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Opening Pandora's Box - Chapter One

Would you love me if I told you?


I carry secrets.
A life-journey's tale that has only till now, never been spoken of.


There is a serial killer on the loose.

He has targeted ladies of the night. Dumping the bodies in plain sight, mutilated, for all to see.
No one has been able to catch him.
Six woman have been found till now. The police speculate that there is more than one killer.

My phone wakes me from my slumber.
It's Casandra. She is asking for a tip off. I would never do that, for it will taint my reputation.
Casandra is a very young girl, pretty and inn... Continue»
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A Very Hot Hotel Meet by Mariel.

This is not a story where you just start at the beginning, because somehow it does not have a beginning, it just happened, and it just seemed to get heavier and more lurid as the week went on.

My name is Mariel, I am married to a man, whom I found out last week is a 'Swinger', and as I speak, I am in an elevator in a down-town hotel, heading to the room of a man I have never met, supposedly for breakfast.

'Am I going to have to fuck this guy'?

I was a smidgen angry, and bit more excited, but dared not show emotion, but once my knickers were off, well all bets were off, as I was wettin... Continue»
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loving pantie sniffer

When I was younger I used to go thru my older s****rs clothes hamper an pull out a pair of her worn panties , the fresher the better . I think she knew I was jerking off to her soiled panties because I would shoot a hot load in them an leave them so she would see them covered in my cum . One day she went to take a shower an left a fresh pair she just wore on a hot summer day after playing tennis .As soon as that door closed I went in a sat on her bed an pulled out my hard cock as I picked them up noticing a brown pubic hair in the middle of the crotch as they felt really wet from her juices , ... Continue»
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Mountain Meat 1

Mountain #2

Christa lay still in the afterglow of Ralph's great fuck. Her womb still tingled with sensation as his cum load felt like a cork inside it. Alice knew exactly what she was experiencing and with it coming under these intensely taboo circumstances, it had to be delicious. She spoke saying, “Stuck. That's where you are. You know nothing is going to stop you from having more him, even if it's so wrong. Yes, I'm right there and Todd is mine. Life might change things but he can always “cum” at home”. Christa asked, “how ... Continue»
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My Friend And I Fucked By Strangers At Concert

This is a story for a friend of ours on here, She liked one of my older stories and wanted to be in a story with my girlfriend Sarah (Redhead). She only requested I changed her name so I am gonna give it a go. Hope she and all of you enjoy.

I finally had a week off from work and contemplated what I was going to do with all of my time off since my boyfriend David had to work. I was almost out of ideas when I got a phone call from my friend Ashley who I hadn't spo... Continue»
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older maif obsesion { true story }

when I was a young lad I developed an interest in shall we say the more mature woman.Sure I had the odd kiss and cuddle behind the bike shed with girls of my own age, but as time went by I got more and more interested in bbw type women.I still lived at home and liked to kick a ball about in the garden/ the fences in between the properties were very low and often the ball would end up over the fence at the bottom of the garden, I had seen the lady who lived there a few times and had the occasional smile. On this day the ball went over and broke a window in her greenhouse. I had to go to her f... Continue»
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Summer BBQ

A few weeks had passed since my first acquirement and i found myself in mist of summer heat wave, I continued to masturbate regularly using Diane's knickers and wondering what other delights she had in her draws and what she looked like naked and the size of her tits as they were a mystery too me. As I never got to see them due to the very loose fitting clothing she wore while i watched her work in her backyard making it very presentable in her homemade daisy duke style demin shorts. I spent many hour gazing at her building up a hot sweat making those improvements to her garden while i wrappin... Continue»
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Stocking Fetish

This goes back to the first time I realized I had a love for nylons.
This is true as best I can remember.
The beginning of my love for nylon stockings and pantyhose.

I remember when I was a young, While siting at my mothers feet watching tv I was playing with her feet, they felt so smooth and silky. It was a warm summer morning mom was reading I was in my under shorts she must have liked what I was doing to her feet and never asked me to stop. I was really starting to feel something strange in my body, like a tingling in my groin. Then the phone rang and she said her friend Ella wa... Continue»
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Ugly chubby wheelchair woman.

One day, I used a way to pickup one time sex girl. The way is complicate to explain, maybe unique way in Japan used mainly before internet.

I came to know a woman, one year elder than me, 26 years old. Her name is Miho. In the way, we used telephone, so we talked on phone at first. While talking with her, I noticed that she talked stammeringly. Later I came to know that she had some congenital problem, and also she used a wheelchair.

She wanted to keep on talking on telephone, because almost all the guys ran away when they saw her. But I tried to let her accept meeting, the... Continue»
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Spanked by Captain carl

My Uncle Carl is Captain of a research ship, near 80 meters long and a crew of about forty including a couple of girls. Uncle Carl was going to be in port for repairs so he called me to come down to spend some time with him on the vessel and maybe go to sea for a while. I hadn't seen Uncle Carl for a few years and have fond memories of when I used to visit him even though I would invariably end up over his knee for doing something naughty and get my bare bottom smacked. He was a no nonsense man and I always knew that he would spank me immediately no matter where we were or who was watchin... Continue»
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the milking wheel

The Milking Wheel
The Technician.

Non-Consent, Femdom, Milking, Electro, Slavery

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
In future Womyn have all power & lustful thought is a crime.

In a future time, a young lawyer is accused of a "man crime."
Specifically, he is accused of violating The Protection of Womyn Act
by thinking of a Womyn in the office in a "lustful and i*****l"

The punishment for such a crime is the pain and humiliation of a
public milking and possibly the complete removal of his manhood,
leaving him a eunuch.

I don't normally give ... Continue»
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Serving Jen

I was walking in my town and stopped by the hair stylist shop that I had a friend there to shoot the bull. When I walked in I saw my favorite hair stylist and started talking to her. She was telling me about her friend named Jen. Jen was a shorter girl with big breasts and blonde hair. She was telling me about one of her sexual escapades which made me think about how nice it would be to serve her sexually. I told her what I was thinking and she said that she would do that. I asked her how we could set this up. She asked me what I would do to her and I said anything she wanted me to do includi... Continue»
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dirty fetish mind from a young age

Stuff that i love;
Eating my own spunk, snot porn, sloppy kissing, handjobs, mouth fucking, fleshlight, vibrators on my dick, milking machines, vacuum cleaner. All the aforementioned as im tied up if possible haha

i masturbate loads, atleast three times a day. when im not masturbating over the porn videos on my main page, i am either masturbating over a couple of girls i know from my area but most of the time its over old male school friends i used to fancy. i don't know what that says about me, i guess im bisexual. although i dont find sex with a man appealing, just blowjobs and handjobs.... Continue»
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The term "Dumpster Diver" refers to having sex with someone filled with another male's cum.. And...this is the story of how i grew to love being one.
I've always had a wide variety of women in my life, i've always had 2-3 girlfriends at a time to fulfull the many needs i like fulfilled. Theres always a showpiece, a sweet motherly giver, and a dirty whore when it comes to me. For the last 13 yrs my dirty whore has been a BBW mom of 6 with medium looks - a moderate squirter/occasional creamer who is a constant pleaser with lots of curves and crannies and who is currently on her 3rd husband. W... Continue»
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Beautiful Pussy Pie

I have finally decided i can no longer keep my urges to myself. I need to communicate to you my hunger. I need to eat you out now.

I can almost taste you already. If only I had you in my room at this very moment. I don't even know where I would begin once I had you lying down on your back, naked before me, nothing on but a pair of white cotton panties. I can imagine they are dry, but I will change that. You didn't think I'd let you take them off so soon did you, without making them sopping wet? I can be a tease too.

I Think I'd have to start with your ear lobes. You will see how it feels... Continue»
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Accidental Shower

My husband’s best friend, Tom, worked with my husband. They were friends long before I ever got married, always meeting after work and having a couple of beers. As a matter of fact, it was through Tom that I had met Doug. As time progressed, it seemed that the two of them were inseparable. In fact, Tom often spent the night, with the two of them going to work together the next morning, sharing the same car.

I came home from work one day, exhausted from a day dealing with dumb customers and stupid supervisors. I needed a shower very badly. I passed by the bathroom and heard the shower runni... Continue»
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Island Fruit-OpaCal

Island Fruit-Ocapal

Ocapal was another island in the Asian Sea. It only held 150,000 residents that were descendants of the 1060's Flower c***d generation. The originals were either affluent, powerful, notable, notorious, or wealthy who escaped the world to this island. Those living there now were still considered social misfits and fought to keep it that way. Willard's mother had lived there for years before her death. He and his group had been there one month.

Honey had gained weight. She was more like a thick woman than a ... Continue»
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Becky Gets Too Nervous

I had spent the day home alone and had decided to do some spring cleaning. A nice relaxing day and I even took some time to masturbate to some porn that I especially liked. It was around 3:30PM and my wife’s daughter Becky was due home anytime. I walked to the front living room window which faced down the long lane to our house. Sure enough there was Becky just starting to walk down the driveway. What was different today was that there was someone walking beside her and that someone was a guy. From where I was it was obvious that he was taller t... Continue»
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Abbot Anselm's Day.A Tale from the Monastery.

'Early to bed,early to rise' was one of Abbot Anselm's favourite sayings.Everyday was busy;what with the running of St.Augustine's Monastery and School and the private visits from errant boys and girls who had to receive corporal punishment for various wrong doings. Every evening the old Abbot felt worn out,he sometimes wondered was it time to 'hang up his cane' and offer the post of Abbot to a younger man;he sat in his chair at the side of his bed thinking who he could offer the post to: there was b*****r Timothy,a relatively young monk who had a passion for administering corporal punishmen... Continue»
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Fruit of the Island

Fruit of the Island

“Honey Johnson” as they called Shelby sat on a sandy beach stranded 96 days with her boys, Woody, Fred and Willie. Her third husband, father of Willie had spent years making the boys sailors. Before he dumped her for a younger woman, she took him to the cleaners for everything including his custom schooner. A tsunamis struck sending them wrecked on this unknown island. In the surf, Woody and Fred spear fished. Woody, the oldest, strongest yet weakest mind... Continue»
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