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Strap-on Sex

A while back I dated a woman that when we first got together was shy and introverted. We met on the "old" Yahoo Messenger where you could go into different rooms and chat and look at cams. At first she would only let me see from her neck up. Her reasoning was that she was ugly and didn't like her body. I finally got her to show me the rest of herself and was immediately turned on. She was a BBW and had a nice big ass and 36DD tits. When I told her how she had affected me she didn't believe me. Well, our conversations went on for a couple weeks and finally I let her talk me into coming o... Continue»
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Gassy Rehab

Chapter 1

"You're so brave agreeing to this, hon, I'm so proud of you!"
Hannah praised her girlfriend Sam in a hushed tone of voice
and gave her an encouraging squeeze of her hand.
The 2 girls were sat side by side in identical black plastic chairs in a neat,
tidy mostly white office.

"Miss Samantha Jones, is it?"
A smartly dressed woman asked as she walked into the office,
and walked around the large desk infront of the girls,
to sit in a plush black luxury office chair.
She was a beautiful looking woman, of about 40, but the only signs of her age was a couple of ... Continue»
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Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Sitting alone, longing for my husband whom is way too far away and daydreaming of all the things I wanted him to do to me, I was bored and incredible horny. Glancing out of the window I saw the rain lashing down, I couldn’t help but feel relieved I didn’t have to go out. It was then I see him pulling up, my new neighbour that I’ve said hello to a few times but hadn’t really talked to, and a very good looking guy.

He had been living next door for a few weeks when he came round to introduce himself; Chris was a few years younger than me but I could feel an instant attraction between us. ... Continue»
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Small Penis exposed in locker room

Ihave been ashamed my entire life about my very small penis and balls. I have recently started giving into my humiliation fetish and the embarrassment I feel is so deep that I am having a hard time stopping. The thought of more and more people finding out about me makes me feel petrified. I am always shaved everywhere and before I left for the gym this day I shaved smooth. It always makes me feel like such a sissy to shave everywhere . Like a girl has to......
I got to the gym and worked out.... the entire time dreading what I was about to do. I kept looking around thinking who might see me i... Continue»
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wife tries something new

For our entire marriage my wife has cuckold me. At first neither she or I knew what she was doing had a name. She started out having sex with some of my friends behind my back but when she got tired of always having to wait until I was away she told me about it. I didn't know what to say or do at first. She told me point blank that she loved me and had no plans of ever leaving me but that my four inch { hard } cock just didn't do anything for her.

So now that everything is out in the open we sat down and she told me how things where going to be. She said when ever she had sex I was to be o... Continue»
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Prisoners of cum

Kathy woke with a start. She found herself in a small room laying nude on a
soft mattress. She quickly clutched at the fabric looking for the covers but
there were none. The walls of the room were painted a pastel green and the
floor was padded like the mattress. She gasped when she turned from the wall
she had been facing to a barred wall. Immediately she realized she was in
some sort of jail cell.

Across the hall from her was an identical cell. In it sat a woman with long
black hair. She too was nude and had large breasts, which she was caressing
lightly. Kathy could see the... Continue»
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A Bag of Flour Chapter 3

This is the third chapter in the story of my sexual awakening. You may want to read the original story and then chapter 2 before proceeding with this chapter. The story is based on a series of events that actually happened, but it has also been enhanced by my fantasies as to what might have happened. You can use your own judgement as to where the line is between fact and fantasy.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback I've received and especially the people who have taken the time to leave a comment. Enjoy.

My first threesome...

The next morning I work up very early. I was as hard ... Continue»
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Hymn to Marc Doodle

Oh you,

You who are so
Of the delicious
Sticky raisins

You who are the only one
To fill
My bowels
To quench
My itching sphincter

For you
I wait with open mouth
Toothless and smooth
To caress your poor
Sore and Four
Inch phallus
With Tongue lips and gum

The first and last word
On my mind when I
My intestines

To be filled
With you
From you
The sticky raisins
That are your specialty

Just think what we could do
Tongue lips gum and phallus
The excrement oozing from every pore
... Continue»
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Accounting Fun

Hey Guys,

here's a new story for you all. I've been keeping busy with work and studies so I haven't had much time to play or meetup with anyone unfortunately. However, i know you all enjoy my stories, so I've made on up here for all of you to enjoy. As I'm writing this I've got some smoking hot chocolate cooling down and i've got three mini marshmallows stuffed up in my pussy, warming them up to eat :)

I arrived home yesterday from work around 3:30PM when I was changing out of my work clothes. I slipped off my navy blue jacket and skirt revealing my black frilly panties, my white shi... Continue»
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My one and only time with an older woman!

I'm not the best at writing these type of things but here it goes.

I was 18 and finished my second year at college, I woke up on a late June morning, I had the house to myself that week as my parents visited other f****y members. I do my usually morning routine, I then let the cat out and left the door open as it was a beautiful sunny day (don't get that many in England). I didn't have anything planned for the whole day so I just lazed around in my boxer shorts. As most bored teen guys do, I got my laptop and started to look for some porn, I finally found a video that I liked, it was a Lexi... Continue»
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Indian husband cuckolded by feet.

I married my my wife simran 2 years ago. I have a foot fetish and I used to lick her feet whenever I get time. As time passed, my wife got bored of me and wanted to
Have more sex. I was unable to satisfy her desires as I have a small dick.

Suddenly a major change came in my life. My college friend prashant contacted me for a job. Prashant used to bully me and was a hot muscular guy. I used to lick his feet. He said
He had no place to live currently and wanted to live at my house. I asked my wife and she wanted to see his picture as how he looked. I showed her the picture and she
A... Continue»
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it's all about the wife

Today when I came in from work I noticed a service truck in the driveway. The type with a ladder rack and all the tool boxes. I parked behind it and walked into the house to see what was in need of service. I walked all through the house looking for either my wife or the worker. I couldn't find either. So I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and walked out onto the deck to have a look at the pool. That's where I found my wife along with the guy driving the service truck. My wife was wearing one of her smallest bikinis and she was talking to a tall black man wearing a uniform with a company na... Continue»
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The Darkened Lot

Taking you by the hand as we leave the bar, rushing out through the door and into the parking lot. Leading you behind the building as you skip a few steps behind me. Turning the corner and finding a darkened area, very little traffic and prying eyes I turn you around and kiss your lips deeply and passionately. My hands slide down your back underneath your skirt. Sliding over your ass, squeezing firmly and teasing your skin as our tongues dance with one another. Feeling my finger slide between your cheeks and pressing the anal plug into your asshole, making sure you still had it buried deep in... Continue»
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Submissive Wife

You open the front door Friday after work and your beautiful wife is on her knees with hands behind her back. The first thing you notice is her dark black eyeliner and eye make up. Her eyes meet yours and they have the look of passion and lust, as if she has been craving your dick all afternoon. You see her lips are full and are painted a light red, they're slightly open showing her white teeth. Then you see her black laced dog collar necklace that highlights her perfect neck and throat that you will fuck until you're pumping cum into her stomach. She's wearing black lingerie and thigh stock... Continue»
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bet lost so bbc gangbang. friend told me this sto

story from a friend of mie.

my first BBC(s) was a doozy. I was 18. white dark hair, smooth about 5' 11" and maybe 135 pounds. I lost a bet w/ my gay friends, whom were all white and ive played w/ many times since i was 15 and talked about lots of fantasies. i had to walk around a few blocks around the south side of chicago only in a tube top, a short skirt, a blond wig and shoes. i had 2 hold a sign saying i lost a bet and now have to dance and show myself. little did i know he talked to a mostly str8 friend of his. not long after i started, a tall skinny black guy saw me and said he ... Continue»
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Sancta Sara #6: Nadia-1

Nun Nadia is the naughtiest nun in the nunnery Sancta Sara Sexualibus
Priest Professor Peter Poet is her Confessor for all her sexy sinning
Nun Nadia adores to be severely corrected in public by harsh instruments
Priest Peter executes her public punishments in front of nuns and novices

Nun Nadia is on her back, tied to the altar in the Chapel of our nice naughty nunnery
Priest Pete prays her deep-throat, while flogging her pussy with his cat-o-nine-tails
Nun Nadia feels the pressure of something hard at her brown back-door sexy sphincter
Priest Pete orders nice novice lovel... Continue»
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My Wife Goes Completely Crazy (part 3: wiith Sophi

My wife started to tell me the story:

"The same night after all those men filled me up and showed me my true purpose in life, one of them texted me. They told me to take my biggest black dildo and hide it in pretty little Sophie's panty drawer. Then when she found it, to drop everything and bring her to them. So I did. I mean, of course I did.

"And it so happens that she found it the very next day. She held it up to me and said 'Mom, what's this?' and I said 'You know exactly what that is.'

"'But why is it in my drawer?' she asked. So I grabbed her put her in the car and drove her to ... Continue»
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Teaching the Taboo

This is a story of how I introduced my cousin to sex.

Before I begin, I would like to warn the readers that this involves a really young girl so if you’re not into that then you might as well hit ctrl + w.

A few months after moving to my city, my aunt died. Three of her k**s already have a f****y of their own and the other three didn’t know where to go. Two who were 21 and 20 decided to work for my grandfather’s restaurant. My mother took in their youngest s****r and we became her legal guardians.

I was finishing my thesis for my bachelor’s degree when she started 8th grade.

The fi... Continue»
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Love Not Given Lightly

Leah Jane sighed a long contented sigh as Anna fastened the last of the four leather straps around her remaing free wrist. She dearly loved the control she exercised over her manwhore and the persistence of his aching but Anna provided her downtime, a time for her to relax and be done to for a change. She never struggles against her shackles because perversely, to be bound wrist and ankle to the posts of her bed is the one thing that truly sets her free. With no decision to make and no need to concern herself with the potential consequences of her actions she wilfully indulges herself in bli... Continue»
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Unknowingly Used By A Stranger

Unknowingly Used By A Stranger
by ilovestrangers

I had been thinking about getting my wife to have sex with a stranger for a while. It added a lot of heat to our sex life together, and to our fantasy life as well. I would get to her to imagine me as a stranger while we were making love, she would get so turned on by this that I knew she needed to be fucked by a stranger one way or another. She told me that she never wanted another man, but I knew that deep down she did.

It took months of waiting for the right moment, until one night when we stayed in town for the night. We went to a nig... Continue»
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