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Wife fucks one of my friends

This past Friday I was vacuuming our pool while my wife was in the house cleaning up the dinner dishes. I was just about to finish when I heard one of my friends call out and ask if I where around back. It was Tommy a guy I've known for about eleven years. He and I used to do some crazy stuff before I married my wife. We both have four wheel drives and in the old days we did a lot of mud bogging. I told him that I was just finishing up and as soon as I put away the equipment that we could shoot the shit.

The storage room for the pool stuff is in the back of the garage and since I was that ... Continue»
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Ex love

I came out of mumbai airport on road at
6.30pm. I was searching my
driver. I saw him on next end of road. I went
there crossing the slow
moving traffic & sat inside the car. he said in
his local style "you
know about mumbai traffic, that's why I
coudn't take car near you". I
said "ok now come inside the car & let's
move". car joined the
traffic. I told him to take car at rushab's
house. Rushab is my school
friend. he got aranged married 2 days before.
I coudnt attend his
marriage because my companies annual
general meeting was at delhi on
day before his marriage & as a recount ... Continue»
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blind folded night

Hi everyone, I am writing another story sorry its been awhile, its going to be a little short, but i wanted to share my experiences.

recently my husband asked me that he's been super horny and asked me if i wanted to do some fun things with him. I had said yes because I'm always horny for him. Then i asked what is it that we're going to be doing? and he said we are going to try different things today but it will take the whole day.

my husband always takes the camera wherever we go when we do some sex related things outside and inside of the bedroom. First stop was a library because libr... Continue»
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Cuckold small cock premature ejaculation

Before me my partner was used to an 8 inch, very thick cock. She says my cock is good, but judging by the fact that I never feel I'm filling her loose pussy up with my particularly thin 5 inch cock and that every time she is on top my dick falls out because she is so used to sliding up and down on much a longer one, I'm not filled with confidence in her honestly. To give you a better idea of how far away I am from filling her up, when my cock is inside her I can also fit 3, sometimes 4 fingers in there as well. Anyway, when I brought up the conversation of having a threesome with another guy... Continue»
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First time with Megan

Where do I start, she was my ex-wifes cousin, stood at 5-7 was slim and petite shoulder length blonde hair and was naturally beautiful. We always got along quite well don’t know if it was because I never acted my age or that the sexual attraction between the two of us was explosive! It all came to fruition during the holiday season and that part of her f****y would come visit from the cold up north. There trip started out as normal and I was looking forward to seeing her she was always easy on the eyes. We decided one day to hit the beach with everyone else. I sat back in my chair flip... Continue»
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At home

After parting ways with Joe, I made it home and checked my messages. My friend left one apologizing for leaving.
I called he and told him it was okay and how I met Joe. He said Joe was one of his teachers and a good friend of his fathers boss. We talked for a few moe minutes and he had to go. I went to my room, stripped down and laid in bed thinking about what happened. I reached between my legs and felt my butt hole. A little sore and swollen from the abuse it received and rubbed my dick till it was hard.
Eyes closed and fantasizing about Joe I heard the phone ring. "Hello, I answered. "T... Continue»
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Losing my husband to suicide shattered my comfortable world. Meeting a former friend of my late husband, who later became my Ass Master rocked my world and introduced me to heights of passion I had never ever known. Usually, the passive one at the beginning of a liaison, this time I could not contain myself when we first coupled because I was so irresistibly drawn to this man that I had to plan my seduction carefully. I knew he was a classy man, so I had to be careful not to scare him away with too much bluster or fanfare. I invited him to my house, and, before he arrived, I dressed... Continue»
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A Little Secret

„a little Secret“

I heard the door opened, I was sitting in my room. I felt a chill down my spine, who it would be. My parents went to some relatives; I stayed at home because I was sick. I was really frightened, searching for my mobile phone. I swallowed when I realized that it might be in the living room, where I was some minutes ago. My heart was pounding really fast; I heard footsteps coming closer to my room, I closed my eyes, tried to focus. I knew this footsteps, they sound familiar. The door opened and I saw a black haired man standing there. I smiled. It was a really special person... Continue»
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Musician, Paying his dues


The names have been changed to protect the insane but the rest of the story is true.
Short background on me. I am a musician, at the time I was the lead singer/keyboard player in the hottest cover band in our area. We had traveled about 40 miles for this gig to a little town with only one bar. It was located on the corner of Main and Spring Street so they named the place, “The Main Spring”....yeah, I know...Anyway when we got there it was a shotgun bar meaning the building was narrow and long, the owner told us “The place seats 150 people but it’ll fuck 300...You b... Continue»
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Sue My Cum Loving Wife

Sue and I were both married before but she was reluctant to talk about her past sex life. Being the sex addict I am, I wanted to hear about how my wife became such a fantastic cocksucker. I finally convinced her how excited I become thinking about her sucking and fucking other guys. Or imaging her with another girl or woman. Promising her that nothing would change my feelings for her.

Sue was thirteen when she started fooling around with her best friend Kate. Every time they had a sl**pover they would practice kissing so they would be ready to kiss boys. Sue was tall and slender with long ... Continue»
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So it's been a year since the divorce which was a long bitter battle and I took the cheating bastard for all he had not that he didn't deserve it put him through medical school worked two jobs to support us while he studied but in the end it was worth it he became a doctor and got successful becoming a plastic surgeon at a huge very reputable hospital we were on our way to easy street but after a while he began to act funny working hours I knew he didn't need to work going off on so called medical junkets for days I became suspicious after finding sexy tweets on his phone I checked it out whil... Continue»
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Into the Woods Perspective 1

It is a n8ce day, and today me and my classmates are going camping, cant wait to go and talk to them. I live a normal life, go to high school, get mad and do everything a normal high school girl does and for the first field trip of the year, we are going to go camping. Me and another girl are the only 2 girls on this class, with 3 other boys, a small group to go camping. As the day approaches, I prepare with.everything possible, get my hair done, as well as other facial stuff cleaned. The day gets closer and closer, then the most dreadful thing happens, my only girlfriend is sick, which means ... Continue»
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This was a club formed by a group of interested first/second year students at university in the 1980's
They decided it would keep the old fashioned discipline of Corporal Punishment and spanking alive.
They all had been humiliated by their Father's mostly at home. Their mother's gave the odd beating which some maintained was crueller than their father's especially if using the slipper or switch
All had tasted the strap/cane at barding school not just on their hands but their covered and uncovered bottoms
It grew out of four from different parts of Ireland who began making new friends, i... Continue»
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The Window

Note: This is just a simple little tale of first time experience... it is somewhat an autobiographical tale... enjoy!


"Jeez, Andrew, that's my teacher's window!" One of the players howled.

When the long fly ball went through the neighbor lady's kitchen window, two entire baseball teams full of Andrew Wilson's friends and peers disappeared.

Now certain that the world as he knew it would end in a manner of moments, Andrew was stuck with the ball bat and the consequences of his own actions.

This was old lady Heloise's house, and everybody knew she was a k** hater... Continue»
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B.t.V.S - Training Wheels

It was a difficult thing for Buffy, watching her friends suffer. Her entire life had been about protecting people and preventing as much harm as possible. She'd always done her job very well, but all of her years as a slayer didn't help in any way when it came to mending a broken heart.

When Willow broke up with Kennedy the first time, Buffy and Xander swarmed to her side and stayed with her for two days, helping her get over the post-breakup blues. They ate ice cream and pizza and reminisced about times past. Xander had even offered to be Willow's... Continue»
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Elizabeth was friends with my s****rs and slept over often..her choice in night clothes was compelling, she wore only a waist length night gown and her panties..i found this to be highly stimulating, i never looked at Liz before in a sexual way until then. she would lay on the living room floor watching tv with her butt hanging out six ways to Sunday giving me major wood every time she was over, and what still suprises me is that my parents never said anything about this. it became a game, she was turning me on and she knew it..after she was asl**p, i would explore..she would either be on the ... Continue»
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Daughter in Law Madison Seduction - The Beginning

My son was away working overseas for an extended period of time and his beautiful 21 year old blond hot wife was staying with my wife and I while going to college and saving their apartment money.

She is a real hottie, 21 as I said, 5'5" with long sexy soft blond hair, big beautiful blue eyes, slim waist, perfect ass and nice big tits with hard perky nipples. Very hard to keep my eyes off her and ask "fatherly" as a father in law should.

At the marriage I couldn't help but think how hot she was in her wedding gown, perfect fit and cleavage, I was getting a boner as I thought of my son... Continue»
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How I became a dirty anal cumslut, part IV

I was standing in the doorway to the nurse’s office. It was warm in her room, and the lights were a little dimmer.

“Come in”, said the nurse. And I moved into the room to her desk. It was quiet in there, cold and flu season was over and nobody got hurt in gym class that morning...nobody was playing sports haha. “You’ve had a full morning” she said. “It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these fun days, I’m glad you gave us the opportunity!”

I smiled big, “Oh no, thank you all. This has been an amazing day so far, I never knew I could feel the things I’ve felt today.”

The nurse smil... Continue»
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Clay Comes to sunny Southern California

After my trip I got back home and into work, the gym, the new guy who moved into my complex, and frankly, kind of forgot that Clay had wanted to visit. He had never told me any specifics about when he would be coming to town, if his Dad, Nate or Coach were also coming. One afternoon as I was leaving the gym after a great workout and rough spin class, I was starved, and got a text from Clay saying that he was at the college, went to some classes, got a tour, and was going to work out with the team until around 7, and he would be over after that. He ended with an apology for short notice, ... Continue»
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Suffolk hotel first bi experience

By Gazza1234

Another night – another small hotel is my way of life with the work I do travelling the country selling a variety of products, as a sales agent, on behalf of my clients. It’s a living, and sometimes quite lucrative, but here I am in nowhere Suffolk on a January night.
The hotel’s quite nice but, as far as I can tell, it’s almost empty. The Christmas and New Year trade’s long gone and the spring visitors are some weeks away which is why I got a good room at a very fair rate.
Orders processed, e-mails checked and replied to, I head to the small bar for a pint and a few pages o... Continue»
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