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Living in Cockington part4

I woke up the next day and wandered down stairs where my k**s were eating breakfast and my wife, who had three strangers and me fuck her ass last night, was busy happily unpacking more boxes.
After a coffee i stepped outside and decided to check out my new shed at the bottom of the garden.
For an hour or so i unpacked my tools and checked out the few items that the previous owners had left and then i heard voices coming from over the fence.
Stepping over to the fence i thought i would introduce my self to our neighbours at the bottom of the garden and maybe find some normal people in this s... Continue»
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Mothers Underwear

I discovered the delights of my Mum's underwear when I was about 12. What happened was dad used to leave for work at about 7am, so I would go join my Mum in her bed and have a cup of tea with her before getting up.

Mum was 45 and in good shape for her age, 5,04 tall with a 36B bust and narrow waist with big hips, she worked in an office so always wore a skirt which was either a pleated type or a straight pencil type skirt. Not tight at all as Mum was very prim & proper. This would be with a blouse on top or a tight sweater. Her bras always made her breasts quite pointy.

Anyway back to ... Continue»
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My Son's Secret Desire - Samantha Joins The F

Tony watched as his mom shook with tremendous orgasm from being eaten by Samantha. He smiled as he knew his mom had been growing in her appetite for sex with women. To see the two women he cared so much about enjoying sex with each other was the best.

The two were now kissing and Tony decided it was time to make himself known.

"What's going on here?" He asked he walked in on them

Both of the naked women looked at him. Samantha was obviously nervous as her boyfriend looked at her in his mother's arms. His mom sat back and ... Continue»
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You wouldn’t thick it but Elaine our prim and proper boss like’s to give the impression that she’s an all sweet butter wouldn’t melt type of thing’ Well she is all that but also has a dark side’ She’s in to Cock’ As in getting a lot of it’ It’s seems to be one of them open secret’s that no one is supposed to know of at work but dose! We know cos Elaine got very friendly with one of the office staff a couple of years back & told her what she gets up to’ In turn she told her mate on the shop floor & so on each time swearing not to tell any one else’ Aft... Continue»
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Well basically Fuck the brains out of you’ Wow I’m shocked but in a good way Ha ha’ Do you all think that then? All laughing said oh Fuck yea big time’ Blimey so what would you do to me then? Basically pound all your holes at once, ooh go on yes’ fist your cunt & arse holes’ Yes’ Double fuck them both’ face fuck you really hard & fill you up with tons of our cum & lots & lots of double anal’ Jesus you do know what you want don’t you’ Yes & guess what Elaine! What’ It looks like your tits do to’ I looked down at them & there in front of me were two huge studs sticking right out as my nipples we... Continue»
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Sheila at the Park

Mistress strips me naked and puts handcuffs behind my back, then inserts a vibrating buttplug in my tight asian hole. She puts a 10" vibrating dildo inside my pussy. Then locks them both inplace with leather thongs (the vibs are remote controlled). Black stockings and 4" high heel boots are put on me along with a very short school girl skirt. She puts on nipple clamps that are attached together with a little silver chain. A small shirt that just barely covers my nipples is put on me, it does not cover the chain hanging off my nipples. My hair is tied into 2 pig tails and she puts red lipstick ... Continue»
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My wife Lucy started a new job today

My wife Lucy was started a new job today, cleaning in a local office, and before she left, we were in the bedroom trying to decide what she should wear.

She decided on jogging bottoms and a tight fitting camisole under a vest. The office was going to be empty anyway so she only needed to be comfortable.

5.30pm came and off she went kissing me goodbye.

I carried on with my evening tidying the house and making something to eat for us when she got home at 8.30pm.

Sure enough at 8.30pm on the dot Lucy came home and we spoke about how she got on with the new cleaning job. She told me th... Continue»
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Lucy's visit to the osteopath

My wife Lucy had a bad back recently and had to visit an Osteopath to have it put right.

When she arrives, she was shown to his treatment room where he began by asking about her health before asking her to strip down to her underwear so that he could check the alignment of her spine and hips etc. She was not expecting that so she was still wearing the kind of sexy underwear that she normally wears, but not to draw attention to that fact she decided to comply and duly stripped for him.

Off came her blouse and jeans to reveal a matching light blue bra and thong set made from a very fine la... Continue»
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Slut wife retells her sexual 18 Year old 13"

I recently started asking about my wifes past, we've been together since 2001 we are both 34 now. I always had this idea in my head that she was a little slut during her younger years. having fucked 15 people before the age of 20 and never having any real boyfriends. It never bothered me because after all She married me
Now let me describe my wife to you, shes 5'4 112 lbs has an hour glass figure with nice 34b tits, long brown hair and a nice little ass, she has a 27' waist and wears the smallest pair of yoga pants possible . The first time I fucked her her pussy was so tight I could barely g... Continue»
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first time with a black woman (19 year old)

I am white and grew up in a mainly white neighborhood. I never dated any black women, not out of racism, there just weren't any around me. It was mostly white women and a few asians that I dated.

In my early 40's a couple of years ago, I had to relocate after being laid off. I had to take a lower cost apartment. Just so happens that the apartment was in a mostly African-American neighborhood. I quickly became friends with the black families around my apartment -- my new neighbors.

I started to get involved with the African-American culture -- like basketball at the local park (used to ba... Continue»
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Schoolgirl and College Boy Pt. 1

She looked up at me with her big, beautiful brown eyes and I knew there was no way I could say no. Her question was, "Would you mind showing me around the campus?" My old high school business teacher had asked me to come back and say a few things about college to her classes. One girl, Tiffany, came up to after her class ended. When I first laid eyes on her, she was already nearly at her seat. She was wearing a plain gray T-shirt and and khaki shorts that ended just above her knees. Her dark brown skin was a shock to my senses among the white farmers that populated my school. I had ask... Continue»
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The New Neighbors

For about seven years I lived next door to a gay man. We were cordial and spoke in the yard a few times a year. Then he moved away. His house sold after a few months on the market. I first noticed a middle aged man who drove a jeep. I saw him from a window in my house. Then I noticed an elder woman in the back yard looking over her dog. They were there a few weeks before I met the man. His name was Roger.
"Hi. Welcome to the neighborhood. I'm Jack Quick."
"Well hello Jack. I'm Roger Bolger. Pleased to meet you."
"So Roger I noticed a lady in your back yard the other day."
"Oh... Continue»
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The Orc and the Farmer's Wife

This is a chapter from my erotica fantasy novel called: The Erotic Adventures of Kaya and Kursk. If you like fantasy, magic and sword play as well as sex, this book might just be for you. You can find the full book here: Enjoy!

Kursk and Mabel sat at a long, picnic-style bench in the common room of the old inn, working on their fourth tankard of ale. They’d each polished off a roast chicken and potatoes. Mabel was still picking at the bones of hers, her fingers greasy. She’d stop to lick one now and then between gales of laughter. They were the... Continue»
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Nailed by the Ex

My ex husband and I had been divorced for about three years. We managed to stay civil when we were around each other although I still had some bitter feelings about the break up. But I knew that I would always care about him and he about me so there was a bond there even though we had moved on and were both remarried. He had settled down with a much younger woman who was probably able to satisfy him physically and emotionally because he could be very dominating and I married an older gentleman who was retired and could provide me with financial security. My husband was sweet and doting but I... Continue»
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This is a chapter from a larger story originally posted @ Literotica. It features taboo topics and fantasies that will appeal to some and shock others. I only ask you judge the story on its own merit.

By the time darkness fell, Jimmy thought he would burst with excitement. He had eaten and drank nothing since breakfast, taking his mothers advice to conserve his strength for the initiation: it only served to whet his appetite and when his parents came to tell him it was time, he was prepared for everything and stood silently while they d****d him in a thick, crimson robe edged with... Continue»
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Interesting afternoon at the cinema

This particular Wednesday afternoon, it was raining and cold and as there was a film I wanted to see at the cinema, as the wife was working I decided to go on my own. I got my ticket and sat on the back row as it was the furthest away from the screen. I thought it’d be quite full but it was largely empty, there were two young lads in front of me and one further on the row and that was it.

I knew I was a little early, about half an hour too early, as I sat there minding my own business I noticed the two young lads in front of me were cuddling each other, as I slightly watched out of the corn... Continue»
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My sexy neighbor home alone !!

Here is my story about my sexy ass neighbor

I was out in the backyard working with my shirt off when I saw my hot next door neighbor Tiffany out in her backyard checking out my muscular body with the sweat on it from working and my normal big bulge in my shorts.

Tiffany was looking pretty hot herself with her big D's almost popping out of her tank top and her tight little shorts hardly covering her ass cheeks. Boy would I like to fuck HER sometime I thought!!!

"Hi Tiffany how are you doing?" I said.

"Well Jason my husband Tim is away fishing as usual so would you like to come... Continue»
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Can you teach me ,,,,,,,,,

Mistress left for work and I quickly showered and dressed in lace panties, no bra, a pair of white linen trousers and a loose fitting pale pink top. Applied a little blusher and lip stick.
I was finishing the house work when the phone rang, It was Margaret, James's wife. Can I pop in for coffee, she asked. Of course I said, you'll have to take you as you find me I said. 10 minutes later the door bell rang and Margaret was on the door step, she was dressed plainly in a blue dress, with low wedge heels, come in I said.
Wow what a difference you look stunning she said. I blushed. I felt my nipp... Continue»
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New Friends

Judy called me the other day and asked if I was up for a bit of fun? I asked what she had in mind she explained that there was a young couple from work that she had been talking to about joining her and John but it was more the husband that wanted to watch his wife with another man rather than participate himself and that the wife was still a little unsure.
They had agreed to visit Judy’s house that afternoon and wanted Judy to try and arrange something, I agreed to be their too about 2:00pm, when I arrived Judy was already stripped down to her satin baby doll nightdress, and ushered me ups... Continue»
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f****y group sex

I read this story in another site and liked it and therefore posting it here for other members to enjoy ---

I am Reena, a girl from typical Marwari f****y, married in a same cast and religion. Though my s****r is also married in same cast but mine is arrange marriage and Didi had an affair with Jiju for some time and finally they got married. Now if I will get straight to the point then I will say that, it all started when me and my husband were on out station trip to attend one marriage occasion of one of my other cousin s****r, leaving my cousin s****r Geetika Didi who is nearly 6... Continue»
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