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Caught by a jogger. True story

So this tale is factual and happened about 9 years ago with my wife. We were in the early days of our sexual relationship and anything went at that point. Sex in the woods was regular, however on this occasion things went weird.

We'd arrived as normal mid afternoon at one of our places. We often went for sex outside as we had nowhere else to go that had any real privacy. So we wandered off into the woods and started mucking about, which slowly turned into touching and groping and before long developed into a hot session of making out and frantic under cloth touching.

Her frustration at m... Continue»
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i love woman that make me suck bbc

I was just your average freshman in college. I was trying to get pussy, beer, and smoke weed. I ended up getting fucked in my pussy. That's what master tells me to call it at least. I didn't think I was going to get fucked, just do the fucking.

First let me tell you about myself, I'm eighteen, a freshmen in college, have a smoking hot girlfriend, I'm fairly tall, and I have your average white cock. So, in other words, I'm not that hung. Only about four inches. I have red hair, freckles, and pale skin. My girlfriend is just the first girl I smoked weed with here. She started to sell it to me... Continue»
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Stepmom helps out 1

It was well past midnight when I got home from my last date with my now-ex Sarah. I had dropped her off at her house, having resisted the urge to tell her to go to hell and walk home. Getting dumped was bad, but having to drive her home was extra insult. As I pulled into the driveway I shook my head. This was the second time in a year I had been dumped, and for the same reason.

I unlocked the door as quietly as I could, hoping to wake no one. I passed my steps****r Liz's door and then turned the corner. As I did I heard the telltale squeaking of the mattress in my dad and stepmom's room. A... Continue»
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My 1st time having sex with a guy!!

I went out with a gay friend of mine hem was my hairdresser Rodney he is fine as hell ripped stomach sexy body big fat cut shaved cock,he. Be out for cocktails at a gay bar after about five drinks apiece we started dancing mingling with people I met a beautiful TS lady boy he look & acted just like a girl we was dancing dirty I was getting so turned on she was grabbing my dick kissing my neck talking dirty and it was working so we,went back to,the vip room and was making out she had just un button my pants was stroking my cock so,go... Continue»
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My first real girlfriend

That winter was a confusing time for me. I spent the rest of the break trying to understand what I was feeling. Was I lesbian or maybe bisexual? What is a lesbian? I started to search online for answers to my questions. As I learned more, I realized how strong my attraction to girls was. It also was the first time that I started to search out porn online.

When I returned to college, I didn’t know what o expect from my roommate, Monica. We had a talk on that ... Continue»
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wife goes shoping

This happened about 5 years ago ny wife Alice was shopping at the mall she was searching for new cloths being a full-figured woman with taste she is very picky about her clothing still don't know why she married me guess it has to be love anyway Alice is a beautiful woman 32yrs old long blonde hair sexy blue eyes dd breast yes a woman with curves so while shoping and trying on cloths the woman helping her was a beautiful woman also late 20,s blonde full round d breast green eyes i will only let her be known as Dee. Alice ask Dee what she thought out the outfit she had tried on and with the loo... Continue»
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Grocery Order

I was almost twenty one. I know, by today's standards, that was pretty late in life to lose my virginity, but things were different then. Yeah, I petted with girls at parties and necked in the back seat of my car like most of the k**s I went to high school with. But that was as far as it went. I had heard lots of my friends talk about getting laid as if they were doing it all the time. I suppose I believed them back then, but as I reflect on it now, I realize that most of it was wishful thinking.

Anyway, I had been out of high school for a little more than 5 years. I knew a few girls and w... Continue»
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P1: My First Blowjob (received, not given)

I don’t want to be a guy, but sometimes I wish I had a penis. You know?

I sat amused as one by one he showed me his dildos. Friends, strangers, lovers, they’ve all said they felt very free and open with me sexually, like I’d never judge them—and I never do. But I hadn’t had a show and tell with a guy and his sex toys before. He had mentioned it and I had asked. I was curious. He was nervous, but with a subdued excitement. We were both a little d***k.

“And this one’s my favorite,” he grinned in a sheepish yet earnest way as he pulled out a... Continue»
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Fighting a speeding ticket in court

I had never been to court before. I was so nervous as I waited for my name and case to be called that I debated leaving and just paying the ticket. But $500 was money I didn't have as a university student. The day I got the ticket was such a crummy day. I was coming back from an exam that hadn't gone well, despite me spending all weekend studying. I never speed but I was so distracted that I never saw the speed limit change. The cop had no sympathy as he wrote the ticket, my first ticket ever. My friend suggested I try fighting the ticket in court despite me having no good excuse as she... Continue»
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First time I cum in her mouth ;)

My mind began to drift the other day when I had nothing else to do. I thought back to my first girlfriend Jeanette and all the firsts I had with her. She was my very first girlfriend. A year younger than me, about 5'6" tall, weighed maybe 100lbs. She had green eyes and hip length brown hair. She had nice hips and a tiny waist. I loved to put my hand on her hip and trace her curves as we lay side by side. She was self conscious about her tiny breasts - I could put her entire breast in my mouth - but, I loved her puffy pink nipples. I would suck a nipple into my mouth and feel it begin to dissap... Continue»
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My big cock and bathroom

I walked into my bathroom, there was a woman bent over. I stopped and gazed. She turned around and saw me, she smiled and bent back over. It was her mom Kay.
She wasnt wearing a top and all she had on was a black lace pair of booty shorts. I asked if she needed any help while placing my hand on her ass. She said "I was a naughty girl...i made a mess" "naughty girls get spanked" i said. She smiled and said "oooh yea do u promice?" I gave her ass a smack and kept my hand there rubbing her cheeks.
She stood up pressed her naked titti... Continue»
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Teen group fun

I had not spoken to Kendra, my ex young girlfriend in several months. We'd gotten together a few times since breaking up and had some really hot group sex, along with her current bf Isaac (and some other friends of hers). So out of the blue I get a call from Carlie, her smoking hot 90 lb friend who is now 19. We'd played with Carlie a couple times, including one time at a sex club. Carlie asked me if I'd help her give her friend Shannon a surprise 18th birthday party, much like the one that Kendra and I had thrown for her when she turned 18. I'm was def down for it, and we talked several times... Continue»
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Green Eyed Beauty

My name is Clayton. We'll leave it at that. My wife was Anne Jaquiline Bennet. Pronounce it wrong and she'll reply Banay! We've been married 11 years and have no c***dren. Together we made the decision to not have k**s and we have a plan to be wealthy enough to not be tied down with traditional jobs by the time we are in our forties. I'm a factory worker with a good wage and my wife has been with a public relations firm for less than a year now. We live a comfortable life style in our apartment in a older but upscale part of the city.

I'm 37 and she is 32. I'm pretty average in looks and ph... Continue»
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Brandy (Chapter 7)

On her Knees
She could taste him for days after, though she had brushed her teeth many times. She wasn’t sure if she liked the taste or not. It was salty, but his cum was thick. She had only a little on her fingers, though he had shot out lots more. What would it be like if he spurted in my mouth? Would he make me swallow it, even if I chocked on it? She couldn’t even imagine taking it in her mouth. Would he teach me what to do to please him? He had made her cum with his mouth, expecting her to do the same.
She waited for him all week, but her cell phone was silent. She hoped Cindy would cal... Continue»
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My First gay experience

I was on a website to find gay men to have sex with locally. I had few replies and was even sure what id do if i got a reply. I went on the website, as a daily check, and i had had a reply from a guy calling himself hornykieth. He said he wants to hook up, now at this point i should say im 19 and have never had a gay experience in my life. but was always kinda curious.

I replied to the message asking where he was and he replied where abouts he lived, it wasnt too far from where i lived and i was in such a horny mood i decided to go see him. Not having a car i caught the bus to near the asd... Continue»
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Mom & Duaghter Go to the Beach III

Chapter 7
This story is continued from two earlier installments which can be found on my profile….hope you all enjoy!
We all headed back to the beach. All of the guys were laughing and having a good time. Lisa had a smug smile on her face which probably matched my own. I had just sucked two wonderful cocks off and loved everything about it!

When we hit the beach the guys headed off to do some boogie boarding while Lisa and I worked on our tans.

"It was sexy seeing you suck my b*****rs! I had never seen their dicks before. Th... Continue»
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Fucked Like A Slut By The Shy Neighbor Boy

My name is Heather and I am forty one years old. I live by myself in a pretty nice little house in a quiet cul-de-sac in a nice town. Now when I talk with my friends the question that usually comes up is "When are you going to find a guy and settle down?". Its not like I have not been trying to start a f****y and its not like I could easily get a guy because I get hit on constantly when I go out because I will even admit I look good for my age. I have long blonde hair, green eyes, a thin body with nice breasts and a full round ass. Usually when I find a guy at a bar or at a party its a one nig... Continue»
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Satin Heaven

I had a fantasy for years about owning or working in a wedding shop, seemed like real fun but way out of my remit, seeing as men are cut out of that loop pretty much. On Thursday I saw an advert for help in the window of a prolific shop in my area I went in and enquired, the girls were very suprised to see me indeed & we got chatting about why I wanted to work there , what I could do etc, One of the woman remained very quiet, Then at the end piped up" why would you really want to work here " she said sternly looking me right in the eyes, I froze totally looking back into her eyes, I had no cho... Continue»
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Fucking My b*****r's Japanese Girlfriend

It happened during my last semester of college. I was 21 at the time and living at home with my dad and my 16 year old b*****r. My parents split up four years before that and my mom thought that Lan and I would be better off being raised by another male than by her. I was sitting upstairs in our f****y room when 'Lan’s 15 year old Japanese girlfriend, Aiko Furusato, knocked on the door looking for him.

"Sorry Aiko, but he's at the local soccer game with my dad," I informed her. "They probably won't be home until around midnight with the traffic." "Oh shit," she said, making a facepalming m... Continue»
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Jen's Big Thanksgiving

Jen Goody a 28yrs mother getting for her first time at preparing thanksgiving dinner for her f****y (mom, dad, his parents son, and daughter) going to the store for last min. things taking the back roads to stay out of the holiday rush when her car died. Sitting about two miles from town on a county road she lost it crying her eyes out till she seen a truck coming towards her. The truck stopped and two big tall black men got out. Jen had never meet a black person at all, the men looked her up and down then asked if they could help her? Well my car was running fine then it just stopped and ... Continue»
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