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kate tues night

I took the teas and clothes upstairs
Kate and sally was laying on the bed hugging and kissing
I put the teas down , Kate looked up thank you she said , leave us alone for a bit,
I left the room and went to my room , I put on some music, I could hear the girl talking and laughing, I heard sally scream as she cum
My imagination running wild with what was happen in the room,
After twenty minutes, Kate's door opened she ran upstairs' a couple of minutes later she came down with a leather bag,
Are you OK she asked
Yea fine I replied
She pecked me on the cheek , sally wants some time to ... Continue»
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The first adventure of Masha, Silenos and MrCockTa

Masha feeds MrCockTail, the masturbating a****l. Used condoms are his favorite food.
In the past, when MrCockTail was young, he could put his nose into everything. He worked much for Catholik church, the Russian and the American secret service. He is old today and gets backache always from masturbating and his nose is often blocked. In addition, he sees no longer so well where he puts his nose. Now he spends his days in Sileno's workshop.
Masha has got to know him there. She likes MrCockTail and brings him all used condoms she carefully collects. Today she gives him an old ,used Dig whic... Continue»
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The adventures of Silenos, Heros (his tail) Masha

Silenos and hero (he has his own life)

The lovely naked Masha lies on the earth, bounded at a radiator! A junky, addicted to the juice of her twat has caught her and suck always her twat…Silenos and MsCockTail, the sympathical masturfant want deliver her…Silenos is an ambitious amateur masturbator, he has began in c***dhood. You know him, he often exercises rubbing his tail by visiting MsLily from Myfreecams. From her he has learned to fortify the tickling by stimulating the sphincter with finger in asshole. For this reason Silenos is very grateful to MsLily. Next he wants demonstrate his p... Continue»
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sissy Meets her New Daddy Ch. 1

So I took the plunge and put out an ad on Craig’s List. I was travelling in a city about 120 miles from home and figured this was far enough to not be found and close enough to go back if I had success meeting a fuck buddy that could be longer term. I got myself all primped and wore a tight print dress, matching bra panty set subtle yet slutty makeup and my fave long blonde wig.

The ad attracted immediate attention and I was sure to mention I was a sissy who wanted to be treated like a girl. I was NOT into topping a guy…no. So I finally chose this guy Rich, who happened to be black, becaus... Continue»
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Sniffing a Teen's Butt

It was actually quite awhile since I had an opportunity to sniff some strange girls bum. It seemed the chances were few and far between, and when opportunity did present itself, I either wasn't alone or there were people around. Of course I wasn't really trying either, I was just keeping my eyes open for a chance encounter. I was almost caught off guard when the chance came around. I was in a deli that was very popular. They have great sandwhiches and hot food and at noon you can end up waiting a long time to get served, but it's well worth it so people still go. I just got there and took a nu... Continue»
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Amber The Teen Tranny Part 2

Friday couldn't come fast enough! Amber and I had made plans to go for dinner and drinks and for her to spend the night at my place. I picked her up and could hardly contain myself when she got into the car. She wore pink nylons, short black dress that rode up when she got into my car, pink garter belt, pink silk thongs and high heels. She leaned over for a kiss and we ended up in a grope session right outside her place. She finally pulled away and said we should go before someone from her f****y saw us. She had mentioned me to them but not my age. As I pulled onto the main street Amber ... Continue»
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Hijabi bengali gets it hard

This is a true story told by Fatima to me…… names have been changed to keep identity of people hidden. I do apologise for my English and grammar in advance.

Rayna and Boshir were married for over 5 years, on the outside every thing seemed blissful, everyone thought how much of a model marriage they had and were the envy of their tightknit Bengali community. They both were in there 20’s and had their own business running a saree shop with trade that was booming.

On one unfaithful morning everything was about to be out in the open, the deceit and infidelity was to be finally exposed. Bashi... Continue»
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Türbanlı Yengem Seks Tanrıçası Ç

Ben Taner, Mersinde yaşayan kendi halinde bir gencim. Şimdi sizlere başımdan geçen çok özel bir seks hikayesini anlatmak istiyorum. Eminim siz de benim gibi bir fantezinin hasreti ile yanıp tutuşuyorsunuzdur. Benim seks fantezim ise tamamen türbanlı yengem üzerine kuruluydu. Yengem dayımın eşi. Onlar her yaz tatilinde bize tatile gelirler. Birlikte denize falan gideriz. Bu yıl yine geldiler. Biz ananemle aynı apartmanda oturuyoruz. Onlar geldiklerinde ananemle aynı evde kalacaklardı. Ama bu yıl farklı bi şey oldu ve ananem evi tadilata verince hep birlikte bizde kalmaya başladılar. Neyse... Continue»
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a weekend visit 1

I met my wife Dawn 6yrs ago, my wife is a beautiful woman, 5'6", 150lbs, large C cups, and thick thighs that ended at a perfect ass. Dawn and I have always enjoyed a wild sex life, from role playing to group sex. But the first summer we were together started something amazing...
That summer Dawn had her 2 nieces come and visit, Adriana 15 and Michelle 11. Adriana was built just like her aunt and Michelle was shorter smaller chest and a little more on the chunky side. Both girls were cute. And when they would run around in bikinis, I could not not help but look.
One day Dawn took Michelle out... Continue»
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Kadını Türbanlı Sanıyordum Fahişe Çıkt

Merhabalar. 23 yaşında yalnız yaşayan bi gencim. Benim bir komşum var. Bunlar evli bir çift ve onlarla geçen seks hikayemi size de anlatmak istiyorum. Komşumun eşi normalde türbanlı bir kadın. Ama ben daha sonraları bu çiftin hiç de göründükleri gibi olmadıklarını öğrendim. Harika bir gece yaşadım diyebilirim aslında ve bunu sizinle de paylaşmak istiyorum. O gün yine evde tek başıma nette takılıyordum. Her zamanki gibi sapık muhabbetlerin içine giriyor ve kendi kendime eğlenmeye çalışıyordum. Ama bu gece bu durumdan da fazlası ile sıkılmıştım. Hemen kendime bir bira açtım ve soğuk bira ile a... Continue»
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kate tuesday continued

I thought about the walk to the park , my mind full of doubt but I summoned up the courage to go, also the fear of what Kate might do to me , if I didn't go. I couldn't take another beating
I left the room as it was and went down stairs ,
I looked in the mirror , I could see I was quite convincing as a girl , so I walked out onto the street , the sun was hot on my legs and the occasionallya light breeze blowing up my skirt added to the excitement, I reached the road I had to cross to the ally leading to the park
I walk to the crossing , two women was talking, they paid no attention to me... Continue»
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The estate agent

Inbox messages (1) : come on babe I'm waiting for you....ready, wet and on my knees as you want me to be.
Of course anybody that would read that kind of message would just stop anything he does and he fly over to his hun to fuck her insanely until the next morning.
But not me. No I have better things to do. For example right now I really enjoy going to the estate agent office for the third time this month because they wanted to tell me something important that obviously couldn't tell me over the phone.
Getting into the lift, pressing the button, hearing the same boring music that is suppose... Continue»
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gone fishing

The phone rang, and my mom answered it. After a couple of minutes she said Mr. Donald called and he's on his way. Mom checked my backpack to make sure I had enough socks and under wear. There was a knock at the door, and I ran to see who it was. I opened it,it was Mr. Donald. He told me to put my things in the truck he wants to talk to my mother.
After a few minutes they came out still talking. She came up to me, eyes a little red told me to listen to Mr. Donald and do what he said. I will mom I told her. She hugged me and kissed my cheek. We backed out the drive and hit the freeway. It was... Continue»
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kate tuesday

I woke up and got dressed and made a cup of tea , my bum was so painful, I looked in the mirror, I was horrified
the stinging and redness had gone but I had a scab about a inch long where the cane had cut in to my buttocks the rest of my bum was black and blue, the bruises was so tender to touch, even sitting down was so sore

Kate called down for a cup of tea, I took it up for her and complained I had swimming at school and how was I going to get changed.

She remained quite calm and in a soft voice , she told me to show her my bum
I pulled my trousers down
Omg she said her voice had a... Continue»
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The room is dark, all but for one soft light casting a warm hue over a bare bed. Two large armchairs are facing the bed, one on each far corner of the bed, maybe 3 or 4 feet away from the bed.

"What did I agree to?" you think to yourself as you are sitting in the chair. The chair is soft with cushioned arms and a high back. When I had asked you to come over because I wanted to show you something, you were surprised when I asked you if you wanted to play along, no questions asked. You looked at me and responded with a hesitant, "ok?"

You did as I had instructed and now you are sitting in ... Continue»
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"Snap" Frozen in Time

Everyone knows about Deja vu, but there are other times that you just know something just isn't right. Have you ever been walking down the street and it felt like someone can see through your clothes? Have you ever had your clothes all of the sudden just don't feel like they are on right? How about the time your panties or bra just suddenly feel uncomfortable? Unlike Deja vu, there may be an explanation as to your uneasy feelings.

Have you ever wondered how you can be standing still in a crowd and your panties suddenly feel a little bit twisted? Has your bra come unlatched suddenly without ... Continue»
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Letting my best friend fuck my gf

Everything in this story is True.
(Names have been changed)

My names Tom I was 21 when this story happend.
My girlfriend at the time was Hailey she was 18 and completely stunning she was blond with blue eyes and had a kind of pixi type look about her she was 5ft2 with milky white skin and a toned body and perky c cup tits which were a perfect handful she had a round firm ass and a tight bald pussy she knew she was sexy and wasn't shy about teasing people as she loved the attention.

We have talked about our fantasy's before and one that interested her the most was me wat... Continue»
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The nurse who masturbated Galisa on my behalf

This is the true story to my next clip.

Five or six years ago I had a 3 month assignment abroad. I discussed it with Galisa and we agreed that we need to look for a trusted person who could masturbate Galisa during my absence. I was unthinkable that Galisa would not get it at least once or twice a week. We checked contacts but there was nobody who matched our profile and had time on a regular basis. But then we met this women in the elevator of our building and i remembered that i spoke once to her and that she lives a couple of floors above us, is single and a nurse by profession. I asked ... Continue»
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From Femboi to faggot Madison

From Boy to faggot sissy Madison

I meet Maddi Ng one night as I was heading back to my hotel form a sales meeting. I noticed this young lady walking down a dark street while being followed and heckled by 4 thug looking guys. I pulled over and asked her if she needed a ride or to use my cell phone, she jumped in so fast I thought she was going to rip the door off my suv. As I drove away I looked over and noticed that she was actually a very feminine boy. I asked “what was going on” and she whispered “I promised to meet those guys for some fun but chickened out”, I asked “why would you want ... Continue»
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It has been ten years since the League of Women voters became the main governing body of what used to be the continental United States, now called the principality of Susan B Anthony. Ten years since men were stripped of all power and were f***ed to take more submissive roles. Attractiveness, breading quality and most importantly, penis size were the only factors of judging a mans worth.

If you were a fit attractive male with a large cock, you got to enjoy a leasurely life of nice cars big houses and sex with all the attractive women you could ever want. If you were flabby and out of shape ... Continue»
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