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First Times a Charm... My 1st love.

It was late August 2002. I was 21, and looking for a room to rent getting out of Baltimore to broaden my horizons. I wanted to start fresh with maybe some new friends, and seek new ambitions. My folks had split up, after a nasty divorce, so I had to get my head clear. I was an only c***d, and was very close to them except now I seemed to be estranged to the both of them. So, after picking up the Sun paper, I browsed the "shared housing" section. I called, and talked to a few people. Some for one reason or another didn't really fit my fancy. One woman I talked to had a whole laundry lis... Continue»
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A Female Sexual Story You Must Read

The title does not allow you the pleasure to describe the loss of your virginity, nor does age allow you the scope or breadth of descriptive prose to fully say what it is like to feel a man's cock enter you, the parting of that thin line that forms your girlish pussy, from which you pee, as you squat to do so.
When that thin line parts it displays another set of pinkish sensitivity, a small clitoris that makes you touch yourself discretely, or the more dangerous opening, the one that requires the same clitoris to propel you onto a cock to fuck, yes, no matter how beautiful you are, or how sop... Continue»
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Taste Of Village Maid Jayanti

Shanti was widow, bit dark lady with big boobs 34″. I had described about Shanti briefly in the early story. She cooks tasty food. And Jayanti a divorced was average colour lady not white not dark. Plump and hanging boobs 36″. Jayanti usually works in farm house on every alternative week to Shanti, she works differently in the fruit garden too. She was very cheerful lady. From the very beginning she doesn’t maintain much gap, use to very talkative. From the conversation, I learn that, she was divorcee and the reason of divorce ... Continue»
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My First Sex Turns Out From Revenge

This is about my past, before marriage, I used to date a girl called Natasha. This was back in college days; she had a great figure 34-24-35, clear complexion and very cute face, fair girl. A perfect chick back those days, we both started dating from our first year of college, I used to regularly go to her place for tuition and spend lots of time together listening to music, studying, watching TV, and hangout with common friends and her elder s****r Kritika another hot property, even used to talk to her mother a lot, Natasha’s ... Continue»
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School Time Dream Coming True In Office

without wasting my time, I can tell you, she is hot and she is hot like no one else. She studied in my school. And I was pretty much aware of the range of affairs she had in those times, so when I met her after almost 6 years and with the make-up that suggested she was married, I had both pity and envy for her husband who had got such sexually active hottie. But with time, her boobs had only enhanced, their size getting more massive, their fluffiness more obvious, more so in her tight blouse, her lips luscious – big, red, and a... Continue»
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My wife and her brother

Ok so this is the first time I have written a story on here so excuse me if it not worded very well, also this is the first I have told anyone about what I saw.

Background: Me and my wife, both 28, have been together for six years, she has a br*ther who is a few years younger than her and she is very close to him. I knew this and didn't think anything of it as I know some siblings are close unlike me and my s**ter!

Ok, so we had been across to her parents for the weekend as we had been invited out with some of my wives friends, they live quite a distance from us so we decided to stay o... Continue»
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best party ever! my wife says

I was talking to a colleague at work one day. He was telling me about a party that he was looking forward to, because these parties usually get a bit bawdy. The parties were held by friends of his, called John and Jane. He told me that Jane has fantastic tits, and would often get them out during the party. Once, when she found out that it was his birthday, she did a strip tease and lap dance for him. I told him that I would love to go to a party like that. He said that he would get me an invite.

I hardly knew Charles, and the party was not even at his house, so it was unlikely that I ... Continue»
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Enjoyment with two friends neetu and soni

At present Soni is married & has a beautiful daughter like her. We had sex after her marriage also, but the frequency has reduced. Anyway this time I will tell you my sex experience which took place because of Soni. She dint help me by purpose. But her act ended in helping me eventually. Soni still now have no idea about this. Because I feel that such relations are better when they are kept a secret.

This is about having sex with a friend Neetu who had introduced me & Soni at her party. Many of our friends knew that I & Soni h
... Continue»
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celebrating moving in with a few drinks and a BBQ.

Intro: There she lies, spread out on our bed for me, her sticky wet vagina still leaking the cum I put in it, just minutes ago. I’m drawn to it, that glistening wet slit with its swollen parted lips

It’s a large balcony, accessed off the living room of our new apartment through wide sliding glass doors. Walled on both sides, and with a glass and steel balustrade, it has an uninterrupted view out over the ocean. What’s more, there are no other apartments overlooking it, so it’s completely private and hidden from view. I think that’s what gave my wife, a glass of red in her hand, and rel
... Continue»
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A housekeeping Maid

I sat on a cement bench, set on the small patch of manicured grass, probably Kikuyu grass but mixed with some other kind of “mongrel” grass cover. It was very pretty to look at, nonetheless. The bench itself was clean and dedicated by the f****y of one “In loving memory of Ensor Herbert..” There were up to eight people within my view on the beach all walking on the rocks picking up the sea-shell treasures of their choice, generously deposited on the bare rocks and sand, by the last high-tide.

One “tannie”, “auntie” in English, grabbed my attention. Not brave enough to wear a bikini, she
... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 6

When mum got home from work Dad and I told her a few guests would be coming around that night. She'd had the two inch butt plug in all day while she was at her office, keeping it hidden under her navy blue skirt. We suggested she take a long shower to get ready. Sally and her friends would be coming over around 8. Dad had bought some nibbles and drinks and I spread them around the living room and kitchen. I was a bit nervous at the prospect of lots of men coming to our home to start mum's gang bang training. How would mum react? How would dad and I react for that matter? Until now our sex expl... Continue»
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Cum for Me (A M/S story)

The accident wasn't all Lisa's fault, but she carried the guilt with her as she often did with things in her life. The car came out of nowhere and demolished hers with quick v******e. But it wasn't the car that had her upset. It was what happened to her teenage son, Josh, who was sitting in the passenger seat. Both of his wrists were broken from the impact of the accident. Both arms were put in casts for eight weeks.

For the first week, it was like he was a baby again. She had to help him dress and even feed himself. He eventually mastered the ability to hold a spoon and took a liking to dr... Continue»
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Weekend with Kelly, my new lover, part 4

After we got out of the tub and ate dinner I asked her if she
was ready for dessert.

Her eyes sparkled and said "Of course my dear".

I told her I'll meet her in the living room.

She stood as I moved her chair back from the table. I kissed
her lightly on her lips.

Then, leaving the kitchen and going to the master bedroom
to get myself ready. I applied some lube to my favorite dildo
and slid down on it stretching my hole to ready myself for
her. Walking out into the living room and finding her relaxing
on the coach. She didn't hear me come into the room as
I snuck up... Continue»
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Meeting the Maddisons 5

Dad and I thought mum should have a new wardrobe to go with our f****y's liberation. Mum agreed. She didn't want to be the same old Gloria.

We sat on the bed while mum went through what she had in her cupboard. She said she had to keep some conventional business clothes for work, but dad and I agreed that even those could be sexed up.

Mum pulled them out for us to examine. Her navy blue skirt and jacket with white open necked shirt looked pretty standard office uniform.

'What do you wear under them Gloria?" asked dad.

"Usually a slip and a white bra and cotton panties," she said h... Continue»
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It's good to be a pirate. Chapter 5

We were both sweaty and wet and I was out of breath. Kelly on the other hand was back up within minutes and was ready for more.

We shared a bottled water from the mini bar/refrigerator and Kelly went to use the restroom. While she was gone I checked my phone and I had received a call and a text earlier that night from Michelle, the milf I had met in Jacksonville that I had the threesome with. Her text said she wanted to come see me and stay a few days in Miami with me. Suddenly, I went from a boring sex life the past decade of my life to having a very a young, incredibly hot naked gir... Continue»
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College life 7


Without thinking or asking why, I grabbed my shorts and bolted from Corey's
room. I walked briskly down the hall fully awake, scared and saw Juan

"Thank goodness, maybe you can control him," Juan said.

I opened the door and saw Scott and Jess with Kris in a headlock to keep
him under control. I could see and smell Kris was well beyond d***k. Kris
saw me and ran directly to me.

"I don't know these people. What are they doing here, Matt?" Kris said to
me. His eyes looked possessed and unlike any others I had seen.

Maybe he wasn't d***k and on something ... Continue»
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AdDicked to porn

Hi is Peter home. Sorry just me come on in. I wonder where Peter is but who the fuck is this babe? I'm Peters cousin in case you were wondering. My name is Julie and you? Ah Tim, I was blown away at how pretty she was. But its so warm why are you wearing a robe, I mumbled. Silly boy I only have on my new undies, I was trying them on. Oh sorry to intrude, I backed up but she stopped me and said how would you like to see them and let me know if they look good on me.

Sitting down in front of Julie she strips off the robe. My cock likes the undies. She had on soft silk stockings with a nice pri... Continue»
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Two Black Thugs Make My Day

Over in east Houston, there just seems to be a lot more hot looking black men out on the street. Some may be walking to catch a bus or some may be walking their beat trying to score something or sell something. I found my self on the near northeast side one day on my way to my roommates’s s****r’s house. Like most houses in the area, her’s was fenced and gated all the way around. I guess there is a lot of crime there but lately it seems that crime is on the rise everywhere.

So this morning, I’m trying to remember where she lives and I’m driving kind of slow through the neighborhood and... Continue»
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Loss of Virginity Part 1

I came home from school and walked into the kitchen
Mum was sitting on a stool talking with my Aunty Ann
I was horny after watching the girls in their short school minis teasing us in the playground
Bending down showing off their bright coloured tiny pantys the odd one were wearing knickers
Since puberty I always got horny looking at sexy pantys
Lately I loved to sniff my s****r Anns used pantys from the laundry box in her bedroom
My cock hardened at the smell of piss cum juice in the last couple of months cum stains
Obviously from her fellow schoolboy boyfriend
Lately I had also bee... Continue»
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Pet for this evenings entertainment

My Hubby and I have been part of a very discreet BDSM swingers group now for quite some time. We often have meetings or get together at our place as it is quite discreet and private with little chance of being interrupted by un-expectant guests. Our club or group consists of approximately 10 couples and a few single men and women. There are very strict rules regarding the club with respect to health checks and discretion. To be members of the club legal contracts are drawn up as well as a large bond is paid by each person to help ensure that the rules are not broken. Health and discretion are ... Continue»
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