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Lucy the swimming instructor

I had finaly decided it was time to get rid of the belly and be a bit more fitter in genral.Our local pool offers a discount for local residents which makes swimming a lot cheaper.Beause of my shifts I tend to do more night shifts so have more daytime to myself.
I've always enjoyed swimming so started going to the pool around lunch time. One of the lifeguards there doubles up as a swim instructor of rmy daughters class after school. He rname is Lucy she has a youn c***d I would describe her as about 5ft 7 tall nice curvey things and a sweet tight little ass on her and small boobs.
During one... Continue»
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Not Today!

Can Tim stand up for himself?


Everyone froze. The whirl of activity that had ruled this nightmare came to a screeching halt.


The roars had come from me. Everyone looked shocked. My voice had a volume and command I had just not been able to muster during the events of the last hour. But it was there now, and I was the center of attention, once again.

Directly in front of me on the patio table, my "darling" wife Cindy was being pressed under the body of Monica's husband Jake. Just moments ago he had entered her with his enormous cock, sliding in ever so slo... Continue»
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"Did you take your vitamin, dear?" Ellen called from the
I rubbed sl**p from my eyes and picked up the pill bottle,
rolling a big tablet into my palm. "My horse pill? I'm doing it
"Have you noticed any difference yet?"
"Nah. Vitamins are pretty much all alike." She'd gone on a
minor health kick a month before, insisting that I needed to lose
a little weight and take better care of myself. I hadn't
actually made it to the gym to work out like she was though.
"Where's my underwear honey?" I asked my wife, poking
th... Continue»
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Meeting Master

Meeting Master

I have always been submissive, and I lived in a town that wasn't too big. I
had sometimes found someone to take me, but never more than a night. I had
dated some, but all the guys wanted a relationship, none wanted a slave. I
worked at a Denny's-like restaurant as a waiter. It didn't give me lots of
money, but I didn't need much. And I got to serve men and call them "Sir".

I was a pretty good waiter, and my boss (married older woman) was happy with
me. I worked the evening shift, it had the best tips. One night _he_ came
in. He was High School age, and he looked fant... Continue»
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my not mom she is a cunt

by yesterdat I introduced my mo to a friend, they both starting to flirting in the act, this is what he told mom after watch her naughty pics:

You are so fucking sexy! I would love to bend you over and use your hot wet pussy till you are begging for my thick cock. I wish you to star in a porno where I fuck you in every position and leave your cunt a quivering cummy mess. My thick cock would so make you cum like a dirty whore.
Would you like that honey? To be my hot little porn star slut?
I would let you wear a mask while I fuck you like a dirty slut if you are shy and don't want your face... Continue»
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Eclipse: The Waning Of John Blake


John had shown no movement for six days. He had made no sound. He was only recently released to his present hospital room from the strictly quarantined, Infectious Disease Intensive Care Ward. He hovered in a state of half-consciousness as his wife Julia, finally allowed at his side, held his hand as she listened to the man in the white jacket at bedside. “Well, at least we know whatever bug he's got is no longer contagious,” said the doctor, one of the country's leading specialists in tropical diseases, “but this thing still has a nasty hold on him. He's not u*********s – in fact, he... Continue»
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Bruised Manhood Times Two!

For BadSarah...what we discussed in chat lol

The swing had to be strong because the action was going to be vigorous! The cost wouldn't be mine of course but his and it had to be here by the weekend. The forecast was for heavy snow and the threat of cabin fever required us all to have something to keep us entertained. Three cruel women and two, make that one and an half men.

The half man was invited because he pressed his girlfriend, a BFF of mine for a threesome and insisted on having two women instead of an extra man. Thinking of himself of course in this day and age was enough to conv... Continue»
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A visit to the headmaster

This was written by my wife and she assures me it is based - loosely on a genuine experience she had with the headmaster at her school when she was only 16.

“Come in”
“Ah … hello, headmaster, Miss Price told me to come and see you.”
“Yes, I know. Come in Monica and sit down. You’re in trouble again aren’t you? What was it this time?”
“Ah … well, I don’t really .. I mean ….”
“Perhaps if you have forgotten I can remind you, as Miss Price has already informed me. She caught you performing fellatio on Rob, the grounds man, didn’t she, Monica?”
“I’m not sure sir”
“Not sure? P... Continue»
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Meet the Pornstars

It was an exciting day for Joey Brett. He had won tickets to meet his favorite porn stars: Sierra Devi and Janet Jade. He had walked in with his lanyard, flashing it to the guard.

There they were... these two busty beauties, wearing tank tops that exposed their massive cleavage, looking at him. "Well, who do we have here?" the bustier Sierra asked.

"Joey Brett," he said, offering his hand and showing them his DVD.

"It's nice to meet you," Janet said. She got a marker and signed her name on the DVD, passing it to Sierra who did the same.

"You must be tired," Sierra said. "Why don't ... Continue»
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Blondie at the Club

My story begins this past summer when my friend and I took a visit to South Carolina. We spent most of our time in Myrtle Beach, and lodged in the neighboring city of Conway.

Besides playing golf, and spending time on the beach, we came to SC so my friend can have his first experience at a strip club. This visit was my 3rd, so I had sophomore skills at these clubs.

Anyway, we went on our first night to take a whack at it.

My friend danced with a blue haired chick he thought was sexy as well as a couple others. He enjoyed his time. However, the way he was so confident had one stripper ... Continue»
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Cum In Her Panties

With the holidays nearing a thought has been lingering in my mind a while now. Thought this would be a good Thanksgiving story.

We wake up on Thanksgiving morning at 7am. You want to take a bath first with me and enjoy some hot and hard fucking before you begin cooking the meal for the f****y. Hot water and turn the jets on. Then afterwards I bend you over and drill your cunt hard. Shove a vibrator in your ass and call you a slut. I open the drawer that has your panties in them. I pick out a pair and when I am about to cum I pull my cock out of your hot wet cunt and cum in the crotch of you... Continue»
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The Punishment

I met this woman who was quite submissive and we began a normal weekend routine where we would meet at her place and have the weekend to live out a D/s relationship. On our first official date, I handed out some rules for her that if broken, there would be punishment. She agreed and the relationship began. First three months we explored everything, the play was intense, and she was extremely sexual.

Later I began to notice that our play was lacking in intensity, I was not sure if it was me, her, or the fact that we knew each other so well. I made attempts to change up our routine it was bet... Continue»
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My Journey Through OZ

Is this OZ? I ask that because it seems like a dream. If I was in OZ I guess my quest would be for a submissive. I would be facing many challenges, in Munchingland I would find the Cocksucking Girls, now that would be hard to leave knowing they want to suck me forever, but I must press on. As a good sucking would be great I want more.

That Wicked Witch well she would always tempt me, trying to take me away fom my path. She is the distraction, and she would be very tempting to give into, as she would prey on my weaknesses. She would give me her submission with evil in her eyes. I can not tr... Continue»
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sexy pregnant sophie contd

Sophie leaned against the wall of the shower, unable to hold in her moans of pleasure. With one hand, she tweaked her nipple, the other reaching around her enormous belly to try and push Beth's head further into her crotch. Beth responded to this by increasing the intensity of her lapping, her tongue darting in and out, driving Sophie wild with lust.
"Mmmm, don't stop!" She yelled, her entire body shaking uncontrollably, "Oh God, make me cum!"
Her shouts seemed to be getting to Beth, who now had one hand at her own crotch as she ate out Sophie. Sophie was in pure bliss, with hot water still... Continue»
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getting candice pregnant


Bill was excited and he had reason to be. He was a young man in his early twenties and this was to be his first real holiday on his own with no parents around. He’d been planning this holiday for the last couple of years, saved up for this moment for several months and today was finally that day he was going away. Not wanting to try something unknown and too different, he picked a place he knew very well from c***dhood holidays and a place he had previously enjoyed many times. It was a large static caravan park in a rural spot in the south of England, right by the coast... Continue»
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Public Panty Jacking

This kind of relates to the two videos I posted of me cumming in my pink bra and panty set. (there will be more to follow soon)

When my birthday came and I enjoyed my new panties, I decided to go a step further - wearing them in my car.. with nothing else! I waited until it got colder so it would be dark longer (I want to cum in public, but not get arrested), and I grabbed my black crotchless thong and loose jeans and jacket and left home. I went driving and got nice and aroused letting porn play on my smartphone, so I found where I wanted to be and started stripping. I had strapped my seat... Continue»
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sexy pregnant sophie

Chapter 1

Sophie turned over in bed, brushing her long blonde hair away from her eyes so as to take a look at her companion from the night before. This didn’t have the desired effect; her lover from the previous night had vanished without so much as a goodbye. Of course he had, it had been the same for a while now. I mean, who would want to wake up to realise they had spent the night with a very, very, pregnant woman. This was the third guy this month that had ran off, not to mention the first meat head that had put her in this condition in the first place. Yet again, she felt a deep pit of... Continue»
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Lara and Pat

Aren’t fantasies wonderful? I think so and I will tell you why. Because inside my head I can be anything I want and I can bring anyone along to help support what pleases and arouses me. So how does a fantasy start? Well it could be something absolutely true that you witnessed, were told about, or perhaps read. It might be one little snippet or an entire event.

Now I want to tell you a story, but before I get to the really good parts I want to tell you the true parts. This list is absolutely true and my memory of each bit of it is very clear. So here goes.

True facts:

1. I met m... Continue»
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Cant sl**p?

'You ok babe?' he asks,still half away in his dream. From the morning glory I feel teasing my back and the way he places his mouth on my neck, I hope he's dreaming of waking up and sliding his cock inside me. I want to feel better, I want to be put back asl**p for awhile so I can sl**p this off. He has what I need.

'I'm feeling a little sick baby, I'm gonna sl**p it of but I can't sl**p right now'. 'Oh' he teases nuzzling his mouth into the point where my spine begins at the top of my back, planting soft gentle kisses on my skin. 'And why is that?' He bear hugs me and turns me around so we ... Continue»
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Playing with Fire pt. 1

This is a work of fiction. All characters, places and events are fictitious

It was a typical November Saturday night. There was nothing good on TV, no good movies out and I had played the same video game so much I was wearing the disk out. I called a few friends and they all had dates or other plans. That left me alone, with nothing to do.

After flipping through all 200 channels twice I was so bored I could have cried. I decided to go find something to do. I got up and took a shower, got dressed and headed out the door. I had no clue where I was going to end up, but I had t... Continue»
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