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Marriage Creampie

I can still remember the first time I asked her if I could do it. I had always had a fascination for tasting my own semen, you see.

My wife Megan had indulged me certain levels of satisfaction in this matter but refused to let me give her oral after sex.

She said it was "gross".

I had licked it off her tits and she occasionally would kiss me after a blowjob, but that was the extent of it.

But then I had an idea. What if I fucked her with a condom on and then ate her immediately afterward. It might satisfy my craving.

So later that night, as we lay together in bed, I decided to... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Phase Two Pegging, Cock

Over the next week Tim's training continued each night getting his medicine
Nancy walked over to the table and picked up a vial of medicine. She walked back over to Tim and sat on the edge of the bed, 
"You see this?"
As she jiggled the vial of medicine in her hands, 
"This is a little something to lower your testosterone level, and relax your muscles so that you will become a little more submissive and accept what is coming.

"She reached over to the nightstand and pulled out the chastity device and showed it to him.

"Do you know what this is?"

"Ummmm....No! What the hell is that... Continue»
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Retraining Husband Pegging

Tim and Nancy had been married for over ten years. Tim was a construction worker and Nancy was a nurse. For the first few years of marriage everything was great, but as time went on Tim became more and more unhappy in their relationship, and started becoming aggressive towards Nancy. On a few occasions Tim, in a fit of rage hit Nancy! Tim was a "mans man" kind of guy who believed that males were superior to women and that a woman's place was to serve a man! Tim's behavior seemed to come out of nowhere, because he had never exhibited this kind of behavior before, but Nancy suspected that he has... Continue»
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My wife's cruel way

I can't explain why I talked my wife into the cuckold lifestyle but I did. Like most women she thought at first it was a trap but after seeing how excited I got while talking about it she was convinced I wasn't k**ding. It started out with her meeting her guy friends after work and coming home wearing panties wet with a mixture of her and his love making. It took a while before she started having me clean her with my mouth after she had been out. I hinted very carefully how I'd like this to progress and she took the hints but worked it out in her own way.

The way she dressed also changed ... Continue»
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Mother's and Son's making headline News.

Glancing through this morning's newspaper, I was not surprised, yet again, to see how women are responding to their new found voice, on all matters sexual.

Usually it's all about nudity, or infidelity, and of course school teachers, entertaining boys by not wearing her knickers and giving them a peek of her wet cunt(men get hard, we just get wet), or taking them to hotels, or her home for a complete strip-down and a good shag.

But this morning a couple of reports struck a chord with my own experiences, which I will share with you, and only because I am wet, the female equivalent o... Continue»
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The Cop

I hadn’t realized I was speeding until I saw red and blue flashing lights in my rearview mirror. Fuck, I thought to myself, I don’t need this right now. I need to get home to my bathtub and that book I just started reading. I pulled over, grabbed my registration from my glove compartment, rolled down my window and waited.
“Miss, do you realize how fast you were going?”
I turned my head to answer and was greeted by the most gorgeous police officer I had ever seen in my life. Although it was dark, I could see that his eyes were blue. Piercing blue. His hair was dark and slightly wavy, ... Continue»
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### DN-328 ###

Wife Gone Wild
By Marvin Cox


"The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation." So wrote American poet and essayist Henry David Thoreau in the Nineteenth Century. This statement appears to be just as true today as it was then. Perhaps it is even more valid today, considering the pressures and frequent monotony of modern society.

The majority of today's men and women live in an overcrowded, competitive, noisy world. Most are put into slots and walk on a treadmill-going to boring jobs, living in carbon-copy houses, socializing with the same people. Their de... Continue»
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A list of my cuckold experiences

I'm going to list some of my favorite times my wife has cuckolded me.

First of all a description of my wife for those that haven't read my stories. My wife is five foot four and weighs one hundred pounds even. She has blonde hair and blue eyes, her tits a perky thirty four B cups. She is extremely leggy and she loves showing off her body. I turned her from a shy quiet young lady into a sexy cuckoldress.

The very first time I actually saw her having sex with another guy was on a trip we took to Florida. I had invited Tim to join us and on the first night I had come in the room and fell a ... Continue»
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That Time Of the Month

If you find sexual activity surrounding a woman’s menstrual flow offensive please do not read any further as it is not my desire to offend anyone.

Carol is one sexy hot bitch. We had been only dating two weeks when we had a night I will never forget. She stands 5’ 4” and weighs about 135 pounds with very large jugs and a ass that is perfectly big and round.

She already knew that I was into some kinky stuff as on our first date I sucked her toes through her pantyhose. As that did not scare her away I recently had passionately kissed her armpits while I caressed the rest of her body. B... Continue»
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You Come Home

You walk in the door, having spent all night at work. I walk downstairs, wearing nothing but my satin dressing gown. I see you sat on the couch, starting to take your boots off and walk over to you. You look up, see how little I’m wearing, how perfect my hair is, I’m wearing your favourite lipstick and perfume.

I kneel on the floor and finish taking your boots off, then your socks. I lift your pant legs up a little and gently kiss the bottom of your legs, giving you a taste of what’s to come, if you behave. I move your pant legs back down and stroke my way up your legs, paying special atten... Continue»
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the park

The park
It was a normal day I was sitting home alone dressed like a sissy slut like always and was real horny. I decided to get out some toys and play so I got out a few vibrators and dildos and started to play with my ass and cock. My cock was nice and hard and I decided to start to work my ass a little so I put a small dildo in it and started to fuck it. It felt good so I moved up to a larger one and finally started to fuck my ass with the largest one I had fucking myself deep and hard. I was enjoying it but needed more so I put on a pair of jogging pants and a t shirt and a pair of shoes ... Continue»
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It was a while back now, back when my boyfriend and I were going through the experimental stages.

Back then we wanted to try out all kinds of different things, and this was just the newest one.

He had been asking me to do it for weeks, and finally I caved. He wanted to tie me to his bed, and blindfold me.
I wasnt really into the idea a whole lot, mainly because it is scary to lose total control, but he asked so much that I could tell he really badly wanted me to agree.

He made sure it was when the house would be empty, and I headed to his house, obviously I was a bit nervous, but mos... Continue»
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In Hell Part 3

Jennie was moaning.

She was in the dark, chained to a demonic machine, phantom hands all over her naked form. Over her perky little breasts, between her quivering thighs, along her belly. She felt warm, loved... terrified.

Whatever resolve led her to sacrifice herself for Catherine was gone. She wanted out. She wanted out now, before the hands get bolder and start playing with her nipples and her clitoris. She wanted to struggle, break out, kick that demonic asshole in the dick, confront the Lord of Hell that doomed her to a helpless slut's fate. Climb out of Hell if she had to, even cas... Continue»
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No Head is Easy Head

composed Friday, August 26, 2016. Inspired by a friend who texts me how she edges her man.. and how jealous I am of him.

Stumbling into the bathroom from my usual 5 hours of sl**p after a long night's work, I fire up the shower and begin to take off my clothes. The afternoon daylight creeping into the curtains annoy me. I climb into the shower and close the shower curtain behind me. I need to adjust the water because it is not quite hot enough for my tired and draft chilled nakedness. "Ahh", I lean against the wall and let the steaming hot water do it's dance from the dual shower heads to m... Continue»
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the weekend away part 1

My name is Ben, and this story happened back when I was at Uni.
At the time I didn't do a lot of studying, just drank a lot and played a lot of sport. I'm quite a big athletic guy, I stand 6ft4 and around 240lbs.
I started dating a girl called Beki, she was amazing. 5ft 6, not fat but not thin. A real hour-glass figure. Huge 36F boobs, striking dyed red hair, a real wild c***d. And the first girl I ever met who was a squirter, and so good in bed, really dirty, and as I was to find out, no taboos!
We'd been seeing each other a couple of months and had loads of fun. The holidays were coming u... Continue»
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You Come Home

You walk in the door, having spent all night at work. I walk downstairs, wearing nothing but my satin dressing gown. I see you sat on the couch, starting to take your boots off and walk over to you. You look up, see how little I’m wearing, how perfect my hair is, I’m wearing your favourite lipstick and perfume.

I kneel on the floor and finish taking your boots off, then your socks. I lift your pant legs up a little and gently kiss the bottom of your legs, giving you a taste of what’s to come, if you behave. I move your pant legs back down and stroke my way up your legs, paying special atten... Continue»
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Tracy the Vicar part 3

Final part of the Story....

Things continued pretty much the same as described before for a while. I would go round to hers and she would usually be in lingerie and I would wank myself watching her and cum on her quite often on her face and in her mouth she absolutely loved the feel of my spunk on her. She kept her fanny bald for me as she knew I liked it like that and most times she would use a vibrator or dildo on herself and always made herself cum. After a couple of months of this there was this one time when I was handling her lingerie and thought she was in the shower while I ha... Continue»
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Alpha Male Gets them Both

Words cannot describe how excited I was to begin what should have been the best years of my life after paying my dues in a big way. I was a 32 year old physician who had just finished a six-year residency in a surgical sub-specialty. This was on top of four years of college and another four years of medical school. All in all the sacrifice had been great but I was now reaping the rewards. I had landed a cushy private practice job at a hospital in the suburban Phoenix area. I was married to an athletic, statuesque blue-eyed blond named Kristin whom I had met early in my residency. She was a phy... Continue»
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Little Miss Sissy Whore

Chapter 1 -- The Pick-up

Every year I waited eagerly for the three days when PC-Expo was back in town. In the past, I was always able to find some willing and naive out-of-town female to pick up, "do the nasty," and say my hasty good-byes. Most of them were from some small hick town and were entranced with the Big Apple. In fact, that was both the nickname for the city, and for me. Most women just couldn't wait to sink their teeth into me. So there I was, looking for some love, on the last day of the three-day convention. I walked up and down the aisles, past many displays, until I spotted... Continue»
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1. Preselection

You must be desired by other women. This can be called pre-selection. If you are seen as attractive for other women, say your "quote on the market" will rise. Women like guys who are coveted by other women.

They think, "If he is courted by others, surely he must have some attractive thing." Preselection is evident when you are always surrounded by women in a social environment. Another way is through some value demonstration stories.

2. Leadership

You must demonstrate leadership. Definitely this is the element with the greatest impact. As the woman is independent an... Continue»
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