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why me


... 'I was waiting for you for the final revision' replied Rahul.

'Why me?' asked mymother smilingly.

'I need some comfort' saying tmyhe slid closer ... to him.

'My son does not allow me to put it on,' she replied.

'Why, what does he do,' asked Rahul ... ... Continue»
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she make me

... ’t take my eyes from that sweet, tight, teenaged pussy. “Why me,” I asked?
“I loved how you handled that asshole Jason, ... every afternoon for “extra help.” Another teacher once asked me why an A+ student needed so much extra help. “Enrichment activities ... ... Continue»
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My Aunt Gave Me A New Life

... been lurred and trapped by
two cunning and
beautiful women. “Why me?”, i asked them?

“Because you were so vulnerable,” ... been lurred and trapped by
two cunning and
beautiful women. “Why me?”, i asked them?

“Because you were so vulnerable,” ... ... Continue»
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... at it? - Fuck! I went even hotter,he saw me,he must have,otherwise,why would he have said that?' "No mum,I had ... " I immediately thought,he wants to show his problem to someone,ME. Why me? a doctor is more sensible. 'Wouldn't a doctor be a better bet?' "Mum ... ... Continue»
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Me and my girlfriend go scuba diving

... guy in his early to mid 30's.

Me: did we arrive too early?
Kevin: no why?
Me: because we are the only ones ... you have anything interesting planned for them tonight?
Sue: no why?
Me: well they only invited us because u were walking around topless ... ... Continue»
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why me

... and passport" " you must want it bad to chase me" " No I need it"
" ok here take ... it instinct,was he just trying to comfort me, his hand moved higher, slid along the ... of the guys looked at her and waved
"why not keep sharing "she thought to herseldf as ... ... Continue»
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My friends left me

... was 2 guys doing a fat ass chick like me.
I was embarressed nodoubt and said why would you be watching that fat ass bitch ... , big tight bodies, strong, hot and horny.
Why me, and would they be able to do me like I want?
So as I politely asked ... ... Continue»
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Love Me 'til Dawn, Chapter 10

... replied. “I don’t know the first thing about managing a business.” I wondered why she requested that I take the offer after leaving it for ... I know it will because I trust you my love.”

“But why me and not…” I looked towards the open lounge and saw George ... ... Continue»
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ProfNigma Stories #8: Blame It On Me #7

... help getting into the spirit. "Ok… but your fantasy's first…"

"Why me?"

"Because," Jade said, standing up and getting a couple bags before ... as she was still trying to catch herself. "Why do you want me to keep going?"

"Because…" she said, her ... ... Continue»
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Me sharing my husband with my bestfriend...

... “He’d love to hear it from you.”

Why me?” Clare had asked.

“Because he’s so got ... him totally in her mouth.

“Oh fuck me, I’m cumming.” He grunted after only a ... desperate for her release.

“Make me cum Mike. Please make me cum.” She begged in a ... ... Continue»
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my BF wife deserves me

... male ego tough guy shit..... and I couldn't ever figure out why, me, mr. Nice Guy, always being a gentleman, always ended up ... babe generously gifted witha body like a used Cadilac... don't get me wrong, I mean a real beauty, but her personality made it ... ... Continue»
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Vampire Quest

... ; How do you think this makes me feel? Betrayed, angry. Not even close. Why me? Was I that gullible? Why didn't I see?"

& ... both. Now I have to choose and I can't have both. Why me? Why can't I just be normal? That is all I have ever ... ... Continue»
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s*s AND ME

... . The way she said it. Awful.

"Why are you so mean to me? Why do you hate me?" she sobbed.

"I - I don't hate you."

... 't going to let her screw up like me. That's why I did everything I did. That's why I did it. Me leaving - that gave her a chance. ... ... Continue»
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Daphne.... Succulent Succubus

... you want, Rhonda?"

The woman seemed irritated by the intrusion.

"Why me? I told you I don't want to get involved. I'm not ... that."

John looked at Daphne.

"I thought that's why Miss Crowder sent me here, but you don't exactly look..."

"Old," ... ... Continue»
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A Lesson in Social Justice

... by I said, "Karl asked me why I'm
doing this, why I'm dressing like this and why I'm
letting you guys touch me. I don't know if I'm ... trying to change."

Oscar smiled down at me and asked, "Do you know why me
and John are here?"

I sighed and ... ... Continue»
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Katie's Pain Lesson

... ."

"Oh, ahh and what do make of that fact? I mean, why me?"

"I'm sure I couldn't say, miss. But if I were to hazard a ... I wanted to know what those items were."

"But why didn't you just bring me here?"

"Because these are my selections, not yours ... ... Continue»
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Timestop Day 4

... than angry. After a short silence, she asked, “And why aren't you 'busy'?”

Warren felt himself blush. “Well,” ... .

Sandy looked back at Warren. “Why?”

Warren cocked his head in confusion. “Why what?”

Why me over Sarah?”

Warren thought for a ... ... Continue»
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... want but please do not

actually fuck me, please do not push it into


"Why Ma? Why?"

"It is a taboo k** that ... year old son? the thought was too

chaotic to comprehend.

"Why me Sir?" Rina pleaded with folded

hands, "I am sure that ... ... Continue»
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... was certainly capable of having any number of women…so why me? I pushed the thought from my mind, not wanting to dwell ... .
“Kelsey!” June screamed at me, making me jump. “Where are you? What’s going on? Why haven’t you talked to me for so long?” She ... ... Continue»
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Power Line

... the
morning for coffee John said fine by me, why don't you come to my house and ...
you except, well thank you very much why me? There are two reasons firstly
you are ... for the whole six weeks. George asked me
why and when I explained what had happened he ... ... Continue»
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