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the night i swang both ways

the night i swang both ways

... not gay, when I think back to that night both of us emphasised as to how hetro we ... that ally, still laughing and went our seperate ways, I was kinda ashamed, but proud that I ... and explained what had gone on earlier in the night, I told her all about Tim and ... ... Continue»
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The Night of Five

... me saying call; I said the phone works both ways! I drove off but it was still early, like 10ish at night. I drove out to a ... and both of them had fallen asl33p in the basement. Dad made a comment: well didn’t anyone sl33p in their beds last night?

The ... ... Continue»
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The Night

... the basement door into the kitchen and both of us had forgotten to lock the door leading to the ... back in and felt the thrill as her vaginal ways caressed the entire length of my dick ... you have seen and done enough for the night, why don’t you go and leave ... ... Continue»
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Life of the Mainwarings Chapter 6: While the Cat i

... , of course, would be
in the mix, and there were others in the wings that went both ways.

Sean went a step further and ... of going with him and I'm free as a bird
until Sunday night."

"Fantastic," Pamela said, taking a sip of her wine.

" ... ... Continue»
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The Night After

... both pounded one down, I noticed Laura’s eyes were already part way closed showing she was already one foot in for the night ... were perfect. I couldn’t get the night out of my head, I still ... the same. I wanted to be just like her in so many ways ... ... Continue»
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The Locker Room

... Greg told me that he would lay out the ground rules for the night. He said both girls would follow his orders, and that ... , while this "Christian Leader" sucked it to the hilt. It was unreal in so many ways. Greg than gave a nod to Donna ... ... Continue»
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In the Heat of the Night

... my consent and she proceeded to give me pleasure in ways that only another woman can give. She stood briefly, ... , passionate, raunchy sex in the heat of the night. I felt my body tense, I felt her pussy gush. We were both fingering each other and ... ... Continue»
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The Turkish truck diver

... for what was left of the night with us both exploring each other and delighting on the different ways we could make each other ... cum.

Early the next morning I had ... ... Continue»
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Strangers in the night

... get d***k and naked, or at least very d***k?"
I smiled. "Pretty much. Both sound good to me tonight, especially with you. So, what ... 're going to spend the night together and fuck like mad, and tomorrow morning we'll go our separate ways and never see ... ... Continue»
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d***k And Horny.. The Night She Came Calling

... been feeling her up most of the night and the alcohol had made her more horny than ... but the effect was still the same, well seeing that both I and my wife had both had the flu ...

We cleaned ourselves up and then parted ways and I did not see either of them ... ... Continue»
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Sex and Feet In The Woods

... and when i started walking I got a little ways before i started to hear someone running to catch ... once last kiss for the night and we both went to bed.
The next morning we woke up ... nobody noticed and that last night we were in the middle of fucking when we ... ... Continue»
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My life with Bill - Story # 1- The night we met

... In my own teasingly naughty ways I tryed inticing Bill.. hoping he'd stay the night with me.
I reached the couch standing in front of ... almost ready to cum..then he grabbed my ass with both hands ..roughly spreading my cheeks apart ..and rammed his ... ... Continue»
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Durring The Night

... sl**ping.

When Roland got home the night after seeing his doctor he informed ... my ass?) Malcolm wondered to himself both turned on and slightly offended that Roland ... prostate. Malcolm loved the pleasure Roland was giving him in some ways it was almost ... ... Continue»
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The Night I Met Shannon

... flirting with much better looking guys all night.

The night was getting late and I was thinking ... moment we both leaned our faces into each other and kissed directly on the lips. Her ... out was upon us and had to part ways. I asked to see her again and she ... ... Continue»
Posted by watcherguy35 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Hardcore, Interracial Sex  |  Views: 321  |  

Blinded By The Night

... you are stood outside a big house, looking both ways you decide to walk up the drive to the front door and go to ring ... ... Continue»
Posted by gary1arm 4 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, First Time, Hardcore  |  Views: 186

Always hard: the beginning / Chapter 7

... come to an end and their morning ended the same it did the night before. They both came. Marion came while straddling his body ... could think about was the great sex he had with Marion O’Rourke. It occupied his mind both day and night and why wouldn ... ... Continue»
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The Night Audit: My Last Night

... wet with her own cum while one or both of the men’s cum oozed out around their cocks ... up one of my friends and spent the night at her house, but my head was ... eighteen. How would my mother handle that, having both her daughters making porn for a living? What ... ... Continue»
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The Night Dad Made Me a Woman

... .

We cleaned dad up and went back to back. The night we repeated the plan only this time Marty sucked on dad’s thingy ... moan. I wasn’t sure if she was moaning from the pain or the pleasure or both.

Eventually dad started going faster and before long ... ... Continue»
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The night I fucked my s****rs friend

... starting to stiffen. She smiled as she went past.

The rest of the night I sat watching rubbish tv and i suppose i had ... a good night?' 'yeah they both replied, smiling' and they went into the kitchen. They came back both drinking water ... ... Continue»
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The Babysitter's Secret

... of cold, snowy air. One look into the night told me what the
conditions on the roads would be like. It was suicidal for ... back in her normal clothes and
head downstairs for the night, as we both knew she must . . . just in case.
Soon, I would crawl ... ... Continue»
Posted by Desangel 3 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Hardcore, Shemales  |  Views: 11071  |  
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