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Pirate Erotica Chapter 2

The captains cabin is well-supplied with moaning, cross-eyed wantons, either masturbating, or having rabid sex in a delirium of excitement. A complete lack of law, an atmosphere of indecency pervade here. The captain’s will is the only truth, and all the crew know how to please and displease him. The captain, I must now mention, has hooks for hands, and pegs for legs. In addition, he has but one good eye, his bad one lies partly hidden under a tattered, ragged eyepatch. The triangular patch is made from the boiled, shrunken scalp of a former first mate, a mutineer, to whom some of the captain’... Continue»
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Hard days work

Well then it'll start like this I'll come home from a long day of driving around and delivering things to people and it's a stinking hot day and I come home to a nice and cool air conditioned home to find you laying asl**p on the couch in a sweet summer dress with very flowing curves which makes it nice and breezy for you in the heat i see you laying there and start getting hard as one of your tits had fallen out of your dress and your nipple was erect which made me think you were having an erotic dream which made me hard, I take my shirt off slowly and gently pick you up and carry you to the ... Continue»
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Versteigerung von Sex-Partnern. 1

Das brachte sie endlich, aufzuhören.

Dadurch entspannte sie sich auch nach zehn Minuten und ich konnte meinen Schwanz wieder herausziehen. Dabei kam es ihr nochmals.

Wir lagen dann nebeneinander und ich fragte, ob es wirklich so schlimm sei. Ein Kind von ihre Sohn, den sie liebe, der sie liebe. Und das an ihrem 39 Geburtstag, ein schöneres Geschenk können man von einem liebenden Sohn doch nicht bekommen. Sie drehte sich zum mir, gab mir einen nicht mütterlichen Kuss und sagte "Du bist immer noch der alte Charmeur" Und dann "Danke für das ungewöhnliche Geschenk, denn das muss einfach kl... Continue»
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Läßt sie sich auf die "Spiele"

Da ich zur Zeit keine Geschichte fertig kriege, mal wieder eine alte. Diese ist von 2004. Ich bin nicht sicher, ob ich sie schon mal veröffentlicht hatte, aber wenn, dann im Greyarchive.

Mit der Kategorie bin ich mir nicht so sicher, es will eigentlich keine so recht passen, aber nach dem englischen „NonConsent/Reluctance" scheint mir „nicht festgelegt" am Besten.

Wer keine Beschreibungen von Sex oder moderate Gewalt mag, bitte doch woanders hingehen, das www ist schließlich groß genug.

An einem anderen Ort, oder zu einer anderen Zeit.

I stand at your gate and the song that I sing ... Continue»
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Nähere Begegnung mit der aus der Ferne angehi

Die Geschichte könnte auch unter BDSM stehen, aber das vorhandene leichte Bondage ist nicht das dominierende Thema, deshalb unter Erotische Verbindungen.

Das übliche: alles frei erfunden, alle über 18, wer explizite Beschreibungen dieser sexuellen Akte nicht mag, bitte woanders fündig werden.

Allen anderen viel Spaß.


Sie ist unglaublich.

Ich sehe sie jeden Tag, wenn sie an der Bushaltestelle wartet. Mit fünfzig Kilometern die Stunde an mir vorbeihuschend. Kastanienbraune Haare mit roten Glanzlichtern.

Ich drehe immer den Kopf, um möglichst viel von ihr wahrzunehmen.... Continue»
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Cat’s Curiosity

Sam & Cat: Cat’s Curiosity

[Cat doesn't mind when people find out about her 'friend'. Not a lot do, outside of her f*mily, and though Cat didn't come out and say, she doesn't shy away when asked. The first flashback will be how Jade found out, and the other flashback will be when Tori found out. Nothing sexual between Cat and Jade, but some small amount for Cat and Tori. The Jade flashback takes place during season one of 'VicTORIous'. The Tori one takes place early season four of 'VicTORIous', before Beck and Jade got back together.]

[Takes place during the e... Continue»
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Made to please...

Bruce, Charlie and Daniel guided me through the paths to their new 4uck room, fear gripped me as with each step Charlie would reach out and pinch one of my buttocks. Even though I had on jeans Charlie manage to pinch my buns hard enough to cause me to grimace and react to his assault.

As soon as we reached our destination, they pushed me into this damp moldy room, I was apprehensive as to the cleanness of the mattress that occupied the center of the room. Daniel secured the door as Bruce and Charlie begin to remove their clothes.

Charlie glance in my direction and admonished me to ' Continue»
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My hot neighbor 2

So after me and my neighbors wife christy 1st encounter . She would always have a reason for me to come over . She couldn't get her mower to crank, sink stopped up, she'd come up with something.  Sometimes my wife would go over with me but sometimes she wouldn't.  Christy would usually meet me at the back door all she was wanting was to give me a blowjob.  It took a while before she'd let me have pussy again.  One night her husband Alex was home we all got together for some drinking and card playing.  After a couple hours of drinking it was getting the best of Alex he said he needed to lay dow... Continue»
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slutty stars - mariah carey - ooooold story i wrot

It was a cold night on the streets of Paris, where sexy pop diva Mariah Carey was shooting the video for her new single ‘say something’. Mariah was currently miming to music in a shop for one of the shots, and was wearing an amazingly hot outfit.
It was an all on one goldish leotard type thing, tied around her neck and barely covering her famously huge tits and sweeping down to cover her pussy as well.
All the guys on the set were just staring, not at all concentrating on the job in hand, and with good reason. She looked absolutely stunning.
“Alright we’ll cut there” the director yelled. “T... Continue»
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Slutty stars - nelly furtado

Slutty Stars 1 – Nelly Furtado

The sexy half Portuguese babe Nelly furtado was just finishing shooting her new video. I was watching her on stage (being a camera man that’s pretty much my job), and she looked amazing. She was wearing the tightest skin hugging black Lycra cat suit you’ve ever seen. She was up there gyrating and it was driving me crazy, I wanted nothing more than to shove my cock right up her tight little ass, little did I know my wish was soon to come true.

“That’s a rap” the director shouted. Every body applauded Nelly on a good days work as she sexily walked off the sta... Continue»
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Not Free

Sue was standing by her pimp as the three rich men in their sixties looked her over. She would go to the one willing to pay the most for her body tonight. Sue was twenty two but looked much younger and the older men loved that. She also had a great figure with big fleshy tits and a nice round ass. She loved sex and loved it kinky. She wore a skimpy thong and a push up bra which showed off her large jugs and her pussy that was waxed bald and smooth. The oldest man handed her pimp fifty dollars and whispered something to him and the pimp then turned to her and said "Take off your bra. He wants ... Continue»
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tv sex

4 week I was in a well known high street shop that sells men and ladies clothes..i was looking at jeans I went to try them on in cubicals men to the right ladys to left .as I shut main door it caused a draft and blew a curtain open I see this guy with good size cock in suspenders belt black stockings with his cock and balls on show he was clean shaven.i didn't bother buying any think as all I could think of was his little arse and cock I wanted to fuck him as its been about 14 months since my last had tv sex.i waited out side for him to come out wen he did he was dressed in the black stocking... Continue»
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Caz's First Interracial Gangbang

I was out with Caz in a bar, hopefully getting her wasted enough for her to let me fuck her in my car while people watched from outside. For what felt like forever I had dreamed of finally getting to fuck Caz. She always flirted with me but was always just agonizingly out of reach. She was the sort who enjoyed attention from guys, but as soon as a guy thought he was getting somewhere with her, she would back off.

She was the epitome of a cockteaser, although I had heard stories of how often she ... Continue»
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Naughty Abigail

Fictional story where names are mentioned is purely coincidental.

It was a cold winters evening and Abigail was waiting for Gerry to come back after being on a work trip for 2 weeks, Abigail and Gerry had been married six months only being able to spend about 2 months in total, due to work commitments on both parts, they had met via friends and fell for each other at first sight, Abigail was stunning long raven black hair a perfect figure and deep brown eyes, Gerry had a b*****r Simon that only lived a few doors away, the total opposite to Gerry what you would call a real bad boy, as the ph... Continue»
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Yes My b*****r fucked my arse. by Clare

Clare tells how her arse was fucked

I have three b*****rs all older than me, each one of them made me suck their cocks when mum was out, if didn't they would tell mum I was bad at school, she would always believe them and would spank me in front of them, making me lie over her knees with my knickers pulled down she would spank my bare bum at times letting the boys spank me too.

I would go to school with Merlin the youngest of them, he was a few years older than me, for some reason mum would make me wear stockings to school although I was the only girl there that did, I didn’t mind to mu... Continue»
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Pozzed at the bookstore part 2

What the fuck did I just do I thought.
I had just let a stranger fuck me bareback and now he just told me he had filled my ass with poz spunk. Fucking strangers bareback was like playing Russian roulette but a lot more fun. You never know if there was a live round in the chamber and now I had had a live round fired up my ass.
I looked around the room wondering if they were all pozed.
"We're all toxic Cumbag and you're going to get at least one load from all of us". "Check out the screen" and he pointed to a TV on the wall. It was my ass on the screen. He had written neg cunt for poz sp... Continue»
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DP by 2 Black men, I asked them to do me.

We pulled over and parked our 4X4, while my husband got out and went to the check-point with our passports. We were in Nigeria, on the outskirts of the city, and the heat was unbearable, as I sweated profusely, suddenly my lack of underwear made me very uncomfortable.

Men were walking past the car and staring in, and my mind wondered what it was that was flashing through their minds as they eyed me up and down, their looks more menacing and leering, even the guard with his rifle, besides me, shifted uncomfortably, his eyes always on the expanse of bare thigh, I tied to cover, but the hem wa... Continue»
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Stacey's holiday stories pt1

Contains lesbian themes only

My good friend and casual 'fuck-buddy' Stacey had just come back from a fortnight's holiday abroad and was visiting to give me the low-down on what happened and a souvenir of her trip!
After grabbing a drink we settled down for some 'show&tell' about her holiday!
Stacey is a pretty brunette who is a very chunky BBW in her early twenties! Her sexual appetite and desire to experiment has always blown me away and never failed to impress me!
So it came as no shock as she told me about what happened going through customs apon her arrival:-

-I was walking throug... Continue»
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Ass Whore Part1 - the mother who worships her son&

"Bzzzzzzz", my cellphone vibrated. I rolled over and grabbed it to look at the new text message.
I knew who it'd be from. I was expecting it almost an hour ago.
"How was it? - Mom" 
Her face on the top right corner beamed back at me with a broad smile.
I smiled and typed with one hand, while propped up on elbow of the other.
"Ok. I guess." I sent it.
"Ok? What do you mean okay? - Mom"
"I am tired" I typed back trying to end the conversation.
"Tell me, you asshole. - Mom"
"You can ask her.  I am too tired."
"Put the bitch on phone - Mom"
"I am serious. Put that fuckin... Continue»
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Flirtatious Slut

Flirtatious Slut

We have been together just over five years which is broken down as two years boyfriend girlfriend and three years husband and wife. My wife Colleen has always been the friendly flirtatious type and she has the face and figure to drive men wild, which I always assumed was her objective when she was teasing and flirting with guys. She has always dressed immaculately but somewhat conservative except when we would be going in to town dancing or heading to a party somewhere. Then she would pull out all the stops wearing something very tight or very revealing, and always with ext... Continue»
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