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the next day

Our Holiday adventures - The Next Day

... the story about the pictures I posted in this gallery:

So the next day ... ... Continue»
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A new fur slave - The next day

... new fur slave - The next day

"Wake up. Time for breakfast" I say opening max’s door.

"What ... noon the next day.

The rest of the girls asl**p in their own rooms and the house quiet only the sound of the sl**ping furs and the hawks ... ... Continue»
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The Next Day... written by me, enjoy


I am thinking what did I do.. omg how did I allow myself ... thinking of the other day and that is
what happen.

next thing i know .. omg .. he takes me and slides me down into the seat ... ... Continue»
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the next day

The next day i woke up late, everyone had gone to work except for my aunt who was sitting on the ... day two at my nans house. Summer holidays mine truly were the ... ... Continue»
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... the next day as it was a Saturday. After a light brunch I step out into my back garden. It was a beautiful sunny day and I glanced next ... pussy but not my ass, those are the rules ok”.

Part 3

The next morning around seven o'clock sweet little Zo ... ... Continue»
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Alex Two: The Next Time.

... by the distant sound of my phone alarm coming from
the living room. And of course, I was late for work...

Work the next day ... have to you can take the rest of the shift
off. Most of the stock has been stored. The next shipment in isn't till ... ... Continue»
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Uncle James' whore - the next day

... body so it is ready for the day ahead. The water is still steaming ... away!’ the words were out before I could stop myself.

I didn’t even see the next backhanded slap coming but it knocked me right off my knees until I landed in a heap on the ... ... Continue»
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Next day

The next day I went back to the hotel pool and had a ... positioned myself in the changing cubicle with the spy holes and stayed for the duration.

I opened the door ... had seen the very special and private parts of her female anatomy.

It was a busy day, ... ... Continue»
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The Next Day

... day I was sitting in a lecture at University after an extremely heavy night out with my friend. The ... about 10 people in the lecture and we sat in the back. The previous night after a ... to let her make the next move and what she did do next stunned me. Her hand ... ... Continue»
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The strange day that left me beging for more

... out the building so i tryed to hurry dowen the dark road next tosome woods tat i pass on the ... then the next day at work katie came baCK SHE SAID HOW WA HE I SAID WHO THE SUB ... bethe same i was fucked every dayat the officend on the stree in thewoods aND AT HOME ... ... Continue»
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camping trip...the next day!

... said thanks for the beers, So back to my tent with memory that would last a very long time. The next morning I woke up ... gone a good part of the day, when I got back to camp, returned the bike and hit the showers...damn I was sore.

The showers were a ... ... Continue»
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The Next Day...

... she could think of. The sight of it had captured her mind and wouldn’t let go.

The next few hours were spent with both women relaxing and regaining their energy after all they had done the previous night ... ... Continue»
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Part 10 – The next time

The next day after we partied with Mike and Robin, I woke ... they said they were when we met in person.
The next time we partied, we met a couple. Johnnie, was a ... followed them in. We sat next to each other on the couch. They sat on the floor in front of us ... ... Continue»
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The Long Day ........part one

... like".
The hours of the night drag, she doesn’t sl**p well, waking every hour, her mind whizzing with anticipation of what the next day may hold, will he have missed her as much as she has him, does she have batteries for the toy ... ... Continue»
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The next day

... I left my camera on the shelf by the lube. Oh the surprise on my face ... taped her and I having sex the first day she got home. Scotty smiled and said yes and she was Hot.

Kelli and Jack walked back to the office, as the ... ... Continue»
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Against Her Will, I Gain The Perfect Wife

... on the progress we had made so I
planned the next event to happen the next day. The next
afternoon I ... The blow job was Rhonda's idea.

I suggested we spend part of the next day cruising the
mall and maybe hitting the miniature golf place up the ... ... Continue»
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The Wall

... my ground as the next hit caught me in the eye.

“Move away from the door,” he told me. I could feel the swelling in ... my awkwardness and decided to be honestly happy for her.

The next day I drove downtown to see my girlfriend; I was worried about her ... ... Continue»
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The Photo Shoot

... love you". I fell asl**p.
The next day I woke up hungry and immediately made my way down to the kitchen. The house was quite with ... . The last thing I remember was thinking of my sweet daughter next door who got to taste her Dad's cum tonight.
The next day ... ... Continue»
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... . The time is
ripe he thought, let me strike now. The next day being Sunday, Rajesh
would be home, the maid would have the day off, and if he could get
Rajesh out of the ... ... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... it over when
you're NOT in bed. Wait until the next day and explain how important this is to you.
Phrase ... you're ready, the next chapter expands the game to include
maithuna and the prospect of sacred simultaneous orgasm.
Awakening The Sacred Gate June ... ... Continue»
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