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The Slut

Last night a old friend called me up he seen my post on my profile stating " I need a good caning " He was happy to help out. He give me the address of a factory unit he told me to get there at 7 pm sharp and not to plan on leaving for a while. I was running late so I didn't have time to get changed. I arrived late at 7.15 pm He was standing there very angry he said were the fuck have you been. I said there was traffic. He said I don't believe you show me your hamster page. I had been online chatting and he found a msg were I was talking about how I was playing with my pussy and was going to b... Continue»
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very happy ending at a massage place

A local tanning place opened up in a formerly abandoned strip mall. Then a couple of months later, a massage place opened up next to it. Wasn't one of the oriental places, either. I saw a coupon for $10 off for an hour massage -- or $40.

I know how awesome massages are, so I walked in one day on a Saturday. Not expecting anything over just a nice massage. The manager showed me to a room and told me to undress. I wasn't sure whether or not to remove my underwear or not, so I left them on and then laid down face first on the massage table.

I heard a knock and a woman came in and intr... Continue»
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Sniffing Steph's Bum

I'd like to start by thanking everyone who has read and commented on my stories and experiences over the last few years! That being said, sorry it has taken me so long to write anything! I've had quite a few requests to share more of my ass sniffing experiences, so here are a few more memorable ones that have occurred in recent memory.

The most recent happened just last weekend and afterwards I thought how awesome it would be to share it with the xhamster community so here it is! I have known Steph most of her life. She grew up next door to me and over the last few years I've watched her ... Continue»
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Mom's Horse Hunger Part 6


“Where are you two going?” Alice asked as Patti and Betsy bounded down the stairs.

Patti giggled and gave her mother a secret smile. “Out to the barn and see Tiny and Blazer before we leave for the horse show.”

“We won’t be long,” Betsy gushed, her face flushed with excitement. “I just want to see the winner of the show.” She avoided Alice’s gaze, believing Patti’s mother would be able to tell what they had done upstairs.

“There’s plenty of time,” Alice said. She looked at her daughter, then at Betsy. She had heard the moans and knew what would probably happen in the ... Continue»
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A Dirty Son

A Dirty Son

Mark was a regular 18-year-old boy. He went to school, had medium grades, friends and parents that loved him. He wasnt a hunk but he wasnt ugly either. Blond hair, blue eyes, tall and some muscles given his wrestling training made for a good appearance.
He did have one problem. He could be considered a bit weird when it came to sex.
Still a virgin he had started to feel the calling of the opposite sex about two years ago and soon he had realized he was anything but ordinary about it.
He had always been close to his mother. She had stayed at home taking care of him and givi... Continue»
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I was young, and a bit naive, but very curious about sex. Also, I felt I was not loved, basically. No one would teach, or show me things! Teddy, one of my paper route subscribers' dog was always friendly with me! He'd follow me, while I was on my bike, delivering papers. I was always afraid he'd get hit by a car or something. Sometimes he would jump up and lick my face! He was a happy dog! Sometimes, I noticed, he was a bit TOO happy!

When he first nudged his nooze into my crotch, I told him no, but I was aroused by it! He would do it often, when I got off my bike and I would ... Continue»
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The Debt

The ropes were tight, the gag secure, he could move his head a bit but that was about it as he struggled in the chair. It was fun watching the blonde, surf-bum, failure of a man strain and try to threaten him through his tight gag. His red swim trunks rode up his leg and his white t-shirt stretched across his chest.

"Unemployed, in debt, and leeching off a hot little thing like Charlotte. You owe twenty G’s and believe me we collect one way or the other. This is going to be a little show of what can happen." Marcus punched his victim in the jaw, then grabbed his hair to look him in his inf... Continue»
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45 From cheating housewife to who knows what? Pt1

My name is Christine Slack, I live in a big west country town and I am married to Jack , yes I can hear you sniggering, Jack Slack! We have been married for 3 years and his name is very appropriate as believe it or not he has not been able to raise much more than a laugh in the last two years poor lamb.
He`s a year or two older than me at 37, we live together in a fairly posh area of suburbia, he is manager of a security company, me, I am a very respectable housewife, at least on the surface. Stand 5ft 6” tall, have a 36C-30-32 figure, hate to be totally naked, have a high sex drive,... Continue»
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(Femdom story) Wendell and how he got that way by

These stories are favourites of mine and would like to share.

Wendell would never forget the time he met Diana. Just eighteen years old, but street-wise and self-assured as a Mafia kingpin, she was sitting at a small table by the dressing room, leaning back in her chair with her legs kicked open wide. She was laughing with another dancer about something and smoking a cigarette. He’d always remember her white knee-high leather boots and white boy-cut panties and white lace bra; how tight her stomach was and how strong her thighs looked; her hair - shoulder-length blonde with bang... Continue»
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Dream of Me

Me and my live-in gf have been together 8 yrs, I love her but she's selfish and usually a cunt unless she wants something ..or..she's sl**ping.
Today was hot outside, so hot my window air conditioners were lagging behind, leaving the house a little warm. This prompted my gf to take of her pants and bra off as she lounged on the living room couch for a cat nap. she sl**ps heavy.. a college girl by day, a waitress at nite..she usually sl**ps hard and today was no exception. It had been an hour of lightly snoring when I noticed she finally fell into a deep sl**p - zero noise, zero movement and... Continue»
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Tattoo (incomplete story)

((Unfortunately, this is an incomplete story. This was a common project with my roommate Lady-Jen but unfortunately we have no idea and no motivation to finish this story))

It was pitch black. Kelli tried to focus her eyes. She fluttered her lids repeatedly.
Pitch black.
She felt something caressing her face, but couldn't tell exactly what. She opened and closed her eyelids again.
A shiver of apprehension ran through her. Something was wrong.
She started to move her right arms up so that her hand could rub her eyes. Maybe her eyes were just full of sl**p... Continue»
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Velvet Crush: A New Beginning


I finally realized where I was, as I pulled the filthy blanket down to find that I was naked. I was lying on a mattress in a dirty room, in some house, somewhere in LA. Our tour had ended nearly four months ago and I had been on a sex and d**g binge since then. It had begun as a party to celebrate our tour and after a sequence of events, had degraded into my demise as a street whore, d**g abuser and live sex act star.
After two days of partying, I had returned to see my mom and grandma off to Japan. They were going to be flying back in a private jet with my grandma’s husband, who ... Continue»
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The Giantess: Crushing a Tiny Man Underfoot

This started as a text chat with someone who has a crushing fetish. I realized after a while that I had basically written a piece of erotica so I copy/pasted it, cleaned up the grammar a bit, and now post it here for your consideration.

You can clearly see the dirty sole of my shoe as it hovers over you. I'm keeping my heel on the floor though because I don't want to just squash you, I want to play with you first. It's not often that I get to torture a little man.

I lift my foot, turn it a bit to the left and stamp it down hard. The SMACK sound it makes on the floo... Continue»
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Visiting Mistress Dee Chapter 1

Arriving at my mistress’s home, I rode my bike into the small shed attached to the barn as directed. Releasing the kickstand, I let the big Harley rest after the enjoyable ride out in the country. Closing the doors, dropping the locking bolt into place, I removed all of my clothing, making certain I had followed all the directions I had been given to a “T”. As I was told there was only one other door available, I opened the door entering the small room, not much bigger than an average shower stall. Closing the door, I stepped up on the two blocks, forcing me to spread my legs wide as I grabbe... Continue»
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Allie and the Old Man

The "bay" at Cooper's Point looked more like a dirty puddle. It was
full of rust-brown that sat festering and stagnant along a littered beach
with more rocks than sand. The bugs loved it, and the boys were happy
enough to swim in it, but Allie was (shockingly) the only girl in sight.

If it had been up to her, she wouldn't have stayed either. If it were
up her, though, she wouldn't be in stupid Maine with her stupid f****y
being stupid.

"It's a hundred degrees out, Allie-gator," her father said. "You should
get in and cool off!"

The fifteen year old scrunched ... Continue»
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Allie and the Old Man Chapter 2

When Allie's dad tried to drag her back down the beach the next day, she
wouldn't budge. The thought of going back made her skin crawl. She told
him she didn't feel well, and when he pressed, she just said it was "girl
stuff." That always did the trick.

With her dad, Uncle Neil and her stupid b*****rs away, she finally had
the cabin to herself. After a quick shower in the gross outdoor stall, she
changed into her bikini--the super skimpy yellow one she wouldn't dare wear
to the beach--and settled with her book onto the big lounge chair on the
porch. Solitude at last!

... Continue»
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Standard Disclaimer: This story contains sexually graphic and explicit material and as such it is not suitable for minors. If you are a minor, please leave now as it is i*****l for you to be here. If it is i*****l for you to read or view sexually explicit material in the community you view such material, please leave now. This story and characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to events or persons (living or dead) is purely coincidental. If you are offended by sexually explicit stories, please read no further. If you are offended by stories featuring group sex, bisexual situ... Continue»
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Anal ruin

Janet was a cute girl, 20 years old. She had long dark hair, a bit more than average sized breasts and was about 5 feet, 6 inches.
When she was 15 she discovered the pleasure of inserting objects into her pussy and ass. It all started with curiosity, some candles, cucumbers, apples. At the age of 18 she had her first boyfriend who acknowledged her skills and well-trained holes and started to teach her how to take a man's fist in the ass. It took about 3 months but he finally managed to get his whole hand into her. About a year later she could take his fist with ease - her bottom hole being pe... Continue»
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My Fantasy of Aunty

I picture you in black seamed nylon stockings, tight white sweater, black skirt and 5inch black suede high-heeled pumps. Since it is just you and I, I can see the outline of your sexy black bra against the white sweater, your full red kissable lips and sexy eyes.
You would look so hot in front of me in your high heels and black seam stockings, (Whoops, getting hard again). Your hot sexy red lips going up and down on my hard cock would be more than I could bear. Since you are so good and I couldn't hold back I'd cum in your mouth with wild abandon. After that I would want to lay you down... Continue»
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Our New Pet

Our New Pet

Durango Dan

“Please, we promise to take care of it. We will walk him and
feed him, you won’t have to do anything” I begged my folks as I
asked for a dog. My younger b*****r was on my side saying that
he would help in all the chores connected with the dog. “Think
of the protection that he would give us” he told our parents.
Mom and dad smiled at us and told us that they would think about

My name is Jennifer but all my friends call me Jen. I am 12
years old with puffy little tits with long dark nipples forming
on them already. My long legs ar... Continue»
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