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Washing Machine 2

My girlfriend, Ann, said, “If I’m going to treat you like laundry, that means you will go into the washing machine whenever I say you do and you won’t come out until I am finished with the wash and decide you’re clean. It means you will be washed with the rest of the load, hot or cold, whites or permanent press, normal or delicates. You will be washed with detergent and rinsed with fabric softener. If I have four loads to wash you will be in the washer four times, once for each load. If this is what you agree to, there is no going back…ok?” The choice was obvious and with that she brought her ... Continue»
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Jane Gets Laundered

Jane was extremely excited about the installation of her new, automated, computerized washer-dryer. Actually, it called itself a "laundry management system." The Friday that installation was completed, she was so preoccupied with her purchase that Kevin had difficulty keeping her mind on sex that night. He decided to schedule a f****y visit for the next day, as Jane would be completely absorbed in doing her first computerized laundry run.
Saturday was sunny and warm, with light pouring through the windows as Jane selected clothes and linens for a big laundry cycle to test the new system. She ... Continue»
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Bible Thumper (part3) Taste me

as I continued to come,I had to sit back on Jason's legs quickly, to keep from collapsing due to the violent spasms of my legs.I thought to myself (what the fuck is this why B*tches moan and scream when we fuck?)i took this time to look at all the come Between Jason and I... I started to feel guilty ...almost a level of disgust ... and a overwhelming collection of feelings of pure ENJOYMENT,CONFUSION,RECKLESSNESS,REGRET and SATISFACTION.How did i end up with This beautiful, smooth ,chocolate, Thick ,Muscular dudes DICK... Deep inside of me..BAREBACK... pumping away like he was trying to create... Continue»
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Teresa the Dirty Stripteaser!

My Stepmother Teresa hadn't done much, it seemed, in quite a while, since her last experience documented in her other stories. She dressed pretty conservatively again, and all seemed quiet and placid in our lives.

This peace was broken one day, however, when I was walking with Mum around the corner, past the local shops. There was a group of youths in their late teens hanging around outside the shops, and although I knew their faces from experiencing their nuisance making and petty vandalism in the area, I didn't know any more about these 18-20 years old people. They were certainly younger ... Continue»
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New Year's shared with another couple

My wife and I had big plans for New Year’s Eve. I had my tux on when I heard her in the bedroom. By the time I got back there, it was obvious she was going nowhere that night. Seems the flu that had been going around had caught up with her. I helped her into bed, cleaned up the mess and went out to watch some football and channel surf.

Around 10:30 she told me I should still go out and enjoy myself. It was not my fault she was sick and she knew I would be grumpy if I spent the whole evening by myself. So I headed out t... Continue»
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Washing machine 1

Anymore like this one? (Washing Machine)

A bit different from normal, I'm aware, but I came across this somewhere a while back, I forget where. Possibly a yahoo group? In any case, here's the story. Does anyone have any more like it, or know where there are more like this?

Most of the regulars here already know how badly I've always wanted to be laundered in a washing machine and clothes dryer. My girlfriend has been using me as her ironing board every week for the past year. That's been incredible, but the experience has just made me crave to be put into a washing machine even more..... Continue»
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Alpha Male, Mr. Michaels Part 1

"What's done is done", he said pulling his cock out of her cum filled cunt.

She looked down in horror as the cum dripped from her snatch. "I'm not on the pill", she whimpered.

He took his semi hard cock and slid it in her again. "And you like the way it feels, don't you... my cock in your pussy, filling it with cum". She loved feeling his cock again. She had never been fucked by someone so skilled. She enjoyed every minute of the last hour.

He pulled it out again. He took her panties and slid them on her legs. "Put these on so you have something to remember this by.

She stood u... Continue»
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The Joy of the Fist

I'm surprised not to find more about anal fisting on this site. I'm bi sexual, and very, very hedonistic. I love to eat pussy and suck cock too. On some sites my screen name is "Tireless Tongue." I also love to fuck both men and women, although I like to fuck women more. I'm on the submissive side with men, and the DOM side with women. But, nothing is "etched in stone." These are just tendencies and preferences. I think I can get into most anything if there is a connection, or as they say, "chemistry." with my partner. Way back when, my girlfriend at the time, convinced a friend of ours who wa... Continue»
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Trip with MOM

I had the best mom ever. And I do mean ever. I was an only c***d until
I was seven or so, when my mom and dad had my baby s****r, Angel. Sure, I
got jealous about having to share my parents when before I had them all to
myself, but right around when I turned ten, my mom realized they had been
paying all their attention to her, and she started playing basketball with
me. Now, most guys would be embarrassed to practice basketball with their
moms, but it never really bothered me. I got to spend time with my mom,
and I got good enough to get on the fifth and sixth grade basketball... Continue»
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MOM, ME & BREE - My First Thresome


I was in college at this time. Bree had been my mom's friend for a couple months. They knew each other from work, for how long I didn't know, but it must have been for awhile. Mom had never mentioned her before, and one day they went out after work and didn't come home until almost midnight. I was in bed when they came giggling, trying to whisper. From my bedroom, I heard them flop onto the sofa. Then I only heard soft moans and kissing sounds for a while. I really wanted to check out mom's friend, but didn't dare ruin thei... Continue»
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Eating Pussy Is Important

I think it an exercise in futility for me to think I can tell you or teach you (well, with words only) how to eat pussy. I can share with you my experience and what I have found works for me, and you are free to adopt any of my techniques or experiment and see what works. But I cannot write the definitive "''how to eat pussy like a champ by following these simple steps."

The only general guideline I offer is that there is no right or wrong way to eat pussy. It is my experience that each woman is very different in her preferences and anatomy, and the effort you put into oral sex for your ... Continue»
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On pussy eating

I think it an exercise in futility for me to think I can tell you or teach you (well, with words only) how to eat pussy. I can share with you my experience and what I have found works for me, and you are free to adopt any of my techniques or experiment and see what works. But I cannot write the definitive "''how to eat pussy like a champ by following these simple steps."

The only general guideline I offer is that there is no right or wrong way to eat pussy. It is my experience that each woman is very different in her preferences and anatomy, and the effort you put into oral sex for your la... Continue»
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To start I never thought I would have the guts to write this EVER. In a way its a confession. Also I never thought this site allowed this sort of story but having read similar and far far worse I suppose its "OK".

f****y fun. I was introduced by a horny father who decided that I should wank his huge cock for him on a Saturday afternoon as he watched the racing many many years ago. Really truthful I loved it. He was simply huge and glugged porn in honestly fantastic amounts. He could have been a porn star no problem. I know cocks look big when you are young but we are talking 8-9" soft and h... Continue»
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Festive First-Time

"Oh hi!"
I was greeted by a cheery voice in the street I was walking down, early in the Boxing Day evening.
I looked up to see a familiar gorgeous chubby face.

I beamed instantly recognising the large plump red-headed beauty.

"It's Danni, I was wondering if I'd ever see you again!"
She chirped, her beautiful chubby cheeks glowing a pinkish hue in the cold weather.

"Me too, I'm glad to have bumped into you."
I smiled, really happy to see her again. She was wearing a lovely wintry fur-trimmed coat,
black leggings which looked like her big thick luscious thighs was about ... Continue»
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The Belt

I was playing around, maybe too much in those times. So, one morning I was waking up after this party with heavy drinking and lots of people crowded in a smoky place and there was just me and mister N, a friend. He was the kind of rich bad boy, lots of money in his pocket and a punk philosophy in his head. I liked the guy a lot, especially for his “I don’t care” all time attitude. By that time we were fuck buddies. So I wake up and I see him still sl**ping next to me in the bed. With the biggest headache in the world, I burry my head back in the pillow. It’s like an untold rule, you know, that... Continue»
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One night at Temptation will change you ;)

"Dude I am so stoked to see some tits tonight!" your friend Craig states as he, you and your other friend Michael get out of the taxi.
"I hear you on that one b*o!" you grin and look up and down the Vegas Strip.
"I can't believe we are finally here too! I plan on going to every strip joint here!" Michael chimes in.
"Did I hear you fellas right? You are looking for some entertainment tonight?"
you hear a deep southern drawl and turn around to see an older man, roughly 50 or 60, standing behind you dressed in a long black coat and top hat. He smiles and shows some gold teeth.
... Continue»
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Awakening at Flamenco Beach - Part 3

And so it was yet another Monday morning. Back to work. Ugh!
Not only the week at work resumed on another tedious and hot day at the treatment plant project, but also my special friends Gwenn and Hank had departed during that weekend. No longer would I have our furtive plays at night, and neither there was any sign of the stranger I had met at Flamenco Beach almost a week back.
The week at work passed uneventfully; just the usual meetings, arguments with labors and filling the required report forms. And as expected, work was dull through the rest of the week but those late-afternoon minu... Continue»
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Angie goes too far and could pay the price

Angie's 34 and has three lovely k**s with Gary, her husband of 10 years, but something happened recently which she will never ever forget and it's going to haunt her for a very long time indeed. She'll probably never trust another man again after this nightmare. Why did she give in to temptation?

Angie's very attractive, just over 5ft tall and has worked hard to keep her slim shapely figure despite her three pregnancies. She has long dark hair in a frizzy perm.

She's well used to all the men giving her the once-over every time she walks by and she secretly enjoys the attention. She's... Continue»
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Fiery Heat - an anonymous piece of fiction

Fiery Heat 01

Damon stood in the foyer of the Thomas Mansion staring at the spectacle before him. Tristan Thomas, Caleb Thomas' son, not only had his tongue down the throat of a curvy young lady, but had his hand under her blouse as well, obviously feeling up her tits. At this time of the day? Seriously?

The girl moaned loudly and suddenly tried to push Tristan off when she caught sight of Damon.

"There's someone here TT." She managed to get out breathlessly. Tristan cursed and turned around to see who it was, drawing his hand from under Amber's blouse.

"Damon Reid." Tristan... Continue»
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Not sure how true some of these stories on here are! But I assure you this is a true story about my X wife and her crazy masturbation habits. That I must say that I miss getting to see. But the sex is about all I miss about her! Being that we were married for over 20 some years. And she ends up turning into a crack cocaine addict! To make along story short. That's what ended our marriage. But any how she is now a very small blonde milf with blue eyes. That's about 45 years old. She still looks real good for her age! I had been with her since she was 15 years old! So I have had plenty of mastur... Continue»
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