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just a quick note....had to let you know...

hmmmm just been perving on your hot pics a hot wank and cumm shot but nothing beats a quick hot fuck
knocked off earlier on Friday had a couple of beers and a local trendy pub, having a bit of a perv on the office girls coming in there short skirts, on the way home played with my cock and got so I was watching some porn on the laptop while doing quotes...then logging on Hotmail and perved on your pics....what a

made me sooo fuckn horny...I was sooo fuckn hard and wanted a quick one.......stroking my... Continue»
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Step daughter dilema (cont)

This strange relationship with Nic continues to this day. She is herself a divorced mother now but continues to play me when she gets in the mood. Suzy always suspected there is some bond between us but just thinks it me being big daddy and a soft touch for the younger girls.

Just today we had an afternoon f****y and friends get together at our house. A few drinks later Nic is cuddled into me like always but the moment she gets a chance she has her hand brushing over my cock ever so accidentaly.

With a few people in attendance chairs were in short supply so she immediatley stuck her ass... Continue»
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Wife Reluctant To Be Naked etc. part 5

"What the hell is going on here?" said the voice from the area of the creaking gate that just opened. Only the guy with his cock in my wife's mouth and myself look toward that voice. Neither Judy nor the guy fucking her care at the moment, he just keeps pounding away. I stop stroking of course, wondering (1), who the hell is this and (2), why is she here? It is a she. An old lady she. I would guess she is at least mid-to-late seventies. But the more I stare in her direction she is a very well preserved older lady. She too obviously came here to swim as she is in a bikini, a very skimpy bikini.... Continue»
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Order in the Court

Order In The Court - Part 1

Regina & Mitch entered the Courtroom & took seats in the back row. Regina caught Erinn's eye & smiled at the Island's new Judge.
Erinn's long black hair ran down to the small of her back & still shimmered under the light even as it lay over her black judges robe.
Her steely gray eyes watched the men, enjoying their fear knowing everyone now regretted trying to flee this Woman ruled paradise.

The front three rows on one side of the isle were filled with these sad looking men who thought that their job working in road... Continue»
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The nightclub

As I got off work one Friday evening the wife called and said we are going out so I said go ahead and get ready and we will go to the nightclub as I got home she was just headed to the shower as stood there and watched her take her shower she started at her legs I was in all as she worked all the way up to her panty lines as the soap drip off of her pink pussy then as she wash off her 36DD boobs so I got undress and went in I said hello beautiful I love you as I started to kiss her neck as her hand felt my hairy chest so she said let me help so she took the washrag and began to wash... Continue»
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Lesley part 2.

This is part 2 of my story of Lesley. She was a girl I was involved with a few years ago. She loved cock.

Lesley Charleston got home at 2 pm. She had time for a bath before she went to pick her k**s up from school. She had just spent nearly 7 hours in the company of her patient Mr Rob Brownlee. She had been offered many chances to leave, but had declined each time. She had had so many orgasms that at one stage passed out for a few minutes. He had brought her round by pinching her nipples so hard she screamed. Her last task before she had left was to rim his 64 year old arse hole. He had t... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold and the Principal

My wife who had been working as a teacher’s assistant at the school for about 6 months was saying how much she enjoyed it. She was surprised though because she was getting mixed vibes from the principal. One evening she came home and said the principal had visited the classroom she was assisting in and rubbed her shoulders and told her how happy he was she was part of the team.

I laughed and said, “maybe he is warm for your form.” She said, “I’m a 50 year old BBW and he is about 30 and sexy as hell, why would he want me?” I laughed and said, “maybe you want him.” She laughed and said, “he c... Continue»
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Milwaukee Cuckold's Wife and the Neighbor

Milwaukee Cuckold’s Wife and the Neighbor

My wife had been having lots of fun entertaining “friends” since she cuckolded me. She had several regulars and was getting filled regularly. One day she was talking to our next-door neighbor Cindy when Cindy said to her, “Judy, last night I heard you yelling in ecstasy and shortly later I saw some guy leaving and I know your husband is out of town, is there something you want to share?” smiling and grinning when she said it.

Judy got a fearful look on her face and said, “You heard?” Cindy said, “it sure sounded like you were having fun.” Judy s... Continue»
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Victorious - Wanko's Warehouse

Victorious - Wanko's Warehouse

The gang walked around Wanko’s trying to find a place to hide. Andre suggested hiding in the storage area while Robbie wanted to hide in the fridges. Jade and Trina managed to convince everyone to hide in the sex aisle. Because it was the most empty before closing time, and Wanko’s sell everything. So, in a corner of the store the gang fund the sex aisle. Beck and Robbie hid behind some boxes. Cat and Tori hid behind the cardboard cut-out of a porn star. Trina and Jade took off their shirts and just stood next to the full size sex dolls, acting t... Continue»
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I feel I took advantage of my aunt who had to much

My Gf and I were more like friends with her and my uncle. He knew a lot of farmers who put on some great parties. My aunt and he would invite me and my gf with them. My gf worked every other weekend night shits of 12 hours. So some weekends it was me with my aunt and uncle.
My aunt is moms younger s****r. She is 20 years older than I am and her husband is 10 years older than she is.

The first time we did anything was a party on the farm with a band and probably a few hundred people. Most were farm people so pissing in the woods was not a problem at all. My aunt worried about snakes and w... Continue»
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Helping a gurl out

Just to explain a few things, we live on an island in the irish sea between Britain and Ireland. T-gurls are rarely heard from, nevermind seen for fear of negative comments.

Vikki was a t-gurl that my wife (K)and i met via a swinging site and had played with on a number of occasions. She would visit the island with work and when done for the day would indulge in meeting anyone who wanted to fuck her.

Vikki arrived on the island on the Wed and we met her on the Saturday. As this was our 3rd meet with her we had all got quite familiar with each other and enjoyed a very sexy evening togethe... Continue»
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''What's a man to do''...

After a long week in work I didn't really feel like going to the party we'd been invited to.
My wife said ''We have to go and you never know who might be there''.
I agreed reluctantly and showered and changed and we headed off to the party.

Now at this stage I must tell you these are no ordinary parties we attend. We're part of a group of people that like to play. Yes it involves swapping and doing kinky things with other naked people.

We arrived a bit late and so some of the guests had already shed their some of their clothing.
A few topless women sipping wine with men with bulges ... Continue»
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in the sun

its a gorgeous day .Sun shining over the blue sea , waves lapping onto the golden sand , the temperature is getting hotter, it's early morning . I'm on a sun lounger on the beach of this beautiful 5 star all inclusive hotel,reading my kindle, then i see a woman walking down the wooden battens that lead to the beach! she is stunning, long summer dress hair rolling out of her straw beach hat , my cock moves, her tits swaying as she walks ...lots of male eyes are following her a few getting a rebuke from their wife/partners hahah i swear one guy got a slap ! then to my amazement she sets up on th... Continue»
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Totally Unexpected Lucy !!

I'd been fucking Linda for a couple of months now and very rarely did I go to her place. She seemed to prefer my place because of the privacy. She had a house mate named Lucy and they had been friends since way back but she seemed to spend a lot of time home recently. Apparently, they got up to all sorts when they were in their teens and although I got a few snippets, it was nothing to write home about. However, I was to learn more when Lucy decided to stay home one night after a female friend from work failed to pick her up for a night on the town. I'll explain a bit of the background before ... Continue»
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Neecy Cakes, 3rd Generation Porn Star

“Now look up at me.” My newest director told me, as I stroked his cock over my open mouth. I was shooting a Jerk Off video with a guy who had booked me for a private shoot. “Stick out your tongue and just lightly lick the tip and tell me how much you love to suck cock. Tell me how you want to taste my cum and feel it shoot all over your face.” I did so as I jerked on his stiff, white tool, running the tip of my tongue on his purple head. “You know you want to cover my face with your hot, sticky jizz. I want to taste it baby! Come on, give it to me!” I said to the camera, my eyes focused upward... Continue»
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Wife's tied suprise!!!

To start with neither my wife or I have been with many people we met at a young age. We have been together 20+ years and sltill love each other very much ( and the sex is as good as day one ) we still hold hands when we go places . Well when I was young ( I was a dumb shit like most k**s ) and screwed around and we was of and on for a bit. She, despite my crap never cheated on me when I would disappear for a week. Well I loved her so much that I thought that if I left her she would b better off with someone else. We were split up for a good bit ( couple of month) and I started ... Continue»
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The vacation

As she got home from work I said I had some good news can you take the next two weeks of work she said yes why we are going on vacation to Hawaii she got all excited and quick to point she pull down the gym shorts and started to suck my cock I grabbed a hold of her long red hair and started to f***e it in her mouth within 10 minutes I was done. She swallow it down took a drink of my jack and coke I said thanks for quickly we have a lot to do tonight so she up and took a shower as I stood there with... Continue»
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Fucking my s****r-in-law

About 13 years ago I was hosting Thanksgiving at my house. We invited f****y over to have some turkey with us. The only ones that could make it was my s****r-in-law and her husband. My wife Linda, was little bit unlucky, she had to work that day but she did got off at 2pm. Linda’s s****r Jenny and her husband Mick got to the house about 12:30 because I needed help cooking. So me and Jenny was in the kitchen cooking getting stuff done while Mick was watching t.v. It was almost 1pm and the only thing left was the turkey cooking, Mick got a phone call about a car he wanted to buy. Mick go... Continue»
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Sissyboy Conversion Therapy

One The Problem

I know I have high standards, Doc, Matt Studley said to his ther****t, Dr.
Freudist. But it s more than that.

Dr. Freudist nodded and said, Um hum.

Can I be honest with you, Doc Matt asked.

They always ask that, Dr. Freudist said to himself. I ve been listening to
this guy ramble on about his issues for seven weeks, twice a week, and
NOW he s going to be honest

But Dr. Freudist merely nodded and said, Of course. This is a safe place.

And then he waited.

And waited.

Finally, Matt said, Ithink my real problem is sexual frustration,

... Continue»
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Lesley just needs some love.

Lesley Charleston hadn't had a lot of luck in her life. She wasn't a beautiful woman or have a great figure. She was just average. She got by. At 49 she had probably her best years in the wind. But she never got down. She had twin boys who were 10 years old. They kept her busy, especially when you took into account she worked full time as a care assistant in a nursing home.

Her husband had left not long after the twins were born, she was alone. Her dad helped but he was an old man and couldn't do much. She didn't get much time to herself and had no time to date. She couldn't remember how l... Continue»
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