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Dicked Down

Chris felt the vibrator buzzing away in his ass, pressed tightly against his prostate. The vibrations rolled and buzzed up the length of his cock and were swallowed by Mika's pussy. She had come home with her s****r after being at the club all night and crawled into his bed in the middle of the night to fuck. She was d***k and smelled like coconut rum, cigarette smoke, and perfume. He remembered her climbing on top of him, straddling his waste and pulling her white dress over her head. She wasn't wearing panties or a bra. His cock was instantly hard and her wetness welcomed him in with e... Continue»
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(Gay) Scummy Streets Of Vancouver

The following is a true story. Not one I'm particularly proud of, but t's real and it happened. Enjoy.

This story happened because of two things.

One - my friend Laura and I planned a one month holiday to Vancouver.

Two - I was beyond horny.

So, after the first night in Vancouver, homelessness was aparent. No one is blind to it, we just choose to filter it out. And I think the other thing was that it was literally in every doorway along Granville St.

On the first night here, I couldn't help notice that there were a few homeless guys who w... Continue»
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A Threesome of Poems

I hope everyone has enjoyed the foul, raunchy fun Carrie, Chris, and Krista have gotten into. I thought I'd do something different and dive into their heads a little, letting you see what they think of each other, what drives their lust, be it tenderness or raw, unfiltered horniness.
When writing their adventures, I've thought of Carrie as being a completely desperate nympho who's lust drives her to look to her own son and daughter for satisfaction. She stops at nothing to cum and opens herself up in all ways to make sure she and they get what they want. She's controlled by her pussy, a s... Continue»
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First contact in the Vaterland!

My parents had decided to send me to the Vaterland to perfect my mastery of the language the f****y had kind of forgotten after a couple of generations. I was to attend a specialized language institute for a whole summer. When the time came, I flew by myself, knowing nobody on the flight.

The plane landed in Frankfurt. The first sight I had inside the terminal was that of baggage carts that were sponsored by... Doktor M, a sex-shop! Sounded like I had come to some kind of paradise, me the (quasi-)virgin, from an area where Church and gossip reigned supreme! I intended to enjoy this summer, ... Continue»
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Syrup, Butter, and Whip Cream

Dear Diary,
Today was quite eventful. It was my first time alone with Krista in a long time. Chris has gone on a camping trip with a couple of friends and won't be back until Friday. Krista woke me up with breakfast in bed. She brought me a tray with waffles covered in butter, syrup, and whip cream, and a big glass of orange juice to drink. The orange juice tasted so good, it was so cold and the pulp reminded me of Chris's cum LOL! She did a great job on the waffles, they were light and fluffy, just slightly harder around the edges, just the way I like. The butter was smooth and velvety, each... Continue»
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How much of Billys CUM?

My friend 65yr. old Billy loves me....loves my 17yr old butt hole.....he loved jamming his fat dick in my butthole.....myself I was such the boy whore, that it got me off twice as much when he would fuck my pussy while all his older friends watched and rubbed there cocks and got the cum load ready for me the sexy bitch.......he loved inviting all his old mature gay friends over and in middle of conversation he would reach in my pants and pull my big dick out for all to see stroking it while he pushed his fingers into my front of at least 6 to 7 people old gay men with big gay dicks... Continue»
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Life with neighbors

This is the true story which changed my life. I have changed the names and the exact location to protect the identity of the concerned as it is only two years old and all the participants are alive and living their life The story is a little long and therefore being presented in parts.

I am Vijay 23 years old and have completed my engineering from a small town near Bhopal, capital of a state in India.

I was born and lived in a village . I am 5'9'', fair colour and with athelitic body. I was quite smart by all standard, jovial by nature and was generally quite popular in my class.

Imm... Continue»
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Chris was in the audience. He made sure to get to the strip club after her that way no one would know the two of them were together. It was Carrie's idea to dance during amateur night at Jiggly's, a local strip club. She felt wet and slutty being on display in front of so many men. In her wilder days in school she had been gang fucked at parties on a couple of occasions, but for some reason this was different. Fucking came natural to everyone, just let your genitals do the talking. Dancing was different. It wasn't you doing what made you or your partner cum, it was about performing, tur... Continue»
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Me n Billy

My friend 65yr. old Billy loves me....loves my 17yr old butt hole.....he loved jamming his fat dick in my butthole.....myself I was such the boy whore, that it got me off twice as much when he would fuck my pussy while all his older friends watched and rubbed there cocks and got the cum load ready for me the sexy bitch.......he loved inviting all his old mature gay friends over and in middle of conversation he would reach in my pants and pull my big dick out for all to see stroking it while he pushed his fingers into my front of at least 6 to 7 people old gay men with big gay dic... Continue»
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For sexygirl46

"So you've read some of my stories on xhamster and want to give me some inspiration for another?" I ask you, us both sitting on the double bed of a cheap hotel room I hired for the night. My eyes wander down your body, taking in your curves. You've spent some time on your appearance – I can see you know how to apply make-up, using a deep red lipstick to draw my attention to one of your pleasure giving areas.

You nod, obviously nervous, knowing just what you could be about to agree too, putting yourself into a situation that you crave yet are scared of.

"So you know just how dirty and ful... Continue»
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my first m2m encounter

when i was younger i used to work in the travel industry and i'd meet a lot of people. i was so into having fun, i really didn't seek out a long term relationship but just went with the flow. i had graduated college and my girlfriend was on to me to get married, settle down, and have k**s right away. what sucks is that what i admired most about her was that when we were younger she was such a free spirit and that's the girl i still loved. so, anyway, we split up, i was "devastated", she married and had k**s right away. at first i was upset, but then i thought, wow, dodged that bullet. and i th... Continue»
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A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 02

Weekdays were the definition of dull, boring, and uneventful. There were classes, there was homework, there was having to stay sober, and there was very little free time. However, as dull and tedious as those weekdays were, they also made my Saturdays even better. Especially since I got to spend all of my Saturdays with my amazing girlfriend, Becca.

Becca was a cheerleader at Rasington University, and she was very good at what she did. She always looked sexy in her skimpy blue and gold cheerleader uniform. Her white top always covered her double D's, but they couldn't hide the size of her b... Continue»
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True Stories: Our First Swinging Experience

I could probably write a novel about how my wife, Rachel, and I decided to begin swinging. That decision was a culmination of s*******n years of rock-solid marriage, a wide-open channel of communication, and all of the trust and honesty credits that can be accumulated through such a long time together. I will spare you all that story and cut to the action.

We booked a vacation at a resort called "Desire", which is in Cancun, Mexico. This is an all-inclusive "clothing-optional" resort, which features three restaurants, a pool, a beach area, a disco, a huge hot tub, and several other amenitie... Continue»
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Yesterday morning,I was relaxing in my apartment.

Then the doorbell rang.

Not thinking about what I was wearing (a loose, sheer blouse doing nothing to conceal my tits, as well as thong panties, with my long, smooth legs completely exposed), I answered the door. It was my paperboy Seamus, a nice young k** who had always been kind to me, while stealing glances at my barely-concealed body.

"Hey,Seamus," I greeted him with a smile. His eyes scanned up and down my body, which naturally triggered the female instinct to look pleasant before a male: I bent my left leg, posing for him with my... Continue»
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my rich s****r fucked by ugly poor old man part1

hi,without wasting your time i will take you to the story 26 years old my name is sajid and my s****r is 34 years old her name is shahbana.she is divorced.since it was very hot in mumbai.we decided to visit some place cooler.after searching we decided to go to alwar a historic city near delhi.after traveling for 1 and half days we reached alwar.then after asking a local man about the location of our hotel we took our car to our we have already booked booked our room in the hotel by online booking we just collected our key from the hotel reception and went straight in our r... Continue»
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The Making of A Cock Sucking Whore By Brain Washin

The Making of A Cock Sucking Whore By Brain Washing
Chapter One

My story might be a little different then most of the stories you have read on Xhamster but, I feel it might be a story you just might get some enjoyment and a warning out of. First, I am a average girl, at least I use to be until I accidentally brain washed myself without knowing that I was doing it. My name is Cindy J. and I stand five foot ten inches, with long blonde hair, and blue eyes. My measurements are 36C-24-... Continue»
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The Pill - part 2

This is the second chapter in the story of my adventures in London, on the day when I took a small pink pill and my face and body transformed into that of a beautiful young woman.

However, I knew that I only had 24 hours before the effects wore off and so determined not to miss any opportunity as I had a day of sexual adventures, some planned, some on the spur of the moment.

The story so far: I had started my day in the back of a van, in a multi-storey car park, choosing the outfits I would wear during the day, and discovering the wonders of my new female body...

====================... Continue»
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The Pill - part 1

Early in the morning, I parked the van in the multi-storey car park and sat there looking out over the rooftops of the shopping centre which serviced the needs of this drab London suburb, without really noticing what I was looking at. My mind was elsewhere.

It was a major decision I was taking; the potential for disaster was huge, but the rewards, if it all worked as promised, would be immense: a dream come true, if only for a day.

I looked down to the small pill case in my hand, surprised that I was holding it, as I did not remember having taken it out of my pocket. I flipped open the l... Continue»
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Regularly Scheduled Programing....

Ah, the twists and turns of life that lead one back to the very beginning of their journey, and how it really is where it should end for one anyway.
The zippered and laced, form fitting, heavy gauge, black latex hood that my Goddess and Owner, Mistress Dana, , had zippered and then laced tightly, prevented me from moving my head in any direction.
I could hear nothing, had heard nothing else in fact for hours except the sounds of the CD that she had put on continuous auto play - a combination of white noise mixed with traditional instrumental music, and Mistress Dana's soft voice which kept r... Continue»
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Cross country with my aunt

So this summer im taking a break from college and my aunt jo has invited me to come on the road with her for the summer. An opportunity to travel across the country and see new places. I just couldnt turn her down.

Were about to set out for a fun summer. I hand up her suitcase and as shes putting it in the back i cant help but notice shes wearing some nice running shorts. As shes bending over the bed fitting our suitcases in i catch a little slip and notice her black thong barely covering her pussy.

We finally head out onto the road. After awhile im sitting there bores evetually all road... Continue»
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