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Als Sklave bei einem schwulen Paar

Schon seit langem träumte ich davon, einmal als Sklave dienen zu dürfen. Am liebsten wäre es mir bei einem älteren Pärchen (w+m) oder einem Freundespaar unter zu kommen. Auch ein einzelner Herr wäre denkbar, um auch meine ausgeprägten Bi Fantasien ausleben zu können.

Ich las sehr oft Kontaktinserate, oder gab selber welche auf. Allerdings kam es nie zu einem Treffen, da es in den meisten Fällen an Seriosität und Tabus mangelte. Da ich sehr auf Diskretion und Sauberkeit bedacht bin, und auch meine Tabus hatte, war es natürlich nicht leicht, diverse Kontakte zu knüpfen.
Ich glaubte sch... Continue»
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Becky The Teen Model

I arrived home and took the two bags of groceries from the car into the house and to the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen I noticed that the door to the back deck was open and my wife and her teen daughter Becky where out on the deck talking and laughing at something. I paid no attention and started to put away the groceries thinking about lunch. Then I heard two other voices besides my wifes and my step daughters. I stood in the open door and looked onto the deck. Two of Beckys best girlfriends were also out on the deck and from the laughter... Continue»
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Very hot faggot sucking bbc story i found and find

I had been fantasizing about sucking a big black cock for a long time.
Looking at websites and pictures on the net, mesmerized by the sight of black cock. I finally couldn’t take it any longer, I decided I needed to try sucking one. I went on the web and found a sight that listed gloryholes in the area. I posted a note asking which ones were frequented by black guys and if I would be able to find black cock. After a couple of days, I received a response from a guy who pointed out two movie theatres in the area that were frequented by blacks. He assured me I would find black cock there.He kne... Continue»
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A little about us. My wife and I have been married 20 years.
She was a virgin on our wedding night.
I started talking to her about me sharing her with other guys and maybe even a couple. First time I brought it up she was very upset with me. Thought I was not enjoying her anymore and I wanted an excuse to play around.
well I told her I know how much she enjoys sex and she had never experienced another male before. I thought she might want to. She said no I was all she wanted and had no thoughts of having another man.
at this point she had never seen another mans dick. Just from movies.... Continue»
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Grandma's Rituals 1

Its long but gonna make you cum like hell

On the king size bed in the privacy of their bedroom Alka was thrashing her body wildly while her husband was pounding his cock deep into cunt. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her cunt and knew that any moment he may spurt. As she lifted her legs and allowed his cock to penetrate deeper, giving a final trust her husband spent his sperm into her and being exhausted lay upon her crushing her on the bed. She liked it as it was on rare occasion that he fucked her, more so when he had planned to go on a tour. It was his way of telling ... Continue»
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Show me yours Ch 1

This particular series of incidents started 42 years ago (I’m now 49) and still continues to this day.
My parents had lots of friends, from work or previous neighbours they had kept in touch with, which meant that we were either visiting or being visited at least half of the weekends.
Now, to the point. One f****y who fell into this category were a couple from Birmingham and they had a daughter a year older than me and a son a year younger and these two were often caught up in my schemes.
It all started one weekend when we are staying at their house. Some silly argument came up between me a... Continue»
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Aunt Virginia

It was, I believe, within a week after my eighth birthday that my Aunt
Virginia looked in on me one night to see if I was sl**ping and ended up
giving me my first lesson in the joys of sex.

She was babysitting me and my s****r (who is a year and a half younger than
me), and was probably getting ready to settle in with her book. As it
happened, I was awake, and said something to her when she began to close the
door. I was, at the time, a little bit afraid of the dark.

When I spoke, she opened the door again and came to sit on the edge of my
bed. She asked me about my fear... Continue»
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shemale-история из юности

Это случилось еще в школе...

Я в те времена был "ботаником", наверное. И уж точно не хулиганом, таким пай-мальчиком.
Ну, а школа у нас была районная, особыми хорошими манерами там никто не отличался. И хулиганов хватало.

Как-то раз, после физкультуры я подзадержался в раздевалке. И когда уже собирался уходить, нос в нос столкнулся с местной "бандой", которые направлялись сюда по каким-то своим делам.
Естественно, пройти мне они не дали, а затащили обратно в раздевалку и начали на до мной прикалываться.
Потом, ни с того ни с сего. один снимает штаны и говорит мне:
- Давай, пососи
... Continue»
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Sercet sissy

My first day for college was a great day. I went to college to study chemistry. Little did everyone at college know that i was a secret lil sissy. I loved wearing very feminine clothing, stockings, heels, panties and dresses.

I met my teacher at college and her name was Mrs Vazquez and damn she was good looking a very beautiful women, she seems to be in her 20's. Her hair pulled back in a pony tail. She wore tall heels, a tight black pencil dress and she wore make up. God by looking at her i was hard as a rock and i felt weak by the presence of her almost like she mind controlled me. She... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-4

Jennifer celebrates her eighteenth birthday at our sex studio. At the eve of it she now knows how to kiss, lick, suck and come, even from severe spanking! At exactly midnight Professor Peter presents her his present. He shows her his sexy surprise in the studio. An ingenious soft suspension machine is hidden behind blue velvet cloths. It offers a free low swing or full restraint and maximum access in many possible positions, which Petra demonstrates at Jenny's wish. It inspires a second wish of Jenny. Petra concedes under two conditions, which Jennifer gladly accepts.

The apparatus... Continue»
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эксперименты в стиле транс-бдсм 2

Моя подруга была очень креативной личностью
И если уж ее что-то заинтересовывало, то идеи неслись одна за другой.
Мой случай был из этого числа. сколько времени она потратила на то, чтобы подбить меня на этот безумный эксперимент.
И теперь видя первые результаты, ее просто понесло. Она предлагала уже какие-то фантастические проекты и строила планы. Я уже даже идеи потерял.

Гулять в таком виде я наотрез отказался.
И пока, что мы просто сидели на кухне и потягивали мартини, я был в своих мыслях.
а она генерировала планы.

И пока я разбирался в своих чувствах, она кому-то позвонил
... Continue»
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Bondaged and fucked at a hospital: Pt 3

It's my third day at the hospital and I learned something new today. The pills they had been giving me to "ease the pain", were mixed with other ones and I hadn't known about it until this morning. These other pills had secret side effects which were only used for "different" medical needs and they seemed to slur my speech making it hard to understand what I was saying. At first I thought that it was for a short period of time but I after an hour of attempting to speak it only seemed to get worse. 

Another nurse walked in who wasn't Lisa and I wanted to ask her about my condition, but as I ... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #22: Jennifer-3

Jennifer learns a lot more about love during the eve of her eighth birthday. The hours fly by. At exactly midnight Professor Peter congratulates Jennifer: Finally old enough to try anything you'd fancy, sweetheart. Let me offer you my surprise present to you. I hope we will make you with Petra's help very happy and hot in my sexy suspension machine.

Jennifer is an innocent inexperienced teen when we host her at the eve of her eighteenth birthday for a full weekend at our sex studio to answer any questions she has about making love. She first meets my granddaughter Petra who is only e... Continue»
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Girlfriend Strip Club


It was the summer of 2011 my girlfriend Stacy and I were visiting some of her f****y in New Jersey.
Stacy was always a super sexual girl, we had threesomes with other girls before but never with another guy
and it was always something we wanted to try next. During our vacation we spotted a strip club not far from where we were staying. Stacy was always up to see tits so at the first opportunity we were there. The girls
at the this club are so much more attractive than the local club girls from our area. We both got lap dances and Stacy made out with a couple girls, it was a go... Continue»
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Episode 45 - Jenny on the Farm

Manchester Airport
The usual interminable wait in the baggage pickup area, Jenny standing, waiting, looking for some talent, miles away day-dreaming of her Great Dane Toby – all that lovely cock stretching her wide.

A hand on her side, a cock pressing into her backside: “Hope you liked the Tribute, Babe”.
Jenny melted into the black Co-pilot’s arms – he had cum all over her tits, in First Class, while she was asl**p – now she wanted him properly: “Don’t tell anyone” he whispered in her ear “I sent our photo to a mate in Security, and he wants you too. See you soon” and he was gone... Continue»
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One pleasant afternoon a beautiful yet sexy woman was walking down the trail near the in the woods.Heading to her relatives few acres away from her home.To pay a visit.Whom she hasn't meet for ages.Her name is Isabel.She is very pretty at 27,smart and most of all sexy.With her stature,no one would think she is still a virgin. Isabel paused for a while,taking her time off admiring the beauty of nature. The blooms of the wildflowers.Gasping, she touched the blooms and eagerly nudged her nose to them enjoying their refreshing smell,even in the mid afternoon.
From the oth
... Continue»
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Julie's mischievous desires - The End

Julie’s mischievous desires – The End

--------- Chapter 19

Linda wore nylons and a garter belt under her mid-thigh length skirt, her cunt was naked and exposed. She laughed as she d****d her legs over her Mark’s shoulders and pulled his face tighter to her pussy. She was glad Rick hadn’t fussed when Julie threw herself at him…it could have gone so badly…she knew from experience.

Mark had told her what they had planned for their father once they got in the kitchen…they had been watching from the doorway as Julie first sat in her father’s lap and then on th... Continue»
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Dog Day Afternoon

Her cunt was stretched beyond any limit it had been before. The dog's knot had at last been pushed into her, past her tight lips and beyond the muscle of her opening. The slightest movement of either her or the dog sent new waves of pleasurable thrill through her system and made sure she climaxed over and over.
The dog heaved one last time and, if it was at all possible, shoved the huge purple weapon further into her and through the neck of her womb. A deep pain immediately told her that he had gone further than anything else before. It subsided only to be replaced by the sudden hot rush of... Continue»
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Running naked in front of Jerry

Jerry and I used to meet at a local park in Sacramento late at night. Jerry loved to see me naked. Many times he would walk over to my car and demand that I strip and walk over to his car totally naked. I would comply ... removing all my clothes except my running shoes. I have a runner's body ... having run several marathons. And I keep running now.

If other cars were in the park, obviously other guys, Jerry would invite them to park behind him car to watch a "naked guy" walk through the parking lot over to his car.

Sometimes, there were two or three cars lined up for the show.

... Continue»
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My Teachers Love Me

This story is not made up and actually happened. I was in grade 10 and my law teacher was incredibly busty and had the biggest tits my virgin eyes had ever seen. She had massage cleavage showing everyday and it turned me into a staring, drooling cave man. The best part was that she knew what she was doing to me. She would bend over in certain angles to only flash her cleavage to me. Sometimes I would zone out while staring at her tits and I wouldn't even notice that she was smiling and giggling at me. So one day I thought Id thought Id return the favor. Law was my last class of the day. When t... Continue»
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