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Megan's Uncle Ch. 02

Megan had been her uncle's whore for over a month now. She hadn't had an active social life before, being a year older than her classmates, but by now the 18-year old didn't participate in any after school activities. She knew that she had to rush home from school, do her homework, shower and be prepared for Uncle Dan's return from work.

The times she hadn't been ready for him in time she'd had to bitterly regret. He'd accused her of not being a devoted whore and threatened to not fuck her anymore. She'd begged his forgiveness and so far he'd taken her back every time, telling her that her tight little cunt had saved her. She'd had to take the punishment for being disobedient though. Sometimes she got a spanking from his hand, other times he used his whip on her. But she knew that she had to be punished if she broke the rules.

Sometimes he took her out on dates and he'd started buying her outfits to wear on their outings. She was always naked when she was in the house and Uncle Dan kept her clothes under lock and key. Every morning he left an outfit for her to wear to school. He often "forgot" to leave her underwear or a bra, especially when he'd chosen a short skirt or tight shirt, and Megan had to spend the day hiding her full tits from the eyes of her fellow students, and keeping her legs closed so that nobody could see her hairless slit.

The outfits he chose for their dates were always provocative. She now had an impressive collection of crotchless teddies and cupless bras. Uncle Dan told her that since she was a whore she should dress like one so that everybody could see her for what she was. She would get dirty looks from other women, and Uncle Dan laughed as other men lusted after her. His favourite trick was to cup her ass as they left the restaurant where they'd been eating, slowly pulling her short skirt up to show off her naked cheeks.

It was Friday again and Megan was looking forward to another long weekend, enjoying the feeling of her uncle's cock in her cunt and her mouth. Uncle Dan had mentioned something about a surprise and she wondered if they were going to be even more adventurous on their outings. Last time he'd taken her to watch a porn movie in a seedy cinema and she'd had to suck him till he came while he watched the action on the screen. Then she'd sat on his lap as he fucked her for the rest of the movie. The other men in the theatre stopped watching the movie and watched them instead. One even offered Uncle Dan money to fuck her, but he'd turned him down.

She'd only just finished her shower when she heard Uncle Dan's car. He was early tonight. She quickly dried herself and ran to the entrance hall and kneeled by the door, waiting to suck her uncle's meat hard for the evening's fuck fest. When the door opened she didn't just see one pair of legs, but two. She raised her head in shock and looked up to see not only Uncle Dan, but also another man that she hadn't seen for years.

"Uncle Ron?" she exclaimed.

"Yes, babe, it's me!" he laughed and pulled her up to hug him. "Haven't you filled out nicely? You're even more beautiful than your mother was when I fucked her the first time."

Megan couldn't believe what he was saying. Uncle Ron had been 2 years older than her mother and he'd emigrated to Australia before she was born.

"Don't look so surprised. Your mother shared a house with me when we went to college and she was my whore. We spent many hours fucking our brains out and when we needed some pocket money I found someone who was willing to pay to fuck her. That's how she met your old man. He came and fucked her once a week and then when she graduated she took off with him, to be his whore. That's when I left the country."

"And now history repeats itself," Uncle Dan laughed. "Except Megan isn't going to run off with any men. I plan on keeping her to myself. Her cunt is way too sweet for me to sell."

"Yeah, and you don't have to worry about earning money," Uncle Ron filled in. "But I do hope you'll share our niece's cunt with me. I didn't come halfway around the world for nothing."

"Of course you can have her cunt, but let's keep this one in the f****y. Our little niece whore shouldn't have to spread her legs for other men. We have other whores for that."

Megan listened in amazement as her uncles started talking business. It was apparent that they didn't make the bulk of their money doing their normal jobs. They had a string of sex clubs where their whores made them a small fortune. She spent the evening serving them coffee and cooking for them. Then, as her uncles relaxed after the meal, Uncle Ron zipped his pants open and pulled his cock out.

"Be a good girl and suck your uncle's cock," he said.

Megan looked at Uncle Dan who nodded in approval. She went straight to work. Uncle Ron's cock wasn't as long as Uncle Dan's, but it sure was monster thick. She hungrily wrapped her lips around it and her tongue lapped up the generous precum that was gathered on his mushroom head. She licked the length of his shaft and then took his balls in her mouth, teasing them with her tongue, and then she let her tongue follow the veins up to the thick head once more and wrap her lips around it again. Uncle Ron moaned as she sucked him into her mouth. He placed his hands on her head and f***ed himself into her throat and she could feel him moving his hips up and down, fucking her mouth.

All of a sudden she felt a foot parting her legs and then Uncle Dan's hands cupped her tits. He was naked now, she could feel his cock hard against her ass as he pinched and pulled her heavy tits. Megan could feel that her pussy was leaking so much now that she would start dripping on the carpet any minute. As if Uncle Dan had read her mind, he lay down on the floor and manoeuvred his head in between her thighs. One light touch of her pussy lips with his tongue brought on a shower of his niece's sweet juices, which he happily lapped up.

Uncle Ron f***ed himself into her throat one more time as Uncle Dan's tongue snaked itself inside her tight cunt. Her moans were deafened by the giant cock in her mouth, which she sucked with even more fervour than before now that her own pussy was being attended by Uncle Dan. She squealed in surprise and delight when a finger, recently lubricated in her wet cunt, made its way inside her virgin asshole, recently exposed by her uncle's hands that were pulling her feminine ass cheeks apart.

Megan was in slut heaven. The big cock in her mouth tasted so good and Uncle Dan's tongue was teasing her cunt mercilessly. With a finger in her asshole it was only a matter of time before she showered her uncle with her cum juices and he wasn't disappointed. Her cries were muffled by the cock she was sucking and her body nearly collapsed as the violent orgasm took possession of her body.

Uncle Dan kept teasing her clit and it wasn't long after her orgasm that she was on fire again. Uncle Ron pulled out of her mouth and his big tool was glistening with her saliva. He was bone hard and his shaft was throbbing as he made his niece get on her hands and knees before him. He placed his thumbs on her wet lips and viewed the soaking hole that was waiting for him to impale. Megan didn't have to wait long. Soon Uncle Ron's cock rammed into her, burying itself in her warm haven in one hard and fast stroke. She cried out with pleasure and Uncle Ron reached down and pinched her tits.

Uncle Ron started picking up a fast and furious pace as he fucked his niece. Uncle Dan kneeled in front of her and she quickly sucked his big tool into her mouth. She sucked him as though she'd just been given her favourite lollipop. Uncle Dan reached down for her tits that were hanging like ripe g****fruits from her chest, sent bouncing with Uncle Ron's every thrust. He pinched her nipples and started pulling them in opposite directions. The feeling sent shockwaves straight to Megan's clit that was already constantly pounded by her uncle's big balls.

"Are you ready to cum, baby?" Uncle Ron panted, the pace of his pussy pounding now as fast as he could go.

Megan's reply was barely audible for the cock that was now stuck in her throat, gagging her almost completely. Uncle Ron reached around and started massaging her clit with one hand and then hooked one finger inside her ass. Megan didn't stand a chance. Once again her body gave in, gripping Uncle Ron's cock tight as she started shaking. Uncle Ron didn't need any further encouragement and he shot his load straight up his niece's cunt while grinding himself tight against her. He eventually pulled out and his last two squirts landed on Megan's ass.

"Oh, baby," he sighed. "You're a great fuck, even better than your mother!"

Uncle Dan pulled out of her mouth and lay down on the floor. Megan ran a finger through the cum juices that were sipping out of her cunt. They tasted great. Then she straddled her uncle and let her cunt engulf his shaft as she started riding him. Uncle Ron moved next to her and stuck his cock in her face for her to clean her juices off it. By the time she was done he was hard again and he kneeled behind her, cupping her tits, kneading them and pinching her nipples. He kissed her neck and gave her little love bites.

"Keep riding your Uncle Dan, my little whore niece," he whispered in her ear. "I'll be back in a minute."

Megan didn't need to be told twice. She rode Uncle Dan hard and he reached up to catch her tits as they bounced freely. Then Uncle Ron came back with a tube in his hand.

"Dan," he said. "Hold her tight."

Uncle Dan wrapped his arms around Megan and started kissing her deeply. As his tongue searched itself down her throat she felt a cold gel on her asshole. This was followed by Uncle Ron's finger, slowly massaging her tight hole, spreading the gel evenly. Then she felt a squirt into her tight passage, followed again by Uncle Ron's finger. It was deep inside her now, massaging her and relaxing her muscles. There was the sound of a final squirt, which she guessed much have gone on his cock. Uncle Ron's preparations of her hole had worked well and his mushroom head popped inside her without much difficulty. Uncle Dan had stopped fucking her cunt and was now buried deep inside her, not moving, while Uncle Ron slowly, slowly fit more of his shaft in his niece's asshole.

Megan thought she was going to explode. The pain that Uncle Ron was inflicting in her ass was immense, but it wasn't a bad pain. It was a sexy pain. It was a horny pain. With one cock in her cunt, the second cock was an extreme turn-on and she kept wanting him to go deeper. Then he pulled out again, almost completely, and the next time he inched himself inside her he went faster and the pain was much less. It didn't take long for her uncles to build up a rhythm whereby they were fucking her two holes at a similar pace, bringing themselves and Megan great pleasure.

Once again Megan was the first to give in. She couldn't control herself anymore and she cried out as her body started shaking and her cunt gripped Uncle Dan's cock hard. This sent Uncle Dan over the edge and he started shooting his load into her womb just as Uncle Ron couldn't stop the pleasure of his niece's tight asshole from sending him over the edge again. Megan had virtually no strength left in her body as her uncles' cocks slowly slid out of her, leaving two gaping holes that were dripping cum onto the floor.

"Mmmmmmmmmmmm," said Uncle Ron and smiled at her as he stood up. "You're a wonderful cum bucket. It was great fucking you. I hope your Uncle Dan will share you again next time I'm in town."

Uncle Ron kissed her deeply and disappeared in the direction of the bathroom. Uncle Dan took Megan in his arms and kissed her.

"You did well tonight baby," he said between kisses. "I'm going to have a shower now and then I have to take Ron to the airport. You clean up the cum from the carpet and straighten out the kitchen and then you can have a shower and go to bed. I probably won't be back from the airport until the early hours so you don't have to wait for me by the door, but make sure your cunt is nice and moist when I get back."

"Yes, Uncle Dan," Megan nodded and set to clean up after the night's fucking. Uncle Ron came and kissed her goodbye before he left. It was after midnight when Megan finally got to bed and she started dreaming about being fucked by her two uncles. She got hornier and hornier in her dreams and she didn't want to wake up from the sweet feeling, but something pulled her out of her dream. As she finally realised that she was awake she could tell that her ankles had been strapped to the bed and Uncle Dan was licking her wet cunt.

"Oh yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss," was all she could say as the friction of his stubble brought her immeasurable pleasure.

When Uncle Dan knew she was awake he moved up her body, kissing her tummy, then sucking her tits before he rested his lips against hers, letting her taste her pussy.

"Did you like being fucked by your two uncles?" he asked her as he bit her lips.

"Oh yes, Uncle Day," she sighed happily at the memory.

"Did you enjoy having your Uncle Ron's cock in your ass?"

"Oh yes, it was wonderful."

"You're such a dirty little whore," he mused. "The dirtier I get with you the more you love it, isn't that true?"

"Yes, Uncle Dan."

"I love it, baby," he smiled. "I love how you're my own personal whore. I meant what I said earlier. I'll never sell you. You're my whore, and only mine. I'll only share you with f****y. Now, let's fuck before I pass out."

Megan's legs were parted wide with her ankles being tied and Uncle Dan slipped quickly inside her dripping cunt. He didn't take time to tease her, he just slammed straight into her waiting hole and started pounding. He fucked her fast and furiously. Her cunt was hot and wet and he was horny. He'd had a release several hours ago, but he needed another one before being able to fall asl**p. His body weight rested on his arms on either side of Megan's chest and he looked down at her heavy tits, made to bounce with his pounding of her tight cunt.

Her cunt was battered after the night's exercises, but Megan loved the feeling of that hard shaft impaling her with each thrust. He was going fast now. She didn't think he'd fucked her this fast before. His sweat dripped onto her and he had a determined look on his face. She looked down at how his cock kept disappearing into her hairless snatch. Then he made a final hard thrust, grinding himself into her clit. She started cumming as she felt his cock twitching in her cunt and then he grunted as he shot his big load deep inside her. When they were done cumming he collapsed on top of her and she could hardly breathe. She felt his cock slowly shrinking inside her when he turned over and started snoring. She managed to reach down and untie her ankles and soon she settled in her uncle's arms and fell asl**p again.

The next morning Uncle Dan fucked his niece slowly in the shower. He then towelled her off before getting dressed. He watched some TV, but could hardly concentrate as Megan did the housework in the nude. He pulled his cock out and started stroking it and soon he got Megan to suck him off, drinking his hot cum. He went out to the shop and when he came back Megan was kneeling by the door. She'd finished cleaning the house and she'd showered again and he could tell by the slightly red blush to her pussy that she was freshly shaved. He made her lie down on the kitchen table and ate her for dinner before standing up, bending her forward across the table and fucking her again. He then made her stay in that position and watched her cum mixed juices trickle down the insides of her thighs before he licked it up.

The next few months continued in the same way. Uncle Dan fucked his little whore every chance he got and he tested her devotion to him in ever increasingly extreme ways. She even got reprimanded in school for not wearing a bra under a nearly transparent white t-shirt. Uncle Dan laughed as he signed the note that she had been given detention. He made her go to detention with a slim line dildo in her cunt and then he punished her when she came home, by giving her a good smacking, because she'd f***ed him to sit at home alone on a Saturday morning without a cunt to play with.

One Friday in May Uncle Dan pulled out of his niece's ass after a long fuck that had started with his cock in her mouth in the hallway, continued with her riding him in the kitchen and ended with him taking first her cunt and then her ass from behind in the bedroom.

"Baby," he said as he pulled her close by her tits. "When was your last period?"

"About a month ago..." Megan guessed, she didn't keep track of it anymore since she'd stopped having the really bad period pains when Uncle Dan started fucking her.

"Wrong answer, whore," Uncle Dan slapped her tit. "It's been nearly 6 weeks. Go out to the hallway and open my briefcase. There's a pregnancy test in it. Take it to the bathroom and follow the instructions while I clean your ass off my cock."

Megan did as told and peed on the white stick. She then handed it to her uncle who motioned for her to get down on her knees and suck his cock. When he'd cum down her throat he pulled her up and squeezed her.

"Looks like my little whore is a fertile little thing. You're pregnant."

Megan was terrified. What was going to happen now? She'd been taking the pill. She was supposed to go away to college.

"Don't look so scared," he smiled at her. "My job here finishes in a month's time, by which time you're out of school. We'll just move somewhere else, where no-one knows us and get married."

"But I was supposed to go to college."

"With a cunt like yours you don't need college. I'll take care of you, babe. I have more money than we'll ever spend."

"But I was on the pill," she protested.

"You were, but I decided that it was time I had c***dren so you've been taking vitamin supplements."

Seven and a half months later Uncle Dan was fucking his highly pregnant wife (they'd told a little lie to be allowed to get married) in their new bed in their new home. She'd greeted him on her knees when he came home from work, like she did every day, and the sight of her inflated belly had made him so horny he'd hardly given her time to suck him before he started fucking her. He was shooting his load as he felt a weird movement. Instead of Megan's happy orgasmic cry he heard a cry of pain. Her orgasm had sent her into labour, just like the doctor promised.

20 hours later their son was born, followed in the years to come by another three boys and two girls. The c***dren didn't change their lives much. Megan wore more clothes than before, and they retreated to the bedroom for her to suck her husband's cock after a hard day at work. He's given up engineering completely now and his chain of sex clubs is more successful than he ever imagined, with clubs on every continent. But even though he spends his days with scantily clad young women, who would all love to be his whore, he always goes home to the one whore who can really satisfy him.... Continue»
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Working out with my Uncle...

Uncle Ron is a former Special f***es bad ass who left the service 6 months ago and his wife 2 months later. He is retired, even though he is only 47 and most people would guess him to be probably 10 years younger. When I graduated from High School earlier this summer, Uncle Ron showed up and when Dad found out that he had been living out of his van for the last 6 weeks just moving from camping area to camping area, it was decided he would move in with us for a while.
Now at 5’8” and 145 pounds, I am not fat, but I wanted to get a little more ripped before heading off to college and Uncle Ron volunteered to help me. So we agreed training would begin the next morning at 7:00. “You want to get started before it gets too hot,” he told me and I agreed, so, I set my alarm for 6:30.
I was on my way back to my room when my groggy uncle opened his door and stepped out dressed in just his boxers. He is just a couple inches taller than me, but it was like coming face to face with a brick wall! His shoulders looked to be twice the size of his waist and his abs were ripped even without trying!! He mumbled an excuse me and then moved a hand over his crotch and my eyes followed. He had a tent pole lifting the front of his boxers out in a way that one hand was not going to hide and I found myself biting my lip and staring as we each stepped to one side of the hall.
10 minutes later, we were out in the back yard doing simple calisthenics. Toe touches, jumping jacks and wood-cutter chops, as he called the exercises. Then we went on a run. Now I had run track, so I could cover a mile, but Uncle Ron stepped the pace up faster than my teammates had when we warmed up and by the time we reached the park, a little less than a mile away, I was ready to walk home and crawl back in bed!
I started to walk past Uncle Ron and go to the drinking fountain and he reached out an arm across my abs and with hand on my hip furthest from him, and stopped me cold. “Naw, naw, naw, there little Missy. We do not run and then suck down water. I just got your heart rate up to where I want it, we can’t stop now!”
I didn’t tell him, but having him hold me like that would probably have gotten my heart rate up had he chosen to do it when we were in the hallway!! His arm was like iron and his hand held me in a way that made me want to surrender to him completely. I looked up into his face and he was smiling down at me and there was a glint in his green eyes that was nothing short of mischievous! I laughed and tried to spin out of his hand and he easily caught me and held me against his hot , powerful chest.
“We do it my way, dear, agreed?” he said quietly in my ear and I surrendered. “Okay, then, down on your back and let’s get started.”
“Started?!?!?! I thought we were going to warm down!” I protested. He just laughed, offered one of his hands and helped lower me to ground. I looked up at him and for the first time in my life looked at my uncle as a man and not a relative. His dark full head of hair was nicely cut, if a little short. His jaw has that military square cut to it but his eyes were the most amazing thing. They glittered green in the early morning light!
My vantage from sitting on the ground in front of him was not so good for gazing into his eyes, but it had some other benefits!! He wore his military exercise shorts which are way too short to be stylish, but revealed his powerful and sculpted thighs that led down to calves that rippled with power. But then he barked out orders for me to lay back and the fun really began.
He said we are going to start by doing leg lifts. He had me lift and then spread them. I heard him cough a little and I looked up at him. He was standing at my feet and before he raised his head to look into the sky. It was then that I realized that he had probably gotten a good view up my shorts!! I smiled and decided this could be more fun than I had thought.
My intention was just to flash him and tease him, but Uncle Ron is not some 18 year old boy. He is a man. So as we went through the various motions of the exercises, he did not just stare, but he kept moving so that he could be in position to see the next moment. Meanwhile, I was working my ass off.
30 Minutes later I was ready to die and he was just laughing at me! We sat at the park picnic table when I asked him, “So what happened with you and Aunt Sherry?” He looked at me for a moment and then looked back straight ahead into the distance and he said, “Well, it’s a little complicated, but it basically boils down to the fact that she was not able to satisfy me well enough and got tired of me banging her for an hour at a time and then wanting to do it again later in the day.”
I know my jaw dropped. I just sat there staring at him trying figure out if I had really heard him right. His face suddenly split into a big grin and said, “I also got some swamp land for you to buy if you want.” I jumped up and slapped at him and he easily deflected my slaps and then caught my wrists and before I knew it, he had stretched both of my hands straight out and I stumbled forward straight into him.
He let go of my wrists and his hands quickly went to my waist and he was moving be back before I even realized that 2 seconds earlier, Uncle Ron’s face had been planed between my breasts!! I felt my nipples pop and mumbled an apology and turned away from him without saying anything else.
He suddenly was behind me and his arms wrapped around me and he just kind of absorbed me into his frame. I melted back into him and was aware within a few moments that his cock was coming to life. He nuzzled into my hair and I almost forgot that we were out in public. He whispered, “Missy, you do not know what you are messing with. We had better head for home.”
I didn’t want him to let go of me, but he did. He surprised me by slapping my ass and said, “Let’s go girl. You have worked hard and if you don’t get lazy on the way home, I will help you with the warm down.” We turned and ran home and by the time I hit the yard, I fell face-down on the grass and I was sure I would die.
Uncle Ron picked me up and put me over his shoulder like I did not weigh a thing, carried me in the front door and down into the f****y room.
The house was silent, Mom and Dad had left for work and we were alone. He unceremonially dropped me on the floor and then stripped off his shirt and tossed it onto the stair railing. His chest glistened with sweat and his abs looked delicious. “Lay back and lift your left leg,” he told me as he then caught the back of my heal and raised it up in the air. I was cheating with my leg on the floor and without warning, Uncle Ron knelt on my knee that was supposed to be flat on the ground and then held my other heal higher and higher.
I was really getting stretched, but more than that, my Uncle was basically kneeling on me, pinning me to the ground and was spreading my legs to their ultimate opening. He then ran a finger down the back of my thigh and said, “Is it tight back here.”
And before I could stop myself I said back, “Among other places.”
Uncle Ron looked me square in the face and without blinking, trailed his finger inside the leg opening of my shorts and said in a real quiet, husky voice, “Like here?”
I thought at first he was going to just rub my cunt, but he brought my leg down and moved between my thighs. His finger hooked the edge of my panty and pulled it to the side. His face bent down close to my sex and he drew in a deep breath. “Your pussy smells so hot, I think it needs a cool down too!” Without waiting for me to do or say anything, he brought his mouth to my lower lips and gently sucked in on my lips and pulled them out.
Now I had one of the guys at school go down on me once. He thought his tongue was supposed to be a good substitute for a dick…. It wasn’t. But Uncle Ron knew what to do with his tongue, as it traced the valleys of my sex lips and pulled and teased my flesh unmercifully. I wound my hands in his hair and crushed his face to me, dying for him to touch my clit, but he was not to be rushed. “In time, Missy, in time…” he said and then kept up his exploration.
Within minutes my hips were coming off of the floor and I was dying for a release. Then he put his hand on either side of my slit and pulled out, opening me up in what I can only imagine was the most obscene way possible!! Then, his thumbs moved to the tender flesh on either side of my clit and pressed in and down on it!! My clit popped out magically into the air and he murmured his approval and took my nub between his lips like a miniature cock and gave me a blowjob and a half!!
It didn’t take two minutes before I was cumming and screaming! I wanted to never let him go and I could not stand to let him continue to driving me to the brink of insanity! He was relentless and then from someplace within me a gush of hot fluids sprayed out of my gaping pussy as it squeezed dying to be filled!!!
He released me and when my eyes uncrossed, I realized that we were not done! Uncle Ron had removed his shorts and was aiming his cock threateningly at my still quivering pussy. I moaned and closed my eyes and a second later, I felt his cock begin to enter me. I was soaked like never before¸ but Uncle Ron fed his monster into me slowly and I found my body trying to speed him up. After what seemed like forever, I felt him hit rock bottom and felt his hard body rub against my clit. The feeling was out of this world and I arched my back and screamed. My eyes flew open but I don’t remember seeing anything.
He just held his cock there, deep within me as the shock waves of another orgasm ripped through my sex. I felt his mouth come down and his lips sucked my right nipple into his mouth. The distraction brought my quivering to a slow end and that was when he began. Slowly at first and then building both in tempo and f***e, Uncle Ron pounded his man sized cock deep into me.
I lost count of the number of orgasms I had, but about 15 minutes later he slammed his hips hard and deep into me and moment later, I felt more fluids being f***ed out of me as he grit his teeth and cursed and pounded the floor beside me!!!
After a moment he pushed back off me and then slowly pulled out and just sat there collecting his wits. I moved at first intending to go to the bathroom but then I changed my mind. I spun around and took his now soft cock between my lips and sucked!! His hands immediately grabbed my head and at first I thought he was going to stop me, but after taking a deep breath, he relaxed his grip and let my tongue flicker over his flesh as it began to twitch in my mouth.
I had him almost hard when he pulled me off of his cock and moved to my side so that I was laying on my side and his fingers found my pussy, wet and ready.
About 5 minutes later we were both screaming and cumming like crazed a****ls as we each shot bodily fluids everywhere!!! W e both collapsed into heaps. And after a minute, he said, “Not a bad work out for day one.” We both laughed and I have to confess, I can hardly wait to work out with my Uncle again tomorrow!!!
... Continue»
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Gramps and Marine Dax: A Hot Afternoon

Gramps and Marine Dax: A Hot Afternoon

By Buck Jones

I think it’s time you assume the position…. At least position number one. Get down on your knees in front of me, right between my legs…. Now reach into my pants and liberate my mess and start eating on it.

Dax slides off the love seat and drops to his knees in front of me. His dick is poking outright within the restraints of his cammies. Stand up a second. Yeah, right here.

I want to catch a feel of it and take a sip of that pre-cum….

Just let your hands rest by their sides. I take the buttons of his fly and open each one slowly and deliberately.

I’m seeing how much pre-cum I can get to soak through the cammies before I take it out and lick the pre-cum from its head. I rub my hand underneath the shaft and flick my finger against the side of his cock two or three times… then rub it again. I unbutton the first button and rub and squeeze the shaft this time. I unbutton the second button…. I see the spot beginning to form right next to his protruding piss slit I continue to stroke his dick, seeing the spot expand easily.

OK… on your knees again…. Daddy wants to feel that mouth on his dick, son. Daddy wants to watch that tender young boy flesh welcome this cock. That’s it… take it out and begin to suck on it… play with my balls while you suck the head…. Stay on the head a while… you want Daddy rock hard when he fucks you… don’t you…


You make Daddy feel good and Daddy will do his damnedest to make it as hot as he can for you. You feel that bl**d filling me up???


You want to get Daddy hard?


Real purple headed hard so he can slip that bl**d red head up your tight willing pussy hole. You gonna do that, son?


You gonna suck on Daddy’s toy and make it big and hard???


Don’t try deep throating it from this position. Just play on the head, son.


You’re Daddy’s good little boy, aren’t you?


You’re gonna make Daddy happy, right?


OK… stand up. I want to see how big your spot is. Stand up.


Just like I thought. Plenty for you and plenty for me. You do a man proud, son. You do a man proud.

I unbutton the last two remaining buttons and reach carefully inside his cammies and skivvies and gingerly find the shaft in relation to the material. I don’t want to drag that sensitive oozing head across the inside of his underwear. I get my hand between the dick head and the skivvies and bring this boy’s sweet juicy cock out into the light of day. I handle it for a bit.

Dax places a hand on the back of my neck….My tongue laps at the well of musky sweetness and pulls a thread of pre-cum out into the air as I look up directly into his eyes which meet mine and then return to their focus on the pre-cum and dick.

I swirl the pre-cum, the sweet a****l like goo, around the head of his dick and his dick thwacks itself to an even more rigid attention. I take the head inside my mouth and drink of the viscous fluid. I move my head back to observe the beauty of the sight I have just ingested. I take my forefinger and gather up a finger tip full of precious goo and run the smoothness over his lips.

Lick it off your lips now.

Unbutton your shirt. Just toss it over there. Yeah.

Now back to the position…. On your knees, son…. I want you to make the pre-um flow out of me. Suck on that toy with its surprises. That’s right. Just like that… Take as much as you feel you can. It all feels good.

OK. Stand up and turn around. Drop your cammies and bend over so I can lick your pussy hole. Pucker it up… OK.. .now push it out…


Make it blossom for me…


Show me the inside ring….


That’s it….

I lean forward and bring my lips to his cheeks. I lick them and suck on them when I feel his body responding to a particular area and a particular movement on my part….

OK. Now pull your ass cheeks apart so I can get to that hole…. That sweet tiny fresh boy pussy that Daddy wants to fill… I want to work my dick inside you and get you off while I shoot a wad deep inside you while you shoot off like a banshee.

I work my mouth around his pussy hole taking in the freshness of his skin. I lick the outside perimeter and tease the flesh with my teeth barely creating a nip … more of a slight abrasion as one would an apple’s skin without breaking the skin or creating a bruise…just a pressured stimulation followed by the licking of the tongue on the smooth damp flesh…

Temptation gets the best of me and I brush my lips over the rim of his pucker hole… a fast, quick gesture that his body responds to. I lick and suck around the perimeter again, feeling him loosening up, pushing back into my mouth with the weight of his body., rubbing his pucker hole into my mouth. I pierce the rims of my lips with my tongue, that, snakelike, flickers its first forays against the folds of the entrance to paradise.

My tongue, my lips, my cheek walls make love to this jewel set into a body of incredible strength and litheness. He moans and shudders. I continue to press my tongue along the edge of his hole and take aim for the center passageway to begin the opening process. I offer a bit of the tip of my tongue to the entrance and press just enough to let the interior walls feel the penetration.

He moans and utters, “Oh, yes. Yes, Daddy. Give it to me. Give me whatever you can. I want it. I want it. I want up inside me. Open me up. Take me, Daddy, take me. I’m your boy.”

I continue but only momentarily. I pull back while still holding the sides of his legs.

Now we get our clothes off and get onto the bed…. So we can attack each other from all sides.

And into the bedroom we go.

Dax gets on the side of the bed on his back. I easily raise his legs and bring his boy pussy near my mouth. I reach to the side, slide a couple pillows under his lower back, continue to hold his legs high. There it is. The pink flower wanting to be appreciated and admired.

“Pull your ass cheeks apart. I don’t just want to see it. I want to see it totally vulnerable, ready, willing, and able to welcome my tongue.”

Dax pulls his cheeks apart and the hole appears in all its fresh beauty. Not fucked often, it’s like a brand new toy still in the box. His hole is a pink starburst of color against his pale, smooth white flesh. His fingers dig deep into his cheeks, keeping the line of sight clear. I stare at his hole, put my middle finger in my mouth, and then place it lightly on his hole. It twitches. I had barely even let the fingertip brush the outer most protrusion of small rosy ridges, and he flinched. The hole twitched. It twitches again with the second pass.

“Daddy, don’t tease me anymore. Put something in it.”

“I don’t care how brave you were in Iraq or how much action you saw in the field. You’re here now and I want to give you the hottest time you’ve ever had up until now. And part of that big climax is the build. You’re young. You have no idea what doors are going to be opening to you internally as you get out of your twenties and into your thirties. No matter how good I am and how much I can do to blow your mind, you are where you are sexually. I can move the borders a bit. And if I don’t move them, then I’m not doing my job. But you have a whole lot of experiences ahead of you and this time, later on, you’ll see yourself as the young nut who still has his outer shell on. But, fuck, just let me play with you, and you tell me what you like. Let me start with my finger… just one. Feel free to move and fuck my finger If it feels good to you.”

“Yes, sir. Yes, sir.”

Dax at this point makes an effort to lift his ass even higher on the pillows. I contribute to the move by pushing the pillows farther under his middle back, so his ass is being presented to me as a gift of the gods. I think, in an instant, “Fuck the finger. I want to kiss that hole and suck on it and tongue it.”
I just lunge forward, dropping to my knees in the process. My mouth finds his pussy hole like a divining rod finds water. It is a kiss to which his ass lips respond. He is kissing me back with his forward movement and slight rotation. I just suckle on that hole the way a baby sucks at his mother’s breast… with abandon and pure satisfaction. My mouth and his ass are making love independent of our bodies. The chills are running through both our bodies and we’re only mouth to hole. As Dax rotates his ass, I rotate my head in response. My mouth swaddles his hole with spit as my tongue moves in and out, pushing in a little more deeply with each foray. We are in synch. He continues to push up and rotate. He moans and calls for some fingers. I’m teasing him too much, he moans ever so sweetly.

“Daddy, you make me want to have so much more. Oh, yes. I love what you’re doing. It’s hot. It’s really hot, but I want some of you on the inside, deep inside. Open that hole up… give me as many fingers as you can and then fuck me. You know that’s what I want. I want you to fuck me… to fill my ass and split me wide open.”

“So you can hit the wall again when you cum.”

“I don’t care where it splatters; I just want you sending it out of me. I want you pumping my ass and setting that trigger. That’s what I want, Daddy.”

“He didn’t hurt you, did he? Your first Daddy, I mean.”

“Oh, no. He never hurt me. From the first time, we were alone in the woods. Dad and Mark had to go back into town for some things, and called us and told us they’d be back in the morning. So my uncle and I were left alone at the campsite beside the lake. We swam naked since no one was around… and then afterward, when we were drying off in the sun, lying beside one another on the wooden pier, Uncle Ron asked me if I played the manly feel good game. I asked him what he meant. He told me about jacking and asked if I had been practicing jacking off. I had to confess I did not. You got to remember I don’t think I was twelve at that point… maybe just turned eleven… I don’t remember which summer it was now. He explained that by stimulating yourself, you can bring yourself to orgasm, which explained was the best feeling in the world, and men had easy access to it. He started showing me by jacking himself. It didn’t take much to figure out what he was doing, so I started fondling my mess, and it began to feel really warm and tingly all over, especially on the inside of my balls, and then it started to grow and things started feeling even hotter. I didn’t know what I was doing, but I did know it felt better than anything I had ever felt before… and I could do it to myself. Uncle Ron is what I later learned is called “hung.” Let’s just say he out shown me by more than a little. It was big, but it was handable, as I later learned. So that time we just jacked about three times during the night… being a cabin for fun, there were some magazines to look at which got us going again. Later, Uncle Ron and I started jacking each other… and after about month of that, Uncle Ron suggested the next step, sucking the juice out of our cocks… no more jacking, just sucking for awhile. I didn’t know how big a difference there was between jacking… even with some really slick lube… and sucking. It took a little getting used to, but once I learned how to relax my lower jaw, I really started getting turned on, thinking about sucking Uncle Ron. Uncle Ron and I are Civil War re-enacters, so we had plenty of excuses to be around one another without raising any suspicion. And we began to find places and times we could get together… and ultimately, Uncle Ron brought up the final frontier, our asses. I guess that’s why I got anxious tonight. Uncle Ron would only finger me to orgasm for the first couple months. He explained he wanted me to get used to the feeling of my ass having something in it pushing against the prostate. Then a period happened with several fingers. I was doing the same to him, but he took more fingers more easily than I did at first. Somewhere along the way, Uncle Ron brought a small brown bottle to our meeting and later meetings. I resisted at first, but then Uncle Ron had me within thirty seconds of blowing Mount Vesuvius. He pulled back, threw that bottle under my nose, told me to breath easily, once, twice, and then a third time. He took a hit, and proceeded to nail me. I fucking exploded with energy I had never felt before. My head was swimming and my body was arching and cranking itself in I don’t know how many different positions, or even what those positions were. That, unfortunately, was the last night I had with Uncle Ron. His company transferred him to Atlanta and gave him some global accounts, which kept him travelling all the time. So I turned to toys.”

“Always with your ass once you opened yourself to it.”

“That’s it. And since I got married, I ain’t had any hot shit, like the shit we do.”

The whole time Dax is telling me about his Uncle Ron, I am working my fingers into his hole. I am using only spit from my mouth. And when I get a really full mouth of spit, I pull my fingers out and kiss that hole again and spew the spit out to the inside edge of the hole. I bring my fingers up as I take my mouth off the button and slide three of them in casually. Dax is looking at me as he’s talking. Every time I do something he likes he smiles between the lines. His ass continues to rotate and lunge forward to take more of what I’m giving him. Now I send four fingers inside and start massaging his prostate really aggressively. The pre-cum puddles on his stomach near his belly button. I work the four fingers. I work his prostate. I twist and turn while he’s twisting and turning. He’s fucking my fingers as much as my fingers are fucking him.

I grasp the puddle of pre-cum. I rub it over the head and shaft of my dick. I take the same fingers and lube up his hole. I push his legs farther up into the air. I remove the pillows. I lower his ass into position and I place the head of my cock against the portal to the stars.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Give it to me. Push it inside. I want it. I want a real cock from a real daddy inside me. Push it in. Don’t just tease me. Give me some cock. I want your cock. That’s right. It’s open and waiting. You’ve opened me up, Daddy. You’ve made me ready for it. Now give it to me. I want to feel the pop the head makes when it gets past that set of tight rings… and then the shaft pushing that mushroom head deeper up inside me. Shit, it makes me quiver just talking about it.”

“You go on and quiver, k**, ‘cause Daddy’s going to give you what you want. I like the feel of the pop, too. Daddy’s pushing it. Daddy’s opening you up.”

I feel the tight hole give way to the head of my dick and Dax pushes forward to engulf it all. I’m deep inside.
“Just leave it there, Daddy. Just let me feel you inside me. We can start moving anytime, but right now I want to feel it inside me. Push in as far as you can. I want to feel your balls hitting on my ass.”

I am holding my cock up inside him, pushing against his ass, not rotating or moving, just letting it rest inside him. He begins moving his ass, pulling away and then pushing back down on my cock. I find his rhythm and start popping him as he moves forward. We both hear my balls slapping on his ass as the base of my dick reaches the depths of his hole.

“Oh, yes, Daddy. Fuck me. Fuck me. You don’t know how great this feels. I can trust you, Daddy. You’re treating me right. You’re giving me what I want. You’re letting me be Daddy’s boy.”

“Daddy’s fucking Marine son. Say it: I’m Daddy’s Marine. I’m Daddy’s Marine.”

“I’m Daddy’s Marine. I’m Daddy’s Marine.”

“You, Daddy’s Marine?”

“Yes, Sir. I’m Daddy’s Marine. Fuck your Marine, Daddy. He’s here just for you. He loves his Daddy’s dick, and he loves it especially up his ass. You’re fucking your own special Marine. You’re fucking Daddy’s Marine.”

With these words, I ram him harder. He throws his ass back at me. He starts rotating his ass when I’m deep within him.

“Fuck your Daddy’s Marine. Fuck me, Daddy. You’ve got your Marine son right where you want him. You’re laying pipe up his ass and he’s fucking spasming just thinking about what’s it’s going to feel like when I shoot this load. Oh, yes, Daddy, fuck your Marine!!!”

“You want me to really fuck you? Fuck you so hard you’ll shoot without touching yourself?”

“Yes, Daddy, I want to feel it. I want to cum inside and outside.”
O.K. In that case, we’re going to take a beer break and then I’m going to let you take control. I’ll get on my back, you suck me hard again, lube me up with your pre-cum and spit, and then you sit on me and ride me. And I can tell you, right now, the ride is going to take us places we’ve never been before.

Man, I wish I wasn’t getting out. I was hating this place and then you came along. You know it’s NSA.

It’s always been NSA. That’s why we can let it get so crazy. We know both of us have other lives, but when we come together, it’s where it is. It is hot and it gets hotter than we ever imagined.

That’s what I mean. I don’t have to think about anything. I just start feeling what goes on here. The first time I sat down on Gramps hard cock, I knew I was home free. You fill me but you don’t hurt me. I can go crazy riding it.

Let’s get you into the saddle.

We go into the bedroom, sipping on our beers. I set my beer down on the nightstand and rearrange the pillows. I set the brown bottle down within reach. I lie back on the pillows and spread my legs.

O.K, son. Chow down.

Dax gets between my legs on all fours and begins sucking my cock. His tender mouth sweetly caresses me into the state of rock hardness. He has my mushroom head a pretty dark purple. He squeezes me as he sucks me. The pre-cum begins to ooze out. He encourages the flow by milking my cock. He takes the pre-cum from my shaft and rubs it on and in his hole. He makes three passes and then he crawls forward, placing his knees next to my chest. He reaches around and grasps me. He lowers himself onto my dick and relaxes into the position.

Dax is looking down at me. I am looking up at him. He smiles.

Daddy, you’re giving me what I want.

That’s what I thought, son.

You say you’re going to make me shoot without jacking on my cock.

You just wait.

With that statement, Dax begins to move a little – not up and down, but in a spiral motion, relaxing and tensing his ass cheeks in the process. I feel myself getting even harder than I was when he was squeezing me. His rhythm changes and begins a motion that is akin to being in a small boat when there is a bit of chop in the ocean. We bounced slightly with a wavelike action. As the wave action becomes a bit more enthusiastic, Dax is rising and falling on my dick, pulling me into a vortex of waves and spasms and more waves and more spasms. I look up and Dax is smiling with his eyes closed. The wavelike rhythm continues. I begin to move. I follow the wavelike movement and move with Dax, keeping him feeling the in and out of our bodies. His ass tightens around my dick. He pulls it out and then sits right down on it again going to the hilt.

Oh, Daddy, you make me feel so good! I wish I had met you when I first came here instead of close to when I have to leave.

Dax props his torso with his arms and begins bouncing, literally bouncing, sometimes pulling me all the way out and others, just to the edge. Dax comes to a stop. We each take a couple swallows from our beers.

God, it feels good with just it resting inside me.

I think this next ride is going to take us over the edge. I can go on for hours, but I get the sense your ass gripping vise wants to experience a heavy duty release.

Do you mean I want to cum? Yeah, Man, I want to cum. I want to feel you bang it out of me. No hands.

You asked for it.

I begin moving to fuck him. Dax presses back. He’s pushing really hard to press me down. I push back up with equal strength. I drop and he drops with me. I push up inside him again. We begin to ride each other. The “OH YEAH’s” and “FUCK, YESSES” increase as the speed of our banging intensifies. I reach over and loosen the cap on the brown bottle. I take a hit.

I pound harder.

Daddy, Daddy, Fuck your Marine son. Fuck your own Daddy’s Marine. You’re driving the fucking cum out of my ass, Daddy. You’re driving the fucking sperm right out of my balls. Fuck me as hard as you can. That’s it. Draw the fuck back and jamb me. I mean hit me hard, Daddy. Fuck this Marine. This Marine knows how to take it. He knows what a man is all about. He wants you to drive that cum out of me and all over creation.

I’m fucking you, Marine. I’m fucking that Marine ass and giving you what you want and what you deserve. I’ll hit you hard. I’ll hit you harder than you’ve ever been hit.

Fuck me, Daddy. I know if you keep this up, I’m going to cum. No hands, Daddy. You’re driving the cum out of this Marine with your dick. I’m getting real fucking close, Daddy.

I jamb a hit of the brown bottle up his nose. I jamb it up mine. I put the bottle down.

Dax is riding me. I’m fucking him back, matching each thrust with a parry. We are riding each other. The bed is creaking.

OH! SHIT! I’m there. It’s cumming. I’m cumming, Daddy. I’m squirting all over you.

Splatter. I take the first volley on my nose, lips and chin. The second volley lands on my chest. I reach down, squeeze his throbbing cock and watch as more cum makes its way into the outside world.

Holy Shit. I just shot off and I wasn’t even jacking myself.

Well, that’s what you get when the sex is spontaneous. That’s the blessing of NSA sex… spontaneity and the unexpected.

You want to get off, Daddy?

Later. This afternoon is all about you, making you feel something good.

This is more than good. This is memorable.

You just remember that if someone ever tries to get you into an uncomfortable position. You deserve the best, so don’t settle for second best.

Dax lifts himself from my body and excuses himself to the bathroom. I just lie there, listening to my heart and its rapid, primal rhythm. The flush of the moment resides although my dick remains hard. Dax returns with a warm damp washcloth and towel. He hands me the cloth to wipe my face. Dax takes it and wipes my chest and abdomen. I dry off, as slowly my dick begins to retire. We dress and I walk Dax to the door and watch him drive off in his truck.

... Continue»
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A wife Betrayed

"Hey John, I am getting an early parole. I'll be
out in two weeks! Can I stay with you?"

With that one phone conversation John knew that his
life was about to change. Again.

He had not heard the voice on the phone for over
five years now. A lifetime for both of them. Ronald
had been convicted of the brutal **** and a*****ion
of a prominent Senator's daughter. What idiot would
be stupid enough to let him out after only 5 years?
Now he wanted to come stay with John and his
f****y. Ronald could not have picked a worse time.

John and his wife of just over 4 years, Susan were
having serious marital problems. They might have
had a chance of working through them if it was not
for his step-daughter Donna. They used to be a
loving f****y but the way she treated him lately...
John hoped he never hated another person as much as
he did that young cunt. Things had only gone down
hill when he was f***ed to take a pay cut to keep
his job.

Susan began to work to help make ends meet, and was
now making more money than he did. At first she was
very supportive but lately it was clear that like
her daughter she did not respect him. It was crazy
to even consider bringing his buddy the r****t home
for a visit. Except for two things.

1. The Senator's daughter was not the first woman
Ronald had ****d.

2. He had not ****d them alone, John had helped.

His best friend had just spent 5 years in jail and
never told anyone that John was involved. They must
have asked, little Miss rich bitch had sure gotten
a good look at his face. He had loved the
expression on her face when she realized that there
was no escape, that it was really going to happen.
He savored the sound of her begging, crying and
gagging on his 8 inch dick. The surprise when
Ronald began fucking her ass for all he was worth.

It had been 5 years since John had been able to
enjoy a good ****. He'd never had the courage to do
it alone. But with Ronald out it would be just like
old times.

"Mi casa es tu casa, amigo. Stay as long as you

Susan and John were arguing again.

"I am so tired of having to wear the pants in this
f****y. Be a man John. Start looking for another
job, or you may have to start looking for another
wife and a new place to live." Susan threatened.

Just then Donna walked in the room. She was a
younger version of her mother. A blond haired, blue
eyed, heavy titted, ball breaking, cock teasing

"Way to go mom, it is about time you dumped this
loser, we can do a lot better than this deadbeat."

John had enough. "Don't you talk to me like that,"
he bellowed, "I am still your father and the man of
this house. You will learn to respect me. My god
what is wrong with you! I loved you once, what
happened to my little girl?!"

Just then the doorbell rang. Susan opened the door
to find a six foot 4 inch, 270 pound man looming
over her. He was mean looking and had a tattoo that
said "Born to **** YOU!" on his right bicep.

"Can I help you?" Susan stammered.

Ronald liked what he saw. There was a beautiful
blonde piece of pussy meat. He wanted to throw her
down spread her ass and fuck her till she bled. But
he realized this must be John's wife (Damn!).

"I am here to see John," he said in his low
menacing voice.

John came to the door and grabbed him in a fierce
bear hug. "It's been a long time b*****r, let me
grab your bag and we will get you settled in."
Susan and Donna looked on in shock as Ronald
entered the house.

"John who the fuck is this, and why would you be
stupid enough to think this mutant thug would be
allowed to stay in my house?" she demanded.

The room got very quiet as Ronald walked over to
Susan. He stared at her and said, "Bud you better
get your woman in check before I beat the living
shit out of her. Nobody talks about me like that."

"Susan I think you better apologize to our guest.
You will have to forgive her I forgot to tell her
you would be staying with us." John said in an
oddly civil tone.

Susan could not believe what she was hearing. She
was scared of this hulking stranger, but she
refused to be intimidated in her own home.

"That's it John. I want you and this PERSON out of
my home, you will be hearing from my lawyer in a
few days."

"I'm sorry you feel that way, is there anything I
can do to change your mind?" John asked in a
resigned tone.

Susan's only response was to look over at Donna.
They both began to laugh at him.

They would not be laughing for very long. John
walked over to Susan grabbed her shirt and quickly
pulled it over her head. Before she knew what was
happening he had ripped her bra off as well and was
pulling her shorts and panties down around her

"Say Ron why don't you tell my little f****y why
you were in jail?" Ronald reached in his bag and
pulled out a pair of handcuffs. He grabbed Donna
and fastened one end to her right hand and the
other end to her left ankle.

"Well you see ladies sometimes me and your man like
to find a nice stuck up bitch-like yourselves and
fuck some sense into them. We are always real nice
about it, and almost never cause permanent harm.
I've been wanting to **** you since the moment you
answered the door."

Susan was sprawled on the couch naked, shivering
and afraid. "John could not be a r****t, he is just
mad and trying to scare me," she reasoned.

"John, honey lets talk. I am sorry I lost my temper
earlier I want to make our marriage work, I love
you." she sniffled. John looked at Susan and said,
"If you want to make it up to me fuck my buddy
good, make him real happy. It's been a long time
since he had a good piece of ass."

With that Ronald began taking off his clothes. He
walked over to Susan and demanded she suck his fat,
smelly, cock. She did not enjoy oral sex under the
best of circumstances, but Susan had a daughter to
protect. She was scared of what might happen to
her virgin daughter if she did not do what they
wanted. There was no escape, they had her. She
opened her mouth and took Ronald's nasty member
into her.

"That's right suck me good baby," he purred.

She licked and kissed his 10 inch cock. Ronald
grabbed the back of her head and began a slow face
fuck. She could not help gagging as he entered her
throat. She felt John slip behind her on the couch.

He positioned her on all fours and put his face in
her ass. He began licking, and sticking his tongue
in her asshole.

"No what are you doing, that is disgusting" she
mumbled around Ronald's dick. When she was good and
juicy John pressed his cock against her tight butt
hole. Susan began crying, "Please John don't.
Stop!!" she begged.

John laughed as he filled her ass with his cock. He
had wanted to do this for a long time, but she had
never let him. Big mistake. In four years she would
have been nice and loose. John's dick was
throbbing, pulsing, twitching inside of his wife's
pretty little ass. He loved the sound of her fear,
the wet slurps of her mouth on Ron's heavy cock. He
grabbed her hips like handles and pulled her back
to meet his hard powerfucks forward. Susan's
breath was coming in pained gasps and gags. She
looked so sweet, so silly as she tried to crawl
away from her r****ts. John knew he was hurting
her, he finally had her attention and respect.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck fuck,fuck, I'm gonna tear it
open, I'm gonna rip you, shred your tasty round

He was so excited, and she was so tight he knew he
would not last fvery much longer. So he decided to
pound her for all he was worth.

"Do you like that slut! Does it hurt, bitch!" he
shouted as he savagely ****d her ass, slamming deep
and holding it for several seconds before ripping
her again.

Susan had never been in such pain, she would do
anything to get them to stop. She was having
difficulty catching her breath. Every time John
slammed into her ass it pushed her farther along
Ronald's cock. Every time he rammed her mouth she
was f***ed to push back even harder on John's anal
invader. As she was about to lose consciousness she
heard both men give a loud grunt. Her mouth and ass
filled with hot sticky cum. She was made to swal-
low, and clean Ronald's shaft. Then unbelievably
John presented his shit stained dick for the same
treatment. He pressed his filthy dick against her
nose, and dragged it across her eyes, before stick-
ing it in her mouth. As Susan laid panting and
sobbing both men congratulated themselves on a
fuck well done.

Donna was siting in the chair with a terrified
expression. She had just seen her mother brutally
****d and knew she was completely at John's mercy.
She regretted all of the mean things she had said
to him. "Hey John we got a problem here. No way I
am going back to jail. What are we going to do with
them, I mean what is to stop them from turning us

Both women were crying now. John winked at Ronald
and said "well we could kill them right now...or we
could make Susan here our accomplice. I sure would
like to see a little hot lesbo action while we rest
up. How about it Susie will you **** your daughter
for me?" Susan could not believe she had married
such a sick asshole. But she loved her daughter and
realized this was their only chance, what choice
did she have? At least this way Donna would still
be a virgin and Susan would be as gentle as
possible. As the men looked on Donna begged her
mother not to do it.

"They are going to kill us no matter what we do,
this is wrong mommy, please don't **** me." she

"I am sorry baby but I have to do this."

Ronald unlocked the handcuffs and sat down to enjoy
the show. Susan pulled the shirt off of her
daughter and gently removed her bra. She laid the
young girl down and began kissing and suckling on
her soft, round tits. She teased first one then the
other until both nipples were hard.

She was suprised at how sweet they tasted. This was
her daughter, and Susan had never had a desire for
lesbian sex but...she could not deny that hearing
Donna's moans of protest and involuntary pleasure
excited her, at least a little. Slowly she licked
her way down her daughters's tummy and sucked on
the nubbin of her outie belly button. Donna began
struggling to get her,mother off her. She
scratched, and begged her mother to stop,"Please
Mommy you are r****g me, don't **** me!"

Susan looked at Ron and could see he was enjoying
the show. His monster cock was already hard. If she
stopped now he would just fuck Donna himself. As he
fondled his thick dick, a plan formed. If she was
nasty enough maybe he would masturbate himself to
an orgasam. That would be two in a short period of
time, it might be enough to satisfy him. She hoped
she could reason with John. He had been Donna's
father for over 4 years, the only one she had ever
known. Surely he would not **** her. But Ronald...
she had to make him cum, no matter what it took.

She just wasn't sure how to go about it so
she decided to stall. Susan slowly licked her way
up to her daughter's lips and planted several soft
kisses around the corners of her mouth. She gently
rolled her nipples between her thumb and fore-
fingers and gradually deppened her kisses as her
daughter's nipples became even longer and more

"Oh no you don't. That's enough, I can see where
this is going. She is not just going to lay there
while you lick and suck her. I want to see this
young bitch with her legs spread open, I want to
see her lick her mommy's pussy clean" John

Susan f***ed herself to push Donna's legs apart. It
was not easy because she was bucking wildly and
kicking. Eventually the young girl got tired and
could not prevent her mother from burying her face
in her pussy.

Susan lapped her daughter's dry cunt for several
minutes to no avail. Donna was so disgusted, so
afraid she could not cum. The more her mother
f***ed her slippery tounge, and grunted like a
filthy pig-the angrier and less aroused Donna

"Shit John she's just laying there, that's no fun."
Ron proclaimed impatiently.

"Wait-let me try something else. I just know this
will work, Susan said in desperation to save her
daughter's virginity. She rolled Donna on her
stomach and quickly began licking her ass. Susan
peeled her apart and shoved her face deep in her
butt, licking and sucking wildly on her assmeat.

Trying to arouse her daughter. Donna was crying
now, crawling as best she could to get away from
her attacker. Susan's tounge was wiggling in her
anus and her fingers were playing in her cunt and
with her tiny little clit. A slow trickle began to
build but it was not enough for either man.

"If the hot little slut can't catch, maybe she can
pitch. Make her eat you Susan, make her drink your
girl cum. I want to see you cum all over your only
c***d. I want proof that you are a r****t too.
Donna is going to know what you really are. Do it it NOW!" John roared. Slowly Susan
squatted over her daughter's face and said, "you
have to lick me honey, go ahead it will be all
right". She ground her steaming wet pussy into her
c***d, rubbing it hard against her nose and mouth.
The teenager could not breathe with her mother's
pussy resting on her; bouncing and dripping on her.

It had to stop-there was only one way. Donna began
to methodically lick her mother. As she swirled her
tongue in Susan's pussy, and around her clit, Susan
felt a strange sensation in her lower stomach. She
began to hump her daughter's face, to grind her
pussy harder and faster, to squeeze the young
girl's face between her thighs. Suddenly she let
out a loud groan of obvious pleasure and began to
spew burst after sticky burst of female fuck juice
on her little girl's face.

"Mom what are you doing, you fucking slut? You are
enjoying this. You are just like them, you are a
r****t!" Donna screamed in a hurt, betrayed voice.
John pulled Donna up into his lap and held her. He
rocked her in his strong arms and held her like he
used to when she was younger, when they were still
close. His daughter's tears were salty and wet as
they spilled on his chest. Her body was wracked
with uncontrollable shivers and shudders caused by
her mother's unatural lesbian assault. By
comparison it felt good to be held by her daddy-by
a man. His strong masculine arms erased her
mother's perverted attack.

"There there honey don't be too hard on your
mother. It is only natural that a beautiful young
woman like you would turn her on. You mother is a
woman and she ****d you, can you just imagine how
me and your uncle Ronald must feel. Daddy has
wanted to make love to you for a long time, and I
am sure your new uncle Ronald would also. I have an
idea, if you really want to teach your mom a lesson
make love to the both of us while we make her
watch. That will drive her crazy seeing her pretty
virgin daughter become a real woman. It's up to you
honey, what do you say.

Donna looked her mother in the eye and said,
"I'll do it dad. I am going to suck you both, and
spread my legs wide so you big men can fuck me all
you want. I can't wait to taste my handsome daddy's
cum, and feel my big strong uncle's cock fill up my
butt. Oh god, he's going to hurt me so bad. He's
going to break me isin't he? Well I don't care. I
want it to hurt. I want to feel that thick piece of
cock meat in my ass, and I want to worship it. I
want to humbly spread my pussy and my ass and take
it. Anything, any fucking thing you want to do to
me is fine. Daddy I want to make up for how mean
I've been to you lately.I am going to be the
hottest, little slut you have ever had.
what mom did to me was very bad and I want her
punished. I want her hurt. I am going to give her a
spanking on her fat ass till she is raw and red,
but that is not enough. I wonder if Uncle Ronald
would mind fucking her ass till it is nice and
bl**dy-wet? Dad I know you have been trying to make
some money...why not make mom a **** whore. Some
men would pay a lot of money to use a bitch like
her any way they want. Make mom your whore, but let
me be your slut. "

Ronald and John looked on in fascination at the
beautiful, brilliant fuckslut in front of them, and
could not help but to chuckle at the beautiful soon
to be **** whore laying on the floor at their feet.

Slowly Donna spread her legs wide and said,
"Daddy will you take my virginity before uncle Ron
fucks my ass? Please."

He smiled at her touseled her hair and said" Honey
I am your father so I will fuck your virgin pussy
AND your virgin ass. Uncle Ron is too big for you,
until I loosen you up. I'll let you practice on me
for a few days-then you will be ready for him.
Besides he's gonna be busy breaking your mother,
getting her ready for our customers," John said as
he hugged his daughter tight and looked down at his
wife with cold unfeeling eyes. Susan looked at him
in horror. Her life was over, her daughter was
corrupted. There was nothing she could do, it could
not get any worse. Then Ron stood up and walked
over to her. He thick, fat pole was fully erect. It
was twitching, anxious to **** her again.

"John you can't do this to me, I'm your wife. Donna
I'm your mother. Don't you love me anymore, even a
little? Please, I am so sorry, but You. Cannot. Do
This!" she begged and pleaded as tears and sweat
and snot dripped down her pretty face.

John, Ron, and Donna lookd at each other and burst
out into loud, hysterical laughter. There simply
was no mercy left in any of them. They were all
looking forward to r****g the helpless woman at
their feet. There was nothing she could do to stop
them and everyone in the room knew it. Susan began to scream.She did not stop for a very, very long time. ... Continue»
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I had agreed to watch my b*****rs' twin 17-year-old daughters for a week while he and his wife went on a cruise to celebrate their anniversary. I had not seen my nieces in a couple years so I was a little startled when the showed up wearing matching miniskirts and halter tops. They had grown up since I'd last seen them. They had been cute with the potential for sexy. Now they'd grown into that potential. They were both redheads and it was difficult to tell them apart unless you knew them. Emily had blue eyes and dimples and Jennifer, or Jen as we called her, had green eyes that made you forgive anything. They both were about 5'11'' and 160 pounds. They had large C almost D-cup breasts and nice round asses. They weren’t skinny or fat but comfortably fleshed out and well muscled. All in all they were the kind of girls who inspire dirty thoughts even if you're their uncle. I had made up my guest room for them and as I led them upstairs I gave them a quick tour of the house. As they stowed their luggage I asked what they wanted to eat for dinner. They both said take-out preferably Chinese. I told them they could use my pool as I went to order dinner. By the time I had ordered dinner and changed into swim trunks I could hear them splashing around in the pool. I waited until the food arrived before going out to join them in the pool. When I stepped into view I was shocked, they were wearing matching string bikinis so small I was certain their breasts would pop out at any moment. The tops covered little more than their nipples and the bottoms covered no more then was necessary to maintain the illusion of decency. I told them that dinner was available when ever they got hungry and then I sat in my lounge chair to watch them. No sooner had I sat down then Jen looked up at me with her big green eyes and said, "Aren't you going to join us, Uncle Ron." "Yeah, come join us" chimed Emily. I stood up and dived into the pool. Under water I saw that Jens' bottom had twisted and I could see one side of her neatly trimmed area. I felt an involuntary stirring in my loins. I surfaced quickly and tried not to show my surprise. Emily swam over to me and said,"Uncle Ron can I have a piggy back ride." I said sure and she wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms around my neck. I could feel her breasts pressing against my back and I could feel the outline of her sex pressing through her bikini bottom. At the first chance I dumped her into the water and moved away. Immediately Jen came over and demanded a ride too. I said all right and she climbed onto my back. I could feel her twisted bikini bottom and the one exposed lip of her sex rubbing against me as I moved. After I dumped her into the pool I said it was time to eat. The girls pouted and as Jen climbed out of the pool I saw that her bottom had moved so far that her entire pussy area was in view. I tried not to look but she reached down right in front of me and rearranged her bikini so that her pussy was once again hidden. I felt my cock harden as she walked past me into the house. As I stepped aside I felt her hand brush across my crotch and it felt like she gave me a little squeeze before sauntering into the house with far more hip action then was needed. When I reached the kitchen I found them sitting side by side on the counter staring at me. "Uncle Ron," said Emily, "we changed our minds; we don’t want Chinese any more."
"What do you want?" I asked in exasperation.
"We'll show you," said Jen as she slid of the counter. Before I could react she knelt between Emily's legs and pulled Emily's bikini down. I stared in shock as she proceeded to eat out her s****r. Emily smiled at me then said, "Poor Uncle Ron, I bet he's feeling left out." Jen walked over to me and knelt down. Before I could stop her she pulled my hardening dick out and slid it into her mouth. I started to object but Emily came over and kissed me. She slid her tongue into my mouth and let it explore. "Oh Uncle Ron", she moaned as she pulled back, "We've been saving ourselves for you." What was I supposed to do? Here were two incredibly sexy girls who had just told me that they had been saving their virginity for me. The only problem was that these particular girls happened to be my nieces; otherwise I wouldn’t have hesitated for a second. I pushed them back and said, "This is wrong. I mean I'm your uncle for chrissakes." Jen looked up at me, her big eyes wide and hurt, and said, "We've been saving our virginity as a gift for you. Doesn’t that mean anything?"
"Of course it does. But I'm your uncle and it wouldn’t be right for me to take that gift from you."
"But you're the only one we've ever wanted to take it. Except for each other we've never done more then kiss."
I stared at them as I tried to figure out what to do. I told them to take their food upstairs and then I sat in the kitchen. Would I be able to resist a whole week of their advances, I didn’t think so. I couldn’t send them away and I wasn’t sure I wanted to. I wanted to fuck them both but that would mean taking something I couldn’t give back, ever. To make it all worse I couldn’t get rid of my hard on. No matter what I tried to think of my thoughts always returned to the two beautiful redheads upstairs. I stood up and went upstairs to the guest room. They looked up as I walked in. Both of them had tears running down their cheeks and I knew I had to give in. I pulled Jen to her feet and kissed her deeply as I stripped her naked then I did the same to Emily. I lowered them to the bed and dropped my trunks to the floor. I climbed into bed between them and pulled them close. I kissed one and then the other before spreading Jen's legs and placing the end of my cock against her beautiful pussy opening. Emily and Jen made out as I prepared to take Jen's virginity. I slowly entered her tight slit, easing myself in until I felt her hymen. I smiled down at her and gently pushed my way through. She cried into Emily's breasts as I pierced her hymen with my rigid penis. I thrust in and out, gently, until she came moaning into her s****rs' breasts. I removed my penis from her and centered it against Emily's slit. Emily moaned as I entered, begging me to take her gift. I was as gentle with her as I'd been with her s****r. When Emily came it was loader and she thrashed around beneath me. I pulled my still rigid cock from her and looked at it. Their bl**d and pussy juice mingled with my precum. Jen rolled over and took me into her mouth. She and Emily took turns sucking me and when I came they shared my cum with a kiss. I didn't return to my flaccid state so I turned Emily over and positioned my spit-covered cock against her asshole. She moaned as I entered her anus. Jen moved so that Emily's head was between her thighs and pressed Emily down into her cunt. I fucked Emily's ass as she ate out Jens' succulent pussy. Then I had them switch places. Jen was tighter then her s****r but she loosened quickly. I sped up my pace for her so her face was slapping into Emily's cunt. I blew my load up Jen's ass and slumped down on the bed, spent after two of my greatest orgasms ever. Emily moved around Jen and started to lick my cum out of Jen's asshole. I lay there watching my niece eating my cum out of her twin s****rs' asshole. It was incredible. After a while I said I was going swimming and they both followed me downstairs without getting dressed. We swam naked for a while and then I was hard again. I swam over to Emily and lifted her onto the pool edge. I spread her legs and lowered my mouth to her perfectly trimmed snatch. She moaned as I used all my little tricks on her pussy and clit. She came as Jen swam up behind me and rubbed my cock from behind. Jen stuck two of her fingers into my asshole and slid them in and out slowly. I pulled away after Emily's second orgasm and then I led them into my den. One whole wall was covered by bookshelves, which in turn were brimming with adult movies, magazines, and books. I walked past the porn and went to a dresser. I opened the top drawer and pulled a pair of matched strap-on dildos out. The dildos were flesh colored and the straps were black leather. I handed one to each girl and turned back to the drawer. I pulled out my bottle of lube as well as a box of various toys. Then I went to the closet and pulled out two uniforms. One was a black leather and lace semi dominatrix outfit and the other was a virginal white, completely see-through nurse outfit. I tossed them on the couch and watched the girls' faces. Jen went over first and picked up the leather and lace. She disappeared into the bathroom as Emily picked up the nurse outfit; unlike her twin she put it on right in front of me. She was strapping on the dildo as Jen emerged from the bathroom, wearing the dominatrix suit like she was born to and with the dildo jutting out from her crotch. I pulled both of them to me and kissed them vigorously. Then I made them stand there as I coated both dildos in lube. Once that was done I faced the couch and bent over with my hands on the cushions. Emily recovered first and stepped up behind me. She placed the dildo against my anus and then in one smooth motion buried it all the way to the straps in my ass. I groaned and watched her in the mirror above the couch. I watched as Jen moved behind Emily and shoved her dildo into Emily's ass. Emily grunted and shoved against me as her s****r drove the flesh colored dildo into her ass. They soon had a good rhythm going and I came all over the couch at the same time that Emily came. I left the girls to it and went to the dresser again. I pulled out a cock ring and tightened it around the base of my shaft. I drew a black leather collar and leash and a pair of handcuffs from the bottom drawer and turned back to the girls. Emily was returning Jen's favor and slamming her dildo into Jen's ass with a strength and speed that surprised me. I took Emily's strap on away and gave the collar, leash, and cuffs to Jen then I went to the shelf and took down my video camera and a digital camera. I set the video camera on a tripod and carried it and the digital up to my bedroom as the girls uncertainly followed, carrying my toys as I'd told them to. I stripped the bed and made it with black satin sheets and pillowcases. Then I set the tripod at the end of the bed and told Jen to use her imagination. She smiled and in one move had the collar around her s****rs' neck. Emily smiled and climbed onto the bed. I poured the box of sex toys out onto the bed and then stepped back and turned on the video camera. Jen was smiling as she cuffed Emily to the headboard and then stuffed the biggest butt plug I had into Emily's ass. The plug was rather large and had a bulge at the top to keep it in it also vibrated. Emily was moaning, as Jen not only shoved her strap on into Emily's pussy put two small vibrators as well. I moved around them, careful to stay out of sight of the video camera, as I took pictures. At one point Jen stuffed her own ass full of a butt plug and shoved my largest vibrator into her cunt. Jen used my ball gag in way I'd never thought of. Before they were done I had nearly 100 pictures and almost an hour of footage. Jen told me to get out more handcuffs and when I did she let Emily go and told me to get on the bed. I did and she and Emily cuffed me and gagged me. Then Jen ran down stairs and came back with the massive strap on that I kept for special occasions. It was almost 14 inches long and an average of three inches thick except at the head where it widened to almost four before tapering down. I figured it would be Jen who strapped it on but it was Emily. Jen replaced the tape in video camera and picked up my digital. She took pictures as Emily shoved various things into my asshole including but not limited to butt plugs, dildos, vibrators, and two rubber balls meant for pussy exercises that had come free with one of my toys. Jen made sure to get close-ups of everything Emily put in my ass as well as close-ups of my cock and my balls. Then Emily took out my gag, straddled my face and told me to eat her cunt. I ate her out between the straps. After her third orgasm she coated the dildo with lube and lifted my hips so she could reach my asshole. She pressed the massive head against my anus and pushed. I could feel my asshole stretching as she f***ed the head in. It hurt more then I remembered and I let some tears leak down my face as the head entered my ass. As soon as the head was in Emily shoved the rest of it in and began to plunge it in and out of me. It hurt and I loved every minute as she grabbed my cock with both hands and jerked me as hard as she could. We both came at the same time, screaming and bucking like wild a****ls. Jen came over and unchained me and removed her strap on. Emily took the camera as Jen proceeded to please me as thoroughly as I have ever been pleasured. It wasn’t long before the two of us came and then Emily and Jen removed their outfits, turned off the cameras and climbed into bed with me. We slept in a tangle of limbs until the morning light woke us.
I fucked them both every night until they left and when they went to college in the same city I lived in I saw them every weekend for nearly four years. We never got bored and we occasionally brought others to our little orgies, we never told them we were related though. During their senior year they both got pregnant at the same time and they told me the babies were mine and that they were going to have them. I always wondered what they told their parents but I never found out because my b*****r and his wife died on the way down for the deliveries. I did not watch the deliveries because I was busy devirginizing a young male nurse in a broom closet.
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I'm a man of 40 years old and I have this beautiful 16-year-old niece, Leeza, who since the age of 6 has been sitting on Uncle Ron's lap while we watched TV. I never thought of anything sexual and enjoyed the attention as my wife and I do not have any c***dren. She would just sit on my lap and kind of snuggle up to me.

This would be an everyday occurrence when she and my wife's s****r came over to visit. As she got older, she would come up to our house and stay the weekend. I would look forward to her visits more and more as she grew older. Sometime around age 13 she started to develop into a beautiful young woman but she still sat on my lap during each visit. I don't know if her mother or my wife said something, but around age 15 she stopped our little ritual of sitting on my lap.

One weekend shortly after her 16th birthday, she was spending the weekend with us. I had the glorious fortune of spying on her while she undressed for bed, which resulted in one of the hottest voyeur scenes I’ve ever witnessed (Please read “Nieces Bedtime Show”).
On Saturday morning my wife went grocery shopping. Leeza elected to stay home to keep her Uncle Ron company. As we watched some TV in the living room, I asked her why she never sat on my lap anymore. Now at 16, Leeza is becoming a very attractive woman as her breasts are now about hardball size and her hips have become beautifully rounded.

When I asked her why she didn't sit with me anymore, she just gave me a great big smile, came over and sat on my lap. It was a warm late summer day so she was dressed in a thin t-shirt and cut-off jeans. I had shorts on too but was without a shirt. She snuggled up to me and we were watching TV for about 10 minutes.

I realized I was starting to get a hard-on from feeling her smooth legs on mine. Her hot breath was on my neck below my left ear was also turning me on. My thoughts dwelled back on that night outside her bedroom window, seeing her sexy young body as she caressed and pleasured herself. I began, without thinking, to gently caress her left leg with my right hand. Her breathing became a little heavier and I could see her nipples beginning to poke through her t-shirt and bra.

I had to see how far this would go as she was responding to my every touch with increased sexual arousal. I continued to caress her for about 10 more minutes before I got bolder and ran my hand gradually higher up her thigh. Now her breathing was becoming very heavy and she obviously was enjoying my caresses. She responded by running her hands through my chest hairs and tracing her sweet little fingers in circles around my nipples. I couldn't believe this was happening but I was too aroused to stop now.

I ran my hand up her left thigh to the bottom of her cut-offs, running gentle and light circles on her creamy soft smooth tanned thigh. My fingers then slid under her shorts and I felt the band of her panties, continuing to caress her thigh. By now her nipples were protruding out from those small perky breasts and her breathing was very hard and fast.

I had to feel those tits so my right hand traced it's way across her shorts, up over her smooth tight stomach and I cupped her right breast in my hand as it fit perfectly. I rolled her nipple between my fingers very gently and she was now starting to squirm on my lap as her aroused state intensified. In my mind I laughed as she squirmed and did this little dance on my lap. Her movements were like electric sending shocks through my groin as my cock hardened to steel.

I looked into her eyes as we faced each other. She had this glazed look in her eyes and her cheeks were flushed red. I slowly drew close to her as our lips met in a soft and gentle kiss. She responded by kissing me back and then gave me a strong hug. I got up, picking her up and moved her to the couch.

I asked her if she was with a man yet but she said she was still a virgin. She then asked me to teach her about sex as she knew I would be patient with her and she wouldn't be afraid. I agreed as I began to help undress her pert little body. As I undid her jean cut-offs, she lifted her sweet little ass off the couch and I slid them down. She had on these little white cotton bikini panties with small red hearts on them. I could see a wet spot in the crotch from her excitement. She pulled her t-shirt over her head to reveal a matched bra to her panties. She looked so sweet and innocent yet extremely sexy just sitting there in her undies.

I got on my knees between her thighs and explained to her how I was going to use my mouth to give her as much pleasure as I could. I instructed her to lean back and enjoy as I leaned forward and kissed her again. This time I slipped my tongue into her mouth and we french-kissed. With a little instruction, she became quite good at french-kissing and realized it aroused her.

I undid her bra and slid it off her beautiful 16-year-old body. Again the sight of her dark tan in relation to the soft white mounds of flesh was extremely exciting. Her dark nipples were begging to be sucked as I went down on her left nipple. She was really getting into the sensations as I alternated between nipples when I slid my hand under the elastic band of her panties and found her soft pubic mound. There was only a sparse growth of hair but she was soaking wet. I lightly fingered her hard clit while I sucked her sweet tits. She was really enjoying the attention given to her little love button. Her eyes were just slits and she rolled her head back and forth.

I then began moving down her body, still rolling her right nipple in my fingers, kissing my way across her flat tight stomach. Her body was hard and had no signs of baby fat. She was growing into an extremely sexy young woman. She lifted her ass off the couch slightly as I removed her panties, sliding them down her long legs, caressing the full length of her legs.

I then resumed my way across her stomach to just above her pussy. She smelled so sweet and fresh I could barely resist attacking her young cunt but I wanted this to go real slow so she'd enjoy it forever. I traced my tongue lightly over her pussy and flicked it across her clit as I separated her outer lips. She almost jumped off the couch when I touched her clit for the first time with my tongue.

My tongue traced down her left inner thigh, up around her pussy and gently down her other inner thigh. Her ass was beginning to move around as she could barely contain her lust. She was almost whimpering with lust and desire. Enough teasing now, so I moved up and began working on licking the sweetest tasting pussy I ever ate. She was started to whimper and moan as I sucked her tight pussy. My left hand was caressing her nipples, while my right hand was sliding fingers in and out of her virgin pussy.

She was really enjoying this as I brought her close to climax about 5 to 6 times. Finally I began to concentrate on her hard clit a little more until she was bucking her little ass off the couch. Then I’d back off to just teasing her and start increasing the tempo all over again.

After about 20 minutes of bringing her to and from the edge of orgasm, I sucked her clit hard and rolled it between my lips. Seconds later she tightened up, arched her back, shook and bucked her ass and had a very strong intense orgasm. I could barely hold onto her and keep my mouth on her pussy as she came so hard.

While she was lost in waves of post orgasm pleasure, I undid my shorts and slid them off. She opened her eyes in time to see my rock hard 7-inch prick standing at full attention. I sat down next to her and explained how I was going to show her how to return the feelings and make a man feel good.

She followed my instructions and got on her knees between my legs. With some coaching, she worked up the courage to touch her lips to my cock. Just like a popcicle, she began sucking and licking my cock. Although she was very inexperienced, it was very exciting to see my sweet little niece attempting to suck my cock.

I told her to slowly slide the head of my cock between her lips and how to use her tongue while slowly working my cock in and out of her sweet young virgin mouth. She was an eager student and willing to do whatever it took to please her lustful Uncle Ron.

After about 5 minutes, she was learning quick and doing a real good job at it. She even managed to take about 4 to 5 inches in her mouth at one time and was bobbing her head up and down. What a sexy sight to see as this young girl sucking a cock for the first time.

She was trying so hard to please me as I did to her. I told her to pick up the pace as I neared orgasm. I pulled her head away and told her to stroke my cock, using her saliva to lubricate my shaft. A few seconds later, I came with such f***e I shot cum up 2 feet in the air, landing on my chest. Some of my cum also hit her chin as her head was close when I came. I told her to taste it as most women will swallow it when a man cums. She must have liked the taste because she did as I said and licked up most of my cum.

She wanted me to show her how to fuck but I said we'd have to do that later as her aunt would be home real soon. She gathered her cloths and gave me a deep passionate kiss. I patted her on the butt and sent her off to the shower before my wife got home. My next story will share my niece losing her virginity to her loving Uncle in a loving f****y way.

... Continue»
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I watched my big strapping 18-year-old son Rick fucking his mother from behind. She made him "f***e" her by tying her up. I didn't mind. It just meant more for me. More of my daughter's 13-year-old little cunt, that is. While Rick was fucking his mother he couldn't also be fucking his s****r Cyndi, which he did with frustrating regularity. I much preferred my daughter's tight young cunt. My wife was a boring fuck for me, but apparently not for my son.

"C'mon Mom, moan for me. Moan like a whore." She moaned for him and meant it, the obedient cunt. She loved what he was doing to her, although she would die before admitting it.

This little scene of f****y bliss would have been impossible about a month ago. Before then we were just your average rural God fearing farm f****y. Well, not exactly. Rick and I regularly went over to the widow Johnson's place to help her with some chores and fuck her brains out as compensation. I had been doing that since her husband died five years ago. I started sharing her with my son about a year ago. She acted reluctant the first time Rick fucked her too. That was until he got his cock inside her, which is as thick and long as my own. We enjoy double-teaming her. She would moan and complain that she was f***ed to fuck us because she needed help with the chores, but she made herself a liar with each screaming orgasm.

About a month ago my son and I had been out mending some fences. We were riding our horses over the uneven terrain, too punishing for the jeep. After hours of this exertion we were sweat soaked and exhausted. About four o'clock that afternoon we headed back to the barn. When we got there I stripped off my shirt, stuck my head under the hand pump and let go a stream of cool water. I told Rick to unsaddle the horses and rub them down while I went up to the hayloft to fork down some hay for the horses and other livestock.

On this particular day Joannie, my wife, was off visiting her s****r. She'd be gone for a week. My 13-year-old daughter Cyndi had been left alone at the farm that day. She was in the back of my mind while I climbed the ladder to the loft. I was wondering what mischief she had gotten herself into while I was gone. It wasn't long until I found out. When my head cleared the floor of the loft and I was greeted with a sight that changed my life. The late afternoon sunshine was flooding in the open hay door and there laying in the hay was my little blond curly haired daughter, naked, legs spread, fucking herself hard with a big thick dildo. Her beautiful blue eyes were closed and she was unaware of my presence. What really floored me was that she was moaning, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy."

Well. What's a man supposed to do with an invitation like that? My daughter was fucking herself and moaning my name. I quickly came to the decision that she deserved what she was asking for. I was so aroused by the sight of her naked body in the hay that the impulse to fuck her was impossible to resist. I climbed the rest of the way into the loft and crawled toward her in the hay. I opened my jeans and took my cock out. Cyndi was not aware she was no longer alone.

I knelt there and stroked my cock for a few minutes. Cyndi's eyes suddenly snapped open and she looked over and saw me. She was startled and stopped fucking herself. Her eyes dropped to my impressive member rampant before her eyes. I stroked the length of it, squeezing out a drop of precum. To my surprise, Cyndi moaned, "Oh, Daddy," and began to slowly slide the dildo in and out of her wet little cunt again. I took this for the invitation that it was. I stripped off my jeans and knelt between her legs. I pushed her hands away from the dildo, grasping it with my hand. I leaned closer and flicked my tongue over her clit and resumed stroking the dildo in and out, giving her the sensation of being licked and fucked at the same time. She went crazy, jerking her hips and moaning like a born slut. Her cunt, a pink almost hairless little rose, was as beautiful as the rest of her.

"Beg me to fuck you. Beg me."

"Please, Daddy. Fuck me, please."

"Not good enough."

I licked and fucked her with the dildo until she was screaming and gasping, cumming and begging me in earnest. I pulled the dildo out of her and positioned my cock at the entrance to her cunt. I told her this was her last chance to say no. She reached up and put her arms around my neck and pushed her hips up, trying to take me inside her. I moaned and started pushing my cock inside her hot willing little body.

Cyndi was moaning and squirming under me in excitement, gasping, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, fuck me, yes."

I stoked in and out of her in little strokes, slowly spreading her slick cunt juices over my throbbing cock. Finally, I was inside her to the hilt. She wrapped her long legs around me, moving restlessly. I was sweating and shaking, trying to hold back while she was urging me to let loose. She kissed me, sucking my tongue into her mouth, moaning and moving under me. I began to move, making her gasp in pleasure. I let myself go, lost to the erotic pleasure of fucking my young daughter. I rammed my cock home into that tight little cunt again and again. Cyndi was cumming hard again after about five strokes.

"Mmmmm, cum for Daddy, baby. Oh, yeah I feel you cumming you little slut."

She was such a hot fuck, I wasn't far behind her. I threw my head back and gritted my teeth, losing myself to a long and vicious climax. Cyndi moaned, "Yes" when she felt me pumping her full of cum. She milked my cock with her tight cunt muscles, making me jerk and grunt in pleasure. This was obviously not her first time with a man. Who had the little slut been fucking? The first culprit to come to mind was her b*****r Rick.

"You been fucking your b*****r?" I gasped out.

"No, Daddy. Not Rick."

"Who have you been fucking, girl? Who taught you to be such a hot little slut."

"It doesn't matter Daddy. I was just practicing to please you."

"Yeah, well. You're gonna get more than you bargained for."

I stood up and went to the edge of the loft. I could see Rick in one of the stalls rubbing his horse down. I yelled out, "Rick! Get up here and fuck your slut s****r."

Rick looked up and saw me standing there naked, my cock dripping cum and cunt juices. He ran over, sprinted up the ladder, and looked past me to where Cyndi was splayed naked in the hay. She wasn't fazed by this new development. She calmly stroked her wet sloppy cunt and moaned, apparently ready for more fuck meat. Rick didn't waste any time. He pulled off his clothes in record time. He ordered his s****r to flip over and get up on her hands and knees. Cyndi quickly complied and Rick was soon pumping in and out of her hungry little cunt, fucking her doggie style.

"Dad, looks like we don't have to go all the way to widow Johnson's to get pussy anymore. We got a hot little slut right here at home. Mmmmm, damn, her cunt's tight as a nutcracker." I couldn't disagree.

I knelt in the hay in front of her, ordering her to lick me clean and suck me hard again. Rick watched avidly as Cyndi complied with my instructions. He loved group sex. He wet his fingers with her cunt juices and pressed his thumb into Cyndi's ass, making her scream with mingled pleasure and pain. With her sucking me I was hard again in record time. I could feel the vibrations of her moans as the head of my cock bumped the back of her throat.

"Oh, yeah Dad, she cumming for me. Squeeze my cock harder bitch, yesssss, milk me, milk me."

Rick pulled out of his s****r and shot thick gobs of ropey cum all over her back. I reached and rubbed it into her skin, liking the feel of it. I wanted to shoot my next load down her throat, but first I wanted some answers. I pulled out of her mouth and Cyndi collapsed into the hay. I rolled her over and demanded she tell me the truth.

"Tell me who you've been fucking, girl. You tell me now or I'm gonna shove this big cock of mine up your ass with no lubricant. That would hurt really bad, sugar. Now you tell me, girl. I promise I won't be angry."

"It's Mr. Burney."

Dale Burney lived owned a neighboring farm. His daughter Mellie was Cyndi's best friend.

"Mellie know you're fucking her dad?"

"Yeah, Daddy, she fucks him too. I mean, we fuck him together. We mess around with each other too."

Well, this was a pleasant development. Images of my daughter entwined naked with the delectable little Mellie was a sight I was looking forward to. Rick grinned. Great minds think alike, I guess. I looked around for my pants. My cell phone was clipped to my belt.

"Daddy, who are you calling."

"Shut up and suck my cock."

Cyndi did as she was told, wrapping her lips around my cock again as I dialed Burney's number. I grabbed her hair with one hand, shoving my cock deeper in her throat as I listened to the phone ring.

"Hello?" It was Burney.

"Hey Dale, how's it going?"

"Not too bad, Ron, how's things with you?"

"Well, things are pretty good. That mare finally foaled safely. Ahhhh, I'm here fucking my daughter's sexy little mouth. She's gonna be drinking my cum here in a minute and she says I have you to thank for teaching her how."

There was silence on the other end of the line.

"Don't get me wrong, Dale, I'm grateful to you. She's a hot little slut, isn't she? Here I was going all the way over to widow Johnson's and all the time there was a wet willing cunt under my own roof begging to be fucked. Rick and I have both had a go at her, and she seems to be ready for more."

"I'm speechless, Ron. I don't know what to say."

"Say you'll let me fuck that hot little daughter of yours and we'll call it even. You think she'll take my cock, Dale? Oh, yeah, can't forget Rick. He wants to fuck her too."

"Well, I know she'll do what I tell her, Ron. If you guys want to fuck her, I guess I'd be a hypocrite to say no. I've fucked your daughter, so I guess it's only fair."

"Why don't you bring that sexy little Mellie over here after dinner. Rick and I will give her a little dessert."

"I'll do my best to convince her. I'm not sure how she'll react."

"Just so there is no misunderstanding, Dale, if you bring her over here and she's reluctant Rick and I will tie her up and fuck her little brains out anyway. Rick loves to tie women up."

"I don't have any objection to that, Ron. I tied her up the first time I took her. Time she learned what's expected of her anyway."

After I broke the connection with Dale, Rick and I spent a while in the loft fucking and sucking Cyndi. I wished we could let her fuck us both dry, but I wanted to save some for later. When we were done I threw her over my shoulder and carried her up to the house for a shower. Rick, of course, stayed to feed and water the a****ls.

We had a hurried dinner that night. My cock was hard and throbbing all through the meal as we discussed how we were going to proceed with Mellie. It was decided that Cyndi should take her upstairs to the master bedroom, tie her up and get her hot. Once she was ready Rick and I would proceed to fuck her brains out.

We finished our meal and not long after I heard Dale's truck pull up. I went outside to greet them. Mellie was there, bouncing out of the truck, not a care in the world. I looked her over with a critical eye. She had brown hair and green eyes. She was cute, like Cyndi, slender with long legs. She would do.

Cyndi took Mellie upstairs, winking at me behind her back, as I invited Dale in for a beer. We gave Cyndi a little time to get Mellie going while we drank beer and discussed what we were about to do. Rick and I drew straws to see who would have Mellie first and Rick won. After a little while we all stripped off our clothes and headed up the stairs to my room.

Mellie's eyes were round with shock as she watched three men with hard cocks walk into the room. Her hands were tied over her head and Cyndi had her face buried between Mellie's legs. Cyndi had taken a cue from me earlier and was also shoving a big dildo in and out of Mellie's sopping wet cunt. I was pleased to see that Dale had shaved Mellie's cunt bald.

I walked up to the head of the bed and got up to kneel beside Mellie's head. I bumped the head of my cock against her lips and she opened wide obediently, reaching out with her tongue to taste my pre-cum. Mmmmm, hot little slut. "Oh, yeah Mellie. You're gonna suck me good," I moaned as I pushed my cock inside and started fucking her full lipped sexy mouth.

Cyndi had moved over beside Mellie on the bed and Dale told her to get up on her hands and knees. Cyndi moaned as Dale pushed his cock inside her. It was very arousing to watch my little girl being fucked like that. I felt vibrations in Mellie's throat as she started moaning too. I looked over to see Rick kneeling between her legs and invading her plump little cunt with his fat cock.

Mellie was doing a good job sucking my cock. She wasn't just going through the motions. I could feel her tongue swirling around the head of my cock as she sucked me. I couldn't wait to fuck that pretty little bald cunt. I felt her hot mouth pleasuring me as I watched my son's cock suck in and out of her snatch. I reached down and pinched her nipples, making her arch her back. Rick was grunting in pleasure and I could tell he was close. I knew I should get out of the way before he shot his load. He liked to pump cum all over the place. I wanted Mellie to drink a load of my cum, but I wanted that hot little cunt more. I moved away just in time as Rick pulled out of her and shot his load all over her breasts.

Cyndi was gasping and moaning as Dale slowly fucked her, teasing her with his cock. She said, "Ohhhh, Daddy, he's making me cum. Yessss." Her eyes rolled up in her head as she pushed her ass back at Dale trying to take him deeper as she climaxed.

"Pump her full of cum for me, Dale."

"You do the same for me, Ron."

I laid down on top of Mellie, Rick' cum making my chest slide over hers. I kissed her mouth deeply, sucking on her tongue, as I positioned my cock to penetrate her. I looked into her eyes as I pushed my cock inside her plump little cunt, as she moaned, "Oh yeah." I whispered in her ear as I fucked her slow and easy, taking my time with this hot little slut.

"Yeah, Mellie, you take my cock like you were born to it, baby."

"Fuck me deep Uncle Ron, mmmmmmm."

I began to fuck her deeper and harder and her moans became more insistent. Yeah, she was a born fuck slut, this one was. I was going to give her a full load, but not until I made her scream. I reached between our bodies and stroked her clit with my fingers as I fucked my cock in and out of her. I could feel her cunt clenching me on each stroke. I grabbed her clit and squeezed it, making her scream as she went into a full body-jerking climax. Satisfied with my efforts I allowed myself to go over the edge, pumping her full of what felt like gallons of cum.

I kept stroking my cock in and out slowly as it began to deflate. I became aware of the other people in the room. Dale was sitting on the edge of the bed avidly watching me royally fuck his little girl. His own cock was limp, covered with cum and cunt juices, so I had to surmise he had pumped a load into my own little girl. Cyndi was leisurely licking her b*****r's cock, trying to bring it back to life. I pulled my own deflating cock out of Mellie and reached up to untie her hands. I didn't think we would have any trouble with her after that performance.

Seeing that we all needed a little time to recover, my mind fixed upon a pleasant diversion to occupy us while we gained strength for the next round. I went into the bathroom and got a tube of some special anal lubricant I had been wanting to try out. I had an anal toy, but only one. I took the toy, lube and a towel back to the bedroom.

I went back into the room and ordered both girls up on their hands and knees. I got behind Cyndi and told Dale to get behind Mellie. I pushed on Cyndi's back so she would lower her head to the bed, Dale copied my motion with Mellie. I pushed Cyndi's legs apart a little more and opened up her ass cheeks. After smearing the lube on the anal toy, I handed it to Dale. Dale squeezed some out on his fingers and anointed Mellie's ass with it, making her squirm.

"You ever done this with her before, Dale?"

"No, but I've been wanting to."

Dale slowly pushed his fingers inside Mellie, slowly opening and lubricating her ass. I pushed the anal toy into Cyndi's ass as Rick lay down on the bed so Cyndi could suck his cock. Cyndi moaned after a little while, getting used to the stinging unfamiliar invasion. Pretty soon I had her ass opened up enough for my cock, which was once again rock hard. I pulled the anal toy out and handed it over to Dale. He quickly pushed it in Mellie's ass, opening her up and making her gasp.

I had an idea just then, as I was about to push my cock into my daughter's ass. Rick was fucking her face, but I had a better idea about where he should fuck.

"Rick, move over and let your s****r get on top."

Rick looked at me quizzically, but did what I said. When Cyndi got on top of him I showed her how to impale herself. When Rick as in to the hilt I spread her ass cheeks and positioned my cock at her tight little hole. She had closed up some, so my entrance into her ass was slow and excruciatingly tight.

It was awkward, but Rick and I were soon fucking Cyndi together. I could feel his cock moving inside her cunt as I slowly fucked her ass. I looked over to see Dale slowly pushing his cock inside his own daughter's ass. Mellie seemed to be enjoying herself, if you could tell by her moans.

Cyndi was gasping and sweating, but also seemed to be enjoying herself. She was kissing her b*****r deeply and moving on his cock. I pushed inside her ass when she came up on the top of her stroke on her b*****r's cock. It wasn't long before I felt her cumming again, her ass clenching and releasing my cock. I stroked her ass a little harder, bringing myself on to another long slow building orgasm. About the time I was starting to pump my load in her ass, I heard Rick moaning out his own climax. I could feel his cock pumping cum inside my daughter's cunt. It was at that moment I realized neither of the girls were on birth control. Oh well.

Dale seemed to be doing well with Mellie. He was taking a little longer to cum than Rick and I, so we watched him finish with her. It was pretty erotic, watching him press his thick cock into her ass, shoving her face into the bed. The mattress did a good job of muffling her screams. I believe they were screams of ecstasy, mind you. Not that it really mattered either way. He was muttering, "Oh, yeah. Take Daddy's cock, take it deep." He shouted and pulled out of Mellie's ass, pumping a load all over her. Another one like Rick, apparently.

The rest of the evening went predictably. We took turns fucking the girls, cleaning off between rounds. I must have cum five times that night. The girls were tired little puppies by the time they fucked three grown men dry, but fuck us dry they did. Dale wrapped his little sl**ping cum soaked daughter in a towel and took her out to his truck. He thanked me for the fine evening and drove away into the darkness.

I put my sl**py little one in the shower and cleaned her off before bundling her into my own bed. Rick wanted his s****r to sl**p with him, but I am the man of the house after all. The thought of pushing my usual early morning erection into my daughter's warm sl**ping body was appealing. Rick would get his.

I can't say much work got done around the place for the next couple of days. Rick and I found reasons to do chores close to home, taking frequent fuck breaks with hot little Cyndi. One day I came upon Cyndi and Mellie naked together in the hayloft. I stroked myself and watched them together for about a half hour before joining them. They couldn't seem to get enough of each other. I couldn't seem to get enough of them. I especially liked to fuck Mellie while her father watched. There was something erotic about that to me.

I thought all of our sexual bliss would come to an end when my wife came back from her trip. Well, not come to an end, but at least go underground. Little did I know that my enterprising son had an answer for that dilemma also. My wife was due back and I was out in the far pasture checking on some cows. I was hesitant to face her. I guess I feared something would show in my face and she would find out what I had been up to. After dallying around for a couple of hours I finally decided to go and face the music.

I drove the jeep back to the house, noting my wife's car in the drive. She was back. I couldn't put it off much longer. I noticed Cyndi was sitting in the porch swing waiting for me. I got out of the jeep and walked up to the house. Cyndi was sitting there grinning.

"Daddy, you've got to see what Rick's up to."

"What are you talking about, honey?"

"Just come and see Daddy."

Cyndi took my hand and led me into the house. I heard my wife's erotic screams before I saw what was going on. I couldn't believe my eyes. There was my wife Joannie, naked, kneeling in front of the couch, her hands tied behind her back, screaming in ecstasy as my son Rick fucked her from behind. She was moaning, "No, don't hit me with that belt, Rick. Please don't hit me with that belt."

"You mean this belt?" Rick said as he smacked it across her back and bound hands.

"Ohhhhh, yessss. That belt. Please don't hit me again, Rick, please." Despite her words of protest, Joannie was obviously relishing what my son was doing to her. Joannie turned her head and saw Cyndi and I watching her. She moaned and hid her face in the cushions of the couch, but didn't do anything to stop what was happening. Rick picked up the pace of his strokes, causing her muffled moans to come with more urgency. I yelled out, "Hey watch the upholstery!" Knowing my son's penchant for spewing cum all over the place, I didn't want our good furniture stained.

To my surprise Rick pumped his load inside his mother's wet cunt, grunting in pleasure as he did so. He hit her a couple more times with the belt, making her flinch, before he ordered her to go kneel in the corner. He then proceeded to make her watch as he and I thoroughly fucked his little s****r before her eyes. Rick would go over every once and a while and f***e his mother to suck his cock while he strapped her with the belt some more. I was surprised, but not disappointed by this turn of events. How my son could have known of my wife's submissive tendencies was beyond me. He knew what she needed and gave it to her, repeatedly.

It took several weeks for my son to train his mother properly. Soon she was taking his cock whenever and wherever he ordered her to. She slept, bound, at the foot of his bed every night. He told me not to fuck her, which was fine by me. I kept Cyndi in my bed, pushing my cock inside her warm willing body whenever I got hard.

Cyndi's little cunt was constantly awash in cum, mine, my son's, Dale's. We didn't take any precautions and a couple of months later I knew she was pregnant. I couldn't be sure who the father of the baby was, not that it mattered to me. Mellie also came up pregnant not long after. The biggest surprise was when my wife told me she was pregnant. I definitely knew who fathered that baby. My son insisted no one else fuck his mother, so I figured this was the way he wanted it. My wife seemed happy with the situation and she didn't interfere with my own sexual affair with my daughter, so I had no complaints.

It's been a year now that all this has been going on. My wife is home schooling Cyndi and Mellie. The three ladies are helping each other care for the babies. My wife and Cyndi both had girls, Mellie a boy. Dale and I put our daughters on birth control so this won't happen again, at least not right away. Joannie is pregnant again by her son, who is determined to father a passel of k**s on his mom. He still won't let any of us fuck her, but since she's pregnant again Dale and I have been tying her up and sneaking in a few. All this and Dale, Rick and I still find time to pleasure the widow Johnson too.

Farming life is the best life, I say.
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Ron Gets His Wish

Lindsey and Ron had been married for five years. Lindsey had recently delivered the couple's first c***d but had managed to keep her body in great shape. She had already lost all of the weight she had put on during the pregnancy and her breasts had blossomed to a size 36C. Ron loved to feel Lindsey's tits, as they were still very firm. Ron's only disappointment with Lindsey was the lack of exploration in their sex life.

Lindsey had grown up in a very conservative household. Her father was a minister for the local church. Growing up in a strict Christian home meant Lindsey never dressed provocatively and she always wore her long blonde hair up in a ponytail. This life style carried into Lindsey's adulthood. Ron continuously asked Lindsey to dress in a more seductive manner or to shave her pussy but she never agreed.

And that would all be fine with Ron if only Lindsey was more playful in bed. Lindsey would only have sex in the missionary position, she flatly refused to try oral sex, and God help Ron if he ever brought up anal again. The last time he suggested it his buxom blonde bride threatened to leave him then and there.

Through all of this Ron thought he had been relatively patient with his wife. But it was their fifth anniversary and he figured he would give it another shot.

The couple had decided to stay in for the night and rent a movie. Ron's parents had taken their daughter for the weekend. Ron thought for sure this would be the time Lindsey would agree to a little spice up.

After dinner the married couple exchanged presents. Lindsey gave Ron the new fishing pole he wanted. Ron gave Lindsey a new tennis racket.

"You always manage to get me the perfect thing," said Lindsey.

"Well if you think the racket was good wait 'till you see your other present," and with that Ron handed Lindsey a tiny pink package with a silver bow.

Apprehensively Lindsey took the package and opened it. Inside she found a pink see through nighty and a frilly pink thong.

"Ron I've told you before, I just don't see how dressing like a slut is sexy."

"I know you're not all that keen on the idea babe, but you have such a great body and all you ever do is hide it behind sweats. I'm always going to that damn country club you adore so much without even a complaint. The least you could do is dress a little sexier on our anniversary," barked Ron a little harsher than he meant it to come out.

"Your right honey. I'm sorry. I should do more things for you whether I want to or not," said Lindsey in the tone of a little girl being scolded by her father.

"But I want you to want to do this Lindsey. I don't want you to do it just because I ask for it. That takes the fun out of it."

"I know, I know. I do want to do it. I'll go put these on and we can watch the movie."

After fifteen minutes in the bathroom, which Ron found surprisingly longer than he would have thought, Lindsey reappeared in her sexy pink outfit. The nighty was shear enough to show every detail of her flawless body. Her large nipples and round ass were plainly visible through the material. Her pussy was the only thing covered by the outfit because of the tiny pink thong she wore.

As Lindsey stepped out of the bathroom Ron whistled his appreciation. Ron was now stripped down to his boxers, exposing his overweight gut and his four-inch erection.

"You look great," Ron said.

"I feel sexier already," Lindsey responded. "This might actually be fun."

Ron sat down and patted the couch for Lindsey to do so as well. As Ron was about to hit the play button on the remote the doorbell rang.

"Who could that be at this hour on a Friday night?" Ron wondered aloud as he stood and moved towards the door.

Ron opened the door and said, "Yes?"

Four large black men burst into the house dressed in standard hoodlum attire. One of the black men knocked Ron hard on the head and he fell to the floor on his ass.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" blurted out a dazed Ron.

"Shut it cracker. You cooperate and we don't hurt you. We just want the cash and any other valuables," shouted the largest black ruffian.

Ron was pulled to his feet by two of the other black men while the largest one, who was obviously the leader, tied Ron's hands behind his back with his belt.

Ron heard the fourth member of the gang whistle and shout, "Shiiit, look at those tits."

Ron instantly remembered his scantily clad wife sitting on the couch. The three other hoodlums shoved Ron toward her.

"Well look at the little lady," said the leader. "All dressed up for a night of fucking with hubby, hmmm?"

Lindsey had been silent throughout the whole ordeal. She had made no attempt to cover herself and her nipples now stood out a good half-inch. Ron assumed it was the shock and fear of the whole escapade.

"Answer me bitch, were you going to fuck your husband tonight?"

"Yes. It's our anniversary," Lindsey answered rather coolly.

"Really? Well I'll tell you what. Your going to get your anniversary fuck, but it's not going to be with hubby, it's going to be with us."

Again no reaction from Lindsey.

"Get up and strip for us slut," said the leader.

Two of the other black men, the leader called them Prince and Bull, shoved Ron back to the ground and took a place on the couch along with the leader who Ron heard called Trunk. The fourth intruder, called Moose, pulled up a chair for the show.

Lindsey, now standing in front of the four biggest and blackest men she had ever seen, turned on the radio to a rap station she never listened to and began to swing to the beat. Ron knew his wife was just doing it without protest because of the fear of what the men would do to her if she didn't comply.

Lindsey began to get more comfortable in front of the men and her dancing became more fluid. She soon began to tease the four black intruders. She would bend over facing them, letting her tits hang down for all to see. Then she would turn around and raise the back of the pink nighty, exposing the unblemished bare skin of her ass cheeks, before shaking it from side to side causing it to jiggle slightly. She then took everyone in the room by surprise when she quickly lifted the nighty over her head and dropped it to the floor leaving her in nothing but her frilly pink thong.

"Look you can take anything you want just please don't **** my wife," Ron pleaded.

"It's not **** if she wants it," shouted Bull.

"She doesn't want it you bastards," Ron retorted without a doubt in his mind.

"Well there's one way to find out," said Trunk. "Take off your panties and bring them to me honey."

Lindsey dropped her thong to the floor exposing her bald pussy to the gathered crowd. Ron realized that must have been what took her so long in the bathroom. Now naked in front of the first man other than her husband, let alone four, she handed her thong to Trunk.

"Well look at that white boy, your wife's panties are soaked cause she's thinking about our huge horse cocks. Ain't that right honey bun?"

Lindsey did nothing but drop her head in shame.

That was as good as an invitation to use her up as far as the black studs were concerned. They were all over her in a heartbeat. Lindsey felt hands exploring her ass and breasts as well as a finger being slid into her sopping wet cunt.

Prince and Bull moved away from the mass of multi- colored flesh and began to remove their clothes. Trunk continued to finger Lindsey and Moose was now sucking on one of her nipples.

Ron could not imagine a worse scenario. His beautiful young bride was being f***ed to have sex with four huge black men who had broken into their home on their anniversary. But for some reason ever since his wife had begun her striptease Ron had not lost his four-inch erection. And to Ron's horror, Moose had noticed.

"Look at cracker, his little worm's poking out," yelled moose as he stepped away from Lindsey and began to strip. Ron's pathetic erection sent laughter up throughout the room including, to Ron's surprise, his bride.

All four men were now completely naked. Each one sported an erection no less than ten inches. Lindsey was in awe. She had never seen a penis other than her husbands and he was quite small compared to these. She didn't even know men could get that big. She had of course heard the rumors that black men were bigger but she had never put any stock into it. But the proof was staring her in the face. Four black cocks, all at least ten inches, and there was her white husband who wasn't even half as big as these gorillas.

"Stand up," Trunk bellowed at Ron.

Ron did as he was told and rose to his feet as he heard Trunk order that Lindsey lower her husband's boxers to the ground. Now all six people in the room were totally nude.

"He fucks you with that little pecker? No wonder you want some black cock, I bet you can't even feel that thing," insulted Prince, causing more laughter from every one in the room. Lindsey found the comment especially funny and went into a fit of giggles. This caused the four black men to laugh even more.

"Go get us some beer you pathetic little bitch," spat Trunk as he untied the belt around Ron's hands. More laughter. "Do it on your hands and knees cracker." More laughter. "We'll be in your bedroom, but don't worry, we won't start the show without you." More laughter.

Lindsey led the four black studs to her and her husband's bed voluntarily.

When Ron arrived with the six-pack he found his wife in the middle of a heated kiss with Trunk who was pawing at her tits.

The men all took a beer while Lindsey crawled onto the bed and spread her legs exposing her glorious pink pussy. The four black men were now beating off while watching the gorgeous blonde bombshell lying naked on her bed. The gang was now rock hard and ready for action.

Trunk moved forward to the edge of the bed and placed his penis inches from Lindsey's face. Ron knew what was coming but could not believe it. After years of begging Lindsey to suck his dick, she was about to do it for this black stranger.

Lindsey wrapped her mouth around the head and slowly bobbed back and forth. She took her mouth off the giant black cock and began licking all twelve inches. She even lifted the monster up with her petite hands and licked his plum size balls. Ron could not believe his wife was actually sucking this guy's dick voluntarily.

Trunk pulled away slightly from Lindsey. When she leaned forward to continue licking his tool, he slapped her cheek with the black snake. Trunk repeated this a couple of times causing Lindsey's frustration to mount.

"Why aren't you letting me suck your cock?" pleaded Lindsey.

"I want to do something a little more interactive baby," Trunk responded.

With that, Lindsey lay back down, spread her legs wide, and began rubbing her tender white thighs. Trunk climbed up on the bed, got between Lindsey's legs, and lined up his giant black fuck stick with her tiny pink twat.

"What do you want me to do with it?"

"Put it in," whispered Lindsey.

"What was that?"

"Put your big black cock in my tiny little pussy and fuck me hard!" shouted Lindsey.

Ron couldn't believe his ears. His shy and restrained wife was begging to be fucked by black cock. Ron had never heard her use language like that and she had surely never begged him to fuck her.

Trunk pushed his cock in slowly. Lindsey had never experienced anything close to the size of his meat being shoved in her vagina. Lindsey rewarded Trunk with a gushing of pussy juice as she came for the first time of the night. Her entire body vibrated for about fifteen seconds. After she came Trunk began to move faster. Now with a good eight inches in her pussy, Lindsey began to hump back against his black dick. Lindsey was breathing hard and moaning louder and louder with each thrust.

Trunk started to knead Lindsey's tits and then began pinching her pink nipples. Lindsey moaned even louder than before. After ten minutes of fucking and another of Lindsey's massive orgasms, Trunk pulled out of Lindsey with a loud pop. Lindsey knew what was coming, turned to face Trunk, and wrapped her mouth around the giant black snake.

Ron saw Lindsey swallowing and knew Trunk was pumping his load into her mouth. Some spunk managed its way out of Lindsey's mouth and on to her chin and tits. At last Trunk had run out of cum. Lindsey kept on sucking the cock until she was sure she had drank every drop of his juice. She even used her finger to scoop up the cum from her chin and tits and shove it into her mouth. "Your cum tastes sooooo good Trunk."

Lindsey lay back down on the bed as Trunk got off. The three other members of the gang, still hard as rocks, had turned their attention to Ron. They mocked him about still being erect after seeing his wife fuck their black friend. The three men then ordered him to kneel at the foot of the bed so he could see better. There was no need to tie him up. They knew he was too scared of them to disobey.

"Isn't anybody gonna fuck me?" Lindsey said with a wicked smile on her face. Prince and Moose both crawled onto the bed, Prince at Lindsey's legs and Moose at her head.

"I'm not sure I can take both those monsters," Lindsey said.

Prince reassured Lindsey by flipping her over on her hands and knees. Moose presented his ten-inch cock to Lindsey and she gladly accepted it in her mouth. Prince put his cock at Lindsey's opening and shoved it in. Lindsey was so wet from all the activity that his cock slid all the way in.

Ron was still mesmerized by what he was seeing. His white wife was fucking and sucking two of the biggest blackest cocks on the face of the earth right in front of him. Not only were their cocks much bigger than his, but they themselves were bigger, more muscular, and most women would agree much more handsome than himself. Ron could not help but think what the black cock fucking her pussy was doing to it.

Ron's cock was smaller than average, how would he be able to satisfy his wife when her cunt was being stretched like that? But Ron could not suppress the fact that he was half enjoying watching his wife act like such a slut. After all of the years of nothing but boring missionary sex it was great to see her come out of her shell. He just wished it was with him and not these black studs.

It was then that Ron noticed how much cock Lindsey had managed to take into her mouth. She now had all but a couple of inches of Moose's cock buried in her throat. With each stroke she would take more and more until eventually Moose's balls were slapping Lindsey's chin. She didn't even look uncomfortable sucking his dick. She looked like she had been doing it her whole life.

Moose busied himself by playing with Lindsey's dangling tits. He soon found she really enjoyed it when he pinched her erect nipples. Every time he did it she would moan even louder around his cock. Prince also found something Lindsey enjoyed. He would spank her firm white ass with his big paw and she would rock back even harder against his member.

Moose was the first to cum. He let out a torrent of sperm down Lindsey's throat. As soon as he was finished, Prince buried his cock to the hilt and pumped his slime into Lindsey's pussy. Lindsey then repeated her cock cleaning performance on the two spent cocks.

"Looks like we got a job for you wimp," said Trunk pointing his finger at Lindsey's cum filled pussy.

"No fucking way you sick bastard," Ron spat back.

"Do it or I'll make you suck it right from the source." Ron froze. He couldn't take this any more. But as that thought was passing into his head he climbed onto the bed and joined his wife.

"Lay down tiny," Trunk's joke at the expense of Ron's endowment caused laughter to erupt from everyone.

Without even being told Lindsey sat on her husband's face and started grinding her slimy pussy all over his mouth. "Suck his black cum out of me tiny." Ron began to lap at his sultry wife's cum filled cunt. Lindsey really enjoyed this. She grabbed Ron by the hair and f***ed her pussy down on his mouth even harder.

"How's that taste tiny?" Lindsey asked and then giggled uncontrollably. Soon after, Lindsey came again causing her to ejaculate male and female love juice all over her husband's face. She then shoved her husband off the bed and onto the ground. "Your next Bull," she said seductively.

"Come here and suck my dick you little white whore," snapped Bull.

Lindsey lunged to the edge of the bed and wrapped her lips around Bull's ten inches. She licked and kissed and generally worshiped his black snake for a couple of minutes before he said, " You really suck cock good baby but I want a different hole."

Lindsey turned around and stuck her butt up in the air for Bull to use as he pleased. Bull stuck his big black cock all the way in to Lindsey's loose vagina and humped her a few times before pulling out.

"You're a bad girl aren't you baby," Bull asked.

"Oh yeah stud. I'm such a bad girl," Lindsey said now smiling ear to ear. "Now please fuck me."

With that Bull put the head of his cock against Lindsey's virgin asshole and pushed in slowly. As he f***ed his way in, Lindsey could do nothing but moan like a mad woman. After a couple of inches were in, the rest went relatively easy. Bull got about eight inches in before he bottomed out. He now picked up the pace and began fucking the white housewife's butt hole harder. Soon Lindsey was rocking back on his cock and playing with her clit.

"Fuck my ass harder!" Lindsey screamed. Not long after that, Lindsey was having another hard orgasm. Girl cum burst out of her twat and all over the bed in the most powerful climax she had ever experienced.

"Oh God this feels soooooooo good. I love it. Oh God how I love it," cried Lindsey.

"Do you like my cock better than tiny's."

"Oh fuck ya. Fuck yes! Fuck yes! Your fat cock is sooooo fucking better than his! This is the best I've ever felt in my life."

All this talk was really getting Bull going. Lindsey was also fucking harder than ever, causing her tits and hair to fly around wildly. It was no surprise when Bull started cumming. He jammed it all the way in her ass and let his jizz loose. Bull came longer than any of his buddies. Finally he pulled his cock out of Lindsey's obscenely stretched butt hole with an audible pop.

Everyone in the room was shocked when Lindsey wrapped her lips around Bull's cock. She was cleaning a cock that had seconds before been rammed up her ass. Lindsey enjoyed the musky taste of the cock and cleaned every inch.

"Time for another performance Ronny," Lindsey said with the evilest little grin Ron had ever seen.

This was too much for Ron. He could not suck cum from his wife's ass. It was just disgusting and wrong. But here he was again climbing onto the bed where the night before he had wished his wife would be more adventurous.

Lindsey got on all fours and put her asshole right in Ron's face. Ron stuck his tongue in and tasted the all to familiar salty taste of black man cum. "Make sure you get it all tiny. I want to be totally clean for my men."

When Ron was done Lindsey's ass was spotless. All the black man cum was now in Ron's belly. It disturbed Ron that he was growing so accustomed to this situation.

Trunk, Prince, and Moose were now hard again. Trunk lay down on the bed and Lindsey mounted him easily in her stretched cunt. Moose then kneeled behind her and easily slid his dick into her bum hole. They soon got into a rhythm causing Lindsey to moan uncontrollably. Moose would pull his black dick out of Lindsey's white anus just as Trunk rammed himself into pussy and vice versa. Lindsey had a cock in one of her holes at all times. This caused her to be in a state of constant orgasm.

This continued for ten more minutes or so before Moose pulled out of Lindsey's ass and Trunk flipped her off of his pole. The two black studs kneeled next to Lindsey and started beating off furiously. Soon they were both ejaculating buckets of sperm onto Lindsey's face, tits, belly, and even on her feet. Lindsey cleaned the two used up cocks completely then ordered Ron to clean her.

Ron licked the cum off his wife's face, tits, and flat stomach before moving to her cummy toes. He sucked the man juice from her dainty feet, but before he was done Prince and Bull were all over his wife. They maneuvered her into the same position as Trunk and Moose had her, Bull in her pussy and Prince in her ass. Ron kept on sucking her toes through out the whole ordeal. Lindsey ordered Moose and Trunk to kneel in front of her while she sucked both of them in her mouth.

"Do you want us all to cum on tiny?" Trunk asked Lindsey.

All she could do was let out a muffled moan. Every one in the room knew what that meant. All four men pulled out of their used up holes, moved off the bed and in front of Ron who had stopped sucking his bride's toes, and let their cum fly. Ron could have sworn he was standing under a shower spout.

The cum was relentless. It felt like gallons. When it was finally done Ron could not even open his eyes because of the sticky jizz. The rest of his face, along with his hair and gut, were drenched. Ron went to wipe the cum from his eyes, which covered his hands in jizz, and Ron instinctively licked the cum from his fingers. The room erupted in laughter.

Still giggling, Lindsey said, "I'll clean two and you clean two, okay tiny?"

Ron knew he had no choice and wrapped his lips around Trunk's black sausage just as Lindsey did the same to Prince. Ron followed Lindsey's lead and licked all the cum from the black monster. They each finished and moved onto the next cock.

The four black men were exhausted. They all started to dress in preparation of leaving. The leader Trunk said, "Don't worry tiny. Your wife was so good, we're not gonna rob your ass. Honey bun, if you want us to fuck you again just give me a call at this number," and he threw a piece of paper on the bed.

The four black men walked out of the room and shut the door. Lindsey climbed up onto the bed and said, "Happy anniversary honey. I can't wait to see our new friends again," before falling asl**p.
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Ron and Ed

"Do you want to do something?"

"I don't really know. I've thought about it for a long time. And, it seems like this is all I can think about. But, now that we are here, .... I don't know. I am REALLY anxious and very nervous! Maybe even scared! This is a big deal for me!!"

"It's a big deal for me too. You might not have noticed, but I'm even shaking a little. I'm anxious too.... What are you scared about?"

"Like I said, this is a very big deal for me. I'm married with k**s. If they ever found out about this, I could lose a lot! My parents and s****rs wouldn't like it either."

"The same is true for me. But, this isn't about them, it's for us. We don't want to throw everything we have away, AGREED. But I don't think this craving will ever stop. We can torment ourselves and never know, or we can discover what it's like. You don't have to worry about me calling at odd hours, or embarrassing you. Our sharing and discovery is just between the two of us."

"It's still scary. It goes against a lot of moral standards and taboos I grew up with. I still don't know why I'm even attracted to cock. I'm not having an emotional attraction to any guy, .... I just find myself sexually aroused by the thought of touching another man, and him touching me. Then letting him in my mouth, and maybe even letting him fill my ass. I can't stop thinking about it!"

"Those are some interesting choices of words. No 'jacking-off,' 'blow-jobs,' or 'fucking.' What's the story behind such conserved expressions?"

"I guess my upbringing again. I didn't grow up with any swearing or foul language. My folks were big on going to church."

(Smiling) "There you go again. But it's nice. I think it describes me too. The worst word my dad used was 'horse's neck.' My folks would never understand a man being attracted to another man either. But, this burning desire is there, and never seems to go away for me either. I've wondered quite a lot, why I have this desire. ... I brought a few DVDs, you want to watch and talk about them?"


"We don't have to do anything. I just think it will be fun to watch and get each other's thoughts and reactions. If this gets us going, then that's OK too. Did you bring any videos?"

"I didn't bring any. Sorry. I don't have any either. I just don't have a good place to hide them. I only watch on-line. That's difficult too sometimes to sit in front of the computer and release my tension."

"OK. I can 'fire-up' the internet, if you'd like to watch a favorite over a DVD I brought."

"Ya. That will work! There are a few I'd like to share with you and get your reactions."

I connected to XHamster and we logged in. The favorite video on page three, was the video of choice, 97% rate, 28:36 length, "Cum with me." Just the title started to get me a little harder. It was a story of two men who get together and exchange blow-jobs. The clip started with the two actors kissing.

"I don't know if I could kiss another guy."

"I know what you mean. But in a sense, isn't it odd? Suck a cock, exciting; but kiss, NO! I've morphed my objections from a definite 'NO,' a year or so ago, to an ... If I feel like it, I'll try it. If it is too much, we can always turn away, and say NO."

"That's true."

The video was on and the actors were undressing each other. Then some shared hand-job stroking. Relatively quickly, the darker haired guy started a trail of kisses down the chest of the blonde.

"Do your nipples get hard when you're excited?"

"Ya. I think we all get hard like that."

"Your wife ever suck on your nipples?"

"Ya. The first time she did, it really got me excited."

"Same for me. I've sometimes wondered what it all feels like for a woman. ... Why is it OK for a woman to suck a cock, but it's the 'End of the World' if another man does it?"

"I don't know. I've thought about that too. And, it doesn't make sense."

"Are you hard?"


"Me too. I'd like to see your cock. Why not take it out? You can jack-off if you want. Watching this has me pretty hard. And I could see your package."

There was a long hesitation, but then Ron unzipped and opened his pants. As he did, I unfastened mine, and let them drop to the floor. Ron was VERY hard!! "You look really good. You've got a nice cock."

"Thanks. You look pretty good too."

I sat back down and we watched the video a little more.

"If you want to stroke it, that's OK with me. I guess that's one of the reasons we came here. What do you think?"

"I guess so."

With that we both relieved some of the tension, and slowly stroked ourselves. The actors in the video had repositioned and the darker guy was about to suck the blonde's cock. "Looks amazing doesn't it?"

"It sure does!"

We watched it even more. When the brunette let the cock slide in his mouth, we both gasped, and I'm sure we both got a little harder. I felt the first drop of precum ooze from my cock. "I'm oozing. What about you?"

"Ya. These videos get me going. I wish I was in that video. I sometimes watch for a couple of hours, edging before I cum."

"Me too. The time just seems to slip away. ... May I touch you? I want to know what another man feels like."

There was a very long pause. Then Ron said in a soft whisper, "Yes, go ahead; touch me."

I moved over and sat next to Ron. Now I was nervous and shaking with excitement as I reached for his cock. Now we were really crossing over from fantasy to reality. I think we both shook a little as my fingers wrapped around Ron's cock. It was as if electricity was passing between us. Again I felt my own cock get a little harder or twitch as it oozed some more precum. I squeezed just a little harder on the upstroke and ran my thumb over the head to see if Ron was oozing too. Sure enough, a nice large glob formed and then dripped off the head. "You're oozing precum."

"I usually do."

Ron's cock felt warm and hard in my hand. It was also soft in a way. But most of all, it felt erotically stimulating to stroke another man! Then my fantasy urge and desire washed over me, "I'd like to taste it. You OK with doing more? Or, we can stop. Do you want to ...? You OK with a guy going down on you?"

"I'm still nervous, but I've thought and fantasized about it for so long, and you're not scaring me .... So, go ahead if you want."

Now I was the scared one! I was leading this adventure, but now with a Green light," I realized I was about to suck my first cock! I leaned a little closer. Ron's penis looked so BIG, but so good. I had to do "it!" I leaned all the way in and touched it to my lips. Instantly fireworks seemed to go off in my head. I slid the head across my lips and felt the slick precum coat and cling to my lips. I extended my tongue and tasted Ron's emissions as I licked my lips. It was good!, wild!!, and I wanted more!!! I parted my lips a little bit, and opened my mouth, I was about to cross a significant line and have a homosexual experience and truly become actively "gay" as I dreamed! In a moment I wouldn't be able to ever again honestly say that I was a "straight" man. I would forever be "Gay!" or at least "bi." But, I couldn't stop, I wanted to do it too much. I let it in, and more fireworks exploded in my head. Was it my "straight" self, escaping my soul, or my "gay" self, awakening? Whatever it was, it felt amazingly good and overpowering. It was more exciting than anything I ever did with any woman. I took in more and more. Feeling the head against my tongue and then touching the back of my mouth, and the shaft sliding across my lips drove the thought home, I was now a "cocksucker!," or a "faggot!!" No one f***ed me to do "it," I wanted to do this, to suck Ron's cock! Another chill wash over me. There I was sexually joined to another man, cock to mouth! If anyone I knew would see me like this...! I could loose a lot. But, I could only imagine myself as the "cocksucker" in one of the hundreds of gay porn pictures or videos I had looked at over the years. But, this was me, this was real!

My thoughts returned to the present. I wanted it to feel good for Ron too, so I slowly moved my lips over the entire length of his shaft. It must have been good, because Ron sighed a few times in satisfaction. I was living my fantasy. Shocks and shivers raked my body as I thought and concentrated on what I was doing. Ron's cock felt so good in my mouth, warm, hard, and oozing. I loved the erotic feel and the power I had over Ron, I was giving him intense sexual pleasure and arousing him to his next orgasm. I knew eventually I would have his sperm!

I'd take him in as deep as I could, and just savored the moment. Or, I'd lick and suck the head, flicking my tongue over the piss-slit collecting more precum. It must have been five minutes or more of erotic cocksucking bliss!

But, I had to stop. I didn't want this to be all one sided. Before I would let Ron cum in my mouth, I'd have to at least let him suck me a little too. I let Ron slip from my mouth, and I sat up and smiled.

"That was amazing. My wife hasn't sucked me like that in a long time. What was it like?," Ron asked.

"It's not like anything I've ever done before. It's an amazing feeling. It's exciting, erotic, frightening, satisfying, and so much more, all at the same time.... I want you to cum in my mouth. But, I want you to try it first. I know you've fantasized about it too. But you said you have that desire loss after you cum. This is our chance to make it all happen."

"You're right. I want to, ... and after I cum, my desire does drop." (That's what I was afraid of.)

"Do you want to try 'it' now too?"

"Yes," Ron said softly.

"Then I'll help you if you'd like. Do you want me to help and guide you? Or, do you want me to leave it all up to you?"

"Guide me. Talk 'dirty' to me."

"OK. Take off all of your clothes, and kneel between my legs."

Ron stripped completely, and so did I. Then I sat on the sofa, but had my butt hang off the cushion a little. Ron knelt between my open legs.

"Now get comfortable. I want you to enjoy as much as possible too. I know you want 'it.'" I looked down at Ron. He still looked scared and unsure. "Ron, just go slow and enjoy every moment. Try to remember everything so if this is the only time we ever do this, you can relive it again and again. First just kiss the shaft. Start at the base and move to the head."

Ron didn't move. He just looked at my cock. I waited .... A minute or two passed. "Ron, you OK?"

"Yes, but .... I .... "

"You've thought about doing 'it' for a long time, right?"

"Yes, but ...."

"You've fantasized about this moment, and becoming a 'gay cocksucker' for years! Right?"

"Yes, but ...."

"Then now is the time. Just by thinking about it, and wanting it, makes you a 'cocksucker.' All that's left is to follow through and do it! ... Touch my cock, Ron. Point it at your mouth. Think about 'it' being in your mouth, and ... when I'll cum!!!"

Ron reached up and lightly touched my shaft. Then he pointed it at his mouth. Again, he starred.

"Kiss the tip. Approach that 'line!' Feel yourself become 'gay!!'"

Ron leaned closer and kissed the tip of my cock. It was brief, but it still felt good.

"Kiss it again."

Ron kiss my cock again.

"When you're ready, let just the head in. Savor every step you take. Once you let it in you mouth, you've crossed that line. It's something that can never be undone. You will forever be a cocksucker!, just like me. I've sucked a cock, your cock! Now it's your turn. Do you feel the significance of it all? Do you still want to discover?"

Ron whispered softly, "Yes."

A moment later, I felt his lips touch my shaft just below the head. It was only a few moments later, and Ron had half of my penis in his mouth. It felt fantastic. Now we were both cocksuckers, and on our way to becoming totally "gay!"

"Oh, Ron! That feels so good!" Ron moaned. He sounded happy to finally be sucking a cock. He took me in deeply and then just held me there, deep in his mouth. Then he began a rhythmic motion of stroking with his lips and slightly sucking with his mouth. I loved everything he was doing to me. Exquisite sensations surged through my body. I loved every moment. "Ron, I've never felt anything this good before. Oh! You're good!! This is amazing!!!" Ron continued sending erotic pleasures through me. It was too good, and in just a few minutes, I could feel my orgasm starting to build. "Ron, you're gonna make me cum if you continue."

Ron let me slip from his mouth and said, "I want you to cum. Don't hold back!"

WOW!!! Was this the same Ron who wasn't sure just minutes ago? And now I'm gonna cum in his mouth!!! I knew it was his fantasy too, … But, ... WOW!!!

Then it began ... In my toes and in my chest I felt incredible pleasure, and the sensations raced quickly to my balls and cock. I gently placed my hands on his head, and then I came!!! Three strong blasts of pleasure shot through me, as my cum surged and pulsed into Ron's mouth! Then two more blasts, followed by a weaker sixth and seventh release. I couldn't remember the last time I came that hard! Ron just held me between his lips as I unloaded my sperm filled cum in his mouth. It was wonderful. I was in an amazing place savoring an incredible orgasm, and a warm loving mouth cradling my now softening penis. A minute or more passed, then Ron let me slip from his mouth, and my first blow-job from a man was over.

"Oh Ron!, that was amazing!!!"

I couldn't move. I was drained, but trapped in an intense place of sexual satisfaction. When I had finally softened, Ron let me slip from his mouth.

"Let me return the favor."

We stood up to trade places. Before Ron sat down, we kissed. It was an uncontrollable passionate kiss between lovers. After our lips touched, Ron shared some of my cum with me! Amazing!!

Ron sat where I had, and I moved between his legs. Usually I have a desire drop off too. But this was so different. I was on an emotional high, and I wanted to make Ron cum! And I wanted him to cum in my mouth!!

Ron's erection was strong and firm. I gently pointed it at my mouth. It still looked so good. It seemed strange for just a moment, as I thought about the fact that I was about to suck a cock to completion! What would it feel like? What would it taste like? Would I swallow? Would it be exciting and satisfying as I'd imagined?

"Ed, I'm close. Sucking you just about made me cum. It's amazing! I want you to cross that line to be 'gay' too! I know you want it as much as I did, maybe more. Do 'it' Ed, suck my cock and I'll cum in your mouth just as you've fantasized! My cum will make you 'GAY!'"

The erotic talk was exciting, and a chill passed through me, he's gonna cum in my mouth!! I opened my mouth, and closed my lips around Ron's shaft. Another chill and an erotic wave of passion made my head spin. Then I thought about the cock in my mouth, it felt natural and good. Exciting, and at the same time wild and forbidden!

"Oh ya Ed!! That's it!"

I continued my movements, and Ron continued to sigh. Up and down, up and down. I flicked my tongue over the head collecting precum, and initiating more sighs and comments of pleasure. Then it started ...

"Oh Ed, I'm .... OH ... CUMMMMMIINNNGGGG!!!"

I felt Ron's cock expand just a bit, and the slightest moment later, my mouth was flooded with a warm slick fluid. I tried to seal my lips around the shaft as I was being "spermed!" It felt so amazingly wet. It tasted slightly like almonds, yet very different. But, it was knowing I made Ron cum, his sperm was in my mouth, and that I was now a "gay cocksucker" that made my head spin, and my heart beat faster. My own cock was hard again. Erotic pleasure sensations were shooting through me as I swallowed Ron's essence. We had merged. I held Ron in my mouth until he was soft. Then I let him slip from my mouth. I moved up to his face. He hugged me and I felt our cocks rub together as we kissed again!, Man to Man, and sharing our cum!!
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My Friend Ron,His Mom,and Neighbors 3

Ron stood naked in front of his neighbors,his young cock rock hard and sticking straight out. He couldn't believe that Sandy was standing there in a sheer white nightgown,letting him see her hot naked body.

"You have a beautiful cock for a young man." Sandy told him licking her lips starting at his slender young cock with the large mushroomed shaped head.

"Thank are very beautiful too!" Ron replied. With the exception of his Mom,this was the first time he had ever seen a woman's naked body.
"Hey what are you doing? I don't want my picture taken when I'm naked!" Ron said as John got the camera out.

"Remember what I said Ron? If you don't do everything we tell you,we call the cops and your Mom,then you go to jail for window peeking!! John spoke in a stern voice.

Sandy had slipped her nightie off and except for her high heels she was naked. "It's okay Ron the pictures we take are for our private collection and no one else will see them. If you are a good boy I will suck your cock and let you fuck me.Would you like that Ronnie?"

Ron was shocked at what she had just said. He stuttered as he he quickly replied yes,yes,yes. Still staring at her beautiful naked body. His young cock twitching around wildly.

John gave the camera to Sandy and she started taking pics of Ron. He posed as she directed him to and loved the way she talked about his cock. Ron didn't even notice John taking his clothes off until he moved up beside him. Ron gasped and his eyes widened seeing Johns huge hard cock jutting out from his muscular body. John's thick heavy veined, fat cock was twice as big as his and as big around as his wrist.

"Ohhhhhhhh, I love taking pics of two beautiful cocks!!!" Sandy said snapping a few photos. "My pussy is so wet Ron,thinking about you and John both fucking me! Have you ever been with a woman except your Mom?"

"No...........hey....what are you talking about my Mom?" He asked his face turning bright red.

"Well,we were not outside window peeking,but there has been several times when your blinds have been open. It's okay Ron your secret is safe with us." John told him moving closer, so their cocks touched. His massive cock dwarfing Ron's slender five inch cock.

Ron did enjoy the feeling of their hard cocks rubbing together as Sandy took pics.He moaned out loud as John reached down and rubbed his young cock,pressing them tightly together,stroking them.

Sandy told them how hot it was watching them. "Ron if you suck John's cock for me,I will suck yours!"

"I...I..I can't do that!" Ron replied thinking what it would be like to suck his huge cock.

Sandy put the camera down,the hidden video camera was still taping.Moving in front of Ron she took his hands and put them on her firm round tits. letting the young teen fondle every inch of her snow white flesh and rub and pull on her small hard nipples.

Ron's cock was covered with pre-cum as he explored her tits.They were bigger Than his Moms,but her nipples were smaller.Like long pencil erasers stilling straight out.

Putting her hands on his shoulders she pushed him down,telling him to get on his knees. Ron looked wide eyed at her pussy right in front of his face,her pink puffy cunt lips glistened with her cunt juices. He could smell the sweet fragrance of her pussy.

Sandy stepped away and John moved over in front of Ron,rubbing the huge head of his massive cock against his lips. Ron was scared and excited feeling his sticky rubbery head rubbing against his mouth.

"Suck his cock for me Ron and you can do anything you want to me! Anything!!!! I am a very nasty woman.!! Suck his cock Ronnie!!!" She put her head on his head.

Ron opened his mouth wide as the smooth rubbery head slid between his lips.he started sucked on John's big cock,enjoying the feel and taste.He looked at Sandy lust contorted face,watching him sucking her husbands huge cock.She was moaning and rubbing her wet pussy watching them. Ron was surprised at how much he was enjoying sucking cock. He gagged as The older man crammed more of his fat cock into his mouth.

Sandy grabbed the camera and used the rest of the roll taking pics of Ron sucking his first of many cocks. She was sure their group of swingers would welcome him with open arms and legs.

Ron fought back the gag reflex and was able to get more than half of John's long fat cock into his mouth. John had his hands on his head and was actually fucking his mouth.

"I can't take anymore John,it's my turn. Let's go into the bedroom now.... Continue»
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Ruining Ron

“Jesus H. Christ, don’t you ever knock?” Ron grumbled.

I had walked into his bedroom to find my housemate and co-worker having a little before-dinner wank. Our wives were downstairs, and I’d been at my desk, struggling with some schematics we’d been working on at work that day. Thinking I had finally understood what was baffling us, I burst into Ron’s bedroom to tell him the news. And, in the process found him sitting on the bed with a bulging cock in his hand, and some skin magazines spread next to him.

I’m a good observer and a quick thinker, so it wasn’t lost on me that Ron had not yelled at me to leave, and still had a death grip on his pecker, which was drooling pre-cum down the back of his hand.

“Whoa—that’s some skanky looking stuff you got there,” I observed casting a leisurely eye over the photo array of some woman deep-throating a huge black cock.

Two steps took me across the room. I quickly knelt in front of Ron and licked his cock-head, precisely once. A stream of jizz exploded into my face, and Ron gripped his prick, eyes squeezed tightly shut, until his immense orgasm spent itself.

Next, he was on his feet, both fists clenched. “What the fuck did you do that for? What are you, some kind of queer?” he demanded. Now, I know Ron well enough to know he has a bad temper. Once I saw him cock a pistol and stick the muzzle right into a guy’s ear, during an altercation at work. But clenched fists or no, a man looks pretty helpless standing with his pants around his ankles and a softening cock dripping into his underpants. So I laughed. “Just making up for interrupting you,” I smiled, “And I’d been wondering if someone else’s spunk would taste the same as my own. Doesn’t, quite.” “Whatever. Just get out of here,” he grumbled, and as I left he kicked the door shut behind me.

Things were pretty tense at the dinner table that night, and the women did not have a clue. Ron was beet-red, and hyperventilating. I was pale and shaky. “A little difference of opinion,” I told the women. “We’re still friends. Right, Ronnie?” Bending low over his plate, he muttered, “Yeah.”

This had happened on a Friday, and we didn’t see much of Ron or Patty over the weekend, although we certainly heard them. Apparently he was attempting to prove to himself that he really was still a man. I’d never heard them fuck so hard, so long or so loudly before, and Monday morning when Patty left for work, she was actually walking a bit funny.

Meg and I didn’t do so badly ourselves in the bedroom, although we also managed to get out of the house for our usual weekend errands, and even a dinner out. …

Ron and I managed to avoid each other at work Monday, and it wasn’t until late in the shift Tuesday that we talked, having a smoke outside after all the day shift people had left. “About Friday,” I started tentatively. “You know I just did that as a goof, just to fuck with your head.” He took a long drag on his cigarette and sighed as he exhaled it. “I know. But what troubles me is how I haven’t been able to get it off my mind. Patty and I must have worked off five pounds each, fucking and sucking over the weekend. But I still couldn’t get my mind off…that.”

As he said that, I noticed that he appeared to have a raging hard-on. “Swear to God, I’m not queer.” Ron said. “But … oh, shit. I want you to suck it again.” “What?” He took a deep breath, and the next words came out in a hoarse whisper: “I want you to suck my cock again.”

It wasn’t exactly a request. He had undone the button of his jeans, and was unzipping them as he finished asking. A little downward pull, and his dick sprang free of his briefs. Ron is from a gypsy background, olive skinned and with dark hair—and plenty of body hair. I’d never realized a man could grow hair on his cock shaft, but there it was. I chuckled to myself as it occurred to me that all the screwing he’d done over the weekend had not worn off any of it.

I don’t go in for measuring pricks; that’s a silly schoolboy practice, and a source of vanity for too many men. Suffice it to say that Ron’s cock, when it was fully hard, was long enough that I could grip it with both hands and still have the head sticking out. And a pretty thick handful, too.

Before Friday night, I had never touched another man’s penis before. Still, it had always occurred to me that a man can probably suck cock more skillfully than a woman. After all, women have no inkling of what the man is feeling. And most of them actually suck, which can be pretty painful. What I’ve always liked when getting head was a light touch, lots of tongue, and the lips curled over the teeth when face-fucking. That’s what Ronnie got from me. I started tonguing the base of his shaft, working on the balls a bit. Just to keep things from being too serious, I blew a raspberry on his scrotum. That surprised Ron and made him laugh, but his cock continued to get stiffer. After a few minutes of my licking up and down his shaft, he was so hard that his dick stood straight up against his abdomen. In hindsight, I realize how impressive that was. We were both about 30 at this time, and I’ve since learned that most men lose the muscle tone involved in getting one of those rocket-cock erections by the time they are in their twenties.

It didn’t surprise me that Ron was moaning and groaning as I worked him over, but having him encourage me verbally was a surprise. “God, that’s it…suck me Billy…make me come all over you…yes…suck my cock…faster.” As I knelt in front of him, I was aware of Ron’s swaying, his knees getting weak, and of my own prick starting to drool pre-cum into my shorts. He then started petting the back of my crew-cut head, drew back far enough to get himself properly aligned, and started fucking my mouth. I gagged a bit the first few times he thrust into me, then learned how to swallow as he plunged into my wide stretched mouth.

Luckily we wear work uniforms, and I keep at least one clean change of clothes at the shop. I guess Ron couldn’t decide whether I wanted to swallow his load, because he pulled back just as he came, shooting a huge nut all over my face and navy blue work shirt. At the same time, I spontaneously came in my pants, even though I had not even touched my own prick. When he finally caught his breath, Ron laughed out loud, “Man, you look like Monica after a session with Bill.” I was effectively blinded by the face full of man goop I’d received. “Remind me to wear my safety glasses if we ever do that again,” I joked. All the while I am thinking to myself, “If. Yeah, that would be sweet, but don’t count on it.” I wasn’t exactly ready to leave Meg, move to San Francisco and become an interior decorator, but I knew this was something I wanted to do again and again, and hopefully with Ron. He didn’t say much for a long time, and then mused, “You are really something, you know that?”

... Continue»
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My friend Ron,his Mom and neighbors.

I befriended Ron where we worked at the grocery store. He was a little different and didn't seem to have any friends. I was dating several of the girls who worked there and Ron didn't even have a girlfriend at all. I found out why the first night I spent the night at his house.

I woke up in the middle of the night and he was playing with my cock.When I moaned out loud he jerked his hand away and pretended to be asl**p.He was very excited when I turned around and took his slender hard cock into my mouth. We sucked each others cocks 3 times that night and again in the morning. My cock was quite a bit bigger than his,but he had no problem taking it balls deep in his mouth.

The next night I stayed at his house again after we got off work. His recently divorced mom was passed out d***k on the couch.She was wearing a little white silk robe,showing a lot of cleveage her big nipples poking out against the thin fabric and her long tan legs. Ron told me she drank a lot since their break up.We were 16 and she was in her 40s,very beautiful and with a very hot body.

I told Ron he had a very hot,sexy mom. Since we were sucking each others cocks he trusted me and asked me if I wanted to see his mom naked.We picked her up and carried her to her bedroom,Ron said not to worry about her waking up when she was drinking. He did things to her every time she drank. Laying her carefully on the bed,Ron pulled her robe open exposing her sexy naked body. Her firm jutting breasts stood up from her chest. Her large dark brown nipples were as big around as my thumb and stuck out almost an inch from the smooth snow white flesh. Ron said she wore a 34C bra. Her belly was flat and smooth and her dark brown cunt hair was bushy and formed a large triangle between her legs. Ron moved her long well formed legs apart so we could see her pink fleshy cunt lips. My cock was rock hard looking at his naked mom.

At Ron's encouragement we both explored her tanalizing curves with our hands and mouth. She moaned as I rubbed her thick swollen clit. I was concerned about her waking up,but Ron assured me she would not.We both slipped out clothes off and Ron got on his knees sucking my cock as I finger fucked her wet slippery pussy. He put his hands on my ass pulling me closer swallowing all of my cock.I couldn't believe I was playing with his moms pretty pussy and fucking his mouth.

I pulled my cock from his mouth telling him I didn't want to cum so quick and I was so close. We got on each side of her and rubbed our cock against her sexy mouth. Ron stuck his cock between her lips and slowly fucked his moms lips.Telling me he did this all the time and would cum on her face.he pulled his cock from her mouth telling me to try it. I pushed my hard fat cock into his moms wet warm mouth and her tongue moved over the head. I told him we should go to his room and he eagerly agreed.I was afraid she might wake up and we would be in big trouble. We gathered up our clothes and went into his room.

He crawled on top of me and I licked the pre-cum from the mushroomed shaped head. He swirled his tongue all over the head of my cock then slid his tongue up and down the shaft.When we started sucking each others cocks we both came within minutes. I loved the feel and taste of his young cum and he couldn't get enough of my cock.

Later he showed me his collection of polaroid pics of his naked mom. She had a great looking ass also. Some of the pics showed Ron's cock in her mouth and her face and pussy covered with cum. We went back into her room and played with her some more. Ron convinced me she never woke up,no matter what he did to her. He pulled hard on her long thick nipples, stretching the brown rubbery flesh lifting her snow white tits up.

Our young cocks were rock hard and we took turns fucking her mouth and big hairy pussy. I swear she was sucking on my cock when she had it in her mouth,but Ron said she did that but never woke up.I told Ron I was going to cum and he said to cum in his mouth.I pulled my cock from his moms mouth and shoved it in his mouth.He eagerly sucked my squirting cock swallowing all of my cum. I sucked his cock again tasting his moms delicious cunt juice.... Continue»
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My friend Ron,his Mom and neighbors.

Ron and I were laying in bed giving our cocks a rest. Ron made me promise not to tell anyone about what he was going to tell me. I did thinking we had just fucked around with his hot mom,so what else could there be.

Ron was even younger when this happened.One night when he was outside he just happen to see into his neighbors window. The bedroom blinds were open and he could see his neighbor Sandy slipping her dress off. His young virgin cock was rock hard seeing the beautiful blonde in her tiny,sexy white lace bra and panties.

He had his cock out stroking it watching her take off her bra and panties. Sandy was a very beautiful woman and her body a physical delight. Ron watched her lay on the bed and play with herself as he jacked off outside her window.

He watched her three nights a in a row and even watched her and her husband having sex.He couldn't believe how huge his cock was and how easy she took it. Watching them was sex ed 101 for Ron.

The forth night Ron had just pulled his young hard cock from his shorts watching Sandy strip. All of a sudden her husband had a hold of his arm and was calling him a little pervert. Ron's heart and stomach traded places as he pulled him inside their house. He was so scared his cock went instantly soft and he tried to put it back in his shorts,but John would not let him.

Sandy came out into the f****y room wearing a sheer little whit nightie. Ron could see her beautiful naked body through the sheer fabric.He was surprised that she was dressed like this in front of him.He could not control his cock slowly rising up from seeing her hard nipples and pussy close up. She was obvious about looking at his cock.

John told him that he was in big trouble and he was going to call the police and his mom. He would make that every one new what a pervert he was.Ron begged them not to call his mom and the police saying he would do anything. He was so scared,tears ran down his cheeks. John and Sandy talked back and fourth telling him he might even have to go to jail.

Sandy finally said that since Ron had seen her naked,she wanted to see him naked.That and he had to do whatever they told him. He quickly agreed unable to take his eyes from her pussy beneath the sheer gown.Her blonde silky cunt hair was neatly trimmed to about a one inch strip.

Ron slipped his shirts off,then pulled his shorts and boxers down at the same time. His small slender cock stood straight out,precum leaked ... Continue»
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Patti Petite, Ron Jeremy, and my first wild crazy

I love women! I love asses! I love my ass! So, the following true story is near and dear to my heart, or cock, or maybe they are the same ;)
She was my employee, she was older, she overweight, she was rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. So when she and I were talking in my office and she suggested that she suck my cock, I gladly accepted of course. She gasped when she saw my big cock and dove for it. That wasn't unusual in those days; I was young, hung, horny and not bad looking. Her reaching down with a finger and trying to find my asshole was though. I had fucked a couple of girls up the ass, with mainly disappointing results. They weren't too crazy about me getting them ready with my tongue for the hour or so that I could spend there and the lube at the time was not enough to comfortably jam my hard dick into those sweet holes. Back to the pussy. She found my asshole swiftly and started to finger it vigorously while she sucked as best as she could. Not the best, although her enthusiasm never waned despite her inability of taking my cock more than 1/2 way down. Her finger sure in the fuck felt good though and I could not help but cum in her mouth after about 15 minutes of her attention. She seemed to go crazy and them move up and went straight for my face. Before I knew it, I was sharing my cum with her. What a nasty fucking bitch!! I was hard again in 30 seconds. With limited possibilities in the office, I made plans to meet her later that night.
I showed up at her place at the appointed time. She had just gotten home and wanted a bath so I joined her, feeling her big tits and fingering her ass, returning her favor to me. When I moved to her pussy, she chased me away. She had not interest in that since her operation. She just wanted ass attention. No fucking problem I thought with all the tight ass bitches I had fucked in the past coming to mind. About time I found an ass whore! I stood up to get out of the tub, but before I could step out she grabbed my hips, turn me around and started to worship my ass. She took awhile before she circle in on my asshole and them dove in with such abandon that you would think that my asshole was fucking cookie dough ice cream. It was fucking exciting for someone not accustom to such attention and when she started to insert one, then two fingers inside, I squirmed in excitement. She made sure I looked back to see her pull her fingers out and suck them dry.
I have always loved porn and back at this time in the 80's videos had become easily available and I loved anal. We got out of the tub and I put on my latest vid that had Patti Petite, one of the original hot fucking pro ass whores.
Ron Jeremy was not quite as detested as he is these days and my new ass obsessed lady had never seen such a cock or a slut take it up the ass like Patti. She wanted to fuck my cock so she could still have sex while keeping up with the action on screen. I added a finger to her sucking ass to make sure she didn't feel neglected. Diane had told be that her boyfriend ( he was out of town ) only fuck only her ass and she loved it but she had never seen a cock like mine or Ron's. She had every intention of fucking me, but her boyfriend was really small and she gasped seeing how deep Ron was fucking little Patti's ass sucking asshole. I think she getting nervous about fucking a much bigger cock than she was accustomed to, so I switched her gaze to my fingered asshole.! She withdrew her fingers ( it was two by this time ) slowly licked them before shoving the down her throat and then once again lavished tongue worship on my needy asshole. I had played with and penetrated my asshole since my early masturbation days, but anal attention for men or women was much less common in those days. After about 15 minutes of her eating and fingering my ass while jerking on my bulging dick, I pull her face around, gave her a deep kiss ( I was a nasty fucker too ), and flipped her over to her stomach. She did have a bad habit of farting at work, so I keep my face out of the situation and just started to loosen her asshole with one, then two, and then 3 fingers. She had trouble with that, but I made sure she was still watching Patti suck up that big cock for inspiration. She fucking was inspired, but reality is reality and when I start to penetrate her asshole, she was only capable of taking a little at a time. As Ron got deeper though, so did I and continued to inch down when she hadn't pulled me out of her ass to blow me grinning wickedly as she did so. Being young, I got inpatient and just fucking rammed her to my balls after one of her ATM breaks. She literally screamed, but I didn't pull back and before long she was pushing her ass back at me trying to get as much of my hard fucking root as possible. I had always seen porn scenes end with a facial and so when I was reaching my climax after 30 or forty minutes of hard ass fucking and started to pull out, she reached back and pull me back in. Cum in my fat ass, cum in my fat ass she demanded. Fuck, I should did!! Buckets of cum and when I back just out, added more on her gaping hole and rubbed it around with my cock before shoving my still hard cock back to the hilt. She then begged me to retrieve my deposit from her asshole and feed it to her. She didn't warn me about the coming kiss after a couple of cum lick minutes but she planted a hot fucking nasty ass cum kiss that last 5 minutes. When that broke up, I quickly grabbed my clothes, got dressed, left and never came back.
... Continue»
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How mom made him state champ pt 5

"So how many fights does he have left until state?" Gail asked.

"Three I think." Michelle said, sipping on a glass of water.

Michelle was wearing pale-pink two-piece string bikini. The bottoms were cut so low they just barely covered her mommy-muffin and the top, well lets just say there were tits oozing out all over.

"So you've sucked his cock and balls, he's humped your tits and smooched with your pooch, what the hell's left. The only thing you two haven't done is fucked?" Gail giggled.

Michelle watched out the sliding glass door as her husband and son played in the pool.

"I have a couple ideas." Michelle said, gazing out at her son's glistening body as it splash about.

"Here's an idea, how 'bout I come stay with you for a couple of days. We can keep him home from school and drain his balls." Gail said.

"Thanks, but I think I can handle this one on my own, s*s." She said.

Jacob got out of the pool and ran inside, toweling himself off.

"Having fun out there, handsome?" Michelle asked.

"Yeah. I thought you were gonna come swim?" He asked.

"I am I was just chatting with Aunt Gail. Here, say hi." She said, handing him the phone.

"Hi Aunt Gail." Jacob said.

"Hey there stud. Heard you enjoyed your little rest stop this morning" Gail said.

"Yeah, it was cool." Jacob said.

As he spoke on the phone Michelle stepped up behind him and began to gently rub his shoulders with her soft hands. She was finding it more and more difficult to keep her hands off of him.

"I had fun last night. You're a hard one to resist, sweetheart." She said.

"Thanks." He said.

Michelle glanced out the window at her husband as he swam laps across the pool. She pulled Jacob away from the sliding glass door so that her husband couldn't see them if he were to look, backing him against the kitchen counter. Her tits kissed his back as she wrapped her arms around him and began running her hands across his muscular chest.

"You know, I was thinking, I know after you win state you're gonna be pretty busy making your mom scream, but if you can pull yourself away from her I'd like you to come stay with me for a week." Gail said.

Michelle began to plant light sensual little kisses along her son's neck. Her hand crept down beneath the waistband of his shorts and she combed her long nails through his pubic fuzz.

Jacob felt one of his mom's bare feet begin to gently slide up his calf as she loved on him.

"The girls are always gone and your Uncle Ron works long hours so it would just be the two of us most of the day. Would you like that?" Gail asked.

"Yeah, that would be fun." Jacob said.

"I heart you, Jacob." Gail said softly.

"I love you too, Aunt Gail." He muttered.

As Michelle was handed back the phone she moved around to the front of her son, facing him. He hand grasped the waistband of his shorts, holding it like a harness as she brought the phone to her ear. "Making plans are we?" She asked her s****r.

"I just thought Jacob might like to come spend some time with his Auntie after he becomes state champion." Gail said.

"Well I have a strange suspicion that when Mr. Jacob wins the state championship he won't wanna wander far from home for a while." Michelle said, staring into her son's eyes.

Michelle heard her husband come in the sliding door and let go of her son's shorts. She continued to gaze at him for a moment. He mouth fell open slightly and Jacob could see her tongue fluttering inside.

"Honey, do we have any sandwich meat?" Her husband called out.

"I better go, s*s. I have two hungry boys to feed." Michelle said.

After lunch Jacob and his father became engrossed in the Saturday afternoon baseball game. Michelle, still in her skimpy bikini, got up from the sofa and strolled towards the sliding glass door.

"Well, boys, I think I'm gonna go out for a swim." She said.

Jacob watched her strut towards the door. Her big soft ass cheeks peeked from beneath the skimpy bikini bottoms and swayed gently from side to side. He knew it was an open invitation for him to come out and play.

"Actually, dad, I'm not too into the game. I think I'll go back out and swim with mom." He said.

"Suit yourself." His father said, chomping on his popcorn.

When Jacob got outside Michelle was already in the pool. She was floating over on the deep end with only her pretty little head poking out of the water.

"Hi." She said, in a flirty little tone.

"Hi." Jacob said as he walked down the steps into the water.

"You're so cute. Like a little puppy-dog who just wants to be with its momma. Come here." She said in a sweet motherly way.

Jacob swam over to the deep end where Michelle latched on, throwing her legs and arms around him. Jacob kept them both afloat as Michelle hung onto him. Hovering slightly above him, Jacob's mom brushed the wet hair from his eyes.

"Ohhh, momma's big strong wrestling stud. You gonna hold me and show me what a man you are?" She said.

"I could hold you forever." Jacob said, feeling his mom's big wet boobs against his chest.

"Careful what you wish for, sweet-baby" She smiled.

"So what do I get if I win my next match?" Jacob asked.

"It's a surprise this time. I will tell you this though...if you win, that big boner in your shorts is gonna be very, very happy." Michelle said.

Jacob giggled a little.

"What's so funny?" Michelle smiled.

"It's just funny to hear my own mom say the word 'boner' that's all." He said.

"Yeah, well it wasn't so hilarious this morning when your own mom had her lips wrapped around your boner at the rest stop now was it?" Michelle said.

"No, there was nothing funny about that." He answered.

Michelle glared into his eyes with a naughty little smile.

"BONER." She said, watching his reaction.

A little shiver went through Jacob's body...and speaking of boner his was wedged against his mom's nest as her legs coiled around him. "That is so cool." He smiled.

Michelle giggled at his reaction, then got a serious look.

"Watch my lips...are you watching?" She asked.

Jacob nodded as he watched his mom's big pouty lips slowly parted. There was a long pause before Michelle spouted it out.

"BONER." She said in her sweet little voice.

She giggled as she felt her son's reaction. She hugged him tightly, bringing her lips to his ear.

"Boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, boner, BONER!...My Boner." She whispered.

Jacob suddenly slipped out of her arms, playfully dunking under the water. Michelle let out a little yelp as she tried to hang onto him.

He resurfaced near the shallow end laughing at her.

"You come back here young man." She said, starting off after him.

When she got near him Jacob dove under again going right between his mom's legs. Michelle screamed playfully as she was lifted out of the water on her son's shoulders. She squeezed her thighs tightly around her son's head, her big wet boob's wobbling, nearly popping out of her bikini top.

"You little shit." She laughed.

Michelle glanced at the house to make sure her husband wasn't watching.

"You bad-boy, you just wanted your head between my fucking legs." She said.

"You got it." Jacob said.

"Oh, you wanna play naughty...huh. Does my baby wanna play naughty?" She asked.

Michelle quickly slid down her son's back and snatched onto him from behind, clutching her arms and legs around him like a spider. Pulling him back they both went under to their necks.

In a flash Michelle's hand slipped into her son's shorts and grasped his cock. With a tight grip at the base she immediately started jerking him off, pulling the loose skin up and down his shaft.

"Is my baby horny...huh? Is his big dick all hard and horny?" She hissed.

"It always is when I'm around you." Jacob answered.

"Swim to the other side with me." She said.

Jacob followed his mom to the other side of the pool. At that end there was a built in seat about half way down the side wall of the pool. A place where a person could sit yet still be neck deep in the water.

"Take off your trunks." Michelle said.

"But what about dad?" Jacob questioned.

"Even if he did pull himself away from the game, he can't see this part of the pool from the back door. If he comes out we'll hear him, now are you gonna take off those trunks, mister, or do I have to?" Michelle asked.

Jacob slid his shorts off and Michelle reached under and undid her bikini bottoms.

"Climb up in the seat." Michelle said.

Jacob lifted himself up and slid back into the contoured pool-seat. He sat back so that only his head poked out above the water. Like a floating Goddess, Michelle's body ascended up over Jacob's legs. He saw her naked ass peek from the water, then he watched as his mom straddled him, her bare mommy-muffin resting right against his rock-hard shaft.

Michelle lay right up against him, throwing her arms around his neck. Her big tit-sacks flattened like soft dough onto his chest as she brought her face up close to his.

"See, he can't even see us." She said reassuringly.

It was true. The seat was tucked down into a private area of the pool, surrounded by ledge so that a person would have to actually be in the pool or standing at the other side to see them.

"You've had girls over. You can't tell me you've never hidden over here and made-out with them." Michelle said.

"Naw, those girls were too scared to do anything like that." Jacob said.

"Unlike your mother who can't keep her hands off of you...So what about it handsome...wanna make-out with Mom?" Michelle smiled.

"You have to ask?" Jacob said.

Michelle giggled then tilted her head a little as she brought her lips to Jacobs. The two of them began to kiss sensually. Their tongues slipped from their mouths and began a slow intimate dance.

Michelle could feel her son's cock flexing against her quim. She began to gently move her hips, crushing the meat of his spear into her genitals. Before long Jacob could feel the flesh of his mom's labia dragging up and down the length of his rod.

Gradually their kissing became deeper and more a****l-like, panting and rolling their tongues wildly together. By now Jacob was getting used to how fast his mom's tongue could move. In the beginning Michelle's pink snake could flutter circles around his before he even had time to respond. Now, from all the practice Jacob was becoming a little make-out specialist. When her tongue rolled, his rolled with it. When her tongue flailed, his was right there battering back at it.

"Holy shit he's getting good." Michelle thought, as she felt the strength of his tongue twisting with hers. For twenty solid minutes they went at it with tongues wrestling, hips rolling and tits wobbling. By now Michelle's labia were d****d down the sides of Jacob's cock so his rock-hard shaft slid along the opening to her hungry vagina, crushing her clit.

This brought on the inevitable as Michelle's body began to quiver.

"Oh Jacob!" She quietly squealed, her face beginning it's cute little contortion.

Michelle's hips went into overdrive as a huge orgasm began to overtake her. She buried her face in her son's neck, which muffled a series of cunt-quivering screams.

As his mom bucked around on top of him Jacob smiled to himself. He wondered how many other boys were spending their weekend making their moms cum.

Michelle came back down from her orgasmic cloud. Her hips had slowed, but continued to roll. Up and back. Up and back.

"Oh my God." She sighed, still struggling to catch her breath.

"Mom." Jacob asked.

"Yes, love." She said.

"Can I please just put it inside you?" He asked, his cock aching.

"I think you know the answer to that, sweetie." Michelle said.

"I'll win state, I swear to God. If I don't win you can ground me for a year." Jacob said.

"Why, so you can stay home with me. Like that's a punishment." Michelle giggled, her hips still undulating. Up and back. Up and back.

"No...Jacob Little, when you and I finally make love it's going to be more than just a five minute frolic in the pool." Michelle said. She put her face up against her son's so their foreheads were touching. She stared straight into his eyes, her hips still working their magic. Up and back. Up and back.

"It's going to be absolute magic. It'll happen the morning after your big night. It'll start like any other morning. Breakfast at the table with your father, you and I sharing our secret little glances. One thing will be different though. You're father will leave for work, but you won't be going anywhere. I'm afraid the big fight has left you soar to go to school." Michelle whispered.

Jacob's heart began to pound with excitement as he listened to his mom's voice, staring straight into those seductive brown eyes.

"After I see your father out and lock the doors behind him, you'll be waiting for me at the foot of the stairs. You'll be naked and your cock will be iron-hard and pulsing with excitement, like it is now. As I turn to you, I'll let my dainty little robe slip off my shoulders and I come to you as naked as the day I gave birth to you." She said.

Jacob could feel his balls begin to boil as his mom's voice send electric jolts through his body. Her cunt smothered his dick, gliding up and back, up and back.

"When I meet you and our hands come together, sparks will fly. As I look you in the eyes I'll say to you five simple words. JACOB, TAKE ME TO BED!" She said.

It was all Jacob could take. He felt the flood gates open and a torrent of sperm rocket through his shaft.

"OH GOD MOM, I'M CUMMING!" He groaned.

Once again Michelle's hips went into to overdrive, grinding against her son. She brought her lips to his ear as she felt his cock pulse.

"We'll fuck, sweetie...we'll fuck on mommy's big soft bed. WE'LL FUCK LIKE RABBITS!" She squealed.

This time it was Jacob who planted his face in his mom's neck, grunting with each powerful cock-blast.

Michelle wasn't far behind him. Her body began to convulse against his.

"Oh, sweetie!" Michelle's voice squeaked.

Time stood still and all that existed were throbbing, pulsing genitals. Jacob could feel the warmth of his mother's excretion as his own organ squirted thick clouds of potent baby-batter. Together they rode the wave of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

Things were certainly different now between Jacob and his mom. Even during their day to day routine Michelle would do little things like squeeze Jacob's cock through his shorts.

"How's my penis?" She'd ask.

"Is he anxious to fuck?" She'd ask candidly.

Often times Michelle would give her son little flashes of her ass or pussy, even with his father in the same room. There were lots of tit-squashing hugs, lots of slow sensual kisses and lots and lots of flirty little winks.

One night around midnight, after her husband was fast asl**p. Michelle slipped out of bed. She threw on a sexy little silk robe and tip-toed down to her son's room. Once there she peeked inside and found Jacob on his bed completely naked and stroking his big boner.

He eye's were closed and he had headphone's on. Michelle could hear the beat of a rock tune. She slipped inside his room and quietly leaned against the door at the foot of his bed watching him.

Her eyes traveled down the big meaty fuck-stick admiring it's impressive length. It looked so young and powerful. Jacob's big hairless balls bounced as his fist flew up and down his teenaged dong.

Michelle's knees quivered at the thought of having such a big strong boner inside of her. Jacob's eyes suddenly flew open and his hand stopped at he stared at his mom.

"Holy shit, mom. You scared me." He said.

"It's a little past your bedtime there horn-dog." She smiled.

"Sorry, I was practicing something." He said.

"Yeah, I can see that." Michelle smiled.

"I read in a magazine how a guy can go longer without coming." He said.

"Really?" Michelle said with interest.

She came over and sat at the foot of the bed.

"Show me." She said.

Jacob's cock was still glistening with pre-cum. He grabbed it and started stroking f***efully again.

"They said if you think about something else while your doing it you can go longer." He said.

"Yeah right. Sweetie when you look up and see tits swinging above your face you won't be thinking about something me." She said.

Michelle reached over and grabbed the lotion Jacob had sitting by his side. She squirted some onto her hand.

"How 'bout I teach you a better way?" She said.

"Okay." He said.

"I want you to pin your balls back against your ass so the skin on your penis gets nice and tight." She said.

Jacob slid his fist down and squashed his scrotum against his ass. His cock was now a perfect fuck-stick jutting straight upward, capped by a bulging pink helmet.

Michelle's tiny hand clasped its meaty target. She gently began to stroke up and down its length.

"There are two things you need to remember when having sex. You fuck until you get close. You grind until it subsides. Simple as pie." She said.

"What do you mean by grind?" Jacob asked.

"When your penis gets close to orgasm you go as far inside the vagina as you can, hold it there and do a little grinding motion back and forth. If a woman's on top she'll usually do the grinding for you." Michelle said.

Jacob watched his mom's hand, like the hand of a seasoned professional working her magic on his cock. Michelle was a lefty and Jacob chuckled to himself as he watched his mom's shiny silver wedding ring glide up and down. She squeezed hard on his cock being cautious not to jab him with her long painted nails.

Jacob was already beginning to feel his balls boil.

"Oh wow, I feeling good already." He announced.

"Fuck my hand as long as you can, sweetheart." She said.

After a half-dozen dick-milking strokes, Michelle felt Jacob's cock flex.

"Okay, I'm really close." He said.

"Grind." Michelle said, sliding her hand to the base of her son's cock.

His hips rose from the mattress a little as he felt his mother's grasp holding back the torrent.

"With your length you'll probably be able to plow the head of a woman's cervix. It'll feel a little like this." Michelle said, lowering her lips to Jacob's cock. Michelle kept her lips tightly closed and pressed them against the tip of her son's cock-head. She rubbed his helmet back and forth across the split of her lips. Pre-cum drooled from his piss-hole as it d**g across her teeth.

"Better?" She asked.

"Yeah." He answered.

Michelle sat back up and began stroking again.

"Okay, start fucking again." She said.

"Come on, sweetie bounce your hips. You should be meeting my hand stroke for stroke." She instructed sternly.

Jacob's ass began bouncing on the mattress as he fucked his cock up into his mom's fist.

"That's it handsome. Good. Show your momma what a stud you are." She said.

Jacob fucked his mom's tiny hand for a full two minutes before he felt that familiar orgasmic sensation.

"Oh God." Was all he had to say.

"Grind." Michelle said, her lips lowering to his tool.

As Michelle knelt with her fist around the root of her son's cock and her lips against his bulb, her robe had parted enough for Jacob to peer down and see her big pendulous breasts.

"FUCK." His mom said.

Jacob fucked. This time he went almost five minutes. By this time Michelle's hand was a creamy little fuck pouch of lotion and cum.

For fifteen minutes Jacob held out as his mom worked her hand and lips on his horny teenaged dong. "Oh sweetie you've done so well. I want you to cream." She said lovingly, speeding up her cock-strokes.

Seconds later Jacob was grunting. Rope after rope of thick jism blasted into the air, splashing down against his chest. Michelle milked him dry. She leaned down and gave the gleaming purple head of his cock a big closed-lipped kiss.
"Mmmmm. My big strong penis." She said, giving it a few more long slow strokes.

The night of Jacob's next match finally came and he won easily. After the meet Michelle went searching for her son. She was stunning as usual, wearing a black spandex tube-top dress which left plenty of bulging cleavage on open display. The heels of her strapless high heeled sandals clicked against the tile floor as she moved out of the gymnasium and into the hallway.

Michelle found Jacob in the hallway, alone with a girl his age. The two of them giggled flirtatiously.

"Sweetheart?" Michelle called.

Jacob walked towards his mom. His girl followed behind him.

"Hey, mom...Mom this is Lisa." He said.

"Hi." Michelle said with a f***ed smile.

"Hi.'re beautiful." Lisa said.

"Would you excuse us a minute, Lisa?" Michelle asked.

"Sure, I'll just be outside." Lisa said.

Lisa walked off and Michelle fed her son a perturbed look.

"What the fuck are you doing?" She asked.

"She's just a friend. A bunch of them are going out tonight and they want me to go." Jacob said. "So that bitch can pop your cherry before I do. I don't think so. You're not going." She said.

"Fine, I'll just ask dad...he'll let me go." Jacob said, walking past her.

"Jacob Little, get back here right now!" Michelle demanded.

Jacob stopped dead in his tracks. He knew better than to fuck with his mom.

Michelle strolled over and took his hands, staring lovingly into his eyes.

"She can't fuck like I can. You know that." Michelle smiled.

Lisa poked her head thought the gym doorway.

"Jacob, we're leaving. Are you gonna come?" She asked.

Jacob looked back at his mom who was still staring at him.

"Get rid of her." Michelle whispered.

"Will you keep me home from school and fuck me tomorrow?" He asked.

"No more girlfriends...understood?" Michelle asked.

"Understood." He said.

"Jacob?" Lisa called.

"Get rid of her." Michelle said.

Jacob looked at Lisa who still stood in the doorway impatiently.

"I'm tired. I think I'm just gonna go home tonight." He told her.

Lisa glanced at Michelle who was glaring back at her with an evil little grin.

"Fine." Lisa snapped, stomping away.

Jacob hardly slept that night. At breakfast the next morning he couldn't stop looking at his mom as she sat across the table from him. He simply couldn't believe he was finally going to spend the day making love to her.

Several times during breakfast Michelle stared back at him, her eyes searching his. She too was eager and a little nervous. She knew her son had a big strong dick and the ability to hammer her pretty little mommy-pussy like it had never been hammered before. She knew she was in for a day of intense toe-curling orgasms.

Jacob thought his father would never leave for work. His heart began to pound in his chest as he heard his mom close the front door and lock it.

A few seconds later Michelle strolled back into the kitchen, her pretty little bare feet gently tapping the tile floor as she walked. She was still in her short silk robe and her big braless tits did a little wobble as she stepped near her son.

Jacob was still seated at the table. He watched as his mom strolled over and sat on his lap, her big pillowy ass smothering his semi-hard penis. She gently brushed the hair from his face.

"Hi." She said seductively.

"Hi." Jacob smiled.

"Nervous?" She asked.

"A little." He said.

"Sweetie, I know you wanna fuck, but we have a problem." She said.

"What?" He asked.

"Well number one, I'm not on the pill and getting pregnant really wasn't on my agenda this week. And number're not state champ yet, and that was the deal, remember?" She asked.

"But. Mom I-" Jacob started to protest before Michelle cut him off. "Before you start complaining let me tell you where you WILL be spending the day... Do you remember me commenting on how I thought that your big monster of a penis and my big bubbly butt would make quit the pair?" She asked.

"Yeah." Jacob said.

"Well today we get to find out if I was right." She smiled.

"You mean we're gonna..." Jacob started.

"Uh-huh. Think you can handle your momma's butt slapping against you all day?" She asked.

"Hell yeah." Jacob said excitedly.

"Well then my little rump-rider, let's get busy shall we?" She said, standing up.

"Upstairs Cowboy." Michelle said.

Jacob followed his mom up the stairs. He couldn't take his eyes off the swell of Michelle's big matronly ass as it swayed teasingly beneath her robe.

Michelle led Jacob into her bedroom and made her way towards the master bath. Glancing over her shoulder she gave him a naughty little look as she stepped into the bathroom.

"Get naked." She said.

Jacob threw off his t-shirt and boxers. His big teenaged boner bobbed eagerly

A minute later Michelle stepped from the bathroom with only a bath towel tucked around her waist. Her big pendulous mommy-boobs trembled gently as she stepped towards her son.

In her hand Michelle had a big bottle of lubricant. She knelt down in front of Jacob and squirted an ample amount across his cock.

"The key to good anal sex is a nice greasy boner." She said, stroking the oil across his shaft with her tiny hand.

"Without proper lubrication you're gonna fight it the whole way. You could even hurt a girl, especially with something this big." She said.

Jacob's cock was now dripping with lube. His mom even coated his dangling scrotum, his big hairless balls slipping through her greasy fingers.

Michelle gazed at his iron-hard dick, rolling her tongue across her lips.

"Mmmmm, primed, lubed and ready to fuck!" She said.

"Do you put any on you?" Jacob asked.

"Already done. Momma's butt-hole's all greased up and ready for her baby." Michelle smiled.

Jacob watched as his mom undid the towel and threw it aside. His eyes were drawn to her cute little muffin, nearly bald accept for a little tiny triangle of neatly trimmed pubic fuzz. Michelle slowly turned and struck a cute little pose, with her hands on her waist and her pillowy butt-cheeks sticking out.

"Sure you wanna ride this ass?" She asked teasingly.

"Yeah." Jacob smiled, his cock flexing.

She slid her hands onto her cheeks and slowly pulled them apart exposing her big greasy butt-pucker.

"Sure you wanna go in there? It's awfully tight and warm inside that little hole." She continued in a cute little girls voice.

"I'm sure." Jacob mutter with excitement.

Michelle leaned over and placed one hand on her mattress. She spread her feet slightly apart and stuck her ass out, giving it a little pat with her hand.

"Come on." She whispered. Jacob stepped up behind his mom, his aching boner leading the way. Michelle watched over her shoulder as his cock lined up perfectly with her ass.

"Put the tip of your penis right up against my butt-hole." She said.

Jacob took hold of his cock and place it snuggly against Michelle's anal ring.

"Now push gently." She whispered.

Jacob pushed forward and watched in awe as his mom's big brown pucker stretched open, slipping over his greasy knob.

"That's it sugar, now just let your boner sink into heaven." She said.

Jacob pushed forward again sending three inches of buttery fuck-pole into Michelle's ass. He could feel the steamy walls of her shit-chute molding around his thick cock-meat.

"Oh God, mom." He muttered.

"That's it, sweetie. Let momma have it all. All the way to your balls." She said.

Jacob thrust forward again and he felt his cock-head sink into the depths of his mother's bowels. It seemed to just keep going, inch after vein-covered inch until he finally felt his balls bump against his mom's cunny and her soft butt-cheeks flattened against his abdomen.

"Oh God you're big." She sighed.

"This feels incredible." Jacob said.

"Don't pop too soon. Remember the drill. Fuck until you get close, grind until it subsides." She said.

"Okay." He said.

Jacob began to slowly saw his boner up and down her ass-pipe. Before long he fell into a nice rhythm and his mom's ass began to beat against him. "Oh, that's it sugar-bear, fuck my ass!" Michelle said, now gripping the mattress with both hands.

Jacob watched as a few inches of his penis appeared, then disappeared, gliding back through her anal ring.


Michelle's butt cheeks rippled as Jacob began to thrust f***efully.

He could feel his big hairless scrotum rap against her cunt each time their bodies met. It was only a couple minutes before he felt his balls begin to boil.

"Oh Mom." His voice quivered.

"Grab my hips and grind." She said.

Jacob thrust his penis in as far as it would go and held it there. Gripping onto Michelle's hips he began to stir her bowels with his spoon. He could feel something fleshy dragging across his purple mushroom. He didn't know what it was. He didn't care. It felt amazing!


After his cum settled he began to fuck his mom's ass again. He watched Michelle's tits as they hung from her chest, swinging up and back, up and back.

Michelle peered back at him, her breath heavy, her face red and excited.

"Having fun?" She smiled.

"Oh yeah." Jacob said.

"Guess what? You're about to make me cum." She said.

"Really?" He smiled.

"Can you fuck a little faster?" She asked. "Hell yeah." Jacob said.

Jacob doubled his efforts, pistoning his big thick cock in and out of her hungry ass.

Michelle's knees trembled and she let out a girly little shriek. Hearing his mom scream like a little school girl sent a shiver through Jacob's body and opened the sperm-gate.

"Oh God!" He groaned.

Thick ropes of potent teenaged cum began to pulse from his cock as he hammered his mom's ass. Michelle's ass cheeks were now a constant ripple as they beat against her son.

Mother and son road the waves of orgasmic bliss for what seemed like forever.

The day seemed to pass like an erotic dream. Five minutes after cumming in his mom's ass for the first time Jacob again found himself plowing her soft anal cavity. This time he was on the bed, laying on his back. Michelle was laying on top of him, her massive breasts pancaked between them.

Jacob watched as his mom did all the work this time. Michelle's big bubbly butt rapidly rose and fell, fucking it's meaty guest in wild desperation. The room was filled with quivering grunts and lewd slapping as Michelle's ass beat down on her son.

As soon as Jacob announced that he was getting close Michelle lifted her chest from his. Her butt squashed onto his groin and his dick sunk so deep that only his big balls were left, pressed snuggly against her butt-hole.

Michelle rocked her hips, stirring her bowels with her son's buttery stick.

Jacob gazed up at the underside of Michelle's huge ballooning breasts as they hovered over his face. He watched the heavy sacks wobble as she moved on his cock.

Michelle began to wince and throw her head back . "EEEEOH GOD!" She whined.

Jacob watched her body convulse, her tits rocking wildly as she came.

Once off her orgasmic high Michelle brought her chest down onto Jacob's face and began to work his cock in and out of her ass again.

Jacob sucked and chewed on one of her areola, his face buried in the soft-dough-like flesh of her breast.

His teenaged cock glistened with a slippery combination of lube and jizz allowing Michelle's butt-ring to glide up and down his pole with relative ease.

For a good ten minutes she bounced on his cock, until her baby muttered his orgasmic intentions, then she sat back up, her nipple popping from Jacob's mouth.

Again she rocked those beautiful matronly hips.

"Holy shit, Holy shit, Holy shit, HOLY SHIT!!!" She sang as again her body began to quake.

Again she came, harder than before. Jacob smiled with pride as he watched his own mom quiver and cry. Knowing that his dick was making this beautiful grown woman cream again and again was an absolute rush.

Michelle rolled them over on the bed so that she was now on her back with her son between her legs. A third of Jacob's cock remained tucked in her ass as they fell into their next position.

"You like your mom's ass, don't you, baby? You like your big dick way up inside my ass." Michelle moaned.

Jacob brought his chest down onto Michelle's and stared down into her wanton eyes as he began to saw his cock up and down her shit-pipe. He felt her soft feet slide onto the backs of his legs as she lifted her knees.

The entire bed began to rock beneath them as they found a nice steady rhythm. Michelle slowly coiled her arms around Jacob's neck and pulled his face down to hers. Their lips met and their tongues began to dance. Gradually their kissing became sloppy and their bodies began to thrash together wildly. They were no longer mother and son but two sweaty a****ls feeding off each others bodies.

"GGGGRRRRURUUUHHHHH!!!" Jacob grumbled as he hammered his mom's ass hard and deep.

"OH SHIT!" Michelle squealed, digging her heels into his ass.

As he fucked with everything he had, Jacob watched his mom's face as she began to show signs of another orgasm. He was beginning to get good at reading her. First her face would go red, then her eyes would roll back in their sockets...then, right before she popped, her cute little eyelids would begin to flutter as her head tilted backwards.

Jacob felt her sphincter tighten around his pecker and her face began it's cute little contortion. It was a pre-orgasmic expression that all moms make, but few sons would ever get to see. Jacob was one of the lucky ones.

Michelle let out a shrieking scream that echoed through the entire house.

If it was one thing that made Jacob pop it was hearing his mom howl. Before he started fooling around with Michelle, he'd heard her do lots of things...laugh, cry...even scream sometimes when she was mad. This sound was different though. This was the sound of his mom screaming in intense pussy-pulsing pleasure.

"It's my's my cock that's making mom scream." Jacob said to himself with pride.

The flood gates opened and now it was Jacob's turn to howl. He fucked with long hard strokes, hammering Michelle's ass into the mattress. His thick streak flew up and down her anal cavity, smothered by its spongy walls.

"UUUUUGGGHHH, GOD!" Jacob groaned.

Michelle could feel her son's cock flex each time he sent a blast of hot cock-milk into her bowels. After a full minute of orgasmic heaven Jacob collapsed onto his mom's chest, exhausted.... Continue»
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Uncle Gary

My first and most prominent memory with Uncle Gary was when I was a
toddler. I had to be barely three years old. It wasn't so much that I
remembered Uncle Gary, but because of what I remember, I can't imagine it
being any other man or father figure that was present in my life.

My parents, my aunts, and my uncles all lived in my grandparents' home.
Typical Korean culture. It was an extremely old house that was probably
built before the city was first founded close to fifty years ago. It had an
extremely spacious yard, even for a three year old, and it's rooms were
large enough for me to run around in with my cousins and s****r unimpeded
by the towering figures of our parents.

One day, my cousins and I were out exploring the backyard while my parents
were out working. We were left with my Uncle Gary who was an American, and
had married into the f****y to my mom's younger s****r. When we grew tired
of climbing around the dark corners of the yard behind the shed, we headed
back in to shock Uncle Gary with our dusty appearances.

"Did you guys have fun?" Uncle Gary asked laughing at how dirty we were. We
all chorused in our yes's and detailed our discoveries for him
simultaneously. "Let's get you guys washed up before everyone gets home.
Aaron, why don't you come first," Uncle Gary rested his hand on the back of
my head and guided me towards the restroom. I heard Ricky and Andi, my
older cousin and his older s****r, outside playing and screaming their
hands again. Uncle Gary kept his hand resting on my head until the bathroom
door closed shut behind him. I started to take my clothes off while Uncle
Gary went to the shower stall and turned on the spigot.

When he was satisfied with the temperature, I hopped in and stood there
momentarily as I waited for his large hands to clean me. Instead, when I
turned around, i saw Uncle Gary stripped nude as well. I scooted back to
make room for him. Uncle Gary wasn't an ugly man. Ricky told me often that
he used to be in the army, but after he was released, Uncle Gary gained a
bit of weight. His belly hung a bit sharply so that it shadowed his groin.
My eyes, focused on the water spiraling down the drain, were level only
with his thighs. Uncle Gary picked me up and held my body against his
chest. The way his curly brown hair, matted down with the hot water, rubbed
against my smooth baby skin was really relaxing. I immediately felt safe
inside his bear arms and knew that he wouldn't do anything to ever hurt
me. Keeping my body pressed against his chest, wrapped up in his arms,
Uncle Gary scrubbed me clean, which I now realize is a pretty amazing feat.

When he was finished, he set me on the ground again. I squatted in the
water under the shower head and splashed a bit.

"Stand up," Uncle Gary said. I obeyed and saw his erect cock dangling in
front of me. "Have you seen your dad's pee pee before?" Uncle Gary asked. I
shook my head. "Want to touch it?" I nodded. Even with both hands, I
couldn't cover the whole circumference of Uncle Gary's cock. "Squeeze it,"
he ordered. I obeyed. With his fingers, he guided my hands to rub his cock
with both hands. I didn't understand what I was doing for him, and I didn't
care. After a bit, I got bored and started to look away again. Uncle Gary
picked me up again. "You can't tell your parents we showered together,
okay? If you do, we can't play together anymore." I nodded and promised I
wouldn't. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

After that, Uncle Gary didn't come at me again for a long time. The next
time Uncle Gary made a move on me, I was in high school. I became part of
the swim team and drew eyes everywhere I went. At the library, a girl
declared herself my girlfriend. I was flattered, but I wasn't interested
even though my friends said I should seriously take advantage of her. I was
gay and I knew it, but I didn't share it with anybody.

Ricky and I stayed relatively close as we grew up. He still slept over at
my place a lot. We spent more time at my house overnight because of the
fact that my parents house was bigger. By then, all of the families had
abandoned my grandparents' home. During the day, we usually hung out at his
place because his mom usually worked and Uncle Gary almost always left us
alone to cause our own trouble. My mom no longer worked with my dad and was
a housewife, though that hardly was worthy of a title occupation for her.

One Friday night, after I had gotten home from school, my mom nagged me to
the point where I couldn't stay in her vicinity without being civil, so I
stormed out of the house yelling I would spend the night at Ricky's. I
walked the mile to Ricky's f****y's town home. Ricky was home with Andi.
Both were watching television in the room Andi shared with her mom. Ricky
and I headed to his closet of a bedroom, which essentially had enough room
for only his bed. This would be the first time I spent the night since they
had moved here. We stayed up late till about 1 AM talking while he listened
to me bitch and moan about my mom. We were about to call it a night when we
heard a soft rap on the door.

"Aaron, wanna bunk with me? I have a queen size so you guys don't need to
cram together on the bed," I glanced at Ricky and he shrugged.

"Sure," I said. I stood up off the blankets on the floor that Ricky would
later rearrange into his mattress. I opened the door to find Uncle Gary
standing there in a white-t undershirt and whitey tighties. When he saw me
exit through the door, Uncle Gary turned around and led me to his room.

"If you're more comfortable, you can toss your shirt and shorts on the
chair," Uncle Gary suggested. I didn't take this in a sexual way because
their cramped town home was a lot hotter than my parents' home. I already
had a light sheen of sweat coating my face, and that was from just sitting
and talking with Ricky. I stripped as Uncle Gary sat at his desk and worked
on whatever was on his computer. I hopped onto the bed and lied out on top
of his sheets. Uncle Gary kept the lamp on his desk lit so he could finish
working. I felt my eyes droop when Uncle Gary asked, "Aaron wanna see
this?" Curious I got up and walked over. On the screen was a picture of a
man with an 8" cock pounding an Asian chick.

The image of the cock penetrating the pussy mesmerized me, not because of
the pussy, but because of the veiny uncut cock. Uncle Gary misunderstood my
gaze and clicked the mouse and showed me another picture. Uncle Gary didn't
have another chair in the bedroom, so he guided me to his right thigh. It'd
been years since I had sat in his lap like this. I wasn't even thinking
about it though, Uncle Gary kept flashing different images of cocks
pounding pussies. I wasn't thinking about the fact that my ass which was
covered by a thin elastic fabric was inches away from his cock which was
covered by a thin elastic fabric. I also wasn't aware of the fact that my
cock was hardening into an erection and was quite noticeably tenting my
boxer briefs. It didn't fail to meet Uncle Gary's attention though.

I didn't realize Uncle Gary's hands were rubbing my crotch through my
shorts. I instinctively leaned back into his massive chest and stomach. His
arms wrapped tightly around me as his hands reached down and pushed my cock
into a rock hard erection. I realized what was happening when Uncle Gary's
large pudgy hands slipped under the band of my boxer briefs and gripped my
cock. I was too far gone to care. I leaned back and turned towards Uncle
Gary's face. He turned to look at me too. I bowed my head and Uncle Gary
brought his lips to my forehead and held that position.

I stood up after a moment, and took Uncle Gary's hand that was in my boxer
briefs and led him to his bed. He stood at the edge and watched as I
shucked off my shorts and crawled onto the bed, gently wiggling my ass at
him. I stayed in that position, on my hands and knees, wiggling my butt
slightly in Uncle Gary's direction. Uncle Gary's hands first gripped my
ankles and slowly worked up my legs. I felt his hands reach my ass, squeeze
my butt cheeks, and spread them apart. I felt a wet finger trace the line
of my butt crack before making a circle around my butt hole and finally
penetrating me. I moaned softly at the invasion. If I wasn't already on my
knees, my knees would have buckled at the sensation of my butt hole being
f***ed open.

Uncle Gary kept one hand on my hip to hold me in place as he began to f***e
his finger in and out of me. When his finger was slick and slipped through
my hole easily, Uncle Gary added another finger and widened my virgin hole
even more. His left hand released my hip and grabbed my cock, forcing my
body closer to his. As his hand worked my cock, I didn't notice when his
two fingers increased to three, but I definitely noticed it when Uncle Gary
was four fingers and knuckle deep in my ass. His hand squelched noisily as
it fucked in and out of my ass. The saliva mixed with rectal fluid
lubricating his hand as he f***ed his fingers deeper and deeper into me.

Uncle Gary took his fingers out and grabbed my hips. He flipped me onto my
back, spread my legs to either side of his body and pushed them up so that
my knees were pressed against my chest and exposed my ass, spreading my ass
cheeks wide. With one hand, Uncle Gary held my ankles, with the other,
aimed his cock at my hole. As he pressed his cock into me, I felt his hairy
gut rub against my crotch. Uncle Gary took his hand from his cock and held
it against my mouth to keep my moans from alerting his f****y to what we
were doing. Uncle Gary's cock split my ass open and filled my body with a
burning sensation that filled me to my fingertips.

Initially, I couldn't differentiate between when his cock was forcing its
way into me and when it was pulling away. All I could focus on was the
burning sensation of my asshole ripping apart. Uncle Gary kept a slow
steady pace of moving his cock in and out of me. I couldn't move an inch. I
watched as a man I regarded and loved as much as my own father took my
virginity and deflowered my ass. Minute by minute the burning sensation
lessened and became overwhelmed by pleasure. Uncle Gary let go of my
ankles, and I lowered my legs, but spread them wide and tried to wrap them
around his massive frame.

Uncle Gary leaned forward and pressed his belly against my body. He brought
his face close to mine and for the first time, we kissed like lovers. First
our lips brushed against each other lightly, but it deepened and hardened
into an open and tongue filled kiss. Our tongues forcing their ways into
each others' mouths, nibbling and sucking on each others' lips. The
bristles of his unshaven face scratched roughly against my pubescent
skin. I had a light peach fuzz over my upper lip, but that was as far as I
had gone in terms of facial hair. Even my pubic hair had barely grown in,
and my crotch was covered in a sparse bush of course curly hair. The rest
of my body was bare and still retained the smoothness that Uncle Gary
remembered from the shower we had when I was a c***d.

His hands never ceased to search my body and explore every bend, every
crevasse, and every lump that hid muscles that were forming from my hours
of swimming. Uncle Gary's hips had not stopped moving as they pushed his
cock in and out of me throughout the entire time that we were kissing, and
his hands were touching and massaging every inch of my body that he could
reach. Uncle Gary pulled his cock out of my ass and climbed onto the large
mattress. He lied on his back and helped me climb onto him. I positioned
myself over his crotch so that when I let my weight carry me down, it
pressed my ass down onto his cock, allowing gravity to push it back into

Uncle Gary's hands gripped and held onto my ass. I leaned forward over the
mound of flesh that was his stomach and rested my head on his chest. I
placed my hands on either side of his chest between his ribs and his arms
onto the mattress and began to rock back and forth so that my ass began to
fuck his cock. I rested my head on his left pectoral which had more fat
than muscle, and listen to the soft gurgle of his heart combined with the
movement of his insides. His hands held my ass tighter as he pushed my ass
to fuck him harder and faster, moving me up and down from the base of his
cock all the way to the tip before shoving me back down completely
again. Push after push, his hands tightly clamped onto my ass. It became
almost painful, but at that moment, my only desire was to bring my uncle to

I sat up so that more of my weight pressed his cock deeper into me. Uncle
Gary downwards at me and ran his hands over my body. His grip on my ass
left a white mark where the bl**d had vacated due to the pressure, but
moments later was flushed red like the rest of my body in the heat of our
fuck. His hands moved up my waist, past my ribs, to my front, over my
chest, his thumbs flicking my hardened and pointed dark nipples. They
stayed there, rubbing my nipples harder and harder, flicking the tips over
and over again as I rocked back and forth on his cock, the grip of my
asshole on his penis moving up and down, repeatedly, unending. We stared
into each others eyes as his hands moved to my shoulders, down my arms, and
into my hands. We held each others hands, Uncle Gary lending me support to
enable me to thrash around on top of him and fuck him that much harder.

Uncle Gary suddenly let go of my hands and grabbed my ass and pulled me
down hard. I felt his hips thrust upward as he began to shoot his load into
my ass. My own cock was leaking pre-cum all over his gut and was making a
sticky mess of the mass of hair that coated his body. I leaned back and put
more pressure down so that his cock f***ed its way even deeper into me as
it unleashed its load. After his cock was spent of its load, I could feel
it grow flaccid and I rose up so that it flopped out of my ass. Uncle
Gary's hand came up and pushed my head down towards his cock. I moved
slowly letting the tip of my tongue trace a line from his hairy chest down
the globe of his hairy stomach, through the dense forest of his pubes, and
finally to his wet sticky cock that was coated heavily in the aroma of my
ass and his semen. I sucked it heartily, though it was flaccid and unlikely
to get hard again that night. Uncle Gary grunted once as he felt his cock,
red from the bl**d that had flooded it minutes before, become enveloped by
my wet mouth. My mouth moved down as I used my hands to try to maneuver his
testicles into my mouth. They were so large though, that I could only fit
one into my mouth at a time. I used my lips and tongue to massage them and
coat them with my saliva. Uncle Gary reached down, and pushed my head
further down so that I encountered his asshole. He used his legs to pull
me, forcing my face into his asshole. The stench of his ass should have
nauseated me, but instead, I opened my mouth and licked his hole. I licked
it again and again until his entire ass was covered with my spit. I got up
from where I was kneeling and moved my dick up to his ass. I tried to
spread his butt cheeks and gain access to his asshole. I f***ed my cock
upward and attempted to fuck my uncle. To my shame, I only got as far as
inserting my head into his ass because of the barrier of his fat ass and
the shortness of my own penis. Attempting to make the best of a bad
situation, I fucked Uncle Gary's ass using only the tip of my cock. I
pushed the head of my cock in and out of his asshole as the rest of his ass
massaged the the remnant of my cock that was unfortunate enough to be left
out in the cold.

It was enough to bring me to climax. I thrusted upward once, and Uncle Gary
held me tightly as I bent over his stomach and moaned into his chest while
my cock unloaded itself into him. I pulled out of his ass and moved myself
beside him. He kept an arm wrapped around me and pulled me tightly to
him. I pressed my smooth tight body against his large hairy body and
together, as lovers, we fell asl**p.

I woke up early the next day and found myself with my erection digging into
Uncle Gary's fat. Uncle Gary was still asl**p, but he too had a morning
erection. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was still long before
6AM. I got up and straddled Uncle Gary's sl**ping body and lowered myself
onto his cock again. I began rocking back and forth without the aid of
lubrication, using the semen that was still inside me to ease the morning
fuck. Uncle Gary murmured in his sl**p, his hands finding my legs and
following their way up to my ass. He opened his eyes and smiled at me. He
stretched his neck toward me and I toward him and we met in the middle
above his chest and kissed. I leaned back and began to bounce up and down
harder on his cock, intending to make him cum far more quickly than he did
the night before. We listened intently to the sounds outside the door for
any indication that Ricky's mom had woken up. The bed beneath us squeaked
much more noticeably than it had the night before. It squeaked even more
viciously because of my increased attempt to make Uncle Gary ejaculate.

After I got my momentum going, I forgot about making Uncle Gary cum
quickly, but enjoyed the sensation that we were giving each other. Sweat
began to coat my face and it made my long hair cling together in thick
black strands as they swung back and forth in front of my face. Sweat
dripped down my body and spilled onto Uncle Gary's body and mixed with the
sweat that was beginning to coat his body as well. His hands continued to
roam up and down my back and resting on my ass before moving up and down
again, massaging muscles and holding me tightly as he occasionally thrusted
upward to increase the depth that his cock penetrated me and give both of
us further pleasure. After awhile, I got up and turned around so that I was
facing away from him, but I lowered myself onto his cock again. Leaning
against his stomach, with my feet braced beneath me, I began to fuck his
cock more rapidly than before. Several times, his cock fell out of my ass's
grip. I had to pause as I held the base of his cock to keep it in place as
I reinserted it into me and resumed fucking him.

After the night before, my ass was more sensitive because of how much it
was f***ed open. After I had released Uncle Gary's cock after reinserting
it back into my ass, I noticed a faint tinge of red on my finger tips. I
realized that the bl**d wasn't coming from Uncle Gary's cock, but from my
asshole. The burning sensation was more than it had been the night before,
but I didn't care because mixed in with the pain was pleasure as well as
the satisfaction that I was pleasuring Uncle Gary.

The bl**d added to the semen, sweat, and rectal fluid to lubricate my ass
as I pumped Uncle Gary's cock in and out of my ass.

"Your ass feels better than it did last night," Uncle Gary whispered into
my ear. I had been breathing hard and gasping each time I lowered my ass
and f***ed Uncle Gary's cock into me. "Son, I love you a lot," Uncle Gary

"I know," I murmured. "I love you too." Uncle Gary gripped my hips and
pulled my ass down like he did last night. I felt his cock throb and his
balls clench beneath my ass as his body ejaculated and pushed itself into
an orgasm. I felt the spurts of semen inside my ass and I leaned back as my
own cock began to shoot semen wildly into the air. My load landed on my own
body, splattering softly in hot drops from my chest down to my pubes.

When I glanced at the clock again, it wasn't even 6AM yet. I got into my
basketball shorts from the night before as Uncle Gary pulled on his whitey
tighties. Together we sneaked into the bathroom at the end of the hall. We
were probably pushing our luck, but neither of us cared. Once Uncle Gary
closed the door behind him, I pushed my shorts off and let them fall to the
floor. Uncle Gary moved around me and turned the water on and manipulated
the knobs until he was satisfied with the temperature. I hopped into the
stall and turned to see Uncle Gary strip out of his own underwear. I backed
away from the spigot and gave him room in the stall. Uncle Gary turned
around and faced me. He pulled me in tight against his body and hugged
me. We stood there, Uncle Gary's arms wrapped around me.

"Remember the last time we did this?" Uncle Gary asked. I nodded. We
kissed. When I pulled away, I reached down and grabbed the wash cloth and
soap. I began to scrub Uncle Gary's body. I washed him the way he had
washed me over 10 years ago. When the water rinsed off the soap and the
grime of sweat and semen from his body, Uncle Gary pulled me in against his
body again. I rested my head against his chest, our cocks held apart by the
barrier of his stomach, though they were pointed at each other, mine
straight and ramrod bouncing lightly, his curved slightly upward and
hanging heavily.

Uncle Gary sighed and let go of me. I pulled away as he turned the water
off. We got out and dried each others' bodies. We dressed quickly and made
our way back to Uncle Gary's room. The rest of the f****y was still
asl**p. When we got there, Uncle Gary slipped on his white undershirt
again. I stayed in my basketball shorts, leaving my boxer briefs discarded
at the foot of the bed. Uncle Gary walked to his computer where the image
of the couple fucking was still blaring brightly. I moved to his side and
lowered myself to his right thigh again. Uncle Gary's right arm wrapped
around my waist as he closed the file. He opened the DVD player on the
computer and opened a scene where two Asian boys, with frames similar to
mine, were fucking each other. I leaned into Uncle Gary's body as we
listened to the low volume. My cock hardening again, but Uncle Gary's cock
losing its rigidity. Uncle Gary held me in his lap. I didn't realize I had
fallen asl**p again. We both started when Ricky spoke.

"What the hell?" he demanded. Ricky's eyes swiveling from the screen to me
seated in Uncle Gary's lap. He closed the door behind him and locked it. I
stood up, which wasn't a good idea because my cock was still erect and
tented my shorts visibly, with a wet stain at the apex. Ricky's eyes
dropped down to my groin. "What the hell?" he repeated.

"Ricky," Uncle Gary started.

"Shut up," Ricky ordered. Uncle Gary fell silent and waited for Ricky to
accept what he saw. "How long?" Ricky finally asked. I glanced at Uncle

"Only last night," Uncle Gary said. "We -,"

"Shut up," Ricky reiterated. He looked down as if he was processing the
information. "You guys fucked last night?" I nodded. Uncle Gary sighed.


"I said shut up!" Ricky sat on the bed. He looked up again, and I realized
it was with jealousy. "Why didn't you do it with me?" I didn't know if he
directed the question at me or his father. We were too close for me to be
able to tell. Neither Uncle Gary, nor I, responded.

"Do you want to fuck me?" I asked finally. Ricky's eyes widened in

"Right now?" I nodded. I didn't know how Uncle Gary responded because I was
focused on Ricky. I didn't want this to get to his mom who would tell my

In response, Ricky stood up and took off his shirt. Ricky was what I might
have imagined Uncle Gary to have been 30 years ago. Ricky was several
inches taller than me, nearing six feet. He had broad shoulders, a sculpted
chest, and defined abs. When he dropped his shorts, both Uncle Gary and I
saw that Ricky's cock was identical to his father's. Ricky's body wasn't
coated like his father's, but his pubic bush was just as thick. I walked
over to him and knelt in front of him.

With one hand, I gripped the base of his cock. I licked the piss hole in
the head of his dick. Then I let my lips cover the head of his
dick. Immediately, I felt Ricky's hand at the back of my head forcing me
all the way down. I choked and gagged, but Ricky didn't let go of my
head. He held my head so that all 7" of his cock was buried in my
throat. Tears streamed down the side of my face as my cheeks flushed and
drops of sweat formed around my brow as I struggled not to vomit. When he
finally let go of my head, I gasped for air as I rocked back into a
squatting position. Uncle Gary stood up and went to stand beside Ricky. He
put an arm around Ricky's waist and aimed his cock at me so that it was
parallel to Ricky's cock. I held the bases of both of their cocks so that
their tips met. I attempted to put both cocks in my mouth. My mouth
stretched wide until it couldn't stretch even more. I barely got the heads
of their cocks into my mouth. Uncle Ricky held the back of my head so that
I couldn't pull away. Saliva dribbled out the sides of my mouth and from
between their cocks down to my chin and onto the floor.

I looked up and noticed that Uncle Gary and Ricky were kissing. Ricky's
hand had moved to Uncle Gary's head and pulled him in for a harder kiss. I
spit out the cocks and focused on Uncle Gary's cock while I jerked off
Ricky's cock. I moved down the length of his cock and began lick and
sucking on his testicles. Uncle Gary reached down and moved my head over to
Ricky's cock. I began to suck it. My head bobbed up and down as his cock
became slick with saliva. Ricky let go of Uncle Gary's head and grabbed
mine again. He f***ed me down all the way onto his cock again. He moaned
into his father's mouth. My nose pressed into his pubic hair. Saliva
continued to dribble down the sides of my mouth. Ricky turned away from his
dad and pulled me up. He turned me around and bent me over to expose my
hole. My butt hole was now red and puffy. It was sensitive to the touch
because it had been fucked twice within 12 hours for the first time. Ricky
lined his cock up with my hole and without preamble f***ed his way in.

I moaned out loud when we heard a knock on the door and the doorknob

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Uncle Charlie finally has both his s****r and his

"Hello Uncle Charlie. Hi this is Tiffany. Are you by chance going up to your cabin this weekend?"

"Great! Do you think I could come up and spend the weekend."

"No nothings wrong, I just feel a bit burned out. I figured a weekend without the phone or friends would recharge my batteries."

"You still call me baby girl after all these years."

"Thanks Uncle Charlie, you're the best." I hung up the phone and smiled as I lay back on my bed. I had planned this moment for months.

I thought back to the time that caused me to feel this way. I was 16 and lived with my mom. My dad left us soon after I was born. Being one of 7 c***dren my mom had lots of s****rs and b*****rs. But Uncle Charlie was my favorite. He was younger than mom but always acted older than she was. She always looked up to him and it was just natural that he would be like a second dad to me. He was there for every birthday, Christmas, good time and bad.

He was also the one who gave me most of my spankings. The last time Uncle Charlie spanked me I was 16. Mom had to go out of town on business and he volunteered to stay with me. Since he was at our house most of the time, it was no big deal. Anyway, I was supposed to go to a party that Friday night. It was a costume party and I was going dressed like a slut.

My costume was a sweater two sizes too small, a skirt that barely covered my cunt and ass, high heels and no underwear. I was also taking smokes and a bottle of wine. Uncle Charlie was sitting in the living room when I was ready to go. He knew about the party but didn't know what kind of party it was going to be. We had finished dinner and he was drinking his favorite drink as he watched TV. He always called me his best bartender. It was my job to fix all his drinks. I had made his last two kind of strong hoping he would fall asl**p before I left. I was ready to go out the door when Uncle Charlie called me to the living room.

"Let me see what you're wearing. Can't have you going out looking like some easy pickup for all the horny boys out there." With that he made me open my coat. His eyes got wide when he saw how I was dressed. "You must have lost all the little bit of sense I thought you had. If you think that you are leaving this house dressed like that, you have another thing coming."

I begged and pleaded with him to let me go dressed as I was. I told him that I would be OK. I knew everyone at the party and wouldn't let anything happen that I didn't want to. At 16 I had lost my virginity awhile ago.

"It's what you may want to happen that scares me. Either change your clothes or don't go. That's my final word." There was one thing that I knew about Uncle Charlie. When he gave his final word on something, even mom didn't go against him. I was either going as I was or stubborn k** that I was, I wasn't going.

Well I have always been a stubborn, hardheaded k** so I there I was sitting in my room pouting. I'd show Uncle Charlie, I sat on my bed, drinking wine from the bottle. I should have known that uncle Charlie would stick his head in to check on me. Even when he was mad and had given me a spanking, he would still check on me and tell me that he was sorry he had to spank me. Well this time when he stuck his head in the door, (without knocking) he found me propped up on my bed. I was still dressed in my sweater and skirt.

That wasn't so bad, except that I had the bottle of wine in my hand, a cigarette in my mouth and a dildo between my legs.

I had been thinking about the club that I was supposed to join at the party. A few of the girls belonged to a double-fuck club. That was where a girl was being fucked in both holes at the same time. That was part of the reason for my costume. He stood there staring at me and I saw his eyes grow cold. Oh shit! I was in for it now. There would be no excuse I could give him that would sooth his anger.

"Get your nasty ass in the living room." He left the door open and I reluctantly got up and with head bowed went into the living room. He sat in his chair, smoke rising around his head as he puffed hard on his cigarette. It looked almost like smoke was rising from his head but I dare not laugh. He was madder than I had seen him in a long time. I stood in front of his chair.

"I could have forgiven you for wearing that slut outfit. I could have even let it go that you were ready to sneak out the house wearing it. But that disgusting spectacle I saw as I opened your door, that I would not forgive." I stood there in my outfit and for the first time since I put it on, I felt dirty. "Take that shit off."

I turned to go to my room.

"Where the fuck are you going? Take off those clothes. Right here! Right now!" This was going to be a bad spanking. I was just a bit smaller than I am now. At 16, my tits were developed; my ass was just a bit smaller than it is now and I had been having sex for the last 2yrs, so I know my pussy was just as grown up as it is now. I stood before Uncle Charlie and pulled the sweater over my head. My twin mounds were firm.

They stood up with no support. I dare not look at Uncle Charlie as my fingers hooked my skirt and pushed it down over my hips. I stood before him now totally naked. He looked at me for a few moments, then grabbed my hand and pulled me over his lap. His hand rested on my soft ass. I knew that my ass was soft and round. Many boys would rub and squeeze my ass whenever they got the chance. Uncle Charlie didn't seem interested in my soft ass.

He raised his hand and liquid fire landed on my ass. I remember screaming and kicking my legs. Over and over his hand landed on my ass. Somewhere during the spanking, things changed. I remember feeling a fire begin to simmer between my legs. I know that my moans changed pitch. Uncle Charlie was rubbing my ass as he scolded me. "I will not allow you to run around looking like some cheap whore. Your mom and I have worked too hard to make you into a lady. I never again want to see you dressing the way you did tonight. No more smoking! No more drinking! At least not until you become of age. Then you can do whatever you want."

I could feel wetness between my legs. I hoped that it wasn't showing on Uncle Charlie's robe. Suddenly he began to spank me again. This time though, he was spanking me on my thighs. His big rough hands were landing on my ass, my thighs and even between my legs. Sometimes his hand would slap the lips of my pussy and I know I moaned when he did. Not from pain, I had stopped feeling pain. Instead I felt the fire burning hotter.

I was moaning and calling his name when he finally stopped. I stood up and turned to look at my uncle. There was no mistaking the big lump in his robe. He sent me to my room and told me to close the door. I can only guess that he must have given his hard dick a good workout. Back in my room, I couldn't help but finger my hot pussy till I came. I didn't connect his spanking with my horniness until years later.

Now here I was almost 10 years later. I never forgot the feeling that Uncle Charlie's spanking gave me. Nor have I found anyone who could make me feel that way. I learned a lot since my last spanking from Uncle Charlie. I found out that there was a lot more between him and my mom than I thought. But that is a story all by itself. I had planned a very elaborate scheme to get Uncle Charlie to spank me again. Friday came more quickly than I would have wanted.

I met Uncle Charlie after work and we took the ride to Pennsylvania in his jeep. We stopped at the liquor store and also stopped at the supermarket. I asked Uncle Charlie to start a fire as soon as we got to the cabin. We talked all during the time we made dinner. After dinner when we were sitting before the fire, I said I was going to take a shower. I went to my room and took a quick shower. Then I dressed in the lingerie I had picked specifically for this moment and put my robe on over it. Uncle Charlie had also gone and took a shower. He was sitting in his robe before the fire when I came out my room.

When I was younger I would sit on the rug by his side. Many times, mom would sit across from him. I would sit and listen as the two of them talked about things I couldn't understand. Now at 25, I was sitting on the rug at uncle Charlie's feet. We were both sipping the drinks I had made. I still made his drinks, only this time; I made his twice as strong as mine. I leaned my head on his knee and just like when I was a c***d, his hand dropped down on my head and he twined his hand in my hair.

"Remember when I was small Uncle Charlie? You were just like a dad to me. You were there whenever I needed you. You bought me presents, told me what to do and even spanked me when I was bad."

Uncle Charlie laughed. "And as I remember, there were times when you were very bad." I could tell that the drinks were having their effect on him. It was time to play my ace card. I laughed along with him. "Remember when I was 16 and tried to sneak out to that party. You gave me the hardest spanking I can ever remember."

Uncle Charlie's hand stopped moving. "I remember. You had dressed like a slut to go to some party. I said no and you went into your room. When I came to check on you, you were sitting up in bed, drinking from a wind bottle. You had a cigarette sticking out your mouth." He stopped talking then.

"You can say it Uncle Charlie. I'm a lot older and wiser now. I was sitting on my bed with a dildo stuck in my cunt. You made me undress and lay across your lap. You gave me a spanking I have remembered all these years. But something else happened that night."

I let things hang unsaid. Uncle Charlie didn't say a word. His hand started stroking my head again. Only this time it was softer, gentler. "Uncle Charlie?"

"Yes baby girl."

I smiled at hearing him call me by my pet name. "Can I tell you a secret?"

"Honey, you know that you can tell me anything. What's the matter?"

"Remember the night you spanked me? Well sometime during that spanking, things began to change. All of a sudden the spanking made me feel so hot and funny. I didn't know it then, but that spanking turned me on in such a way, I've never felt like that since. I've tried to find that feeling with other men, but nothing ever duplicated it."

I could feel Uncle Charlie as his breathing changed. He was starting to breathe a bit faster. "What are you trying to say baby girl?" I turned around and looked at Uncle Charlie. He was older than when I was 16, but he still had a way of making me feel so good inside. It was now or never. I had to take a chance and put all my marbles in one pocket. His eyes looked down at me. I just know he knew what I was about to say. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.

"I want you to spank me Uncle Charlie. Spank me the way you spanked me when I was 16. I have to know if what I'm feeling is real." I felt his hand clench as he held my hair. It hurt but I dare not cry out. I bit my lower lip until it almost bled.

"I can't baby girl. Please don't ask me to do that. You don't know what almost happened the last time I spanked you." I was not about to let his fear stop me at this point. I had planned too long and gotten too close to what I wanted. No! What I needed. I turned until I was kneeling before him. Between his legs the way I used to do when I was a c***d.

"I do know what happened Uncle Charlie. I saw the erection you had. I know how close you came to making love to me. The way you felt my ass, the way you squeezed and kneaded my flesh. I need you to do this Uncle Charlie. I have to know if what I felt was only because it was you spanking me. Will you make me go from man to man like the slut you saw me dressed as? Is that what you want me to do Uncle Charlie?"

I opened my robe and let it fall. Uncle Charlie looked at me. I was dressed in an outfit that left nothing to the imagination. The material was sheer enough to seem invisible. He could see my hard nipples and the hair on my cunt.

Uncle Charlie was breathing heavy. I could see him lick his lips. His hand shook and he half lifted it then let it fall. A soft sob escaped his throat. "Do you want to think about some pervert spanking me? Do you think he'll care about me the way you do? Or will he hurt me? I need you to do this for me. I need you like I never needed you before. Do this for me Uncle Charlie. Do this for us." I laid myself across his lap and held my breath. I felt his hand, still rough, still strong as he set it on my ass. He was slowly squeezing my cheeks. I began to breathe again.

I felt the wetness between my legs begin to grow. Uncle Charlie raised his hand. For almost 10yrs I thought I remembered how his hand felt. But I wasn't ready for the liquid fire that burst upon my ass. It hurt like hell but the only thing I could do was moan. "Oh Uncle Charlie", was all I could say. His hand raised and lowered again and again. I felt the hot tears roll down my cheek. I also felt something else. It was him. It was the spanking that Uncle Charlie gave me that made me so hot. The ember that had simmered in my pussy all these years burst into a blazing inferno. He didn't hold back. He spanked me with his bare hand and I felt like a c***d again. But this time I was a woman. And I had knowledge that would make this night like no other night in my life.

Uncle Charlie spanked me again and again. I cried and I came, over and over. When his hand stopped, he was rubbing my ass. His hand slipped between my thighs and I opened them gladly. When his fingers touched my throbbing pussy I moaned and welcomed his probing digits. I knew what I had to do now. I slipped from his lap. As I knew it would be, his dick was hard as stone. I knelt between his legs and as my hand sought his throbbing cock, he wrapped my hair in his hand. As my mouth slipped over the pulsing head of his cock, his hand tightened in my hair. He pulled hard until I moaned as my tongue washed his cockhead. I knew what he would do next and I steadied myself.

As I knew he would, he began to work my head up and down. He was forcing me to take his entire dick down my throat. I was ready for him. As a matter of fact, I had practiced on a few boys just getting ready for this moment. I knew he wouldn't cum this way. I smiled to myself even as I felt the gag reflex begin. I gagged and choked just like he expected me to. He pulled my head off his dick and smiled down at me. Had I not known what to expect, that smile would have scared me half to death. He was no longer the loving, caring and sweet uncle I so loved. He was a man consumed with his own private lust.

He pulled me up onto his lap. My legs straddled the chair, facing him as he pulled me close to him. Even though I was ready for his intrusion, the sheer f***e of it made me scream. He pulled me down on his throbbing cock as hard as he could. Then he raised me up and slammed me back down on it. I knew what he wanted to hear. I grabbed his shoulders.

My nails dug in hard. I knew they were drawing bl**d but I had come too far to back down now. "Make me behave. Fuck me till I promise not to act like a slut anymore. Oh Charlie! You i****tuous bastard. Give it to me." I knew those words would inflame him even more. My pussy felt like he was ripping it apart. I had never felt a more delicious feeling in my life. There was no going back, no stopping him from this point on. He was mine and I was his until the ride stopped. With his strength alone, he picked me up.

Still attached to his throbbing shaft that was buried deeper in my cunt than any other man had ever been, my legs wrapped tightly around his waist, he walked with me to the bedroom. I grunted as we fell on the bed and he slid in even further. The muscles in my cunt were going berserk. I don't know how many times I had cum already. But he was just getting started. I just hoped I could last thru what was to come.

Uncle Charlie pulled his dick out until just the tip was in. Then looking down at me, he slowly slid it up into my pussy until I grunted from the full insertion. My nails were ripping into his back something fierce. He fucked me slow.

I begged; I pleaded but he wouldn't stop. Then he pulled out. I lay moaning my legs splayed open before me. He grabbed my ankles and turned me over on my stomach. I felt him pull me up by my waist. His tongue was red hot as he licked my puckered hole. Only two men have ever fucked me up the ass. Both of their dicks were much smaller than Uncle Charlie's and they had been gentle. Uncle Charlie would not be gentle. His tongue stabbed into my asshole repeatedly. I knew he was getting me ready for his assault.

I tried to relax and calm my breathing but nothing worked. Then I felt his thumbs prying my cheeks apart. I took a deep breath and held it. Nothing could have prepared me for the searing pain. I though he had ruined me for life. I remember screaming and then I think I passed out. The next thing I remember was hearing him grunt every time he shoved that red-hot poker up my ass. I lay there crying and screaming from the pain.

Then I felt him stiffen. He shook all over then let out a loud scream. It felt like he was shooting gallons of cum up my ass. The hot cream scalded me at first then seemed to bath my tender, ravaged asshole with a soothing balm. I don't know if I came from his brutal assfucking. But I felt more alive than I ever felt in my life. He collapsed on top of me and held me tight.

I cried out as he pulled his withering cock from my ass. Then I turned in his arms and held him. 'Why baby girl? Why did you make me do this?"

I could only shower his face with kisses as I kept repeating, "Thank you Uncle Charlie. Thank you!" I held him in my arms as he cried.

After what seemed like an eternity, he drew back and looked into my eyes. I was crying too. "I love you Uncle Charlie. I always have. I needed you to give me what no other man ever could."

"But how did you know? No don't answer. I'm afraid to find out." I snuggled close to him and whispered in his ear. '"You want to know. I know you too well Uncle Charlie. I know you won't dare ask mom so I will tell you."

I kissed him long and hard on the lips. Reluctantly his lips parted and his tongue sought mine. I broke the kiss and smiled at him. Even with my asshole screaming, my cunt throbbing, I wanted more of this man. I wanted him like I never wanted any man in my life. I smiled at him and he gave me a crooked smile in return. "I'll tell you. But not before we take a shower. I need another drink. Jeez! I've never been fucked like that in my life." I got up and went into the bathroom. He followed me in and we washed each other in the shower.

We were seated back before the fire. Drinks in our hands as we stared into the dancing flames. "When I was 18, after working for awhile, I decided to by mom a new mattress and boxed spring. She was out of town on business and I was going to surprise her when she got back. Well I took the old stuff and turned it on its side. I was dragging out the boxed spring when I heard something rattle. Inspecting I found a bag had been pushed up into a hole in it. I took the bag out and opened it up. I found a bunch of pictures tied with rubber bands. The first picture had mom dressed in a see-thru nightie. Being curious, I looked thru all of them. One picture showed her with her lips wrapped around a dick. Thinking they were pictures of my dad, I kept looking. Imagine my shock and surprise when I saw a picture of you lying on the bed naked. The sheets were the same as the ones she was laying on so I guessed you had taken pictures of her and she you. Along with the pictures was a videotape. It showed you fucking mom the same way you just fucked me. That's how I knew what to say and what to expect. Well when mom came home and found I had changed her mattress and boxed spring she freaked. She was ranting and raving about me messing with her things. When I handed her the bag, she looked at me and knew I had seen what was inside. She broke down and cried. That night she told me everything about the two of you. That's when I made up my mind that I had to make you fuck me. I'm not jealous of mom Uncle Charlie. This has nothing to do with her. Since the time you spanked me there has been a big hole in my life. No matter what man I was with, they never seemed to satisfy me completely. There was always something missing. After seeing the pictures, the video and talking to mom, I knew what it was."
Uncle Charlie

Uncle Charlie didn't say a word. Just sipped his drink. Finally after forever he said, "did your mom know what you planned to do?"

I sat my drink down and turned his face to look at me. "Uncle Charlie. If mom knew, do you think she would have let me? Hell no, she wouldn't. I had to plan and scheme to think up just how I was going to pull this off." I rubbed my painful ass. "Even knowing what you would do, I was not prepared for what happened. I have never been fucked with such f***e before."

He sipped his drink. Oh how I wished I could have read his mind. He looked at me and smiled. "You will have to tell her exactly what happened here. I mean that baby girl. I have never lied or deceived your mom and I won't start now. Since you planned all this, it's your job to tell her what happened."

If anything could have dashed me with the cold water of sobriety, it was his statement. How was I supposed to tell my mom that I schemed to have my uncle, her b*****r, **** me? He was the man I looked to as dad. I sat there and suddenly the liquor soured in my stomach.

Uncle Charlie smiled, then laughed. He laughed hysterically. "Outsmarted yourself this time didn't you baby girl. Oh I'm going to love sitting in on this conversation." He was still laughing as he pulled my head down on his hard again dick.
Uncle Charlie Ch. 2

"Mom? You got 4 days off next week, right?" I was sitting in the kitchen sipping on my cup of coffee. My mom was sitting across from me making notes on the balance sheet she was working on. Mom had raised me as a single parent, but she had also worked damn hard to attain her position in the company she worked for. And her hard work paid off. She lived in a nice home and even though she worked hard, she often had 4-day weekends. Mom looked up at me and smiled. At 49, mom still looked good. She had worked just as hard to lose her fat as she had to attain her job. She looked more like a woman in her 30's. Everybody thinks that their mom looks good, but even looking at her from a woman's point of view, my mom was drop-dead gorgeous.

Like Uncle Charlie, mom was tall. But it was the way her body was shaped that really set off her looks. Mom's tits were firm enough that she could have gone without a bra and they would have stood up on their own. Her waist was tapered enough to set off her round ass. And she had long, muscular thighs that tapered down to slim ankles and the prettiest feet you ever wanted to see. Mom smiled at me, and her pearly white teeth shone lighting up her whole face. "Oh yes! And I'm gonna rest for all 4 days." I sipped my coffee and looked at her. Then I set my cup down. "I got a better idea. I have some time off from work too. Let's go up to Uncle Charlie's cabin and have a girl's weekend. We haven't done that in ages."

Mom looked at me and got a strange look on her face. Ever since I found those pictures of her and her b*****r fucking, we didn't mention Uncle Charlie's name much. But mom knew that he was still my favorite uncle. How favorite I intended for her to find out. "I don't know Tiffany! Uncle Charlie may have plans to use his cabin." I laughed. "No he doesn't! I already checked. I even talked him into coming up on Sunday and cooking his famous Filet Mignon for us for dinner." That made mom laugh. "Mmmm! I haven't had those delicious steaks in a long time. And nobody can make them like he can. But I don't know, Tiffany?"

I got up from the table and walked around to mom's side. I knelt down next to her. "Mom look at me." Mom turned around in her chair and looked down at me. "We can't go back and pretend that things didn't happen. What took place between you and Uncle Charlie happened. But you can't lock yourself away and deny it. Besides, what 28-year-old would ask you to have a girl's weekend with her? We both need this time together to just be mother and daughter. To girl talk, giggle and act like fools. Besides, we haven't really had time to spend together. This would be the right time to do it." I could see that she was warming to my suggestion. "Let me think about it? I'll give you my answer after work. Are you coming by for dinner?" I smiled. "Cooking chicken?" Mom laughed. "You're gonna grow feathers."

After mom went to work, I stayed at the house to wash the dishes and make some phone calls. But soon after her car drove off, I walked into her bedroom. In her closet, behind her shoeboxes, I found the packet of pictures and her dildo. I lay in my mom's bed, staring at the pictures of her and Uncle Charlie as I slowly fucked my pussy. "Oh yes mom, this would be a girl's weekend. But if things worked out like I wanted them to, Uncle Charlie would be spanking and fucking both of us." The thought of actually watching Uncle Charlie fucking his s****r, my mom, made me cry out my climax. Good thing I used a towel beneath me, I came buckets.

Well mom did agree to go and we arrived at the cabin around 5:30 Friday night. We soon had a roaring fire going. Dinner was a chicken salad. We acted like s****rs, as we puttered around in the kitchen. Tossing lettuce at each other and laughing. I made sure that the wine flowed heavy while we ate. By 9:30 we were sitting back in front of the fire in our pajamas. Mine were a type of baby doll and mom wore one of those gowns that barely covered your ass and cunt. I couldn't help but sneak peeks at her hard tits as she walked. She wore a pair of matching panties and her soft, chocolate ass swayed as she walked. I could tell that she was feeling good from the wine. She smiled and giggled a lot.

We sat sipping more wine as we stared at the fire. I was trying to find a way to start telling mom about Uncle Charlie and me. But everything I thought about just didn't seem right. We were both curled up on the couch staring at the flames. Then mom sighed. "What you thinking, mom?" I looked over at her and she had a funny look on her face. Then she turned to look at me. "Tiffany! What did you think when you found the pictures of Uncle Charlie and me?" I couldn't believe my luck. Mom had given me the opening I needed. I sipped my drink then placed it on the table. I looked at mom and I could tell she really wanted to know how I felt.

"Mom, can we talk honest and adult? I mean I know I'm your daughter, but I want to talk to you like a woman friend now." Mom looked at me and slowly nodded her head yes. I got up and poured us both full glasses of wine. Then I sat down, but this time I sat closer to her. I handed mom her glass and smiled as she took a big gulp. Mom never was much of a drinker and I knew that the wine would loosen her up but good. Mom looked at me, waiting for me to say something. I took a deep breath. Then I smiled at her. We both broke out in the giggles, and it took a few minutes for us to stop. Then I let my face relax and looked at mom.

"I know that it was rough trying to raise me all by yourself. And I know that uncle Charlie was always there to help. Even as a small k**, I could see that the guys you went out with only wanted you for your body. But hey, who would listen to a small k**? You would have thought I was just being possessive. I wasn't always asl**p when you had company. I would hear the way they talked to you and the things they did. And I wasn't always asl**p when you would cry yourself to sl**p, or work your frustrations out with your dildo." Mom gasped and looked at me. This time I did laugh.

"Oh mom! Even as a small k**, I knew what a man looked like. I would sneak peeks when the guys would go to the bathroom. So I knew that it was just a fake dick. When I found the pictures, I was shocked at first. No k** thinks of their mom doing such erotic things. You're suppose to be old and not concerned with sex." That made both of us begin to giggle all over again. Mom play boxed me on the arm. "Hey! I'm not that old you know?" this time I did laugh out loud. "Mom! Even I didn't do some of the things I saw in those pictures. Although, after seeing them, I did. But how did things get started with you two? You told me that it just happened after a night of drinking, but I think it started before that."

Mom took another sip from her glass. Then she looked at me and giggled. The wine was really getting to her now. "You remember that there was a time when I used to drink a lot?" Mom was looking straight at me, so I nodded my head. "Well Charlie always hated to see me drink. He told me that I was a lousy d***k, who didn't have control. I used to k** him about acting like our dad. He threatened to spank me like dad did. I didn't think too much of it, he always made threats to me as a k**. Well one day when you were in School, he came by. I had been drinking and he got mad. He pulled me across his lap and pulled my housecoat up to my waist. He said that I had been asking for this for a long time, and it was high time I got it.

Mom's eyes grew glassy and she got a far away look in them. "I always connected my dad's spankings with his love for me. While Uncle Charlie had me across his knee, his hard palm spanking my ass, something happened. I started to realize that he loved me too. That was why he was angry enough to spank me. And the thought made me excited. Other men used me to satisfy their hard dicks. And when I got hot, I generally let them do what ever they wanted to me. But Uncle Charlie just loved me. As I felt his hard palm smacking the tender cheeks of my ass, I began to get hot. At first I had just been screaming and kicking my legs. But the hotter I got; I opened my legs and began to lift my ass in the air. Then I felt him squeezing and massaging my ass with each spank. Then his fingers stroked my pussy. Jeez, but I was soaking wet."

Mom's story was getting me wet! I could remember feeling the same way when Uncle Charlie had spanked me. Mom was breathing heavier now. I could see she was getting excited, reliving her spanking, so I shut up and let her talk. But I wanted to stroke my pussy so bad. Mom closed her eyes and her voice grew softer. "I felt him push his fingers beneath my panty and he stroked my pussy. I know I was moaning, cause it just felt so good, so right. When he started to slowly finger me, I began to cry. He was loving me. Loving me like none of my men friends ever did. Not even your father. I remember lifting my ass in the air, begging him not to stop. But he did. He pulled his hands free and made me stand up and look at him."

Mom's hand had strayed to her tits and I watched her stroke them and make the nipples hard and pointy. Her other hand was rubbing between her thighs. Shit! Mom was rubbing her finger up and down her slit. "Charlie told me that he loved me. That he had always loved me. And being his s****r, had stopped him from showing me how much he loved me. But he could see how much I needed to be loved. And he wanted to love me. But I had to understand what it was we were about to do. He did not want me to feel guilty later. I stood before him and slowly undressed. I never spoke a word. Then I dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants." Mom's hand had pulled the gown up. She was openly fingering her pussy and I could see all the dark hair between her thighs. Mom had always been hairy.

Suddenly mom's eyes opened and she got a frantic look on her face. She reached out and grabbed my arms. I thought she had come to her senses and realized that she was talking to me. But her look was wild. "You have to understand, Tiffany! I don't know what came over me. When I took his dick in my mouth, his hard, throbbing shaft, touched my lips, I lost it. I think I came as soon as my lips closed around it. He let me lick it and suck it at first. Then he grabbed my head and began to work it up and down. Sometimes he even made me gag and choke. Then he stopped me. He lifted my head up and made me look into his eyes. As he kissed me he told me he loved me. We fucked all morning and most of the afternoon. Then he left before you came home. But not before I promised him that our love would not end there."

Mom was crying softly. "That weekend we got a sitter for you and he brought me up here. It was the best weekend of my life. Oh damn! I think he fucked me in every position and in ever hole until I couldn't take it any more. And all weekend he spanked me. Charlie and I were lovers until you reached 17. Then he told me that we had to stop so you wouldn't find out. He didn't know how you would take it, having your mom fucking your uncle. Oh Tiffany! I miss him so much and yet, I was afraid of what you would think of us." I moved over and held mom as she softly wept on my shoulder. I brushed her hair out of her eyes and looked at her.

"Mom look at me." She lifted her head up and looked at me. "You know that I have looked at your pictures many times. And I have looked at the video too. You looked so happy with Uncle Charlie. It was easy to see that the two of you really loved each other. And don't be so quick to think that I don't know how you feel. I'm gonna tell you a story and I don't want you to say a word until I finish. OK?" Mom sniffed back her tears and nodded her head. I handed her her glass and took mine too. I sipped from my glass and looked at her. It was now or never, all or nothing.

"Remember when I was in my late teens, and you had to go out of town on business? You made stay with Uncle Charlie. I guess you were afraid to leave me alone. Well anyway, there was a costume party that night. I wanted to go real bad. So I dressed up in my costume, which was me looking like a slut. I had a short skirt that barely covered my ass and pussy. High-heels, and a tight, tight sweater that showed off my tits. Oh, I didn't wear any underwear either. Well Uncle Charlie caught me and made me show him my costume. He told me I had to go and change. That no niece of his was going out looking like that.

This time I was sent to my room and told I wasn't going to the party. I got so mad at him that I went to my room and pouted. Well I had intended tot take cigarettes and wine to the party. Since I wasn't going, I decided to smoke and drink the wine. I started thinking about a club that I was supposed to join that night. It was called the double fuck club. Where a girl is fucked in both holes at the same time." I saw mom's eyebrows arch up, but she didn't say a word. "Any way I started thinking about how I would have joined the club. I got hot and took out my dildo, and started fucking myself. That was when Uncle Charlie opened the door to check on me."

He got so mad he made me strip. Then he put me across his lap. Telling me that he didn't raise a cheap whore, he spanked the hell out of me. Sometime during the spanking, I got so hot. I actually started raising my ass so he could spank me harder. He was spanking me so hard and fast that he spanked my inner thighs and even hit my pussy a few times. When he stood me up, I could see the big bulge in his pants. He must have known I got off on him spanking me. He sent me to my room. I couldn't help it mom, I laid there and fucked myself to the biggest orgasm."

I could see the unasked questions on her face. "No mom, he never tried to touch me or anything. But I know that after he was in his room, he jerked off. I could hear him thru the door. For the next ten years, I got fucked by a lot of different men and a few women. But there always seemed to be something missing. I mean it felt good, but not spectacular. Know what I mean?" mom nodded her head. Well anyway, about three months ago, a friend of mine let me hold one of their videos. It was about a girl getting spanked then fucked. Mom I got so turned on by watching it, I had to turn it off so I could make myself cum. That was when I started thinking about the spanking that Uncle Charlie gave me years ago.

I knew that I had to get spanked and I didn't want anyone but him to do it. So I schemed him into bringing me up here for a nice relaxing weekend. I told him I needed to get away to recharge my batteries. We had been drinking wine, and I told him about how his spanking effected me. Then I seduced him. Oh he tried to fight it. But I described to him in detail about how it got me so hot. I had worn a sexy see-thru and I opened my robe so he could see me. Then I laid over his lap with my ass in the air. He begged me not to do it. Told me that I didn't know what almost happened when he had spanked me before. I could feel him getting hard beneath me. Then his hand touched my ass.

Spanking me as an adult hurt a lot more than the spanking he had given me as a k**. But all I could do was moan. In between spanks, he rubbed and massaged my ass. He even stroked my pussy thru my open legs. Mom, all I could think about was how good it felt and how hot I was getting. I think I came a few times, even as he spanked me. Then when he finished, he fingered my pussy. Do you know what I did when he finished?" Mom smiled at me. "Knelt between his thighs and sucked his dick, like I did." We both laughed at that. Mom hugged me. "Tiffany, I can't say that I'm happy about what you did. But I think I understand why you did it."

I looked at mom. "Think about something for me? From the time you're a c***d, your parents are always telling you that they are spanking you because they love you. With each punishment, they say it's for your own good. So why does society condemn them for taking that love to another level?" I poured our glasses again. Damn, but we were getting sloshed! Mom looked at me and said that it was time we went to bed before we were too d***k to even walk. When she turned to go into Uncle Charlie's room I went in with her. She looked at me and I smiled. "Are we finished talking? Or are we just getting comfortable so we can just fall asl**p while we talk?" Mom laughed as we both lay on the bed.

We were turned towards each other, propped up on our elbows. We sipped from our glasses and said nothing. Then mom looked at me funny. "So how long have you been BI-sexual?" I laughed but the sound was nervous. Was she angry? "Since college. Don't tell me you never touched another woman, mom?" Mom sipped her wine. "No! I've never found anyone that turned me on." then she laughed. I walked into a lezzy bar once by accident. A rough looking woman came on to me and scared me so bad, I almost peed my panties as I ran to my car and blasted out of there. I never went back and I never wanted to be some butch's plaything."

I looked at mom and something in me made me do what I did. I bent my head and my lips touched hers. An electric spark shot thru me. Mom stiffened at first, then she just relaxed. I pressed her lips harder and moved closer to her. Then I felt her just let go. I stopped and took her glass and put it on the table with mine. Then I turned back to her. This time when I kissed her, I felt her arms hold me. When my tongue slipped between her soft full lips, I heard her sigh. Her breath and mouth tasted of the wine we had d***k. I could feel her hesitation, apprehension and uncertainty. But when my hand caressed her tit, I heard a small whimper escape her mouth. I lifted up and looked down at her.

"Just like Uncle Charlie told you, I want you to understand what is going to happen if you let me keep going." Mom's tits were rising and falling with her increased breathing. She looked into my eyes. Then she smiled and tilted her mouth up to mine. I kissed her so tenderly. I gently rolled mom until she lay on her back. Then I started at her neck. I tenderly kissed and licked her neck as I worked towards her tits. I heard her sighing. I slipped the straps off her shoulders. I push the gown over her tits. The areolas are darker than the rest of her, and small tiny bumps cover it.

I lick around the circle. I can hear mom whimpering. "Oh Tiffy! Oh baby! Oh Tiffy! Oh baby!" Over and over she whispers my name. The tip of my tongue licked around the circle slowly and tenderly. Then I slowly sucked the nipple into my mouth. Damn but mom felt and tasted good. I sucked the nipple until it was a hard nub, all the time lashing it with my tongue. And I could feel mom getting more and more excited. I went to the other nipple and did the same thing until I heard her whimpering. I worked the gown down her body, tracing her skin with my short nails. Mom's sides are very sensitive. She lifted her hips so I could pull the gown free. Then she lay in just her panty.

I could see the damp spot between her thighs. But I didn't want to talk to her or hear anything but her moans. My mouth began a slow trail down her stomach. Mom's bellybutton is an inverted one. I circled it with my tongue tip then slowly fucked the tiny hole. I felt her stomach muscle spasm again and again. Then I licked along the waistband of her panty. I pulled the material down slowly as my tongue licked her exposed skin. Mom was moaning and pushing her hips up off the bed. "Do it Tiffy. Show me! Please show me!" I smiled, at hearing her plead for my attention. I stopped and pulled her panty back up.

I licked mom thru her panty. Her pussy lips were so swollen. And she was so wet. I licked up and down her slit. Then I pushed my lips against the material and sucked hard. Mom's juices strained thru and filled my mouth. Damn but she tasted so good. I sucked again. Then licked up and down the channel until she was begging me to take her. I pulled her panty aside and sucked one of her lips. Her pussy smell was intensely intoxicating. I sucked the other lip and she moaned. Then I slowly began to tongue fuck her hole. Over and over again I did it. Mom bounced her hips on the bed, pushing her pussy into my face. I would have loved to finger her pussy but this was supposed to be special. So I made it slow and easy for her.
I pulled mom's panty free of her long black thighs. Then I slowly pushed them open and gazed at her open cunt. Even thru the thick hair, I could see her pink pussy meat as her lips parted. I could smell her even more as the scent filled the room. I bent down and sniffed hard. "Your pussy smells so good, mom!" I pushed mom's thighs up and back. This opened her even more. Then I began to slowly lick her. I started at the puckered hole of her ass. Then I slowly licked all the way up her slit to her clit and beyond. Mom's whole body shook.

I licked her slit over and over. Then placed my mouth over her hole and slowly tongue fucked her. Mom bucked beneath me. Crying out louder and louder, as she humped her pussy. "Yes! Oh yes, Tiffy! Lick it! Suck mommy's pussy! Oh it's so fuckin good! Don't stop! Please don't stop! Harder! Faster! Do me, baby! Do mommy! I'm gonna cum! Oh shit Tiffany! Your gonna make your mother cum with your tongue. Fuck me with it! Make me cum! Yes! Yes! YES! YES! IEEEEEEEEEEE!" Mom came. And boy did her pussy flow! She filled my mouth once, twice and it kept flowing. Then she screamed and stiffened.

Guess mom had not cum that hard in a long time. I sucked hard and fast to swallow it all. I guess mom didn't realize that she squirted a bit of pee into my mouth as she came. But she fell back onto the bed and I swear, I thought she had feinted. I let her lay like that for a while. Then I crawled up to lay next to her. I kissed her lips and she grabbed me and pulled me hard to her. 'Ooh baby! I've never felt anything like that before. I never knew I could cum so hard. Not even Charlie ever made me cum that hard. Will you show me how to please you this way?" I couldn't help but laugh.

"Tomorrow mom. Right now, I think we could both use sl**p, more than climaxes. Besides, I came while I was sucking your pussy. I think I must have swallowed a gallon and not all of it was cum." I could feel mom blush. "Oh honey, I'm so sorry. I couldn't help it. I came so hard, it just shot out of me." I laughed at her. "Don't worry mom, you're not the first woman who ever did that. In fact, many times when someone is sucking my pussy hard, I sometimes let go on purpose. And women do the same thing to me." Mom's eyes were shining. "Will you tell me all about the other women, Tiffany?"

I kissed mom tenderly on her lips. "Tomorrow! But right now, let's go to sl**p." Mom turned on her side and I spooned behind her. If I had been born with a dick, her pussy and ass would have gotten a good workout as she lay like that. But I heard her sigh, as I rubbed her nipples. Then her even breathing told me she had fallen asl**p. Oh well, I could wait to see what developed in the morning.
Uncle Charlie Ch. 3

I awoke to mom's gently shaking me. "Wake up sl**py head, the days wasting." I turned my head and looked at the clock. 7am! "Mom! Do you know what time it is?" I heard her laugh. "Yes! Time to get up and take a walk. Come on, you promised me a girl's weekend. Here's your coffee. Wash up and brush your teeth. You can shower when we get back." After washing up, and having two cups of coffee, I was ready to face the world. Why the hell did she have to feel so health conscious. I wanted to just sl**p. Well, sl**p and teach her to please me. But I put on my sweats and off we went.

There is a lake that takes about 2 hours to walk around. We walked towards the sun. "So tell me about some of your girlfriends." I smiled. I told mom about some of the girls that I had enjoyed sex with. But it was when I told her about Crystal that I think I shocked her. Crystal was one of my more aggressive lovers. And describing to mom how she would strap on a dick and fuck my holes with it made her hot I could tell. About halfway around the lake, mom stopped and pulled me into the bushes. "I have to get rid of this coffee. Keep a look out."

With that, mom pushed her sweat pants down to her ankles. Like I did, she had not worn any panties. For the first time in my life, I stared down at my mom as she leaned against a tree and peed. She pushed her fingers to her cunt and pressed down hard. A heavy thick stream, of hot yellow liquid, shot from between her hairy pussy lips and splattered on the ground. I got hot watching her relieve herself before me. And watching her made me have to go also. I laughed as I propped myself against a tree and peed as mom watched me. She licked her lips as she looked at me rubbing my pussy while the yellow stream shot from my cunt.

There was no tissue to wipe myself or her. Laughing, we just pulled up our pants. Before we walked off, mom grabbed me. She pulled me to her and kissed me hard. Her tongue pushed into my mouth. We both groaned as our lips mashed against each other. I felt her hand push into my pants and she fingered me hard and fast. Just when I thought I would cum, she stopped. Laughing she grabbed my hand and led me back to the path. When we got back to the cabin and had locked the door, I turned to see her smiling at me. "Hey! I get to shower first", I told her.

Mom shook her head no. "We shower together. I hope you don't mind?" I smiled at her. "Hell No! I would have come in while you showered anyway." We laughed and arm in arm walked into the shower. During our shower, mom soaped me up as I soaped her up. I could feel myself getting hot as mom's hands worked over my tits and ass. Then I gasped as she pushed her finger deep iin my ass. I groaned as I pushed my ass against her finger. "So Crystal fucked you in this hole too? Did Uncle Charlie fuck you here too?" I turned to her.

"Mom! Do you mind that you will be sharing Uncle Charlie with me?" Mom lifted her hand and caressed my face. Her soapy touch was so gentle and caring. "Do you mind sharing your new lover with him?" The way she had said it, my heart swelled and I wanted to cry. My mother loved me. Not just as my mother, but also as my lover. We finished washing up and rinsed off. Then, still wet, mom led me into the bedroom. She lay me down gently on the bed. Then she crawled above me and kissed me. "Now show me how to love you." I caressed her wet hair and face. Then I laughed.

"Mom! Do the things to me that you would want a gentle and caring lover to do to you. Think about the way he would lick you and suck your nipples. Think about the way you would want him to lick and suck your pussy. Then do that to me. There is no right or wrong way. Whatever your lover allows is ok." Mom smiled and nodded her head. Then she bent down and kissed me. She was so gentle, and yet so anxious. She kissed me all over my face, licking off the droplets of water. Then she worked down to my tits.

Mom licked the water from my tits. Then she sucked my nipples. One time she sucked too hard and bit down to hard. I winced and sucked in air against the pain. "Gently, mom! Remember your lover." Mom lifted her head and looked at me. "I'm sorry baby! I just want to do it so good for you." I laughed. "Oh you are mom. My pussy is throbbing and pulsing. I can't wait till your tongue gets to it. But take your time. Make me ready for it. Make me beg for it." Mom laughed. "Did Charlie make you beg for it?" She bent her head and her tongue sent a shock thru my tit.

"Mmmmmm! No! The first time Uncle Charlie fucked me, I screamed into the pillows. He fucked me so deep and i screamed so loud, I thought the cops would show up. Damn, but he was rough!" Mom laughed. "Yea! He can be so gentle at times and then he turns into the Marquee Du Sade. I'll tell you about something he did to me once. But after I finish." Mom bent her head and continued. By the time her lips touched my pussy, I was ready for her. Hell! I was begging for her. Her tongue licked my pussy lips the way I had licked hers. Then she slowly tongue-fucked my hole. Damn, but her tongue felt long as she worked it in and out. "Please mom! Don't tease me like this! I need it! I need you to make me cum! Tongue fuck me! Fuck my hot pussy with your sweet tongue! Harder! Deeper! Oh you bitch! I'm almost there! I'm gonna! I'm gonna! Oh mom! Oh mom! Ahhhhhhhh!"

I felt her mouth sucking hard as I came. And I came and came and came! And all thru it, mom kept sucking me. I know I made her drink more than my cum. I did it on purpose. And she never stopped sucking me. Then I fell back on the bed. Mom held me and kissed me repeatedly. "I love you baby. I've loved you all your life." mom held me tight against her. Then she started to laugh. "You look a lot like Charlie when you cum. Only your eyes don't roll up in your head." I started to laugh. I looked upward and began to jerk my hips. "Ugh! Ugh! Take it! Take it all! Oh you bitch!" We fell back on the bed laughing like ninnies

Later in the day, mom took me shopping. She took me to a store I had never seen. It sold sexy, raunchy outfits. Mom acted like we were s****rs as we walked around the store. The guy behind the counter looked like one of those perverts you see in porno theaters. Bald, sweaty and having a hard time breathing. But his eyes stayed glued to us as we walked around. Mom picked out three sets of matching outfits and took them to the counter. "You two look like your related." Mom laughed. "Yes! My husband likes to do my s****r and me together! Or watch us do each other." She turned to me and kissed my lips. "Remember when he did me while I had to lick you clean?" She picked up our package and we left the store.

We laughed so hard in the car; I almost peed my pants. Then we went to another store I had not noticed before. This one sold sex items. Mom walked the isles picking out things. She brought a couple of dildos, vibrators and even two butt plugs. Then she shocked me. Mom walked to the stand and took down a strap on dick. She turned to me. "Think you can teach me how to do it like Crystal?" I nodded dumbly. Crystal had taught me how to imitate a man to the point that i fucked her like one. But the strapon that mom brought, had enough dick to fill two pussies. Looking at the back, I saw how the wearer pushed half into her cunt then fucked her partner with the other half. What did she have in mind for us?

By the time we got back to the cabin, I have to admit my pussy was wet. Mom kept reaching over and rubbing it thru my pants as she drove. I wanted to fuck the minute we got in the door, but she said she was saving that for tonight. The day dragged on as we watched TV and talked. Mostly about sex! Sex with my partners, and with hers. Especially, about sex with Uncle Charlie. She told me about their relationship. Uncle Charlie had made mom submit to him in more ways than I thought. Mom told me the story as we sat on the couch in front of a fire.

The weekend he took her away, after their first fuck, he brought her to the cabin. During the time he had her on her back, he was using just the head of his dick. He had her so hot; she was begging him for it. But he kept teasing her with his dickhead. Then he stopped. He told her that she was going to be his, totally. That she could either submit to him completely, or this would be the last time she ever felt his dick. Mom was so hot, she readily agreed to anything he told her. Then he fucked her hard. Mom said that he made her scream as he rammed her pussy over and over. Then he flipped her over on her stomach. She said that he fucked her ass like she had never been fucked before. And that was just the first night of their weekend together.

The next night, he took her to a club. Mom told me that the club catered to the spanking lifestyle. She watched as different men and women were openly spanked up on a stage. She admitted that watching all of it made her hot. But then Uncle Charlie grabbed her hand and pulled her to the stage. He sat in the chair and pulled her across his lap. Mom told me she struggled and tried to get up, but he held her down. Then he pulled up her dress and ripped her panties off. Right there, in front of everyone, he began to spank her. But he didn't just spank her. In-between spanks, he teased her pussy. She got so hot, she was begging for more. It no longer mattered who was watching. That made it even more exciting for her. Then he fingered her asshole. Mom said that he kept bringing her to the brink of cumming only to stop.

He had someone toss him a dildo. Then placing her in front of him, he eased her back until his dick pushed up into her ass. Mom said that she cried out in pain. Her ass was still sore from his fucking the day before. But he pulled her down until she took it all. Then spreading her thighs open so everyone could see, he made her slowly fuck her pussy. The whole place cheered and shouted as she came. Then he pulled out of her and led her from the stage. That night she said he fucked her like a mad man. Making her cum again and again. She never got a chance to visit that club again. But she would get hot each time she thought about it. I have to admit I would like to have Uncle Charlie take me there.

Mom had me so hot with her story. And yet, she kept teasing me by just touching me, but never really letting me get too excited. I decided to fix her. I would tell her about Crystal. I got up and made two wine spritzers. No use in getting too sloshed to have fun later that night! I sat back on the couch and stared at my mom. So much had happened in such a short time. And yet, there was so much more I wanted to share with her. I laughed and she looked at me. "What's so funny this time?" I stared at her, looking her body over. Then I bent my head and kissed her lips. Mom gave into the kiss with no hesitation. I broke the kiss and sipped my drink.

"Well from the way you looked as I told you about Crystal, and your buying that strapon, I guess you would like to know more?" Mom sipped her drink and looked at me over the rim of her glass. "I want to know all about your lovers. Especially Crystal!" The way she said it, we both laughed. I let my fingers trail up and down the soft skin of her thigh. "Gee mom! I don't know? Things between Crystal and I got pretty intense at times. Maybe you really don't want to know?"

Mom looked over the rim of her glass then she set it down. She smiled at me as she slipped her hand behind me and rubbed my back. Then she grabbed me by my hair and at the same time shoved her hand beneath my skirt. Her fingers pushed up into my pussy, which was already wet from her tale. Her thumb rubbed my clit and I moaned. "Don't tease me, Tiffany! I know you can't wait to tell me what you let some slut do to you. And no matter how intense it gets, I bet you loved every second of it." With that, she pulled her finger from my cunt, coated my lips with the juice on it, and then kissed me. I was breathing hard by that point.

I swallowed hard to control myself. Mom's little act had almost made me cum. It was the suddenness of it. Mom picked up her drink like nothing had happened and smiled at me. I looked at her. Like Uncle Charlie, mom had a hard streak to her also. "Well mom, Crystal was a real small woman. She must have only been about 5 feet tall and she couldn't have weighed over 110. But she had a nice pair of tits and a real tiny ass. I met her at a party. She saw me staring at her and started talking to me. From her conversation, she let me know that she was Bi. The way she stroked my arm as we talked and the way she kept referring to how beautiful I was.

She was mixed, oriental and black. But she had the prettiest smile; you could get lost in it. Well, some jerks started to fight and she asked me if I wanted to go to her apartment for drinks. I said yes and followed her to her place. It was nice. We were sitting on the couch when she kissed me. It felt so good and she was so small. My hands rubbed her tits and she moaned. She broke the kiss and looked at me. "I don't like to be teased. Are you ready to go all the way?" I smiled but didn't answer her. I just started to unbutton her blouse. Damn, but that girl loved to eat pussy. She had the sweetest tongue and loved to fuck my holes with it. I could cum and cum while she tongue-fucked me.

When she straddled my head, her crθme was so thick and sweet. I couldn't get enough of it and sucked her dry. Then she started to fuck me with a dildo. She was so slow and gentle, bringing me to the edge then stopping to kiss me." Mom laughed. "Like you did to me last night, baby?" I reached out and rubbed mom's already hard nipples. She closed her eyes and pushed against my hand. "When I started to suck on Crystal's tits, she cradled my head and pushed me into them. She made me suck them hard and bite them until she whimpered in pain. Even when I used the dildo on her pussy or ass, it was always hard. She would cry sometimes and call me auntie.

I found out that her aunt had seduced Crystal to get at her s****r, Crystal's mom. They had some falling out over a stolen boyfriend. Anyway, Crystal's aunt had made Crystal into her own personal sex slave. And she was never gentle when they fucked, either. Anyway! Crystal asked me, if I had ever been fucked by a woman with a strapon? I told her no and she said I would love it. When she first walked into the room with it on, I almost burst out laughing. This pretty woman, so small with this black fake dick dangling between her thighs.

But I soon learned that crystal could use that dildo even better than some men can use a real dick. Sometimes she would just use the head until I begged for more. Then she would slowly fuck me, until I wanted to scream. A women with a strapon, doesn't get soft or tired like men do. And she sometimes had me so sore; it was hard to walk. She taught me how to use it on her like her aunt did. But whenever I fucked her I had to make sure that she screamed from my hard fucking. And all the time, crystal would cry and call me auntie.

One night we had gotten pretty well blitzed. Crystal decided to tie me up. I trusted her and we had tied each other before so I didn't worry. But this time things went very wrong. After Crystal had me tied up on my stomach, she pushed a ball gag in my mouth. She had never done that before and I got kind of scared. Then she started rubbing my ass. She started talking about her aunt and her mom and she grew angrier and angrier. She pushed her finger in my ass and fingered me hard. I could only groan and grunt. That was when she walked in front of me. She lifted my head to look at her.

"I'm gonna fuck you like my auntie fucks me. I'm gonna let you know what I have to go thru just cause that bitch hates my mom. That gag will stop your screams just like she stops mine. And no matter how hard I fuck you, no body will hear it." Then crystal put on the dick. There was enough room in the rope for her to pull me up on my knees. Then she placed the dick at my pussy. "If you move and make me stop, I'll make it a lot harder on you." Mom, I got so scared. She was like a mad woman. When she rammed that dick in my cunt, I screamed but the gag muffled it. She pulled out and rammed it in again.

Mom's eyes were glued to mine as I told her my story. "And all the time she was fucking me, she kept talking to me like I was her and she was her aunt." Mom's hand stroked my face. "Did any of it excite you, baby?" I had to giggle. "Well mom, all the time she was ramming that dick into me, she kept repeating that this was for my own good. That she was doing this because she loved me. I know that even thru the pain, I came twice. I think it was what she was saying, that turned me on. Then, she pulled out. I know I was soaked, because I could feel it running down my legs. Crystal got underneath me and licked it up. All the time she kept telling me that it was for my own good. That she loved me so much.

I felt her tongue on my ass. Then she was pulling my cheeks apart. I started getting so hot when she tongue-fucked my asshole. I know I was pushing back to get more of her sweet tongue. Then I felt her pushing the dick in my ass. This time she fucked me even harder. I know I screamed myself hoarse. It hurt so bad! All I could do was struggle and cry. And she kept telling me she loved me, that this was for my own good. Then it was over. She held me as I cried myself to sl**p. Our relationship broke up soon after that. She just wanted our sex to hurt all the time."

I could see that mom was touched by my story. It looked like she wanted to cry. Then she pulled me to her. As mom hugged me and kissed my face, she told me that she would never treat me like that. That she loved me too much. I tilted my face and felt mom's tender lips touch mine. As we kissed, my hand slipped beneath her skirt. Mom moaned as my fingers found the waistband of her panty. Then she just pressed against me as I slowly fingered her. Mom threw her head back and was breathing thru her mouth.

"So you want me to teach you how to fuck me, mom? You want me to strap on that fake dick and slowly fuck you with it? Make you suck it clean after I fuck your wet pussy? Do you want me to tie you up too? Tease you with my fingers and tongue? Make you beg like Uncle Charlie made you beg? Is that what you want, mom?" mom was humping her pussy at my fingers. "Yes Tiffany! Oh yes! I want all those things! I want to share them with you. It will be our secret. Even Uncle Charlie won't know about it. Please, baby! Let's make it our own secret? Please?"

I pulled my fingers from her pussy. Damn, but mom grew wetter with each second. I sucked my fingers as she watched. "Did Uncle Charlie really make you his slave?" Mom smiled. Then she pushed me back on the couch. I laughed and giggled until her mouth pressed into my pussy. Then I could only moan and hold her head. But mom stopped before I got a chance to cum. It was about 6 so we made dinner. It was light, just chicken breast and salad. But mom made sure that we had a lot of wine with dinner and after. Then she had me take a shower and put on one of the outfits she had brought.

When I got out the shower, the bedroom was bathed in candlelight. Mom took her shower and came out wearing her outfit. She looked so hot; I wanted to attack her right then and there. But we started out just kissing slowly and tenderly. I was laying on my back, when mom brought out one of the dildos. From the way she fucked me with it, I knew that she was no stranger to its use. She used the tip and made me beg for more. And beg I did! Then she gave me one and had me use it on her. But she told me not to let her cum. It was deliciously frustrating.

Then mom brought out the strapon. She gave it to me and had me put it on. "Here, baby! You've used one before. Teach me how to fuck you after you fuck me first." I strapped it on and rubbed oil on it until it shown. Then I began to slowly fuck her pussy with it. I just used the head. "Oh Tiffany! You're fucking me just like Charlie does." I was using my arms to prop me up above her. This way I could look down at her, as I slowly fucked her pussy. Every couple of strokes, I would sink the dick in all the way. Mom went crazy on the dick. Then I pulled out and watched her suck it clean.
I placed mom on her hands and knees and got behind her. I fucked her pussy slowly. But I made sure that she got all she could take with each stroke. I started out slowly, but soon had a nice rhythm going. And mom kept moaning and calling my name as I fucked her. "Yes Tiffany! Oh baby! Shit! Fuck me Tiffany! Work that dick in my pussy! Fuck me! Oh you sweet baby! Yes! Oh yes!" Then I began to spank her. SMACK! "Tell me you love it, mom!" SMACK! "I want you to do the same things for me you did for Uncle Charlie." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

Mom was slowly working her ass back and forth. Taking more and more dick up into her pussy. "Talk to me Baby! Talk to me while you fuck me. Talk dirty like Uncle Charlie did." SMACK! SMACK! "So you liked being his slut!" SMACK! SMACK! "I bet you came hard when he took you to that club." SMACK! SMACK! "Letting all those people watch him fuck your ass, while you fucked your pussy." SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Then she went over the edge. "Tiffany! Oh baby! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! Oh shit! Oh you sweet bitch! Fuck me harder! Faster!"

I grabbed mom's hips and fucked her like Uncle Charlie had fucked me. I was ramming my dick in her cunt over and over. Then I pulled my dick out. Mom cried out and collapsed on the bed. I pulled her over and grabbed her thighs. I pulled them open and sucked her pussy like I had been starving for it all my life. And mom pumped all her crθme into my mouth. It was so fuckin fantastic! I felt her cum again and then I stopped and just held her. Mom held me back and I felt her having micro-orgasms over and over.

We sat sipping wine after mom had gotten herself together. "Oh baby! I never knew it would be so good! I can't believe how wonderful it felt. Getting fucked by my own sweet baby. Oh thank you. Thank you." Mom kissed me over and over again. Then it was her turn. Mom had to work at getting her hips to keep up a good rhythm, but with a couple of false starts, she was soon doing a fair job of fucking me. With a little practice, she would be as good as Uncle Charlie is. And I intended to let her have a lot of practice.

The phone rang and mom answered it. It was Uncle Charlie! Mom talked to him, telling him that we did have a nice weekend. And yes we did get to talk a lot. She told him that she was glad I had suggested that we take the time together. All during the time that mom talked to Uncle Charlie, I was slowly sucking her tits and fingering her pussy. Mom kept talking like nothing was going on. Then she told him that she wanted him to come up early enough to have breakfast with us. She almost laughed as I knelt down and sucked the fake dick as she talked. Then she said goodbye and hung up. Laughing, she pushed me on my back and fucked me even better than she already had. We fell asl**p locked in a 69. But when I felt her move in the morning, we were side by side.
Uncle Charlie Ch. 4

Mom had fixed the coffee machine sometime during the night, I guess. Because, when she got up, I could hear it start. But I just lay in bed savoring the memory of last night. Damn but mom learned to use the strapon quick. I heard a car drive up and then the door opened. “Hey Michelle!” I heard Uncle Charlie’s voice. “Hey handsome! I put on the coffee. Guess you could use a cup after that long drive.” I got up and walked to the door. From where I stood, I could see into the kitchen. Uncle Charlie looked as good as he always did.

“Do you mind if we have our coffee out back? I would like to talk to you.” I watched Uncle Charlie and mom walk to the back door. This door let out onto a porch. The windows were next to the chairs. Mom wanted me to hear their conversation. They sat down and Uncle Charlie lit a cigarette. They sipped coffee in silence, and then mom took a deep breath. She turned towards Uncle Charlie. The window was cracked a bit so I could hear them plain. “How have things been Charlie? You look as good as ever.” Uncle Charlie laughed. “What’s the matter kitten? You always start a conversation with that I’m looking good thing when you are nervous.”

Mom too a bigger breath and looked at him. Uncle Charlie looked back at her. “Charlie! You remember when you told me that you wanted to move us away from here. To have us living as man and wife while we raised Tiffany?” Uncle Charlie nodded his head and sipped his coffee. I didn’t know anything about this. Mom continued and I listened carefully. “I told you that I couldn’t because she was growing up and would never understand. I lied to you Charlie. Tiffany would have loved to have you as her dad. But I was scared. I knew the woman you had turned me into. And don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of it.

But after you asked me, I thought about it long and hard. I knew that as Tiffany grew older, she would act like all teenagers acted and have to get a spanking from you. And forgive me, but the idea of her lying across your lap, her naked ass in the air excited me. I knew that it would excite you too. And I also knew that if you wanted her, I would have gladly trained her to satisfy you the way you trained me to do it. I knew that I would also want her. The feelings were there whenever I looked at her and imagined her getting spanked. That’s why I never could give her a spanking. Just the thought of it made me excited.

But Tiffany and I talked a lot this weekend. I was wrong. I should have gone with you. Letting you enjoy her, and me as Tiffany grew up. Oh Charlie! I let so much time go by. I’m sorry. I still love you Charlie. I have always loved you.” Uncle Charlie sipped his coffee without saying a word. I had to remind myself to breathe. I was holding my breath. Would Uncle Charlie get mad? Would he leave without talking? Then he sat his coffee down and smiled. He looked over at the window and stared into my face. “Come out here Tiffany. And bring a cup of coffee for yourself.” I sheepishly walked out on the porch. I had sense enough to put on a robe.

I sat next to mom and we both stared at Uncle Charlie. He looked at the two of us and smiled. “Did you hear everything your mom said?” I nodded my head yes. “Well Michelle, you were right. If we had run away and started a f****y together, the day would have come when I would have had to spank Tiffany. And even as a k**, she had your body. It would have excited me and I would have wanted to fuck her. Oh I know that must make me sound like the “i****tuous bastard” that Tiffany called me the first time I fucked her. She did tell you about that didn’t she?”

Mom nodded her head. Uncle Charlie looked at me. “I told you that I wanted to be with you when you told her. I will have to spank you good for not listening. But Back to what I was saying. Michelle, you gladly submitted to me. You held nothing back, and did everything I could have ever wanted you to do. And I know that I would have trained Tiffany to be the same way. I am an i****tuous bastard. And I knew that if your pussy was so good, Tiffany’s pussy would have been so sweet and tender I would want it too. Michelle, the first time I fucked Tiffany, it was pure lust. Oh I wanted it. I’ve wanted it from the time I spanked her so long ago. But when she seduced me, the only thing I wanted was satisfaction.

But the next time we fucked, it was lust and love. Did Tiffany tell you about the second time I fucked her?” Mom shook her head no. Uncle Charlie looked at me. “The next time I fucked her was at my apartment. All the time I undressed her, I told her how much like you she looked. I only let her call me Uncle Charlie. I wanted her to know that it was i****t that we were doing. Every time I made her suck my dick, I told her how much I loved having her mom, my s****r sucking the same dick. When I spanked her I thought about how wonderful it felt spanking you. And knowing that I had fucked both my s****r and her daughter made me fuck her even harder. Yes, I would have fucked both of you if we had lived together.”

I sat sipping my coffee, watching the two of them. Michelle turned and looked at Tiffany. Something passed between them unsaid, and they both smiled. ‘Would you fuck us both now, Charlie?” Michelle stood up and opened her robe. Uncle Charlie looked her up and down and I could see the bulge in his pants growing. Then I stood up. “Yes Uncle Charlie! We both want you. And we want you to fuck and spank both of us.” Michelle bent down and kissed me. It was one of the slow, long sensuous kisses I guess they shared with each other so long ago. Then it was my turn. I stepped in when mom stepped back and gave him the same type kiss. Then we took his hands and led him into the house.

When we entered the bedroom, the scent of our earlier sexual fun still permeated the room. Uncle Charlie stood still as mom and I slowly undressed him. When we finally had him step out of his drawers, his hard black dick stood straight out from his body. I looked at mom and she looked back at me. Then we both sank to our knees. We took turns slowly sucking the head of Uncle Charlie’s dick. It became a contest to see who could take the most without choking. Of course mom won. Or, I let her win. I had been deep throating dicks for a long time. Mom and I stood up and kissed each other. Then, I took their hands in mine and led them to the bed.

I stood between them as I turned around. “The two of you waited a long time to be reunited. I think that this moment belongs to just the two of you.” I was about to turn and leave them alone when I felt two sets of hands on my shoulders. I looked up and both of them were looking at me. It was mom who spoke. “No, baby! This is going to work only if the three of us are together. There will be enough time for Charlie to enjoy us by ourselves. Right now, the three of us are going to make love together.” She turned to Uncle Charlie. “I hope you’re up to some strenuous work, my boy!” then she turned to me.

The smile on her face told me how she felt. And I couldn’t have found the words to tell her how I was feeling. I tried hard not to start crying. We turned to Uncle Charlie and gently laid him back on the bed. Then mom slowly climbed up on him. I guided his hard throbbing dick up into her pussy. Mom moaned as his dick slipped up into her. I watched as she slowly worked her hips up and down on his dick. My hands were rubbing her body as she slowly fucked Uncle Charlie. Then I captured one of her tits. I sucked and licked it, as mom continued to fuck her b*****r. I felt their hands rubbing over my tits. Then they found my pussy.

I opened my thighs eagerly as two sets of fingers rubbed and stroked me. “Yes mom! Fuck your b*****r. Feel how deep his dick goes up in your juicy pussy.” I rubbed down until I felt Uncle Charlie’s wet dick sliding in and out of her pussy. “Feel it Uncle Charlie! Does it feel like my pussy? Is mom tight? Does she grip your hard dick like my pussy does?” Mom was moaning as she worked harder on Uncle Charlie’s dick. She was lifting her ass and dropping down hard on his dick. And she grunted with each penetration. “Oh Charlie! I’ve missed this dick so much. No other man ever made me feel the way you do.”

Mom lifted up off of Uncle Charlie’s dick. Gobs of cum dripped from her pussy and covered his dick and balls. Then she guided my head to his lap. As I licked and sucked the sweet crθme from his dick and balls, I felt mom’s fingers stroking my ass crack. She lifted my face and kissed me. Then she guided me to straddle his hips. I groaned as his hard dick filled me. My pussy was still a bit sore from mom’s frantic fucking the night before. But he felt so good sunken deep in me the way he was. “Fuck her Charlie! Fuck your niece and my daughter. We belong to you now. And we’re always gonna be yours.”

I bent down and kissed Uncle Charlie’s lips. He held me to him. That was when I felt mom’s fingers rubbing my asshole. I groaned into Uncle Charlie’s mouth as her finger started to fuck my ass. “Oh mom! You’re fucking my ass while Uncle Charlie fucks my pussy.” I worked my hips back and forth to the double rhythm. Then mom pulled her finger free. She sucked my nipples harder than I had sucked hers. Then she straddled Uncle Charlie’s face. She was turned so we faced each other. I could feel her excitement as he tongued her. We kissed and rubbed tits as both of us received pleasure from him.

Mom started to moan that she was gonna cum. I didn’t want it to stop just yet, so I pushed her off him. Then I crawled between her thighs and licked her pussy. I turned so that she had to lick my pussy. Uncle Charlie lay there watching us. Then I whispered into his ear. Uncle Charlie laughed as he got up off the bed. Then he pulled me to the edge. He directed mom to get in the same position. We were on our hands and knees, our asses stuck in the air with Uncle Charlie behind us. I turned to watch him give mom’s ass a sweet tonguing. Mom moaned and pushed her ass back at him. Then he turned his attention to me. Damn, but his tongue felt good!

Then Uncle Charlie got behind mom. I watched as he used his hands to spread her cheeks. Then mom groaned and grunted, as Uncle Charlie began to fuck her ass. Mom turned to me. “He fucks my ass so deep. And his dick is so long and thick. Oh Tiffany! Please rub my pussy.” SMACK! SMACK! The loud slaps echoed in the room. “I didn’t tell you that she could touch you. You’re my slut now!” Mom moaned. “Oh Charlie! It’s been so long.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! ‘Well get used to it, s****r dear. I’m gonna be spanking this ass a lot.” He turned to me and smiled.

“Don’t worry Tiffy! Your ass is next and I intend to spank you even harder.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “So you enjoyed other men while you denied me your body!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you suck their dicks?” SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie!” SMACK! SMACK! “Did they fuck this asshole?” SMACK! SMACK! “Oh yes Charlie! But not like you do.” Uncle Charlie held mom’s hips and began to slam his dick up into her ass. “Oh! Oh Charlie! Oh shit! Fuck me! Fuck my ass! Shove it in deep! Harder! Oh you bastard! You like fucking my daughter, don’t you? Do you make her beg the way you make me beg? Oh Charlie! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Mom’s body jerked as she came. And her whine turned into a scream as I saw the crθme flow down her thighs. Uncle Charlie held mom until she stopped shaking. Then he pulled out. Mom groaned as he pulled his still hard dick free. Then he turned to me. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “So you like watching me fuck your mom! I bet you want to crawl between her thighs and suck her juicy pussy.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Oh Uncle Charlie!” SMACK! SMACK! “Didn’t I tell you that I wanted to be there when you told your mom I fucked you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes! But we just started talking.”

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You’ll learn to do as I tell you. Just like your mom does.” Then he shoved his dick in my ass. Uncle Charlie shoved hard and buried the length of his dick up my ass. He fucked me hard and rough. And all the time he slapped my ass while he fucked it. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Finally, I couldn’t hold back any longer. “I’m cumming Uncle Charlie! Oh mom! Uncle Charlie’s dick is making me cum. Oh yes! Fuck me! Fuck me, you motherfucker! You fucked my mom in her ass, and now you’ve got your hard dick up my ass. Oh shit! I’m cumming, now!”

Uncle Charlie held me as I came. Then he pulled out. I cried out as his dick pulled free. Then I collapsed on the bed beside mom. She turned me to her and hugged me. We kissed, as Uncle Charlie walked into the bathroom. The water ran and we heard him washing up. Then he came out and washed both our asses. He turned us on our back and gently licked us to another orgasm each. Uncle Charlie climbed into bed between us. He kept kissing us telling us that he loved us both. “Does that mean you won’t spank us, Uncle Charlie?” Uncle Charlie laughed. “Oh no! I intend to spank the hell out of you after we rest. Michelle for allowing me to leave her. And you for not waiting to tell her I fucked you.” laughing, we hugged each other.

The rest of the morning went about how I expected it to. Uncle Charlie took turns fucking mom and me. And we took turns licking, sucking and enjoying him and each other. We told Uncle Charlie about our trip into town. I made him promise to take mom and me back to the club he had taken her. I told him I wanted him to fuck me on stage while everyone watched. As mom worked her head up and down his dick, I told him I wanted him to spank mom and me on stage too. We could pose as s****rs who belonged to him. The idea made him cause mom to choke and gag as he fucked her throat deep.

Dinner was delicious. Uncle Charlie made his fabulous filet mignon. And like mom said, it melted in your mouth. After dinner, we told Uncle Charlie to take his shower first. Then mom and I took ours he was seated before the fire when we walked out. We had dressed in our hottest outfits and his dick came to instant attention when we walked before him. Mom and I took turns fucking him. Then we cleaned his dick and each other’s pussies. Then he told us that it was time for our punishment. I had to go first. Mom was to hold me, as Uncle Charlie spanked me.

Uncle Charlie sat on the couch. I lay across his lap with my head on mom’s lap. Uncle Charlie pulled my panty until it had ridden up the crack of my ass. This left my cheeks bare. His rough hand rubbed my ass. “I told you to wait to tell your mom.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “I told you that I wanted to be there when you told her.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “The two of you took turns sucking each other’s pussies last night didn’t you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you have fun sucking your mom’s wet pussy?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you fuck her with a dildo?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

My ass was on fire. He had never spanked me this hard or long before. I was crying and digging my nails into mom’s tender thighs. But she never uttered a sound. She only stroked my hair and whispered that she loved me very much. Then the spanking was over. There was no sexual play. Uncle Charlie didn’t try to excite me. He only spanked me. Then it was mom’s turn. He put her in the same position with her head in my lap. I sniffed back tears as he pulled her panty into a wedgie. His hand rubbed her ass and she grabbed my thigh. I almost gasped as her nails dug into my soft skin. She knew that he would spank her even harder than he had spanked me.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The sound of his hand slapping mom’s ass was so much louder than when he had smacked mine. Mom opened her mouth to scream but shut it without uttering more than a whimper. ”So you want me to take you back, huh?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did you enjoy letting other men fuck you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Knowing that I wanted you so much, it hurt to think about you.” SMACK! SMACK! “Did you think of me while they fucked you?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Answer me you no good bitch!”

Mom was crying openly. “Oh Charlie! I do want you back. Even when I let other men touch me, I thought only about you. I missed your touch, your spanking and using me the way you did. I’m sorry Charlie! I’m so sorry!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Not as sorry as you’re gonna be! I gave you my love.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “I would have given you the world, Michelle! All I wanted was your love and your submission. And yes I wanted your daughter. We both knew that.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!

“Did you enjoy sucking her pussy last night? Did you fill her mouth with your thick cum?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie! Oh please, it hurts!” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did the two of you use dildos on each other?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Yes Charlie! I made her beg for it. And she did the same thing to me. We licked each other’s pussies after we came.” I looked at mom’s ass. Even thru her chocolate color, I could see how red his spanking had made it.

“I know how much you like to be fucked after a good hard spanking.” SMACK! SMACK! “But instead of letting you enjoy my dick, I’m gonna lay here and fuck your daughter.” SMACK! SMACK! “And when I finish, you can clean us both.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mom moaned, as Uncle Charlie’s fingers found her slit and clit. She lifted her ass up off his lap. “Fuck me Charlie! Ahhh! Oh my pussy is on fire.” Charlie laughed. As he pushed his finger up mom’s cunt, he turned to me. “Did this slut tell you how hot she got when I took her to the club?” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Mom was humping her ass in the air as he fingered her. “Yes.” He pulled his wet fingers out and pushed them in my mouth. Mom tasted so sweet.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “Did she tell you that she begged me to take her back there?” SMACK! SMACK! “Or how she wanted the men and women in the audience to come up on stage and fuck her? Did she tell you how she begged me to find another couple, who also was into spankings? Then she could get spanked and fucked in both her holes.” SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! “You’re a nasty slut, Michelle. But I love you with all my heart.” Even in her excitement, mom continued to cry. Uncle Charlie pushed his finger up her ass right then. And mom came while she humped his fingers. Uncle Charlie made mom stand up. Then he pulled me to the edge of the bed.

I felt the tip of his dick push between my pussy lips. He grabbed me by the hips and pulled me to him. Uncle Charlie fucked me with long hard lunges. I grunted and groaned with each penetration. From the spanking he had given me; the hard fast fucking I was receiving; I could do nothing but cry. I cried all the time he fucked me. Just like I had held mom’s hand while Uncle Charlie had spanked her, she held my hand while he fucked me. Suddenly he stiffened. His eyes rolled up in his head and he started jerking his tits. “Argh! Argh! Oh shit! Take it! Take it all!” I looked at mom. Remembering our conversation about how he looked when he came, we almost laughed. But that would have been disastrous for both our asses.

Uncle Charlie pulled out and grabbed mom by the hair. “Clean your baby’s pussy.” Mom’s mouth felt so good after his hard fucking. But it didn’t stop my tears. When she finished, he shoved his dick in her mouth. Mom sucked him thru her tears. Then he pulled us both to him. We fell asl**p that night with our heads on his chest. Mom looked at me and I at her. Our hands touched and we smiled. Our life would forever be different from this moment on.

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Me and uncle jack

callum woke up to the smell of pancakes and syrup. Yesterday was his last day of school. Now he was off for the summer. He yawned and stretched his thin, muscular frame. callum stood about 5" 9" and had a wiry wrestler"s build. His whole body was sleek and hairless except for the light brown patch above his cock. He threw off the covers, putting his feet on the floor. His oversized hands slipped through his long brown hair. He scratched the pubes above his big morning hard-on.

"callum, breakfast is ready, and don"t forget, you"re picking up your uncle at the airport this afternoon."

"Oh fuck!" he thought. He"d made plans with the guys, forgetting about his uncle. Well, he"d just have to call them and cancel. He hadn"t seen his uncle since he was a little guy; but always remembered him fondly. He checked his naked frame in the full length mirror, did a few muscle poses, and then turning to the side, and checked his morning hard-on. Now there was something to be proud of he thought, as he gave it a few loving pulls.

Seven and a half inches and thick as his wrist, was nothing to be ashamed of. Must have come from his mother"s side of the f****y; because the one time he caught his dad in the buff with a morning hard-on, there was only four or five inches jutting out. He took a couple of more pulls on his meat and went in to shower.

After woofing down eight pancakes and two glasses of milk, callum headed out to Beth"s house. He and Beth were friends since grade school. Beth knew everything about him. There wasn"t one secret he could ever keep from her. They hung out together until it was time to head for the airport. callum didn"t want to ask her to go with him and she felt a little left out; but callum wanted to greet his uncle alone. The fact was, Beth had been feeling a little left out for a while now. It seemed that callum spent more and more time with the guys lately.

The loud speaker announced a 45 minute delay in Uncle Jack"s flight. callum swore under his breath; this meant an hour and a half"s wait. He sat for a while watching the people; but got bored with that. callum browsed around the stores then stopped to get something to drink and read. After that, he had to pee so he headed for the men"s room.

The building was the oldest one at the airport and hadn"t been renovated yet. The bathroom was dark and the tile dingy. Hanging over the stalls were low wattage bulbs. The stalls themselves were made out of old corrugated wood that had been painted many times over. The mirrors were dull gray and lost their sheen. It wasn"t dirty at all, just old. You just had the feeling you stepped back in time.

He stood at one of the two urinals in the place. As he took his meat out of his pants, an older guy about 25 came in and stood next to him. He always had trouble peeing in public; and even pulling on his cock didn"t help. His cock began expanding. "Oh shit! What the fuck am I going to do now?" he thought. The guy next to him noticed he wasn"t pissing. He stepped back from the urinal, showing off his nine inch slab of meat, and continued to pee. callum, made an involuntary movement of his head and glanced at the big dick that had stopped pissing and started growing. Wow! He thought he had a big dick. He turned away quickly. The guy faced him and stroked it blatantly. callum couldn"t help but take a second look and the cock was at full erection now. He didn"t realize he"d licked his lips. The guy put his cock away laughing. "Fucking cock sucking queer," he said as he left the men"s room.

callum felt completely mortified. He turned to the sinks. The water wasn"t running. He checked them both and feeling like he would pass out, the bl**d having rushed up into his head, he ran to the toilet in the corner. It was for people with disabilities. The door slammed shut and he tried the sink. Water gushed out of the spigot. callum splashed his face with the cold water a few times; and started to feel better. He noticed his cock was still hanging out of the fly. A noise came from the other side of the door.

callum didn"t know what to do. What if it was the guy that flashed his cock? He couldn"t possibly face him again. Maybe if he stayed in the stall until whoever it was left, he could get away then. He went to sit on the toilet to wait. As he moved away, he noticed the wood wall had been eaten away. A good sized round hole had been worn smooth. He could see the guy in the only other stall, sitting with his pants down. Every time he glanced over he saw movement. Not being able to make out what was happening, callum"s curiosity over came his fear. He inched forward. He couldn"t see the man"s face, but he saw what the man was doing.

The man stood up and took off his shirt, pink with blue stripes running through it. His smooth naked chest flexed with muscles. He reached down to hold a big, fat, hard cock. Both his hands wrapped around it and the head still stuck out on its own. callum couldn"t believe it. With his eye against the hole, he watched as the muscular man started to stroke it. Every once in a while, the man let go and the straight thick cock bounced in the air as if it were saying yes, yes, yes. The man had already noticed callum watching. He leaned against the opposite wall and lifted the huge cock to show off his big fucking balls hanging low in their sac.

callums mouth went dry and he moved away to the sink. He splashed more water on his face, and cupping his hands, drank some. When he turned around, the huge cock stuck out from the hole he had vacated. The big balls hung down against the wall and the cock stood straight out from the hole. callum looked at the disembodied cock. He absorbed himself in the oddness of having a living cock seemingly unattached to a body. He walked forward. callum bent down to get a closer look. The cock pulsed and hit him in the face. "Well, are you going to suck me off or what?" callum"s jaw dropped. The world became unreal to him. His head spun and he shook it.

Here was this disembodied cock telling him to suck it. He bent forward again. "Well? Get on with it boy! Suck me!" callum lowered himself to a kneeling position. He stuck out his tongue and tentatively licked the cock head. He tasted the pre-cum. All of a sudden the cock pushed forward a little more and the cock slipped into callum"s mouth.

"Ummmmm!" came the muffled sound. callum bobbed on the cock and took more and more into his mouth. From a third he took half. From a half he took two-thirds. The cock head kept hitting the back of his mouth. He liked the taste of the cock flesh and texture of the cock itself. It was hard as a rock, yet supple and giving with a silky feel to the skin. The cock head would squish and then bounce back into shape. He was mesmerized by the whole incidence.

"Hold your mouth against the hole and let me fuck it k**." callum moved forward not quite pressing his lips against the wall. The enormous cock started to retreat and then slam into callum"s mouth. The wall of the stall shook. Then again it withdrew; and again it slammed forward. The man set up a steady rhythm. The wall bounced with a noisy beat, in time to the fucking cock.

"Oh fuck! Oh Fuck! Hold your head there k**. Here it fucking comes! Take it cock sucker. Take my fucking juice and eat it. Ohhhhh Fucking yeah!!! Fucking eat me. Suck my cum man. Suck it good you fuck." callum swallowed and swallowed some more. He ate the cum for the first time in his young life. At the last moment the cock head pushed past the back of callum"s mouth and plummeted down into the recesses of his throat. The last two loads shot deep within his cavern.

The man"s hands wrapped around the top of the wall and he hung there with his softening cock still in the hole. callum kept sucking as the cock softened. He felt it going into a flaccid state and realized he enjoyed the cock hard and soft. He thought, he never had such a good time. Slowly he let the cock go and stood up. The cock retreated back through the hole. The man quickly zipped up, put on his shirt, and left.

callum stayed a few more minutes, trying to figure out just what went on. He looked down at his pants and the wet feeling there. Fuck! Now he had cum in his pants. "Wow! He had just sucked his first fucking cock. Damn, it wasn"t half as bad as he thought it might be. The dreams he"d been having of other guys finally came about in reality. callum realized he would be late for picking up his Uncle and headed out of the men"s room with his sweater in front of him. He went to have his Uncle paged.

callum parked the car in the garage and entered the kitchen. His mother was cooking at the stove. "You"re late callum. Go wash your hands and set the table for dinner." callum did as he was told. His mother went to the stairs, "All right you guys, dinner"s ready."

callum heard his father coming down, his feet rumbling on the floor. His father walked into the dining room and behind him Uncle Jack. Uncle Jack was wearing his pink shirt with the blue stripes. "Hey Buddy!! How are you doing? You remember me don"t you? Say you don"t mind the fact that we"ll be sl**ping in the same bed do you?" callum went over and gave his Uncle Jack a big hug. "No Uncle Jack. I don"t mind at all." Uncle Jack felt callum lift his knee gently up between his legs, and wondered what that could be all about. callum couldn"t wait to tell him.


Two days had passed since Uncle Jack arrived. Both nights callum was nervous and afraid to do anything. They went to bed and Uncle Jack wore a tight fitting pair of Jockeys that outlined his big meat invitingly. His body was thin but muscular; and callum had a hard time relaxing with him. He ached to tell him that they did it together; but callum became shy and hesitant.

On the third night, Uncle Jack came into the bed room with a towel wrapped around him. He"d just taken a shower down the hall. callum lay on the bed watching him. "So little stud how was your day?"

"Oh it was alright. I just hung out with the guys messing around." Jack pulled off the towel and started to dry his hair. He stood facing the bed and continued to make small talk. callum stared at the monster dick hanging flaccid over the heavy big ball sac. He licked his lips like he"d done the first time he saw it in the men"s room.

When Jack pulled the towel off his head, callum quickly turned away; but not before Uncle Jack saw where he was looking. "So Karl, you dating any fine looking girls lately? At your age, I suppose they"re giving you a good workout huh?"

"I go over to Beth"s house a couple of times a week. What do you mean by a work out?" callum knew damn well what he meant; but if Uncle Jack was going to talk about sex, he wanted him to be specific."

Jack got a little flustered and looked at his nephew quizzically. He changed the subject and hopped on the bed naked. "Anything on the TV?" Jack grabbed the remote to turn it on. callum jumped up and hit the power button on the DVD player; but not before the credits of the movie showed up on the screen, "In The Locker Room".

"What was that callum?"

"Oh, nothing. I picked up a movie about sports, but haven"t looked at it yet."

"Why don"t we watch that? I love watching sports."

callum didn"t know what to do. He knew it was a porno flick. He saw the triple XXX and just grabbed one quickly. The guy at the flea market on the other side of town sold it to him with a sneer on his face. callum"s face had turned beet red and he scurried off, sticking the DVD in his pants and covering it with his shirt. callum hadn"t had a chance to view it since he bought it. "No, it"s probably just statistics on different teams. Let"s watch something funny."

He jumped back on the bed next to his uncle. Jack flicked through the channels and stopped on one of the summer sitcoms. He absentmindedly pulled on his balls as they watched the screen. callum wondered why he hadn"t put on any underwear. He copped a look every now and then. His uncle"s cock stayed flaccid.

Later, they shut the TV off. Jack rose off the bed. "I guess I"ll put a pair of skivvies on. I wanted to make sure my croquet set was dry." He chuckled at the joke.

"Boy Uncle Jack, you keep making statements like that and I"m going to start thinking you"re a geek."

"A geek? I"ll show you a geek!" Jack jumped on the bed and started to wrestle with callum.

"Uncle Jack let me go or I"m going to grab those naked nuts of yours." callum made a couple of moves on his uncle"s big balls. Jack easily evaded his moves and pulled down callum"s underwear. When he was naked, Jack held him down. "There you go callum, now we"re both naked.

"You"re perverted Uncle Jack." They both laughed and Jack let callum go. He got up to get some skivvies. "Uncle Jack we"re both guys and we"ve already seen each other. If you don"t want to wear anything to bed it"s fine by me."

"What? What the hell was I saying?" callum couldn"t believe the words he just spoke. "Hey that"s cool, callum. I hate wearing clothes anyway and I never wear any to bed when I"m alone. Thanks." They both slipped under the covers and shut off the lights. "You"ve got a pretty big piece of meat there callum. You must take after our side of the f****y "cause I"ve seen your dad"s. It"s okay but nothing like us huh stud?" callum turned on his side. His cock lurched forward in length. He was still shy about getting a hard on with his uncle.

"Yeah Uncle Jack. I"m glad I take after you." He managed to say quietly, a little under his breath.

Jack heard him any way and smiled. He turned on his side facing callum, his cock gently brushing against the boy"s ass. He put his arm over callum"s waist. sl**pily he muttered, "You"re a good k** callum." Jack dosed off but callum lay there wide awake. His cock kept growing until it was fully hard. callum was so horny, but after a while he too dosed off.

An hour or so later, callum woke up. He could feel his uncle"s cock, stiff and fat, pressing against the full length of his ass crack like a hot dog in a bun. He backed up against it and grabbed his own hard meat. Jack moaned and humped his hips forward. His body felt so good to callum, the boy pushed his entire torso up against his uncle"s smooth, muscular chest.

Jack turned on his back and pushed the covers down exposing his upper body. callum turned over onto his other side and looked into his uncle"s face. He looked a lot like his mother. The features were the same but a lot more masculine. He was quite handsome with his square jaw and high cheek bones. He touched his uncle"s chest; and followed the curve of muscle down, making circles around the dark brown nipples and then down to the deep set navel. He continued to look at his face to be aware of any change he might make.

Jack didn"t move. His breathing was normal. callum got braver and slipped his hand under the covers. He gently grabbed the enormous cock shaft in his hand and softly stroked it. He had to stifle the moan that begged to be released. Jack continued to snore softly. callum pulled the covers back a little more, just enough to look at the beautiful cock in the moon light.

He took a deep breath and leaned forward. callum pressed the fantastic cock head against his cheek. His lips kissed the side of the cock shaft. He turned his head and did it again to the other cheek, continuing to give soft light kisses to the extended part of the uncle he loved. callum moved down to the loose hanging ball sac with the monster balls nestled inside. He pressed his entire face into the man"s scrotum, relishing the smell fresh from the shower; and the manly aroma that moved up into his nostrils.

His tongue licked gently at the cock shaft, as he held it straight up in the air. callum wanted this cock so bad. He thought he could suck it all night and not tire of its flavor; the silky skin that shined from his saliva and the spongy cock head that beckoned him to taste its nectar. He swirled his tongue around the expanded cock head and stuck the tongue tip into the deep flared cock slit. The taste of precum liquid caught in the slit, made him moan involuntarily out loud. His uncle squirmed and his hand came down to cup his balls.

"callum, you"re awake," he mumbled. "What are you doing little stud?" He was fully awake now. "Oh shit callum. This is not...I mean this shouldn"t..."

"It"s okay Uncle Jack. We"ve done it before."

"What are you talking about?"

"When I picked you up at the airport and you thought I didn"t show up?"


"Well I did show up. I was a little early and they announced your flight to be late. I hung around checking things out for quite a while. Then I had to take a leak. You remember coming into the men"s room?"


"Well guess who was on the other side of the partition when you fucked my face?" callum Smiled, finally the cat was out of the bag. He felt great relief and pressed his lips against his uncle"s cock head for a soft sweet kiss.

"You mean.... You were the one? Impossible...I mean you couldn"t have...Wow! It was you, giving me that fantastic head in the john." callum laughed.

"I"ve been looking for a chance to tell you. Yours was my first. I was embarrassed, I felt shy, I didn"t want you to reject me." Jack"s mouth hung down gapping as he was told, then he smiled. "callum I couldn"t be happier buddy. I"m surprised as hell; but damn happy. I always thought you were a hot little stud. Let"s enjoy it and have some fun."

They rolled on the bed until they were opposite each other. Jack sucked the boy"s thick shaft into his warm mouth. By the look and feel of it, he thought it was a lot like sucking his own meat. It had been a while since he had been with another man except for getting a Blow Job now and then. Now he had a chance to do it with this beautiful sensitive boy.

callum followed suit and tried to do what ever his uncle was doing to him. They licked and sucked and kissed and licked and sucked each other"s dicks. Jack loved the young fresh taste of this boy meat. He moved down to the big heavy balls and sucked it into his mouth. It was big and filled his whole cavity. He slurped and rolled it around in his mouth for a long time. Then he did the other one. He felt callum doing the same thing to him in the same way. It was blowing his mind, among other things.

Jack was getting to close to climax. He pulled away from callum and rolled him over on his stomach. Spreading his legs, Jack shoved his face into the crevasse of delight. He sniffed the boy odor and ran his tongue up and down the ass crack. callum writhed on his belly, pushing his ass back at his uncle. Jack pulled him up to his knees and stuck his face under the beautiful mounds of his ass and started to lick and bite that area between the balls and ass hole.

He bathed his nephew in oral juices. callum rocked back and forth on his knees begging for more. He had never received a tongue job or Blow Job before. His mind went wild with emotions and desires and physical touches that made him whimper and itch for more. Uncle Jack knew this had to be good for the boy because he understood it was his first real encounter. He was glad it was him and not some unfeeling guy prowling the street just for getting his rocks off.

Jack slipped a finger slowly into the wet moist asshole. The boy pushed back on it. He continued to lick the outer ring; and slowly invaded another finger. Jack worked the sphincter muscle over and over until he felt it giving up the resistance. He kept spreading his fingers apart to stretch the entry. Jack leaned forward and pressed his muscular chest against callum"s smooth strong back. He reached around and took the giant cock in his hand and slowly stroked it.

callum began fucking his cock into his uncle"s hand. The feelings were driving him crazy. anything else that was going on became a blur in his mind. Jack placed the head of his hard shaft against the ass muscle. He kept up the stroke on the boy"s cock and pressed ever so gently. Jack bit and sucked callum"s neck which started another series of erotic feelings; callum felt no pain. He only felt full, full of his uncle"s cock. Jack only had the head in so far.

Jack inched the cock shaft little by little. He made short strokes back out and pushed a little further into the hot moist hole, Each time he made minute progress. It didn"t matter how long it took. He was not about to hurt this sweet k**. He pulled gently on callum"s big balls as he stroked him. callum loved all the feelings he was experiencing. He ass felt full and it also began an itch he couldn"t seem to scratch. He rocked back on the fat cock in his hot tunnel. After a while he was sliding most of the big cock shaft into him on his own. "That"s it callum. Move on it. A little more and you should have it all stud." callum pushed back harder as Jack pushed forward.

Finally the entire shaft embedded itself deep within the fuck cavern. Jack"s big balls rested against callum"s upper thighs. He stayed there motionless for a while as he feathered his palm over callum"s cock head. "Oh, Uncle Jack. Please, please fuck me. I need you to fuck me now." That"s what Jack had been waiting for, the boy begging to be laid.

He pulled all the way out to just the head and pushed all the way in to the hilt. Again and again he drew it out slow, watching every inch appear before his eyes. Then he watched every inch slide back in. Sweat dripped down his forehead. His muscles were strained and bulging from their workout. The hollow in his ass cheeks became more predominant as he clenched them each time he pumped the massive meat forward.

Jack was the vision of pure masculinity as he knelt behind the naked ass. The hair on his head was wet and dripping. Every muscle was covered in sweat and glistened in the moonlight from the window. Moon shadows played on his nakedness as he "porked" his nephew. The vision of his muscular naked body fucking the boy"s naked muscular body played over and over in his mind. It would stay with him forever.

Now was the time for the heavens to break loose and a choir of voices to sing out their joy for this union of man and boy. Yes, he was eighteen and being fucked for the first time; and his uncle was twenty-nine and showing him the joys of man-to-man fucking sex.

Jack grabbed callums"s hips and began ramming his fucking huge cock hard and unmerciful. callum met him pound for pound wanting every inch, wanting his big heavy balls, and anything else he had to shove in there. He gave his ass back with every inch his uncle plowed forward. Jack"s thighs slapped against thighs. His stomach slapped against the hard ass cheeks. They were both soaking wet with sweat.

"Here it is boy. Here"s what you wanted." He shoved his big cock up callum"s ass so hard, they both almost fell off the bed. callum backed up on it and squeezed his ass muscles as tight as he could. Jack"s cock exploded its thick creamy hot cum deep up callum"s hot ass. callum felt the hot cum splatter inside him. He wanted it to go on forever. His own cock jerked up and shot cum up on his chest so thick it congealed and dropped onto the bed linen. Jack held the huge monster cock deep up the ass canal, jerking and sputtering and shooting wads of sweet cum. The cock jerked on Karl"s sphincter muscle and his prostrate kept getting beat with each ejaculation. Every time the cock hit the prostrate callum shot another load of hot juice.

They both fell on the bed one on top of the other. Jack kissed and sucked callum"s neck as he ran his hands all over the sweaty body. callum"s head was spinning. It would be a while before he came down to earth again. Jack stayed where he was, not wanting to move. If his cock was still up callum"s ass in the morning He would fuck him again. The next week would be better then he hoped.

callum"s only thought as he drifted off to sl**p, "My Uncle Jack, what a fucker!"


Uncle Jack and I had a great time while he visited. I mean we sucked and fucked every night; and then rimmed, and gave each other Blow Jobs every morning.

He was a world traveler and over the next year, he sent me pictures of places he"d been and the hot hunks he"d met. I was more then a little jealous; but I do have to say that, the naked pics, he sent of those guys, did turn me on.

High school was over and I spent the next seven months working. I wanted to take some time off from studying before going to college. It was just a regular job; but it paid very well. I saved up a nice amount. It was around then that I started thinking about a vacation, before going back to school, when I received a letter from Uncle Jack. Of course it had the usual pics of naked guys hanging it all out.

Uncle Jack"s letter invited me to join him on an eleven day cruise, leaving Miami and going through the Panama Canal, up to San Francisco. It couldn"t have arrived in a more timely manner. I was having trouble deciding where to go; and nothing was permanent. I didn"t have anyone to go with; and going alone wasn"t as appealing as being able to share it with someone.

Of course I accepted; and the idea of seeing my Uncle Jack again, gave me a hard on. That night, I whacked off while looking at all the naked pics he"d sent me. The two weeks went by so slow, I began to think it was a trick and I was dreaming. My mom told me she was going to lock me in the closet until it was time to leave, if I didn"t relax. "Lock me in the closet? Little did she know I just got out of the closet." I thought. But she was right. I needed to do something to relieve the tension, and keep me from thinking about the trip.

I was already packed and everyday I checked my bag to make sure the plane ticket to Miami, that Uncle Jack sent, was in the side pocket. I"d already quit my job. My days were free. I guess it would have been better to stay on the job until just before leaving; but how did I know I would go batty waiting. To relieve tension, I drove out on the old state road that wasn"t used anymore except by truckers and a few travelers that got lost leaving the highway. It was nice and quiet being the only car on the road. About ten miles out of town I came upon an old ramshackle truck stop in bad need of repair.

There were five or six trucks and a couple of cars in the lot. An old wooden sign hung from a pole. The paint was peeled and faded from years of hard weather. It still advertised showers 50cents beds $1.50. From the looks of the place the prices hadn"t gone up. An old man, with a couple of missing teeth, worked the desk. I didn"t go in. I guess I was a little scared. Instead, I walked around the side and saw a building standing alone, about a hundred yards to the back. I was in bad need to take a leak and, just when I had decided to whip it out and pee right there against the building, I saw the sign "Toilets"

I went in and down a long skinny hall. The rug was worn and so dirty, the pattern had long since disappeared. The walls were in bad need of paint and the few pictures hanging there were covered in enough dust that you couldn"t see through the glass to the pictures. Having no windows, the hall was dimly lit by a couple of bare bulbs. I walked into the men"s room and up to an old long urinal hanging on the wall. For all intents and purposes the room stood fairly clean. I hung my cock out and started to pee. After I"d finished, I shook it and stroked it a few times.

I heard a noise to my right. I turned, and there was a glory hole level with my cock. A finger was sticking through, calling me over. I got nervous and excited, at the same time, as I went over. The guy on the other side of the wall said, "Let me suck it man." I pushed my limp dick into the hole, and felt a very hot, wet mouth encircle my shaft, sucking the entire soft dick into his lips. "Fuckin Hell Dude!" My cock had always been hard when someone sucked it. To feel this moist, hot, soft mouth enveloping my flaccid cock felt erotic as all hell. "Oh yeah man. Suck it." His mouth and tongue were like velvet sliding along naked skin. I wished the wall wasn"t between us, so I could grab his head and fuck his face.

This guy had to be sucking cocks for a good many years. He got me up and hard with his extremely wet mouth. He slobbered all over my cock. He swallowed the whole shaft down into his throat every time he went down on it. It wasn"t long before my hot nuts pulled up in their heavy sac. "I"m gonna shoot my fucking load man. Oh fuck, I can feel it cumming. Here it is man. Here"s my fucking cumahhhhhh!ahh!ahhhhhh!ahhh! Oh shit! Oh fucking shit!" I came deep in his throat, feeling his throat muscles squeezing the life out of my cock. He swallowed my cum, the throat muscles tightened, I shot my load. He swallowed, muscles tightened, I shot.

When it was over and he drank the last of my cum, I zipped up and left. Outside I waited for the man to come out. I wanted to see the guy that did such a nice Job on my meat. He came through the door. His body barely managed to fit through the door jam. He stood about 6ft/3inches in height. He was a big burly man with large muscles and a very hairy chest. He had a long beautifully trimmed mustache. A leather vest hung from his broad shoulders partially covering his naked chest. His stomach was slightly large and even though it wasn"t ribbed, you knew it had to be hard muscle. He also looked like he had a large apple in the crotch of his jeans. His white hair had a buzz cut, and a little longer on the sides combed straight back.

Although you could see he spent years in the sun, his face held few wrinkles. The skin was tan and smooth. I couldn"t believe that a masculine butch man like him had been down on my cock.

He smiled as he walked by and in a rich deep voice said, "If you"re still around a little later, I might take a piece of that great ass of yours." Then he kept going. Still around? What else was there to stay for? I decided to investigate the grounds a little further. Walking to the other end of the building, I went in the door. There was another long hall in the same condition as the other one. Half way down, on either side stood a door. One door went into a small, sort of locker room, beyond that were the showers. The other door led to a very large open room, with cots and mattresses. Again, the paint was peeling off the walls; but the cots were all made up with linen very neat and clean.

A few truckers hung around telling whoppers, and laughing like hell at the best ones. I had heard water running in the showers, so I went back to check it out. The lockers were old and dented and a few were without doors. I walked to the large arch and stood in the shadows peeking in. There were about fifteen spigots sticking out of the wall. Each had a place to put a bar of soap. Three men were in the far corner washing and talking. "When did you pull in Ben?" "About 20 minutes ago. I was talking to old Harry at the desk for a while. He"s got to be, what? A hundred years old? Anyway, his Grandson stepped out from the back. Cute k**, I"d like to get a hold of his sweet ass."

"Well, he"s old enough to bend over. Maybe you"ll get lucky." The guy called Ben was a little on the heavy side; but when he turned around, he swung a cock that was just my kind of meat. I"d only been out a few times since Uncle Jack and although the Blow Job I"d just gotten, hit about a ten on scale, I was still horny and felt a churning in my big balls. Ben soaped up his meat and slowly stroked it while looking at the asses of the other two guys. For a minute I thought I would be watching an orgy going on.

"C"mon Mike. We"d better get out of here before randy Ben decides to poke one of us." All three men laughed. As the two walked past Ben, The guy called Mike slapped Ben hard on the ass. "Just remember Ben, turn around is fair play." "When ever you think you"re man enough Mike, I just might spread um for ya." They all laughed again and the two guys walked out of the shower while I slipped into the dark corner and let them pass.

When they were gone, I quickly shed my clothes and walked into the shower. "Hey k**! How you doing?" "Fine, I was glad to find this place. I wanted to freshen up a bit." There wasn"t any need to tell him I didn"t live far. I faced the wall and stood under the hot water allowing it to beat down on my back so that the skin would shine in the light. My round muscled ass was one of my best features and it hadn"t been used since Uncle Jack. I could feel an itching just inside the opening of my hole.

I dropped the soap on purpose [no one drops soap by accident] and noticed him taking a long look. If I could have winked my asshole at him, I would have. "So where you headed boy?" He walked over to the spigot next to mine.

"I have f****y in the next town."

"Are you in a hurry to see them?"

"Not really. I"ve got time on my hands. Where are you headed man?"

"Name"s Ben; staying here tonight and headed west tomorrow. Early!" I dropped the soap again, only this time it slid under Ben"s shower. He just stood there facing the bar of soap. I hesitated long enough to see if he would move aside. He didn"t move or offer to pick it up and hand it to me.

I bent over, retrieving the bar, my face about six inches from his beautiful cock. I looked at it boldly, and then up at Ben"s face. As I started to straighten up, He pushed on my shoulders, took his cock in hand, and pressed it to my face. It was full and thick; but not hard yet. The thick soft length of it pressed from my chin to the top of my forehead. His low hanging balls, the size of extra large chicken eggs, rolled against my skin, underneath my chin. The first sounds of moaning escaped my lips.

"This is what you came for isn"t it boy? I thought I saw you peeking in just before Mike and Tony left. I bet you wanted to come in and have at all three of us didn"t you?" He put his cock at my lips and I opened my mouth, letting its softness lay across my tongue. It filled my mouth and I could smell his man odor with my nose buried in his pubic hair. The scent of the soap he just used and his manly aroma struck my nostrils, and I took a deep breath. I pushed my tongue against the under side of his meaty cock; and pressed it"s softness against the roof of my mouth. I loved having the weight of his cock laid on my tongue. When his cock got hard, it would stand up on it"s own without the weight. In this state, the feeling was a lot different; and just as wonderful as his hard throbbing cock would be in another minute.

I sucked the cock head hard and rolled my tongue all around its pulpy tissue. Now it was Ben"s turn to moan. He stroked my head and brought his hands down along the sides of my face. I felt his big cock grow in length and girth as it hardened. When it was fully hard, I moved down to those unbelievably large gonads. I licked and sucked, bringing one then the other into my mouth and licked and sucked some more.

Ben placed his hands under my arms and lifted me like a rag doll. When I was standing, he grabbed my legs and lifted my body up, pulling them around his waist, and pressing my upper body against the cold tile wall. With my legs wrapped around his waist, my asshole was left open and vulnerable to his cock"s invasion. He reached under me and grabbed his mighty meat, aiming it at my sphincter muscle. He moved his hips forward. I felt the expanded cock head at the door to my hot tunnel. He pushed gently, and the left over soap around the hole helped his entry. I felt his mighty cock head move past my love muscle and into my hot cavern. Ben started moaning again. "Oh yeah boy, I want you. I want my fucking cock deep up your fucking hole. You"re so fucking tight and wet in there."

Ben was very aware of just how tight I was. He moved into me gently, an inch at a time. I whimpered as each inch past into my body, letting me know how much my ass was made for this wonderful intrusion. My lust grew higher and higher. By the time Ben had all his big dick inside me, I was so ready to be fucked, wanted to be fucked. He started with short easy strokes as he pressed his furry chest up against my smooth one. He buried his face into the crook of my neck. I felt his slightly round stomach press into my hard one; and it was so erotic, to have so much of his body touching mine.

Ben lowered me a little on the wall and his thrusts became longer. I could feel all of his cock retreat to the cock head and thrust hard into my hole. "You like that fucker? You love fucking cock filling your fuck hole? You like my big fucking dick pumping into your ass, huh? You"re a fucking dick lover, a cock sucking pussy for a hard bone. You take it good too, you little fuck. Uh! Uh! Uh! Take my fucking cock." Ben thrust harder and harder into my hole. His sex talk turned me on even more and I tried humping back on his dick with every deep thrust. "That"s it, Ben. Fuck me. Fuck me good and hard. Pump that fucking cock in my ass. Common man, you can do better then that. Fucking fuck me man. Pound that fucking thick, long, meaty, hard fuck pole up my hot hungry ass Ben. You fucker! You"re a good fucking fucker! YEAH! FUCK ME GOOD YOU BASTARD!"

He pulled out and dropped my legs down. He spun me around and bent my torso over. "Grab your fucking ankles k**. Here comes the cock." Ben threw his hips forward with the weight of his body behind them. His cock made perfect aim and shoved up into my fuck shoot with one mighty movement. His big heavy balls slapped up against my upper thighs. His stomach made sucking sounds against my ass as he drove his thick cock shaft in and out of my hole. I put my hands against the tile and pushed back with every hard ramming movement into my butt. Yeah, this is what I wanted. This is what I hoped for. This was why I came for this ride out of town, a man sticking me like a stuck pig on his pole. Two men servicing each others needs. He needed to fuck and I needed to get fucked; and we were both getting laid.

There was no love here. There was no passion. It was just two men getting it on. Two guys rutting in the shower. Ben grabbed my hips and began slamming into me as fast as he could. I put my hands close together to cushion my head as it banged against the tile. Then, it happened. He rammed one last, ass splitting time Deep into my recesses his cum came to a boil. His cock expanded. His thick swollen cock head gave up the creamy white spice of life; and exploded his hot cum deep into my ass. I wanted to claw the tile wall, but my fingers wouldn"t dig in. I slammed my ass back so hard; Ben stepped back and took me with him, holding his cock deep in my warm tunnel. We stood away from the wall, Ben with his back arched, hips thrust forward, cock pulsing up my shoot, balls roiling in their sac releasing their sweet nectar; and I, standing up, pressing my back against his hairy chest, stomach muscles contracting, chest heaving, hard thick big fucking cock sticking straight out into the air, bouncing and spewing forth hot thick loads of cum onto the tile walls and floor.

I reached my right arm up and grabbed his head, pulling it down into the crook of my neck. He sucked and bit into my flesh, leaving a huge hickey, which sent shock waves down into my cock head issuing forth another hot load. If I could have kicked his fucking ass while his cock throbbed inside me you can be sure I would have. That"s how a****listic I felt at that moment.

When it was over, Ben walked forward and pressed my body between him and the wall. He kissed my neck one more time and let his big softening cock slip from my hole. "You are one hell of a fantastic fuck k**." He moved underneath the shower next to me.

"Thanks, I could say the same about you." I smiled, taking the soap bar and running it up and down my sore ass crack. Ben smiled back.

Heading home, I felt better and more relaxed then I had in two weeks. Three more days and I would have Uncle Jack right where Ben had just been.


Dad took me to the airport and stood with me while I checked in at the curb. After check-in I told him I would be just fine. He gave me a hug and told me to have a good time, then drove off. I went into the airport with a small carry on bag over my shoulder.

At the gate a good-looking guy behind the counter, helped me choose a seat. I told him this was my very first flight and could I have a seat where I could stretch my long legs out. He leaned over the counter and took a long look at my legs, and I"m sure, my cock, snaking down the inside of my thigh in the tight jeans, didn"t go unnoticed either. He smiled with one eyebrow slightly raised and then winked. "I see exactly what you mean. There"s an empty seat in first class. Since this is your first flight, why don"t we put you there so you can really see what it"s like to fly?"

Hey, that was fine with me. I didn"t know what the difference was anyway. On board, I showed the lady in uniform my seat number and she directed me to my seat on the aisle, just before going into another section of the plane. There was a wall behind the seat, but it didn"t seem to affect the way the seat reclined. I watched as the other passengers boarded. There were a couple of guys that I would have really enjoyed sitting next to. Once everyone was in their seat, we waited a while and a final passenger boarded. The guy that helped pick my seat came on board behind him and closed the door.

The man walked over to where I sat, excused himself, and squeezed by to plop down into the window seat next to me. I looked him over. "Not bad" I thought. He had very strong looking heavy thighs that bulged in the suit pants he wore. The same was with the shoulders and biceps stretching the dress shirt when he took off his suit jacket. He leaned across me handing the jacket to the young man to store away, excusing himself once again. The aroma of scented oil and raw masculinity wafted into the air and my cock nudged in recognition against my thigh.

I took him to be about thirty to thirty-five. His hair reminded me of the color of dried wheat in the summer sunshine. His green eyes, set wide apart, spoke of a no nonsense demeanor. The raw masculine sexuality of this man brought only one word to mind. STUD!!! in every sense of the word. I wanted this man. I was nervous, without a clue as to how I might approach this man that seemed unapproachable. My palms began to sweat and I rubbed them on the arms of the seat.

"Your first flight?" Did he speak? The voice, as rich and low as a bow moving across the strings of a cello.

"What?" my voice cracked, "Oh, Oh yes." Dummy, say something intelligent. "I"m on my way to meet my Uncle Jack. He"s taking me on a cruise." That was brilliant. Now he thinks you"re just a k**. We hadn"t even left the ground and I already made an ass of myself. "Oh, well I hope you have a good time." His smile put everything around us in a blurred haze. The drone of the plane"s engines and the chatter of everyone around us faded into the beautiful sounds of the cello. I felt weak. I know I was young, but I"d never felt anything close to how this man made me feel. What was I thinking? I didn"t even know this guy.

He got involved in his laptop and we didn"t talk much the rest of the trip. The good looking guy came by and served us drinks. He rubbed his crotch against my shoulder. "Oh I"m sorry. Did that bother you?" "No, not at all." We smiled at each other. Now I was eighteen and tasted my first drink. I ordered a vodka tonic, more to let the guy know I was of age then wanting to drink. Later, about half way through the flight, the man put his computer down and lowered the back of the seat. I had been listening to some jazz music but now I laid it down. "My name"s William, Bill... by the way, what were you listening to?" "Oh, some jazz. I like the older greats like Billy Holiday, Sarah Vaughn, B. B. King. It"s mellow and sad, in a nice way. I"m callum."

"Well callum, it nice to meet you. I wanted to say thanks for not trying to talk my head off. I had some important work to go over. Most people I sit next to on a plane always seem to want to talk and it isn"t always welcome when I have work to do." "That"s cool man. I don"t like to bother people unless they want to be bothered." Bill chuckled deep in his throat.

We talked for a while and then I dosed off. When I woke up, my head was on Bill"s strong shoulder. He seemed to be sl**ping too. I took the chance to really take him in. One of my hands lay next to his thigh. I could feel the heat of him as if steam were rising from his pores. The strong muscled chest rose and fell with his breathing. I had to control my desire to take my hand and caress that hard chest; and rub the nipple protruding through the shirt material. The aroma of him, once again made my cock lurch. An announcement came over the loud speaker that we would land soon. Bill stirred. "Wake up sl**pyhead we"re about to land." He spoke softly. I raised my head from his shoulder reluctantly. "Sorry, I guess I used you as a pillow."

"No problem. It felt good having you feel relaxed enough with me to do that."

"Well you"ve got a big shoulder to lean on. You must go to the gym a lot."

"Three or four times a week. I go after I finish work so it"s usually late. You know the gym on Tremont St.?"

"No! I"ve never been to a gym except in school. I"ll be going to college this fall and will probably use the gym there."

I didn"t want the flight to be over. I guess sometimes you meet people that everything clicks with but they just pass through you"re life. This must be one of those times. Boldly I let the back of my hand brush hard against his thigh. Oh my God, like fucking steel it was. Bill didn"t pull away. I did it again just to make sure. Again Bill didn"t pull away, and I could have sworn he pushed back a little. Don"t be ridiculous. This was a lady"s man all the way I told myself.

We were the first off the plane. "Here"s my card. When you get back give me a call and maybe we can get together so you can tell me about this great vacation of yours."

"Thanks Bill. I"ll do that." Coming out of the gate, Uncle Jack stood waiting. We hugged and Uncle Jack kissed my right on the lips, in front of the whole terminal of people. I turned to introduce Bill, but he was gone. I could not see him through the crowd.

The cab rushed us through the crazy traffic and to a beautiful hotel that overlooked the bay and Miami Beach. The room was painted in pastels and very elegant but tropical furnishings. There was a balcony and off to the right we could see the port of Miami. "Which one is the one we"re taking Uncle Jack?"

He came over and encircled me with his strong arms and nuzzled my neck with his face and lips. "Ours isn"t there yet. It"ll come in sometime during the night and be there in the morning." His hands slid down my torso and he grabbed my crotch. "Let"s get you out of these tight jeans. They must be uncomfortable after wearing them all day." He undid the belt and pulled down the zipper. Reaching down inside my jockeys, he gently squeezed my cock and nuts rolling them around in his palm. Now he pulled on the jean legs and dropped to his knees to take off one leg at a time. Uncle jack buried his face in my crotch, rubbing it all over my cock and balls.

I was usually the one on my knees in front of him first; but I placed my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair, enjoying the feelings that started coursing through my body. Uncle Jack sucked on my growing hard on through the jockeys. He licked and sucked until the wet material outlined my cock. I kept pushing my hips forward, wanting to shove my cock deep into his throat. He obviously wanted to sexually tease me. I had already teased myself on the long plane ride with Bill, so this teasing started bringing out the a****l in me.

My need to cum was at a very crucial point. I pulled on my own jockeys, sending them down past my crotch and ass cheeks. I grabbed my dick and Uncle Jack"s head. With one shove, my cock entered his mouth and f***ed its way into his throat. I screamed, "Oh yeah man. Good fucking mouth. Suck it Uncle Jack. Fucking suck it hard. I need to fucking cum so bad." I held his head and fucked his face like a man reaching the summit of Mount Everest.

I pounded my hips forward regardless of whether he was choking or not. I fucked his lips with a vengeance. My cock head tore into his throat and my big fucking balls slapped against his chin almost painfully. This was it. This was what men were for. To be fucking and sucking and tasting and shooting their cum loads into each other--real men doing real men. I pressed him back up against the rail and grabbed the top of it. Using it for leverage, I did body presses as I pumped my steel rod into his face. Uncle Jack grabbed my ass cheeks and helped pull my hips into him. He moved a hand into my ass crack and felt for the sphincter muscle. He rammed his dry hard finger as deep as he could up into my asshole. I screamed and let loose a thick hot load of cum.

"Arghhhhhh Yeah you fuck! Arghhhhhhh Eat it damn it eat it. Please! Oh! Oh please! Oh Uncle Jack. Yes! Yes! Oh I"m cumming. I"m cumming."

I felt the cum in my balls gather up and head through the thick shaft of meat. I squeezed my ass cheeks on Uncle Jack"s finger, trying to hold it in as long as I could. He used his finger to feather my prostrate and I blew the thickest hottest fucking load than I had shot in a long time. My cock kept pulsing in his throat and he kept sucking it all down. He took it all. He never let any cum escape his lips. He drank my nectar and wouldn"t let me back off. He sucked and ate my cum until there was nothing left and continued to suck until my legs gave way and I collapsed on the tiled balcony.

"Oh fuck Uncle Jack. I haven"t had a blowjob like that in such a long time--maybe never."

"I could tell you were all tensed up as soon as you got off the plane. You kept looking around as if you were meeting someone other than me. I figured we"d take care of your needs first and move on from there. "Thanks, Uncle Jack. I was looking around because I wanted to introduce you to someone I met on the plane, but he disappeared." He helped me up off the floor and we went into the room.

"Well, are you hungry callum? If you don"t want to go out I could send up for some room service. They usually have some very nice Cuban boys deliver." He smiled in that slight smirky way that always said "How about it baby." "No thanks. The flight made me so tired I"m really not hungry--not for food anyway." I tried smiling the same way he did. Uncle Jack laughed and I threw a pillow at him. He ran over and tackled me onto the bed, laughing and kissing.

"Uncle Jack, if you don"t mind, get out of my bed."

"Why?" He stood up.

"I don"t let any man into my bed unless he"s naked." I smiled and laughed with glee as he ripped at his clothing to get them off as fast as he could.

"I"m going to fuck you silly nephew. You"re about to find out what your uncle"s cock is for." "Well, hurry up. I think I already found out; but I want to know if you remember what it"s for." Uncle Jack jumped and landed on top of me laughing and biting my neck. His hard cock nuzzled under my balls making my ass twitch. He reached on the nightstand and grabbed the lube. "This is going to be a long session Karl." He entered me slowly. His cock filled my ass hole. The thick shaft pushed it"s way deep and deeper. I felt the big balls press into my ass crack.

Uncle Jack pressed his shoulders down into the backs of my thighs until his chest hairs tickled my nipples. His hips moved in a long slow steady rhythm. I could feel the entire length of the fat shaft rubbing every crevasse in it"s path. I felt my ass muscles give way to his cock head. I closed my eyes and in my mind could see Uncle Jack"s beautiful cock head and shaft making its way in and pulling out for reentry. He kissed my face, my eyes, my lips, in soft passionate caresses of love. Those full wonderful lips pressing against mine in loving exploring gentleness.

How I loved my uncle. How I loved all the things he taught me; and how he helped me understand myself. He never approached me until he found out I"d already sucked his cock on my own. Now he was making love to my body in such a gentle caring way. With every movement of his cock inside me I loved him even more. Uncle Jack fucked me for a long time. I felt the intensifying excitement. My cock had grown hard again. My prostate was being tortured in exquisite pleasure. He began to growl.

"Uphoof! Uphoof! Arghh! arghhhh! So good Karl. Your fucking ass is so good. Do you feel it Karl? My cock? Sliding in long and easy? You feel every inch of it?" he whispered in my ear. The feelings built. The excitement slowly climbed higher, and higher. I thought it couldn"t go much higher, that we were just at the top; but it kept climbing. When would we go over? When would we reach the edge and tumble over the waterfall spewing our cum together?

I could feel Uncle Jack"s cock expand; the cock head grow to hammer size. It was pounding slow and hard now, to the easy rocking rhythm of his hips. I could hear myself pleading, "Please Uncle Jack. Please fuck me harder. Please let me feel you shoot your hot cum inside my ass."

"You want it so bad. You"re so fucking hungry for it--hungry for my fucking cock; hungry for my fucking cum. You"re my little nephew cock sucker needing to get fucked; wanting my big ass cock to fuck you good."

He knelt straight up and pushed my legs as far as he could over my head. I watched him, watching his cock drive into me. He hadn"t quickened his rhythm; but he drove it harder, slamming his giant cock into the dark recess of my ass. Then Uncle Jack drove his monster meat in to his balls. His entire body began to shake. He pulled out to the flared cock head and rammed it one more time, banging my ass. I felt the explosion of his fucking cock, shooting thick wads of cum into my ass. I felt the thick loads pulse out of his cock head into my hot waiting hole. I closed my eyes and saw, in my head, his cock as it shot deep inside me. Tears came to my eyes with the need to have that wonderful cock like an army cannon popping off globs of cum up my ass tunnel.

Uncle Jack brought my legs down and lay on top of me. His full weight felt so great. I wrapped my arms around him and kissed everywhere my lips could reach. He rested his head on my smooth chest and kept his imbedded cock nice and snug inside my butt. I closed my eyes, listening to the sound of a bow moving across the strings of a cello.... Continue»
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Megan's Uncle Ch. 01

Megan skipped down the road. It was finally the weekend and she had no more exams or essays due before Christmas. Life couldn't be better. Well, it could be better. She could be at university with her friends now, but she'd taken a year out to care for her mother through the final stages of cancer and she wouldn't have missed those private moments for anything. They'd given her memories for life. Good f****y memories were otherwise a scarcity in Megan's life. Her dad had abandoned her and her mother when Megan was a baby and she'd had no grandparents.

She was now 18 so she didn't need a legal guardian, but her uncle had taken her in. He'd helped her sell her mother's house and put the money in her college fund. She'd offered to pay her own way, but he'd insisted on letting her stay with him for free and even giving her pocket money. Megan thought he was doing it because he felt guilty that he wasn't there for his s****r.

Uncle Dan was an engineer and he worked for oil companies so he'd spent the last 10 years travelling the world. He'd decided to quit the travelling for a year to be there for Megan and make sure that she got a good education. Megan had been a bit worried about moving in with Uncle Dan, seeing how they didn't know each other all that well. He'd been 10 years younger than his s****r so they'd never been very close. At the age of 33 he wasn't married and Megan's mother had always said it was because of his travelling lifestyle. Megan was wondering if he'd settle down this year. He couldn't be short of potential wives, Megan mused as she thought about his looks. He was quite tall and his body was lean. He wasn't very muscular, but when he wore t-shirts and shorts Megan could see that his work was quite physical. He had short dark hair and the same light blue eyes as Megan.

She opened the door and went inside. The house seemed so big when she was alone in it. Uncle Dan had rented it unseen and he'd probably not realised that a large f****y home like this was totally unsuitable for a bachelor and his 18-year old niece. Still, they'd made the most of it and a few of the rooms were rather homely by now. There was a note attached to the fridge. It read "On a date – don't wait up!" so Megan decided to order a pizza and watch a movie. Her classmates were all going to a party, but she didn't enjoy high school parties anymore. The boys in particular were so immature and she couldn't wait for next year when she'd be in school with more mature boys and going to college parties.

The evening went by slowly. She watched a DVD of her favourite movie, ate a pizza, made some popcorn, watched another DVD and it was still only 10. She didn't know what to do next. There was nothing on TV and she didn't fancy any of her other DVD's. She knew that Uncle Dan was into action movies and she wondered if he had anything that she could watch. She went into his bedroom and looked through the shelves where he kept his DVD's.

There were a lot of martial arts titles that she didn't want to watch and then she came to a couple of blank cases. She assumed they were pirate copies as he had a lot of those and she looked at them. They were all rated. Most of them were rated as OK, some as bad, and then she came across one that was rated as more than OK. She figured that she could check that one out. She went back to the f****y room and put the disc in the player. At the start it flickered like her uncle's pirate movies usually did and then a picture appeared and she recognised it immediately. It was Uncle Dan's bedroom.

She knew that she ought to turn it off, but she was absolutely fascinated with what was about to happen. Soon Uncle Dan walked into the bedroom, without a shirt and behind him came a giggling woman who was also shirtless and her boobs were hanging out of her bra. Uncle Dan grabbed her and took her in his arms and unclasped the bra, giving him a chance to fondle her boobs. Megan watched in awe as her uncle got the woman naked and then stepped out of his own clothes. She'd seen pictures of men's cocks before, but she'd never realised just how big they were until the woman with Uncle Dan took his in her mouth and started sucking on it.

The DVD zoomed in on the woman as she was sucking Uncle Dan's cock and Megan gasped in surprise. She wasn't much older than Megan and she had a striking resemblance. They both had shoulder length blonde hair, cut in the same way. The woman in the DVD was as generously endowed as Megan, whose bras measured 36D. And the woman's pussy had appeared clean shaven – or waxed, something that Megan had started doing not so long ago.

Megan could feel herself getting excited. She'd been horny before, but never like this. Whenever she'd had a tingle in her pussy she'd stuck a finger inside and massaged her clit till she came. This time was different. This time she could feel a hunger for cock in her cunt that she'd never felt before. She slipped her hand down her thongs and slid a finger inside her hole. She was so wet. She pulled her finger out and licked it. She liked what she tasted. Next she stuck her finger inside again and then two. She wondered how a cock like Uncle Dan's could ever fit inside a cunt like hers because she was so tight. That's when she realised it. She wanted to fuck her uncle.

The action on the screen got hotter and sweatier and soon Uncle Dan was fucking the blonde woman from behind. Megan had three fingers fucking her cunt by now and she was moaning so hard that it didn't first register what was going on on the DVD. Uncle Dan was urging the woman to beg him to fuck her hard. And then he got her to say "Fuck me Uncle Dan, fuck your little niece Megan." Megan stopped what she was doing. With one hand still in her cunt she rewound the disc and listened again. She couldn't believe it. Uncle Dan was pretending that he was fucking her.

Damn! This was so hot. She had such a sexy uncle and she'd only just discovered that he was a b**st in the bedroom. She was dying to feel him in her cunt and now she'd discovered that he wanted to fuck her too. Because he did, didn't he?

She quickly finished herself off and then she put the DVD back where she found it. She went to bed and was busy making plans as she heard Uncle Dan return home.

One of the features of the house where they lived was that it didn't have any en-suite bathrooms. The following morning Megan waited until she could hear her uncle moving around and then she headed for the bathroom between their rooms. She wore a thong and half covered her firm breasts with a towel. As she'd predicted she ran into her uncle in the hallway and she just happened to drop her towel. Uncle Dan stared at her as she made a big deal out of picking it up and eventually covering herself again before heading into the bathroom.

Later that day Uncle Dan was working out in the gym that he'd set up in one of the spare bedrooms. Megan often used the treadmill, but generally wore a big t-shirt and a firm training bra. This time she put on the C-cup bra top that she'd used when she was on the school volleyball team two years earlier. Now that her tits were D-cups it acted like a push-up bra and gave her an impressive cleavage. She wore minimal bike shorts and put on a t-shirt for good measure. Uncle Dan was on the rowing machine, opposite the treadmill when she walked in. She switched to a really hard workout programme and it wasn't long before she was sweating hard. She pulled her t-shirt off and tossed it to the side and continued running, aware of her uncle's eyes that were glued to her bouncing breasts.

After her shower she decided to wear a camisole with her miniskirt that she usually only wore under shirts. She decided that any bra straps would be far too ugly so she didn't wear a bra. She walked into the kitchen as her uncle was cooking and leaned against the work surface, knowing full well that her posture brought out the fullness of her breasts. She could feel the tightening of her nipples.

"What's for dinner, Uncle Dan?" she asked casually.

"Pasta Alfredo with garlic bread," he replied, struggling to keep his eyes off her. "It's a cold evening, maybe you should go and put something warmer on before we eat?"

"No thank you, Uncle Dan," she made a point of calling him Uncle Dan after how he'd made the girl in the DVD do the same. "I had such a hard workout on the treadmill, I'm positively boiling."

"What brought on that workout session?" Uncle Dan asked. "You normally take it easy?"

"Oh, I saw myself naked in the mirror," Megan was teasing him now. "And I saw how fat I've become. I need to work some of it off."

"Don't be silly, you're not fat!"

"Am I not? Just look at this ass!!!" Megan lifted her skirt and showed off a perfectly rounded backside, with a thin pink strip of lace running down the crack."

"There's nothing wrong with your ass," Uncle Dan protested. "Women are supposed to have curves."

"But not like these," Megan protested and cupped her breasts. "They're huge!"

"They're perfectly normal. Now sit down and I'll serve your dinner."

Megan smiled with satisfaction as she sat down at the kitchen table. Uncle Dan was obviously struggling with her display. Inside her head she made more plans. She was going to tease him mercilessly for the next couple of weeks and then on Christmas Eve she was going to get some sexy lingerie and put a bow around her waist and give herself to him. It was going to be a wonderful surprise.

Things didn't quite go to plan... For the next week Megan made a habit of running around braless at home. She took every opportunity to bend over in front of her uncle, and since she was all of a sudden only wearing miniskirts, he always got a full view of her ass, and her silk or lace covered pussy. Megan's confidence was at a high when she came home from school the following Friday. The rain was pouring down outside and she was soaking wet. There was another note on the fridge and she jealously thought that her uncle was out on a date again. But the note read "You're grounded."

She didn't understand it. She was an adult, she hadn't broken any house rules, why the hell was her uncle grounding her? She went to her bedroom to get changed and found that the door had been locked. She tried some of the other rooms and they were also locked. Only the kitchen and her uncle's bedroom were unlocked. She entered her uncle's bedroom and saw an outfit on the bed. There was a note pinned to it and she took it off and read "Little girls who try to play grown up games end up in all kinds of trouble. Change into these clothes and wait for me."

Megan was confused, but she was shivering and wet so she changed into the school uniform on the bed. She didn't wear a uniform at her school, and this one obviously didn't fit her very well. She sat on the bed and they she lay there for a while until she got bored. She decided to go and make herself a snack, but to her surprise the door was locked. She was trapped in here. Now she was starting to panic. This wasn't funny. What the hell was Uncle Dan up to?

It was well after dark when she finally heard his car in the driveway. She jumped out of the bed and started knocking on the door, yelling for him to let her out. She heard his firm steps in the hallway.

"Step away from the door," he barked, in a voice she'd never heard.

She did as she was told and soon the door opened.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" she yelled at her uncle. "I'm an adult. You can't treat me like this?"

She started running out of the bedroom but her uncle caught her arm and pulled her back. His face was hard and his look menacing as their eyes met. "Oh, but it's OK for you to prance around my house like the sluttiest cock tease in town?"

Megan gulped. This was not how it was supposed to happen.

"I meant what my note said. If you try to play with the big boys you have to accept the consequences. It's time for your punishment."

Uncle Dan sat down on the side of his bed and looked at her. His eyes told her that he meant business.

"Come over here now," he said, his voice dark and menacing.

Megan walked up to him and he grabbed hold of her and f***ed her down across his lap. He stroked the skirt up and admired the thongs that disappeared between her soft buttocks.

"Such a sweet ass," he said and caressed it. "Too bad I need to punish it."

He slipped a finger inside the thong and just as Megan thought he was going to pull it down he grabbed it hard and ripped it off her. Then she felt the hard impact of the palm of his hand against her ass. She screamed out in pain and surprise.

"That's for walking around naked!" He slapped her again. "That's for not wearing a bra at home." He slapped her once more. "That's for working out in those skimpy outfits." Once again his hand slapped her ass hard. "That's for prancing around the house wearing next to nothing."

Megan's ass started getting pink now and she was whimpering with each slap and each accusation. But something was happening to her. Apart from the pain she was experiencing, she was also finding the situation strangely erotic. Each time she felt Uncle Dan's hand on her naked ass she felt hornier and hornier for him. He was obviously not interested and she was gagging for more. This wasn't good.

"And this..." Uncle Dan said after she'd lost count of how many times he'd slapped her and once again she felt his palm on her battered ass. "This is for watching my private DVD's without my permission." He slapped her once more. "You didn't think I knew, did you? I know exactly what you watched and when you watched it. It's what started all this silly stuff with you running around half naked all the time."

"I'm sorry, Uncle Dan," Megan sobbed.

"Saying you're sorry doesn't do it," he laughed cruelly. "You have to show it. Get off my lap and on your knees."

Megan did as she was told.

"Good girl, I like it when you don't question my orders. Keep that in mind. Now unzip me and get my cock out."

Megan stared at him with her eyes wide open. Had he really said what she thought he'd said?

"Did you not hear me? I said, I like it when you don't question my orders. Now get my fucking cock out or I'll give your bum another dose of my hand."

This time she was quick to act. She unzipped his trousers and reached inside his boxers for his cock. It was still fairly soft, but the size was nevertheless impressive.

"That's better. Well, what are you waiting for? A little cock tease like you shouldn't need instructions for the next part."

"But..." Megan's voice died off. "I've never done this before."

"You've never sucked a cock before? Yeah right, and the Pope isn't catholic."

"I promise. I'm a virgin."

"You serious?"


"Well, well, well... That's going to make this all so much sweeter for me, isn't it? I didn't think I'd get the chance to take another virginity. Well, let's start with your virgin mouth. You suck and use your tongue to tease me until I cum. It's not rocket science. Any slut can do it! What are you waiting for? Open your mouth and get busy!"

Megan parted her lips and started licking Uncle Dan's cock. There was a small dollop of precum for her to taste and she found that she quite liked the taste. She opened wide and sucked him in. He didn't go very far as her lips were completely dry. She let him go and started licking his shaft. She ran her tongue across her lips and sucked him in again teasing him with her tongue as he slid inside. He still didn't go very far. His cock was now big and swollen and her mouth felt so big.

"Take me in your throat, my slutty niece," Uncle Dan instructed her, but she didn't know how to do it. He was already hitting the back of her mouth.

She felt his hands on the back of her head and then she realised what he meant by her throat. She kept swallowing as his cock obstructed her airways. She was close to panic and Uncle Dan was moaning out loud. Tears were streaming down her face and just as she thought she'd pass out he let go of her head and let her breathe.

"Don't stop," he said in a coarse voice and she kept sucking him. With her hand around the base of his rock hard shaft and her lips wrapped around the top she worked his cock good and hard. Then she felt his hands on her head again and just as she thought that he was going to f***e himself deep into her throat once more he let a loud moan escape his lips and his cock twitched in her mouth. All of a sudden she felt stream after stream of his cum hit her mouth and she started swallowing it. When he was done cumming he pulled out of her mouth and some of his cum ran down her chin.

"You look like a real slut like that," he mused as he stepped out of his clothes. "Get undressed."

Megan took her clothes off and caught sight of her pink butt in the mirror. The thought of the smacking brought a tingle to her pussy and she realised how wet she was. This was nothing like the romantic encounter she'd had in mind, but she knew that she'd loved the smacking and sucking her uncle's cock. She wondered what he'd do to her next. He walked around her, inspecting her body. He cupped her tits and bit her nipples, making her squeal with delight.

"Still acting like a slut," he mused. "Are you sure you're a virgin? I will find out and if you've lied you're going to be punished."

"I am a virgin," she said. "I promise."

"All virgins have tight cunts. Part your legs a little and let me feel yours."

She parted her legs and had to bite her lower lip as her uncle's hand reached between her thighs and a finger slid inside her dripping hole. He pulled his finger back and licked it.

"Damn you're wet," he said with a big grin. "And you're tight too. But most 18-year olds are. OK, lie down on the bed and I'm going to investigate your pussy a little closer."

Megan climbed up on the bed and was closely followed by her uncle. He grabbed hold of her ankles and spread her legs wide open.

"OK, my little niece," he said with his eyes firmly lodged on the wet pink folds he'd just opened. "I want you to hold your ankles now and not under any circumstance let go of them until I tell you. Understood?"

Megan nodded.

"Now let's have a look at your slutty cunt. See how wet you are. You really enjoyed being spanked, didn't you? I'll have to remember to use the whip next time I need to discipline you."

Megan closed her eyes and imagined what the cane would feel like when she was brought back to reality by the feeling of her uncle's tongue on her wet pussy. He licked along her entire slit and she shuddered from the erotic tension in her body. He flicked his tongue across her sensitive clit and she cried from the wonderful sensation. Next his tongue circled her virgin hole and he lapped up the free flowing juices. Slowly, slowly he penetrated her with his tongue and flicked it around inside her, making her moan louder and louder with pleasure.

"Oh, Uncle Dan," she moaned. "Your tongue feels so good in my cunt."

She could feel him laughing softly against her hot skin as he continued his exploration of her pussy. He used his fingers to tease her clit as he tongue fucked her, making wonderful wet, smacking noises. Just as she thought she was going to cum he withdrew his tongue from her cunt and closed his lips around her clit. Soon one finger was inside her, followed by a second and a third. He kept teasing her clit with his tongue as his fingers fucked her furiously. She wanted to knead her tits. She wanted to pinch her nipples. She wanted to do anything to help her cope with the intense feelings in her cunt, but she didn't dare let go of her ankles. Then her body gave in to the temptation and with a cry she came. Her cunt squeezed his fingers hard and she showered his hand with slippery juices.

Uncle Dan slowly pulled his hand out and got up on his knees, looking down at the swollen pussy lips he'd just been teasing mercilessly. His cock was rock hard again. He placed it against her slit and then he leaned forward and sucked on Megan's tits. He bit her nipples and teased the sensitive underside of her young and firm boobs. Then he moved further and started kissing her. His tongue invaded her mouth and took possession of it. They were both breathing heavily when he broke their lip lock.

"You can let go of your ankles now, my hungry slut, and rest your legs on my shoulders" he said. "Now I'm going to fuck my virgin niece."

Megan moaned as she felt him rocking against her, covering his shaft with her juices. Then he pulled back until his mushroom head nestled tight against her hole. He grinned and pushed forward, parting her pussy lips with his shaft and watching the amazed look on her face when she first experienced his size. He stopped briefly to give her a chance to adjust and then he pushed on until he reached a barrier. He moved a little inside her, making her raise her hips to receive more of him. Then he charged through, his niece's scream as he broke through her virginity telling him to stop. Buried deep inside her cunt he came to a rest as she recovered from the sharp pain of her very first cock penetrating her.

"So," he mused against her mouth as she was panting from the pain of his cock tearing through her virginity, "you were telling the truth. My slutty niece was a virgin after all."

He started withdrawing his cock and chuckled at Megan's protests at having his thick meat removed from her tight cunt. He waited until he was almost out and then slammed back inside her, deeper this time. He repeated the action several times, each time fucking her harder and deeper, his thrusts rewarded with squeals of pleasure from his niece. He was soon pounding her furiously. Megan felt her cunt getting battered from her uncle's vicious fucking and she loved it. Soon she couldn't do anything but cum.

"I'm cuuuuummmmmmmmming!!!!!" she cried out as her body convulsed underneath his, gripping his shaft tight and squirting her juices all around his engorged meat.

As soon as Megan's orgasm subsided, Uncle Dan pulled out of her and smacked her ass a couple of times until it was shining wet with her cum juices and a few drops of her virginity bl**d.

"Get on your hands and knees, my little slut niece," he commanded her and she quickly obeyed. This time he didn't enter her gently. He impaled her on his cock in one fast and hard stroke, going all the way inside her. He pulled her up against him by her tits and squeezed them hard as he fucked her. His balls kept slamming into a pool of her horny juices and all her senses were focused on the way he was using her cunt and tits. Being fucked was a million times better than she'd imagined.

"How do you like this, my little slut?" Uncle Dan whispered in her ear. "Do you like being fucked by your uncle? Do you like being your uncle's fuck toy?"

"Oooooh yes," she panted back. "Fuck me, Uncle Dan. Use my cunt!"

"Are you my little whore? Who does your cunt belong to?"

"I am your whore, Uncle Dan! My cunt belongs to you."

"Then show it! Rub your clit until you cum!"

Megan reached down and rubbed her clit furiously as Uncle Dan kept fucking her. It didn't take long for her whole body to start shaking in his arms and as her cunt contracted around his cock he groaned out loud and started shooting his cum deep into his niece's womb. Her cumming cunt milked him dry, load after load, until they collapsed on the bed. Uncle Dan took her in his arms.

"Babe, you're moving into my bedroom tonight."


"Yeah, how am I going to enjoy my little whore if I don't have her cunt with me every night."

"What about when you go out on dates?"

"I don't need to go out on dates anymore. You're all the cunt I'll be needing now."

Megan couldn't believe her luck. Her uncle wanted to fuck only her.

"Are you ready to hear the ground rules?" Uncle Dan pinched her nipple hard as he spoke and she started feeling horny again.

"Yes, Uncle Dan."

"Do you promise that you'll obey them? You know I'll have to punish you if you don't!"

"I promise, Uncle Dan."

"OK. As your uncle's whore you only wear clothes when I tell you to. You only go out when I say you can. When I come home you run to the door and greet me, on your knees, prepared to suck my cock. You keep your body clean and free of hair so that you're ready to be fucked at any time. Have you understood?"

"Yes, Uncle Dan."

"Good. Now be a good whore and come to the bathroom with me. We both need cleaning."

Uncle Dan let Megan clean his body. She could use soap for most of it, but she had to use her mouth for his cock and balls. She loved it. He enjoyed it so much that he soon pushed her up against the cold tiles and fucked her again so that she had to clean him once more. When he was done he gave her 5 minutes to finish her own shower before cooking his dinner. He let her wear an apron so that she didn't burn any delicate parts, and he couldn't help fucking her again as she was stirring the sauce. She finished cooking with his cum running down the inside of her legs. He wouldn't let her clean herself before eating, but punished her for soiling the chair with the cum from her cunt by making her clean the chair with her mouth. By the end of the weekend she no longer remembered what it was like before she was her uncle's whore... Continue»
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