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'Phoenyx: Flesh and Fire' Sample: Svetla

To celebrate the official publication of my first erotic novel, 'Phoenyx: Flesh and Fire Erotic Memoirs of a Striptease Artist', here's a juicy sample wherein our Berlin stripper heroine Phoenyx is challenged to a very public battle of wills an ideologies by the Amazonian dominatrix Svetlana. It's the late 80s and the Cold War is beginning to thaw...everywhere, that is, except in Svetlana's mind. Winner takes all....loser suffers total humiliation in front of a packed house...

" “I think Sweaty Lana wants a word,” Petra confided in me quietly as I turned up for my wage packet one Saturday.
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"JoJo" Levesque

It was just another glorious morning in Southern California as I made my way to the local gym in Toluca Lake, North Hollywood. Fortunately for me it was well before midday and the private sports club appeared to be deserted for the most part.

With the entire place to myself, I hit up the weight room almost immediately and started on my daily regime when I glanced across the way and noticed a very attractive brunette running on the treadmill by herself.

Watching her for a few minutes, I had to admit that she certainly had a great little body, a remarkable hourglass figure with strong... Continue»
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Saturday Morning Alone

I didn't think I was naive. Or petulant. That's what my boyfriend called me. Just the sort of accusation that makes a person petulant.

I woke alone in his bed. I thought he might be making breakfast, our Saturday morning ritual. The apartment, though, was too quiet. Then I remembered him telling me, the evening before, he had a few hours work to do at his office. After lunch, he'd promised, the weekend was for us.

Perhaps the sound of the door closing behind him had woke me. The clock read a bit past twenty minutes after eight, an hour past my weekday wake up time. My ***** would have b... Continue»
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Some Day My Prince Will Come

Someday My Prince Will Come

This happened in 2011 and is, as always, true:

I had come up with a product, well sourced several products, and knitted them together, it had to
do with toll payments for passage through the Suez Canal, if you're interested.

As the leader on the project it was up to me to close the deal between my then-company and a company whose interests
included vast amounts of modular shipping (containers). The company was headquartered in Dubai.

No trip there for me though, their man came to Birmingham.

One hot and sunny Friday lunchtime I went... Continue»
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Made to fuck mom

"Johnny, what is wrong with you tonight? "is there trouble at work?" "don't you feel good?" "JOHNNY ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME?"

"Yes Mom, I'm sorry I'm fine, just tired"

""you sure sweetie,? you haven't said a word or have you touched your food" "I bet you have a fever"

With that being said mom sprang from her chair and walked over to me and placed her check on my forehead

"Why baby your burning up, your forehead is dripping wet"

"Mom I'm ok Im just warm from working outside all day"

I wanted to tell her I was all sweaty do to the fact I was about to bone her, but I figured she... Continue»
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There was something wrong when I woke up. I usually snap awake and
go from deep sl**p to full consciousness without any intervening
period. I know a lot of young guys like me like to just lie there
and would stay in bed all day, but I'm a morning person, I'm wide
awake, and ready to go. There was something else different, too - I
didn't have my usual morning hard-on.

When I say that I don't lie there like a lot of guys my age, that
isn't quite true - the first thing I have to do is get rid of my
erection, and I think wanking when you first wake up is one of the
be... Continue»
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The Pig

The Pig

This story is fiction and is meant for the entertainment of adults. But be warned, there are such pigs out there and such masters too.

The Pig at Home

The Pig kneels in the middle of the room in the required position, bare assed naked of course, which is how he always is except for the rare times I take him out. He kneels with legs tucked under him, legs spread wide so dick and balls are on full view, back straight, tits arched out as far as possible, head bowed, his nice crop of dirty blond soft as silk hair falling over his cute face.

The Pig has just had his ... Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 7)

David was worried about Rebecca. She had left Tuesday for Brazil and he had not heard from her since. It was now Thursday, so he decided to fly down to Brazil and see if he could find her before their parents found out on Saturday.
David was one year older than Rebecca. He was over six feet tall and was in great physical shape, keeping his lean body completely hairless as this was the latest craze in his school. There was little body hair to remove to begin with, and his youthful face was naturally smooth. He belonged to the high school football team as the starting quarterback. He was very p... Continue»
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Cindy’s First Cock

Cindy was a curious girl!
It had started several years before when she use to listen outside of her mom’s bedroom door while her mother had sex with her latest boyfriend. Even though Cindy had been young she knew that the sounds coming from the other side of the door made her feel funny.
Shortly after that time Cindy found the joy of fingering her little pussy. She quickly realized that she made some of the same noises as her mother did. Cindy wondered if having a guy play with her pussy would feel even better than her fingers.... Continue»
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A little Fun for both of us

A couple weeks after I got back from my trip I was working late on Friday night. I was sitting there working when the phone rang, when I answered it,it was my wife. She had called to see what time I would be home, I told her I wasn't sure and she asked if I minded if she went out with cindy for awhile. I told her no go ahead and have a good time but told her not to get too nasty. She laughed and said why not, then said she wouldn't she would wait till I was around so I could show off for the two of them. We talked about having fun and she started telling me what she would like me to do fo... Continue»
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Boyfriend Sold Me on Craigslist

I feel so stupid and disgusted right now.

My boyfriend and I have been dating for a year and a half, we met right after I graduated high school and he was 20 at the time. I was just starting community college and was proud to have my own apartment for the first time ever (I have also worked around 30 hours a week since starting college so I support myself). He was older than me, but struggling. I guess prior to meeting me he had been pretty into d**gs, but I have never seen him do them so I really believed that was all over. And he was cute and sweet and I was kind of lonely, most of my f... Continue»
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My best exhibitionism (real event):
When I arrive at the edge of the woods I start first to check around so no one is around, I start to take my clothes off and starts to put on my sexy lingerie(Long fishnet lingerie, fishnet stockings, open panties), lipstick, wig and my dildo(32cm X 20cm). I inserted my dildo hard in my ass and using my panties to hold the dildo in place, so it does not fall out. I look quickly around one last time so I'm sure that no one is around, I leaved my regular clothes in a bag and leaved it in a ditch and throw some leaves over it so no one can find them. I'm star... Continue»
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Letter to b*****r

Letter to b*****r

(The following story does NOT contain i****t or sexual acts with a minor; it does contain some sensitive topics. You’ve been warned.)

“…if I catch you with another pair I’m boiling your video games in hot water.”
Hannah to her b*****r, a few weeks from now.


“Ok… safety word… lightning … I can say it whenever I want… I can say it whenever I want…”


That was the general idea of what was running through 22 year old Hannah Lau’s mind as she was screeching through the saliva-soaked handkerchief/makeshift bite plate.

“Aww, is kitty cat getting ... Continue»
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A reluctant slut wife gang bang

My wife and I enjoy shows and we recently went to the big city and had a great evening. We ended up at the hotel bar and it was close to closing time. My wife and I enjoyed a white wine and started a conversation with a young lad who had just flown in from over seas. He was not in military but worked in transporting troops everywhere. We spent about an hour just bull shitting. He was a big guy about my size and as we talked I started to think about the possibility of him fucking my sweet little wife who was starting to get very tipsy. She flirted with the guy and was asking him about his tats ... Continue»
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The night my wife drank white wine

My wife works a stressful job and occasionally has to go on trips for training. Last year in the fall she traveled to Alabama. On the trip were various people from the organization she works for and others…including emergency management workers and local police. My wife returned from the trip and did not speak about anything unusual. She had a good time…the food was Applebee’s…meetings went ok…nothing special. I only assumed she had a beer or two each night…but she shared nothing about details and that really was not unusual either. We went out to eat the weekend following her return and she d... Continue»
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One pleasant afternoon a beautiful yet sexy woman was walking down the trail tthrough the woods.Heading to her relatives cottage few acres away from her home.To pay a visit.Whom she haven't seen for ages.Her name is Isabel.She is very pretty at 27,smart and most of all sexy.With her stature,no one would think she is still a virgin. Isabel paused for a while,taking her time off admiring the beauty of nature. The blooms of the wildflowers.Gasping, she touched the blooms and eagerly nudged her nose to them enjoying their refreshing smell,even in the mid afternoon.She paused,and contin
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Held captive at the Border

My work as a Journalist took me to Upper and Lower Slobovia and as everyone knows it is not wise for a single young western woman to enter Lower Slobovia. It is well documented that the men of Lower Slobovia are a horny bunch and always on the hunt for a pretty young girl. I of course figured that as a Journalist I would be safe, they would not dare do anything to me because I was too important, or so I thought. Was I naive, yes, was I dumb, no, was I asking for it, some would say yes.

It all started the day I arrived at the Border crossing into Lower Slobovia. I was driving a ren... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #12

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #12 – Spencer

"I wish Carly could have the best life possible."

Spencer wasn't sure if it was his imagination, but someone was rubbing the inside of his thigh while he sat with his head back and his eyes closed. He also felt odd, like he was floating but his body was somehow heavy enough to keep his seated. When he opened his eyes slowly, he had to blink a few times to make himself understand that he wasn't blind. As Spencer's eyes adjusted to the darkness, faint light filled his senses and he looked around. He was flying.

... Continue»
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Our First Date

This is a story I wrote for a girl I met on Tinder, we had been chatting but live a few hours apart. She asked me to tell her how a first date would go between us, enjoy:

We make plans to grab drinks at a favorite bar of yours and meet up at 7pm. I'm wearing jeans and a button down shirt, you have an adorable sun dress on with heels. We sit at a small corner table, you sit next to me. If we were in a booth that would be weird but it's fine where we're sitting. You order a glass of Cabernet, I think it that sounds great also so we decide to just get a bottle. The conversation is good, ... Continue»
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A dream?

Last night, Nikki didn't come home alone. You came through the door
together, with a bag full of goodies from your pleasure party. She didn't bother
to come get me, you went straight to the bedroom and began spilling the
contents of your evening onto the bed, and quickly began undressing to
give them a test run. "I want to try yours..." "And I want to try
yours!". Soon your clothes were mostly off and you had access to each
others bodies, but still too shy your hands went to your own, partly
covering your womanhood and partly to start massaging it and get into
the mood. You eac... Continue»
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