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my s*s n law fantasy

Today, I'm feeling extremely horny. I don't know why, but all day I've had sex on my mind and nothing I do is helping. I've masturbated in bed when I woke up. Again, in the shower. After breakfast, I was watching TV and these two people were flirting and it turned me on so much! I went online, looked for some porn and got off again. It was no use, no matter how often I did, I still felt unsatisfied. The boredom of the day was getting to me, I needed to get out there and do something wild!

I got naked and started looking through my closet for something nice to wear. I chose a wrap-around dre... Continue»
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A Ride on the Underground

The subway car squeaks and squeals to a stop at the station. The doors flop open with an emphatic rattle and crowds of people surge out, and new crowds of people surge in.

My girl is sitting next to me, looking like her usual jaw-droppingly sexy self, prim and proper and petite, the very vision of s*******n year old schoolgirl loveliness. I have my hand on her knee. She's got a fine set of legs, lanky and thin and strong, the legs of a long distance runner. My favorite sort of legs, and she's got the finest example of them.

My hand looks quite large on her knee. It enfolds her knee ent... Continue»
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A Ball-sucking Slut

I know there's nothing you like better than having a big set of hairy balls hanging in your face.

Sure, you've always liked having a cock in your mouth--having a guy grab the sides of your head to hold you still while he fucks your cute little face. And you've always liked laying on your back, legs up in the air and arms up over your head and a big cock slamming in and out of you and the guy treating you like you're a cheap hooker.

But what you really like is a big red swollen set of balls hanging in your face.

I got my legs around your arms, sitting on your chest, holding my c... Continue»
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This Time It's All Different

The party was a total bust. I went with my friend Cindy but she ran into a guy she used to know and they hooked up and I was left to fend for myself. I didn't know anyone else, and I was totally bored. At least there was a place outside, kinda around the corner, where I could just sit and be alone and try to figure out what I should do--should I get a cab? It'd cost a million dollars to get home from here, and I don't have much money.

Right about then this guy came around the corner and was a little surprised to see me. "Oh, hello," he says.

"Hi," I say. He was an older guy, but he ... Continue»
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Bed side manner........

I woke early the next morning for my bl**d test and after showering dressed in a black soft cup lace bra, I now filled the 38B cup and resolved to buy some larger bras that day. I slid over my feminine hips a pair of matching hipster boy shorts and suspender belt. As I clipped on the suspender belt on the lace top stockings I mused on what outer wear I could reasonably get away with. i choose a very pale, almost off white with a tinge of pink linen shirt. It was loose fitting but when close to the skin became tantalisingly just see through. I then those a baggy pair of off white cream linen tr... Continue»
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Mistress Carmen and Mistress Natalia

Her husband Ali had called from the office again to say he was working late and she suspected he was doing more than just figuring up peoples taxes, this was the third time this week and it was only Friday. She had known about his philandering ways when she had married him, Hell, she liked to sl**p around too once and awhile, but she thought this was ridiculous. She knew if this kept up, either he would divorce her or she would have to put a stop to him fucking around at work. Either way she was going to have to gain the upper hand. He hadn't screwed her in two weeks and she was getting stir c... Continue»
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The sl**ping Pill (aka the G-Spot)

If you have been one of the few who have read my story "My Greatest Love", well this is "post Stevie". After enduring the heartbreak of not being able to be with my true love, I moved here to NH and met a woman at work I'll call Emily. She was the polar opposite of Stevie: more full figured, less religious, raucous rather then demure, not as bright but funny as hell, and so on. She and I were both coming out of failing relationships, so it was a double rebound situation. The sex was pretty hot, two people reveling in that intense feeling of intertwining bodies; the touching, the longing, the p... Continue»
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Neighbor Lady Tells Me About Her Foot Fetish Story

Being as old as I am now, over 65 is all I will divulge to you, I have discovered a fondness for seducing younger men. Now younger means from 20 to 40 years of age, and since my profession still has me traveling most of the time, I am able to indulge my passion as I always come into contact with quite a few males of assorted ages and backgrounds who are just waiting for a talented lady like myself. What it is I find that turns me on, and most of the young male population that I come into contact with is my use of my 5 or 6inch high-heeled pumps or using my black nylon stockinged feet to massag... Continue»
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Kira and me

I announce that we are
going to be playing strip chess, and you laugh. For each piece you
lose, you lose an article of clothing. I set it up on the counter, and
we begin to play. You are a bit better at it than I am, and I am down
to my underwear in no time. You still have pants on. Your eyes gleam
as I smile as we play. The wine flushing my cheeks. I make another
move and eliminate your queen, so you lose your pants. You exclaim
that it isn't fair that I have two forms of underwear, while you only
have one. I laugh and say alright. I remove my bra to make us even.
The rest of the clo... Continue»
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Thailand part 6

The next couple of days and nights were calm and relaxing, the couple managed to be civil and entertaining as I remembered them. Affording us some very good dinners after work for me and sightseeing for them. I decided to take the last day of their stay off to allow us to have late drinks somewhere together.

We decided to start at the Indian restaurant again but the only table we could get on a Thursday night was at 6:00. As is always the case something came up and I rushed to get back to the apartment and shower change and relax, something had to go so the first couple of beers at the res... Continue»
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I'm coming home.........

The text from Mistress pure;y read, "I've missed you coming home Monday midday, rest of day off" It came in Monday morning. I had had an uneventful Sunday which had allowed me to complete some washing and house work.
Monday morning was relatively plain, with the exception of a letter from my doctor asking me to come in for some tests on the following day. I rang and made an appointment for early morning.
Mistress arrived shortly after noon. She looked tired and travel weary. I had dressed plain in a grey figure hugging skirt, Hold up stockings a plain white thing, low kitten heeled sling bac... Continue»
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A Great Trip To The DMV!

Had a pretty interesting day, thought I'd take a few minutes to put it down here and share with you :)

I woke up around 7am to the horrible sound of the alarm, I took the day off so I could go to the DMV. I wanted to get there as early as possible and just get it over with, but at that moment I convinced myself I had all day to do it and hit the snooze button a few times. During these short sl**ps I had the most fantastic sexual dreams, nothing elaborate but intense all the same, a solid fucking. I finally woke up fully, turning off the alarm and ready to get up, but feeling really amorous.... Continue»
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helping a friend got me laid with an older lady

I have a female friend, Kathy, who cleans houses for a living, and she is getting older (50's) and has arthritis in her hands, so she asked if I could go to a couple of houses she cleans at to help with heavy duty jobs like cleaning the baseboards and pulling weeds in the yard, moving heavy stuff, etc.. I needed the $$ as I was only working PT.

Kinda sucks as it's woman's work, lol, especially the house cleaning stuff but oh well. Oh and Kathy wears skimpy ass clothes when she's working so I get treated to a lot of titty closeups (she wears low cut shirts and no bra). I've seen her tits ... Continue»
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WKRP: Serving Loni's Ass

The ultimate blond celebrity and ultimate ass worship.
(ass kissing, facesitting, ass licking, buttsniffing, face-farting, analingus, s**tology)


WKRP in Cincinnati was popular on television because of its comedy and also because of Loni Anderson, its voluptuous blond star. What many people don't know is that the series was created from an actual radio station, a station where I served as a work-study schoolboy intern a couple of years before WKRP aired.

Our staff was much like the tv show. In fact, Loni Anderson w... Continue»
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My sissy exam fantasy (this one is fiction)

OK. I'm not a Dr. But I know a guy who connects me to a local private 'members only' sex club. I told him about your 'situation' and he said he's got just the thing. Turns out the local (gay) sex club caters to all kinds of fetishes; and it has a simulated medical examination room. So I txt you with the address; time; and directions for you to show up in panties and stockings, short mini skirt, halter top and fuck-me hooker boots.

I will be your Dr; and the exam will see if we can determine the cause of your underdeveloped penis and the pain you claim is coming from your testicles.

When ... Continue»
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Mom introduces me to our neighbor

The next Saturday, right at six, the doorbell rang and I pulled it open to see Brenda and her daughter, Sally, standing there, Brenda holding the hamper with our dinner.

"Um, oh, hi, Sally, come in, come in." I was relieved that I didn't answer the door naked or something, I just wasn't expecting Brenda's daughter.

"Sally's home this weekend and I told her how much fun we had last weekend and she wanted to join us in the hot tub, if that's all right."

"Oh, sure, fine. Let's put the food to warm and go out, okay? You can show her where to change."

They went to a spare bedroom near t... Continue»
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The Dream

I have been waiting up all night for you. You went out with your girlfriends hours ago, and it's now almost 3 am. I am so damn horny. You've been so sexy lately, and have refused to have sex with me for almost a month. You stopped giving me blowjobs almost a year ago, and even a quick hand-job is now a thing of the past. The only sexual contact I receive from you is when you crush my balls in your fist. I'm starting to think that you enjoy hurting me, hurting my balls. I beg for you to stop, but you just grin and keep squeezing. Harder. A few months ago I was looking in a cabinet. I di... Continue»
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A Girls Journey through sexual matters

I use words and visual imagery to convey the impossible. Feeling a man move inside me is nothing short of delicious, being brought to the point of orgasm, is just plain indescribable.

Every nerve and fibre in my being is focused, from my nipples to my clitoris, sending mixed and confusing signals, my body a mess, my cervix dipping and sucking involuntarily, both my eggs awaiting in my fallopian tubes for the final creative penetration to wriggle inside and close off forever any other attempt.

I groan deeply, as if from my very soul, my body finds a flexible lucidity to allow his cock to ... Continue»
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My Naughty Confession 3 (My Teacher)

High school was a time when my sexual interests bloomed, sometimes feverishly, like most adolescents, I presume. I've had a lot of sexual interests towards the opposite sex, mostly for a bunch of my female classmates and my female teachers, most of whom I have actually had many sexual fantasies about. But unfortunately, they were mostly fantasies, and not exactly real sexual experiences, although I did find a few certain masturbation techniques that were useful.

Of all the ladies at my old high school that I've sexually fantasized about, there was one teacher that I will never ever forget. ... Continue»
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How I started Cross Dressing and other first times

I love to cross-dress! I love everything about it!
Like most of us cross dressers, I love everything about ladies undergarments. I like seeing lingerie in ads, in stores, on models, on TV, on women, on men and of course on me! I love the feel when I am dressed up. I love the taboo of wearing them. I love the thrill of being “underdressed”, which is wearing lots of lingerie under your manly clothes, when I go to work. I especially love the incredible horniness and lack of all boundaries when I am dressed. But alas, I can only dress on occasion, not nearly as much as I would like to.
I ... Continue»
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