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It was less than ten minutes after we drove away together from our rented wedding reception hall that my almost 23 year older than me and brand new bride Bobbie shocked me with the following. "I've known all along about your Secret Little Queer Thursday afternoon Suck visits to the Gay Costal Cruising Park in Portsmouth honey." " In fact except for your nice f****y business position and Daddies future inheritence, its the main reason why I decided to marry you!"

So sitting and driving in mostly stunned silence during our two hour drive to our reserved plush Catskills honeymoon resort... Continue»
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Adventures of Big Boob Candy - Trailer Park Whore

I had lived in the Old West Trailer park just outside of Las Vegas for 4 years. I had a string of bad luck at poker and craps. I had lost my house, my wife and my dog over a short period. Being 23 years old and broke sucks big time. I now play poker tournaments on the Internet and have won enough to pay for a trailer and beer. I have open my second beer since I started writing this story. I am not sure how it happen but I am glad it did. It all started about a month ago.

I was hanging my wash on the clothesline behind the trailer. I had about an hour before another poker tournament started ... Continue»
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My Best Friends Mom is a BBW Whore

Ring !!Ring! Ring - My phone is ringing and I whip open the shower curtain and run for the mobile phone on my night stand next to my bed. "Hello. Hello! You reached him now give me some news!" I say. "Hello, is this Jeremy best friend. My name is Ms. Keisha and I was hoping you could come over right away. I just had a big fight with Jeremy and he stormed out of his room and the house." she said. "Oh Ms. Keisha,how are you? It almost 10 o'clock and I have to get up early for my paper route on Saturday. Do you really need me to come over? I am sure Jeremy will be home in the morning, I could try... Continue»
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My Latina Houekeeper

I am a sales man for a large auto part chain and travel around the country selling parts to local car dealerships. I usually leave Sunday night and come home on Friday after 6pm from the airport. My wife works as a principle of a elementary school on the other side of town. Her f****y lives in the area and her s****r comes over and keeps her company. We met in college and she fell in love with me. She was cute but her boobs were only a size 34B and I always tried to get her to get a boob job to make them bigger. She always told me to be have and it had been almost a year since I brought it up.... Continue»
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The Coach's Wife

It had been a long a boring summer and I had to start a new year at another new high school. My dad was in the Navy and we had to move every 2 years to another base. This one would be different because we would stay 4 years and I could get to graduate at this High School. I was working out 3 times a week and just got a play book to study before summer football season would start. The coach was nice and he liked I could play both offense line and defense line. I was about 6ft 4 and 255 pounds and could move pretty quick for a big guy. I had lead are previous school in sacks and loved to hit peo... Continue»
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Big Boob Speeder - The Speeding Ticket

I just got the job as sheriff of a small town in North Carolina. The old sheriff retired and moved to Richmond to be near his f****y. He had worked for more than 50 years in this small town and the town people had gotten use to him. I was new but had been working as a policeman in NY and wanted to get away from the high crime and noise of the big city. The pay was less but the life style in North Carolina was less expensive and it made up in other ways. There is one traffic light on main street that goes out once a month and the crime is near non existent. The town officials ask me to hand out... Continue»
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At the movies (to accompany our video)... as told

My interactions with Ken and Keiko started when she sent me a quip about being disappointed that she's too young for my preference. I retort back that if she read the fine print in my profile she'd notice that I make exceptions for pretty women with her measurements.
Keiko is beautiful, there's not that much more description needed. She's of Asian descent but doesn't fit the stereotype of the petite boyish figure. Her small frame houses a round tight butt and uber sexy 32DD breasts. They fit her so well that it's quite a wonder that they're natural.
We messaged back and forth through LL... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #5: If Wishes Were Hornets #10

iCarly/Victorious: If Wishes Were Hornets #10 – Andre

"I wish we all had superpowers."

9 am came way too quickly for Andre Harris who could barely form a coherent thought as his alarm blared next to him. He reached up to hit the snooze button so he could get a bit more sl*ep but as soon as he touched it, the brand new digital clock exploded with a loud crack, leaving smoking remains behind.

Needless to say, Andre was completely awake now. He stared at the smouldering clock and tried to figure out what happened. He grabbed some clothes and threw them on to see if t... Continue»
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Picked Up in A Restaurant and Fucked in My Car

I was out for dinner with a coworker and my former employer, who little did I know, had arranged for her friend Eric to first flirt with and then seduce me with his good looks and seductive charm.

When dinner was finished and my companions had left the restaurant, I was approached by Eric as I was leaving and asked me if I would like to be accompanied to my car, to which I responded that would be very nice of him to do.

When at the car, Er
... Continue»
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Mountain Air

My buddy, Ty, and I decided that we would take a week during the summer to ride our horses up into the mountains and camp to get away from it all. School had been really tough and I needed a break. So we backed our gear and headed out the back door. Our homes are near the national forest so we could just ride. We rode along ways, most of the day. We found a nice place to camp. It was very isolated, or so we thought. About a hundred yards from us was another camp, we happened upon each other when we were collecting firewood.
They had packed in much like us. But they were nudist and hippie... Continue»
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Aunt Bettie The 'Church Lady'

It was the Monday after Thanksgiving and Jack was headed back to his Aunt Bettie's house. He had forgotten his jacket. Bettie called him the day before to tell him and they agreed to meet today. It was 2 PM when he rang her door bell.
"Well hi Jack. Come on in."
Bettie was always sweet as pie. Jack had a very special liking for Bettie. Not only was she really sweet, but Jack always found her to be very attractive. There was something about her that held Jack's attention. The way she looked him straight in the eyes and smiled so slyly always made him think she liked him. Bettie was s... Continue»
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19 Yr Old Indian Couple with BBC

For privacy reasons I will be changing the names in the story. My girlfriends name will be Kiran and the Bull's name will be Jerome.

Quick run down on the both of us. We are both 19 years old, East Indian, born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. We have been dating for 3 years but got married extremely early because we got caught dating by our parents who wanted us married asap and this happened during our 1 year anniversary.

Kiran is around 5'7 108 pounds, slim, petite body with an ass to die for, 42 C cup breasts. She works out 5 times a day and squats have paid off if you know what I m... Continue»
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papa's meisje



She grabbed the pillow and shoved it over her head, desperately
trying to fall asl**p. She just couldn't do it. It was calling
for her, a powerful, irresistible urge. Daniella was a twelve
year old girl who was going through a dingy stage of puberty. Her
hormones were raging, causing her pussy to gush with juices much
too often throughout the day. The worst thing was that she could
not control her thoughts. While sitting in geography, trying hard
to concentrate on what the teacher was saying, all she could
think about was what he looked like wi... Continue»
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I arrived early to Mark and Christie's place. I wanted to chat with them both before the party. To put it simply, I was nervous as hell. Yeah, ok I knew I was sexy, after years of turning heads and almost causing accidents, it finally sunk in. Despite that fact I was still self-conscious. Christie laughed as we talked, "Hon I only wish I had your figure. You'll do fine." She proceeded to tell me about the first time she was a center and about how her nerves almost got the better of her. Granted she had another woman to share the center with, but all in all, that doesn't lessen the stares from ... Continue»
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Jonathan & Nikki's Unexpected BBC Cuckold

Jonathan & Nikki and their surprise BBC gangbang

Jonathan & Nikki had each always had a fascination with big black cocks. ... After it came up in their marriage and they discussed it, they agreed Nikki could try sucking one to completion. They searched for a big black dick on the internet, and after finding a massive one Nikki was very excited to try, they booked a hotel room & arranged a meeting.

The night was finally upon them. It was going to happen! Nikki's first taste of big black cock! Literally. The deal was: She was allowed to get naked and suck the bbc until it came, which she c... Continue»
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Caught by my s****r and her friend 8

We collected our clothes from our rooms at Kate's house and mom and dad drove Susan and I home, the trip was silent until we got home and mom and dad revealed that we were to share a room as they had moved grandad into Susan's so they could look after him. Susan and I showered in turn and put our PJ's on, we said goodnight to our parents and headed off to bed, once in the room we both stripped off, having experienced sl**ping naked at Kate's we wern't about to go back and besides we had seen each other naked plenty over the past couple of weeks. I had been asl**p for a while and I was woken by... Continue»
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ummmm not my Daughter pure fiction of course

I have recounted this tale to a few friends. Two on here and a 3 guys. It seems to turn all on? I even ended giving one a blow job as a result. So sitting here at work I thought I would put pen to paper as it where?
Of course so I don't drop myself in the shit this Never happened (?) Just all made up. If it had happened I would be a dirty Daddy peso a always horny bi cunt? It would also have happened around 20yrs ago too but of course it didn't happen lol.
It was mid August. Strangely for the good old UK fucking hot too. Mrs and I had turned in around midnight. We had waited up for the retur... Continue»
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My discotheque princess

written for theone25

So i went to a new discotheque ive been hearing about it was a really packed place but a quick flirting with the bouncer and i was in, the music was great as i found my way to the floor and started dancing. A little about myself Im 6'2 with a nice set of d cup breasts toned athletic body and long sexy legs if i do say so myself and a killer backside, long black hair and greyish blue eyes. For this night i wore black hot pants with a black and white corset with my leather cropped vest with a set of 4 inch spike open toe heels i looked damn good. Anyway I was bump... Continue»
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The neighbor who had watched. Part 2

Continued from "The neighbor who had watched. Part 1" (

Mr. Hood gets out from between my legs and tells me to turn over and put my butt up in the air. "Have you been fucked by another man?" Mr. Hood asked. "No, I have not" I replied. He moves between my legs and begins to lick my ass hole. Licking becomes licking and fingering. After Donald finished licking and fingering my ass hole he straightens up and moves toward me. I felt his cock enter my butt crack. I was sure Mr. Hood was about to enter me. But to my surprise and relief Donal... Continue»
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Office Feet: All-Nighter

I fucking hated working at this ad agency. It was the late nineties and there were lots to chose from. Everyone was hiring. But there was no way in hell I was leaving this place. For my career it sucked, but for my inner pig, it was a gold mine. I was surrounded by women who were total bitches...aaaaaaand they couldn't keep their shoes on. An EVERY one of them had feet that were awesome in their own way.

There was Remmy. She was a super smart, but played the dumb blonde, super cool exec with perfect size six, small for her height, always fire engine red toes, wrinkled soles. She was a go to... Continue»
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