First Time Porn Stories

My all time favorite story part3

All credit to Julian0682

Ch. 03: Deep-Throat

As Tonya got up to answer the door, Bailey uncuffed Julian, and he got up and stretched, and sat on the edge of the bed. He was still savoring the taste of cum from these two lovely trannies, when the door opened. A tall blonde beauty walked in, and leaned down to give Tonya a kiss.

"Jenny, meet our cumslut," Tonya said, his softening cock dangling as he walked over to Julian and placed a hand on the back of his head, as if to show off a trophy.

"Hello cumslut, I am Jenny. Tonya tells me that you love to suck cock," Jenny said as he wal... Continue»
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First time with "Ashli" part 1

My first time with a Trans

It all started back at a Halloween party. I went as myself I wasnt big on dressing. Up and I only knew a few people at the party. I noticed this absolutely stunning redhead looking at me from across the room I looked up and gave a smile I then grabbed my drink and went over to talk to her.

Her name was Ashli and she came to the party with only a few people as well we hit it off and I could not get over how sexy she was in her tight little dress she was maybe 110lbs and just over 5 feet tall with amazing tits. We decided to take shots together and then hit... Continue»
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A moment in Taos

I recall another meet I had with another dresser who happened to live in Taos NM. Again I met her on-line and after exchanging a few e-mails we planned to meet. At that point in time I was like an hour and a half away from there. She offered to meet at her place and she told me to text her when I got closer. But I had somewhat of a dilemma. Since the drive was going to take a while, I was debating whether I should dress first or find a place closer to change. I’ve only been to Taos like one other time so I wouldn’t know of a place to change in a hurry and wasn’t going to stop at some gas stati... Continue»
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Part Four - The First Time

Part 4 – The First Time

I rented a nice hotel suite. Actually, I rented two adjacent rooms. It had a bar and restaurant down stairs. Friday after work we checked in. We had a nice dinner and discussed the game plan. I told her I had meet two young nice looking guys at work. They were in town for business and planned to stop in tonight around eleven. (The truth is I did not meet them at work but instead I called an e****t service. I asked for too young guys for my wife. At this time we were not on dating sex sites and there was no craigslist.) She was exc... Continue»
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My first cock

My ex-wife found my secret stash of photos on my computer and confronted me about them after I got home from work, at first I thought I was in BIG trouble but turns out she was turned on by them and wanted me to get dressed up and be her sub sissy right then. I was shaking and still in shock that I was hearing what I was hearing, I mean I had been a closet CD for years and all thru my first marriage, and here I was with the option to share something I love with someone I love. Seemed too good to be true. I went into the ro... Continue»
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Part one - Suspicions Turn to Reality

Part One- Suspicions Turn to Reality

I have been asked many times how we managed to enter the the lifestyle. Well, it has been a slow arduous journey. A process full of ups and downs and twists and turns. Only fully embraced by both of us for the last ten years. In this short essay I will attempt highlight the key moments that transformed us from your typical married couple to one that realizes sex is sex, it is fun, why deprive yourselves of living the fantasy. The following events are 100% true.

I was infatuated with her fro... Continue»
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Part Two - More Cheating

Part Two- More Cheating

Back together. Things are good enough. My wife continues her old habits. 'Once a slut always a slut' is the focus of this part.

Once a week Jennifer would play on a coed softball team. Typical stuff with some beer drinking afterwards. She would often get home rather late from the games. A few times extremely late. One night I was asl**p when she slipped in the back door. I listened closely as she tip toed around the house. Foot steps getting closer to our room I suspected she would quietly slide into bed, like ... Continue»
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Part Three - My Secret is Shared

Part 3 – My Secret is Shared

“I have a hard time saying no.” Jennifer has told me. That's an understatement. To date I am aware of four guys she was with while we were dating and three in the first four years of our marriage. My guess is there are probably more that I am not aware of. The point is my wife is a slut. She likes sex and is not going to stop enjoying it with other men. I am now fully aware of this fact. And the fact that I get a huge turn on knowing she is such sexual woman not ashamed of enjoying sex. Imagining her fucking those... Continue»
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Asifa 3/10

I barely got any sl**p. Whether it was the pain in my clit or the fact I slept with at wash cloth shoved inside me along with a pad to help catch any bl**d that was still leaking out of me I was sure. All I know is that the alarm went off way too early.
I stumbled into my bathroom which is technically the guest bathroom upstairs and stripped down only to look in the mirror and see my scribed words of self-identification.
“Oh right, duhhh,” I thought as I got re-dressed and went back to my bedroom to grab my clothes for the day. I couldn’t risk anyone somehow accidentally seeing any of that.... Continue»
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First Time Cuckold

My wife and I decided to take a trip to Casino with a Hotel and spend an evening doing a little gambling just to get away for a night. We are not gamblers at all but wanted to see what it was all about and we set a limit as to how much we could lose. I understood the basics of playing blackjack and figured I would be able to play long enough to make the evening last.

We arrived in the early evening and checked into our room. Before heading down to the Casino floor we heard a knock on the door to our room. However it wasn’t the exit door but to a door that was shared between two rooms.... Continue»
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Playing with fire: My wife and BBC

*disclaimer* as of this writing this is a fictional story. It is my most raging fantasy and hopefully one day becomes reality.

My wife and I have been together for 12 years, married for 2. She is a gorgeous 5'6 145 lb with long hair and 34d tits. We have the best sex together and she is open to everything. She is hot, and a slut in the bedroom. It seems like forever ago at some point we started talking about adding another someone to our sexual adventures. Couples, women, men, we talked about it all and whenever we did, it made the sex even hotter and spicier. For her though, it seemed like... Continue»
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My Wife was a Part Time Hooker

my wife was a part time hooker
*disclaimer* this story is the product of a horny and slightly perverted husband, and unfortunately, is purely fiction. If there is anyone out there who gets off on it I would love to hear from you.

There was a time back a few years ago, when the economy was in the shitter, when my wife and I had fallen on hard times financially. She was unemployed and we were over extended on our bills and could barely make ends meet. I am hoping this is why things ended up like this but I will let you all decide what you think. So, like I said, times were tough but we tr... Continue»
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How my wife tortured me

My wife is a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed spitfire. She stands five foot four and weighs an even hundred pounds. He thirty four b tits are perfectly perky and never need a bra. She is totally aware of how I lust after her body. She always teased me with short skirts or tight pants when we dated. After we married she had to ease up some on the sexy cloths but only due to daily life and work.

She has been cuckolding me from day one, she never hid the fact that other guys where enjoying her body all the while we dated. And even after we Wed she would have afairs outside our marriage. The o... Continue»
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Summer Lawns Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Strangely Sandra D****r was growing colder to her husband. Before they had always got on well with each other, sharing a joke and basking in the expensive toys they surrounded themselves with. Now the mood had grown colder, and Charles wondered what the problem was.

One day they had a quarrel so loud, the cries carried out into the garden where Charles was working. He was almost pleased to see a few cracks in the armour, but what he really wanted was to be part of all that. To one day stand in that huge room and have his own arguments with Sandra.

There wa... Continue»
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Stuffed on Thanksgiving

It was Thanksgiving and the extended f****y was at my house for dinner.
My cousin and his best friend ended up staying over for the night. The
turkey wasn't the only thing that got stuffed.

It's almost that time of year again, Thanksgiving Day. It's been nearly
forty years and I still remember that day when I was f******n going on
fifteen. As the day grows closer I will make the trip up into the attic,
rummage thru the old trunk retrieving my worn out diary I kept as a
teenager. Again I will fumble thru the ragged yellow pages till arriving
at the one with a folded edge. ... Continue»
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Ayanna's Promise

Mama!" Ayanna's best friend, Trisha, pleaded. "The ice cream truck! The ice cream truck!"

"OK," her mama answered, "hold your horses, one second."

"Hurry! He's already been there for like an hour!"

Trisha's mama shook her head and smiled, then took her wallet out of her purse and handed her daughter a five dollar bill.

"Thanks Mama!" Trisha said.

"Thanks Mrs. Freeman!" Ayanna said, too, and the two girls ran up the hill from the beach to the parking lot where the ice cream truck was sitting and playing its silly music, "ding, ding, diiing, ding," to the tune of "Daisy, Daisy."
... Continue»
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Daddy and the Sitter (Title Change)

I had just got home and walked the babysitter home, which was admittedly not far as she lived next door. My twin daughters had gone to bed so I poured myself a drink, stripped to my boxers and put on Young Harlots in Detention and settled down to an evening of watching porn and playing with myself. My wife was on a weeks residential course in Edinburgh and I was feeling horny.

Walking Mhairi, my neighbour's daughter, home hadn't helped She was sixteen and liked to dress extremely provocatively whenever she came to baby-sit. In fact once or twice I'm sure she has watched me and Donna fuck... Continue»
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18 year old Marissa loses her virginity

These are TRUE STORIES about a girlfriend. At time she was 18 and and about 5 months away from turning 19 and I was in my late 20's. She had never really been in a serious relationship nor had she ever fooled around with a guy more than a handjob. We dating about a month and she had mentioned that she was ready to have sex for the first time. I was going away for business and she was invited to come along. After arriving to our destination and checking into our hotel we got into our bathing suits and headed down to the indoor swimming pool. Unfortunately there were about 5 older people in the ... Continue»
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Feet Fotoshoot

The following is a fictional story of adult women, lesbian seduction and
foot fetishes. No one depicted in the following story is real, and all
details are fictitious. Thank you.

My name is Jennifer, I'm a young photographer. A freshmen in college, I
make my living taking... shall we say "intimate" photos for people.

Not much to look at myself, being only 4 foot 11, Asian, barely nineteen
and plain to say the least. I learned long ago that looks aren't
everything, but looking sure is! Why spend all your time and energy trying
to look good when you can spend all y... Continue»
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Chapter One --- The awakening

((Note: This is a work of fiction. Depending on how much I enjoy it, there may or may not be additional chapters. This one will probably start off slow before it goes into it. If ya know what I mean. ;) ))

She inhaled and exhaled slowly. Her hands rested on the disposable coffee mug and took comfort in the warmth. Soft thumbs moved over the surface as she waited. Memories of their multiple chats filled her mind... hints of seduction... he had made many thoughts that she never deemed possible were awoken, and she didn't know whether to wish this had been an elaborate prank or whether there... Continue»
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