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A New Beginning

Lindsey groaned in frustration. It had been so long
since she had felt a real hard cock inside her pussy.
Damn! What was the matter with him, she thought as
she looked at his shamed face. He hadn't even been
able to cum himself. For years, she had overlooked
his reluctance to initiate sex and invariably when
she did start it, it was unfulfilling and strained.

Her husband, Steve, refused to go to the doctor. No
doctor- no prescription. No prescription- no viagara,
or anything else. Well, she was fed up with his limp
dick! His trying to please her with his tongue was no
l... Continue»
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Inpirational Teacher... years later.

She was a retired school teacher and while her husband still went to work every day, she found new challenges to get off on...

At 56, Marilyn didn't want her pussy to go out of service. Sure, she was a few pounds overweight and carried it on her stomach pouch, but she was vibrant and her 44D tits were full of live when she was fucked hard. She missed watching them sway while her husband pounded her... he hardly even fucked her now. She couldn't remember the last time he got enough momentum going to make anything swing, he came way too quickly.

"I'll take what I can Get"... said the ad w... Continue»
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The First Time

(This was taken from a story I began in text messages on a smart phone. I have included it here as it was written)


Maybe just a light finger ran down your neck?

I let my left hand move up the base of your neck, my fingers sliding into your silky hair, while my right hand is sliding down your back with just the slightest touch on your smooth skin.

As my whole left hand is moving through your hair, you give a slight shudder and in that moment I lock my hand with a fistful of hair and pull hard snapping your head back. You cry out as my right hand now at your lower back thrusts... Continue»
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First time in a theater

Before the Internet porn was something you had to leave home to get. So I hadn't really seen any until I went to an adult theater shortly after I turned eighteen. When I first entered the theater and saw what was happening on the screen I was hooked.

I made of habit of going at least once a week. (Probably would have gone more often if the movies changed.) Didn't want to be around the other guys so I always looked for an isolated seat. And I didn't just whip it out and jerk because I was afraid of the police.

Eventually I found a place next to the left wall where two of the seats in the ... Continue»
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AMANDA'S Wreck Beach Bonanza

Wreck Beach in Vancouver, B.C. was the beginning of
a distinct chapter in my life as a young sensual
a****l. This day began as a sizzling vacation period
of time in the month of June on our infamous nude
beach just after my 19th birthday. The walk to the
naked open-mindedness among all those freethinking
individuals was exciting to me that afternoon as I
descended the thousand steps.

Arriving at the bottom of the trail, I found
myself walking along the beautiful beach through a
mass of sun worshipers, at once I began to shed my
tight T-shirt that hid my ample breasts from the ligh... Continue»
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My first strapon experience

I was a 20 year old college student who had broken up with my girlfriend of a couple years. We started talking and I had decided it was time to finally come clean bout my love for fetish. I told her I have had a dream that she was wearing a strapon and was fucking me and we both loved it. As time went on she got really into it and I told her my love for feet and my own cum. A week later and she was sending me pictures of herself wearing the strapon and playing with all the new toys she bought.

We haven't seen each other for about a month, so we made plans for us both to come home that w... Continue»
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The naughty f****y pt1

It was past midnight, Saturday over and Sunday beginning when I was heading up the stairs to go to bed when I'd heard noise coming from my son's room. I paused at the head of the staircase, my hand still on the railing as I considered the sound of something being bumped into or maybe dropped. I had just made my rounds, checking that the doors were all locked and the downstairs lights were out and I knew that since Scotty was four hundred miles away, finishing up graduate school and my wife was sound asl**p in our bedroom, I had a pretty good idea who was messing around in his room.

Softly, ... Continue»
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First time in swinging for a married couple

This happened 4 years ago when we first started sharing. I was 38 at the time and my wife a 37. We have good friends who have been in the lifestyle for years and until now I had never really been interested in sharing. I was always a little jealous when the wife wife would flirt. Although when she drinks she tends to show off her 40D breasts. This always turned me on though I would never admit it.
It was the halloween party for a local swinger club and we got invited to go. We thought what the hell but we never dreamed anything would happen.
As the night went on the drinks flowed freely and ... Continue»
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s****r and I are Close Then Mom (3)

For the next few days that went by, Clare and I would have sex every night in my room and every morning, I would put my arms around mom from behind her with my arms across her tits and pushing my cock into her ass crack through her night gown and house coat, and I would be in just a pair of pants on till after breakfast.

Saturday morning the following week of my return home, Clare was still in her bedroom when I stepped into the kitchen to see mom as usual in her house coat and gown, at the stove cooking breakfast.

Juas as I stepped up behind mom and reached out to take her into my arms ... Continue»
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- It was a rainy Saturday morning, and i woke up horny.
Supposed to be meeting - Sylvia my mature (55yrs) horny milf from Airdrie in the afternoon.
I'd got up early and had a nice shave in the bath - arse, cumsacs and pube hairs off !
I slipped into sheer nude lacetop holdup stockings and cream lace panties for fun and was sitting at my compuer at 9am on sat morning.
On chat avenue there was - on the gay chat this young lad - (I was 36 at the time). A gay boy from Linwood near Glasgow. Inviting me for gay sex with him.
His name was Gary - 21 or 22 i don't remember.
He was ok on the phone... Continue»
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In the beginning...

If you have read my profile you will know what this is all is my sexual development from age 17, which is for me when it all began with my first proper boyfriend.

We had been going out together for about two months. He had a car and after we had been out in the town to pubs or clubs, he would drive me home. The routes he took were getting longer and as he was older, I knew the direction he wanted to go in. My first feel of his cock was in a lay by on a deserted road outside town. He was eager and within a couple of days I was wanking his cock in his car almost every time we went ... Continue»
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Finally Saw the GF be with another man Part 2

After our first attempt at a threesome was abruptly ended, my girlfriend Rose was constantly bringing up wanting to try a threesome again with Tom and she took it upon herself to contact him herself. Unbeknownst to me, she started texting and talking almost daily (and nightly) with him for a couple of weeks. Monday came around and i arranged for us to try again at getting together the coming Saturday night. Valentine's Day was on the upcoming Friday but I heard nothing from her that day, which is unusual because we text/talk every other minute it seems. She is married and seeing me so I didnt ... Continue»
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Regina's First

I told my mom I was taking Boots, my beagle out for some training. Boots is my rabbit dog and everything else he could chase. As I was walking out the door, Regina’s my t****e year old s****r asked if she could go. I told her sure but she’d have to be quiet.
We walked the long road up to the big fields, that had lots of brush and hedge rows along the edges, perfect rabbit hide outs.
We just at the edge of the big field and Regina said look at Boots. I asked what? She said look at his “thing”. I said “Oh, he must smell a female dog.”
She asked me “What I meant?” I told we humans can talk ... Continue»
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How i became a slut for older men PART 2

PART 1 :

Things stayed like that since December holidays. It became like a routine even if I was still feeling bad about that situation. More, I could not talk to anybody, even my closest friends to what was happening every evening when I was going back to my apartment.
I was concentrating on my studies to forget the rest but I must admit it probably had a negative impact on my social life cause I was nearly the only girl that nearly never went out at evenings and week-ends even when I was invited. I think my friends imagined th... Continue»
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Spanking for Miss

Tanya stood in the corner of Mr Davills classroom facing the wall, her hands clasped behind her back. She was wearing a blue plaid pleated skirt, a white blouse and knee high socks with black shoes. All of the students had left for the day.
Mr Davill sat at his desk grading papers. He was a tall man in his early forties. He had brown cropped hair and beautiful brown eyes you could get lost in. He was wearing a black suit with a crisp white shirt and a blue and white stripped tie. Tanya thought he looked so handsome.
She couldn't believe she was in trouble again. Mr Davill was going to spank... Continue»
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Football Saturdaywith Anna & Missy

I met Missy when we were paired up to study my nursing class and we immediately became friends. On Fridays some of the class would meet up for happy hour and she brought along her room mate Anna. They are both beautiful, dark haired girls with perfect athletic bodies that I envied, as I am more on the thin side.

We would always have fun as we got to know each but when my boyfriend and his friends would arrive they would leave soon after. I was telling Missy one afternoon that a couple of BF's friends were interested in them when she told me her secret. They weren't room mates, they were a ... Continue»
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Massage for Men

One day whilst I was looking in my local paper, i saw an ad saying" Massage for Men, by mature guy!
My heart went into my mouth as i thought that maybe this was a safer way for me to have my "first experience".
It took me three days to pluck up the courage to make that telephone call and I was shaking when I lifted the receiver. After a couple of rings a guy answered and said “hi John here, how can I help you“.
I said I’d like to make an appointment for a massage, to which he replied, “ do you want to come today?”
My silence seemed to last a lifetime, but I nervously said “yes ok” and i... Continue»
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Booths with gloryholes

I visited a new store and ventured back into the booths and much to my surprise, there they were, what I was searching for. Booths with gloryholes. I didn't know what I was going to do, but I couldn't wait to give it a go. It was a Sunday morning, and there was not a lot of activity, but I figured what the hell, I would go in sit down, start watching a flick, stroke my cock, and keep an eye on the glory hole next to me. I was in there for about ten minutes engrossed in the flick when much to my surprise I looked up, and there next to my right arm was a wonderful sight.... sticking thru the... Continue»
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A Gender Bent- How It began.

"Crap Not again" I told my self. "Stupid porn making me stay up late" I thought to myself as I wondered out of bed and into the bathroom to get ready for work. You see I spent the whole night up wanking after I found out a new fetish of mine. I all began at work a month ago. I just got out and decided to walk around the city in NY. I was bored. Love life in the gutter. and needed some air and soon found my self at a bar.

I seemed like another boring end till I saw this woman come into the bar. She was hot... A really killer. And every guy in the bars eyes were transfix on her. I myself was ... Continue»
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Fucking My Son's BBW Girlfriend The Right Way

A couple years ago my wife left me giving me all sorts of reasons but later I found out the truth was that she had found another guy. She gave me custody of my our son Seth and me and him moved into an apartment where we tried to put the pieces of our life back together. Seth just turned seven teen and he has a very shy, quiet personality. For years I have tried to get him to be more social and told him maybe he needed to find a girlfriend to help him get out of his shy ways but nothing ever seemed to get threw to him. Seth's day usually consists of going to school, coming home and sitting in ... Continue»
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