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Ginger & Me - Our Love Life

My name is Don. I've been happily married to my wife Janice for about six years now. And I've finally accepted that I'm totally in love with my wife and my own s****r, Ginger. This is a story of what transpired within our marriage when Ginger came to live with us.

It really all started years ago when Ginger and I were both teenage k**s. Well, I was. She was 11. And although I was older than her, we were very close. Ginger would always change clothes with her bedroom door open. Our rooms were across from each other and when our doors were open I could see straight in her room. It ... Continue»
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First time massage

It was the second tennis match kloe had played that week and she knew her injury was getting worse. This was the final though, she couldn’t tell her coach she was injured.

She slowly walked back to the changing room, her back in agony but trying desperately not to let anyone notice. She ran a very hot shower in an attempt to ease the pain in her muscles but knew getting in shape for the weekend would be hard.

Kloe left to exit the leisure centre and walk home – it was at this point the next few days started to take an unexpected change.

As she left she saw an advert on the leisure ce... Continue»
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I'm not gay. I've never been sexually attracted to women. I admire beauty, sure, male or female. The human body is a work of art, and some are... stunning.

And I've done okay in life. I made a mistake when I married, but I got two great k**s out of the deal. Now, in my mid-forties, I guess I'll be single the rest of my life. And it's okay, really. Most of the time I'm pretty happy that way.

But now and then, I get horny. And I have some toys, and I like to read sexy smut, and I take care of it.

But pleasuring myself... there's no surprise to it. And I haven't found a toy yet that feel... Continue»
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My first time with a shemale(True Story)

This is a true story about my first experience with a shemale.

I was sitting around the house the other day horny as fuck. My usual girl that i call on when i get that way had f****y in town for christmas so she couldn't meet me. So i decided that i would look on craigslist and see if i couldn't find someone that wanted to fuck as much as i did. As i was looking through the ads and as usual not finding any women that were real on there i clicked on the T4M section. I had always been a bit curious about being with a shemale and decided that i would respond to a couple of the ads. The fir... Continue»
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New Year's Eve Party

The tight red dress I had on was not very comfortable,
so I tried to find a place to sit where I could kind of
hike it up and let my body breathe a little. I found a
perfect couch-like chair in the corner of the crowded
office, where I sat down, pulled my dress up, and
d****d my coat over my lap so I wouldn't flash anyone.
If someone asked me, I'd just say I was cold.

I had a tall glass of champagne in my hand, but I
wasn't feeling very festive. My lover of the past year
had decided she wanted something new, which meant
someone new, so I was dateless and bitchy. I hadn't
... Continue»
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New Year's Names

I've been seeing a lot of Chris -- her name isn't
really Ms Claus, it isn't even Kringle -- anyway, I've
been seeing a lot of her since Christmas Eve. She even
managed to drag me out of the house to spend Christmas
with her friends: Jo and Erin and Pam. We've had dinner
three times and gone to the movies twice, but we
hadn't... well you know, since Christmas Eve.

Actually, I was kind of relieved in a perverse sort of
way. I mean I never, you know, on a first date. And
Christmas Eve hadn't even been a date. Well, actually
what it was, was magic. But I was kinda hoping that... Continue»
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Josh and Lois

My name is Josh, six foot four and weighing in at two
hundred and eighty pounds. I am a big guy and did not
have trouble getting girls even though I was not as
handsome as most and the really pretty ones usually
went for the more handsome, financially secure guys.
This was never a problem as I was screwing regularly
with the girls telling their girlfriends about my
huge cock and most of them wanted to try it at least

I am blessed with a ten inch fat cock measuring nine
inches in girth... about as thick as a beer can. I
never said no and made any takers scream and ... Continue»
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A Christmas Gift

I was 17 when this Christmas story took place. Both of
my older s****rs and their families were coming over for
dinner and to exchange gifts. Each s****r had 2 k**s, 1
boy and 1 girl. Both boys were 9 and both girls were 11.

We finally finished eating and were gathering in the den
to open gifts. The adults took all the seats and the
k**s were expected to sit on the floor. The den wasn't
very big, so by the time my nephews and one niece sat
down, there was no room for my other niece, Jessica.

I offered her a seat on my lap and she quickly accepted,
jumping on me and turnin... Continue»
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I am so glad I was adopted. Some k**s think it's bad, but for me it's great because the alternative is to be an orphan still! Also, I love my adoptive parents, especially my dad.

My mom and dad died when I was young. I really don't remember them. I remember I cried a lot and didn't want to talk to anybody. Probably that's why nobody adopted me back then.

I went to live in the Spencer School. It was OK there, I had good friends. Richard was my best friend. We both played baseball.

When I met the Mitchells, it was not that simple. First, they come into the office and meet with the socia... Continue»
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Carols e****t adventure

Carol Newton unlocked the door to her 14th floor apartment after spending a Saturday afternoon at the movies. At 36 she was still attractive – Brown shoulder length hair, big brown eyes and good figure outlined nicely in skin tight jeans. She hated being alone on a Saturday night but it had been some time since she had a date, and well what was a lonely girl to do.

Carol thought about her afternoon at the mall – the place had been full of teenage couples at the movies – much to her enjoyment because she loved looking at younger people – in fact if truth be known one might say that Carol lov... Continue»
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The Widow’s Secret Desire

Beth Jackson stared out the kitchen window at her son Bobby who was cutting the grass. She could not help but be reminded of her late husband as she watched the muscular young man push the mower around the yard with his shirt off. She could see the sweat running down his chest and she could not help but wonder what would be like to touch his hard abs. Beth felt her pussy begin to tingle. She was disgusted with herself. How could her son turn her on so much?
Of course she told herself that it was mostly because she was widowed. He... Continue»
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My First Bisex experience

I was thirty something when I first laid my hands on another guys cock and it happened something like this. It was summer time and my then partner and I along with her grown up k**s were planning to go on holiday to Greece in about six weeks, I was moaning to her about the fact that I was a whiter shade of pale because of my indoor job and would stand out as a typical Brit on the Greek beaches. She jokingly suggested that she would ask her friend Stuart, one of a couple of gay boys living two houses down the street who had a sunbed if I might borrow the the use of it, although I was on speakin... Continue»
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Periyamma kalla uravu

Yen lifela nadatha vishayatha share panathan intha blog open panen,just padinga ..

Yen name siva (name changed) na college 2nd year padikum pothu ithu nadanthathu.. na enga periyamma vetuku ponen mathiyam 2.30 irukum,na epayume door thatalam maten sudden ah!! poiruven apdiye annaikum poiten sudden ah!! room kulla yen periyamma pavadaya matum katti irunthanga na vanthathum kaiya mela vachutanga na veliya vanthuten,apram sagachama peasitu irunthom na anga oru letter kuduka ponen kuduthutu vanthuten apram enaku night thonuchu intha sambavam yen periyamma vayasu apo 37 irukum but nalla white ah... Continue»
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My List of First Times

I was sitting around the other day and was thinking about all of my first time encounters and decided to write them out for everyone.

The first one on my list is the first time I sucked a cock. I was young boy and was at my friend Nicks house watching his dads porn stash. We both sat there in silence with raging little hard cocks watching Ginger Lynn suck on a cock when Nick finally broke the ice in a soft voice saying "I wish she was here now" I replied back saying "yeah me too". A few minutes went by and Nick again spoke up saying "if you will suck me I will suck you" I replied back "... Continue»
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First time with a girl

Do you remember your first? I do. I knew my steps****r was on birth control. I had heard the conversations between parents and saw the pill container in the bathroom. She had been going out every Friday and Saturday night and most of the time would sit out in her date’s car at the end of our driveway for a while until about 2 seconds before her curfew. Try as I might I could never see into the car with my binoculars, but not from lack of trying. Debbie, or Deb as we all called her was in her prime. Her hair was long, ten miles high (it was the 80’s), and usually styled perfectly. She had sexy ... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #22:: Ai X-mas cherry pop

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place and often invite other female friends for a lesson

I train three tasty sexy slaves at my place: Alex and Aisha are experienced in any erotic encounters
I train also Ai who is still a virgin in both her holy hot hairy holes, but who is good giving head!

I entertain many visiting slaves for a day or sometimes a few more to offer my slaves sexy lectures
I entertain at X-mas Eve also sexy Swedish Sasha a blonde beauty with big BOOBs, firm and all real!

I have my plan ready for a very sexy X-mas night with lots of pretty pleasure fo
... Continue»
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Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 5

Julie’s mischievous desires – Part 5

This story involves (i)ncest…if that offends you, Do Not read this story!

--------- Chapter 10
Mark and Julie playing together…

Linda was sprawled on the couch, her black nightgown bunched at her waist; her firm little tits and her pussy were fully revealed. Her legs were spread open still, hot from the licking her little girl had just given her, her ass barely on the couch. She could feel a gentle breeze that was very pleasant, that was helping to cool off her nicely trimmed pubic mound.

Linda looked down a... Continue»
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My teacher taught me how to jerkoff and fuck

This is a fantasy

I became addicted to porn during my 9th grade from then i used to watch porn it gave me horniness,pleasure also a hard dick
but i never learned to jerk off until my phy teacher came into my life.

Her name was shreya and was every man's dream
SHe was 5.2foot,blackhair,blackeyes, she was in her mid 20's
her tits were a 34d sized and a round ass and perfect long legs
Everytime i saw her it gave me instant boner
she wears a saree to class which shows blouse covered left tit i would think of sucking her tits and fucking her between her tits and spray on her face with my babyma... Continue»
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Guy in the park

One night I was d***k and walking home late at night and I decided to cut through a park as a shortcut. I don't know what it was but being alone in this park late at night made me really horny and I got the urge to strip off all my clothes and walk around. And that's exactly what I did.
It was unbelievably thrilling walking around completely naked in a public park like that knowing I could get caught at any moment.
Well doing this got me so fucking horny that I needed to jack off BAD!!! So I went over to the playground and laid on the bottom of a slide and started jacking off wildly.
... Continue»
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Footjob on the Train!

we were in the city centre shopping last friday and when we were coming home on the train, i was kind of horny and was trying to get her to do something for me under the table ( a fantasy i've always dreamed of) She was wearing dark black tights a short denim skirt and furry boots. As we were sitting opposite with no one in the seat next to us except our bags. She pressed her foot into my crotch area and as soon as it happened she took it away...i frowned...she smiled, she was just moving off her other shoe,she put both her feet back in my lap, i moved my hand down and began to massage her arc... Continue»
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