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Policewoman And Her New Lesbian Lover

Last Friday I was still in my police uniform when Gretchen’s motorcycle roared as she drove into my driveway. My 43 year old new found lesbian lover had arrived and I knew I was in for a long passionate night. I had become bi-sexual after my divorce, I wanted to try women and found out I preferred the tender lovemaking and soft body of a women. I had no problem attracting women, I knew I was still hot for a 34 year old, I had the large body of a full figured Scandinavian women, I am six feet two with long blond hair, and a pair of large 36C breasts. My long legs and physically fit body had ple... Continue»
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builder fucks milf

This is a true story i am a builder in my mid 30 and recently work for a couple in there late 40 early fifty's who were renovating a second home the wife Lesley was fairly good looking but nothing special she was around 5 6" and average build with blonde bobbed hair.When i went to look at the job i met lesley at the specified time and had a look round i followered her upstairs and realized she had a nice arse she was dressed in tight slacks which made her arse her best feature i could not help but look and i think she caught me. On this visit she keep flirting with me but not in an obvious way... Continue»
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Vodka Rocks Surprise

One warm summer afternoon, a long time ago, I found myself wandering off to the local supermarket. It was good to get out of the flat and into whatever gentle breeze was on offer by way of fresh air. I didn’t want much. Which was just as well because I couldn’t afford much. My dole money was enough to cover the basics, but little else. Fortunately we tend to eat less in warm weather.

Three years of working hard at university had earned me a respectable degree, which, bolstered by the proverbial rose tinted optimism, I had assumed would serve to neatly shoehorn me into me a decent job. Bu... Continue»
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Working Late at the Diner

I am working the night shift late, at Amy's, a dank seedy diner on the wrong side of town. I sigh, as I look past my reflection in the dirty window glass to see the rain. Trevor loves the rain. I think sadly to myself. I wonder what he is doing while I toiled away at this job. I sigh and then my eyes narrow as they see my reflection in the glass. Ralph, the diner's owner has just issued us new uniforms, again. The top cut so low that my ample breasts were straining to get out. I turned to see the back is high enough, that my blue satin panties peek out, when I move my hips. I grumble, as I pul... Continue»
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Naughty School Nurse - Part Two

Naughty School Nurse - Part Two

By billy69boy

After the last school bell rang, I sat in my office wondering what might happen next. I had earlier spoken to one of my best friends about Nicole's situation, and she had agreed to help me evaluate Nicole and the issue of reporting her parents to the authorities as ch1ld m0lesters. Coach Gilchrist was more than just my friend, I must admit: we had several occasions where we had lesbian sexual trysts.

I heard a tap at my door, and I jumped up to answer it.

"Well, hello Nicole! I'm glad you came by," I greeted her, "do please come in!... Continue»
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Had to keep up with our standard of living pt2

Even though Linda was raking in some serious cash, we had a little catching up to do. One of our depots had had to let a good few people go and as it was coming into holiday season they were now experiencing staffing issues. There was a memo that went round at work offering a better rate so they could get the cover they needed. I called Linda straight after reading the memo to suggest that I go for it. There was agood incentive to go down that Thusday and stay down ther for the 18 days they needed cover, making a little hay while the sun finally shone our direction ever so slightly. Linda took... Continue»
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My Business Trip

As an IT sales executive, I get to travel a lot. Sometimes, it is visiting other states whilst other times, it is visiting other cities in my own state. This story recounts what happened on one such trip.

It was early May. After chasing a meeting with a particular customer for almost three months, I was excited when the IT manager finally said yes. I quickly put my laptop into my car and drove the 54 miles to his office. The meeting was scheduled for 1pm but I go there by 11am. With 2hrs to waste, I decided to visit a cafe and have some breakfast. I had a wonderful breakfast washed down wit... Continue»
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summer at home! pt3

What's it look like we did Bethany K asked sarcasticly! Are you upset I got a peace of your man? No mom but your married to his father that's cheating. Oh come on Beth it can be are little secret right Dallas! Yes K, right Bethany Okay fine. What is smell mom oh shit I bet the dinner is burnt better go check I told her. So she got up and ran to the kitchen, Dallas what are where you think Beth said as she walked over to me. Look I know it's kinda wrong but two sexy women wanting me in this house I'm not going to just not bang them. Look Dallas she said no one wants you with a smile, yeah righ... Continue»
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My wife shows me who I am.

Last night I was sitting at home while my wife was at her spinning class. She goes 3 times a week and will at least 1 time a week she will bring home some guy to fuck her brains out and let me clean her up afterwards. She came home around 8 and I was in the basement watching TV. I heard her talking to someone then they walked across the house to our bedroom. After about 10 minutes I went upstairs to see what she was doing and how this guy looked. I walked to the bedroom door and seen a older Mexican guy laying in my bed and my wife sucking his cock. He looked up at my a said who are you ... Continue»
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Swing Set! First Time Full Swap!

How It All Started! Full Swap

It was last year. My wife and I had been married for 8 wounderful years. We have a great sex life but we have always talked about how to spice things up. We talked about it alot until one day!
We had the house to ourselves. The k**s where at the grandparents for a sl**p over. So instead of going out to the bars and having to risk getting a DUI we decided to stay home and have friends over. We had our good friends come, Rick and Shannon, we have been good friends with them for years. Rick would always tell me how he would love to have a women like mine, His w... Continue»
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Wifes Holiday Party

As the holidays rolled around, I was looking forward to taking my wife
to her companies Christmas party. It meant a night out with her all
dressed up, and a night in of tasting her sweet pussy since our two
k**s were with f****y for the night.

Mary is a knock-out. 37 years old, two k**s, yet a nice 5'2" frame with
115 pounds on it. She has 36D's, which I love to suck. She is rather
modest, though, and has never really been wild at sex. I enjoy it when
it happens, but it always consists of me eating her out before fucking
her. Since she tastes so good I can't really complain, but she ... Continue»
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Naughty Night at the Movies

Late on Saturday night, the local movie theater plays old black and white B movies on a loop, for three dollars a person. You and I are sitting on the balcony all alone, way in the back where someone ‘forgot’ to change the bulbs in the safety lights. I had never seen the movie before so I often squeaked in fright, while I hid my face in my hands or turned into your shoulder for protection. You would just wrap your arm around me closer. After a little bit, you began pointing out how lame the movie was, helping me get over my fears. Things like the archaic special effects and the zippers on the ... Continue»
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In the Parking Lot

"I want you to suck my big hard cock," you growl into my ear, as you rub your stiff member against my ass and your strong arms cage me against the car. I let a small whimper escape as I rub my butt against your prick, feeling it thicken and lengthen. "Or I could just fuck you over the trunk of this car." I gasp as one of your hands raises my short skirt and fondles my ass, gently skimming my black lace panties. You lean close again to place your tongue on my throbbing pulse on my neck, and cradle my soft butt between your hard thighs, pinning me against the car.

I moan again as you nibble o... Continue»
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dinner party number one

It’s always great fun to dress up, black tie and all that. And the ladies have such a chance to shine on such occasions. Something away from the day to day humdrum of motherhood wear, or just poppin’ down to the shops for a loaf of bread and some eggs apparel.
No, a dinner party in formal attire is an occasion, a time to get the long dress, skinny straps, low cut revealing just a bit more cleavage than your man would normal find acceptable, tight to the waist and then slit way up the side so that when you walk or move and especially when you sit you seem to be revealing more leg than even a ... Continue»
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Wish this happened to me.

I was helping a friend move not long ago. The three of us (me, him, and his wife) had been working all morning, packing stuff and loading it onto the rented truck. He'd just left with a full load, headed to the new house across town to unload and grab some lunch. She and I stayed to keep packing and stacking.

Their laundry room was in the bathroom, and I'd gone in to start packing things in there. On top of the dirty laundry basket was a light blue pair of panties, obviously soaked at the crotch. She was at the other end of the house, so I decided to risk a quick sniff. Her scent was glorio... Continue»
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summer at home! pt2

So as I was saying I was woken up K yelling for me and Bethany to come down stairs, I was really nervous as I was getting up to put my shorts on I heard my door swing wide open I turn to look and it was Bethany. She ran up to me frantically Dallas what are we going to do how can we explain what happened. I don't know Beth we wouldn't be in this situation if you would learn how to keep your mouth shut, she just stared at me with an evil look then she grabbed my cock kinda hard and wispered into my ear well it's hard not to be loud when this thing is in you. To which I responded well learn as sh... Continue»
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Marissa on the Beach

My Niece Marissa

Finally a vacation and Marissa and I can get away together! With the long hours at work and the constant business travel I was spent. On my last overseas trip to Hong Kong I realized I needed to take a few weeks off. As soon as I landed I called my Marissa. Seeing as I had a gazillion airline and hotel points, I surprised her with round trip tickets to Mykonos, Greece. 2 days later we were jetting across the Atlantic. The day after we arrived I rented two scooters and we set out for a day at the beach. After a nice ride through the hills we happened upon a nice beach that w... Continue»
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Hey teach

Christy was finally enjoying herself. She was at the mall shopping and finally had some time to herself. Things had been tough lately. The k**s were wearing her out. Her husband was always at the firehouse. It was causing stress. She couldn’t spend another day hanging at the pool or working out at the gym. Though those days had given her that firm body she always wanted while having k**s got her the C cup she desired.

As she walked though a store, she heard a voice call her name. As she turned, she didn’t immediately recognize the face. When he walked up and said hello, she realized it was... Continue»
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She was a bitch!

Megan was an uptight woman, difficult for most to get along with. Her good looks got her boyfriends, but her attitude was hard for most to tolerate over time. She was helping out a coworker by hanging out at her house so as to let in some men to lay down carpet. As she sat on the couch, the doorbell rang. She went to answer the door. When she opened it, there were two black men wearing shirts letting her know they were there about the carpet.

“Where have you been?” Megan blurted out to them.

“Uhhh, do we have the right address? Can we bring our stuff in?” the first man said.

“Sure... Continue»
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Mistress sissy slut

Waking up, sometimes, can be rather difficult to do, especially when you know that you were d**gged the night before. Or, at least you HOPE it was only the night before. And this time, it was far worse than the first times. So many things have changed about me from the first time I was d**gged, unwittingly and unwillingly, though as I look back, I can’t really say that I am upset about the outcome of each of these times. Well, I have to admit that I was, kind of, pissed off the first time, as I never really expected something like that. But that was quite some time ago and now, well, I gues... Continue»
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