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sissy, slut chat

me: just got out of the tub where I pissed into my mouth and drank it and pissed all over my face and body, now I dripping and tasting my pee and love it

Sent at 10:15 AM on Sunday

Candy: U are a lucky slut

me: i was thirsty

Candy: I am thirsty too...

me: do what i did

i love it

my other fave is peeing into the baby bottle and drinking it from nipple

Sent at 10:19 AM on Sunday

Candy: I m going to toilet for licking piss like a dog ..u want pics??

Sent at 10:21 AM on Sunday

me: yes

we both be sissy piss drinking sluts

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Friend's Dad is a cowboy and fucks me hard fo

I could tell he liked me and I definitely liked him. Each time Mr. Miller's eyes danced across my body, a shiver would enter my pussy and make my nipples stiff.
He would occasionally brush by me and touch my ass or breasts. Sometimes if he were standing behind me, he'd find a reason to rub himself on my backside discretely so his daughter and son wouldn't notice.

It was two-weeks into our visit at Stacey's Dad's ranch before her dad made his move on me. Mr. Miller was a hardened and very attractive ranch owner. He had a long thick black mustache that was there "long before it was cool ag... Continue»
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Sister Helen

I got a summer job at the local church helping with office duties for camp and daycare.

It was only the second day and I had been given an office to use right next
to s****r Helen, when I first heard a little noise, so walking over to the
door and before I just walked in I took a peak, and I saw s****r spanking
this real pretty boy. She had his underwear off & his ass was bright red.

I must admit that it got me really horny, and hoped that wouldn't happen to me because I had been wearing panties under my clothes. I felt a twitch and a leak of pre cum & I went back to the office & jerk... Continue»
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My Buddy And The Sisters (True Story)

Amy is the one on top

Tracy is the one on bottom

Brent and I met many people in out apartment building during college most of who we partied with except one girl I met named Amy who was twenty years old at the time. Out of all the girls I met most of which I could have probably had if I wanted there was always something about Amy that made me crazy. Amy lived a couple floors up from me and she was the quiet, sweetheart type who would do anything for anybody but af... Continue»
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my new next door neighbour

The road I live in is a no through road that houses around 20, everyone knows everyone apart from me, I don't know them they don't know me, I like it that way, the house next to mine had been empty for about 2 weeks the last time I checked, I didn't really take much notice until one day, this day, a Sunday I did notice, I was looking out the window one day when I saw a girl walking up the pathway to the door, she was the hottest girl I had ever seen, ever, she was probably in her 20s tiny but busty and way out of my league, she was perfect, a few days later she knocked on my door saying sh... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #1 iCarly: One Night Part 5

iCarly/Victorious: Who I Did On My Summer Vacation Part 5
by ProfNigma

Freddie woke up, startled as he inhaled some hair, but his freak out instantly ended when he looked down at Jade, fast asl*ep on his chest. Apparently, she had slipped on one of his button up shirts during the night, but didn't bother to button it up. Something about this sight made him feel something really spectacular- he wondered if he might actually be in love with Jade... he'd never felt this way with anyone but Sam.

Freddie kissed the top of her head, which prompted her to slowly awaken, nuzzling her fac... Continue»
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His Wife

She looked so sexy as she knocked on the door. He looked at her and knew she wanted to be fucked. She wore a tight top with no bra and her full tits and big nipples were pushed against the fabric. She was here to see his wife and that was a lame excuse as she knew his wife was at work. He was going to give her what she wanted as he was getting very little sex since he knocked his wife up. His cock got hard just looking at the horny woman. She was married to his best friend and now he was going to stick his cock in her holes and fuck her like she has not been fucked in a long time. He pulled he... Continue»
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Apartment whirlpool- another couple

Jennie and I are both 26, we met and married in college. She’s a marketing executive now and I’m in corporate finance. We’re living in an apartment so we can save for a down payment on our first house. The complex has all the amenities; pool, clubhouse etc. We like to sneak into the clubhouse in the wee hours and use the whirlpool when we are all alone. Sometimes we see another couple coming down the hallway and we have to quickly grab our clothes and head to the changing rooms.
One evening we were in the whirlpool al alone and we had just finished a great round of oral sex. We heard the outs... Continue»
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First real Girlfriend

1991 great times I was 21(young dumb and full of cum), hair bands were at the top of the charts, and one very lucky guy cause I had Jessica as a Girlfriend. Jessica was a 20 year old bisexual I said very lucky!

She was 5 foot 5 around 120 pounds, red hair ( natural) but died it a deeper red for effect, nice red lips the kind you like to watch sliding over and up and down your cock, or licking and sucking your pussy. Jessica's tits were medium about c cup not hard saggy but soft and plump they moved perfectly when she walked and rode me hard. He waist was small nice... Continue»
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My Job in Lingerie shop Part 4

juicypantys's Blog
visit to sex shop in Coppenhagen Part 5
As I entered the apartment Ingrid came out to greet me
She was wearing a one piece bkack open crotch pantys and open bra with her big tits jutting out and her nipples were erect
Oh Ann darling did you have a good time??
As I told her about all my lovely fucking she was feeling my cock in my pantys
My daughter Mia is in the sitting room wigh her young b*****r Maerc
Come in and meet them they will love you she giggled
I peeped into the sitting room Mia was lying on the settee in a tiny black mini skirt
and a black blouse .Her b*... Continue»
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My landlady and Lodgers sex Part 1

My first job I stayed in a guesthouse in Brighton
Diane the landlady was a big tited blonde 40 yrs old and I was 18
Diane wore very short mini dresses with stockings and suspender belt
I was just starting the fucking scene and had mainly fucked young schoolgirls
I found myself watching Diane all the time and when she bent over I got a clear view of her lacy see through pantys. She had a bushy cunt and a lovely tight arse. My cock hardened every time I saw her
An older guy about 50 used to leer at her and tell me he would love to fuck her.
Their vwasv a young girl at work Amy who was al... Continue»
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College life 6

Tuesday after Labor Day, it was back to class after a really great weekend.
I wanted to catch with Corey to see how his night went with his new
roommate but knew it could wait. Kris and I parted ways for our first
class but did meet up like we normally did to go to our one class together,
history, after the first one. Like normal, I was in charge of taking notes
while Kris did his own thing in the large auditorium like classroom. We
ate together after class to fill our growling stomachs before venturing
back to the dorm.

I was so curious now to see how things were developing bu... Continue»
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mfm-Daddy and Uncle, outdoor sex

"What're you two doing back there?" Uncle Billy said as he adjusted the rear view mirror to get a better look.
"Oh, Uncle Billy, we've got a very wet pussy back here." replied my dad as he dipped his thick fingers into my pussy juices, pushed past my clit and plump pussy lips, sticking his middle finger into my hole.
I sighed and opened my legs farther for him.
This wasn't the first time my father and I had fooled around in the past month since he'd been let out of jail but it was the first time he'd touched me. It was so hot and so wrong, which made it even hotter. Previously, the first... Continue»
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A Buddy And Me Fucking A 1st Time Twink (True)

When I first moved to college with my friend Brent we ended up living in the same apartment building which was nice cause we partied all the time and very quickly got to know most of the other people in the building who were also going to school. The first year was amazing and then most of the building ended up moving out because they had graduated and the new students moved in. It was nice getting to meet new girls and guys every year when the old ones moved out. Brent and I's apartments became the places to hang out and party an... Continue»
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Daddy in her ass

Daddy smacked my ass as we kissed, me straddling his lap in a chair.
Each time I jumped and rubbed my pussy on him harder.
"I'm glad you like that" He smacked me again.
"Daddy" I whispered in ecstasy.
"get up" he insisted, his tone changing from horny into horny disciplinarian. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and shoved me to the bed, bending me over. His first blow to my behind came as a surprise. I gasped and tried to stand, he pushed me back over and smacked me again. I started to get angry and the blows kept coming. He stopped after five or six and pulled down my shorts and und... Continue»
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My Sister Getting Fucked Under A Blanket

My name is Zach and I am s*******n years old. I live with my mom, dad and my s****r Taylor who is a year younger then I am. Taylor and I are two different people and sometimes I really wonder if there is anyway we could be related. I am more of a quiet, keep to myself kind of guy who hates confrontation and sometimes I will even admit I let people especially my best friend Will take advantage of that fact. I have know Will since we moved into the neighborhood many years ago he lives a couple houses down from us and just turned eighteen a couple weeks ago so to him he is an "Adult" even though ... Continue»
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Carly, Katie and Mr. Woody

Carly & Katie

Chapter 1

When she pulled her pussy off my cock, it sucked from me the last spit of cum I had to offer.

"Thank you sir,” she said. "I really liked the lesson, can we do another tomorrow?"

Her hairless pussy was winking at me. How fucking incredible.

"Sure we can" I said, "I love fucking that little cunny of yours." she giggled and my cock throbbed. After lowering her skirt she picked up her schoolbooks and went to the door. With a slight turn back to me she said, "I love the way you thrust into my cunny, I... Continue»
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Last weekend my parents had anniversary of their marriage. 30 yrs together.

They invited me for a little celebration, some steaks, beer, vine and talk at our garden.
Everything was fine, we were chatting and laughting but when was getting late and my parents more and more d***k, they started behave more seductively.

It was getting cold so mum went to home for a sweatshirt, when she come back I noticed that she doesn't have bra and her nipples are getting harder.

Mom was flirting with dad, smiling to him,touching his ass and arm so I realised they wanna be alone.
I got up and left th... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 4

When we got home after our session with the Maddisons we were all pretty tired. Mum and dad went off to bed. I crawled into mine and went into a deep sl**p. None of us emerged until well into the next morning.

I was up first and was in the kitchen getting some breakfast when mum came in. She was in her usual silk dressing gown, her hair messed up and looking rather bleary.

"Morning," she said quietly and started making herself a cup of tea. She didn't look at me and I was worried she might be mad at me, or at herself for what happened last night at the Maddisons.

"You OK mum?" I asked... Continue»
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My Job in Lingerie Shop Part 5

NOTE sorry Part 4 was accidently listed as a post blog but it is listed on my profile page
Hope you enjoy it Ann xxxx

I was resting in my black lacy crotchless pantys and open cup black lacy bra suspender belt and
Black stockings on the bed as my customer had left satisfied
My boss came in Ann well done you were so horny on stage they guys were wildly wanking
through out your performance
You appear to have really enjoyed your special customer he said smiling as he looked at the cum stained sheets beneath my panty clad arsecunt
As a special present I am giving you tonights ou... Continue»
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