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The Transformation --- Prologue

I come from a very poor f****y of eight. My father is a mine worker who became very ill only a few months before the beginning of this story and got into early pension for a very small income. My mother is from very orthodox origins without any school and she can barely read and write so she was a housewife for her whole life. As the oldest male c***d from 5 s****rs and 3 b*****rs I had to quit school and find work to earn something so our f****y was kept fed. Our only property was our house in a very bad state so we had nothing to sell to get some money. If we sold the house we would have now... Continue»
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Super Market Pt.2

Super market trip Pt.2
After the events of my wives trip to the super market I was looking forward to her next trip out to get men’s attentions. It happened the following Saturday.

Getting up in the morning my wife told me she was off out shopping, the wicked smile across her face told me everything, she was feeling horny and was off out to show herself off to other men again. I asked if I could take my car and follow her as I would like to watch what she did, but she wouldn’t have any of it, saying this was her time out alone to enjoy herself and that she wouldn’t be long and that I shoul... Continue»
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Super Market Pt.3

Super Market Trip Pt.3

My humiliation reaches a new level.

One Friday evening after I return home from work, my wife informs me that we are going out for the evening to the local pub, and to shower and change and be ready to go within the hour, informing me she has left a pair of panties out on the bed that I must wear out tonight. I know what this means, she is feeling horny again!

So I shower and return to the bedroom to get ready, she is already dressed and ready to go out, low cut top, mini skirt and the boots she got from the shop (in Pt.2) she looks very sexy and I tell her so.... Continue»
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Super Market Part.4

Super Market Pt.4

So it’s the dreaded day we are due to visit my b*****r for diner (see Pt.3) I nervous am ready long before my wife is, who is taking longer than usual to get ready. As usual when I was getting ready my wife had laid out a pair of her panties for me to wear, a pretty pair of black lace panties with pink roses on. Joining me in the lounge she informs me that she had taken so long because she has been shaving her pussy and has been trying on lots of pairs of panties then viewing herself in the mirror to see which ones where the most see through to show her pussy of the best. ... Continue»
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Working Gurl

Working Gurl

My name is Danielle and I’m a working gurl . I started working in 1991 at the age of 20, my first job as a hooker was working out of an Adult Book Store North of Ft. Worth, Texas on I-35W South of the airport My boss was an older tranny named Jannice she ran the book store. On nights when she would call me in she would set me up in a booth in the video room. I never knew who or how many would come in to my booth. I was to service all that came to see me. Was I doing this for the money? Oh hell no I was in it for the cum. But the money was good too.
It was a Saturday night arou... Continue»
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Tom comes knocking

One evening after a few glasses of wine it becomes obvious that my partner is feeling really horny, I tell her that I have an idea for us to do something different for her. I tell to go shower and to put something nice on, which she does, returning to the lounge a while later wearing a thin blouse with no bra, her nipple clearly erect and visible through her top and her favourite miniskirt. I lead her up to the bedroom and tie her to our bed, arms and legs spread, she’s wearing very pretty pink sheer knickers and looks amazing. Next I blindfold her, I can see by her nipples that she’s very aro... Continue»
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mature big feet

In one my classes at the university, I met Dorothy,a beautiful woman in her mid 50s . She is big boned ,with a nice plump ass (that I later learned she has perfect control over) ,short dark hair and beautiful big feet, the veins show with her every movement, and she loves to wrap her toes around the desk and dangle her shoes. We sat next to each other and we begin making small talk. She was from New Jersey, had the accent, and cussed in such away it made me want her more. After class one day, she said " Lets get the fuck out of here , this fucking class needs to be taught by someone who knows ... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker Part 2!

............We set off now in the dark night from the Services and since Mick had driven about 15 miles to get here, that is the other side of the motorway, he wanted to know where our guest wanted to go to?
He asked my lover, 'Where to my friend?' 'Is gud Massa if you take me Leicester,' he replied. We were about 2 hours from there. Mick said .'Ok, what your name?'. My name is Jomo, mean Big Spear!', he said to Mick. This made me giggle out loud and Mick gave me a strange look in the rear view mirror!!! He had no idea where Jomo had just had his BIG SPEAR in! I reached over and said in a wis... Continue»
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How my wife tortured me

My wife is a beautiful blonde hair blue eyed spitfire. She stands five foot four and weighs an even hundred pounds. He thirty four b tits are perfectly perky and never need a bra. She is totally aware of how I lust after her body. She always teased me with short skirts or tight pants when we dated. After we married she had to ease up some on the sexy cloths but only due to daily life and work.

She has been cuckolding me from day one, she never hid the fact that other guys where enjoying her body all the while we dated. And even after we Wed she would have afairs outside our marriage. The o... Continue»
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The day I pushed my Father over the edge

'Frida, it's gone seven'. The gentle knock on my door is what arouses me from my deep slumber.

The drumming of the rain on the window pane makes it feel cosier under the duvet, and I respond by snuggling into it.

'Luxuriating', that's what my daddy used to call it, back then he would physically drag me out of bed and onto the carpeted floor, then stand over me, as I squirmed in the cool morning air.

Then one morning he got a shock, as his cold hands grabbed my ankles and began pulling my and my duvet from the bed. He was powerful, I could feel that by his grip, he pulled and I shrie... Continue»
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Gender bent – Ch 8 – Made for pleasure

Gender bent – Ch 8 – Made for pleasure

As I Kandi led me around the parties’ hallways I realized I didn’t even know where I really was or how big this place truly was. I remembered once I agreed to be his “Girl” Dave pretty much had a ton of rules before I couldn’t even set foot in the party. One was no cell phones which I left at his place. Another was I needed to be blind folded the whole time we traveled there. It wasn’t long from his place, about 30 minutes. I remember being hand-led into a house as Dave greeted the men at the door. I was then led further into the house and was then pla... Continue»
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Hitch Hiker

I was travelling with Mick and he wanted to pull over after a few hours of driving, he needed to pee with him having weak bladder! We went to motorway service station and it was just becoming dark as we pulled up. I said,'OK meet you in Cafe, then we have coffee.'
Mick walked off to Gents toilet. I know he would be a long time as he will only pee in a cubicle as he is embarrassed in case someone will see his tiny dick!!! The cafe was over a bridge of the motorway, so I set off to climb steps to walk over there. I was in my black leather mini skirt, stockings(black) and knee boots with heels. ... Continue»
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Dr S gets Blackmailed ch 2

Doctor"S" gets Blackmailed ch 2

I am a high ranking, high class female doctor, whom after making a mistake in theater, was blackmailed by the nurses that work under me on the ward.
Partly due to my high standards of working practice,and partly because my junior nurses resented my non conformist attire of sleeveless tops, and fetish, of exposing my armpits whilst working.
In India this is regarded as insulting, as female armpits should be hidden, even when shown by a beautiful woman, unlike the western world.
The nurses have taken me aside to a room away from the ward, where they have s... Continue»
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I gave a stranger a foot wank on the bus.

'It's alright Frida, girls do masturbate'.

Listening to him say it to me, sort off blew me away. It was as if sex talk were a glue, and I could myself bonding to him, though the truth was much deeper than that, I was a sex addict, and he was supposed to be my ther****t.

My periods were heavy and they left me almost anaemic, ending with me seeing my local GP and an intrusive examination. Because of the embarrassing situation I explained to him my parents did not know I was doing this, I wanted to keep it quiet, which opened the door to his abuses of me, which I reciprocated willingly.

... Continue»
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Filthy fucking day out

The weather had been beautiful when I awoke that autumn morning and I had no work to turn up to for a few days, which made things even better! I decided the best way to spend the day would be to jump in the car and see where I ended up.
It was coming up to 6 o’clock and I had travelled miles, stopping occasionally to take in the beautiful scenery on route, but now was time to head for home. Daylight was starting to fade when things began to go wrong- my engine began to misfire and splutter as I drove- and I was in the middle of nowhere. Pressing on I spotted a house in the distance; its wind... Continue»
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Feet Fotoshoot

The following is a fictional story of adult women, lesbian seduction and
foot fetishes. No one depicted in the following story is real, and all
details are fictitious. Thank you.

My name is Jennifer, I'm a young photographer. A freshmen in college, I
make my living taking... shall we say "intimate" photos for people.

Not much to look at myself, being only 4 foot 11, Asian, barely nineteen
and plain to say the least. I learned long ago that looks aren't
everything, but looking sure is! Why spend all your time and energy trying
to look good when you can spend all y... Continue»
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Chapter One --- The awakening

((Note: This is a work of fiction. Depending on how much I enjoy it, there may or may not be additional chapters. This one will probably start off slow before it goes into it. If ya know what I mean. ;) ))

She inhaled and exhaled slowly. Her hands rested on the disposable coffee mug and took comfort in the warmth. Soft thumbs moved over the surface as she waited. Memories of their multiple chats filled her mind... hints of seduction... he had made many thoughts that she never deemed possible were awoken, and she didn't know whether to wish this had been an elaborate prank or whether there... Continue»
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Cuckolded on Wedding Night...

Cuckold on wedding night...
Lying nude in the dim light, covered under bed sheet, on the huge nuptial,bed, I was waiting for hub by to join.
He was wealthy, handsome and looked attractive.
He slowly entered the suit, got out of his clothes and joined me on the bed.
In the dim light I could not see his cock properly. He lied down on the bed besides me and joined me under the covers..
He held my face and started kissing me deep. I could feel his tongue forcing deep in my mouth. I liked his kiss...I responded him and pulled him closer to me ..It was fun I was waiting for days. Slowly his han... Continue»
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Black and white Painter

My name is Earl,I am 46yrs old,and from the W.Indies,although I have been here since i was 4yrs old.I work as a painter and decorator and although you hear the stories about guys fucking the client,all i can say is its never happened to me,or anyone i know really,Thats why this was such a surprise,
Just recently work has been tight I have been getting jobs,but few and far between,so quite a bit of time has been spent at the pub,this was leading to rows indoors.To tell the truth my happy marraige was on a low,
Then a cple of weeks ago,A young cple that use the pub offered me some money to do ... Continue»
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Got shy wife to cheat with my buddy

I have this story for you to read, and hope it gives you nearly as much pleasure as it has for My Wife Jade, My old Mate Tony, and myself, the memories are fantastic, and it changed all our lives for the better.....A long story, but I think it is worth reading!!!
Jade and I met 2013 when we were at a mutual friends 21st party, we hit it off straight away, we chatted all evening and drank lots, Jade told me she was 18 years old, and worked in a local hotel/pub called the Red Lion, we danced to the music, and when the slow numbers were played we smooched, I thought my luck was in.....As the ev... Continue»
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