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I was a teenager when my f****y and I moved house, virtually to the other side of the country. I was not exactly happy with having no say in the matter, but the move came with a promotion for my Dad, so we upped sticks and left the old neighbourhood along with all my friends.

We moved to an area sandwiched between the sea and the mountains, and having moved from the city it was a really strange experience. The beaches were huge and the mountains vast. The valleys were covered in forests, and yet for the first couple of weeks I felt there was nothing for me to do.

I should mention that th... Continue»
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Neighbourly love

A friend of my husband that lives 2 houses down from us was always looking at me and trying to peep down my blouse, I go braless most of the time. I found this to be quite a turn on and made sure that her got an eyeful most times I saw him. I live in Queensland, Australia, and the climate is hot, I love to sun bake and often did so in our back garden. I would wear my bikini with the straps down so that I did not get strap marks. Rob, the neighbour, worked for the government and usually got home about 3.30 pm, he always came up to see me when he got home and I was usually sun baking. He would s... Continue»
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The Art of Threesome.

For our first threesome, we craved perfection, the creation of an exciting memory worthy of a thousand examinations as we grow old together. This true story excelled all our expectations.

Her body had taken on a mind of its own, arching to meet his hand, daring him to delve between her legs while her husband, unaware anything was happening, lay no more than two feet away. What the hell was she doing? It felt so bad, but oh my God… it felt soooo good.

Ling was raised to believe ... Continue»
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Her Little Sister Watched

This is short, to the point and real. It still makes me hot to think about it. Nothing has been added, it's simply what happened. It's my first attempt at story telling, I hope you like it.


Her Little s****r Watched - A Short Story

I had a girlfriend in High School for several months. She was the new pastor’s daughter at our church and the first time I saw her I knew I wanted to take her out. So I walked up and asked her. To my great surprise she said yes an... Continue»
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Moving On Out With Vengeance.

I had just gotten off of work pulling up fast to my s****r in laws driveway not knowing what to expect. She sounded really flustered and knew my workplace was just around the corner. Perfect timing. I guess you can say?
I hear the sounds of boxed memories and goodies being thrown to the side and I creep way my inside. I've always been fond of my s****r in law. She's centuries older than me but the lust is most definitely there for me for some odd reason. I glance over into the room knowing she didn't hear a creek in the wood seeing her in her silk bathrobe. I see her breasts swing back and ... Continue»
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My Ex-daughter In Law (Part 9)

A few days after our last adventure together Debbie came back to pay me a visit. As usual she was her very sexy, chirpy self......... "Steve.............. Steve, you there?" "I’ll be down in a minute." I shouted, as I was just getting changed from coming back from the shops. Upon coming down the stairs and walking into my front room I was confronted with five feet four inches of gorgeousness. As I looked Debbie up and down she was wearing a pair of red strappy high heels, an above knee black skirt, a white fleecy TIGHT LOW CUT jumper and bright red lipstick. She smiled as she rus... Continue»
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Monique's fucking day

I will never forget the day when Monique, a French ex of mine, agreed to become my whore for a day. See her in action here:

It was a day like any other, really, except for the fact that I was off work that Friday. When I woke up, Monique had already put a gift on my night table: a cute little box wrapped with a ribbon and a bow. I opened it to only find a small piece of paper inside, simply stating: "Today, fucking day: I'm all yours."

We had been together for a few years at the time and we both felt the need to bring "fresh air" i... Continue»
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Wild point in my life

I've always been a shy type of person even prude at first. Its really crazy how one person can change your whole....well rather bring your sexual side out. I met the guy that would forever change me as a sexual person at the mall one day. He was a good looking clean cut guy. The type of guy that females would consider a player. I reluctantly gave him my number that day just because I was in a hurry and wanted him out of my face.....

He constantly called my phone and I would answer, then make up an excuse to get off the phone like, um I'm busy or I'm about to go to work. I felt like I didn'... Continue»
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The ultimate dream come thru - part 1

This time my job had brought me to Miami, and, as anticipated, it had been a tough couple of days. So, I was glad my boss had allowed me a really nice hotel, and a late flight back. The hot weather during these days, as well as the challenges I dealt with had left me charged, a restless feeling altogether. No doubt a decent amount of it concentrated in my loins. But, rather than a quick jerk off in the shower, or calling one of the many hookers for a probably unsatisfying small hour, costing me a couple of hundred bucks, I decided to dress up a bit and go for a couple of drinks. You never know... Continue»
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By Amanda Wrighter


Annie Farrow leaned back in her seat and waited patiently for her husband to receive her words. The international connection was poor at best and despite promises by the military to provide solid lines of communication to families, the damn connections always seemed to have a delay to some degree.
“Well he’s okay though, right?” Martin, her husband, finally replied from the other end of the line…somewhere in Turkey where he’d... Continue»
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Female Lifestyle Dominant

I did not become a dominant by accident! It was party fate and it was a combination of three factors. The first factor is any hypothesis and only theory, but I'm sure it was a important part in my path towards the dominant side of B&D.

A) Physiology

We all have male and female hormones; science has proven that the behavioural traits come from these hormones. Meaning male hormones produce an aggressive behaviour and female hormones produce a passive behaviour. Some females produce xxy factor or xxyy factor or in different combinations other than the normal xy factor. The only time this f... Continue»
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My Boyfriend Flashed My Pussy Online

I suppose if I am honest, some of the stuff done to me, was kind of OK.

My Boyfriend came on my bum, Online

I was still in high school and dating a guy who turned out to be a prize dickhead. As stories go, these will show how some men just don't know when they overstep the mark, and actually trigger a girl thing, that can be a turn-on.

I was partying and got pissed, went back to my boyfriends house and passed-out. What I did not know was that my scum-bag boyfriend was behaving like a prize prick, and showing off to his mates, my passed-out lifeless body, at first just me... Continue»
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Unknowingly turned into a BBC whore

So Jamal had fucked my wife with his BBC like no one had ever before. For the next couple of months not at day passed without my wife either talking or texting with Jamal. We lived about two hours away from him so spur of the moment hook ups were not common but happened occasionally. Jamal would come up to our house on the weekends and fuck my wife two days straight and she would occasionally drive to his college during the week. Her whole demeanor had changed and she was like a school girl who had fallen in love again. She was constantly talking, texting and exchanging pictures with him... Continue»
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Getting one over on my boss, part 3 of 3

....3rd and....last bit................ enjoy! Don’t forget to comment!

‘We’ve just about done here’ said Mike, the club captain and huge back-row forward, and with that he signalled to the lads and they dutifully filed into the changing room. They perched on the bench seats along two walls of the room and did some warming down stretches.

‘Perfect timing Pete, I reckon that’s a taxi outside right now.’ Geoff eased the door open as the cab pulled up.

I went back outside, paid the driver and told him to return in 3 hours. ‘After midnight guv. Cost ya y’now.’

‘Yes, I know. Not a p... Continue»
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A Mothers Blow-Job

I never knew what a 'Wet Dream' was, until I experienced one.

After many many years of sex, I still think back to that dream, and still rate it the best feeling I ever experienced.

But why? I was free to explore and relaxed to enjoy, uninhibited and natural, no age restriction, or f****y shame, I gave freely and welcomed him inside me, it felt awesome, the forbidden added spice to the mix, even now I feel the fullness, and my body reacts, now I yearn to recreate it, because good sex is like a d**g and I know my son will love the feeling too.

He sl**ps soundly, just as I did all those ... Continue»
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Bodybuilder Bestie

I have a big weakness for muscles and this is a story about one my favorite bodybuilders that I ACTUALLY got to meet in person and he's such a cool and sexy man. This bodybuilder from the Netherlands, Quincy Winklaar, is the bodybuilding man of my dreams and this story is fictional and derived from my imagination so just go along for the ride. Oh and just so you can get a visual on who I'm talking about in this story here's what he looks like:

So this takes place in colleg... Continue»
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The Beardsley School for Girls 4/2 - Elisabeth

Doctor Lenox picked up the shaving cream and lathered her mound, his fingers luxuriated in
the feel of her vulva. When he had her lathered, he picked up the straight razor. "Hold very
still, Elizabeth, I don't want to cut such a lovely pussy," her body tensed.
She felt his fingers move over her, the razor poised at the top of her sex. She tensed when she
felt the metal touch her, drift over the soap, slide effortlessly down, only to return to the top
and begin again. She f***ed herself to remain still, barely breathing as the razor shaved her
clean, each time the blade moved down, his fi... Continue»
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Secrets in the Bedroom Part 1

Secrets Behind the Bedroom Part 1
Written by TrueRoyalty

I've never felt this horny. Sitting on the bed alone. I was moving my hands up and down my thighs feeling my smooth skin. I moved to my inner thighs when I felt a tingling sensation. Tyler had walked into me at the store. My boobs were pressed against his chest and I couldn't help but imagine those were his hands. He plays college football and has strong hands. I wanted to take off my panties and feel my pussy when the telephone rang. I wanted to pick it up but I was too horny to get up. I let my hands feel my boobs and I delicatley ... Continue»
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Horny threesome for Roxy

Jane came into the room and was not happy with Ian. I threw the quilt over my semi naked body. Jane and Ian went into the bathroom to talk about the situation. She shouted a bit then cried then it went all quiet and I didn't know whether to get my clothes on or stay under the quilt.

After 15mins they both came out of the bathroom and Ian said to me "everything is fine now, Jane would like to have a glass of wine" Jane sat at on a chair at the dressing table right in front of me and Ian sat on the end of the bed. Jane was wearing a gorgeous skin tight short red dress with black suspender be... Continue»
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Susanna Francessca, UK glamor model and a real, tr

This story about Susann has been sent to me by a photographer who took pictures of her. What an exhibitionist this girl is!

“My mate Steve and me booked Susanna Francessca for a photoshoot in a deserted quarry. It was fairly near Birmingham (UK), but way out in the country. We’d collected Susanna from her studio in Warwick and she sat in the back of Steve’s car as he drove us. She had a big bag with her, with her modeling clothes in. She asked us what we wanted her to wear for the first part of the shoot and we told her, well, short skirt, black stockings, black g-string and bra, hig... Continue»
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