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watching my grand daughter

Watching My Daughter Fuck My Black Neighbor

... My name is Kevin and I live with my daughter Mandy who is s*******n years old. Ever since her mom ... look at it. I love my daughter more than anything and would do anything to protect her but one night ... watched football. I got half way there and realized I forgotten my wallet so I headed back... Continue»
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I Watched my Daughter Fuck our Neighbour

... hitting on our home, where I, a divorcee, and my teen daughter live, he thinks we are 'Fair Game ... ', and if I am honest, it's laughable, but dangerously possible.

My Daughter called out for me to come ... from him and looked at my daughter, her eyes were locked onto his member as he jacked on it, she... Continue»
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... their turn at my daughter. As my cock dropped out of her I watched a fresh flow of semen gush out ... on it. Ann, my wife, was at work. Lisa, my daughter, was at school. I had the house all to myself ... that I was home alone, I made a bee-line to my daughter's room. Ann had told me that last weekend she... Continue»
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I watch the Doctor finger my daughter like a bowli

... an internal.
My daughter was lying in the fetal position and I watched as he undid her denims and zipper ... I took my daughter to the hospital, as she was experiencing stomach cramps. Of course as she had ... , then ease his hand in between her thighs.

My daughters eyes flickered momentarily, and his hand moved... Continue»
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I watch my daughter cum,as i do as well.

... and dressing,showing her naked body off but nothing really sex my teenage daughter going ... at porn and make a noise,
The webcam lit up and Mandy my daughter walked in as usual,normal stuff for her ... to the web,and to also see if my wife was playing with herself,having concealed the camera on top... Continue»
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... go.

I went down and sat to watch the television, a daytime soap that was absorbing my wife, but my ... like mad.

Part way through their chat Debbies phone rang, one of the grand daughters, and while ... eyebrows in a silent question but my flushed cheeks must have given her the answer before I smiled... Continue»
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... one of the gentlemen being deep-throated by a girl young enough to be his grand-daughter.
A good ... the room from Jen raised a cheer of approving applause from all those watching, and a pat on my bare ass ... This is fiction:-

I went to a party one night in Glasgow, with one of my friends, Jennifer... Continue»
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Snowy eek-end

... set surrenfing, she played the role of the daughter of my master.

I, for cons, I felt to focus ... 6:00 Saturday morning, my Master called me for a weekend in the mountains, I had an hour to prepare ... for his taste and cancel my plans. At 07:00 happen to look at me with a "surprise"!

I quickly... Continue»
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5 finding life`s partner

... around and give him the grand tour, keys, and the like. They parted never having discussed the pay ... carpenter, but he`s very shy about women and very conscious of his foot.
Paula`s own daughter having ... , hardly having spoken to him during this first week, had watched his every move from the turret, she... Continue»
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... , first task is done.” Joseph checked his watch and was pleased. “Not bad on the time. Now, you all know ... Frank that the guests are inside, we’ll do a perimeter sweep.”
Joseph watched as his men ... watched. He took his position on the east side of the house and hunkered down. It would probably... Continue»
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Hook, Line, and Sinker

... ! What do we do now?” he asked.

“Now we cum. I will rub my clit and my pussy while you watch. I ... missed that. A lot.

Oh, from time to time he babysat his grand-k**s which was always enjoyable ... but didn't exactly know what to do about it. One Saturday, when his daughter Amelia came over to visit... Continue»
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The Housemaids Chapter 2

... has her very much because they had my permission to allow her to come during the punishment. And she ... mistress and she is sold to the "Grand Master". Because if they would be sold, not how it would go ... with her knew. She only knew that when the Grand Master, the girls will never have an orgasm. And she... Continue»
Posted by deer1966 11 months ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Hardcore  |  

An Unintended Seduction (pt 3)

... was a pretty ordinary affair, after supper my wife and I sat in the living room watching TV ... .

Donna let go of my hand and jumped onto her bed and slid under the duvet.

"Not as grand as your ... to have to be strong if I was to keep my promise to myself. I thought about avoiding her completely... Continue»
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Christine: Transgenderism.

... think my own daughter is extraordinary and she is. Some people are a little taken aback by her ... Jackie. My daughter Elizabeth is coming to live with us here in Switzerland.”
“Yes Sarah told me ... the school together. If the school isn’t ok with your Chrissie then I shan’t be placing my daughter... Continue»
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Sex Ahead 5

... and
over her luscious round tits. He was having himself a grand time when
his mother realized she ... because I was
already pregnant - with you. During the first two years of my marriage,
I told him ... *******n boys who fucked me during
my senior year in high school. They're grown up now of course... Continue»
Posted by heavenly_joy 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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The Island (Chpt 6 Part 1)

... and the cane she must have concluded her cause of lost. She did not plead. Just stood there and watched ... her mother go away. It was not hard to imagine het state of mind.

Returning from seeing my ... worried. Dorinda must have guessed my every thought.
"Master, may we remove our guest so... Continue»
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A Father's Revenge

... than his k**s. The one thing that always bothered him was his oldest c***d and only daughter Samantha ... . Hot sex that resulted in a broken condom, their marriage and then daughter Sammy.

Or so he had ... about 2 weekends Hun, Labor Day weekend? We can send the boys to my folks and have 3 days all... Continue»
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... to rite me a story about me and my mama, like we r both left handed and ..."

I was about to do ... " for Ralph, too much a party girl. He should have heard what my f****y said about him. I was Jersey Shore ... at Georgetown where we met. Martha, on the other hand, could see immediately that I wanted to put my wild past... Continue»
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Julie and Debra: a Bedtime Spanking.

... n.b. This story is an extract from my three volume saga "Slaves of the Amethyst". I post the story ... as it makes a fitting accompaniment to my gallery of bedtime spankings. If anybody becomes ... been terrified of being unmasked. But it was still a grand house of respectable lineage... Continue»
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Slaves of the Amethyst (part f******n)

... in that establishment, she would have been terrified of being unmasked. But it was still a grand ... , possibly up for sale to the highest bidder to be taken in as a pampered favourite into some grand house ... walked into the pub, the bargirl would say “Thank you for blessing our house with the Goddess my lady... Continue»
Posted by Mikebasil 3 years ago  |  Categories: BDSM, Lesbian Sex  |  
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