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Mistress Viagra torture Part 2

continuation of part 1
When we arrived upstairs in the girls bedroom, my new mistresses bedroom :) I was so tired and worn out, I was dizzy, and my head was spinning.
Her room was typical of a girls room, the walls were white with pink accent wall and pink trim, she had a lot of flowers in vaises and in pots surrounding her dresser, night stand, and in the windows. The curtains were pink with flowers on them. She had a large makeup table with lights running down both sides. There was an on suite bathroom with hot tub and a full bar with a large TV mounted above it, there was also a mir... Continue»
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The Storm

It was a late summer afternoon as the sun shown brightly in the western sky as he left work. It was on his way home that he noticed the dark ominous clouds on the horizon and the scent of rain was in the air. Dusting off his plants and shirt before jumping into his truck he rolled down the windows on the old 69 Ford he drove. As he drove out of the parking lot he waved at Bob saying have a good one Bob, and he turned left and drove down the street. On the way out of town he stopped by the store to grab a few things he thought he might need and preceded home. He lived about 15 miles outsi... Continue»
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The Drive

Their eyes met from across a crowded smoke filled bar room. With a fixed
gaze I walked towards her until I was standing directly in front of her.
Without a word being spoken I leaned down and pulled her close placing my
lips on hers. With no resistance she kissed me back. Her lips were a soft
as a rose pedal and were as sweet as Swiss chocolate. Taking her hand I
lead her out of the bar to my waiting car. The top was already down as she
slide into the soft supple Corinthian leather seats, as I strolled around
to the driver’s side and jumped in. We sped off into the cool darkness o... Continue»
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The lawn boy (bi-sexual threesome story / MMF)

We'd only lived in the neighbourhood a few weeks, so when I first saw him mowing the lawn as I pulled into the driveway, I thought it might have been my own mistake. But no, I checked the house number, and I saw my wife's car in the other parking spot, so I knew I was in the right place. I shrugged and got out of the car.

I reached back in for my briefcase, and then watched the young man mowing our lawn as I walked to the front door. When he saw me he gave a small wave with one hand in a work glove, then turned and pushed the mower in another direction, away from me. I unlocked the front ... Continue»
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Bi MMF, FemDom, Cross Dressing, Cuckold

I have these friends, a husband and wife. For the longest time, I've wanted badly to have sex with both of them. First I wanted just him, but I thought it would be even better if I involved both of them.

I'm bi, but they don't know that. Anyway, after years of hanging out with them, I see how domineering she is over her husband - my friend. She really puts him down, bitches at him constantly and belittles him, in front of anybody. She's really tough, but she's mostly been nice to me. She's got a couple of extra pounds and she's pretty and blonde. My friend is not very handsome, more "pretty... Continue»
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stepdaughter loving 6.

I wandered towards my stepdaughters room, it was early evening and she was getting ready to go out to a party at a friends house.
When I got to her door I pushed it open and stepped in.
Kim was stood in black pleated knee length skirt, knee high white socks and a white blouse.
"Hi daddy" she smiled
"What do you think? it's a school uniform party, can I still pass as a school girl?"
"Oh yes" I replied stunned by how young and sexy she looked back in a uniform.
Then she turned around and bent over to pick up her tie, and I couldn't help staring at her little round ebony cheeks peeking out... Continue»
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Tight Wet Lovely

It was Lovely's day off. We had been planning for this few days ago. Initially was planning to go to Garden by the Bay, but the Sun was blazing hot. So we decided to just go to coffee bean and have our breakfast.

After breakfast, we went to a H81 along Balestier. Must be due to Sun. All those Foreign Workers bring their Pinoy GF, plus some uncle with PRC. Got to wait for almost an hour for a room. Nonetheless, an hour is easy to pass while waiting at a nearby coffeeshop chit-chatting with Lovely.

Lovely is a lovely pinoy, who had working for my mom for near 4 years. But I didn’t get to b... Continue»
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An unexpected sex

Get to know this sweet mid 20 indo-chin girl few years back. During that time, our r.ship is like b*****r and s****r. As a b*****r, i can;t control my temptation for her. She is young, fresh and have a good figure..nice round bum and a Cup C boob.During that time, i teach her how to kiss and also how to DIY for him. This DIY was at her house playground, she was shy to try but i assure her this DIY skill is important in order to satisfy your future bf. I unzip and then teach her the way to stroke my big b*****r. After she has a bf and subsequently married, we have lost contact because his husba... Continue»
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sex with my nurse

This is my imagination

My first story is sex with sexy nurse. I’m Shankar.i completed my MBBS and doing practice in a private clinic in the evening hours. Most of the nurses are either married or too old…….few months back one of the oldest of the nurse took a voluntary retirement so the hospital Head conducted interviews for the post of nurse job …….asked about their dedication,work experience and blab la bla

To my luck most of the candidates applied for job are fresh graduates and very eager to take the opportunity among the group he selected 3 nurses into final list and they have to ... Continue»
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internship fuck with sexy nurse

This story is about how a doctor during his internship made out with the co worker nurse. Who was awesome figure 32-28-34 Punjabi girl. She was stunning. All this happened last yr in Chandigarh.
This is the time when I was doing my internship after finishing my graduation. As u all know hospital is surrounded by many beautiful and sexy nurses, my hospital was no exception. I had almost 20 nurses in my department and all of them were pretty friendly, and I always used to flirt around with them since it was long time since I had a nice fuck with ma girlfriend in college. One of them was Shifali... Continue»
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I was having a date for the first time with Ken who I met on a sex dating site for adults. We had traded nude pictures and I wanted him bad. He was so handsome and hung like a horse. I love sex and love it wild and rough. It was my hope that he could fuck all night because I had some great surprises for this stallion. I planned to ride him like he has never been rode before.

I had just broken up with Jake. Jake was twenty two and had an eleven inch cock that was thick as an arm. I knick named him the baseball bat. He loved to fuck and he loved ass fucking with that monster cock. Our all ni... Continue»
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Me, part time gf and tuition girl

This happen to me when I happen to meet my part time gf for a day happening and my female student whom I tuition want to have lesson too.

This day, my gf came first, the moment she inside my house, we kissed deeply like no tomorrow. Then I told her my student is coming later. She straight away have dirty thoughts of having the girl playing with us too. I quickly agree too.

After awhile my student came and proceed to the tuition room where also is the place I n my gf going to have fun. I named my student as Ms Young. She walked in and don't know she in deep trouble.

Inside the room she... Continue»
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My girlfriend the whore

I was dating this girl about 5years ago, and we initially had great sex regularly. But after 6 months things got abit stale from the usual things. Out of the blue, she asked me what kind of fantasy scenario would I like to try with her in sex. I also don't know what came over me, but the first thing I blurted out was "I want you to be my whore." She was offended at first, then after she calmed down she considered and agreed. She asked me what would she need to do to be one. I told her that she needs to dress and look the part, and perform everything a whore would do. She has to be complete and... Continue»
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Our new friend (Bi-sexual threesome story)


The night I met Steve I knew there was something special about him I liked. "I just about always get what I'm after," he'd said with a smile. "Sometimes I have to work hard for it, but I get it."

I don't remember how I happened to stop into the bar after work, unless it was that Lil and I hadn't been hitting it off too well. After a year of marriage I guess the honeymoon was wearing off a little. Not that Lil wasn't damn good in bed; and she loved my big dick. A few times lately I'd gotten the idea she was imagining someone else on top of her.

I was thinking, too, how it would ... Continue»
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Lunch buddies

There's nothing like a rainy weekday afternoon for a good porn movie, and Gus had plenty of time on his hands, so he found a sleazy movie house, not too close to home.

The rain was incessant as he dashed inside, baseball cap pulled low and collar up. He paid his way in and let his eyes adjust before trying to sit. He didn't want to trip on anyone.

He was able to see in a minute, standing at the divider between the loge and balcony, and made his way up the stairs, looking for privacy, which was easy today, not being fir for man nor b**st.

He nestled in, near the back of the balcony and... Continue»
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Lucky rainy day

I was walking home when the heavy downpour came suddenly and I have to run to a nearby block for shelter. Then I heard some people talking not far away but couldn't see where they were. As they were talking so loudly, I was assuming they were 2 PRC , 1 guy n 1 gal. I slowly walked towards the noise was and found them sitting on a ledge at the void deck. It was a quiet corner and not many people would notice that area. Feeling something fishy about them, I decided to walk up the side staircase so I could peep at them with a clear view.

But these 2 fellas were talking and talking and no actio... Continue»
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My Wife's Boss, My Mistress

Chapter 1

A bit of history so as to put b*****rs here in the correct frame of mind. People, time and places are changed to protect those involved as well as to maintain their privacy.

I recently got remarried last year and my wife is a malaysian, working in a d**g company as a sale manager. We met in a Sales Convention here in Singapore and hooked up. That story will remain untold. To cut the long story short, I was invited to a company dinner as my wife doesn't want to sit alone in a boring dinner with her boss. At that time I did not know that her boss is a female and she is a hottie.
... Continue»
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OMG....Happening with my neighbour's wife one

Just wanted to share my story of me and my neighbour's wife...

I live in a HDB in western SGP, and my flat shares a common rubbish chute in every floor. Every night, I will bring out the thrash to throw after the 10 pm news. A few times, I saw my neighbour's wife throwing rubbish too. I know her and her husband and k**s. We see each other f****y in the lift sometimes, and share smiles and greetings everytime. We will also exchange small talks too. One evening, I went to throw rubbish and saw her in a nightie gown. She was not wearing any bra and undies. I can see thru roughly in her silky g... Continue»
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Sg Ah Lian - A story of Gang girl

Sigh … kanina … it was only Monday … having to drag myself off the bed to work on Monday is already a cruel act … whole day long, I was looking forward to go home at six … get a good rest and really start WORK tomorrow … knn … last minute, my boss asked me to attend a banquet at 7:30pm in Conrad International … just because he needed to "attend to some personal matters" … "SAI" ! and sigh!

I strolled along Bugis, thinking of what to do for two hours before proceeding to Conrad … "Hey ma," I spoke to my mobiloe, "not coming back for dinner … ya lor … the boss asked me to attend dinner again ... Continue»
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Escape in Shenzhen

How good can it be when you are on a business trip sponsored by the company, and yet, you call up your lover and stay in together for a good 3 days. Well... I got such luck when my company send me to Shenzhen, China. Beside carrying out my work, I got to meet my China girl friend and fuck for 3 nights. She is none others than my XHL, a horny girl that makes me cum 3 Shot 2 Hours, which I met her through WeChat and bonk her HERE.

I shall not put down all 3 days of fun I had, but just gave you guys a good story of a particular night of my exhaustion.

It was day 2. We came back from dinner.... Continue»
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