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step in mum

step in mum

... had a desperate urge to go to the loo I burst in and urinated as the relief came I heard ... better, i turned round and it was my step mum looking at me throught the shower glass. I ... welcome in a few hours we where left alone, she not as good as her mum but a ... ... Continue»
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Lisa, Mum & Me

... in," mum urged me, and I obeyed her orders, slowly squeezing the head of my cock into Lisa's sphincter. "That's it, ease it in ... sure."

This was a big step, but it was conquered with a little step. My mum had a nice arse and, bearing in mind I didn't mind ... ... Continue»
Posted by maverick3489 2 years ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 13361  |  
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Step Mom/Mum Foot Fetish (True Experience)

... into the hallway and smell their shoes. The step mum in question was an Italian BBW in her 50's. Despite age she'd always ... events, I can remember several experiences but not in which way they occurred). My step mum kept asking for foot massages whenever my ... ... Continue»
Posted by Turkey90 2 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 1612  |  
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"Your Mum, Your Mum!"

... of Mum and cuckold-son was there, even then!

This story isn't the end of it. It was only a next step in the adventures of my rude and sexy "Cuckold-Mum!"

Here closes the strange and lurid tale of "Your Mum, Your Mum!"

I'd like ... ... Continue»
Posted by naughtyboy200 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Mature  |  Views: 2955  |  
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In All Her Glory

... it but I was in
love with my mum, I hadn't had a girlfriend in the ... load of ball batter in my mum I ever had. Mum
slumped forward and ... mum for making such a mistake at her
age on many an occasion I wanted to step in and protect
her but my mum ... ... Continue»
Posted by fruitloop27 12 months ago  |  Views: 1824  |  
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Arranging mum a date

... when mum came in. So were ... in the moment. I didn't no what to reply and luckly dave step in and said his ok watching I know he wants to. Mum ... in and said no course not. Just then mum reached out and took his cock in her hands wanking his hard 7" cock. Mum ... ... Continue»
Posted by 24_m_uk2011 2 years ago  |  Categories: Masturbation, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 3470  |  
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Step son

... if you look in mum’s bedroom your find a video camera in her wardrobe, ... mum being filmed sucking a huge black cock, I stared in amazement and Karen’s mum ... in to see your mum and ask if I could stay till, you got home for a surprise” I went in and Pam was in ... ... Continue»
Posted by rodma 9 months ago  |  Categories: First Time, Masturbation, Voyeur  |  Views: 3980  |  
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step in the shower young man

... I rubbed my cock I heard my step mum going into the bathroom for her ... mum totaly naked and deliberetly by mistake (as you do) walked into the bathroom to cop a eye full. As I walked in ... in on us and smiled and went out again,I have since had my step mum a ... ... Continue»
Posted by rodma 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, Masturbation, Mature  |  Views: 2231  |  
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Loving her step daddy

... , he seemed very interested in mum chatting away into the evening ... in between Carmel’s legs and fucked her hard.

Tammy watched her mum being fucked as her huge tits moved Chris drive her mum ... sitting in bed “I hope you ain’t warn him out mum” laughing ... ... Continue»
Posted by rodma 6 months ago  |  Categories: Anal, Lesbian Sex, Voyeur  |  Views: 861  |  

"Mum and the Rude Optician!"

... thud and throb in Mum's lips. She sucked hard, swallowing deeply. He was shooting his sponk in her mouth!

... in my mind.

Yes, I wanked in a tormented frenzy into the tights that Mum had fucked the optician in, and recalled her sweating and groaning in ... ... Continue»
Posted by naughtyboy200 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, BDSM, Mature  |  Views: 1791  |  
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Son win's Prize but He really wants his Mum (

... in vain.
Anyway after a further few minutes I caved in and accepted the fact mum was joining me in ... cock was still covered in mum’s saliva and my ... in front of me into the bathroom. Mum was lying in the bath.
“Oh shit. Sorry mum. I didn’t mean to walk in ... ... Continue»
Posted by PornApocalypse 2 years ago  |  Categories: Anal, First Time, Mature  |  Views: 4404  |  
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My mum's holiday

... tale shine of inebriation began to appear in mum's eyes. When we had finished I said ... no secret of their interest in her, and mum stood in front of me facing them ... towards the rear clearly heard mum's cry, and looked around in alarm, but mum and Pete carried ... ... Continue»
Posted by coradia 1 year ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 7587  |  
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My mum's holiday part 7

... clarification, unzipping his flies, grabbing mum round her arse cheeks, and plunging straight in. Mum must have still been very sensitive ... the head of his engorged member into mum's beckoning snatch. Mum's eyes bulged in their sockets, and she let out a ... ... Continue»
Posted by coradia 8 months ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 2762  |  
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Watching Mum Have Sex Chapter 2

... mum as I could hear her bed rattling. I was really pounding away at my cock as I imagined the scene in mum’s bedroom.
“Oh yes fuck me, fuck me,” mum panted.
... them in the act again. A few months later I went to university so mum ... ... Continue»
Posted by alten 4 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo, Voyeur  |  Views: 1950  |  
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Mum in the hotel sauna

... tried looking at every point i could.

'im going in mum ok,?'
'yeah see you in abit'

The pool area was empty apart ... mum your with?'
'yeah it is we going to a wedding tomorrow' i replied

we was just making small talk when mum walked in.

'mum ... ... Continue»
Posted by 24_m_uk2011 3 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 7216  |  
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... in any way. Compromise was just not in mum's dictionary! Obviously a f****y trait I thought, as I compared myself to her!

I wanted the college course in ... heard a knock on my door and mum calling my name.

"Come in mum", I said stretching under the thin ... ... Continue»
Posted by famlover66 2 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 7240  |  
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The Risky Public Threesome With Mum

... to go back to get some help. Mum sat in the car whilst i went to look ... of a interest in mum, suppose it was the typical situation of helping a damsul in destress. They had ... so hoorrny' He let go and looked at mum in the eyes and reached round and grabbed ... ... Continue»
Posted by 24_m_uk2011 2 years ago  |  Categories: Group Sex, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 6365  |  
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sissy for mum pt2

... mum left to chat with her an the two young girls in the shop where giggling in the corner , mum ... mine and gave it to mum .”will it fit in? “ mum asked . Jane nodded and ... in a bit but my ass was tight mum pushed harder , pushing it in an out in an out ... ... Continue»
Posted by flumpermunch 2 years ago  |  Categories: Fetish, Mature, Taboo  |  Views: 1853  |  
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... 17, my Mum sat in front of him in the garden ... in the bedroom and dialled my Mum.

When she answered I said "Hi Mum ... in Mum's bedroom and this time I came away with a pair of black silky panties plus a completely see through lace nightie, that I found in ... ... Continue»
Posted by sexualperv72 2 years ago  |  Categories: Taboo  |  Views: 2844  |  
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Watching my b*****r-in-law fucking my Mother

... are you home?"

I kept quiet as mum answered him. "In here, dear." and in walked in Ashley my b*o-in-law.

Ashley was a good-looking man ... . "I'll get him to give you a call when he comes in."

Mum hung up the phone. She turned back to Ashley who ... ... Continue»
Posted by prathyushsinah 1 year ago  |  Categories: Hardcore, Taboo, Voyeur  |  Views: 6519  |  
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