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The Tutor

It was the second semester of my senior year. Everything was going well except my grade in math was close to failing. I was worried because I knew I wasn't going to do well on my final. My mom  decided to enroll me in afternoon tutoring sessions. I was only excited because that means I could drive to school in my new car I got for my 18th birthday. And it didn't hurt that my tutor was a hunk. He wasn't my actual teacher he was a Assistant Teacher. A college senior trying to get a feel for how a classroom runs for credit. His skin was nice and tan even in the winter. He's eyes a gentle shade of... Continue»
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Like a rocket man

Al and Dawny had been friends for some time now. They met on harmless flirty social media site and had hit it off from the outset. They often confided in each other about events in their lives and future plans. Dawny often thought about Al and would wonder if he was o.k since they lived in separate parts of the U.K.
After some careful thinking Dawny thought it was time for them to meet up and hang out for the weekend. She mentioned it to Al who seemed keen and they both agreed to meet half way in Southsea, let off some steam and maybe hit a speed dating venue on the first evening.
Dawny arri... Continue»
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Erotic story of BINITA. 6

Chapter 06: A Youth Participates in Holi

He was waiting her. He was Pritam's cousin and he had been chasing his bhabhi to smear color on her and throw water at her. He had successfully cornered her, when Binita cried off, insisting that she be allowed to go change into casual clothes more appropriate for the occasion.

She had taken well over an hour to return. First Thakur had gone up and returned and then Thakurain. Yogesh thought it was all to do with some household matter as his uncle and aunt had some work to attend to with which Binita was associated.

He had no way of knowing tha... Continue»
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He was maybe 5'7, he was more of a botterscotch in complexion and somewhat between athletic and muscular. His beard thick and a light low cut faded hair, or whatever you guys call it. It was obviously he had a recent hair cut, maybe 6 hours fresh because the lines were sharp. It wasn't my intention to have sex with him, it honestly wasnt. We were just meeting up to see each other because hey, pictures dont always tell the truth.

Now, lets start from scratch, i initially met him on a dating app, afterall i'm new to the area, single and was innocently looking to meet new people to socialise w... Continue»
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early wanking

Like most young boys I started wanking when I was about eight or nine. I would tug away at my diminutive prick and eventually have a dry climax. I knew that I liked what I was doing and the sensation at the climax was brilliant. The prevalent atmosphere at home decided me to keep very quiet about my illicit pleasures.
Around about a year later a man the f****y referred to as "uncle Pete", although in reality he was no relation, came into my life. Uncle Pete was pretty good fun and generous! It was him that introduced me to train spotting which was to become a lifetime passion. Pete took me al... Continue»
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Meeting a friend

Arriving in my hotel after the long flight from Europe, I suddenly found myself feeling very horny. I needed some relief. Maybe a shower would help, I thought to myself as I stripped away my traveling outfit. My skirt slipped down my legs and pooled at my feet. I stepped free, my already bare feet slipping carelessly away from the skirt. I took a few steps toward the bathroom as I unbuttoned the white, just almost see-through blouse. It was on the floor just in front of the door to the bathroom. Wearing just a white bra and panties, I played with the nozzles in the shower until I figured out h... Continue»
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How I got into Swinging.... in 1985.

How did I get started in Swinging.....?

I used to help run and Adult Education Class through the 80's in Kent. The guy who ran it was a professional who had a quarter share in a glamour studio in Soho where he did a lot of test shots for modelling agencies. They would send new girls along to get experience with a pro photographer and he would invite them down to the Class on a Friday night to get more experience on a quid pro quo basis ie. you model for free and get free copies of the pics from the students. Every month he would have one Friday night when these girls would come down (some c... Continue»
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a good hostess

my bf and i were relaxing at home watching a movie, cuddling in the couch, i was wearing what i usually wear at home, just a short, cute robe, no bra, no undies, very comfortable. around 9pm the doorbell rang, my bf went to open the door to find an old friend of his who lives out of town, coming to pay him a surprise visit. ah! the famous gabe, i'd heard about him. my bf was happy to see him, asked him in and called me over. hmm, should i put some clothes on? i thought, i didn't want to seem rude and go lock myself in the bedroom to change, so i went into the living room in my skimpy robe and ... Continue»
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My first bbc and creampie

When I was in college, my roommate Sherika was a lot of fun. We would hang out together in our dorm room and listen to music, watch tv or talk about boys. She had a steady boyfriend and they seemed to have an active sex life. I walked in on them having sex once or twice. It was quite embarrassing for me although they didn't seem to mind. One time they even kept going after I came in and said hello. They seemed to be right in the middle of it. I decided to sit at my desk and pretend to work and not notice they were fucking each other's brains out. I couldn't help but watch of course. She was ve... Continue»
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My 19th

I remember clear as day my 19 birthday, one of the reasons is I booked myself in for a tattoo session for a few days later - the other reason youll find out later...

As i woke up on the thursday morning as usual freezing cold, nipples hard, goosebumps on my arms and legs. My pyjamas seem so far away but i had to brave the cold, every year my mum, dad and b*****r come in and sing happy birthday and the worst thing id want them to see is me naked, esp my 17 year old b*****r even though its not the first time (but thats another story). So I jumped up and ran to my pyjamas, nice cute tinkerbell... Continue»
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The Husband’s Tale: His first good fuck

Sometimes at night we like to just lie in bed together, naked, idly stroking each other, intending to eventually fuck, but feeling no need to hurry. We just enjoy each other’s company and the touch of each other’s hands.

“Tell me a story,” she said one night. “I want to hear about one of your early sexual adventures. I want to think about you fucking some young babe.”

“Anything in particular you want to hear about?” I ask?

“How about your first time? Not very original, I know, but you’ve never really told me about your first fuck.”

“Well, my first time, really my first couple of t... Continue»
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Older women. They are the best.

This is an honest true story. It's long but why not have a story you can fantasize about. If you don't like it don't read it.

I used to work the overnight shift at a local frozen food delivery place to supplement my farm income. Since I was the warehouse manager my job was to meet with the drivers when they came in to discuss what product had been loaded on their trucks and any concerns they had. One morning a gal came in and introduced herself as a new driver taking over one of the delivery routes. I introduced myself and told her what my job was and gave her my cell in case she had quest... Continue»
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My s****r in law's cousin

I suppose I should really have called this my wife’s cousin because that’s who Steph is but of course she is also my s****r in law’s cousin so that makes it OK. I have been unfaithful to my wife three times. I am not proud of it and I am always remorseful afterwards; however, I cannot deny that I really enjoyed all of them. Two of them were with my s****r in law Jayne and you may have read about my confessions regarding them. This is what happened with Steph.

I grabbed our suitcase and took it out to the car; we were only staying for the week-end but we seemed to have enough luggage to ... Continue»
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Work Head and Facial!

As i am sitting in the break room on my hour lunch. My female co worker walked in. I turned around to see who it was and it was Miss A. I stared for a few seconds because she has nice big tits. Im guessing D cups. Anyways she walks right up to me, jumps on my lap and kisses my neck roughly. Then wispers in my ear, follow me nigga! Now in total shock, lol, i just stared as she walks toward the door. She stops and laughs then says yoooo come on. So i smiled, stood up and followed her through the door. She headed upstairs where there is a empty office with a bathroom that employees rarely uses.Sh... Continue»
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67 PAM share part (1)

67 PAM share part (1)
Pam lay beside her husband Jim of 5 years; of late their sex-lives had been on a gentle downhill slope of same old same old. Since the k**s, Peter, four, Milly, three and her f***ed hysterectomy at Millie`s birth they had slid into the pattern of duty rather than spontaneity they had once enjoyed. No doubt 90% 0f us have experienced in lesser or greater degrees at some time or other.
He sensed her less than enthusiastic approach to his usual advances, asking if something was wrong, reluctantly she muttered that she was bored, that the spark was missing, that it, m... Continue»
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A weekend alone

My first story....completely true...and a pivotal moment in my life.
The first part covers how I started enjoying kissing other boys.
The second part tells how I lost my bi cherry to another guy and became actively and happily bi sexual.

Part one

As I boy growing up in a small English village in the 1960's, sex wasn't a subject that got talked about in an educational or overt way.
The very conservative nature of our society at the time meant that any useful education was gained either from whispers in the playground at school, or through the usual c***d/teen exploration.

I r... Continue»
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my best friend

this is a fictional story.
I had a best friend since I was 5 years old. We did everything together, we watched movies together, we went to school together, we did homework together. Yesterday my best friend Mike had his 18th birthday. we went to see a movie with bunch of other friends. the movie was funny and good, I enjoyed it a lot. On our way home Mike asks me: "Jason, do you wanna to come and do a sl**pover?" I thought about it for a sec and I answered "sure". So we walked to his home and we were talking about the movie and how funny it was. We entered the house and he was empty. "where a... Continue»
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Black guys first taste of white meat

I'm a 29 year old black man, I grew up in rural area, and live today in the city. I live with my beautiful wife, and one son about to turn 3, .

I've been what some people call a Bull, I like white pussy, I especially like to fuck white, married women. Cheating wives that?s out to get a good fuck while hubby?s busy making a buck,. Even better, I like fucking them right in front of their husbands. Having them scream from getting a big cock, fucking that hubby can't give them. And I've came across lots of white married guys, that wants this to happen, and I'm glad to help them out. I can't... Continue»
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Sex With A Sexy Stranger - Pt 1 The Elevator

I was out of town on business. Been a long trip, actually been a long few months. Work has been intense and home, well not much good to say there. My wife, hot wife, has shut down sexually... Loves to dress up like she's got some slut in her, I'd fuck her all the time, like we used to. Oh well, needless to say I'm horny as hell. Just had a few drinks, things were quiet at the bar. I've never cheated on my wife, didn't think I ever would but she's not giving me any choice... Porn is ok but it's been too long, I need some real pussy. There were a few hot girls at the bar but none worth taking a ... Continue»
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wife decided she wanted a gang bang!!

The wife Jane has enjoyed 3 black cocks at once but she one day decided she wanted to lay there and get fucked by at least 8 black men..i was like really how am i suppose do organize that?? she said i don't care just do it its your job. i got to thinking and i had a brain wave, i would go down to the local refuge center and ask them if they wanted some work. i drove down to the center in a mini bus i had rented and i asked the local girl if i could ask a few lads if they wanted to dig my garden over i would pay them and feed them, she said that would be great for them thanks.

i took my time... Continue»
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