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Jim's Discovery - Part 2

Jim couldn't sl**p. It was three o'clock in the morning and he was still lying awake in his mummy's bed. It has been a weird day. He had promised his mummy to look after her house while she was on vacation with her new boyfriend John, but everything that happened since he came through her door was just messed up. It started with that note, that was covered in kisses, telling him to do some chores and those chores all ended up messing up his head.

The sextoys he had discovered were still s**ttered on the bed, one dildo was pressed against his back and a big back butt plug lay right next to ... Continue»
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A "Date" with Heather

This story is a sequel to my first story, “Dream Girl Heather”.  I suggest reading that story before continuing with the post below.
I was disappointed when I hadn’t heard from Heather after a few days.  She was friendly at work, but made no mention of my visit to her home, or what had happened.  I was worried that my premature ejaculation problem had ruined any chance of another encounter.  I had decided that if another opportunity presented itself that I would jack off several times before meeting with Heather and Larry again to reduce the chances of any more issues in that area.
Hea... Continue»
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Lucy Bruce and Janie (and me) Pt4

Next morning I woke alone. Lucy had got up without waking me. I could smell coffee. I guess she was making breakfast.
I went into my bathroom did the morning rituals. As I soaped myself up in the shower I got a huge hardon. Remembering the sex I'd had. Images of a beautiful bald pussy stretched around a thick hard cock. A pussy I'd put my mouth onto and then emptied my cum into.
There was no rush to do anything. No parental pressure to perform weekend chores.
After I dried off I went back to my bed. I lay down and started to stroke myself.
Remembering how Lucy had heightened the sexual... Continue»
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Angela Sand**al Part One

Angela was a former co-worker of mine. She was from El Salvador and a very limited English vocabulary. She lived with a guy. But she also had a work boyfriend. A Mexican dude named Honorio. She might have been fucking some other guys also. I'm not sure. Anyway when we were working together I had taken her out to dinner a few times. She said that the guy she was living with would go out every saturday night and come home boracho and go right to sl**p. I know she was getting laid by Honorio at least once a week.Anyway Angela was about five foot tall and probably about 170 pounds. She was chubby ... Continue»
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What I do :)

See, I desperately like being fucked. I love being naked in front of other men. I guess I pretend that I'm their woman, and after he's had a hard day out working to buy nice things for me, then the least I can do is lie back and spread my legs for him.

I want to look all nice for him, so I'll shave myself so that I'm completely smooth, legs, chest, armpits, balls and butt crack. Then I'll want to warm him up. So I get down on my knees in front of him. I pull down his trousers, and let his cock hang out. I'll kiss his limp cock and thank him for working hard for me. I'll gently begin to str... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 2

After that night it took us a month or so before we got back into our normal routine and stopped feeling a bit awkward around each other. Our nights out together soon started again and our sex life was good although there was no role play or fantasies as I didn't want to push my luck.
Natalie told me that she did not and would never sl**p with anyone but me from now on as she wasn't a cheap slut.
She hadn't been out with her friends for ages as we didn't usually go out separately but as it was Joannes birthday, her best friend then she agreed to go out wit her and a few others that Friday ni... Continue»
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....more from the Cuck worries Part 2

....Nat was well up my tight slit and very much enjoying his possession, his crown jewels he said up his Princess. His hot hands slapping my ass, it was a bit painful and stingy with each slap, but I liked it as the pain of the slap was taken away by the pleasure of the monster dick sliding into me deeper and deeper. my G spot was being stretched wider and rubbed with a friction that intensified. Mick(hubby) was still moaning on about it and I could feel from the tension in Nat's dick , the only way fucked woman can do that he had had enough of the shit from Mick!!!
He suddenly ripped out hi... Continue»
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A Submissive little boy : ch 2

I stayed there for a minute in a kind of shock. Seconds ago the only things that were registering in my tunnel vision trance were the man above me and the hardness filling my mouth. Now my senses started to come back. My lips, still slightly parted as if expecting more man meat, felt faintly numb. The video monitor flickered its faint light. The speaker next to it produced loud rhythmic moans.

Looking up, I saw a blonde, curly-haired, heavy-chested woman, bouncing up and down on a man in feigned ecstasy. It brought me out of my reverie. I listened for other sounds, and down the hall I heard... Continue»
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The break in

IMPORTANT: * All Writing credits go to hilary74 (only came up with initial idea)*

The door was not quite closed, leaving a crack for me to look through. I could hear voices, male and female, too soft to make out what they were saying. The female giggled more loudly and the male said the name, Lucy. The girl answered more loudly, "I don't want to do that, Harry," so now I knew their names.
I adjusted my mask and took out my gun, a very realistic automatic. I kicked the door open, and shouted "Nobody move!" The two people in the room saw the gun and froze. Behind my mask, I smiled. The man w... Continue»
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My Wife Natalie Chapter 1

My wife Natalie and I met when I was 19 and she was 18 and in 6th form school, We were both virgins.
Natalie is a size 16 with and amazing body and large breasts, The first thing I noticed about her as she was talking to her friends was that she smoked. I have always had a smoking fetish but never told anyone about it as I thought people would find me weird!
We ended up dating and our sex life was amazing and over the next few years things were perfect between us.

After we bought our first house she became pregnant and a little girl was born.
We soon got back into our routine of work and... Continue»
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Kitty's Weekend for a Huge Cock

I have to tell about an experience that I recently had with an old school friend. His name is Avik. I had moved far when I turned 15. We accidentally met one day at a mall. He was not able to recognize me at all and of course he was surprised to see me as a female because he had last seen me when I was 13-14 yr old boy. He was here for some work issues. We exchanged numbers and I got to know that he still stayed at our old town. It was good to know that he was bi and really interested in me too. After some days’ chatting we got the pleasantries out of the way, he sent me some pictures of his h... Continue»
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Jenny trains hubby turns in to cuck


We had only been married about a month when my wife, Jenny, and I attended a party for a friend's birthday. We had been there a couple of hours and had a few beers. I think Jenny was in the lounge whilst I was in the kitchen with a group of lads. Anyway, the conversation got around to what we liked about girls' underwear. There was a general agreement on stockings and garters. When I agreed with this someone said that presumably Jenny wore stockings. I didn't know what to say to this. I didn't want to say yes because this would have given the secrets about my wife's underwear away, bu... Continue»
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Agents: Going down

Having successfully recovered the stolen Russian thermonuclear weapon Lesley decided to take a well-earned week off shopping in Paris, “It was my second evening in Paris and I’d stopped at a small café to enjoy a glass of wine as I watched the Eiffel tower silhouetted by the slowly setting sun. I’d just paid my bill and was walking back toward my hotel when I felt a sudden sharp pain in the small of my back. That was the last thing I remember before I woke up here, wherever here is.”

Lesley awoke to discover she was hanging suspended in a small metal walled chamber, her wrists and ankles l... Continue»
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The Program or World Editing Software (revisited)

Damn was it hot outside! And humid too. Overall, it was miserable outside with the heat, the humidity from the threatening rain clouds, and the heat radiating from the pavement while I sat at lights on my motorcycle. To say I was glad to be done with class and back in my apartment would be an understatement, I left a trail of clothes from the door to my room where I stood naked in the blast from the A/C vent. When the sweat had evaporated I grabbed a pair of gym shorts and went to my desk, booted up my laptop and decided to check out the summer Steam sale. I usually don't spend much time on St... Continue»
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kate 9 cont

I followed Kate up the stairs to mums room, the batteries in the vibrator, was dying and it was starting get hot inside me,
Kate told me to sit down
I told her my wrists was hurting and the vibrator getting hot
Turn round she said, my knickers and tights was pulled down, she turned the vibrator off and eased it out, it was such a relief,
She then undid the handcuffs being able to stretch my arms felt great.
Do you want to keep the knickers on she asked,
I don't mind I said
Let's take them off she said, she slipped the tights and knickers down my legs , you can wash these tomorrow she s... Continue»
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Dream Lady Heather

The story below is fiction, but the character "Heather" is based on a lady I have fantasized about.

I met Heather at work. I was new to the office, and met her when the boss took me around to introduce me to my new coworkers. She is a tall brunette, with blue eyes that I immediately lost myself in. Once I was able to look at the rest of her, I found she had an athletic figure and nice firm tits up high on her chest. After our introduction, she said she had to attend a meeting. I made sure to let her out the door first, as I had to check out her backside. She was wearing a skirt that d... Continue»
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Cuck says no more!

My hubby was now at is wits end, he told me I had to stop my affair with my negro friend instantly while I was still lucky not to be affected by his seed!!! I said at the time he mentioned it one nice warm eve after Dinner that I would stop then and he was so happy he bought me a nice new sexy outfit, a clingy rubber dress. He wanted me to play with a Huge black dildo he also got me instead, so realistic with moving rubber foreskin and a pulsing head that actually ejaculates a special cum mixture, I can set a timer at random for this to happen after 15 mins of riding it, the amount can be set ... Continue»
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The College Fantasy Part 2 (Futanari)

I was still in shock. The taste of her cum pervaded my mouth and there was some running down my chin. I couldn't believe what had happened and I could believe even less how much she had cum. Her newly grown cock had continued growing from when I had first noticed it. Even though she had just blasted me with her load she was straddling me while rubbing her massive footlong cock, almost double the size of my own. I had yet to cum and was still feeling a bit horny although the situation had caught me off guard and I was softening up a bit. She just looked and giggled. Her expanded tits boun... Continue»
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Marion's feet

It was late in the evening as the front door of the apartment opened and Peter entered. He was just here for a short visit. They never locked up the door so it was easy to open it. It was dark in the apartment and there was just a little light coming from a lamp from the bedroom straight in front of the front door. He took a peek into it and he saw Marion sl**ping on her belly on the bed. She wore a white tank top and pink very short pants and her legs were covered under a blanket.

Marion was a very sexy and cute looking european women with a pale silky skin in her mid 20s. She had dark bl... Continue»
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Spring Break Footjob

Being a college student, I was so looking forward to my first spring break trip with my girlfriends Maggie and Kelly. We were heading to the Bahamas and I had finished packing that morning when we found out that our plane had been cancelled and we had to take an alternative flight that, for one, was the "red eye" which departed at midnight, a slight layover in Miami, then on to Treasure Cay in the Bahamas.

When we boarded the plane, we only had two seats together in the front of the plane and one in the back. Since Kelly was very nervous about flying, Maggie decided to sit up front with he... Continue»
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