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Deep throat tech

asslikeawoman's Blog Deep throat Made Easy
Here for the first time ever are simple and
explicit instructions on how to deep throat a
penis. Position is important; you'll want to in
position where you can extend and straighten
your neck by slightly tilting your head back.
This helps line up your throat with your mouth
allowing the penis to slide in deep. The best
position for beginners is with the receiver
lying on his back with the giver lying on the
stomach along side. You can prop yourself up
on your elbows.
The penis must be THOROUGHLY
LUBRICATED! I can't stress this enough. An... Continue»
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A Well-Learned Lesson

It's early Saturday morning & Sara is coming into school for math tutoring. Her teacher, Mrs. James, is waiting. She is in lifted spirits. She's finally 18! No one can tell her what to do anymore!

"Hello Sara." Mrs. James cheerfully greets her.

"Hello Mrs. James. Thank you for your help."

"No problem. Let's begin with factoring."

They sit & go over factoring for about half an hour. Mrs. James heads over to the window to open it.

"Do you mind? This spring weather can get awfully hot sometimes." She asks.

"Not at all." Sara replies.

They finish factoring about an hour later ... Continue»
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A Story about my time with Kelli .... Part 1

This is a Story of a girl named, Kelli.
She had beautiful, flowing red hair; curly, it cascaded down to just passed her shoulder. Her hazel-green eyes were surrounded by darkness of a mistrustful life, possessing a spark of joy and happiness, much like the Hope kept within Pandora's Box. Her breasts were small, but perfectly formed. Her legs were long and firm, smoothly leading up to a well-rounded backside. To quote one of my fellow Marines during that time, “She's got an ass like a black woman”.
Kelli had a random license plate on her car that started with “YTP”. An aunt once told her it... Continue»
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A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV

A Mother's Helping Hands - Part IV
Another reality-based fiction by Dizzy D

I want to thank all of you for your patience as I dealt with two losses in my f****y. It has been a trying time, but I am back to writing. Part IV was originally going to be the final chapters of 'A Mother's Helping Hands', but it seems the story has become a novel, and I am in talks with a producer about making it into a video series, so I hope you enjoy it. Part V, The Finale will be posted soon. In the mean time, since it has been so long, I might suggest you revisit Parts I, II and III... the links a... Continue»
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My first time dressing

So after he let me be done with him my dick was so hard poking out of the panties he had me wearing and he knew it.Can't hide a thing like thaty when wearing panties lol.Well he told me to sit on the couch and stroke it while he watched.I remember feeling so embarressed doing this cause I had never done that in front of another guy.But id never been dressed like this either and my cock stayed so hard.I sat there stroking myself slowly for several minutes while he just watched me.Then he got up to get a drink and I'm still sitting there stroking and all of a sudden someone tried to open the doo... Continue»
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After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 4

After Moving Mother-in-law in chapter 4

After three months of going back and forth to the lawyer’s, and then waiting till the two lawyers did their thing, and then meeting with Sandy Ann’s lawyer and her, with my lawyer and myself, and listening to what Magee had to say in mostly my behalf, and very little in Sandy Ann’s behalf, a decision was made and signed by the judge, and it kept us from going to court, that may have caused a problem in someone else’s marriage had it gone to court, which would have been, Sandy Ann’s baby’s dad’s marriage to his wife and k**s.

In part of the decis... Continue»
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Going Out with her "Friends"

Wife enjoys the company of her boy "friends".

My wife came down from our bedroom for her night out with friends from work. She was dressed to the nines! She was a natural brunette, but she had colored her hair a deep black. Her nails, fingers and toes were painted a deep red. Her makeup was heavier than she normally wore and impeccable.

Her dress was silver with a plunging neckline that went all the way down to her waist. The top of the dress was silver gauze that d****d off her shoulders. The bottom of the dress was silver sequins. The hem of her dress stopped just barely below h... Continue»
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Irish Exchange Student No Longer A Virgin

My wife is from Ireland and she and I visit there every two years or so. Last time we went she befriended Kathleen a very young college freshman at Trinity College, Dublin. My wife Kim and Kathleen spent a lot of time together that summer taking pictures of old Irish cottages. About six months later. Kim told me that Kathleen called her and wanted to spend a semester in America but needed a sponsor. We had a big four bedroom house and our k**s were gone, so I said “go for it”.

Two months later I was asked to pick up Kathleen at the airport. I was at the gate and my jaw dropped!!! Apparently... Continue»
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Lana Helps Out

Wife tries to help friends' struggling marriage.

I'm Eddie, my wife Lana and I have been happily married for 8 years - which is why I was completely floored by the question she asked me last week. She had just gone to lunch with her best friend from college, Deb.

Deb had been a true knock-out, a strikingly beautiful blonde with a firm body that she kept in shape by playing 1-A singles in tennis for North Carolina, our alma matter. She was also a bitch who never paid me much attention until Lana and I started dating, and even then she wasn't exactly what you would call "warm." She ... Continue»
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VIP e****ts Service in Chandigarh

Hello Guys Welcome to best e****ts in Chandigarh. If you are 18+ you can proceed further and can enjoy the journey of heaven but if you are under eighteen, in that case you should leave our website immediately. We will not be responsible for any circumstances made by under eighteen year old viewers according to our country laws or conditions of web in India.

If you are looking for beautiful and quality Chandigarh e****t and if you image sexy diva in your arms and if you are really think that some can make these dreams come true then its us. Chandigarh Hot Collection makes all these desire t... Continue»
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The cuckold waiting room.

My wife was telling me about a customer that can to her office. As they talked while waiting on her appointment with the company owner she told my wife about a " cuckold club" back home that she belongs to.

The wife's come in with their husbands. The wife goes into a private room while the husband sets and waits in a waiting room. The wife's are serviced by their choice if bull. They have black or white well hung guys that are professional love makers. The husbands talk to each other while their wife's are being fucked in the private rooms. There is WiFi available for the husbands in case ... Continue»
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I fucked my step s****r in the arse whilst she was

So here is the deal: I was nineteen and my steps****r was 24.
She had a very hot body but was not the sharpest pencil in the packet.

So one day when my parents went out for a weekend and left us in charge at home I went and bought some Marijuana, some beer and some wine.

My step s****r and i then sat chatting about life and what we wanted to do with ours....I took out a couple of beers and offered her one, she told me that she hardly ever drank alcohol as she did not like the taste or how it made her feel.

Long story short I convinced her that we were alone at home for the weekend an... Continue»
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Becoming Madison_cd,s Daddy

We had an unexpected power cut at work SO AT 1.30PM the boss told us to go home which was nice it would allow me to spend some time with madison.
I drove on to the drive at home and saw that the curtians in the living room were drawn we never draw the curtians in the living room could we have
someone trying to rob the house .
I decided to sneak thru the back door and try and suprise them. As i came to the living room door I could hear groaning it was coming from the TV I
slowly quietly as a could opened the door and there was the back of Madisons head on the couch.
I co... Continue»
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First time showing and playing in public

John and I have been married for 20 years and dated for 10 years before that. We were both in the 11th grade when we started dating. Thanks to him pushing me in the right direction, we have had an adventurous sex life. We have been playing around with others almost from the beginning of our relationship. John wrote about the first time him, his best friend / my ex-boyfriend and I all played around together in my parent’s pool just after the 11th grade ended. Each of us had just turn 18 over the last few months. My parents started me late in school so I was a year older than most of the k**s in... Continue»
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Young gurls w*t the bed too – Part 3

Young gurls w*t the bed too – Part 3

--------- Chapter 4

Late in the evening, that same day…

Jenny was very happy that night, she had the whole night for them planned out…she went about the house singing, humming, a smile on her face. She had never felt so good in her entire life. She loved to fuck…and now it was with her own teenage ch(i)ldren; she had so many erotic thoughts swirling around in her mind…she had talked to son after he recovered from his powerful climax. She told him not to say anything to Emmy about what they had done together, or of what she had sai... Continue»
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horny fantasy

as chat through emails secretly with out your boyfriend knowing you decide that you want to meet up you ask me where i like to go i reply with maybe we could just for a drive so you make up reason to get out of the house for a bit you tell your husband your popping to your s****rs for a couple of hours he goes okay babe so you get in your car an set off but as you get to the end of the road you notice that your boyfriend is following you but you dont pay much attention to it you see me an pull up i jump in saying hi an give you a nice kiss on your lips we set off driving up by the country side... Continue»
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My first blowjob from a guy

For years I've always fantasised about being with another man but never had the guts to try, I love eating pussy and I love the feel of pussy around my cock, I've always loved anal sex too. I've found myself looking at other cocks getting turned on. So anyway I'm 35 years old I have a decent sized cock that I have been told I'm big at 8 inches and thick, my ex girlfriend and I opened up a lot of our dirtiest fantisies even one I didn't think I'd like, we had a big sex marathon and a good old laugh so I went to the toilet came back in wearing her thong for a laugh, as I tried taking them off sh... Continue»
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Long Before We Were Married

My wife (Cheryl) and I have been married for 15 years and dated for 10 years before that. We were both in the 11th grade when we started dating. Even at that age, we loved to play with others. The first time Cheryl and I played around with someone else was only a few months after we started dating. It took place during summer break before our senior year. We had both just turned 18 a few weeks earlier.

We were in the middle of some heavy petting in her parent’s pool, just as any horny teenage couple would do. We were kissing and I was playing with her nipples with one hand. She has her l... Continue»
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handiman comtinued

Fred took all his clothes of and let her see his naked body,letting his flacid cock slump in front of him,he sat on the chair.TH lady sat on the sofa opposite him and asked him how long he thought it would take him to recover,
"depends on the circumstances" was Freds reply
"what will help encourage it then" she asked
"lets put xhamster up on your tv and may be that will hasten things along"
So xhamster was loaded in to the smart tv and some pron was found to watch,Fred made a choice of a 3 some bi video.After watching one of the men lick the womens clit the other man started to suck the ot... Continue»
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His version of the pickup fuck

Part 1
I was on my way home, had just passed by the market and pick up some weekend goodies and things to the taco. It had been a long week and I needed something to relieve the stress. My plans were to see a movie and eating tacos. Then I saw her standing in the street, hitching for a ride. A girl in short white skirt and long blond hair, standing all alone. It had just started to drizzle and I knew that it would turn rough soon. This wasn’t a street for prostitutes either. I steered my car in to the side and opened the passenger door.
- Hi, can I get you a lift?
- Yes, that’d be... Continue»
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