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the office: double or nothing

Since my little adventure with Sandra I noticed that Jelke made some sexual innuendo's at completely innocent situations. Jelke shares an office with Sandra is the president-secretary but in actuality she shares Snadra's tasks as office-manager. I can imagine that two women in one room at some point are going to share secrets and when I eventualy asked Sandra she confirmed my suspicions, Jelke knew about me and Sandra. Sandra told me that Jelke could keep a secret and that I didn't have to worry about anything, and I didn't really worry, I was single, any nasty consequences were for Sandra if ... Continue»
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caught by my s****r and her friend 3

Since the barbeque I had been avoiding Kate at school as I didn't want to arouse suspicions, well the next Wednesday that plan unravelled. I was hurrying down the hall heading to class when Kate popped out from behind the lockers, before I knew what was happening she had pushed me through a doorway, I looked around, oh shit the girls toilets! Before I could protest she shoved me into one of the stall and locked the door, then she pulled my pants down and set me on the toilet seat. This had all happened so fast and I was so bewildered that I was anything but aroused, looking down and seeing my ... Continue»
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Indian Wife's Transformation

When Priya came home from her evening classes that day she sounded quite happy and excited. She told her me that she had made friends with a new girl in her class. Her name was Jenny. Priya said that Jenny was a really sweet girl and they even went to have a coffee. I was really happy for Priya as she had finally found a friend in her class.
Priya was like any other typical Indian housewife settled in US. She was incredibly beautiful and sexy lady but just like any Indian wife she was quite conservative and never paid much attention to her looks or her clothes. Although I had tried many times... Continue»
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In like with my affair

One Saturday I was outside cleaning the gutter it was filed with leaves n dirt n water. It rained yesterday. My husband was working. It was hot and my neighborhood is quiet I live on a cul de sac. I have a pink tank top no bra, white shorts no panties & flip flops. Hair was wet from a shower and twisted up in a loose bun.
I'm on a ladder scooping piles of leaves... I went dont the ladder got the hose turned the water on and the attached nozzle I bought had 4 settings I tried for ing the leaves out. Bucause there mustve been too much gunk and the added water from the hose my gutter fell.
A ... Continue»
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Last Weekend - Sunday Morning - Being treated like

The satin rug moved ever so slowly exposing my shivering smooth skin as I groggily opened my eyes. It was 7 AM and my master was already up and was uncovering my nudity on a pink silky bed in which we slept the previous night. The chill in the room and the smooth silky slithering feeling of the satin rug, turned on every nerve ending on my body and my sl**py eyes were opening just enough to sense the nakedness and sensuality of my master's well chiseled body and his morning wood glistening and bathing in the sunlight, peeping through the curtains of the room.

The satin rug had just cleared ... Continue»
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Who is she #2

Well this beautiful stranger came to my mothers house for christmas. She met a lot of people and everyone loved her. My mom introduced her as my girlfriend which of course I did not mind. We stood under the mistle toe un expectedly and my mom raved about it… chanting kiss kiss kiss (I felt like it was a mild hazing) back in college. But she smiled that beautiful bright smile leaned into my arms and kissed me like no other, my ***k was so hard.
Late that night she stayed with me and we cuddled, nothing happened although I was HOPING.
I continued to see her thru out the week while she took ca... Continue»
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White Farmers in the South Africa (Controlling the

Kajsa Nilsson was a Swedish women who had moved to the South Africa when she was 25 years old. Her husband was an engineer in an Swedish energy company and they moved here for his work with their little daughter Josephine. The things hadn't gone so well between Kajsa and her husband Nils and they decided to divorce. With all that Kajsa didn't want to leave this beautiful and hot country and go back to the cold Sweden. She preferred a simple life in the countryside of the South Africa. She had a patiserrie and it didn't make her wealthy but she had a comfortable wife. She was interested in arts... Continue»
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Fucking Another of My Mother's Card Club Frie

(This is Part II of a series, a sequel to "Fucking One of My Mother's Card Club Friends" previously posted)

I was at the d**gstore picking up my first razor and a pack of blades when someone behind me said: “Hey there, good looking, what’s cooking?” As I turned back towards the next person in the checkout line, I saw Mrs. Wiley, one of my mom’s Card Club friends. Her first name was Stephanie. For a fifty-year-old, she was a very well put together redhead with long locks that fell just below her shoulders. Gravity had already started to sag her large boobs just a bit even though they were w... Continue»
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My wife’s sexcapades prior to meeting me

I was nineteen and sitting at home with Josh and his buddy Nat. Nat had been telling Josh for the past few months that he would sell his left nut to be able fuck me just once. Josh had always laughed it off but now that we were all sitting there drinking he really started to seriously consider it. Nat leaned over to Josh and told him that if Josh would let him fuck me that he would let Josh watch and even join in. I started to laugh because I thought they were k**ding but then Josh said ok and Nat came over to me and started kissing my neck. Well I've always been a sucker for that so... Continue»
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Angry wife

This is a 100% true story. My wife is small in stature, she only stands about 5'2" tall and weighs about 110. She can however become very angry sometimes, and even physical, especially if she's had a few too many. Well one night she went out with the girls and I went out with my boys. We saw each other out and planned to meet up at the house a few hours later. Well the girls showed up at the house and were waiting for us. However we were having a good time and stayed out for another 4 or 5 hours. After leaving my friends, I headed home. Upon my arrival, I could tell my wife was pissed off. Sh... Continue»
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Mom & Daughter Go to Beach II

(This story is continued from an earlier installment. Please visit my profile for the earlier installment.)

Chapter 5
As I walked back to the beach my mind kept replaying the sight of my mom and Robert having sex. On one level I was so happy that my mom got to enjoy cock for first time in many years. On another level I wanted to personally know what sex was like.

When I got back to the beach the others were playing in the water and they encouraged me to join them. As we got in the water they all started playing around by sp... Continue»
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2nd Meeting

… we pull off the deserted road and turn into an abandoned driveway. Once we are past the length of the SUV into the tress I stop and put it into park. The sexual tension is thick ss I undo my seatbelt, lean over to you putting my palm flat on the seat and between your legs. I slide my arm into you until it makes pressure on your pussy and kiss you deeply.

After a few moments we stop and I suggest we should put the backseats down and fold out a blanket. We rush to get this done.

Still fully clothed, you lay down on your back, I kneel beside you and we start to kiss again. I am fast ... Continue»
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First Meet

When we met I knew there was something about you. Something I needed to experience. The attraction was there big time, but I knew I had to play it slow.

I realized from your look and body language that you're not easy - and that's the way I like it. I want to earn what I sow. No hand-me-downs, no put some money-down, no free plays for this man.

I want a real woman. Someone who knows what she wants and is not afraid to say so. Someone who is open and honest and does not play head games with her mate, someone who is sexual in a sensual manor.

Someone like you.

As we stood in line ... Continue»
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A father and his daughter part 6

Chapter 6

The next day I awoke to an empty bed, much to my chagrin, I had hope for morning fun. I put on my boxers and walked in kitchen for coffee. There were my two beauties both of them wearing my dress shirts with nothing else on and both had them barely buttoned. It was a beautiful sight to see.

“Good morning my loves” I said

“Good morning my husband” Toni said

“Good morning daddy” Beth said.

I asked what was on the agenda for today. Toni informed me her s****r and f****y were coming to visit.

“When... Continue»
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My Voluptuous Neighbor - part two

I looked in her eyes, hoping she wanted me as bad as I wanted her.
''What did you mean to show me?'' I asked.
''Are you a virgin?'' She responded, smiling.
''Yes, I am''
''And may I conclude from all your peeking that you like older women?''
''Err... yes''
''I could show you more of me, if you wanted''
''I... I would like that,'' I said, I had never blushed this much in my life.
''Oh, it's quite obvious you would like that,'' she said smiling, gesturing to the bulb in my crotch.
''How long have you been waiting for this?'' She asked.
''Ever since you started living next door.''
''S... Continue»
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Fucking bit titted step daughter at last

Been wanting to fuck my 18 year old stepdaughter for years and finally got the chance when her Mom was away.

We had been hanging around for two days, eating, watching TV in the evenings.
We had just finished in the kitchen when I hugged her from behind and kissed her on the neck.
She stood there for a couple of seconds then I turned her around, we looked into each other’s eyes and I leaned over to kiss her.
We have messed around before and she is a fantastic kisser so we really got into it.
Soon my hands were on her firm little ass and moving up under her shirt to her 34DD tits.
I pull... Continue»
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The Camgirls' Sexfight; A True Story

(I will not be using the names, usernames, or website of the actual event. I don't want to possibly anger any beautiful camgirls out there)

Something interesting happened last time I was browsing the webcams of my favorite porn site. See, one of the things I enjoy watching is two girls having fun on a camera. I never really pay, I just like to see how they flirt, and chat with their costumers. This time was different, though.

I clicked on one of the cams I have never tried before. The picture drew me in;
two black women, both large in size, with breasts bigger than their heads. One ha... Continue»
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Young love when serious os great

My first love and further sexual deep experience
Just 16 my mother and father decided to take me on a holiday > yes a holiday but one of some difference.
Dad booked us on what was known as a coastal freighter calling at all the coastal ports in South Australia (the names not important).
To make sure I would not get bored they invited Margaret 16 year old daughter of a great friend with whom dad worked.
Lovely girl always happy and who was pleased to be invited as we had been friends for a while at school.
Now she was a lovely shaped girl mature for her age, well developed breasts, long h... Continue»
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My Daughter, My SexToy

Part 1

"Oh god, here she is again," I mumbled to myself as Cheryl, my fifteen year old daughter walked down the stairs into the living room where I was sitting on the couch. She was wearing a short white T-shirt, and a pair of pale pink nylon panties, trimmed with lace; nothing else. As she came down the stairs, her young breasts, firm as they were, could not resist bouncing, proving to anyone who watched that she was wearing nothing to support them under the T-shirt.

My wife and I had separated two years ago and, since that time, Cheryl had been spending every other weekend, some va... Continue»
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A ROMANTIX Night - Part 1

Anal, Fetish, BI, BBC, Group Sex, Blow job, hand job, Hardcore, Interracial Sex, Glory Holes, Masturbation, couples, Young and Muture, squirting, dicks and pussy, multiple cumshots, and more ALL IN ONE DAY!

About once or twice a week I stop by the nearest ROMANTIX sex shop in battle creek,mi- sometimes to buy toys, sometimes to have some "FUN". I know this place is a "hit or miss place"(mostly miss), and sometimes its dead there... yesterday was NOT one of those days, for this day for once the sex gods was smiling on me. THIS day would be a day WORTH writing about, WORTH telling!

... Continue»
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