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Greg's Milf Surprise

Greg had made arrangements to pick up some old furniture from his high school buddies house for his new apartment. He was all ready to pick it up, when he got a call at the last minute from his roommate to be saying that he'd lost his job, and would have to stay at home for the time being. Greg was already pulling into the driveway when he got the call on his cell phone.

As he pulled up he saw Brenda, his best friends Mom waiting for him in the drive way. She looked at hot as she had five years ago when he was at the house nearly every day. She was a beautiful Scandinavian blonde with grea... Continue»
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Time in Leeds

I’d finished my night shift early. I’d gone in early and knocked off early. So there I was heading up the M62, I needed to be in Leeds before eight, seven thirty would be ideal.
I was off to visit Ali. After Scotland I needed to see her again. We had gone away as friends, by the middle of the first week we had ended up in bed together. Turns out Ali was a wild girl when she wanted to be.
I’d known her since she was eleven, which I guess sound bad but I was f******n when I met her and it was r twenty years since we first met that anything happened. It was just in my head I guess I always t... Continue»
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Bachelor Party Surprise

My Name is Derek and my wife is Kristy. We have been married for eight years and are both in our early thirties. We had just opened a Party Store where we sell party supplies and put on parties for various groups of people. We have catered parties for local dignitaries, weddings, fundraisers and even the occasional bachelor or bachelorette parties.

The business had been very successful so far. We were trying to build a solid reputation as a place you can count on for a great party. We are usually pretty busy and Kristy and I do most of the work. We have to hire temps occasionally to help ou... Continue»
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How I got into YOUNG DUDES (21 - 29) at age 39...

After complaining to my BFF (a dude) about the men I was dating, he ask me to let him post me on few social sites, and I agreed. I’m thinking like, mocospace or blkplanet, (which he did use them too), but he also put me on xhampster, xvideos and a few others adult site. At that time, I didn’t have a computer so I really didn’t know anything about these sites.

We lived together for a few years, so he knows everything about me. We made videos and he took all types of pics of me, nude and dressed up. On the sites he posted a few pic and some of my likes, and dislike (nothing explicit). I was ... Continue»
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After the mountain wank

Three days after my fun on an Austrian mountain I felt like a dip in the local swimming baths. My wife didn't want to come with me so of I trot.

There were few people there which surprised me as it was a hot day. After swimming for 30 minutes or so I got out, picked up a little bag I had with me, walked outside, up a flight of stairs and onto the naturist terrace. Trunks duly removed and towel on the wooden lounger I lay down. The sun felt great on my skin and in a few minutes I had dried of. Reaching into my bag I pulled out the sun cream and started to rub it in the front of my body. Gla... Continue»
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My Wife Set Up To Get Fucked By Black Guy

I have been married to my wife Abby for just over a year now and married life is just wonderful ,considering I married my high school sweetheart.
At 20 she still looks the same way she did in high school. She still has her petite sexy figure, 4'8" 115 lbs, gorgeous silly black hair shoulder length, firm 32c cup breasts and a cute tight butt that guys can't seem to take their eyes off when she walks by.
I joke around sometimes in bed about her being with another man, but secretly craving to see it in real, she gets really grossed out and tell me to shut up. Once I even brought u... Continue»
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A few of my sexual encounters.

First up is my first lesbian experience.

So I decided to do a post on my first "Girl/girl" experience. Well not my first girl, girl experience but full on Sex I guess. I was a lot younger and skinnier when this happened! (before my training days) But it was one of my best memories and even though I love cock. I still love to play with a good pair of tits or dominate a small petite woman.

So before getting into the good stuff, let me just give you a short "how did we get here?"

A good friend of mine and I used to have what we called "d***k Tuesdays." Basically it was our way of making ... Continue»
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Learning to Suck Cock

Lisa slipped to her knees as her boss pulled his cock from his pants. Lisa mouth watered at the sight of the big cock that was growing hard before her eyes. Lisa slowly extended her tongue until it touched the tip of Gary’s cock. Immediately Lisa tasted the pre-cum and her body nearly convulsed with pleasure. Lisa thought about how much she loved sucking cock! She loved the feel of a cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She loved the taste of pre-cum on her tongue! She loved the look on a man’s face as she teased and pleased them... Continue»
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the hand man

Fred turned up n time to star the job.He was let in by the owner of the house,a women of about 5ft 1" slightly over weight,but with a decent enough figure he thought.She showed him in to the main room and went to put the kettle on,just the right start to the day.Fred took his clothes of and slipped his shorts ad t shirt on as it was a hot day and the room faced south so got very warm very quickly,this done he put his dust sheets down and sorted out his brushes and paint.When there was a tap at he door and the lady said tea up.So he let her in the room,to see she was carrying... Continue»
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Shemale Fantasy

He met Theresa in a gay club one night. He wasn't gay but he had always wanted to fuck a shemale and so had gone looking for one. She was perfect - tall, black, muscular, huge breasts and the slight bulge of her package pushing through her shimmering gold dress suggested she had a lot to offer. Her hair was black, long and curly and she wore bright make-up on her African features.

He couldn't believe his luck when she agreed to come back to his hotel. He could tell she was excited when, from beneath her dress, her hard penis brushed past him gently as they entered the room. Theresa sat on t... Continue»
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Nudist beach..

it was a holiday in Jamaica and it was our 1st trip there. we were loving the sun and the fullboard plus the waiters paying us loads of attention. the wife Dawn is a big girl and her tits are nice and big so the waiters were having fun looking at them whilst she sat there in her bikini top. it was out 3rd day and 1 of the waiters said why don't you try the beach down the track behind the hotel its a quiet beach and it mainly for our holiday goers and staff.

so the next day we decided to give it a go, as we walked down the path we could see that a few people were naked and then we seen the s... Continue»
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Suzy's Awakening

Ever since Cathy Jorden's pajama party, Suzy Morris
could keep her teenage mind on only one thing. Sex!
That warm, mysterious, delicious feeling between her
silky young thighs.

And this particular morning was to be no exception.

What woke the pretty teenager was not her mother's
voice calling her to breakfast and school. And it
wasn't old Mr. Henry's German shepherd barking in the
yard next door.

It was that beautiful sexy dream again. The same
dream that had visited young Suzy in her bed each
night for the past two weeks. And just like always
the dream ended much ... Continue»
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i****tuous relationship

Tuesday, May 19, 2015
Sasha, Sean, Greg and Helen
You can call me Sasha, though it isn't my real name. My Dad's name is Greg, and my Mom is Helen. Again, not their real names. I am 33 years old and I have had sex with my f****y since I developed sexually. You know, breasts, period, that kind of thing. That's when I really became interested in sex, real sex, yanno? Not the dumb 'show me yours' stuff when you are a k**.

It's not like I had to do it with my f****y, either. I am pretty damn cute, with blonde hair, flat stomach, and good boobs. I just never knew it was not normal. Or maybe, ... Continue»
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Isi's Story (pt 1)

Isi’s Story

(Part One)

It was a cold, dark and miserable November night; the wind was howling, making an eerie whistling and moaning sound, it buffeted Isi as she struggled to make some headway towards her home some eight miles away. She knew she shouldn’t have stayed for a last drink, it had made her miss her bus and here she was now struggling to progress against a gale f***e wind and heavy rain, she was so miserable but knew she had to continue her journey, she had nowhere else to go.

This was a lonely desolate place, a country road with few buildings, the dark, dank and cloudy s... Continue»
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A young man's summer [full story]


My name is Jason, and I am a typical teenaged young man; lean, horny all the time and really happy that I have reached the age where I can get a job that pays better than mowing lawns or delivering papers. My parents work all the time and me and my older b*****r John, have had the house to ourselves since I was 8 and he was 13, which meant no more getting up at 5:30 to go to a sitter who would either keep us all day or make sure we got on the bus for school.

I discovered the concept of sex early on; John would jerk off constantly if he thought no one was watching, this sta... Continue»
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At The Park by loyalsock

It is a dark suburban park in a trendy inner city suburb. The kind of park that during the day would be filled with c***dren in designer labels and with women watching over them whilst discussing their house cleaner. We are there for other purposes. My girl pulls me close to her as we sidle up to the equipment. c***dren's play is not on either of our minds as we turn to each other. I stare into her eyes and see such lust – it would have shocked me except that I know I that the spark is mirrored in my own eyes. I pause for a moment to savour that look she is giving me before she pulls me into h... Continue»
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At The Movie Theater by loyalsock

He was on his way to pick up his girlfriend, so they could first go out to dinner, then go see a movie and after that go visit a couple of clubs to round out this Saturday night. She was already standing outside her apartment, waiting for him at the curb. She was wearing a tight black skirt, a white blouse and black high heels. He loved the way she looked, not matter what she wore, she always looked so sexy to him. Reaching over, he opened the passenger side car door for her so she could hop in.

It was only a short ride to the restaurant where he had reserved a table for them. In no time th... Continue»
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Emma's Naked Mall Run by loyalsock

'Oh my god,' thought Emma, 'I can't believe I'm about to do this!' She had thought for a while about it... going naked, through a crowded mall... she had fantasized about it for a while, but never thought about actually doing it... until now. So there she stood, about 200 feet from the mall, on a secluded hill beside a small forest. She decided to take her clothes off there, so she'd have longer to walk to get her clothes at the end. She stripped down... taking her shoes off, then her socks... shirt, skirt, bra and panties, and finally she was completely naked. She blushed a little, but smiled... Continue»
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I Bet You'll Like It 4 by loyalsock

"Yes! Uuuhh fuck yeaaahh! I'm your buttslut, babyyyy!" Judy mewled, trembling from the stinging smacks on her bouncy ass and the swift butt-reaming thrust that drove my cock balls-deep into her little hole again.

"I'm gonna fuck this fantastic ass all the time now," I panted, overpowered by a rush of anal lust, "I'll just bend you over and pull your panties down and ram my cock up your ass any time I want!"

"Uuuuh yeees," Judy screamed as I flexed my pole deep in her curvy ass. She was clearly as savagely turned on as I was while she yelled out her total submission to this new, intense ... Continue»
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I Bet You'll Like It 3 by loyalsock

"Ooooh Greg, yes! Suck my titties, bite my nipples! Aahh harder, bite them hard like that! Uuhh god yes, finger my ass deeper, baby! Harder, faster, oooh yeeees!"

Her huskier and louder yelps as she slammed herself f***efully down on my pole, the shivers running through her slender frame and the broken urgency in her voice let me know just how close Judy was to her orgasm. Giving a long nibbling kiss on a puffy areola, I spread her round meaty asscheeks further apart and pressed a third finger at the entrance of her pliant sphincter. Judy trembled all over and gasped as her little rosebud ... Continue»
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