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wish full thinking put on paper

wish full thinking put on paper

... on Nick’s face that he was thinking about one of his favorite fantasies and that
was doing a threesome ... It was raining one afternoon this past summer when I received a phone call from out of area. I ... of room and I think it will do you good.”
Amanda thought about it for a few seconds before she said... Continue»
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From J. Joyce

... potato cake theres something I want to say to you
only for I put him off letting on I was in a ... home and
beauty when I was whistling there is a charming girl I love and I hadnt even
put on my ... time I
wouldnt put it past him like he got me on to sing in the

Stabat Mater

going... Continue»
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College life spring semester 31

... .
I'm just ready for tomorrow to over. Now I wish I'd just quit all

"Corey, think about ... awesome trips we've been
able to enjoy."

"God, I wish I was like Kendall and Noah. No one knows ... together before starting our day. We
did see one of my neighbors, Sammy, along with Noel when we exited... Continue»
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French Maid

... here while you work though, please try not to disturb me." he said. He was thinking that he would ... me keep my legs in shape. I'm glad you think they're nice." She knew how great her legs looked. She ... almost made his cum as he let out a slow moan. He quickly coughed and moved some papers on his desk... Continue»
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Gay Fantasies At Work

... in here for no reason."

"I…need…sl**p." I rub one of my bl**dshot eyes and put my head back down, my ... just a little, putting a hand over one of his. "It's all I can ask…thank you."

He pauses ... computer on it. I look for my bag but it isn't there. I think to myself that Rowan must've put it in his... Continue»
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Just Good Friends

... moved at the sight of her bare back before she closed the door. Wishing I had jerked one off ... another one of our fights. This one felt different though, as if the wind that was blowing ... asked.


"Thank you for thinking of me when it mattered."

I heard her sigh... Continue»
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Old Man Young Tenant, Toys and Ann , Part 5

... idea to look at the DVDs William had given her. She put one in and right away she got a very strange ... the egg. She had put it in after lunch and had walked around with it deep inside her pussy ... noticed or at least it seemed that way. Three tables over one of her roommates, Ann, had seen her... Continue»
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Almost All Lived Happily Ever After

... think suited her better. It had a big fake fur trimmed hood, and when she put the hood up her ... that I... How can I repay you."

I had just taken Sal into one of the chain stores to get her a decent ... , and then picked out the cheapest in the shop. I'd picked up the one she had chosen first.

"Sal, please... Continue»
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A Mom's Sexuality Is Awaken chapter NINE

... ’ contest. She then made a big show of putting one of the black tubes inside her pussy for Josh ... of cum loads while thinking of them. Next, she did birthday shout outs. Then she held up four small ... cock was fantastic and almost certainly one of the best she had all week. He will be masked and I... Continue»
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Lesbian Paradise at Land's End (Part 3)

... night. “You’re a bit taller than me, but I think it will fit you.” Kea put it on and, indeed ... ; she wished to keep Landra’s spicy scents on her skin. She took off her clothes and looked at her ... Landra’s remaining aroma on her hands. Finally, she put on clean clothes (a t shirt with her former... Continue»
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Do or die - part 2 /10

... for it, as I had fucked that young girl

I had to think that it was the way of the life here ... .
We had two days for rest and it was well earned. I
took a shower and put on clean clothes. I ... .

Normally I would have told my client to think again,
but I didn't say anything to Emeka. I... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #9: Learning Curves #3

... understand."

"Look, k**… I get this whole white knight thing that you're doing, and I think ... piss-ant. You do not talk to me that way. No one talks to me that way. And I will fuck your life up ... if you even think of saying any-thing like that to me again… Am I clear?"


"Alright... Continue»
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Good Old Days

... with a soft moan. "I wish that was me."

"Oooh, you are a dirty one," I said smiling down at her ... begin. I hated
friday classes. They always seemed to drag on, and this one was no
different ... , complete with hard wooden
chairs circa 1904.

I put my pen down, clenching and unclenching my tired... Continue»
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New s****r

... as well, as I found that I did get on well with Anna, well on paper I did, I just
hoped that it would ... anything, he was right. Two shopping
trolleys full to the brim we headed for the car and then off ... .

Dad was being mysterious as we drove up the lane, he got Anna to put her hands
over my eyes... Continue»
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Twin/cest Sabrina and Katrina's Story Part 3

... was inside. She picked at one of the corners of the paper but stopped herself while she still could ... people think. All along I've been the weaker one. She's brilliant. She's her own person. She's ... the folds of her robe. Bree wished suddenly that her robe wasn't such an old, dirty looking thing... Continue»
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Summer of 1980

... ” laughing I wrapped it up and put it to one side, Sally wrapped her fingers around it and said ... said she was feeling a bit horny, this rather shocked me as she was rather straight laced, she put ... , “undo my bra” she asked as I undone the clasp and pulled the bra up, feeling her full boob she, slid... Continue»
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The Lecturer – Part 1

... the rest of the lecture doodling on my paper and thinking about what I might wear tonight but I had ... frantically rubbed my clit, thinking about being fucked my a big hard cock, pushing my fingers ... harder inside my pussy, I wanted to feel full as I slid a third finger in my pussy... Continue»
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Car Repairs

... or so.

I got myself cleaned up, put some clean jeans and a white tank top on. Slipped ... it was time for a tune up, that it has been four years since the last one. “I will tell you, that you need ... my crotch. That wasn’t helping my urge enough, so I stood to pull my jeans down. I took one leg... Continue»
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A Part of Us

... a chance to pull away.


Sam's head was full of contradiction. On one hand, Annie was so ... . "I know this is sudden, but do you think if we take it one day at a time, maybe you could be a part ... for herself, which was difficult since no one was going to give an eight year old a job. She ate as well... Continue»
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Time marches on Pt 2

... the paper. One of the other tennants walked in, it was Marcus, he's 19, latino, a college student ... was put on display, I wasn't complaining, this one had been given a complimantary sport package, brakes ... . He said one last thing, "They're going to put you to sl**p now, when you wake up, I swear I'll... Continue»
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