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Kelly and I: Our Very Wet Time

If this story looks familiar, that’s because it was originally uploaded years ago, and I’m re-uploading a few of my stories with grammar corrections, less awkward wording, etc. Hope you enjoy!

This is the first in a trilogy based on a character named Kelly. A lot of the beginning of this story is just character development, build-up, and so on, so if you're just here for the sex, scroll down or use CTRL+F to find this part:


aaaaaaand here we go!


I ... Continue»
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The Throat Trainer

genre: cocksucking, mouthfucking, throatfucking, swallowing, gay, independence, subterfuge, naivity


My dad was mad as soon as I told him I wanted to spend the Summer in Pine Flat. But then, my dad was mad most of the time. He said, "You're not going to fucking spend the Summer away and you're not going to go stay with your fucking s****r!" Wow! How did he know that Olivia was fucking?

But I said, "No, no. See, I can stay with Mark (my cousin) and Stan (my uncle). They want me to." But, he wouldn't budge. Mark was all disappointed but he a... Continue»
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Shower Time Champ

This true story came to me from a friend, please enjoy!.
My first time to have sex was pretty weird. I played soccer for the high school soccer team. I was not very good but I really wanted to play and play well. So I tried and practiced alot. One of the coaches was a woman. A very masculine not very pretty woman. We all thought she might be a lesbian even though she had a husband. It was the way she acted and presented herself. Dressed like a man and acted like a man. Her name was Fran. I don't know if that is short for something or what.
One day I stayed late after practice and to ... Continue»
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70s Summer

In the early seventies, I was taking some time off from
school. I was a member of the counterculture, 22, and
was living near my divorced mom’s house in the San
Fernando Valley. I was then about six feet tall, and
weighed about 190. A friend had taken off to the East
Coast, and had left me with some exceptionally powerful
marijuana. My girlfriend too had left me, and I was
feeling down, so I would go over to my moms quite a

My mom was still at 42 very attractive. She was about
5’5" dark haired, and thin with big boobs. She probably
weighed about 120. She had tried ... Continue»
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First Time Suck Buddies Part 1

I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other.

Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks!

Jason and I became friends in junior hi school but didn’t start fooling around together for a few years. We both had a thin build, me a little taller than Jason and both of us had medium brown hair. I didn’t have much body hair and Jason had a little more than me. It began the usual way, we wou... Continue»
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Blow my mind

As Chris watched Sally walk towards him, he licked his lips in anticipation, Sally was d***k and had decided to find out how big Chris was, they had been good friends for a real long time, always having a giggle and flirting but the flirting was getting more intense every time, Sally had just been given good news that, she had been given a job with a huge advertising company in the city, she had been nervous for about a month, since her interview, as they sat drinking Sally said she had always wondered how they had never slept with each other, there had been a certain chemistry between them th... Continue»
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Fun versus machine

As the bedroom door opened in walked Veronica, closing it behind her she dropped the towel and lay on the bed naked, she decided to have a rest before her date with Jed, she opened her legs slightly and touched her freshly shaved smooth pussy, pulling her lips apart she felt her clit that had become swollen slightly, she sighed softly and rubbed it gently, her mind consumed with what would be happening later in Jed’s house, it always happened the thought of his huge thick cock, slamming into her pussy and making her scream.
Her other hand played with her ample chest, her best asset besides h... Continue»
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Faye's new toy

Faye’s favourite toy

Faye lay on her bed naked after just coming off the phone to Ray who was away on business, reaching over to her bedside locker she pulled, out her favourite sex toy, wetting her fingers she reached between her legs rubbing her perfectly shaved pussy, switching her toy on a soft buzz started, slowly she dragged the toy over her breasts and across her nipples, making them go rock solid she groaned softly, slowly it made its way to what was now a very wet pussy, she opened her legs and dragged it across her pussy lips, she arched her back with pleasure, Faye only broke out... Continue»
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Forbiden fruit Part 1

As Veronica started to strip, she looked at her uncle (by marriage) laying on the bed rubbing his extremely large thick cock, she fancied him like hell and had only just realized he was up for some serious fun, reaching behind she unclipped her bra to reveal her large firm tits, Chris licked his lips and said they looked real sweet, he also told her he just loved hard dark nipples, she slowly pulled her skirt down and then her panties to reveal a nice shaven pussy, again Chris licked his lips, his eyes feasted on her naked body.

Climbing onto the bed Veronica knocked his hand off his cock a... Continue»
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Debbie,Kevin & Jason

As Debbie lowered herself onto Kevin’s cock she groaned loudly, her mind cast back to 2 days earlier when she had been riding a bigger and much thicker cock, Kevin held her hips as Debbie started to grind on his deep rooted dick, her mind now consumed with the cock she had been riding and sucking was really turning her on, she had met up with a few mates from work and had gone for a few drinks, getting chatted up by Jason she was unable to resist his cheek and ended up getting nailed into his huge bed all day, the sex was amazing she had never orgasmed so much in her life, her concentration wa... Continue»
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The lift

I had been on the road for just five minutes when a truck pulled up,I opened the cab door and was surprised to find a young woman behind the wheel. I climbed in and said my name was Jed and thanks for the lift, she told me her name was Mary and asked how far I was going and that she was delivering to Coventry. I told her I was making my way to Newark and that I was sorry it wasn't further, she laughed at that and the ice was broker making the following talk easy and pleasant.
I found out she had been driving for six years and the rig was her own bought and paid for,I thought she was taking... Continue»
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I was a glory hole virgin...

This is a true story of when I was living in a small town in the mid west for a couple of years. I had a part time job at a video store and and it was usually quiet. The owners of the store would put in orders for new movies and they had a large adult section that they would keep a good selection of films. One day they were doing an order and they mentioned a local adult bookstore that had glory holes in the video booths. I was only 20 at the time so I had not had much time in the adult store world so I asked what was a glory hole. They gave me a brief background on it and my cock jumped to at... Continue»
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My first bi experience...

Years ago, just after I was legal...but not really "Experienced" in the ways of the world, I was a horny 18 year old.I lived near a large city that had it's 'seedy side"...i.e. adult book stores, strip clubs etc. One Monday night I decided to head to one of the Book stores to visit the "mini movie booths" they advertised (Obviously, this was before the internet, when you had to Go somewhere for porn"!) Since it was a Monday, there was only 1 car in the parking lot (although there were many at the bar across the busy road out front. When I went in, the clerk acknowledged me with a head nod and ... Continue»
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Wendy is given the perfect solution for her sexual

Wendy is English and comes from Edwalton in Nottingham and is 41 years old. She’s been married to Richard for 22 years They met at college and they have just the one boy who is now 21 and living away with his girlfriend in the USA.
Her husband Richard (known as Dicko to his pals) is the same age but has, of late, become a real lad going out drinking and her sex-life with him has been virtually non-existent for quite a while except for d***ken fumbles when he gets home from the club. To say the least, she is sexually frustrated but she always resisted the urge to have an affair as she knows wh... Continue»
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I Have a Dream...

This is Julie...

In college I'm studying Philosophy and Religious Studies. But for as long as I can remember I've always been fascinated by United States history and politics too. So it wasn't so surprising that the other day, as I was lounging nude on my garden chair, I began pondering about how we can have a better country and world.

The inspiring words of Robert F. Kennedy came to me:

“There are those who look at things the way they are, and ask why. I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”

And of course the epic speech of Martin Luther King was not far behind... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 02


When Kim got up it was already late, but his head was pounding, and as much as he wanted to get back to sl**p, he had to deal with that first. Throwing on a silk robe he headed out to the kitchen to get some juice. It wasn't until he got to the kitchen that he remembered that Chris had passed out on the couch the night before. He quickly belted up his robe to hide his nudity.

"Hey is that you? I'm dead, don't mind me" Chris croaked from the living room.

Giggling and pouring a glass of juice for Chris as well, Kim headed in to the other room.

"Wow someone is fancy... Continue»
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My Freshman Year Roommate Part 2

I woke up the next morning with a hell of a hangover. It took a few minutes before I was able to get out of bed and get moving. What the hell had I done last night? I remember saying out loud that I was never drinking again. I wish I had kept track over the years of how many times I have said that, lol. I looked around the room and it was a mess. There were empty beer cans, a mostly empty bottle of Captain Morgan. I realized I was alone in my room. Where was Jason? I threw on some shorts and stumbled to the bathroom. What the hell had we done last night? I splashed some water on my face ... Continue»
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the Coming Out Party

some of this story is true. sorry about the grammer or punctuation. i am just not all that concerned with it. enjoy the read. let me know what you think.

I had just turned 18. I was a skinny boy with short brown hair. I was very active and physically toned and cut. I didn't play sports but, liked to skateboard in the summer and ski in the winter and I had developed a nice little bubble butt from all the leg workouts from the two liesure activities. It was the middle of June and me and my best friend Natalie were at her gay uncles house to swim and hang out. He was cool and would let us smo... Continue»
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My Freshman Year Roommate

My first time. (a true story)

Growing up all I could think about was women. I never had any interest in guys. That all changed my freshman year in college. My roommate Jason and I both had girlfriends. We really didn’t see each other that much necause we were always out with one of them. One night he came back to the room all upset because he caught his GF cheating on him. It really tore him up.

Jason was a big strong guy. He played football in high school. It was so strange seeing him broken. He moped around the room for a week straight. Finally, I couldn’t deal with it. I told... Continue»
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First Time

Someone wanted me to tell about my first time having sex. I can tell you, the first pussy I saw was my cousin. I did not fuck her, but I wish I did. We were young, my f****y just gotten a above ground swimming pool. So I went to my room and change into my swimming trunks. My cousin went in my room after me and changed into her bathing suit. Well my door couldn’t close where it latch shut, but you can close it enough where you can’t peek in. My cousin closed the door but no all the way, she even asked me if it was closed all the way. I said yes. I looked in and watched her get undressed, she sa... Continue»
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