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wifes lover

Wifes lover

... My wife michelle, of almost ten years in absolutely gorgeous.. Five foot tall and in very good ... couples.. It has been a main item in the sheets to add to the moment.. For several years my wife has ... friend come over one nite to watch a fight on tv.. My wife was giddy as the nite went on and could... Continue»
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wifes lover

... My wife michelle, of almost ten years in absolutely gorgeous.. Five foot tall and in very good ... couples.. It has been a main item in the sheets to add to the moment.. For several years my wife has ... friend come over one nite to watch a fight on tv.. My wife was giddy as the nite went on and could... Continue»
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My Wifes Lovers

... My Wife's Lovers
by One Wounded Dragon©

I had told my wife of my panty fetish long before our ... everyone to know your wife's fucking a black lover, " she humped me deep inside her pussy.

"Oohh ... lover was getting her pregnant, and we both had tremendous orgasms.

"Someday Love, we're going to do... Continue»
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Wife wants a young lover

... Wife wants a younger lover.

My wife Helen passed a bit of a milestone birthday and was a bit... Continue»
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Mistress wife takes a new lover

... Today was so strange for me.

Mistress Jane, my wife, knows how much I adore her and want ... times I looked at my watch......the seconds were taking forever to slowly tick away. The new lovers ... was shaking with a huge wave of jealousy and love. My beautiful wife had just sucked and fucked a new... Continue»
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My Wife Finds A New Lover

... My Wife Finds A New Lover

My wife, Cathie, and I have been married for 13 years. I guess you ... of this stop over.

My wife Cathie is a stunning 53 year old, with a body of a 20 year old (38D-26-36 ... to give it a try." Mark said, "Cathie is gorgeous, but I wouldn't want to hurt your wife." Cathie... Continue»
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Cheating wife and her lover discuss her cuckold

... wife when he discovered that I wasn't a virgin. On our wedding night he fucked me for the first time ... exciting to see his wife being taken by another man but when he actually sees it happening, he ... it. Displaying the tent, he said to my cuckold, "You're a lucky man. You have a very sexy wife... Continue»
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Threesum with friend’s wife and her lover

... Last year, I posted one story “Seduction of wife of Fast Friend”, which was liked by many ... and replied to me. This was my relation (of course with changed names) with my fast friend’s wife Priya ... position and then, reduced his tours. Due to my fucking to his wife was also reduced. So now, we look... Continue»
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Wife Takes a Lover, Hubby gets nothing

... lover looked at like. Suddenly my wife said, 'here he is,' and I looked up to see this guy approach our ... to Larry's house. I was expecting my wife to say good night and go inside with her lover, so I got ... the drinks and carried them to where my wife and her lover were sitting, both were stark naked... Continue»
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my hot wife and her young lover at mardigras

... and threw beads and one guy was coaxing my wife to show hers and she kept saying nobody wants to look ... her and we discussed the evening and she said she wanted to go out again and look for another young lover. she convinced me and we left.... Continue»
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Uncles Wife, Taught me to Fuck her lovers.

... wife, who colluded to use me for his sexual lusting.

My name is Cindy, which was eventually ... .

Mothers b*****r and his wife suggested I spend some time with them, a c***dless couple who adored me ... herself a 'Vamp', boasting some hundred plus lovers, and I still waiting for my first, sat opposite them... Continue»
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My Wife's Female Nordic Lover

... and engorge herself on her lover’s pussy. I could not see much except my wife’s head bobbing up and down ... series of erotic oral sex my wife was giving to her lover. Then Gerta let out a loud scream as he ... lover’s pussy until Gerta fell back exhausted.

The larger amazon then held my wife closely... Continue»
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My wife, her lover, and my limited role

... oozing from the shared wife and her skilled lover.

“Ohhh, you feel so good…,” My wife said ... in front of me. I was zoned in. There was nothing else in the world except my wife and her lover ... “I think I want you involved today with us,” My wife said as I was finishing my second coat of nail... Continue»
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My wife tells me about her former lover.

... This is a true story about my wife and her former married lover.

My wife was 28 years old... Continue»
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Fucking My Lover Behind His Wife's Back

... made his
wife cum, my pussy was wet and I knew that when I
pulled my bottoms off I'd have ... session with his wife. With that I told
him that I guess I'd have to clean him up and I began
sucking ...
before I began to rock back and forth. My lover also
begin to thrust but I had control... Continue»
Posted by kinghut 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  
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My mature wife and young black lover Part II

... When I talked to my wife's young black lover on the phone I had him email the details of what ... Christmas and my wife was their visiting also. After they had, had dinner and a couple of glasses ... of wine, he asked if he could spend the night. They only had a one bedroom apartment and my wife was sl... Continue»
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Black lover wants wife to be his french maid Hallo

... It was now late October around my 30th birthday and Halloween. My wife and her black lover made ... think I can do that.” My wife was now on a mission, to go out shopping and hopefully find a sexy ... hot French Maid outfit and make his fantasy come true. Over the next couple of days my wife went out... Continue»
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wifes younger lover

... We had just returned to the area to live having been away for several years, my wife Sue had ... , an amazing site watching my wife enjoying a very good hard fuck by a much younger bloke and receiving hot... Continue»
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naughty wife and black lover

... My wife’s naughty night with black cock
My wife, is now in her 60’s, with short straight ... fantasies as possible and this is the story of one of my wife's, and my own, longest standing fantasies ... and how it came true a few days ago.
My wife has always known that I would love to see her getting... Continue»
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wife makes her husband watch her with black lover

... of sex. My wife and her lover were positioned on the centre of our marital bed ... binder, and matching posture collar to ensure my eyes never left my wife and her lover.

Oh, I nearly ... of orgasm approached.

My wife sensed her lover's orgasm growing as well, gently biting her lip to try... Continue»
Posted by whitewhores 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex  |  
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