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Backseat Mommy: Chapter One: A Long Hard Ride

You don't really know how much stuff you have collected in your life until you move.

With our last son going to college, we did two moves in one. We were moving to a condo only a few miles away, while we were driving Cory sixteen hours to college. Because we had to put all our items in storage, we didn't get title for three more weeks, we were going to do a two week road trip after we dropped Cory off.

As we packed the car with both Cory's stuff and our suitcases for the almost three week round trip, we realized we had a major predicament. By the time the car was loaded, there was only r... Continue»
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cabin swap

This story is completely true.
My wife and I are busy people. I’m an engineer and my wife is a business-woman. We have a three year-old and a mortgage. We don’t get a lot of down-time, so when another couple invited us to spend a k**-free weekend at a cabin in the woods, we eagerly agreed.
We are an early-thirties couple. I’m 6’ with fairly dark skin and blue eyes, brown hair. I spend a lot of time in an office, but I’m still fairly well-built. My wife is about 5’2” and has a dark complexion due to her Latino background. She is about 125 lbs with large D-cup breasts that hang down a bit an... Continue»
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What if I like it?

I remember her words to me "What if I really like it?"
I told her "I hope you do in fact I hope you love it and want to do it all the time" an she would stare at me thinking. I'm referring to when I told my girlfriend my fantasy of watching her fuck another guy, a black guy.
I'll start at the begining. I met her in a bar of a hotel I was staying at. I was there for a job and would be there for a few months. She was a very attractive blonde an after we had talked at the bar for a few hours I asked her to my room. I was very surprised when she excepted. She was in no way a bar fly or even a... Continue»
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The theater an my first conscious cream pie

This is a true story of the first time I knowingly ate my first creampie.
I met this girl in a bar. She started flirting with me right away. I bought her a drink an we chatted a bit. She said she had just broken up with her husband and was kinda sad. I was new in town and we talked about a few different things and had a few drinks. She was definitely a looker. She went to the bathroom an some guy came over to me to tell me what a slut she was. I guess he thought he was giving a stranger a friendly warning, I'm not sure but the results worked just the opposite. If she was a slut than I wanted... Continue»
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Cum Party

Cum Party
Hello my name is Hilary. My parents gave me this sissy name and I have lived up to it. I secretly dressed in our lodger’s lingerie from the age of 5. And whilst at boarding school where I was sent to make me more of a “man” I collected a stash of panties,bras,stockings etc. On Sundays we had to wear a kilt (I loved this) and I wore frilly panties underneath, a ladies silky blouse which passed as a shirt and a bra. I used to twirl the kilt around in a girly way. Once a teacher did see my panties but she just smiled. Later she took me to one side and said I could dress up in her flat ... Continue»
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A Career Change

Laura Marano bent over and took her boyfriend’s cock up her ass for the third time that night. Lately, he’d been obsessed with the brunette beauties bung hole. Not that she minded, after all, she’s been taking it up the ass since she was 14 but she would like him to fuck her pussy every now and then. This time it took him almost 40 minutes to fill her already dripping hole with his cum. After he finished, she went down on him and cleaned her ass off his softening cock and swallowed down what was left of his load. He looked down at her and asked her, “What are you slut?” Laura smiled and ... Continue»
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The Comfort Room

First, I need to acknowledge and sincerely thank dirtymindedmom who has so graciously allowed me to barrow her scenario and characters. I would suggest that you read her story, "Stroke Break" before you read mine below. That story will give you a much better idea than my attempt below.

I had spent more than an hour this morning; this is my first day of working for the company, with the pleasant HR lady. Jennifer is her name and she is kind of cute. She is relaxed, helpful, and pleasant. So we have just finished all the tax stuff, when she hands me what I find out later... Continue»
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Watching the Boys Part 15

"What are they doing out there?" I thought as I got up and walked
over to look out at the pool. What I saw made my cock grow instantly hard.

As I peered out into the sun drenched pool area, I saw the twin boys
Caleb and Jacob in a pile on a few of the square shaped padded lounge
chairs that had been pulled together to make a makeshift bed. The young
boys were wildly sucking each other off. Just a pile of wet young boy
flesh going crazy with lust as they sucked each other off in a wild 69

Leif was laying back behind the twins on the recliner, his face los... Continue»
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Long Tongues

Long Tongues

Hank moves in: I was being transferred by my company from state to state on the average of once every two years. When I moved into a rental home in Southern California, everything seemed normal at first. My neighbors, the Smiths, had a buffet lunch poolside as a “welcome to the neighborhood” party for me. That was when I met their twin daughters. Average girls, I remember thinking. Boy was I wrong.

Paige and Phoebe were both young slender teens with almost non-existent curves. They both wore braces and glasses. They were blondes with lovely tans. Their bright blue ey... Continue»
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Asian Delight: Principal's Orders (Gay)

I moaned as my hips went down to have my ass slap against strong thighs. The person below me pushed up to shove his big dick deeper into my little, Asian hole.

"Are we almost done, Principal Tark?"

"Not yet, Jesse." The black man below didn't pant like I did. He remained laying on the ground while his hands gripped my wrists. There was no escape from his thrusts that made my body tingle, mostly around the ass. "Your punishment isn't over until its course has been run."

I held in my moan while my short, black hair brushed against bare shoulders. My jeans and white shirt were ripped. U... Continue»
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Taxi Driver Fucks my d***k Wife fantasy story

We lived out in the countryside down a little cul de sac lane, our house stood at the very end just behind a small turning circle that was planted out with bushes.

C had gone out with friends for the evening dressed all in black. Black knee length suede boots, black skirt, black tights and a black jacket. She said she would be in around 12. She was 43, 5'5" shoulder length brown hair, blue eyes, slim figure, tiny bum, but nice 36C tits with big chunky nipples

When it got to about 12.30 I was not too bothered she was late and as I was getting tired I decided to head off to bed. I had just... Continue»
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My Fantasy Backfired On Me

My Fantasy Backfired On Me
It was a Friday night and after another hard week at work for both of us, we decided to go out to a restaurant for tea, and later go on to another pub to dance the night away. I pick my wife Cathie up from work at 5pm, and drove her home, so she could change. I asked her to wear something sexy and revealing tonight. She knows I like her to show off a bit when we go out. My gorgeous wife is very slim, with a fuck me now body to die for (38D-26-36). She has green eyes and brunette hair, and with a smile that melts me every time. We’ve been married now for 13 ... Continue»
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I thought I’d write this little story of a threesome we had last year. It had lots of good points and a few bad, but I thought this story might help couples in the future deciding wether enter into this way of life and share there wife with another man.

It all started about a year ago when I was researching men’s interest in bedding my wife. You see she is in her fifties now, but has the amazing body of a twenty year old, with a figure of 38D-26-36, yummy and dark hair, and with an intense need for sex. We’ve been married for o... Continue»
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Sometimes, I get really horny on Xhamster

Here is what happened today. I was feeling horny anyway, and then a guy with a serious cock caught my attention. This is what transpired.

Name changed to protect the innocently horny. It was all my fault ;-)

Modelmaven: 04. May 2016 at 12:45 p.m.
God, you look enormous.

Flyboy: 04. May 2016 at 12:45 p.m.
Haha hello to you too

Flyboy: 04. May 2016 at 12:48 p.m.
Your tits are huge!

Modelmaven: 04. May 2016 at 12:50 p.m.
Thanks. Haha, well... Continue»
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My Friend's Mom Part 2

The beginning to the story was to short so it's a blog

So my face is buried in Joan's soaking wet pussy and I hear Michelle say what's going on here

Now the story continues

I look up from Joan's pussy and I start to say something but nothing comes out of my mouth because Michelle is standing in the living naked with a smile on her face and her panties in her hand that I took from the hamper

She looks at Joan and say looks like you were right sweetie

I'm in total shock and don't understand what's going on and Michelle must of read my mind. She says relax Matt I've had a idea tha... Continue»
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Sam Stone unlocked the front door of the juke joint he owned along with his b*****r, Paul. The club was basically an old two-story farmhouse that had been converted for commercial use. It sat on the outskirts of a mid-size town in Mississippi. It was called JUGS. More than 90-percent of the patrons were Black men. All of the front of house staff were white women with big titties. Sam & Paul hired no one that had less than a D-cup.

JUGS had decent food and good drinks. There were usually games of dominoes and blackjack going on in one of the private rooms. Of course, people were gambling on ... Continue»
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Lessons (Chapter Two)

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

“Lessons” (Chapter Two)

Barbara sat by herself at the breakfast table, picking at a bowl of fresh fruit. Her toast and eggs sat on the plate, lukewarm at best. She hadn’t had much of an appetite after what had transpired between her and her personal fitness instructor, Adam, the day before. She didn’t regret the encounter as much as she assumed she would, but Barbara still felt conflicted.

Less than twenty-four hours had passed since she confided her marital problems to Adam; marital problems that were triggered by a... Continue»
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Left With Blue Balls

So Im a usual Craigslist surfer, I had a guy message me off one of my adds that seemed pretty interesting. He had a very similar build to me, a nice uncut cock like mine, bigger guy, hairy, he was basically me but about a half inch taller and just a few pounds heavier. We kik'd back and fourth for a few days and really hit it off. I mean like, I'm thinking we can be regular buds, he's not weird like 99% of the people I meet. Now, the one catch was he did have a boyfriend, but he was in a pretty long term relationship and was just looking to play outside a little bit, especially with another un... Continue»
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Kelly The Nurse

Twins Will and Walt Bookman were cowboys in their Blue Jeans, boots and hats. In Detroit, they stuck out like cats in a dog pound. Tall, tan, rugged and muscular, they keep to themselves as they worked on an assembly line. They walked to work and never strayed far from the boarding house where they shared a room.

They tipped their hats and spoke to the pretty Nurse in passing each day. They could tell she was much older and carried herself like a Lady. Her uniform, white, fresh and crisp as she walked with authority. The morning sun ga... Continue»
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Susan, Charles, and Danny

Susan had received a phone call, but Danny kept his distance, as he
suspected it was probably Charles, checking up on his Asian lover. The
hushed tones of the conversation told him they were probably up to
something, and a smile came to Danny's face.

Having never been jealous of their carrying on, the only thing Danny
always asked for was that he was allowed to be around when they were
playing like young lovers. It was so exciting for Danny to be able to
watch his Chinese wife with her legs up on Charles's shoulders, while the
big black man pounded her for what would seem like hour... Continue»
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