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Julia takes 3 cocks. (AND BIG NEWS!)

Hey, Rick here, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I’d let Julia take the reigns with the profile for a while, but we had a pretty big event, and I’d like to give my take on it. I think – hope – that people will enjoy this one. Comments are always welcome.

So, to get the backstory out of the way: Julia and I are going to be getting married. I proposed, she said yes, and here we are. If you guys want all the details, ask her. But for now, here is the “after party” ;)

It started a few minutes after the first of my friends showed up. After the obligatory congratulations, he sat ... Continue»
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Quiet Time

I'm just getting out of the shower and have wrapped a towel around me when she comes in after afternoon classes. I can tell from her expression that it's been as long a day for her as it has for me already.

She sees me and her face brightens. "Hi sweetie!" she greets me in her usual chipper tone.

We kiss hello. I can't begin to explain how I've been waiting for that.

"Water's still hot if you don't take too long. I'll be waiting for you after." I tell her with a wink.

She puts her things away and disappears into the bathroom.

While she's in there, I put some fresh sheets on ... Continue»
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Fun times with s****rs panties continued part 2

This is the continued story of Fun times with s****rs panties and my exciting exp (true story)

As I sit in floor looking at her sexy yellow panties with mesh front of which a few of her black pubes extended thru the more I wanted to touch, my whole body was heated and my cock was so hard and the temptation was more then I could stand as her legs where slightly spread offering me just a beatiful view of Lisa's panty covered pussy. I knew Lisa was a heavy sl**per and the added sucurity of her being wasted and had passed out made me decide to proceed with taking further and I decided to test t... Continue»
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Pious Muslimah turns Cock Addict Slut - Part 3

How did I get to my home, I am still unable to comprehend. My hands were time and again moving
either to my nipples or to my pussy (under the burqa) till I got home. At home, I lay down on my bed.

Neither my b*****r nor my mother was at home. I locked myself in a room, threw off my clothes and
lay naked playing with my nipples and pussy. I wished I had more than two hands to work simultaneously on pussy and both the nipples. But I just had two hands and merely ten fingers to
help. I moaned loud enough and did cum again and again till my bed sheet was soaked.
That night I could not sl**p... Continue»
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sl**pless nite

Another long day at work, i get home and kick off these heels, my poor feet are killing me, i take off my jacket and hang it up, head to the kitchen to pour myself a nice red wine, I hate overtime i tell myself, hate my boss more(Giggle).. i open the windows and look out over the city, the lights are so pretty out there, to bad the city sucks( i laugh out loud). i stand before my huge windows and think to myself... thank god its friday,

I eat a small dinner and stand in front of the window again, this time looking through the telescope i got as a gift from my friends at work when i m... Continue»
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A Weekend Party...

Ralph, Leon and I worked at the same burger joint, yet we went to three different high schools. Ralph was tall, slim, close to six feet and street wise, Leon was built thick, about 5'6" husky, I', close to 5'8".

The two of them made friends quick and hung out together at lunch and would often ride the bus together from the burger joint. Ralph always tried to get out of during the assigned tasks each day that we were assigned, luckily we did not work the same shifts often.

This Saturday I was on to come in at five o'clock and Ralph came in at seven that morning, Leon had ten to seven. ... Continue»
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Part 2 A day full of suprises

Please note this story is completely fake, but is based on some sexual fantasies and/or experiences

Shannon Flynn is a presenter/actor for the BBC (CBBC channel)

PREVIOUSLY... It had been quite a day but never had I imaged that I would be naked in bed with Shannon Flynn, the sexy 18 year old actress from Rochdale in Manchester...

As Shannon started to fuck my cock, I began to start feeling her small perky tits, the where fairly small no more than a 32aa cup size, but they where decent enough, I enjoyed the thought of them b... Continue»
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Willy Wiley and Fanny Annie Get it on!

I love my job, don't get me wrong. But I have had a hard life, I mean, my hair is a mess, my f****y are nuts, my neighbour is an asshole, and my master beats me. However, there is one good thing that has made my life complete is my best friend Patricia Pussy.

I wouldn't have a bad word said about Patricia Pussy. She is sweet and enjoys making me cum. She is also very funny. Like one time her owner took her to a bridge, and threatened to piss off the bridge like men do.
So the owner goes to the side of the bridge, squats over the the water and pulls down her knickers and she tells her f... Continue»
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Suzette’s Pizza Dare

This story was told to us by our dear friend Suzette who we introduced in our first post – 4 Couple Fun. She is 5’3’ and was a gymnast in college and now teaches gymnastics to young girls. She has blue eyes and long blonde hair that hangs all the way down her back. Her tits are perfect for her tiny body.

The other day, Suzette said that her and her husband Nick, who is 6’3” and former college athlete had gone away for the weekend. They stayed at a nice hotel and after an afternoon of shopping, they were tired and hungry. Suzette suggested they order pizza and have it delivered to the hotel ... Continue»
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Grandad of love 8.

So I had just finished telling Faith my housekeeper about my latest sex adventure with three young twenty year olds, and as I finished she lay on my sofa with her clothes half undone catching her breath, after she had just once again fingered her pussy until she came.
"You are one lucky dirty old man" she grinned as she readjusted her underwear before doing up her jeans again.
"Well yeah" I grinned
"Right now I'm going to do your washing" she said leaving the room.
"I think i'll pop out for a bit" I said as my boner softened in my trousers.
"Okay, and while your out look for a Halloween c... Continue»
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the library

Thursday hubby burst through the door smiling honey have some exciting news as he kisses me he then tells me we are leaving for the weekend ,we have been invited to a masquerade ball ,we leave Friday after work here is my card get what you need .
Friday morning arrives I am.excited I jump out of bed ready my self for a full day of shopping ,the day is almost over hubby is due home shortly I head for the shower stripping as I go leaving a trail of clothing behind stepping into the shower washing my hair I fail to here hubby walk.into the shower ,he whisper hello honey I am I turn to face him.s... Continue»
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My First Interracial Encounter - Part 2

As he encouraged me to sit down further and take more if his cock inside me, I relaxed my legs and lowered but the thickness of his cock was really straining my butthole. It was exciting but getting pretty painful. He noticed my look of frustration and strain and offered me a little bottle. He said take sniff of this will help you relax. I opened it and smelled it. It was a little stinky but I took a deeper sniff and immediately felt a warm fuzzy feeling in my head and the noises muffled in my ears. He told me take one more deep sniff and I did. Now the stuff really hit me and... Continue»
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A Well Seasoned Woman

It was date night. That is what Kitty and Peter call the nights when all else was put aside and the only thing on the agenda was enjoying each other and lots of fun sex.

Kitty was ready for a hot night with her man. She had spent part of the day tempting and teasing one of her online lovers and got herself quite worked up.

Mid-afternoon, while preparing a salad for supper, the carrot she was going to use was so firm and so long, Kitty couldn’t resist working it into her pussy for a few minutes to relieve the pressure. Oh that carrot, it was so firm, so hard and so handy! Date night could... Continue»
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Back to the Council Estate

It had been a couple of months since I had my encounter with Lyndsay and I couldn't get her out of my mind, no matter how much of a slapper she was she was pretty and could have looked a lot prettier with some make up. I decided to take the risk and go it alone. I parked up outside that guys house and knocked on the door, he welcomed me with open arms which was nice.

"Come in come in" he said, as I sat down I told him what I was thinking, he said "No problem" and half an hour later there stood Lyndsay, dressed in the same clothes she'd had on before. She smiled at me and said "Come on we ca... Continue»
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College life spring semester 5

Nudging Corey in the side, we woke up in his friend's apartment. Corey
softly kissed me on the lips.

"Remind us to do this again sometime," Corey stated.

"It was pretty sweet."

"No doubt they heard us last night. This damn headboard nearly knocked
down that wall with you banging my ass last night but Trey and Towson
sounded like they were enjoying some great sex as well."

"They did with their bed knocking against the wall. I guess they couldn't
let us show them up."

Corey smiled, "I don't guess not." We kissed for a few minutes before
rolling out of bed to dress. We o... Continue»
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Linya's Interrogation

Well... We've been asked when we will continue the story about Kate, and the answer is: we won't. At least not anytime soon. We started that story because it was both the next step in the time line of our development as a couple, as well as a good example of what can go wrong during a session. But during the writing process, Melissa began to feel that this event is still just a little too intimate to share just yet. So we decided to leave it as it is for now and instead I translated one of the fantasy stories that I have written over the years.

Chapter 1

Descent into Darkness

Liny... Continue»
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The making of a cock slut

I am married and in my early forties, I guess I am what they call bi curious. On night in a chat room I learnt of gay bath houses, they sounded interesting and I found there was one nearby.
eventually one day I plucked up the courage to go, I walked in, paid my money, was handed a towel and I went to the lockers, stripped off and wrapped the towel around my waist and headed in. First I went into the sauna, nothing too sexy here, a few guys sitting and sweating, after a while I went next door which was the steam room and everyone left their towel outside and went in naked.A few guys were ther... Continue»
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Council estate Slapper

this happened in 1990

I went up to a friends house and he said he had to go out and did I want to go with him, I said "Ok". We drove a few miles to his mate's house which was in a rough area of town on a notorious council estate, where even the bad guys walk round in two's. Soon as we arrived there was a load of activity in and around his house.

Parking up, we got out of the car and my friend said "I'll intoduce you, he's alright", As he introduced me we had a chat and a laugh and he said to my friend "I like this guy he's ok". I went outside for a smoke and this girl approached me. She ... Continue»
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Dressing Room Rendezvous - Janelle & Kelly

I'm in the mall, waiting for my friend to arrive. I've got about an hour to wait yet. I wander into a lovely little up-scale lingerie shop. They always have such pretty things.

I'm looking at the shoes when I notice her. She's tall. Slender. I'm guessing late thirties or early forties. She's wearing a summery floral print knee-length dress. I can tell it is expensive just by the look. Strappy open-toe sandals. White stockings with a floral pattern woven into them. Definitely not department store nylons. Her jewelry, though understated, is clearly first-class. Her hair, make-up ... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves#2: The Rules

The rules for all three as long as they are here in our home I state to them first

The first rule is they three shall be obedient and happily perform all their tasks
The second rule states what they all will wear as soon as they are inside my place

The third set summarizes the daily routines of intimate inspection and masturbation!
The fourth set is on privacy: none - and their private hygiene here: no more shaving

The fifth rule is about adressing me and in general on use of language: very polite
The sixth rule is about sex: only with me, each others and only after my
... Continue»
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