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My First MILF - Part 3

This is the ongoing fictional saga of the best summer of my life … the summer of my "first" … which also just happened be my first experience with the MILF of my fantasies. To maintain the continuity of the story, I strongly urge that you read Part 1 before reading this submission …

My First MILF
Part 3

Brenda twisted in my arms until our lips found each other again and we started kissing passionately. I liked this kissing stuff more than I anticipated. Brenda’s tongue worming around in my mouth was thrilling beyond belief. I almost didn’t notice that she had gripped my hard on and ... Continue»
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Afternoon as a Slave

AsI lay on the bed, my legs attached to a spreader bar. I reflected as to how I'd got here.
I had been seeing a gorgeous mature lady for a while and had suggested that we might try a little bondage and mild BDSM next time. She had just smiled and said we'll see.
on our next meeting I rang the bell and was invited upstairs. My lady was wearing a short black dress she gestured towards the bedroom and followed me in to it.
She barked a command at me 'Strip'. There were none of the usual greetings.
I removed my cloting and made for the bed as usual.
'I don't think so slave ' she said,'on ... Continue»
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My first time having sex

The time was the fall of 1978. My parents were both deceased in an auto accident and I had dropped out of school and had spent the previous six months clearing out their property, homes and business for the big sell off.

I lived in a po-dunk community where 'outsiders' were looked at with suspicion and long time residents, fifth or six generation descendants from the original pioneers/49ers were called "Poison Oakers." My parents were the 'outsiders' as they moved into that place, opened a business and became a success. "New Money" was also frounded upon.

When I was not busy, I di... Continue»
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our vacation

this may seem strange to some I am 65 married white woman have 4 grown daughters my husband is 68. For my age I think I have taking good came of myself I am 5'5" 140 pounds with 40dd 31 36 my breast have very little sag and I breast feed all our k**s so have nice nipples. Since all our k**s are married and live a ways off my husband and I decided to take a trip to one of the islands. My said maybe we could loosen up some I knew what he was talking about he has always had a fantasy of me with another man or men Ihad always said that just a fantasy not going to happen. I wanted him to en... Continue»
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I am retired and a few years back a good friend of mine stopped by the house just to touch base with me as we hadn't seen each other in quite sometime. My wife was a way working and I hadn't really had anything planned to do that day, so I was glad to see my friend and we sit down in the front room and chatted for a good while. We had gone to school together when we were younger and stayed in touch down through the years.

When we were k**s growing up I use to go spend the night with him or sometimes the weekend if we both had time. His parents were always there and always were pleasant... Continue»
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Showing My BBW s****r How Pretty She Is

This is another fantasy story of mine, hope you enjoy guys and gals.

Since I can remember my s****r Claire and I have been complete opposites as far as our social lives go. I play on the school's football team and I guess can be considered a "Jock". I have lots of friends and have dated a handful of cheerleaders but Claire had always been quiet, shy and stand offish just keeping her head down threw out the school day and as soon as we get home she just sits in her room. Now I realize why she is like this one because she has always been kinda self conscious about her weight even though she ... Continue»
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My alarm awoke me at 5:30. I walked into the bathroom and examined the damage.Okay, not bad either I’m Dorian Gray or my youth is still hanging on. I lathered up my face and began scrapping two days growth off. Then I showered, toweled off, put on my underwear and went out to the kitchen. I had a quick breakfast of black coffee, whole wheat toast, half a g****fruit and cereal. Experience had taught me that it is better to eat in my shorts than change clothes after I dripped something on myself.
I finished dressing having selected loafers, gray socks and slacks, a light blue b... Continue»
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The promotion, a young couple f***ed in bisex

Erwin and Jacqueline were busy trying to dress for a dinner organized Jacqueline’s boss. For both of them it was an important evening to make a good impression. The salary of her or was not so low and Erwin still studying, her income was not enough to pay the rent for their new apartment and the bills piled up. And who knows tonight Jacqueline could make such an impression that she would be eligible for the vacant job of assistant, they could certainly use the extra money.
As she drew her black dress she saw Erwin watching her. She and Erwin knew each other from primary school and since ... Continue»
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Seducing Nelly, a TS erotic story

I first noticed Nellie on a Friday evening when my fraternity and her sorority got together to make a homecoming float. She had gorgeous blonde hair that flowed down to her shoulders, she knew exactly what she was doing with her eye makeup, lining them in black with a smoky finish. Once my gaze connected with hers I couldn’t look away.
I smiled, grabbed a couple beers from the ice trough, walked up to her and offered the drink. She smiled, accepted and introduced herself, “I’m Nellie” she said, I told her my name, we shook hands and both smiled. Her teeth were perfect, bright white surrounded... Continue»
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You have to love Karma

You have to love Karma. My wife, of 38 years decides to go the gym and begin a rehabilitation schedule for her knee surgery it was suggested by her pain management physician and referred her to a 23 year old post college ther****t. He apparently was above his class. He also had made some quick financial stability. Anyway, she extended her rehab beyond the 12 weeks and continued for 4 additional months. It was then she informed me she was leaving me for this guy, and to have a nice life Wow. Talk about a kick in the balls.
So, 3 months after she leaves, she is driving with her new young boyf... Continue»
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sex delights.

We're a modern, affluent, and secular Indian f****y. My name is Kaerishna and my wife's name is Shobha. We're now in age group of fifties. Ours is a large f****y and added to it the f****y friends, it makes it what we call in our own language a "Kunba" (A big joint f****y). We're business people and this "Kunba" is the result of inter-marriages. Recently, we arranged a get-together of half a dozen senior members in our circle and discussed sex with all its bearings especially on the fast growing teens generation. It goes without saving that for now sex is no more a taboo with us. We all see p... Continue»
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Older man wears stockings

I had seen the old man twice that morning enter the toilet block and come back out within a few seconds he was looking for some sex ... he was mid to late 60's and a bit scruffy and he looked really furtive as he kept looking around him seeing if anyone was about ....he couldn't see me as I was hiding behind two trees in among the thick bushes leading up to the toilet block. I had been to these toilets only three times before and had to date been wanked off twice by older men one of which let me suck him off.... and I sucked another cock through the glory hole but he left straight after he h... Continue»
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Fuck a Friend

Thad and I have been best friends since college. Consequently, I have had a bit of a lust for Thad since college as well. Since we were in seminary, my bi-curious tendencies needed to stay at bay. Not to mention that Thad was married and I was engaged. Nonetheless, I put aside my desire and focused on our friendship. I went into seminary as a little chubby, but quickly got on a health kick and lost my weight. Thad was already in great shape. He worked out and jogged with me. I guess that is how our friendship started.

Thad was a semi-ginger. He has fair skin, but could tan a little... Continue»
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A night to remember

The night it all happened

I had been making a plan for a couple of weeks and tonight was the night it was all going to happen. I had been getting ready most the afternoon and was very excited. I knew my husband would be home from work soon and was getting a little nervous about telling him. I thought this is what he has been telling me he wants so I'm just going to tell him it's going to happen tonight, then I thought, should I just surprise him? Should I tease him? I'm just going to tell him, he is going to know something is up from how I'm dressed up. I see him pull up and now I am really... Continue»
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Amy's New Daddy

Amy was frightened as she entered the school’s front
office. She hadn’t done anything wrong and yet had been
called to the office during school announcements to
pick up a detention. What, she wondered, had she done
to get a detention. She often smart-mouthed teachers
but had always stopped when warned her behavior was out
of line. Had some teacher decided at last to give her a
detention without warning her?

It didn’t help that her home-life sucked. Her mother
and father had divorced 5 years earlier and she hadn’t
seen her father since. Amy’s mother had since taken to
da... Continue»
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Camping Trip

This was to be a really fun camping trip. My friends and I had it all planned out, but at the last minute many of them bailed out. So it was just me and two guys and two girls and our teacher, Sara Kerns. To make matters worse, we only had three tents, so two boys went in one tent, the girls went in another and Mrs. Kerns and I would share a small one. Now, I had known Mrs. Kerns forever. They lived next door to me as long as I could remember and now she was one of my high school teachers. She is an older lady, grayish brown hair and warm brown eyes. She looks much older than she is, wrinkl... Continue»
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College Matron Educates Young Men

Kathleen had been the matron for 4 years now at a private 13 to 18 boy’s school. The majority of the students were residential and it for her duty to supervise the dormitories each weekend. Unfortunately the school was in a remote part of Scotland and her isolation had virtually finished her social life.

At 38 it had been some years since she last had a sex life other than with her own hands or with items she could find to push inside her pussy. She had a comfortable figure, Kathleen had large sensitive breasts which she had to restrain with a substantial bra. During her regular mastu... Continue»
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Linda's Web of Seduction #2

So about ten years later, after having witnessed Linda fucking two black bulls, and after having fantasized over those images and sounds for nearly ten years, and even after having moved to another side of town, I was excitedly surprised to run into Linda at the store one afternoon. She was in the grocery store getting a few things and I was grabbing a six pack. We chatted like long time friends even though we had only limited interactions before, and Linda seemed genuinely excited to learn I wasn't married anymore. I learned that she was riding the bus (she had always rode the buses) so I off... Continue»
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Sissy finds real man on bike ride

James had always had a secret bi side, he had a girlfriend but had never been with a man before.
He always fantasised about being used and abused by a real older man, someone that would use him as the sissy he was.

He'd had lots of offers online but never had the courage to actually arrange a meet.
James LOVED to secretly dress in women's underwear, he would wear his girlfriends panties almost everyday under his work trousers , he loved the thrill of knowing he was wearing them while in a room full of people , sometimes he would pull the waist band up higher than his trousers, it excite... Continue»
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Pam Mark Hall

INTRO: If the intro looses you, sorry. This is a back story to put the times in context. In the days of analogue technology (i.e., records, cassettes, 8 Tracks), it was possible to eke out a living as a musician. People with a few hundred dollars could make a record, have a few hundred printed, placed in the trunk of a car and go on "Tour." Selling records as one went along. This was all in hopes of some large producer or radio station would notice the artist and the gravy train would start to roll.

Pam Mark Hall, at the time just Pam Mark was an eclectic recording artist
... Continue»
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