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My First Time Dressed as a Girl (PT 3) (Consequenc

Well. I had written a follow up to ‘My First Time as a Crossdresser, PT 2” but Microsoft decided that the moment I attempted to upload was the perfect moment to update and erased the whole story, which means I had to rewrite the whole thing. So...

After I dressed in the schoolgirl outfit that Gunther had put out for me, I pulled my hair into a high ponytail and put on makeup emphasizing my eyes and lips without going overboard. I walked out into the living room to discover that Tracey had left and Gunther was dressed in a pair of slacks and a very expensive looking Cashmere cardigan. He s... Continue»
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Girls night out - Part 2

A guy lie on his back with a fully erect 10 or more inch cock pointing skyward. His length was impressive, but the girth of that thing was unbelievable. He was slowly stroking it and his large hand didn't completely enclose around it. I once measured a lovers cock at 8 1/4 inches long, 6 inches around. Here was one no doubt longer, and 2, maybe 3 inches more around. He gestured for me to mount his cock. I stood over him and eased the head of it in. Just the head stretched me wider than I'd ever been spread. I eased myself further down that shaft, the sensations of deep penetration and stretchi... Continue»
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He watched her undress herself, and crawled into your bed. He asked if he could join her , by laying down beside her . "Sure you can" while she looked very happy to see him.
Just before he start to approach the bed. She grabbed his belt buckle, and begun to strip him .
After she pulled him close while she were already naked. She pushed his head towards her pussy, and told him to lick until she could cum.
So he begin to lick her clit, and downward towasrds her crack as he begin to hear moans , and he kept feeling her shake with pleasure.
After he started to lick his way back t... Continue»
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camping with a giant ,part 3

the tall muscular Trevor had me in his powerful arms as he carried me over to his tent his massive long cock jutting out over twelve feet in front of us bobbing like a gigantic divining rod as if it was seeking ass/pussy ,as we walked along the road between the camp sites a large truck pulling a long trailer was approching us it slowed up and stopped and a huge black man rolled his window down and greeted himself ,saying that his name was Mandongo , we both said hello ,i could see that he was interested in both of us as i got out of the truck and walked around to meet us ,a huge powerful man a... Continue»
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Gay fantasy coming true-my third time

Hi guys! Ashu here (yet again!) Hope you liked my previous stories of my gay fantasy coming true, and my gay gangbang.

After our gangbang session at Vinny and Abhi's house, I was in a lot of pain. My asshole hurt like hell and my dick ached, not to mention my thighs and arms, from mounting, lifting and thrusting. Raj and Manu also had some pain but they were used to it. I found it extremely difficult to walk back to our room the next morning, and had to take painkillers and put away all thoughts of sex from my mind.

I was also quite upset with Vinny for being so hard on me and causing me... Continue»
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Get out of my way

“Get out of my way!” you screamed as you push him away from you. You angrily walked toward your bedroom and went directly to the bathroom. You were so angry at him right now that you didn’t trust yourself to talk to him.

It seems he feels the same way, too. He goes after you, his face almost red with anger. He was breathing heavily as he followed you into the bathroom. You face the mirror as you remove your earrings. Your chest heaves as you look at yourself.

You wore your dark blue cocktail dress for him tonight at the club, but he didn’t even appreciate it. You looked at his reflection... Continue»
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fun with mother in law

As jilly sucked my cock I kissed and cuddled up to karen and I leaned forward to gently tease her nipples with my tongue, I sucked on karens nipples in turn as she held my head against her and my hand went down her body to her pussy. I could feel her pubic hair all wet and sticky,
'don't you dare touch her pussy' jilly ordered
'you too are going to be at my mercy' she laughed.
My cock was now very hard and stood to attention as jilly expertly wanked and sucked my cock
'you are a good boy, I haven't lost the knack of getting what I want' jilly said.
'now lets have some fun'
jilly went o... Continue»
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Should I buy a strapon? ( 3some, MMF, bi-male)

I hadn't been fucked, yet, but I had cum twice. Once when my husband James finger fucked me as his friend Don kissed me and caressed my tits and secondly when Don nestled his deliciously thick and wonderfully hard cock in the cleft of my bum as he rubbed my clit and James sucked my tits.

James and I have been married for just over twelve years; we have no c***dren by choice. It is not a typical marriage, but then it is not an open one; perhaps slightly ajar might be the most apt description. Both of us occasionally slip through the open door to play away from home, but we never discuss what... Continue»
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The true pleasure of chastity

Me and my partner have had a great sex life since we first met, having sex once or twice a day everyday. Considering this it may be a surprise to hear but we had trust issues, so I suggested the idea of cuckolding, at first she was very apprehensive, we have regularly done mistress night where she would dominate me and fuck me with a huge black cock and fist me until I came into my own face, which we both adore so she does enjoy the dominant role. After a long discussion she said that she would put me in chastity and I would be her fuck toy, the first day was very painful and the lock kept jan... Continue»
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Gangbanged and left in the desert

This is a true story. It happened to my first wife just after we broke up, but before we finalized our divorce. We had always been into swinging, so it was of no suprise that she had a boyfriend where she worked in Tucson. She was a 25 year old redhead with a great figure and loved sex more than breathing. One day she and her boyfriend were getting off work early, and they had decided that they would take his broken down peice of crap ford econoline van out to a park and have sex. While he wasn't much to look at she was horny and really wnated to get laid. He told her he had a real suprise for... Continue»
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Gianna Michaels agent of DTF

Gianna Michaels Agent of the DTF
By lilguy
Gianna Michaels is a busty hitwoman tasked to take out some sex trades

Author note- This is a commission I did for more check it out here

Stephanie Mitchell was a young Coed, in freshmen year in college. She was entertaining a boy she liked. The boy name was Rick. He was a young man, Hispanic with short black hair.
“You almost done babe” He Said
“Patients Patients” She Said. She was getting herself ready dressing in a cheer leader outfit. She had the whole Sorority t... Continue»
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Audrey and the cucumber

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) - you choose which you think they are!

Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)

If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch

... Continue»
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Amy Goes From Hair Stylist to House Slave

Chapter One

It’s 3:25 and I’m expecting my next client. He’s a regular that I’ve been cutting his hair for about a month. He will be here at 3:30 on the dot. As usual I am nervous. My name is Amy. I’m 24, single and like almost everyone my age, I’m waiting for mister right to come in and sweep me off my feet.

I’ve been working at this parlor for about two years and not much goes on around here. I had resigned myself that all guys were after one thing and not what I was wanting or needing. That all changed the day that Mr. Kesler came in to get his hair cut.

It was four we
... Continue»
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Watching...the k*ds -Part 3

Watching…the k*ds – Part 3
Sub Title…
Little girls wet the bed too – Part 3

--------- Chapter 3

After their shower, Mother and daughter had breakfast, they talked about what they had done together and about letting Emmy play with a cock. She wanted to know more, but Jenny told her she would have to wait and see. They also talked about secrets and how to keep them.

Emmy was very excited and loved what they had done together, she giggled as they talked and hugged her teddy bear “Freddy” ... Continue»
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Co-worker horny wife part 2

Part 2
She smiled wickedly, “I can’t believe I am such a complete whore and I love it.” She led the way to the bedroom and I followed her cute ass, my mind racing on how to best handle the situation. I was trying to think two or three moves ahead and still make the most of the opportunity. I thought to myself, thank God I had so much sex that week, otherwise I might have lost during the foot rub. When we got into her bedroom we started kissing and kind of fell on the bed. I slid down her frame and buried my face in her tits, tugging and biting her nipples lightly. I got off the bed and ... Continue»
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reluctant 'happy ending' at a massage pa

I was sent out of state by my employer to work at a facility there. Anyway, I was pretty horny from not having a girlfriend in about 6 months. And plus when I am away from my usual distractions and hobbies at home, I get even hornier thinking of pussy and ass pretty much constantly.

So I was stroking it a lot. On Saturday, I masturbated 3 times, and on Sunday twice. There was an oriental massage place near my motel, and my feet were sore from work (12 hour shifts), so on Sunday I walked over for a foot massage. I asked the manager lady for a foot massage, and she tried to talk me into ... Continue»
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When did Mom Start Wanting Me part 7

Once we were at home with my cousin Martha's luggage in the guest room, mom and Martha, were in the kitchen fixing supper, and I was in the living room with the tv on but not really paying any attention to what was on, due to thinking about everything that happened from the airport to the house here, and seeing mom's hairy pussy and Martha's tiny sheer pantys, barely covering her pussy, with the landing strip, as the two got in and out of the car, and the view I got on the drive home, had me so hard, is why I couldn't pay any attention to the tv.

"Supper is ready baby." I heared mom say fro... Continue»
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Frisco by loyalsock

Lisa Rivers couldn’t believe she was finally here-CASTRO STREET!!! Being gay and from a small town in Kentucky, you could feel mighty lonely, but here in San Francisco, the mecca for gays and lesbians, being queer was almost a badge of honor! Just walking down the street and seeing men arm in arm, and women openly kissing, well it did her heart good! After only ten minutes, she knew that she felt at home.
After finding a rooming house, only temporary, Lisa picked up the local paper and sat down at one of the many open air coffee shops, and looked over the help wanted ads. Even though she had ... Continue»
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Indian Milf at the petrol station Pt.2

I knelt down in front of her so we were at the same eye level, I looked at her and smirked at how horny she looked, the lust in her eyes was staggering. I could have stayed there and just looked in her eyes for hours but things were going too well so far and I knew it would only get better.

I placed my hands on her curvy hips, lightly pressing my finger tips into her soft skin as I glided my hands up her waist and eventually reached her underarms. I grabbed her top and pulled it up and over her head as she lifted her arms in the air to help me undress her.
Her big juicy tits looked amazing... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #1

iCarly/Victorious: Blame It On Me #1 – Graduation 1

The music could be heard from two floors down, but since Carly Shay had been a model tenant since her br*ther left, no one really sought to complain. Besides, it was the teen's graduation night and one big party wasn't going to be the end of the world.

The Shay's apartment was filled with at least a hundred people, one of which being an increasingly inebriated Samantha Puckett. The blonde was dancing and devouring the snack plates that were set out by her web star best friend. Truth be told, as much celebration that was go... Continue»
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