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Lui, Lei & L'Amico Vergine

La luce dello schermo bastava ad illuminare la situazione. Aveva tra le mani il suo pisello eretto e si stava masturbando lentamente, se non fosse per la luce che emanava il monitor del PC portatile, non mi sarei accorto di nulla. Riccardo si stava segando nel silenzio più assoluto e fatta eccezione per il suo respiro affannoso ed un leggero rumore provocato dalla sua mano, che impugnando il suo uccello sbatteva sulle sue palle ogni volta che finiva la corsa lungo l'asta, si poteva dire che in quella stanza non stava accadendo niente degno di attenzione. Così, dopo essere stato in bagno per un... Continue»
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A new experience

We lived in a small town and I was walking in the woods
with my friend shooting our BB guns.

I had been having a funny feeling in my groin for
awhile. Sort of naughty and unsatisfied. I can't
remember why but as we were walking I let my prick out
of my bib overalls. My friend saw my stiff prick and
asked if I wanted to jack off. I didn't know what that
meant but I said sure.

He undressed and I was strangely excited to see his
cock. He touched it and it swelled and got hard. I
undressed to and was excited exposing myself to him. He
came over to me and started rubbing h... Continue»
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A sl**pover

I always could remember that time I was over my
friend Ben’s house his mom would be home. She was a
petite woman, about 5’2 in height. She had a pretty
figure for a 30 year old woman. Her
breasts were nice, about 36c from my guess. They were
firm and always swayed when she walked. She had a slim
waist, it wasn’t super model thin but… it curved, in a
very hypnotic way. She had thick thighs and an ass to
die for. Her skin was lightly tanned and looked smooth
and soft to the touch. She had a mass of curly reddish-
brown hair that was always pulled back away from her
delicate ... Continue»
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devar or bhabhi ka pyar

hello dosto mera nam ravisureja hai or me mumbai ka rehne vala hu.meri age 23 hai.aaje me aapko apni paheli sex story bana ne vala hu. mene or meri payri bhabhi ne kese ek dusree ki pyas bhujai thi.meri bhabhi ka nam neelima hai or unki age 23 sal hai.usnka figer 34''30''36'' hai.unka badan dudh jesa safed hai. koy bhi ek bar use de le to suka lund vahi kada ho jaye esi sexy dikhti hai meri bat ek sal pehle ki hai. jab mere bahi ki shadi hu thi. hamlog shadi ke bad mumbai aa gaye .hamara gar chota hone ke karan mere papa ne mere bahi ke piye hamare baju me hi ek kiray ka ghar le liya... Continue»
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The first time Jess cheated and I caught her

My wife Jessica is around 5’6 and 120 pounds very tanned, tattooed and with fake tits. She is really beautiful and never had trouble getting the attention of men. We have been married for several years and were together before that for a long time. While we were dating I had cheated and gotten caught. We would fight and break up but always got back together.

After we got married, we didn’t have the option to “temporarily” break up and get back together. I had not cheated on her in a while, we got married and were happy but when I was on a busine... Continue»
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Monica vecina mea

Era prin 1985 pe vremea comunistilor. Aveam 16 ani si inca nu cunoscusem nicio fata. In acele vremuri abia aparusera aparatele video la noi. Nu era usor in acele vremuri sa procuri un astfel de aparat si mai ales de filme. Se obisnuia sa ne strangem mai multi la cineva acasa sambata seara sa vizionam filme. Cine a prins acele vremuri stie despre ce vorbesc. In acele vremuri aveam un grup de prieteni, iar unul dintre ei avea un aparat video si sambata ne starngeam cu totii la el acasa sa vedem filme. Baiatul despre care vorbesc se numea Nicu, pe atunci avea 45 de ani. Era divort, fara copii si ... Continue»
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Olsodin & Rosalinde - Part 1

It is late. 3 a.m in fact. Olsodin looks around from the stool he is sat upon, next to the counter. Wayfarer's Rest is still pretty lively for the hour, but nothing compaired to how it would been just five hours prior. The barkeep, as usually, sneaked away from his duties long ago. Behind him, across the room, Olso can see a troll woman and a tauren man holding their eyes locked into one-another, both shining, by love. He grows a small smile, and let his gaze go towards the tables. There he sees all kinds of people siting, from all kind of races of the Horde. A few sober, and alot of them not.... Continue»
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3 sum fun Last night....

Last night I went to a cookout. It was a small gathering, mainly couples, but a few single heads here and there. The food was good, the music was flowing and the drinks had everyone talking loud and just enjoying themselves. I came to the party alone. Only knowing, the hostess, my cousin, and her husband, but I am such a sociable person I was working the backyard like a seasoned celebrity.
There was a couple I met named Derek and Lisa and we sort of bonded, as we had a lot in common. They were both from NYC just as I was. Lisa was a pretty woman. With natural reddish brown curly h... Continue»
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s****r in law with 18 year olds Part 11

"Janice I have to go collect Ramsey now but we can talk after choir or you can txt me and I will ring you when the coast is clear. One of these weekends Ramsey is going to go golfing for the weekend again. ``we can have fun then if you are up for that." "Oh that sounds good to me. Will I be able to have Jac too at that time?" "Janice of course you can. The two of you can spend the night here. You can tell your parents that we are going to do some nighttime riding. That will be true lol."

Janice and Jac continued to make out in the car when they could borrow it. Janice statred to enjoy sucki... Continue»
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Best. Birthday. EVER. And it wasn't even mine

Name's Zeke. I'm a 31 year old living in Tacoma, Washington; Of average height and build; I got blonde, naturally curly hair, and brown eyes. I work a temp office job part time; And do 4 days a week (1 on weekends) at a convenience store. There's nothing particularly out of the ordinary about me. And that's why I've absolutely GOT to share the story of a mind blowingly extraordinary experience I recently had.

About 3 months ago; I broke up with a girl I'd been seeing on and off for about 2 years. It was one of those things where she just changed over time. Long story short; She became a lot... Continue»
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My New Friend

Today was a great day for me. It has been a long time since I was with another MWM and I was looking forward to it. We chatted over the past few weeks and found out he was the same age as me, retired military working at the Defense Center in Philly. Because of my work schedule we were not able to meet and when we thought we could something came up. Finally today it happened. I met him at the Navy Depot and we went to the cafeteria and just introduced ourselves and because of where we were we could not say a lot but at least we finally met. Now I have a person to go along with the voice. ... Continue»
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Wife went topless first time in her life

I wanted to share this true story of the first time my wife went topless on a beach. This happened in the summer of 2014.

My wife and I live in London, but she is an American. We’ve been married for 5 years, and are very happy. We had lived in the USA for a few years, but are enjoying British life. Being in London gave us the chance to enjoy holidays in Europe. After much discussion, we had decided to go to the Canary Islands. The climate is great, and it would be a nice, relaxing holiday, which we both needed.

My wife is an amazing person, whom I love very much. She is pretty, quite sho... Continue»
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A night by the fire

After a full day of being on the slopes and playing in the snow we head back to our room to change for dinner. It has been a long while since we have seen our friends from college and it has been nice catching up but this trip was supposed to be about us getting to spend some time together too. After dinner we enjoy drinks at the bar and someone suggests that we go dancing. You are all for it but I am a little disappointed with your excitement. Everything has seemed so rushed we really haven't had anytime alone. I devise a plan, I suggest that you go alone and enjoy yourself I am going back ... Continue»
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trip to mexico pt III

Terry had slept very uneasily throughout the entire night. She tossed and
turned as the images of her nursing from Carmen's incredible breasts kept
playing in her head. Her pussy was flowing constantly keeping her panties
soaked all night long. She woke up several times covered with perspiration
only to discover her hand stroking her pussy to another orgasm. She
couldn't remember the last time she had been so horny and all the while she
was fantasizing about Carmen and Rosa two women nonetheless. She finally
managed to tire herself out enough to get a few hours of decent rest befor... Continue»
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Restaurant Futa Fuck (Part 3) The Final Chapter!

A few days passed since my encounter with Sara and her enormous Futa cock, and I began to feel a familiar stirring in my nether regions. I texted with Sara a few times since we fucked, but our schedules never worked out so that we could have a repeat performance. I wanted to cum, needed to cum, but my hands wouldn't be enough. And then it hit me; the waitress gave me her phone number. She didn't seem to be a futa girl like Sara and me, but that didn't matter. She was incredibly sexy with a wide, round ass, and small perky tits. If she was around, and willing, perhaps the day would turn out bet... Continue»
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A night at the ski lodge

After a full day of being on the slopes and playing in the snow we head back to our room to change for dinner. It has been a long while since we have seen our friends from college and it has been nice catching up but this trip was supposed to be about us getting to spend some time together too. After dinner we enjoy drinks at the bar and someone suggests that we go dancing. You are all for it but I am a little disappointed with your excitement. Everything has seemed so rushed we really haven't had anytime alone. I devise a plan, I suggest that you go alone and enjoy yourself I am going back to... Continue»
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my future wife's first Big Black Cock

When my wife and I started dating I was living in an apartment with a Black co-worker. He would set me up with black girls and I'd set him up with white girls. There were girls who were off limits but for the most part we shared each others girlfriends for almost three years.

My future wife had been married for 12 years and recently divorced when I met her. She had been married to a racist d***k who cared more about alcohol and weed than fucking. She once confided in me that they had only had sex 9 times in 12 years of marriage.

It took a couple months of dating before we finally had... Continue»
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Sydney Pool Party/Orgy

One of my members/fans reached out to me asking me if I'd like to attend a gathering that he has regularly with a bunch of guys who are speedo friendly and he has a beautiful pool - it was to be a Speedo Pool Party/Orgy. It was only a couple of hours from my house but I couldn't make it (I was in Colorado at Kip's place having lots of hottub speedo sex). I asked the host 'K' if he'd like to go into some detail what happened at his pool party and this is what he got back to me with....

Dave, I’m happy to contribute the below details of the meet (unfortunately now that autumn is here – the sp... Continue»
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Hounding for a White Master

It had been a long evening. I had been stood up by friends who had promise we would go grab dinner at a local restaurant. I wasn't mad, just disappointed. I had looked forward to the dinner as a welcome distraction from my deep down thirst to be subjugated, humiliated, degraded by white men. This deep down thirst had started to surface a year ago and I had done everything possible to ignore it. I had worked three jobs, volunteered and learned how to play several musical instruments, just so I didn't act on it; Just so I didn't feel it swallowing me little by little; just so I can keep an air o... Continue»
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The Pet's Pet: Miri Ep 1

A jolting pain in her stretched arsehole made Luna's eyes open and awake from a pleasantly hot dream. She found herself, completely naked, still in her master's arms, her hips firmly sat on his now rock hard cock, her nipples sore after the clamp session she had endured just a few hours ago, so sensitive to the touch of her lover's chest it made her shiver.

Luna was a young woman with silky light tan skin and long waist length black hair, her breasts small for her taste were proud C cups and she had a round and nice ass, to match her curvy hips.

The greedy pet held a moan, her ... Continue»
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