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A meeting from my perspective

He was my friend, a man I had worked with for several years and then continued to see afterwards
for drinks nights and at parties and the like. A good looking guy with a way with women I was always jealous of.
Over time I began to notice a difference in the way we three - him, my Wife and myself got on socially.
It was always the 3 of us making arrangements to meet others. He'd call to see if we were going out
some place and if so he said he'd meet us there. At parties for example, we three would always be together.
Occasionally, he'd use his charm and leave us for a girl he'd met but mos... Continue»
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When the Need Strikes - Chapter 1

In exchange for four million dollars, Petra and her younger b*****r agree to only cum by each other's hands for the next two months.
Craig looked nervously at his s****r. She met his gaze, bit her lip, and a silent conversation ensued.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked wordlessly, and in response Petra simply nodded her head. The pair stepped forward in unison, entering the house of Mason DeGraves, beginning a visit that they knew would change their lives forever.

Ever since he arrived in the neighborhood Lord DeGraves had been an enigma. No one knew how he had... Continue»
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Blackmailed Forger

A blackmailed clerk helps her master in a business venture.
Synopsis: A blackmailed clerk helps her master in a business venture. Prequel to Owning a Dominant Bitch

By Rebelman

Chapter 1
Darrel James had waited patiently for this day. He had confronted Peggy almost two months earlier with the info he collected on her forgery scheme and, when he revealed the evidence to her, she crumbled quickly. Little by little he had taken more and more control.

His job at the bank gave him more than enough to live on, and the recent additional windfall of cash, allowed him to put ... Continue»
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A one night stand

Not so long ago, I was between boyfriends and it had been a few months since I had been fucked, so off I went to the local hotspot one town over, one night alone. I was dressed for success and after a few rebuttals I finally settled on the man I wanted to go home with. He was very engaging and funny and before long we were whooping it up pretty good. His name was Dan and he was about 12 years my senior but handsome and well groomed, maybe 20 pounds overweight was all. This was a Saturday night and we pretty much closed down this bar at 1:30 AM. By this time the innuendos were pretty hard an... Continue»
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The Night of Five

My 18th birthday was looming, and I really hadn’t thought about driving much, but was put into a driver’s education class by dad saying, I am tired of being your taxi! I passed the class with flying colors, and I am now a High School Graduate, and summer is ahead; never again do I have to go back there. I started looking at more classes at Community College for the next step. Dad found me a little Ford Falcon, it was in good shape no rust, low miles $200.00. Oh to have that today! My birthday comes and goes, dinner out my choice, a few gifts, one of the neat things was permission to use the bo... Continue»
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I was a teenager who had been wanking for about 5 years almost every day. One day in the city where I was brought up, I had an urgent need to go to a public toilet. On entering a cubicle I sat down and started reading the messages on the walls. This got me excited and my cock got hard and I could not stop myself from wanking. I wanked as I read and the next thing I knew was a cock appearing through a hole in the partition. I had not noticed the hole being so engrossed in reading. I was absolutely stunned by this as I had never before seen anything like this. I just didn't know what to do. So I... Continue»
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Puffies by loyalsock

Tara looked in the mirror and admired her slim tan body. 5'7" tall, 115 lbs., blonde hair, blue eyes, and not a blemish to be found! What was drawing here stare, however, was her chest. No, it wasn't big by any means, a 34b cup to be exact, nor was it her stunningly beautiful pink nipples. It was really her areolas, which were larger and puffier than any she had ever seen! They were much too large for breasts of her size, but that only seemed to make them look even sexier! It seemed to Tara that a lot of her sexuality was wrapped up in her areolas and nipples, and as they were in a constant st... Continue»
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My Lucky Week

Hello, All - I recently posted my story involving a young guy and me. It was a great experience (actually, experiences). Well, I stopped at a restaurant for lunch yesterday - strictly random, but I liked the exterior of the building, so.....

Anyway, I was seated in the dining room, and awaited the arrival of my server. With two minutes, Sarah arrived. Now, often, some servers tend to look like other servers - kind of blending together. Sarah is a totally different story.

Sarah greeted me with a great "welcome." I looked up to her face, and was smitten right out of the chute. Sara is (I f... Continue»
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The Harbour

The ripe Australian sun beat down upon my body; the hot rays penetrating my already golden skin. It was sweltering; almost unbearable, in fact.

“Amelia are you coming in or not?!” my friend, Christina called from the side of the boat, startling me from my lazy euphoria.

“In a second” I mumbled, keeping my eyes closed as I rolled on to my front, giving my back the same attention as my front to the unforgiving rays.

My friend’s uncle had let a few of us take his boat out on Sydney Harbour for a couple of days to make the most of the incredible weather. It was a small boat- well, I say s... Continue»
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The Boarder by loyalsock

Mitchell Crawford looked over the room and decided immediately that this would do just fine! For eighty dollars a week he got a nice place to stay plus breakfast and supper, not bad at all! His new land lady, Mrs. Anna Williamson, seemed like a very nice person, who he guessed was in her mid fifties, and in their short conversation, he had learned that the big house was left to her by her late husband who had died several years earlier. With its rambling upstairs and plethora of bedrooms, Mrs. Williamson rented several of them out to help make ends meet, and while Mitch was the first male she ... Continue»
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Nate and his tranny neighbour

Part two of Nate's fun ; )

Again all feedback is greatly appreciated !

It had been three days since Nate's time with Jez. It was 12 in the afternoon and he looked out his window at Jez's garden. There she was idly busying herself in the garden, that gorgeous feminine frame hiding a delicious thick cock. His cock started to harden at the thought of her again, and he was desperate for another time with her. With his parents out for a while he thought maybe he could try a chance going over. He had showered and washed 'all' areas of himself should he be so lucky. He put a tight t-shirt on w... Continue»
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Camping Trip

I have always like camping as a f****y. I remember going many places as a k** and have been anxious to share that with my own f****y someday. This summer my wife and I decided we would pack the tent and k**s and head out to see some sites. Being that our k**s are 6 and 8, we thought it would be a good time to see how they fair without the TV and computer. We headed out early Saturday morning with the car packed full. For the first hour the k**s did pretty well. The remaining 7 hours were a bit trying on all of us. Even with 3 stops along the way. We were all pretty happy to arrive at our camps... Continue»
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Listening To My New Wife Getting Pounded

My wife Tina and I were newly married and finally we had found our own place in a quiet, little town. We were only twenty but had been together since high school and if there was ever anything as true love we had it. Tina is a sweetheart in her own shy way and very beautiful. She has short dark hair, blue eyes, a very pretty face and a nice petite body. It was hard starting our new life in a town where we knew nobody but eventually I met a guy named Rob at work who was in his late thirties and a really cool, laid back guy who was also married to a girl named Julie who was twenty nine. I met Ju... Continue»
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My Wife from Straight-laced to Cum Slut pt. 4

There it was , the word fuck, she never used this word before that fateful day in Zack's room, but she now used on a regular basis . After Jan said I want to FUCK them both , I asked the two grad students
" Well , you guys gotta place we can go "
" Dude , I told ya " Tom said "Ya , our place is only about 5 minutes from here"
" Okay , lets get outta here" I said "We'll follow you guys"
So we followed them to their condo . When we got there Dave greeted us at the door , upon entering Tom grabbed my wife ,pulled her to him and began making out with her , as... Continue»
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Born To Suck by loyalsock

Kate couldn't help it! She wanted to stop but something inside her wouldn't let her! Kate was from all appearances a normal eighteen year old junior in high school. Average looks, average grades, nice friends, good parents, nothing to worry about. Well not exactly, you see Kate was addicted to oral sex! She would suck anyone, anywhere, at anytime. She couldn't be exactly sure of why, but all she knew was that she had a burning uncontrollable desire to have her mouth around a hard cock or her tongue buried in a hot warm pussy!
Walking home from school, Kate had stopped off at the store to buy ... Continue»
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Cuck development

I am a late 30's, mwm, with a trophy wife that I can't stop thinking about sharing with another. She is tall, attractive, blonde and an overall great person. She understands my fantasy but worries that it would affect our marriage if we start but there is a little interest; so I am holding onto

Not sure where or how it started but several years ago, I awoke with a raging erection and interrupted a great dream. The dream; I was swimming, late at night with my wife and my best friend. We were in a local pool after hours so in boxers, undies, and bras. We jumped in the car to leave... Continue»
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Spring afternoon dlight

It was a beautiful spring afternoon. I had just finished a project, and thought I would leave work early to begin the weekend. I arrived home shortly afternoon and let myself into the townhouse I shared with my wife. We had been married for a couple of years and we were doing well. I walked through the downstairs and there were no signs of my wife. Suddenly I heard her voice and started up the stairs. Walking slowly I heard her again this time a low moan. I paused and listened. Another moan then heard the steady sounds our bed makes as we are making love. I was frozen in my tracks... Continue»
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Shopping Experience

There I was, looking intently at the sales lady's black stilettos and seamed Cuban heeled stockings as she was reaching to hang up a sheer blouse on a rack. As she did, she had to stand on her toes, and her shapely calves were flexing under her nylons.

Unaware that she had caught me staring, she could see in a mirror off to her right, she asked,"Is there any you see that you like?". I was momentarily stunned; I realized I had been caught staring, and that she was using a double entrendre. Was she flirting or just asking an innocent question?

I decided that I would engage her with some... Continue»
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Sometimes you have to pay for the stupid things you do sometimes you deserve it sometimes you don't! I deserved what was happening to me...I was awaiting trial on a possession of stolen goods charge I had gotten busted with my no longer pal Larry who had lied his way into a job at this electronics warehouse store he then figured out a way to get inside after hours and steal stuff without anyone knowing he nailed a bunch of small stuff and got away with it but then he got greedy and wanted to go for a big ticket item a big flat screen television so he enlists the help of his dumb ass friend B... Continue»
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Sweet Birthday Surprise

Emma woke up stretching her arms over her head, as she listened to the birds singing outside her window. It was her birthday today, and it should be a happy occasion, but unfortunately it wasn't going to be all that happy. First of all, her husband was on a business trip and had been gone a week already.

He was supposed to be home in plenty of time for her birthday, but instead when Emma got home that evening there was a message on the phone from her husband. All he said was his business trip had been extended and he wouldn't be home for another week. Needless to say Emma's heart sank.

... Continue»
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