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Adventurous Office Worker Continued

I could not stop thinking about that perfect ass since our lunch in my hotel room. I would try to focus on a task and the thought of my cock sliding into her warm pussy would take over. It was so vivid that I could even feel it. Each morning I woke her body was all I could think of. I would lie there and stroke myself to the thought fucking her again. It was the same at night too.

I had messaged her a couple of times however there was no answer. I wanted to message her more but didn’t want to seem desperate. How many times is too many I wondered. It had been over two weeks and no response. ... Continue»
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1st time double penetration

Time for my yearly check up with Dr. Woods. I love my doctor, I have been seeing him for several years. There has never been anything sexual with us, but I have caught him staring at me at times. Any woman would know how that is when a man looks at them a certain way. I also know any woman would love to be his patient! He is 6 foot 2, brown eyes, and silky wavy brown hair that you would love to just run your fingers through! Muscular with 6-pack abs. I’ve heard many women talk about him, but none I knew conquered him yet.
This appointment was going to be different; I was making my husband go ... Continue»
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Swimsuit fantasy sex #1

The title says it all... this is a fantasy and the events are totally made up (except my moms red/blue suit, that's real). Personally I think this is my best story so far.

In high school, I developed a serious fetish for my mothers one piece swimsuits. She had a large collection of them and I masturbated in them secretly at home. But I had never used one for its intended purpose, going swimming. If I was gonna do this it had to be the pool across the street from my high school. This pool is indoors, Olympic sized, and has few amenities. No spas, hot tubs or water slides... its meant f... Continue»
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Husband's friend Sergio

One evening I was out walking at a local track and ran into Sergio, one of my husband’s co-workers out jogging. I had been around him on several occasions before and we had always flirted a little bit and even talked on occasion, but nothing serious. After a few laps he stopped jogging and began walking with me. We started talking and it wasn’t long before he began to tell me how he always enjoyed seeing and how I turned him on. Well, after a little small talk he asked if I would go riding with him in his car to go somewhere else to talk, and I agreed. We drove a very short distance and he pul... Continue»
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Showering And Playing With Mommy

This is a fantasy story of mine, Hope you enjoy guys and gals.

It seems like just yesterday my dad left leaving my mom and I on our own but as hard as it's been we've managed to get closer than ever before. To me its fun to have it be "Girls day" everyday just mom and I shopping, going to movies, getting our hair done whatever we feel like doing that day I guess. Mom and I will sometimes do each others hair and makeup just because were bored and well cause were girls I guess. I was lucky to have gotten my moms looks like her golden blonde hair and blue eyes even though body wise she has m... Continue»
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Living in Cockington part5

It was a few days now since we had moved to Cockington and I had seen more strangers fucking in that few days than I had seen in my entire life.
That afternoon I was trying to put up some shelves but I soon ran out of screws and decided to head down to the couple of small shops in the village to see if they had any.
I strolled into the first shop, the little convenience store and walked the couple of isles looking for some screws after not finding any I approached the till area to ask the blonde plump woman who worked there.
I immediately stopped in my tracks when I saw her sat back in her... Continue»
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My Gf's Gloryhole Vday Present (True)

This is the story of a couple years back when my girlfriend Sarah gave me the best valentines day present I had ever gotten. Enjoy guys and gals.

It was around the beginning of January when Sarah began to tease me about my valentines day present. Everyday she would smile and say "You are gonna love what your getting". Usually I was pretty good about waiting but as she teased me more and more I started to really wonder what it was especially when she gave me the hint "Its something you've always wanted to do with me". It was rea... Continue»
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Teachers Pets

For those who recall my first story about the teacher, let me just say there really is a Mrs D. She is a teacher and the first story is based on an experience she told me about when we in bed one night. The incident is true although I may have embellished a little to make for a good read. This second story is a work of fiction. Although, if she ever has the chance I am certain she would go for it. Enjoy the story and please comment.

It had been a long couple weeks of work. John and I were both looking forward to letting loose for Friday night. We decided we would hit a couple pubs t... Continue»
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Birthday Surprise!

Victorious: Birthday Surprise!

On the day of her eighteenth birthday, Tori Vega awoke to darkness.

She frowned, slowly bubbling to consciousness, raising a hand to swat at the material covering her eyes, only to realise her other hand was jerked up with it. Tori lay still for a moment, mind working. She flexed her wrists, silky material twisting over them. So she was blindfolded. And bound. She knew that much. Maybe this was some kind of birthday prank or s... Continue»
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The Price Of Success

After graduating college Sara got a job in her major field of study only to find out it wasn't what she had hoped. It was not the prestigious, interesting and most of not the most lucrative job she expected it to be. Instead it was often boring, with long hours, and little money.

To make matters worse she was always fending off her co-workers, mainly men who were after one thing and one thing Even her boss made passes at her. She even threatened to sue them for sexual harassment, but all that got her was more heartache.

That's when Sara decided it was time to make a change,... Continue»
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Watching mom and dad

These experiences are from when I was a c***d growing up in the 50's. It was a more innocent time before the internet and cable. Sex was kept a secret and never ever talked about to the "c***dren" So what may be seen as total ignorance now was actually a way of life back then. You found out about masturbating by accident and thought you were the only one who knew about it. Voyeurism was a sin, a crime and you defiantly never watched your parents. But there were also some strange inconsistencies in what went on. My mom used to run around at night and sit on the couch watching t.v. with us in a... Continue»
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Blinded Be Lust

A month ago I was instructed by my Master that he would contact me when we would meet again. I was not to call him for sex or pleasure myself in the meantime. Thinking it would only be hours or a day at the most I was not worried. But the hours turned into days and the days into weeks and the weeks into a month. I was beginning to think he would never contact me but held out none the less patiently waiting like a good submissive. Then I got the call to meet him today and soon I was tied up and being pleasured.SMACK. The sound echoes throughout the room breaking the silence causing my heart to ... Continue»
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Rough Master

A month ago I was instructed by my Master that he would contact me when we would meet again. I was not to call him for sex or pleasure myself in the meantime. Thinking it would only be hours or a day at the most I was not worried. But the hours turned into days and the days into weeks and the weeks into a month. I was beginning to think he would never contact me but held out none the less patiently waiting like a good submissive. Then I got the call to meet him today and soon I was tied up and being pleasured. SMACK. The sound echoes throughout the room breaking the silence causing my heart to... Continue»
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Love At First Sight

I was at work when my phone buzzed. Glancing at the screen, I saw the single letter 'M.' Mistress! I didn't let it ring a second time. From the other end, I heard the smoky, sensual voice say "Come," and I nearly did right there. She hung up, not needing to say anything more. I knew where to go. I left work early, got in my car and drove. It had been nearly three weeks since I last heard from her and I ached to see her again.

Some may think it strange to be so obsessed with this woman who I knew nearly nothing about. I do know that she's rich. And I mean super rich. She doesn't bother with ... Continue»
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All The Way This Time

When I was f******n I had committed an act of i****t
with my eight year old b*****r, although I'm not really
sure whether it was i****t or not. It had happened while
I was looking after him one night when our parents were
out; we'd been playing around and Jim had accidentally
touched my pussy through my panties. I don't know why,
but his touch had made me so randy that I lost control
for a while.

Jim had let out a yelp as I pushed him to the floor,
opened his trousers and pulled out his cock. His yelp
became a sigh when I started to wank him that turned to
a groan when... Continue»
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Getting Along With s*s

"Gary." my mother's voice drifted up the stairs.

"Coming mum." I yelled back after groaning to myself.

Putting down my latest copy of Playboy and stuffing my erect tool back
into my trousers, I got off the bed and headed for the bedroom door
wondering what mum wanted now. A few minutes later I found out what it

"Gary," mum said as I entered the kitchen "your father and I have to go
away for a week, Sandra will take care of you while we are away and I
want no arguments from you."

Inwardly I groaned at the thought of having my s****r in charge of me
for a week, she wa... Continue»
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Bi-Curious: Part 1

*REVISED* 100%

Bi curious part 1:
...Senior year came around much faster than I anticipated and I had turned 18 in September. I was single, ever since I broke up with Kathy back in May. I guess I was still coping with my apparent loss and I just couldn't get myself to ask another girl out. Sometimes I just felt like I wasn't fit to be in a relationship and I thought I would just stay single until I went to college... but then I met someone else.

One day during lunch, as I was in line I noticed there was a guy behind me eye balling me for some reason. I turned my face slightly to confir... Continue»
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Aunt Fiona's Girls

Hi. My name is Britney Burris, and I'm from the tiny suburban community of Apple Valley, Washington. My best friend growing up was Jessi Nolan, and during our teenage years we both had huge girl-crushes on her Aunt Fiona, whom we both thought to be the coolest woman on the planet.

Perhaps I should tell you a bit more about Jessi & myself before continuing. While we're the same age, we had our differences. I'm tall, blonde, and slender, while she's a bit shorter than me, but also very athletic and has black hair. I guess you could say that I was more the "cheerleader" type while Jessi was a ... Continue»
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Pozed at the theater

Pandora's Box

Pure fiction!

I was on my way home from work one Saturday night, I hadn't been by my favorite book store for quite some time and was surprised to see the parking lot full.
I walked up to the counter to change my 20 for some ones to feed the video machines.
I approached the man sitting on the stool behind the counter to get some ones to feed the video Booths. He was stocky with a big beer belly and naked from the waist down. He was watching a video of a group of men fucking a guy bareback. He was stroking a nice big fat cock.
"Private party tonight, we're closed".
He... Continue»
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I’d taken Donna to work and as I drove on our street I saw Mrs Sutcliffe hanging her washing out, she’d lived with her husband, John, on our street for the 30 years we’d lived there but I never really spoke to her before, her husband was a grouch always moaning when the k**s played with a ball or made any noise, we’d had run in with him over the years.

I parked the car up and walked towards there house, she motioned for me to come in the garden and approached me smiling, she asked me if I’d like a drink and I replied “Yes please” as I sat down on their garden furnit... Continue»
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