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As most readers can probably relate to I have fantasised about watching my wife with another man. We have come close a number of times but it has never quite happened. She has lap danced for a friend, admittedly with her clothes on but his hands were all over her tits and arse. She has danced nude with her friend in front of me and her friends husband. She has been naked with another couple and two men in a swimming pool having cream licked off her tits. Got off with another friend whilst me and her friends husband watched, but never have I been able to get it any further.
Her issue she say... Continue»
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I am a man, 60 years of age and sitting in an Adult Movie Theater and doing what the rest of the men here are doing. We are all watching some cutie on the screen getting fucked and playing with our cocks.

All of a sudden something catches my eye. It's a boy who I would guess is around 18 or 19 and he is wearing a raincoat and that puzzles me because when I came into the theater it was a beautiful day outside. He passes my row and heads for the back row.

You have to understand something about this theater. You enter through a door that is down by the screen and you have to walk up to th... Continue»
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A real surprise

I was checking my email one day, when I received an instant message. I didn’t know who it was, but figured I would say hi. We had been chatting for a while about life in general, then he started asking me about my sex life. After answering a lot of his questions, he sent me one that said I am a dominate top looking for a sub bottom to worship my cock. My jaw dropped when I read it. I wrote him back telling him he had the wrong person. He wrote back that he didn't think so and that I would make a nice sub slut. Then he sent me a few pictures. When I opened it I could not believe my eyes the fir... Continue»
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Adoption by Durango Dan

"What do you think she wants to see us about Johnny,"
my twin s****r Jodi asked me.

"I don't know but we will soon find out."

"I hope she didn't see us doing each other the other

"Nah, we were all alone in the house when we did that."

We came to the office door and walked into Mrs.
Hollister's office. She was the head of the orphanage
were Jodi and I lived since our parents were killed by
a d***k driver. There were 8 k**s that lived in this
old Victorian style home. We were what they called hard
to place because of our age. Jodi and I were 11 years
old. I... Continue»
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Teen Boy Eyes Mature 2

It was Wednesday just before lunch, a knock at the door stirred me from my computer opening the door a delivery driver blurted, and will you take a delivery for no12, yeah sure. He slid a large box across the threshold, careful it’s heavy! Can you sign here?
I had quite a bit of alone time since a week last Friday closing my eyes and recalling the events, mmm my cock was hardening again, just then the door knocker went again. Jo stood there card in hand, hi Martin you have a parcel for us, sure this is it here but it’s a bit heavy. I think its Dave’s new mower; I’ll ... Continue»
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Billy's Hot Mom by Anonymous PIXNIX Author

Chapter 1

Donna waggled her ass, moving her hands up and down her body.
Billy sat watching, his cock throbbing inside his pants, his
eyes big and round, glittering with excitement. The very long,
very slender legs of his mother moved snake-like as she turned and
danced slowly. Her ass bunched and relaxed.
Donna wasn't really a dancer, but she loved to dance this way
at home, privately, with only her son watching. She had a natural
sense of rhythm that was sensuous and arousing, her movements more
like fucking rather than dancing. ... Continue»
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Settling My Dad's Debt

My name is Madison and I am seven teen years old. I live with my dad in a small apartment and have since my mom left a couple years ago. Luckily enough I was able to get my looks from my mom, I have long red hair, blue eyes, some freckles on my face and like my mom my body developed faster than most girls. After my mom left it destroyed my dad but not in a usual way I guess. He decided he was going to do whatever and whoever he wanted and started going out to bars with his friends and going to casinos which I always told him was stupid since we didn't have much money after my parents divorced.... Continue»
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The Sailing Date - part 2

When Julie woke up the next morning she realized she would need something special to wear on her sailing date. She got online and opened her browser to the Wicked Weasel web site. She really liked how sheer the Mermaid fabric was and ordered a white Tri Top and matching Microminimus bottoms, both in a size small. This would be her ‘swimwear’. To cover this up, she got the white Nymph top and white Unchained mini skirt. She had been tanning in the nude all spring, so she had no worries about mismatched tan lines. She expected the white cloth to really pop on her bronze skin. She paid the... Continue»
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My Friend Lisa Fucking Me With A Strap On (True)

This is a true story of mine I thought I'd share with all of you. It was my first time getting fucked with a strap on. Its a shorter story but I hope you enjoy guys and gals.

My friend Lisa (Pic attached) has always been a close friend of mine that luckily I have been able to have sex with here and there. I have always thought Lisa was very sexy and the fact that she is kinda of kinky in bed was even better. This story is based on one sexual experience we had together that I will never forget. One Friday night Lisa and I were... Continue»
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Early morning fuck with Sarah, oh my.

I was sl**ping, woken up with my cell going off. Not the alarm but a phone call. I thought it be my wife who was out of town, but saw it was sexy hot Sarah. I picked up and talked to her. Sarah needed a lift, she was in the bad section of town without a ride. Got dressed and on my way I was. When I pulled up, I see her hot sexy legs, and that she was wearing a short dress skirt. Sarah was a white blonde chic, her dress being black....kind of look that gets you in trouble in this part of town. Once in the car, we left...she was thanking me and telling about her broken shoe heel. When we get bac... Continue»
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First time I tried it I almost bled to death, a Bic razor is useless, cuts down the base of my shaft and 7 or 8 on my sack, can you imagine trying to put band-aid on a scrotum
So Veet, jees that stuff burns, I looked like it had been napalmed lol, bright red sores and the pain well that's something else,
I really should have read the reviews first haha
this one had me in tears

Veet -- the Men Hair Removal Gel Creme (from hell) . . .
By John W. Osborne Jr. - 30 July 2012
After having been told my danglies (American: "dingle-berries") looked like an elderly rastafarian
... Continue»
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Dogging Sue

My wife, Sue, is a professional woman in her 40s. Although only 5ft 2ins tall she packs a lot of sexy body into that height. Blond hair, matched with deep brown eyes, a come to bed smile and 38dd tits make her a proper cock-magnet. However, until recently she had never gone over the side (or so she tells me).
This summer, however, that was to change. Our k**s had recently grown up and flown the nest and I noticed a discreet but very noticeable, increase in our sex life. Although never bad, it had been found wanting the last few years - be it pressure of work or, whatever, it could have been ... Continue»
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Cab Driver Found My G-Spot & Gave Me The Best

The year was 1985. I was walking on Third Avenue in New York City, probably going to the store for no good reason. It was a gorgeous day. On the corner, a cab stopped at the light. The car was free and the driver smiled at me as I passed in front of his vehicle. I couldn't help but notice how drop-dead gorgeous he was: exceptionally handsome face, long, raven-black hair. I was immediately attracted to him. I raised my hand to hail him down, and he pulled to the curb to let me in. I sat in the front seat. The sexual magnetism between us was break-the-Richter-scale material. I wasn't... Continue»
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Innocence taken: Part1

It was September, the day was bright and sunny as I woke up in bed to the sounds of mommy calling my name saying, "Hi there Tony... Good morning my little boy. Did you sle3p well?" I nodded my head as I stretched out my arms pulling the sheets aside to sit up on my bed and properly greet her. She then added, "... Were you a big boy last night? Did you go pee pee in your pull ups?... Let me see..." When I sat up on my bed the answer to her question became ever so clear as I felt the cold wetness of my pee inside the diaper. I bit my lip as I slowly lowered my pj pants and revealed my pee soaked... Continue»
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Freak in the street, Lady in the sheets.

Freak in the street, Lady in the sheets.

There's this female I know.. We used to talk back in the teen days.. Were close enough to be called a couple but it never went through. Years go by and I decide to rekindle what we had. It was awkward at first because I always knew she was a major bitch. Seemed very forward but I didn't mind it. She portrayed the image of “I'm a Boss Ass Bitch” type of girl. Did d**gs, partied, tattooed from head to toe, yet still very beautiful is an image she will continue to portray.. That is until she got tattooed on her face or something. I tried talking to her ... Continue»
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Mom Takes A Ride

Jean, his mother's younger s****r, arrived at the house
bright and early on Saturday morning.

"Hi squirt," she said. Rick didn't resent the slam it
was a nickname she had given him when he was born. At
the time, she was six and thought the name was cute.
They had always been closer than most nephews and
aunts, with a typical little girl thought process she
felt it was her duty to help take care of him. "Hi
Jean," his mother and he said in unison. "What's up?"
his mother added.

"Don't you two remember, you promised to help me take
some furniture out to the storage shed a... Continue»
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Two lucky Latinos get their cock sucked by me.

I was at my local ABS one weekend night in the summer. I had come there looking for some”seed”. I was a devoted cock sucker and love having it in my mouth and down my throat. The smell of a man’s nuts and body sweat as my mouth and lips pressed against his belly was such a turn on.

I was in an end booth down the first hallway. I have left the door unlocked and hoped someone would join. I sat there in the dark stroking my hard erect cock anticipating a partner to come in. As always shortly the door cracked open in opened and a young man entered. I glanced at him checking him out. He was a m... Continue»
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Brown butt witha good cock.

I was in Guam having come over from the Philippines. I was stationed there on temporary assignment and after fucking little brown machines each night this vacuum of sex called Guam sucked. I had went to the massage parlors and fucked Korean chicks in the ass but I was desperate for cock. I had wanted to hook up with a Filipino for a suck and fuck while in the P.I. but that never happened because of fear of being caught.
It was late in the downtown and I had left a bar walking back toward the base against the traffic. I had been around here long enough to know gay guys cruised this road lookin... Continue»
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Anal Piss Enema Sex with my wife

This occured 11/22/14, Saturday night, real story, no embelishment. We had this special night planned, my wife owed me one, and this is what I chose. She always likes me to talk about it before hand, and that started first thing in the morning while we were still in bed. I put my hand under the covers and slipped my fingers past the elastic band of her shiney blue panties (see them in this album -
My fingers slide right between her big fleshy cheeks straignt to her asshole. I poked my finger ab... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #15: Tamara-3

Tamara and I teach the three sweet sexy slaves a lesson of dear dedication

Tamara is a talented tasty teen and in full control of her pussy's muscles
Tasty teen Tamara succeeds in sucking some smoke of hot pot from my joint!

Tamara gets a special sexy tasty treatment in bed that sweet Saturday night
Tamara gets a creampie first which leaks all down to wet her tight sphinxter

Tamara is so horny hot and high she can not stop coming with all her might
Tamara milks my member by both her hot holy holes for my erotic explosions

Tamara sets an example for the three tasty se
... Continue»
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