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I now live in a cute, one bedroom house outside of Atlanta. My boyfriend, Daniel, owns it and invited me to live with him. We have dated for a couple of months and we have become close. We almost have not stopped having sex since we moved in. I am a little bit of a slut (or so I like to think) and he is always wanting to try something new.

After a few days things have gotten a bit normal. I heard his alarm, when he stopped it, he rolled over and wrapped his arm around me. I could feel his breath by my ear. I turned my head to him, he caught my lips quickly. Enjoying that kind of early morni... Continue»
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Wifes first BBC experience

My wife and I became swingers a few years ago after being exposed to it. We were having a very good time swinging with other couples. One night I told her she had enough sex drive to handle 10 men. She laughed and said jokingly that I should set her up a gangbang. I asked her if she was serious and she said "if you set it up I will do it". I assured her I was serious if she was and she agreed she would try it.
I attempted several times to set one up however none of the guys I contacted wanted to do it. They all wanted her alone but not in a group atmosphere. I advertised on swinger sites and ... Continue»
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chubby virgin

As I was attending an appointment at the Doctors a nurse came to me and asked me if I’d chaperone another patient who was scared of needles, I said I would and followed her into another room. There sat a youngish man, scared to death, the nurse introduced us and as we started talking she took his bl**d and it was over and done before he realised it.

When she’d finished he thanked me and asked if I’d like a coffee back at his flat, I agreed. We walked a couple of streets away and up some stairs arriving at his one bedroomed apartment. He motioned for me to sit down as he prepared a couple of... Continue»
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Live toilet voyeur

This is a story of pre-internet, pre-porn times. I got drawn into an addictive and dangerous behaviour which still gives me an adrenaline thrill when I think about it now.
I was 18 years old and a virgin, in university.
I spent a fair amount of my time avoiding study and just hanging out. As a result of this, I came to notice a strange setup in the toilets in the basement of one of the old buildings.
This building was not used very much, and the basement had a hallway with some lockers. Open entrances to the vestibules of the male and female toilets were at each side of the corridor.
One d... Continue»
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Been a while

So it has been a while since I went looking for a new fuck buddy, years in fact... but felt the urge so started to look. Well with a cheeky grim and happy face it did not take me long to meet a nice slim 48 year old woman... boy she was fit as well. We met in a cafe to see if we hit it off, I guess we did because while neither of us could do more than have a coffee when I walked her to her car we kissed... she rubbed my semi hard cock through my trousers and said she would like to feel that inside of her... I was not going to say no so we arranged a meet the following Saturday at my place.

... Continue»
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Club Church Chapter 2

I went down the stairs to the bar and had another beer. What a great place this turned out to be and I had only been here about an hour.

As I was sitting on the bar stool, I watched as guys went behind this large dark curtain at the end of the room. Some of the guys were at floor level and others went up a short set of steps. My curiosity was piqued and my balls and crotch tingled with excitement.

I watched for a while as I finished my beer. Finally, I decided to look behind "Curtain Number 1" to find out what was going on. I decided to stay on the main level to find out what was the big... Continue»
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Checking the night at work.

Normal bat as always Railway control room Featuring an hour. 23:40
A car drew up behind trumpeted opened the window to find out who and went to open the door.
Mr. Thomas was a nice hunk controller always liked it. Elegant cool little that is low.
Consequently, that turns me off sex with men recently came over me on anglers or guys in rubber boots or waders fishing.
So, as always, I sit alone on duty brought himself to work waders that at the time of excitement with masturbation excite them and imagine what would I do with a guy in rubber Wellingtons.
Mr. Thomas came in asked for a book, e... Continue»
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Mature Mom Starts a New Life ( Part 3 )

My third day in Jamaica I woke up around noon Very Sore and with a Hangover! I managed to behave myself the whole day just took it easy to let my body recover from all the pounding it's taken! I managed to get to bed alone and early! On day four I actually made it up for breakfast I decided to get off the resort go into town too see what's there. I managed to get a taxi that took me into town I walked around checking out the shops after a while I decided to go for lunch in this little bar, I sat alone the bartender brought me a beer it wasn't very busy we talked for a while his name was Trevor... Continue»
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Hung Threesome

After I had my first anal fucking by my buddy Bob, I was anxious to get spit roasted by two big cocks. After talking it over with my Bob, we agreed it should take place in a motel room for our comfort and privacy. Unsure about finding the third participant, the thought came to us about taking a trip to the Gay/Bi Men's club we frequent. I sent Ralph,another club member, a message that we heading up to the club for some fun,in a couple days.. I met and played with Ralph at the club in the past.I knew his 8 inch cock would be a fine addition to our little group.
When we arrived at the club, w... Continue»
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Club Church Chapter 1

As a sales engineer I travel around the world meeting with various companies that need my products. My favorite destination is always Amsterdam. Whatever you want or want to do you can do it in Amsterdam.

I am a 40 year old single bi male and like all guys I have needs – more than just my hand. I arrived in Amsterdam and checked into my hotel around 7:00 on a Wednesday evening. I dumped my bag in my rooms, hopped in the shower and redressed to go out for a meal and some fun. I went to the lobby and looked a several brochures as well as the tourist books with the normal things in the front a... Continue»
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The last Wish

“I’ve read ancient Persian legends that say one should never trust a Genie, so really, what was I thinking?”

I’d happened upon the lamp in some street vendor’s cart in Morocco. And while it was seriously tarnished and caked with filth, it also appeared to be an authentic seventh century brass oil lamp. And did I mention, as a black market antiquities dealer, with a little cleaning up, utterly priceless. Better still, I managed to barter down the clueless street vendor and paid a mere twenty Dirham for it, which works out to be about four and a half Euro. Not bad for something I can easily ... Continue»
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Luckiest man

This is the 100% true story about me and the girl I fell in love with. For some reason, ever since I was a little boy, I have had a love for women's panties that I just can't explain. Women's satin panties that is.

I don't know how or why I fell in love with them, I just know that I loved them since I was a little boy. I loved the way they look and secretly wanted to know what it felt like to actually wear them. Until recently, I never had the chance to explore it, because I was always embarrassed and ashamed. Then, I met Jen and fell in love.

I first met Jen at a bar when I was 22. She ... Continue»
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Another Sunday Morning

It’s early Sunday morning. It’s still dark outside and our radio hasn’t even come on yet. I’ve been sl**ping on my side with my back to my wife, but now she’s snuggled up tight behind me, so we’re like a pair of spoons. She reaches around me and begins to stroke my cock. She whispers into my ear: “Wake up and fuck me.” She’s often horniest in the mornings, especially on Sundays before we go to church.

Still half asl**p, I turn onto my back, grab the back of her head and push it down into my crotch. Her mouth goes right to my dick. She loves, and I mean loves, to suck cock. I keep my hands o... Continue»
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Kinky Caregiver for Khambrel

You are just finishing nursing school when you secure a job as a CNA at a nursing home. It is the first job you have ever had so you are very nervous my first few days. The RN shows you around, explaining the daily routine of the home. She also introduces you to the patients on the wing you will be working.

Most of the elderly people are in wheelchairs or bedridden, but a few move around well. In addition, they seem to be mentally fit. I immediately notice an elderly Black Man because the area that I live in does not have many Black people. However, I personally have not had an issue with s... Continue»
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Showing off at the cinema

Story by Peter Rodman

In the olden days -- back in the 1980s, before videos
killed the adult theaters -- movie theaters that
screened smut could be randy places, as my wife Sally
and I discovered once.

My wife had brown hair, a medium build that was neither
thin nor chubby. She had straight brown hair and large
brown eyes.

Perhaps more to the point of my story, she had nicely-
proportioned breasts with pink nipples. One aureole was
slightly larger than the other. The large pink ovals
made her tits very appealing. I always thought they
were utterly wonderful. The id... Continue»
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HK visits London (Continuing Story)

Over dinner, my girlfriend stated that the hosts of the HK beach house party in HK were going to visit London on the way through to the US and wanted to catch up. The hostess apparently had been in touch via my mates girlfriend and the stopover was arranged for next weekend.
We prepared for the visit to my somewhat smaller abode with her cleaning and tidying up while I restocked the beer wine and fridge. I arranged to collect them from the airport and on arrival the woman planted a heavy kiss on my lips while her husband asked how the girlfriend was. No great drama on the way home, however, s... Continue»
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When I was a Busboy

This happened years ago when I got a job working as a busboy in a really swanky restaurant. I was kind of shy but after a couple of weeks I was almost getting used to talking to customers. Some of the customers were kind of snippy but most of them were nice to me.

This story is about what happened on a weeknight...not a Friday or Saturday when the place was jammed with people. I was watering tables (pouring water into empty or almost empty glasses. I was walking past one table that I had recently watered when I heard the woman there call out "Busboy!" She was about the age of my mother..... Continue»
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Plumber's dream

I didn't write this or take credit for this. Found it and was to good not to share.

I have had a panty fetish since an early age. I had a playmate whose mother thought nothing of it to run around the house in her bra and panties, and of course my imagination ran wild seeing her in sheer panties. She was young and very pretty and had a nice body and a somewhat large but firm butt. I stole my first pair of nylon briefs from her laundry hamper and engaged in many sex adventures with her using her yellow, slightly stained briefs and a wild imagination. Kenny who is her son never knew that I... Continue»
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Friends Wife Andrea. chapter 1

I had been friends with Gareth for about 4 years, he was a builder and I was a painter so we shared work and became good friends over time. He was married to Andrea, a bbw with long dark hair and a pretty face, I had always liked a big girl.
I did a lot of painting in their house and was often alone with Andrea and over time we chatted loads and became friends also.
Gareth was unhappy in his marriage and although they put up with each other because they had 2 young c***dren, their marriage had become unhappy with both of them doing their own things.
Gareth used to go out drinking with his ... Continue»
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My X-Factor audition with Cheryl Cole

Okay, so this fantasy isn't about going on X-Factor.

Similar show, but I want Cheryl to switch and be a judge on Britain's Got Talent.

I've jerked to her so much over the years, so many cocked and cummed pics, and vids too, over pics like these:

[image][/image][image] Continue»
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