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Stealing Zoe

With a slight groan the lock in the window parted,and swung open silently. I lifted myself through and dropped down low letting the silence wash over me. I looked around the room letting my eyes adjust to the darkness before moving into the house. I was after anything small and concealable, I didn't want to be stopped by the cops walking down the road with a television in my arms. Kind of awkward to explain that away at two am in the morning.

I made for the stairs and went up, the best stuff was to be found in bedrooms, jewellery,watches all easy to take and sell. As I got to the top o... Continue»
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Judy sl**ps With My Friend Gil. #2

Judy and I had been back from our honeymoon for five months when an old friend from high school contacted me. I had not heard from Gil for at least ten years. I will describe Gil to you. He is six foot two, about two hundred pounds, with a great build. He had a full beard, and looked very Italian.

I really did enjoy seeing my wife with another man, as long as I had set it up. I had to have total control or it didn't happen. Either the guy or my wife could not know it was a set up. I wanted one of them to... Continue»
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Picking Up A Stranger

It all started innocently enough, my beautiful wife Melissa wanted to go out for drinks after a long, hard week of working. We called a babysitter to watch our twins so we could go out and relax and enjoy an evening alone.

My wife took her normal, relaxing shower and prepared herself for a nice evening out. We did not really have any set plans so I asked her again what she would like to do. My wife said she would like to go have a few drinks and then maybe some dinner. So we decided to try a new place that we have not been to before called the Mumlu Bar. There we could have a few drinks, d... Continue»
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Delightful torturous

Walking slowly through his mansion’s private museum of medieval instruments of torture Jennifer stopped next to an authentic wheel rack that had once graced the dungeons of the Spanish Inquisition and smiled, “Have I ever told you that of all the diabolically cruel instruments of torture in your vast collection I love being on this wheel rack the best. I love the way the rack gradually stretches my body taut until every muscle in my body burning with exquisite masochistic pleasure, the rack’s tension leaving my body helplessly vulnerable to whatever dark amusements you desire to inflict upon m... Continue»
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First Time Cumming Inside A Guy

So i'd been playing with this local guy a few times now, things were going pretty good, he was older, but attractive, we hit it off pretty good. It was convenient, he was on my way to work so I'd stop in early, climb in bed, get off and get on. I've never been much into top's or bottom's, I like a good blow job, like to give a blow job, we both leave happy, although I'm a basic rookie at any anal sex, so I never really worried about that. I encounter at hand was the fourth or fifth time we'd hooked up. Each hook up involved he usual, I'd blow him, nice dick by the way, a little longer than min... Continue»
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a foot perv 7

Over the next few weeks Ann and Kate kept their word and gave me footjobs anytime I wanted. I was really liking getting footjobs once or twice a day but we were in the last few weeks of summer vacation and frre time to play would be limited. This comming week would be tough too as Kate and Ann were going camping with some friends and that meant no footjobs for me.
The first few days were hard,I'd jerkoff a couple times during the day,then mom would get home from work and I'd rub her feet for her then go up to my room and jerkoff again.

It was now Friday,mom had called and said she was go... Continue»
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a foot perv 6

I woke up Sunday morning kind of late and headed down to the kitchen follow a few minutes later by Kate and Ann. Grabbing something to drink we all sat down at the table and I ask the girls if they had seen Doug yet this morning. Ann told me he had left early because he had to help his dad move some wood. With a stern look at Ann I said I hope you didn't do anything you'd regret last night. Being on the subject I asked them how they learned so much about sex being that I could count the guys they had been with on one hand. They both laughed at me and said just because they were younger than ... Continue»
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Here is a story that was the greatest exciting experience for my wife and me. Here as it happened: I was tired when she left so I decided to take a shower to relax and lay down for a nap; – I thought that she would be gone for a couple of hours visiting friends. A shower always relaxes me. Before I took the shower I thought that I would shave my pubic hair as I always doJ. My wife loves the look of my big shaved balls and a cock, just a thin skin all around. This really turns her on, and I have to say that I love the feeling also. I find that my large penis looks even bigger after doing that. ... Continue»
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Eva was a single mother. She loved her son. She loved nursing him and he has always slept naked with her in her bed. As he nursed she would put his hand on her other tit and he would always play with the nipple. She loved the way his sucking made her pussy tingle and she would get wet. Because she loved this feeling she never quit nursing him. She home schooled him so he could nurse morning noon and night. She never bothered to dress and he stayed naked too. As he nursed her she would finger her cunt and make herself cum. As he got older he would look up sex on the computer and play with his o... Continue»
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Mrs. Hill

She was my granny’s neighbor. She was a fat elderly woman of about 65-70 with huge boobs and enormous ass. That summer I was helping my granny with the house and her neighbor Mrs. Hill often asked me to help her too. She lived alone, her husband died, and her relatives didn’t visit her often.

Now and then I felt her looking at me in a strange way, but didn’t really pay attention to it at all. It was Sunday, I spent the whole day helping both of the ladies round the house, it was night, and I was damn tired. Mrs. Hill asked me and my granny to dine with her, but my granny said she was too t... Continue»
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my first granny

She was 71 at the time, but she easily looked 60. She had short, grey hair nicely styled. She kept her body fit enough.

I flew to her town to go to a graduation party for the daughter of my best friend. When I got there, his mother-in-law, Krista, was there helping decorate the house.

We exchanged pleasantries and spoke a few times throughout the day. I had the feeling she was eyeballing me just the same as I was her.

"I'm making some cookies in the kitchen and I sure could use some company" she said. "Okay, sure," I replied while following her into the spacious cooking area.

"... Continue»
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Anita at Jerome´s basement

Anita at Jerome’s basement

My loving wife finally confessed that her black lover Jerome had moved to L.A., just few miles from us.
A Saturday afternoon Ana told me Jerome had called her, because he was willing to fuck her in his own house; then my sweet wife pleaded me to go there. I could watch.

When we arrived to his home, he invited me a glass of bourbon and showed us the nice house.
Anita was delighted with the master bedroom; it was really a very nice place, but then Jerome said he had in mind some different for my wife in this occasion…

Smiling, he led Anita and me down a fli... Continue»
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I have been thinking I should do a character studY on each of these guys
This guy's name is Peter known as Pete
Since Chris shared his story to the group, we have had others of the group tell their story after an intense session or to fill in time.

The next guy is Pete.

Pete's cock is like a Boerewor sausage when deflated and 10-12 inches long when stiff and needs 2 hands to work it, and leaks precum like a dripping faucet
Pete is 21 has been doing similar classes as several of our group and went through school with 2 of the guys.. Pete's development... Continue»
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kate sunday night

I stood up and went to pull up my knickers, my cock covered in the last drops of cum
Sally clean his cock
She kneeled down and licked and sucked my softened cock,, she licked every drop off , my cock started to get hard again
Sally stood up she looked a mess mascara running down her cheeks , she took a tissue and blew her nose
Kate undid the other cuff and said are you OK baby and kissed her on the forehead, sally smiled yea I'm fine Kate kissed her on the mouth , sally seemed really turned on
I bent down and started to take my knickers off
What are you doing Kate ask
I thought we was... Continue»
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Judy Gives Into Her Desires.

After living together for almost two years Judy and I decided to get married. To describe Judy she was like a dream come true. Five foot two, one-hundred and ten pounds, blonde hair, green piercing eyes, that you never wanted to get angry at you. My favorite points were her double Ds. Her measurements were 34-24-35. When she walked passed all men stared.

We started planning our wedding, both of us wanted a very simple wedding with a great honeymoon. We talked and decided to go to Niagara Falls, it was abou... Continue»
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s*******n Hours In May

s*******n Hours In May
Her heart was beating loudly as she was driving up the motorway A28 and getting closer to Neufchâtel-en-
Bray. She had gone past Rouen. Unknown territory was ahead of her. He had texted her about 15 minutes
ago telling her he had arrived at the hotel. She would be there in 30 minutes. She was still wondering if they
were doing a mistake or not, which was useless at this point. Even if she could still renounce, she had driven
for 4 hours, had planned it all with him, discussed it with him. Too much energy had been spent, too many
expectations had been shared. She br... Continue»
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Morning Light

The morning was bright and sunny. My curtains were closed but the room was now lit by what light peered through the sides of the curtains. It was seven AM. I lay there with a very hard cock wondering what to do. My hand slowly stroking myself as I thought about some girl at school. Just then I heard a noise outside my room. It was Mom in the hallway. I closed my eyes and played like I was still asl**p. I heard her open my door. She came in and then shut the door behind her. I waited not knowing what she was up to. I heard her clothing move or something like that. Then I heard her m... Continue»
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Sissy Pig

The Past

After months spent chatting and exchanging pictures on xHampster, DaddyDo emailed giving me instruction where I had to be at what time and what to wear. I obeyed, he used and humiliated me. The feeling of guilt and disgust I felt after DaddyDo bred me bareback (something I never thought I would never let happen) was short lived. Like a lovestruck schoolgirl, I thought about him 24/7 and my life began to revolve around DaddyDo, I would do anything to please him. This arrangement continued for a further two month before I surrendered myself totally to him, I was given a small room a... Continue»
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A meeting

We had arranged to meet at my work as Sarah kept telling me she wanted to be my assistant during our many chats online. I had made sure my office was closed and told her to text me when she was outside so I could open up and let her in and I was very excited and looking forward to finally meeting in person. The text came and sure enough she was stood outside the door looking around to see who might see her, looking classy in a long wool coat dark tights or stockings and low heeled knee boots, mmmm I thought she remembered.
As we came inside I kissed her on the cheek with my hand on her back... Continue»
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Master and couple part two

I left them for about an hour before returning to the room and I went over to the bed and untied Kelly and ordered her to stand. I moved away and went and grabbed a bench and moved it over so it was just in front of Steve. I then ordered Kelly to come over and lay on her back on the bench with her head closest to Steve. I grabbed a couple of cuffs and cuffed them round her wrist’s and I then did the same to her ankles and I then spread her legs and I grabbed a couple of short chains and clipped them on to each wrist cuffs and then on to her ankle cuffs so her legs would remain spread for me.... Continue»
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