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Scally lad Mark and me

Although my parents are encouraging me to do well and hang round with their sort of people i.e. snobs and goody goodys that read the Guardian I have been hanging round local scallys and chavs and last week in the pub there was just me and Mark that was left when the rest had gone. Mark is looking fucking fit in roughed up old adidas trackies, and fake lacoste top. By the end of the night a few beers had been sunk and he was telling me about all the times that him and his mates had broken into garages and nicked booze and jewellery and how they nicked a car haha and it ended up with me and Mark... Continue»
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Mature ladies Trinidad & Tobago trip

Mature wife and her best friend (Elaine) went for a 10 day trip to Trinidad & Tobago, mainly Tobago though. They thought about relaxing, sun, sand, drinks on the beach to totally de-stress! First couple of days they did that, felt fantastic. On day 3 they met Anil, a tall young very black man (he joked that his relatives must have been from darkest Africa), he was fun to be around. Ladies enjoyed his energy, they travelled together to catch different sites and have some good laughs.

Both ladies couldn't help but notice he seemed to appreciate their curvy, mature, big breasted figures. Elai... Continue»
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Photographer's dream assignment - part 1

It was my first home assignment of the Summer, since placing my new advert for female amateur models in the Midlands Model Guide.

I arrived well in advance of my appointment time and sat outside Jessy's house, nervously anticipating the day ahead. After a few messages and a couple of chats we had arrange a day-long shoot, chronicling "A day in the life of 'Miss'" for this hot young school teacher. Having seen a few pictures from various holiday and home shoots she had done it was my turn to get behind the camera and, in her words, "make me happen". I couldn't wait...

As I rang the doo... Continue»
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Muslim Cock - Supada Effect

Name of the theory: Theory of “Muslim Cock Supada”

While fucking the penis moves in and out of the vagina. There are two types of movements that are involved in this process. Forward jerk or pushing the penis into the vagina and backward jerk which means pulling the penis backwards. So there is backward and forward (to and fro) movements involved during a sexual intercourse.

The ‘edge of muslim... Continue»
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evry day

Every Halloween my wife and I go to a private party thrown by one of her friends. Nan is a lady my wife met several years ago and after they discovered they both are into cuckolding they became best friends. The only thing Man's husband Mike and I have in common is we are both cuckolds. He is an I.T. guy and I own a automotive repair shop. They live in a hootie tootie gated community and my wife and I live in a nice older neighborhood.

Each year Nan gives away an award for the best costume and my wife wants to win it. We have fallen short every year so far but this year my wife has a sure f... Continue»
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a surprise for Geraldine

”You are WHAT?” she jelled, because she was getting really angry.
“I am going Hong Kong for one or two, max three weeks, because the company needs me there, you know how it works, Geraldine..”
Geraldine was breathing so hard that her nostrils were visibly moving a bit. But Paul was cool as ever.
“But don´t worry, Hun ,I took the time to arrange something...special for you...”
He said it casually. It worked. As it usually did, in situations like this. His wife lowered her shoulders a bit. Her mouth formed a big O.
“ it..this time?…
“A surprise” he said and kissed her on the foreh... Continue»
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Just for Polly

Polly goes shopping.
It's a bright day in the characterful city of Norwich. Polly's bored and decides that she needs some retail therapy. It's only going to be a normal visit to the shops but, being the slut that she is, knickers are discarded and a more sober beige jacket covers a purple embroidered t-shirt. No pin striped Bowler hat, with a donkey jacket, yellow fireman trousers & flippers. She also decides against a bra, it's a nice day, and she'll like the feel of her small but beautifully formed breasts pressing against the t-shirt. Subdued make-up done, she's ready for the off.
C... Continue»
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Phase One (1 of 3)

She sent me the message to come over for some fun. She was middle aged with a beautiful face and a lovely figure. We had met only once before and I could barely control myself around her. I arrived at her apartment and we exchanged pleasantries before heading into the bedroom. I told her I had an idea of a 3-phased encounter. My pleasure, her pleasure, then mutual pleasure. She pondered very briefly and agreed. She was submissive by nature so she said she was fine with me controlling what happened. This made me quite happy, so I began.

"OK, the first phase is my pleasure. Remove all your c... Continue»
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Sex At Work

I'm not really into sex fiction, but I've found a couple I've saved from an old phone and pasted these into here to share with you all. I've wanked off reading this many times over the years, so please let me know what you think.


I work on the second floor of a three-story building. My office has windows but my view is mainly our own parking lot and a warehouse on the other side of a line of very tall bushes from our company. The view o... Continue»
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My time with Chav Scally Mark

Although my parents are encouraging me to do well and hang round with their sort of people i.e. snobs and goody goodys that read the Guardian I have been hanging round local scallys and chavs and last week round the back of Costcitter was just me and Mark that was left when the rest had gone.
Mark is looking fucking fit in roughed up old adidas trackies, and fake lacoste top. By the end of the night a few ciders had been sunk and he was telling me about all the times that him and his mates had broken into places and nicked booze and jewellery and and all sorts haha and it ended up with me and... Continue»
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Long weekend. Part 1 of 3 ( Fiction ) Bi, Trans

Long Weekend

It was Friday night and I needed to get out for a while. I headed to the Rave bar in town. It had been a long time since I had some Strange. When I got there the place was jumping and packed full. The night had a wild energy in the air and these people came to party. The dance floor was packed and every time the club opened another section, it was quickly filled. All four of the speakers were loaded with dancers. The lower speakers were lit from the top and the girls dancing there had light shining up through their dresses, showing all of their wares. Anyone that was a r... Continue»
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Sāo Coquettish

Start forehead began to kiss, then the ear, nose, lips, tongue, chin, neck, chest, belly, around his penis, Tim Mao and inner thighs, and then add up the balls from below. Sucking his balls, preferably two together into his mouth. Suck enough, then slowly add up from below the penis. Around the glans, then f***ed to suck it suck it, suck him Jiaochuang. . . (Listen to their own kind of man Jiaochuang surprisingly rewarding) mouth mouth glans while the tongue do not idle, kept in the mouth circling around the glans. Lap two laps, hands do not idle, stop touching his testicles. The final step is... Continue»
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Wife looses a bet

Football season is one of my favorite times of the year. I usually have the guys over to watch the game and my wife is a perfect hostess. She serves up the cold beer and always has something to snack on. I was planning on having the guys over to watch a preseason game and I asked my wife if she would be our hostess? The guys always tip her and when she flirts the tips are bigger. She said she would do it but she wanted something sexy to wear. I have no problem with her dressing sexy in front of my friends in fact I've watched a couple of my buddy's on summer fuck her out beside our pool.

... Continue»
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Sniffing panties

I had to run errands for work yesterday afternoon but the company truck was not available. So my boss told me to use his wife's BMW (she is also our accountant). I grabbed the keys from her and drove off, while I was driving I noticed my Boss's wife's gym bag in the backseat she is 54 years old and I know she works out every morning trying to keep her nice firm ass in shape. During my errands I stopped by my house with her gym bag, I went through it and found a black pair of lacy panties, still wet and soiled with some creamy stains on the gusset. I took it to my nose and what a great scent it... Continue»
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Maa aur aunty ki chudai bete se hindi sex

Hi my name is satrunjay .me 20 year old boy hu.or me delhi uttam nagar east ka rehne wala hu. Meri height 5'11 or athletic personality hai. Mere ghar me meri maa ,papa, or sirf me rehta hu . Meri maa preity bahot hot or kamukh badan vali aurat hai. Maa ke doodh bade or sudoul hai jinhe dekh kar kisi ka bi khada ho jaye. Ab me kahani par ata hu last year october ki hai hm apne naye ghar me shift huye the sb kich naya tha . Thode din bad naye padosi se jan pehchan hui. Meri maa ki achi frndship ho gyi thi pados ki sudha aunty se sudha aunty dikhne me chubby or bahot hi gori thi. Vo hamare ghar r... Continue»
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The Captain

Every muscle in her body ached. She had been swabbing the deck of the large ship for several hours now. She desperately wanted a break, but knew that wasn’t an option until the sun set. The sun was hot and beat down mercilessly on her back, making her job harder.
“Would you care for a drink wench?” a sailor walked up to her with a jug of ale and a cup.
“What will it cost me?” she said, her voice, like her body tired.
The sailor laughed wickedly and made a motion to grab her, quite suddenly the captain arrived and the sailor took off quickly, no use in making the captain angry.
She ... Continue»
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The Wager

We are sitting on the couch watching the hockey game. My blue and gold men against your blue and white boys; we’d been teasing each other good naturedly about how only one team was superior and that one of us was gonna end up in tears at the end of the game.
“Lets make it interesting,” you say, “let’s put a little wager on the game.”
“What kind of wager?” I say nervously.
“Winner gets to do whatever he/she wants to the looser.”
I smile and look at the TV, my team is up by two goals, and I’m almost sure that I’m gonna win the bet.
“We need to seal the bet with a kiss.” You... Continue»
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Right after graduating highschool, I needed to make some serious money before going off to college. A friend of mine told me about a job at a camp. I was unqualified for the job when I applied but was surprised when I got the call for an interview. I drove out to meet with the manager of the camp. Her name was Karen. She was in her mid 40's, average body, very tan, not great looking, but had very nice legs. I came wearing dress pants, a short sleeve button shirt with a tie, and my best pair of dress shoes....only had one pair. I guess I was overdressed since Karen was wearing a purple T-shirt,... Continue»
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hotel meet

Another story part true part fantasy

hi all had a nice meeting last week. i was away on business which happens very infrequently so i planned to make the most of it. i was away with my boss for two days of meetings and one night in a hotel in Birmingham. anyway by the Thursday lunchtime the meetings were going so well i suggested i stay an extra night and take the guys out for drinks. he readily agreed so i quickly posted an ad on craigslist for later that night.

5pm rolled around and my boss left for the station whilst i headed to a city centre bar with 4/5 of the guys for drinks. as ... Continue»
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s*s coming home from the bar.

So the other night i was hanging out at home waiting for my s*s to come home from the bar. i was drinking myself and was expecting her to come home but she was much later than expected so she must have been up to something i was thinking. Finally at 2 am or so she comes stumbling in and i'm joking with her asking her if she got held up at a secret gang bang. i'm sitting right beside her talking and she stumbles over and i can see her pussy lips dangling from underneath her skirt. It wasn't uncommon for her to go out and do things with her pussy open so anyone could accidentally see it. so of c... Continue»
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