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Straight Boy Bottom - Chapter 3

Chapter 3 - Awakening

You may remember that last chapter I told you about the time Nathan slipped
into my shower and fucked me good, introducing me to my first one-on-one
sex with a man, without my girlfriend Gwen around. Afterward, Nathan and I
laid in Gwen's bed and took a nap.

I woke about 2 hours later. I was on my stomach, and had no difficulty
knowing what had woken me. I was completely naked still, and the sheets
had been pulled off of me. And there was unmistakably a tongue in my ass.

I began moaning softly as Nathan's big hands kneaded my ass cheeks and
spread them ... Continue»
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no strings quickie again

I have another encounter to tell. recently I was contacted again by the guy I first met at a gloryhole and then later in another semi public place. I received a few other emails and really enjoyed that fact that he loved using me as his slut. He asked if he could fuck me again and where would I be willing to meet him so he could use me to cum. We eventually agreed that we were both horny and available later on a certain evening but could not decide where. I was so turned on that I told him to just come by my place if he promised to be fairly quick. He said that he wanted to fuck me again and c... Continue»
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For a number of years my wife Diane and I have been running a special swingers club
Diane is a mature blonde big tits nice firm arse and gorgeous long legs
She always wears very sexy panty's and bra suspender belts stockings etc
The club has various sections dealing with horny themes
The main one is the anal section


I introduced Diane to anal sex on our wedding night

We were staying the night in her s****r Mary's house after a quiet registry office ceremony
with Mary and her husband Paul as witnesses.
Diane wore a very tight white transparent dress with red satin lacy... Continue»
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Kimmie & Tim, OUR life together womb to prese

Hi, Kimmie and I have written our story before on here but it has vanished some how.
Please have patience with this first part of our story. We want to give you the background
information that will make the followup sections of our life much easier to understand and
enjoy what is told. The "juicy" stuff that everyone on here enjoys will be in the later parts.
We are going to attempt to retell what our joint life has been like, be it the GREAT times
or the really bad times. At this present time we are approaching our 28th birthday.
Our parents and f****y are the very best. Kimmie and... Continue»
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The Virgin and the Gloryhole

The Virgin and the Glory Hole

Synopsis: Young girl looking to loose her virginity finds a gloryhole.

Being unpopular and ugly in high school was difficult to say the least for Kim. It seemed all that anyone talked about these days was sex. Everyone at school was fucking like rabbits but her and they made sure she knew it. Every day she got teased for being a prude virgin on top of having frizzy red hair, big thick glasses, and having mosquito bites for tits.

Kim’s self-esteem plummeted after the ugliest guy in the entire school turned her down. She had never even had an orgasm. When... Continue»
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Key Party

"We've been invited to a party," my wife Kristy said gleefully as she walked in the door. "Carla at work is having a couple's cocktail party." Kristy was a bit overweight, but well proportioned with a really cute face. Her weight, though, supplied her with really large breasts, which I enjoyed. Plus she had a bubbly personality so she made friends easily. I wasn't surprised that she had received an invitation.

"Okay," I responded. I didn't like parties, I always felt uncomfortable with the small-talk with people I didn't know well.

Apparently my lack of enthusiasm was given away by... Continue»
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My 1st big cock.

It was a swift and exacting punishment I was given that day. He walked into the hotel room, unzipped his pants and pushed me down on my knees presenting his well endowed cock to my face. He lifted up the head of his thick cock and pulled my mouth to it. As I felt it open up my lips, I caught a quick glimpse of his ball sack twitch with anticipation of what was to cum. His cock didn't take long to fill my mouth up and it grew longer and fuller with each stroke...massive 8 inch cock that ended into a nice mushroom head with a pronounced split on the bottom of it. I could feel the fat part of the... Continue»
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no strings quickie

I don't often get the chance to play out my bisexual urges but this time I did. I used to go to an adult store that operated preview booths and some had gloryholes. It was at one of my visits after I finished sucking a cock that I put a note through the hole with my email on it trying to see what responses I would get in return. I had made up several notes asking for comments about my performance with my email so if they chose to respond I could hear how I did or if they enjoyed using me. Several days after I did get a response stating he loved the way I sucked his cock and how much he enjoyed... Continue»
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So much more than a set up

So I'm sat at work thinking about a the evening ahead, my friends have invited me over for a few drinks to take my mind off being newly single, and to meet their friend who according to them I'll get on really well with, yes it's a set up but I think what the hell,I've got nothing to lose

So I go home, shower & start getting ready, smart clothes but not too much, same goes with make up, I don't want to scare him off! Just then my door bell rings, it's Martin, thought you might want a lift? He's so cute & always has a naughty boy grin, Vicky is a lucky girl, I say I'll be 2 min, come in, so ... Continue»
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In the field.

When i was younger and hadn't quite hit my teens yet i used to enjoy going out by myself in the nearby farmers fields and masturbating in the open air, being naked outside was always a turn on and the thought of someone watching made me unbelievably horny.

One morning i'd made my mind up to go out, get naked and play with myself in one of my favourite spots not too far away so i wandered down the lane and jumped the big white fence into the fields. i wandered a while till i found my spot just off a footpath and made my way just inside a group of trees, i stripped off slowly feeling the air ... Continue»
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The stranger

After a day of shoping malls in Miami, I come home, as always I dressed with a simple little dress and no underwear, I love to feel the wind caress my pussy shaved.
By opening the door in the dining room, my husband talking to a stranger drinking a Jack.
Hello my love
you robbed Miami stores?
I present John is a former co-worker, he went to say hello.
He rises to greet me, it is great muscular.
he is dressed in a blue jogging.
yet a man who takes care of his body and making the sport.
Come and sit with us, you want to drink what?
Prepare me a Margarita my love.
I sit next to my husba... Continue»
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Watching through the glory hole

Watching through the glory hole

I had been on shopping that afternoon with my loving girlfriend Helena, but she had left me alone, because she needed to go back home early.

I was in my own way home, when I felt I needed to pee desperately. Two blocks away I found a gas station, but the ladies room was out of order.
Then I turned around a corner and saw the men’s room.

I slipped the door open and looked inside, no one was there. One stall on the right side was free so I slipped in to it; pulled down my panties, sat down and finally relaxed, feeling the river of warm pee flow free fr... Continue»
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Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

Ana alone in a Brazilian beach

That summer Victor and I had decided to spend some days in Brazil; later we could continue our trip to Buenos Aires, to visit some old friends and relatives…

On the fourth day there, Victor told me he was feeling sick, maybe he had eaten too much during dinner the night before…
But he told me he would have some rest at our hotel room and I could enjoy that last afternoon at the beach. I offered to stay there with him, but my loving husband insisted he would feel better if he was alone, knowing I was enjoying the sun…

I put on a tiny thong I had purchase... Continue»
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Uncle Jays Cabin

Many people ask me if I get hot writing these stories. My answer: "Fuck Yeah I get hot writing these!!" That's one reason it takes me months to follow up previous tails...errr ummm, tales. I certainly DO love this site and am happy to be able to contribute to it's content, upkeep and maintenance. So should you......Please donate to this free and lovely website so we can keep the cum flowin'........Thank you.

********************** "Uncle Jays Cabin" *************************

Uncle Jays giant, veined boner twitched inside me. I cooed girlishly as he hel... Continue»
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Fancy Dress (Fuck) Party..

My friend is in to helping people and he set up a charity night for the refugees in our town, his idea was for a fancy dress party to raise some money for them for warm clothing for winter, so he asked all our friends to come and ask others to post some flyers to inform others in the town. he hired the town hall and it was a go now so he went to the local refugee center and talked to the f****y's there and told them what he was doing and they were so happy he was doing it. they asked if some of them could come along. he said yes of course send as many as you want free of charge of course..

... Continue»
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A story with a young Chinese woman III

Most of her co-workers were leaving the office, when Bai Jie came out from the rest rooms. She said good bye to a few of them. Then, while waiting for the elevator, she pretended to have forgotten something in her tiny cubicle. She waited, and when they were all gone, she quickly walked to the staircase and began to climb it while she took some of her clothing off. She now had her light summer jacket over her arm. Her shirt was now in her handbag and her panties had disappeared when she had come back to her desk, after her brief encounter with Mr. Jones and Mr. Schmidt earlier the same day.
... Continue»
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Get Blowjob by Ex Girlfriend

This was about my Hmong Ex Girlfriend when we were still dating and this story was back then when she and I was still in High School. I went to different school and she went to a different high school but we are 15 minutes away. I'll explain how did this story goes. It was 2012 when it was almost her homecoming dance my ex-girlfriend and I made a plan that when the dance was about to be done we'll take off and go somewhere private for both of us.When I took her somewhere that there's no one drive there and just only two of us alone. We both were in my car by a park and we both were french kiss... Continue»
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evry day

Every Halloween my wife and I go to a private party thrown by one of her friends. Nan is a lady my wife met several years ago and after they discovered they both are into cuckolding they became best friends. The only thing Man's husband Mike and I have in common is we are both cuckolds. He is an I.T. guy and I own a automotive repair shop. They live in a hootie tootie gated community and my wife and I live in a nice older neighborhood.

Each year Nan gives away an award for the best costume and my wife wants to win it. We have fallen short every year so far but this year my wife has a sure f... Continue»
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hotel meet

Another story part true part fantasy

hi all had a nice meeting last week. i was away on business which happens very infrequently so i planned to make the most of it. i was away with my boss for two days of meetings and one night in a hotel in Birmingham. anyway by the Thursday lunchtime the meetings were going so well i suggested i stay an extra night and take the guys out for drinks. he readily agreed so i quickly posted an ad on craigslist for later that night.

5pm rolled around and my boss left for the station whilst i headed to a city centre bar with 4/5 of the guys for drinks. as ... Continue»
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Meeting up with an ex

Having run into her at the train station earlier that day, and having had her accept my casual offer to meet up at the bar for a drink after work that evening, I was looking forward to meeting up with my ex. It has been a long time, several years in fact, since our relationship that, if we are honest, centred around sex ended.
As our 6 pm meeting time drew closer, so too did my nerves. Was she as excited to see me as I was her? Would we have enough to talk about after all this time that we wouldn’t have any awkward silences?
As I approach the bar, I see her. She’s sitting on a table ou... Continue»
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