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Sissyboy Conversion Therapy

One The Problem

I know I have high standards, Doc, Matt Studley said to his ther****t, Dr.
Freudist. But it s more than that.

Dr. Freudist nodded and said, Um hum.

Can I be honest with you, Doc Matt asked.

They always ask that, Dr. Freudist said to himself. I ve been listening to
this guy ramble on about his issues for seven weeks, twice a week, and
NOW he s going to be honest

But Dr. Freudist merely nodded and said, Of course. This is a safe place.

And then he waited.

And waited.

Finally, Matt said, Ithink my real problem is sexual frustration,

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Black Lucky men in lanzarotte part 1

Ive decieded to tell you why im so obsessed with cuckolding and black men fucking my wife

This story is completley true and both of us have never spoke of it to anyone or each other since it happened.

This happened in Sep 2002 about 8 months after we had first met. We booked our first holiday together in lanzarotte , i was 26 and she was nearly 22 and we were still fucking like rabbits on our honey moon period , smoking weed and drinking loads . My wife had the typical curvy hipped bubble bum body of a fit 21 year old
We had been shopping for weeks buying new gear for our holiday , our... Continue»
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My Fucking f****y 2

My s****r had just come out of the closet with a handful of clothes and told me to take off the swimsuit. She laid out a pair of white cotton panties with cherries on them and a matching bra. A short pleated plaid skirt and a white button down shirt. She also laid out some white thigh high stockings and some black Mary Jane platform shoes. She said this one was mine.

She laid out a nearly identical one except that her plaid skirt was green whereas mine was red. She told me to get dressed but that she would help me with the stockings. "You know I have always wanted another s****r. "Someone t... Continue»
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my new love of adult bookstores

This is how I could probably get in so much trouble but as Iv'e heard that so called little voice in my head saying "if it feels good... do it". I guess my sexual urges got the best of me. I'm a sexy little sissy fem slut that loves to suck cock and take a nice long hard cock deep in my ass... There I said it. In order for me to live out these urges I needed to find a platform for me experiment with. At first I would dress up sexy and parade around my neighborhood usually very late at night when not a soul was around. Then I started to get a little bolder by driving around in short skirts, pan... Continue»
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loving little fag boy

So, here it is. The next 20 years of my life in California Institution for Men Correctional Facility, aka Chino State Pen. I had no idea what was to come, never the faintest idea. Personally I thought I would get killed within a week's time.

You see, I'm not really inmate material. I eventually did become one but not as you would think like into one big bulky muscled tattooed thug. Instead, when I first walked into prison I was a 19 year old, 5' 1", 130 lbs, fair skinned curly red haired Emo twink.

Now, what is a nice cute androgynous lace and fishnet wearing bi-sexual white boy Emo twin... Continue»
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''What's a man to do''...

After a long week in work I didn't really feel like going to the party we'd been invited to.
My wife said ''We have to go and you never know who might be there''.
I agreed reluctantly and showered and changed and we headed off to the party.

Now at this stage I must tell you these are no ordinary parties we attend. We're part of a group of people that like to play. Yes it involves swapping and doing kinky things with other naked people.

We arrived a bit late and so some of the guests had already shed their some of their clothing.
A few topless women sipping wine with men with bulges ... Continue»
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Helping a gurl out

Just to explain a few things, we live on an island in the irish sea between Britain and Ireland. T-gurls are rarely heard from, nevermind seen for fear of negative comments.

Vikki was a t-gurl that my wife (K)and i met via a swinging site and had played with on a number of occasions. She would visit the island with work and when done for the day would indulge in meeting anyone who wanted to fuck her.

Vikki arrived on the island on the Wed and we met her on the Saturday. As this was our 3rd meet with her we had all got quite familiar with each other and enjoyed a very sexy evening togethe... Continue»
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Totally Unexpected Lucy !!

I'd been fucking Linda for a couple of months now and very rarely did I go to her place. She seemed to prefer my place because of the privacy. She had a house mate named Lucy and they had been friends since way back but she seemed to spend a lot of time home recently. Apparently, they got up to all sorts when they were in their teens and although I got a few snippets, it was nothing to write home about. However, I was to learn more when Lucy decided to stay home one night after a female friend from work failed to pick her up for a night on the town. I'll explain a bit of the background before ... Continue»
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The vacation

As she got home from work I said I had some good news can you take the next two weeks of work she said yes why we are going on vacation to Hawaii she got all excited and quick to point she pull down the gym shorts and started to suck my cock I grabbed a hold of her long red hair and started to f***e it in her mouth within 10 minutes I was done. She swallow it down took a drink of my jack and coke I said thanks for quickly we have a lot to do tonight so she up and took a shower as I stood there with... Continue»
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the meeting

As I sat there in the middle the night thinking about her and I'm just wondering is she thinking about me so I get out my toy and start rocking my hard cock in and out in and out as I Morn with joy but just 10 miles away she is also up at night with her rabbit in hand as she slowly rub her clit her pussy wet and juicy as she rubs her pussy lips .with her other hand she gently rubs her breasts ever so slightly then she starts to suck on her own nipples as they stood out .then she slowly puts her toy her swelled pussy lips ever so slowly as she morn with joy and she began to move faster and fast... Continue»
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Feeling the feminity in - Ladyboy

The age when feeling feminine, being a boy wearing girls clothes and feeling guys as my love.
Cross-dressing in closet and then as a ladyboy in closet.
This was came to know by a guy near his house.(Once he will see that the CD will take some bra and try to wear) Came to know about the change in him. Regularly watching him and noticing the changes in him.
Came to know, which others could not notice that its not him its her. He is average guy who was also thinking of sex as those age guys will think. he liked and asked the change happening to crossdresser/ladyboy. She accepted the change and... Continue»
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The nightclub

As I got off work one Friday evening the wife called and said we are going out so I said go ahead and get ready and we will go to the nightclub as I got home she was just headed to the shower as stood there and watched her take her shower she started at her legs I was in all as she worked all the way up to her panty lines as the soap drip off of her pink pussy then as she wash off her 36DD boobs so I got undress and went in I said hello beautiful I love you as I started to kiss her neck as her hand felt my hairy chest so she said let me help so she took the washrag and began to wash me off... Continue»
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The nightclub

As I got off work one Friday evening the wife called and said we are going out so I said go ahead and get ready and we will go to the nightclub as I got home she was just headed to the shower as stood there and watched her take her shower she started at her legs I was in all as she worked all the way up to her panty lines as the soap drip off of her pink pussy then as she wash off her 36DD boobs so I got undress and went in I said hello beautiful I love you as I started to kiss her neck as her hand felt my hairy chest so she said let me help so she took the washrag and began to wash me o... Continue»
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Susan and John.

The story's of Susan and John are based on a friend of mine at work. She confides in me about her sex life. They aren't there real names

Susan was sad. It was a Sunday and John had been back for 4 days. He was leaving in the middle of the night do drive to Aberdeen where he was to catch a helicopter to an oil rig. He wouldn't be back for three weeks. She hated when he left. There were always tears. She ran her morning bath, John was having a lie in. She checked the temperature and took off her robe. She looked at herself in the bathroom mirror...mmm she thought not bad for 42. She cupped... Continue»
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The Wonderful Mistake

For years I have been fantasising about my own mother. From sexual thoughts in bed to masturbating over pictures of her to masturbating with her panties. My mother is by no means a super model nor is she ugly. She has got 36G breasts and she wears size 14 panties and I know this from looking at her bras and panties. Usually woman with that size of breasts would be rather on the plump or fat side but my mom isn’t. She has a fairly slim tummy and beautiful curvy hips and a gorgeous round ass. To me she is amazing for a 45 year old woman.

I was 18 years old and my dad had died about 2 years ag... Continue»
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Sorority Fuck Row

I was 21 when I finally joined my sorority in college. I loved my s****r and the things we did. We were known as the sluts of Kentucky. I remember my initiation like it happened yesterday. It was the day I realized I truly love cock…. Well sex in general. It was the Big Bang sorority and fraternity party of the year between my sorority I was pledging and the fraternity it was connected with. They were the badass guys on campus. The hottest too. Except for a few. But that’s what happens when you have almost every football player or sports team member in your fraternity.

Anyways in the day I... Continue»
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Sweet, sweet baby, part one

I got a call from Lana, one of my long term fuck buddies who was worried about her son. He’d just turned 18 and she’d caught him wearing his s****r’s clothes many times. “Can you talk to him, Jack,” she said. “I’m sure it’s just a phase, but he needs a strong man’s influence in his life.” I was on the turn around from a delivery and didn’t have a load for the drive back, so my time was my own. “Sure, babe, I’ll be passing through in a couple days, but I’m going to need to dip my wick in your wet pussy first.” She laughed and said, “I was hoping you’d say that.”

I got in after dark and Lana ... Continue»
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Sweet, sweet baby, part two

Her room was completely girly, in pinks and pastels, “so, I’m guessing this is not just a phase,” I said and told her to sit on the bed. She sat and crossed her legs, looking up at me expectantly, cupping my balls. She started licking my shaft and balls “are you going to feed me your cum again, daddy,” she asked.

I grabbed her by the hair again, giving her another long deep kiss. “This time, I’m going to fill that tight little ass, babygirl,” I said. Looks of fear, shock and lust spread across her face, “daddy … I’m … I mean, I’m not a virgin … exactly, but …” I placed a finger on her lips... Continue»
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Making Me

Making Me
Robert Reams©

Les, my closest friend now that Mike has been killed in Iraq, sits quietly on the couch listening intently as I tell him my life story as a way to cement our blossoming. I tell him about growing up in an alcoholic f****y. About the stupid, life wrenching four years I have spent walloping pots and pans in the Air f***e, about my opposition to the war and how I have grown into it. About my buddy, John Cormier, who let me drive his 65 Mustang, but re-upped and died in the Nam when a mortar tore through the mess tent and landing in his soup pot!

At last I ... Continue»
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Ass on the Line

My attempt at a dialogue only story lol.

"So have you been fucked with a strapon before?"
"Yeah, twice."
"How big?"
"Dunno…eight inches maybe nine."
"A decent size, probably pounded you good since she didn't have to f***e it in."
"Yeah something like that."
"Soo….you want to try something this size?"
"The fuck?"
"I know, don't let the knobs scare you, it's soft latex…feel it"
"It's heavy though"
"Yeah, but you chatted up your ability to take anything….so?"
"Yeah I guess."
"Are you bitchin up?"
"No no…I'll try it I guess."
"Okay, have you been bound before?"
"No, it was hotel ... Continue»
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