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57 The Mayflies. Part 4

The Mayflies. Part 4
The huge room they entered had a massive dining table Easily a thirty seater, the remains of a meal which, two liveried footmen were removing as quickly as they could, lay s**ttered on the candelabra lit white cloth, about a dozen men were sat, eyes glittering in the candlelight, expectantly looking at the woman as she was led to the table end, the last of the plates having vanished the two footmen took station either side of Jane, the secretary released her hands and the footmen removed the lead and clipped the collar to a pair of long thin pole`s giving the lead to h... Continue»
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57 The Mayflies. Part 3

The Mayflies. Part 3
The train whisked them away, it was now Wednesday, Tuesday had been a blur of doctor`s visits and the like, collecting prescriptions and all that sort of thing and they had been to there solicitors to sort the house sale, then a funeral directors to pay for two funerals on one of those give us your money now and we will bury you when the time comes (that`s if we haven’t gone bust first) policies. Finally when they got home he had placed both lists on the inside of the bedroom door, saying that each time they would cross something off when they had completed it. He then we... Continue»
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My Girlfriend's Hot Mother

Many years ago, I began dating this young girl named Cindy. She was quite attractive and petite. Although I usually prefer girls with more curves, she had an incredible appetite for sex. She also had a very tight little pussy and knew how to work it around my thick cock. I had heard the term snapping pussy, but not experienced it, until I met her. She definitely had a "snapper" so we were basically fucking each other's brains out. I was in my 20's and horny all the time and she had a huge sex drive as well.
I had went to work out one Saturday and she was coming by my place. I was horny and l... Continue»
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The night I fucked Liz Leach in her ass!

One day Liz and I was working at the Bristal and she was sitting in her office on the phone, Liz didn't know I was standing behind her looking at her beautiful ass my dick was rock hard!!! So I unzip my pants and I pulled my 10 inch dick out and I start to jerk off behind her hoping I wouldn't get caught, I was just standing there jacking off on my boss ass and she did not know it! I jacked cum off all over Liz's ass all over the back off her pants! I thought Liz was going to feel my cum hit her ass but she didn't notice it. I was afraid some one would walk in and say Liz u have cum all over ... Continue»
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My First Experience as a HotWife

So there I was at Shane’s house with Shane and two other guys from my husband sport’s team. We had just gotten back to the house after a night of dancing, drinking, and a whole lot of fun – and flirting. We always flirted when we hung out, even when my husband David was around.

Earlier in the evening, David and his friends had a game – and as had become the norm, we went out afterwards to a local bar/club. But that was really the only thing that would be usual about this night.

By the time we got to the bar after the game, my husband started complaining that he wasn’t feeling good. He ha... Continue»
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On-line Bi-play turns real – Part 2

…So, last time, Jimmy & Jenny were with Randy & Sally, tricked into having bisexual sex with them, which was their first bisexual experience ever. They later found out that the blackmail was a fake attempt to get them to share themselves, but Jimmy & Jenny really enjoyed bi-sex and were ok with it. But that was not the whole night, only the beginning…

After everyone had cum, everything was quiet for a while, Randy was making out with his wife Sally while Jimmy was making out with his wife Jenny. Randy said “so what did you think?” Jimmy & Jenny stopped kissing and looked at Randy and Sa... Continue»
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He and She, Meeting without words.

Walking down the yellow hazed street, She saw Him first. Something about Him, His rough face, His wry smile, His mans body, His carefree stride. She couldn't take her eyes away.

Glancing over, He noticed Her tanned legs against her white dress. Then His eyes worked up Her full hips, and round breast showing from her low cut dress, until they landed on Her large doe eyes, framed by her cute blue pixie cut, already looking back into His.


It hit them both like a train. Now passing on opposite sides of the narrow road, heads turning, eyes still locked. She bites the edge of Her bott... Continue»
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Chapter 5 of Helen’s Slutty Cunt

This final chapter sees Dan’s slutty wife and her wet hairy pussy turned over and restrained on all fours. Against Helen's will my intent is to lubricate my hard cock by dipping it into her wet hairy fanny then to give her an anal creampie… However, Helen might have something to say about me ruining her tight arsehole....find out in this Chapter how my intent to fuck her tight puckered fuck hole goes! Not for the feint hearted! Helen and Dan can be found at:

Chapter Five of Helen’s Slutty Cunt: Bumhole fun
I pulled my cock out of her... Continue»
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Hit & Run

I had posted on Craigs List looking for an open minded couple that enjoyed "Hit & Run" encounters. These are purelThis y sexual encounters where there are no names known and very little talking. Just pure, sexual need where you can live out a fantasy with people that don't judge, because they share mutual needs. I am bi and love playing with couples that both enjoy taking care of their partners fantasies. This couple responded and said they had a special fantasy that they had talked about for several years. She wanted to be aggressive and he wanted to top another male. She wanted this to be a... Continue»
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It's Lust Lunch

It is an early fall evening and I’m snuggled in with Sierra on the couch. We are enjoying some wine and our first fall fire. I have some mellow trance jams playing softly in the background which perfectly complement the dreamy vibe engulfing us. Sierra is dressed in a long-sleeve, soft cotton T-shirt and sexy little panties. The shirt falls nicely around her large, full breasts and teasingly reveal her perfect ass. Her long, blonde hair and blue eyes seem to shimmer in the firelight.

Sierra’s long eyelashes float like butterfly wings as she looks at me with bashful eyes and says, “I ... Continue»
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Our love making like a raging storm

The thought had been going around in your head for so long, wondering if you could really do it! You continue with your work for several minutes before you stop again and stare into nothing, when suddenly you have the plan plainly in your minds eye. The corners of your mouth begin to raise ever so slightly, anyone looking at you that very moment would have seen brilliant sparks in your bright eyes. The mind had made itself up and you were going to do it, you were suddenly a woman on a mission! Throughout the rest of the day everyone in your office found you to be in a wonderfully happy mo... Continue»
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Another true experience from me on a night out in town. Photos of what I was wearing that night can be found here - as when I got in I decided to pose for the camera and tease my Husband and play with myself before receiving a good hard fucking!!!

Enjoy and please do comment on this -

Was out in town with some of my lady friends and we did the usual going from pub to pub and drinking more and more. In every pub we entered we seemed to attract male attention and received plenty of complim... Continue»
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It happened to me sometime this week, with one of the finest women I`ve ever had. Milf, but a little bit younger than me, happy mother of a c***d, but with a great body and a pussy tight as hell. That was a “wow!” for me. I mean, after giving birth to a c***d, many women become more fat, or at least the pussy is not the same.
This particular one I had just llloves the cock. She sucked me, and altough she couldn`t get it all the way `til the throat (this made me feel very proud about my cock), she sucked it very good. I had to stop her, because I almost cumed, and I wanted to fuck her too.
I ... Continue»
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Finding A Big Black Cock For My Wife (True)

This is a true story from about two weeks ago when I decided to let my wife have a little fun and found a black cock for her to play with. Hope you enjoy guys and gals...

This whole thing started like they usually did with my wife Sarah and I sitting at home bored, horny and looking for a little extra fun. We threw around some ideas of what we could so when I asked her if I could go online and find a guy to come over and fuck her but I wanted it to be a surprise so s... Continue»
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True Stories: Rachel and a Co-Worker

“He knows,” Rachel said to me over the phone.

“Who knows?” I asked. “And what does he know?”

“David,” she replied. “He knows that we’re swingers.”

“How is that possible?”

“He said something to me about my black dress and our checkered curtains. He must have seen our photos online, and put two and two together.”

One of the fears that couples have when they decide to become swingers is that other people will discover their dirty little secret. Of course, if you run into a familiar person at a swinger party or get “outed” by someone discovering your photos on a swinger’s website, t... Continue»
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My Weekend Part I

Here I was all alone for the weekend. My parents were out of town for a business trip. I had the whole house to myself. I picked up some porno and was going to spend much of the weekend just satisfying myself. Friday after school when I got home I popped in some porno as I undressed in the living room. My cock already starting to rise to the occasion. I gave it a few strokes. I settled onto the couch and proceeded to watch the action on the Big Screen as I stroked my cock. After a few minutes. I could feel that I was ready to blow my first load. As I was watching the lesbian scene and one gorg... Continue»
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Broken in at the Glory Hole

"Please write a gloryhole story about a innocent girl trapped.”

My first attempt at writing from the female perspective.

Enjoy :D

I was walking home from work, it was such a hot day. It was Friday and I decided to stop by at the bar and treat myself to a cocktail. A tequila sunrise, the cool refreshing taste and alcoholic kick just what I needed. I’d waited all day for it, my only solace in my depressingly sad and boring life. Just then I noticed a man wearing a suit looking at me with a huge grin. We made eye contact and held a gaze for a second, he had beautiful dark eyes and was s... Continue»
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My name is Brad and I am an ANAL Slut and CUM PIG for COCK! It seems the filthier it is, the better I like it! I have had my ass gang banged and

filled, had enema's that I was f***ed to drink, sucked cock in alley ways behind bars and licked cum from rest room floors! All because my

MASTERS command I obey and be their FUCK PIG 24/7.
This story is about how they took control of me and turned me into their filthy whoring cum pig slave!

I had these two neighbors that lived down the street. At the time, I was a Senior in high school and I did odd jobs around the neighborhood,

... Continue»
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kate Saturday afternoon

I left everythingas it was and ran down to Kate's work, she asked me to go to Sally's work, she worked in M and s and collect some clothing she wanted to go out that night
I met sally who gave me a carrier bag we had a little chat, i wished her happy birthday for tomorrow, then went back to Kate, when I arrived she was washing someones hair, when she finished, she looked in the bag and said great really excited,i want you to take these back and put them in the fridge passing me another two carrier bags with four bottles of wine in each, she told me she wouldbe going out with sally but would b... Continue»
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Ana, the black guy and his boat

Ana, the black guy and his boat

It was our first evening in that nice resort at Jamaica.
The people were so welcoming, we sat at the bar drinking some rum and talking to some black guys, who seemed to be obsessed by Ana’s body.
She was not helping herself wearing only a very small green bikini, which looked awesome on her.

One of these guys, Joseph, asked if he could take Ana to see his boat, which was brand new. I had taken too much rum and said it was up to her, as I wanted to stay at the bar. Ana wanted to go and I do not blame her, Joseph was a handsome black man and I knew Ana... Continue»
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