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That Time Of the Month

If you find sexual activity surrounding a woman’s menstrual flow offensive please do not read any further as it is not my desire to offend anyone.

Carol is one sexy hot bitch. We had been only dating two weeks when we had a night I will never forget. She stands 5’ 4” and weighs about 135 pounds with very large jugs and a ass that is perfectly big and round.

She already knew that I was into some kinky stuff as on our first date I sucked her toes through her pantyhose. As that did not scare her away I recently had passionately kissed her armpits while I caressed the rest of her body. B... Continue»
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You Come Home

You walk in the door, having spent all night at work. I walk downstairs, wearing nothing but my satin dressing gown. I see you sat on the couch, starting to take your boots off and walk over to you. You look up, see how little I’m wearing, how perfect my hair is, I’m wearing your favourite lipstick and perfume.

I kneel on the floor and finish taking your boots off, then your socks. I lift your pant legs up a little and gently kiss the bottom of your legs, giving you a taste of what’s to come, if you behave. I move your pant legs back down and stroke my way up your legs, paying special atten... Continue»
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the park

The park
It was a normal day I was sitting home alone dressed like a sissy slut like always and was real horny. I decided to get out some toys and play so I got out a few vibrators and dildos and started to play with my ass and cock. My cock was nice and hard and I decided to start to work my ass a little so I put a small dildo in it and started to fuck it. It felt good so I moved up to a larger one and finally started to fuck my ass with the largest one I had fucking myself deep and hard. I was enjoying it but needed more so I put on a pair of jogging pants and a t shirt and a pair of shoes ... Continue»
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It was a while back now, back when my boyfriend and I were going through the experimental stages.

Back then we wanted to try out all kinds of different things, and this was just the newest one.

He had been asking me to do it for weeks, and finally I caved. He wanted to tie me to his bed, and blindfold me.
I wasnt really into the idea a whole lot, mainly because it is scary to lose total control, but he asked so much that I could tell he really badly wanted me to agree.

He made sure it was when the house would be empty, and I headed to his house, obviously I was a bit nervous, but mos... Continue»
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In Hell Part 3

Jennie was moaning.

She was in the dark, chained to a demonic machine, phantom hands all over her naked form. Over her perky little breasts, between her quivering thighs, along her belly. She felt warm, loved... terrified.

Whatever resolve led her to sacrifice herself for Catherine was gone. She wanted out. She wanted out now, before the hands get bolder and start playing with her nipples and her clitoris. She wanted to struggle, break out, kick that demonic asshole in the dick, confront the Lord of Hell that doomed her to a helpless slut's fate. Climb out of Hell if she had to, even cas... Continue»
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No Head is Easy Head

composed Friday, August 26, 2016. Inspired by a friend who texts me how she edges her man.. and how jealous I am of him.

Stumbling into the bathroom from my usual 5 hours of sl**p after a long night's work, I fire up the shower and begin to take off my clothes. The afternoon daylight creeping into the curtains annoy me. I climb into the shower and close the shower curtain behind me. I need to adjust the water because it is not quite hot enough for my tired and draft chilled nakedness. "Ahh", I lean against the wall and let the steaming hot water do it's dance from the dual shower heads to m... Continue»
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the weekend away part 1

My name is Ben, and this story happened back when I was at Uni.
At the time I didn't do a lot of studying, just drank a lot and played a lot of sport. I'm quite a big athletic guy, I stand 6ft4 and around 240lbs.
I started dating a girl called Beki, she was amazing. 5ft 6, not fat but not thin. A real hour-glass figure. Huge 36F boobs, striking dyed red hair, a real wild c***d. And the first girl I ever met who was a squirter, and so good in bed, really dirty, and as I was to find out, no taboos!
We'd been seeing each other a couple of months and had loads of fun. The holidays were coming u... Continue»
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You Come Home

You walk in the door, having spent all night at work. I walk downstairs, wearing nothing but my satin dressing gown. I see you sat on the couch, starting to take your boots off and walk over to you. You look up, see how little I’m wearing, how perfect my hair is, I’m wearing your favourite lipstick and perfume.

I kneel on the floor and finish taking your boots off, then your socks. I lift your pant legs up a little and gently kiss the bottom of your legs, giving you a taste of what’s to come, if you behave. I move your pant legs back down and stroke my way up your legs, paying special atten... Continue»
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Tracy the Vicar part 3

Final part of the Story....

Things continued pretty much the same as described before for a while. I would go round to hers and she would usually be in lingerie and I would wank myself watching her and cum on her quite often on her face and in her mouth she absolutely loved the feel of my spunk on her. She kept her fanny bald for me as she knew I liked it like that and most times she would use a vibrator or dildo on herself and always made herself cum. After a couple of months of this there was this one time when I was handling her lingerie and thought she was in the shower while I ha... Continue»
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Alpha Male Gets them Both

Words cannot describe how excited I was to begin what should have been the best years of my life after paying my dues in a big way. I was a 32 year old physician who had just finished a six-year residency in a surgical sub-specialty. This was on top of four years of college and another four years of medical school. All in all the sacrifice had been great but I was now reaping the rewards. I had landed a cushy private practice job at a hospital in the suburban Phoenix area. I was married to an athletic, statuesque blue-eyed blond named Kristin whom I had met early in my residency. She was a phy... Continue»
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Little Miss Sissy Whore

Chapter 1 -- The Pick-up

Every year I waited eagerly for the three days when PC-Expo was back in town. In the past, I was always able to find some willing and naive out-of-town female to pick up, "do the nasty," and say my hasty good-byes. Most of them were from some small hick town and were entranced with the Big Apple. In fact, that was both the nickname for the city, and for me. Most women just couldn't wait to sink their teeth into me. So there I was, looking for some love, on the last day of the three-day convention. I walked up and down the aisles, past many displays, until I spotted... Continue»
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1. Preselection

You must be desired by other women. This can be called pre-selection. If you are seen as attractive for other women, say your "quote on the market" will rise. Women like guys who are coveted by other women.

They think, "If he is courted by others, surely he must have some attractive thing." Preselection is evident when you are always surrounded by women in a social environment. Another way is through some value demonstration stories.

2. Leadership

You must demonstrate leadership. Definitely this is the element with the greatest impact. As the woman is independent an... Continue»
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The Desert Part 1

This one particularly bad Friday, I had a run in with my boss, the guy I was dating dumped me in favor of his work out partner, and I had just paid a bunch of taxes to Uncle Sam. I decided a good workout in a different setting might shake things up a little. I changed into my gym shorts and hopped in my car and didn’t care if I ever stopped. I drove and drove until I suddenly realized I was about 45 minutes from Palm Springs. What the hell, a night in Palm Springs sounded hot…in many ways.

I had always wanted to stay at a clothing optional gay resort, but didn’t have a clue as to which reso... Continue»
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First Time I Lost a Bet

I'm Jeff and this is how I got cuckolded for the first time. At the time I was a sophomore in college and lived in three bedroom house with two other guys. Nick who was an easy going nice guy and Dwayne, an arrogant black guy who thought he was the greatest thing on earth, especially when it came to women.

I had dated my girlfriend Jen since our senior year of high school. After graduation we both went to local schools, me the local state university and Jen went to the local two year school to get some of her prerequisite classes out of the way while living at home.

Jen was raised in a r... Continue»
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Hooked (Chapter One)

Written by Shy

A little background before you read!

This story was inspired by a long-term recurring dream I could never seem to shake, as well as Peter Pan. It's one of my favorites and I've finally expanded upon it. <3 Enjoy!

A special thanks to a very amazing Bear. <3

Panic: That was the first thing she felt as her eyes sprang open. Her body was pressed into what looked like an upright coffin, a pillow fixed behind her head. Reaching out gently in front of her, her pale hands connected with what felt like glass, allowing her to see out into hall. From what she could see it appea... Continue»
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Size matters

Does size matter? I used to say it didn't, but in some circumstances it now does. I'm constantly being asked this question, both by random quickie hookups and from my couple of long term bitchholes, both of which love my biggest of strapons. Is it their size obsession with what goes in their slutholes that fascinates them with what I want in me? Maybe, but even before I was the man in one of these relationships, he was always worried I wanted more than he offered, despite my joy of his larger than average length and girth.
About a year ago, I took the bait of a kind man at the bar who bought... Continue»
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Mrs. Grant and her new Sissy

New Little Sissy

"I'm done planting the flowers Mrs. Grant," I said.

"Justin honey, I swear I have no idea why you keep coming over to do
chores around here."

"I am rich you know just like your Mother, I do have a gardener."

"There's no need for you to do these things."

"Not that I mind paying you, but you certainly can't need the money

"I just like coming over here Mrs. Grant."

She appraised him slowly now, was this a little slip, or was she just
imagining things? Was he actually saying he was attracted to her? No that
was silly, he was only 18 and she was 4... Continue»
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Sissy Swallows corrected

For years I have lived life as a heterosexual man who enjoyed the diversion of dressing and acting like a girl until I met a man at a rest stop that treated and then used me like a girl. He gently seduced me with kind words flattering me with feminine pronouns and adjectives and then he started touching me gently and intimately slowly increasing the sexuality of his words and physical contact. While trying to recapture the intense feelings I experienced, I started cruising for sexperiances with more men. Sometimes I scored a hard cock, but mostly I fell short. I decided to wear cute cloth... Continue»
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Hard Day At Work. By Sumisa Pura

You are having a very stressful day at work. No one is doing anything correctly and you've had enough. Your phone buzzes and it is my noon check-in text. I say I am at work and exactly what I'm wearing today. "Black scrubs, black and pink bustier with stockings underneath- no panties" Instantly you become upset and say "I did not give you permission to not wear panties. You will be punished for this pet!" I, on the other hand am giddy, because that's exactly what I wanted. "You will drive straight to my apartment after work and wait for me there. The key is in the usual hiding place. Go in... Continue»
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Hubby Brings Home Visitors

It was Monday, November 15th when I decided to do something very special for my husband Joe to celebrate his new promotion at his job. Joe had been working toward this promotion for over two years and he had put his heart and soul into his job so that he could climb the corporate ladder so we could be a little better off. We have a very good relationship and a happy marriage. Our sex life was also very healthy. Joe had a strong fetish for silk and satin clothing and lingerie which I had grown quite fond of entertaining. I loved that his lust for silky garments made it very easy to please ... Continue»
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