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A Bad day

It was a rainy and cold night when I entered the smoke-
filled bar just off the Interstate. A series of personal
defeats had sent me home for the comfort of my most
recent lover. My unexpected early arrival found her in
the arms of another and after a flurry of ill
contemplated accusations, we were soon on our separate

Fearing further confrontations, I eased my wheels into
the unimposing parking lot and with a dash of cologne
entered the dimly-lit room awash in the mid summers rain.
My full intention was to drown my sorrows in solitude and
seek solstice in the mote... Continue»
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Dominated/Used by Ex

I will start out by telling you I am a mid 30's married male who has a pretty good sex life but one day I got the urge to call my ex and see if she was interested in seeing me again since I would be on a business trip in her area. She said she was and could I come over Friday night but I would need to come up to the back door and to make sure I took off all my clothes on the porch before I walked in. Wow, I was going to get some of her hot ass and I was excited.

I finished my business Friday afternoon and left to drive up to her house. I pulled up to her house and walked to the back porch.... Continue»
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Sex Bomb Married Cousin s****r Needed Sex

The heroine of this story is my cousin s****r Shobha. Her age is 24. She is married and her hubby stays overseas. She is a sex bomb and also a beautiful figure she looks like Tamil actress Nayanthara.

Her vital stats are 36-24-36 she has maintains herself very well. She has wheatish complexion and everyone seeing her will want her to be fucked.

This happened wen I was 18.

She is staying alone in her house as her hubby visits only twice a year. As I went to her home she greeted me with a smile and told me to freshen up
... Continue»
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Unlimited Fun With A beauty With Brain

This story was between me and Sheetal (Name Changed) – a beauty with brain. Her figure was like 34-30-36 and she was really fair and her height was like 5 foot 5 inch and I am tall, athletic and handsome.

I saw Sheetal first at Chicago Airport travelling to Mumbai and then at that time I decided if not sex at least have friendship with her. She was arguing to have window seat but unfortunately it was full. So I asked the lady at the airline I will like to give her mine.

Initially she was apprehensive to have it but late
... Continue»
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Fucking Wife In Front Of Her Husband In Hotel Room

Hey namaste All!. This story is about a cuckold husband where he enjoyed fucking wife of him in front of him,

Its A Story From Delhi To Mumbai I’m Aircraft Student Came here (mumbai) for Complete my studies. So here is the story of my first “job”.

It was 11:00pm on a Saturday night. I’m hanging out at a Club with my friend from out of town. I get a mail From a lady.The Lady tells me I have 20 minutes to make it to the location.

She gave me a heads up that it sounded like a really good call. The location is bandstand ba
... Continue»
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Halloween costume

Growing up my mother had to raise me on her own and money was short most of the time. So when Halloween came around I had a choice. make my own, or go without. Considering no one gives candy to a k** without a costume I made one.
Years had gone by and I was to old to trick- or- treat so I quit.
Doing laundry in day while living in apartments someone left a pair of panties in the washer that I didn't notice till I was putting things away. They weren't fancy, just a plain light blue with white trim. Being a teenager and always horny I thought I'd try them on. The feeling was fantastic, the ... Continue»
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Please, Make Me Eat It

She straddled my legs and leaned forward. Her breasts hung over my stomach. She swayed from side to side and her breasts gently smacked my hardened penis. She stroked my hardness with her nipples. I groaned and moaned my pleasure. Drops of pre-cum fluid formed. She smeared my pre-cum with her nipples, back and forth. "Mmmm I love your slick pre-cum on my nipples, do you? Do you love how it feels? Do you love your slick pre-cum on my hard nipples?"

"Yes, oh yes I do"

"Do you want to lick the pre-cum off my nipples, do you want to do that?"

" Yes I want that." I said quivering.

She... Continue»
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The GayMaker

I caught Mark cheating on me again. That bastard!"

"Wow...sorry s*s. What are you going to do?" asked Frank.

"I don't know. I need to teach him a lesson."

"Why don't you just break up with him," Jerry wondered.

"Oh I'm going to break up with him alright. But before I do...I'm going to get him back. This is the third time I've caught him."

"What you need is the gay maker," Frank said.

"Dude...that's pretty rash," Jerry said.

"This guy is fucking it up for the rest. He's pissing off all the women and giving guys a bad name. Besides, this is my s****r man. I can't let t... Continue»
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Creampie for Husband

"Will you eat your semen off of your partner?" That was the card I drew in the middle of a game called Sex is Fun. My wife, J, and I were sitting just in our underwear in front of our fireplace and enjoying its warmth on a cold winter's night. J said that I would answer "no" without realizing that I had been hoping to bring the subject of creampie eating up with her one day. I quickly answered "yes" meaning that I should have got the point for that round and we would move on to the next card. However, J immediately protested, "I don't believe you. I dare you to do it". Again, little did she kn... Continue»
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How to Cuckold Your Husband


Turning your husband into a cuckold can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. A successfully cuckolded husband will be completely submissive. He will satisfy all your sexual cravings, manage all the mundane chores of your life, allow you to sl**p with whomever you wish, subject himself to any amount of humiliation you desire, and of course, love you unconditionally.

But be warned, cuckolding can also be one of the most challenging things you ever do. The process is long, complicated, energy consuming, and by no means sure of success. The strain on your marriage wi... Continue»
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Wife's Idea

It started with my wife Pam. She has a love for cock that I have never witnessed before in anyone else. She is constantly playing with mine, in public and private; she can't keep her hands off of it. She loves to tease me, loves to watch me grow hard, and loves to suck endlessly on it afterwards. She takes great pleasure in slurping my cock in the most delicious ways and always insists that I watch while she performs her magic. Slow, fast, deep, soft; she does it all and it's incredible. I have to admit that after two years of watching her supreme enjoyment has caused me to be curious of the a... Continue»
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My Husband Sucking Off Another Man

We are a married couple of six years. I am 5'4", 34C pert breasts and wear a bikini well. My husband is 5'10" with a well toned build. We have always been pretty open and honest with each other when it came to sex.

One night, while making love, my husband expressed his desire to watch me fuck another man, one with a large cock. I told him that I indeed was intrigued with the idea and that it turned me on. As I wondered why he wanted this man to have a big cock, I asked him if he was more than interested in the man's cock than just to watch him fuck me. This made David very hard and he admit... Continue»
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Wife and I Discover a new Desire

My sexy wife and I had just finished having sex. Many nights after sex, we would talk about what turns us on. For years, I had been eating my own cum. My wife loved to watch me eat it. I loved to eat it. Tonight, after filling my wife's shaved pussy, she sat on my face and I cleaned my cum from her bringing her to an explosive orgasm. My wife loved having me suck and lick her freshly fucked pussy clean.

Tonight, she asked me if I had any new fantasies. I have for years fantasized about watching my gorgeous wife being fucked by at least 2 other men while I watched. I also loved thinking abo... Continue»
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Husband's Horny Ass

"Would you like some ass fucking?"

"Well yes," I said, "I didn't think you wanted it."

Jane gave my ass cheek a little squeeze.

"Dave, I think you've got it backwards," Jane said. " The ass fucking is for you."

"No, I don't roll that way," I answered her.

"Dave, are you sure?" Jane answered, "because someone with as horny an ass as you have should try it at least once."

Jane is my wife of 5 years. She is so beautiful and sexy. I'll try to describe her and do her justice. Jane is 31 years old and is 5' 9" tall. Jane has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She wears her ... Continue»
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Well , how to put this-Mother in Law

The first time I ever met my future mother in law was when my future wife took me to her mum's card shop.

I learned the second time that my MIL (Mother In Law) had a back office being the manager of the shop, if memory serves correct we only went back cos my wife was skint and needed to borrow some money.

The third time we went in, my wife was in a hurry to get back to her 18 month old son.

I can't deny that despite her mum being 50ish and probably a size 20 or more. Being short round and definitely a bbw, that I wasn't attracted to her.

Given it was my birthday I thought my curren... Continue»
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Mother in law Story 1

I got off work early for a weekend to myself, the wife was away with her dad to visit some distant f****y members, neither of them really wanted to go but for the sake of possible future falling out it was the easier option. I had nothing planned and that was the way I wanted it. 3 days, 2 nights of me time, wake up when I wanted, get ready if I wanted and do what I wanted. It was a red hot summers day, so the plan was simply sit in the garden, soak up some sun and have an afternoon of relaxation. Normally I'd be in training at a time like this but I'd also given myself the weekend off that to... Continue»
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A sexy blonde Mature gets a surprise called Mandy

My name is Irma, and I'm a fit blonde women going near 60, and I happens to be a lesbian. In my long life I have been with a couple guys before, but that's it. Anyway, one night, I took my yet fitted red dress, with transparent sleeves, dekoltee and cutouts for visiting a new club, looking for some cute younger ladies, that maybe I'd take home. I saw a lot of worthy candidates. I wasn't a slut or anything like that, but I definitely played the field. I looked around the entire club a few times, and caught a few eyes. I saw a few ladies casually stirring their drinks, or just flat out eye fucki... Continue»
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AOL couple

When I first starting using computers I joined America Online. It didn't take long to meet people in chatrooms who wanted to hookup. I was 21 and always horny when I met this interracial couple who only lived 20 minutes away. I sent them a "G" rated pic and they returned pictures and invited me over that night.

Mark and Jessica were both 27 and physically fit like myself. Mark was good looking with a dark black complexion and stood 5'10" tall but possessed an average 7" Big Black Cock. Jessica was a local stripper who was very tan, 5'5" 108 lbs. with fake 38DD breasts, a bald pussy an... Continue»
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My 1st CD Experience w My Virgin Roommate

My dorm room was wrecked trashed with take out containers and empty beer cans. I would ask my roommate Matt to help clean the place but he was always face deep in his hdtv playing video games. Maybe if he got laid atleast once in his life he would put the controller down. He never tried talking to any girls because he was always afraid they would turn him down because of his weight. And as much as I really needed the place cleaned I wasn't going to clean a dish but had a better idea. A few weeks ago I went into my room after class and created a cliche sexy girl name online account in hopes to ... Continue»
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Sex Day

It started same as most days, i wake up MM by worshiping his bodily
sex parts. My hand gently touching his limp cock and shaved balls.

Making my way under the covers rubbiing his cock feeling it getting
harder, tongue licking his balls i suck on them one at a time reaching upto his now erect cock opening my mouth moving my head up and down, he starts to wake up. A hand pushes my head down im gagging on my Master MM's very thick, big hard cock.

MM is fully awake now with very full balls and stiff cock. I wonder
what next? Life is never boring when we are together.

"'Come here ... Continue»
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