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How I became a black cock slut

I’ve always just been an average girl. All through high school and all through college. I married an average guy who was successful in middle management and we lived in an average house in a good neighborhood. We were both working, paying the mortgage and saving some money. Like everything else about me, my body was just average. My tits were a handful, but no more. I was “tight” enough for my husband and he was big enough for me. All of this changed three years ago on Christmas, but I didn’t have the courage to write about it until now – and I didn’t know who to share it with until abo... Continue»
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Magic Panties Ch.02 (sissy story) by noflon

This story is a work of fiction, all characters are fictional and obviously the events are fake. Any inaccuracies between stories, accept the changes.

You may reprint this as needed, just give credit to the author. Oh, and enjoy!

Chapter 2: Discovery

Let me recap for all of you. Two nights ago, I was stood up at a bar, and the next morning a box arrived at my door. Inside was a pair of black panties with a pink heart on the crotch and an 8in realistic dildo mounted on a suction cup. Strange right? I mean, I'm a tall lanky straight guy, with short brown hair, but what's stranger is, I... Continue»
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Remebring my first Babysitter

I was a solitary c***d growing up in the bread basked of the US with
parents who loved me in their own way but were busy with their lives and
didn't pay me a whole lot of attention. Consequently, I spent a lot of
time entertaining myself, playing games with imaginary friends, watching
TV, etc. Of course, I also spent time playing with neighborhood friends
when I could, but for the most part I was expected to stay inside, out of
trouble and out of the way. So, that cut into my time with other k**s

My earliest memory of anything sexual was the good feeling I g... Continue»
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Breakfast On Sunday Chapter 1 (Available on most s


this story is widely available as a sample of Karenkay fiction and all credit goes to her! I WILL NOT post stories that she does not post as it is her work what she chooses to post and her site hosts chapters and stories that are not available as free releases.

I am posting this as a favourite of mine and as free advertising for KarenKay as her work is amazing! all credit to her!

from site:
Breakfast on Sunday Ch. 01
by... Continue»
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Jacking-off in car

Boys Jacking-off in Car

This is a true story.

My friend Matty and I just got out of School. Matty needed a ride home so the two of us walked to my car. The day before I had gotten a Hustler Magazine and after we got in the car I reached under my seat pulling it out to show Matt. I knew he would like it because previously he had stayed the night at my house and we watched a porno together. I kept the Magazine low below the dash so people walking by couldn’t see it through the windows, and said to Matty, “I got this porn Mag, you want to see, it’s good hardcore stuff.” Matty glanced down... Continue»
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Gangbang Maria

Pervert and a group of 4 friends were at the beach, drinking some beers and talking about women. They were all really horny since every story spiced things up even more. They all had a thing in common, they liked to take advantage of girls in parties, either by getting them d***k, d**gged, or just k**nap them and screw them over without their consent.

They always got away with it, giving fake names to girls, fucking them at parties really far away from home, these girls either didn't remember them for being shit faced or d**gged, or simply because they didn't know their true identities.

... Continue»
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How my Niece became my Fuck buddy PICS INCLUDED! ;

REAL PICTURES --------->

I decided to trade in my 2008 Ford truck in and get a new 2015 as the body style had changed. My step niece, Hannah, went with me to look at the new trucks. On the way back from the dealership she told me she wanted the wheels and tires off my old truck before I traded it in. I had bought some nice custom wheels and tires about a year back.
She is 18 and damn cute. I had already made up my mind to trade tires with her. I mean hell why not they won’t give me anymore if I leave them on and she has a 04 that they will fit on, but they won’t work ... Continue»
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xmas stockings

my gf worked as a hostess in a big fancy disco, they were short a hostess that night and it was going to be a busy one like all saturday nights, especially around the holidays. i'd been there many times so i knew what hostesses did, basically, look real pretty and make people feel welcome, show them around if needed, etc. so when she called and said, please, please could i fill in, and, to expect good money, i said sure, besides, i was planning on going there that night anyway, might as well make a little extra cash... and then there were all the hot guys that go there! i thought it'd be fun t... Continue»
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survey says

It was a quiet evening, the chill of winter and a bit of snow on the ground. Our first meet was at the park, sunny and 70 degrees. Our conversations had been long before we met and longer in person. After the first few meets she signed and filled out the survey. Why sign well mutual protection to not exceed limits and not cause issues. The survey was rather normal, this is a good thing. But I took note of the one thing that she had filled out the contradicted our conversations. I brought it up a few times after the survey and she seemed a very shy on the subject, more of a 'I want to tr... Continue»
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Grandma's butterfly tattoo

Me Jon, Peter and Davey were yakking it up, and - as it always does - it got round to sex. The question was "who was the oldest you fucked?".
The best was Jon. 23, not bad for a teen.
"No way!" we said, and he told us about a girl he'd met on his last vacation with his folks. She'd been in the next chalet at the resort, with a bunch of girl-friends.
And he'd flirted with them all.
Or, at least, THEY'D flirted with him. The way a gang of older girls might.
And then, one day just one of them was in the room and she invited him in and fucked his lights out.
Just once, and then sent him... Continue»
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Me, My Friend And Scooby

I have had MANY requests to write a story like this so I am going to give it my best shot lol. It may not be for some but like I mentioned I have had at least thirty people ask me for a story like this so here we go.

My name is Amy, I just turned seven teen years old and I live with my mom and dad in a quiet little town in a small cul-de-sac where we know most of our neighbors very well. Since I can remember our neighbors daughter Mandy has been my best friend. We have always got along and hang out all the time mostly because our parents are usually always working. Mandy is the same age ... Continue»
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Slut Transformation

Well my transformation did not happen overnight. I grew up in Texas like any normal k**. Did cheerleading in high school. Was the prom queen. I was hot and still am. I am a natural blonde with big brown eyes. I have "D" cup tits and petite and have been told that I a very hot woman with a dynamite ass. I have always been hit on a lot. I have only been with two men in my whole life, well up to the point where this story starts. I have been called a prude and a tease. But I had thought that was the way I should be. Even when I did have sex with my one boyfriend and my husband I would just lay ... Continue»
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My Aunt And I {Part I}

I wrote this with a friend over a couple of days. I hope you enjoy it.

<Her Side>
I always hated going over to Toms parents house for dinner. They always fawned over him as if he was gods gift to the world. They even still had all his high school trophies up on the shelf, even though he got them over 22 years ago. And they always gave me the seat right below them, as if subconsciously labeling me his " trophy" wife. I felt like pulling off my top and showing them the bruises on my rib cage, the trophy tom gave me for burning the dinner last night.

The only thing that made visits to his ... Continue»
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New-Years Eve Party

I was sitting in my chair and getting bored while waiting for my wife to get dressed. So I called out, "Come on, Jenny, hurry up, or we'll be late for the party." I then heard my wife Jenny answer me from upstairs. "Ok, hon, I'll be down in a couple of minutes." In about 5 minutes, my wife came down the stairs looking amazing.

My wife Jennifer stands about 5' 6" tall, and weighs less than 120 lbs. My wife has mid back length blonde hair, and after her boob job, a body to kill for. She had on a pirate outfit, one that I was not allowed to see when she ordered it weeks before. Her pink tube t... Continue»
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Bachelorette Party Ruined My Life

This is the story of how my little s****rs bachelorette party ruined my life and destroyed my marriage. The only good thing that came out of this nightmarish evening is that my little s****r's life was just as devastated as mine was. This was all her fault..... well kind of.

My name is Katie and my s****r is Maryanne. We both grew up in the Midwest to a rather conservative and conventional Irish Catholic f****y. Neither of us are knockouts but we a have been told that we a cute all of our lives. We both have red hair and we are cursed with freckles from head to toe. For those of you that ar... Continue»
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Cum Shot Party!

Hi, I'm Jason and I would prefer to use this outlet to describe what has happened in my life, especially with my sex life with regards to my wife Beth. I wrote one previous story about what happened last year at my wife's college reunion (see "Her Bad College Days").

Since that weekend, I have done my best to forget what I saw. It had been on a video tape that guys from a nearby fraternity had made of my wife not long after she appeared in a college girls edition of Playboy magazine. The photo of my wife published in Playboy was innocent enough. It was a shot of her turning back, smiling at... Continue»
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detained in dention : 1st period

He was ready to strangle that boy...once Johnny turned 18 he was gonna follow him to the parking lot and tell that little smartass twice the first time. How did he even get himself talked into picking up the detention shift NE ways!?! He'd pulled his last stunt in his classroom that's for sure he'd caught the little punk trying to light a firecracker in his desk. Needless to say Johnny would be sitting at the front of the class next to his desk for the rest of the year. He was awakened from his rant by a mournful sigh, irritated he directed his gaze to perpetrator. Front row the new girl Emma,... Continue»
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Tabby Cat: Sex KItten

This story was posted under my old profile, sluttycdprincess, and I'm reposting it.

OK. So, this is my first story on any site, and I'm finally pleased enough with it to post. Hopefully people will enjoy it and if so I will definitely be writing more. Leave me comments or PM me about it if you want, I would love the feedback. I plan on making this a series, with all of the characters making more appearances and being fleshed out more. I also would like to write the story of my character leading up to this point. Her Origin story so to speak. Obviously the main character is transgendered as... Continue»
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Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 2

After my first encounter and fuck fest with Vicki, I waited three days to call her to arrange our next 'medical appointment." She said she was wondering if I ever would call her, but I assured her that I was a man of my word and how could I not meet with her again after our little tryst. We agreed to meet at her place two days later even though she said she didn't think she could wait that long to see me. She said that ever since I left she had had 'impure thoughts' about me and what she was going to do to me if we met up again. I assured her that I felt the same and I did have some plans for ... Continue»
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