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My wife's first time with another man (pt 1)

I had harbored a fantasy of seeing my wife have sex with another man for as long as I could remember. Not because our sex life wasn’t good, it actually was, but just because the thought caused something to stir deep in the back of my mind that got me harder than anything else could. I had never told my wife about this fantasy because it was kind of embarrassing and I figured she would get pissed off at me for mentioning it. She enjoyed sex but she wasn’t terribly adventurous, probably because she had only been with one guy before me and that was way back in high school. She would give m... Continue»
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beckys diary

not my story...credit goes to unknown author

Day 1

I guess when one begins a diary, one has to tell a little about ones self. So here I go. My name is Becky and I'm 14 years old. I live in a small town with my dad. My mom passed away three years ago. We live in a house away from the town and I am in high school with honors...so far. I have long black hair, like my mom and very green eyes. Some say I'm very pretty, but I never thought so. I'm short and petite. But my body is in really good shape. All the boys in school tell me so.

It's a good thing that this is a diary and I hide it fr... Continue»
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Guide to getting your girl blacked

Hi I'm not the writer of this but thought it would be good to share guide how to convince your wife or girlfriend to fuck a black guy?
There are so many stories out there from white guys who admit that they want to see their wives and girlfriends whore for black cock or who want a "slut wife" that they can whore out to groups of black guys. I just can't believe so many guys don't know how to make actually make it happen and so I offer this formula that has worked for me and several of my friends that shared mutual interests.
First, you should know that when it comes to black cock, there ar... Continue»
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A Black Man in a World of Young White Couples

It was early, slightly before dawn, and, as was his habit, Garrett Jackson had sat up, stepped out of bed, stretched out briefly to loosen up, padded into the kitchen for the coffee that was waiting for him, and now sat in his living room, looking out over the city vista below. Though the view was entrancing, it barely registered in the handsome former college football star’s consciousness. Garrett’s thoughts were instead turned inward as he reviewed recent events in his progression into the role of black bull for two young white married couples.
For the past three weeks, he’d explored... Continue»
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THE CHASE part 2

THE CHASE part 2

( part 1 http://xhamster.com/user/effeexxx/posts/272582.html )

I apologize in advance for my bad English, if someone wants to help correct mistakes I will be grateful

....a last thing! tomorrow morning when you will wake up me.... I want you come and bring with you the 5 clothespins that today you lost when we got home ......
- yes Mistress
Francesco was worried. He would have had to go out early in the next morning and do it all the way and look for the clips in the mud!! will be very difficult!!!!
- if you find anything.......I will milk suck or maybe fuck ... Continue»
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Best Friend ? part 5

Sam came round on friday after checking i was dressed as i should be he took linda out, she told me to be ready for her when she got back as sam was telling her all about what was planed for me,
about three hours later they came back linda looked a mess and went straight upstairs telling me to follow, sam looked at me and said see you tomorrow sweetie and gave me that evil grin as he put a bag in the hallway, i went up to linda who was in just her underwear kneeling on the bed, get under here i have two lots in here for you to clean, i got between her legs and looked up at her swollen pussy a... Continue»
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I wanted them to watch me jerk off and they did!

So... I was in Mexico... with my (then wife) and her s****r who had a bangin' body and at the time was about 20 years old... (By the way my wife was one of those 30-something chicks who looked great btw...) (one of the hairiest bushes I've ver had the pleasure... but whateva) after a full day of watching my s****r-in-law in her bikini, who had a tough 20 year-old body btw, I was so horned up that I wanted to "jack-off" in as dirty a situation as I could find. We went to dinner and we ended up back at the hotel and I said I was gonna walk on the beach. As I surveyed the property for "late night... Continue»
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My first online sex experience....(SPOILERS) I pai

I'm not a writer but I just had to share this story, so please don't mind the misspellings, type-os, run-on sentences or anything else I my mess up. Anyway, I have a satin clothes fetish. My girlfriend knows about it but I'm scared to ask her to do all the things I crave for, because she still thinks its weird when I just ask her keep her satin pajama top on during sex. So, because of this fear I went to a fetish cam site, got $50's in credits, and I browsed, hunted, and just plain scavenged... for HOURS!
And finally I found her. A thin, sexy black haired goddess! Not only did she have what I... Continue»
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Storia di un mio amico e sua zia

Avevo 18 anni e quel giorno non avevo affatto voglia di andare a scuola. Mia zia (allora 30enne), era una persona che mi copriva e mi aiutava sempre nelle dispute con i miei genitori nelle solite questioni giovanili, quindi l' adoravo, anche (direi soprattutto) perchè aveva (ancora le ha, nonostante l' età) delle gambe stratosferiche, che lei inguainava sempre con calze finissime rette da reggicalze (eh si, quando potevo spiavo anche nei suoi cassetti), che a me facevano letteralmente uscire di senno;lei mi faceva ricordare in continuazione la situazione vista nel negozio di intimo, però era s... Continue»
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The thing between my legs!!!!

The Thing Between My Legs !!!!

It was nothing like what he'd expected. No skulls on the walls, no dried bats, no shrunken heads. Not even any of those glass vials with smoke bubbling out of them, which is what he'd looked forward to seeing. It was just a little room that looked like a grocery store, with faded green linoleum tiles on the floor and a ceiling fan that groaned as it turned. Needs oil, he thought. Ceiling fan'll burn itself up without oil. Heating and cooling was his business, and right now he was sweating under the collar and there were wet rings beneath his arms. I've come ... Continue»
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my friend from long long ago

Growing up I had a friend that I would get together with whenever nobody was around. He was the b*****r of one of my best friends. He was a lot younger then me but we did like the same kind of stuff so we would get together whenever nobody would see us and play doctor. This special game started one day out of the blue he came over and we started to talk and finally I asked him if I could see his cock. He took down his pants and I got in front of him took it in my mouth and sucked him for a while. He really liked it and so did I so we started to get together and I would suck his cock. One day ... Continue»
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Erin enjoys her mum

It had been over 6 months since mum and I moved to Bristol, her promotion to sales and marketing manager was everything she had wanted, we had settled down in our new home and our love life was all so good and exciting, we have explored each other’s bodies to the maximum, leaving nothing we could not do in the sexual department apart from a few ideas, but overall mum made love to me as a love not a boy turned girl, I had even got a job working in the same department as her as an accounting clerk, I had learn to drive and had an operation on my throat to make me sound more like a girl talking t... Continue»
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Cuckolding My Small Dick Boyfriend

Fucking my small dick boyfriend Jack was fun, but it was getting old and I was in need of some bigger cock. Now don’t get me wrong, my boyfriend is a great guy, but in the arena of hot sex, he was just not big enough to satisfy me. This is where my friend Terrance comes into the picture.

It was a rainy and cold Saturday night and we were sitting around the house watching a movie not doing much of anything. I told him that I had a friend coming over to hang out with us, but I don’t think he was expecting Terrance. Terrance is a former college athlete, in phenomenal shape, and has one of... Continue»
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Kevin's Story

Kevin's Story
Chapter 1

It was nearing 6:30 when Kevin Nielsen heard the Jeep Wagoneer pull
into the garage adjoining the kitchen. Moments later, the door
between the two opened, and Heather, his mom, lurched through with
a bag of groceries in each arm.

Kevin jumped down off the high stool he'd been on saying "Here, Mom,
let me help with that." He grabbed one of the bags, then leaned in
dutifully for her kiss on his cheek.

"Thanks, sport," Heather said. "Mmmm, smells good. What's

"Ragu, again," he said wrinkling his forehead in a frown. "I wish
you'd teac... Continue»
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The Colleague

My colleague, Andrea, and I are working as auditors for a multinational and are traveling a lot – domestic and international. We are now in Rome on a two week trip to check on our plant outside of Rome. Andrea is good looking brunette in her late thirties. Perfectly trained body – she does competitive cycling as her hobby. I am in my late forties and a little padded. While we spent a lot of time at work and on the road together, we never went further than a little banter. However, we enjoyed each other companies, finished each other sentences and had no secrets from each other.
After the... Continue»
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Angel's Education

Angel's Education: The Epiphany, The Video, Her Emerging Fetish, And The Vice-Principal.
[An Addendum to a previously published erotic story, by the author “Luthor,” entitled “The Reverend’s Little Angel.”]
Het, smoking fetish, M/f, older male/younger female, submissive female,

A smoking fetish short story replete with teasing, clothed sex, clothed hand jobs, masturbation and facials.

By George Tyerbyter—aka Mick Carlo.


I don’t want to set the world on fire
I just want to start a flame in your
... Continue»
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brother and sister

We didn't have spyholes in the walls or ceilings of my bedroom, my b*****r didn't watch me preen in front of a mirror trying my first bra. He didn't splash cum into a shoe as he watched through the hole he had drilled so carefully in the wall between our bedrooms. My towel didn't fall off as I "ran across the hall to the bathroom". I didn't walk in on my b*****r touching himself in the shower after sport. He didn't steal my soiled undies from the washing basket and sniff them while he masturbated. I didn't pretend to go to sl**p with him on the couch in the basement so he could feel me up.

... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XI

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XI

“Provocation Part I (or When She Made Him Her Almost Pet)”, with Roberta (based on a Playboy cartoon) and Randolf (based on an old erotic art)

[user]Roberta: http://up.xhamster.com/000/010/366/144_1000.jpg
Randolf (the man, obviously...): http://up.xhamster.com/000/010/068/287_1000.jpg[/user]

At least about women, Randolf wasn’t a man who worried about them. He was a ladies guy, an appreciator of all things that dealt with seducing and loving lustful females. Randolf never ditched an opportunity to approach a girl who he liked and offer... Continue»
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exhibitionist 2

Tami said, "Sorry we're late. Practice took a little longer than expected."

I said, "No problem, but you made it sound like you were bringing boys home."

Tami replied, "Sorry, just girls. You must be disappointed. I know how much you like my boyfriends!"

Then all of the girls started giggling. I was a somewhat embarrassed because it appeared that the sexual romp I had with my daughter's friends a few weeks ago was not a well kept secret. I managed to shrug their laughter and began serving dinner.

As I served the spaghetti, Tami said, "I see you've met my new boyfriend."... Continue»
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exhibitionist part1

A few weeks ago, my eighteen-year-old daughter Tami brought home a couple of cute high school boys. Later that same afternoon, Tami prepared to take a bath because she thought the boys had already left. Unbeknownst to Tami, the boys only pretended to leave. They actually sneaked back into our trailer home and hid inside my daughter's closet.

The real twist was that the spies were being spied on! Nobody knew that I was already home before they arrived. They also didn't know that I was secretly watching everything that was taking place in my trailer. My daughter had no idea I was home and th... Continue»
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