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Penetrated Her Hymen For First Time

Hi friends!! I am a doctor by profession. Aspiring for my post graduation dreams. Now I like to have fun and have been reading people writing their stories. So wanted to share my own experience too.

Well girls in Delhi I am up for u anytime text me. So lets get started I had a gf called anita from school days.

We were friends to start with but since 12th
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My Cop Ass Fuck

My Cop Ass Fuck

A few years ago I was pulled over in my car for speeding by this handsome and muscular motorcycle cop.
He pulled me over for my speeding ticket and we got to taking and flirting a little bit and then to my surprise he asks me out on a date. I said yes and we went out for dinner and then we went to his apartment to watch a movie. Funny though, we never did end up watching the movie that night.
We started by kissing and that lead to some making out, which lead to some touching and before I knew it clothes were opening up.
I noticed right away that he had a very strong perso... Continue»
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A Night of Exploration.....Becoming His......Part

Draven opened the bathroom door and I could hear the shower.
“Kali, come join me for a shower.” He said.
“OK” Kali replied.
She walked to the bathroom and they got in the shower.
“Wash me.” He commanded.
Kali grabbed her luffa, put some soap on it started washing his body.
“Pay special attention to my cock and balls slut.” He said.
Kali began washing his back, down to his ass, she got on her knees to pay attention to washing him. She washed him inside and out then kissed his ass and pulled his cheeks apart and licked his asshole. She turned him around and washed his legs up to his co... Continue»
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Flat mate part 2

It had been a few weeks since the hot polish girl and her friend had moved into the shared flat I stay in . we had been getting on really well a good bit of flirting from both sides half the time she would be walking around with just a little pair of shorts on with just a vest top her nipples were always hard she just knew she was cock teasing me . Sometimes if I went for a shower I would proposely leave the bathroom door unlocked so that she would walk in on me .as soon as I heard her coming to the door I would be drying my hair so that my cock was on veiw as she walked in the door she woul... Continue»
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9 into 1 The Destruction Of A Bitch Pt3

Scott withdrew the speculum from his partners pussy her vagina was well and truly destroyed gaping wide open a cavernous mess dripping what was left onto the sofa below he then quickly shoved his head between her legs lapping away his face buried deep Scott was now the cuck of the group a chuckle went around the watching party Dawn moaning sat up "that's enough my poor pussy is throbbing" another chuckle rose from the group "get on that table now" she was lifted by myself and two others and placed front down on the pool table once again "are we going to have any more complaints from you" said ... Continue»
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Bowling alley chic, part 2.

So I woke up before she did. I get up for work at 3:00 during the week for work, so sl**ping until 5:00 is sl**ping in to me. Looking at her as I got up was amazing! I was now sober. She was 19 but sure didn't look it. She was laying on her side with the blanket covering her from her chest down. Her one leg was out and her foot looked so cute. I didn't want to wake her so I was quit. After a show I cut up some fruit, and toasted some English muffins. By now it was about 7:00 so I woke her with the breakfast and some champagne.

She was very impressed! After eating and some champagne I asked... Continue»
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May Fantasy turned into reality

Well this is a story that connects with a fantasy I wrote about a Daycare Mom. See I had a crush on her for some time. The fantasy story was a means to satisfy my hunger, and yet the desire was still there. Well I finally banged her and it was worth every moment. So this is how it played out. She had pulled her k**s out of the daycare, due she to switch to a job that wanted her to travel. Two months go by and I get a Facebook message from May about bring the k**s back. I ask about why not hit me wife up with that, and she said in responds that she like talking to me instead. For the business ... Continue»
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I Drilled Virgin Punjabi Girl From School

My name i ankith .This incident happened when i was in my 12std ……when i fucked a Punjabi girl thanvi(name changed)….

I will not waste time in saying my and other stuff etc….this incident was beginning of my sex life….

When i lost my verginity…..when i was studying i had many friends both boys and girls …..and once we had to give some dance program for the inogration of club in our college…

So we guys used to practise and i was in the dance and there wer
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After 20 years of marriage my wife Diane informed me she was leaving me as she was in love with
her niece's (Ingrid) ex boyfriend Dave and went to live with him at Ingrid's council flat
He was more than 20 years younger than my wife.
I was greatly supported by our friends and in particular by her older s****r Liz who was a divorcee
We had been visiting and staying with an old friend John who also was divorced
John had to go away so Liz came to stay with me at his house
Liz cooked and looked after me and although she had a long term boyfriend she
went out with John as a fr... Continue»
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The First time I Fucked my Wife

The first time I was with her it was terribly exciting, extraordinary actually. She was 26 yrs old and very inexperienced having only one lover for short time after college and after moving out of state she had not had sex for two years. She was raised a catholic school girl and her head was a swirling mixture of lust and guilt. Small in stature at 4' 11" with a beautiful set of 34B tits, firm with large nipples that pointed straight forward and a lovely untrimmed natural bush surrounding her pussy.

We met while I was visiting a friend who managed the apartments where she lived, she came to... Continue»
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Daniel Effeminate College Student Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Back on Land

Daniel had passed most of the last day and evening sketching scenes on the cruise ship. He had previously sketched a number of scenes or noticed interesting scenes to sketch. On the first morning he sketched the young, very cute and well hung waiter wearing a tight uniform serving an older gentleman a coffee. On that same morning Daniel also sketched a blonde Adonis applying sun screen on his companion's remarkably toned body. A third sketch that first morning depicted a number of handsome and very physically attractive young men playing volleyball in the pool. I... Continue»
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Chris and Kim pt 05

This had to be heaven, Kim thought to herself. Her she was in her favorite white lingerie, spread across the bed half naked. And Chris was fucking her with every last ounce of his energy. Each thrust of his cock sent ripples through her body, it was like she was having an orgasm every time he buried himself deep inside her. Before long she couldnt even hold back, her ass was throbbing with need and her body was lost in her desire. She had never felt as complete before as she felt now with Chris inside her, just thinking about it made her cum.

"God i'm going to cum Kim" Chris moaned as... Continue»
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I could hear that the shower was running when I woke up, the slut had decided that she needed to get cleaned up after her gangbang. As I entered the bathroom she was drying herself, you could still see the faint writing on her body from the marker pens.

I looked at her then asked. "What the fuck was all that about, letting three black men fuck you?"

She began to cry as she told her story. "I'm sorry, but I couldn't help myself, they were at the club the girls took me to. I was slightly d***k when they began to dance with me, they all took turns and kept on telling me what they wanted to ... Continue»
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Danny and Robert

Danny rubbed his dick against robrts hole to lube it, and pushed. Robrt flinched a little, but didn't move. Danny started humming him emeditly. Watch Danny's ypunh butt was so tempting, but I just watched. He finally pushed all in, Roberts facr was a mixture of pain and. Pleasure. Danny fucked him for about 5 minutes, them pulled out and turned and bent over for his turn. I told Robert to let me put so shampoo on him. I came up and offered his dick to me. I wanted to taste it so bad, but knew better, amd just put shampoo on him.
I suggested he push in slow at first, he pushed into Danny ... Continue»
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Harry Potter fucks Luna

Get under here,” Harry told Luna, pulling out the Invisibility Cloak and throwing it over both of them.
It melted away at his touch and they slipped outside. Harry glanced back and saw that it had resealed itself at once. They were standing in a dark corridor. Harry pulled Luna back into the shadows, fumbled in the pouch around his neck, and took out the Marauder’s Map. Holding it close to his nose he searched, and located his and Luna’s dots at last.
“We’re up on the fifth floor,” he whispered, watching filch moving away from them, a corridor ahead. “Come on, this way.”
They crept off.
... Continue»
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A Surprise

Since that night, Harry could not act like he usually could around Hermonie. Her shinning eyes, her firm ass, and lovely attire, was driving him insane. Hermonie had not told anyone else besides Ginny, (Harry and Ginny hook up in the 6th book at the end, lets see how this changes things?) and Harry had not even told Ron his best friend. The ups though, he felt like a Wizard king who could do no wrong but only without Hermonie around. Soon Harry began thinking about doing it again, but the problem was the spell he had used was nowhere to be found. The night he and Hermonie had sex he left it in... Continue»
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Sex with the ex for the last time (true story)

There is a gap of 10 years between my 2nd story and this one. I left Germany which was my 2nd duty station, got married to a white BBW. I don’t think my marriage had much of a chance as I was deployed every other year during my marriage. When I got back, I snuck away and secretly saw Monica (from Story 1) for at least a day after each deployment. I did not step out on my ex with anyone other than Monica the entire time I was married. However, what goes around does come around. I started to see email traffic from other Soldiers and black men on my wife’s computer. It was obvious from the t... Continue»
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Motorway meet - story

We were meeting again and the anticipation while driving to the hotel was painful my cock was so stiff, concentrating was a problem!
I arrived at the services and it was early, still half an hour until we could check in, as I circled the car park looking where to park, there was her car at the far end parked facing away from the hotel and services, cunning I thought. I pulled up alongside and there she was, grinning like a Cheshire cat who was definitely going to get the cream. She jumped out of her car and ran round to my passenger seat before I’d even switched off the engine. “Hi” she smi... Continue»
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Sex Hungry Lady Satisfying With Driver

Hi everyone! My name is Soumya and today I am sharing my story with you all. I hope you all will like it. This story is true incident which happened in my life few days back.

About myself, I am Soumya 30 years old married lady. My husband name is Rohan, he is 32 years old, software engineer and works in an IT company. We have a daughter, Sanya, 3 years old. We live in Noida and are happily married since last 5 years. I am a teacher by profession and works in a nearby school. I am 5’5”; fair, average built with good looks. My
... Continue»
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Hot Nude Photo Shoot Of Married Lady

I moved to Hyderabad recently due to my job requirement and was getting bored here like hell as the place was new and I was not much familiar with the city. So I was not going out a lot but soon, the boredom made me get back to my hobbies to pass my time.

I am a photographer by hobby and I love it. Though I was not completely settled in the new place, I still tried to spend some time with my camera to live what I always wanted.

So, on one Saturday, I was getting bored and I thought to do some street photography. I went ou
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