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Gloryhole Alternative

I'm a married guy with limited and oral-only experience with other men. I mostly get the chance when I'm out-of-town, usually in adult theaters. I like bookstore gloryholes too, but prefer to be able to reach around a guy's butt when I suck him and pull him in tight. In any case, I've only had ten or so experiences but they've always been hot.

I was out of town again recently and found an old-school adult theater. It was pretty large and had rows of seats and some sofas up front. I went about 6:00 PM on a Wednesday and there were a few guys s**ttered around the huge theater. Af... Continue»
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Slowing becoming a Cuck...what next?

I have not gotten rock hard in over a year and a half. It is a medical condition and it slowing getting better, but it is causing my wife and I to try new things.

We always had good sex, but because of her beliefs it was pretty straight forward. She did not enjoy me going down on her, because she had issue with me kissing and licking her where she pissed. She would give me a little head, normal foreplay (kissing, tit sucking, fingering) but within minutes we were in position to fuck! I could cum quick and go again...rock hard.

But that ended in January last year. I can orgasm now, b... Continue»
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She lay on her stomach on the bed. Pissed as hell. He was sitting on the bed, just after coming out of the shower. She could smell him and how clean he was, but she was still pissed at him. She just stared at her iPod and kept trying to read something online while she tried to ignore him.

Feeling his hand on the back of her leg she snapped her legs shut…holding them tight together. There was no way he was getting any tonight after the stunt that he pulled earlier today.

But he was relentless. He was not going to be rejected. She just kept reading, giving him the silent treatment. So his ... Continue»
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Quick story about feet

This isn't a full-out sex story, but just something fun and flirty that happened last weekend. A little pick-me-up to distract from the depressing things I've been posting lately. I didn't particularly want to make a blog post of it, so I thought I would try out the story format.

I have a friend who has a foot fetish (lets call him Diego) and we have fooled around several times. It's been about 2 or 3 months since we last did anything. We had made plans to hang-out and do foot stuff in a couple weeks. I would have liked to earlier, but my feet weren't in perfect condition -- I had done a ... Continue»
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42 The Second German Adventure

Well about 2 months ago, we made a friend on here a lady in Germany, who provided services we were looking for, money was high but after a few chats .we decided to go out there, she had advised me not to wash my pussy for at least 2 days before going.
Hubby and I flew over and were met by an older woman around 55 or 60, in tracksuit bottoms long jumper big tits her hair tied back dyed blonde with grey coming thru, rose tinted big sunglasses her name was Bridget, she took us to a tatty old Volvo and drove us to an area a bit like Norfolk, flat with loads of farms.
We pulled up after... Continue»
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neighbourhood obedience

My wife and I have just moved to the suburbs after living the country lifestyle for 15 years. We're currently in our mid 30's: my wife is 33, 5'6, 130 lbs, blonde, 36C breasts, and is in good shape due to great genetics and a healthy lifestyle. Me on the other hand, not so much. I'm your normal 36 year old with the 'dad body' even though we don't have c***dren. I'm starting to bald, wear business casual attire on most days, and I'm amazed that I could even pull Cindy in college (my wife, I'm Steve). To top it all off I have 5" cock and though my wife as always reassured me that it was enough, ... Continue»
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My “f***ed Encounter” Intro

My “f***ed Encounter”
For those of you who don’t know me or know about me already, I suppose I should start with a brief introduction. My real name is Beth, but anymore, my grandmother is the only one that still uses that name. Most people call by my slave name which is Kunt, or slut, whore, bitch, or my favorite, sperm-breath, but basically whatever derogatory term comes to mind. I am a 24/7 sex slave, I am kept nude at home and ready to serve my owner/husband, Master Ty, who has held my leash since I was 17, in any way shape or form he desires. I am NOT some plastic fantasy ... Continue»
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humiliated at my sons party

I was glad that Sarah had agreed to go to the conference with me. We'd been married for nearly 19 years and never seemed to go anywhere alone together any more. I was also surprised that she had agreed, as she had to know that for the most part she would be bored out of her skull, so maybe she was thinking along the same lines, and I was glad because she seemed to have lost interest in sex lately. And it wasn't as if it was far away, barely a five hour drive in fact, and my company offered to pay for the hotel room, so I thought we might as well take advantage.

We packed enough stuff for th... Continue»
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sl**ping in on Saturday mornings always feels nice—a little bit decadent, a little bit necessary after a long week. Today was no exception. After a nice hot shower, I dressed, had breakfast, and was just beginning to contemplate plans for the day when I heard Nicki walk into the kitchen behind me.

Calling over my shoulder, I asked, "Well, what should we do today? We've got a late start, but I don't want to waste away the whole day."

"I've got our day all spelled out. You... are going to clean the house."

There was an air of finality to the way she said it. It wasn't a suggestion; it w... Continue»
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adventurous hiking trip with wife

Chapter 1 - Trail Surprise

My wife, Jenny, and I decided to get away, so we planned a little hiking and camping trip. We picked a location based on solitude, because that is what we wanted most. It would be a relatively short trip with one day out, camping, and coming back the next day. The hike would not be real strenuous - just an opportunity to get away and be alone together. There are not many that use this trail.

We started early one summer morning. We didn't have much with us. I carried a pack with tent, food, etc., and she carried one with water. We hiked at a leisurely pace, but ... Continue»
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twiested wedding

"Did you really think that you were going to consummate this marriage, my dear?" giggled my newlywed wife. "I know we're married now, honey, but that doesn't mean I'm a different person now. I still have the same needs."

Alicia was absolutely gorgeous in her bridal wear. The very picture of innocence. If people only knew.

"But, Alicia, it's our wedding night..."

"It is!"

"I thought we were going to... you know"

"You thought tonight would be different", she asked me, a slight smile on her face.

"Well, yes."

"Awww". Alicia walked to me and took my hand. "I know this must be ... Continue»
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wife led marraige

This story and the characters that appear in it are a work of fiction.

Female domination/ cuckold/ foot fetish/ humiliation


My wife Jasmine always dreamt of visiting Prague in winter, she loved the old part of the city and considered it very romantic. I had other plans in mind, I wanted to travel to Brazil instead and I tried to change her mind more than once but she took her decision and it was final, "this Christmas we are going to spend it in Prague!" she told me sternly while I was washing the dishes in the kitchen.

Jasmine is a member in a feminist organization, this org... Continue»
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The Breakdown

You were on your way back from a meeting . Its early spring and thunderstorms have been causing accidents on all the major roads all day long. It's late and not wanting to sit in traffic you decide to take a different route through the country. As you're driving you noticed that the power lines are down everywhere and it none of the houses or stores have power. After a while you notice you're getting low on gas but keep driving in hopes of finding a gas station that's open. About 10 minutes later you realize you did not have as much gas as you thought and your car starts to sputter. ... Continue»
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"So how have you enjoyed the process of hypnosis Summer?" he asked.

The question was so incongruous that bemusement tugged the corners of her lips, her brows rising slightly.

"That's a strange question Mark. How have I enjoyed the process of hypnosis? I've never experienced it, so I wouldn't have the foggiest idea what you're talking about."

Summer had been delighting in getting to know Mark, their weekly catch up and coffee becoming something that she looked forward to. There was no pretense, no affectation of what it was, no overt sexual overtone. That wasn't to say there wasn't a f... Continue»
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Predator and Prey

So, about objectification.. I had a little trip to the state line treating myself to an relatively inexpensive vacation. I wanted to get out and away to find time in femme mode, socialize, indulge and build my confidence. I made the drive down there en femme checked into my hotel, ordered myself room service and kicked my heels off while stretching out on the queen size bed.

I took in a long hot bubble bath that I had bought from a boutique in LA. I took extra time in making sure my appearance was all pull together; I ended up wanting to try some new designer leggings I'd recently picked up... Continue»
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The cuckold Wedding

Rebecca was the happiest bride in the land everything she had strived for over the last 2 years was about to come to fruition she was going to marry the man who deeply loved her and would do whatever she wanted, she looked at the marriage contract which she had had drawn up by her lawyer mother and the signature at the bottom in which her husband to be had signed gave over control of all his assets which were substantial to her.
She came and sat at the dressing table in the bridal suite and her friend and maid of honour Catherine came over and did her make-up for her and when she was happy wi... Continue»
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Samantha's Breezy Shorts - The Fart-namic Duo

"Ha ha ha ha ha! Where's your partner to save you now, Buttsniff-Girl?!"
The mischievous madam of mayhem, Evilina, taunted her prisoner with a shrieking chuckle.

"She'll get here soon, and when she does,
you'll be sorry you ever tangled with The Fart-namic Duo!"
The beautiful Buttsniff-Girl replied in deviance.

Evilina and her gorgeous female goons had Buttsniff-Girl tied up to a chair in the middle of the backroom of Windy City Central's newly opened Museum of Digestion.

Evilina was wearing her purple and black striped costume with thigh-high black leather boots
and with a purp... Continue»
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Wow I'm Bigger

Wow I'm bigger

It had been years since Wowimbig had started pumping her pussy up, slowly seeing the results get more extreme, and feeling more and more like a freak that people would be disgusted by. At first, that alone was a thrill for her; the thought that people would point and ridicule her for her huge puffy cunt. But eventually, she craved to be told by real people, what a weirdo she was. How her blown up lips were disgusting, and how she was a freak for doing that to herself. She felt electrified by the comments people left for her on her videos. People telling her that she would n... Continue»
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Sweet and salty

I was very down after my divorce, I started thinking of ways to subside the heartache. Talking wasn't enough, I needed something more. While I was waiting for a friend to get off work at his bar a lady approached and asked to buy me a drink. She was about 5'9", long red hair, and smelled so sweet with a smile that eased my heart; how could I say no. We sat at the bar long after closing several drinks in and a few laughs; she ask if I wanted to back to her place. Once again, how could I say no.
I told my friend I'd talk to him later and followed her back to her place. We arrived this nice li... Continue»
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Just a lingerie story

So my wife Nancy was out of town for a few a few weeks helping out her best friend after a nasty surgery leaving me all alone to do my own thing.
The first night I wandered over to my next door neighbor's Shanies house. We would sometimes share a bottle of wine and just talk,
No one seemed to be home but the door was open so I stepped inside.
Once inside I called out to Shanie
there was no one around, so I snuck into her bedroom and started
looking around. There hung over a chair was a gorgeous black garter belt,
the kind with the big wide panels for control. Also over the ba... Continue»
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