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The Desk

Getting into your office wouldn't be so hard: a question of picking the right pocket, an outward display of confidence and good timing is all it would take. I'm sure with some subtle inquisition I could gradually glean which is your desk. Ensuring you'd be wearing a skirt on the day in question, which would be critical to the surprise and my intentions, might be a little trickier without giving the game away. It could be resolved by giving you a standing order to wear only skirts on a Tuesday or maybe I'd make plans with you for after work and instruct you in what I want you to wear. Risky, th... Continue»
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BIRTHDAY- Unforgettabble

I was pretty excited when I woke up this morning. I quickly discovered that my wife had bound my four limbs to the bed as I slept, and when she noticed me starting to stir, she treated me to a beautiful smile.

"Morning darling. Happy Birthday!"

"Thanks baby. I think we both know what I want for my birthday present this year."

I glanced down at the cage locked onto my cock, then the key hanging around her neck. She smiled at me again.

"You're going to absolutely love your present, I know you will. But before we get around to that, here's your first treat of the day.

She star... Continue»
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The Tale of an Amazonian Buttsniffer

Stepping out of her invisible jet, Wonder Woman's iconic red boots touch the tropical Grecian paradise of home on Themyscira. Her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had been killed by the god Mars in the brutal war between his army and the Amazons, the latter of which had barely won.
Being heir to the throne, Princess Diana became Queen Diana of Themyscira, and she has returned to build up the depleted f***es of her warrior s****rs. Only thing she didn't count on, was a young orphaned girl had snuck onto her plane back in the human world, and followed her onto the island.

The young slim blonde gi... Continue»
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Quaver Ch.2


Chapter 2: The Amber Pearl of the Orient

I was startled by a grumbling noise. I look around to find out that I forgot to lock tightly my casement windows.

“It’s still raining.” I mumbled to myself.

As I walk back to my bed, I was surprised to see my newly recruit muscle cub still on my bead. To think that he taught that I can never break him; he is still very naive. I climbed back to my bed; my hands are at the back of my head when my cub cuddled me. I can pill his lips pressed near my nipple while his right hand wanders my furry rock hard stomach.

“Fuck” I whispered. I’m... Continue»
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The night a Gay man Fucked my Girly Ass

Before you read this story, know this, I am a Woman, and this is a true story

College party time, and for a couple of reasons, I dressed up as my b*****r, as we were of similar height and build, he was fifteen, and I was s*******n.

My reasons were of course due to alcohol, as the party was being held in a local hostelry, where you had to be a minimum of nineteen (Their rules), and I as a girl, could be spotted from afar, so I roughed myself up a bit, making myself look older, and fitted-in with the theme of alien dress, being a man and thereby killing two birds with one sto... Continue»
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Bad Santa: A Christmas Eve (Part 2)

Monika was so glad she came, in spite of cumming all over Nick’s beard. And the bed. She felt much more relaxed. She licked the hard cock still in her mouth almost lovingly, wondering why he didn’t cum yet. He slipped his cock out of her mouth, her tongue following it, her neck stretching to reach it.
“Let me make you cum,” she begged him, the salty taste of his precum still in her mouth. She licked her lips. It wasn’t so bad, even when he choked that monster down her throat. She hated to admit it, but it was the bondage that did it. Helpless and f***ed to do anything he wanted to do to her. ... Continue»
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My 18yr old sex slave - Pt 1

I was 40, She was 18, a customer in my shop, every day she would come in, buy a hot chocolate, sit in the window and state at the rain. A quiet, thoughtful, lonely little goth girl but who's eyes betrayed her. You could see she was absolute filth. For a few weeks, we exchanged chit chat, pleasentries, general conversation and one day she offered me her mobile number, in return she got mine. Soon we started flirting via text and I got an insight into how dirty her mind was.

One quiet Saturday, I arrived slightly later than normal and my other staff had control of what was going on behind the... Continue»
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Barbaria Act 4 Chapter 5

It took Xena over an hour to complete the two semi-circles. Some Ladies permitted only a brief kiss on the toe; others made Xena kiss and lick for several minutes. By the time she had finished, Xena’s neck, back and tongue were aching abominably. That was, however, pain preferable to that of the switch falling, which it did several more times on her little tour of submission.
“Kneel before the Princess,” ordered the Overseer. Xena crawled into position and knelt erect. She remembered how often she had been put into suspension before she could make herself kneel in this fashion. Princess Vene... Continue»
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Classmates mom

I was just standing there, and sure enough, (let's call her K) comes up and is talking with me, being herself, very flirty. We are chit chatting for a bit and sure enough, she puts her hand on my back and starts laughing. We laugh for a little bit, carry on our conversation and it happens. She grabs my arm and laughs and leans into me while laughing. Once she lets go of my arm, I put my hand on her back, and I whisper in her ear, "I want to hear you moan my name into my mouth". Fucking I dont know what happened, suddenly all the tumblr memes started flashing in my head. She pulls back, looks a... Continue»
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Snowed In (Part 2)

He looked out the window while she was milling around lighting candles. He wasn't going anywhere. Not that he wanted to anyway. He had just made love with an unbelievable woman and this beautiful redhead seemed to have nothing else planned but him. It was still snowing hard. He hoped the power would stay on but for now, the lights were out, he candles served as a beautiful backdrop, and as the water turned off, she was grabbing his hand and luring him to the tub.

He crawled in and she effortlessly sat next to him. Not sure what to do, he awkwardly thanked her for allowing him to stay. She g... Continue»
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Susan and Nat in A'dam #3: Nat Longs Love

I get in my bed an offer of tasty teen 40c-cup BOOBY beauty nice Natalie not to be refused!

Last night Susan sneaked to my bed to make love, the night after Natalie's first orgasms she does
Nice Nat is still a virgin but she knows now she longs to leave her cherry at me in awesome A'dam

Please Professor Peter will you make me a woman here before we will leave back to the States?
Peter you are so sweet to me and my mom so I trust you completly, hope you will do me the honour

We will see tomorrow my dear, I take you in my arms to bring you back into the arms of old Morp
... Continue»
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In The End It All Black Made

Today her life takes a turn that may prove to be very bad. Helen Ginn is a red head woman of 32 married for 11 years now to Glenn also the mother of 9yrs Trish. A church going god fearing woman, a housewife wife and best friend yet.....

2:45am Helen wakes Glenn HONEY IT'S TIME! Oh ok let's go and a few min. later Glenn runs into Grand General Hospital MY WIFE IS HAVING A BABY PLEASE HELP US. Helen is taking in and took to a bedroom Glenn calls her parents and his there daughter is there and her b*****r and his two s****rs too. Helen ask Glenn DO YOU LOVE ME? of course I do ... Continue»
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Weekend with friends

Saturday, we all met for lunch in the city, (we don't see much of Ann, she can only come out with us a few times a year, her husband is a jerk) after lunch we went shopping, just having a bit of fun, but there were little casual touches, and bumps and the occasional rubbing of tushes. This went on all of the afternoon, just laughing, giggling, along with suggestive comments, and that was getting me worked up. I was getting turned on by this.

I think at about 6 PM we got to Beck's apartment, we all just sat and chatted, then Beck went to make a plate of snacks, but she had no o... Continue»
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Caught by the high school principal

My good buddy Tom, our friend Tricia, and I snuck into the storage room at our high school to have some fun. It was Tricia's idea. She thought Tom and I were hot. Tom and I did not know what to expect. Tricia removed her top. She had tiny titties. Tom and I did what was natural and starting sucking on her titties. Her hands went down to our groins and rubbed our cocks through our pants. I was going to let nature take its course and if that meant fucking her with Tom I was willing to do it. But our fun did not last long. The school principal, Mr. Collins, barges in. He was in the middle of... Continue»
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Visit From Talia On Xhamster Day One (True)

So this story is different from others of mine and its one that I am more than excited to share with all of you. Last Sunday I got a message from a girl named Talia (Pic on top) on xhamster that my girlfriend Sarah (Pic on bottom) and I have been talking back and fourth with for a long time. I had even written a couple of stories for her. Anyways she messaged me that she was going to be headed to Chicago for a couple days and was wondering since Sarah and I lived here t... Continue»
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Visit From Talia On Xhamster Day Two (True)

This is Day two, Part two of the visit that my girlfriend Sarah (Pic on bottom) and I had with a girl from Xhamster named Talia (Pic on top). Like part one I will attach a link to her profile on her so you guys can go check her out. She is one of the coolest, sexiest girls I have ever met and both Sarah and I had an amazing time with her.

We all woke up the next day and got dressed before Sarah and I took Talia to a restaur... Continue»
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A favour for Misty 2

A favour for Misty 2
Come Saturday, at six there was I bathed and smelling of roses like some eastern potentate, it had been a long week, I had endured her indoors giving it all the “all the moral sapping stuff like, her little knowing smiles while talking to another neighbour had made me feel uncomfortable, but her calling me super stud in front of my workmates, (though I will say she didn’t elaborate) was enough to make me squirm but it was her comments in private, like; “you do realise misty is used to a bigger cock than yours”, and “will you be man enough for her”. and then the subtl... Continue»
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Mustang Cocksucker

This is a blast from the past. It is about a night I had the old Mustang Bookstore in Upland, CA.

I've been sucking cock at the Mustang Book Store for years. This is the first in a long series of events that are 100% true to the best of my memory. Here is what happened yesterday.

After arriving around 4pm I settled into one of the corner booths upstairs waiting for my first cock to suck. Finally a guy who looked to be in his forties about 6 foot tall came into my booth and asked me if I wanted to suck his cock. Being the cocksucker that I am, I of course said yes. Now, I am only five ... Continue»
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Vicki-72 yr old hottie

Vicki-72 yr old hottie
I had to see my MD for a follow up on some pretty extensive knee surgery one afternoon. As entered the office I noticed that the waiting room was full and at the receptionist's desk stood a tall, maybe 5'8" slender woman with long silver hair shoulder length. Her ass was flat but after all, she was on in years, but the rest of her seemed to be well kept. As it was my turn to check in she stood next to me and filled out some paperwork and I got a glimpse of her face. She was beautiful! I could tell she was probably 5 yrs older than me, but I couldn't keep my eyes off o... Continue»
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Daughter's Host Dad's Poker Game

It had been a difficult week at work and at home. This was the third anniversary of when my wife had left me and I’ve never really gotten over it. She left me for a woman. Both of our daughters were repulsed by the idea of their mom being a lesbian so they opted to stay here with me. I’m not sure what I would have done without them as they helped to cook, clean, shop and generally try to cheer me up.

I used to be part of a once a month poker game with some buddies of mine, but gave it up after Sheila left. My daughters kept encouraging me to get back with the guys as I needed the outlet. I... Continue»
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