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A sissy story

From the time I was very young, I've known I was "different". I was fascinated with women's and girls' clothing and shoes. Like all little sissy-boys, I loved girlish "dress-ups". But I didn't have to sneak my mother's adult-size clothing, because I had a s****r who was my same size -- my fraternal twin. And she didn't even mind when I tried on her things! I'm Christopher, by the way, and my s****r's name is
Andrea. I usually went by "Chris"... but when she and I were alone, and I was being girlish (which was often), I got a special thrill out of being called "Christine".

Looking back on ... Continue»
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Caught by daughter inlaw 2

Sorry it has taken so long to get back but life happens and things are put on hold !

In story one I was caught smelling my daughter inlaws panties! She videoed me jacking off into them,
licking my cum from her fingers and then threatened to show every one if I didn't do as she said.
This fills in from were I left off driving to her house.

I cant belive whats happened in the last month. I went from a normel guy looking at sexy girls asses and tits to being
a cum eating, toy ,slave to my daughter inlaw ! It was a mistake and I m paying for it now. It wo... Continue»
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my wish

Ok this will sound kinda fucked up here goes. I have always had this warped fantasy of being r*aped one of these nights after work. In my head.....I'm just locking up and walking to my car, its dark back there so nobody could see anything. Keep in mind I don't want them to beat me up just fuck me.........so I'm at the car when two black men approach me. I can tell what's on their mind as I try to struggle they drag me back into the grass behind the building. The one behind me is holding my arms I'm laying with my back to his crotch and I can tell what's up because I feel his hard dick on my ba... Continue»
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The Naiads of Thessaly Springs

This is the story of Wendell Connors, a recently divorced man of middle age and very active imagination, who has taken residence in an apartment community, where he finds both solace and excitement in his poolside home. With the help and encouragement he receives from his cheery and charming young neighbors, he finds new life, and a second chance at love.

This is a work of fiction. All rights are reserved.

. . . . .


The Naiads of Greek mythology were nymphs found in or near bodies ... Continue»
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My name is Penny, a nylon loving transvestite and this is my story of a first time kinky encounter out of my home. I have always envied other TVs who seem to lead the kinky life and love looking at their pictures and reading their stories. It was time to venture out myself I am almost 53 years old so nothing ventured nothing gained. I should think for all of my life I've had a great interest in retro lingerie and nylons with memories of high heels clicking around the home. That feminine whisper of sheer nylons and silky petticoats rubbing against tight skirts and dresses always stayed with me.... Continue»
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Harry looked on in awe as his godfather duelled with his deranged cousin. Bellatrix shot a red spell but Sirius ducked under it. He laughed at her: “Come on, you can do better than that!”

Bellatrix looked on, enraged, and decided on a different tactic. With her left hand she reached up and ripped open her corset. Sirius stopped moving as two milky white breasts were revealed, crested by dark areolae and with large nipples pointing angrily towards him. His smile was replaced by a look of lust, and he never noticed her second red spell hit him squarely in the chest. Without losing the smile... Continue»
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First Taste

About six months ago I decided to spice up my marriage by renting an X-rated video. At a local adult book store a tall black man approached me and asked if he could help with my selection. He introduced himself as Steven and said he was the owner of the store. The tape he recommended featured interracial sex. It was definitely hot! My wife Jessie, a beautiful blue-eyed blonde, had never seen a porno film before. But she loved it, especially the black studs in the movie and their well-hung cocks. That night our sex was unimaginably exciting.

The next day, to my surprise, Jessie returned the... Continue»
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Military Strength

My wife Lauren is thirty-five and I'm thirty-four. She was a virgin when we married. She is four feet eleven inches tall and weighs ninety pounds, with a body you would kill for. Lauren and I have fantasized about her fucking someone else while I watched, but nothing like that has ever happened in the sixteen years we have been married. Recently we took a vacation together and enjoyed one wild time I'll not soon forget.

A number of servicemen just happened to be staying at our hotel. They were at the pool drinking and enjoying the water and sun, as were Lauren and I. I invited one of the g... Continue»
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The Resort

We assembled in the lobby, all seven of us naked, and it was the first time I really got a good look at the other women. More than anything, I was shocked at how young Melissa was. She couldn’t have been more than twenty. She was gorgeous — almost six feet tall, skinny, flawless alabaster skin, with blonde curls almost to her bellybutton. I’m sure she had had loads of sexual experience — she probably had to fight the boys off. But I couldn’t imagine what would lead a girl so young to a place like this.

Peggy was clearly an old pro. She had jet-black hair in a pixie cut, rings in both nipple... Continue»
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loved feeling Don's tongue against my pussy. He would gently stroke my clit with it, then run it along the length of my hairless slit, hard, like his cock did just before it penetrated me. The tip of his tongue would tease its way into my inner folds, then back to my clit again, and he'd turn gentle again, teasing, coaxing my trembling body ever closer to a climax.

I felt my pussy gushing as he sucked my engorged clit, gently tugging it between his lips, then stroking it again with his tongue, then pulling it back into his mouth, then his tongue, then his lips, back and forth until I worri... Continue»
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Cuckold Tease

My wife and I have been married for 12 yrs. Over the past 2 years I have slowly been role playing with her in the sack. When I come home from work early I walk through the house and act like I'm looking for her boyfriend. I ask her where is he and she plays along like she doesn't know what I'm talking about. I look in the sheets for the wet spot, feeling around and asking her how long he's been gone. She comes into the bedroom to defend her position and I push her on the bed, pull her panties off and inspect her pussy for the snail trail. I lick her twat telling her how used it looks and telli... Continue»
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First Time Cuckold

My wife and I have been married for 11yrs and she keeps her self in very good shape. We have two c***dren and our lives are very busy with their extra activities so it doesn't leave much time for my wife and I to go out. Our sex lives are not real exceptional but we manage to do it a couple of times per month. Since were not real frequent fuckers she's not on any type of birth control and I just make sure I pull out if we're near her fertile time.

Just a few months ago we started making a day where we could go out and spend a little quality time together; this usually means we hit the bar ... Continue»
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Double Cuckold's

Even before we got married, Candy ran my life. She controlled my money, made my decisions, and trained me to obey in the bedroom. By the time we were wed I was -- as she once said -- her "foot kissing, pussy licking, ass worshiping little wimp". All that was true, especially the part about me being little. I'm slender, and shorter than her by several inches. She's full figured, with a jumbo bust, massive ass, heavy thighs and thick muscular calves. Next to her I look like an immature adolescent. My wife isn't particularly attractive. She has broad features and the hint of a double chin to come... Continue»
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Lori Tries a Gloryhole

Lori and I have enjoyed a very active sex life. We first stumbled on it several years ago. I was at a training session out of town and invited my wife Lori to join me. She hung out at the pool and soon incurred the attention of another man. I encouraged her to keep flirting with him and eventually got her to have sex with him. This was a long time goal for me and I even got to go down on her after he had fucked her and I was hooked.

I eventually got her to start having sex with others and I would get to watch and lick out her cum filled cunt afterwards. I know many have written stories abo... Continue»
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Wife Brings Home a Creampie

My wife and I have been happily married for 12yrs and have 2 k**s. She enjoys being 106 lbs and doesn't want to have a 3rd c***d yet, she's not on the pill and I haven't been clipped, so a condom is always a condition of me having sex. She also wants to be absolutely certain that we minimize our chances of an unwanted pregnancy so when I'm ready to cum I always pull-out and finish by hand.

She began dating secretly about a year ago after I suggested that she take the night off and go to the bar with her girlfriends, while I stayed home and sat with the k**s. Her so called "girlfriends" w... Continue»
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The bus home

When I was on the bus home a couple of weeks ago a man stood behind me started to squeeze my buttocks. As the bus was crowded and I didn’t want to make a scene I simply stood there and let him. Soon it was my stop and I dashed off the bus not looking back in case I recognised the man which would have been very embarrassing. The following day the same thing happened again. I went home feeling confused – I knew it was wrong but at the same time I felt a bit excited and proud that someone considered by arse worth feeling up. When I woke the next morning I thought about the journey home and before... Continue»
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My wife's sexy friend

My wife and I met in a little Stromboli shop. Marie is a beautiful Italian woman, five foot six, with deep dark brown hair, and stunning brown eyes. We started dating shortly after meeting and things moved quickly. She told me early on that she thought she loved me and I said I felt the same. Honestly, I never felt sure of my love for her.

We were married the next summer and shortly after had our first c***d. I was very excited as he was a strapping blond haired blue eyed baby boy, nearly my twin. He was growing up in my footsteps, an excellent athlete, and I could not have been proud... Continue»
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Pokemon Go footjob!

Soo today around 12:45am i rode my bike up to a Pokemon Go Pokestop near my house. As i rode up, a chick rode up right behind me and we sat down to chat.
She was meeting a dude friend up there and that she had just gotten off work as a waitress.
She then started taking off her small black sketcher running shoes and exposed her feet, she saw me look at them and kinda put her shoes near me. Close enough to smell. 15 mins of chatting went by and she was really into me complimenting my hair and clothes.
The longer the chat went on the more personal it got. At one point she apologized for her... Continue»
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Pregnant from my Step-Son (True Story) Part 3

Part 2 ended in bed trying to sl**p.

As we had a long journey behind us, we could easily catch up some sl**p for many hours.

My step-son had a commitment on 10am and so we could sl**p at least till 9am. What I really like is that he is done within 10 minutes with his morning routine so it doesn't block the bathroom.

I woke up at 9.10am and as he was in the bathroom I went to the kitchen to just wash my face. As he would be our for some hours, I thought I could catch up on some housework and then could complete my morning routine with a bath with plenty of time instead of just taking a... Continue»
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miss alli

Alli woke up a little after noon and went to the kitchen to get some breakfast. This wasn't unusual as she'd been sl**ping late ever since she got home from her first year at college. She didn't have any responsibilities or appointments to keep so why would she bother keeping a normal sl**p schedule. Alli poured a bowl of cereal but as she went to grab the milk she found a note taped to the fridge.

Alli, my computer's been acting up lately,
please take a look at it and fix it for me. My
password is Password1* If you need anything
else to fix it, send me a text.

Alli rolled... Continue»
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