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Being locked in chastity can do plenty to a man. The longer he can't get
free, the bigger the changes.

"What do you think of these?" Bella wanted to know. "They're called Date
Panties. 'Cheeky' style. Because they leave my butt cheeks showing."

The curvaceous woman turned around so her husband could see the rear
view. He opened and shut his mouth, throat so dry he couldn't speak. She
was extremely sexy, with her long red-brown hair, generous bust, full
hips, and gorgeously rounded bottom. The tiny panties showed off that
last feature to great advantag... Continue»
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"But I'm only going to be out of work for two weeks during the
reorganization," I told my wife Annie. "And they're still paying me. So
I won't really be..."

"Dear," she cut me off. "I don't like the idea of you being idle.
Remember what happened when I was away at my s****r's? For only two

"Honey, nothing happened. You know Tess next door is kind of... a
nympho. She thinks every guy wants to jump into bed with her. All I did
was talk to her, and it was a conversation that she started."

"While she was wearing one of her tin... Continue»
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Introduction to Chastity

Introduction to Chastity

Carla and I had been dating for about three months. She was unlike any
other girl I had ever known. Where most girls are rather passive and
submissive around men, Carla was just the opposite. She wanted to be in
control of things. She was aggressive and dominant, and she insisted I
assume the opposite role. At first I was resistant, thinking somehow my
male pride was at stake, but the sex with her was so good that I
suppressed my normal male instincts and went along with her desires. It
wasn't that big a deal actually. She liked to be on top during sex... Continue»
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Flirting with Strangers (cuckold) 2

After my last conquest, (see Flirting with Strangers (cuckold) ) My husband and I have now decided that it is far better, and kinkier, to find impromptu meets with strangers. Instead of knowing when, where, and with whom I am going to have kinky cuckold sex with via arranged meets. The excitement of not knowing, for both my husband and I, of when it's going to happen is wonderful, each day I get braver and more comfortable in my new flirting hobby. Although suggesting sex with perfect strangers has been a nerve racking experience for me, it has also been a very exciting one, not knowing if I'm... Continue»
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our first gloryhole

A white couple visit an x-rated book store. They end up
in the video booths at the back of the store were the
wife becomes very popular. (MMF, wife, intr, oral, size,
unprotected sex, glory)


My wife, Tina and I have been together for 20 + years.
We meet in college and have had a great life together.
The k**s are now old enough to let mom and dad go out
and not worry about returning home early enough to put
them to bed.

So our life started to change a bit when the k**s got
older. We always had a great sex life.

My wife felt very secure in herself and her needs. I... Continue»
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d**gging The Mother in law

Wendy sits in a local bar on a Saturday night waiting for Jim to pick her up and take her home.
Wendy is a beautiful woman, she's 50 yrs old, she's 5'4 with shoulder length blonde hair, and, a nice b cup chest, and, tonight, she's wearing a black party dress, no bra, and, no panties.
She sits at the bar, nursing her Vodka, when, Sam enters and sits down next to her.
"Hello, Sam, She says, what are you doing here?.
Figured that I'd check out the local bar." Sam replies.
"Well, Sam, what do you think of this bar?"
"Would it be wrong of me to say, that you're the best part of this bar, Wend... Continue»
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Me and my wife - forever fucking, everywhere

Me fucking my wife's big ass in latex strings at home. We are fucking with fully opened doors to our room. A number of other people are presented at our home together with us at this moment, so they can freely enter our room and see that we having sex. Clapping sound of my wife's ass is so loud that it can be heard anywhere in our home, even in distant rooms. But we try to fuck even louder to pay more attention to us. All other people are hearing this sound and they know that we are fuck... Continue»
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Obituary Traudl

At first: Sorry for my bad English and translator is also not always perfect! But I think, you understand, what I like to say.

My beloved wife Traudl is no longer in this world. She died on 18 May 2015 at the consequences of their peritoneal cancer in my arms. Traudl had smothered by metastases water in her lungs. She was only 58 years old. The doctors gave her 6 months, but you want to live and stay with me, she has fought 19 months and then lost it.
Traudl was the happiness of my life, exceptionally pretty with great erotic, devout charisma and a dream figure (even without their extrem... Continue»
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My friend the ‘sperm factory’

My friend the ‘sperm factory’

Well there’s this friend of mine that I jokingly call my ‘sperm factory’. I have been sucking him off, now and again, for more then a year and a half, and in our time spent together, maybe as much as 2 ½ to 3 hours at a time. I have, on two occasions, sucked 4 loads from him in those 3 hours. Most times he feeds me 3 loads, and at the very lest it’s 2 loads. Also each of his loads tends to be on the large size, hence my name of ‘sperm factory’ for him. All his loads have tasted good to me, although they are not as thick and creamy a texture as I prefer. This i... Continue»
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mother and son made to fuck

I have posted a few stories of how a son, desperate to fuck his mother, has a Horney friend act like he is breaking in to steal some jewels, but ends up stripping the mother and son stark ass naked, gives the son a viagra and shoves his face inbetween his mothers legs and when his cock gets good and hard, he makes mom suck on every inch, till she gags. I usually come all over the keyboard before the intruder makes the son fuck his own mother.
So much to my surprise when I had a new friend from Mexico ask me to be that intruder in a letter to me on hxamster. The letter went something like th... Continue»
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Three girls and one dog.

Three girls and a Dog !

Samantha, Kelly, and Tina were best friends. They attended college together and shared a modest house just off campus. Samantha was the smart one, taking pre-med and working hard at her schoolwork. She was tall and blonde and bright blue eyed, with a natural hard body and a shy introverted personality. She couldn’t quite understand why all the guys hit on her when it should have been obvious that she just wasn’t interested in that sort of thing. Samantha was still a virgin and intended to stay that way until she was properly married. Being a 21 year old virg... Continue»
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haron's Boy's-Going Home

Sharon's Boys- Going Home

It had been Big Jake's idea for Sharon to return to her hometown after 20 years. The annual founders day celebration was nearing and he had planned to send her and the boys. Sharon had only remained in contact with few from her past, but Lucy Bogg's was always held close. It had started weeks ago when Sharon got an email from Lucy. She had told Jake about it and after urging from the boys, plans were set in motion.

The morning started as usual. At 7am, Jake felt the bed move. He didn't open his eyes, he knew it... Continue»
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sexy time with fiance

I just got done having some really satisfying sex. I had been horny all day, and playing with my butt here and there. But we were watching TV before bed, not really planning on having sex. However, the show we were watching had a lot of sex in it (Ascension on Syfy, everyone has sex with multiple partners), and my partner got really turned on by it. Even though it was late, she really wanted to play.
I started by standing behind her and kissing her neck, caressing her and scratching her back. She took her yoga pants off, then her shirt, and finally her panties. Once they had fallen to the I s... Continue»
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Wank sessions

I dont know if every young lad experiences this but when i was in high school me and a bunch of friends used to stay over at a friends house rent porn and have wank marathons we use to cover ourselves with blankets or pillows, as i was best friends with the lad that let everyone go to his house to wank there were times when it used to be me and him alone we used to have so many amazing wanks together but still covered up. I was really interested to see if he had a bigger dick than me so i used to not cover myself as time went on he never used to cover himself but as we were sat on a couch we w... Continue»
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Underworld: Chain Reaction

The exquisite taste of Rei’s agonizing torment brought a dark smile of amusement to Lady Jenova’s face as she intently watched her dungeon executioners carefully tightening the chain that ran through Rei’s body to prevent her toes from touching the torture chamber’s floor.

Rei screamed as she felt another sharp explosion of agonizing pain deep in her guts as several more links of chain slipped past her tightly clinched anal muscles. Rei’s cried out in desperation as she briefly felt the tips of her out stretched toes briefly brush against the dungeon torture chamber’s floor before the exec... Continue»
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Velvet Crush's Kinky Marriage

I squatted down, my back against a brick wall and my dress pulled up, exposing my bald, dripping pussy. Two slightly d***k men, whom my boyfriend, Anthony, had pulled from the club, were taking turns putting their stiff dicks into my mouth to suck as we were hidden behind my car. Including these two, I had sucked off a total of 5 different guys this night, as Anthony paraded me, Velvet Crush, his well-known, porn star, girlfriend, around the club, pimping me out for sex to guys he wanted to see me fuck and suck. Two of them had spent some time pumping their cocks in me, but all five eventually... Continue»
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Miss C takes Mom and I to the Doctor's office

Doctor's Appointment
As most of you know, I serve Miss C, my Mom's former Mistress. Two days ago, Miss C informed me that we were taking a trip to Maryland for the day and
that i was to follow a few simple rules. I was to shower in the morning, but do nothing with my hair except brush it dry, not wear make-up and wear the clothes that She would lay out. Naturally, I did as I was told.
In the morning, I awoke to Miss C's firm but gentle voice saying "time to wake and get ready... you have a big day ahead"! I got out of bed, showered and brushed my hair dry. Without make-up, I look much you... Continue»
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Sir's Angel, The Weekend. Part 4 The final da

She wakes up knowing it is Sunday morning, her last day with Sir. He isn't in the room, but she feels he is nearby. She gets up and walks to the bathroom... There is a note,that simply states, Get a shower, put on the bathing suit then the dress over it. She sees a box but decides to jump in shower before looking at it. After a quick shower she pulls out the skimpy string bikini and laughs. As she puts it on it is more like pasties with strings for the top, her C's over fill it bad. The bottom barely covers her pussy lips, and a three inch wide strip up the back. She pulls the dress on realiz... Continue»
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My Wife's Revenge With My Friends

Wife gets back at husband for flirting by making him watch.

Chapter 1

I met Kat at work two years ago. She was 22, 18 years younger than I, but we had a connection from her first day. I was the owner at a small ad agency, and she enjoyed flirting with, and later dating the boss. She was so pretty and alive, with an amazing body. She didn't dress slutty, but her curves were never hidden in the sundresses she wore all summer or the sweaters she wore in the winter. Things moved fast, she had moved in with me after four months, and I married her 6 months after that.

We were ... Continue»
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My Gloryhole Experiences

My first gloryhole experience was when i was 18....i was at the horse track on a wednesday night. It was a slow night. I have gone to my hidden smoking spot and took a few hits off my pipe. Before hitting the bathroom to take a crap.

As im sitting in this bathroom out in back of the track. Someone came in. Im sitting there on reading the book for the next race. And a guy come into the stall mext to me. I can see a whole in the wall between us it was filled with tp. I peek through and can see this thick cock not to long but thick.

He pokes his cock through the whole and slip a 20 throug... Continue»
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