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First Flight (Flying the Interracial Skies)

This is my original story as submitted by me, the one and only writer, editer, and permission holder. Please do not share it with other sites without my expressed permission Of course feedback is always welcome and encouraged so I know the desire for another original story. ENJOY !!


"Good evening, Captain" Vickie smiled as William boarded the plane. He paused, admiring the lovely flight attendant he had the pleasure of working with nightly.

"Good evening to you too, Ms Lopez," he smiled back. This was their final flight together before Vickie went on... Continue»
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Sunday session with Sheila

On Sunday morning i went to my neighbour Sheilas house for a promised liaison. Sheila is a 67 year old widow that i have started having some fun with. I arrived at her door at 8am for our planned shenanigans, Sheila answered the door in her dressing gown and ushered me in and upstairs to her bedroom. Once in the bedroom she ordered me to strip and lie on the bed. My clothes were discarded quicker than i ever thought possible and i lay back on the bed propped up on the many pillows. Sheila winked at me and proceeded to take off her dressing gown.

Beneath the robe was her mature saggy body cl... Continue»
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Step Daughter's Mother Finds Out

My wife Carol loved to fuck outside. We would hit the backyard pool as soon as it got dark and off came our bathing suits. As usual, I sat on the pool steps and Carol swam over and placed her luscious small mouth around my engorged cock. I never met a woman who could suck cock like Carol could. She had what you would call an “oral fixation” and you could tell she just loved having a man’s cock in her mouth. Carol was a very skilled cocksucker and loved sucking cock, she was a “swallower” and men loved it. We went to a few swinger parties and got really into group sex. She didn’t like the lad... Continue»
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Nicolette - 1

Chapter One

It was the first time I had been to a club like this. It was called The Whipping Post. It’s a BDSM lifestyle club. I’ve been to sex clubs before in France where I’m from, but nothing like this. I had just graduated from the University and was celebrating with my boyfriend. His name is Jake. We met at school and have been exclusive to each other for the past two years. This was something he had been into for a long time. We have done some role playing before, but this was a new step for me.

I had been focusing on my studies for so long, I needed this break. I’ve been in... Continue»
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The Awakening of the Wolf

It was the summer of my freshman year. So as to not cause issues, because I know how things are viewed and needing to be careful in regards to exact wording, I’ll just say that this wasn’t my college years.
My next door neighbor, we will call her Dawn, asked me to come over and help her with some chores around the house. Her husband was in the Navy, and he had just gone out to sea, where he’d be for the next 6 months. Dawn was all kinds of hot. She was short, at least to me. I hit 6 foot around the age of 12. She was probably about 5’4ish. She had shoulder length platinum blonde hair and ... Continue»
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Wife's Confessions Part II

“Were there any others?” I asked.

“I'm not going to say any more till you confess up to me.” Sandy answered. “I'm sure you have more to tell. You first.”

I laughed. “Sure why not but you got to fess up yourself. Tell all.”

“Only after you.” Sandy poured herself more wine.

“The only fooling around with Abby I ever did was a finger fuck and a tit fuck/blow job.”

“You got to play with her big double D's? Sandy asked.

“Yep. I left a load between them.”

Sandy smiled. “Good for you. What about Barb L. She seemed to like to flaunt it times.”

“And you didn't?” I teased.... Continue»
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Cuckold, and how to have a cuckold lifestyle.

Hi Hamsterites,
So you'd like to have a cuckold relationship with your wife or partner, and need to know how or if it is at all possible, then read further...

I'm going to make this as short as possible. This is only my own experience so their may be another way round, but still, good advice..and it's from the man's point of view....

1) you have to have a great relationship. If your relationship is in trouble and you invite competition, then you should hardly be surprised if she runs off.

2)The idea that a man is less for sharing his wife is a myth. To have enough conf... Continue»
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Deflowered at 17...Part 1 (ENGLISH VERSION)

Many friends, some of them curious and excited by my (recently discovered) Polaroid pictures made at the seaside (with stockings) when I was 17 years old, asked me to tell the story associated to them. Someone also pointed out, "but if in one of your stories you talk about your first man -see story “my first man”- after having been “initiated” by a trans, then who was actually your first man? "
First of all, let me say that I can assure you that my stories are not fancy, they are absolutely true. I can change some details, names, situations, ... but I do not not invent anything. Anyone who... Continue»
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My b*****r best friend

Hi my name is for this story I will be Pat. Well it all started when me and my husband were talking about me having sex with another Man it would make us both very hot, Wait first I am a white women and he is a black man light skin and I love him very much but I have always wanted a dark skinned black man plus I kind of like big guys and not so good looking giving a man like that really does it for me. Well we talked about this the night before and had great sex I was going over to my b*****r apt when I got there his friend Mitch was there big man dark skinned ok looking but not like my husban... Continue»
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Deep throat Made Easy

Deep throat Made Easy -reposted fro menext

Here for the first time ever are simple and explicit instructions on how to deep throat a penis. Position is important; you'll want to in position where you can extend and straighten your neck by slightly tilting your head back. This helps line up your throat with your mouth allowing the penis to slide in deep. The best position for beginners is with the receiver lying on his back with the giver lying on the stomach along side. You can prop yourself up on your elbows.

The penis must be THOROUGHLY LUBRICATED! I can't stress this enough. An... Continue»
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My Granny

This is not about my first time to have sex. Hell that story is boring, my friends older s****r. I nailed her one night during a sl**p over. Did not have a clue what I was doing. Since that night I have fucked her and maybe a couple of hundred of girls over those years. Sex addict you say? Well I might have to agree with you. I do love fucking new women, fresh pussy is what I crave. And if I am not dumping a load in some hot pussy then I am jacking off thinking about it.
My granny is in her seventies. The f****y has been taking turns staying with her and watching out for her. Now it was ... Continue»
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First Internet hookup

Back in the early years of the Internet when people were just discovering the whole business of online sex, I formed a relationship with a younger woman who lived halfway across the country from me. I was in a largely sexless marriage, but the woman, I'll call her Susan, had a good, monogamous sex life with her hubby but wanted to taste the thrill and excitement of something outside. Her hubby encouraged her in this.

We chatted online frequently and soon began to get each other off in our sessions. Wow! Cybersex! What a discovery! Who knew that typing dirty thoughts back and forth with some... Continue»
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''What's a man to do'' Pt

We reached the fun chamber and I unlocked the door and told the lady's to go in and get to know each other while I went and fetched some glasses and a two bottles of red and a bottle of bubbly.
I returned to find the girls siting on the edge of the bed chatting and giggling like two school girls. It surprised me that Elke hadn't this hot little thing between her legs licking her pussy out. Usually my wife doesn't waste time chatting when she has an itch that needs scratching.
I locked the door, not really because I didn't anyone walking in on us, after all it was a sex party, but because a... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #30: Moms & Dods: Helena-3

Helena and I get a chance to experiment more with love at the end of that sexy summer's hot holiday
Helena and I get our hours of privacy every working day of our memorable long school summer holiday

Helena comes from licking along her love lips and soon we discover fingering around her cute clitty
Helena comes from fingering and discovers like this how she can play her pussy now to please herself

Helena and I are at the brink of finding out by try and erotic error how the hell fucking would work?
Helena and I are both shy to take that step, which seems most forbidden for unclear
... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #10: Schneider’s Island #1

iCarly/Victorious: Schneider’s Island #14 – Bang Sigh

[Author’s Note: I do want to explain something. As I was writing, I realized that this chapter was going to be extremely dark and painful. It is not for the easily upset. And because of how tough this chapter is, I thought that my planned ending, my true ending, was a bit darker than I felt many readers would want after all that, so I decided to write two. And so you can choose which you want to believe. The 'happier' ending will go along with the story, and then after a break, for those that want to read it, I have the end... Continue»
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The Business Trip

Mary had arrived at her hotel room, and checked in after a long tiring flight. She decided to take a shower and freshen up before her over zealous young assistant Stacy caught up with her. Mary heard a knock on her hotel room door as she stepped from the shower.

She knew it might be Stacy her personal assistant with the presentation she was going to give in the morning. Mary wrapped her naked body in a towel, covering as much of herself as she could and went to look out the peephole. She saw it was definitely Stacy and opened the door carefully saying,

"Hi Stacy, I just got out of the s... Continue»
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The Preacher's Wife part 2

Good girl, wife of preacher suddenly turns hedonistic slut when her husband boards a plane and she rides home with another man from the congregation!  This is part 2 of the story that reveals the preacher’s wife might not be such a prim and proper prude after all!!!
Julie led me into the on suite Master bath.  In truth, I would have followed that preacher’s wife ass of hers anywhere she wanted to lead me!  Walking behind her going up the stairs from the basement had allowed me to see just how unflattering the clothing she wore really was!  Her legs were perfectly prop... Continue»
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kim finds a new facination retry first failed? thi

To begin this story we will start with alittle bit of kims history. Kim grew up in a small town with a lone mother and three big sissters. In school the other k**s found him alittle nerdy. He was a shy boy who rather sank his mind into comicbooks and nature hikes as opposed to sports cars and girls like his male peers. He had a few friends, all of them female but as he grew older annd moved thru his teens he had never really kissed a girl, even tho he thougt it might be nice. But his female friends saw him more as a b*****r and with his slender build and bright blond hair he was more often tha... Continue»
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Kim discovers a new facination

To begin this story we will start with alittle bit of kims history. Kim grew up in a small town with a lone mother and three big sissters. In school the other k**s found him alittle nerdy. He was a shy boy who rather sank his mind into comicbooks and nature hikes as opposed to sports cars and girls like his male peers. He had a few friends, all of them female but as he grew older annd moved thru his teens he had never really kissed a girl, even tho he thougt it might be nice. But his female friends saw him more as a b*****r and with his slender build and bright blond hair he was more often tha... Continue»
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Totally Unexpected Lucy Continued........!!

.......a some action from Linda. Lucy's guy paused and went to pull out of her ass, Lucy reached back with her clit hand and grabbed his balls to keep him deep inside. She could tell he had started to soften while he questioned his friend about the interruption. "She'll only let me poke her while she jacks me off!" Lucy kept looking at the floor, waiting for his friend to go. "What do you want her to do?" asked Lucy's guy. Before he had chance to answer Lucy said "she was supposed to suck you off!" Both the guys looked at Lucy. "The deal was that I got fucked in the ass and she got her first ... Continue»
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