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The Saoirse Ronan Chronicles [PART 5]



TIME: 12: 55 AM


CHAPTER 5: The What In The Fuck

Well, that couldn't have gone any better than it did for all consideration. Saoirse Ronan: famous Irish actress, beautiful girl and downright erection-inducing - slumped over on the leathery couch chair, in a loud, noisy Dublin club filled to the brim with young, over-sexed club-goers probably... Continue»
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Adult Theater Fun

One afternoon I had some time to waste so I decided to go to the Adult Theater in the city by me. I had been in there before a few times and had my cock sucked by some Daddy’s . Today I am standing along the back wall and watching a guy and girl getting it on when an older man comes up to me looking at me while holding and stroking his cock. It was a nice sized cock so I reached out and took him into my hand and I keep right on jacking him. He soon moved up against me and rubbed my cock through my pants with one hand while his other rubbed my ass. He was leaking some pre cum which I licked an... Continue»
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صاحب البيت خلى الام تتناك ابنها

فاتن امرأة جميلة مصرية صميمة فى التاسعة والثلاثين من عمرها .. متزوجة وزوجها مصاب بالشلل وهو أكبر منها بنحو خمسة أعوام ولها منه ابن وحيد هو أحمد والبالغ عمره 18 عاما .. اضطرت فاتن للعمل تحت ضغط لقمة العيش والكد على عائلتها الصغيرة وتعليم ابنها بعد إصابة زوجها بالعجز الكلى الذى أقعده عن العمل وحصل على معاش قليل لا يكاد يفى باحتياجات الأسرة وابنها الذى تدللـه وتحبه كثيرا .. كانت فاتن من مواليد 7 يوليو بينما أحمد من مواليد 15 سبتمبر .. وكانت فاتن تعمل كخادمة فى البيوت لأنها ربة منزل أصلا ولم تنال حظا وافرا من التعليم رغم ذلك كانت ذكية متوقدة الذهن وكان ذلك مما يعجب أحمد وغير أحمد فيها .. وأخذت ف... Continue»
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Twisted Step-s****r XV (She gets some help)

Jumping forward to Saturday morning I wake by being shaken as I open my eyes I see Mom trying to get me up. I learn that it is just after 9am. The last time I was still in bed this late yes this is late for me I was sick.

I am tired and ache all over not sick just feel like I was in a fight and lost.

Last night I played every down of offense and defense. I ran the ball 19 time for 79 yard and two TDs. Mostly used for blocking made a key block that fueled a 45 yard TD run. On defense I had a pick for a 10 yard return to their 30 yard line we later scored. A QB sack that caused a fumble th... Continue»
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He Was a Quiet Man

Ted was just your ordinary everyday accountant, well that's what
everyone though anyway. He was a quiet an unassuming man, he went
to work everyday and was always sat at his desk ready to start
work at 9am. He would get on with his daily tasks and barely spoke
to anyone in the office other than to pass the time of day or
discuss the weather and other such mundane pleasantries.

On the stroke of 5pm he would tidy and clear his desk before
wishing his colleagues a pleasant evening and that he would see
them again in the morning but little did they know that it
wouldn't be the last time... Continue»
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I'm not a professional writer, this isn't an English paper, It's a work of fiction, by an amateur, on a free site, spelling and grammar issues happen, get over it. Positive feedback encouraged, negative, if constructive will be taken into account. Purely a fictional story. Any resemblance to anyone living or deceased, is purely coincidental.

She looked at me through the flames of the camp fire, a silly little grin on her face. I can see the flames dancing in her eyes, making them sparkle with a hint of the mischief she naturally has.


“I have to admit, you really can cook, I... Continue»
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Birthday at work

The events in the story are fiction and a fantasy. The girls names were picked randomly and are based on fantasy more than real people.

Today would be a normal day. Get out of bed, shower, eat breakfast then head to work. My mood though, was a little blue. I had to work on my birthday and it was the first time in over 5 years. I don't make a big deal of it but having the day off is something of a tradition for me. I'd normally get up when I like then spend the day masterbating as much as I could before meeting friends and then drink as much as I could. Some things you can't change so I didn... Continue»
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Under The Mistletoe

A few months ago, my wife Karen and I were invited to a holiday party that was thrown by my boss. It was the beginning of the holiday season, and we were eager to go to a nice party, even though it was going to be mostly attended by my coworkers.

Karen and I had only been married a few years ago, after we met in college and fell in love, and we discovered very quickly in our relationship that I loved showing her off. Karen has a beautiful face and a gorgeous "girl next door" body, thin and curvy in all the right places but without looking like a plastic centerfold. Her crowning glory is her... Continue»
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Party Wife Donna

Donna and I have been married for 4 years, a second marriage for both of us. (She is 34 and I am 32) Donna might be classified as a willowy redhead, if it wasn't for the size of her breasts. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall with long tapered legs. But her breasts are her crowning glory at 34DD. Her ample breasts are nicely upturned yet soft and pliable. Donna turned me on from the moment I saw her. Unlike a lot of husbands I love to see my wife showoff her charms to other men. At first she was too shy to wear the type of sexy clothes that I liked, but after a lot of pleading with her during our sex... Continue»
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College Fucked!

I was visiting my daughter at college for a week, she lived in a dorm room with a roommate. It was small, she gave up her bed and lay a foam mattress on the floor for her to sl**p on. Pam had classes most days so I was on my own, I would go out for walks, sightseeing, shopping. One day I ran into Justin a friend of Pam's he was a Large Black Man who was on the basketball team he was 22 years old about 6.6, 220 lbs. with short hair very handsome. He asked how I was doing I said the days are long but I've been keeping busy, I'm just on my way to the mall to do some shopping I told him. Oh he rep... Continue»
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Stepdad Steve- a movie leads to mutual pleasure.

Mom's head was lolling back, her mouth wide open as a large snore began. I giggled at the pig sounds escaped her throat and looked at my stepdad, Steve.
"Well, she's out for the night." he commented. My Mom is a notortious heavy sl**per.
Several minutes passed as we watched the film Eyes Wide Shut and let's be honest, no one watches that movie for anything other than the incredible sex scenes. I had watched it several times before with my Mom and Steve and Mom insisted on fast forwarding through all those 'weird scenes', as she put it while Steve and I begged her to just let it play.
"At... Continue»
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It has been way too long (Part 1)

We met at a neighborhood bar near her home. She had already grabbed a small table, out of the way, but knew I was the one as soon as I walked in. She was small with greying short hair. She was in jeans and a sweater and my first impression was that she was not particularly pretty. But her smile was very welcoming and she made me feel at ease. The first words from her mouth after she introduced herself as Anna were: "I don't know what made me write to your ad, but it is kind of exciting now that I am here."" Then she stated "Have you actually done this before?

I stated that I had met... Continue»
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Doctor exam adventure...2...cum on face

After my exam where I showed the doctors my swollen pussy I got dressed..but was so flushed and embarassed that my pussy was used that I dressed without putting on my bra. My husband had insisted I not wear panties so I just had on a skirt and top. I Left the office and my husband was just outside the door. He grinned..well he said did the doctor like your swollen pussy....?...I told him there were 2 doctors, my regular one and a new one. I told him I was so excited to be so exposed just after he had screwed me in the stairwell that it only took a touch from the doctor to make me cum. As ... Continue»
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Bab’s First Other Man

Bab’s First Other Man

After introducing Babs to the nude beach in Australia on our honeymoon, I didn’t realize what kind of sexual appetite I aroused in her. After we got home, all she could talk about was the nude beach and how turned on she got watching all of the guys staring at her naked body. She would describe each guy and how his stares made her pussy wet.

One night during our lovemaking, I started teasing her about wanting to be touched by one of those men and she had a massive orgasm at the very mention of the idea. Then when we made love she would start describing what she wou... Continue»
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I shared my wife. With a stranger from the Interne

It all started when I posted pics of her online without her knowing. I stated that the first person from my area that recognizes her and messages me can fuck her. Little did I know how well it would play out. She eventually found out I was posting her pics and was extremely hurt. Didn't understand why I would do such a thing. I let her know my feeling of wanting to share her and see her with another guy or even guys. It took her a while to get over by betrayal. She eventually did and stared to do some things I asked her to do like go to the club with a short skirt and no panties and dance.flas... Continue»
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I submitted to her Bull

(wife point of view)

My husband and I have lived in harmony for over 4 years, now we are doing are own thing. When he is at work I'm at home sl**p, when he is at home I'm on my way out. I'm a very successful woman... really I am. I have a great job and I'm very rich. I invented a piece of tiny mechanics -- essentially a fancy carbon fiber hinge - that is used in millions and millions of mobile phones. I get to go on lecture tours and last year I went to a Buckingham Palace tea party to meet the Queen in recognition of my contribution to British industry. My name is Anna Lang. You may have h... Continue»
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Friendly surprise 2

From the last story....
I awoke to my cock in a mouth...Lilly's mouth.
I looked down and saw Mandy with a strap on pounding Lilly's ass, she was moaning as she sucked my dick. Mandy looks at me and says "Glad you are up now, wanna take a turn on the sissy?" I said "Sure, If you want"
She pulled the 10" dildo out of Lilly's ass and tells me that she is good and lubed up and to take her hard. I grab a condom, skin it on and get behind Lilly doggy style and start pounding her ass. The Strap on was a bit thinner in girth than my cock, so she had to stretch a bit to allow me to thrust the whole... Continue»
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Two Men Ravishing My Body.

One Saturday afternoon I went down to my favourite toilets where I knew I was certain to get sex. I was still sixteen at the time, but so filled with lust for action on my body by men. The toilets had about eight cubicles and each cubicle had a glory hole in each partition. They were always extremely busy with men standing waiting for a cubicle to become vacant. The doors on the cubicles had frosted glass and you could see the image of men standing inside with their bodies pressed up against the partition. It was evident they were being sucked off by the man in the next cubicle.
It was eviden... Continue»
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Taking Pictures

You lay there in the dark, warm and safe. Your wrists securely bound in leather cuffs and secured to the link in the wall above the bed. Your eyes are covered in a soft dark cloth. Now you hear me as I move around the room, opening drawers and laying our toys out.

Feel the quick brush of my skin along yours as I brush my hand over your abdomen, making you shiver in anticipation. I reach up and pinch at your nipples sharply, making you moan softly. Biting your lip as my grip gets more firm and I twist them ever so slowly making you arch your back.

Letting go suddenly, I tap your lips with... Continue»
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Auntie Lena,

Dear Auntie Lena,

Whenever I visit my parents, my mother will have me go to the guest room and put my stuff away, followed by going to the spare bedroom and stripping, then, she comes in, closes the door, places me over her knee and gives me a brisk bare hand spanking before allowing me to get up and then dress as per her request. If male guests are to be present, I am made to wear my regular attire, but my wee-wee is made tiny and tucked inside a comfortable restraint. Then, a girdle or like item is pulled into place before then putting my regular items on. We like the ones with the centr... Continue»
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