First Time Porn Stories

Brand New World of Prostate Play

I come home from work and see that the package I ordered has arrived. It is in an nice case that could easily be slipped on a bookcase and look normal.

I open the box and examine my new prostate device. The Aneros Vice.

I put the batteries in the vibe and experiment with the nine different settings. The device itself is made of silicon and feels very nice.

It looks large at first glance. However, I am very intrigued. I take a hot shower and prepare myself. I lay a towel on the bed and lube up the device with a layer of Vaseline and a thin layer of coconut oil. I lube myself and begin ... Continue»
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How I Got Into An i****t Affair With My Cousin s*s

I was at my nana\’s house spending my summer vacations. I always prefer to go to my maternal grandfather house instead of grandfather, because both my dada and dadi expired before my birth. Thus I had no affections left there. This all started when I was in 9th class.
Okay coming to my story, I live with my f****y in main city, while my nana and younger mama had their work in the village. I have two mama the bigger one lives in delhi. I very rarely meet him. It\\\’s about my younger mama\\\’s daughter. He have a daughter who
... Continue»
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Sex With Riya- My English Teacher

Riya was our English teacher during my intermediate. She was that beautiful teacher with sweet voice who all boys fall in love with. She had milky white skin, dark hair which she wore in ponytail and soft boobs that are a little big for her bra. Her size was 32_ 28_34 back then.
She had perfect teeth and smile of a goddess that made everyone weak in the knees. All the boys anyway. She was every boys first love in college and she came everyday on a pink scooty. We always checked for the scooty as soon as we got to college.

... Continue»
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Get Blowjob by Ex Girlfriend

This was about my Hmong Ex Girlfriend when we were still dating and this story was back then when she and I was still in High School. I went to different school and she went to a different high school but we are 15 minutes away. I'll explain how did this story goes. It was 2012 when it was almost her homecoming dance my ex-girlfriend and I made a plan that when the dance was about to be done we'll take off and go somewhere private for both of us.When I took her somewhere that there's no one drive there and just only two of us alone. We both were in my car by a park and we both were french kiss... Continue»
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The boy next door

"The boy next door"

New to the block:

I retired early being only 42 and I had it made after working 20 long years at the firm. I didn't find the need to keep working because I always had my funds invested in all the right places. Plus I live alone in a cozy two bedroom house, been alone ever since my wife and I divorced about five years ago. I didn't have a whole lot of friends to keep me busy since they were mostly at work and I found myself rather bored half the time. That was until one day when I received new neighbors next door, they were a small f****y of three, just the two boys an... Continue»
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Saskia's Sweet Seduction #3

Saskia surely shows submissiveness to me, offering all her tasty tight hot holes to my proud probing pole. For her final test I blindfold her. She hears someone else entering. She fears for a moment I will present her to be used by some other guy. However, she can not really imagine I would want to share her like that. I grab her by the back of her neck. On all fours she crawls forward until her face feels furry. She smells some sexy snatch! She has no time to ponder more, as she hears my wish to eat our great guest out and make her come hard.

Saskia shyly starts to lick all along t... Continue»
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Photographer's dream assignment - part 1

It was my first home assignment of the Summer, since placing my new advert for female amateur models in the Midlands Model Guide.

I arrived well in advance of my appointment time and sat outside Jessy's house, nervously anticipating the day ahead. After a few messages and a couple of chats we had arrange a day-long shoot, chronicling "A day in the life of 'Miss'" for this hot young school teacher. Having seen a few pictures from various holiday and home shoots she had done it was my turn to get behind the camera and, in her words, "make me happen". I couldn't wait...

As I rang the doo... Continue»
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Sāo Coquettish

Start forehead began to kiss, then the ear, nose, lips, tongue, chin, neck, chest, belly, around his penis, Tim Mao and inner thighs, and then add up the balls from below. Sucking his balls, preferably two together into his mouth. Suck enough, then slowly add up from below the penis. Around the glans, then f***ed to suck it suck it, suck him Jiaochuang. . . (Listen to their own kind of man Jiaochuang surprisingly rewarding) mouth mouth glans while the tongue do not idle, kept in the mouth circling around the glans. Lap two laps, hands do not idle, stop touching his testicles. The final step is... Continue»
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The Captain

Every muscle in her body ached. She had been swabbing the deck of the large ship for several hours now. She desperately wanted a break, but knew that wasn’t an option until the sun set. The sun was hot and beat down mercilessly on her back, making her job harder.
“Would you care for a drink wench?” a sailor walked up to her with a jug of ale and a cup.
“What will it cost me?” she said, her voice, like her body tired.
The sailor laughed wickedly and made a motion to grab her, quite suddenly the captain arrived and the sailor took off quickly, no use in making the captain angry.
She ... Continue»
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GayMaker Florida Keys

We’d managed to get away to the Florida Keys for a few days, just my wife and I. She was enjoying a little quiet time reading on the beach and I was getting in some much anticipated tarpon fishing. I’d spent the day on a boat with a guide and had great success, landing my first tarpon ever. My guide and I had just parted ways at the dock and I was getting ready to walk back to the hotel to meet my wife. I really had to take a leak, it’s kind of a pain in the ass to go on a small boat. There was a public bathroom right between the dock and the beach, so I decided to use it before walking back. ... Continue»
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First Time Smoke a Joint Gay

Two months after my 18th birthday, I got my first apartment; I'd saved up from my job to be able to afford it and my parents had given me some old furniture and things to supply the kitchen (pots and pans, plates and silverware). 

It was the third day in my apartment when everything changed in my life; the day when my sexuality would be questioned. I love girls and always have. I love their beauty and I love the control I have with girls during sex. There is nothing like a girl on her knees in front of you when she takes your dick into her mouth; the very feeling of a wet mouth sucking your... Continue»
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Mile high shemale

“Curious? Bi?” Well, yes, but only with a shemale. Beyond that I’m a firmly planted heterosexual.

For many years I longed to have sex with a shemale but never did anything about it. (I’m not much of an initiator).

The community I live in has lots of shemale beauts; maybe that started my interest. One such ravishing creature has a gallery close to my office, and I fantasize every time I see her in the coffee shop. She also has an eye popping diamond on her ring finger.

Once in a while I’d visit shemale sites. Of the pictures the ones that turned me on the most were shemales with nice, ... Continue»
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Julia Lipinskia

Russian figure skater Julia Lipinskia was getting ready to leave the skating rink for the night, she had just got done practicing for tomorrows program and wanted to have a warm relaxing shower and have a restful night sl**p. Getting on the buss back to the hotel she was staying at she noticed a few other skaters and some of the fans that had been at the rink watching the practice.
Usually she would take a cab back but tonight there didn’t seem to be any available and the bus was right there. So she said hello as she passed a few and noticed a couple empty seats near the back and someone she ... Continue»
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Amy at the Movies

Amy fidgeted nervously with the back of her skirt. The wind was strong today and kept threatening to blow it around her waist. It felt great on her under carriage but the idea of being exposed like that terrified her yet thrilled her all at the same time. Still this was the first time she was out and about dressed to the nines to meet a guy so she wasn't ready for things to go sideways just yet. She marched up to the ticket booth confidently. She was happy she had been perfecting her heel work and it was paying off, even if the ticket seller wasn't paying attention enough for it to pay off. Sh... Continue»
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Caught Shaving - Returning the Favour

Caught Shaving – Returning the Favour

This is for those who enjoyed ‘Caught Shaving. It may be helpful for others if you read the earlier story. That’s if you want to know how we got to where we are. I’ve had trouble writing this part and so Astrid, who is looking over my shoulder pressing her firm boobs into upper arm, suggests that she should tell this part. Agreeing we exchange places and I watch her settling her unforgettable naked body in front of the computer. Before going to get a coffee I watch from the doorway as she starts typing one handed. The other hand is gently grazing h... Continue»
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Wife makes me a eunuch for Halloween

Every Halloween my wife and I go to a private party thrown by one of her friends. Nan is a lady my wife met several years ago and after they discovered they both are into cuckolding they became best friends. The only thing Man's husband Mike and I have in common is we are both cuckolds. He is an I.T. guy and I own a automotive repair shop. They live in a hootie tootie gated community and my wife and I live in a nice older neighborhood.

Each year Nan gives away an award for the best costume and my wife wants to win it. We have fallen short every year so far but this year my wife has a sure ... Continue»
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It was alwasy wrong, but i tried it, and OMG its t

It started about 3 years ago. I met a man who is wild, spontaneous and crazy. I used to go to his house and we would drink some Crown, and coke, smoke some killer dro, and have an awesome time. One night he put on a porno, and after being married for 18 years i honestly had never seen but maybe 3 flicks in my entire life. I was raised country, my parents were not racist, but dating outside of your race, was held in the highest prejudice. They had been taught it was wrong, so thats what they believed. Back to my new romance that had been getting very interesting very fast. He is a 6 ft tall whi... Continue»
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Man Smart, Woman Smarter!

After a fun visit to California last year to check out colleges, my wife's little s****r Cindy did end up enrolling at UCLA and moved into our back bedroom since the cost of renting in Westwood is prohibitive. Plus, she needed some help adjusting to the casual style here in southern California. Well, I thought she needed help anyway.

Cindy went through sorority rush in the fall and joined a popular group of girls on campus. I assumed the pretty redhead was well on her way to a busy social life and I was happy for her but still, still I have to admit I was smitten with her and always had... Continue»
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My First Time

She was one of those ladies that did everything. She was a part of everything, always volunteering to head up something, on the school board, on the church board, on some other board. She was not too old, maybe 45 I think. I never thought of her as good looking, but looking back on it she was alright.
Her name was Eva and she was heading up some kind of fund raiser for something and it was at the country club where I worked. Any way a bunch of the high class ladies from around town were there. Afterwards I helped Eva clean up and put stuff in her car. She was putting away the wine the wh... Continue»
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I Got Fucked By Three Hot College Female Seniors D

Hi my name is Kevin, 22 years, 5’9 height. I look smart and tough with 7 inch long dick. I would like to tell a story about my ragging at college. It was my first day and l was ready to be get ragged by seniors but things went in other way. I was the handsome guy among the juniors and 3 seniors Rupa, Kalpana, Soumya got interested me.
Let me tell about their structure, Kalpana the hot figure with 34-28-32, Rupa a fair girl with round ass 32-26-36, soumya the big breast girl and white skin 36-28-32.
Those 3 seniors lived in a room near college and one day they asked me to come to their roo
... Continue»
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