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waiting for vicky

Flyboy- superhero i****t story

... pussy licker. He licked around taking his time waiting for her pussy to get nice and wet, teasing all ... ago”

“Sure thing babe…been waiting” Saturn Girl Said

“You about get more then you BARGAIN for ... Flyboy and the battle for sky city

By lilguy

A super powered Step mom... Continue»
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Debbie - The Cougar. Part 1

... nails done at 3 and if she was late to just wait a few minutes.
I was got there and she ... was not home, yet so I sat in my bike in the driveway and waited. About 10 minutes post 4:00 pm she pulled ... and sat down and crossed her legs.

She fiddled with her ear and earring as she said
“So Vicky... Continue»
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louise and her neighbour(s) 2

... there.

A couple of days passed and Louise had spoken to Vicky a few times and Vicky had asked what happened ... before she left to meet Vicky at the swimming pool in town for a gossip and bit of exercise. She ... put it in her gym bag and was ready to leave to meet Vicky for their lunch time swim.
She picked up... Continue»
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The Wrong Bus, Part 3

over to the gym my stomach flutters some at what waits for me there. I
pay the cabbie and walk ... a cute sissy in a leotard.

"Hi Vicky, this is Harold’s new sissy she is going to be taking your ... a
very good man" Vicky replies as I hear a few giggles from behind me.

William laughs, "Nope... Continue»
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Victoria-72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 2

... After my first encounter and fuck fest with Vicki, I waited three days to call her to arrange our ... to meet at her place two days later even though she said she didn't think she could wait that long ... . I knocked on the door and Vicki appeared in her satin robe, barely closed and I could tell she... Continue»
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Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

... Victoria 72 Yr Old Hottie-Part 6 Vicky & Mary

It had been over a week since Vicky and I were ... .

I arrived at Vicky's house wearing only a t-shirt and my bathing suit. Before I could ring ... while Vicky brought me an espresso. Vicky made sure she bent over just enough for me to catch... Continue»
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Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 5

... shoulders. He heard it all while waiting for a re-introduction to the nicely built Italian honey. He saw ... ?” Vic asked like the idiot he was. Filly didn’t let him wait for long to find out. She pushed him onto ... . “We’re gonna do it now, Vicky honey!”

“Okay!” he said like a real idiot since he didn’t know what... Continue»
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The Sexy Squirter part 3

... hard, waiting cock and slid down. "My turn now", she said with a devilish purpose in her voice. I ... dug into my chest, holding on for dear life as she rode out her mind-blowing orgasm to completion ... , right before she began a soft snore. I cuddled up next to her and we both napped for an hour or so. We... Continue»
Posted by phreek44 1 year ago  |  Categories: Interracial Sex  |  

Debbie - The Cougar Part 2

... . Her back rising and falling. I can feel her pussy clenching and then I hear what I have been waiting ... . My name falls from her throat, I smile as I hear it over and over again – "Vicky! I’m coming... Continue»
Posted by vikramadityapaul 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Hardcore  |  

Annelot probeert iets nieuws deel 1

... eigenlijk best wel fijn. "I should probably go," zei Annelot, "my parents are probably waiting for ... ze tegen haar. "I've been lying awake for hours.." Darnell was even stil, "May I come in and talk?" vroeg ze zacht ... . "It's not like i was trying to hit on you," verklaarde ze. "I was just looking for someone to talk to... Continue»
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The clock 2

... waiting for my nest command. Perfection!

It was at that point that Vicki began to stir in her ... by “Sorry Vicki, I just can’t take any more.” Then she began to sob, her face to the floor, tears dripping ... down her tits.

I had heard what I needed to hear and pressed the button.

Vicki leapt... Continue»
Posted by brendan25 1 year ago  |  Categories: BDSM  |  
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... next to the jukebox. By the way my name’s Dave and the wife is Vicky - see you there” and Dave rang ... approached “are you Dave?”

“No, but I’m waiting for him too”

The man introduced himself as Alan ... started talking to us “Right, this is the situation, Vicky and I aren’t locals, we are staying... Continue»
Posted by adel5000 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature  |  
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Holiday Romance

... saw my mum's head on a pillow, then my dad kissed her, no, wait, not dad, the man kissing her ... back to the play area, even if Paul Black wasn't there, I'd just have to wait it out until ... at a cooler box that was standing at the side of our caravan.

"Are my mum and dad in there Vicky... Continue»
Posted by brianbigdogsmith 7 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Taboo, Voyeur  |  
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... , and there were five women already there. We joined them. Stephanie asked what we were waiting for and one ... of the women already there said "the black lady said to wait here." A few minutes passed, during which ... replied. "I've seen at least two come in, Melanie and Vickie." They were two women I more or less knew... Continue»
Posted by Fredlake 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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Black Magic Man

... erigiert.

"What are you waiting for, get started, I want her cunt clean before I
fuck her again ... erneut ihre Beine ganz weit.

"Spread your lips for me" befahl da der Schwarze Kirsten. Kirsten ... looking for a real mans dick. Yours is
pretty small and tiny" sagte Madou mit einem spöttischen... Continue»
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The College Roomate

... at the table. I told Vicky about Tim but I didn't tell her everything about Tim. I guess he was just one ... to Vicky and make sure it's all right with her, she also lives here", and I kind of chuckled.

I ... , it's ok." Then without any warning she chirpped in, "Hi Tim, this is Vicky here and I've heard a lot... Continue»
Posted by subjaye 5 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Interracial Sex, Hardcore  |  
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Judy Gives Into Her Desires

... times.
I was pretty tipsy so I decided to go up to the room. I
was standing waiting by the elevator ... her
say hi Vicki. Judy walked into the other room. Her
conversation was real quiet. I walked ... really don't want to leave yet. Make
sure you call me."

I turned the boob tube on. I waited... Continue»
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BigBoy and his Bitches

... I mean. What is your name dear", she asked?

"Vickie, and if you'll wait a second I will write ... . That was when she dropped a bomb on me. "Vickie, she said, I am not supposed to tell you this but mom had ... graduate. In three years when I get back from abroad I can draw out my share but you will have to wait... Continue»
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... massaged her sweet pussy lips.

“Oh Ari, wait until you feel how wet she is!” Liz teased, causing ... the inside of Victoria’s thighs with her cheeks and lowering her face towards her waiting slit ... . But it was no dream and as Liz seductively crawled over towards her, Victoria could feel her waiting... Continue»
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s****rs Choot For Her b*****r

... , par, I’m waitin for your valuable response.Till then bye!

Has reading ... this story made you horny? Want to sex chat with real life hot women?
All the women below are LIVE! and waiting to talk dirty with you!... Continue»
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