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It finally happened...my s****r.

You can never plan for your dreams to come true, sometimes it just happens...I like to think that if you obsess about a dream or fantasy that it will never come true, but having both patience and faith will allow it to come in its own time, usually not how you would expect. I had a rather interesting encounter with my s****r yesterday and it means so much to me that I have to share it with someone.

I was taking a shower at my parents house in preparation for a job interview (I keep nice clothes at their house). My mom and my s****r returned from their body pump class right around the same ... Continue»
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Neighbours Toy

Neighbours Toy


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I had always cross dressed, staring when I first noticed stirrings in my cock and then relating the feel of my mothers and s****rs underwear to increased arousal and stronger ejaculations.

When I moved into a flat of my own my wardrobe increased as did the length of time I could spend dressing up and dressed up. I had become very proficient with makeup, had removed all traces of body hair and although I was the judge, made a passable woman of 25-30 years of age.

I had ventured to some nearby shops once or twic... Continue»
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I led Carol into the kitchen and asked where Claire was, “upstairs getting ready”.

Good we’ll put on a little show for her then. I sat on a chair and beckoned Carol to me, so she was standing close. “Hold your skirt up and let me see what you’ve got under there”, slowly she lifted the hem and as I had told her she had tan tights and no panties, her pussy had been freshly shaved. I ran my hands up her thighs, massaged her cunt and squeezed her bum, then hooking my fingers into the top of her tights I pulled them down to he... Continue»
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A pantyhose fantasy:- The Boss

It was the end of the day and my cock needed to be stroked. I was in my office with the door shut. Most people had left for the day so I decided it was worth the risk as the chances of anyone walking in on me were remote. I undid my belt and trousers and dropped them to the floor. My cock was hard and enclosed in a pair of sheer to the waist tan pantyhose. I had been walking about all day like this with the nylon rubbing against my cock and now it was time for release.
I began to stroke my cock through the nylon, thinking about my boss Jo (short for Joanne). She was attractive and looked a ... Continue»
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Chapter Nine
Jennie (Tulsa De'Horr)

On Friday morning I woke Jimmy in the usual way by bringing up coffee for the both of us and of course sucking his beautiful, delicious tasting dick. Sometimes I wish we didn't live in two different apartments and I could have access to his cock all the time. I could maybe go to sl**p with his cock inside my mouth. Then again I don't want to take the chance of ruining what we now have with each other.

While on the way to work this morning I leaned over and ... Continue»
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Scent of Brasil

(True story)

To save some readers time and others frustration, please know that this story is about ass worship. It is a true story but it may not interest you. If you are into ass worship themes such as ass kissing, facesitting, analingus, buttsniffing, etc., then you might enjoy reading this.
For an ass adorer, Brasil is a great destination?


Brasilians invented "dental floss" (thongs) and their girls have the most amazing asses. While some appear Caucasian because of Portugal's earlier settlements, most Brasilian girls are just what you see in travelogues. Those... Continue»
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The Panty Pet Shoppe

The Panty Pet Shop
Parts 1 - 6

Out patrolling, Gemma, now the Sheriff of this new Femdom Island paradise saw all the activity along the stretch of road going thru Town.
The road had once merged into Queen's Highway and now stood blocked off to traffic. It was aptly named Merchant's Road & it was restricted to foot traffic only. Women were out checking the shops, some old & some new. Most had begun referring to the Island as ReginaLand after the Witch that lived in the new Beachouse at Deep Cove. Gemma was glad to be the Sheriff here after working as a deputy under Jimmy Foxx on the or... Continue»
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Pony girl

He caught himself looking at her profile for the thousandth time. Adam couldn’t help himself he just had to check. It was almost as if he wanted to make sure she was still there, that she wasn't gone. Each time left him feeling guilty and c***dish.

The girl was Ashley Walker his next door neighbour. Adam leaned back in his chair, he sighed with frustration. He had known Ashley since they were little k**s. They used to be the terror of the neighbourhood when they were growing up. Their days were spent exploring the windy creek in the forest, or playing pirates in her tree fort. The best of f... Continue»
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Prostate Milking, Endless Orgasms!

if she wanted breasts."

"Oh no. That's the amazing part. The more I dressed him the more feminine
he became. By now I'd moved him her and her clothes into the other
bedroom. She wasn't happy with that but we came to an agreement; I'd milk
her once a week and she would sl**p in the other room with all her
female clothes. I'd even started teaching her to flirt with a guy although
I didn't tell her what I was teaching her or why. She really was becoming a
real woman. She'd grown her hair and I taught her makeup, had her ears
pierced, got her some jewellery, even got her some bra inser... Continue»
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An Early Snowfall by loyalsock

It had been a long week so at the last minute my wife Karen
and I decided to get away for the weekend to the cabin we
co-owed with my friend, Eric. The cabin is in the woods on
a lake it's nice but somewhat Spartan. No phone one large
room serves as kitchen, living area, and sl**ping quarters.
While the cabin is simple it does have electricity, heat,
and plumbing so it's a great getaway.
The weather was great when we left but as we drove an early
snowfall began. At first we thought it was pretty.
Everything all covered in clean white snow but it quickly
turned into a storm. ... Continue»
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wife's side of the story

My husband has written about some of my extramarital sex. He only knows what little he has seen and some that I've told him. He left his laptop on this site so I figured I'd post on his page and let him discover it. He doesn't know everything I do , just what I tell him. He works Monday through Friday and is away from the house from six am till six pm those days. I'm a stay at home wife and I have eight full hours a day to do what ever or who ever I please. That's the time our son is away at school. I try and have at least one encounter each day. Most of the time its with just one guy but havi... Continue»
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Coach Kristen

What does she do when she's off the field?
My niece plays softball in a little league that is sponsored by the city we live in. Her coach, Kristen (not her real name), is really the only fun thing about the games.

Kristen is on the thick side. She has sort of a chunky face that she packs make-up onto, and pouty lips that are the same dark-red color as her long, curly hair. She’s not what I would call a classic beauty but she is definitely “doable.” And if I had to guess, I’d say that she was probably in her early to mid-30’s.

Kristen also gives off the vibe that when sh... Continue»
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Gang banging J.J.'s little s****r

The best sex of my life was during my teen years as a wild, young gang-banger in L.A. There was never a shortage of bitches throwing themselves at tall, muscular, hard cocked men like me. And if there was resistance from a woman, me and my boys would undoubtedly find a way to fuck her anyway. Fucking rival gang members' girlfriends by f***e became an effective weapon in turf wars. I even had some women fall in love with me after some f***ed sex acts-- they were so impressed with my cock and performance they wanted more! By my mid-teens, I'd participated in a number or consensual and non-consen... Continue»
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Terri took a few minutes to glow in the bliss of having taken all her men. She had felt them release their lust in full spurts of cum inside her. After 13 years without cum, her cunt oozed with the fertile offerings of young, hard cocks. Standing, their combined cum load felt heavy in the pouch of her cunt. Walking, it streamed down her inner thighs. Stopping to wipe, she held a small towel beneath herself and squeezed her cunt muscles. Think, clumpy cum farted its way out to drip and cover the towel. Over and over she squeezed until the flow stopped, leaving her with just a wet patch in h... Continue»
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OK.....this I have to tell. I can't believe I actually did this.

The other night my wife had to be at her office at 11PM and since I had the next day off I figured I'd spend most of the night on the computer jerking off to porn since she would be gone to at least 9 the next morning, so I was looking for at least a 3 load night. I took her to her office and dropped her off and headed home. I got back to our apartment and stripped nude and got my lubes and laptop ready. I logged onto my usual sites first, checking for messages, friend requests and comments but as I did something in the... Continue»
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The british Lord Part 1

Lord Chambers sat in the chair, his cigar burning in the ashtray on the table, a glass of sherry in his hand. He looked at Sara, his cock hardening as he remembered the last time she got down on her knees to blow his prick. She was a delightful girl and knew her station in life. He had given her a job as a chambermaid only after she had submitted to him, Lord Chambers enjoying stripping her naked before she sucked him off for the first time. She got the job right away and she had been performing for him for over a year now. “So you have a s****r that wants a job at my manor?” The Lord question... Continue»
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My Aunt Pt.2

A couple weeks went by and my uncle came home for his time off and my aunt and I were not able to play. The one and only time we ever did anything of a sexual nature while he was home was one day my uncle and his friends went fishing and left "Jean" and I at home. About 11AM, "Jean" went outside in her bikini to get some sun. She was wearing her bikini and I got an immediate hard-on watching her ass as she walked past me. She put a towel on the grass at the corner of privacy fence so nobody could see her and lay on her back for a while. I was sitting on the porch watching her while I wor... Continue»
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The Steam Room (M2M)

I had been chatting with this local guy for quite some time. With wife, c***dren, and work we never have hooked up. He said he was a high-level executive at a national hotel business overseeing a new hotel being built in Atlanta. His profile had him at 190lbs, and 6-4 and a married white male. Through all our chats he never sent me a body or face pic, but that was ok. His cock pic was enough for me. He had an awesome cock. It was a nice uncut, thick, and the head of his cock was like a flat mushroom!. I was hot just thinking about pleasing that thing!

One day the my wife and k**s... Continue»
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that's how I want my gf to cuckold me D:

That's a question I got ask:
Would you rather cheat or be cheated on? And what would be your fave scenario?

That was my reply:
What kind of a sub-sissy would I be, if I would want to cheat on my mistress? ô.o

Fav scenario huh?
Hope at least one person will read the whole story… It took me so long :o

I would like her to tell me about some guy that’s in her class. Let’s call him Dave.
She always complains about what an asshole he is, and how he tries to hit on her everyday. But one day she just stops talking about him.
After two weeks or so I ask her about him, and if... Continue»
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Tiffany's New Boss Chapter 2

Tiffany sprinted from William’s office sobbing her eyes out and straight to the bathroom where she washed her mouth out with cold water. She brushed out the dried up cum that had become matted in her long locks and scrapped her hair back into a ponytail.

She headed to her car and sped away from the haulage yard and back to her house where she enjoyed a nice hot shower, she desperately scrubbed her face and hair hoping that it would make the memory of what just happened in William’s office disappear, but much to her frustration all it did was upset her more.

Her shower was disrupted by he... Continue»
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