trans, then who was actually your first man? "
First of all, let me say that I can assure you that my stories are not fancy, they are absolutely true. I can change some details, names, situations, ... but I do not not invent anything. Anyone who... Continue»
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Cuckold, and how to have a cuckold lifestyle.

Hi Hamsterites,
So you'd like to have a cuckold relationship with your wife or partner, and need to know how or if it is at all possible, then read further...

I'm going to make this as short as possible. This is only my own experience so their may be another way round, but still, good advice..and it's from the man's point of view....

1) you have to have a great relationship. If your relationship is in trouble and you invite competition, then you should hardly be surprised if she runs off.

2)The idea that a man is less for sharing his wife is a myth. To have enough conf... Continue»
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Deep throat Made Easy

Deep throat Made Easy -reposted fro menext

Here for the first time ever are simple and explicit instructions on how to deep throat a penis. Position is important; you'll want to in position where you can extend and straighten your neck by slightly tilting your head back. This helps line up your throat with your mouth allowing the penis to slide in deep. The best position for beginners is with the receiver lying on his back with the giver lying on the stomach along side. You can prop yourself up on your elbows.

The penis must be THOROUGHLY LUBRICATED! I can't stress this enough. An... Continue»
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My b*****r best friend

Hi my name is for this story I will be Pat. Well it all started when me and my husband were talking about me having sex with another Man it would make us both very hot, Wait first I am a white women and he is a black man light skin and I love him very much but I have always wanted a dark skinned black man plus I kind of like big guys and not so good looking giving a man like that really does it for me. Well we talked about this the night before and had great sex I was going over to my b*****r apt when I got there his friend Mitch was there big man dark skinned ok looking but not like my husban... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #30: Moms & Dods: Helena-3

Helena and I get a chance to experiment more with love at the end of that sexy summer's hot holiday
Helena and I get our hours of privacy every working day of our memorable long school summer holiday

Helena comes from licking along her love lips and soon we discover fingering around her cute clitty
Helena comes from fingering and discovers like this how she can play her pussy now to please herself

Helena and I are at the brink of finding out by try and erotic error how the hell fucking would work?
Helena and I are both shy to take that step, which seems most forbidden for unclear
... Continue»
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First Internet hookup

Back in the early years of the Internet when people were just discovering the whole business of online sex, I formed a relationship with a younger woman who lived halfway across the country from me. I was in a largely sexless marriage, but the woman, I'll call her Susan, had a good, monogamous sex life with her hubby but wanted to taste the thrill and excitement of something outside. Her hubby encouraged her in this.

We chatted online frequently and soon began to get each other off in our sessions. Wow! Cybersex! What a discovery! Who knew that typing dirty thoughts back and forth with some... Continue»
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Kim discovers a new facination

To begin this story we will start with alittle bit of kims history. Kim grew up in a small town with a lone mother and three big sissters. In school the other k**s found him alittle nerdy. He was a shy boy who rather sank his mind into comicbooks and nature hikes as opposed to sports cars and girls like his male peers. He had a few friends, all of them female but as he grew older annd moved thru his teens he had never really kissed a girl, even tho he thougt it might be nice. But his female friends saw him more as a b*****r and with his slender build and bright blond hair he was more often tha... Continue»
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Crazy Cat Lady

The crazy cat lady lived next door to me for as long as I could remember. All she did was sit in her house and tend to her cats. I think she had thirty cats give or take a few. The cat lady never bothered me and I am not sure why we started calling her crazy. She was in her mid fifties, long silvery white hair and she was skinny. Her husband had died many years ago. Her name was Ann. She was always nice to me and I even mowed her lawn during the summer.
The summer that I was in my mid teens and deep into puberty. I was horny as they come. I would hang by the pool with my buds and check o... Continue»
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Eastern Step

It was my version of a middle-aged crisis. I had been a bachelor since high school, and was now in my early thirties. I worked on computers, which guaranteed that no American woman would give me the time of day without a financial supplement. I was a bit lonely, so decided to turn my life upside-down.

I went online and met a wonderful 28-year-old lady from the Ukraine. (If you know women, you know that Ukrainian girls are the hottest bl**ded around.) She also had a daughter, twelve.

Well, one thing led to another, and I was soon flying over to meet them in their small town in the ... Continue»
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Hot Lektion

Fatima wohnte schon einige Jahre neben uns, ohne dass sie mir auf besondere Weise auffiel. Ich war sehr gut mit ihrem Sohn Amir befreundet und sie war immer nett und gastfreundlich. Auch mit meinen Eltern verstand sie sich hervorragend, so dass man insgesamt von einer guten Nachbarschaft sprechen konnte.

Eines Sommers jedoch sollte diese Nachbarschaft mein Leben grundlegend ändern...

Amir hatte mittlerweile eine Freundin und verbrachte die Ferien mit ihr irgendwo in Frankreich. Ich hingegen blieb zu Hause, um... Continue»
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Summer Camp

My s****r and I were playing a game of cards as we are wont to do after school, when my mom came into my room and announced, "Your father and I are going on a trip this summer, we will be gone three weeks." I, being 19 years old, immediately starting thinking about the great summer we would be having, parties and staying out all night! Looking over at my 18-year-old s****r, I could see the same thoughts dancing in her eyes.

"I will take good care of Alice, and I hope that you and dad will enjoy the trip", I said.

"We are sending you two to summer camp over at camp Wantahoochie", she re... Continue»
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Programming s****r

By Ivan the Terror

Codes: mf+,inc,mc

Chapter 1

I had the hottest, sexiest, nastiest older s****r that any horny 18 year old boy could have. She was two years older than me and had the perfect bod. I ached every time I saw her. Every once in a while I would catch a glimpse of her running naked between the bathroom and her bedroom. Her perfect B, almost C cup tits were to die for, puffies with no sag. Her long legs were the perfect curved shape with a ripe ass that she thought was too big, but every guy thought was perfect. The problem was that she treated me like dirt.

She l... Continue»
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