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Sex with SG JC Girls

My first BBBJ experience with my AJC ex-gf in JC1 (then), who gave me my first BBBJ four months after we went steady.

As usual, we would go home together after lessons. I stay at Seletar while she stays at Bishan. While walking under a block which was three blocks away from hers, I felt my cock harden even more. It had been hard since we left school about 45 minutes ago.

Me: Eh dear, let's go to the staircase upstairs for a while?
Hannah: Why le?
Me: Hee. Haven't felt close close to you in a long while ma *evil grin*
Hannah: Where got? Last week I just mast for you only le.
Me: Aiyah... Continue»
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Sex with sg gf

I was in a relationship with a Sec 4 student (past her 16th birthday) when I relief taught before NS. I’ll leave out the details of how mutual attraction befell us since most b*****rs are more interested in the intimate parts of our relationship.

Tricia and I met for intimacy on numerous occasions, mostly after school and occasionally on weekends. All our rendezvous took place at my house since my parents travel for business and my house was usually empty. I’ll begin with the first time, no sex, just petting of our upper bodies.

*ding dong* The doorbell rang. I was prepared that if any o... Continue»
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Sex with SG JC Girls 2

During the March holidays, I picked my SAJC gf Angeline (not her real name) from her friend’s home where she was doing a project. I’ll be sharing more about my intimacy with Angeline so here’s a brief introduction.

Angeline is 17 this year and in JC1, formerly from an all-girl’s school in eastern Singapore. She’s approximately 1.55m tall and 42kg, long-haired usually tied in a ponytail, no spectacles. Angeline’s stats are 30A75-28-33. She is sexually curious and was previously bi. I’ve always liked GNDs and that was what first attracted me to Angeline. We’ve done everything from MM to 69, e... Continue»
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Sg JC gals are more fun indeed..

Foreword: This is my second story, after my first one flopped; please stop me if I bore you. Also, parts of the story are embellished for a better flow. As well as parts that I might have forgotten. Bear with me, and for this, I thank you in advance.

This is why I love to do dares. Not because I have something to prove, but rather, it usually results in a win-win situation for me.

A while ago, actually, a long while ago, while I was still in Poly, on a chilly evening, I went with two friends to Clementi Interchange for some dinner at MacDonald’s. It was while we were eating and chatting ... Continue»
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Forbidden Fruit - The Sg JC girl

I sometimes work at my old JC in coaching football. I used to be a school team player. I was quite useless lah but i played defense and was quite a strong tackler so I got into the team. Anyway i have been a good alumnus for my school and try to take part in a lot of events. About two years back, they're part time coach left and they asked me if i was interested. Only twice a week - one Saturday morning and one Wed evening. Pay is nothing much but it was more for fun so i accepted.

The team is ok lah. During my time, we play ITE and Poly but now only JCs so the standard of football is lower... Continue»
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The Babysitter - Gina

It was Friday, and I was homeward bound. School was done, and no
homework. Seventh Grade was going well, but my mind was focused on other
distractions. I was thinking about the weekend, and what I wanted to do.

As I walked into the front door, I heard Mom talking on the phone. By
the tone and what she was saying, I was sure she was talking to Dad. "Yes
Dear, I will have Pete's supper ready by the time you get home, and the
Baby Sitter should be here by 5:30," she said. "Baby Sitter!" I thought.
"Yes, I know... No, I will be ready. I know it is important to you Dear,"... Continue»
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The Bureau of Extra Normal Affairs

To the massive majority of people, the address on the corner of a less than salubrious warehouse district even though in the greatest city in the world was entirely unknown; just an anonymous little polygon to fill a void in the map. To some – mostly river folk or dock workers - it was the oddly located little shop that obviously didn't see any passing trade. To a small amount of people; ageing sportsmen and dedicated bibliophiles who had actually been inside, the sign (Of pealing gilt and a colour that would one day be known as “British Racing Green”.) above the door pronounced it to be “... Continue»
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Reunion sex

Thanks to facebook, in recent years I've found a few old classmates and friends (and sometimes its the other way around) from online. One of them got nostalgic and decided to call for a reunion gathering of my sec school classmates.

He managed to gather about 15 of us and we met up for dinner and drinks in Clark Quay area. 5 of the girls from my class turned up and 2 of them have already become tai tai pattern. But the hottest one of the night is still the flower of my sec1 class. She's well known to be flirty with the older guys in my school, and she had 1 boyfriend each year. She was even... Continue»
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Our Vacation

My gf and I had a 4 day vacation couple of weeks ago. I have a blog up about it but I wanted to share each day with everyone. Enjoy we certainly need

Day One

We had been planning this vacation for months and the time had finally come. We left Sunday morning and arrived at our hotel around 2pm that evening. We checked in and finally got to our room. It was a nice easy trip and we were fully energized when we got unpacked. My girlfriend went to the restroom as I looked through the room and turned on the TV. I was laying on the bed relaxing when she walked out in just her blue panties. I ... Continue»
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A Nightly Visitor

It felt like I hadnt slept in weeks. My job was hectic, my boyfriend left me and now it seemed I had a ghost in my apartment. Everytime I laid down and shut my eyes, I would feel something touch me and I would jerk away, I would see someone standing over my bed but but by the time I rolled over and turned on my light he was gone. Just like that, too fast for a human...had to be. Besides, how would he have gotten in? My doors were always locked and I lived on the second story. It also didnt make sense why someone, some man would sneak in to my room to just stare at me. It was a creepy though to... Continue»
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taboo sex

Alexi and Lake jumped, stumped, and bumped to the beat of the music in Alexi's bedroom. They had just got back from the club, but was still feeling the grove. Alexi was in her boy shorts, short T, and socks while Lake only wore boxer briefs. Alexi pushed her ass back on to Lake's crotch. He dipped pushing his bulge right up to her crotch.

"Uhg!" Lake grunted grinding his hard-on.

"Mmmmmm!" Alexi put her hand on her bed as she rolled back against her b*****r's grind.

Lake thrust and thrust again. "Oh shit Lexi!" He pulled out his dick and pushed it up against the crotch of her short.
... Continue»
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Maggie's Wild Night

Maggie opened the car door and slid into the seat next to Aaron. Her 36DD breasts were crammed into a red low cut top. The jeans she had on were so tight they looked almost as if they had been painted on.

"What are we doing tonight?" she asked as she pulled her long wavy blonde hair up into a ponytail. She adjusted her black rectangular glasses and looked at Aaron.

Aaron looked at her, thinking how lucky he was to have such a hot piece of ass. He knew from the past few weeks that she would do just about anything in bed. He had already fucked her in every possible orifice, and he wanted t... Continue»
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Fuck by homeless man

My cousin’s wedding was tomorrow and I had spent all day shopping for the perfect dress to wear. She was only two years older than me at 24 so there was a lot of rivalry and I had to look my best. My feet were sore and I hadn’t found a dress to even consider. I’ve always found it hard to find a dress that fits my petite form while still accentuating my breasts. Today I was wearing a short black skirt, black lace panties and bra, and a dark purple tank top. The purple really sets off my brown eyes. My black hair is cut in a short chin length bob and today was hanging loose.
I was grouchy as I ... Continue»
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Stephanie's Ordeal

Stephanie had it all planned out, she was going to get d***k tonight with her boyfriend and his friends, and then later that night she would fuck her boyfriends brains out. She got all prettied up, did her hair, shaved her legs, and got ready to go. She arrived at her boyfriends place that night and proceeded to get d***k, by the end of the night however, everyone else was d***k, but she only had a buzz going on. With everyone else d***k, soon the jokes and sexual humour began to arise. One of her boyfriend’s friends commented on beautiful shape of her ass, saying how much he would love 10 min... Continue»
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a nite with a heavy weight cutie.

We met thru a social network, chat thru the network n then thru whatsapp, n soon she started sending photos (minus the face) , mostly pixs of her dbl DD.. Initially its antique mode, hazy mode of photos n soon it got more daring n so.did our messager,, never whole body , cause she admitted shes fat, extremy fat,
She may be out with another guy n actually SMS me the guy is handsome n she makes sure she fuck him tonight n later send photos of her mouth giving him a bj.
The teasing was intense, she admited she gets turn on with men in green, the officers not the low ranking soldiers n cant resi... Continue»
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Vinatge - Our First Polaroid Experience

This is a true story about the early days of the relationship with my wife of many years. When we met we immediately clicked and we soon ventured off on a very exciting exploration of our sexuality. I had been with a few women before her and had some great sexual romps but Diane had an adventurous side that the others didn’t have. She was an absolute tiger when it came to sex and while she wasn’t into playing in other places other than in our shared home, she was always surprising me with spur of the moment romps all over that house.

A little background on how we got together. She was sing... Continue»
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Baby Sitting Surprise

I had recently graduated college and was looking for any way possible to make some pocket cash. Times were slow but luckily for me my neighbor would ask me to babysit there 2 year old from time to time. My name is john by the way and my neighbors, Emma and Parker are hot. Emma is thick in all the right places, with massive tits and a nice round bubble. Parker is a lean tall stud, and I have noticed the bulge in the front of his pants is quite massive and defined.
I walked next door that evening and knocked on the door. I was right on time, but I could hear running inside and Emma yel... Continue»
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The lawn boy (bi-sexual threesome story / MMF)

We'd only lived in the neighbourhood a few weeks, so when I first saw him mowing the lawn as I pulled into the driveway, I thought it might have been my own mistake. But no, I checked the house number, and I saw my wife's car in the other parking spot, so I knew I was in the right place. I shrugged and got out of the car.

I reached back in for my briefcase, and then watched the young man mowing our lawn as I walked to the front door. When he saw me he gave a small wave with one hand in a work glove, then turned and pushed the mower in another direction, away from me. I unlocked the front ... Continue»
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Tight Wet Lovely

It was Lovely's day off. We had been planning for this few days ago. Initially was planning to go to Garden by the Bay, but the Sun was blazing hot. So we decided to just go to coffee bean and have our breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to a H81 along Balestier. Must be due to Sun. All those Foreign Workers bring their Pinoy GF, plus some uncle with PRC. Got to wait for almost an hour for a room. Nonetheless, an hour is easy to pass while waiting at a nearby coffeeshop chit-chatting with Lovely.

Lovely is a lovely pinoy, who had working for my mom for near 4 years. But I didn’t get to b... Continue»
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An unexpected sex

Get to know this sweet mid 20 indo-chin girl few years back. During that time, our r.ship is like b*****r and s****r. As a b*****r, i can;t control my temptation for her. She is young, fresh and have a good figure..nice round bum and a Cup C boob.During that time, i teach her how to kiss and also how to DIY for him. This DIY was at her house playground, she was shy to try but i assure her this DIY skill is important in order to satisfy your future bf. I unzip and then teach her the way to stroke my big b*****r. After she has a bf and subsequently married, we have lost contact because his husba... Continue»
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