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Heather, Matt and I....A bisexual adventure

Ever since Matt came into our lives, his big cock has been busy fucking Heather one night.and me the next, but it took a couple weeks and all three of us were full fucking hard....

Matt and I arrived home and planned on sucking each others dicks and fucking till we fell asl**p, but Heather had other plans...She was sitting on the couch in the basement wearing nothing but a smile....As we entered and looked at her she spread her muscular legs flexing her thigh muscles and running her hands over those big hard round tits and down over her abs dangling her red finger nails to her shaved ... Continue»
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Hard Bdsm Story from a friend written about us and

I would begin by undressing you completely and securing your wrists and ankles so you were standing spreadeagled and totally exposed . I would also strip so that you could see the effect you were having on my cock as my hands explored your body, caressing your beautiful breasts, teasing your cute little anus and checking your sweet pussy to make sure you were wet with anticipation for was was to follow. Your pupils would dilate with fear and excitement as you watched me select the various instruments for your torture but your glistening pussy told me you were eager to begin the experience.

... Continue»
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Horny Masseuse Gets Splattered

A couple of weeks ago I was in Corona, CA and decided to go for a massage. As I entered the massage studio, I was met by a middle aged Chinese woman in a tank top and a short, fluffy skirt. She couldn't speak any English, and pointed out the various massage times on a chart, to which I selected an hour.

She then led me to a room, pointed to take off my clothes and lay on the table, and then I heard her lock the doors. We were alone and I suspected that I was in for a good time.

She then started massaging my back, buttocks and legs and casually kept throwing the towel off my butt. Also, a... Continue»
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The Wrestler Final Chapter

I had to go down to Atlanta one more time to my last firemen Conference at the Convention Centre
beside the Omni Sports Arena in February. It was my last Conference so I decided to call up Mr.
Arnie and see if we can hook up for dinner. I finally got a hold of him around 2 pm and we set a time
around 5 pm to meet back at his Condo. I took a Taxi over to the Condo as he drop me off at the security
office. It was getting a little cool now as I stared to head up to Arnie suite, I knock on the door about 4
times as he slowly open it. Come in Colt he told me ! Wow dude it is so good to see you... Continue»
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I fucked a million dollar princess


I fucked the millionaire heiress Stephanie Mcmahon! If you don't know who Stephanie Mcmahon is, I'd strongly suggest you look her up. She's a sexy fucking milf! She's 5'9 and has a 34D cup breast! Her legs are so long and sexy, and her tits are always an instant hard-on.

I had a backstage pass for a WWE wrestling event, and stephanie mcmahon was one of the people who was on the list of people my group got to meet. We got to meet her and I had such a boner from just the sight of her in person. She... Continue»
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Chapter 1 Awakening

Slut Awakening

Call me, Kayla. I was born and raised in a town located in the upper peninsula of Michigan, where there are only two things you can do, hunt-fish or fuck and most times, both. Due to these facts, we start young here. When I turned 18, I was ready to start college but certain events that spring proved to be what I want to call my awakening.

I have kept my entire life in journals and diaries, sometimes in videos and pictures, and I invoke the writing of these books to tell you what I've seen, done, and still do for your reading and viewing pleasure.

My boyfriend (Bill) ... Continue»
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Teen Sex Worker

I was a prostitute when I was very1 3young for
a rich perverts' club.

There was a client who liked me to suck him off
again and again.
he could cum 5 or 6 times. sometimes more.
I know he limped the next day!!

He fucked me too, rested then cummed
again and again.
Another client liked to cum on my face.
he'd feel up my naked body then play with himself
i'd kneel on the floor and he'd jerk off on me.
I didn't mind.
I tipped my head back and let him paint me.

then we talked about nonsense until he was ready
and he jerked off and came on my face again.

He cummed on me two
... Continue»
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Mom Meets Kat Do To Her Daughter

Joyce Thorn lives withy her 19yrs daughter and 16yrs son after her break up with hubby finding his in bed with her s****r. Joyce works as a appraiser for a big firm. Rick her son is into high school sports so not home much and Anne her daughter works at a dress shop in town. Not just any dress shop but the one Kat uses as her hunting grounds. The shop is ran by Kim a 38yrs big chested dark haired knock out that Kat set up to run the shop after Kim's hubby found out Kat was fucking her. The shop is a normal dress shop other then the fact that Kim has bedded each of the woman working for h... Continue»
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My wife is a very hot woman. We met in college when she was a hot young teen and she was the focus of attention of guys around her. Little has changed over the years. Whether it is on vacation, at the grocery store, at the k**s’ school events, at a gas station, guys eye fuck her all the time. When I am not with her, they try to hit on her and ask her out. She has in general resisted all advances and we have both gotten used to it.

We dated for about 4 years before we got married. Early years of marriage always cast some doubt on any couple. I have thought often about whether I should have ... Continue»
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Job with perks

A fictional story

Hi my name is Alan, after getting made redundant I decided to take a little holiday and re think what I would like to do next, I had been in my job for 35 years from when I left school, and had worked my way up to a divisional manager, the company I had worked for was being relocated abroad, and was looking for voluntary redundancy’s with a healthy little pay off, I decided to snap their hand off.

On my first day of unemployment I did the usual stuff, sign on as unemployed go for a walk and sat having a coffee watching the world go by, I was approached by a beautiful yo... Continue»
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Guide to Cuckold Your Husband

Guide to Cuckold Your Husband

Turning your husband into a cuckold can be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. A successfully cuckolded husband will be completely submissive. He will satisfy all your sexual cravings, manage all the mundane chores of your life, allow you to sl**p with whomever you wish, subject himself to any amount of humiliation you desire, and of course, love you unconditionally.

But be warned, cuckolding can also be one of the most challenging things you ever do. The process is long, complicated, energy consuming, and by no means sure of success. T... Continue»
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Sarah And The Pizza Delivery Guy (True)

This is a true story about something that happened with Sarah and I about a week ago and I just had to share it will all of you. Enjoy

One weekend Sarah and I were both off of work and decided to just relax at my place and rent some movies. We grabbed some horror movies, snacks and headed back to my place. Sarah put on some pink pajama shorts, one of my "Black Sabbath" shirts and her pink "Comfy" socks as she calls them that go up damn near to her knees. We waited until it started to get dark out before curling up on the couc... Continue»
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Your Cock in Lace

This morning you received precise intrusions. Arrive at the rose gardens before 6, take the path to the right leading over a bridge to a secluded area with a bench overlooking the water. You were to bring chocolates. I ordered you to tie the panties I had you purchase days ago around your cock and balls. You were to stay strapped like an a****l all day at work. The black lace thong snug against your flesh during meetings with clients, reminding you throughout the day that your dick belongs to me. Your pleasure only achievable at my capricious wish.

You show up ten to six, sit down o... Continue»
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Sweet Elixir Dreams

Sweet Elixir Dreams

The times that we are no together are tough enough without you, but occasionally I have dreams…Sweet Elixir Dreams.

Taking you on my knees, I’d pull your cock deep to the back of my throat. Pulling you deep inside my mouth, I’d lovingly tug on your balls. I’d start slow, but quickly gain rhythm, as I take you in my mouth. Moving my hands from your balls to digging my fingernails deep into each of your ass cheeks, I’d enjoy listening to you groan in pleasure, and my cunt would slowly drip sweet elixir onto the floor. Mmmmmmmmm.

You stop me, as I try to gasp for ai... Continue»
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Im pregnant with my boyfriends moms boyfriends bab

We returned from our vacation and back to our normal routines. Still dating my boyfriend and fucking when we can. Still hanging out with his f****y and fucking his step dad.
Fast forwarding thru a year of the same crazy shenanigans. We are graduates, off to college and grow up. I decided to go to a college 4 hours from home and my boyfriend is going to a college an hour away from home and 6 hours away from me. LIFE!
Our graduating gift was a trip to europe, I was excited and we had a blast took lots of pictures and it was time to return. I had a week to myself before I moved, i hung out w... Continue»
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On the Beach - Part III FINAL (Halo saga)


Cortana felt a shock run through her being as she sensed a shadow falling across her naked form. Her eyes snapped open, and she sat up, her arms coming across her chest to cover up her breasts. In a split second, she felt embarrassment, annoyance, and a whole slew of negative emotions. She looked up and saw that her intruder was none other than the man she had been fantasising about for so long. John. Her embarrassment remained, but it was quickly giving way to other emotions. More appealing emotions.

Cortana looked over John's form as he stood over her. He was decked out in a t-shi... Continue»
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On the Beach - Part II (Halo saga)


A kilometre away, the lone figure that Cortana had previously spotted in the distance continued in his run down the beach. Anyone noticing him at this point would not stop to think that this was the man who was largely responsible for the saving of the human race. But then, those who did not know him very well would not have recognised him without his green MJOLNIR armour. Instead, he wore a dark grey t-shirt, dark blue shorts and sneakers. But there was no doubting his identity. He was the Master Chief; the most famous and infamous of all Spartans. John-117.

And the man who haunted ... Continue»
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On the Beach - Part I (Halo saga)

This is a fictional story (obviously) based on the tragic romance between Cortana and Master Chief (John 117) that thrilled all players in the Halo saga. But not tragic as the real history hehe

This story was not written by me
all credit is given to: FuryanJedi13 in, I just adapted a few words to be appropriate for a porn site.


It was in the late spring when things finally started to warm up, and there were many people who chose to take advantage of this. One in particular was a woman who was still new to the human experience. Understandably, having previously s... Continue»
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by Vojtěch Blahout

Yesterday, she sent me a text, if I felt like fucking, I should come to her place in a bit. Make sure you have a rubber. Well, I`m flying, giving my dick the occasional rub-over-the-flyer, aaah fresh delight, my head is sparkling.

I see her standing in front of the house gate in her night shirt, her hips rolled out, beautiful legs, ah tipsy, booze, bl**d and milk. Dark areolas, thick nipples, black, shiny eyes. Hubby upstairs sl**ping off his second dinner, so... everythin`s fine, huh. Grabbing the bulge of my cock, she slowly plays me. You like? Aaaaaaah. M... Continue»
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Husband Friend Seduced Me

Hi, I am Sweetie, 25, from Ahmedabad. I read ur story and was really excited thinking about all that. Real life experiences are quite rare on internet based stories.

I have never expressed this incident to anybody. However, I would like to narrate my story to you. I am married and working in an MNC here. About me, I have 36-sized breasts with a 28-sized navel and 38-sized ass cheeks. Once my husband was supposed to pick me up from my office for home, but he called me saying that his bike is not getting started and his friend, Pankaj, would pick me up. We both then would pick up my husband... Continue»
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