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"Coyote and the Wolf" part 1, foreword,

“Coyote and the Wolf” part 1

In a large clearing of a forest, sets a small lake, surrounded by large rocks. Below one of these rocks, a Coyote cleans the last of his catch. “These should do for a few days, if I can find some nuts and berries in the forest” He said to himself. Coyote found this lake after running through most of the night before. Running from the disastrous battle the day before. To avoid capture, he headed west into the forest to stay hidden from the enemy. He hoped to head south again in the morning, after a meal and some rest. Though he might well ... Continue»
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True Story: Starting to Swing

Jane taught me a lot. She changed how I saw relationships and even love. She also gave sexual experiences that I will never forget.

Jane is the best. We still are friends though our relationship ended years ago when I was 28 and she was 24. We don't see each other much, but she still is one of my 10 favorite people in the world.

We have never told other people about what we did. I changed her name and some details in this anonymous story.

We met at ... Continue»
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True Story: Starting to Swing

True Story: Starting to Swing

Jane taught me a lot. She changed how I saw relationships and even love. She also gave sexual experiences that I will never forget.

Jane is the best. We still are friends though our relationship ended years ago when I was 28 and she was 24. We don't see each other much, but she still is one of my 10 favorite people in the world.

We have never told other people about what we did. I changed her name and some details in... Continue»
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Just Friends???

She and i were just friends for a long time but i always wanted more than that and now i know she wanted the same thing one day we were returning from seeing a movie with some other friends all of a sudden it started raining we tried to get a cab but it was too late we were all wet.She was so dripping in wet that her pink colored bra was clearly visible through her white top that she was wearing.Eventually we got a cab we decided to go to my place.I was constantly staring at her bra in the cab she noticed me and gave me a little smile.That encouraged me even more i put my arm around her should... Continue»
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One Day as a House Slave

A day in the life of a house slave told from the viewpoint of her master. Comments welcome!

I awake as daylight is beginning to creep through the blinds of my bedroom, the bedside clock reads 6:10am. I roll out of bed leaving Tiffany sl**ping, knowing that she will be up in a couple of minutes after hearing me stirring. After a quick piss in The John I head down the hallway toward the kitchen to get my morning soda, I like something cold to start before I inhale a pot of coffee. I hear the bed covers rattle and the bed squeak a little as I pass by Skank’s room. I retrieve my drink and r... Continue»
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she made me do it..

after Donna's work trip away i told her what i did but she knew any way cos she had already arranged for Jack to come was her gift to Jack for his b*****r H her black friend who fucks her when he wants or she wants..

at the weekend Donna said we needed a night out to let our hair down and have some fun,that sounds good we could do with just us going out..
Donna went out shopping on the morning whilst i cleaned our cars and then did some repair work in the house,Donna came in laughing and said wait till tonight you will love what i've bought you.
show me now you can't say that wit... Continue»
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Getting The Wife Sexy Underwear and Giving Her a C

So a yesterday evening my wife and I went to Walmart to get some bits and whilst there we were passing the isle with w omens underwear.

She was in a god mood so I said I wanted to get her some sexy underwear and fuck her when we got home, she was up for it and we went and had a look.

I found a set that was a good price and looked sexy, it was a set that any time she wears she will be getting fucked for sure.

She liked the way it fit and we agreed that if she was wearing that set then it meant it was good to fuck her in her sl**p, or late at night a clear indication she wanted some dic... Continue»
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She takes the top; a pegging story

She studied her handiwork as she approached the bed wearing nothing but an 8 inch cock. His legs were held apart by ropes at his ankles and his wrists were bound above his head. The thought of what was to come aroused her greatly. "Are you comfortable?" She asked as she climbed onto the bed. Not that she really cared but because it seemed like the right thing to say. Tonight was her turn to be in charge, her turn to dictate the activity, the positions, the pace, to feel the power that comes with control and she planned to make the most of it. She noticed that his dick was limp so she gave ... Continue»
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Case #34: Innocence Lust (Mr.Phelps)

"You can start any time you want to Brian." I encouraged. "Take as much time as you need."

"Well...I don't know where to begin. Should I jump in, and tell the juicy parts first, like Jenny did, or can I just take it as it comes?"

"Whatever You want,Brian. Whatever makes it easier for you." I smiled at him and leaned forward to take his hand in mine. It was hot and sweaty, and he was shaking like a leaf in the wind. At a nod from me, Malinda got up and walked over to stand behind him. She kissed him on the top of his head and said "Here. This will help." then began to slowly massage the t... Continue»
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WOW! I Am A Cum Slut!

It started when I hit fifty five years of age. I work out with a trainer, dye my hair blonde. Everyone says I look forty. My boobs are still some what perky and a nice C cup, I am five foot three, one hundred twenty pounds, blonde hair brown eyes. Guys hit on me alot. I am successful realtor here in this large city.
My girl friends and I get together a couple times a year at a resort or hotel for a three or four day weekend. Sometimes we just talk, sometimes we are on a mission to get laid by some strange cock. Sometimes it is a little of both. This trip turned into a talk session. There... Continue»
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Sodomizing Martin

I had only recently started masturbating; getting to know my cock and how good it felt when I massaged it.

I remember the first time I finally managed to climax, after hours of pulling on my stiff teen cock, to see all that cum ooze out of my cock, it, well, scared the shit out of me and I swore I'd never ever do it again. But it felt so good. So, of course, I was right back doing it the next day. Twice.

After that I tried to set a record each day. How many times could I cum in a single day? Three times. Four. Sometimes even five. By then my cock was swollen and it would hurt like hell ... Continue»
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My fuck buddy sub

It all started Wednesday morning, while sitting at my work desk I sent out a mass text message to my friends basically to say hi, and give them all little encouragement. Soon after sending the text, I received a call from one of my past sluts. She called me using the text as an excuse. I am a black Dom, and for those of you that are BBC lovers, I am not a BBC. I am only about six inches, but never measured it, so it actually could be a little smaller. She is a big cock slut, so when we first met 9 years ago, she was kind of experimenting, but once we fucked, we never stopped. (smile)
He... Continue»
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student and teacher

giggleing and noding okay professor teddy jumpin gout of the car flashing you my butt as i run inside
chuckling as I see your ass peek out at me I turn to get out of the car and follow you into the house
jumping in to a seat at the middle of the table as i wait for you giggleing happily
watching you with a smile on my face I walk past you into the kitchen to put away the cinnabons and then walk past again to head back into the bedroom
watching you walk back and forth chewing on my lip at how sexy you look in your stockings and lil tight skirt and blouse
coming back into the... Continue»
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Shorts with Liz

Over the time we had our affair Liz and I had many meetings. Some were longer than others but many were of a short duration. As I said in first story she was insatiable at times and wasn't averse to taking risks which I found quite exciting too and also took these risks. The following is some of these short and sometimes risky meetings.
Liz and Ellen, my wife, the youngest of Liz's k**s, and myself, went down to the beach at the lake. It was a beautiful hot day and there were lots of Mums and Dads with their k**s on the beach and swimming. Liz, Ellen and I lay sunbathing while the k** played ... Continue»
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Sex fun with my hairdresser

My preferate hair dresser:

My hairdresser is always sexy looking, in a good mood and even flirtish at times, if no other customers are present. I've been going to Julie's salon for a long while and we know each other a fair bit, at least as much as hair salon's conversations will allow it. She looks good despite of her forties, is very fit and exercises with passion; he body tells you that story in the best visual way possible. With time, I got to know her, appreciating the fact that she's open minded, witty, that she willingly laughs... Continue»
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Merry and the guards part II

One night I was sitting in the living room watching pointless TV when there was a knock on my door. That was odd, because my building had a front door and you needed to get buzzed in. I looked out the peep hole and there was Lisa, the blonde lifeguard I had great sex with a few days earlier. Of course, she had a key to the building, so she didn't need to get buzzed in. I opened the door and I was about to close it when I see a petite red head hanging back in the hallway.
"I hope you don't mind but I brought Mandy over." Lisa said.
"Not at all, come on in, can I get you something?"
Lisa as... Continue»
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Cuckold couple

As I mentioned in another blog, a cuckold couple brings a Bull into their relationship to restore their sexual energy to what it once was. Everyone remembers what it’s like when you’re in a new relationship. The first date jitters, the butterflies, the excitement of those early sexual encounters and so on. This is the energy that a cuckold couple hopes to recapture by including a new person in their sex lives.

If you’re smart you will capitalize on it to create intense experiences for you and for them.

The first meeting or two or three may be almost traditional. You will likely have sex ... Continue»
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Jordanian wife, karma is a bitch

I am sorry if this is a long story, but i wanted to share this karma experience. I think i have a cheating wife. I met this married woman long time ago, when online chats were new on the internet. We chatted online for several months and later over the phone before i finally met her. In our online chats, she told me a lot of things about her life and she lived in a loveless marriage, and how bad her husband treats her.

Our first meeting was kind of awkward (in a hotel room). We have discussed sex few time online and what we would do if we meet. When i first met her we joked about how crazy... Continue»
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My first day as a sex slave: pt3 Bad boys

About a week later I started school again now in the forth grade and I never thought to ask any of the teachers at school about what danny said came out of a boys dick. So when I saw my older friend jimmy who was in the fifth grade I asked him about it. He said he heard that boys shoot out cum to get a girl pregnant. I gasped as I heard this but I didn't tell him anything about what my older cousin was doing to me afraid he might find out and then tell on me.

I was scared thinking that I would get pregnant because according to Danny I was a girl and he had been having sex with me for about ... Continue»
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My first day as a sex slave: pt2 boy or girl?

After my older cousin took my anal virginity I was no longer the same 9 year old boy that would play games and scream out loud whenever I wanted. I had become more submissive, ashamed and afraid that Danny would tell on me. The very next day while I was watching tv, Danny came into my room and turn it off. We were alone again because my parents were both at work and it was still summer break. 

He said, "Get out of that bed little cousin, I've got some work for you." As he put on a wicked smile looking right at me. "Wha...what kind of work?" I asked innocently and he replied, "You'll see. Bu... Continue»
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