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I led Carol into the kitchen and asked where Claire was, “upstairs getting ready”.

Good we’ll put on a little show for her then. I sat on a chair and beckoned Carol to me, so she was standing close. “Hold your skirt up and let me see what you’ve got under there”, slowly she lifted the hem and as I had told her she had tan tights and no panties, her pussy had been freshly shaved. I ran my hands up her thighs, massaged her cunt and squeezed her bum, then hooking my fingers into the top of her tights I pulled them down to he... Continue»
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Neighbours Toy

Neighbours Toy


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I had always cross dressed, staring when I first noticed stirrings in my cock and then relating the feel of my mothers and s****rs underwear to increased arousal and stronger ejaculations.

When I moved into a flat of my own my wardrobe increased as did the length of time I could spend dressing up and dressed up. I had become very proficient with makeup, had removed all traces of body hair and although I was the judge, made a passable woman of 25-30 years of age.

I had ventured to some nearby shops once or twic... Continue»
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It finally s****r.

You can never plan for your dreams to come true, sometimes it just happens...I like to think that if you obsess about a dream or fantasy that it will never come true, but having both patience and faith will allow it to come in its own time, usually not how you would expect. I had a rather interesting encounter with my s****r yesterday and it means so much to me that I have to share it with someone.

I was taking a shower at my parents house in preparation for a job interview (I keep nice clothes at their house). My mom and my s****r returned from their body pump class right around the same ... Continue»
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my wife stays out all night

me and my wife, decided to spice up our sex life, by watching this was a few years ago when you rented porn on dvd. I got this movie I still remember then name of it. it was a movie that was all face fucking. the first scene there was an interview with a woman. the guy off camera asks her you never met these guy right? she says nope. he asks and what are they going to do to you. she answers they are going to f***e feed me two. and I am going to like it. just then two guys grab her head and start face jamming her hard. she s gaging on them. I thought oh boy this is going to turn the wife off r... Continue»
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A pantyhose fantasy:- The Boss

It was the end of the day and my cock needed to be stroked. I was in my office with the door shut. Most people had left for the day so I decided it was worth the risk as the chances of anyone walking in on me were remote. I undid my belt and trousers and dropped them to the floor. My cock was hard and enclosed in a pair of sheer to the waist tan pantyhose. I had been walking about all day like this with the nylon rubbing against my cock and now it was time for release.
I began to stroke my cock through the nylon, thinking about my boss Jo (short for Joanne). She was attractive and looked a ... Continue»
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good start to an amazing summer

This is not a true story! Hi I'm Dallas this is a story about me and my step s****r having some fun. I always thought my Step s****r was attractive even in our teen years but being away from home because of college we didn't see each other much. But seeing her at 20 she was easy hotter then I remembered! Her name is Bethany she is about 5'2, very fit body I'm guessing about a 36C bra size and a very nice butt! Well anyways since mom and my stepdad traveled all the time because of their work me and Bethany had the house to are selves for the summer! Me and Bethany where close so it was no probl... Continue»
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Scent of Brasil

(True story)

To save some readers time and others frustration, please know that this story is about ass worship. It is a true story but it may not interest you. If you are into ass worship themes such as ass kissing, facesitting, analingus, buttsniffing, etc., then you might enjoy reading this.
For an ass adorer, Brasil is a great destination?


Brasilians invented "dental floss" (thongs) and their girls have the most amazing asses. While some appear Caucasian because of Portugal's earlier settlements, most Brasilian girls are just what you see in travelogues. Those... Continue»
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Chapter Nine
Jennie (Tulsa De'Horr)

On Friday morning I woke Jimmy in the usual way by bringing up coffee for the both of us and of course sucking his beautiful, delicious tasting dick. Sometimes I wish we didn't live in two different apartments and I could have access to his cock all the time. I could maybe go to sl**p with his cock inside my mouth. Then again I don't want to take the chance of ruining what we now have with each other.

While on the way to work this morning I leaned over and ... Continue»
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A Mother and Son's Love Turns A Corner #3

After a little warm up at the kitchen table, my mother and I went to our bedrooms and got dressed and ready to go shopping for her some new clothes, to try and get dad to notice her again like in their younger days.

Mom had put on a skirt and white blouse to go shopping in, and the skirt stopped about three inches above her knees and showed off her round butt in the back just right, as well as the real slight flare in her hips, with either panty hose on or nylon stockings on under it, the blouse was not sheer but see through, with a wite bra on under the blouse, and the blouse was snug but ... Continue»
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Next Door Neighbour

Let me tell you about the f****y next door. There is a wife and husband with three sons (no daughters). The sons are adults in there mid 20's, but the story is about their mum, the hottest woman I know personally. She has good looks, shorter than myself and a round ass with a good size chest.

I’ve been attracted to her ever since I can remember when we moved next door to them, of course I could only fantasise about her when I was younger. But once I became a young adult, here is where I could maybe entice her with my charm. I hardly ever saw her husband still don’t really know what he does,... Continue»
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Park service Wife's version

This ongoing adventure picks up in late April, we started to put it in writing and were interrupted by a f****y emergency. So this is now from memory and there may be a few inconsistencies, but it is all true.

After my introduction, the rest of this is my wife's experience.
As park volunteers we never know what our weekend job will consist of. My wife worked an information table, handing out maps and information packets.

Me I got lawn equipment repair duty. It seems the Park Service's idea of storage is park it at the end of the season and let it set until spring. So I smell like old... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 10

“This should be fun to watch,” added Maddy.

To our left, on the end of the couch, I watched Randy spitting all over Bobby’s hard cock, and sucking on it really aggressively. She took it out of her mouth and started stroking it hard, and was begging him to come on her face.

“Give it to me baby, come on, I want your hot come all over my face,” and she put his cock back in her mouth and started gagging heavily on it.

“Oh yea, ok…here it comes…ahhhhhhhh” moaned Bobby as Randy took his cock out of her mouth and started stroking it hard as streams of cum shot out and all over her face and u... Continue»
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Ana at the stripper pub

Ana at the stripper pub.

That business trip to Chicago had ended one day before schedule and I was flying back home. My cell phone was out of order, so I decided it could be nice to surprise Anita arriving home early.

The strange thing was I could not find her at home…. on Friday late evening. It was really strange.
I spent a long while calling some of her friends, asking if she was there, but it was useless. Nobody knew about her since that morning.

I found a kind of business card on the floor, close to the main table at the dining room.
I was even stranger, I could not recognize t... Continue»
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Night at the Oil Party - Part 9

“Give it to him baby, cum all over his face,” Maddy said to Claudia and leaned down to suck on her nipple which sent Claudia over the edge.

“Oh shit, here it comes, oh yeah…” and with a huge sigh and moan I felt her body start to tremble and shake and I started sucking on her clit and rubbing her g-spot even harder, resulting in her pussy becoming completely slippery and sloppy just the way I liked it.

With a massive groan that stopped all the action in the room, Claudia began to squirt all over may face, onto my back, down my throat and all over my chest, dripping down to my hard cock a... Continue»
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Sancta Sara #9: Kelly-1

BOOBY blonde beauty cute Kelly is newest nun at naughty nunnery Sancta Sara
Booby blonde beauty cute Kelly is introduced by jolly juicy Jenny in Sexonia

Juicy Jenny is a sexy spankee sweetheart sinning sometimes to slvage her soul
Juicy Jenny is preparing cute Kelly for her first confession at Priest Peter

Sancta Sara is a nice nunnery for free fornication, as a form of proper prayer
Sancta Sara is way up in the hills of upper Sexonia and self-sufficient so far

Nice naughty nuns and novices seek sexy satisfaction at each others peaches
Nice nuns from Sweden, the Americas, lo
... Continue»
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Trip to Edmonton

When I was 18 I went to visit my cousins, in Edmonton Alberta both cousins were female 18 and 19. They lived with both my uncle and aunt, Lisa was the youngest, long blonde hair greenish blue eyes about 4ft 5 medium breast nice round ass. She was a big flirt; we had always got a long great. Toni was the older cousin almost 6 ft long blond hair, blue eyes larger breast then her s****r and a little bit heavier, with a big butt. They both looked great in a two piece bathing suite.
My aunt who as my mother’s older s****r was a looker as well she was a heavier set lady, with big breast light bro... Continue»
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Pony girl

He caught himself looking at her profile for the thousandth time. Adam couldn’t help himself he just had to check. It was almost as if he wanted to make sure she was still there, that she wasn't gone. Each time left him feeling guilty and c***dish.

The girl was Ashley Walker his next door neighbour. Adam leaned back in his chair, he sighed with frustration. He had known Ashley since they were little k**s. They used to be the terror of the neighbourhood when they were growing up. Their days were spent exploring the windy creek in the forest, or playing pirates in her tree fort. The best of f... Continue»
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The Panty Pet Shoppe

The Panty Pet Shop
Parts 1 - 6

Out patrolling, Gemma, now the Sheriff of this new Femdom Island paradise saw all the activity along the stretch of road going thru Town.
The road had once merged into Queen's Highway and now stood blocked off to traffic. It was aptly named Merchant's Road & it was restricted to foot traffic only. Women were out checking the shops, some old & some new. Most had begun referring to the Island as ReginaLand after the Witch that lived in the new Beachouse at Deep Cove. Gemma was glad to be the Sheriff here after working as a deputy under Jimmy Foxx on the or... Continue»
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A Fantasy Fulfilled "Please eat me now. Pl

"Please eat me now. Please! Please lick my pussy!" There was urgency in her voice. Marie licked her lips and moved down between Lisa' thighs. With both hands she spread the lips of Lisa's pussy and leaned forward. A loud gasp escaped Lisa's lips and Marie pressed her mouth into another woman's sweet honey for the very first time. I almost came right there.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My beautiful wife eating pussy! It was incredible. Alternating between sucking and licking her clit and sticking her tongue deep inside Lisa, she was really getting into it, as was Lisa. Her hips we... Continue»
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Err… Fuck well Err….Fuck well over 5k have now seen you & your cunt full of dick’ & they have only been on for 1hour 38mins’ Why she was in to that some of the men were saying they had been sending photos & vids to loads of they mates all night’ Yes me to, They all had, Not just Xhamster but many porn sites, Holly was now a porn star and didn’t know it. You should see some of the comments’ A lot want to know who this tiny teen fuck slut is so they can look for more of her’ & loads are jerking off to you’ Really! Fuck yeah’ Go on tell them my full name & the city & town I live in’ As she ... Continue»
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