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My Bangalore hot Boss's wife Anal Ahaaaaaaa

Hi I am your Raj . I’m 24 years old and I’m here to share with you my long waited sex experience with my boss’s juicy wife, Lakshmi. She is 37 years old, sweet looking face, fair complexion and about 5’6″. I have been working in this office for about 10 months now and I saw her for the very first time in the very first month at office. She greeted me saying “Hello” and went inside. I also wished her back and got back to work.

She used to visit our office very often and the office set up is such that its just besides my boss’s house. Its in fact 2 buildings inside the same compound where one... Continue»
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The Marine's Wife

While she had never admitted it to him, after a few years of hints he began to get the idea that his wife had a desire to be spanked. On more than one occasion, she teased him during an argument with, “what are you going to do, spank me?”. The whole concept was pretty new to him, but when he could find the time, he explored a little on the web to better understand her kink. Just as with his military career, he took on all things with vigor and enthusiasm. He just wasn’t one to approach things half-assed and he wanted to fully understand what it was his wife desired, before he ever tried to att... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold and the Principal 2

Judy didn’t bother putting on her underwear and just put her skirt and blouse on. She went over and gave Principal Jefferson a kiss goodbye. It was no simple kiss they were virtually going at it again. When they finished Judy took my hand and lead me toward the door, she turned back and said, “we’ll see you tomorrow night” Principal Jefferson just smiled back.

We got into the car and it was now dark out and there was only one other car in the lot, which I assume was the principals. Before we could drive, Judy looked at me and smiled and said, “ I hope you enjoyed it, I’ve been hoping you wo... Continue»
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New Bra

It was my usual Friday outing into town to do my weekly shop, I started in the supermarket buying my vegatables and meats along with the necessities of life my favourite bottles of wite wine, with my shopping done and packed neatly in a carboard box I walked back to my car where I deposited them in the trunk, then it was back to the mall where I wondered from shop to shop window shopping for nothing in parcular.
I saw the sign for the toilets and walked down the alley way into the ladies, several woman both young and no so young were at the sinks washing their hands after using the toilets, t... Continue»
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First meeting

We had discussed meeting for some time but it never had come into being, but now was the chance and today was the day. Chris had decided she would meet me, just for coffee, and I was sitting in a café just off the main street wondering if she would turn up. We had chatted for quite some time on a porn site, and had some fun on webcam, she had a body to die for 42 but didn’t look it, curvy in all the right places and a classy look about her. I watched the door intently waiting and hoping, eventually in she walked looking fantastic, he was wearing heels, what I hoped were stockings, knee length... Continue»
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Can I Borrow Your Phone - An Adult Story

was out of town making some sales calls. It had been a long day on the road. I pulled over to get a six pack to bring back to my room. I was staying on the 7th floor. I walked passed the tourist in the lobby. I smiled at the front desk girl as she waved to me. I just shook my head when I saw a big crowd of people walking down the hall toward me. There must be a big convention staying at the hotel. Most of the people were in business suits as they walked passed me. I was in some tan pants and a white button down shirt. I had some brown sandals on.

I had my cold six pack in one hand as I... Continue»
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Wet Wipes - An Adult Story

Wet Wipes

A Golden Shower

Shugar Lips

Same Story Written with 3 different Middles and Endings

The Same characters with 3 different outcomes to a story

Trying something Different

Hope everyone likes



I just graduated a few weeks ago. My parents were trying to get me out of the house more. I had studied hard the last few months before the end of school. I got some money for graduating. Now I did not have to get a job until the end of Summer. Most of my friends had to get a Summer job right away. It kinda of sucked not hanging out with them now. I staye... Continue»
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What's a young guy to do? - An Adult Story

It was the first hot day in a very long time. I had only been at my friend house for ten minutes. Paul Thomas lived down the street from my house. I was more than happy to come over, when he called earlier. Paul was cool. We had a few classes together in high school. He was into video games and his computer. I was into working out and being on the football team. Before I forget, Paul had the hottest Mom around. She was to die for. I would do anything to come over and try to see her.

Missy Thomas was about 5ft 4. She had a huge round ass the size of Kim K’s or on par with J’... Continue»
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Born to Be a Girl: M***rs' Choice

DISCLAIMER: This story is solely a work of fiction. Any similarities between people living or dead is purely coincidental. No a****ls were harmed in the writing of this story.

Are you familiar with those stories where the f***r raises his daughter as his son, because he is desperate for at least the appearance of a male heir? This is one of those stories, only, it isn't.

My m***r had already raised a son, birth to adulthood, when she became pregnant with me. She was determined to have a girl, come hell or high water. My m***r, by the way, essentially ruled our household. When I was b... Continue»
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My Hidden Sexual Fantasy

(Disclaimer: I was at one time darkviperministry on xhamster. that account is now dead. so this story is originally mine, and I have made a few edits to the story. So I am not stealing the story.)

I was playing a video game on my Xbox 360, and i was having fun. But as I was playing, my apartment door got knocked on. I open the door, and in walks two hot looking girls. One was named Lace and the other one was named Carrie. Well, it was nice to see them again. Carrie was a skinny girl, definitely a young MILF, and had lovely B-Cup tits, for her frame. Lace was a sexy looking BBW. She ... Continue»
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Clare tells how her b*****r fucked her tight arse

Clare tells how her b*****r Merlin fucked her arse

I have three b*****rs all older than me, I would go to school with Merlin the youngest of them, he was a few years older than me, for some reason mum would make me wear stockings to school although I was the only girl there that did, I didn’t mind to much because I was nearly a teenager, even at that age I loved to have my skirt as short as possible and didn’t care if the teachers or boys got to see my school knickers.

Merlin would walk to school with me and every now and then he would put his hand up my dress and grab my bum giving it a... Continue»
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And Her s****r Makes Three

My partner, Sue, and I have been together for a year living on our own in comfort in a large detached house on the coast near Salcombe.

In our forties we're both on our second relationships and have a great time living life to the full enjoying our common interests of sailing, walking, eating, drinking and socialising. Better still our sex life is fantastic and we fuck ourselves silly. Until recently I thought it couldn't get better! That was until her younger s****r, Anne, came to stay after breaking up with her hubby.

At first I wasn't too keen on the idea and felt she would be an intr... Continue»
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builder fucks milf

This is a true story i am a builder in my mid 30 and recently work for a couple in there late 40 early fifty's who were renovating a second home the wife Lesley was fairly good looking but nothing special she was around 5 6" and average build with blonde bobbed hair.When i went to look at the job i met lesley at the specified time and had a look round i followered her upstairs and realized she had a nice arse she was dressed in tight slacks which made her arse her best feature i could not help but look and i think she caught me. On this visit she keep flirting with me but not in an obvious way... Continue»
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Policewoman And Her New Lesbian Lover

Last Friday I was still in my police uniform when Gretchen’s motorcycle roared as she drove into my driveway. My 43 year old new found lesbian lover had arrived and I knew I was in for a long passionate night. I had become bi-sexual after my divorce, I wanted to try women and found out I preferred the tender lovemaking and soft body of a women. I had no problem attracting women, I knew I was still hot for a 34 year old, I had the large body of a full figured Scandinavian women, I am six feet two with long blond hair, and a pair of large 36C breasts. My long legs and physically fit body had ple... Continue»
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Working Late at the Diner

I am working the night shift late, at Amy's, a dank seedy diner on the wrong side of town. I sigh, as I look past my reflection in the dirty window glass to see the rain. Trevor loves the rain. I think sadly to myself. I wonder what he is doing while I toiled away at this job. I sigh and then my eyes narrow as they see my reflection in the glass. Ralph, the diner's owner has just issued us new uniforms, again. The top cut so low that my ample breasts were straining to get out. I turned to see the back is high enough, that my blue satin panties peek out, when I move my hips. I grumble, as I pul... Continue»
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Vodka Rocks Surprise

One warm summer afternoon, a long time ago, I found myself wandering off to the local supermarket. It was good to get out of the flat and into whatever gentle breeze was on offer by way of fresh air. I didn’t want much. Which was just as well because I couldn’t afford much. My dole money was enough to cover the basics, but little else. Fortunately we tend to eat less in warm weather.

Three years of working hard at university had earned me a respectable degree, which, bolstered by the proverbial rose tinted optimism, I had assumed would serve to neatly shoehorn me into me a decent job. Bu... Continue»
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summer at home! pt3

What's it look like we did Bethany K asked sarcasticly! Are you upset I got a peace of your man? No mom but your married to his father that's cheating. Oh come on Beth it can be are little secret right Dallas! Yes K, right Bethany Okay fine. What is smell mom oh shit I bet the dinner is burnt better go check I told her. So she got up and ran to the kitchen, Dallas what are where you think Beth said as she walked over to me. Look I know it's kinda wrong but two sexy women wanting me in this house I'm not going to just not bang them. Look Dallas she said no one wants you with a smile, yeah righ... Continue»
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My Business Trip

As an IT sales executive, I get to travel a lot. Sometimes, it is visiting other states whilst other times, it is visiting other cities in my own state. This story recounts what happened on one such trip.

It was early May. After chasing a meeting with a particular customer for almost three months, I was excited when the IT manager finally said yes. I quickly put my laptop into my car and drove the 54 miles to his office. The meeting was scheduled for 1pm but I go there by 11am. With 2hrs to waste, I decided to visit a cafe and have some breakfast. I had a wonderful breakfast washed down wit... Continue»
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Had to keep up with our standard of living pt2

Even though Linda was raking in some serious cash, we had a little catching up to do. One of our depots had had to let a good few people go and as it was coming into holiday season they were now experiencing staffing issues. There was a memo that went round at work offering a better rate so they could get the cover they needed. I called Linda straight after reading the memo to suggest that I go for it. There was agood incentive to go down that Thusday and stay down ther for the 18 days they needed cover, making a little hay while the sun finally shone our direction ever so slightly. Linda took... Continue»
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Wifes Holiday Party

As the holidays rolled around, I was looking forward to taking my wife
to her companies Christmas party. It meant a night out with her all
dressed up, and a night in of tasting her sweet pussy since our two
k**s were with f****y for the night.

Mary is a knock-out. 37 years old, two k**s, yet a nice 5'2" frame with
115 pounds on it. She has 36D's, which I love to suck. She is rather
modest, though, and has never really been wild at sex. I enjoy it when
it happens, but it always consists of me eating her out before fucking
her. Since she tastes so good I can't really complain, but she ... Continue»
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