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my s****r fucked by old tribal man

hello,am ashfaq,am 25 years s****r saba is 33 years old. she is married but stays with me as her husband asks for money and we have filed an f.i.r and a case against was 19th of september this year we planned for a of my friends told me to go to jabalpur as its a very beautiful place.we in mumbai so we planned for going to jabalpur for holiday.and the next day we packed our bags and and start our car and went for jabalpur.after driving 12 hours in between stopped for refreshments it was 11 pm at night and was tired of driving as my s****r does not know to drive i was ... Continue»
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ivy league ch 2

"Umm... well," he hesitated only for a moment because he had his side of the story already figured out. He realized it would come to this, so he had a plan in mind. "Your son insisted that he come to the concert with us, even though we warned him to follow your rules. On the way to the concert he got pulled over for speeding. The cop searched your car and found his d**gs."

"My son doesn't do d**gs! He said those were yours!" she exclaimed.

"Sorry, but he's just trying to lay the blame on someone else," he replied smugly.

"How dare you accuse my son of being a liar," she said angrily.
... Continue»
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ivy league

IVY League Ch 1 I found this story on line

Rebecca Palmer was concerned about a couple of boys her son, Danny, has been hanging around with. Being on the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) board at his high school she knows a lot about the reputations of the students, so it concerned her when he hung out with the well-known trouble-makers. Danny is such a nice boy and didn't need those kinds of influences in his life, but it was so hard for her to prevent it.

Mike Brantley and Ben Thompson were the two boys Mrs. Palmer was concerned with. They were both eighteen year-old seniors at Parkvi... Continue»
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Fun Times Fucking Laney

IN late 2007 while living in South Carolina, I had begun talking with a girl named Laney. Now from what I had seen of here online she had a cute smile and inviting brown eyes. We never met in person until one night I bumped into her at a bar while I was with my ex-wife. When I saw her, I recognized the face but she definitely had put on quite a large amount of weight. We talked for a few minutes and we went along our merry ways.

Fast forward a few years to 2010. I am going through a divorce and Laney happens to find me on Facebook/Myspace. Either way, it was good to talk to someone th... Continue»
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My fantasy

As I fell onto my knees, four hot and sweaty guys moved in toward me. I reached up and began to caress the outline of their cocks inside their tight pants. I unzip the first guy, and pull his huge, half erect cock out of his underwear. Starting at the head of his throbbing dick, I work my way up with my tongue, staring him in the eyes. I reach to my left, and pull the second guy closer to me as I unbutton his pants, pull out his cock, and start to gently stroke it. Starting off slowly, I take the huge cock into my mouth. I can feel a little pre cum on my tongue, it tastes so good... Jerking wi... Continue»
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Losing a bet to my girlfriend

"Full house," I said triumphantly, laying down three kings and two tens.

"That's very impressive, dear," she said. "But I've got three aces and two jacks." I stared in disbelief as she laid her cards on the table. "Let's see, that means that I've won three hands, and you've won two. Hmmmm.... What shall I do with my winnings? I wonder...."

I laughed at her attempt to play coy. We both knew what her winning this tie-breaker meant: For the rest of the day, she would have total control over my body, and any disobedience on my part would result in some form of punishment, and if I really got... Continue»
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My first real teacher

Lisa was a very influential person in my early years of sexual exploration. She was my age at the time, 17, but had more sexual experience that a well trained hooker. When she was about twelve her mom had to live with a bunch of bikers in their clubhouse, the whole time Lisa was ****d, sexually abused, and gang banged. They moved out when she was sixteen, but the damage was already done. After a mastectomy and a year of therapy she was still a little messed up. I had met her through a friend when Donna and split up the first time. Lisa was, and is, a unique girl. 6' 2" tall and very skinny at ... Continue»
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My first real teacher.

Lisa was a very influential person in my early years of sexual exploration. She was my age at the time, 17, but had more sexual experience that a well trained hooker. When she was about twelve her mom had to live with a bunch of bikers in their clubhouse, the whole time Lisa was ****d, sexually abused, and gang banged. They moved out when she was sixteen, but the damage was already done. After a mastectomy and a year of therapy she was still a little messed up. I had met her through a friend when Donna and split up the first time. Lisa was, and is, a unique girl. 6' 2" tall and very skinny at... Continue»
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First Milf Trophy Wife to Trophy daughter

A little background. In my younger years I was a all around bad guy. A criminal among criminals. Anyway I took a job working nights closing a store. I worked with a lot of people but it was only took two people to close so on occasions I would work with this girl Sara. Now Sara was your typical suburban college girl. Skinny blonde paris hilton type but not as tall innocent to the city way of life. She never showed interest in what I did or who I knew outside of work. One day she invites me to a party her folks is having a sort of annual event. I kept saying no but she insisted saying I was... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #4: Falling Pieces #2

Victorious: Falling Pieces #2

The next three weeks flew by for everyone as they prepared to return to school. The Vega household was constantly busy as both girls were constantly on the move, either with dates or secret meetings with their boyfriends. The two tried to make time for friends, but Tori felt like she was seeing Robbie and Andre very little anymore. She only really saw Cat in passing, as she seemed much more private and secretive than normal, but Tori believed she would be back to normal once school started. Almost all of her time was spent with Beck, either hanging at he... Continue»
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the day I got my cherry popped

It was very early on a summer morning and I felt like going on a hike. Got up and drove the car to a nice wooded area I knew not too far from my house. Got in the parking and noticed only 1 car as it was way too early to be out hiking. Figured it was park staff and went on my way on the trail. It was a trail I had done a few times before so I did not need to go in and get a map. I started walking. About 30 minutes in, I noticed someone in the far behind a tree. As I was getting closer I realized that the man was actually taking a leak.

We looked at each other and we communicated wi... Continue»
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Parents in costumes

My parents went to the helloween party in costumes.

Dad had a costume of a police office. Big hat, shirt with badge and belt with fake gun, shackless and baton.
Mom went out as a catwoman. They were preparing and changing their clothes into masks when mom called me down, to check her outfit.

To be honest, I was sure that dad will fuck her righ in the car. She was so hot!

Her ass looked so lovely in her leather tight pants, on her legs she had high boots with high heels and her tits were looking really small underneath her zipped leather top, but at least her nipples were visible a li... Continue»
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First meeting

Bodies pressed , a kiss , the feeling softness of your lip to mine a chill goes through your spine i slip your blouse off exposing your breasts , we slide to a near wall for support you facing the wall I begin kissing the back of your neck sliding the tip of my tongue slowly down your back all the while caressing your breasts , the tip of my tongue not missing any end of your senses , like that of a feather not quite tickling but arousing you, you can't help your breathing get deeper as I slowly slide your slacks down past your knees and off your feet , your heart beats faster breathing deeper... Continue»
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Julie and I have only been married for 3 years and now, its over. My Julie is a pretty petite thing with long straight blonde hair that I used to love feel against my chest as she would make love to me. Her thick mane would swing back and forth as she rode my cock as hard as she could to the most stunning orgasms I had ever experienced.

Now I guess all that is in the past because she kicked me to the curb a week ago. I had been staying at my buddy Rex's house, but now his wife decided that her Grandma's going to move in and that was one houseguest to many. So, there I was standing in fron... Continue»
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My Anal EX-GF

Let's begin with my story ...
... Since my Ex-Gf introduced to me the pleasure of anal sex , about six years ago , i became obsessed with anal ... It all began at one hot summer , when i was at her place . I was horny , so i asked her to give me a blowjob ... Funny thing is , that she had more experience in sex than i had , she had at least five boyfriends before me , she was two years older than me and she tried everything , but hated to give oral sex - blowjob ! I know , it sounds strange , but that's how the things were ... So , i practically begged her to suck my cock , but ... Continue»
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Chastity play

Don't let the tital fool you, it's no game , at least to me. My wife has always cuckolded me our entire marrage. She had sex when ever and with who ever she wished. At first I had no idea I was a cuckold. I just thought my blonde hair blue eyed wife was extra sexy. She always dressed sexy , acted sexy, and even flirted with most of my friends. My house was a popular hang out. It wasn't strange for me to come home from work and see one of my buddy's truck in the drive way. When I went in the house I'd usally find my wife and buddy out by the pool in the summer or in the den watching TV if it wa... Continue»
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A Ride In Texas

It was getting late and I was pretty hungry, so I asked the VP of marketing what he suggested. One thing about being in Texas on business is that you will not go hungry for long. He suggested a barbecue place a few miles down the road from the office. He said they are known to have “the best chicken fried steak in these parts!”. I don’t know if that’s what I was in the mood for, but I would certainly be up for some barbecue. I said my good byes and told them I will see them tomorrow afternoon before my evening flight. I lug my briefcase and lap top to my car and loosen my tie as I sit int... Continue»
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Cock-Sucking, a Sexy Rite of Passage

When a man looks at a girls mouth, he is looking at an orifice, where he, and she, instinctively know, he should put his cock into it.

I'm Mariel, and I am twenty nine now, and literally speaking, I have sucked hundreds of cocks, long and thin, short and fat, a colourful range from pink to black, my lips, tongue, and cheeks, have worked tirelessly on those meaty poles, coaxing ejaculate into the back of my mouth and down into my gullet.

But when was I aware of my mouthy potential?

It's not like, when I was born and someone said, 'She has a great cock sucking mouth', only a pervert wou... Continue»
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Donna was working late doing some stock taking at the store she used to work at in town. She was wearing her work uniform, black blouse, grey skirt. She was putting some shoes away in size order cubby holes, Steve her manager, was passing them up to her, she was standing on a small ladder, this time she reached too far and wobbled, Steve put his hands on her bum so she wouldn't fall.

As she came down the ladder, Steve slipped his hands under her blouse and fondled her tits, when she got to the floor she turned around to face him, he kissed her and soon they were snogging, she had her hand a... Continue»
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at computer

This is my second entry here. If anyone knows an editor that may interested in looking over my stories before publication I would appreciate it you sent them my way./i]

I see you sitting there at your computer, your back to me. I wonder what it is you are working on at this time of night and why you have your headphones on. I approach, staying silent on the deep carpeting. You do not hear me, you seem so engrossed with what is on the screen.
Looking over your shoulder I am a little surprised to see the video you are watching. It appears you are watching a video of a couple of lesbians
... Continue»
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