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I will never forget the night I fucked my older st

Get out your cocks boys..pull down those panties ladies and get ready to cum.
Three years ago I had to move out of my apartment and stayed at my step s****r Paulina's place for a month. I was 3 years old when my dad remarried and I had a s****r. I have know her my whole life and I can honestly say I've always wanted to fuck her. My s****r was 46 years old at the time. My s****r has always been a big woman with huge tits and a nice big ass..along with long back hair and a beautiful face it amazed me she was single at the time. Now its fair to say I never really got along with her and I had... Continue»
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My first little gang bang.

A few years after I got my cherry popped and, after a lot more experience, I was involved in my first small gang bang. I say ‘small’ because, later in life, I found out what a real one was. At my age then, it was pretty exciting and downright arousing; by the time I was 18 it was just a great evening of fucking.

I’d just turned f******n that summer.

Earlier that summer Ron had shared me with another friend over a weekend of camping. I don’t know how many times they fucked me but I was pretty raw and worn out when it was over; along with an aching jaw from sucking cock. I’m not complain... Continue»
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The story behind the gallery picture(s).

A friend came to me and told me about this production. ‘She’ knew that I was between jobs and could use the money; she also wasn’t really interested in doing it due to what was involved…mainly a very sore ass!

I grew up being punished, I’ve had some lovers who believed that it was a good way to affect an attitude change. I don’t enjoy being spanked, I don’t like being paddled or other things used to make my ass sore. I was only doing it for the money.

The Interview
I contacted the producer then had a meeting a few days later. It was a simple script with straight-ahead production;... Continue»
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Avril Lavigne at a club

I didn't really want to go to the club tonight, but I had promised Crystal that I would be there. I was tiered and a bit depressed as my life wasn't going in the direction I wanted it to. Crystal knew this and that was precisely the reason why she wanted me to go out tonight.

So when 10:00 pm hit, I put on my tight jeans and grabbed a shirt from my laundry pile (not a really good one because this club was mostly teenagers, so there wasn't a dress code) and then I got into my rust mobile and drove the few minutes there.

As was normal for this time of the year, there was no line up and no ... Continue»
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Wife takes daughters friends virginity ;) 1

My wife (Linda), daughter (Caitlin), her friend Anthony and I were playing Scrabble when I noticed Anthony's eyes were looking at Linda's crotch every so often. Linda was sitting on the couch across from him and he was sitting on the floor so he was eye level to her crotch. Caitlin and I were on the sides and had no direct view of what was happening. She was wearing a skirt and it looked like he might be able to see up the skirt because her legs were spread. I pretended to get up to go to the bathroom to get a view of what Anthony could see. As I walked behind Anthony I pretended to pick somet... Continue»
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Pink Panties: The Video Tape

blackmailed – maledom – f***ed feminization – husband – married – domination – spanking

It was our first apartment and we were very proud of it. It was a few small rooms, but it was ours and that made all the difference. I lived with my fiancée, Julie, a few miles outside of town in a small apartment building that had about a dozen units.

I worked in a garage fixing everything from mufflers, to fuel systems, and to drive shafts. I'd always been a monkey wrench, taking things apart and fixing things them even before I could remember. I'd worked in the garage in high school and afte... Continue»
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A sexy morning in with Eva Green

December 2013 - Ireland

Naturally, I slept through what could have been the night of my life. Even if she was still with me in the morning.

The she in question happened to be film and TV siren Eva Green - familiar to some of you from "Casino Royale" "The Dreamers" "Camelot" "Dark Shadofws" and the upcoming "300" sequel and Showtime horror series "Penny Dreadful" I probably should have led off with that.

While I'm at it, I can also add that she's been here in Ireland, filming that aforementioned Showtime show for the last three months. I've seen her and talked to her off and on for the... Continue»
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A lone Human finds 3 very odd Elves

My name is Dalas. I grew up in a poor f****y in Southshore, and as soon as I was able, moved immediately to the great city of Stormwind to try and make a future for myself.

I had never been very good with arms, nor had I felt the calling of the wild or the light, so that only left me with one choice; magic.

The only question was, which kind would suit me better? The path of the Mage, who follows the "goodly" path of magic, or... the path of the warlock, controller of dark, ancient, powerful magic and demons?

The answer would come soon, as I later found out. One night while drinking an... Continue»
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First Threesome Ch. 2

male bisexual - oral sex – blowjob – cum – threesome

I ran back into my office as the phone rang. "Hello," I said in my normal business tone.

"Hi," he said.

What the fuck?!?! He was calling me at work!!!

The call startled me. It's not as if I'd forgotten last weekend's events. How could I? They were probably the most intense, and troubling, sexual episodes of my life. I'd been thinking a lot about them these last few days. And Lynn and I had talked about them a little, too. My thoughts were typically tortured but the conversations with Lynn tended to ease my worries.

I'd ... Continue»
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Tits Have Benefits Ch. 03

Shemale - crossdressing – feminization - transfirmation - anal – strapon – oral

Thank you for everybody's support for this story. In this chapter the complex dynamics of a polyamorous relationship including 4 women and a shemale is explored. Andrea becomes gradually and lovingly integrated into this 'f****y' while having the time of her life ...........

After transforming myself into a shemale and returning to claim the love of my life Jane, I was accepted into Jane's loving f****y of lesbian lovers, this despite the initial protestations of Jenny a tall blond bombshell. In fact J... Continue»
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Brad's Bitch

bisexual – gay – reluctant – domination – feminization

The phone rang. I pulled it from my jeans pocket and saw that it was Brad. Shit! I really didn't want a call from him right now. Maybe I should just ignore it. But somehow he always knew when I'd just ignored his calls. And then that was even worse.

I answered it, thinking only fleetingly about "the speech" that I'd composed and honed over the years and knew now that I would never actually give. I don't know why I even thought of it anymore. Maybe it made me feel just a little bit in charge of my life to at least imagine that ... Continue»
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Holiday surprise 1

This story goes back to before our wedding. We had been saving for the wedding and fixing up our house. So we were broke. My girlfriend now wife must have said something to her parents because she came home from work, to tell me she had an idea for a holiday and that I needed to check if I could get a week off work.

It was only when I had sorted my holidays that she told me that we would be going on holiday with her parents. The thought of a week with the future in laws filled me with dread, but the arrangements had been made and I was stuck.

So off to Spain we went, the flight got... Continue»
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Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea: Part 5.

The weekend just gone was the first ever in my mundane life to drag. It started with a row with mum. Being busy at the Saturday job helped, but Sunday lasted an e t e r n i t y. As I counted every second, I remembered the happenings of the past week and what might happen or the possible old games and activities I could recycle for my rude fun with Eric.

The long summer had broken and the new week started on a much cooler autumnal note. Mum had finally bought my crisp, new navy school pinafore and thankfully it was nice to not have to squeezed into the tatty old one. To rub salt into the w... Continue»
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Holiday surprise 2

My wife and I had been married about ten months and surprise surprise are broke. Tracey's parents knowing we are strapped for cash, invited us to go on holday with them. After having seen and enjoyed my mum in laws tits the previous year I was only too happy to agree.

The inlaws had booked a villa with a pool for three weeks and we would join them for the middle week. We arrived around lunchtime and were met by Trevor in his dressing gown. He showed us to our room and then left us to unpack. Tracey, my wife, said she wanted a quick shower so why didn't I go for a nosey around. Trveo... Continue»
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a****l instincts

I walk in on you lying prone on your bed and tapping your cell phone. I stop at the door and watch you for a second or two. You wear a white singlet without bra. Your nipples show trough as the thin cloth fits tight on your boobs. Golden rays of the sun slide down on your hair strands and jump on your naked shoulder making your skin glow. Your tight blue jeans shorts emphasize your butt. Thoughts in my mind are traveling with the speed of light on the neural highway carrying the image of your perfectly round ass. I know I want you and want you now. I walk to you and kneel next to the bed. Your... Continue»
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DONNA - Meeting with the 'chief'

It was March and I received an email from Stacy, ‘the chief’s’ secretary, saying he wanted to see me. Now apparently this was unusual for John to want to see any of us lower staff he only speaks to managers or supervisors, so I was a little bemused. I walked round to Stacy’s desk and asked her if there was a problem and she said “He wants to see you”.

She knocked on his door and he bellowed “Come in” as we walked in his face lit up when he saw me, as he stood up from behind his desk he said “Donna please sit down” as I walked to the chair in front of his desk he then said “Stacy I’ll buzz y... Continue»
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DONNA - Night out with the Girls

A few months after the ‘chief’ had summoned me to his office and we’d had sex, the girls in the office decided to have a night out, when they asked me I leant it involved just going out for a meal and having a few drinks, I was happy with that as I didn’t want to go clubbing. We arranged to meet at a certain restaurant in town at 8:30pm.

There were 15 of us and we had a right good laugh as we talked shop and about our lives in general, I learned a lot of what was going on in the office and the personal details of some of my colleagues. 10:15pm and the party broke up, one of the girls asked ... Continue»
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My webcam pet. Chapter 6

She smiled to herself when she finally saw my hello and turned on her webcam. I complimented her on how she looked and especially about the fact that she was wearing her collar. She replied "I am your pet my Master. How may I serve you?" I instructed her to first stand and spin so I could see how she looked dressed. She did so immediately, taking her time, bending over so I got a nice long look at that sexy ass and also making a point to pinch her nipples to bring them fully to life under her shirt once she sat back down. She said doing that alone almost made her cum. She was then made to remo... Continue»
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Roly-Poly Jessi

Roly-Poly Jessi

The wholesome teen slid a slender dildo into her pussy with one chubby hand. Her roly-poly body jiggled and shook as she stroked; sending the dildo in and out. The other hand was behind her rounded bottom with one of her fingers deep in her hungry ass. She moaned and groaned… interrupted by several short bursts of giggling. She peeked at her laptop; her secret boyfriend was watching intently, eyes wide.

She opened her chubby thighs so her neighbor could see her better. She hoped he could see how wet the dildo was. She moved the dildo from her pussy hole to her ass ho... Continue»
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Finger Training - Emily

Finger Training - Emily

Finger training was just the beginning for sweet Emily.

He held out his large powerful hand with the palm up. Emily looked at him shyly; she flushed. Her face was pink and warm. It glowed with health… and with shame. She had never been nearly naked before with a man and the fact that he was completely naked, caused her to lower her eyes. Her downcast eyes immediately rose. She was startled. She had caught sight of him; an important, very scary part of him. His (what had he called it…) COCK. She had never seen one. Even this short, unintentional glimpse... Continue»
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