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Two Bound Cocks At My Service (Fortage, MMF, DP, C

Come closer, my lover…I want to share a fantasy with you. I want to know that your cock is throbbing as you read this little daydream…I am going to make you cum for me. While I tell you my fantasy, I want you to obey me…to do as I say at each point along the way. Promise me now, that you will, and I will make you spray your hot cream all over your belly, pooling in your navel and dappling your chest with delicious drops of pearl.

(This is a story that came out of a conversation with our sexy, kinky, and charming friend Kaiser; I have incorporated many of his lines, especially because... Continue»
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likes and dislikes

For each activity, there are two answers. The first is whether you have done the activity, and the second is how much you enjoy the activity or (if you’ve not done it), or how much you want to try it (if you haven’t already) answer with yes or no and numbers 1-5 for degree of interest with 1 being low interest and 5 being highest.


Anal Sex (get): + 5
Armpit Sex (get): - 1
Ass Cheek Sex (get): +3
Butt Plugs (get): + 5
Dildo – Anal (get): + 5
Dildo – Oral (get): + 5
Finger Sex (get): + 2
Genital Intercourse: + 1
Hand Job (give): + 2
Including others: + 5
Licking (get): + 1
... Continue»
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Misstress Kim part 1

Hi all my name paul and i decided to post this story that happened to me and still is now. i am 20 years old living in Dublin Ireland and recently i lost my job as a I T consultant and have found it hard to get a new job i have been designing web sites for people to make ends meet but its not enough to keep my own place in the iner city so iv been left with one option witch is to move back home witch is something i really didnt want to do but ou got to do what you got to do as im not in a relationship iv no were else to go. now that iv run low on cash iv still enough to eat and suvive but not ... Continue»
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WELL, what happened was that I like a huge number of others like to watch porn, logically the follow on from that is to watch it for real and that can mean cuckold if you’re a married man like me.
Now cuckold to some means having a large black screwing the good lady. Now I am not racist, you sir could be black brown yellow red or white and it don’t bother me a jot; to screw my misses you just need a dick and a sense of humour cos though I wish to watch, I don’t expect to be treated like I am some sort of week or wobbly Nancy boy, I don’t cross dress, o... Continue»
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Life Changing Getaway

I was an ever eager worker at my company & climbed relatively quickly to a great position, but of course had far higher goals. I went to school, got degrees & certifications, even worked as a handyman to gain more experience to make me over qualified for almost all positions at hand yet every slot that opened up I got passed by so I went on holiday. A day here & there, maybe a week max at a time, but never planned a full month far away. For some odd reason I felt the desire to go to Texas, perhaps for some Texas Steak, or Texas air perhaps was always meant to end up there. After clearing the t... Continue»
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Mystery Man

It's nearing the witching hour, and still thoughts of you play across my consciousness. Dark thoughts....secret thoughts....thoughts of our time together.....
The full moon masquerade was, in spite of being my favorite event of the year, boring. The same people in the same costumes, making their masks unnecessary. I smooth my aubergine dress and adjust the feathers adorning my face, desperate for-something. For someone. And, as if by magic, you appear. Like you stepped out of my head and onto the smooth marble floor. Who are you? Where did you come from? One look from the eyes that pierce ... Continue»
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sissy and her Daddy - Chapter 2

jamie and Rich meet again

Huh? Don’t recognize that number – fuckit… let it go to voicemail. Probably someone begging for money. Monday mornings suck enough already, I sure as hell don’t want to be putting up with beggars. I gotta get to work on this proposal or my ass is grass!
Some time passes and the number rings again so I decide to answer it.
“yeah? who’s this?’
“Now jamie, is that anyway to greet your owner? I’m surprised you don’t have better manners. Nobody likes a girl with an attitude”
Oh Fuck….. damnit, I forgot all about…... Rich is sticking to his promise??
“ummm, hi Ric... Continue»
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An evening of public pleasure

Well, the first thing that has to happen is set some rules.  I expect you to be showered and clean as whistle head to toe inside and out. Smelling sexy and feeling soft. I want you to wear the panty and bra set or pantyhose and bra combo that makes you feel like the dirtiest whore but in a great, I'm sexy as fuck and beautiful, kind of way.  When I come over to your place, you grab a bottle of whatever we're going to drink and you will put on heels or thigh high boots and a long raincoat. Any toys or other things like Popper's or d**gs we might want, bring those in the pockets of the coat.
 ... Continue»
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A Weekend Getaway To Crossdress In Public – Part 1

Hi All, I am 32 years old married guy without any c***dren living in California. I believe I have had the bisexual urges since my early c***dhood. But I somehow developed a new fantasy to cross-dress in last couple of years. Since then I have been thinking about it pretty much all the time and been trying to explore it.

Couple months ago my wife went out with her friends for lunch on a Saturday afternoon. I figured it would be a great time to try some of my wife’s clothes. I immediately went to our bedroom and searched for her clothes in her closet. While going through her clothes I found ... Continue»
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Wife's pussy came in handy

Saturday I had finished my weekend chorus and was headed to the shower to wash off the grass clippings and sweat. My wife came in the bathroom just as I turned on the water and asked me what I was going to do today. I turned around to answer her and saw she was wearing her shortest denim mini skirt and a pale yellow tank top, her nipples easily seen due to she was braless. I told her I was going to look at a 1931 model A Ford body I found for sale. She asked if she could come with me? I told her yes.

After I had dressed I went to the kitchen to grab a cold water and I saw my wife in there. ... Continue»
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Sissy ghetto bitch!

4 ghetto guys was surfing on porn sites, looking at random sissy babe pictures when they accidently found a picture of someone they know. Like every album they clicked that specific one with a tranny dressed so girly with mouth open and showing legs. The guys had such a stone hard erection after watching all the pictures, they even said "I Would bang that sissy pussy 4 sure!" and everybody agreed. It was that guy from elementary school named C****. They started to chat with him, pretending to be the perfect guy to take care of his sissy needs and promised to give the sissy a noght to never for... Continue»
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White wife black cock gangbang in hotel room

I am posting this story about a friend of mine and his wife to help warn other travelers ,
They were traveling out of state and stopped at a nice Hotel (cant say the name) They had checked in and went to the room. His wife wanted to shower right away as He went back to the car to get the rest of there stuff. He didnt know that people with bad intentions like to watch hotels and take advantage of out of state travelers. they do this because they know you cant stay around to file police reports , or to I.D. people or appear in court. He found out later this is what they do , and most people ju... Continue»
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over the years I had messed around with a few kinky plays with girl friends and then my wife. These had been great fun, but I had normally been the Dom, my wife being very unsure of taking control.
We enjoy an open relationship, so I joined Fab about 5 years ago and tried to find a Dominant lady. To cut a long story short, I was talking to a lady who claimed not to be Dom, but who needed a Handyman. She needed her bedroom painting as she was selling her house, I joked that the price would be less if she was to take control. We had chatted openly about our likes and dislikes, so my desire to b... Continue»
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Living with a slut wife

Setting on the bed with my penis locked in my wife's favorite stainless chastity cage I watch my wife getting ready to go visit one of her male friends. She does her makeup extra heavy to give her a slutty look because that how this particular guy likes her to look. Her blonde hair is pulled back into a pony tail. Soon her face is done and when she stands and looks my direction my dick strains against the short stainless prison. She puts on a lace garter with eight straps and pulls up a pair of black stockings with a four inch wide lace top. They reach all the way to her pussy lips, the look i... Continue»
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WELL WHAT HAPPENED WAS Wendy, as frustrated, hubby Trevor was still away in the Alaskan oil field, no doubt freezing the assets of some small oil company, found she was frustrated again, it didn’t take much, as she said to me the other day; I'm a classy woman outside of the bedroom...but once I let go I can be a very classy slut---no one would ever think I do things like this!
Trevor had kept in touch saying the job was going to be longer and slower than he had expected, but that`s not the same as being long slow and in Wendy.
She had had a wonderf... Continue»
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A lifetime of creamypie

The first time I ever saw my wife she had on a very short pair of cut off jean shorts with a small white T shirt tucked in. She was braless and her nipples where just hard enough to be seen. What attracted me first was her legs, very tanned and just the bottoms of her butt cheeks shown under the frade faded jeans. At one hundred pounds and five foot four she had a ora of confidence about her. She looked so sexy, her shoulder length blonde hair was cut with bangs. When she walked her small tits bounced just enough.

I asked her out for a date and she accepted. She asked where we would be goi... Continue»
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Caught in the act

After breakfast they return to their room and have another cup of coffee and read the mornings news papers, Lynn says " Well what shall we do today, how do you feel like going into town and we'll do some shopping. " "OK as long as you don't mind going to the cinema after lunch". Rick replies " Its a deal " she says, "What film are we going to see”.” Its a surprise" he says.

They spend all of the morning going through just about every clothes, shoe and cosmetic store in the city, but Lynn is amazed that throughout it all he has not complained once, even wh... Continue»
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Night to Remember

Back at their hotel they decide that a shower and a nap are in order before an evening on the town as it will be their last night at the hotel, they are awaken by their alarm at Seven o'clock and each have a wash and clean their teeth before getting dressed, Lynn is always first to get ready to go out and decides to go down to the hotel lounge and have a cup of tea and read the evening paper, "I'll wait for you downstairs” Lynn calls to Rick, she knows he'll be at least another half an hour before he is ready, he blows her a kiss as she picks up a key and walks towards the door. Lynn's dresse... Continue»
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Barebacking a Craigslist Slut

I developed this "fetish" for barebacking strangers from reading stories about it on various adult sites. At first I figured most of it was fantasy. But it was a fantasy that I could not get out of my head. Anyway, I started going on adult dating sites and perusing CL to see if I could actually find women that wanted to do this with me ... fuck bareback like whores within minutes for meeting each other.

When I first started seeking this out it actually did not take me that long to find a woman who had these same desires. I sent her a message and a picture on CL and told her I just wanted... Continue»
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unexpected sex (true story)

this is a story about me and my ex-girlfriend 22 and 21 years old, we still get along really great. and she has the most amazing body i'v ever seen.

two months ago me and my ex broke up two days before she went to study abroad for a month.
we talked every day so we still get along really well. when she came back we argued because she founf out i made an account on tinder..i'm not really the type to be single + my libido is off the charts.

we decided to talk after her late work shift. she arrived at my house at 10 in the evening, we went to my room to talk while sitting on my bed. we tal... Continue»
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