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f***ed To Be a Slutty Whore

We were to meet for coffee at a coffee house. There he seemed nice and asked me if I wanted to go to his motel room. I said yes and we went there.

It was just across the driveway. I thought he was just a straight guy and no kinky stuff. Boy was I wrong. Once inside we started to make out. Kissing and hugging. I took his clothes off and started to suck his cut 7 inch cock. He started to tell me I was a good cocksucker. That he was going to make me his bitch. He smacked my ass. Not hard, but enough to let me know I was his for the time being. He grabbed my hair and f***ed it in and out of my... Continue»
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The Trannyformation

I headed back to the adult bookstore where I had my first taste of cock and cum. I needed more, and headed for the gloryholes in the back booths. It wasn't long before a man entered the next booth. He rubbed his crotch and slowly lowered his zipper. My heart was beating faster in anticipation of sucking his big cock. He pulled it out of his shorts, and it was about 3 inches long, and not very thick.

He moved toward the hole, his uncut cock being stroked slowly and tantalizingly, precum appearing at his piss hole. My face was at the hole as he pushed it through, the head and precum slipping... Continue»
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alone in my bed

my precum bubbled up, i stopped the fondle. i felt my asshole tightened as i fought to hold my orgasm back. I succeeded, the urge passed, only a small amount of actual sperm actually made it to the top of my dick. my hands and arms were tensed, it was all i could do not to touch my long dick, not to squeeze it.

one touch and my pre work of morning edging would be over. i waited, waited as the immediate need subsided. my cock, untouched began to soften. i let it, i let it fall over and lay on my belly.

i closed my eyes. my balls ached. i was trapped in that delightfully ... Continue»
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Seven Nieces

I was raised as an only c***d. My father had been married before, and I had a s****r from that marriage, but she was raised by her mom, and I was raised by mine, in separate households.

I didn't know my s****r Zanah very well growing up, or half-s****r I should say. Her mom and mine got along pretty well, despite things, and Zanah would visit sometimes on f****y occasions, but she was almost nine years older and pretty much in her own world. She was a popular girl in high school, with a lot of boyfriends, while I was still in grade school. I thought she was cool, like a grown-up.

W... Continue»
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My first white woman. part 1

(My english isnt perfect, i hope u understand my story and enjoy too)
A few years back,i was on holidays with a couple of friends.we were swimming and clubbing all day long :).we were also looking for girls but we werent lucky enough...
One day a friend of my friend told us that he knew a woman who liked younger men...and black.To be honest i thought he was k**ding so when i told him so,he got ungry and told me he would arange a meeting just for me.I loughed and said ok.The next day he told me that i he aranged me to meet with her around 14:00 at a bar on the beach.
I was really nervous, ... Continue»
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I think it is called Shrew's fiddle - thick board, sawn in half lengthwise, U-shaped cut for the neck and wrists.
The only difference from the medieval counterpart - thick rubber-ring recess, something smeared to tires do not rub the skin.
That's the only positive thing. Negatives are many more - I stand doggy-style, sandwiched in this unit; legs wide apart with the help of some sticks, resting against his knees.
Behind me someone there.
I'd love to ask - who scored in the mouth but the ball gag muzzled on a belt, so I keep quiet.
Whoever behind me, not in a hurry. Gently stroking the bot... Continue»
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My Gamer Husband – Making Love To My Husband

Making Love To My Husband

If I had to describe my husband Michael in one word, it would be this: nerdy. He’s possibly one of the nerdiest guys I’ve ever met. Not that it’s a bad thing. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. See, I’m a nerd as well. While I don’t game as much as he does, I’m a huge sci-fi, as well as fantasy fan.

This making love to my husband story takes place when one day he decided to teach me how to play Skyrim, one of his RP games that he thought I’d like. So, we sat down in front of our PlayStation, and he set the game up for me. I won’t go into the specifics of my chara... Continue»
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My Punk friend

So as many of you know I knew a bunch of slutty girls in college but by far the hottest and slutty-ist was my punk friend. She was really hot with a sexy pixie cut and amazing eyes. She also had nice small tits and an amazing ass! We became pretty good friends but I always was either staring at her ass. One day I found out that she did some nude pics and like the guy I am I saved them to jerk off too.

After a month of jerking off to her I accidentally let slip that I did and instead of getting pissed she teased me about it for a couple of days, until she came over to my place and wanted to... Continue»
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Cherry Popping by loyalsock

Jeanine the virgin, looked up at Robert with apprehensive eyes . He smiled down at her with a barely concealed contempt that made her both revolt against him... and desire him. He told her , withou ceremony, to lie face down on the bed, with a pillow under her tits and her ass in the air. Jeanine did as instructed, her face pressed into the mattress, a pillow under her chest and her ass high and inviting.

She presented a delightful view. Robert once agin marveled at his good fortune. Not only was he going to fuck this gorgeous piece of ass but he was going to be the FIRST to fuck this gorg... Continue»
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Keeping A Promise by loyalsock

She paced, or sat with a worried expression, or flounced. Jennifer had found herself with a serious problem on her hands! In the first place, among her set, in order to get to the prom, you had to put out in order to get a date. That was the heaviest date in the whole school year. When she was a virgin, Jennifer had resigned herself to no prom, but this year she wanted to go. She felt every bit as womanly as any of the other girls in school. She realized how much of a lover her b*****r was, when she compared him to Rod. Rod was still mooning around Jennifer, but Jennifer, who was nice to him... Continue»
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Camping trip with a friend.

My friend, Guy, and I were both into outdoors kind of things. We were in the army cadets and liked to go out hiking and keeping fit. I was 15 and he was a year older than me, 16 and one weekend in the summer we decided to head of onto the moors near where we lived and stay out for a couple of nights. As an added bonus we both hid a couple of cans of beer in our bags for when we got to out campsite.

The weather was really warm and we'd been hiking all day when we found somewhere we could put our tent up, it was in a slight dip in the ground, hidden from view and not far from a small stream.... Continue»
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My first Cuckold Experience

My first girlfriend was Donna O’Keefe. She was a short , fat little redhead with huge breasts. Her tits were accentuated by the fact that she was so short. She only stood about 5’3” and those tits were 36 EE.
Her skin was very pale and her red hair went all the way down her back. She always had bright red lipstick, which made her look sluttier.
The first time we had ‘sex’ is the hottest and most embarrasing story of my life.
There was a huge storm that week and several homes had to be evacuated. As it turned out, my house and Donna’s house were a couple of the ones . Mr. Jackson lived... Continue»
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The Trip Part 1

I was 19 and starting to explore my sexual boundaries. I had been wearing panties and nylons for some years and whilst I would tell anyone I was straight and I had only ever had straight sex ( not often or enough lol) I was realising that I did have thoughts of gay sex particularly with another panty wearer and found my thoughts wandering in that direction more often. I noticed I was checking out the cocks of my rugby team mates more often and was imagining holding and sucking them.
I was going to university in a few months and having saved some money decided to take some time to have some fu... Continue»
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Jill sat on her chair in the downstairs TV room. Her b*****r, Tom, sat on the other. Their parents had made a room for them in the cellar so they could watch their own shows. It had transformed into Jill's and Tom's private sanctuary. For a b*****r and s****r, they got along fairly well, but Tom was still the little b*****r and, at times, did irritate Jill. Today she was looking at him differently.

At school this week Jill and her friends were in their usual “boy” conversation when the subject of cocks came up. Sam, short for Samantha, an only c***d, had revealed she was envious of Jill b... Continue»
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my first black cock

One day when my mum was at work, I was laying in her bed, masturbating. I got up and rummaged through her underwear drawer. The drawer smelled like perfume and the odor made my dick stiffen. Some of her panties had stains - I think they were cum stains - on the crotch. Anyway, I don't know why, but something prompted me to try on a pair of her silky nylon hose. The material felt so good on my legs! Next I stepped into a pair of her red french cut panties. Then I caught a glimpse of myself in the full-length mirror - and was electrified.

I was about 5', 2" then, and the only body hair I had ... Continue»
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I lost my virginity to a teenage Milf

When I was in high school there was this girl who I met in my sophomore year, we talked a bit and we became friends. Everyday I sat by her in lunch and I actually liked her, but I found out later she had a boyfriend and she was later pregnant with his k**. I didn't see her that much in Junior or Senior Year, but I still said "Hi" to her once and awhile but we kinda lost contact with each other for awhile. I saw her at graduation with her sexy black dress she had, I talked to her and asked her how she was doing and she said "Everything was good." I thought that was the last time I would talk to... Continue»
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Caught in the Crossfire

Caught in the Crossfire

(mff, anal)
(this is one of Puppy's stories)

I was 18. It was the summer between my senior year of high school and leaving for university. My parents were fairly conservative, so I had been sent to a boarding school up north during the year, but was expected to come home for the summer to do work around the house. To be honest, I would rather have stayed up at school with my friends. Summer at home meant chores every day, and since home was way out in the boonies, it meant being bored most of the time.

It was a dark evening, in the first week of summer, w... Continue»
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Pears And Strawberries

My father and his b*****r died in an airplane accident in their own little four-seater when I was four and left me and mother on our own and the same faith was shared by my uncle's wife and there c***d, a girl a year older than me.

My dad and Uncle was successful stockbrokers long before it was a "normal" occupation and made a fortune long before they were thirty. They weren't poor to start with my grand-father had a business with more than forty employees and he had given them the capital to start the firm and was the oldest client they had so he too had improved on his wealth and he nev... Continue»
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My first sexual encounter with my cousin Rebecca

My cousin Rebecca and I are 9 years apart, she is 22 and I am 31, for as long as I could remember my cousin Rebecca would always fallowing my every foot step as we would play together in our grandparents back yard like a b*****r and s****r would, I always knew Rebecca loved me with a passion as I love that girl to and I would do anything for her as she would do the same, we have always been close to even this day where we share very intimate discussions of our life situations, she understands me and I understand her.

Rebecca and I have always been around each other till I hit the age of 13... Continue»
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Mila Kunis seduces Natalie

For Natalie Portman the most important thing in a interview was not to be caught off guard. Most interviewers were nice enough to let any potential interviewee know what they would be asked ahead of time, but sometimes they would slip in something and Natalie always try to guess what, if anything it could be. It kept her up at night, tossing and turning in fear that she'd be caught off guard, or worse so fixated on watching for an unplanned question, that she let something slip in a pre-planned question and either way she accidentally reveals something that could threaten her career just when ... Continue»
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