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Cheating with Christine

This is for my wife's best friend whom I've loved for over 10 years now.

The text came through as I was peeling potatoes. I knew it was you by your special tone I had assigned. I finished the last two spuds, dried my hands and grabbed for the phone, curious as to what you may want.

"Apparently you've wanted me for a long time! Be at my place by 2:55 or you'll never have me."

2:55? It's 2:52 now. I've wasted 2 minutes since the text came through. Racing to the bathroom, a swig of mouth wash, quick look at the hair and a glance down checking I'm wearing good undies. Done.

Grabbing th... Continue»
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Lixxii Gets Caught

Being a frequent traveler makes it hard to find just one person to settle down with. And for Lixxii, this has been the sacrifice she has made. She has never been lonely, but always seemed to be alone. And then she fell in love.

She was suddenly aware of being alone at the airport, talking to strangers sitting next to her on long flights across oceans, and sitting alone in the hotel bar. Tessa was never available at the same time, her job was not as flexible in travel and vacation, but Lixxii was more addicted to travel than she was to she sat in this hotel lobby bar, in London..... Continue»
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First time I had sex with a Bloke!

Was a warm Friday evening just got home slobbing around in a t shirt and my jogging pants home alone my wife was with her s****r ...girlie night out!
There was knock on door, it was James a friend of one of my best Buddy Bob’s. I had meet James before briefly at Bobs wedding couple months back, was trying to remember if he was with anyone!?!? Couldn’t really recall
‘Hey Jonny Bob said I could pick up a set of his keys …am staying at his place this weekend while they are away.‘Oh sure’ I said he said you would drop by’
Bob lived 2 doors down and to be honest I had totally forgotten about ... Continue»
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Since I don’t have any boyfriend in my life even till this age, this has made me and my dreams quite wild. Adding to my wildness I have never had any sex experience as well before, I’m all new, so my story gonna be FANTASY only. I hope you people like, I have so many wild fantasies which I want to share with you people through ISS but only if I’ll get good response on my first story. I just want sex, a good sex, doesn’t matter whether I get it by Men or Women. So this was my Intro, I know a bit long but since it is my first time, it was required.

Now, wasting no more time, I come to the sto... Continue»
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The First Noel

Angela sat on her empty bed and did her ritual of missing her husband, who had died a year ago, before bed as she did almost every night since. Everybody said it would be better in time, that time would heal, she'd soon find the will to move on, but it seemed that the only thing time did was make it worse. She found herself missing her husband more every passing week. Dating again was only a thought she flirted with. And for a woman of forty, with signs of how she'd look when she was sixty starting to show because of the constant frown on her face, it wasn't easy to find the proverbial satisfa... Continue»
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Sophia’s Amateur Modelling Adventure

t was a lovely spring morning and I was feeling really good, after 3 months intensive yoga that had toned my body back into a sexy little hottie (even if a I say so myself) and now only one year after having my lovely baby girl Holly I am now back to looking great.
My regular shopping trip took me to the butchers and I loved to chat with the gang in the shop. The four lads were fun and I must admit very fit (if a little bit dirty from the humping of raw meat). This time a gorgeous blond girl held the door open for me as I went in and she had really created an impression, I could feel the e... Continue»
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Humiliate your Husband

Humiliating your husband is creating mortification leading to a state of being humbled. Here is a list of how to humiliate your husband:
Tease your husband with the idea of, you sl**ping with another man.
Comment on how good other men look to you.
Tell your husband that you like big endowments.
Tell your husband that his endowment is not big enough for you.
Tell your husband your lover/s are much better at sex.
Tell your husband he is a wimp.
Tell your husband he is a jerk.
Laugh, grin, giggle or shake your head in contempt every time you see your husbands frown.
Tell your husband you... Continue»
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(67) Pam share (3)

(67) Pam share (3)
Jim called and said he was on his way home. She mumbled “ok all clear” put down the phone and went on to start on tea while she awaited the families’ arrival.
She slid into a spare pair of knickers from the wash pile, wrapped the dressing gown a little tighter and awaited the ping of the microwave. A simple meal tonight, k**s first. She would have had a cup of tea as a restorative but she was saving the lads taste for her man. She knew the Bedspread was marked and there was seed on her thighs as well, but she knew the effect that would have on her husband, so she would sa... Continue»
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my jobs

I was sitting in my office waiting for my 10:30 AM meeting with Celia Wu. She has been assigned to my office as a graduate for the last 3 months. Her prior placements in the organisation had been failures with her unable to handle the work given to her.

In my area, I had tried her in a number of roles, and had found her performance wanting in most of the roles. She did however excel in organising presentations and looking after my clients. I had decided to offer her that type of role during our review meeting.

Celia (as her name suggests) was from Malaysia. She was 22 years of age and ap... Continue»
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oh fuck me

I'd started the day as a virgin with absolutely no close encounters of any type with any females. I finished the day with a very deflated cock - my balls drained firstly by Ann and then by her daughter Megan. Ann is a strikingly beautiful blonde lady in her early forties, and Megan is her equally beautiful 24 yr old redhead daughter.

Ann relieved me of my virginity after she had greeted me at the door - greeting me totally naked. She led me to her bedroom and fucked herself (and me) sensationally. When Ann passed out, Megan took over unbeknownst to Ann, and rode my cock through multiple org... Continue»
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While You Were sl**ping (Part 2)

Everyone loses when cheating is involved.

Matt wakes up to a new, nightmarish reality.

Reality really sucks, at least mine does. What the hell am I supposed to do now? The woman that I love more than anything, and that I thought loved me the same, fucked my former best friend Jim. How the hell do we get past this? Can I get past this?

First thing I need to do is get healthy again, then go kick Jim's ass. How dare that asshole? He was supposed to be my best friend. Instead, he takes the first chance he can while I was in a c*** to nail my woman.

How am I supposed to get bette... Continue»
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Mai aksar burkha pahen kar hi bahar jaati hoon, mai college jane ke waqt hamesha raste mein chalte log meri mast jawani ko nangi nazrou se dekhte aur kuch to comments bhi kaste ke, kya maal hai saali burkhe mein bhi hokar lund ko pagal karrahi hai.. Meri gali mein ek ladka tha uska naam ramesh tha, wo aksar gali ke nukkar per hi baitha rahta aur uska aksar baithna to mere ghar ke samne hi tha..khair wo aksar mujhe chedta rahta aur gandi gandi batien karta aate jate waqt, mai bhi uski batou ke maze leti rahti, ek din ki baat hai mai apni saheli asma ke ghar gayi usne mujhe nangi film batayi, w... Continue»
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While You Were sl**ping (Part 1)

Happy marriage is undone while a man is in a c***.

Why does everything seem foggy? I don't remember what happened but it feels like I am more tired than ever before.

As Matt woke up slowly, his body ached and he was sure he had dreamed about something but couldn't remember anymore. He blinked a few times to clear the fog from his vision, to see he wasn't in his own bed.

Where am I?

He looked around and really took stock of where he was. It looked like a hospital room or something like one. There were monitors hooked up to the wall behind him, the bed had those railing sides... Continue»
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First time swinging

My exwife was interested in having sex with other women and men. On our first date she told me how she wanted to be in a orgy. So I should of known we would be having lots of different sex escapades after we got married. It was not until a few years into the marriage that we tried to swing.
First couple was not going to happen. We decided to try to just meet with a man or woman. Well things ended up with a man.
We are close to a military base and the first guy was from the base. We chatted online and he came over that weekend. My exwife had huge tits and she worked out a lot. The guy was a l... Continue»
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My Grandmother recently celebrated her 75th birthday and we had a f****y gathering to celebrate her. I came home from School and stayed in my old room. f****y came from all over,and a few stayed with us, as our home was spacious.
My favorite aunt Angie, my mom's younger s****r, stayed with us. She came with her 3 k**s, Lisa, and the twins Aiden and Aaron. They were my favorite cousins as well, my little b*****r Tim and the twins stayed in the room playing video games and Lisa followed me around everywhere.
Lisa was a pretty girl, smart, talkative and she was a big girl on the heav... Continue»
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lara the milf

i came back from my jog feeling good, all sweaty. as soon as i opened the door i could smell it. i could hear them talking and laughing, my son trent and someone else in his room, hanging out and listening to music, partying like school k**s. his door was open so i went to say hi. you guys having a party? i said as i stood at his door, oh, hey mom! trent said all casual, his friend's eyes opened real wide as he checked me out in my little runner outfit, super tight, little shorts, tight tank top, sneakers. this is trevor, trent said, introducing his friend, i went in smiled at him (what a cuti... Continue»
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How Nick became Nicki. A sissy story

This is the story of Nick. Nick was straight.
It was Friday night and she was getting ready to go out, she had something special planned tonight. She had her favourite pair of red and black lace lingerie on, the panties cupping her round smooth cheeks, her light blue pencil dress that hugged her figure and gave her a passable cleavage, white heels that make her look sexy even though they squeezed her toes and rubbed her heels and she had barely got the hang of walking in them. She had done her make up too, as well as she could, a little eye shadow and a cherry red lipstick. Her stomach was af... Continue»
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A night to remember

Well my husband and I decided to get a sitter for our k**s and we go have us adult time. Well my friend and I have been out and got our nails and pedicure done early that day. While we setting and getting our nails and stuff done we was talking about my husband and my date night. Well first of all let me just say she is married too but her husband is locked up. I started feeling bad talking about the night my hubby and me going to have since her man is locked up. So I decided what the hell I invite her along my hubby won't mind since we role play about her sometimes. So I called my hubby up an... Continue»
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Alicia's confession

Recently I met a very captivatingly beautiful woman at a singles event at a downtown cocktail bar. From the moment we made eye contact, we clicked. She imediately sucked me in with her easyness. Easy to talk to, fun to flirt with, lovely to look at. Luckily for me, she seemed to enjoy my company as much as i hers. Being that it was her first time at one of these local events, every guy in the room was circling her like sharks. The friend who had brought her there slipped out with a guy she had been seeing and left her with a few of his male friends that he had brought to try and hooke her up w... Continue»
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I Slept with His Cock in my Ass

I stepped outside for a breath of fresh air. The cool evening air having an immediate effect under my short dress and the omission of wearing a brassiere, having the a similar effect on my nipples, now hardening to the drop in temperature.

'Excuse me', was all he said, and as I turned he grabbed me and pulled me into the dark allay. I was so taken aback I never even shouted or attempted a scream.

My face was up against the brick wall, and I can remember the smell of the green coloured growth as my face was f***ed against it. His breathing and the noises he was making made it obvious to m... Continue»
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