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Beautiful, sweet, young Andrea comes to me....

I can't believe I'm writing about this. In fact it's hard to believe it even happened. Let me take you back, briefly, to the beginning of this adventure.

There is a well known chain restaurant near where I live that I go to often. It's attached to one of the larger hotels and they get a lot of walk in's from the hotel side. I prefer to sit in the bar area and because of that I've gotten to know several of the female bartenders reasonably well, in a customer/waitress sort of way. I guess I'm what you'd call a 'regular'. I'm usually generous with the tips when I get excellent service and nat... Continue»
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Somebody else's girl. .

She'd been getting more friendly as the months rolled on, always coming over to where we sat. When she took the job I wasn't sure about her. She looked nerdy. Bob cut, thick spectacles ( usually a bit askew ) and considerably taller and broader than I usually went for. She wore jeans, trainers, sweaters or a t shirt with a logo or something. Had she dressed like a woman I may have taken more notice for she had a fantastic figure. People assumed she was a lesbian quite often, although she did have a boyfriend of long standing whom she lived with. So, all in all everything pointed away from anyt... Continue»
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I was at home on my day off and decided to ring karen up to see if she was free and up for some fun. I rang her up and the phone rang and went on to the answer machine.
'Dam it! she must be out' I thought to myself.
I was feeling horny as hell, so I thought to myself that I would go round to karen's and go have a underwear and wanking session. I walked the short distance to karen's house and let myself in. I went up to karen's bedroom and opened her knicker drawer up and got myself undressed. I went thro her drawer looking at the various knickers. nice cotton ones, sexy lacey thongs and Fre... Continue»
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A day in the dungeon

I wake up to find myself in a small cramped black cage. I soon realize that i have been placed into chastity and a collar around my neck. I scan the room and to me it appear that I'm in a dungeon, whips, bondage gears you name it was s**ttered across the dimly lit walls of the dungeon. There i see another man in a cage but he has more freedom in his than i do and lots of movement can be made in it. It was Ali. "Why is his cage bigger than mine" i said to myself. And look he isn't in chastity either, so why is it me that has been restricted of freedom. Soon i hear the sounds of high heels click... Continue»
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Mom Jobs

From kindergarten through high school I lived next door to Mandy. Mandy was the prettiest and most popular girl in my class. I was never part of the cool crowd, but because we were neighbors she and I were always pretty good friends.
My mom always seemed to think that Mandy and I would get together one day. It was like she was oblivious to the social pecking order. She was always pushing me to ask Mandy out, even though guys like me didn’t date the most popular girl in school.
Then one day my mom and Mandy saw each other outside and started talking. My mom brought up the topic of dating. Man... Continue»
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Next Day Fun

After dinner we took off and headed home and I talked to the wife and told her doing things at the office was over. She wasn't happy about it but understood and agreed that work was off limits for playing around. I made the mistake when telling her that work was off limits but other than that any thing else was ok. She said ok then turned to cindy and said seeing the look on judys face was worth it though wasn't it. Cindy agreed and said I thought she was going to fall over when she saw you didn't have anything on. We drove along talking about it and my wife slid over next to me and start... Continue»
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Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 1

A man travels on business to San Francisco and through the inadvertent misuse of a male enhancement cream is transformed into a woman.

Okay, I shouldn’t need to say this, but this is a TOTAL fabrication and it is not my fantasy. I was asked by a reader of my stories to write a story where a man is transformed into a woman in a “magical way”. The reader was not specific on the method but insisted that the transformation must be unexpected as it occurs to a guy that had no advance desire for the change. I must tell the reader that this was a challenge for me. If you have read my lesbian s... Continue»
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Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 4

A man travels on business to San Francisco and through the inadvertent misuse of a male enhancement cream is transformed into a woman. If you have not read previous chapters this won’t make a lot of sense.

I touched the tip of my cock, which was barely a nub between the folds of skin where it had been pulled inside me as if it was shrinking out of sight. And the moment it contacted my cock I felt the flush from the night before, and I didn’t care about the side effects anymore, yes I was thinking with my cock instead of my brain. “How much worse could it be,” I thought. My balls were ... Continue»
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Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 3

A man travels on business to San Francisco and through the inadvertent misuse of a male enhancement cream is transformed into a woman. If you have not read previous chapters this won’t make a lot of sense.

As I showered I rolled the tip of my cock around with my finger, and found my pubic hair scratchy on the sensitive tip and wondered if I’d have the nerve to shave my pubic hair. I had never done it but knew that many men did and thought nothing of it. I got out of the shower and toweled dry before going back to bed. And in a moment of lustful indulgence smeared the remaining cream ... Continue»
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Transformation of Mr. Price – Chapter 2

A man travels on business to San Francisco and through the inadvertent misuse of a male enhancement cream is transformed into a woman. If you have not read previous chapters this won’t make a lot of sense.

When my eyes opened the room was dark. The TV was on, still muted, and some other woman was reporting the weather. I felt dizzy, dazed, and not sure of what had happened. I felt my hands on my cock and balls, the cream was soaked in but my hands felt so soft and unlike most times when I wake and have an erection from deep sl**p, my cock was all but gone, “I must be dreaming,” I though... Continue»
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Going To Hell in a Handbasket

I recently joined a sex dating site, no messing about, just meet up to shag.
It's a fee paying set up.

I was scanning for men local to me, and came upon an ad from two black guys, who work in ...
tandem as it were, to please ladies.

I placed a message with them including my "dating" mobile number, a pay as you go.

I was expecting to get a message back in the next day or three. In fact I had a call within
ten minutes. The men were in a local pub in Great Barr, watching the football.

I panicked a bit, but when they insisted on coming straight round, I agreed.

Quick shower,... Continue»
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I lost my virginity to a teenage Milf

When I was in high school there was this girl who I met in my sophomore year, we talked a bit and we became friends. Everyday I sat by her in lunch and I actually liked her, but I found out later she had a boyfriend and she was later pregnant with his k**. I didn't see her that much in Junior or Senior Year, but I still said "Hi" to her once and awhile but we kinda lost contact with each other for awhile. I saw her at graduation with her sexy black dress she had, I talked to her and asked her how she was doing and she said "Everything was good." I thought that was the last time I would talk to... Continue»
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Getting back in the game

This story contains both bisexual themes, as well as unprotected sex and oysters. If this is not to your liking, go enjoy another story!


Being young and having kinky fantasies is a lot of fun as we all know. But sometimes it may come back and bite you, almost literally, in the ass.

I had been starved for sex for years, and my case of blueballs was intense. My divorce had left me an emotional wreck, and unlike some lucky fucks who just go out and shag everything in sight, I had ended up in some sort of weird mind-lock where I just couldn't do it. Another problem, as y... Continue»
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I sit alone in the dark except for th flicker of a TV. My wife (sometimes its my wife and sometimes it my girlfriend when I imagine it) had been out for almost and hour. Her only instructions, "Don't play with your cock when I leave. I want that cum for myself." As soon she left. I immediately strip and turn on some porn. I can get off to anything and everything. I guess its a sign that I am either extremely one minded or simply perfectly perverse. I like to think I am date perfectly combination of both.

There in the dark I fun my cock and balls. From time to time I lean over and spit down ... Continue»
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Older lady...

Well, to be totally honest, I have a slight fetish for flashing my cock now. I don't really know how or why it started, but I do know that it's such a turn-on for me. And it's not just the flashing thing that does it. It's more complicated than that. I like seeing the reaction on a woman's face when sees it, particularly the response when they don't think anyone knows they're watching.

So, I have a window in my bathroom that faces the street in my neighborhood. It's an older house and the window is probably larger than it would be in a modern home. Originally, the window was glazed so only... Continue»
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Sex in University Library

Basically me and my ex had a relationship that was held together by amazing sex and nothing else. But because the sex was so good and so frequent, it lasted a good year and we both got some amazing stories out of it. One of my favourites is the time we were both tired after a long day of lectures, seminars, reading, and writing assignments and we had been in Uni for about 8 hours and both needed to relax before we went for dinner.

We were in the basement of the library and had been for a number of hours, trying our best to actually concentrate on the work that needed doing. It got to about ... Continue»
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Wrestling with Mom

It was an accident that we’d both been hoping for…

We used to have this boxer-sharpei mutt Bear, who was supposed to be a guard dog but was too sweet to everyone except the neighbors’ yappy dog. He died in 2010 but we loved him up till the end, possibly because he brought us closer.

Mom was single and I had no b*****r or s****r so we needed a guard dog especially when I was too young to defend the homestead. It wasn’t a bad area but Mom still worried – she carried a butcher knife in her bath robe when I was a toddler. To train Bear to protect us, Mom used to “hit” me. It was just playing... Continue»
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Perfect night

Perfect night

I take my wife out for dinner and after for drinks at a local bar. She's dressed casual showing off a little cleavage. Little does she know I have plans for her tonight. After a few drinks and shots I meet up with a guy at the bar that I set a meet up with. I give a quick intro to the wife that he's an old but I used to work with ages ago and we chat for a while. Before we leave he insists on doing a shot with us and goes and gets a round before we leave. He gets the shots but adds a little something to the wifes shot. We slam it down and head our seperate ways, as far as she ... Continue»
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Shopping Adventure

We arrange a rendez-vous for a Friday lunch time for a few drinks and lunch.
You are dressed in pleated skirt, boots, black opaque tights and blouse with jacket. You look delicious. Drink flows and discussion turns to naughty experiences we've had in the past.
Boldly I suggest an idea to you and I am over the moon when you agree to carry the idea out....................must be the drink, but who cares!!!!
We leave the bar and pop to Anne Summers on the high street - we purchase a vibrating love egg and 8 inch silver tipped vibrator.
Carrying our purchases and both extremely excited by what... Continue»
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Jessica Bond - 00Heaven

Big thanks to gwensational and panting4urhose,
whose kind comments, messages and good stories inspired me to write this story,
I'm sure you're able to see your helpful influences throughout!

Also a special thank you goes to gwensational for allowing me to feature your wonderful creation of Agent 78, I'm very much honoured by your permission to use her in this story,
I hope I've done her a real good justice and are pleased and satisfied with my take on her :)

For those of you who haven't read them, check out gwensational's excellent Agent 78 stories here:

A Sti... Continue»
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