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We were having the basement painted all the furniture had to removed to the garage. The furniture was wicker style pit group and about 18 pieces not heavy but a bit awkward to carry up stairs and out the door to the garage. With the tables and wicker units it took all afternoon into early evening. Everything was set up in the first bay as a joke we set it like it belonged there into almost a living room. One of the guys who helped stayed and had supper with us and later my girlfriend came over as he and I were sitting in the garage watching the night fall. A bit of the light from the old candl... Continue»
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Sex Studio Secrets #20:: Sasha and Ashtyn-4

Sasha falls willingly for the seduction by wonderful Wendy to try her sexy specialty of foot fucking
Also Ashtyn is curious after watching how hard the two come from mutual feet fucks to try this tease
She gets her turn to try a toe fuck first, soon she tries a few more inside her tasty tight teen twat
Hot views on offer for my many cameras as at the very end pretty Petra takes part in the show as well
As far as I know a new record in the hot history of porn as four feet fuck each other in final scene!

Sexy Sasha sees me impregnate pretty Petra on the day of ovulation, appea... Continue»
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Jenny (part 2)

Here is part 2...

Your pussy, already sopping wet from watching her and I 69 each other, gets wetter as Jenny kisses you. "I have fantasized about this moment for a long time." she whispers in your ear.

I sit across the room in a chair and watch the lust in both your eyes as she moves closer to you.

Your hands begin to caress her young firm breasts as she leans down and kisses your lips. You feel her nipples grow harder between your fingers as you rub my slippery cum all over her. You rise up to her but she stops and pushes you back down.

She kisses you again and this time you lie ... Continue»
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What A Friend!

Poor Greg had to listen to me rave about the bachelor party over and over again. I know I must have sounded like a k** after being in a toy store. But damn I loved it! I think he got the hint cause his attitude changed a bit after a while. He’d start throwing out ideas at me about how we could throw another one, who we could have as a center, who we would invite. I thought he was acting a bit suspicious, like he was trying to get details out of me without asking. After about a week he told me he’d set up everything for our next party. I couldn’t believe it! He gave me all the details and I wen... Continue»
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A hard day. A harder dick.

It had been one of those days. Everything had gone the wrong way. A crappy presentation. Coffee spilling over. A long lecture from the boss. It had been a hard long day. I was driving back home as the sun set when bam my car spun out of control. I pushed the brakes hard and eventually it stopped on the side of the road. Got out and voila! A flat tyre. Cursing loudly I pulled out of my phone and called my wife.
'Hey honey I'm gonna be a bit late. Tyre blew out'
'Oh okay, how was your day?'
'Hard. I'll tell you when I get home'
'Okayy. Drive safe. Love you'
'Me too'
After a good 15 minutes... Continue»
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Chance Meeting

It was a very hot day, you got on the bus and sat opposite me even though the bus was not crowded. Mature and beautiful, you wore an elegant light summer dress. Make-up and hair immaculate. The window was open allowing a draught to blow through the bus.
The material of your dress was very light, there was a suggestion of a nipple pressing out but I couldn’t be sure maybe wishful thinking. The wind caught the hem of your dress and briefly I caught a brief flash of your pubes. A second later, another glimpse of pubes. You didn’t move to readjust your hem, just sat looking out of the window. My ... Continue»
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Daddy watched my Sex Video in the Cloud

I stood atop the cistern, aware it might crack, and aimed my S4 camera on the ensuing action in the next cubical, giggling as Julie was all noise and bodily contortions, the guy who was fucking her, was looking and giving me the thumbs up.

As I watched I could feel my own cunt crave some of that big cock, strange really, back in the pub there was ample cock to go around, and I would have no problem attracting offers, but here in the 'Ladies', one guy was fucking one and enticing another.

Julie screamed and shook me out of my thought processes, and before I could react, she was out of her... Continue»
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College life spring semester 31

With Corey spending the night, it wasn't so hard getting up on Wednesday
since we had the same class to start to the day. It was nice being able to
get a long kiss and sneak in a shower together before starting our day. We
did see one of my neighbors, Sammy, along with Noel when we exited the
shower together. They smiled and made small talk while we dried off

Walking to class, Corey stated, "Matt, whether you realize it or not, in a
month we'll be separated for summer."

"I suppose we will be," I said walking with him.

"Did you hear Noah say that next Friday there's... Continue»
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Complete sexual freedom for married women

Complete sexual freedom for married women
March 12, 2010

A cuckold husband is a man who allows (or puts up with) his Wife having sexual affairs with other men. What most people find strange about this relationship is the fact that the husband himself is NOT allowed to cheat on his Wife. Most cuckolded husbands are most pleased to see their wives happy sexually, and are happy to make this sacrifice to please Her.
It might start out with him as a fantasy, wanting to see a well hung male giving the wife long, hard, deep, strokes to keep Her satisfied sexually, but the truth of the matter is ... Continue»
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A hard day. A harder dick.

It had been one of those days. Everything had gone the wrong way. A crappy presentation. Coffee spilling over. A long lecture from the boss. It had been a hard long day. I was driving back home as the sun set when bam my car spun out of control. I pushed the brakes hard and eventually it stopped on the side of the road. Got out and voila! A flat tyre. Cursing loudly I pulled out of my phone and called my wife.
'Hey honey I'm gonna be a bit late. Tyre blew out'
'Oh okay, how was your day?'
'Hard. I'll tell you when I get home'
'Okayy. Drive safe. Love you'
'Me too'
After a good 15 minutes... Continue»
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my doctor put his cock in my ass

Monday I went to my doctor every six months I did check my pussy and my ass.

what for? because my husband loves fisted me, but I do not want a pussy or a distended ass.
So every six months I go to my doctor.

if you read my previous story, you know, that whenever he fisting my pussy and ass to control the elasticity of my holes.

My doctor, I think about 60 years, he has gray hair, it's big, I think it must weigh at least 120 kg.

before going to see my doctor, I carefully shaved my pussy and my ass, and I dress with a little dress and panties.

[image] Continue»
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Tutoring My Friend's s****r in Sex Ed (Part 2

A month had passed since I taught Sam how to handle a cock. She told me that she had jerked Oliver off 10 times since then and I was honestly a little jealous until she let me know that it was time for her next lesson.

I'm going to pick up the story with what should have been the ending of Part 1 but reliving that first day with Sam had me shooting a huge load before I even finished telling the story.

I walked Sam to her car from the library. We exchanged a somewhat awkward hug after what had just happened and she drove off back to her parents house. I headed back to my dorm, sent Gina... Continue»
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GMILF Nextdoor

All persons and events of this story are all just figments of my imagination and are not intended to represent any persons living or dead in any way, shape or form. Enjoy.

Beep. Beep. Beep.
I rolled over and looked at my alarm clock: 8:22 am... on a Saturday. I listened for a minute trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Trash day? No, that was Wednesday. Car alarm? No, not quite right for that... Back up alarm? Yep, that was the noise. What the? I got up, threw on a pair of shorts and a shirt and walked to the front door of my apartment. There was a... Continue»
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First time with Adam

It was late spring, early summer. I was newley married, had a new job and life was great! My beautiful young wife and I had been home from our honeymoon for about 3 weeks when I got a call from my boss telling me, "your assistance is needed out of state and you need to fly out asap". I said, "Not a problem". The next available flight was late the next morning, which was okay because I lived about 2 hours away from the airport. Not knowing whether to travel that evening or early the next morning, my wife said, "you have an uncle that lives near the airport, right? If you can, you should travel ... Continue»
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Rebecca in trouble (part 5)

Rebecca began to scream again from the fresh pain. The Judge changed the angle of his cock each time he drove into her asshole, maximizing the pain that Rebecca would feel from the anal ****. He thrust in and out, forcing her to accept his cock deep into her. He fucked her ass for over 10 minutes, forcing groans and screams of pain from Rebecca as her asshole clung to his cock. He finally thrust deep into her ass and shot his hot cum into her, to mix with the Commander's.
The other guards jumped on Rebecca as soon as the Judge pulled his cock out, r****g her ass as she moaned in pain. By the ... Continue»
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I'm going to try and make this quick. This is a fucked up sarcastic fantasy, and if it turns you on, um, wow.
I'm chatting on some sleezy alt site with some chippie who is obviously a cop. Cute misspelling and cartoon references that showed he studied.
I dance around the issue for weeks. I'm not sending any dick pics, asking for specific info like age etc. I was real cagey. I'm not into that sort of thing but i got another agenda, so eventually i agree to meet.
I know what this is. I've made preparations in advance, including high end lawyers and a private investigator. I even rented a news... Continue»
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my girlfriends married work mate

I had not met any of angelas work mates until we went to a night out at a hotel she had talked about Michel who was early fiftys and married
she was a very sexy lady with dark hairbelow her shoulders and was curvy size 12 with ample tits she wore a figure hugging black dress with a split up the front and her tits looked good in the low cut front
for her age she was very sexy and as I kept looking at her the more I wanted to fuck her
later we ended up chatting and she said with a cheeky grin angela told her all about me saying how I was a horny bastard and the things we got up to and said ... Continue»
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A most amazing woman.

The moment we met I knew she was the one. The one who was going to break me out of my rut, the now who was going to invigorate and excite my life and the one who I wanted to make happy like no other. Like most romances today we met online just a chance encounter on a web forum for adults with similar interests and the spark was instant. As time (hours) progressed our conversations turned to more intimate things and time would slip away. We talked daily for hours about everything especially our fantasies.

We finally arranged a meet it was the most exciting thing I could imagine. I fou... Continue»
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Mom and I Equal Love 5

"Do I really want to know? Like am I in trouble now?" asked Linda with a do I really want to know look in her eyes.

"What would you say if we told you, that we are related to each other in some way?" Janet asked.

"What, like cousins, or b*****r and s****r?"

"No, like in mother and son."

"Are you serious? I thought you two were husband and wife, cousins, or maybe even b*****r and s****r, but mother and son. You do not look to be old enough to be his mother."

When Janet told Linda that we were mother and son, I felt Linda's pussy cunvuls around my still hard dick, like it was tryi... Continue»
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First threesome

My first threesome happened in an adult bookstore. I was looking at DVDs and about to leave because I didn't see anything interesting when a couple came in and the girl made eye contact with me. So I kept looking. I noticed they went to the bisexual section so I made my way over there. She was pointing out covers of MMF videos she liked and he was kinda nervous.

The woman was a very sexy brunette with brown eyes. The man was a cutie - also with brown hair and eyes. I smiled at her as I picked up one of the DVDs I noticed her interested in.

After awhile they went into the arcade. I didn... Continue»
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