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Bowling alley chic, part 2.

So I woke up before she did. I get up for work at 3:00 during the week for work, so sl**ping until 5:00 is sl**ping in to me. Looking at her as I got up was amazing! I was now sober. She was 19 but sure didn't look it. She was laying on her side with the blanket covering her from her chest down. Her one leg was out and her foot looked so cute. I didn't want to wake her so I was quit. After a show I cut up some fruit, and toasted some English muffins. By now it was about 7:00 so I woke her with the breakfast and some champagne.

She was very impressed! After eating and some champagne I asked... Continue»
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The Sauna (part 1)

The general assistant opens, enters and then closes the door of the sauna where we're sat. "Just checking the thermostat boys" she says, her voice full of youth and vibrancy as she studies the gauge and then writes some numbers in her little notebook. Jonathan and I give each other a discreet wink, trying hard not to smirk as we look the girl up and down. She is tall; maybe five foot eight, has shoulder length blonde hair, sparking green eyes, beautiful sun-kissed skin and a body too perfect to describe. She is wearing a work issue polo shirt with the buttons undone, loose fitting sports short... Continue»
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Whats App Chat Turned To Sex Chat

Hello friends my name is sanjay (name changed) this is my first sex story so please excuse if there is any language mistake. Let me begin the story with my intro i am 21 year boys 6. 1 foot height ,69 kg weight, athletic body and ma tool is 7. 5″ tall. Any female or unsatisfied aunty can contact me.

Let me begin the story this incident happened when i was in my engineering . after my 12 i got a seat in very reputed college in bangalore. I took up information science as my branch subject.

As usual there were many girls b
... Continue»
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I Drilled Virgin Punjabi Girl From School

My name i ankith .This incident happened when i was in my 12std ……when i fucked a Punjabi girl thanvi(name changed)….

I will not waste time in saying my and other stuff etc….this incident was beginning of my sex life….

When i lost my verginity…..when i was studying i had many friends both boys and girls …..and once we had to give some dance program for the inogration of club in our college…

So we guys used to practise and i was in the dance and there wer
... Continue»
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Old Man And Indian Wife

*beepbeep* *beepbeep* *beepbeep*

My wife’s cellphone buzzed and rang multiple times to announce the arrival of several text messages as soon as she turned the phone on after the pilot announced it was okay to do so.

“So Shipra.” I said icily, “I guess those are all text messages from Jeff?”

Shipra ignored me and her fingers worked the keyboard furiously as she replied to the text messages.

“Only two of them.” Shipra said once she got done. “The thir
... Continue»
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Fucking when you weren't Planning on it

I recalled a story that I'm sure is not so uncommon. It falls under the variety of 'having sex when you weren't planning on going all the way.' I went on a blind date when I was in my early 20's. The woman, Sara, and I instantly hit it off. Our mutual friend knew that I liked curvy women (which Sara blessedly was) and that Sara liked skinny guys as long as (or especially if) they had big cocks. Our mutual friend was a platonic friend of mine, Kelly, but she knew I fit the bill in terms of thinness but with a big cock when I (purposely) lost in a college strip poker game. Best two pair I ever f... Continue»
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After 20 years of marriage my wife Diane informed me she was leaving me as she was in love with
her niece's (Ingrid) ex boyfriend Dave and went to live with him at Ingrid's council flat
He was more than 20 years younger than my wife.
I was greatly supported by our friends and in particular by her older s****r Liz who was a divorcee
We had been visiting and staying with an old friend John who also was divorced
John had to go away so Liz came to stay with me at his house
Liz cooked and looked after me and although she had a long term boyfriend she
went out with John as a fr... Continue»
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The First time I Fucked my Wife

The first time I was with her it was terribly exciting, extraordinary actually. She was 26 yrs old and very inexperienced having only one lover for short time after college and after moving out of state she had not had sex for two years. She was raised a catholic school girl and her head was a swirling mixture of lust and guilt. Small in stature at 4' 11" with a beautiful set of 34B tits, firm with large nipples that pointed straight forward and a lovely untrimmed natural bush surrounding her pussy.

We met while I was visiting a friend who managed the apartments where she lived, she came to... Continue»
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How to finger your girl the right way

How to finger your girl the right way

We thought that while we already provide for your virtual sex life, it wouldn’t hurt to pimp your real sex life up a tiny bit. So here’s your answer to the question how to finger a woman the way she can finally start believing in God again – as you know, we take religious beliefs very seriously.And exactly like in the Bible, we think that religion starts directly in the vagina. But unlike in the Bible, we think that you have to put something in there first before anything cool can happen. For example a finger.
Why should you finger her in the first pla... Continue»
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altruistic sexual mothering

I am a woman in my early thirties, still active and fit. Older boys, my son's friends to be more precise, think of me as a MILF, and they are sixteen, on the cusp of manhood, no wonder I get wet in their presence.

Of course as a well balanced and sexually experienced woman, I keep those powerful sexual urges in my panties, but secretly, I do tease, just to encourage these thoughts of self denial, but hoping, deep down, I do give them thoughts as they lie in bed, and stroke their cocks.

Whenever there is a stay-over, I always check the bed-sheets for semen stains, a tell-tail sign my nau... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Back on Land

Daniel had passed most of the last day and evening sketching scenes on the cruise ship. He had previously sketched a number of scenes or noticed interesting scenes to sketch. On the first morning he sketched the young, very cute and well hung waiter wearing a tight uniform serving an older gentleman a coffee. On that same morning Daniel also sketched a blonde Adonis applying sun screen on his companion's remarkably toned body. A third sketch that first morning depicted a number of handsome and very physically attractive young men playing volleyball in the pool. I... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 05

This had to be heaven, Kim thought to herself. Her she was in her favorite white lingerie, spread across the bed half naked. And Chris was fucking her with every last ounce of his energy. Each thrust of his cock sent ripples through her body, it was like she was having an orgasm every time he buried himself deep inside her. Before long she couldnt even hold back, her ass was throbbing with need and her body was lost in her desire. She had never felt as complete before as she felt now with Chris inside her, just thinking about it made her cum.

"God i'm going to cum Kim" Chris moaned as... Continue»
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My slave and My New submissive, One very proud Dom

As many of you know, I am in the local BDSM scene and I have a slave (I will call her Alice here), a really wonderful girl whom I collared over 6 years ago. We are very close and yes while I am her Master and Owner, I am happy to say I love her dearly and I know she loves me and loves serving me.
We have chatted a number of times about me taking on another slave or submissive, but I really haven’t found a girl that suits me or one that I feel would respect and love my slave. Doing poly will just not work if all in the 3some or the f****y group don’t have feelings for each other.
There is a s... Continue»
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Danny and Robert

Danny rubbed his dick against robrts hole to lube it, and pushed. Robrt flinched a little, but didn't move. Danny started humming him emeditly. Watch Danny's ypunh butt was so tempting, but I just watched. He finally pushed all in, Roberts facr was a mixture of pain and. Pleasure. Danny fucked him for about 5 minutes, them pulled out and turned and bent over for his turn. I told Robert to let me put so shampoo on him. I came up and offered his dick to me. I wanted to taste it so bad, but knew better, amd just put shampoo on him.
I suggested he push in slow at first, he pushed into Danny ... Continue»
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I WANTED TO Be JIMAHL's Big Black Cock Whor

My wife Tracey walked in the door of our Essex apartment. We have been married for two years and she was rather conservative in the bedroom. I was ready to fix that.
I kissed her hello and handed her a glass of wine. She took off her coat and I watched as her cleavage bounced in her sheer white blouse . I loved when she worked late at the bar.

"How was work?" I asked her. "Did any of those guys make you an offer you couldn't refuse?" I added.
She smiled her evil grin, "You wish. Why are you wearing my skirt and panties.
"I had to dress like a whore in case Jimahl came around .... Continue»
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Meating with the Minister

I didn't want to take the job but my wife wouldn't hear of me turning it down. I started going to church with her because I thought it would be good for business and it has been. I am a contractor that specialized in custom building and remodeling.

The church board came to me and wanted remodel their office complex. They needed walls moved and everything updated. I agreed to do it at cost plus 10% as long as I could do it on my timeframe. I was given a set of keys to the place and told to get at it.

My wife had been "reminding me" of the job for about two weeks and I promised I would get... Continue»
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Happy birthday cuckold

My birthday is in July and this year I got just what I wanted. I'm a cuckold husband and normally Im not allowed to be home when my wife entertained. At five foot four and one hundred pounds she is a real hot package. Her thirty four B tits are topped with three quarter in long hard nipples. She rarely wears a bra and most of the time panties either. She loves the attention she gets when she wears tight short outfits.

When came home from work the day of my birthday I was greeted by my wife wearing a very short white cotton skirt and a light pink cotton tank top. Her hard nipples where easil... Continue»
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Meeting Julie - First steps towards an adventure

The email was pretty much like most of the others, short and to the point – What a lovely body you have, great pair of boobs, I would so like to make love to you.

And that made me stop and read it again. Normally these mails were much cruder, telling me for example how much I would be screaming within minutes, and how many gallons of cum would be offloaded over me, sometimes so much that I could imagine myself being drowned in the torrent !

But this one was different.

I looked at the sender and suddenly my mouth dropped. It was from a woman !

A woman had contacted me and she wan... Continue»
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Girlfriend's Revenge

Eighteen year old Sheila Coronet admired her reflection in the
full length mirror as she fluffed her shoulder length blonde hair
and batted the long lashes of her big baby blue eyes. Every thing
was perfect today. She had graduated high school yesterday morning
and was to be wed to Gregg Wilson on Saturday afternoon. Gregg had
been the captain of the football team and she had been the captain
of the high school cheerleader squad. They had been elected Most
Popular and Most Likely To Succeed by their classmates. He was
tall, handsome and his f****y was one of the wealthiest i... Continue»
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It's all about Jay and this Cougar

I never thought I'd be calling myself a Cougar. But I'm a cougar falling in love. Again. Sometimes I think my IQ is close to my shoe size the way I fall for guys so quickly.

It's closing in on a 3 week anniversary and what a great time it has been. Learning all about a person and being close to his one and only is a gift. He has a wicked sense of humor and is great with the youngsters. He even does diapers! Rita has taken to him like a duck to water and I can see a bond there already.

The only item I'm somewhat concerned about is the fact that I'm not yet carrying. That fir... Continue»
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