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Felica Hardy humilates Mary Jane

Mary Jane and May Jane get owned again (humiliation ending)


Emma and Felicity have a sl**pover with their teens and their victims

Author Note

It been a while since Felicia Hardy ended her rivalry with Mary Jane Watson by completely humiliated her and making her a slave. Her daughter Felicity Hardy got in on the act by dominated Mary Jane daughter May Day Parker. Both of the Watson’s were beautiful red heads with super models looks. Mary was hot enough to be Felicia rival for years but Felicia seems to always come out ahead. In fact she would fuck her Husba... Continue»
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auntie and her little toy

As with all my stories these are truthful recollections of things past, except for the ones which are fantasies (lol) - you choose which you think they are!

Names are real in the hope that the people involved will read about themselves and get in touch, (except where because of reasons that should be obvious, it could cause the person to be put in an embarrassing situation)

If you enjoy them please give them the thumbs up; if you really like them please comment and if you REALLY like them mail me and I’ll tell you more than I can put here! And if you recognise yourself – get in touch

... Continue»
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Jessica nigri has the train ride of her life

It was late in the afternoon as Jessica Nigri completed the last of her cosplay appearances and wandered out of the Tokyo convention center, eager to get back to her hotel.

Still scantily clad in nothing more than her "Juliet Starling" outfit (of Lollipop Chainsaw fame) she approached Harajuku station and was relieved to see that she wasn't the only commuter dressed up in such outrageous garb.

In fact the station was located between the suburbs of Shinjuku and Shibuya via the Yamanote Line, which was considered the hub of Japan's most extreme teen culture and fashion styles, where people... Continue»
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My Black Boyfriend "D".A gay interracial

I have been putting off writing about a man who was very important to me.I have been thinking about him lately,so this seems like a good time to share this story.
I won't bore you with all the details,but here is a little back round about how we met.Towards the end of my relationship with what would become the last woman I would ever have sex with,I wandered into a gay chat room.I started a conversation with another man who,like me was from New York.(I won't give his first name in this story,so let's just call him "D".) We actually chatted for hours that night in the chat room,and exchanged e... Continue»
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Bi Time with Wife and Eric

My wife and I have been swinging for a couple of years now. Although we have had few experiences, they have all been good. Our latest experience happened a few short months ago.

For the last year or so we have been members of an on-line swinger personals site. We have met some real losers on there but for the most part, the experience has been great. The last guy we met for fun and games, we met through there. We have mostly met guys from there because the single bi female is more elusive than bigfoot. Bisexual couples are almost the same. Bisexual single guys though are everywhere. Yes d... Continue»
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She's back......

I hear a knock at the door, who could it be at this time of night? I open it slightly wary of who might be outside. OMG its you Helen, I thought I had lost you out of my life for ever. I throw my arms around her and hug and kiss her. "Where have you been, what happened, why did you disappear?". Oh never mind come over here let me look at you. With that she removes her coat to reveal her gorgeous body dressed in a magnificent mauve basque with matching panties and garter belt holding up fishnet stockings. A picture of superb beauty it takes me all my time to stop myself falling to my knees and ... Continue»
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Canadian Wild Girl Poolie pt 2

Jenny was more than tipsy at this point, those long islands were strong! She was normally a modest girl, but right now, she didn't care, she had everyone in the bar's attention and she intended to keep it! She unhooked her black bra from the back, while the camera guy snapped a quick shot

This was so much fun! The camera crew and bar patrons were all watching her, tongues wagging and hanging out! Jenny decided to tease them some more, lifting her bra up from the front and covering her boobs with her hands and giving her nipples a quick rub.

"awwww, cm'on babe, show us your great tits!" ... Continue»
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A Young Couple

I went to my friends house the other night to meet a young couple that she had hooked me up with. My friend Rose greeted me at the door and told me they were already there. I was nervous but excited to see what they looked like. I followed Rose to her fa mily room. There sat a young man and woman. They were teenagers.

I whispered to Rose " are they legal?"

He whispered back " yes they are both 18."

They were both dressed in what I think is goth or punk. I don't know the difference. His hair was long black with orange streaks. Hers was pink and blonde. Her clothes were torn and hangi... Continue»
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I Love This Beach

Every day for the past six months, I walk my dog on a quiet bay beach. While the ocean beaches here in the Hamptons are among the most beautiful beaches in the world, the bay beaches ain't chopped liver. Plus the facts that I can walk him anytime I want as long as I pick up after him (the town has plastic doggie-bag dispensers in the parking area), that it's close to where I live and that during the week, it is usually empty, makes this beach ideal. Except for the holiday weekends when families fill it, the beach stays deserted. This is one of those places that the locals keep secret. Quite of... Continue»
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My boyfriend and I had just gotten home from going out for a few drinks. He seemed anxious to get home; normally he is in no rush and probably would have had a few more. I asked him if everything was okay and he said he had a surprise for me tonight.

A surprise from him could be just about anything. We have a very active sexual relationship, including swinging occasionally. We have done just about everything from have with other couples, to big hotel parties, and he even set up a gang bang for my birthday last year. A few months prior we had sex with a tranny and I loved it and have been a... Continue»
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Nocturno Belgrade

-"Ma, gde bre, jesi li normalna!?"


U ulici D, u klubu L., sakuplja se vesela družina, uvijek raspoložena za Party. Neku noć, tematski Party - CECA, biće u kojem je opredmećena sama erotika, u tijelu, koje uprkos svemu lagano stari (kakva li će ona biti Grany :). Stao sam za bar. Na podiju je već naelektrisano - polugola, znojna tijela uvijaju se i upliću u ritmu nadolazeće orgazmičke eksplozije.

-Džin i tonik, molim.

Muzila je obuzimala sva moja čula, zanosila i uvlačila u svoje neobično kolo. Već je i na šanku postala tolika gužva, da sam se tiskao sa mirisnim tijel... Continue»
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Two Girls by loyalsock

I have been thinking much about Dianne lately. You see, she is a very beautiful single woman, very open sexually, and very caring for others (it is difficult for a man, and some women, to resist such a combination). I met her several months ago -- of all places -- in the waiting room of my dentist, where she shared with me her business (which is of no relevance to this story). My wife, Kristin, and I decided a few weeks later to join her business venture, and because of this association we have since developed a very close friendship with Dianne.
Kristin apparently has also of late been think... Continue»
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Mother in Law 2

It was New Years eve,my wife and I had went out to her mother's to see the new year in.

My wife entered first exchanged the usual pleasantries, kissing her mum and dad and proceeding in,
I entered after her dad having being second for my wife I shook his hand and he turned away, I went for the normal kiss on the lips but to my surprise I felt a tongue as both my father-in-law and my wife entered the living room.

In response with the normal arm round for a New year's kiss, I dropped my arm and gave her big fat ass a quick squeeze before following my M-I-L to the living room. i was still... Continue»
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Erica's Sexual Transition 5

For the next several months I really opened up with Amy. I explored all things new to me. I was genuinely happy. My life was really coming together and I was having fun along the way. My job was amazing and paid more than the bills. Amy was getting me to explore myself and expand in my life.

I truly felt what sex was supposed to be like. I wanted to do it, I got horny all the time, and I had amazing orgasms. With Amy I felt safe and I allowed her to try things with me I never thought I would. One night she gave me a pair of panties to wear out on our date. These were no ordinary pa... Continue»
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First Time I was Fucked

I told in my last true story, "First Time to Fuck a Man", how I was horrified to meet a friend of the f****y as I was in toilets in a park seeking cock fun. Well, it ended with me fucking him and he invited me to come to his home with the understanding that our times together would be kept a secret. This assured me that my f****y would not find out what sexual activities I was getting into with this older man.
So the next Saturday, after the Sunday I had fucked him, I went to his house as arranged. On arriving he met me at the door with just a bath robe on. He made us a cup of coffee a... Continue»
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I won the bet

My wife and I enjoy watching the NASCAR race on Sunday's. She has her favorite driver and so do I, She and I always make bets on who's driver will finish ahead of the others. The bets are not about money but are about any thing the other wants the looser to do. Her bets are mostly me doing things around the house or taking her out somewhere nice to eat. Mine are always about sex. What can I say ? I'm a man and I think about sex all the time. Well on this Sunday she said if she wins I have to pressure wash the concrete around the pool and repaint the bath house. I said OK deal. She said now l... Continue»
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I won the bet

My wife and I enjoy watching the NASCAR race on Sunday's. She has her favorite driver and so do I, She and I always make bets on who's driver will finish ahead of the others. The bets are not about money but are about any thing the other wants the looser to do. Her bets are mostly me doing things around the house or taking her out somewhere nice to eat. Mine are always about sex. What can I say ? I'm a man and I think about sex all the time. Well on this Sunday she said if she wins I have to pressure wash the concrete around the pool and repaint the bath house. I said OK deal. She said now l... Continue»
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Taught a lesson - I don't think so

One Saturday when I was 17, a good few years ago now, I was home alone, my parents had gone to visit my grandparents and I was watching some crap on the TV. There was a knock on the door, there stood an older man probably about 35 but when you’re 17 that seems old. He was trying to sell insurance, as I was naïve I let him in.

He sat on the settee next to me and was giving me all the usual patter, but as I was 17 I never had come across this crap before. After he’d finished talking he asked where my parents were and I told him “They were visiting”, I didn’t tell him where. He asked me if I w... Continue»
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Virgin on the Orient Express

[By no means my best work so far, will re-work it at a later date but hopefully some of you will enjoy it! :P ]

Elena winced as she sipped her G&T. The lemon was sharp. The journey had been trying so far, and she was only one hour into a 24 hour ride. As part of this frankly ridiculous pilgrimage to Egypt to see her dying uncle, she had agreed to abide by his wishes and travel by train across uncivilised lands. She sighed. It will be worth it when I inherit a fortune, she told herself inwardly. Think of the money. Think of the money.

"Waiter!" She exclaimed. The swarthy youth turned roun... Continue»
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breast milk

I imagine the empty area in my mother-in-law's basement is actually a large baby nursery. Most of her f****y thinks Mary works a normal secretary job, but she actually babysits infants every day. Every morning, 5 infant boys are dropped off at her house while the parents work. She only babysits infant boys, as she is a special type of babysitter. Mary is a wet nurse. She only babysits parents with lots of money, as parents bid for her services. When the baby turns 1 year old, she no longer watches the baby and has an opening for a new baby.

In addition to the normal things a babysitter does... Continue»
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