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Sex on a Trampoline

Somersby had always regarded gymnastics as strictly a female activity, until his old friend Alex Rieger told him he had been a member of a gymnastics club for some time. The 19 year old listened intently to his friend as he put forward a convincing argument for him to sign up with the same organization.

“Ninety percent of the members of my club are girls,” he smiled, “Beautiful girls with figures to die for. If you want to keep agile and fit it’s a great alternative to a sweaty gym.”

Alex showed some pictures of him surrounded by a bevy of beauties and that sure sold Ty on the idea of jo... Continue»
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A Walk in the Woods and My First Cock

Sometimes my mind drifts back to my teenage years when before pussy became plentiful for me I used to fool around with some of my buddies occasionally. I particularly remember the first time I sucked cock. I remember it so well because it was so much fun and I still get a hard on thinking about it. This is how it happened.

One of the guys I used to run with, Ricky Sxxxk, called me one Saturday morning and ask me to come over. He said he had something to show me. I got on my bike and rode over to his house which was about three miles away in a new subdivision. When I got there he said... Continue»
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Neighbor sucked my cock at the ABS

Feeling horny I pasted by the local ABS. Thought I would stop in and get a blowjob in one of the gloryholes in the video booth. It was dark gave my eyes time to adjust, and looked over the video selection. Went to the middle section of booths put in $5.00 and began scanning the channels. Found a Bisex video, and began rubbing my cock. I soon unzipped and unbuttoned my jeans, had my cock out edging my foreskin over the gland.
A hand reached in and grabbed my balls. He began gently squeezing and playing with them, he pulled my cock toward the hole and moved up to my cock. He began stroking my ... Continue»
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The Challenge

I was sitting around the other day talking with some friends. Our conversation revolved around the theory of how women could pick up anyone they want with little to no effort but men had to work and play games and do all this silly shit even to get a shot at getting laid. Even gay guys! We had to deal with all the drama even from other guys. All the guys laughed and sort of agreed casually. The conversation came to a close and one of our friends who had been listening got in the conversation. SHE said we were all full of it and if we were up to a little bet, she would be interested to see what... Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 2)

Rebecca trembled as she lowered her arms from her breasts. She laced her fingers behind her neck and thrust her breasts out for all of them to see.
There was a murmur from all as Rebecca's breasts were bared to them. Although she was very young, her breasts were big, yet firm. They defied gravity by pointing out. Her nipples were large, and because of the fear, had hardened to points.
"You have magnificent tits, Rebecca. We are going to enjoy them immensely in the days to come. We have great plans for them, some will be painful, but others will be pleasurable."
"Please do not hurt my breast... Continue»
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Sucking My First Cock

Sometimes my mind drifts back to my teenage years when before pussy became plentiful for me I used to fool around with some of my buddies occasionally. I particularly remember the first time I sucked cock. I remember it so well because it was so much fun and I still get a hard on thinking about it. This is how it happened.

One of the guys I used to run with, Ricky Short, called me one Saturday morning and ask me to come over. He said he had something to show me. I got on my bike and rode over to his house which was about three miles away in a new subdivision. When I got there he said... Continue»
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message me on facebook im bored

hi there people, i am idil akyol from den haag (the hague) netherlands

i am bored, got no bf for a while busy working etc. my ex dumped me for being little bit chuncky please message me on face i need some new friend matierial hahah

this is my facebook

and if you dont want to add or message me its just fine im used being ignored.
but if you decide to talk to me i will give you some more nice pictures or maybey even video chat hehe

oh i am not going to school anymore just finished live on my own in my appartement and waiting for a dude coming by so... Continue»
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my new babysitter

The new babysitter

At this time i want to tell you a story of when i got a new babysitter.

one evening my parents chatting and came up with the idea of going out on a romantic dinner for two being they were married for about 11 years and didn’t get the chance to go out much for some alone time for a long time now,
being i was sick often and had
and therapy and other activities and a baby s****r my mom had her hands full.

my dad brought up the idea of perhaps having dinner just the two of them
meantime i stayed him with a babysitter so they planed it out for a few days now.

my mo... Continue»
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My Girlfriend & Her s****r

It all started back in 2012, I was a 18 year old boy and it was the summer holidays; the weather was boiling, there were k**s playing in the street and I had nothing to do as usual. I sat on the sofa watching f****y Guy whilst my parents were at work and my friends were on holiday thinking to myself "another 7 weeks of this, Jesus, I'm going to go insane doing nothing." I decided to call my girlfriend, Megan, who was 18, to see if she wanted to go to the park. Usually I would've asked if she wanted to come over so we could make out and touch each other but it was way too hot to be fucking and ... Continue»
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I wrote this story a while ago and wanted to share it :)

While I’m out at the store, Jenny, the girl who lives next door, comes over to see you. She comes over every now and then for girl talk which always end up with boys as the subject and you two have become close friends. She tells you she just turned 18 and her boyfriend' birthday is next week. She says she has never let her boyfriend get past second base but for his present this year she wants to let him go all the way. She says she already started on the pill a few months ago to get ready for the special night. You tell her how excit... Continue»
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The Teachers Tale

It was a blessing, for once the staff room was empty and quiet. I was on a late lunch and had no more classes that day. Some marking for Friday then thankfully the weekend beckoned. The loud door knock dragged me out of my day dreaming, it could be a pupil or an ancillary staff member, no matter I called that they should come in. I recognised the voice immediately when she said "hello Sir might I speak with you", it was Harriet one of our six formers due to finish school the following day. Without a glance I asked her to come in and sit down. When did turn around I was stunned, she was in unif... Continue»
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My first taste of cock

Ive been in a dry spell for a while and have been thinking back to the first time I ever sucked a cock, I thought I write down how I remembered it..

I was elev*n going on twel*e when we moved to a house down the road from Chris. Chris was Fift**n so we didn’t have a lot in common but our parents were friends so we I spent time over there. When summer came around both my parents worked so they sent me to stay over with him and his older b*****r during the day. Mostly I ended up just wandering around their land, they had horses and a barn that kept me busy. It had been a couple weeks like... Continue»
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My first gay experience.

(this is the true story of how i had my first gay experience on a school trip)

I was in high school, and i was about to go on the school trip to germany.
I was really excited to go and ejoy my week off, until i found out one previously unmentioned fact in the trip meeting, that we would be sharing rooms with two other boys.
I had recently started masturbating about guys, and was desperate to feel the thrill of giving another guy head, so desperate i had spent the last two weeks in my room every evening, sucking on the rounded back handle of a hairbrush whilst my dick grew harder and har... Continue»
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(Disclaimer: The following story is purely fictional of Victoria Justice and Madison Reed. Any similarities between reality and this fantasy is purely coincidental and unintentional. This story takes place on the date that Madison, the younger of the two, turned of legal age.)

“It’s okay, I know you’ll be allowed in. The club is eighteen and up,” Victoria Justice told her s*ster, Madison, as she parked in the lot next to the Pangea Lounge in their home-town on Hollywood, ... Continue»
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The hot hijabi slut in the library.

My day started of rather boring; one of those free days you just don't no what to do. But I thought to myself fuck it, ill go to the university library and see who's there. Recognized a few familiar faces, but one stood out. She had full voluptuous lips, that were sucking on pen lid. I could see her tongue flicker the tip, I could only imagine how good it would feel. I caught myself staring for too long, her hazel colored eyes were transfixed on me. She was stunning; super model face. I thought I recognized her as one of the hijabi girls on my course,but she didn't have her hijab on. I fumbled... Continue»
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Late Night Movies (chapter 14)

Mommy and I sat there, me on her lap, straddling her chubby stomach with my knees. Her hug was crushing, pressing my small chest against her as we lost control making out. It was sloppy and loud as we moaned and drooled all over one another. I grabbed her huge breast with my little hand for a moment and she wailed. I didn't know if id gone too far so I stopped and she panted. We both looked at each other, catching our breath. Both our faces were glistening with slobber and we started laughing.

Just then Daddy walked into the living room smiling. He was still naked but looked refresh... Continue»
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Old Black Carl (part 1)

This is a true story that took place just as I graduated from High School. I grew up in a small town, and there wasn't a lot of diversity. I had a very thin, smooth body, and long flowing hair that went halfway to my ass. In those days, I thought I looked like a rock star, and so did the girls. I did pretty well. I met a lot of girls from a town about 20 miles away, and I didn’t have a car. But back then you could count on getting a ride if you hitchhiked, and I did so to hang out with the girls, often. And that’s how it all started.
I was dressed in a pair of jean shorts, sneakers and a ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #18: Susanne-1

Sweet sexy Susanne seduces me at my sex studio, sent by her siblings to invite my Petra to a party

My love life is full of sexy surprises like last Saturday when Susanne rang the secret code to my door
I only open for friends and the exclusive clientele of my sexshop for fine kinky lovely looking ladies
Susanne introduces herself I'm the youngest sibling of Quirine and Rose-Anne, friends of Petra!
Terrific tasty teen so to see: even dressed in her wintercoat I can tell she is a slender cute beauty
Enter my paradise, pretty lady! Susanne smiles, steps inside int
... Continue»
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Roadside Assistance - part 1


D E Collier

I Pulled over in the rain, to see if the girl standing next to her broken down car, needed help.

Checked out her car, and couldn't help checking out the beautiful owner and would be motorist beside it looking flustered. I gave the ailing auto my best imitation of a once over and offered my grim conclusion, "I think you are going to need a tow" and called a tow truck.

She was a damsel in a dress, and I had helped solve her distress.

She stood 5 foot 4 inches, small perky breasts clinging to her American Apparel T Shirt, through some divine lacy creation doin... Continue»
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First Interacial Sex

This was in New Orleans, whilst on a week long conference. I had been travelling for over two weeks by the end of the conference, and feeling in need of some sexy fun. For some months my husband and I had debated various sexy escapades we could enjoy in the future, and the inevitable cliché of interracial fun was pretty high on the list. He had no desire meet a couple or invite a female to join us, so we agreed that at some point it would (maybe) be a black male joining us. This incident rather shortcut that plan.

On the last night of the conference I had seen enough of colleagues for an... Continue»
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