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Playing Possum

Mark Harrison slammed the door of the car and trudged across the grass
which spread across the wide front of his parent's house in suburban Trentham.
It was a hot and sticky night, and he thought better of going inside just yet,
choosing instead to sit himself down upon the red brick stairs which led up to
the front door, snatching a leaf from the footpath and tossing it away
petulantly. His date had been an utter disaster, and Mark's hopes of releasing
his sexual frustrations loose at the lithe figure of Caitlin Tanner, the
21-year-old arts student he had been courting at c... Continue»
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Chapter 9


After Sarah’s revelation there had been silence as they all pondered what had just passed between them.

It was Daniel who spoke first.

“Well I don’t know about you two, but I need a drink”.

He marched to the huge graphite fridge and yanked open the door. Glass clanked inside at the f***e with which he had opened it. Sarah glanced at Isabella and her expression had changed – she was no longer strong and angry, more…what was that expression, thought Isabella. Mixture of interest and…desire. She felt Sarah was sizing her up…but not as a rival…more... Continue»
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greek spit roast

hi let me tell about an incident that happened to me while I was on holiday with my friend in Greece. we were both divorced single parents, my friend had booked this holiday with her then husband , but they split up , so she asked me if wanted to take his place . I managed to get my ex husband took look after my son and off we went. me my friend wendy and her young son archie.the hotel was nice mostly families ,after several days of sun bathing and meals out I was ready for something a little more adventurous wendy had arrange for the hotels baby sitting staff to look after her son,so that nig... Continue»
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First Time - Surprise Shemale

I'm an eternal masturbator. I've always like wanking and playing with myself. At a young age I worked out that I likes playing with my ass hole, sticking things in it, walking round all day with something in it. With the advent of the internet I was like a pig in shit. So much porn to be had and so many things to see and do. One day I discovered the true beauty of the shemale. Wow. Gorgeous women, with cocks. Prior to this it had been women with strapons that got my attention, but this? Perfection. Then cam the webcam. I found a couple of sites where you could interact with such beauties and c... Continue»
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b*****rs Girlfriend

Simply put, my b*****r Calvin’s girlfriend was a knockout.
Her name was Tammy McAllen, and she was one of the nicest and
sexiest girls at our school. She was in 12th grade, like my
b*****r, and she was going to turn eighteen in two months.
She had dazzling green eyes, cute freckled skin, and the most
beautiful smile I’d ever seen. Her hair was red, and she
wore it short in what I call Egyptian style--cut even across
the forehead with long sides. She was tall and slender, with
a nice chest and a gorgeous butt. Despite her looks, she was
a little shy, and I think I fell in l... Continue»
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Chapter 8


It had been several weeks since the evening Josh left the house. Yesterday he picked up the last of his belongings and now all traces of him were finally gone. She felt sad about the situation but was now looking forward to being with Daniel without the random pangs of guilt that she used to feel.

It was a Saturday morning and Isabella woke early. She was enjoying her own space, and the house was starting to feel more like her own. She had put up more photos of her f****y and she and Daniel had enjoyed redecorating some of the rooms together.

Instead of getti... Continue»
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Me And My Dad Marry My Aunt And Her Daughter

I am going to tell about how my dad fucked my hot married aunt while my mom watched. Well this story took place when I was studying in class 12. My aunt who had a 18 year old daughter had come to stay with us during the vacation. She was very much depressed these days since her husband was an alcoholic and I later came to know that she hadn’t been fucked in ten years. She was one hot piece. I still wonder how come my uncle never wanted to fuck her. Since her daughter was also in hostel she thought it better to stay with us. Th... Continue»
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Evening Refreshment – Breastfeed By Anita Ma

Morning 7:00 am college lectures till 1:30, then lunch and back to hostel; in evening some light refreshment and sports time. This was used to be my daily routine when I was in one of the reputed boarding college of Chhattisgarh. Let me introduce to my lovely lady Anita madam who was our biology teacher. She too has a average height of 5 feet, skin complexion black with a voluptuous figure of 32-30-34. She always used to wear sari and she had long hairs and used to keep one strand of hair in front of her face which always would... Continue»
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Picking Dad Up from the Pub, needing Sex

'Your Father wants you to pick him up from the pub'. I was ready for bed, I was tired after the crossing from Newcastle, partying for most of the night, d***k, groped, and felt a few cocks, but never found one hard enough to shag, right now, I an fucked mentally, and my bed was my warm sanctuary.

I looked at my s****r, she too was off to her bed, but to young to drive, so it was only me, freshly bathed and sweet smelling, in a mid-thigh chiffon chemise, a gift from an old man, in way of a thank-you, for letting him see me as he wanked himself off, yes I can be that kind of girl.

I walk t... Continue»
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Picking my d***k Dad Up from the Pub,

'Your Father wants you to pick him up from the pub'. I was ready for bed, I was tired after the crossing from Newcastle, partying for most of the night, d***k, groped, and felt a few cocks, but never found one hard enough to shag, right now, I an fucked mentally, and my bed was my warm sanctuary.

I looked at my s****r, she too was off to her bed, but to young to drive, so it was only me, freshly bathed and sweet smelling, in a mid-thigh chiffon chemise, a gift from an old man, in way of a thank-you, for letting him see me as he wanked himself off, yes I can be that kind of girl.

I walk t... Continue»
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Awesome Threesome With Rickshawala

Hi, this is Lalita again and I’m 19years old. I’ve dated only 3 guys in my life and had sex with one. I love having physical relationships. I’m 5 foot 5 in, slim, and my stats are 36-28-36. I have fairly big boobs and I love having them admired from men. This is my second story and I’m happy that you liked my first one “Boob pressed by rickshawala.” so here it goes…

So, it had been three weeks but still the memory was fresh as new in my head. It went on and on like a tape in my mind making me horny every time. Though, it was
... Continue»
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My new "GF": Danielle's untold stor

My New "Girlfriend": Danielle's untold story.

My name is Danielle, I grew up with both of my parents in a big city. My dad's name is Adam and my mom is Samantha. My parents got married after I was born, they met in high school and that they've been together ever since. My parents say that my name was "improvised" since the doctors made them think I was gonna be a boy , but when I was born I was classified as a girl, it's just that I was born with a full sized penis above my vagina. Ever since I was just a little girl I remember feeling... different because unlike the other girls at school, ... Continue»
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Lisa Performs Customers Relations

Lisa Performs Customer Relations
Bob owned an efficient and profitable company in a large country town north and west of the city. He and I had done business together for a couple of years now. I sold and he bought my company’s products. We knew a little bit of personal information about each other, that he was a widower, that I was a contentedly married wife and mother, and that our respective c***dren were grown up. I usually overnighted in the local motel. Occasionally we had a meal together as part of our enjoyable and pleasant working relationship. We both showed each other courtesy an... Continue»
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Mutter verführt mich teil 1

TabusMutter verführt mich Teil 01
Mutter verführt mich Teil 01

Es war Samstagmorgen, ca. 10 Uhr, als mein Telefon klingelte und ich, nach einer durchzechten Nacht, genervt aufwachte.

Ich musste mich erst einmal sammeln, um den Telefonhörer zu finden. Als ich ihn endlich fand, drückte ich den "Ruf annehmen" Knopf und krächzte mit heiserer Stimme ein leises "Hallo?"

"Hallo mein Mäuschen, wie geht's dir denn?" Aua diese grelle und muntere Stimme konnte nur von meiner Mutter sein.

"Hallo Mama...wie geht's Dir?" Sie sagte "Leider nicht so gut. Dein Vater ist wieder mal für ei... Continue»
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Crowd Pleaser.

First let me say that my husband has been practically begging me to write this story for over a year. We are a very happily married couple but have only been together for about 10 years and as I am almost 50 it is obvious we have had many sexual experiences before we met. Jay loves to have me describe many of my past sexual encounters in detail and it never fails to make him hard and horny listening to me talk about my previous adventures. So please believe me when I tell you that I am not the type of woman who would write a story on a porn site unless my husband totally agreed and encouraged ... Continue»
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First cum kiss.Betrayal tastes good.

This is the story of the second time I was cuckolded.
This was about 8 or 9 months after my first experience as a cuckold.
Me and Rylee had broken up. I had gotten kicked out of our school.
She started going out with this older k** who had choked me u*********s in the hallway once during a fight.
The whole school knew they were fucking. Honestly he was probably fucking her while we were dating. I was still a virgin, she had
never let me get farther then 3rd base. The closest thing id ever gotten to sex was cumming on Rylees feet and leg while she was
passed out after she had just let an... Continue»
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Niagara (continued Chapters 69-77))

Chapter 69.

"Come, my husbands, come be with your wife." I lifted my face from her breasts. Henri continued to feed.

"You love my breasts, don't you, papa?" She spoke with him quietly, the edges of her nails running slowly thru his hair making contact with his scalp. The ceremony had had quite an affect on Henri, on each of us. We'd made a pact with this man. Our words and vows were not idle, nor would they be taken lightly by Henri. I pondered the future, and my knot did not tighten, but, had released. There would not be a finite number of tomorrows. Nor an infinite number, b... Continue»
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A Day at the Beach

The last month at work had been extremely stressful and Dawn was going to enjoy a much needed day off. It was a beautiful sunny day and she planned on taking full advantage of it at the beach working on her tan. She put on her favorite pale blue string bikini, packed a small cooler with some ice water, grabbed her beach towel and sunblock, and headed out the door to her brand new red convertible. The beach was only a couple of miles away but she was looking forward to enjoying the wind in her hair on the way.

Dawn had just pulled up to the last stoplight before the beach when she noticed... Continue»
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The Waiting Game

If you didn’t know her, your first impression of Sonya would be that she’d descended from a long and particularly prestigious line of varsity cheerleaders. Tanned, blonde, and sporty—she struck that perfect balance between fit and curvy. But she didn’t get her figure from shaking pom-poms at some football game, no sir. She got it from fencing. From stabbing people, competitively. She had a gift for it.

That’s how we first met, actually—she joined the university fencing team with me during our second year of college after transferring from overseas. The guys and the girls competed separately... Continue»
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The story of T part 2

The scene is a stylish Gatwick hotel lobby, spacious, almost cavernous. I had a glass of orange juice mixed with lemonade and sitting facing the bar in a white linen shirt and trouser. T walked over to me and sat on my right side with a charming smile. The kind of smile you see on a woman when she is mildly excited and inquisitive about the guy she is on a date with.

A brief description of T, petit, 5ft 4in, blue eyes, black cropped wavy hair, a small face, thin soft lips, facial lines that give away her age, olive skin, practical hands and moderately tough palms, short nails, the most min... Continue»
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