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Kacey's Garden

The front of the small bungalow seemed to be engulfed in flowers. Kacey had planted dozens of different types and colors of flowers and had been careful to make sure there would always be something blooming. For this reason she hated the winter as once her Marigolds died she would be out of luck until the Tulips blossomed in the spring.

Her neighbors marveled at the beauty she brought to their surroundings without being gaudy. The 45 year old widow just loved being outside so she was just as busy in her backyard. She grew fruits and vegetables which she gave generously to the entire neighb... Continue»
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Halloween Mom

Hello all this is my Halloween story. I am 23 years old and I love my mom. She is a real babe at just 40 she has shoulder length blonde hair, brown eyes, beautiful 36C breasts, shaved pussy, and a great ass. My story all started when my mom was getting ready to go to a costume party at a friend's house. She decided to go as a clown and was upstairs putting on her makeup and getting her little clown outfit all ready. I was downstairs watching TV since I had nothing else to do. Mom came downstairs all dressed up and came into the living room. She asked me how she looked? I told her she looked gr... Continue»
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Oh God

The day my parents sat me down and told me I was adopted was, admittedly, something of a bombshell.

They said that they didn't love me any less because of it, and that obviously in their eyes I was as much a part of the f****y as if I had been conceived in their marriage. Their concern was that I wouldn't reciprocate those feelings. I assured them I did, and that, bl**d or no bl**d, they were my parents and it was my biological relations who were at a loss.

My father is a Catholic priest, and as such I had always pondered my conception. I had simply assumed that I was the result of a p... Continue»
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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Praesent lacinia fermentum massa non accumsan. Duis lacus ligula, aliquet vitae dignissim sed, mattis non quam. Donec ante eros, maximus vitae turpis sed, hendrerit hendrerit libero. Sed eleifend id lectus quis aliquet. Etiam semper metus luctus dui rutrum, non porttitor diam consequat. Nullam sit amet nisl porttitor, euismod arcu eu, tincidunt metus. Suspendisse gravida vitae est posuere scelerisque. Mauris faucibus finibus diam a pulvinar. Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique senectus et netus et malesuada fames ac turpis egestas.

... Continue»
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Haven't gotten enough sl**p in recent nights, so planned on going to bed early. (Haven't gotten laid lately either, but that fact wasn't on my mind at all.) Doing a little tidying up, watching a bit of TV news, having a snack before bed. Typical evening really. Feeling drowsy. Then really out of nowhere for no particular reason I get a really powerful, rock-hard erection. With little obvious transition I realize my sexual URGE has gone from the usual "sexually frustrated horny" to desperate to cum ASAP horny literally overnight. Last cum over a week ago, but I don't think it's quite bee... Continue»
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Brandy (Chapter 6)

Oral Pleasures
It was Friday night, Brandy dressing carefully as she was babysitting for Michael and Cindy. She wore a pair of shorts that clung to her ass like a second skin, leaving a bare portion of her buttocks revealed if she bent over too far. She was hoping that Michael would bend her over. She would be ashamed to wear these out in front of her friends, but this was for Michael’s pleasure, and hopefully hers. She wore a tee shirt, wishing she could get away with a bra, but it would look too revealing to Cindy. She didn’t want her getting suspicious. She needed Michael to walk her home ... Continue»
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Part 2 - What my future wife likes

One of the first nights we were having sex, she was sucking my dick and I told her she was really good at it. She asked me how many girls had sucked my dick. I said five or six but she was by far the best. She said it was because of all the practice she has had. I asked her how much practice had she had. She did not hesitate a bit and answered that she had been sucking dick since she was in the 8th grade, and that she had sucked a lot of dicks, too many to remember them all. When she said that I almost came in her mouth. She sensed this and said “Oh, you like that do you.”

She then st... Continue»
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Part 1 - How I Met My Wife - True Story

This is the first on a series I will be posting documenting my relationship with my wife and our adventures over the years.

This happens in 1980 while I lived in Houston.

I hadn’t had a date in about a month and my work buddies said I was getting moody and needed to get laid. One of my buddies said his girlfriend had a friend that was easy and that she usually went home with someone different from the parties they attended.
My buddy assured me that she was good looking, so I said sure why not. We set a double date up for the next week. We hooked up after work on a week night so I cou... Continue»
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PartyPlanning Chp1. Pt1.


"This feels great. The sun is not to hot on my skin but it's a bright clear day, the ladies are running like clockwork and so am I. Ten, I think ten moms have strolled by, just like yesterday. I'm so glad I decided to workout in my garage. Chicks love to see a man workout, especially a single guy like me. Last minute of my work out and this new workout DVD "Get Slim 4 Fem" Has me in top shape. And the host, Princess!, her highness. What a bitch but if I could fuck her I'd never stop. Last minute gotta focus...

10 m... Continue»
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losing to my girl

"Full house," I said triumphantly, laying down three kings and two tens.

"That's very impressive, dear," she said. "But I've got three aces and two jacks." I stared in disbelief as she laid her cards on the table. "Let's see, that means that I've won three hands, and you've won two. Hmmmm.... What shall I do with my winnings? I wonder...."

I laughed at her attempt to play coy. We both knew what her winning this tie-breaker meant: For the rest of the day, she would have total control over my body, and any disobedience on my part would result in some form of punishment, and if I really got... Continue»
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Bad girl??

I'm on my way to a store in town when i feel a familiar feeling in my pants. So i go into the changing room and pull out my handy 10 inches black dildo and begin to pleasure myself. After about 5 minutes of doing what i do best i begin to wonder, "Why waste all this sweet cum?", so i took out my phone and called my favorite fuck buddy who has the sweetest dick i have ever seen. "Where are you?" i ask, "I'm downtown come get me" i say to him. Twenty minutes later, there he is at my feet with a monster erection because he knows whats coming next. He then takes me back to place and without wastin... Continue»
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My pierced nipple!

My husband, bless him!, kept on saying all he wanted for his 50th birthday was for me to have my nipples pierced. Well he kept on for months and months and eventually without his knowledge arranged for it to done. Finding someone wasn't easy but eventually a young [half my age] man in Welwyn garden City obliged. It felt so strange baring my breasts to him but bless him he put me at ease. He asked me to ensure my nipples were as erect as possible so I answered 'surely that's up to you'. That was the first time anyone else had touched me [other doctors/nurses] since we were married and yes,... Continue»
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Part 4 – College Days and Working for a Livi

My wife told me that she decided to get married so she could leave the small town she was from and the reputation she had cultivated. So she married a guy a few years old than she was and who had a sport scholarship to a small college not far from her home town here in Texas. She moved off to college. She hoped that being married meant that she could get all the sex she needed to control the itch she had developed after learning how much she liked sex. She was disappointed. It was good for a while but it wasn’t enough. So, she got a job and learned that fucking the boss had benefits that ... Continue»
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The Party

You came in from a long run. It was really hot and humid outside, so the run exhaust you. Hot and sweaty. You head straight to the bedroom and strip out of your soaking wet clothes and lay across the bed too tired and wet to put on clothes. I come in bringing you a glass of water. "Oh, No. Don't come in here. Go. Everyone is right in the next room and I'm still out if breath from the run”. I don't listen and lean over and gently bite your nipple. "STOP!!. I don't have the energy to move" Still I don't listen. With that I pinch and pull your other nipple. Again you tell me you have no energy... Continue»
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out to lunch

i couldn't help it! i told my bf i would not cheat on him again and i meant it when i said it, but when john asked me to lunch at work i said yes, knowing he'd probably want more than lunch. i thought we'd just go eat, talk about work and that's it, but.... all day he had been staring at me, i was wearing a cute and very short summer dress and cute sandals, which i had off at work, i prefer barefoot, my legs must've looked real good to him because i caught him staring at them a few times and he'd just go on staring, made me feel hot! around 11 am he came up to me to talk about some work stuff ... Continue»
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A Great c***dhood by Wejust

by Wejust

As far back as I can remember I've always been
interested in all types of sex from watching mum and
her occasional partners making love. a****ls fucking
on farms dogs fucking in the streets fascinated me.
Even at the age of 6 years old I would experiment
with friend's girls and guys at sl**povers in our
small country town in Australia. The people involved
in our lives showed me the different styles of sex
people can have. Looking back on it certain aspects
were wrong however I wouldn't change a thing.

The following story is based on some of the... Continue»
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1. Do you like shemale pornography? (y/n) YES I LOVE IT 100% JAY BAILEY/KELLY WILDE clips mostly

2. When you watch straight pornography, do you prefer videos of handjobs and blowjobs over videos of ordinary intercourse? (y/n)YES I watch all forms

3. Have you ever wondered what cum tastes like? (y/n) YES I DO, wont taste my town so need someones cums to taste any offers?

4. When you watch pornography, have you ever found yourself focusing on a guy's cock despite the presence of an attractive female in the video? (y/n)
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The Neighbour

It was a tuesday evening, i had just pulled up in my car and my neighbour Rachel was waiting outside for me. Rachel had recently divorced her husband and we had started to chat over the fence since, she was a very pretty brunette with what i could see a very good figure, she had only been my neighbour a couple of months before her husband left her. Anyway it was nothing new that Rachel was outside, she was normally out there watching her k**s playing in the street. As i walked down my path, she said hello and we conveyed pleasantries, then she asked if i had a few minutes to help her put up ... Continue»
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A real surprise

I was checking my email one day, when I received an instant message. I didn’t know who it was, but figured I would say hi. We had been chatting for a while about life in general, then he started asking me about my sex life. After answering a lot of his questions, he sent me one that said I am a dominate top looking for a sub bottom to worship my cock. My jaw dropped when I read it. I wrote him back telling him he had the wrong person. He wrote back that he didn't think so and that I would make a nice sub slut. Then he sent me a few pictures. When I opened it I could not believe my eyes the fir... Continue»
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I am a man, 60 years of age and sitting in an Adult Movie Theater and doing what the rest of the men here are doing. We are all watching some cutie on the screen getting fucked and playing with our cocks.

All of a sudden something catches my eye. It's a boy who I would guess is around 18 or 19 and he is wearing a raincoat and that puzzles me because when I came into the theater it was a beautiful day outside. He passes my row and heads for the back row.

You have to understand something about this theater. You enter through a door that is down by the screen and you have to walk up to th... Continue»
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