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Long time ago when I was in high-$chool, I never really paid much attention to my dad, despite my f****y love for him.
He got this extremely thick, facial hair that almost covered his face and always almost had never taken off his work clothes after a long day of outside labor, therefor, he always got dirt in his skin and clothes. I'm surprise how I could clean up after him w/o snapping back at him.
He is a man of short words and only speaks when spoken to or when necessary. Always sitting in his big ... Continue»
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My wife cheated on me

Well, this wont be the first time my predictions were off. In the previous story, I told you about my little affair, that ended abruptly, when the girl decided it is time for us to move on, and expected me to abandon my whole life for her, so I did something terrible, to get her off, and succeeded. But, well, it didnt all end well for me.

The girl wanted to give me a taste of my own medicine, so she contacted my wife, and told her all about us, but I was the only one left out of this exchange of informations. So, last night, my wife went out "with the girls" and I was home, watching Europa ... Continue»
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Tribute Story for cocokisses Part 3

To be honest I was a bit groggy when I woke up next. The light was dim and the curtains were drawn shut in the hotel room that I'd rented for me and my newest friend. I was on my back, laying there and feeling sore as all get out, my lower abdomen practically on fire from the constant workout it had gotten the last two days, my calves and thighs screaming at me and even my chest felt a bit sore from it all. Bringing a hand up to rub at my face, a soft sigh escaped my throat and I turned over to reach for her, only to come up empty. Glancing around the room I could see a thin sliver of light be... Continue»
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Theater Sex

Sometimes during sex I would tell my wife I wanted to watch her fuck another man and she would play along with my "fantasy." She thought it was just a fantasy but in reality I did want to watch her being fucked by not only another man but also a group of men. After 25 years of marrage we need to add a little spice to our sex life.

Finally one day whe we were just sitting around talking I brought up the subject of watching another man fuck her. She was shocked at first that I would really want to watch something like that and felt that I would get jealous watching another man fuck her. I ass... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #18: Birgit-2

Birgit is my shy sweet tiny tit great guest with her so spankable sexy big bums across my lap

Birgit is my shy sexy slave guest, I love her her tiny titties and big bums begging for some spanking
I know well how she fears that ordeal over my knees and welcome Birgit with some soft sensual slapping

Birgit is happy with every break between my soft spanks when my hand caresses her well warmed bottom
I know well how she will get a bit more wet every time I check the sexy state of her orchis orifice!

Birgit is my bride to be for this special sin-day Sunday nice naughty long n
... Continue»
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Nini's Surprise Visit- (Friends and the Benef

The first thing I felt were lips on my back. A dream? No. It woke me up. I could still feel someone close. But I was supposed to be alone. Wait. Skype chat. Invitation. I rolled on to my back toward the sensation. Opened my eyes, still unsure if I was really awake. A hand stroked by cheek. Nini came into view, kneeling on the floor next to my bed "Hi handsome," she smiled, "I decided to take the offer."

I sighed happily as my head cleared and the immediate realization that a year's worth of fantasy was about to come true. I looked into her dark eyes, beneath those glasses that... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #17: Birgit-1

I switch from tasty teen Tamara to shy Birgit, my tiny titted lesbian with a little sexy secret

After taking tasty teen Tamara to the train with my three sexy slaves I have a sexy surprise for them
I take them from Central Station to the airport and tell them about my fine friend Birgit, my beauty!

After we take Birgit to my private place I send my slaves to do their chores so we can be in private
I intimately inspect Birgit from as close as possible - as she stands bent over right in front of me

After her sexy inspection her daily duty is to masturbate for me right in f
... Continue»
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My Hot Sexy Older Neighbor

I grew up in a large sized city and from kindergarten on, attended a large school. In high school I was enrolled in the college preparatory curriculum which required courses in Math, Science, Literature and Foreign Language. As an eighteen year old Senior, the Math course was Trigonometry. I had aced Geometry, had done pretty well in Algebra, but Trig had me buffaloed. My teacher was a beautiful, forty plus year old lady. Ms Paddyspurs had been my Algebra teacher and she knew that I could master Trig, once I understood the concepts.

One afternoon Ms Paddyspurs asked me to stay after class.... Continue»
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Brandy (Chapter 7)

On her Knees
She could taste him for days after, though she had brushed her teeth many times. She wasn’t sure if she liked the taste or not. It was salty, but his cum was thick. She had only a little on her fingers, though he had shot out lots more. What would it be like if he spurted in my mouth? Would he make me swallow it, even if I chocked on it? She couldn’t even imagine taking it in her mouth. Would he teach me what to do to please him? He had made her cum with his mouth, expecting her to do the same.
She waited for him all week, but her cell phone was silent. She hoped Cindy would cal... Continue»
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Green Eyed Beauty

My name is Clayton. We'll leave it at that. My wife was Anne Jaquiline Bennet. Pronounce it wrong and she'll reply Banay! We've been married 11 years and have no c***dren. Together we made the decision to not have k**s and we have a plan to be wealthy enough to not be tied down with traditional jobs by the time we are in our forties. I'm a factory worker with a good wage and my wife has been with a public relations firm for less than a year now. We live a comfortable life style in our apartment in a older but upscale part of the city.

I'm 37 and she is 32. I'm pretty average in looks and ph... Continue»
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My First gay experience

I was on a website to find gay men to have sex with locally. I had few replies and was even sure what id do if i got a reply. I went on the website, as a daily check, and i had had a reply from a guy calling himself hornykieth. He said he wants to hook up, now at this point i should say im 19 and have never had a gay experience in my life. but was always kinda curious.

I replied to the message asking where he was and he replied where abouts he lived, it wasnt too far from where i lived and i was in such a horny mood i decided to go see him. Not having a car i caught the bus to near the asd... Continue»
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Train Three Sexy Slaves #16: Tamara-4

I order my three tasty sexy slaves to see and watch how I make love with the teen Tamara

I train three sexy slaves at my place this weekend I let them learn from my tasty teen Tamara
Ai Aisha and Alex are ordered to watch how we two make love all long sexy Saturday night long

I have hot foxy fun in making Tamara mine and come very often in my guest bedroom with cameras
Aisha and Alex watch us on the wide screen in my bedroom, my Ai will watch us from very close

I am happy if Aisha and Alex get wet and hot from what they watch and let them two free hands
Ai I disable, to
... Continue»
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Soccermom, turned milf, turned....

Linda arrives home from work one evening and the question had been burning on her lips all day. She waited until serving dinner to ask her husband Brian 'The new guy at work told me something today' Linda said 'He told me I looked like a soccermom. Do you know what that means?'

Brian almost chokes as he is just taking his first fork of food. 'Well I can tell you what he means or what he is thinking, or both' he says. Lindas look means she needs a prper answer. Brian continues, well he either thinks you go around at the weekend driving an SUV and imposing your morals and opionions on passers... Continue»
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A Dream

The k**s are at their father’s house for the weekend, but unfortunately I am stuck in VA. After some texting and a little face time and a few mimosas you call it a night and climb into bed. At some point during the night you awake in a bit of a haze and a sense of confinement, your limbs feel tight, your mouth is dry and it's dark. Not just dark but impenetrable darkness, as the haze clears and you become more aware, you realize that the reason it's so dark is because something is covering your eyes. You try to uncover them but realize you can't move your arms or your legs, pulling and twisti... Continue»
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The full set.

Many years ago, I stayed over at my girlfriends house, I was supposed to sl**p on the downstairs sofa, but as her Mum was out I got upstairs and into her bed,later on her s****r came home with her boyfriend and when they got started I woke up, glancing over I could see they were making love, she saw me looking and blew a kiss.
Time goes by I get married to my girlfriend and settle down and we start a f****y.
Her s****r comes round and I take over the baby walking duties to let the girls chat, an hour passes and as I head home I spot my wife's s****r heading my way, as she gets close I see he... Continue»
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Mom & Duaghter Go to the Beach III

Chapter 7
This story is continued from two earlier installments which can be found on my profile….hope you all enjoy!
We all headed back to the beach. All of the guys were laughing and having a good time. Lisa had a smug smile on her face which probably matched my own. I had just sucked two wonderful cocks off and loved everything about it!

When we hit the beach the guys headed off to do some boogie boarding while Lisa and I worked on our tans.

"It was sexy seeing you suck my b*****rs! I had never seen their dicks before. Th... Continue»
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Tasting Erika

Erika catches my glance at an after-shoot party in Munich. She is the assistant to the assistant of someone who I've long forgotten. She is drop dead gorgeous, speaks perfect English, and in a very vivacious; not often seen in the German character. She comes to me from across the room. "You are the photographer," she says. I can't tell if it is a question or statement. I just reply in the positive. She wears a low cut blouse, gray skirt, and black heels. She is the business side of fashion.

She empowers me after a day where I feel my runway images had a lot to be desired and made me questio... Continue»
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Me Donna & a young student

This happened in 2007

Donna and I had a weekend in Newcastle, a large city in the north of England, the hotel we were staying in was right in the middle of the student area and the bar got crowded and lively in the evening, because it was full of students. This night we had been out for a meal and was in the bar having a few drinks when this lad kept staring at us.

I went to the bar and asked him what was wrong, he denied staring and we got talking, I took the drinks over to the table were Donna was and then went to the toilet. When I retuned that lad was talking to the wife he was Aron,... Continue»
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Just helping a friend. True story.

I have known Dave for a few years, ever since moving in across the road from him. He was a nice guy about 64 (20 years older than me), who unfortunately lost his wife a couple of years ago to a stroke. As a bi man, with an eye for the older guy, I had often wondered what it would be like to 'spend some time' with Dave.
Dave knocked on my door one day this summer and asked if I could help him stash some boxes in the attic for storage, to which I replied of course, no problem, I will pop over in about 10 minutes.

As it was a very warm day, he was wearing cargo shorts and a t-shirt, very simi... Continue»
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Fucked Like A Slut By The Shy Neighbor Boy

My name is Heather and I am forty one years old. I live by myself in a pretty nice little house in a quiet cul-de-sac in a nice town. Now when I talk with my friends the question that usually comes up is "When are you going to find a guy and settle down?". Its not like I have not been trying to start a f****y and its not like I could easily get a guy because I get hit on constantly when I go out because I will even admit I look good for my age. I have long blonde hair, green eyes, a thin body with nice breasts and a full round ass. Usually when I find a guy at a bar or at a party its a one nig... Continue»
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