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He took my cherry...

If you dont like i****t stories find another story if you do like it carry on

so this happened when i was 14/15, will try and make it as detailed as possible for you :)

So it all begins one day at my nans, me and my cousin 18 at the time, "do you want anything from the shop nan?" he shouted through the living room, "no thanks, make sure you be careful going across that road" "yes nan" he shouts back, he comes into me in the front room turns and looks at me "you coming shop with me i'm going to go a different way" asking with a grin on his face "okay" i reply i pack my stuff up an... Continue»
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my first step as a hotwife alone in a club

Last friday night me and my young s****r in law decided to go out to watch some live music at a place name „Fez“. We also planned to go to clubbing at famous jakarta club „Dragonfly“ later that night. I wore this really red short sexy dress that my beloved husband bought for me, its low cut in the front so my breast were kind of exposing (see at my gallery) and it is also really tight so peoples see my figure and my but. My underwear this night was a pink thong and black bra. With the add of high heels it just complete... Continue»
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Bisexual Sissy Male Pickup

Bisexual Sissy Male Pickup

I was sitting around, sipping coffee in a late-night coffee house, the sort of place that puts up the artwork of young starving artists and brings in musicians who will play for nothing more than tips and a cup of coffee themselves. Across from me was an old friend and occasional play partner, Karl. Karl was indulging in a bit too much caffeine and decidedly too little sl**p this evening. That is his excuse for the challenge he put to me:

“You are spoiled. You have been playing s... Continue»
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My First time with Daddy

I was only in the second grade when my mom passed away while giving birth to my baby br0ther. So it was just my dad, me and my younger b*****r living together from then on. At that point, he realized that I was the only thing left to remind him of mom and so more than ever I was daddy's favorite little girl. He was young, in his late teens when I was born and as I grew up I felt a lot of love for him, in more ways than one...

One Sunday when I was in the seventh grade, Daddy was outside working on some project and I was inside the house with my younger broth3r. I walked over to the kitchen ... Continue»
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My s****r and me

This story takes place two months after I got out of the army when I was 22 years old and my s****r was 19 years old.

I stood five feet five inches, brown eyes, red hair, slinder build but in good shape from the working out we did in the army.

My s****r Cindy stood five feet one inch with brown eyes, light brown hair, and a little petite pretty woman with what looked to have c size tits for such a small woman.

Going home to where my grandfolks lived, after serving my time in the armed f***es, my granddad let me move into the house that they let mom, s*s, and I, (when mom and dad devor... Continue»
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First Time At The Truck Stop

It was when I turned eighteen that I started gaining an interest in guy on guy sex. I used to sit in my room watching porn videos constantly and jerking off until strange to say it got bored. One night while my parents slept I sat on my bed scrolling threw videos when I came across a video with two teenage guys and clicked on it. What I watched turned me on a lot making my dick rock hard. I jerked off intensely as I watched these two guys fucking each other until I came hard. As the days passed I became more and more curious and one day when I was home alone while my parents were at work I snu... Continue»
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My Friend's s****r

I would like to share my first sexual experience with you people and I sorely loved my first experience also she taught me the basics of sex. This happened when I was 19yrs old. I had a friend named Stella, we were thick friends and neighbours we also stayed in the same building so our families too knew each other very well and were very close, I too was very close with Stella’s f****y. Since I was the only c***d of my parents whenever my parents have to attend some function where I was not required they used to leave me at Stella’s home and vice-versa.

Now one day such a situation aroused ... Continue»
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Vampire lust.... Part 1

With in the deep black night sky, I gaze out and think of her... This woman whom I belong to. I still remember the first night I seen her. She was out looking for prey for feed upon... I was walking home from a late night of work. Stressed and tired... My spirits low and jammin to some music on my CD player... I forget what I had playing that night... Ah, WAR, Slipping into Darkness. A great song. As I was walking into the park I sensed something, stopped walking and beamed to my left! My eyes trying to adjust to the darkness looking for anything out the ordinary. Nothing... There was nothing ... Continue»
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Teacher Teacher

Gawd another boring history lesson Simon thought to himself although miss Hulme is a bit of a dish a shame she always gave out so much homework at 16 simon had a lot more important things to do than history homework!
Simon swaggered in to the classroom 5 minutes late
"where have you been" enquired miss Hulme
"sorry Miss" said Simon with a big grin to his mates at the back of the class
"well if you think its so funny you can sit down here at the front" she said pointing to the desk in front of her.
"awwww miss" simon said in... Continue»
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holloween 2013

Betty Thorn 29yrs mother of two boys one eight and one six both loving the fact that Betty was taking they trick-or-treating this year dressed as a sexy vampire. They went from door to door and the women thought what a slut she looks like the men loved her get up. After about fifteen houses the six year one was tired so they headed back home. Passing our house Kat opens the door calling then over Betty tried to call them back but the two were already at our door getting loads of candy from Kat. when Betty got there her boobs almost hung out and nipples hard Kat handed the candy saying take ... Continue»
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Carol: My Mentor Part VIII Maddy: First Swap

Carol gave me several days respite after my evening with Sue, for which I actually was grateful. I had several papers due in various classes, and needed time to prepare for the next meeting of the SAB Board, which was coming up soon. So I didn’t mind the “time off” so to speak and was able to focus on my schoolwork and SAB responsibilities for awhile. After four days of “rest,” however, I was starting to get restless for some more action. Now that I actually knew what great, not just good, sex was like, I was addicted to it. With the weekend approaching, I was not only getting horny but curio... Continue»
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Biker Bar 1

I was driving through Mississippi on my way to Texas when I stop off at the local truck stop,
It took me around 20 minutes to get my Cab all free from the flatbed. The waitress in the restaurant
told me where there is a good biker bar to go to, It was now around 8 pm I decided to head over there.
The cab windows were fogging up now as I was driving down the road to the Club, I then found a nice
spot now so I can park my cab.

As I walk in through the door, I can hear and see that's might be my lucky night. As now I look down
towards the bar I found an empty bar stools. It was about 2 mi... Continue»
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Watching my horny wife in a crowded club

This is a true story. Me and my wife Sara have been Married for ten years now. She is conservative but likes to have a good time if the situation is perfect. She is a 37 year old, thick, light-skinned, women with huge tits and stand about 5-11. She has been in the the military for 5 years so she is round and firm in all the right places. She loves to show off her beautiful long legs when ever she gets a chance.

We were in Las Vegas for our tenth anniversary. The first thing we did was go to the larger than life swimming pool and commenced to drinking. The drinking led to gambling and the ... Continue»
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Amber Pays the Rent


Amber was shocked at the news! She was just told by her boss that her job was being eliminated. What on earth was she going to do now? Even with a regular paycheck she barely got by.

The next day she went to the unemployment office and she was told she would get some weekly benefits but then they told her how much. That would never pay her rent or put food on the table.

As the next few days went by she dreaded telling her landlord that she would not be able to pay him. He seemed like a nice enough guy but he did want to get ... Continue»
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So you like being a bad girl... Part 2

By the time I was in the seventh grade, I craved a mans cock, much like the way boys, or rather men craved my pussy. I was sitting on a bench outside of a store waiting for my mom to finish putting on her make up in the car. I wore my conservative looking uniform shirt with my school  logo on it and one of my own flannel skirts that would show everything I had underneath it if I made the right... I mean the wrong move... of course.  I saw two men possibly  in their mid thirties walking towards the store but they stop to talk to each other as I saw one of them was facing my way, looking at me a... Continue»
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So you like being a bad girl... Part 1

I was a smart k!d growing up. I knew things that most girls the same age as me didn't know. For example in the sixth grade I already knew that boys wanted more than just a kiss or to hold my hand. I already knew that boys wanted my pussy, even at such a young age. So at times, I made it easier for them to get what they wanted, because deep inside I also craved their cocks and my pussy ached for horny boys to touch me there...

It all began in my mom's two bedroom apartment a few weeks after I had just started in the fifth grade. I came home from school as the school bus dropped me off with m... Continue»
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Cousin Harrison (short story)

*Black characters; dont like it dont read.*
My name is Willow. I am almond brown with french braids & beads and big hazel eyes. I love to explore. And am always on a mission for mischief. i am a y0ung(ish) girl who is in the stages of s3xual discoveries this is one of my stories.

My parents used to always have an open spot for f****y to stay when they were in a bind. There was always a place to lay there head and rest. I remember my Auntie Shay had kicked her adopted son Harrison out the house for selling weeds and having a gun hidden in her house. My parents felt bad and gave him a chan... Continue»
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Meating the Preacher

I didn't want to take the job but my wife wouldn't hear of me turning it down. I started going to church with her because I thought it would be good for business and it has been. I am a contractor that specialized in custom building and remodeling.

The church board came to me and wanted remodel their office complex. They needed walls moved and everything updated. I agreed to do it at cost plus 10% as long as I could do it on my timeframe. I was given a set of keys to the place and told to get at it.

My wife had been "reminding me" of the job for about two weeks and I promised I would get... Continue»
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Making Of A Cum Eating Cuckold

My wife and I made plans to go to Atlantic City this past summer for a much needed getaway. She made reservations for us stay at one of the hotel casinos for the weekend. We arrived just before noon on Friday settling in our room after the long drive to freshen up and grab a bite to eat. She mentioned to me she had purchased a very sexy new one piece swimsuit the day before we left. She could not wait for me to see her wearing it. Knowing my wife her new swimsuit had to be the kind that shows off her sexy hot body.

Since it was still early in the day, we decided to go swimming at one of th... Continue»
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Fun times with s****rs panties continued part 2

This is the continued story of Fun times with s****rs panties and my exciting exp (true story)

As I sit in floor looking at her sexy yellow panties with mesh front of which a few of her black pubes extended thru the more I wanted to touch, my whole body was heated and my cock was so hard and the temptation was more then I could stand as her legs where slightly spread offering me just a beatiful view of Lisa's panty covered pussy. I knew Lisa was a heavy sl**per and the added sucurity of her being wasted and had passed out made me decide to proceed with taking further and I decided to test t... Continue»
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