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the Game. (re-post shortened version )

the Game. (re-post shortened version )

... the group together in a more "intimate" fashion.

We did play the occasional card game, as well ... as charades, Trivial Pursuit, and a few other games, and although the comments got a little risqu ... for a while, and soon had the first germination of an idea.

Question: Are games fair to all?

Answer... Continue»
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... …and that rolled into letting her friends grope him…and that led to them making a game of giving him ... face and manly size. Not to mention, while he might be dumb as a post, he did work and take care ... , laying out his version of the plan. “So you tell him that you think if you got fatter that I wouldn’t... Continue»
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Strange Relationship – Chapter 5 (Version VI

... (Author's note: this is an early version of a much longer erotic novel. It's been through ... a lot of edits, but I really like some of the early versions that got canned. I hope you don't ... , as are the men (and women) in her life! You can follow her continued adventures in the different versions... Continue»
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New Life

... deems appropriate.

After I read and re-read the list several times she asked if I
agreed. I ... from the bar. She worked it out of the sleeve of my blouse
and then re-attached it to the bar. She ... but they seemed
to have rigid soles and posts about two inches in diameter and six
inches high extended... Continue»
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Awakening The Sacred Gate to Supreme Bliss: Tantri

... mastering our version, Supreme Bliss Tantra.
1.2 Tantric Ebook Section
"Sex really is a physical ... . These are just some of the mind games that try to talk us out of
EXERCISE: Resistance ... , divine in every way.
Shiva-Shakti Game
Awakening The Sacred Gate June 2003
Copyright © 2003 Tantra... Continue»
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I was A Middle Aged Man Whore Part 1

... The following story is intellectual property under copyright , copying and re-posting ... like a modern twist on grandmas old shoes, just the really sexy version.

I didn't really care ... lately huh?" I replied by giving her the short version of how I was laid off. She then asked me how my... Continue»
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How Did This Happen

... and
started filling the tub. I just stood there like a lamp post rubbing my
throbbing ear. Like I ... . I spent the next two hours playing various
games designed for little princesses and another hour ... on a site that was
an electronic version of paper dolls. Having to do that was almost as
bad... Continue»
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Sally's Secret Lover

... , and someday he might own a crummy
d**gstore! Well, if that was his version of the American Dream, let him ... great pains in getting ready for
the party, getting her hair done and shortening an old long ... , they don't know we aren't talking about the weather and
the football game same as everybody else! Don't... Continue»
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Forc to be Female2

... "wedding night" or organise some games.
Julie gave me an example of one of the games called ... on by then and there the easiest to get to come" hinted Julie.
The game was finished when there was only one girl ... fucks in the game and the hour with him afterwards"
At 12 o'clock Julie came in and told us to take off... Continue»
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A Reluctant Nudist Ch. 01

... that there was little chance of hiding.

"Come on, you as well, if I'm game to do it, then you should be too." She ... , Helen was not game to get back into it in case someone else came along so we just layed there face ... and as if some kind of teasing game, continually kept raising her upper torso out of the water and shaking... Continue»
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Black Owned Couple - Round Two (final chapter)

... a doggy obedience"
She laughed as she rubbed my face in my cum. My tail was re-inserted into
my ... . Our leads were shortened and we were clipped
to each other before mistress slid herself between us ... cock from my mouth to hers. They moved round us like a party
game fucking our faces, assholes... Continue»
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2 Holiday surprise

... and her games had taught me the silliness of jealousy
Time by now had run out the f****y vanishing ... to release her. A game girl to the end my Patty, she asked why he was releasing her as she had picked ... before hidden as it was in the corner. He placed it under the lift. It consisted of a pair of posts... Continue»
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Black Man's White Pussyboy

... to humiliate and abuse.

The end ... ...remember? Now do what you're told. We got a card game
at Frank's to go to ...and you're ... aside and went back to the game.

The next guy came in pushed my face down to the floor and pulled my... Continue»
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... versions of Benny Hill's . (Or, more probably, are an older version of these schoolgirls?) Mind you ... .

'Then I suggest that a visit to the re training section may be a good idea....before your benefit ... as though he actually cared. 'Your lady colleague tells me that I should re-train for something... Continue»
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Toying with Tiffany

... been so
busy with cheerleading lately, and making signs for the big homecoming game, that
she had ... that was another version of a "Roofie," or date-**** d**g, mixed
with half a dose of Ecstasy ... . He got up and re-arranged Tiffany's legs, putting one leg high
on the back of the couch, placing... Continue»
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Bag Lady & the Retired Marine

... , and nails done. His very own version of Pretty Woman, he was curious what was beneath all that dirt ... ," she said. With that, he launched the sheet across the room.

"Two can play that game," he said ... faster than most could load a chamber and pull a trigger. Yet, unless he re-upped or became a mercenary... Continue»
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Suzy's Awakening

... of boys,
with their rough language and rough and tumble
games... but not Cathy.

So when ... what she
was searching for, she re-closed the chest and
returned to her friends waiting ... . She had something in her hand. It looked
like a plastic version of the guy's cock she'd seen... Continue»
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Breaking Susan

... . It was a fun game and it was all Mary Ann could do to not crack up every time it happened. I waited ... down version of the video to an e-mail to Susan’s work address. I had cut down the video to just a slow ... wrists to the bed posts and after removing her panties I tied her ankles to her wrists. She was now... Continue»
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Swinger lifestyle

... , the swingers' clubs, the gangbangs. And if you're game for it, so am I – all of it. I assure you, Dan, I've ... was still in a dazed state of post-shag bliss.

"Hi Mandy. Great to see you," the woman ... , "that's pretty nasty. Why don't you show your tits too?"

Well I suppose I'd started this game and I... Continue»
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Cuckold Club Pt2

... ** I don't claim authorship of this story. It was originally posted on Dark wanderer by Cuck ... . That her nipples were erect with excitement was very obvious.

“Oh, baby, you’re ... that happen. Let’s see the rest of it!”

“You’re so impatient, James. But I... Continue»
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