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Head with a twist

Back in 1972, my girl and I had just finished a long hot make out session on my water bed. All of our clothes were on the floor except for my briefs and her panties. My hard cock was straining in the tight whitie tidies as she grabbed the waist band and set my swollen cock free. She positioned her self between my legs and slowly suck my cock while her tongue worked back and forth on the sensitive area on the bottom of the bulbous head of my cock.

The sensation was intense causing my hips to try and f***e my cock deeper in her fantastic mouth but her hand around the base of my cock wou... Continue»
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Addicted To Semen

Addicted To Semen
by Mimi X

My heart was pounding as I approached the room. I still wasn't sure why I decided to do this. I knew that there could be some danger. But the allure was stronger...

The ad said some guys were looking for a woman who loves cum, and there'd be no f***ed or unwilling sex – just cum.
I was intrigued, so here I am at the hotel – and I knock on the door.

A well-kept man in his mid-40's answered the door and invited me in. He didn't ask my name, and I didn't ask his. I saw a narrow massage table set up with a sheet over it.

"I want you to know what we want ... Continue»
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Cuckhold in Milwaukee Part 9

I was cuckolded for over 20 years and considered myself one of the luckiest guys in the world. Though I got jerked off only once every couple of weeks I loved hearing about what my wife has done.

One night she was entertaining a friend, that is all she would tell me is that I was too stay downstairs. Of course I couldn't wait to hear what was happening. Well as the time creeped past midnight I was getting tired and dozing off. All of a sudden someone went by me and I open my eyes to see a woman dressed in stockings and a lace thong and a bra going by and I was thinking not a bad looking ass... Continue»
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After sport footing

It was another hot day in the middle of April, strangely since the start of the week, the days were getting hotter and hotter. But that didn’t disturb the energetic Hanna on her way to school, as the final exams were approaching she as putting more and more energy in her studies, ignoring of course all the extra-activities, including the boys. But even though her serious and geeky attitude, she didn’t quiet had the body to go on with this, since she was a quite gorgeous girl, a nice and firm bust was just a part of a slim body that had a round and hypnotic butt on top of a beautiful pair of le... Continue»
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One saturday, we spend the day wandering around town doing about as much shopping as I can handle, along with visiting a museum. The highlight of the day is you teasing me by messaging me a few photos of the lingerie you've been trying on, and a couple in-between, whilst I wait patiently trying to conceal my erection and not to look like a guy perving at women in the lingerie section. As the day turns to evening and needing a break, we find a place to have dinner, it's quite classy, dimly lit and fairly busy. Seated in a booth in one corner, we chat about general stuff over a drink, spend qu... Continue»
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Her husband could not believe his eyes, or his luc

My wife and I share a fantasy about me watching her have sex with another man. She is seriously the best wife in the world and has a seriously sexual side, so we decided that we would go for it. She joined and online dating site and given her pretty face, long auburn hair and large boobs it was not long until we found a guy for her to date. She went on a couple of nights out, telling him that she was a bored married women just looking for some fun behind her husband’s back. Things were starting to look good for me to have my fantasy fulfilled.
One afternoon I was near the house around lunch t... Continue»
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Became my neighbours toy PART 2

First of all thanks to everyone that read/commented and liked my first post.

This happened on Thursday, and after the fun id had last time I was eager for the next. At around 10am I got a text from A(my neighbour), P(my partner) usually leave for work around 9. The message said "Get your tight ass over here, I'm bored and home alone". The message iv been waiting for. Instantly I stopped what I was doing, and grabbed my red lace lingerie set, panties, bra, garter belt and stocking, put them in my bag and went over. He answered the door straight away and grinned, inviting me inside. As I step... Continue»
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Marie's playtime: An evening with Susan

Marie woke for work like it was any other day, all hard and swollen, first thing she did was rub her smooth legs together. The silky feeling alone was enough to send a tremor of pleasure through her. Desperate to cum but conscious of the impending lateness to start her day she quickly dressed and assumed the guise of her male alter ego. This meant a grey man's suit, but before that went on so did a pair of 10 denier stockings and garter belt with a lacy mesh fronted pantie through which her cock was clearly visible, under her jacket she wore a tie and shirt, nothing to exciting.

Time passed... Continue»
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"true" accounting of my summer of 15 and

Some of my stories are just that, Some are true accounts of my life. I was a big k** and at 15 would arm wrestle for money. Was 6-4 by then and worked cutting wood and doing construction. Nights weekends and in the summer time I worked my ass off.
My buddy was a small k** I stopped everyone from picking on. We were tight friends, when I had free times he and I were hanging around. I went to his house where I could smoke and we would sneak his parents booze.
I got home from work when mom said call this number collect. It was my buddy and his dad had taken him and his younger s****r. His mom... Continue»
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the goddes

My parents were very Catholic and very straight. That was all I knew.
Tony's parents were more sophisticated. His dad, Henry, was a doctor. He
was a bit formal but really a great guy. He would make sex jokes and
stuff, which seemed so progressive to me as a k** in grammar school. I
remember in their rec room downstairs, lots of knotty pine, there was a
cloth poster of a very attractive African woman. She was topless with big
boobs, a ring in her nose, and there was a tiny cloth over her crotch. The
cloth was not painted. It was a separate cotton cloth attached to the poster.
Of cou... Continue»
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daddy's beautiful baby (part one)

(Disclaimer, I never had intercourse with my father but love watching other people do that and I love daddy role playing)

When I was a little girl, I was taught to never be ashamed of my body, I was actually taught to embrace it, and to embrace the bodies of people I loved, when I was five or six, I decided I was tired of wearing clothes. I sort of boycotted them, and both my bother and father accepted it, I would come home, go to my room, and strip, leaving only a shirt on so I wasn't freezing. Eventually my mother warmed up and started being topless when she got home from work.

My da... Continue»
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Was just sitting here fondling my cock while reading through some posts about guys getting hand jobs, and such, from people in the service industries (i.e., maids, masseuses, etc.) when I started to leak precum pretty heavily. It brought back a particularly gratifying experience that I had about 8 years ago. So rather than keep this experience to myself I've decided to share it so some of you might get some enjoyment out of it.

First a little background on me. You see, I'm a guy who has had a lifelong fetish with masturbating in public places. And I'm talking about "out in... Continue»
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my friends sissy slut with help from mum p2

When I finally summed up the courage to go back downstairs my auntie had left. My mum apologised to me for her bad mood the night before and told me that she could find me something old of hers to wear to the fancy dress party. She told me very casually and gave no hint of the plan that my auntie and her had come up with earlier. The rest of the week however my Auntie spent alot of time at our house and there was plenty of whispering and giggling going on. My initial arousal at the thought of my girly makeover had know changed to one of fear. I liked the idea of the makeover but not of le... Continue»
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Disney Upskirt

My wife and I were on vacation in Disneyland. For the past few days that we were there she said she will go on the scarier rides with me but never does . So this day I gave her a choice of a roller-coaster or The Grizzly River Rapid Ride. She quickly and eagerly agreed to the raft ride and we waited in line, clueless to why I wanted her to go on the ride. It took a bit then my wife finally realized what she was wearing. I was really hot that day so She Had on a very short denim mini skirt, with a just a very thin tight blue tube top that you could noticeably tell that she was wearing no bra. i... Continue»
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airport panty flashing - the story behind the vide

My wife and I had an over an hour to kill at the airport, and we were both already getting really bored. But luckily my sweet little wife still owed me a naughty upskirt dare video or two on this trip. So when she returned with our coffees, I pulled out my camera and told her about how I thought it would be fun if I capture a hot video of her when she is genuinely getting shamelessly upskirted by guys. She was slightly reluctant at first, but I explained I still had room on the camera and she still owed me videos. Plus she said it herself she couldn’t help but enjoy the way she was really bein... Continue»
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Mom Taught Me Everything I Know - Part 2

If you have not read Mom Taught me Everything I Know, please take the time to read it. It will let you know how I ended up in this situation with my mom. Please understand that she is a good mother. She cooks, cleans, works at a crappy job and yes she really does take her time to teach me everything.

After we went to the store on Saturday and she bought the box of condoms I thought I was in heaven. I had no doubt that I was going to finely have real sex that night. Instead I went to bed alone and jacked off. Soon she started to put real pressure on me not to masturbate at all. She ha... Continue»
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My training to becoming a sex slave part1

I met a girl at work,she was a mistress looking for a slave.I was willing to be trained.There a several steps to becoming a sex slave.My first lesson was humiliation and public exposure.I showed up to her apartment,Friday after work.as planned.The door was opened,I was invited in door was closed,she immediately ordered me to strip and took my clothes,good slave she said.I wasn't getting my clothes back until Sunday night.i was ordered into the Living room,where several people were sitting around clothed having a few drinks. I was ordered to stand in the middle of the room,legs spread apart,han... Continue»
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Tgirl Hooker pt5

All my stories and based on my own experiences.

All other parts are on here and would recommend you have a read.

The next time I saw Emma my ass was still sore and I was quite bruised inside from how are she had fucked me, so we went for a curry and a few beers.

After Emma had been perved at all night by the staff and some older business men in the restaurant but I know she loved it, the cute little giggle she done, the way she would look at them and bit her lip, for all I know they could be clients of her's. The thing I learned was although I was her fuck buddy, I was still paying he... Continue»
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Filmed With Dogs Chapter 5

Chapter 5

Charlotte finished showering and wrapped a towel around her wet, naked
body. She fluffed her hair and left for the kitchen, starving for some
food. Sucking Khan had given her a ravenous appetite.

"You look delicious in that towel," Felicia said, looking up as
Charlotte padded into the kitchen. "Doesn't she, Craig?"

Craig's smile widened. "Fantastic!" He set his coffee down to admire

Charlotte basked in their compliments. She felt wonderful, excitement
coursed through her veins. She felt their eyes on every move she made
as she fixed herself some toast. She dr... Continue»
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Submissive Boy falling for the red-haired Goddess

I have this "sixth sense", or how you want to call it, for a long time. I just can sense if the person I am talking to has that special box of sexuality hidden under the conventional behavior and the daily acting we all do. Some kink, some fetish, being bisexual or even nymphomaniac (that´s a funny story, too). More than once these persons discovered or started living their "thing" out because of me. Maybe because I am a sensible bag full of kinks myself. One of these kinks is submission.

Today I want to tell you about a woman that left a bleeding hole in my heart when she finally gave up... Continue»
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