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Spening The Week At My Cousin's Farm With Thu

I have had MANY requests for a story like this and even though it may not be for some I have had enough requests to give it a shot. Enjoy

My name is Amy and I just recently turned eighteen years old. I live with my mom and dad not so you'd really notice mostly because they are constantly working leaving me at home by myself. I was excited to turn eighteen but once I did I realized that it was just like all of the years before it. I don't really have much of a social live but that is kinda by choice I guess since I am kind of a shyer person. I am around five foot six, blonde hair, blue eye... Continue»
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Fetish sex

I spent 20 years in the army with over ten in Europe. I arrived during the sexual revolution. Europe was wide open.

While there I dated this gorgeous little Danish girl. Tiny with a lovely figure. Snow white skin and pale blue eyes. Almost wolf like in quality. We did the turns of german and dutch sex clubs but she was saying they are too tame. Well, I took a leave of 2 weeks and decided to take her to Copenhagen.

Upon arrival and checkin she said lets go to the bar as we have to talk. The drinks came then she started telling me about this one club called The Black Cat. She knew I was su... Continue»
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Cuckolded by Her Big Dildo

My wife and I have not had sex for approximately six weeks because of medication she was taking and my continued impotence from prostate cancer treatment. The other unfortunate side effect from the surgery that removed my prostate was my penis lost both length and girth. Apparently, it is a well known occurrence among doctors, but it is rarely discussed with patients. Needless to say I was not only shocked, but profoundly unhappy. I was never well-hung, but I was satisfied with a little bigger than average at 7”. Now it is 5” long and skinny…. Finally, my wife agreed to stop taking her medicat... Continue»
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Very open and friendly f****y sex

Yes we all know it's a taboo subject. The Victorians fathered their c***dren in the dark with their pants on, and we talk about men's penises, as little boys 'Willy's', why, because we are all embarrassed to call our 'Naughty Bits', by their correct terminology.

I'm a tad different, I was brought up seeing my father ejaculate into a toilet basin, taught to touch and give my b*****r a wank, and my b*****r likewise with me.

My parents might be considered a danger to society by those who suppress our natural sexual feelings, psychologists and the like who have their own sexual agenda with y... Continue»
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Designed by "the Duke"

In the USA we have a saying. "Often Simulated, Never Duplicated". That seems to be the definition of, "The Duke". To explain that so "you" understand, we step back into the past.

I was younger, had spent 13 years climbing the corporate ladder in a very prestigious firm. At company events, I admired our owner/exec Jason Palmer and his wife Karen. They are the couple to envy. Both originally from the UK, they built our firm. Married over 20 years, they are ideal together. His joy of her, always shows. Everything she does,says,the way she acts. compliments him and them as a couple. Every man... Continue»
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A big side effect (Sissy Story) by YKN4949 Part 1

Chapter 1: A Terrifying Discovery

I woke feeling the same as I had every morning for months, ecstatic. There is no other way to describe the way I feel when I wake up in the morning. I popped up off of my pillow, slapped off the alarm and was out of bed in a matter of seconds. I wanted nothing more than to get to school, go to class, see my friends, go to cheerleading practice, and just do everything an 18 year girl was supposed to do. I mean, I don't like to brag or anything but I had the perfect life. I was popular (but with real, deeply held friendships) and had a cute boyfriend who like... Continue»
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Drink Me (Sissy Story) by sdvine

With my chin resting on the table, I stared at the little bottle. It was a rather unremarkable looking thing. It could almost be called a vial, but I think of vials as something smaller and thinner, like in a lab. This was more like one of those small energy drink containers, only bigger and made of glass. The liquid inside, however, was much more remarkable. Silvery, with tinges of blue, it appeared to shimmer. Almost as if it were alive and breathing, the shimmer was like a pulse. I found it very easy to stare at it, it was quite hypnotic. Like it was calling to me, enticing me to drink. I h... Continue»
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The Curse (Sissy Story) by sdvine

I wasn't really having a good time that night at the bar. Truth be told, I had been practically dragged out in the first place by my best friend Joe, who told me he was tired of me "sitting on (my) ass" every night "finding new ways to be boring." Quite frankly, if this is what qualified as being not boring, I'd rather be bored to tears. To begin with, I'm not much of a drinker, so leaving the house to go to place designed for buying and consuming alcohol made little sense to me. Additionally, I'm not what you'd call a people person. I was generally okay with individual people as met them, but... Continue»
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How I Learned to Love All Women of the World

When I grew up I always thought I knew what I liked. Sexually, I mean. I always thought I wanted a skinny girl with a nice ass and a pretty face. That's the kinda gal I dated all my years, since Junior High. But it want' until Jeannie broke up with me that I opened my eyes to a whole new world that was completely worth exploring. I was browsing profiles on some internet dating site, when I got a message from a girl. It didn't say much, mostly that all she wanted was a fuckbuddy. I considered it, since it had been I while the last time I busted a nut, but then I went and looked at her pics. She... Continue»
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Pillowcase sissy

Diaper sissy

I became addicted to pron from a elderly couple who lived next door. I had a job but it didn't pay well so I would work around there house, cut there grass, cleanup, things like that. One day I was taking there garbage out and found a pron magazine laying on top of everything. I looked around and no one was in sight so I rolled it up and stuck in down my pants and took it home. At home in my work room I looked through it. It was a gay magazine with young boys dressed as girls with make up posing very sexy. I never was much for reading but I would read it cover to cover. I h... Continue»
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Depression Era Survival

John heard Mary in the house vacuuming. Tipping down the hall, he stopped to peep around the wall. The vacuum stood alone as she was on her knees in a short sl**ping robe, reaching under the couch for something. She dropped to her shoulders trying to reach it, her ass poked high. Her panties were tightly stretched, legs spread wide with her cunt mound showing. It was puffed, filled with hair, over flowing out the leg holes. She pumped it up, down, back and forth stretching her reach. John's cock stood straight out as he quickly turned to tip back to the bedroom. In a minute, he heard her ca... Continue»
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Fantasy Week End

After jerking my cock to this fantasy for months, i have to write it down.

Me and my wife going on a week end trip to spend it with her lover.
We arrive first so we take the hotel room, and we hew a couple of hours till her lover will arrive.I already have a hard on from the excitement, but no play time for me as she wants to get ready and very sexy for him, so she is preparing and i can only watch and touch myself.

She took a long shower and i waited while jerking and trying not to come, and she just exit the bath, naked without a towel.
Wow, sexy smile,amazing body, sexy tits, hard n... Continue»
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Unexpected Pleasure

The prospect of my first colonoscopy held some unknown trepidation. I had put it off for a few years and its time had come. I think my most anxious part was the thought of disrupting my digestion. However, as it approached I found myself preparing my body as if for a kinky outing. I trimmed back the hair on my legs and arms, tidied up my trim beard. Then on the day I shaved everything between my shoulders and knees. I usually keep my cock, balls, ass and thighs shaved, but I was feeling the need to take it a little further, for some reason. Also, I was driven by an un-described urge to mak... Continue»
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An Older s****r's Confession

We shared a bedroom, partially due to the lack of bedrooms in our small apartment, but due to our ages.

Considered too young to recognise our differences might be a part, but as our f****y were naturist, and we had grown-up seeing each other, since early c***dhood, our parents might be forgiven in their ignorance as to allowing us to share a bed at night.

I was three years my b*****rs senior, and had recently started to discover the pleasures of my own sexual being, and that my b*****r, was on many occasions, having erections as he slept.

On the first occasion I was having what most m... Continue»
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Hairy Asian anal with my Fuck Buddy

This erotic encounter happened last night, and I thought I would share some details while it was fresh in my mind. I hope no-one thinks it disrespectful that I share our story. Of course this posting is with the consent of my young Pinay Fuck Buddy (FB), who is in her early twenties. I am double her age. I'm a white boy, BTW.
The sexting started, as it had before….

Me: How’s your pussy.
FB: Haha very horny.
Me: I wanna bury my mouth and juice you up. Is it getting hairier?
FB. No. it’s still the same.
Me: Slow growth. Do you want to do some cock sucking practice?
FB: Yes, and some rid... Continue»
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Executive Training

I had retired but I got a phone call from my old CEO and friend asking me for a favour, apparently the guy who had taken over from me had just died from a heart attack while in China. I was being asked to take over again until the found a replacement and then train him up as I'd done with the last guy, of course I would get a good salary package for my time and all out of pocket expenses and accommodation costs. I checked with Anne to see if she was okay with it, she made a proviso that I was to come home at least once a month, I agreed as I was sure that the air fares would come under out of ... Continue»
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My wife is a whore when I travel

It was the look of surprise on her face that made me wonder. She usually has the guy take pics of her to send me. That's part of the tease. Sometimes she will send pics of what's going on. Sometimes she sends teasers or selfies, but will not send more. She knows the less I know, the crazier I get. If she has my cock caged it brings me to a place sexual arousal unseen, uncharacterized any other way. I love when she gets fucked. Watching is so much fun. Spying, being a true voyeur is my fetish. I've found it is even better when she has me bound, unable to do anything. These are great ... Continue»
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Brought to Book

48 year old Brian Simpson was a librarian in a sl**py English village-he was still a virgin and lived with his elderly mother,he often fantasied about the attractive young women who come into the library-especially now that it was the height of summer-in their skimpy clothes-Brian had an almost permanent 'hard-on' behind his desk,over the years he had come to hate women!they seem to instinctively avoid him!he was a 'geeky' looking overweight man,one day an attractive young woman in her late teens plomped a pile of large history books on the desk-she was brown-eyed with short dark-hair,dressed ... Continue»
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How it started

Pure fun
This is a story on how I first started sharing my wife. A long while ago before we had k**s, my wife and I were pretty heavy partiers. Drinks, shots and she dabbled in recreational stuff. One night we were out with a few friends and were pretty well wasted, she more then I cause she was doing liquid G. My buddy drove so I told him to crash at my house so he didn't have to go all the way to his house. So on the was she passed out and we had to carry her into the house. She finally was able to stagger down the hall to the bedroom and on the way she was taking off her clothes. My buddy ... Continue»
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Unfaithful Wife

My wife Caz has been a little distant over the past few weeks. This afternoon, she has told me she is meeting a girlfriend in town for coffee. Unusually for Caz, she doesn.t want to drive and has ordered a cab.

As I look at her in that sexy pink dress I bought her for Christmas, I notice that she has her best handbag out, and she is wearing those sexy matching stiletto heels. Caz had great legs but the rise of the heels make her calves tense into a shape that I always find arousing. As I sit there, pretending to read the paper, I can feel my cock swelling.... but I know she has no interest ... Continue»
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