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son and mom in love

... my son, and with all the caressing from him I was really reaching to my orgasm.

“Your breasts are so soft, mom ... son and I’m your mother, don’t you forget that. Mother and son can’t make love, you know that. What we did in the bathroom was wrong, and ... ... Continue»
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mom and son go to halloween party and fall in love

The Halloween Party Dress

Thomas Bryton heard the bell ring sounding the end to yet another boring day at school. He ran as fast as he could to his locker the minute he got out of the classroom and only stopped just long enough to yank the denim back from the metal locker before hurriedly relocking it and once again darting off into the crowd of students at Shorehaven High. Pushing past everybody in his way he raced along the corridor until he bounded through the large double doors and into the freedom of Friday after school.

Tommy, he never much liked being called Thomas, ran down the large stairs outside of the entrance to the old building, ignoring the shouts of his teachers and didn't stop running until he reached the road at the end of the long grass banks in front of the school.

The banks were covered in flowers because of the warm air and sunlight that shone brightly in a cloudless sky, but none of it held his interest at all. All of his attention was on what lay right in front of his eyes.

"Hey Tommy boy." A familiar voice called to him

"Hey Binxy man, you got it!" He said back with a large smile on his face as he took in the tantalising view of the car in front of him, "Nice one man."

Jerry Binx was one of Tommy's friends and he was also on Shorehaven High's football team. Even though Jerry was two years older than Tommy they were both on the team because Tommy was an outstanding athlete, much like his father who was also on the team when he was young.

Tommy wasn't an overly big k** however; he was tall for his age though. He was 18 years old and already he was 6' tall. He had short dark brown hair, cut so the fringe hung just over his eyes, brown eyes and although he wasn't hugely built, he was muscular in a defined and toned way. Everyone said that he was the image of his father, just a smaller version. His father, Carl Bryton, was 6' 3", and with the way Tommy was growing, he would be just as tall when he stopped growing.

"So, you want a lift home or you just gonna stand there staring all day?" Jerry asked with a grin on his face.

Tommy hadn't realised that he had been staring so hard, but a brand new red Porsche just had to be stared at. Jerry's came from a very rich f****y and although Tommy's f****y was far from poor, they weren't millionaires like the Binx f****y.

"You serious? Cool man, can I take it for a spin?" He asked enthusiastically, still not taking his eyes from the car as he walked closer.

"No way Tommy, I've only just got it, I don't want it crashed and smashed up already." Jerry said chidingly

"Ha ha, very funny." Tommy said sarcastically as he walked around to the passenger side and jumped over the car door to sit down.

"Man this is the car of my dreams." He said as he looked at the brand new interior

"You ain't seen nothing yet buddy." Jerry said just before he burned the car out into the road.

Leah Bryton placed the receiver back down onto the handset and smiled broadly to herself. The customer had been tough to win around but her charm never failed, and sure enough she had just earned herself yet another fat amount of extra bonuses because of that deal.

Leaning back in her chair she let herself relax with her hands on folded on her stomach and smiled down at the phone on her desk.

As she smiled triumphantly at the phone she heard a gentle knock on the door.

"Come." She called, and with one final smile of triumph at the phone she looked up and saw Susan, her receptionist, walk in holding a file in her hands.

"This came for you from head office Leah." Susan said with a friendly voice.

Leah liked being informal with her staff, especially when she had become friendly with them over time. She thought that it helped the work environment.

"Ah forget it for now." She said with a smile as she stood up and smoothed her business suit. "It can wait till Monday now, you get off and go home early, it's the weekend, go and enjoy yourself Susan."

Susan smiled back at her and stopped walking towards the table.

"You know you're gonna be caught bunking off one of these days Leah." Susan said with a grin

"Yeah, but hey, what's life if you don't break a rules eh?" She replied with a smile of her own and she walked over to the coat stand to pick up her coat. "And besides, I can get away with anything." And with that she gave her most innocent look and they both burst in to fits of giggling.

"Come on then before we're caught," Susan said as she walked out of the office, "I'll buy you a drink."

"Not today Sue, I've gotta get straight home. Me and Carl are going to his work's Halloween party tonight and I've got a special surprise for him." Leah replied as she closed the door behind her and locked it.

"Ooo, really." Susan said with a knowing smile, "You got that dress then?"

Leah just grinned and began to giggle again and Susan soon joined in.

"So someone will be getting laid tonight then." Susan said after she stopped giggling again

"Well, maybe." She replied, trying hard not to giggle again. They just looked seriously at each other for a moment though and then they both burst out giggling again. She was not usually a giggly girl, but she just felt happy today and wanted to be happy.

"So Leah, are you gonna join me in my office before you go home?" Leah heard the voice and immediately knew it was Dwayne Borhand, another executive she worked with, before she turned around.

"In your dreams Dwayne." She answered back and she rolled her eyes as she looked at Susan and yawned. Susan just smiled back at her.

"You're always in my dreams." He said to her and slapped her hard on the ass.

"Your always in my nightmares Dwayne." She chided back at him and turned away to walk to the elevators, "And besides, you couldn't handle me." She called over her shoulder at him as he stood by Susan watching her ass sway.

"I could give you more than you could dream of baby." He called back at her, and she laughed in response.

Tommy jumped over the door of the Porsche and grabbed his bag after he had landed.

"Whoa, what a hot set of wheels man, you'll have to let me drive it one day." He said to Jerry as he stood there admiring the beautiful machine again.

Jerry laughed before he answered, "One day k**, one day."

Tommy's smile nearly split his face, "Cool!" He exclaimed, "Anyway, I suppose I better go. Catch ya later Binxy."

"Yeah, see ya later Tom." Jerry replied and then burned the car off to speed away down the street.

Tommy turned around holding his bag on his shoulder and slowly walked up the driveway to his house, all the while thinking about Jerry's new car. He couldn't believe how fast the thing was, and how smooth a ride. Smiling to himself, he walked up the twisting driveway feeling the warm, gentle breeze.

As he reached the top he noticed both his mom and dad's cars were in front of the garage. Guess they're both home, he thought.

When he entered the house, he went straight to the kitchen to get himself a drink and sure enough there they were, Carl and Leah Bryton, his mom and dad.

His dad was sitting reading the sports section of the newspaper at the large wooden kitchen table, dressed in his usual shirt, pants and tie, and his mother was leaning against the counter with her arms folded, drinking some orange juice and talking to Tommy's dad.

"Hey mom, hey dad." He said as he threw his bag under the kitchen table and went straight to the fridge.

"Hey Tommy." His mother replied back

"Alright k**." His dad answered without taking his eyes from the paper. He never did when it was the sports pages; he was completely oblivious to everything when anything to do with sort was in front of his face. Even if someone told him he had won the lottery he wouldn't register it.

"So how did school go today?" His mom asked him

"Yeah it was cool. We won the match again without even having to try really, there's no other school good enough around here to beat us." He answered back to her whilst reaching to bring out some orange juice and pour it into a glass. "We could do with some better competition."

"There is never gonna be any competition for my boy." His dad said, folding the paper down in front of him and reaching for his can of beer. Obviously he had finished the sports section.

Tommy just laughed as he put the carton of orange juice back in to the fridge and gulped the juice down.

"Have you got practice tonight?" His dad asked him, leaning back in the chair.

"Na, it's cancelled tonight. Coach said it's good for us to have fun as well as to train hard." Tommy answered and walked over to the dishwasher to rid himself of the empty glass

"Well, Coach Harlan is the best there is and he knows what he's talking about, so you take his advice Tommy and you'll go far." His dad said enthusiastically

"So what are you up to then tonight?" Tommy's mom asked

He leaned against the counter opposite his mother, "I dunno yet, everybody's going out tonight and they're all busy so I'll probably stay in. What you two up to tonight?"

"We're off to your father's Halloween party tonight." His mom said with a smile for his dad, which didn't last long when his dad spoke again.

"Ah babe, I can't make it tonight, I got a late night meeting tonight with Seers at his house about a new deal." Tommy's dad said, trying not to look at his wife.

Tommy understood why his dad would be wary, his mother had been looking forward to this party for 3 months and now she wouldn't be able to go. He could already see her face turning into a thunderhead and he thought it best if he left the married couple to it.

He turned gently towards the kitchen door and slowly began to move towards it, trying not to catch anyone's attention when all those hopes were dashed by what his father said next.

"Tommy could go with you instead. He isn't doing anything and he was told to go and have fun." His dad said hurriedly

Tommy froze on the spot and turned around to say something to stop him being involved when his mom spoke first, and he knew better than to interrupt a woman who wasn't happy.

"Tommy can go? And drink alcohol? Carl, he's only 18!" She said, her voice dangerously calm. Tommy knew the next step was shouting. He had to run, he thought to himself, but he couldn't move as his dad shot down his mother's points.

"So? I was drinking when I was 18, and so were you Leah. Anyway, one night of being pissed won't hurt the boy. And so what if he's only 18 anyway." Tommy's dad said

"So what? They wouldn't let him in anyway, he's u******e Carl!" His mom said still not seeming to be calm. Tommy was however surprised that she hadn't lost her temper yet though.

"They will, just give him my costume and no one will recognize him. They'll probably think it was me." His dad retorted and then visibly relaxed, knowing now that he had beaten down his wife's points. "Now that would be funny, if they thought he was me. They'd all be wondering how I had managed to party as well as make a deal." His father said and chuckled to himself.

Tommy was still standing halfway to the kitchen door, but he watched his mother sigh and take a big swig of her orange juice.

"He wouldn't want to go anyway. He wouldn't want to spend time with his mom at some party for old people." His mother said to his father.

Tommy didn't know what to say. She was right, he didn't want to spend a night drinking with his dad's bosses and workmates, but his mother really wanted to go. Ah, if only he could have gotten away before his dad mentioned him. But what could he do!

"Hey mom, I don't mind going if you still want to go." He said, and when she looked at him doubtfully he said, "Honest! I got nothing better to do anyway."

"Look honey you don't have to ok." His mother said as she turned around and placed the empty glass on the counter behind her

"Honestly mom, I don't mind. Ok?" Tommy said, trying to reassure her as best he could that he really wanted to go.

"Well, only if you're sure Tommy?" She said, half relieved and half disappointed

"I'm sure." He said and a big smile lit up her face and she walked over and gave him a big hug, then she turned to walk out of the kitchen so she could go and get ready. Great, now he was stuck with a night out with his mom. What a great and fun night this was going to be. Things didn't get any better when his dad gave him the costume he would be wearing.

Leah stood admiring herself in the mirror as she finished smoothing her dress over her slim body. She knew she looked hot, that was why she bought the dress in the first place, so that Carl wouldn't be able to resist her and they could have gotten home and had great sex. but now when she got home she would be horny and Carl would be asl**p, too tired from his meeting to have sex with her.

She sighed as she looked at herself in the mirror, she was so horny tonight, which is why she had left early, so she and Carl could have sex before going out, only Tommy had come back early, so it was doubly as frustrating now.

"Stop feeling sorry for yourself Leah Bryton" She said to herself in the mirror, and she tried to forget the cravings of her pussy.

Adding some small touches to her make up before taking one last look at herself, she smiled at how hot she looked in the dress. Maybe one conciliation was that Carl would be as sexually frustrated as she would be tonight after seeing her in this.

That thought made her smile deeper and she turned and glided out of the room gracefully.

Tommy stood in the hallway and tried not to look at how stupid he looked in his reflection in the mirror at the bottom of the stairs. He felt like a moron, and worse, he looked like one too.

His dad obviously had the worst taste in costumes that he had ever seen, because his imagination stretched to an amazing length. He had gotten a Batman suit. How imaginative, Tommy thought to himself. But that wasn't the worst of it.

The suit was the old Batman suit, and was made of a grey lycra/spandex pants and shirt, which clung to your body, Tommy could easily make out the big bulge of his cock. He had a ridiculous black cape hanging down his back and an even more stupid small black mask that only covered his eyes and part of his nose. The only good thing to it was it showed his body toning, but he felt like a fool.

He turned his gaze away from the reflection and tried to forget what he was wearing. That didn't take long as soon as he turned to see his mother walking down the stairs.

Leah Bryton, he thought of her like that because he had never seen his mother wear something like what she had on now, slowly cam walking down the stairs wrapped in a black dress that clung to every curve of her body, showing every contour of her perfectly formed body. He had never really noticed her as a woman before, she was just his mother, but this, Tommy wasn't even sure his jaw was not on the floor.

Leah Bryton stood 5'10", but with the black high heels on she stood 6'1" when she finally stood in front of Tommy. The was the skirt of the black dress looked tattered and had rips coming up well past mid thigh level showed Tommy his mothers long creamy legs to perfection, as she wore black fishnet stockings too. Her waist was small and her stomach flat, showing no sign that she had had a baby. It looked like she was wearing a corset but the dress was so tight it would have shown if she was. Her long wavy black hair fell down her back and around her shoulders, framing her beautiful face which looked pale because of the black eyeliner and lipstick she wore, her full lips looked ready to swallow a cock whole, the dress running in cobwebs up her arms to dangle an entire foot over her hands in black material. But Tommy's eyes rested on his mother's huge tits. He knew they were big because they were a 42D, but she always wore jumpers or business suits, but this dress hardly contained the two large globes. The Dress was cut at the front so that the neckline fell and showed almost all of her tits, and not just the tops, but a good side of the globe of flesh too. The dress must have shown half of her big tits, right down to just above where Tommy could see her nipples poking hard against the thin material. The twin globes were pushed together to create a formidable cleavage that would surely pop out if she exhaled to fast and by the tightness of the dress and how much of her tits were showing, it was obvious that she was wearing no bra as well.

She was a knockout. Plain and simple! Tommy's dick had also seen her as it was standing at full attention, rock hard and solid and was obviously plainly visible through the stupid costume he was wearing.

Resting a black fingernail under his chin Tommy's mother raised his head from staring at her deep cleavage. He expected her to yell at him, but instead all she said was,

"So you like what you see? You don't think it's too over the top do you?" She dropped her hand from his chin and began smoothing the front of her dress down from her tits and over her stomach.

"No." He managed with a squeak, then cleared his voice and tried to calm himself down. His hands went to dangle inconspicuously in front of his cock, trying to hide it. "No, you look great." He managed to make his voice sound level this time.

What was he doing! This was his mom he was perving over, but he couldn't help but look at how womanly she was.

She was 34 years old and she looked 25 or 26. She was just stunning.

"Has your father gone then?" She asked him

"Err, yeah, about 10 minutes ago." He answered, trying to keep his eyes on her face.

His mother smiled slightly and said, "Well, maybe we should go as well."

He burst out laughing before he could stop himself, "Yeah." He said sounding like a fool. He could have slapped himself for being so flustered, this was his mom!

As they walked to the car his mom stopped before she opened the door.

"Remember to call me Leah tonight ok? They can't think you're my son." And then she smiled, and if it had been anyone else, he would have said it was a teasing smile. But what she said next made his heart jump almost out of his chest. "Oh and, I think that suit fits you well." And her eyes flickered quickly towards the bulge in his pants, or was that just his imagination? Surely it must have been.

He didn't know what to say thought. Was his mom flirting with him? Or was his teenage hormones making him lose control around a hot woman. He couldn't believe that he actually thought that about his own mother. He tried to push the thought away by telling himself how disgusting it was to think that way about his mom, but she still was a woman, and a hot one. He had to get out of this situation before he slipped up again and stared at her lustfully like he did when he first saw here.

He ducked quickly into the car without so much as a response and his mom laughed lightly as she got into the car with him.

When Tommy and Leah reached the office building of Calpine Sports, where her husband worked, she had to try hard not to smile at Tommy. For the entire journey he had kept his head down or looking through the window so that he wouldn't be looking lustfully at his mother's body.

She felt flattered that she could turn on even her own son, and she knew he was turned on by the size of the bulge showing in those tight pants. She made herself stop thinking about the large bulge in between her son's legs before she drove herself made. She felt a flutter of excitement by teasing him though, she always loved playing, and teasing and flirting she really loved. Even though it was her son she was flirting with, she didn't feel any disgusted feeling at all, because to pull this off tonight she had to make sure that no one suspected anything amiss.

As she got out of the car and walked around to stand in front of Tommy she saw how hard he was concentrating on her face, which made it obvious that he wanted to look down.
"Now just you remember Tommy that you can't call me mom tonight, call me Leah, ok?" She said looking at him in the eyes, he nodded, and Leah couldn't help but smile as she spoke again, "Oh and, we might have to flirt just a little so nobody gets suspicious ok?"

His eyes went as wide as saucers and he said, "But mom, I can't flirt with you, you''re my mom!"

"Look, I'm not asking you to do anything major, just something little, like a hug or an arm around my waist, or even a peck on the cheek. Nothing else, you think you can do that? If not then we might as well go home." She said looking at him sternly

"Yeah I can do that." He said sulkily

"What, are you ashamed to have people think you're with me? Am I not hot enough or something?" She asked pretending to be outraged. She already knew the answer to that question by that bulge in his pants.

"No it's not that, it's just weird, that's all." He replied and then lowered his head, although he jerked it back up quick enough when his eyes fell on her cleavage. She smiled again, trying to comfort him but still a little tease came through. She liked turning people on, especially when they were shy about it.

"Look, just pretend for now that I'm not your mother until you get a little more comfortable with everything ok?" She asked still wearing her smile

"Ok" He said after a small sigh

"Relax, and just enjoy yourself. You never know, tonight might turn out to be fun." She reassured him, "And don't call me mom!"

With that, she slipped an arm through his and they began walking towards the entrance. As they walked, she couldn't help but press just a little closer against his arm, gently pressing her tits against him. He fidgeted around and cleared his throat a couple of times as well. Yes he was flustered, and Leah found it very amusing indeed.

When they entered the party, they were shown into one of two main rooms. The room they first walked into was really just a well-lit room, cleared of its desks and there were corridors coming off it leading to offices. There were quite a few people standing here, couples dotted around and odd people walking around on their own, but everyone was dressed up. Elvis', chickens, Simpson's, fairies, all different kinds of costumes. Leah figured that this must be the room where the host greeted everyone, because the sounds of music were coming from the room next door.

Suddenly, a giant kangaroo with an elephant came walking up to Leah and Tommy. Her son went stiff as a post, and Leah hoped no one would notice, especially these two.

"Ah good evening Leah, Carl." The Kangaroo said with the voice of Harold Marsh, Carl's sector manager. "Glad to see you tonight."

"Harold, Lydia, so nice to see you." She replied with a bright smile, noting the older man's eye line straight at her cleavage, "Thank you for the invitation."

"Nonsense, nonsense, Carl here is our best worker, he's always welcome here. He might even become a partner some day." He said without once taking his eyes from her tits.

She felt Tommy tense and turned to smile at him. He was looking daggers at Harold Marsh, tension forgot in his protectiveness of his mother. She stroked his arm reassuringly, and felt him jump slightly. She did hope they hadn't seen that.

Suddenly, Tommy spoke.

"I'm going to get a drink." He said and walked away, leaving Leah the choice to follow or be dragged along.

She smiled at The Marsh's as she walked away on Tommy's arm, but when she was far enough away she whispered angrily, "What was that all about?"

"He was ogling you mom." He answered

"So, every man will probably ogle me in this dress, you have. And don't call me mom!" She said quickly and quietly

"Sorry." Was all he said, but whether for what he did or the fact that he too had ogled her, she didn't know.

They headed into the other room. This also was a room where all the desks had been cleared away, but this room was about ten times as large as the other one, and dark except for the flickering lights of a disco at the far end of the room, opposite the door they had just come in from, and corridors led to offices further in the building from a few directions.

The room was dark despite the lights of the disco, and there were many places against some of the walls where Leah could barely make out anyone was standing there at all until they moved out into the lighter areas.

"I'm gonna go and get a drink." Tommy said when they entered the dark room, "Do you want one mo...Leah?"

She smiled at him lovingly, "Ok, but I don't want you drinking too much, you're driving home."

"Me?" He exclaimed loudly, but not loudly enough to be heard over the music thankfully, "You're gonna let me drive?"

"Well I'm here to have a good time tonight and seeing as you only wasn't to mope about then I don't see why I shouldn't drink." She said with another loving smile, "Now be a good boy and go fetch me a drink baby." And she gave him a little peck on the cheek, to which his eyes went wider than they had downstairs. Leah could've laughed, but instead she walked over to say hello to a few people before Tommy returned.

Tommy left his mother to wander and quickly darted out of the room and into the toilets that he had seen earlier. He looked around to see if anyone else was there, but they were empty.

Quickly he walked over to the sink and turned the cold tape on. Splashing the water on his face, but being careful not to spill any on the costume he soaked his face and then looked into the mirror.

He was so turned on; his dick was ragingly hard, so hard he had even thought about going in to the cubicle and jacking himself off while thinking about his mom.

There was no escaping it now, he had never noticed before but after tonight he would always be aware that his mother was a knockout, real life sex on legs, and he knew that he was hot for her.

He looked long and hard at himself in the mirror and tried to calm himself down.

"She's only pretending." He told his reflection, "She's not really flirting. Just trying to make it all look real."

He told himself over and over again, but he just didn't want to believe it.

"Well, I can handle this, I can do this. Just stay calm and in control and remember the truth and everything will be ok. She's just pretending. This is all pretend." He told himself once again, and continued to tell himself in his mind as he left the toilets and went back to get a drink for his mo...for Leah.

Leah stood talking with a couple that both worked with Carl who she didn't know. They were nice people and the first who she had spoken to that had not only stared at her tits. Why was it the only man who could touch her tits when he wanted to, was the only man not at this party? She tried to tell herself that the aggravated feelings she felt were created by annoyance at Carl, not horniness.

For about the tenth time in fifteen minutes she looked around to see if she could see Tommy anyway. He had been gone a long time. She hoped he hadn't got lost.

Suddenly she felt an arm around her waist pulling her side against someone, and when she turned her head to look it was Tommy.

"Hey honey, where've you been?" She asked sweetly, but with questioning eyes.

"Oh I just went to powder my nose hot stuff." Her son answered back

Leah stared at him for a moment and was tempted to take the mask off to see if this really was her husband. Tommy had never spoken to her like that, and he didn't seem to be frightened of flirting with her anymore. He even sounded the same in the loud music.

He smiled at her as he handed her her drink.

"Thought you might want this seeing as I'm driving." He said with a smile and then turned that smile on them, "Hey, how you doing?" He asked as if he actually knew who they were.

Leah took a gulp of wine or whatever it was in the glass and studied her son as she did. He still had hi arm around her as if this was all natural and normal, he even squeezed her side once or twice as he spoke, each time he turned to smile lovingly at her.

So he was not flustered anymore was he? She thought to herself, we'll see about that.

She moved closer to him and pressed her large tits tightly against his arm so that his muscular arm tried to bury itself between her large, firm mounds. And she ran a hand across his lips and rested her hand on his chest. She had never noticed how solid he was before. Smiling adoringly up at him she spoke teasingly.

"Hey sugar, I'm just going to get me another drink. I won't be long." She said and gently kissed him on the cheek.

To her surprise, Tommy didn't move at all, or flinch or seem flustered in any way at all. He just simply turned to her and smiled, and she felt his big hand fall down onto her ass and squeeze hard. She looked at him thinking perhaps her eyes were like teacups now.

"Tell ya what sexy, I'll go n' get ya another." He said and with another smile he slapped her hard on her ass before walking off towards the drinks table.

What had gotten in to him to make him no longer afraid to flirt with his mother? She should have been shocked and disgusted by his actions, but she wasn't going to be out done now. She was going to make him flustered, she knew she could. So instead of being worried about how events had turned, Leah Bryton smiled as her son walked off to get her another drink.

When Tommy found Leah again she was sitting down at a table on her own. The table was round with a white tablecloth drooping almost to the floor. She smiled up at her son as he came to sit down beside her on a chair with it's back against the wall. The place was one of those darker spots, which didn't actually seem much darker to Leah when she was in it, but no one would be able to make much out beyond that two people were sitting there. No way she would be disturbed.

As Tommy sat down, Leah leaned forward a little and smiled at her son, and ran her fingernails of her left hand up and down his thigh under the table. That made him flinch, but he regained his self-possession quickly.

She leaned closer until their faces were inches apart. She could feel his warm breath and feel his body warmth. She could feel lust gently flowing through her veins; although she was unaware it was really there.

"Thank you baby." She said teasingly and leant in to gently brush his lips with hers.

Slowly she moved back slightly to look at him. Her heart was beating faster, and knew that his must be too, but he didn't show one slight fluster in him at all. She almost growled at herself in frustration, but instead she just smiled and then moved forward to press her lips against his this time, not hard, but a lot this was a proper peck on the lips, only neither one of them moved back.

Electricity began to course through Leah's body, only slightly, and a kiss she was sure lasted only a few seconds seem to last forever.

Slowly, she moved her face farther from his and looked into his eyes this time. Her heart was pounding faster, but no thought came to her that this was wrong; after all she hadn't kissed him properly, just longer than was proper for a mother to kiss her son.

Still Tommy barely looked shaken or flustered at all; he appeared as if this was all normal and ordinary. This time Leah did growl.

"What's wrong?" Her son asked looking concerned

"What made you so bold and unconcerned about flirting with me all of a sudden?" She asked sounding irritated

"I'm trying for you, believe me that was hard after that kiss." He said and took a quick gulp of his beer.

So, she was getting to him. Well, she definitely wasn't prepared to go any further, but she had an idea to make him squirm, it would work on any man.

With a smile, she said to him teasingly, "This chair isn't very comfortable, I think I need to sit somewhere more designed for my body." And with those words she stood up and plunked herself down straight onto her sons lap.

His eyes shot open and she grinned at him. Now he was flustered. She put her arm around his neck and tried shuffling around so that her tits were right under his face and he had no way of avoiding looking at her cleavage. Suddenly she realised what the hard lump underneath her that was making her feel so uncomfortable. Her eyes shot open then and she tried to stand up but his arm held tightly around her waist pulled her roughly back down. She was about to demand why, when she noticed two guys sit down opposite them and smile at Tommy. Leah tried to sit very still and look like she was comfortable, but her son's hard dick was pressed hard against her pussy, and she was still horny from earlier.

"Hey Carl, is this the lovely Leah we've heard you talk about so much?" One of the guys said

"She's even hotter than you said man." The other one added

"Well you know me, I only go for the hottest women and there ain't no one hotter than my Leah." He smiled at her and bounced her on his knee a couple of times, bouncing her pussy against his still hardening cock. She tried to keep a straight face.

"Nice outfit Leah." The first one spoke

"Yeah." The other one added again

To her surprise, Tommy spoke again.

"Yeah, she looks so sexy I can't wait to get her home and fuck her hard." He said, and if that didn't surprise Leah enough, her sweet 18-year-old boy, reached his hand from her waist, upwards and cupped her right tit and squeezed it several times hard.

Leah thought she had squeaked but she tried hard not to show anything on her face, she just let her son grope her tits until he finally let go and spoke to the pair again.

"I don't want to be rude guys but me and my girl here just want to have a bit of privacy for a while." He said, replacing his hand back on her waist and once again bouncing her slightly on his knees. Her pussy pulsed and yearned for release of the tension within.

The two guys smiled and nodded then said goodbye to Leah and walked away. As soon as the two were out of eye shot Leah stood up and rounded on Tommy.

"What in the fuck do you think you're doing?" She demanded, "You can't touch me like that, I'm your mo....."

He gently laid a finger on her lips and said, "I had to, I saw those guys earlier and they were always trying it on with the women. I had to let them know that you're taken."

"You didn't have to...." She began but again he silenced her with that finger on her black lipstick covered lips

"I had to. We're pretending you're my wife not anything else." He said looking at her flatly, "Remember? I've seen dad behave like that with you so I knew they'd buy it."

There wasn't much she could say, she knew he was right, but he was her son. How could he be so calm about touching his own mother like that? He seemed to have been enjoying it!

"I think we should calm down, before anything gets out of hand." She said as she looked at him

"Ok, we'll just flirt lightly and no one will know." He reassured her this time. But she had enjoyed it, enjoyed the feel of a hard cock against her needing pussy, missed it now it wasn't there. She had to calm down. "Come on lets get another drink."

"You've read my mind." She said trying to smile. She had to calm down, she couldn't let lust take over her, he was her son!

For the next few hours' things between Leah and Tommy began to change. At first they were still awkward around each other. Mother not knowing what to do in case she gave the wrong signals to her son, and son not knowing just how far or little to give to help convince other people they were married.

But as the drinks began to flow and Leah began to drink a little more, she began to relax more and once again they began to lightly flirt with each other, trying to convince other people of course. Neither of them was enjoying it. Of course.

So little hugs and arms around each other became a little more frequent as the party went on. Then light pecks on the cheeks as earlier events began to seem less shocking and disgusting to Leah. Then they held hands as they walked around talking to various people, Leah's fingernails running up and down Tommy's legs even near his crotch, Tommy's hand rubbing and squeezing Leah's ass as they stood, and even as time began to continue and Leah drank more, the pecks on the lips began to reappear, and the lips of mother and son stayed pressed together harder and for longer each time.

Leah was beginning to feel quite tipsy when one of her favourite songs came on the disco.

"Oh baby come on, we've got to dance to this, come on honey you haven't danced with me all night." Leah pleaded to Tommy

It was getting easier now to call her Leah after so long of pretending they were married. It had only been a matter of hours, but the flirting had gotten stronger with each passing minute. Although Tommy still knew that this was all pretending and his mother being tipsy.

He looked up at her bending over to pull him up by the hands and saw straight at her twin globes. Her cleavage was amazing. He couldn't resist her, she was just too hot.

"Ok, ok come on then sexy." He said. Calling her by more and more intimate names had also come easier now; he barely had to think anymore. It was like this hot woman really wasn't his mother at all. But still, some part of both of them must still remember the reality, because if she had been anyone else, he would have taken his shot and knew that he would have gotten it.

They walked up into the middle of the dance floor, which was quite crowded by other couples dancing away, and most of them not caring that their moves were far more than just suggestive.

And the dance began, a slow moving song this was, but as the beat went on it would be livelier until it made you dance until you dropped. He knew this song well.

So gently Tommy placed his arms around his mother's waist and held her tightly against him. As he had had only two drinks that night, he was completely sober; his mother on the other hand, was just a little tipsy.

She rested her head against his chest as they slowly swayed to the music. Her big 42D tits pressed against his hard chest, her arms lightly resting around his neck, and his hands slowly moving down to cup her tight ass.

As his hands reached down and squeezed Leah's ass, he pulled her tightly against himself, feeling his hard cock pressing against her stomach. He couldn't help it, with such a hot woman so close his natural instinct was to fuck her, and it felt good having her pressed tightly against him.

Slowly, she lifted her head up to look into his eyes, their faces only inches apart again. A look of love, the love only a parent and c***d can share, passed between them as they looked at each other, their faces moving closer together until his lips met her black lipstick covered lips. They were so soft; he couldn't believe how soft they were. Harder they pressed their heads together closer, until Tommy could take it no more and he was about to open his mouth when the music suddenly went loud and Leah pushed away from his so quickly he thought that he had done something wrong, but she had a big grin on her face, and she wouldn't be smiling like that if he had pissed her off.

She began to move her hips sensuously to the beat and rhythm of the music, shaking her ass and running her hands over her tits, even squeezing them together as a look of pure lust came into her eyes.

He danced around with her, moving to match her, pulling her close to him by her waist, they both grinded their pelvises into each other as if trying to fuck each other with their clothes on.

Her fingernails yanking at his hair and running down his chest stopping just short of his bulging dick as she danced backwards running her hands over her body. He had never seen her dance like this. Then again, he was no virgin, and he had never seen anyone move so sexually as his mother was right then.
Running her finger into her mouth she stared intently at him as she sucked seductively on her finger and then let it run down in between her heaving breasts and down her stomach. His dick was harder than ever now, and needing some attention. There was no thought that this was his mother at all in Tommy's mind now. They continued dancing.

Leah danced closer towards Tommy, then back again, until Tommy couldn't take anymore and when she turned her back on him again, he reached out and pulled her hard against him. Her ass rammed hard against his solid hard on, her pussy protected from penetration only by the clothes they wore as he held her tightly against himself and Leah ground her ass hard against his raging cock.

Tommy's hands held onto his mother's flat stomach as she ground her ass against his dick. Her arms flowed up and backwards, to snake around his neck and pull his face down to meet hers. Their lips met instantly and their lips parted seconds later. His tongue darted straight into her mouth and was met by her tongue probing hard and fast against him. They kissed passionately mouths never leaving for air. Leah's hands remained locked around her son's neck, pulling him down to kiss her, her back arched so she could kiss him and her ass pushed hard against his dick which was almost ripping the suit open.

Tommy's hands slowly moved up from his mother's stomach as their tongues danced with each other, and their bodies writhed in lust, and soon his hands slid up and over Leah's huge mounds of tit flesh.

With all abandon now gone, Tommy now mauled at his mother's tits, squeezing them hard and roughly, and pushing them together. He squeezed and pinched roughly at her dress-covered material, all the while passionately kissing his mother.

He was becoming desperate now to fuck this beautiful woman, and his hands began to pull at the top of her dress, trying to yank the front of her dress down to free Leah's massive 42D tits.

Sensing his lust, Leah twisted around in his grip and locked her arms around his neck, pulling herself deeper into his mouth, and squashing her heaving mounds hard against her son's chest. Tommy's hands roughly squeezed and groped at his mothers fine tight ass, rough pulling her against him, wanting desperately to fuck her senseless.

However just as he was about to push his hands underneath one of the slashes in his mother's dress to pull her panties down, the song ended and Leah slowed her kissing down until she broke the kiss. Staring up at him with her big hazel eyes, and her arms now lightly resting around his neck, she smiled up at him and then everything seemed to dawn on her at once, and her eyes widened and her beautiful mouth fell open.

"What the fuck have I done?" She gasped as she stared at him as if she had never seen him before. She was most definitely not tipsy anymore.

"Nothing, WE just did what WE wanted." He said, trying to reassure her as best he could.

His beautiful mother just stared at him, her mouth working but no sound coming out at all. Suddenly she said, "I....I.....I' right back!" and she ran off out towards the female toilets.

Tommy stood there for twenty minutes waiting for his mom to come back, thinking. What had just happened? All he knew was that he had wanted her so much that he would have fucked her right on the dance floor. He had never wanted anything so much.

He stood there contemplating everything over in his mind, replaying everything, remembering the feel of her hot body pressed against him, the feel of her big firm tits finally in his hands, her mouth passionately fixed to his as their tongues danced enthusiastically. She had wanted him as much as he wanted her, and every thought led to the same conclusion. He wanted to fuck Leah; he wanted to fuck his own mother.

Leah ran into the bathroom and quickly turned on the cold-water tape and washed at her face hurriedly. Even if she had cared about her make up at that moment, it was the type that never smudged and only came off for a special remover. Not that she cared right then.

As she lifted her head up to look into the mirror she stared at herself. Water ran down her beautiful young face and down between her large breasts. She knew she was amazingly gorgeous, but how could her son think that? How could she think the same about him? How could she have done what she had done with him?

She tried as hard as she could to push the thoughts of the dance away, but it was no use. Her body was saying the opposite to her mind, it was crying out to be used like her son had just done. Not the usual sex that Carl gave her, but to be really fucked, and fucked hard. She wanted it and she needed it and the thought that it was her son who wanted to give it to her only turned her on beyond reason.

She tried hard to stop the i****tuous thoughts, to thinking of something else. She tried to convince herself that she was going to go out there and tell Tommy that they would forget everything and just go home and pretend like nothing ever happened.

But the truth still came to her, she knew he wanted to fuck her, but the truth she tried so hard to avoid, was that she knew that he was going to fuck her, and she was going to love every minute of it, even though she tried to deny it to herself.

She knew what was going to happen, as she straightened her hair and her dress in the mirror. She Leah Bryton was going to not only let her son fuck her when she walked out of those toilets, not only did she want him to deep down, she knew that she was going to fuck him back, and love all of it!

She stood looking at herself and readjusting her hair and dress to straighten herself up, knowing deep down that she wasn't going to be wearing that dress long.

As she took a deep breath, which almost pushed her large tits out of the top and middle of the dress, Leah walked out of the toilets to find her son. She had made a decision and she wouldn't back up on it. She wouldn't. As she continued to walk to find him, she continued to try and convince herself.

Leah walked through the room of people, which seemed a lot bigger now, with butterflies the size of houses fluttering in her belly. How had this all started? When did things go wrong?

Suddenly, she saw Tommy ahead of her, staring at her. She could see the worry in his eyes, and the love for her, but most of all, she could see his lust for her, almost overpowering everything else.

She slowly glided towards him, her arms folded around herself, holding onto herself. She didn't need protection from him, she knew that. If she said no, she knew he wouldn't do anything, but the problem was, she knew that she wouldn't say no.

She stopped in front of him and stared into his eyes, not saying a word. She didn't feel worried, a little nervous, horny like hell, but confused was the main problem. She wanted him so badly, yet she knew it was wrong. She was confused.

They stared at one another without saying a word for what seemed like an eternity, until finally she thought perhaps she had been wrong; perhaps nothing was going to happen. The strange thing was, she couldn't decide whether she was happy or sad about it.

Suddenly Tommy grinned, and then without any warning he reached around her waist and pulled her to him, his lips touching hers and their mouths separating and tongues dancing, softly this time. Lightly she laid her hand on his chest as they kissed. He was so good at kissing her.

Just as quick he broke the kiss and smiled at her once again, this time, it was a cocky smile.

"You know don't you?" He said smugly, "You know I'm going to fuck you tonight?"

She just looked at him and nodded. Trying to hide the thrill of hot lust and electricity that shot through her when he said that. She wanted him now. She needed him now. But it was so wrong. If only it was right. She yearned to be able to convince herself it was right. But she knew she didn't care if it was or not, she was still going to do it.

"And you're ok with that mom?" He asked, deliberately calling her mom

Once again she fought that hot lust and electric coursing through her, and once again she nodded. She wished it was reluctantly, but she thought she looked more and more enthusiastic, she certainly was feeling that way.

Tommy's smile deepened and his eyes freely wondered over her body, taking in every part of her. She wanted him to look.

He looked back at her eyes again and smiled once again, before he took her hand and began to lead her towards the exit.

She stopped after a few paces and he looked at her questioningly.

"Come with me." She said, her smile slowly becoming teasing

Her 18-year-old son looked at her questioningly but he followed her, led by her hand, and no doubt the promise of her body. She smiled now, her smile deepening and the feeling of how wrong this was dwindled. It didn't matter anymore, she knew what she wanted and she knew what she was going to do. She walked down one of the hallways towards the offices, and she grew less and less reluctant the further they went. Passing by some of the offices Leah could make out vague moans or groans from inside, obviously other people had had the same idea as she had. She began to speed up, her body yearning for the action she knew she was about to get. Begging for it, but still, there was a little voice within her crying out that this was wrong, that she should and could stop this all now, it tried to convince her that she was only taking her son down there to try and talk him out of it, but deep inside she knew what really was going to happen, that she didn't really want to talk Tommy out of it. Whatever happened tomorrow was not happening now, and right now she stopped in front of an office that she recognized. Turning to take both of Tommy's hands in hers she walked backwards into the office, biting her lower lip, knowing her eyes were glazing with lust. And then door closed, this was it, she was going to fuck, with her son.

As she entered the office Leah turned so that she could push the door closed while Tommy looked around the room. The butterflies in her stomach made her almost shake with anticipation. Any thought that this was wrong was now completely gone, swallowed up in her lust and the need of her pussy to be fucked.

She didn't bother turning on the light as she turned around and leaned back against the painted wooden door, because the lights from the streetlights and city outside gave a dark light to the room. It was still dark but she could easily make out her son and even the colours he was wearing.

Tommy was looking around the room, which wasn't small, but neither was it huge. At the opposite end to the door, a large desk with a big black leather chair sat, a sofa was off to the left of the desk and was also black leather, and filing cabinets were on the opposite side. In the corners nearest the door two tall plants stood, and the room was finished off with two smaller chairs situated in front of the big desk. The desk itself was covered with the usual office things, like a lamp, computer, sharpener, photo frame, etc, but was not cluttered, and the room was spotlessly clean, even the pictures of various sports hanging in various places on the walls shone in the low light.

Slowly, as his eyes finished taking in the sight of the room, Tommy turned around to face her, and her stomach fluttered harder. This was it.

"Is anyone gonna catch us here?" He asked, calmly yet a touch anxious.

Leah smiled teasingly at her son, "Nope. Everyone's busy partying or...having fun elsewhere. They won't come here."

"Why, where are we?" He asked as he once again looked around

Her smile deepened and she bit her lip lightly, she always did that when she was extremely horny and teasing.

"Your father's office." She said and Tommy turned to face her quickly, a smile showing on his face.

He then took time to stare at her body and she let him get a very generous view. With her hands behind her back and leaning against the door, her big tits were pushed out closer to him and were stretching the thin material of her dress, and the rips on her dress were showing almost all of her thigh as she planted one heeled foot against the door.

Her eyes on the other hand trailed down from his gorgeous face, down his hard, muscular chest and straight to his large bulge, which was hardly contained by the skin-tight pants he wore. She could feel her mouth watering and her pussy begging for that cock right now.

She slowly tore her eyes away from the large bulge and looked with her lust-glazed eyes at her son's lust-filled face.

"Well, I don't think we came here to talk so lets get started." Tommy said looking at her hungrily. Leah smiled deeper and her stomach went into chaos. "My dick needs action and it wants to be in you."

He made a move towards her but Leah raised a hand to his chest before he could move.

"I think we should get warmed up first." She said, still smiling as she moved closer to him. Her stomach fluttered insanely and almost froze when she spoke her next words, "You do want a blowjob right?"

There was no need really for the question, but every minute that was passing Leah felt hornier and hornier. She thought that if she didn't get fucked soon she was going to explode from her horniness.

Tommy gulped and visibly shook with lust and anticipation.

"Yes." He managed to stammer out.

Leah smiled at her son and ran the hand she had used to stop him down his chest to cup the large bulge in his pants; her hand couldn't hold it all. Electricity instantly shot through every part of her body instantly and this time she shook as she gave the solid bulge a squeeze.

"Mmmm, it feels big." She said seductively, and leant forward to lightly kiss Tommy's lips, as she leant back she squeezed again. "Enjoy the view." She said and she smiled deeper.

With her eyes locked on his, Leah slowly sank down onto her knees before Tommy. She knew he could had a perfect view straight down her dress, but she had only partly meant that view when she said it, she had mainly meant the view of her, his mother, sucking on his dick.

The thought of what she was about to do made her shake with lust and anticipation.

She lowered her eyes as Tommy looked down on her, shifting his lustful, wanton gaze back and forth between her tits and face, and stared hungrily at the large bulge inches from her face. As she raised both of her hands to the waistline of her son's pants, Leah wet her lips, and thought to herself that he couldn't be wearing any boxers underneath or the lines would've shown. The knowledge that she was about to see her son's naked cock in front of her, then suck it, then let him bury it her pussy, made her stomach rage in butterflies. And then she pulled down the skin-tight pants.

Immediately Tommy's hard cock sprang happily from the confinement of those skintight pants, as Leah pulled them all the way down to his ankles, and hit her in the face. Leaning back a little from her son's hard member she finally got a good look at what had been making that bulge and she gasped loudly.

"Fuck me!" She said amazed, "It's huge!"

Tommy smiled down at his mother's head although with her eyes completely fixed on the big rod in front of her eyes, she never noticed.

She reached up to wrap her left hand around the thick shaft and a small light caught her wedding and engagement ring on her third finger, but she didn't notice. Her fingers barely met as they wrapped around it's thickness. She would have felt the electricity of wrapping her fingers around her son's cock if she hadn't been so awe-struck by its size, she felt like she was in a daze. As her right hand rose to meet her left Tommy spoke.

"Bigger than Dad's?" He asked confidently

All Leah could do was nod, as her tea saucer size eyes and full concentration was on her hand-wrapped son's dick in front of her face. As she stared at it's length with both of her hands around it and still a lot of his cock uncovered, she looked up at Tommy.

"How big is it?" She asked, still seemingly in a daze as she looked back at the wondrous pole

"Almost 11 inches." He said smugly as he stared down at her large amount of cleavage.

"11 inches!" She whispered adoringly.

She slowly began to move her hands back and forth along the whole length of Tommy's dick, gently squeezing as she moved her hands. Her son began to softly moan but Leah didn't hear any of it as her hands slowly moved up and down. 11 inches! She thought to herself. She had never seen a dick that big in her life. Carl certainly wasn't that big, he wasn't small but not that big, and she had thought he was huge. Her hands moved a little faster but her concentration wasn't there and she didn't hear her son's breathing get heavier. She had slept with three people before meeting and marrying Carl and never once dreamed of cheating on him, but none had been bigger than her husband. Tommy was huge, and he was only 18!

Suddenly Tommy's words brought her out of her daze and she looked up at her son.

"That's it mom, jack my dick off." He said as he stared towards the door with his eyes shut.

Leah hadn't realised that she had even begun moving her hands, let alone pumping them furiously. His dick was solid, and from the look of him, he was more than enjoying this.

"You want mommy to suck your baby?" She asked still jacking her hands fast and hard. And this time she did feel the bolt of lightning surge through her.

For answer, all Tommy could do was nod vigorously, but he was now looking down at her face.

Leah smiled teasingly up at him as she moved her face closer to his hard dick. She slowed her hands down and kept her lust-filled eyes on his as she opened her mouth and lowered her head onto her son's dick.

Tommy had a great view, straight down his mother's dress, her cleavage straining the black fabric that was containing them, and looking so unbelievably luscious that he wanted to just rip her clothes off right then and suck on them. He still couldn't believe that this was all really happening, it was like a dream. It would have been like a fantasy come true, only, he had never fantasised about his mother this way until he saw her in that dress tonight.

His attention was all on his Leah's big tits as they jumped and bounced within that dress as her hands furiously pumped up and down his rock hard dick. He couldn't believe she was actually doing it, it felt so good; the woman really knew how to give a handjob, and he knew that if she carried on he was going to cum soon.

Abruptly all thoughts of his mothers tits left his mind, as one moment she looked up at him with a teasing smile, and the next she opened her mouth and sank down on his dick.

Bolts of electricity shot through his body and his knees felt weak. He thought that he might cum right now just by looking at his beautiful mothers face sliding down his big dick, her eyes and attention now all on the piece of meat that was filling her mouth.

Tommy couldn't believe it and he let out a loud groan as his dick reached her throat and she slowly began sliding her lips back up the length of his dick. She had only taken half of his dick in her mouth, but that was more than what usual girls could do to him.

As her mouth slid softly to the head of his cock Leah made a popping sound as she pulled her mouth off and smiled up at him teasingly.

"You like that baby?" She asked teasingly

"Oh yeah" Was all he could manage to groan out.

"Want me to carry on?" She said as she gently moved her hands up and down his thick shaft.

"Uh-huh." He groaned. With her kneeling in front of him, playing with his dick, he couldn't make words form in his mouth he was too horny.

She smiled at him again and leaned forward slightly to flick her tongue over the head of his cock. Her eyes stayed locked to his as she gently ran her tongue over and around the head and then slowly licked all the way down the underside of his cock, kissed each of his cum-filled balls, ran her tongue all the way back up his cock, and once again swallowed his cock into her warm, wet mouth.
"Oh fuck!" He groaned as Leah gently sucked on his dick and ran her tongue over it in slashes as she began descending down its length again.

His mother seemed to be smiling as he moaned and was gently squeezing his dick with her hands as her face lowered further down, her eyes never leaving his, even when he closed them from pleasure. Her mouth was stretched wide because of the thickness of his meat but still she looked insanely beautiful, with her long black hair spilling in those waves of hers, her big eyes surrounded by that black eye liner and that pitch black lipstick contrasting against her pale face and his dick as she slid her mouth slowly up and down his spear.

As she continued to move her mouth up and down, his mother began to become more comfortable with the amount of dick in her mouth and she began to bob her head up and down a little faster and more smoothly. Her eyes left his and she turned all of her attention to his dick. Releasing her left hand, she reached up and pressed it flat against his chest while pumping faster with her right. Tommy smiled down at his mother as he saw her wedding ring glint in the light and watched another inch slip further into her mouth and he felt her throat.

Faster and faster she jacked at his dick as her head bobbed up and down his shaft with increasing fervour.

"Mmmmmmmph!" She moaned as the shaft glided back and forth between her black lips and her tongue slashed back and forth across the rock solid meat.

Tommy groaned as Leah continued to suck harder and harder, ramming her face back and forth on his dick. He loved the sight of his hard cock sliding between his mother's hot lips, into her warm, wet mouth. Her big tits jiggled more furiously now within that tight black dress and Tommy was mesmerised.

Another inch slipped into Leah's mouth and Tommy felt his cock pushing into his mother's throat. He couldn't believe it, no one had ever taken this much of his dick, but here was his own mother, down on her knees in his dads office, sucking over seven inches of his dick down into her tight throat. Tommy couldn't help but grown even louder now.

"Oh fuck mom, yeah!" He groaned loudly, and Leah moaned loudly around his dick and her sucking became even more intense.

Faster and faster, harder and harder, Leah sucked at his dick, and more and more she pushed her mouth forward trying to take even more of his dick deep into her throat. Tommy's eyes grew wider and wider as inch after inch slid back and forth into his mother's hot mouth. First 7 inches, then 8, and then she had 9 inches of Tommy's hard cock meat ramming down her throat and he thought that this must be it, but her eyes never left his hard dick and she was slamming her face back and forth hard and fast still, and if this would have been anything other than a blowjob, Tommy would have said that his mother had a look of determination on her face, determination to take all of his dick in her mouth. Tommy knew what his mothers motto was, 'If you're going to do something, then do it to the best of your ability. Push yourself to your limit and then push yourself beyond them.' And that was how she had become so successful at her job, and she was obviously using her own advice now.

"Fuck mom, suck my dick baby." He groaned through clenched teeth. This was better than anything he had ever had before. "Suck it Leah, suck my cock!"

"Mmmmmmmmmmph" Leah groaned loudly and rolled her eyes around, she was really loving this.

Leah's head slammed back and forth repeatedly, her black hair spilling down between her luscious tits, her eyes focused on the massive rod in her mouth, and her wedding ring pressed against Tommy's chest, Tommy stood looking down admiringly and lustfully as her head bobbed back and forth, this was his hot mom, and this was really happening. He thought he might cum soon.

Suddenly Leah moved her other hand off Tommy's cock and grabbed hold of his hip instead, her left hand moving to the other hip, and then just as abruptly ran her mouth all the way up his cock, and to Tommy's surprise, she pulled her mouth off and looked up at him, her eyes completely filled with lust.

"Have you ever had a blowjob like this before?" She asked and returned her mouth to only suck on the head of his dick, still looking up at him lustfully.

"Never." He growled down at her, why had she stopped now?

Once again Leah pulled her mouth from his dick.

"Has any girl ever taken all your big cock in her mouth?" She said and replaced her hot mouth over his dick, sliding her face down a few inches, then pulling back up, before only returning to suck those few inches again.

She was teasing him! And she knew that he was close to cumming! He needed to cum! She pulled her mouth off his dick again and looked up at him, her face calm and waiting for his answer.

"No, they haven't!" He growled again at her, "Now suck my dick Leah, I need to cum!"

She smiled at him then, more teasingly than he had ever seen her smile before, and this time she kept her eyes locked on his as she took his thick dick back into her mouth, only she didn't move at first, just held his dick a couple of inches in her mouth and slashed her tongue across the head. Then, with her eyes still on his, she slammed her face forward and took his entire length into her hot, wet mouth and tight throat. She took all 10 ½ inches! Tommy almost came right then.

Leah paused with her lips right at the base of his cock, still looking up at him lustfully, and then her grip tightened on his hips and she began to slowly move her head back up his shaft.

Tommy couldn't believe it. Leah's tits and hair began to bounce more furiously as she once again began picking up the pace of her sucking and licking. It wasn't long until she was slamming her face up and down Tommy's entire length, his dick roughly forcing its way into her throat, and gliding back out again. His breathing grew heavier and he knew he couldn't take much more. The lewd noises of the i****tual blowjob filled his dads office as Tommy groaned loudly through clenched teeth, Leah moaned loudly around his cock in her mouth and the lewd slurping and sucking of Leah's mouth and tongue echoed increasingly louder.

Her tits shook violently, her hair flew back and forth as Leah continued to suck Tommy's dick for all she was worth. Her lips, tightly locked around the thick meaty shaft of her son's dick, guided him deeper into her mouth and throat. Her hands, held him by the hips, steadying the large pole for her to suck on, and her eyes never left his once.

"Oh yeah mom suck my dick!" He groaned loudly, "Suck it baby!"

Leah answered once again with a loud moan and rolling her eyes. Her sucking intensified until Tommy thought that she meant to suck every bit of him through his dick.

"Yeah, I love watching your mouth suck my cock!" He growled down at the beautiful woman on her knees before him, "I love watching it slide between your lips! Oh yeah! Fuck! I love watching your fucking big tits bounce!"

With each word Leah groaned and moaned around his cock in her mouth, her head bobbing so fast and hard that she had had to lower her eyes to look at his dick before she stabbed herself on it.

"Oh fuck, your mouth is so hot!" He groaned as her tongue slashed around the head. "You're so fucking good at this mom!"

Once again came Leah's lustful moan. She had been sucking his dick now for what seemed an eternity, and he was surprised that he had managed to last this long, but as he looked down, and saw the image of his beautiful mother on her knees, sucking his large cock deep into her mouth, in that clinging black gothic dress, he felt his balls beginning to tighten.

"Oh fuck!" He grunted out and reached down to grab two handfuls of his mother's beautiful black hair and began to thrust his hips forward and fuck her face as hard and fast as he could. He was about to cum after the best blowjob ever, but better than that, he was about to cum in his hot mother's mouth.

Leah felt the thick cock head stretch her tight throat as she slammed her mouth all the way back down Tommy's ragingly hard, and very big, dick. She sucked hard as she continuously bobbed her head up and down the long shaft, taking all of it into her mouth and then sliding back up its length until only the tip of the head stayed in her mouth, only to slam hard back down again. She loved how hot this was, the feel of her sons dick in her mouth was driving her over the edge with horniness. With how she felt, she would've agreed to anything he asked right then, and she knew that once this thing was buried deep inside her she would do anything for him.

As Leah continued to suck on Tommy's dick she still couldn't believe that all of this was actually happening, that right then she was down on her knees, giving her own son a blowjob. That thought caused her to moan again around the hard gag in her mouth and speed up her movements.

Suddenly she heard Tommy groan and then felt him grab hold of her hair roughly, and oh did it feel good. It felt even better as suddenly he began thrusting his hips back and forth, literally fucking her face harshly. His dick rammed back and forth, in and out of her mouth as his hands held her head still. She couldn't have got away if she had wanted to, but this turned her on even more. She had never been taken roughly like this before and she couldn't help but groan at how good it felt. Her own son was fucking her mouth and she loved it. Her lips gripped tightly around his pistoning shaft and her tongue quickly darted around the invading member as he repeatedly slammed his manhood into her mouth and down her throat.

Leah shifted her eyes so she could look at Tommy's face. He was staring down at her, his face contorted with lust as his big dick rammed in and out of her mouth. Her eyes teased and lusted for him and she sucked as hard as she could. She had never taken a cock so big in her mouth ever and she was amazed that she had been able to shove all of his 10 ½ inches down her throat, but she had been determined to take all of him in her mouth when she saw how big he was; she always got what she wanted.

Suddenly Tommy grunted and Leah felt the head of his cock grow bigger and knew that he was about to cum, and he roughly pulled her face towards him, impaling her mouth down to the hilt of his cock and burying himself down her throat quickly, her eyes immediately went to his dick shoved deep in her mouth. Then Tommy snarled wordlessly and she felt his big dick explode deep within her throat and she tried to swallow his cum quickly but still she gagged and some of his hot, sticky cum dribbled out of her mouth.

Once his cock began dumping its load into her mouth however, Tommy let one hand drop and then stopped pulling her to him with the other and immediately Leah pulled back so that the spasming head of her son's big dick pulled out of her throat and into her mouth. Cum continued to shoot out of his cock and began to fill her mouth quickly and she swallowed it down her throat and into her belly just as quickly but still more came in what seemed to be an endless stream of cum.

Leah continued swallowing her son's magnificent cum while she knelt in front of him with his dick in her mouth and wore her black gothic dress. She sucked on his dick, trying to pull all of the cum out of him and finally, after minutes of his cum shooting into her mouth, coating her tongue as it swirled it around and swallowing it all, the fountain began to slow. She raised her left hand deliberately so she could see her wedding ring as she pumped her son's cock with her fist forcing the last drops of his cum from his balls. He mustn't have cum in months to have that much cum in him, she thought to herself.

Finally, Tommy's dick stopped erupting and the cum stopped. Leah swallowed the last of the cum in her mouth and began to run her tongue around the head and shaft of Tommy's dick, cleaning the rest of his cum off him, and then she looked up into his now open eyes and slid his dick from her mouth.

"That was fucking amazing!" Tommy exclaimed as she stayed kneeling in front of him, her hand gently squeezing his now softening dick.

"I would never have guessed." She said teasingly as she looked up at him with her big eyes

"Sorry." He said, "You didn't mind..."

"What, you cumming in my mouth?" She interrupted with a teasing smile, "After I've sucked your dick, how could I not expect you to? Actually, I couldn't decide whether you'd want to rather cum in my mouth or all over me. And when was the last time you came, I must have swallowed two or three pints of your cum!" Saying that made that electricity shoot through her again. She really had given her son a blowjob and swallowed all his cum, how hot was that!

"This morning." He said smiling proudly down at her as she continued massaging his limp cock, which was still over 6 inches long and pretty thick.

Leah couldn't help looking surprised. He had cum so much in her mouth and he had already cum that morning? He must be a cum-machine.

"I've never cum that much in my life, nowhere near." He said breathlessly, she still stroked his dick, "It was because it was you, tonight, that dress, everything."

She smiled up at him, "You think I'm hot then Tommy?" She asked teasingly

"Fuck! Yeah!" He said loudly, "Everyone thinks you're hot! I have to keep telling the guys at school to shut up 'cause they keep saying how hot you are, how big your tits are, how long your legs are, how much they'd love to bang you and stuff. They all wanna fuck you."

Her smile deepened and Leah reluctantly let Tommy's cock out of her hand and smoothly got to her feet.

"They do, do they?" She said as she stood up in front of Tommy and smoothed her dress over her firm body. "Well, you're the only one that'll get to fuck me."

And with her teasing smile, she leaned forward and gently kissed Tommy on the lips.

"But I think you need to wake up first." She said as she moved back and leaned against the office door.

"So, do you want to fuck me right here against the door?" She asked, her voice and face equally teasing and lusty and her arms rose above her head to grasp hold of the doorframe above.

Before Tommy could answer however, she pushed herself away from the door and walked closer to him, once again grasping his limp cock as he stood still in the pants around his ankles. She squeezed hard as she spoke.

"Or maybe right here on the floor?" This time her voice was more aggressive and she yanked at his dick as she stared lustfully into his eyes.

He moved forward as if to grab her but she let go of his twitching cock and moved away from him too quickly and walked farther into the room.

She smiled to herself as she walked towards the big chair behind her husband's desk.

"You know Tommy, I've never cheated on your father," She said without looking back at him, "But I suppose if I am going to fuck another guy behind his back who better than our own son?"

She reached the chair as she finished speaking and slowly sat down on the leather. It creaked as she sat down, but she made sure she bent a little lower than needed, so that Tommy could get another view of her amazing tits.

She smiled as she looked at him as his dick was beginning to harden. She knew this would drive any man wild, but her son, it drove him crazy.

She raised her finger to her lips as she spoke again.

"Maybe you could make me cum on his chair?" She asked innocently and smiled when his cock twitched and hardened more.

Standing up, she quickly bent over the desk, giving him an unobstructed view down the top of her dress.

Resting on her elbows with her palms flat on the tabletop she spoke in a deep husky tone.

"Or maybe you want to fuck me over your father's desk." She said and groaned loudly, "Ohhhh, yeah! You'd like that? To fuck me hard from behind, while my big tits mash hard into your fathers desk?"

She smiled deeper again as his dick continued to grow. She knew she was a good flirt, and that he soon he would be rock hard and ready to take her. His eyes almost shone with lust, and he visibly held himself back, knowing she would move away from him until she wanted him.

This time, Leah straightened slowly, gently moaning as she pushed her large tits farther forward, and then she slowly walked round to the side of the desk and turned to lean back on it with her hands resting on the edge. She looked straight at the leather sofa in front of her, then turned her head to look at her son.

"Or do you want to fuck me on the soft leather sofa baby?" She asked lovingly

Tommy just stood there, his dick rigidly hard again. He was shaking from the visible effort of wanting to come to her.

Leah smiled as she stood there looking at him and his very big dick. How had she gotten all of that thing in her mouth? She let him wait a little longer, making him boil with anticipation.

"Maybe I should take this dress off." She said as she stood straight up and stretched her arms high over her head, "Unless you want to fuck me in it?"

That was the final straw as far as Tommy was concerned. Leah smiled as her 18-year-old boy hurriedly walked straight towards her and grabbed her. Their lips mashed against each other and their tongues probed deep in each other's mouths roughly.

Tommy's hand reached up and roughly grabbed one of her tits and began squeezing harshly as he continued kissing her. She moaned loudly into his mouth and her own hands grasped his head, pulling him closer and deeper into her mouth.

Suddenly Leah pushed him away from her mouth, still only inches from his face, they both breathed hard. His hand squeezed her breast once more then lowered to her waist as they stared lustfully into each other's eyes.

Leah lustfully stared at her son; both of them standing still, all the teasing had gone out of her now and all she wanted was to fuck. Lust had them both, so she told him.

"Fuck me." She said while looking in her son's eyes

Tommy wasted no time now. His mouth darted back onto hers, their tongues once again probing each other's mouths. His arms wrapped tightly around her and as if she was a feather he lifted her from the floor. Immediately Leah's legs wrapped around his waist, his hard cock pressing against her thong covered pussy, but instead of moving to the sofa like Leah thought he would, Tommy moved forward and planted her down quickly on her back on the desk.

Leah moaned into her son's mouth as he reached up and once again began mauling her tits. His body pressed her hard against the big tabletop, big enough for them to lie on with space around, and she felt his dick pressing hard against her pussy.

They continued kissing and he continued to grope at her dress-covered tits, and then he broke the kiss and began to quickly kiss all over Leah's cleavage. Leah moaned softly and unlocked her legs from around his waist as he reached down and under her dress to take hold of the band of her thong.

He roughly pulled Leah's underwear down and stopped kissing her tits to look deep into her eyes. Her hair was splayed out across the tabletop, her chest was heaving as her breath quickened and she was shivering with unbound lust. He smiled down at her as he continued to pull her thong down until he couldn't reach any farther. He made a move as if to get up to completely remove the thong, but Leah pulled him back and just wriggled her legs until the underwear hung on her high-heeled foot, and then she kicked them off. Neither of them paid any attention to where they went. This was it; they were really going to fuck.

As Leah looked lustfully into Tommy's eyes, she smiled lustfully and stroked his cheek with her left hand, then took hold of his muscular arms with both hands.

"You know, I love seeing that wedding ring dad gave you when I'm just about to fuck you." He said smugly and moved his hips so that his hard cock was lined up perfectly with her pussy, the front of her dress pushed up around her flat stomach.
"Well I'm going to love being pinned to his desk by my son's big dick." She said as teasingly as she could, "Now be a good boy Tommy and fuck me!"

No more encouragement was needed Tommy smiled as he thrust forward as hard as he could and slammed his entire length of 10 ½ inches deep into Leah's ready and wanton pussy, stretching and filling her completely.

Leah screamed at the top of her lungs because of the pain of being speared by such a big cock. She had never had any dick anywhere near this big in her before and it stretched her instantly.

Slowly, as Leah's head and back were arched from the pain of the initial penetration, the pain subsided and she began to feel her son's dick inside her, then pleasure began to far out weigh the pain, and very quickly.

Very quickly, waves of passion and pleasure shot through her body and she felt an orgasm wash over her. Her muscles clenched and her body shook and she groaned loudly.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" Leah groaned, still with her head back and her back arched.

Her toes curled up and she gripped Tommy's arms tightly as she came hard.

"I take it you like having my big dick buried deep in you mom?" Tommy asked smugly as she came down slowly from her orgasm.

It was then that she noticed that he wasn't fucking her, he was just holding his dick inside her and to the hilt it seemed, letting her feel his long hardness before he began, making sure she felt every inch of him and every scrap of pleasure.

And feel every inch of Tommy and the pleasure she did. The feeling was amazing; she had never felt anything like it in her life. She was absolutely stuffed full of cock! Her pussy stretched tightly around the thick invading meat and squeezed it tightly. She felt like this monster was actually in her womb and she felt so amazingly good. She felt like she was in heaven. She felt on fire. This was her son's dick buried to the hilt within her pussy, the very son she had given birth to 18 years ago, and now he was about to fuck her on his fathers work desk. Leah moaned again as she lay flat on the tabletop and opened eyes she never realised she had closed. The knowledge that the cock inside her, filling her completely, making her feel sooooo good, was her son's only made the feeling better.

Lust burned deep within her now, her pussy raged even more now to be fucked and she wanted satisfying. And now!

"You feel good baby!" Leah said very breathlessly, and lifting her legs to wrap them once again around Tommy's waist. He was actually inside her!

He smiled smugly

"You know what's odd," He said whilst still smiling smugly down at her, his hands at either side of her head with her hands gripping his muscular arms. "18 years ago I came out of your pussy and now all these years later, I'm back in there again."

Leah smiled back up at him teasingly.

"Only this time you're bigger!" She said and he returned her smile with his own smug one, and then he slowly pulled his dick out of her tight pussy to the tip of the head, and once again slammed hard back into her.

Leah screamed at first, from a little pain, but soon her pussy became accustomed to the size of Tommy's big dick repeatedly slamming hard in and out of her, and that's when she started moaning grunting and groaning louder and louder, and soon the lewd noises coming from her mouth turned to screams of lust and incredible feelings of pleasure. Her lustful screams and moans continued never stopping as her son pounded her hard and fast with his dick. The i****tual fuck had begun and Leah was in heaven.

Tommy continued to piston his ragingly hard dick in and out of his mother's very welcoming pussy with strokes so hard that the strong wooden desk creaked loudly. He couldn't believe he was actually fucking his own hot mother! This was amazing. Her pussy gripped tightly to every inch of his thick manhood as it continued to plow relentlessly into her, her arms were now wrapped around his neck, her nails digging painfully into his flesh as her face was contorted in absolute pleasure. Even with her eyes squeezed tightly shut and her mouth continuously moaning and groaning in between her screams of ecstasy she looked stunning. Her long wavy black hair still fanned out across the tabletop, her big, heavy tits shook violently from each of his ruthless thrusts into her body and her legs were locked tightly around him, trying to pull him even deeper into her.

"OHH FUCK! OHHHHH FUCK! FUCK ME BABY! FUCK MY PUSSY GOOD! OHHHHHHH!" Leah screamed as his dick continued its assault

"Oh mom, fuck!" Was all he could manage to grunt out as all of his concentration was on fucking her as best as he could, after all he didn't know if he would ever get her again and he wanted to make the most of it.

"Come on baby, fuck me, come on, fuck me hard! OH I LOVE YOUR DICK! FUCK I FEEL SO FUCKING GOOD! SOOO FUCKING FULL!" His mother exclaimed loudly as she continued thrusting her hips upwards to meet his thrusts.

She met each of his thrusts just as roughly as he gave them to her. She thrust her pussy up as he slammed hard back into her, driving her hard against the desk top with a loud crack and the shifting and creaking of the desk itself. Tommy thought the thing might fall apart with how hard they were fucking each other; there was definitely no love in this sex, just pure a****l fucking.

"Your pussy's so fucking tight, fuck!" He grunted between sharp breaths. Even though his dick slammed in and out of her smoothly, he just couldn't believe how tight she was, how her pussy gripped his dick like a vice, trying to milk his dick for more cum.

"OH FUCK BABY, YEAH! NAIL ME TO THE FUCKING DESK BABY! FUCK ME!! UHHHHHHHHHHHH! OHHHH!" Leah screamed as she continued to scratch at his neck.

Their pace hadn't slowed for a second and they had been fucking harder and faster each minute for what seemed like forever, but must only have been 20 minutes or so. Tommy knew that he shouldn't need to cum for ages yet because of the amazing blowjob Leah had given him earlier, but this was too fucking hot and he knew he wouldn't last long.

Leah suddenly opened her eyes to stare lustfully into his and then she took her arms from around his neck and raised them above her head to grip onto the edge of the desk tightly.

"Come on baby, fuck me! Fuck your hot mom for all she's worth! Oh, make me fucking cum all over your big, hard dick!" She growled at him, still looking deep into her eyes with her own lust-filled eyes.

Tommy tried to smile as he sweated with the effort of how hard he was driving his dick into his mother, but as she continued to growl at him, he drew more and more turned on, and spurred on by her dirty talk, he slammed even harder into her. The more she spoke, the harder he rammed his cock into her, and the harder he fucked her, the more she growled at him.

"OHHHHH YEAH! Oh, yeah Tommy baby, my baby boy, fuck mommy good! OHHhhhhhUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!" She groaned as his 10 ½ inches slammed home again. "Come on baby, we shouldn't be fucking doing this so you better make it worth it! Ohhhh I'm soo baad letting my own son fuck me, and on your father's desk too! Ummmmmm yeah! OH! Oh! Yeah!"

Tommy tried as hard as he could to fuck her faster as Leah continued to talk dirty to him, but he was already fucking her as hard as he could, his and her breathing came in short, heavy pants, his because of the effort of continuous fucking and hers because each time he slammed his dick back into her, he drove all of the air out of her lungs in a sharp grunt.

His dick continued to mercilessly fuck her as she continued growling up at him. Her tits shook violently against their material prison, mesmerising to Tommy's eyes.

"Oh baby you know this is soo wrong, I think you should..." She began, smiling teasingly up at him, and stopped as his dick continued pounding her hard. "Maybe you should....OHHH.....Maybe.....OH should...Oh you should keep fucking me! OH! UMMMMMM YEAH! YEEEAAHH! OHHHHH!"

Tommy managed to grin down at his mothers flushed face as her eyes squeezed shut again and her grip tightened on the edge of the desk. The desk itself was creaking loudly now; its loud complaints marking their lewd fuck session but drowned out under Tommy's moans and groans of pleasure, and Leah's screams of ecstasy.

All of a sudden Tommy heard a noise at the other end of the room, a sound of the door opening. Leah obviously heard it too, but when he was about to stop she grabbed him hard by the face and growled at him.

"Don't you dare fucking stop!" She growled aggressively and by the look in her eyes he knew she meant it, so he continued to pound her hard as the door opened and someone poked their head around the door.

"Oh! Sorry, I thought this one might be empty!" The voice said

"OHHHH FUCK! SO FUCKING BIG! SO FUCKING HOT! SOOOO FUCKING GOOD! OHH FUCK ME BABY FUCK MEEEE!!" Leah screamed, obviously turned on by someone watching them fucking but not knowing they were mother and son. Tommy felt that same surge of lust fill him and renew his strength, so he began pounding Leah harder against the desktop.

"Sorry to disturb you!" The voice said after a short while and then Tommy heard the door close again.

Obviously it had been a guy who had opened it and stood watching Leah get fucked, admiring her dress covered heaving body being fucked so ruthlessly. Tommy would've done the same thing.

Tommy looked down at his mother; her hips were thrusting up at him faster than before. She was more turned on than ever and she was losing all control of herself as her second orgasm was obviously approaching, and it was obviously going to be huge.

She flung her head from side to side and tightly shut her eyes. Her arms now flailed about, looking for anything to grab a hold of and Tommy noticed her hit the lamp and knock it over, and as she continued to flail around, her orgasm approaching rapidly, her hand hit the photo frame, that Tommy had noticed held a picture of him and his mother and father, and it flew from the desk to land on the floor.

As his dick pistoned rapidly in and out of her, Leah suddenly reached round to grasp her hands tightly onto his back, her fingernails digging deep into his back through the material and her felt her pussy tighten so hard he thought it would crush his dick, but he continued his assault anyway, intensifying her orgasm as it shot through her body.

""OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK!!" Leah's scream began and then finished in a wordless scream of absolute pleasure, which Tommy had no doubt could be heard all the way back to the party room.

His dick never slowed as Leah convulsed harshly underneath him, impaled lewdly on his dick. Her body shook so much that several times she lifted from the desktop only to hit her head hard as she came back down again, but she didn't seem to even feel it in that torrent of ecstasy. Her legs pulled him towards her, trying to f***e his dick all the way in to her as he struggled to continue his pounding and her nails dug as hard as they could into his back, bringing a shout of pain from Tommy, as her long black fingernails ripped through the skin tight lycra and his skin, causing bleeding scratches across his back. Then Leah's back arched half a foot off the table and her head shot back with her eyes wide open.

"UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" She groaned between her tightly clenched teeth.

Tommy continued to fuck her as hard as he could with her legs gripping him tightly to her, and very slowly Leah seemed to come back down to earth again. Her back lowered to the desk top, her legs loosened around his back, her nails stopped digging into his skin, and her head came forward to look at him. Her face was a mask of complete satisfaction and lust. She had had the orgasm she wanted, but she was far from finished.

Leah gently purred at her son as he continued to piston his dick in and out of her very satisfied pussy. He was moving slower than before, obviously weary from how much effort he had put in bringing her to orgasm, but he still continued to push and pull in and out of her.

She couldn't believe how good she felt right at that moment, how intense her orgasm had been, she had never cum that hard in her life, and to do so because of her sons dick made it all the more better a feeling.

Although she had cum hard and was now feeling like jelly she smiled at Tommy as he continued to push his dick back into her. Her own lust was beginning to grow again as feeling slowly began to return to her body. She could feel every inch of him stretching her inside; reaching places she never knew existed, fucking her so completely, so thoroughly that she never wanted him to stop. She still couldn't believe that she had taken all of his dick inside of her, she had felt almost torn in two from it's size when he had roughly entered her, but now, she wanted nothing more than for him to fuck her to another earth-shattering orgasm.

"Oh! Ummmm!" She moaned softly as the immense feeling of her orgasm subsided and she began to feel Tommy's dick sliding back and forth into her very welcoming pussy. Strength returned to her slowly. "That was amazing." She said still in a state of wonder.

Tommy smiled down at her as he continued to feed his cock into her pussy, but he was beginning to tire and slow down.

"I'm glad you like it." He managed to stammer out, his breathing becoming more laboured and his arms shaking a little in an effort to hold him up.

Her strength began to seep back into her body a little more now, but Leah still felt like Jelly.

"You're tired baby, maybe you should stop for a while." She said as she smiled teasingly up at him, she knew exactly what he would say.

"I'm not finished fucking you yet." He said with a strained voice. "I'm gonna carry on."

"I never said that we were going to stop having sex." Leah said and her smile deepened as he looked up at her confused. "I said you should stop, not me."

He stared at her for a moment not understanding what she was saying. She almost laughed at his innocence. He was so dirty and good at so many things, but he was still 18.

Trying not to laugh, she explained what she meant.

"Let me explain." She said teasingly, "You're tired and I'm not, and we both want to carry on fucking, so, I am going to ride your dick until we both cum."

She felt a flutter in her stomach, and it wasn't Tommy's dick, when she realised that she had actually told her son that he could cum inside her. He wasn't even wearing a condom! The illicit thought turned her on even more and she pushed herself up on her hands,

Tommy still lay on top of her with his dick now buried deep within her but not moving.

"Well, are you going to help me or are we just going to stop?" Leah asked her son a little impatiently

Too tired to note much, Tommy reached around her waist and pulled himself back so that he could stand up, with her legs wrapped around him and his dick still completely imbedded in her pussy. There was no way she was going to let that wonderful thing out of her. But as Tommy stood up straight with Leah in his arms, his legs buckled suddenly and the pair of them fell backwards quickly. With thud they both landed sitting on the leather sofa at the side of the desk, Tommy sitting on the sofa and Leah straddling his long dick, which had slammed hard into her as she landed impaled on his lap, and she thought that it was going to come right out her mouth with the f***e it drove upwards in to her. The f***e caused Leah to grunt and then moan lightly, and when they both had gotten accustomed to what had happened she looked down at Tommy's face.

He was staring up at her in wonder and she smiled lustfully back down at him, her legs to either side of his, his hands on her thighs, his dick deep in her pussy and her hands resting on his shoulders.

"Well, I hadn't planned on having sex here, but it's as good a place as any." She said to him, "And besides, I don't think your father's desk could've taken anymore of that harsh fucking you were giving me."

He grinned up at her smugly and smug he should be with a knockout like her on his dick, and his own mother to boot.

"So, are you gonna bounce on my dick then you naughty girl?" He asked as his hands began gently rubbing her thighs.

Leah shivered once again with the knowledge that she was impaled on her son's dick. And she slowly began to move her hips back and forth, sliding his hard length back and forth into her pussy gently.

"Ummmmm yeah!" She moaned lightly as she felt that hard shaft fill her again and again. She just loved how it stretched her inside.

"Yeah, that's it mom, ride my dick like a slut." Tommy growled at her as he stared lustfully at her body.

His lustful gaze turned her on ever more, and just as she was going to really start to fuck him, a thought came to her and she stopped moving her hips.

"What are you doing?" Tommy asked her curiously.

"Well, I was thinking that seeing as your big dick is already buried deep in my pussy and that you like looking at my tits, that you might want to have me fuck you without this dress on?"

The instant twitching of life of Tommy's dick inside her was enough to tell her the answer before he said anything, and so, Leah reached back and slowly slid the small zip down her back and then reach around to take a hold of the dress that had been pushed up around her waist to allow Tommy to fuck her.

"Ummm, I'm going to be bouncing on my sons dick naked, riding him hard until he cums inside me." Leah said as teasingly as she could, "Maybe I should just leave it on."

"No, no, please." Tommy said urgently and Leah smiled.

As Leah Bryton smiled down at her son, impaled hard on his 10 ½ inch cock, she pulled the tight black gothic dress up over her head quickly, and began thrusting her hips back and forth, fucking herself on his thick dick before the dress had gotten to her tits. As the black material cleared her beautiful face and long black wavy hair, she threw it away from her, careless of where it landed, smiled at her son's reaction and rode him as hard as she could. She planned on fucking him and herself, to the best orgasm they had ever had. So she rode him as hard and as fast as she could.

Half an hour later Tommy still gaped at his mother's hot body as she bounced rapidly up and down on his hard monster cock. She had grown more and more intense in fucking herself on Tommy's dick each time she rammed herself hard back down its long length. Tommy could feel her long smooth legs pressed against his bare thighs as she straddled him, her pussy still clamped tightly around his cock as she fucked herself silly on his dick and her left hand roughly playing with her clit causing her to fuck herself wilder as she was pleased by both his dick and her hands, her face contorted once again in ecstasy Leah either threw her head back as she groaned and moaned lewdly or screaming her lust-filled obscenities as she wildly shook her head from side to side.

The sight of Leah riding harder and harder, faster and faster with every thrust of her hips made Tommy want to cum, and cum hard but his attention was still in the same place it had been for the last 30 minutes, on his mother's big tits.

Leah's tits were amazing, the were huge and firm and they had not even a slight hint of sag to them at all as they bounced wildly up and down on her chest in unison with her up and downward thrusts as she continuously impaled herself on his dick. The sight was amazing and Tommy could feel his balls brewing up another large load of cum to dump inside her.

"OH YES! YES! OHHHHH BABY!" Leah's screams dropped into a loud purr as she looked down at Tommy, her left hand working furiously on her clit as she slid quickly up and down his hard cockmeat. "I love your dick baby, it feels so fucking good!"

Tommy smiled smugly at his mother, her eyes shining with lust and her body making damn sure she was satisfied.

"Fuck mom I love your fucking body!" He exclaimed lifting his eyes from her body to her face long enough to see her smile teasingly as she groaned again, her fingers working harder as her hips made quick, small circling motions. "Your tits are fucking amazing! I've never seen such big, firm jugs before!" And not for the first time, he reached up to cup her tits.

As his fingers sank deep into her large, firm tits, Leah groaned again and, her body and fingers speeding up as he began to roughly squeeze and play with them. They felt so good in his hands as her chest rose sharply with each thrust back and forth on his cock and her breathing heaved.

They were the picture of lust, fucking wildly on the leather sofa in Carl Bryton's office. Leah riding hard and fast, her son's hands groping roughly at her tits, naked, she slammed herself repeatedly on his glorious pole and screamed in ecstasy.

"Ummmm" She moaned, once again looking locking her eyes on his, and once again she purred at him, "I love the way you fill me, I can't believe we're doing this, we're actually fucking baby! Ummmmmmm, ohhhhhhh!" She finished groaning as her head fell back again, her long black hair reaching down to his knees behind her.

Tommy's hands continued their assault on Leah's tits and she continued to bounce up and down rapidly now. Faster and faster she began to move, slamming harder and harder down on to him.

Suddenly she moved her hand from her clit and leaned forward her tits mashing hard against the palms of Tommy's hands as all of her wait was pushed onto them. Her hands grabbed tightly onto the back of the black leather sofa and used it for support to allow herself to fuck his dick harder. She was desperately fucking herself to another orgasm, and with the feel of her tight, hot hole, Tommy knew that he too would cum soon.

"Uhhhhhhhh, Come on baby, fuck mommy, fuck your big dick in my pussy hard!" She growled aggressively at him, her face inches from his. "Fuck I need this so badly!"

Tommy couldn't even form any words, his heart was leaping from his chest because he still couldn't believe that he was actually fucking his gorgeous mom, but more than that, how good she was! Being a big sports star in his school, he had had a good few women since turning 18, most of them older, and even a teacher, but none had been anywhere near as good as this amazing woman he had only looked at as his mom before tonight.

As quickly as she had leaned forward, Leah pushed herself back so she was sitting straight again, Tommy's hands still roughly squeezing her tits, his fingers sinking into her fleshy mounds, and she reached up to grab her hair in her hands on her head as she rode with all her might, driving herself closer to orgasm. Tommy was still amazed that he had actually lasted this long, but with the intensity and the sight of her gloriously toned body, he knew he was almost done.

"Oh yeah, you're so fucking good honey! Fuck me, you're soo fucking hard!" She groaned without looking down at him as she bounced around smothering her long black hair all over her head in her tightly gripped hands.

Then once again she suddenly moved, unable to stay in one place too long as the pleasure flowed through her, which Tommy could understand as his own senses were becoming numb from the sheer amount of pleasure she was giving him. Her slim hands fell to grip her tits on top of his already mauling hands. The sight was awesome.

"Oh baby, you nailed me to your fathers desk so good!" Leah purred as she helped him to roughly squeeze the firmness of her tits. "And I just love riding your dick."

"Fuck!" Was all he could breathe out, he could feel the familiar shortness to his breathing and he knew he was going to blow soon. He began thrusting his hips harder upward, using Leah's tits to roughly pull her down as he thrust fast up.

"Ohhhhh! Um!" She groaned as he pulled her down hard, "You are so big!" She breathed out and began to moan lightly as she squeezed his hands into her flesh.

He felt the first tingling signs in his dick that he was going to cum and lust took total control of him. He let his hands drop from Leah's tits to roughly grab her waist, he needed more, more speed, harder, so he began thrusting harder and wilder into her, using her small waist to push and pull her up and down his dick.

Tommy looked lustfully at his mother as she gripped her tits harshly and played with them as she tightened her legs and rode him with all of her strength. The leather sofa creaked loudly with the sound of leather and wood. She was about to cum herself, he knew as her pussy slightly tightened around his thick lust-engorged rod buried deep within her.

"Fuck, your dicks like a fucking baseball bat!" Leah exclaimed loudly as she groaned as another of her downward thrusts was met by one of Tommy's equally lust filled upward thrusts. "I've never been fucked so good in my life!" She groaned again.

"Yeah mom, pump yourself hard on my dick, fuck your pussy on me!" Tommy suddenly growled aggressively, "Tell me, am I bigger and better than dad?" He had wanted to ask that question but he'd waited until she was totally filled with lust that he knew she'd answer. She loved his father very much, and he knew she would never answer unless she was beyond reasonable thought.

At the mention of his father, his mother began pounding her pussy as hard as she could, her groans growing louder until once again she was screaming and grunting from the hard impact of pubic bone slamming with a loud slap against the base of his dick.

"OHHHH FUCK YES BABY, FUCK ME LIKE THAT! OHHH DON'T EVER FUCKING STOP TOMMY!" His mother cried out lustfully, the sound no doubt was heard outside the room. "YES, YOUR DICK IS SOOO MUCH FUCKING BIGGER THAN YOUR FATHER'S" She groaned loudly, squeezing her big tits and mashing them roughly together. "HE'S....OHHHHHHHH.....HE'S 7 INCHES! UMMMMMMM OH AND YOU'RE SO MUCH FUCKING BETTER THAN HE IS AT PLEASING ME! YOU FUCK ME SO WELL HONEY! OH YOU'RE GONNA MAKE ME CUUUMMMMMMMMM!"

The last came out as a loud scream that had to have used all the air in her lungs and she slammed down hard, grinding her tight pussy down on his raging dick, trying to f***e every last millimetre into her, as he slammed hard upwards and grunted sharply and as Tommy came hard inside his mother and she felt it shoot into her, her own orgasm just blew her mind.

Leah rode her sons dick as hard and as fast as fast as she could, bouncing wildly and groaning and screaming lewdly as she held tightly to her tits, squeezing them hard and roughly. She felt so good as she continuously slammed herself as down hard as she could and was met by Tommy's equally hard thrust up to meet her. She grunted every time their bodies slammed hard against each other, she had gotten used to his big dick buried within her now, but she still felt completely stuffed, and being rammed hard by all of that meat at once drove ecstasy through every vein.

Tommy was gripping her waist, pulling hard back down on his enormous weapon and Leah heard him speak and heard herself answer, but lust filled her and bl**d pumped rapidly through her veins, drowning out any concentration on anything except the big dick in her pussy and the amazing amount of pleasure it was giving her.

Suddenly, her stomach tensed, her pussy trembled and electricity began to tingle through her body and she knew she was about to cum for the second time that night by her son's cock as she felt the beginnings of what she knew would be a massive orgasm, Leah slammed herself hard downwards as Tommy thrust hard upwards and impaled her completely on every inch of his big monster.

She heard her 18 year old son groan loudly and felt the head of his big, thick cock expand as her own orgasm erupted and electricity shot through her with enough power to light the entire skysc****r they were in. Yet as Leah's orgasm began to shoot through her and her body trembled, her pussy gripped her sons dick tight and she groaned louder than before, Tommy's dick exploded and wad after wad of his hot, thick, sticky white cum shoot deep within her pussy, coating her insides and shooting straight into her unprotected womb, and Leah's orgasm more than trebled in intensity and her loud groan turned into a wordless scream of complete ecstasy.

"OHHHHHH FUCCKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" Was all she could scream out after what seemed like an eternity.

No words could describe how good she felt right then as wave after wave of orgasm shot through her body. She shook uncontrollably as she came, almost falling from Tommy's lap if her hadn't held onto her tightly by her naked waist. Her hands, no longer gripping a death lock on her tits, sc****d furrows into her sons chest with her nails, her head thrown back once again in a wordless scream of pure pleasure.

Still her sons dick shot streams of cum deep into her yearning pussy, emptying the entire contents of his balls into her in an endless stream of white seed and her pussy hungrily drank it all in, her womb filling with her sons sticky goo.

Time passed but Leah didn't notice it at all as her orgasm continued, until what must have been 5 minutes later, her scream slowly quietened into wordless moaning and she fell forward, with no strength at all in her body, pressing her big tits flat against her sons chest. They both just lay there resting, totally exhausted but both completely satisfied.

Two hours passed as Leah lay naked resting against her son's batman suit covered chest still impaled to the hilt on his now soft cock, soft, but still almost 7 inches long. His dick was soft, and totally fucked out, but he was still as big as his father.

Slowly Leah woke up, and regaining her sense of reality slowly, realised that she and Tommy had actually fallen asl**p, that was just how much energy they had used.

Weakly she pushed herself to arms length with her hands pressed against her son's muscular chest until she was sitting straight, straddling his lap. Even her smile was weak due to her lack of energy. If she had thought her muscles were jelly before, they were water now, but she still managed to push herself upwards, rising slowly from that pleasure-giving pole of her son's until, with a sigh at the loss, she finally pulled free and with a wet suction sound his dick came out of her.

Standing on long legs that barely held her upright, Leah searched the room with her big eyes to look for her dress, and found it lying strewn over Carl's chair where it had landed when she threw it away in her lust to be fucked. She smiled deeply, the memory of how good Tommy's big dick had made her feel still very fresh in her mind, and his cum was still very fresh and deep in her very sensitive pussy. She could still feel all of her son's sticky cum inside her belly from when she had swallowed it all, and she could easily feel all of his cum that had shot deep into her womb and filled her pussy so full she was sure that her eyes must have turned white.

She reached over and pulled the dress on over her head as she heard Tommy sit up on the sofa, just waking up from his well-earned rest. Leah turned to him as she began pulling the zip up the back of the dress, her arms were doubled back to pull the zip up, which pushed her big tits out farther and pressed them tight against the thin black material, her nipples poking proudly through the dress top, and she looked at her 18 year old boy.

"Well, I've never been fucked that good before!" She said with a deep smile down at him as he wearily looked up at her. "And I certainly have never been filled with so much cum either!"

Her smile deepened and became very teasing and she walked very unsteadily over to pick up his pants and throw them to him.

"C'mon Batman, you better get ready, if the party isn't already over it will be soon after how long that took!" She said as she checked her dress and smoothed it with her hands over her flat belly. Flat but oh, she felt so unbelievably full of cum!

Tommy looked up at her as he stood unsteadily and pulled his pants on.

"What time is it?" He asked, sounding a little more awake as he pulled the pants up around his waist.

"Late by the look of it." She said, "We were fucking for over an hour and we must have slept two. So come on Tommy, we've got to be heading home before your father wonders where we've gotten to."

A couple of minutes later, after searching for Leah's missing panties which they couldn't find, they were both walking back down the corridor towards the party room hand in hand. To her surprise, the music was still coming out from that room, but there was nowhere near as many people as had been there earlier.

Walking only slightly more steadily than in her husband's office, Leah led Tommy out by the hand into the smaller room and towards the way out but she stopped briefly to tell Harold and Lydia Marsh that they had had a lot of fun and were both very glad they had come, and then they were off and quickly found themselves once again sitting in the car, this time Tommy was in the drivers seat, even though Leah was stone cold sober.

Tommy had hardly said two words since waking up and was now staring straight out the windshield, not moving the car.

"What's wrong honey?" Leah asked looking as concerned as she felt

"Is everything gonna be ok with us now? I mean after, you know," He said nervously, looking at her as if expecting her to yell at him.

Leah smiled softly at her son and gently stroked his arm to reassure him, but she couldn't help but take the chance to tease him, although she knew that he was worried.

"What? After we had sex? After you fucked me?" She asked and smiled even more when he looked down expecting her to yell at him. "Tommy, I wouldn't have fucked you if I didn't want to and I know that you enjoyed it just as much as I did, I have two loads of your cum inside me to prove that! So don't worry ok, everything's fine ok?"

He nodded, still looking at the floor.

"I said ok?" She repeated removing her hand from his arm

"Yeah ok." He said after sighing and looking at her for a long time to make sure she really meant it.

"Good, because I don't want any of this to have ruined our relationship." She said and when she saw that he relaxed, she turned her smile back from reassuring to heavily teasing. "Now, we can pretend like nothing happened, or, you can drive us home before your father thinks something is wrong and I can suck your dick on the way."

His head turned towards her instantly and his eyes shot wide open. Leah couldn't believe how prudish he was being for someone who had already fucked her, and for a moment she thought that he was going to say that he did want to pretend that nothing had happened, and then finally a small smile crept on to his face and he turned to start the engine. Leah's own smile grew as she reached towards Tommy's crotch and pulled his cock out of his pants with her left hand, and smiling at the sight of her glittering wedding ring pressed against her son's rigidly hard cock, she leaned forward and slid her hot mouth over his cock once again.

Tommy drove home carefully as Leah's pretty head bobbed up and down in his lap, sucking hard on his cock and swishing her tongue all over the head. Her black lipstick still remained and her black covered lips glided up and down the thick shaft again and again as her cheeks sucked in and out as she tried to milk even more cum from his dick.

"Oh fuck mom you're such a horny slut!" Tommy groaned as his free hand gently rested on her long black hair that fell over her pretty face as she sucked contentedly on his rock solid dick.

"Mmmmmmph" She moaned around the shaft and then she slid her mouth all the way up and took her mouth from the shaft, gently pumping him still with her ringed left hand. "It's your wonderful dick baby." She cooed, "it drives me crazy."

And she returned to sucking harder on his dick before once again pulling her mouth from it long enough to look up at him through her long black eyelashes and say, "Besides, I love the taste of your cum and I LOVE feeling it inside me!" And with those words she went back to working as hard as she could, sucking mercilessly on his dick.

All the way back from the office to their house Leah's head bobbed up and down on her son's 10 ½ inch hard on, sucking him for all she was worth as if he were her husband. Up and down her head moved, sometimes jacking him off with her left hand, other times sinking his dick all the way down her tight throat so that her lips reached the very base of his cock and her face was in his lap.

The further they drove, the harder and faster Leah sucked, wanting to taste Tommy's cum one more time before they got home. The moans filled the car, Tommy groaning how good a cocksucker she was and how much cum he was going to give her, and her own moans around the thick cock meat buried constantly between her lips in her mouth and throat. The loud sounds of Leah's lewd i****tuous slurping as she sucked as hard and as fast as she could almost drowned their moaning and groaning out.

Then as they pulled into the driveway and stopped in front of the house, Tommy lived up to his promised groans, and once again delivered a huge load of cum shooting straight into Leah's mouth. She swallowed all of his cum as thick globs shot out of his engorged dick in her mouth and hit her tonsils, the back of her throat, landed on her tongue and filled her mouth completely full of cum. So full in fact, that after she had pulled her mouth from her son's softening cock and he had put it back in her pants and they were both leaving the car, her mouth was still full of Tommy's cum and she was slowly swallowing and slowly letting some slide down her throat on its own. The thought of having her son's cum in her mouth as she walked back into her house and nearer her husband turned her on so much she thought about pushing Tommy against a wall outside and fucking him before going in. Instead she just swallowed the last of her sons cum with a loud gulp that Tommy smiled at as they entered the kitchen and saw Carl sitting at the table reading over some papers. He never even looked up as they walked in.

"Hi." He said sounding happy but intent on the work in front of him

"Hey dad." Tommy said with a smug smile at Leah

"Hey hon, you have a good night?" She asked and returned her son's smile with a lust-filled teasing one of her own.

"Yeah, got a lot done so that the weekend should be completely free." Carl said, still without looking up. "What about you two? Did you have fun at the party?"

Tommy just grinned boyishly at her and she smiled once more at him before answering her husband.

"Oh, we had a lot of fun honey! In fact, more fun than I have had in my life I think." She said whilst still looking at her son, "Our son really knows how to show a girl a very, very good time."

"Good, I'm glad honey." Carl replied

"I showed him your office as well honey, he seemed to like what he saw there." She said teasingly, her pussy was beginning to feel hot and horny again. "Me, I certainly enjoyed myself, so that's why we didn't cum earlier, we wanted to have as much fun tonight as we possibly could, and I know for a fact we both did!" She rubbed a hand on her flat stomach showing Tommy that she had enjoyed all of his cum.

"Good, good!" Carl said as he wrote on one of the sheets, "Have you eaten?"

"Yeah" She said, her stomach fluttering with how erotic this was, basically describing what had happened but so that only herself and Tommy understood what she was really saying. Her smiled deepened. "I was stuffed more full than ever and I still feel completely full now but then, I've had two or three loads tonight."
"Good." Her husband repeated again.

"Anyway baby, I'm going to bed cause I'm completely fucked out." She said and moved closer to Tommy, "I need to get my energy back." She said looking straight at Tommy with lust filled eyes, and then turned to Carl. "Don't be too long honey." She said to him and then turned once again to her baby boy. "Good night honey, and thanks for such an amazing night." She said to him and gently pressed her lips against his, and quickly touched his tongue with hers, before pulling her lips back and smiling at him.

"We'll have to do it again soon mom." Tommy said smugly with no need to cover his words meaning. Carl wouldn't have suspected the truth at all.

She returned his lustful look and smile, as she turned back to him halfway through the doorway to the stairs.

"Oh we will, we'll make very sure we do it as often as we can." She said with a quick glance at Carl. Whenever they could get a place to themselves, she thought, I'll have that big dick of yours back inside me.

And with one last teasing smile for her son, Leah Bryton turned to walk to her bedroom, completely satisfied and completely happy. The night had turned out far better than she could ever have dreamed. She was not only a cheating slut, but also a Nympho i****tuous slut mother, and that turned her on more than ever.

"Good." Her husband repeated again.

"Anyway baby, I'm going to bed cause I'm completely fucked out." She said and moved closer to Tommy, "I need to get my energy back." She said looking straight at Tommy with lust filled eyes, and then turned to Carl. "Don't be too long honey." She said to him and then turned once again to her baby boy. "Good night honey, and thanks for such an amazing night." She said to him and gently pressed her lips against his, and quickly touched his tongue with hers, before pulling her lips back and smiling at him.

"We'll have to do it again soon mom." Tommy said smugly with no need to cover his words meaning. Carl wouldn't have suspected the truth at all.

She returned his lustful look and smile, as she turned back to him halfway through the doorway to the stairs.

"Oh we will, we'll make very sure we do it as often as we can." She said with a quick glance at Carl. Whenever they could get a place to themselves, she thought, I'll have that big dick of yours back inside me.

And with one last teasing smile for her son, Leah Bryton turned to walk to her bedroom, completely satisfied and completely happy. The night had turned out far better than she could ever have dreamed. She was not only a cheating slut, but also a Nympho i****tuous slut mother, and that turned her on more than ever.

Once again the pair needed time to recuperate, only this time, Leah decided that she didn't care any longer if it was wrong, she was going to carry on having sex with her son, after all when he made her feel so good, and with a cock that big, she could forget anything.

The kitchen table wasn't the only place the i****tuous pair fucked that night. Knowing that Tommy's dad would be back soon, the pair headed upstairs and into Tommy's room where they once again fucked each other's brains out on his bed and on the floor, cumming hard and getting dressed and downstairs just in time as Carl walked in a couple of minutes later.

And so, every day since Leah and Tommy fucked each other mercilessly and tirelessly at every opportunity they got, only that the more they fucked each other, the more they needed to fuck each other, so they looked for more times, more places, more chances to have sex. It all started off discreetly, they would only have sex when they were alone.

So whenever Carl was at work and they both could get away, they took time off and spent the day fucking all around the house, in various places, and various positions. Tommy fucked Leah in her and his dad's bed. From behind and on the kitchen counter. Leah rode Tommy's dick in the back garden on the lawn. They fucked in the pool outside. Harder and faster, their orgasms growing more intense the more they had sex. They came hard each time, Leah all over Tommy's dick and Tommy all deep inside his mothers pussy.

But as they needed each other more and more, the time spent fucking when Carl wasn't there didn't seem enough, so they began to have sex when he was there.

Firstly in the other side of the house, they fucked with Leah bent over the washing machine, or in the basement. They once again fucked in her and Carl's bed, but this time with Carl down stairs, and Leah came harder than ever as she rode her son's dick as he lay underneath her.

They grew more and more bold and more and more dangerous in how they would fuck with people around.

Once, Tommy was fucking Leah doggie style in the lounge when Carl phoned, and she spoke to her husband as her son drove his big 10 ½ inch cock deeply into her pussy, causing her to moan and groan occasionally down the phone.

Another time, Leah was bouncing up and down on Tommy's big dick in the bathroom as she pretended have a bath, and then she fucked him again in the shower as Carl was talking to her from the other side of the door.

Once, when Carl thought that Leah had gone out and Tommy was upstairs, he heard a noise coming from his son's room, so he went up to see what was happening, but instead of knocking, he stood and listened for a while, then he knew what his son was doing, he thought Tommy was nailing the cheerleader from school and smiling walked downstairs, but behind the door, Tommy had Leah pressed against the door, impaled on his rigid cockmeat and was fucking her hard against the wood.

Quite a number of times they almost got caught, like when Tommy's dad walked in to his and Leah's bedroom d***k one night and Tommy and Leah were both naked and fucking intensely on the bed, only for once, the light was off, and Carl was too d***k to think and just fell over on his side of the bed, inches from the naked pair, and fell asl**p. Tommy wasted no time in resuming his fucking, and although Leah protested at first, soon his big dick pumping hard in and out of her, convinced her otherwise.

For months Leah and Tommy fucked like rabbits at least 3 or 4 times a day. They were fucking so much that it seemed on a typical day all they did was go to school and work, come home, fuck, then sl**p, fuck some more, then get up and the cycle began again.

They fucked in every room in the house, in the car, in the garden, against the windows, against the front door only seconds after Carl had left for work. They fucked on, over or against near enough every piece of furniture in the house.

And then it happened; the greatest, most ultimate taboo in i****tuous sex.

One night, Tommy and Leah were alone in the lounge, and Leah was riding Tommy's cock as he was sitting in his dad's big leather armchair. They were both naked, and fucking with speed and intensity. Tommy was sucking on Leah's big tits as they bounced up and down with Leah's movements as she repeatedly slammed his cock into her pussy hard. Leah was screaming for him to fuck her as usual and they fucked for longer than they ever had. They continuously fucked hard for over 3 hours, fucking over the coffee table, against the windows with Leah's tits pressed flat against them, on the floor and in the chair. Leah was growling dirty things about Tommy's dad, saying how much better Tommy was, how much bigger he was, how much better it felt to have her sons naked cock in her rather than her husband's condom protected one, how she would fuck his big dick even if his dad walked in and caught them. She growled and groaned telling him that he fucked her so good, that he reached deep inside her to places she never even knew, that his cock and cum were the best, that she wanted to fuck him in front of his dad. Then they both heard the door open. They stopped fucking; looking at each other, knowing there wasn't enough time to get their clothes on. They had to think fast, and think fast they did. Pushing Leah off his lap and down on to her knees, he pulled her mouth down over his cock and pulled her hair up onto her head, hiding the ends in his hands so that it looked like Leah had shoulder length hair.

When Carl walked in to the lounge he saw his son naked and a young woman with black shoulder length hair down on her knees sucking his dick. Tommy's head was back obviously enjoying the good head he was getting. Carl smiled proudly at his son, although he would have to tell him to do it in his room from now on, not the lounge, but he strode out of the lounge not knowing that he had really just witnessed his wife, Tommy's own mother, sucking their son's dick.

When Tommy realised the coast was clear, he let go of Leah's hair and pulled her mouth off his dick. Smiling lustfully at her son, Leah mounted his big cock again, confident that Carl wouldn't come back in or take any notice of the moaning and groaning. So Leah did both, and very loudly, even letting herself scream in ecstasy as her son's big hard shaft fucked her harder than before. The only hard part was trying not to mention Tommy's name, that she was his mother, or anything incriminating. It was hard, but the orgasm that they both came to was by far their strongest ever.

Finally, as their orgasms swept over them, and Leah came harder than ever on Tommy's dick, and Tommy once again shot load after load after load into his mothers hot pussy, in the biggest orgasm he had ever had, that they came down out of the clouds. Leah's pussy sucked all of Tommy's cum deep into her pussy and womb where he had once again plastered her completely.

The next day, Leah came back into the house and walked into the kitchen. Tommy and his father were both sitting around the table talking about women, and when she walked in they both whistled and laughed.

She smiled at them both, butterflies fluttered in her stomach. They looked at her, both with loving smiles that she returned. She could still feel her 18-year-old sons cum inside her as she spoke to them; all she said was two words;

"I'm pregnant."

... Continue»
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Marrying my own sister and mom

raja is my nick name. My mom, was very attractive, keeping herself fit, as this helped her business, people always like a business person who takes care of themselves, thinking their products would also be as well taken care of as themselves. After finishing my matriculation, at 18, i started helping out mom and mom was glad as she needed the help, my s****r was more content with her make-up and thinking about boys. She really did not care much about her studies and mom made up her mind to get her married and asked her if would like to be married. My s****r was happy and rather glad to quit her studies and be with a man. After making sure, she was not in love with anyone, she started searching a groom for her. This was really a tiresome exercise as the one question we could never answer was “where is the father?”. Mom would wind up in tears and i would end up getting angry and would yell and walk away. I ended up consoling mom, saying that she made us better than anyone with both parents would have. Mom would listen to this and smile and rest her head on my shoulders thanking me. My s****r, understanding that she was, told mom, she should not worry about all these things and there will be someone who will marry her (my s****r) in spite of all these odds. “there are good people in this world” she would console my mom and asked her to s****r, had felt bad throughout this whole ordeal, even though the guys had never really rejected her, it was more like the parents who cared about it than the boys. My s****r and me both decided, that mom should get married, after all, she was only 38 and she looked very young and there was no shortage of well to do men who wanted to marry mom. We needed to get mom to talk about this and make her feel that we are comfortable now that we were all grown up and having a man in her life would not threaten us. So we asked mom and started talking to her.“mom”, i said , “we have something to say”.my mom thought it was strange we were sitting like this and talking, it was always very informal and all of a sudden we were talking making it look very serious.“what is it? I have never seen you like this?” Mom said.“mom, you have been a great mom to us, but …” uma started.“but …. What?” Mom looked at us, her eyes getting smaller and looking curiously at us.“you have neglected yourself in the process” uma continued.“we want you to be happy” i said.“i am happy, my lovely ones, thanks to you, you have never given me caused to worry” she replied“no, mom, he means that you should also have fun” uma said looking at me.what fun?” She enquired.“we want you to go out and enjoy without us k**s to think about” she said lowering her head and i did too.“what are you k**s saying?”, mom said looking clearly amused.“mom, we think you should go out, finds a man you like and get married” i said looking up for a second and lowering my head down again.“get married? Get married? Have you two gone crazy?” Mom said still amused and breaking out in laughter.“k**s” she just smiled and looked at us.

“i am happy, i don’t need a man to make myself happy, i have been happy with you k**s around, besides i really don’t want anyone else and coming breaking us apart, we should always stay together and i will do everything to make us stay together, i cannot take a second break-up” she said a little serious.“mom” my s****r replied, “we thought this would make things easy for all us, besides we could pass the person up as our father” my s****r inadvertently was shocked and shouted at her “is this about your marriage?”“no, no, mom, it is about you having someone to be with, everyone should be with a special someone” my s****r started sobbing“look, i have a problem trusting men, and i will marry any man if i cannot trust him” she said and hugged my s****r, “of course my son is the only exception” she continued and hugged me as day , we went to the river, to a private spot and my s*s wearing a swimsuit and mom in a lovely yellow silk saree. My s****r was happy playing in the water and my mom was reading a book in the shade, i was in the swimming trunks and as i looked at my mom, my mom’s pallu fell and i saw her cleavage and my member immediately rose. I had seen lots of times before, but this time when i saw it i was clearly not thinking like a son!!! I then looked at my s****r and was appreciative of the body she had and as she called me into the water, i ran fast into trying not to show my cock’s appreciation of her as well. As we played a bit, me watching mom, still her cleavage visible and my s****r, her perky nipples standing up, my hard cock would not come down even in the water. My s****r, noticed it and smiled at me and teased me “who are you thinking about?” And as i looked at her and then mom, she looked at me, “are you thinking of some woman?” I was embarrassed and told her to shut up and ran from there. I started noticing both my mother and s****r more and more, i saw how attractive they were, my s****r with her perfect figure, i knew why men found her really sexy, and my mother a little older version of my s****r, beautiful carrying a 38-26-36 figure, her slimness making her look really young. I watched their every move more carefully, and was getting aroused at every instant. They were driving me crazy. I myself started going around without my shirt, as it was hot, it was an excuse i found the meanwhile, another guy tried to propose to my mom and i had to threaten him to chase him out. My mom was glad and hugged me a lot on that day, and kissing me on the cheeks and forehead and said she was very relieved as he was very obnoxious. The only man i can ever trust is my son, she repeated. As i separated from her, trying to avoid her from feeling the hard on i was getting, my s****r noticed my pants and came to my room before i could shut it. She looked at me strangely and started questioning me making sure only we were in the room, my mom alone in the kitchen cooking.“raja, who is the mystery woman?” She queried still looking at my hard on.“nobody in particular” i said.“raja?” She again asked me “tell me, i promise i wont tell anyone”.“i don’t ask you about your mystery guys” i retorted back.“well, you can ask me, if you want to” she said“i don’t want to, and i don’t want you ask me too, either” i said. My s****r sat beside me, and held my hand and i was struggling to keep calm “raja, i am your elder s****r and it is my duty to take care of a younger b*****r, i want you to have the woman you fantasize about, i promise you that” she spoke looking at my eyes.“oh, s*s, you are so nice” and i hugged her while sitting avoiding touching with my member.“will you tell your s****r?”.“what if you are angry with me?”.“i wont be, i promise”.“i am scared to tell you”.she patted on the back and crossed her pretty little fingers and whispered “it is safe with me”.“you won’t tell mom?”.

She looked at me in a strange way and looked as if teasing.“oh no, you are going to tell her” i said.“do you want your mystery woman or not?” She asked back.“yes” i almost shouted.“then tell me, i will help you get her”.“uma, you know how close we all are together, me , you and mom, i want us to be closer, i want to take care of mom and you all the time, i love you and mom”.“of course, silly, we know that” she said looking me “now tell me who the mystery person is”.“i want to marry mom” i blurted not wanting to say i wanted her as s****r just smiled at me, understand everything the numerous times since then she had seen me peeking. “now you know my horrible secret, what about you?”.well, my step-father can search a groom for me, and i will marry anyone he suggests” and she winked at me and my cock immediately rose in agreement and she patted it understanding and walked out before i did anything.we were all having dinner that evening and my s****r was looking at both mom and me smiling. My mom asked her what was so funny, she said it was some joke she remembered and winked at me. “mom, i am going to find a man for you” uma spoke.“not that again” mom replied.“no mom, this time you will not say no, i want to see you with a man, and a good man to boot” she continued.“oh uma, stop this, i told you i cannot risk another break-up”.“there wont be any break-up if there is a hook up” she said.i almost choked and excused myself.“you better not go anywhere,” uma warned me, winking at me.i sat there frozen not knowing what she was going to say.“mom, then you has no objection if you can get into a marriage where you think we won’t break up, right?”.“uh, that’s right” she said.“then i am going to find that perfect man for you and our f****y” she declared.“ok, honey” mom replied slightly amused.“mom, you have to promise, if you think the man is great, and will not cause problems for us both, you will marry him” she said placing her hand on mom’s.“yes, dear, i will marry the person who will be good for us, does raja also agree with your views, you know men are more difficult to please in this aspect” mom said looking at me.“yes mom, i am sure she will find a wonderful groom for you” i managed to say.“great, let’s eat” s*s was pleased.i was relieved and completely had my food. Uma told me to take mom to the movies, restaurants and outings alone, she would excuse herself with some activity or something. I thought that was a good plan and took mom out regularly, my s****r excusing herself on one pretext or the other. Mom was always classy and well dressed and people would often mistake us for a couple. I flirted with my mom openly there, holding her hands, and my mom used to smile and look at me. Finally i had the courage to tell her, i would love to have a wife that was like her, mom smiled and said she would find one for me. I just held mom’s hands and walked the streets, this went on for a couple of months, i used to leave my shirt out to conceal the hard on i used to have constantly. I noticed my mother hugging me more and not making much of an effort to conceal what was behind her clothes, our hugs sometimes lasted almost half an hour, my hard on, sometimes feeling her, but still i was afraid of telling her. My s****r asked me, if everything was going well and was angry i had not moved faster than that. “she likes you, a lot more than you think, just tell her” i was still hesitant, so my s****r decided to join in on one of our walks. “this will make the feelings inside you come out if you two are romantic enough” she said.we had our dinner quietly and then after dinner , uma sat in front of mom and i was in a chair beside her. “mom?” Uma started.

Mom just looked at her and was quiet.“mom, i have found the perfect man for you” she said.“what?” Mom gasped.“yes, he is wonderful and i have seen him, and i think he will make a perfect fit for this f****y”.“but, but, i don’t agree” she said.“oh mom you told me the other day, if i find the man who will be everything he should be for you and me and raja, you would not hesitate to marry him” uma continued.“oh no, uma, please be reasonable, i am happy, let us be just the three of us” mom said.“mom, you agreed, a promise is a promise and you will love him, i know” she looked at me pleadingly “raja, you also have a say in this, don’t you?”.“yes mom” i replied.“do you want me to see me married?” She queried, a worried look at her face, asking me to say no.“yes, mom, i want you married and happy”.“you want me married??” She looked a little angry at me.“he is the one who wanted you married” uma interrupted.“what?” Mom was there someone on your mind, mom?” Uma continued.“i want this f****y, not be a part of someone’s f****y” mom sobbed.“you will be, mother, you will be” uma tried to console looked up, and looked at me “what do you mean?”.“i want you to marry raja”.“what?” Mom was shocked.“yes, i want you to marry raja, i want you to be my s****r-in-law, i want raja to be my step-father, and i want you two to do my kanyadaan”.mom looked at me shocked and there in the corner of her eye, i could see a smile “i am supposed to marry my son, my raja, do you know this?”.“yes, mom, i want to marry you, you are my dream girl” i replied looking at her.“i want you to be mrs. Raja” i continued.immediately i got down on one knee and held her hand and slipped a ring on her hand“will you marry me, rukmini?”.mom was so shocked, but as she looked at me, then uma and then her hand, she got up, and i then got up and she hugged me and said “yes”.uma fixed our marriage in a small town nearby within a torturous week, inviting a few people who did not know of our relation . Our first night arrangements were all made by uma, and i was on the bed waiting for my dear wife, also my mother. My mother entered in a beautiful cream saree, with jewels and gold, and gold belt around her tummy. I slowly dropped her pallu down, and noticed her lovely breasts held by her blouse, i removed my shirt and my cock was already protruding out of the dhoti, i started pulling out her saree from underneath as she looked at me longingly content to have me take the lead in our union as man and wife, now she was just in her jewels and i saw her in a see through yellow color bra and panties, she was so sexy and she smiled at me shyly. I lay on her just like that and kissed her mouth, my hard cock trying to make a dent through her panties, she lay there just smiling as i kissed her on the nose, cheeks and ears.trudging out of the dhoti, i started pulling out her saree from underneath as she looked at me longingly content to have me take the lead in our union as man and wife, now she was just in her jewels and i saw her in a see through yellow color bra and panties, she was so sexy and she smiled at me shyly.

I lay on her just like that and kissed her mouth, my hard cock trying to make a dent through her panties, she lay there just smiling as i kissed her on the nose, cheeks and ears.“raja, i love you” mom said.“i will be a good wife to you, your wife will do anything you want, have me, my love”as i heard mom speak thus, i kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples , sucking harder and harder as she moaned, i then removed her bra and continued to suck her nipples, my tongue moved down circling her navel touching it with the wetness, as i noticed her pussy wet and sticking to her panties, i ripped apart the panties and kissed her cunt, enjoying the sweet smell, i licked at her cunt my tongue relentlessly moving in and out over and over as she wriggled her legs and then clasped them together holding my head in them, my tongue submerged in her pussy, the juices circling on it, as i played with her breasts, i again kissed her over and over again, “raja, my husband make love to me” i looked at her and then slowly kissed her, removing my underwear and dhoti, placed my hard cock on her stomach. Her eyes widened as she brought her hand and held my throbbing member, she squeezed tight and circled her fingers on the tip, sending me in raptures, “oh mom, that is so good” i cried, she smiled and brought herself up and kissed it, licking the top, “how is that honey” she asked as i moaned in appreciation, mom continued to lick, i was just so hard, “darling, i want everything inside me, the first time” she said. I did not say a word, just smiled at her as i thrust my cock inside her cunt slowly kissing her in the mouth as i started banging her in and out, my mothers cunt was at my disposal whenever i needed, she was my wife and i was her husband, and i was having my mother, as i banged in harder and harder, the moans got louder, out sweaty bodies against each other, the sounds of the liquids inside making it that much more erotic as i pushed and pulled in and out, towards the sides, trying to reach her every space as we both had our eyes closed, me grinding in her lovely sexy motherly cunt which was now mine for ever, as i looked at her indicating my readiness to come, she nodded silently saying she was ready, i deposited my entire cum in her , her cunt taking everything inside and not wasting a drop. I lay on her just like that for a while both kissing each other, my mother wearing nothing but the jewels on her. My first experience being so joyful and that too with one of the two woman i loved most and had made her my wife. Our whole night was spent in both of us exploring each other, mom sucked me to a climax and made me deposit that in her cunt as well, she would not let me suck it that night as she did not want my cum to go waste in her. She wanted our i****tuous c***d as soon as possible!!!!Mom was pregnant within the next month, and as she announced it me shyly, i was so happy and lifted her up, i was glad that she was even though i wished i had some more time for some fun to which mom said, “i am only pregnant, does not mean i cant do it”. Uma was highly excited as she heard the news and she remarked, we were too fast in this.we just smiled and i told her, when she is married, she will have one soon.“when will you find me a groom, dad?” She mocked“is my pretty daughter ready?” I mocked back.“well, mom, what do you say?” She asked mom.“you dad and daughter decide” she smiled at us. This made me horny, and i just grabbed her and kissed passionately and groping her for almost a couple of minutes, “you are so bad, kissing your wife in front of your s****r, and daughter” trying to wriggle free.“i am ok with it” uma said looking at mom.“i am in love with a man” she announced boldly.

This caught both me and mom by surprise as we looked at her.“will my b*****r and s*s-in-law help me get him?”.“of course” your b*****r wont forget you helped unite him with his lovely wife and i kissed mom again.“of course, we love you, and we will marry you to the man you love” mom said.“i love both of you, mother and my mother’s husband” she said.“yes, continue dear” mom said.“i also want this f****y always together” she said as i looked at her knowing where she was going.“i want to marry your husband, mother” she told mom.“you want to marry raja?” Mom questioned her back.“yes, i love raja, i want my b*****r” she said to both of us. I looked at mom and mom looked me, she smiled at me and hugged her,“i am completely for this marriage, if a son can marry a mother, why can’t a daughter marry her step-father, or a s****r marries her b*****r, i love you, my uma, now we will be a real f****y”.i was pleased and just smiled at both of them and hugged both. My hard cock rubbing against my mother as she pushed me towards her daughter, my s****r feeling that and wanted the engagement right then and there and she made me sit on one side and my s****r and herself on the other. I told mom that her daughter was acceptable to me and asked “where is the father?”, my mom looked at me and pulled me by my cock next to my s****r and kissed me with the s****r looking at us. “here is her step-dad” she spoke in my mouth and we all laughed as i slipped a ring my mother handed to me onto my s****r’s finger.mother arranged for our wedding the within the next two days and as i tied the sacred thread around her neck, mom was in joyful tears as she watched me and whispered to us to have a wonderful life. She told that i was the best son-in-law she could ever find and knew her daughter would always be happy with me. I felt a jolt of joy passing through as i heard these first night with my s****r was beautiful like her. She entered the honeymoon room decorate with flowers on the bed in a red silk saree suiting her outgoing nature. She came to me and handed me the glass of milk as was the custom. I handed it back to her and we both drank off the cup at the same time. She put her pallu on the head and our faces hidden inside the pallu rubbed our noses together.”i love you, my darling uma” i said looking at her.”i love you, my darling b*****r, and my husband” she replied.”you are so beautiful and sexy” i gasped”that’s what wives are supposed to be” she repliedwe looked at each other for a while as my hands clasped her bosom and felt the soft breasts, i played with her nipples and i made her grip my hard cock in her hands, and saw her eyes widen with delight, i kissed her on the mouth as i started to slowly unbutton her blouse, my mouth reaching her nipples and sucking on them. I stopped and looked at her eyes closed and chin up towards the ceiling. I then kissed her neck and moved my hand down her tummy to her skirt she was wearing under the saree, as my hands teased her inner thighs, she started moaning, “kiss my thighs ” and

I lifted her skirt up and kissed her thighs and started loosening her skirt. It fell down on me and my head popping through, my s****r now took her skirt off me and i kissed her silk panties and licked it from outside. I started pulling her panties with a my mouth and down to her knees and then it fell down on its own. She took my hard cock and made me rub it all over her body and then pressed it against her left breast, “it has taken over my heart” she cried as i looked and we smiled at each other. I then bit her in the stomach and she moaned, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking slowly, this being her first time, i guided her to touch my sensitive parts of my cock, she was sucking so hard and fast and i was rubbing her clit to get it wet before i could enter her, i came in her mouth as she choked , but completely swallowed and then looked at me. I now went down her tummy to her cunt and started licking it, her outsides and then her insides moving ever so slowly at first and then increasing the tempo in a fast motion as she moaned, “fuck me, my husband, fuck me, please fuck me now”, i kissed her and inserted my huge cock big again just looking at her and her constant rubbing into her sweet bushy cunt, it was very tight as i pushed harder in her. “are you ok, my love?” i asked and she nodded as i rammed inside fast and she moaned. My strokes slowly increased as i looked at her and kissed her over and over again as my cock continued to pound my s****r’s virgin cunt, we held each other tightly and said she was ready and i increased my strokes pace and emptied my semen in her cunt. We continued to play the whole night and finally slept with her face on my chest. In the morning, as i walked off the room for a pee, i saw mom standing beside the door, i kissed her hard and told her “your daughter is so sexy, just like you” to which she replied “how would you know, you have not fucked her mother-in-law, only fucked your wife and mother”. Hearing this made me so horny i just pushed her against the wall in a closet nearby and lifted her saree and making sure no one was around, started pounding her and letting loose my cum all over her. “now, i have fucked my sexy mother-in-law as well” and she smiled oral fantasies with mom were finally realized during her pregnancy as she sucked me and i sucked her, now all three of us sl**p in the same bed and the same room. Uma did not want to get pregnant for a couple of years and we both agreed to it. When mom started lactating, both me and uma spent hours just sucking it, uma used to love to see me fuck mom as she stood naked rubbing her clit.soon my first c***d was born, we were all happy, mom invited me to suck her milk ever pointing her milky breasts covered with milk to me telling i caused all this. As i sucked mom’s milk, i realized i was indeed a lucky husband, son , son-in-law all at the same time. I was pleased this was just a loving f****y my mother, s****r and me had wanted. It has been 5 years now, i have had another c***d through my s****r and we have not let them know about our relationship and we do not intend to. Mom and s*s are both happy and we just carry on having fun. My wives never let me sl**p without banging them, and i have no complaints about it either!! We did move to a different town and set up our successful business there. We are happy as any normal f****y would be!
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Horny son for mom in the morning pt2

Here was my mom, the woman I had dreamed about being inside for years now straddling me, her tits fully exposed to my horny gaze. In the past I had a quick glance at moms boobs when she was showering or getting changed but for the first time they were now just inches from my face and I took the opportunity to take in every detail. Her large aureoles looked perfect for her fuller tits. They were light brown and I took in every bump and crevasse in her skin before noticing her hardening nipples. They poked out, standing to attention and begging to be sucked.

I looked back down to my hand that was still holding moms thong which I had soaked in cum moments earlier. Mom followed my gaze.

"You naughty boy" she smirked.

"I wondered where all my thongs were going, how many have you got under here?"

Mom leaned over the side of the bed to look underneath. In the process her skimpy babydoll slipped up her back, exposing plentiful pale flesh on her ass. As she moved things out of the way under my bed, her ass gently jiggled. I wanted at the moment to reach out and grab it but knew I shouldn't be doing that to my own mother, i****t was meant to be wrong after all.

"Get an eyeful" she hollered, still deep in search underneath the bed. I couldn't believe what I was hearing from my own moms mouth. We never talked about sex, or even love lives. I didn't think in a million years she would ever be encouraging to take in a view of her pantie-less ass, bare as the day she was born. I craned my neck, to gain a better vantage of 'Mount Moms-ass' and hopefully sneak I look at the caverns between her legs. Moms legs were still clamped over my body so I couldn't get I total view but again noticed the pubic hair protruding through, as I had earlier that morning. This sight reminded me of the proximity of mom's pussy and restored life to my limp dick. It slowly rose up, filling with bl**d and sexual anticipation. As it rose it brushed the inside of mom's thigh, only causing it to stiffen more. I was creeping towards mom's pussy. I couldn't believe it.

"Oh you are getting excited" mom teased as she felt my dick stroke on the inside of her thigh and emerged from under the bed clutching 4 or 5 thongs in each hand.

"I'm not surprised. You have been busy" She said, presenting me the thongs.

I feeling of deep embarrassment flooded over me as I realised what mom had found and I blushed.

"I'm sor-sorry m-mon" I stammered, unsure of what to say.

"Don't worry sweetie, it's OK. It's perfectly natural to have sexual attractions to your mother. I'm a woman as well" She said, whilst shaking her boobs in front of my face as if to provide proof of her claim.

Her words reassured me but I still felt a bit embarrassed.

"Say, these all feel crusty. Do you ejaculate into all of them baby?"

"Erm, well yeah. I guess" I answered.

"Wow" Mom replied. "Reminds me of how busy I got playing with myself as a teenager"

"And since your Father left she added"

"Mooom" I groaned. Pretending as though my moms admission made me feel awkward when in fact it turned me on beyond belief.

"I'm sorry honey" She said. Looking at me, with head tilt and bottom lip sticking out like an upset c***d.

The sexual tension between us was electric. Although mom had straddled me, my hard cock only inches from slipping inside her, it was clear that neither of us wanted to make the first move. The taboo of i****t sex that would change our relationship forever preventing things from going further despite the sexual nature of the conversation. I wanted to feel my mothers warmth around my cock more than anything I've ever wanted in my life but I wanted it to be a mutual feeling so insisted in my mind, that mom made the first move.

"So tell me son, what sort of things to you think about with your mothers underwear assisting your masturbation sessions?"

"Not your old mother is it?" She inquired with a soft, questioning look.

"Mom, your not old, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever set eyes on with a stunning body to boot" I looked down to her tits to illustrate my point. "Sometimes I think of some other hot moms like my friend Joe's mom, Roxanne."

"Awww, honey, you're so sweet" Mom squealed. "And Joe's mom, Roxy!? You are kinky" She planted a short kiss on my lips and causing her boobs to swing into my chest for a brief moment. Those hard nipples, tracing across my skin.

Realising what had happened, mom looked a bit uneasy an averted her eyes to the pile of thongs she had left on the bed and began to scrummage through them.

"Oh my god! This is my crotchless pair" she exclaimed, with her mouth hanging slightly open in a look of shock, trying but failing to conceal her embarrassed grin.

Mom's own face now went a tinge of red with embarrassment thinking of what her son had been doing to her most intimate lingerie

Looking into her eyes and noticing it, I said "I guess we're even now"

With that we both giggled which cleared the arkwardness.

"I'm going to take these thongs back son. We're short of money at the moment and I can't keep buying new ones

"Don't worry mom, when I start my summer job, I'll have money to buy you lots of new ones. We could even take a trip to Ann Summers" I joked with a smile

Mom f***ed the same shocked face she had earlier, letting her true grin creep through and said "Tut tut tut. Where do you get these thoughts?"

Before I had the chance to respond she added "But I don't think you will be needing my thong collection as an aide anymore"

"Wow" I thought. "Mom really wants to go through with this"

Suddenly, my thoughts were interrupted.

"Look at the time!" Mom exclaimed glancing at my bed side clock. It read 8:30

"Come on, we're going to be late for school and work!"

As mom dismounted me I was severely disappointed and full or regret. I should have started fucking her. That might have been the only chance I got. However, my regret didn't have time to last long…

Mom reached for the thong that I had came in earlier that morning. I could see it was still wet as she stepped into it and pulled it up her legs.

"Mom, thats the pair I just…used" I warned her.

"I know sweetie. They'll keep me going until we have time together this evening"

I couldn't believe what my mom had just said and done. She had admitted to wanting to wear her thong soaked in cum. I imagined my seed touching her pussy all drying into her pubes as she sat in the hot summer office all day.

"What a slut my mom is" I thought. I immediately felt guilty about thinking that of her because I wanted our relationship to be more than that but it was the first word that came to mind for her kinky actions.

Mom wished me a good day and I watched mesmerised for a moment as her hips swayed her ass under the sexy fabric of her babydoll as she bang to left the room. I became aware I was nursing a huge boner and quickly stopped mom before she left.

"Mom! Wait!"

"Yes, honey"

"What do I get to 'keep me going' until this evening" Framing her phrase with an air quote motion.

Mom seemed slightly taken back by my boldness but then said "You're right it's only fair"

Reaching for my cellphone that was on charge next to my bed so handed it to me and then said "Here, snap a few pictures"

As I opened up the camera on my phone, mom got ready for the photo by cupping her boobs and squeezing them together whilst pulling a slutty pout with her lips. She then stood up with her legs together and bent over to expose her ass whilst looking over her shoulder and into the camera. Her poses were breath taking, she could have been a professional glamour model. As I drank in the photos I had taken Mom scuttled down the stairs, jumped into her work clothes faster than light and shouted:

"See ya' this evening baby" As the door slammed shut behind her.

Looking at those photos I could have masturbated my dick all day but I was running late so decided against it. As I rushed to get ready I couldn't wait to tell my friend Joe what had happened and share the photos with him! Joe and I had been friends for years and unlike most other boys, our conversations were not about girls we liked at school but our own mothers. We both admitted that we would love to sl**p with, not only our own moms, but each others too. We would discuss the nitty gritty details of what we would do in a four way sex fest with our moms. We were totally perverted. If we had sl**p overs at each others houses then we would raid the dirty laundry basket and steal panties and jack off in them for hours. Things were especially exciting one time when Joe's mom, Roxanne went for a shower. We went into her room and noticed her clothes discarded on the floor include her cute frilly panties that were still warm and held her musky aroma. We then stared in awe at this MILFs body through a gap in the door as she showered.

As I left the house and took the bus ride to school I reminisced on more of the perverted plans Joe and I had come up with. There was the time I purposively split drink over the crotch of joe's 'expensive' new jeans. As planned, mom grabbed a cloth and began furiously wiping the stain, exciting his cock. Then was the time on the hottest day of summer at Joe's house when he disconnected the AC in the house which f***ed Roxanne into stripping into her bra and matching french knickers. Myself and Joe had been hanging around together for so long she had no problems with that and considered me part of the f****y. Little did she know… Our moms also got friendly over the years and kept regular contact and would sometimes go out to bars or a restaurant to catch up.

As my thoughts ran wild I nearly missed my stop. I was 10 minutes late so missed the chance to talk to Joe before school began. Lessons were uneventful and I couldn't keep my mind off mom. I wondered if she would stick to her word this evening or would she have cooled off by then? What did she mean when she said I wouldn't be needing the thongs anymore? Perhaps she would give me a handjob or maybe even suck me off. I would absolutely love this but I wanted our relationship to be more, with full on sex as lovers.

Time passed and soon the bell rang out lunch and I finally saw Joe.

"Joe!" I called across the cafeteria

"Hey Dan" He replied getting closer and taking a seat beside me.

"So how are you and mommy Veronica?" He inquired jokingly.

"Great! More than Great!" I exclaimed.

I then spend the next 10 minutes in a frenzied whisper explaining what had happened that morning as we ate lunch.

After listening carefully Joe said "Come on dude, you don't expect me to believe this do you?"

I reached for my phone smiling that he was about to be proven wrong and presented the photos.

"Wow, look at the tits on that!" Joe exclaimed. "We've been dreaming something like this would happen for ages"

"You need to make sure you fuck her hard!" Joe urged.

"I don't want it to be like that Joe" I retorted "I want this to be a loving relationship that lasts and I need to wait for Mom to make the first move"

"I get you" Joe replied.

"Man, your so lucky though I wish my Mom would do something like that" He said, eyes glazed with the thought of it.

"Well if things work out with Mom I'll ask her to put in a few words. I'll explain our fantasy and maybe it will turn on my mom too" I said trying to console him.

"Woah, really!" He exclaimed, catching the attention of people sitting nearby.

"Keep it down" I ushered. "I'll see what I can do"

The second half of the day was as uneventful as the first. Although, one of my teachers was really quite a hot MILF (or TILF I suppose) and wore a slender skirt suit that seemed vacuumed sealed over her tits and ass. The outfit reminded me of what my mom wore to work and I spend the rest of the day dreaming about the 4 way fantasy. Myself and Joe always regarded my mom, Veronica as the beautiful but classy professional brunette and his mom, Roxanne as the more slutty, wild and 'up for anything' blonde. Joe described how she would bring back men for one night stands and when d***k hear her beg them to 'stick it in her ass' I wondered how they became friends but realised they were women from separate worlds and provided each other with someone outside each world to confide in. Myself and Joe imagined them fulfilling the full spectrum of services in the bedroom. You could make love to mom and feel a tender touch but Roxanne would be there if you needed a dirty hard shag.

However, moms actions this morning shook up that paradigm which I didn't expect but wasn't complaining about. I put it down to mom not getting much sex and she couldn't take it any more. Soon school was over and I began the long bus ride home. Mom worked colser to home so she was always home before me. I wondered how she would greet me and how things would 'get started'. My phone vibrated. It was a text from mom.

"Hey honey. I want to know that your heart is truly in this and not just your willy"

I laughed at the use of the word willy but it turned me on profusely. Mom had not changed her mind. My cock grew extremely hard.

"Of course mom. I love you"

The bus had reached my stop. I ran faster than I had ever run to get home. I only lived a couple of blocks away. When home I set down my bag and jacket but nothing could have prepared me for the sight I was greeted with when entering the kitchen. Mom had modified her modest work outfit into a slutty get up. My eyes met my moms green eyed gaze. She gave a horny grin as my eyes worked my way down her body. Moms brunette locks fell on her shoulders, framing her pushed together breasts, spilling over her buttoned down shirt, which had been turned up and tied beneath her boobs, exposing her slender, toned midriff. This outfit did wonders for moms hour glass figure, as her skirt gripped her curvy hips. I noticed the skirt had been turned up and only fell half way down her sexy thighs. Moms legs were shapely, shaved and seemed endlessly long as my eyes finally fell upon her feet, strapped into red 3 inch high heels. As I walked towards mom I noticed the heel compensated for our height difference and we stared directly into each others eyes. The sexual tension in the room was suffocating.

"Fuck me" Mom whispered putting her arms around me and sinking her tongue between my lips and down my throat. I reciprocated her actions and let my hands wander all over until I found the zipper behind moms skirt. I pulled it down and let the skirt fall over her legs before mom stepped out of it and kicked it across the room. Mom was wearing the same cum soaked thong she had slipped on this morning. The reminder of that kinky action caused my hands to grip her ass, a cheek in each hard and squeeze. This caused a small moan to escape from our locked lips as moms hands undid my jeans and let them slide down. I worked my hands up to moms boobs and began fumbling with the buttons of the shirt. Noticing my difficultly, moms mouth pulled away from the ongoing kiss and shouted "rip it off baby" before sinking her lips back around mine. I did as instructed, completely ripping the skirt from her and discarding it. Moms red lacy bra was a match with the thong and was complemented her red lips and red high heels. My admiring stares were interrupted by moms hands pulling off my shirt. Our half naked bodies now were locked in an embrace like two vines which had grown and intertwined.

I needed to fuck mom immediately. Clasping her ass I lifted her up, she locked her legs around my back and I carried her upstairs, our lips still locked. I bolted past my room, knowing we would need the space of mom's king size. After settling mom on the bed she looked at me with an a****listic gaze. I knew what she wanted.

"Do it" she purred, turning around on all fours and sticking her ass in the air. Mom wanted doggy style.

Pulling the thong aside, I took grip of my dick and aimed it for my mothers entrance between her ass. As I parted her pussy lips with the head of my cock and was tickled by a few sparse pubes she gasped and slowly backed into me. My dick was millimetres away from entering own mom. The same hole I had come out of and was about to come back in. The thought excited me immensely. I could feel the hot humid air around her hole fall on my dick, inviting me in and caught a familiar whiff of her aroma.

I eased in, my thick meat parting her tight vaginal walls, drenching my cock with her copious amount of juices. She let out a loud moan arching her back and pushing herself further into me. She was so tight I suspected she hadn't been fucked since splitting with my fathers. By this point 4 of my 8 inches were in my mom. I watched her face and she groaned in pleasure.

"Oh son, you dick is so thick. I need you in me further" With this she continued to push her ass back into me hoping to consume more of my length down inside her

At this point instinct took over. Hard and fast I plunged the remainder of my dick inside her. As I felt the warm, wet velvet of my mothers hole I let out a low groan which was drowned out by moms shriek as she took all 8 inches inside her. I could barely believe this was happening I was in moms pussy and it felt much better than I had imagined. Mom however didn't seem impressed at me pondering the thought.

"Fuck me!" She demanded looking back at me.

As I pulled out to begin the vigorous fuck mom's dirty talk continued.

"Ah yeah, fuck your mommys tight pussy. Ohhhh, Give me that dick hard son. AHH, that's so fucking good. OOOOOh,Treat your mother like your fuckslut son. I know you want me"

Mom was real kinky and she knew exactly how to turn me on.

"Let me try this move Roxanne told me about" Mom said "She told me it was perfect for dealing with the hard rod of young studs. And I can see you are a very hard stud"

With that, mom sunk her lips down my shaft her lisp were electric and headbobbed my dick a couple of times before putting me on my back and sitting on my dick. More moans and screams of ecstasy as mom began riding my dick with gusto.

"My God, mom you're a pro"

Mom build up a furious rhythm and every time she slid down my shaft, let out a volley of moaning pleasure.


We'd only been fucking for a couple of minutes but I could already feel myself close to coming from the way mom was riding me. I pulled her off onto her back, positioned myself in front of her before lifting her legs. Mom let out a little welp of surprise and a giggle about how she was being man handled by her son before wrapping her heels around my neck in preparation for a piledrive.

"I love you so fucking much mom. Your pussy is so tight and wet for a woman your age" I said, gripping moms toned ass cheeks and lifting her hips in the air to meet my cock.

"You make me wet baby and I'm sure your thick cock has something to do with my pussy feeling tight" mom said as she gripped my dick and positioned it at her drenched entrance.

Looking me in the eye mom whispered "Do Me"

I nearly came right then but contained myself and started fucking moms pussy hard. Her groans came increasingly frequently and louder as we approached orgasm.

"I-I-I'M C-U-MMMMING" Mom Moaned

"So am I mom, where shall I put my load?" I asked knowing that although she was getting on, she could still get pregnant.

"Cum inside me baby"

"But mom, what if you get-"

"I don't care" Mom pleaded "I need to feel your load in my now.

With this my thrusts quickened and mom erupted into orgasm, her pussy tightening and spasming around every inch of my cock, causing it to erupted a rope of cum inside my mothers womb.

"OHHHHHHH FUCK" Mom screamed in total ecstasy.

We both let out long moans as moms tight pussy muscles spasmed and continued to rub out several jets of cum. I had never felt a pussy grip so tight to my cock.

As the orgasm subsided, I collapsed atop of mom, my face resting on her tits and I took in the total post orgasm relaxation. My softening cock remained inside mom and throbbed with every beat of my heart.

"That was amazing baby" Mom said, stroking her fingers through my hair.

"I know it was mom, you're so hot in bed!"

Mom blushed slightly at this but gave me a smile and playful shove.

"I want to fulfil your every desire baby"

With this I explained the fantasies me and Joe had been having for years.

"You little pervs!" Mom said with a shocked smile as I finished telling the anecdote of the time we exchanged photographs of our moms in bikinis on the beach to masturbate too.

"Two horny teenagers, we should have known better" Mom laughed.

"Well, I'm sure we might be able to arrange something" Mom said, pondering how. "Roxy is a very sexual charged woman like myself."

"But for now, I need that cock again, this time you can come in my mouth, I need to taste your seed."

I didn't need to be told twice and with this we went for round two of what would be a very long evening of sexual adventures.
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Son And Mom Fucked To Become Husband And Wife

my name is Rohit Sharma age 27 height 5′ 11″. This story is about me and mom Sweta Sharma. The incident took place when I was in my final year of engineering at the age of 21 and my mom’s age was 38. Before going further a small brief about the background of the story. My mother and my father fall in love when they were neighbours and despite their parent opposition they ran away and got married. At the time of marriage my mother’s was just 16 and my father was 20 years old. My father secured a government job but unfortunately he passed away after 1 year of marriage.

By that time I was already in the womb of my mother this was the greatest shock to my mother. My mother moved back to his parent’s home and started his studies and she gave CAT and got selected for IIM Bangalore. My mother’s parents along with me and my mom moved to Bangalore and there she completed her two years of studies and secured a job of HR in TCS Bangalore. By the time I grew 5 years old my mom’s parents passed away and I was left alone with my mother. My mom was doing well in her career and was moving very fast in the organisation. My care was taken up by maid. My mother gave me ample amount of time after returning from her job. Slowly I grew and cleared my class XII exam with good numbers. My mother promised me that she will give whatever I demand if I can secure admission in engineering college. I cleared exam of Delhi college of Engineering and secured a seat in computer science of engineering. My mother took transfer and we moved to Delhi and stayed together. My mother asked me what I want as she has promised and I said that I will take from her at the right time now I don’t require anything.

Now as the days passed I started surfing porn stuffs on net and one day when I was in 4th year of engineering I came to know about this site and I was astonished to read so many i****t story about mom and son posted on this site and from then I became a regular visitor to this site. From then onwards my perspective towards my mom changed and almost every day I started stroking in the name of my mom. My mom was although 37 years old that but she never looked more than 28 years old lady. She was fair, beautiful, sexy and had flat tummy. Her height is 5’10″ and she was quite tall. Her vital stats are 36 26 34.She was fitness freak she goes to gym for 1 hour every day. She used to wear both western and Indian dresses. She looked sexy in everything she wore. She had good sense of fashion. She visits beauty parlour regularly and keeps her body smooth and shinning every time. I have never seen any hair on her body till date.

As I was getting interested in fucking my own mom very badly, so I made a plan and created a fake email id and forwarded the links of mom and son stuffs on her mail id on regular basis. After 1 month I observed change in my mom’s behavior, her way of looking towards me changed drastically and she always passed a naughty smile to me. Her way of dressing also changed she was seducing me the way she dressed now. Every weekend we used to hangout together for movie and shopping.

One weekend she wore a white colour short pant from which her complete smooth silky thighs was visible and tight fighting halter neck pink t-shirt. She was looking sex goddess that day I was very much aroused that day. She insisted me to take my bike that day I was riding the bike she sat behind and put both her hand around my waist after going a while she came very close to me there was no gap for even air to pass from between. Her nipples were erected and were poking my back from behind. We reached the mall, that week movie murder was released and it was very much in news due to hot appearance of Maillika Sherawat. She was interested in watching the movie and bought the ticket of corner seat. She was looking so sexy that day that everyone in mall was looking at her with open eyes. I was embarrassed she put her hands around my hands and we moved like a couple that day and she was very happy that day. I have never seen her so much happy in her whole life.

We entered the movie hall throughout the movie she kept her hands on my hands and our palms were locked with each other. Every time hot scene used to come she used to pinch her nails on my hands and watched my tent and gave me naughty smile. All this was a positive signal to me. After movie was over we went to ice-cream parlour and my mom ordered only one ice-ream in cone from one side she started liking and from other side I started. Slowly ice-cream melted but we didn’t stop, we were so slow close to stop. My mom’s lips were touching mine and my lips were touching my mom’s lips. Our eyes were closed we almost landed smooching each other but suddenly we realised that we were in public place and we stopped. But the journey that day din’t stopped there my mom took me to a lingerie shop and we were welcome by a sales girl and she complimented us as a sweet couple, I was about to raise the objection but mother enjoyed the compliment and gave me signal to not to say anything. I was astonished by such kind of reaction from my mother.

Then my mother asked the sales girl to show some latest trend nighties and lingerie for new couples and selected some real hot stuffs. After that she paid the bill and we came out. As I was confused and astonished by such behaviour, I asked mom what all this is going on. My mother told me that didn’t she had had right to look good and sexy. Are you not happy that your mother is getting such a good compliments? She said to me “come on grow up Rohit you are not k** anymore”. I understood the meaning and straight away put my around her waist, she was shocked but she smiled naughtily and said that’s better Rohit now I am feeling good. On return journey towards home, she was now much more comfortable with me and sat in same way not allowing any air to pass from between. Her lips were touching my neck and were arousing me and her in every possible way her erected nipples were again pinching my back. We reached home and she changed her dress and wore a newly brought nightie. The nigthie was sleeveless red in colour and was semi transparent. The length of nightie was very short and was hardly covering her upper thighs.

I could easily see her bra and even erected nipples could easily be observed. Her skin was shinning and glowing as always this all aroused me very much and immediately went to bathroom for shagging. I returned back to living room and sat beside my mom. My mom told me that first time she have enjoyed so much after dad passed away and thanks for it Rohit. In return I also said to mom that I also enjoyed very much and very soon I will be asking for my gift which you promised to give me and you should not say no for that. My mom understood my signal and again she promised she will not let me down. We wished each other good night and went to our room for sl**p. From next day we acted more like couple rather than mom and son. We never missed a chance to touch each other physically. Every now and then I hold her waist from behind and played with her navel she also was enjoying it and never stopped. She even started wearing saris at home she used to tie her sari much below her navel so that I can easily rub it while holding her waist from behind.

One day she intentionally called me in kitchen and asked me to lift her as she was not getting her hand on the rack from which she wanted to pull out some stuffs. Even though stool was lying beside she called me in and I lifted her up. She was wearing sari that day and as I her lifted her up, her navel was straight in front of my mouth and I couldn’t stop myself licking it. I licked it around 5 mins and she was also enjoying and didn’t object me to doing so. Then she suddenly said rohit “Kaam ho gaya hai ab toh uttar de apni maa ko niche” I came back to sense and bought her down but I was still holding her tightly by putting my hands waist and was looking into her eyes and lips sexily for next 5 mins she was also getting aroused and we were about to start a smooch and suddenly door bell ranged and we had to stop.

The very next day our campus interview started and the very first company came for campus interview was TCS and fortunately, I was selected and was very very happy then, I told my mom about the same and she was also very happy. It was final semester and hardly one month was left for my college getting over. As the things between me and my mom were also taking a good shape, I came up with a plan. After 5 days of my job a very special day was coming it was my mom’s 38th birthday. As my mom’s salary was very good she gave me good amount of pocket money every month and I was not at all a spendthrift, I saved a lot of money in my account for purchasing some good gift for my mom. I straight away went to a mall in Satya Paul’s shop and went to young lady sales girl to whom I narrated whole story and she was understood my requirement that I wanted a gift for my mom to whom I will be proposing on her birthday.

As she came to know from me that she was quite educated and not at all traditional she showed me some modern saris some transparent ones some lace ones and all that. Finally I choose a pink colour absolute transparent sari for her. Now sales girl asked me about the blouses and I asked her show some patterns she showed me all sleeves blouses with various types of designs and cuts but finally I choose a bikini blouse with just two threads one around neck and one around back in front it will be just covering both her boobs and rest all visible. It was the same patterns like the one Priyanka Chopra wore in Desi girl song. The sales girl asked for exact measurements of blouse to which I gave her a tight fit blouse of my mother which she usually wore during parties.

She took the measurements and returned me back and asked me to collect the stuffs on the d-day. Then I went to jewellery shop and bought a beautiful diamond ring and a waist chain for her. I also booked a table for couple in a five star hotel for ball dance candle light dinner party for couple of that date. After doing all the shopping and booking I returned back home and my mom returned back from work and congratulated me by hugging me the hugging was quite intense but I controlled myself as I was waiting for the special occasion. The same type of couple hugging and touching here there physically continued for next four days and d-day arrived. At sharp 12 midnight I greeted her happy birthday and cut the cake together.

This time I told my mom that today I will be asking for my gift to which she should not deny. She said to tell me son what you want, I said mom have patience I will ask it from you today itself but not now. She asked me where is her gift, I said don’t worry you will get it after returning from office. Then we greeted each other and went back to our room for sl**p. None of us could sl**p whole night due to fire of us within. Next morning I said to her that she should return early to home to have her gift, she said she will return home early as she also could not wait for the special gift.

Then I went to Satya Paul’s shop to collect the special gift and was aroused to see the stuff I purchased. I was very eager to see my sexy mom in those stuffs. I went to back to home and anxiously waited for my mom to return back. She returned early at 5 P.M as soon as I open she asked me for the gift. To which I said it’s there kept on her bed in her bedroom. I instructed her to bolt the room from inside and then only open the stuff and make sure to get ready in those stuffs by 6 P.M as we will go out for dinner. She did what I said, she had a bath and applied a shinning cream all throughout her body and wore that sari. She was unable to tie the strings of blouses so she called me in her bedroom at around 5:45 PM. As I entered the whole room smelt with a seductive smell of her perfume and I couldn’t believe my eyes by seeing my mom. My mom was standing in front of mirror holding her blouse with hand and both strings hanging backside. I was entering room from behind I could see my mom’s face in mirror she was not looking in mirror due to shyness.

She was looking just like a newly wedded bride. She applied glossy pink lipstick and her lips were shinning like it has never been kissed before. Her eyes were big and gave a smoky look with full of lust. Her skin was shinning and was smooth like premium quality silk even a single drop of water will swiftly move all throughout her body with zero friction. She tides her sari much below her navel. I have never seen her tying sari so below. All in all she was looking like a complete fucking package. I slowly went behind she closed her eyes and said to me in soft voice Rohit please tie the blouse strings behind my hands are not reaching there. I said sure mom and rubbed my hands on her back she said Rohit please not now. I said ok and caught the blouse strings and tied it. As I was about to tie the knot she said Rohit tighter please and I did the same she said “Oouch” in sexy voice and said bas and I tied the knot.

After tying the knot I gave a wet kiss on her back and one her neck were the knot were tied. She started moaning and lifted her pallu and kept her on her shoulder and immediately turned towards me and asked me Rohit how am I looking? To explain her beauty now she was in completely transparent pink sari and her blouse was just covering her boobs whole cleavage was visible even sides of both boobs were visible. Her flat tummy was visible a sexy deep navel can be easily seen through her transparent sari. I said to her mom you are the sexiest women on the earth to which she felt shy, she blushed and passed a very naughty smile to me. I asked her how is the gift mom to which she replied that this is sexiest gift ever presented to her and conveyed her thanks to me. I said mom gifts are not still over, I took out a waist chain from my pocket and gave it her she said wow surprise after surprise and said if you had bought the gift then kindly do the needful to place it to place where it deserves the most and handed the chain back to me.

I bent down on my knees and her navel was just in front of my lips and couldn’t controlled myself and placed and wet kiss to her navel to which again she produced a sexy sound of “OOuch” and turned sideways to tie the chain and again gave a wet kiss to her waist again the reaction was same. She told me Rohit are we not getting late for the dinner please get up. As soon as I got up she asked me, now tell me what you want from me, I said I will take but have patience. Then I took her car keys and gave her shawl to cover her up as I don’t want to see my darling mom to be embarrassed. We went down and sat in the car. My mom came very close to me while I was driving and she was resting her head on my shoulder. After half an hour drive we reached hotel my mom kept the shawl in back seat and we got out of car. We were welcomed by a receptionist she said welcome Mr and Mrs Sharma to which my mom was shocked and passed a sexy naughty smile to me to which I said in her ears that your son has grown up to which she replied that’s better Rohit.

I put my hand around her waist from inside the sari and she also kept her hand on my waist and we moved like newly wedded couple and occupied our pre-booked seats. Waiter bought a champagne bottle and poured our glasses and lighted the candle of our table. We were looking into each other’s eyes and I broke the silence and said mom now it’s my turn to ask for my much awaited gift to which she raised the toast and said be brave son and ask for whatever you want I will not deny. We had a sip of champagne and I went on my knees and took out the diamond ring from my pocket and said mom I know you have suffered a lot throughout your life and you have struggled a lot to brought me to this place, so I want to propose to you today that will you be my life and my wife throughout my life. I know this society will not accept our relationship but what the use of this society who has given you just pain and nothing else.

By saying this I asked her come on mom give me your hand, she hesitated a little and finally stretched her hands towards me and in no time I placed the ring on her finger and kissed her hand. As I went back to my seat we had another sip of champagne and she opened her purse and she also took out a diamond ring and with tears in her eyes asked to me to give my hand and I did the same she caught hold my hand and said son I have received only pain in my life first time after your dad’s death I am feeling happy from within. From now onwards never call me mom call me always by name and I am all yours now, we will be husband and wife from now and put her ring on finger. She then kissed my hand. After that we finished our toast then I got up and invited her “Sweta would you like to dance with me to which she readily agreed. We were the sexiest couple in that ballroom that day we started the dance we were close to each other all throughout the dance everyone was looking at us and after about half an hour we couldn’t control ourselves and ended up smooching each other that kiss started softly and slowly it was getting intense and we were exploring our tongues and lips, our tongues and lips we were fighting with other for getting a breath it continued for another 20 minutes and suddenly we realised whole party hall was looking at us and appreciating us and we broke our kiss and went to our seat. We had our dinner and meanwhile I said Sweta thank you very much for accepting me as your husband and trust me I will take good care of you. You will never sad in your life again.

Sweta replied I know son I will not get a better husband than you. We asked for the bill to which a note came from the management of hotel that we have been chosen as sexiest couple of that party and hence bill not be charged to us and we will receive a lifetime membership card free from the management of hotel. We were given some forms and we filled the same the cards were handed over to us. We were delighted and I said to her, Sweta you’re lucky charm to me see what we received on very first day as a couple. She smiled and in teasing voice she said to me “mere pyaare husband ab chale raat abhi enjoy karni hai ki nahi apni nayi dulhan ke saath.”

I said “Sweta tumhara naya pati aaj tumhe saari raat who maja dega jiske bare mein tumne kabhi soocha bhi nahi hoga”. We returned to car and as soon as I entered the car she came beside me and as I drove she became naughty and opened the zip of my pant, my dick was rock hard and Sweta said Rohit “tumhara lund toh bhuat paresaan hai” I was shocked to hear such words from her as she was modern and was HR of TCS she knew everything she said to me “ab kya sharma rahe ho” I am all yours now and I have every right to use such words for my husband. Then I replied “Sweta ab life mein bhaut maja aayega please is machalte hue lund ko ek baar chuso na” please give a good blow job. She then just put her mouth on my dick and started stroking from her mouth and while I was concentrating on my driving and within 5 mins I was released she drank even the last drop of my cum and said “rohit maja aa gaya” and I said “sahi mein sweta maja aa gaya” you are an expert in all this stuffs I guess. She said tere papa ne aur meine khub maje kiye hai shaadi se phele bhi and shaadi ke baad bhi. I was shocked and asked sweta were you not virgin when u got married. She said your dad took my virginity when I was just 15 years old and we regularly had sex before marriage.

Soon we reached our apartment and sweta took shawl and wrapped her and we moved towards our home. As soon as we entered i locked the door from inside and lifted sweta in my arms and straight away went to bedroom. Sweta then asked me to stop and then she took a piece a cloth and tied both my hands and then asked me to undress her just with the help of my mouth. I said Sweta please don’t tease me I cannot control myself anymore I have waited and stroked in your name for almost six months now. She was shocked and siad six months kaise then I told her that it was me who forwarded all those mom and son story stuffs to your mail id and then only your way looking towards me changed. She said aacha baccho who tum the your are much more hungry than me it seems. Ab toh koi chance nahi hai, I have to tease you. Now come on don’t waste time come undress your mom oops sorry your dulhan. i asked her to stand up then only I will undress you. She agreed and stood up, I straight went behind and untied the strings of her blouse kissed all her back. As the sari was silky and slippery and even her skin was very smooth and no pins were attached on pallu.

So I din’t had to do much to pull her pallu down in no time it was down, now I put my mouth in the middle of her cleavages and pulled the threads of blouse from front and it came off. As she was wearing a very small bra not to spoil the looks of sari so it was also not difficult to remove. Then I kissed her whole bare chest and sucked her nipples, she was also moaning and slowly I went downwards, I put my mouth below her navel were the sari was tucked and pulled it out and sari fall down then I kissed her whole belly area and her thighs and licked it like anything. Then with my teeth I pulled down her panties and there she stand a completely nude sex diva. I said Sweta ab toh haath khol do aur control nahi ho raha hai. She said Rohit ab toh mujhe bhi control nahi ho raha hai and untied my hands and straight I put my mouth in hers and smooched her for nearly half an hour we were literally bitting each other’s lips and at last bl**d was oozing out from our lips. We were unable to breath then I laid her down and sucked her pussy by this time she already had three orgasms. Then she took my cock in her hand and said Rohit ab control nahi ho raha hai ab daal hi de andar. I asked sweta should I wear condom she said condom se maja kharab hoga. She will take birth control pill. Then I slowly spread her leg and banged her around 20 mins. During stroking I was continuously saying sweta I love you, sweta I love you. She was moaning and said continuously rohit aur jor se, aur jor se fad de meri chut. she had another 2 orgasms and finally we came together and I cummed deep inside her pussy.

That night we had around 5 rounds of sex, next day she took off. Next whole day I asked her to wear that transparent sari without any blouse and petticoat to which agreed. We bathed together that day and she d****d sari on her wet body. Sari around her boobs was sticking to boobs and gave a awesome view by seeing that I immediately had 1 more round. That whole day we had around another 5 rounds and ordered our food from outside.

We planned for our future after completing another last 15 days of my college we will moving to different city Pune where nobody will know us and can happily live as couple. She applied for transfer and meanwhile we went to court for marriage and got legally married to each other. As HR of TCS she arranged my joining location in Pune and we worked in same office and in office our colleagues never knew that we were couple and we worked happily. From that day onwards we always bath together and dressed each other. She was mostly wearing saris nowadays with sleeveless deep cut blouses. Everyone in office gets excited after seeing her. I always kissed her navel after tucking the sari inside waist and we smooch each other before leaving. She sometimes also wears western dresses like shorts and skirts for office. On weekends she preferred short pants or tight jeans with tight sleeveless t-shirts. During parties she normally wears sexy saris or miniskirts or mini gowns. She looks really very sexy in whatever she wears.

We are really living our life happily for last six years. Two weeks before she got onsite job in USA and she moved there. Last week only I received good news from her that she is pregnant and I will dad in next 7 months. Sweta is arranging my transfer also into her project in USA. So I will also be moving to USA very soon. But right now I am transferred in Kolkata for her project. Maybe for another 3 months I am Kolkata before moving USA.

So any horny single, married, divorce or widow lady above age 25 really interested in good fucking in south indian areas specially for TIRUPATI CHENNAI HYDERABAD kindly mail me on Trust me everything will confidential.
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indian son and mom first time in bus

I have read many stories regarding i****t like mom and son by this I was inspired to write my real experience with my mom. I am ram from Hyderabad. We have relatives on a long distance of nearly 13 hours of journey through bus. Once me and my mom went to my mama’s home and while coming back to my sweet home my mama reserved tickets for us in an private sl**per coach bus. It starts around 9;30pm at my place. Sorry I forgot to tell u about my mom she is around 45 and me 21. I have never thought of my mom for sex. We have a good relation between us. She is fair and having good look. Her buts her breasts are huge in size and she is a fat person. It happened 4 months ago. I have traveled many times in sl**per bus but its first time for my mom to travel in sl**per coach and it was double bed sl**per coach bus where two persons can sl**p. We have got last seats and have full of curtains. This looks like a closed room no one will disturb us. Its a single stop bus to Hyderabad as its a private service bus. If any one has nature calls then they will stop on request.

As we entered bus and occupied our seats. My mom slept at the window side and me left to her. It was a little bit small seats to accommodate as my mom is fat and we adjust a little bit. But I am unable to sl**p as I have fear that I will fell down while bus is running . After an half an hour my mom asked me why I am not sl**ping I told her the same she then told me that put your hand on me and sl**p so that you wont feel down I said ok and put my hand on her and my left leg on her so that it will be easy for me to hold her and I tried to sl**p. But I cant bcoz I was touching her soft skin around her stomach and my left leg on near her cunt I can feel the hotness of her cunt on my left knee. She was in sound sl**p. My dick was rubbing to her left thigh while bus is taking turns. Due to rubbing of my dick it was started to get hard And my thoughts for sex aroused me to touch my mom’s breast. I slowly touched my moms breast and holded it tightly. They are so soft that I proceeded to massage her breasts. In mean wile my mom is moaning slowly and I am getting more aroused my dick is getting harder and its on its full length. As my dick is touching my moms left thigh I was so aroused that I was rubbing my dick to the side of my moms left thigh as I have my left leg on her legs and my knee was touching her cunt from out side as I was shacking my leg.

Position is like that I was fucking her with my knee. I was near to explode my load and closed my eyes but suddenly I felt a hand on my knee and I was stunned who was that I shocked and found it was my moms hand she was pressing my knee towards her cunt vigoursly. I got courage and stopped to rub my dick to her thigh. After a while she stopped and told me I am u r mom I will give u what ever u want and she hold my cock in her hand got courage and then I slowly raised her saree up to her thighs they are so soft that I cant explain u I was in 9th heaven and on seconds I found her cunt filled with juices it was neatly shaved and so soft. I felt her inner line and touched them they are slippery. Then I slipped my finger her cunt. She was holding my cock in her hand and giving small jerks she exploded while I finger fucked her then and she got up to her knees and put my cock in her warm mouth sucked it hard and with in 4-5 minutes I filled her mouth with my warm cum she d***k it and it was limp now. She fell down on her back and we got in 69 position and sucked each others parts. I was again aroused and my dick was rock hard and I asked my mom that I want my cock in her sweet cunt she said ok and removed her blouse, bra, saree and my pants. She was totally nude now I was removed only my pants it was dark out side. I felt two huge soft melons and caressed it and sucked it like a baby sucking for mother’s milk. She told its enough and insert my dick in her cunt now. My mom holded my cock and inserted in her cunt hole slowly I pushed my dick in her cunt hole and started jerking as the bus is moving my dick was in her deep cunt and fucked for nearly half an hour and in mean time my mom exploded twice. I told my mom I was near to release my cum she told me don’t explode in my cunt but release u r hot sperms in my hot ass hole.

I was shocked to hear that. But I said mom we don’t have any lubricates to apply u r ass hole & to my cock. She slept facing back toward me and told to move my tongue on her ass hole as I moved my tongue for 10 minutes my mom’s ass hole was well lubricated and opening then I inserted my one finger in her ass hole and lubricated it with my sputum. She sucked my cock and applied her sputum on my cock and told me to insert my dick in her ass hole. It was paining for me to insert in her ass hole as we don’t have enough space to sit on my knees how ever I changed my position and fucked her ass hole wildly and released my hot sperms in her hot ass hole she was squeezing my dick through her inner side walls my sperms are running along her cunt line she took it with her hand and applied my cum on her breasts and told me to suck it was a salty taste mixing with my moms cunt and ass hole juices we have done this for nearly 4 hours then we were exhausted and slept. After an half an hour bus stopped for drink and for nature calls. My mom went and cleaned herself in toilets and came back to sl**p now I was at window side and my mom left to me. As bus started after 10-15 minutes my mom removed my shirt and took my dick in her hand and started to move up and down. She had given a blow good blow job to me. Till 5am we are caressing each other parts and in sudden we heard a devotional song in bus and then we put on our clothes and get ready to get down at Hyderabad. From then onwards I was fucking my mom when we have a chance I fucked my mom in every position and every corner in my sweet home.
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Horny son for mom in the morning pt1

It was early on a Wednesday morning in July and I was still sl**ping. Although I had finished my public examinations, I still had a couple more days to attend. It was annoying as I wanted to start the summer and hang out with friends celebrating the graduation of our final year of school now that we had turned 18 and were considered 'adults'. My mom was a single parent and turning 18 meant I would be able to pick up a summer job to help us get by.

Usually I got very little sl**p on school nights and as a result I had to be called by my Mom dozens of times before stumbling out of bed and arriving to school just on time. However, the combination of summer anticipation and a good nights rest awoke me unusually early at 7:15. I had 30 minutes before I had to get up so I lay there, careful planning through the events on summer in my head. My thoughts then turned to my mom as I heard her wake up and go downstairs to grab breakfast. I had been strongly attracted to her for years and for a 41 year old woman she looking stunning. Her jet black framing her perfectly carved features and large green eyes. Skin was slightly bronzed and although she had gained a few pounds in recent years they were all in the right places, with a really bouncy but pronounced butt and ballooning 38D breasts which I had gathered by sneaking a look at one of her used bras. It wasn't just me that saw her beauty. My friends would tease me occasionally that they had masturbated thinking about her. I pretended to be annoyed but secretly it turned me on as I had often masturbated over her too, stealing her dirty panties and inhaling their musky aroma as well as tasting the vibrator I could hear her using most nights due to not having a boyfriend since she split with my father when I was a young c***d. I desired her body immensely. As it approached 7:45 I heard my mom walking down the hall towards my room. Snapping out of my day dream and noticing my raging erection I quickly turned on my side and pretended to sl**p. She entered, opening my door with a "Good Morning" Still I pretended to sl**p. She approached me, sweeping aside my fringe and planting a kiss on my forehead with the thick lips I had dreamed of having around my dick for years. As she leaned in, only a thin piece of fabric separated her colossal breasts from my naked torso and I felt her nipples, from behind the fabric, run across my body as she stood up to go and open the curtains and window at the opposite end of the room. I decided to slightly open my eyes and shocked at what I saw. My dick grew harder still and by this time I was so incredibly horny I felt like I was about to burst. She was wearing a short, silk 'babydoll' style nightie that was barely long enough to make her decent. She had always been fully dressed and nearly ready for work by the time I usually got up so I had never seen this sexy lingerie before. As she reached up to open the top window, the hem of the nightie raised up and revealed her butt. My eyes widened to take in every photon of this magnificent sight and were quickly drawn in between her legs. From my vantage point I could see a fair amount of public hair which surprised me because every other part of her body was in immaculate condition. I assume she had no need to shave if she wasn't having sex though.
Almost as quickly as the view had appeared it was gone again as the window was open and she walked back to the far corner of the room to check my closet. I closed my eyes to a slit so I wouldn't be caught but it was enough to take in the sight of her amazing cleavage which was spilling over the nightdress. Her large tits were impressively pert for their size and age and I was fantasising about the thought of my 8 inch erection slipping between them, the head gently lapping her tongue with each thrust. I desperately wanted to make this a reality. She reached my closet and bent down to sort out clothes that had fallen to the bottom. I was in awe at the sight which greeted me. As she bent down he spread her legs for stability and the short nightie slipped up and rested over her ass. I had the perfect view of her pussy! The morning light streamed in and glistened in the moist pinkness of her hole. It took me a considerable amount of self restraint to not run out of bed and fuck her where she stood. This wet pussy was almost calling to me, spurred on by the slight contractions of her anus with every move.

She exited the room but I could barely contained myself any longer and furiously began masturbating, the images still fresh in my mind when I close my eyes. Suddenly I hear footsteps coming down the hall, I know she'll be back to wake me at any moment but I can't stop now. Grabbing one of her used thongs from underneath my bed I masturbate faster and harder than I ever had before gently groaning "ohhh mom" as I dropped my load into her thong and the door opened,

"Good morni-, she was stopped short by the sight of her son ejaculating into her thong.

Although I wanted my feelings known, the false confidence from the orgasm was wearing off and a wave of regret swept over me. However, before it had a chance to manifest further she gently purred,

"So you liked the nightie, huh?" Now walking towards me she let her cleavage spill out, mounted me and whispered in my ear

"I knew you would"

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In Poverty Lies Happiness of son and mom

My name is kiran. I belong to the interior part of tamil nadu. My dad died at when i was 3 years and my s*s was 1 year. We had sugarcane farms and we became poor because of drought and my mom was looking after them. I was sent to Coimbatore for my education to my uncle’s house. After completing my Xth class i decided to look after the fields and give rest to my mom.

I came back to my village and there my house is on the outskirts of the village and our farms are covered by fence on all sides, so entry by others is not possible. As i saw my mom and s*s coming towards me i was just looking at them like a log. My mom sumathi 38 years of age.

She has a good size boobs of 38d and a big ass and my s*s who was only 14 years was having a boob size of 34 and she good hip my mom was wearing a lungi and a blouse and my s*s a long blouse and pavadai (skirt) and as we were poor they could not afford bras and the material of their clothes was also bad so i could see their nipples clearly.

My mouth was watering and my cock became rock hard seeing them come. They came and hugged me and i was enjoying their boobs touching me.

During the school days i became interested in i****t through magazine from friends. When they were hugging me i felt my dreams coming true.
In the night after dinner in our small hut i my mom and my s*s were sl**ping on the floor. I was sl**ping in between my mom and s*s. I was wearing only a lungi as we had only two pairs i had washed the other pair.

After few hours of sl**p i woke up due to some sound outside. But when i woke up i saw my mom’s boobs moving up and down due to the breathing. The a****l in me was rising. I slowly placed my hand on her belly and i checked whether she was awake but i saw she was sl**ping heavily. With that courage i slowly moved my hands onto her boobs and slowly pressed them. I felt awesome and then slowly moved her lungi and touched her thighs. I was going mad and my cock felt like bursting. I slowly rubbed her thighs and boobs. I dont remember when i slept but when i woke up i saw my lungi moved away and my cock was standing up. I looked around and saw no one was ther. I got up and bathed in the pond and came back and had my breakfast with mom and s*s.

By now i decided that i have to bed them both so i planned everything up. I started slipping my lungi and pretended in such a manner that i’m nt good at wearing lungi. At the first sight itself mom and s*s were looking at my erect cock without even flickering their eyes. Mom smiled and s*s just opened her mouth involuntarily. I understood my plans were working,

In the fields also i was slipping the lungi due to which mom said to remove it as it was causing hindrance in work. So like that i started moving around naked in the farms and house.

In the night i went in for the second phase of attack. After mom and s*s slept i slowly moved towards mom and pressed her boobs. She was not responding and sl**ping heavily. Then is continued to remove her blouse and her naked boobs became fully visible. I slowly sucked them and saw my mom was moaning but not opening her eyes. I then slowly removed her lungi and felt a chill when i saw the unshaven pussy of my mom. I slowly touched her pussy and slowly inserted a finger.

She was wet and i slowly moved downwards and started sucking her pussy. During this process my cock was touching her feet as a namaskaram and started oozing precum. After sometime i cummed on her feet and she too shuddered and cummed into my mouth. I drank the juices and licked her pussy clean.

After this due to tiredness i slept. But when i woke up i saw no one was in the house. I went and bathed and came and saw mom standing in a towel which covered her massive boobs half and it was just below her ass. I asked “where is s*s and y r u dressed like that”
She told me that s*s had gone to her friend’s wedding and will be coming tomorrow and that the dresses which she had washed had become wet as it drizzled in the morning and the towel was only dry cloth in the house.

My cock became hard and i was feeling the heat. We both then started having our breakfast with mom sitting opposite to me. She was sitting with her legs crisis crossed. I was able to see her hairy hot pussy. My cock already had precum on it. After having the breakfast she took the plates to wash and then she came in once again as she had forgotten to take her glass for washing. She bent down to take glass but in a different manner. She was facing the opposite side to me with her ass towards me. When she bent down the towel lifted up and showed me her ass clearly and her wet pussy.

She bent for a little long time and i was able to smell the pussy’s heat. After this she went to wash the utensils and came back. I was standing near the place where we keep our washed utensils(on the ground). She bent down again in front of me in such a manner that my hard cock rubbed her through entire ass crack and the pussy. I felt precum from the pussy touching my cock. Then she slowly got up and said that we need to go the field. As usual i started working on the fields but my mind and body wer burning but i was not able to dare it like the nights.

After sometime she came to me and said that due to her little dress and no proper covering some insect had entered her lower region. I started inspecting her thighs and then a little higher. She then told that it might be a little more higher and lifted her towel upto the boobs level. My eyes were feasting on her naked ass. She then told me to search for the insect.

I slowly touched her ass and then ran a finger through the ass crack down to her pussy. Then i told her that the insect was not visible and i needed to inspect better. Slowly i pushed a finger into her ass hole, and she almost shivered then i told i need to look more down. At her cunt i told i was checking and played with the clit. After sometime of playing she was leaking nectar, so i inserted the finger into the pussy. She shivered and her voice was trembling.

She started breathing heavily. After sometime of finger fucking i said its delicate inside so i need to check properly and used my tongue to search the whole area. I licked her ass and the cunt and my mom standing bent in front of me all this time.

I couldn’t control anymore, then i said i need to inspect deeper for the insect and inserted my dick into my birthplace. I just felt the thrill of my life. My mom just looked back and smiled and said “u took so long inspecting with other things, u should have inspected with the right tool before”
I just smiled back and said ”there is always a methodology for inspection”

I humped into my mom and threw the towel as a symbol of happiness into the air when i was cumming into her womb

To be continued........
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blackmailed mom

Life as we know it can be altered...from one moment to the next, you can never predict the future. Looking back to that dreadful day...

I'm a happily married woman, 43 years of husband Richard is a good man. He's in the insurance industry and without question, he's always devoted his time and energy towards his career. With that being said, I know that he loves me...and he loves our k**s. As for myself, I've been working as a loan officer in the same bank for the past 15 years. My oldest daughter Melissa, was in her 2nd year at college and my son David, had just turned eighteen and was beginning his senior year in high school. My name is JoLyn.
On any given day, most of my day is spent on the phone. To this day, I can't explain why this happened to me...only that it did. With that being said, it was mid-morning and like any other call that I would receive; I picked it up. "Good morning, this is Jolyn in loans, how can I help you?"

"Hello JoLyn in the loan department." The voice was a bit garbled and I can recall having a hard time in trying to understand every word that was being spoken. It was as if he was trying to disguise his voice with some sort of device. "If everything works out right...we will be helping each other out."

I was at a lost of words, but I remember saying, "Um, okay. May I have your name so I can better assist you?"

His voice became threatening. "No, you may not know my name. If you value your families will not hang up the phone."

I was already in the process of hanging up the receiver. Like any place of business, we gfet crank calls. It goes without saying, for one reason or another, banks tend to piss people off. But the last words that he said caught my attention...and i slowly drew the phone back up to my ear. "Who is this? What...what do you want?" I could feel the slightest bit of hysteria in my voice.

There was a moment of silence, but I could tell that someone was still on the other end of the phone. His breathing was heavy. "JoLyn, I'm giving you a task...and I have faith that you will obey my every word. But too, I know that you'll need some incentives. If you truly love your f**** will listen carefully and do everything that you're told to do."

I glanced at the door to my office...for a moment, I wondered if I should run out and get someone to help me. I've often heard that people will threaten bank employee's families to extort money. Sitting in my office on that particular day...this scenerio was being entertained in my mind.

In a weakened voice, I heard myself say. "I can't help you rob this bank...even with your threats...I...I can't help you."

As soon as I had finished my statement, his voice filled my ears with such fear. "JoLyn, I said that you should listen carefully. You're not focused and you need to focus your attention on my voice; to my instructions." A moment of silence followed. "I'll make sure that your husband and daughter are on the evening news...and the news won't be good."

My heart dropped into the pits of my stomach. I felt a wave of dizziness sweep over me. In a small, quiet voice, I replied, “Yes, I’m sorry. I’m listening.”

" JoLyn, I've been watching you for quite some time. You've been under constant surveillance and will continue to be. Morning, noon and night...I've been watching you; your entire f****y." My heart was beating a mile a minute. "Your husband is flying to California for a weekend seminar. Your daughter has 3 classes today...calculus, physcology and a literature class. If she keeps to her normal habits...she'll blow off her last class to get a start on her Friday night partying. You even scolded her this morinng...on the phone about slacking off."

My stomach was now doing flip-flops. How did he know about my conversation with my daughter? “H-how did you know that?” I said in a tight whisper. “Is my — did you bug my phone?”

"JoLyn, I know everything about you. I'm always watching...I'm always listening. While at the airport, your husband bought the latest edition of Esquire. Before coming down for breakfast, your husband masturbated to some inter-net porn. I'm also aware that your daughter...after her morning class, she met up with a boy and had a cup of coffee with him. Just between you and I...she's hopeful that he'll fuck her soon. As for this very moment, I know you're wearing black french bikini panties."

“Omigod." I said. I was on the verge of fainting. I tried to steady my breathing until the black clouds at the edge of my vision began to fade. My heart seemed so loud as it pounded inside my chest. How did he know what I was wearing? My son, my husband...they had both left the house before I’d showered and dressed for work. When they left the house, I waved to them while I was still on my old flannel nightgown. “What do you want? I can try and get you money, but I’m not sure how much I can manage.” Who was this guy and how did he know all this? Did he have cameras in our home?

"I'm not interested in money. I'm not interested in robbing your bank. JoLyn...this is more personal."

Another moment of silence. "JoLyn, I want you to fuck your son."

Silence...just dead silence ensued. My brain was trying to process what the caller had said. His words just didn't make any sense. He didn't want money? Sex? He used the word son? I ran my hand through my hair...rubbing, massaging my's as if I was trying to warm my brain order to process what was being said to me. "Wait...what?? You want me to do what?"

"JoLyn, you heard me. You are going to fuck your son. You'll spread your legs and you'll let your son bury his cock deep inside your pussy. And JoLyn, I think your son deserves a nice blow job."

“I can’t do that!” Shivers of revulsion seemingly ran through my entire body. “What your asking, what you're sickening."

"JoLyn, you will do it. I don't care how sickening it might sound. Listen carefully JoLyn...because the clock is now ticking. You will seduce and fuck your son by midnight tonight...or your husband and daughter will not live to see tomorrow's sunrise."

I started to supress my anguish, I covered my mouth with my hand. I stuggled to stay in control and finally, I blurted out, "I can't do that...I won't do it. My son would never...for God's sake, I'm his mother!"

The "voice" on the other end of the phone remained passive. "JoLyn, you have a choice to make. You can pleasure your son...or you can hear about how your f****y died. " My heart skipped a beat. "Pay close attention to my instructions. If you try to explain to your son what is happening...I will kill your husband and daughter." Silence ensued. "If you attempt to call your husband or daughter and attempt to warn them...they will be dead before they hang up the phone with you." Another moment of silence. "If you contact the authorities...your husband and daughter will die."

His voice had been so calm...a cold shiver ran through my entire body. He calmly told me the rules that I were to follow...and for every word he said; I believed his threat. I wasn't going to call the police...I absolutely believed tha he would do what he said he would do.

"JoLyn, what time is it?"

It was a quick mind was reeling in thought, his question caught me off guard. I struggled for that moment to understand what he had said...then, I looked down at my watch, the lovely gold watch that my husband had given me for our 20th Anniversary. I swallowed and replied, "It's a minutes to 11."

"JoLyn, do we understand each other? You have just over 13 hours to seduce your son and make him your lover. Failure to do this by the midnight hour will reslt in your husband and daughter's death. You're racing against the clock...your son usually gets home from school around 3...I'd start preparing if I was you."

", yes. I think I understand. After...after I fuck my...after it happens, how do I get in touch with you?
The most obscene chuckle was heardon the other end of the phone. "JoLyn, trust me...the first time your son sticks his cock inside his mother's cunt...I'll know." The voice continued to laugh and then, he said. "Oh and JoLyn?"

"Y-yes?" I replied...becoming very fearful of what he might demand of me next.

“Enjoy yourself."

The caller had hung up. The phone line was dead. What seemed like a very long actuality, it had only lasted a few minutes. In that span of time, my entire world had turned upside down.
I broke down crying. Hanging up the phone...recalling his every word, his became an overwhelming moment; I sobbed loudly. The caller was a madman...would he actually kill my f****y? He was watching me...there was no way I could go to the police for help. Even so, my hand was already reaching for the phone to dial 9-1-1...then, my fingers hovered over the phone for several mind was racing in circles, trying to find another solution. Nothing came to entire body shivered with fear. I glances at the digital readout display. It was past 11:30 AM. Somehow, thirty minutes had passed.
The time of the morning...that suddenly became the overwhelming thought in my head. I had made my decision. My hands punched up a number on the phone and I said, “Dora? JoLyn here. I’ve had a f****y emergency come up and I’m taking the rest of the day off. Let everyone know, okay.” Words of concern and sympathy came back and I replied, “No, everything will be okay...I think. Have a good weekend.”

Five minutes later, I was in my car, driving towards home and wondering how the hell I was going to do what I was being f***ed to do. As I drove, a terrible thought crossed my mind. Was my son behind this? I quickly dismissed that thought. Many people who are reading this story may assume that every son wants to fuch his mother and vice-versa...but I had never seen a hint of sexual interest from my son. Of course, my son liked girls...when he had reached puberty, he got caught peeking in on his s****r while she was dressing. I had found porn on his computer...mostly younger women with huge breasts and too, being the typical male; he viewed some lesbian sites. He was scolded...but in all honesty, I wrote it off as being a normal thing that any boy would do.

My son has always been a pretty shy young man. My mind was reeling in thought. Thinking back...I could recall three girls that he had asked out for dates...and there were no repeat performances. He's a bit husky...wears glasses...I gave up trying to get him to wear contacts. His s****r...her favorite term for her b*****r; nerd. As I was driving home...I felt myself smiling; her term was very accurate. And so, how was I going to seduce my son? If I was just to blurt it out...asking him to fuck me, his mother...would he run up to his room and lock the door behind him?

It's not like I'm anyone's idea of that term...that slangy word. I'm not a MILF. I'm 43 years of age, standing 5'4". I'm a good 20lbs over what my appropriate weight should be. My breasts aren't huge...34B...definately not the beach ball type that my son seems to be looking at on the porn sites. My hair is short...blonde...almost white hair with blue eyes. My legs aren't too bad, but my thighs are thicker than I ever wanted them to be. So, in my greatest use of my imagination...I couldn't imagine my son finding me sexy.
I found myself thinking of could I pull this off? Every thought that my mind considered...I knew it was doomed for failure. How does someone make their son think of someone they'd like to fuck? I eventually got away from the downtown traffic and was heading home on the freeway. Suddenly, I saw an exit it an inspiration...or better yet, desperation. I crossed over a few lanes of mind entertained a vaguest hint of an idea...and I had little time to get what was needed.
I saw my smile in the rear view it a horrific smile...but a smile nevertheless. In order to save my f****y...I needed to do a little shopping.

It was 3:30 PM...I was home. My son wasn't in the house when I entered...his old Dodge wasn't in the driveway. It didn't take me long...I had everything in place for what I was hoping would be a successful seduction. I could hardly believe what my mind was contemplating...going to such extremes, in order to seduce my son. The time was ticking by at a fast rate...the terrible images I had of my husband and daughter kept me focused on my quest. Another hour had passed...finally, I heard my son pull into the driveway.

I was in the kitchen pulling some brownies out of the oven when I heard him unlock the front door. I heard the thump of books being dumped on the couch and then his footsteps treading down the hallway towards me. “Hi, sweetie,” I called out. “Welcome home!”

Before he came through the doorway, I could hear him say, “Mom, you’re home early, what’s up?” I heard his feet come to a sudden halt. When he saw me, his eyes grew wide.

I was never the type of woman that showed off alot of skin. While shopping, I had found a little sundress...intentionally a bit small for me, that tied in a halter around my neck with a plunging neckline...and an even deeper plunge in the back...almost to my hips and with a hemline that ended barely south of my crotch. Aside from the sundress, I was wearing these "fuck me" pumps that I thought would improve the look of my legs...and with my back to him and bent over in front of the oven...I was hopeful that he was getting a good view of my bikini clad ass.

I looked over my shoulder at him and said. "I decided to take the afternoon off...hit the mall, but a few things. What do you think of my new dress?"

I looked over my shoulder at him and said, “Yeah, decided to take the afternoon off — hit the mall and buy a few new things. What do you think of my new dress?” I felt so embarrassed being dressed as I was...especially, in front of my very own son.

My son swallowed...his eyes again grew very wide...his face was turning bright red. He managed to mutter, "It's um, really pretty mom. Um...I've got some homework, do." He was blushing and I considered that to be a good thing...a good start. I then found myself idly much I was blushing.

When my son began his retreat, I straightened up and turned in his direction with a tray of my secret weapons in my hand. "Honey, you got the entire weekend to do your homework. I thought with dad off on his business trip...well, you and i could have some quality time together." I lifted the tray, feeling the warmth radiating across my mostly uncovered breasts. My heart was beating a mile a minute as I said, "I made your favorite...brownies!"

My son actually took a step or two towards the hallway...but the scent of my homemade brownies reached him. His appetite caused him to step into the kitchen...though I was wearing this shameful outfit...instead of looking hungrily in my direction; his attention was towards the brownies. "C'mon...fresh out of the oven...all hot and gooey, just the way you like them."

My son swallowed and then slid into a seat at the kitcfhen table. Once again, I noticed that his attention was on the brownies and not on his mother's body. I placed the tray down in front of him and then crossed the room to get us some plates and forks. I came up behind him and reached around to set the plate in front of him...purposely leaning my body into his; pushing my breasts against his back.

"I've been looking forward to this weekend...spending some time alone with you. Soon, you'll be heading off for college...getting married." As I was talking, still leaning into him...I cut a piece of the brownie from the pan and placed into his plate.

Without question, my son shifted nervously in his seat...which caused my breasts to rub up against him, all that much more. I noticed the goose bumps on my sons forearm. "Yeah...married with k**s...that'll be the day." The sarcasm that only a teenager can create.

I finished by giving my son a big hug...pulling him tight against my body. "Oh, some girl is going to be mighty lucky when she manages to snag you!" I leaned me head in and kissed my son on his cheek. In a lower voice, I then said. "Very lucky." I felt my face burn with embarrassment...I let him go and hurried myself to the sink...facing away from him, so that he couldn't see my reddened face. Still, I was hoping...that he was watching me...I was enabling him to enjoy the view.

I began to wash the dishes in the sink and too, I was working hard to keep the conversation alive. “So, how was school today?” I asked.

I heard my son give a snort and then say through a mouthful of brownies, “Sucked as usual. I’ll be so glad when it's time to graduate. My english teacher is a real bore.”

With my back turned to my son, I kept asking questions. Finally, I said, “Well, I’m sorry you had a hard day. I’ve had some fun...I played hooky all afternoon and went shopping.” I then took a deep breath and turned to face my son. I was rewarded to see that he was staring at me, as he ate.

He immediately ducked his head down in order to avoid my gaze...quickly, he looked down at his brownie. "You never take off from work mom...whats the special occasion?"

I came over to the table and sat down across from him. I crossed my arms and rested them on the table...using them to push my breasts up, making them overflow the low cut front even more. "Well honey, I've been thinking. You know, I got a nice raise recently?"

My son nodded as he ate his brownie...he was trying to avoid my eyes...still, he was unable to keep his gaze from drifting down to the exposed flesh of my big breasts.

“Dad and I have been talking about taking a trip down to the Bahamas...during your fall break. I got the urge to buy some new things to hopefully, you know...wear on the this dress."

John nodded again and said, “Um, yeah, that’d be awesome, Mom. Are you saying that dad is going to take some time off from work?" He rolled his eyes. “You know how he is.”

It was my turn to nod and I replied, “Yes, I do and that’s the whole point. We could all go can hang out on the beach and watch the girls in their bikinis and maybe your Dad and I could spice up our love life a little.” I gave my son a wink and then giggled, “If you know what I mean?”

The redness in John’s face which had begun to fade now flamed anew and he got a panicked look on his face and exclaimed, “Aw, geezus, Mom!”

I laughed and reached out and took his hand. “Oh, don’t act embarrassed, honey. You’re eighteen’re a young man. You know your father and I do it…at least we used to. Otherwise, how did we get you?”

John was going on instinct, trying to push away from the table, but unable to while I held his hand. “Yeah, yeah, I know, but for crying out loud, Mom...TMI!”

I tried to look a little hurt. “Sorry...but I...I don’t know...I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. We’re both adults...sitting together in the the table.” I looked down at the table. “I mean, you’re eighteen now...I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable.” I felt a little ashamed...I puposely was trying to make him feel guilty.

My scheme seemed to work. With my sons hand in my hand...I felt his grip relax and in a soft voice he said. "You didn't make me feel's just...I'm not sure I want to hear about my parents sex life."

I quickly heard myself say, "Or lack thereof." With those words spoken, I offered my son a weak smile. "Of course, I don't expect to talk to you about your father and I in the sack." I felt his hand begin to tense up again. "But, your not blind. You know that your father and I have kind of drifted apart, these past few years."
I took a deep breath. "All I meann to say is, I thought maybe a romantic vacation on a warm beach...well, it might put the spark back into our lives. I went shopping to get a few things that might get the old engines revved up." I winked at my son and was relived to see him nodding...still looking uncomfortable, but not appearing as if he wanted to flee from the kitchen.

A long quiet moment passed and then I looked into his a softer, shyer tone of voice, I said. "You know, I really could use another man's opinion right now."

My son eyes me warily and said, "Opinion on what?"

“Well, I’d like to get a man’s perspective on some of my know, how I look in them. I’d hate to wear something, whereas, it turns out your father hates it.”

John’s face reddened again. “I don’t know, mean like swimsuits." He shifted in his chair again as if he couldn’t get comfortable. “I’m not sure I can, uh, should.”

“Awww, c’mon, honey. I really need a man’s opinion and you’re definitely a man.” Giving my sons hand a tight squeeze...I felt as if I was in the pleading stages. “You’re my’d tell me the truth and besides, who else could I ask, Mr. Turner down the street?”

At that we both laughed and the tension seemed to break. Mr. Turner was an old letch that lived on our block...well known for his proclivity to somehow turn up in a person’s back yard whenever a woman was trying to sunbathe.

My son was thinking...he still seemed to be uncomfortable with the idea, but too...he was thinking. Suddenly he shrugged his shoulders and said, "I guess I could. Anything to save you from old man Turner."
I sounded like an excited schoolgirl. Jumping to my feet, I said. "Just sit right there...have another brownie. I'll go change." I quickly left the kitchen and hurried off to my bedroom. My heart was beatingin my chest so hard, I could scarcely breathe.

Once I reached my bedroom, I tried to quickly change...but my hands were shaking so much. I slipped out of the dress...followed by my underwear and slipped on the first of three swimsuits. The suit was a sand colored tankini...a somewhat modest tank top...the bottom was a french cut bikini bottom.
I allowed myself to see my image in the mirror...I felt nervous, its as if I was on my first date. Like the dress, the suit was a couple of sizes too small...the top of the suit hugged my breasts, leaving very little doubt as to their shape. I toyed with my nipples against the no time at all, they stood perfectly erect.

Still wearing my "fuck me" heels...I walked back to the kitchen. Before entering the kitchen, I paused to take a deep breath...throwing my shoulders back, I walked into the kitchen. "Well honey, what do you think?" I was trying not to throw up...I was putting on a charade, a false front...and so there I was, posing in front of my son.

My son...immediately; his eyes grew very wide! His fork suspended in mid-air...he looked at my chest and then...I could see him scanning my entire body. I shivered as my son's gaze romaed downward...and I felt oddly embarrassed that he might notice my round belly. It was at that moment, I wish I had worked harded to maintain my flat stomach. I felt a flush of warmth wash across my son's eyes moved lower, seemingly, he was studying the expanse cloth that covered my mound.

I shifted nervously on one foot, and than the other. As my son continued to look appraisingly up and down, I said. “Well, what do you think?” I felt so skittish that I couldn’t stand still and I slowly turned around...purposely, I thrusted my butt out a little. “Does this outfit look alright?”

It seemed like it took my son a moment or two for my question to sink in. He slowly begann to nod his head up and down...with a shy he continued to study my body, he said. "Yeah...I think dad is going to love it. You look great!"

A great sense of relief swept through my entire body...and I was grinning from ear to ear. "You're so sweet! Think you can stand to look at another one?" My son sat in the chair...his shy smile turned into a silly grin. He nodded his approval. A strange sensation swept over my entire son was seemingly pleased with my physical features. I winked at him before stepping out from the kitchen....I hurried back to my bedroom.

Arriving back into my bedroom, I was surprised to find that I was breathing heavily and that there was a deep flush across my cheeks and include, my upper chest. I immediately dismissed any thought that I might be in any way aroused...instead, I focused my attention onto my next outfit.

After looking in the mirror...this time, the swimsuit that I was wearing...well, scandalous comes to mind. This time, I had changed into a baby blue bikini. The bikini top was modest...although I did go out of my way to pick a smaller size than I normally would wear. My meaty breasts were overflowing the cups and the thin material left no doubt as to how dark my nipples were. The bottom part of the suit wasn't much better. I had little doubt...if the thin material was to get wet, it would cleave to my pussy like it had been painted on...revealing the shape and contours of my labia.

Taking a deep breath, left my "fuck me" heels were clicking on the wooden floors. Knowing full well that my son could hear me approaching the kitchen, I yelled out, "Ready or not, here I come."
My son was waiting with anticipation...and once again, his eyes widen as I strutted into the kitchen. As I moved around the room, my breasts bounced and jiggled. Pleased with my son's expressions, I charted a course all the way around the table....allowing him to see my figure from every angle. I even teasingly reached out and trailed my fingers through his thick dark hair.

When I stopped in front of my son...I began to swivel my upper body back and forth...knowing full well, that this caused my breasts to roll and bounce. I didn't have to encourage my son, this time he stated his approval in a clear voice. "Mom, you look fantastic!" His voice was filled with enthusiasm...his eyes were flickering up and down, taking in my bikini-clad figure.

That strange tingle of pleasure...upon hearing my son's words...a certain spark seemed to erupt inside my body. My nipples grew very hard and between my legs; my body felt very warm. That tingle had been absent from my life...for far too long. I felt weird and ashamed...and still, a part of me was delighted to hear of my son's approval.

“Really?” I said. “You don’t think its too um, too much, do you?”

If anything else was causing my son’s face to be that shade of red...I would have rushed him off to the hospital. I admired his effort to act nonchalant, as he shook his hand in an expression of dismissal. “No, looks…you’re beautiful!”

Again, I could feel my smile stretching across my face. "Thank you honey. Do you think you could stand to see one more outfit?"

My son was still in the process of looking over my entire body. But too, he was nodding his head and spoke a bit to enthusiastically, "Sure mom!"

The last thing my son was able to see before leaving the kitchen...were my meaty ass cheeks. Back in my bedroom, I quickly removed the bikini. As i was stepping out of my bikini bottoms...I couldn't help but notice the stain in the gusset. I shivered as I quuickly came to the realization that I was wet between my legs...wet enough that in just those few minutes; I had stained my swimsuit with my own juices. I turned the panties around and stared at the crotch in dis-belief...there was just a hint of discoloration from my pussy cream.
I took a moment and looked at myself in the full length mirror...I was naked and truly amazed at what I saw. My breasts were heaving nipples thick and errect and amongst my wispy blonde pubic hair, I could see the glistening pink flesh of my labia. In fact, my labia had begun to swell and part. I hung my head in shame, knowing that what I was doing was a sin, but even worse...this contemplated sin was turning me on.

I broke out of my reverie and began to dress in my last outfit. I have to admit, it took me alot longer to work up the courage to leave my bedroom. The last swimsuit that I had purchased...what littel fabric is had was composed of, was a bright fire-engine red and consisted of three small swatches of fabirc and some thread-like strings. My breasts were totally exposed except for my aureoles and nipples. And yet, my nipples were so erect, they jutted out against the thin cloth as if they were little door knobs. The bikini was more a thong than anything else. It didn't adequately cover my wispy bush and I could only hope that the light in the kitchen wouldn't reveal the strands of whitish blonde hair that was peeking out of the bit of material that barely managed to cover my mound.

Stepping out into the hallway...I had to stop and once again, catch my breath. I was ashamed. I was scared. And in the far reaches of my mind, I knew that I was also turned on. The heat between my thighs...there was no denying how my crotch was feeling at that specific moment. After taking several deep breaths...I began to make my way to the kitchen.

As I approached the doorway into the kitchen, I picked up my pace and with determination...forcing a fake smile; I paraded myself practicaly naked in front of my son. I couldn’t even speak as I strutted across the tile floor; breasts bouncing. With every step taken, both of my breasts were threatening to flop out of their tiny halter. All I could do was to keep my eyes on my son...and I was half expecting him to run out of the house.
My son's mouth hung wide open and his eyebrows immediately lifted high on his forehead. I was aware that he was ogling me...his middle-aged mother. Most of my flesh was made available to him. He was able to notice, to see every freckle and curve that my body offered. I purposely turned around for him...a complete total view of my ass cheeks emerged...the thong had been buried deep within my ass crack. With every step that I took, the material was tugging against my mound.

Perhaps a minute, maybe more had passes...I continued to walk around the kitchen and every so often, I would purposely pose for my son in a seducative manner. I noticed that his eyes stayed glued to my body. It's as if he was trying to memorize every curve to my body. Not fully able to trust my voice, I made a motion with my hand, as if to say, "Well, what do you think?"

My son remained motionless. Only his eyes were seemingly working until finally, while in a pose...I watched him close his eyes and he then, licked his lips. In a rough, husky voice that made something turn liquid between my legs, he said. "' mom; dad will never let you outside in that thing."
Upon hearing my son's words, I felt crushed...disappointed in a way that wasn't expected. Emotions joined by raw fear...if I had dsigusted my son, then what chance would I have to save my husband and daughter. Almost in tears, I said. "Honey, do I look that bad?"

My son slowly shook his head from side to side, his eyes never leaving my body. "No way mom! Dad would never be able to beat off all the other men at the beach!"

I tried to control my smile. I felt like the weight of the world had just been lifted off my shoulders. I felt lightheaded and incredibly warm all at the ssame time. "Honey, you like my swim suit?

Not able to hold back, my son said. "'s, I are freaking hot!"

In my son's eyes, he saw me as being a sexy woman. The relief that I experienced at that specific moment...and so, I decided to push the envelope further. I walked up to the kitchen table...laying my hands on the kitchen table, leaning forward...well aware that my breasts were now hanging down like two full udders, I said. "Honey, are you saying that I'm a MILF?"

My son's face regained it's redness as he realized what I was saying...his shy personality reasserted itself and he tore his eyes away from my hanging breasts. But still, he managed to say, ", guess so."

My kitchen became ever so silent, as we both seemingly were processing his response. My son then scooted back his chair and said, "I really should get my homework done."

My son's words had barely he got up, I was able to notice my son's crotch. I was amazed, horrified at the same time...a large bulge appeared...a long tube running down his right inner thigh. It was at that moment, when I thought of the voice from this morning. Was he aware that I had made my son's cock hard?

I swallowed, my throat seemed rather dry. "Ok honey," I said. "Go ahead...I think I'm going to take a shower before we decide what to do about dinner." I recovered enough to move around the my son stood up...him trying to hide his obvious erection from me; I pressed myself against his side; my breasts enveloping his right arm; I kissed him on his cheek.

Whispering in her ear, I heard myself say, "Thanks for making your mother feel good." I gave him a lingering peck on his cheek.

My son nodded and unable to handle the moment anymore, he whispered, "Sure, I love you mom." My son then left the kitchen...once in the hallway, he ran for the stairs, to the safety of his bedroom. Standing in the hallway, I watched him go...smiling lovingly at him. Once I reached the upstairs...having passed by my son's bedroom...all I wanted to do was to jump in the shower.

I tore the strips of clothes off from my body...shivering as I turned on the shower, letting it run until a steam began to billow out. I could barely stand...but the hot water felt good. As the water cascaded across my body...I then realized that my hand was caressing my body...over my breasts and down across my stomach. In a quick moment, I realized that hand had came into contact with my swollen labia and spliced through my dripping lips; I was aroused and needed relief.

I fell back against the shower wall...the tiiles were cool and comforting against my hot skin. I allowed the pulsing jets of the water spray to touch my pussy, as I began to work my fingers and down my suddenly needy flesh. I closed my eyes and slipped two fingers inside my slick cunt...images of my son's very large bulge flashed before me. I could see myself kneeling before him...unzipping his pants, reaching in, wrapping my hands, my fingers around that warm, hard pole...bring it out, bringing it to my lips.

I shuddered with an incredible wave of pleasure...the approach of a wonderful orgasm and then suddenly, I snapped open my eyes and jerked my fingers from my clasping pussy; sobbing. I had been masturbating while thinking of my son's cock! Part of me wanted to laugh...and yet, I stood in the shower and cried. No matter what my emotions were at that specific moment; I knew that I had to fuck my son by the midnight hour.
And so, I returned to reality...the overwhelming realization hit me, the rememberance factor of why I was going to fuck my son. The images of my husband and daughter flashed through my mind...trembling with fear, frustration, I left the shower...there was no way I was going to allow myself the satisfaction of reaching my orgasm. While I was standing outside of my shower...I couldn't help myself...I was thinking, wondering what it might feel like, to have my son on top of my body; being inside his mother's pussy. I took a deep breath and prepared myself, my mind for the next stage of my plan.

Naked and dripping wet, I left the bathroom, stepped ito my bedroom...walked over to the entrance and yelled, "Honey, help me!" I had to repeat myself a few times before my son's bedroom door opened. He called down from the hallway, "What's wrong mom?"

“Honey, I don't have a towel. Can you bring me one from the linen closet?”

There was a long pause. I was hoping that my son was slow to respond because he was imagening his mother...being wet and naked. Then in a slightly hoarse voice, he said. "I'll be right there mom."
I peeked out from the doorway...only my head and bare shoulder was visible...he went to the linen closet in the hallway and with a reddened face, he slowly approached my bedroom door. I then withdrew myself from my bedroom door, walked quickly to my bathroom...hoping that I had figured this out right.

My son's face was truly he slowly entered my bedroom. “Here you go, Mom.” My son’s voice simply faded away...from the angle in which he was standing at the entrance to my bedroom...I knew that he would see me naked, standing in front of the mirror over my sink; in my bathroom.

Taking a deep breath...I looked in his direction...and then, I simply walked from my bathroom to where he was standing. His eyes grew very's not an everyday occasion when my son was able to see his mother naked. I took my sweet time taking the towel from him...instead of immediately covering up, I whipped the towel behind me and began to dry my back breasts were swaying and bouncing; his eyes never left my body.

Standing in front of my son, leisurely drying myself wasn't a mystery; my son's tent had risen once again. A wonderfully shaped bulge showed against my son's pants. After a minute or so, I winked at son looked at me with shock and alarm...slowly, he began to back step away towards the entrance to my bedroom. Once he was in the hallway, I quickly followed him. He was almost at his bedroom door when he heard my voice. "Honey."

My son froze in his steps...slowly he turned around and faced me. I'm not sure if he was disappointed or perhaps relieved to see me...mostly my breasts were exposed; I had used the towel to cover myself up, below my waist. Staring at me, my son said. "Yeah mom?"

I"m sorry to ask this...but I left the laundry basket downstairs in the f****y room. I know I have a pair of undies in the basket...would you be sweet and go down and bring the basket back up to me?"
He slowly nodded and said, "Sure mom." He hurried down the stairs...and that stiff pole in his pants was clearly defined.

I went back into my bedroom and began drying myself off completely. The next stage of my plan was now if effect, I had purposely left the laundry basket in the f****y room. While I was out shopping, I had bought three pairs of undies at the lingerie store. I had placed them neatly on top of the laundry basket. I wanted my son to have the opportunity to see them...hopefully, he would find himself wanting to touch them.
The tamest of the panties? One pair had a see- through crotch...the other two were crotchless. A pair of silky red ones...and a pair of lacy black, and knowing that blue was my son's favorite color; a silky baby blue with white lace. Standing in my bedroom, I felt that familiar tingle between my legs...imagining my son holding them in his hands...hopefully, picturing me wearing them.

A couple of minutes passed and then I heard my son climbing the stairs...his footsteps in the hallway were heard; he remained at the entrance to my bedroom. His eyes were wide...he held the laundry basket in his hands. The towel had been tossed on my bed...and so, I stood completely naked so that he could see my every curve.

Standing where I was, I asked him if he could put the basket on my bed. His lips were trembling, but he slowly entered my bedroom. With every short step taken, his eyes never once, left my naked body. His eyes traveled from my breasts to my pubic area; I became so wet. With every short step taken, my son's tent...visible through his pants, seemed to grow harder and harder.

With the laundry basket on my bed, I quickly took the black crotchless panties in my hands. Holding them up for my son's approval, I asked him. "What do you think of these?"

My son remained quiet...his lips were trembling. All he could do was nod his head in approval.
I shaked them out...slipping my fingers through the open crotch, I wiggled my fingers at him. "Again, I guess I need a man's opinion. If you were my husband...would you like to see them on your wife?"

My son just stood there...eyes wandering back and forth between my lacy panties and my naked flesh. He slowly licked his lips...his hand went down to his crotch, seemingly to adjust his huge package, in his pants. As if he became aware of what he had done, he quickly moved his hands away from his crotch. "Um...yeah. I think dad would love them."

Another moment had passed and the tension was thick...somehow, my son found the hidden reserve of strength...though his voice was barely above a whisper, he said. "I...I shouuld go back and study some more."

He turned away from me and literally ran out of my bedroom, down the hallway to his bedroom. I quickly followed my son to the hallway. "Thank honey for your opinion. I'll call in for a pizza for supper...I also have some great DVD's for us to watch." My son was in such a hurry...I couold barely hear his mumbled reply.
I then dressed myself...slipping on the crotchless panties...quickly admiring myself in the mirror...the black lace contrasted so well with my wispy blonde muff. I then slippede into a slinky black lace peignoir that I had purchased earlier. I foudn the outfit to be very sexy...teasingly sexy. It hung to my mid-thigh...when I sat down, it would be drawn up close to my crotch. The scooped neck offered a voluptuous veiw of my meaty breasts, just skirting the edges of my aureoles...yet, transparently revealing my nippes in sheer silk swatches.
Leaving my bedroom, walking in my "fuck me" pumps...I once again, returned to my kitchen. I was feeling nasty, whorish...the wetness between my legs caused me to think of just walking back up stairs and throwing me at my son. Still, I knew that my son wasn't quite ready...and the time was passing quickly; I was already past the 6 o'clock hour. I felt that I had to proceed in a cautious way.

I called in for the pizza. Within 20 minutes, the next stage of my plan was going to be put into effect. My confidence took a shattering hit, when right after I had placed the pizza order; my husband called. Seeing the caller ID, I wondered if the mystery person would be listening to my phone call with him. I decided to pick up the phone. Half of my brain was listening to my husband...he was telling me about his first day at the seminar. He said something about new insurance statistics...I had to fight the urge to scream at him, to run to the somehow get himself protected. But I fought off the urge, my impulses squelched the certain knowledge that if I did so...he might be saved and yet, what about my daughter?

Then a terrible wave of guilt washed over me as I realized that for the first time in our marriage, I was going to be unfaithful to him. But what else could I do? I felt a little crazy for a moment as my husband comtinued to talk. The urge that I had at that moment was so intense. I just wanted to ask him, “Hey honey, what would you prefer I do...let you be murdered or fuck our son?”

Finally my air of distraction became obvious even to my husband. “JoLyn, are you okay?” Another question was asked, “Is our son taking care of you while I’m gone?”

I fought the urge to just start laughing or cryiny. Ii simply said, “Oh sure, you’, you’d be proud of him.” That seemed to mollify my husband and after we discussed his schedule, he told me he’d see me Monday evening and that he loved me.

“I love you, too, Honey,” I replied a bit numbly. After I hung up the phone, I stood in my kitchen and cried.
I needed to cry. I felt so ashamed...and still in the back of my mind, I knew why I was pursuing my son. I was able to get myself together. I struggled to regroup...taking many deep breaths, I reassured myself that I had to do whatever was necessary, in order to make this seduction work.

I was prepared with the next stage of my plan. I thought about the fashion show that I had put on for my son...the naughty flashing. Without question, the bulge in my son's pants also was considered at that particular no time at all, I felt the fires growing between my legs. I again tryed to understand how I could feel both ashamed and aroused all that the same time.

The doorbell rang...I yelled up to my son. When he answered me, I asked him to come downstairs, so he could pay the pizza delivery person. I had placed the money by the front door. I also yelled to him, saying that I would meet him in the living room.

I listened to the discussion that the pizza delivery person had with my son. I knew he went into the living room, after the front door was shut. From the kitchen, I began the journey to the living my hand, I held a tray with plates, napkins and drinks. When I entered the living room, my son had laid the pizza on the coffee table and he was in the process of looking over the DVD's that I had picked up.

“So, do you like the video's that I selected." I asked.

My son was about to answer me...but his reply died on his lips. His eyes grew wide...and i was beginning to enjoy that look of astonishmet. My negligee either scared him or aroused his curiousity. As i walked into the living room with the tray, I was wondering what he was thinking at that particular moment. I wasn't wearing a bra...his eyes were scanning downward, studying the them of my peignoir...perhaps he was remembering that my panties were crotchless.

I leaned over and placed the tray on the coffee table. My breasts almost fell out...certainly I was giving my son a tremendous view of my cleavage. “Honey? Everything okay?” I asked softly, handing him a plate and a soda.

That same reddened face returned. He just sat on the couch and continued to stare on my semi-exposed breasts. "Um...what. No, uh, I mean...yeah mom, I'm ok." He f***ed himself to look away from my breasts. He was grasping his words, staring first at the pizza and then the video's...and then, back to my breasts. "Mom, I'm not sure that you're going to like these movies...they're kinda crude."

Actually, the video's were really crude. I picked them out carefully. They movies were so-called teen comedies. Mostly about teenagers trying to get laid, or losing their virginity. I knew there were alot of nude shots and provacative scenes. I was hoping that my son was going to see alot of boob shots. I selected one of the movies and popped it into the player. And so there we were, mother and son...sitting on the sofa, eating pizza and watching a movie together. The movie was in fact, crude and nasty...full of cursing, nudity and I will admit, funny in its own sort of way.

My son's attention? Well, he watched the movie and then again, his attention was drawn on me; his mother. Whenever I got up to go to the bathroom, I knew his eyes were following my every step. Whenever I moved to get into a more comfortable position, I was aware of his eyes. Every time I got up, or repositioned myself on the couch, I slithered closer and closer to my son. I knew that my son was catching glimpses of my crotch...knowing full well that my peignoir would ride upwards. Long before the movie ended...that beautiful bulge in my sons pants, had returned.

When the movie ended, it was past 10 o'clock. Time was running out and so, I knew that I had to be quick with the rest of my plan. I got up to turn off the player...I was well aware that by bending over, I was exposing my ass to my son. I purposely spread my legs a bit...I was scared and yet, aroused. I could feel the heat and slipperiness of my was swollen and wet...and very much exposed to my son's eyes.
Having shut off the player, I quickly sat down by my son on the sofa. I wasn't playing around...again, time was slipping by. In a bold move...I simply curled up to my son. I was acutely aware that the hem of my peignoir was hovering right up around my crotch. My son was tense and to hopefully ease the moment, I began to lightly scratch the fine hairs of his arm. I could hear his heart beating...

At one point, I whispered to my son, "Honey, thank you for helping me out today...for being the man I needed"
Barely audible, my son managed to say, "Yeah mom...anytime."

“It really meant a lot to me...hearing you tell me how beautiful I am…how sexy I am.” I paused for just a moment, then I moved my fingers down to his hand; interlocking our fingers. I quickly said, “A woman my age...well, we want to hear that sort of thing."

There was a long pause and then, my son said. “Well, it’s true, Mom. You are beautiful.”

I turned my head to look up at him and said in a quite voice, “Really, honey?”

My son gave me a shy smile and said, “Really, Mom. I’ve always thought that you were beautiful.”

I lifted myself up and gave my son a slow, a very lingering slow peck on his cheek. As I moved, my meaty breast was rubbing up against his body. “You’re so sweet, honey.” I said, giving his hand a squeeze.”
Silence followed. I continued to play with the hairs on my son's arm...I squiremed about, working my way closer to my son...a moment later, I allowed my hand to fall, to touch my son's leg; just above his knee. The tension in the room was high, my son was breathing heavily; he remained motionless.

The clock that sat on the mantel was now heart began to race; I had ninety minuteds to complete the seduction. I had 90 minutes to save my husband and daughter. I took deep breath and made my move. "Honey," I said.

"Yeah mom."

“This afternoon, when I was modeling my new clothes for you. Did I make you hard?”

My son gasped and his body stiffened and I think he halfheartedly tried to rise, but I kept my hand firmly on his leg. “Please...I really want to know.”

Silence ensued. I slid my hand a few inches up on my son's thigh and said, “Please tell me...did I make your cock hard?”

I watched as my son began to lick his lips...he opened his mouth, and then his mouth closed. He turned his face away from me, but finally...without making eye contact, he whispered, “Yes.”

I slid my fingers further up his thigh. I stopped just below where his tent was seen. I then asked my son the most obvious question, "Honey, are you hard right now?”

He nodded. Swallowing with difficulty and unable to speak, I asked my son, “Honey, are you hard now because...we're sitting together on the sofa?"

My son could only nod. I leaned into him with my free hand, taking his chin...I f***ed his face towards me. "Tell your mother the truth."

At that particular moment, there were tears in my sons eyes. Finally, I heard my son say, "You're making me hard!"

With those words being said, my son began to cry. I made numerous shushing sounds and held him close...placing my fingers on his lips, rising slightly...I pressed my lips to his lips. I began to kiss him gently...lovingly...mostly with a closed mouth. I was also aware that my tongue was tasting his lips...somehow, this seemed to calm him down.

"Thank you honey. I'm glad that I made your cock hard." The next words that I spoke...just flowed out from my lips. I couldn't believe that I had said, "I wanted to turn you on...I wanted to make your cock become hard."

I slid my hand further up along my son's thigh...finally, the palm of my hand had covered his monster hard-on. I coud feel it pulsing in rhythm with his heart. I looked into my son's eyes and said. "Can I see it honey? Will you show me your hard cock?"

My son's eyes remained wide open...perhaps, in total amazement. He was speechless...and yet, he nodded his head. Never taking my eyes off from my son's eyes...trying to convey my love for hand became active; I loosened his belt. I then unbottoned his pants...the only sound at that moment, was his zipper being lowered. My son tensed up...I slipped my hand into his crotch, through the opening of his boxers...and the first time; I wrapped my fingers around my son's erect penis.

I was able to free my son's cock. My heart was pounding against my chest...I had to look at it. Finally, looking away from my sons eyes, I cast my eyes downward; I was speechless! I couldn't believe that my son was that big! Actually...huge! I became so mesmerized...I just did what came natural to me, I began to stroke it...feeling its pulse in my grip. I returned to my son's eyes and said, "Honey...your cock is beautiful."
Freeing it from the confines of his shorts, I finally looked down and now I was speechless. Oh my god! Who the hell knew my son was carrying around such a huge piece of cockflesh. Almost mesmerized, I began to slowly stroke it, feeling it pulse with life in my grip. I tore my eyes away from my son’s mammoth cock and looked again into his eyes.

My breathing was heavy. "It''s so beautiful and so...huge!" Lowering my voice, I added, "You're much bigger than your dad!" I wasn't lying...he was bigger than his father. I was looking at my son's cock in my hand...aside from being bigger, my son's sock was thicker. Stroking his cock, becoming aware of my son's breathing...I rose up and kissed my son on his lips. I felt my tongue leaving my mouth. I was deliberately licking my son's lips...wishing that he would open his mouth and take my tongue deep into his throat.

"Mom...we shouldn't be doing this! Isn't this wrong!" My son said.

“Honey," I said in a very gentle voice...never ceasing my slow stroking. "It's not wrong. You love me and I love you." With a slight pause, I then said. "You've made your mother...very, very wet."

Looking into my son's widened eyes he whispered, “What?”

I slowly spread my knees, my legs apart...knowing that I was pulling the hem of the peignoir upwards, therefore, I was revealing myself to my son. My naked pussy became visible against the framed black lace of my crotchless panites. "You...and only you made my pussy become wet. The love I have for ned for you...and this fine cock of've made my pussy wetter that its ever been in my entire life." I reached out with my free hand...finding his limp hand, I said. "Touch me...feel for yourself honey."

I assisted my son...tugging his hand towards me...letting it come to rest on my inner thigh. His hand was just a few inches away from my flowered darkly pink and glistening wet. I released his hand. I wanted my son to make the move on his own.

My voice was hoarse, "Touch me honey. Feel what you do to me." Hearing my voice, I became horrified by the moment. More than anything...I wanted my son to touch me. I needed him to touch me.
I knew the moment was near. I held my breath and without taking my eyes off from my son's face...while I continnued to stroke his beautiful cock...his hand finally moved! His hand slid up my thigh...brushing over the lacy silk of my panties...pausing for a moment, his hand hovered over the heat from my pussy. It's alright honey...please touch me...I want you to."

The gasp that was body became son's fingers brished through my wispy bush...then he pressed his hand against my wet labia. My son paused...his eyes were filled with such doubt, my eyes were filled with such i****tuous lust. One finger...then two began to trail along my slit...between my swollen and quivering lips...suddenly, my son's fingers sunk inside...then deeper into my pussy. "Yessssss! I hissed...encouraging my son to go even deeper. I begabn to clamp down around his fingers...wanting to feel him inside me.

"Oh mom," My son whispered. " are wet." He waggled his fingers around, sinking them to the second nuckle and I grouond myself against his hand. I heard him say, "I love you mom!"

Feeling ashamed and aroused all at the same time, I whispered back. "I love you too honey."
With his fingers still in my pussy, I leaned forward and kissed him. This time, I wasn't just licking his lips...I f***ed my tongue between his lips...gratified and excited; my son welcomed my tongue into his mouth. As we kissed, I contineud to stroke his cock...and without question, his cock just seemed to grow and grow. I passed my thumb gently over the top of his cock, smearing the thick drops of his precum around his pink head.

My son was doing his part...causing me to shiver with pleasure as he plunged another finger deep into my pussy. He was discovering my sweet he began to probe I was making mewing nooises against his mouth...rubbing myself up against his body like a female dog in heat. My son's free hand...I reached out and held it in my hand...he didn't fight my advances as I led his hand to my breasts. Tugging down the neckline of my breasts were let free. My son had a fetish for titties...he was moaning as he kneaded my heavy tits.

Call it a****listic passion...all thoughts of shame were long forgotten; I was on the verge of an orgasm. I pulled away from my son only to sink to my knees in front of him. I wasn't thinking of a "plan" anymore. My son's cock stood out before me...without thinking about the bond of mother/son; I ran my tongue over the head of his cock. In a blink of an eye, I took my son's cock into my mouth...the head of his cock touched my tonsiils; I was sucking him furiously. Not once, did I ever lose eye contact with my son...the look of utter pleasure was seen on his face.

His pre-cum had long ago...been swallowed. My son's cock was deep within my mouth, my throat...his wiry blonde pubes were tickling my nose. Then, depite being in sheer carnal desire, I realized that i was tasting cum. Yet, he hadn't shot his load into my mouth...but without question, I could taste it. On his shaft...his crotch; I suddenly became aware of the dampness in his pubic hairs. As I was sucking my son's hit me; he had been masturbating earlier.

I let my son slowly slip from my lips...with my small hand, I held his cock...rubbing it over my face and cheeks. I looked up at him and said, "Were you playing with yourself earlier?" How could my question be it was, I was holing my son's cock in my hand. My face showed a brilliant smile. I just wanted to hear the truth. My son nodded slowly.

I ran my tongue up the length of my son's cock...then back down. I held my son's balls in my hands...they were so tight and I knew they were full of juice. I lapped at each one, licking lovingly...taking each one into my mouth. Then my tongue licked its way back up to my son's mushroom. Looking into my son's eyes, I asked him. "were you thinking of me when you masturbated?"

My son could only utter a soft, "Yes."

"Whenever you have the urge to masturbate...please honey, come see me. Momma will make sure that all of your needs are met." I then took his magnificent cock into my mouth...sucking my son with a vengeance. My head bobbed up and free hand was massaging his balls...going further south, I began to touch and massage his scrotum. I felt my son's hands on me, on my head...curling his fingers around my short blonde hair till he was helping me work my head back and forth. I felt as if my son was fucking my much as I was sucking his dick. I moaned my approval...and I heard him moan in return.

It didn't take too long from there...I heard my son's quickened breaths...his cock began to swell and he cried out, "I'm coming mom! I'm cumming!" And what a warm gusher it sperm flew into my mouth...exploding against the far reaches of my throat. Sweet, clean tasting cum. I forgot how wonderful cum can taste. My son thrust his hips against my face, crying with pleasure as I continued to suck him. With the reality of having swallowed my son's orgasm took shape and my body quivered in pleasure.
I couldn’t help but love what I had done. It had been years since I’d felt this much passion for a man…for my husband. A dam of repressed sexual need, seemed to son had long ago blew his load and yet, I just kept sucking his cock...I wanted to drain his swallow every precious drop.

As I continued to suck my son's cock, he squirmed in pleasure. I'm sure the sensations were overwhelming. When I released my son's cock from my mouth...I pressed my face against his cock, his balls. A long stream of saliva and sperm trailed from my mouth. I looked up into his eyes and said. "Honey, would you like to make love to me?" I so badly wanted to feel my son's cock in my pussy.

Not waiting to hear his answer...I took his cock and began to caress it against my nipples; my breasts. I fell back...shoving the coffee table aside; I wanted to be on my back. I drew my knees legs and thighs were spread wide apart...I exposed my hungry pussy to my son.

My son remained very still...and yet, his cock continued to stand straight forward. I quickly glanced at the clock on the was a little past 11 o'clock. I was so close now!

I held out my hands and somehow, I managed to spread my legs even wider apart. "Please honey, I want you...I need you." I thrust my pelvis up...flaunting my son to react...trying to entice him. "Please honey, I want you to make love to me."

For one terrible moment, when my son stood up...I thought he was going to run away. He just towered over me and said. "I, I've...well, I've never done this before. I'm a virgin."

As my son's words sank in...I wanted him even more. "It's okay honey. I would love to be your first lover."

A moment later, my son had fallen to his between my legs; our bodies met. I took him in my arms and we kissed each other with such passion...wrapping my arms around him; I held him tightly in my arms. I felt his hard cock against my mound...then it dawned on me. He still had his clothes on. I drew my feet up and worked his undone pants down to his ankles...somehow, he had kicked them off. Between wet, sloppy kisses...I was able to remove his shirt; I flung it to the side.

My son’s body shivered as I tongued his hard, pebble-like nipples. I sucked each one...nipping them both with my teeth and instinctively, he began to hump against my body with his. Between my legs, there was a raging fire...I needed to be fucked. I needed my son to fuck me...and it needed to happen now!

I reached down with one hand and took hold ofhis cock...the head of his cock came ito contact with my aching, needy pussy. It was time. My son was about to fuck his mother. I was saving my husband and daughter...I was being a good mother and wife. All at once, my son's cock began to press into my pussy...his large cock-head was enveloped by my hot and tender flesh. My son growled and all at once, the weight of his body fell against me; his dick was deep into my pussy. No one had ever been this deep in my pussy before...waves of sheer carnal pleasure exploded inside of me...magnified by the knowledge of my flesh melding with my flesh; in an i****tuous union.

I buried my face against my son's chest...feeling his young heart racing, pounding with excitement...and again, he thrust his cock deep into my pussy; it felt like a jackhammer. His first dozen or so thrust were painful...but still, the pleasure was overwhelming. In record time, my pussy adapted to my son's first i****tuous orgasm faded; I began to meet his thrusts.

In my son's excitement...his cock sprang free. Before i could move to help him get inside of me son's dick found its own way back home; thrusting itself deep within me. My son was a virgin...his cock was touching me in virgin places...and I was quickly in the throes of a son induced orgasm again.

My son fucked me in a sloppy way...and yet, he fucked me in such a wonderful way; hard and deep. He had no experience whatsoever...he moved awkwardly...barely doing anything but relying upon his instincts...and yet, it was the most wonderful fuck that I've ever had. Just feeling his cock sliding along...scr****g my inner flesh...the touch of my son's flesh upon my flesh, he did things to my body that no-one had ever done before...which mostly, included his father.

I clung to fingernails dug into my son's shoulders...and my legs were wrapped tightly around his ass. In no time at all, our bodies were perspiring. we were covered in fuck sweat. I could smell my pussy juices...juices that literally poured forth, as my son moved back and forth inside of me. My thighs became slippery...allowing him to somehow pound his lovely cock into me all the harder and faster. We kissed a bit...his breath was heavy on my neck...and then he surprised me; he locked his lips on my nipple and sucked me with such energy.

A thrid massive orgasm swelled up inside of me...fueled by my son's cock. I forgot about my daughter and I allowed myself to fall headlong into a well of i****tuous lust. I didn't want this moment to end...I just wanted to feel my son's cock in my pussy. I began to scream incoherently...slamming myself against my son's thrust and then the mother of all orgasms were felt; my son had emptied his balls into my pussy.

For many wonderful long moments...I felt my son's creamy semen filling my womb; his cock was buried inside of me. For that moment, it wasn't a mother with her was a man with a woman. I was floating in a heavenly state of mind.

Our breathing slowed, our kisses became more gentle...and in time, I felt my son's penis shrank; he slipped out from my pussy's grasp. My son got up...again, I hoped that he wasn't going o run away. Instead, he shut off the television...he lowered the lights. When he returned next to me...he tossed a throw blanket over us. He placed his arms around me...holding me, making me feel safe; we both fell asl**p.

I awoke in the wee hours of the night...the mid-night hour, had long ago passed. My son's eyes opened...a soft kiss, a more passionate kiss; our bodies were sweetly touching each other. My son's penis came aline...hard and aroused, brushing along my thigh. Somehow...still entangled together, we made it to our feet...taking my son's hand in my hand; I led him upstairs. I led him to my bedroom; to his father's bedroom.
From the bedroom, still holding onto my son's hand...I walked him towards my bathroom. "I think we should take a shower together." My son nodded. When the water was warm, we stepped inside. I washed my son's body...his hair. We kissed up a storm. his hands moved over my body...and he felt much more relaxed; more confident. I knelt on the shower's floor. I looked up into my son's eyes and said. "Would you like me to suck your cock some more?"

My son's cock was rock hard...pointing straight forward, only inches from my face. "Yeah mom...please, please...I want you to suck me."

"Tell me honey. Tell me what you want me to suck." I smiled.

"I want you to suck my cock." My son was struggling to stand...but his voice was strong and filled with such desire.

Once again, my mouth opened for my son's cock...and once again, I felt my head moving forward and backwards. It was such a magical moment...immediately my son took hold of my head; his hips began to thrust against my face. When I sensed that my son was close to his orgasm...I slowed down. I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy. I wanted to make love to him in my bed. When his cock was free from my mouth...when I stood up; his hand found my mound. We kissed hard...our tongues were dancing together...his fingers easily made there way...deep inside my pussy. There I was in my shower...with my son; he was finger fucking me.

Our bodies were glued to each other...the water cascading down on our bodies. It was then, I heard my son say, "Can I taste you mom?"

Looking into my sn's eyes, I said. "Honey, of course you can. You can do whatever you want with me." I couldn't believe what I then said to my son. "My body is yours to enjoy...anytime...anyplace."

With the shower off...I dried off my son's body. He then returned the favor. We walked to the side of my bed. I looked at my son's firm ass...and I wondered if he had seen mine. Over the next few hours, I felt son met my every need. His cock stayed erect, where he lacked experience...his enthusiasm made up for it. When my son knelt between my legs...he was a little bit apprehensive. With encouragement, he soon moved his head forward; his tongue was electrifying. His hands were underneath my body, grasping my ass cheeks...his tongue was dancing all over my clit.

With a little instruction, I showed him the different parts of my pussy...I told him how sensitive my clit was, could be...if he lovingly and gently licked and sucked it. While between my legs, he watched his fingers enter my pussy; he watched his fingers as he fucked me with them. He learned of my orgasm. His mouth stayed glued to my pussy and I hel his head firmly in place until my moment of plasure subsided. I knew in time, he would become more confident in licking his mother's pussy.

My son was now on top of me; my legs were spread wide for him. We kissed each other with such passion. He looked into my eyes and said, "I want it all mom...I want to have it all."

The urgency in his words, the hunger in his voice...I became so inflamed with desire, the need to fice myself to him completely. "Tell me what that means to you...that you want it all." I asked him.

He reached down between our bodies. He found his confidence...he knew where his cock belonged. He placed his mushroom head against my opening...pushing himself into my body; I easily took every inch that he could give me. "I want your mouth." He said. He had brought his cock out and then...he drove it home; deep into my pussy. "I want you pussy." Slowly, he brought his cock all the way out...just as it did earlier, without any guidance...his cock found the entrance to my pussy and he drilled me hard and deep.
"Yes baby." I said. You can have my pussy...anytime, anywhere." My body was convulsing in pleasure.

"Mom...I want your ass too." Upon hearing my son's voice, I opened my eyes. My lips were quivering. My body froze...for just that moment. My son once again had driven his dick deep into my pussy.
I managed to say, "I've never done that before...not even with your father."

I saw my son smile. "Well, I'm not a virgin anymore."

He buried his face into my chest...I brought my arms around my son and held onto him tightly. His hips were in full f***e...his cock was pounding me, deep and fast. It was son was no longer a virgin; he was a man. I wanted to give him my body, my sexuality...when he chose to take, to enjoy my ass; I knew I wouldn't refuse him.

My son had me moaning in the missionary legs sometimes locked around his hips, other times my legs d****d themselves over his shoulders. My son gripped my breasts, squeezing them...he lightly pinched my nipples; he lovingly sucked each one. From the missionary position...we switched positions...and I rode him; his mother was on top of her son.

I think my son liked the doggie style the best. he continued to thrust himsself deep inside me. He reached around and squeezed and pinched my sagging breasts. He kissed my shoulders...and a few times, I felt his finger touch my anus. I sensed that he did in fact, look at his mother's ass. I was lost in lust; my son wanted to make love to his mother's asshole. At one time, we looked over at the mirror that was on top of the was an electrifying moment, to see my son's hips move in such a wonderful fashion.
The mirror...that single image of me on my son's left arm around my round belly...his right hand was full of tit; I could see his cock leaving and then returning to the depths of my pussy.

That night...that beautiful night, while on my bed; my son shot his second load of sperm into his mother's pussy. Once my son had filled my womb up with his sperm...I quickly moved and got between his legs. I wanted my son to see me cleaning his him of our mixed juices. To my delight, my son was just as eager as I was...he knelt between my legs. I marveled at his willingness to lick my quivering and sensitive pussy...he appeared to be fascinated by his mother's pussy. While my son's sperm was oozing out from me...something that his father had refused to do over the years of our marriage; my son licked me clean.

Once again, we kissed each other with such passion. Exhausted...but in a good way; my son and I fell asl**p in each other's arms. I didn't wake up until the first light of dawn. My pussy was tender and raw from being licked, sucked...and fucked. My nipples were tender and raw...even my tongue was tired from having sucked my son, so often through the night. Yet, I was happy and very content...not once, did I think about my husband or daughter. I fell back to sl**p.

It was nearly noon when I awoke again, my head resting on John’s chest, hand d****d across his slightly doughy stomach, my thigh across his legs and his cock. Speaking of his was semi-erect, nestled against my thighs. Simply beautiful to look at. My son was deep in his sl**p...and for awhile I watched him. As weary as my body was, as sore as my body was; I wanted him again.

Nourishment was and something to eat. Good sex always made me hungry. Gently, so not to awake my son...I slipped from the bed and went downstairs. I was standing naked in my kitchen...humming a happy tune as I fixed us an english muffin, and started the coffee. The reason for my good my mind began to settle down; I began to cry.

I had broken my vows with my son lay asl**p upstairs in his mother and father's bed. To make matters worse; my son was sl**ping, naked in our bed. I sat at the kitchen table and ate a muffin and sipped my coffee. I had to believe that my husband and daughter were perfectly safe...unharmed, as I had completed the seducation of my son. I started to remind myself as to the many reasons "why" I had to seduce my son. I knew if I had to do it all over again...I would have made the same decision and so, I knew I had made the right decision. I could not allow myself to feel any guilt over what had taken place.
The truth was apparently nipples had hardened and I was able to easily recall last nights sexual romp with my son. As I sat at the kitchen table, I felt my labia begin to grow slick...and then, my senses sharpened...I could smell my son on my body; I could smell us. I reeked of sperm and pussy juice...and I was thinking to myself, how easy it would wake up my son.

I was on my way wake up my son, to enjojy his cock once again...when the phone rang. I walked over to the phone and said "Hello." In that instant, I knew who was on the other end of the line.

"JoLyn, you performed brilliantly last night. I thought it was going to be a challenge for you. You had nearly an hour to go when your son climbed on top of you. Your son left all kinds of DNA on your carpet."
His mechanical voice was maddening. When he mentioned the scene on the carpet, having known the precise time...confirmation; he was somehow able to watch everything that I did with my son. In a calm voice I said. "I did what you asked. My husband and daughter?"

"Your husband and daughter are safe. No hard will come to them."

“Thank God,” I replied. “What happens now?”

"That's up to you JoLyn. It would appear to me that you truly enjoyed yourself last night. I have this feeling that your son is going to want a repeat performance." A moment went by and then the voice said. "I think you have a new loveer in your life."

Dead silence. I began to cry. My mouth felt dry. My nipples swelled and I felt a ripple of desire through my body...the voice was right. My sonn was going to become my lover.

As if the voice was able to see me standing...naked with the phone to my ear; he began to chuckle. I then heard a woman sounded as if she was nearing an orgasm. When I heard my voice, when I heard myself encouraging my son to fuck me...I realized that the moan, the woman nearing her orgasm; was me. A sudden fear seemed to engulf my body, my senses...and somehow I found the courage to say, "So...are you going to blackmail me now?"

Only the voice was on the line. "JoLyn, I'm not seeking money. I certainly don't want to fuck you...not after you've fucked your own son."

“What the fuck do you want then?” I yelled into the phone; my fingers tightened around the phone receiver.

Silence. On the other end of the line...i knew the voice had hung up the phone. I sat it down...then I stumbled back to the kitchen table. I was lost in thought...i should be worried about this man. i should have been worried about how he was able to watch my every move...and I had no idea if he was going to continue to spy on me; on my f****y. This man, his voice had manipulated me into seducing my son...after a short period of time, I became less concerned about him; the voice.

I stood and quickly went back upstairs. I paused in the doorway of my bedroom...I could smell the scent of sperm and pussy juice. My son was laying asl**p...he had kicked the blankets off from his body...his semi-erect cock was between his legs. I moved to the side of my bed, where my son was lying...I carefully took his cock in my hand, I bent down and lightly kissed the head. I lovingly began to lick his mushroom tongue tickled his pee slit.

“Honey, wake up” I whispered softly.

My son's eyes flickered open. He opened his arms to me...for the rest of the day...and though my pussy ached, though my breasts were sore; my son and I made love.... Continue»
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b*****r And s****r Love


John just knew that there had to be a way to capitalize on the fact that he knew his twin s****r Kelly had lost her virginity and was regularly getting laid. Even though they were only 18 years of age, John had enough of his father in him to always try to find a way to capitalize on a situation. That's what comes from having a stockbroker for a father. The fact that he was totally in love with his s****r and always had been just made it a little harder. He had constantly heard his father espousing the philosophy that business was business and friendship was friendship and you couldn't let the two get in the way of each other if they were both to succeed. And since his father had made millions of dollars in the market, John knew he knew what he was talking about.

But then there was Kelly. John didn't just love his s****r, he was in love with her. To him there was no more beautiful girl in the world, with maybe the exception of their mother, Karin. Kelly was 5'6" tall and 120 pounds. She had long curly red hair that hung halfway down her back and bright green eyes. Her figure had really filled out in the last year, and he knew from going through her clothes that she wore a 36-C bra. Sometimes he could see her nipples sticking out from her t-shirt when she didn't wear a bra, like around the house.

He himself was just topping 6' in height and weighed an even 170 pounds. He loved sports and was constantly looking at his muscles in the mirror in disbelief as his body became more and more defined. He couldn't wait until he was full grown like his father. Jason Redson was the perfect picture of success. 6'4" tall, dark hair with blue eyes, he always thought his father should have been a movie star, not a stockbroker. With his mother and Kelly almost look-alike twins, he knew that he had been born into a blessed f****y and was determined to take advantage of it. That's what assets were for, his father constantly told him. If you don't utilize them, what good are they?

Well, he was bound and determined to utilize them, he thought as he massaged his cock in his hand while thinking of his lovely s****r. He smiled as he looked down at the 8" of hard cock in his hand, wondering if any of the three boys that he knew Kelly was fucking had cocks as big as his. She didn't even have a boyfriend. He felt his frustrations peak as his balls scrunched up and cum shot from the end of his cock, splashing all over the floor in front of his bed. When he finished cumming, he stood up, determined to figure a way out of his dilemma before he went crazy.

While John got dressed in his room, Kelly was just waking up in her room next door. She kicked the covers off and enjoyed a luxuriant stretch as she thought of the previous night and smiled. Biff Wilson had fucked her and sucked her to so many orgasms that she had thought she would explode from pleasure. Instead, when he had finally collapsed, too drained for any more, she had felt like she only wanted more and more and more.

She felt her nipples getting hard and her pussy getting wet as she lay there and thought about it. God, she loved sex. It had only been a couple of months since she had lost her cherry, but she found herself thinking of sex almost all of the time. Her hands went to her breasts, cupping them, her fingers automatically finding her hard erect nipples and pinching and pulling on them. One hand slid down between her legs to feel the warm moistness there, a finger finding her huge erect clit and gently rubbing it. She f***ed herself to stop, knowing that if she didn't she'd lay there the whole day and play with herself. It was Saturday and she had the whole weekend to look forward to.

Getting to her feet, she stuck her finger in her mouth and gently sucked it, tasting herself. She had quickly learned that she loved sucking a cock, especially after it had been inside of her and was covered with her juices. She understood why the boys who she fucked loved so much eating her pussy. If she could reach it she'd eat herself, she thought with a grin. But what to wear today. She didn't really have any plans until tonight, just laze around the house, maybe get some sun, watch some TV.

I wonder what John's doing today, she thought, a smile crossing her face when she thought of her big gorgeous twin b*****r. She knew all the girls at school got wet whenever they saw him. And he didn't even have a clue, she thought, shaking her head in amazement. He could be getting more pussy than anyone she knew if he'd just try. She knew that he noticed girls, she had seen the looks she had gotten when she sometimes wore a tight t-shirt without a bra around the house. She was sure she had seen him with a lump in his pants on more than one occasion.

Maybe I'll hang with John today, tease him a little bit and find out what he's been up to, she thought, reaching for a cut-off t-shirt and pulling it over her head. It barely came down enough to cover her tits, and her nipples pressed out against the material, making it very obvious that she had no bra on. She then reached for a pair of cut-offs, slipping into them without any underwear. She loved the feeling of the thick seam rubbing her clit as she moved her legs. She knew if she wasn't careful she'd wet the entire crotch.

Poor John, she thought as she brushed her hair. She had really been ignoring him for the last few months while her hormones had raged for the first time in her life and she had become quickly addicted to sex. They had always been real close, just like twins, always talking and sharing their secrets with each other. He was the first person she had told that she had lost her cherry when it had happened and it had seemed to her that their relationship had sort of changed from that point on. She opened the door to her room and waltzed down the hallway to the kitchen where she found both her parents and John sitting down to breakfast.

"Good morning, everyone," she said, sliding into a seat. "I'm starved."

"Well, good morning to you too," Karin said. "Don't you think you could have found a bit more of a shirt to wear?" she asked.

"Oh, mom, it's Saturday and I'm having breakfast in my own home," Kelly replied. "I'm not going out like this."

"Jason," Karin said. "Please say something."

"Well, she's certainly growing up, isn't she?" he said, shaking his head.

"How would you like it if I dressed like that around the house?" Karin asked. "You think you'd be so relaxed about it?"

"No, I don't," he replied, a big smile on his face. "Why don't you try it and find out."

"Yeah, mom, what's wrong with the way I'm dressed anyway?" Kelly asked, laughing at her mother's look of surprise. "I'm covered. You can see more when I wear a bathing suit and you don't tell me not to wear one in public."

"I'm sorry I ever said anything," Karin said, sitting back down. "You look wonderful, dear. It's nice that you're so comfortable with yourself and your f****y."

"What's the big deal anyway?" John suddenly said. "It's not like it's not obvious that she's got tits now. She'd still have them even if she wore a sack."

"That a way, twin b*****r," Kelly laughed. "If I make you uncomfortable, mom, I'd be happy to go change."

"Just forget it," Karin said, laughing now herself. "I must be getting old."

"What are you two going to do today?" Jason asked as they ate breakfast.

"I don't know," Kelly answered. "I thought I'd see what John's up to and hang out with him."

"I don't really have any plans," John said, inwardly pleased to hear what his s****r had said, and also happy to see what she was wearing. "Maybe I'll go down to the river for a while."

"That sounds like fun," Kelly said. "I haven't been down there in a while."

"Well, I'm off to play golf," Jason said, getting to his feet. "I'll see all of you later."

"You two help me clean up first," Karin said. "I assume you have a date tonight?" she asked Kelly.

"Yup," Kelly said, nodding her head. "Jimmy Hastings."

"Well, don't forget your curfew," Karin said.

"I won't, mom," Kelly assured her. "I promise."

"I'm going to change, and then we'll go," John said as they finished cleaning up from breakfast.

"Okay, I'll wait here," Kelly said, noticing that his eyes strayed to her chest yet again.

It was less than a mile to the river along a trail through the forest that bordered their house. They walked in silence, savoring the smells and sounds of the forest until they got to the river. Then a little further along the bank they came to a small grassy clearing under a big oak tree that overhung the river.

"God, I love this place," Kelly said, flopping down on the ground on her back, her arms flung wide.

"It's the best," John agreed, noticing that her shirt had pulled up, exposing the undersides of her tits.

"John, why don't you ever go out with any of the girls?" Kelly suddenly asked, pushing up so that she was propped on her elbows.

"I don't know," John mumbled, glancing at her and seeing that the bottoms of her tits were now almost completely exposed up to the edge of her nipples.

"I know so many girls who would give anything to go out with you," she said. "I mean, you're the best looking guy in the whole school."

"Right. Who says?" John asked, snorting in contempt.

"Well, I do," Kelly said, smiling at him. "And I'd know."

"Oh, how's that?" John asked, unable to avoid smiling.

"Because I'm dating all the best looking boys and none of them even come close to you," she replied.

"How come you always go out with someone different?" John asked.

"Why not!" Kelly said. "I'm not looking to only go out with one guy. I'm young. I want to see what different guys are like."

"Are they really all that different?" John asked.

"Oh, yes, they sure are," Kelly laughed. "No two alike."

"Not at all?" John asked.

"Well, they all want to fuck," Kelly said. "That's for sure. But then they're different there too."

"What!" John exclaimed, staring at her.

"Oh, you know," Kelly said, laying back down, her hands behind her head.

Now her shirt pulled up so that her nipples were exposed and John watched as they crinkled and screwed themselves into hard knots. Her feet were flat on the ground about shoulder width apart and John could see where the material bunched into her crotch. He wasn't certain, but he thought that maybe she wasn't wearing any panties.

"What do you mean by that?" John asked again.

"Well," Kelly began, sitting up cross-legged in front of him, "some guys are bigger and some are more tender and some are faster."

"Are you talking about...."

"Sex," Kelly said emphatically, seeing him blush.

"Uh, are you, you know, doing it with lots of different guys?" John asked. Now he was absolutely certain that she wasn't wearing any panties.

"If I go out with them I make sure they fuck me," Kelly said, watching his face.

"Kelly!" John said, his face turning crimson and his cock twitching in his shorts.

"That's why I want you to go out with some of my friends," Kelly said plaintively. "They'd fuck you in a heartbeat and then we could talk about it."

"Talk about it!" John exclaimed. "What do you mean?"

"I don't have anyone to talk to about it," Kelly said. "You know, like how do you do this or do you like that, those kind of things. If you were fucking my girlfriends we could compare notes."

"Jesus, Kelly," John said, shaking his head.

"Or if I knew some older guys that had more experience they could probably tell me how to do things that they like," Kelly went on.

"Why is it so important?" John asked, staring at the red hairs that were sticking out on either side of her shorts at the crotch.

"Oh, John, I love sex so much that I can hardly think of anything else. Just thinking about it or talking about it gets me so excited," she said, bringing her hands up to cover her tits, squeezing them firmly. "I know you've noticed."

"It's impossible not to," John said, now openly looking at her tits when she lowered her hands.

"Let's go swimming," Kelly suddenly said, jumping to her feet.

"We didn't bring suits," John observed.

"So what," Kelly said. "You afraid to skinny-dip with me?" she asked, smiling at him.

"I don't know if we should," John said, shocked at the suggestion being voiced that was foremost in his mind.

"Well, I'm going in then," Kelly said. "You join me if you want to," she said, stepping down to the edge of the bank and pulling her shirt off over her head, her back to John. Dropping it next to her, she quickly skinned out of her shorts and dove into the river, leaving a gape- mouthed John standing on the bank.

"Come on, silly," Kelly said as she broke the surface and turned to look at him. "The water's great. Don't be embarrassed."

"Well, I am," John said, truly embarrassed and feeling his cock growing in his shorts to prove it.

"I'm your s****r," Kelly said with a laugh, floating on her back, her tits sticking up out of the water, and her fiery red pubic hair just visible below the surface. "Besides, nobody's here, is there?"

"No, I guess not," John agreed, staring at her.

"And nobody's likely to come here, are they?" Kelly asked, her eyes on his growing bulge.

"Not likely," John agreed.

"Then come in the water with me," she said, "or I'll come out there and drag you in, clothes and all."

"You couldn't even if you tried," John laughed.

"But I'd try, and that's the thing, isn't it?" Kelly laughed, seeing the truth of what she said register on his face. "If you're not in the water by the count of three, I'm coming out to get you," she warned. "One. Two. Three. Then here I come," Kelly said, swimming towards the bank.

John just stood there watching her, not believing for a minute that she would actually come out of the water with him standing there like that. He figured she just wanted to see if she could get him to undress in front of her. But to his surprise Kelly didn't stop when she got to the bank of the river, she just stood up and began walking up the bank towards him, water running off her hard nipples, her tits swaying as she climbed up. And he could see the moisture sparkling in her sparse red pubic hair. He could even make out the outline of her pussy lips as she scrambled up towards him.

"Now you're asking for it," she said, reaching for him.

John put his hands out to stop her but she just kept coming at him, not even stopping when his hands filled with her tits as she grabbed at the waist of his shorts. When he tried to pull his hands back from her tits, she pulled herself even closer, her hands entangled in his shorts and her tits pressing up against his t-shirt. He felt his cock growing even harder as suddenly Kelly succeeded in opening his shorts and pulling them down around his knees, his cock bulging in his underwear.

"Ooohh, so that's why you didn't want to undress and come in the water," Kelly said, staring at his cock bulging in his underwear. "But I don't mind," she said. "I'll just take it as a compliment," suddenly grabbing his underwear and pulling them down to the ground, along with his shorts. As she did so, his cock sprang out, hitting her in the face before she could get out of the way. "Now you can come in the water," she said, standing up, her face flushed with the excitement of her b*****r's huge cock slapping her in the face. Turning, she ran back down the embankment and dove into the river. As she rose to the surface, she heard John hitting the water behind her, and then he surfaced a few feet away.

"That's better, you silly," she said, laughing. "Isn't the water great?"

"It is nice," John agreed, floating.

"You have such a beautiful cock, John," Kelly said, staring at his cock lying up on his stomach.

"Jesus, Kelly, are you nuts?" John asked, rolling over in the water and hiding himself from her.

"Well, what's wrong with telling your b*****r that you think he's a hunk?" Kelly asked. "You are. Don't you think I'm nice to look at?" she asked, pirouetting in front of him.

"I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," John said.

"And I make your cock hard, don't I?" she asked, smiling at him.

"Yes, you do, most definitely," John agreed, grinning at her.

"Well, at least you can admit it," Kelly said, splashing him and then swimming for the bank.

She scrambled up the embankment and John was treated to the sight of her ass and pussy from behind. His cock got even harder so he stayed in the water for several more minutes, willing himself to relax before starting for the embankment and scrambling to the top. When he got there he realized that he would have been as well off just leaving the water with Kelly, as she was laying on her back in the grass with her knees up and spread apart, one hand between her legs rubbing her pussy. He watched for a second as she would dip a finger into her hole, then rub it around on her clit. He could clearly see her big puffy outer lips with her inner lips protruding and flowering open, revealing her huge clit standing out almost a half an inch.

"God, Kelly," John exclaimed, his cock instantly rocketing to its full size.

"I thought you were still swimming," Kelly said, slamming her knees together and withdrawing her hand from her pussy, sitting up at the same time. "Oh, my god," she said when she saw John's full 8" sticking straight out at her. "You're incredible," she said, u*********sly bringing her fingers to her mouth and sucking on them. "I've never seen a cock that big before."

"Really?" John asked, flopping down on his stomach to hide his erection.

"Yeah, really," Kelly said, smiling at him. "You're huge."

"I wish you wouldn't talk like this," John said. "It's hard enough."

"I'll say," Kelly said with a laugh at his unintended pun. "You could make money with that thing."

"What do you mean?" John asked, always interested in anything that involved making money.

"I'd pay to be fucked by a cock like that," Kelly said, shaking her head wistfully.

"And I could have people standing in line to fuck you," John said, throwing it back at her. "How do you like the sound of that?"

"Actually, it makes me horny thinking of men standing in line to fuck me," Kelly said with a laugh.

"It would be like printing money," John said, his mind churning.

"Really! What do you mean?" Kelly asked.

"I'm sure men would pay through the nose to fuck you," John said.

"Do you really think so?" Kelly asked. "I mean, you think I'm that nice looking?"

"I told you, I think you're the most beautiful girl I've ever seen," John said.

"I thought you were just teasing me," Kelly said, staring at him. "You really mean that though?"

"Yup," John said.

They rested in silence for a while, enjoying the sun, before Kelly spoke up again.

"John, do you masturbate a lot?" she asked suddenly.

"Jesus, Kelly," John exclaimed, staring at her. "What kind of a question is that?"

"Well, do you?" she persisted.

"I don't know, what's a lot?" John asked.

"But you do masturbate then?" Kelly asked, staring at him.

"Well, yeah, I guess," John admitted, realizing how she had trapped him again. "Do you?"

"Oh, all the time," Kelly said. "I love the way it feels when I cum."

John said nothing as he stared at her. Kelly fidgeted, feeling her pussy tingle as she thought of playing with herself. She felt her nipples getting hard and could see by the expression on John's face that he noticed it also.

"See, all I have to do is think about it and I get excited," Kelly said, cupping her tits and gently rolling her nipples briefly between her fingers. "So you think men would pay to fuck me?" she asked, dropping her hands.

"Absolutely," John said nodding. "I bet I could get $1000."

"For what?" Kelly asked, staring at him, her mouth hanging open.

"To let some guy fuck you," John said.

"Is that how much it costs?" Kelly asked.

"I don't know," John admitted, shrugging his shoulders. "But I'd market you like an expensive IPO, so only really rich people could afford it, then $1000 wouldn't relatively be that much money to them. Especially if they knew that you were still in high school. That would make it very special in terms of availability to the consuming market."

"You talk just like dad," Kelly laughed, leaning forward and shifting so that she was sitting Indian fashion directly in front of John, not realizing how this exposed her pussy to his view.

"It's just good business sense," John said, uncomfortably aware of his cock getting hard under him again as he stared into his s****r's wide open pussy. "You have something rare to sell and that makes it automatically expensive, therefore leaving the marketing to a very narrow niche: rich people."

"So who would you market me to?" Kelly asked, shocked that she was having this discussion with her b*****r.

"Dad's friends," John said without hesitating. "They're all rich, they've all got big egos, they almost never do anything with their families, they're always out playing with each other, trying to outdo each other. They'd love to pay $1000 to fuck you, especially because you're dad's daughter. That would only make it more exciting for them."

"God, John, how long have you been thinking about this?" Kelly asked, shocked by how detailed he had thought it through.

"Just now," he admitted truthfully.

"But you wouldn't really do it, would you?" Kelly asked.

"Only if you wanted me to," he said. "And I'd take a cut."

"Oh, John, I can see it now," Kelly said with a laugh. "You become my manager and sell my body for me to rich men and we both get rich."

"From a business standpoint it makes sense," he said, "more sense than just giving it away."

"I'm going swimming again," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "If you don't come with me I'll pull you in."

"I'll come in," he said. "You go first."

With a laugh Kelly turned and ran down the embankment and dove into the river, surfacing in time to John with his huge hard cock diving into the water behind her. Her head was spinning from what John had told her, thinking of all that money just for sex that she'd be happy to do for free.

"Would you pay $1000 to fuck me, John?" she asked softly, swimming up to him.

"I don't have $1000 so it doesn't matter," he replied evasively.

"But what if you did?" Kelly persisted.

"I don't," John said, diving into the water and swimming back to the embankment.

"I just wanted to know if you thought I was worth $1000," Kelly said to his back as he exited the water.

"I think you're probably worth as much money as someone can afford, as long as it's a lot," John said as he scrambled up the embankment.

"I guess that's a compliment," Kelly said, swimming over to the embankment.

John couldn't help staring at her as she came up the embankment, her big full tits with their ruby red nipples all hard and sticking out, the light tuft of red hair covering her pussy, her clit protruding from between her pussy lips. He didn't even think about the fact that his cock grew to its full size, standing up in front of him. Kelly stopped and stared at him, not believing how big and beautiful his cock seemed to her. She dropped down to her knees in front of him.

"Oh, John, your cock is so gorgeous," she said, "and you're so horny. Are you going to masturbate when we get home?"

"I'd say so," he said, failing badly to cover himself with his hands, his face turning crimson.

"Oh, please do it now," Kelly begged him. "Do it for me so I can watch."

"You're crazy!" John said, his cock harder than ever.

"Oh, please," Kelly begged. "I'll let you watch me do it too. Please do it for me, John. If it's me that got you like that, let me see. I'll come tell you what happens on my date tonight when I get home if you do," Kelly promised.

"You will?" John asked, surprised that that interested him.

"Yes, I promise," Kelly said eagerly, sensing his weakness. "I'll tell you everything in detail."

"Even if you...."

"Especially if I fuck him," Kelly promised, leaning forward and letting her hands rest on his legs.

"You'll tell me everything?" John asked, scrambling to his feet to avoid Kelly's hot hands on his legs.

"I promise. Everything," Kelly said, kneeling there, his cock sticking out less than a foot away. "And that way you don't have to wait until you get home," she said slyly. "I'll bet it makes it easier to walk if it's not hard like that."

John's cock felt like it was ready to explode it was so hard, and he just knew that if he could cum it would be much better. His hands were still trying to cover his cock, so it was no big thing when his hand just naturally slipped around it and held it in the stroking position. Very slowly he began to pump his hand up and down the shaft of his cock, glancing at Kelly to see her kneeling with her mouth hanging open.

"I want you to look at me while you do it," Kelly said, moving around in front of him so that her face was just 6" from his cock.

Slowly she slid her hands up her body until they were cupping her tits, her fingers automatically finding the hard nipples and rolling and pulling on them while she watched John stroke his cock in front of her. When she would look up at him he would be staring at her, his mouth slack. She smiled at him, licking her lips slowly with her tongue.

She could see a glistening drop of pre-cum forming at the tip of his cock as she let one hand slide down her body to plunge into her pussy. She moaned at the feeling of her finger sliding up inside of herself as John increased slightly the pace of his stroking. His breathing was becoming more and more ragged and Kelly knew that soon he would have to cum. She began to plunge her finger in and out of her pussy rapidly now, hearing it slosh around in the juices that were filling her and running down the inside of her thighs.

"I'm going to cum," John warned, his hand moving faster and faster.

"Yes, cum, John, cum," Kelly said, frigging herself. "I want to see you cum."

"I'm going to cum," he said. "You'd better move if you don't want..."

But it was too late as a spurt of cum shot from his cock, hitting Kelly in the face next to her nose and dribbling down to her mouth where she licked it. The next spurt flew into her open mouth, splashing against the back of her mouth as it closed around the head of his cock, her lips wrapped around the shaft as she sucked on him, swallowing the cum that filled her mouth over and over again. She let her tongue play over the head of his cock, making him groan as she sucked the last of his cum from him before letting him go and sitting back on her heels, her face shining, cum dribbling from her chin.

"Oh, John," she exclaimed, "that was so wonderful. I can't believe how much you came. And how good it tasted. Did you like it?"

"God, Kelly, I've never cum like that before," John said, sagging against the tree, his cock drooping slightly.

"So you do like me then?" she asked, laughing as she got to her feet. "You made me cum like crazy too," she said, letting one hand drop between her legs and come back up all glistening with her juices. "It was running down my legs," she said, softly sucking on her fingers as John watched with an open mouth. "But I taste even better than you," she said, smiling at him. "Maybe you'll find out some day," she said.

"God, Kelly," John sighed, shaking his head. "That was just unbelievable."

"We'd better get home," Kelly said suddenly. "It looks like you'll be able to walk now," she said, seeing that his cock had relaxed substantially since he had cum.

She picked up her clothes and started off down the path naked, her ass swinging. John hurriedly picked up his shorts and pulled them on, then quickly caught up to her on the trail.

"Aren't you going to get dressed?" he asked.

"Why?" Kelly asked. "There's nobody here. I'll put them on just before we get to the end of the trail."

"What if someone catches us?" John asked.

"Lucky them," Kelly said with a laugh, skipping off in front of him.

By the time they got to where Kelly would put on her clothes, John had a hard cock in his shorts again.

"You're amazing, John," Kelly giggled. "I haven't seen anyone get hard again that quickly. Some girl's going to get lucky."


After dinner Kelly went out on her date and John eventually went to bed around 10:00. He wanted to stay awake so that he could hear Kelly's tale about her date when she got home, but without realizing it he fell asl**p. He found himself coming awake with an incredible hard-on and arched his hips as he came to consciousness, then realized what he was feeling was warm and moist. Looking down he saw that Kelly was sitting on the edge of his bed, bent over sucking his cock. He sat up quickly, his cock pulling from between Kelly's lips.

"Kelly, what are you doing?" he asked, shocked beyond belief.

"Well, silly, you wanted to hear all the details of my date," she said, "and you were asl**p and I thought it would be a nice way to wake you up."

"What about mom and dad?" he asked, unable to see her clearly in the dim light.

"Oh, they're asl**p," she said. "Once they knew I was home they turned their light off. So do you want to hear about my date?" she asked softly.

"Yes," John whispered hoarsely.

"Well, I didn't let him fuck me," she said, her hand stealing into his lap to grasp his cock firmly in her hand.

"Kelly!" John exclaimed.

"Look, I didn't get any from Jimmy tonight, so you'd better let me make myself happy with you," she said, firming her grip on his cock, causing it to twitch to a new level of hardness.

"You didn't?" John asked in disbelief. "Why not? I thought that's why you went out."

"Because of you, silly," she said. "All I could think of was this big beautiful cock, and I knew that Jimmy's wouldn't make me happy tonight."

"Oh," John began, then gasped as Kelly again leaned over and took his cock back into her mouth. "God, Kelly, that feels so good," he said as Kelly began to bob up and down on his hard cock.

"Besides, I wanted to talk to you about your idea," she said, sliding up onto the bed so that she was straddling his legs and sucking his cock back into her mouth.

"My idea!" he said, groaning as he felt Kelly's face press against his belly as his cock slid down her throat.

"Yes," she said, sitting up, his cock still firmly in her grasp. "Who would you approach first?" she asked, sliding forward until she was straddling his hips.

"Tom Henderson, his golf partner," John said, gasping when he felt his cock enveloped again in warm moistness, but knowing that it was his s****r's pussy that his cock was now sliding into.

"Oh, god, this feels so good," Kelly hissed, wriggling her hips until she had his entire 8" buried inside of her pussy. "What a cock! Becky's father?" she asked, slowly rocking her hips back and forth.

"Yeah," John groaned as his s****r began to fuck him. "Dad's always bragging about how he always beats him at golf. I'll bet he'd love to get back at dad somehow and it doesn't sound like he's ever going to do it on the golf course."

"Oh, god, this is so good," Kelly said, taking nice long strokes as she fucked her b*****r. "I've seen him give me the look before," she panted, increasing the pace.

"You're going to make me cum," John groaned, feeling his balls tighten.

"That's the idea," Kelly gasped, grinding her pussy onto his cock. "Just give me some warning."

"This is your warning," John gasped.

Suddenly Kelly pulled up off of his cock, spinning around and bending over and taking his wet gooey cock into her mouth, at the same time lowering her swampy pussy onto her b*****r's face. John's cock exploded, cum shooting into Kelly's eager mouth. He opened his mouth to gasp and it was filled with Kelly's pussy. His tongue automatically shot into her pussy, frantically sucking and licking at the juices that flowed from her hole while his cock continued to spew cum into her mouth. After what seemed like hours they both slowly stopped, laying with their mouths on each other, breathing deeply. Finally Kelly rolled off and turned around, snuggling up against her b*****r.

"God, John, that was the best fuck of my life," she said. "I guess I've always wanted it to be you."

"I've never felt anything like it before," John breathed. "And it was definitely great."

"Yes, it was great," Kelly agreed, reaching up and licking his face, tasting herself. "I can't wait 'til the next time."

"Next time?" John asked, staring her in the eyes.

"Yes," Kelly said. "I think I want you to try your plan. But on one condition. You have to be available to me whenever I want, for whatever I want. Agreed?"

"You want me to arrange sex for money for you?" he asked. "But your condition is you get to have me whenever you want?"

"Yes," Kelly said. "If you agree to that, I agree to try your idea."

"But why?" John asked, his eyes searching her face.

"Because I love to fuck," Kelly said truthfully. "And I love the idea of fucking all of dad's friends and making lots of money doing it."

"But why the thing about me?" he asked.

"Because I love you," Kelly replied. "And I want you for me. The rest of them are for the money and the fun, but you're just for me. You agree?"

"Hell, yes," John said. "We're going to be rich."

"Then fuck me again to seal the bargain," Kelly said, reaching down to cup his cock in her hand.

John rolled over on top of his s****r, her hand guiding his cock to her pussy. With a single thrust he buried himself deep inside of her, his cock filling her pussy. Kelly wrapped her feet around his back and lifted herself to meet his thrusts, feeling him fill her like nobody had ever yet done. John lowered his face to her tits, sucking on her hard nipples, chewing on them with his teeth. Kelly moaned and moaned, never stopping her thrusts up to meet his cock as it filled her.

"I want you to cum in my mouth," she gasped, fucking up at him. "I always want you to cum in my mouth."

John pounded his cock into her, over and over and over, feeling a great power as he pushed in and out of his s****r's willing and warm pussy. He could feel her heels pressed into his back as he rode her. The feelings were almost beyond bearing as he drilled his cock into her pussy over and over again. After almost 20 minutes of non-stop fucking he finally felt his balls begin to contract, letting him know that the party was almost over. He thrust and thrust until he felt himself go over the edge, then he pulled his cock from his s****r's pussy and crawled up her body until he was able to slide it into her open mouth. No sooner had she closed her mouth on him than he erupted, cum shooting from the bottom of his balls into her mouth. Kelly just moaned and clutched him closer to her, his entire cock disappearing into her mouth and throat as she drank him dry. Finally he stopped cumming and Kelly stopped sucking on him, letting his cock go.

"This is going to be great," Kelly sighed, thoroughly fucked for the first time in her life.

"You sure you want me to do this?" John asked, watching his cock rub all over her face.

"Oh, yes, I'm sure," Kelly replied, her tongue flicking out to lick his cock. "I want to try it, anyway. You don't mind, do you?" she asked. "Because if it bothers you, I won't do it. I'd rather have you anyway."

"No, it doesn't bother me," John said, shaking his head. "It's business as far as I'm concerned."

"Is this business too?" Kelly asked, licking his cock once again.

"This is great," John said, smiling down at her. "I can't believe we've done it. Mom and dad would have a fit."

"They'll have more than a fit if they ever find out all of it, that's for sure," Kelly agreed.

"You better get to your own room now," John said, dismounting her to let her up.

"I'd rather spend the night here," Kelly said.

"We both know how impossible that is," John told her. "It's not worth getting caught for."

"I know you're right, but I'd still rather stay here," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "Thank you and good-night," she said, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him, her tongue sliding into his mouth. "Ummm, you know how to kiss, too," she said, reluctantly letting her arms drop and leaving the room.

The last sight John had was his s****r's ass as it swung through the door. He couldn't believe how everything had turned out. Never in his wildest imagination had anything like this occurred to him. Life was sure going to get interesting, he thought as he drifted off to sl**p.


The next morning John got up early to do the yard work that was his chore for the weekend. He enjoyed the work and he worked up a good sweat by the time he stopped and went into the house to join everyone else for breakfast. Kelly gave him a strange look as he sat down, but he just smiled at her, his eyes lingering on her nipples under her t-shirt.

"Dad, are you playing golf today?" John asked as they began to eat.

"You bet," Jason replied. "Tom still thinks he can beat me one day. Yesterday I played really well actually and he didn't, so it made it worse for him. Maybe today will be the reverse."

"Can I come with you today?" John asked.

"You want to play?" Jason asked in some surprise. "I thought you had decided that golf wasn't for you."

"Well, if I want to be a successful stockbroker I'd better be able to swing a club, right?" he asked. "Didn't you tell me that's where you make some of your best deals?"

"Why, that's absolutely right," Jason said, proud that John had remembered the lesson he had taught him.

"Then I should start learning now so that I'll be plenty good when the time comes," John stated. "If you don't mind, of course, I figure in a year I'll be beating you if I try hard enough."

"Well, that's a laugh," Jason said. "Yes, you might one day beat me, but I think it might take you a bit more than a year to get that good."

"I'll make a bet with you," John said, taking a deep breath. "I'll bet if you take me golfing with you whenever you go golfing for the next year, a year from now I'll beat you."

"What's the bet, though, son?" Jason asked, intrigued by his son's thinking.

"If you win, I'll work for you for the summer at starting wages," John said.

"And if you win?" Jason asked, his eyes twinkling.

"I don't know," John answered truthfully. "But you have to grant whatever wish it is I have at that time."

"That's pretty open-ended," Jason said.

"But I thought you were absolutely certain that there was no way you would lose to me in a year," John said. "Have you changed your mind?"

"No, I haven't," Jason laughed. "And it's a deal. I like the way you're willing to take a risk, John. I like that a lot."

Now, the whole time this conversation had been going on Kelly had her face down in her food, her cheeks burning as she realized what John was doing. Did she really have the nerve to go through with this, she wondered. When she looked up John was smiling at her, totally satisfied that the first part of his plan had gone well. The next part was going to be harder though, finding a way to bring the conversation around to where he wanted it to go with Tom Henderson. Well, somehow the opportunity would present itself, he was sure, and then he'd make his pitch.

He finished his breakfast and went to take a quick shower before leaving for the golf course with his dad. When he had finished and went back to his room, he almost jumped through the roof when he turned from closing the door to see Kelly standing there. His cock immediately sprang to its full size, standing out in front of him.

"Well, it's nice to see that you're still happy to see me," she said, laughing as John blushed. "You're really going to do it?" she asked as he quickly began to dress.

"If you want me to," John replied, pulling his shirt on over his head. "Do you want me to?" he asked, looking at her. "It's not too late to change your mind."

"I think I'd at least like to try it," Kelly said, nodding. "Especially since it's Becky's father, she can be such a snotty bitch, it'd be fun knowing that I was fucking her father."

"Okay, then, I'll find a way to make a pitch to Tom while we're playing golf," he said.

"And I want you to be there when I do it," Kelly added.

"Jesus, Kelly," John breathed, staring at her. "That's asking a lot."

"Why, do you mind?" she asked.

"It's not me," John replied. "I'm sure most people don't like an audience."

"Well, you'll have to explain that because I'm still in high school and inexperienced and all that, that I'll only do it if you're there with me," she said. "I mean it."

"Well, I'll try," John agreed. "But what if he won't go for that part of it, will you still go through with it?"

"I'm not sure," Kelly said. "Probably. But I'd rather you were there to watch."

"Why?" John asked, puzzled.

"Because I want you to get so hot and horny watching someone else fuck me that you'll totally fuck my brains out after we get done," she replied, smiling at him.

"You can tell me about it and get the same results," John said.

"No, I want you to watch," she insisted. "I want to be performing for you."

"God, Kelly, you are one perverted s****r," John said, laughing. "But that's fine with me. Now I've got to go play golf," he said, opening the door to leave.

"Hurry back," Kelly said, suddenly leaning forward and kissing him, one hand reaching down to cup his cock in his pants. "I'll be waiting for you down by the river."

Tom Henderson is actually a nice guy, John decided after they had played the front nine. And he had decided that his father was actually a bad sport, even more so because he always won. So when on the 12th hole Tom made a comment under his breath that John heard about wishing there was some way to get back at that arrogant son of a bitch, John took a deep breath and jumped in.

"Do you mean that?" he asked Tom, making sure his father couldn't hear.

"I'm sorry, John," Tom said, "I didn't mean for you to hear that."

"No, really, I agree with you," John said. "I didn't realize what a bad sport he is. It makes me mad too," he said, explaining the bet they had made that morning.

"That's unfair," Tom protested. "You have no chance."

"Oh, I think I'll manage," John said with a grin. "But that's not important now. Would you really like to get back at him somehow?"

"Yeah, I suppose I would," Tom replied. "Even though he's really my best friend, he needs to learn a lesson. Why, do you know something I don't?"

"Well, I'm not sure about that," John said, hedging and suddenly feeling very nervous. "But I do sort of have an idea."

"Well, what is it?" Tom asked.

"Well, it's pretty crazy and very out of line," John started, "but if it worked you would have put one over on him in spades and he'd never even know about it."

"Really?" Tom replied, looking at John with a different expression on his face. "I think I'd like to hear something like that."

But just then Jason came over to them and they had to stop their conversation. It wasn't until a couple of holes later that they had a chance to resume, looking for John's ball in the rough.

"So, John, why don't you tell me about your idea," Tom began.

"Well, it's just an idea, and I don't want you to get the wrong idea, about me or anything," John said.

"I understand," Tom said. "Still, I'd like to hear what you're thinking. Maybe there's something to it that we can use."

"Well, it involves my s****r," John said.

"Your s****r!" Tom exclaimed, his mouth opening in surprise. "How can she help?"

"It's not that she can help," John explained, "but she could be the instrument of your revenge."

"So, revenge is it now," Tom said, a big smile on his face. "It's not that serious, you know. Yes, he beats me every time we play and he rubs it in," he admitted. "But I wouldn't want to hurt him in any way, just get back some somehow."

"That's what I mean," John agreed. "I mean, he's my dad, after all, and I don't want him hurt either. But I do agree that some payback is in order."

"So how would your s****r figure into this?" Tom asked, a smile on his face.

"Do you think she's pretty?" John asked him.

"Why, yes, she is," he agreed. "Very pretty actually."

"Yeah," John agreed. "How mad do you think dad would be if he knew that one of his friends was playing around with her?"

"Playing around with her!" Tom exclaimed. "What on earth are you talking about?"

"Well, let's say I could get Kelly to spend some time with you," John began. "That would be one hell of a payback, wouldn't it?"

"Spend some time with me," Tom said. "What are you getting at, John?" he asked sternly.

"What if I could get Kelly to agree to have sex with you," he said, taking the plunge. "How would that make you feel?"

"You're joking!" Tom said with a laugh. "Why, she's still in high school. I could get in trouble for that."

"Is that your only problem with the idea?" John asked, smiling. "I'm still in high school too. Wouldn't you feel like you had really gotten back at him, and without him even knowing?"

"Jesus!" Tom exclaimed, all his breath leaving his body. "What an outrageous idea. What makes you even think you could get her to agree anyway?"

"She's my twin s****r," John replied. "I know her better than anyone. So you're interested?"

"Let's just say that it's a very interesting idea," Tom said, shaking his head. "But what could you say to her to make her the least bit interested in an idea like that?"

"Oh, money has always been something that motivates Kelly," John replied. "If I were to tell her that you would give her, oh, I don't know, let's say $1000 to have sex with her, I know that would get her attention."

"$1000!" Tom exclaimed, looking at John in horror. "To have sex with a high school girl!"

"Well, it's not like she's a dog or anything," John said. "Or maybe you don't think she's good looking enough."

"No, no, it's not that," Tom said, stunned by what he was being offered. "Actually I've noticed how beautiful Kelly's has become in the last year or so."

"Well, she has to have some reason, doesn't she?" John said. "And if I could explain it to her that you thought she was so beautiful and so sexy that you'd be happy to pay her $1000 for sex, well, she is a girl and you know how they love to feel appreciated, especially when they're only in high school and starting to see themselves as something more than just a girl."

"Jesus! Where did you learn to think like this?" Tom asked.

"Oh, I've listened to dad explain his deals and rationalizing things all my life," John replied. "And I figure I'm going to be a stockbroker like him one day, only I'll make more money that he has."

"Well, if you keep thinking like this I wouldn't doubt it for a minute," Tom agreed.

"It's just an idea," John said.

"Hey, you two," Jason shouted. "Time's up. You have to drop a ball."

"We'll talk later," Tom said, walking away.

They finished their golf game and piled their bags into the trunk of the car for the ride home. When they got to the Henderson's house to drop Tom off, he spoke up.

"Hey, John, I've got some lumber I need to move that's too big for me to handle all by myself. If you're interested in helping me, I'll give you a few dollars for your trouble."

"Dad?" John asked, looking at his father.

"You do what you want to, son," Jason said.

"Sure, I'd like that," John agreed, getting out of the car.

"I'll give him a ride home when we're done, Jason, okay?" Tom asked.

"Fine, Tom, and thanks for the game," Jason said. "As usual it was fun."

"Yes, I'm sure it was," Tom said. "I'll get you yet, Jason."

"Sure you will, Tom, sure you will," he replied, laughing as he backed the car down the drive.

"Arrogant!" Tom muttered, picking up his golf bag. "Come on, John, I really do have a pile of stuff to move."

It took them about an hour to move all the lumber that needed to be moved and then Tom got two beers and gave one to John, sitting down with him under some trees in the back yard.

"So, you think your s****r will go along with your scheme?" he asked John.

"I think there's a good chance," he answered.

"I take it that she isn't a virgin anymore then?" Tom asked.

"No, I think that disappeared a couple of months ago. But I'm sure she has almost no experience."

"And you think you can talk her in to this idea?"

"I can't think of anything Kelly wouldn't do for $1000," John replied. "Think of Becky. Can you imagine her turning down $1000, for anything?"

"Hey, you watch yourself there," Tom warned him sternly. "You're talking about my daughter."

"Well, do you?" John persisted. "Think about it. You know how much she loves new clothes. The latest fashions. Well, Kelly's no different than any other girl in her class. And since we only get an allowance she really has no way to get anything unless she asks for it from mom and dad."

"What you say makes a lot of sense," Tom admitted. "But $1000 is a lot of money."

"Exactly," John agreed, "to Kelly, or Becky, or me. But not to you or someone like my dad. You guys have so much money you're constantly looking for new ways to spend it."

"Isn't that the truth," Tom laughed, agreeing with him. "Come on, I'll give you a ride home now."

The ride home was short and very quiet. John knew that Tom was thinking about his idea and he just hoped that he had figured him right. He wasn't worried that he'd tell his father about his proposition, just whether he'd go for the bait. Literally. As they pulled up to the house John pointed out Kelly walking through the backyard towards the river path. She was only wearing a bikini and her full ripe body was fully visible.

"I'll tell you what, John," Tom said, giving him $10 for helping him back at the house. "You talk to your s****r and see what she thinks of your idea, without mentioning me if you can, and then get in touch with me. We'll talk more then."

"Okay," John agreed, trying not to smile to hugely.

"Personally I think your idea is crazy and probably won't go anywhere," Tom said.

"But you never know," John replied.

"But you never know," Tom echoed, a smile on his face as Kelly disappeared from view into the trees.

"Thanks, Mr. Henderson," John said, getting out of the car.

"You can call me Tom, John," he replied. "After all, we're golfing partners now, aren't we?"

"We sure are," John agreed with a big grin on his face. "I'll talk to you later."

As he pulled away in the car John had to fight hard not to jump high up in the air. He had done it! Now it was just a matter of selling the fine print, namely Kelly wanted him there to watch. Dumping his golf bag in the garage, John took off down the trail towards the river. When he got to the clearing Kelly was already in the water, her suit in a pile on the grass. Wanting to surprise her, John sat down with his back against the oak tree, enjoying the sensation of having just pulled of his first big deal. It wasn't long before he heard Kelly scrambling up the embankment. As she cleared the top and looked up, she started, surprised to see anyone there, then relaxed when she realized that it was John.

"You scared me," she said, climbing up onto the grassy area, her naked body sparkling with the water in the sunlight.

"I thought you didn't mind if anybody caught you naked," John said.

"Not if you're with me," Kelly replied, smiling at him. "Did you talk to him?" she asked, sinking down on the grass next to him.

"Yeah," John replied, nodding his head.

"Well, what did he say?" Kelly asked, slightly perturbed at having to pry it out of him.

"He wanted me to find out if you'd have sex with him for $1000," John said, watching her face to gauge her reaction.

"You're k**ding!" Kelly gasped, her hand going to her face. "Did he really?" she asked.

"Oh, yes," John told her. "I'm supposed to get in touch with him."

"God, I can't believe it," Kelly said, her eyes wide. "What did you tell him to convince him?"

"I told him what high school girl could resist the idea of $1000 to spend on clothes and fashions and stuff like that."

"And he said yes?"

"Not at first, but at the very last moment he told me to talk to you. Now I just have to find out when and where and see if he'll let me be there."

"I definitely won't do it if you're not there," Kelly said, looking suddenly afraid.

"I'll tell him," John said. "I just hope it's not a deal breaker."

"Oh, John, this is so exciting," Kelly said, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. "I want you to fuck me right now," she said, reaching out and grasping his already hard cock through his pants.

In mere seconds she had his pants open and his cock out, sucking it into her mouth eagerly, one hand massaging his balls. But she only sucked on him for a few seconds, then turned away on her hands and knees, her ass and pussy pointing at him.

"Come on, John, stick it in me," Kelly begged, one hand under her body opening her pussy wide and a finger sliding in. "I'm so wet."

Getting to his knees, John got behind Kelly, rubbing the head of his cock between her spread pussy lips, then pressing it into her slowly, not stopping until it had entirely disappeared in her pussy.

"Oh, god, John, fuck me, fuck me," Kelly moaned as he began to slide his cock in and out of her slowly, feeling her pussy getting wetter and wetter with each stroke. John could not believe that he had his cock buried in his s****r's pussy yet again. And it felt so good. And tight. He could see her pussy lips clinging to his cock each time he pulled back, only to disappear along with his cock as he plunged back in. He soon had a fierce rhythm going as he slammed his cock in and out of his s****r's pussy, smacking his belly against her ass each time he thrust deep into her.

"Don't forget, I want you to cum in my mouth," Kelly panted, her arms extended to absorb the shock as John continued to pound his cock into her.

"Turn around, then," John gasped slamming one last time into Kelly's pussy.

Kelly gasped when she felt John's cock suddenly withdrawn from her pussy and she quickly scrambled around so that his cock was hanging in front of her face, dripping with their combined juices. She opened her mouth and hungrily sucked on it, slurping at it and delighting in the flavors. He was so hard! Then she felt John's hands twine in her hair, holding her head firmly in his grasp, and then he began to fuck her mouth, sliding his cock in and out, banging it into the back of her throat each time. She concentrated on lathing his cock with her tongue each time he filled her mouth, loving the feeling of it sliding back and forth, so strong and smooth. Then John groaned and Kelly knew she was about to get her reward. His balls spasmed and his cock swelled even harder before he erupted, cum shooting into Kelly's mouth and she sucked on his cock. He came and came and came, Kelly's tongue driving him wild as she licked at his cock while swallowing all the cum he had to give. Finally there was no more and John stepped back, moving his cock out of range of Kelly's relentless mouth.

"I love the taste of your cum," Kelly said, licking her lips. "And I love the feeling of your cock in me too. Do you like fucking me and cumming in my mouth, John?" she asked, rising to her feet and pressing her body against him.

"Oh, yeah, I like it just fine," John said, smiling down at her. "I like it more and more each time."

"Good," Kelly said. "Tonight you get to eat my pussy until I cum, okay?"

"We've got to be careful about mom and dad," John reminded her.

"I know," Kelly replied. "And we will be. After they go to sl**p."

"I'll probably be asl**p by then too," John said.

"Not once I get hold of you you won't," Kelly said with a laugh, kissing him. "When are you going to talk to Mr. Henderson?" she asked.

"I don't know, maybe tomorrow," John said.

"Why not tonight?" Kelly asked, reaching down and picking up her bathing suit.

"I don't know," John answered. "I guess I could call him tonight."

"I think you should," Kelly said.

"You're really in a hurry to do this, aren't you?" John asked her.

"It excites me, the idea of it all," Kelly answered. "I can't wait to fuck someone while you're watching me. That's the most exciting of all."

"We'd better get home for dinner," John said, "or they'll be wondering where we are."

"All right, let's go then," Kelly agreed, skipping of down the trail, her bikini in her hand.

John followed, a smile on his face and his cock getting hard again in his pants. They finished dinner and cleaned up, Jason bragging once more about how he had beat Tom at golf and at how well John had done too. John somehow escaped and found a phone, quickly dialing the Henderson home. To his immense relief Tom Henderson answered the phone.

"Hi, Mr. Henderson. It's me, John." he said.

"Hi, John, how are you?"

"Oh, fine," he replied.

"You wanted to talk to me?" Tom asked.

"Well, yes," John stammered. "Uh, I talked to her."

"And what did she say?"

"Well, she said okay in the end," he explained, "except for one difference."

"Oh! And what is that difference?"

"She's sort of afraid to go by herself," he explained. "She wants me to be there with her when it happens."

"You're joking!" Tom said.

"No, that's what she said," John told him. "I tried to talk her out of it but it was no use. It's the only way she'll do it. I even tried to emphasize the money, but it didn't matter how much it was if I wasn't there with her."

"I don't know about this, John," Tom said. "I've never had an audience before."

"Well, you can be sure this is totally strange to me," John said to him. "I mean, she's my s****r."

"And when will this happen?" Tom asked.

"Whenever you want, I guess," John said. "As long as we can get out of the house without any trouble. But where do you want to do it? At your house?"

"No, I don't think my house would be a good idea," Tom said. "My office would be better. You know where it is?"

"Yeah, same place my father's is," John replied. "But when?"

"Well, how about tomorrow night?" Tom asked. "Can you get out on a week night?"

"I guess we could, if we told them we were going to a movie or something."

"That's a good idea," Tom said. "Why don't we say 8:00 tomorrow night at my office, okay?"

"Uh, sure," John agreed. "But you have to pay Kelly first, in cash, okay? She won't be so nervous that way."

"Fine, fine," Tom agreed. "Then I'll see you tomorrow night at my office at 8:00 then."

"Okay, 8:00."

John went to his room, his head spinning as he realized that tomorrow night he was going to watch his father's best friend fuck his s****r for $1000. His cock was rock hard just thinking about it. He lay down on the bed, his hands behind his head, thinking about what was going to happen, wishing that Kelly was here right now to suck on his cock. That might be the best part of it after all, getting to fuck Kelly all the time, he realized. What everyone else was going to be paying $1000 for, he would be getting for free whenever he wanted it. What a life.

He must have dozed off, because he came suddenly awake by something warm and wet settling on his face. After a momentary panic he realized that it was Kelly's pussy and that her mouth had his cock in it once again. Happily he began to lick and suck at her pussy, loving the taste of her juices that flowed so freely. They sucked each other for almost an hour, Kelly cumming several times, bathing his face in her juices, until finally he was able to cum again, filling Kelly's mouth with his hot load as she gulped it down. When they finally rolled over to catch their breath, John told Kelly about his talk with Tom Henderson.

"Tomorrow night!" Kelly said, sitting up. "So soon!"

"Do you want me to call it off?" John asked, staring at her in the soft light.

"N-n-n-no," Kelly stammered. "I want to do it. I'm just nervous, that's all. What if he doesn't like me or I don't do something right?"

"I don't think that's likely," John said. "You just do whatever it is you've been doing to me and we'll be lucky if he doesn't die from it. I know I almost do. And if he wants something else, I'm sure he'll tell you."

"I'm going to bed now," Kelly said, getting to her feet.

"Are you okay?" John asked.

"Yeah, just realizing a bit what I'm getting into," she said. "It's okay, I just want to be by myself for now."

"Okay. I'll see you in the morning then."


John was up and awake eating breakfast the next morning before Kelly ever appeared. She was already dressed for school in a mid-thigh skirt and blouse, with a bra on underneath. Because of Karin's presence they couldn't really talk about the only thing in the world that Kelly wanted to talk about, what would happen that night. They finished breakfast and kissed their mother good-bye, going out to the garage to get their bicycles while Karin went to take a shower to start her day. As soon as the door to the kitchen was closed Kelly turned to John, pressing herself up against him as one hand grabbed his cock through his pants.

"I am so excited thinking about tonight that I can't stand it," Kelly said, massaging his rapidly growing erection. "You've got to fuck me right now."

"Here! In the garage!" John exclaimed, looking around as if she were crazy.

"Right now," Kelly panted, frantically working at his zipper and reaching in for his cock. As soon as she had him exposed she turned and bent over, her hands flat on the floor.

"Go ahead, please fuck me," she begged, wriggling her ass.

Shocked by Kelly's brazenness, John lifted Kelly's skirt to find that she had no panties on and that her naked ass and pussy were pointing at him. He could see a drop of moisture dripping from the end of Kelly's engorged clit as it stuck out from between her pussy lips. Taking his cock in his hand, he rubbed the head of it between Kelly's thick pussy lips, feeling it get instantly coated in her slick juices. Raising it up a bit, he pressed it against the opening to her pussy and very slowly pressed forward, watching intently as inch after inch disappeared inside of her. Then he started rocking his hips back and forth, sliding the entire length of his cock in and out of his s****r's pussy while she remained bent over in the garage.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, John, fuck me," Kelly cried out, feeling his cock deeper inside of her than it had yet been.

John couldn't believe how excited he was as he slammed his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy. He knew he wouldn't last very long, and when he felt that familiar churning in his balls, he warned Kelly that he was about to cum. She quickly stood up, dislodging him from her pussy, and turned around, dropping to her knees to engulf his slippery cock in her mouth. John groaned as he exploded, filling Kelly's mouth with his hot cum as she gulped it down. When she had finished sucking all of the cum from him, she smiled, stuffing his cock back into his pants before standing up and zipping him up.

"Now we can go to school," she said, licking her lips and smiling at him.

"What about your panties?" John asked, walking his bicycle out the garage with Kelly.

"I'm not going to wear any," she declared, smiling at him. "It makes me feel so wicked and horny to be naked under my skirt. Plus, I like rubbing my clit on the bicycle seat," she said, mounting the bicycle and obviously rubbing herself on the seat as they began to ride to school.

"You're incredible, Kelly," John laughed as he pedaled behind her, watching the action of her ass as she continued to stimulate herself on the seat.

By the time they got to school, Kelly declared that she had cum at least a dozen times, and John wasn't inclined to disbelieve her, seeing how soaked her seat was with her pussy juices. What did shock him was when Kelly leaned over and licked her seat, slurping at the juices that coated it.

"Do you think Mr. Henderson will eat my pussy for me tonight?" she asked him as they walked into school.

"I think he'll do whatever you want him to do," John replied. "I'll see you later," he said, going off to his first class, a smile on his face.

John and Kelly saw each other several times during their day at school, even having one class in common. It seemed like one of the longest days ever before the last class ended and they met at their bicycles.

"I've got to get out of here," Kelly told him as she approached. "I can't stand it any more."

"Why, what's the problem?" John asked.

"I've been so horny all day and all I can do is think of fucking. It's like a virus or something, or d**g addiction. I can't wait to fuck you."

"Jesus, Kelly, get a grip," John said, laughing. "You'll drive yourself crazy. Besides, mom's home."

"As soon as we get in the garage," Kelly said. "Just do it as fast as you can. If you hurry, mom won't notice. I've got to have a cock inside my pussy or I'll just go crazy."

"But what about Mr. Henderson?" he asked. "He'll be fucking you later."

"I want you and I want you now," Kelly insisted as they rode up to their house. Now, be quiet and mom won't hear us," she said, dismounting her bicycle and quietly walking it into the garage.

By the time John followed her into the garage, Kelly had dismounted her bicycle and was stretched out over it from behind, her legs spread and her skirt flipped up onto her back, her ass and pussy clearly visible to John. Nervously glancing around, including back out the open garage door, John pulled his hard cock from his pants and moved up behind his s****r's exposed pussy. She was so wet that John was able to spear her with a single thrust, burying himself inside of her hot box. Kelly was so wet that John could hear himself squishing inside of her pussy with each thrust. He pumped and pumped, trying to finish as quickly as possible, very conscious of the open garage door behind him and the door to the kitchen in front of him.

"Kelly," John began as he felt that familiar churning feeling in his balls, "I think I'm going to..." was all he got out.

"Kelly, John, is that you," they heard Karin saying from the kitchen. Kelly started to stand up with John's cock still buried deep inside of her pussy just as the door to the garage opened and their mother was framed in it.

"Hi, mom," Kelly panted. "We'll be right in," she said as John's cock exploded inside of her, cum splashing deep into her pussy.

"Okay," Karin said, leaving the door open and turning back to the kitchen.

John's cock continued to spasm, shooting glob after glob of hot cum into his s****r's pussy. As he almost finished cumming, Kelly pulled away, dislodging his cock from her pussy.

"God, you came inside of me," Kelly breathed at him, her mouth hanging open. "It felt so great."

"We almost got caught, Kelly," John complained, trying to stuff his gooey cock back into his pants.

"But we didn't and it was all the more exciting for it, wasn't it?" she asked, turning from him and moving into the house. "I think I'll go clean up," she said, walking through the door into the kitchen, John's cum leaking from her pussy and dribbling down her legs.

John drank a big glass of milk, feeling his knees trembling at the close call they had just had. Also, he was freaked out because he knew that he had cum in his s****r's pussy, and that it had felt great feeling her pussy muscles milking his cock as it pumped into her. He went to his room to wait for Kelly to finish in the shower so he could take one. When he heard the door to the bathroom open, he got to his feet and opened the door to his room to go out, almost running over Kelly who was standing there.

"I'm sorry, Kelly," he said, conscious of the small towel she was holding around herself. "I didn't mean to cum in you, it just happened."

"It's okay," Kelly reassured him. "It's not a bad time of the month for me, so I won't get pregnant. But it did feel really wonderful to feel your cock spurting inside of my pussy. When I left the kitchen I could feel it dribbling down my legs. It felt so sexy to know that it was your cum. Now I'm all cleaned up," she said, quickly opening the towel for him to see her naked body.

"God, Kelly, you're crazy," John laughed softly, his eyes taking in her beautiful body, her tits big and full, her nipples hard and pointed. "Aren't you at all afraid of mom catching us?"

"I'm not sure," Kelly said with a laugh, closing the towel once more and moving past him, one hand quickly caressing his crotch.

John went into the bathroom to take his shower, surprised to find that his cock was raging hard once again. He couldn't believe how turned on he got by his s****r. He couldn't wait to see Mr. Henderson's reaction tonight, and Kelly's reaction also, he thought as he showered. It was sure going to be fun.


As they sat down as a f****y to dinner, John and Kelly were both having trouble acting as though there was nothing special happening. They were helped in this by their father who was happily talking about how he had trounced a colleague of his in the market that day. He was even happier that they had agreed to play a round of golf then next afternoon so that he might try to extract some revenge.

"Can I play too?" John asked.

"Sure you can," Jason agreed expansively. "It'll be good practice for you and you can watch me teach him another lesson."

"Great!" John said, looking forward to it.

"Dad, do you mind if John and I go to a movie tonight?" Kelly asked.

"Isn't it a school night?" he asked.

"Yes, it is," Kelly agreed, "but there's an early showing and we could be home by 10:00 or 10:30, and I really want to see the movie."

"You have any problem with that, Karin?" Jason asked his wife.

"No, I guess it will be alright," she agreed. "But you have to come home right away when it's over. If you want I'll give you a ride."

"No, the weather's been so nice," Kelly said, "I think it would be nice to ride our bicycles."

"Well, don't let that be an excuse for being late," Karin warned. "Or I'll ground the both of you for the rest of the month."

"We promise," both Kelly and John said simultaneously.

They finished dinner and cleaned up and John and Kelly wandered back to Kelly's room.

"What should I wear" Kelly asked.

"Just like you wore to school today," John replied. "Short skirt, no panties. We want him to be really excited, and it will make you seem more like a little girl to him. The idea is for him to like it so much that he wants to do it again and again."

"What if I don't like it?" Kelly asked, stripping out of her shorts and panties and bending over to look through a drawer for a skirt, her naked ass and pussy pointing at John.

"You really think that you're not going to like it?" John asked with a laugh.

"No," Kelly agreed, laughing as she turned around, a skirt in her hand. "In fact, I'm so wet right now I can't believe it," she said, walking up to John and pushing her pussy into his face. "Lick me, John, just for a minute," she said, feeling his tongue slide between her pussy lips to tease her swollen clit.

"Get dressed now," John said, leaning back, pussy juice smeared across his mouth. "We need to get going."

"Okay," Kelly said, feverishly rubbing her pussy before pulling the skirt on.

"Don't forget," John said as they got on their bicycles for the short ride into town. "Act your age, or younger, and ask for the money first. My guess is he'll be so excited that he'll cum really fast and then we can get out of there."

"Okay," Kelly agreed, obviously rubbing her pussy on her bicycle seat as they rode.

They got to the office building and parked their bicycles in front, ringing the bell to Tom Henderson's office for admittance. When the buzzer went off, they opened the door and entered, getting into an elevator for the ride to the 16th floor. When the door opened, Tom Henderson was standing there, a drink in his hand and a smile on his face.

"Hello, John," he said. "And hello, Kelly," he said, taking her hand and leading her off the elevator. "You look very nice tonight, Kelly. Would you like something to drink?"

"Um, maybe a soda, Mr. Henderson," Kelly replied, suddenly acting shy and nervous.

"How about you, John?"

"A soda would be just fine," John answered.

"What did you tell your parents about where you were going?" Tom asked as he handed them each a soda.

"We told them we were going to a movie," John replied. "They told us to come home right after it ends, 10:00 or 10:30."

"Well, that gives us a couple of hours anyway," he observed. "And what would you like to do while you're here, Kelly?" he asked, taking her by one hand and gently pulling her next to him."

"Gee, Mr. Henderson," Kelly said. "John said you thought I was pretty and that you wanted to have sex with me. He told me you'd give me lots of money if I agreed."

"And is this something that you want to do?" he asked, his hand sliding around her waist to hold her next to his body.

"Well, I guess so," Kelly said, giggling. "I mean, why would you want me?"

"Well, Kelly, I think you're a very beautiful young woman," Tom replied. "You're not a virgin, are you?"

"No, not any more," Kelly answered, taking a sip from her soda.

"Well, then, what would you like to do first?" he asked.

"Well," Kelly said, pressing her pelvis slightly against his leg. "I'd like the money, I guess."

"Of course you would," Tom laughed, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a packet of hundred dollar bills and handing it to her. "$1000 is a lot of money, Kelly, don't you think?"

"Oh, yes, it sure is," Kelly said, staring at the money in her hand.

"Why don't you let John hold that and we'll go into the other room," he suggested.

"Oh, no," Kelly said, staring at him. "I want John to be here too."

"Do you always have sex in front of John?" he asked, letting his hand drop down so that it was cupping her ass.

"John's never seen me have sex with anyone," Kelly assured him. "But I'd be more comfortable if he was here."

"John, you don't mind watching me have sex with your s****r?" Tom asked.

"If it's what Kelly wants, I don't mind," John assured him, taking the money that Kelly was holding out to him and putting it in his shirt pocket.

"What would you like me to do, Mr. Henderson?" Kelly asked.

"Well, why don't you take off your shirt to start with," he suggested.

"Okay," she agreed, putting her soda down and then pulling her t-shirt up over her head, leaving her standing there in he bra and skirt.

"The bra too," he asked, staring at her tits filling her bra, her nipples obvious even through the thick material.

Kelly reached behind her back and unhooked her bra, letting it fall forward exposing her tits, pulling it off her arms and dropping it on the floor on top of her shirt.

"Jesus, Kelly," he exclaimed, his hands moving to cup both of her big full tits, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them. "You are very beautiful."

"You like them?" Kelly asked, excited and enjoying the feel of his hands on her.

"They're beautiful," he said, bending over to suck one nipple into his mouth, his tongue teasing it.

"Oh, Mr. Henderson, that feels so nice," Kelly said, letting her arms go around his head and hold him close to her.

For several minutes he chose to just suck on first one, then the other of her tits, using his teeth and tongue and hands and causing Kelly to be very stimulated. Then he let his hands slide around her to cup both of her ass cheeks, pulling her close as he continued to suck on her tits. Kelly glanced over at John and saw that he had a big lump in his pants. Then she felt Mr. Henderson's hands slide down her legs almost to her knees, softly rubbing the smooth flesh of her thighs. When his hands slid back up, they slid under her skirt, cupping her bare ass.

"No panties?" he asked, looking her in the face in surprise.

"I don't like to wear them," Kelly said, feeling his fingers pressing into the crack of her ass as he squeezed her cheeks. "That feels nice, Mr. Henderson," she said, enjoying the sensation. "Does it excite you too?" she asked, letting a hand drop down between their bodies to cover his hard cock in his pants.

"Yes, it does, Kelly," he said, marveling at her forwardness as she continued to rub his cock through his pants. "Why don't you let it out?" he suggested.

"You wouldn't mind?" she asked, blinking her eyes in a feigned innocence as she dropped to her knees in front of him, both hands working at his zipper.

"What would you like to do?" he asked.

"Oh, it's so big," she said when she had extricated his cock from his pants, her hand wrapped around it. "Can I suck on it?"

"Please do," he replied, looking up at John and smiling.

John watched as Kelly began to suck on Mr. Henderson's cock. From what he could see, his cock was at least as big as his and a bit thicker. Kelly was enthusiastically sucking on him, able to take almost the entire thing into her mouth. He was Mr. Henderson twine his fingers in Kelly's hair, holding her head steady as he began to slowly fuck her face, sliding his cock in and out of her mouth like it was a pussy. Kelly responded by relaxing her mouth, letting her tongue lathe his cock each time it would slide in or out. John could tell by the look on Mr. Henderson's face that he was going to cum quickly.

"Oh, god, I'm cumming," he said a few seconds later, holding Kelly's face tightly against him, his cock sticking down her throat as his balls exploded, hot cum shooting into her mouth. Kelly moaned and sucked, eagerly swallowing his cum. After several minutes Mr. Henderson stopped cumming and Kelly continued to suck his cock, not stopping until it was hard again, then sitting back on her heels, breathing hard, a smile on her face.

"That was nice, Mr. Henderson," she said. "I love the taste of cum."

"You sure know how to suck a cock, Kelly," he complimented. "That was one of the best blowjobs I've ever had."

"Oh, I can't believe that," Kelly replied, allowing him to pull her to her feet in front of him. "What about Mrs. Henderson?"

"She doesn't like to suck cock, Kelly," he replied.

"Is that why you wanted me then?" she asked.

"It's one of the reasons," he admitted. "But I also wanted you because I think you're a very beautiful young woman.

"You're so nice, Mr. Henderson," Kelly said, wrapping her arms around him and kissing him on the mouth. "I'll suck your cock for you any time," she said.

"Would you like me to suck your pussy for you?" he asked her.

"Oh, yes," Kelly gushed. "Would you please? I'm so hot and wet and I need something."

"Well, why not take your skirt off first," he said, "and I'll undress too."

It only took Kelly ten seconds to drop her skirt to the floor, leaving her standing naked in front of him. A few seconds later Mr. Henderson too was naked, his cock standing out in front of him touching Kelly's belly.

"Here, why don't you sit up here on the bar," he suggested.

"Like this, Mr. Henderson?" Kelly asked, scrambling up onto the bar, leaning back on her hands, her feet up on the edge and wide apart, exposing her pussy entirely to his gaze.

"That's beautiful, Kelly," he said, staring at her spread pussy in front of him.

"Eat my pussy for me, Mr. Henderson," Kelly implored, wriggling her ass. "I'm so horny."

John watched as Mr. Henderson bent over and slid his tongue all through Kelly's pussy, which was dripping with juices. Kelly looked at him and smiled, beckoning him closer with a toss of her head. Quietly John got up from the sofa where he was sitting, rearranging his cock in his pants as he made his way over to the bar. He could clearly see Mr. Henderson's tongue as it slithered all over Kelly's pussy, diving into her hole, teasing her clit. He watched as Mr. Henderson would suck on Kelly's pussy lips, pulling on them with his teeth, then doing the same to her big clit. Kelly was groaning now as he sucked on her clit, teasing her with his tongue and also lightly chewing on her with his teeth. She gasped when she felt herself beginning to cum, humping her pussy up into his face as he sucked on her. John saw him shoot his tongue deep into her hole as she came, slurping at the juices that were flowing, drinking her up. Finally Kelly stopped trembling with orgasm and Mr. Henderson lapped up all the juices that were there, lifting his head slowly, pussy juice smeared all over his face, a big smile splitting it.

"That's the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted, Kelly," he said, pulling her to him and kissing her, his tongue invading her mouth where to his surprise she sucked on it.

"You ate me so nice," Kelly purred, kissing him. "Will you fuck me now?"

"Is that what you'd like, Kelly?" he asked, again shocked by her forwardness.

"Oh, yes, I want your cock inside of my pussy," Kelly said. "I want to feel it fill me. But you can't cum inside of me. I'm not on the pill. But you can cum again in my mouth."

"That sounds fine to me, Kelly," he said. "But why don't you sit on one of these bar stools. It will make it much easier. Now, hold your knees up to your chest," he instructed.

"Maybe John can help," Kelly said, trying to bring her knees up and stay on the stool at the same time.

"Do you mind, John?" he asked, amazed at how unconcerned she was about her b*****r watching.

"No, I'll help," John said, moving behind Kelly and reaching over her body to grip her knees, holding them up and wide apart, opening her pussy for easy entry.

"That's just fine," Mr. Henderson said, taking his cock in his hand and rubbing it between Kelly's pussy lips.

John stared as Mr. Henderson rubbed his cock up an down between Kelly's spread pussy lips. Each time he rubbed upwards and slid across her big clit, Kelly let out a moan. John had never seen her so hot before. Then Mr. Henderson positioned his cock at the entrance to Kelly's pussy, staring at her twisted face for a moment and then looking at John.

"Here we go," he said, slowly pushing forward.

"Oh, yes," Kelly panted, "fuck me, please fuck me," trying to lift her pussy to meet his slowly penetrating cock.

John watched as inch by inch Mr. Henderson's cock slid into Kelly's pussy. He couldn't believe how big it seemed and how easily Kelly's pussy adjusted to its size, welcoming it deep inside of her. When he finally succeeded in completely burying his cock inside of her, all John could see was the thick shaft of his cock with Kelly's big clit sticking out above it. Slowly Mr. Henderson began to saw his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy, picking up the pace as he became thoroughly coated with her slick pussy juices. Quickly he was slamming his cock in and out of her pussy, her inner pussy lips clinging to the shaft of his big cock each time he drew back, only to disappear inside of her pussy when he thrust back in. Her big clit stuck out like the tip of his little finger, rubbing against the shaft of his cock each time it slid by, causing Kelly to have one continual orgasm after another. After what seemed like an hour, Mr. Henderson's face began to screw into a grimace and John knew that he wasn't far from cumming himself. When Kelly felt his cock begin to grow even bigger inside of her pussy, she too knew that he was about to cum.

"Please, Mr. Henderson, don't cum inside of me," she panted, "cum in my mouth."

"Alright then," he gasped, pulling his cock from her soaked pussy. "Quickly now," he urged, his cock throbbing.

Almost falling off of the bar stool, Kelly dropped to her knees in front of him, opening her mouth and letting him slide his wet gooey cock into her mouth. Happily Kelly closed her lips around the shaft and began to suck, massaging his balls with her hand. He groaned and then John saw that he was cumming, filling Kelly's mouth for the second time that evening as she eagerly gulped it down. Kelly sucked and gulped until there was nothing left for her, then gently licked and sucked his cock clean before letting it drop limp from her mouth.

"Oh, Mr. Henderson, you fuck so good," Kelly said, struggling to her feet to hug him. "And I love it when you cum in my mouth."

"God, Kelly, you're incredible," he panted, not daring to believe that this was the high school daughter of his best friend. "You've got an incredible pussy and an incredible mouth too," he said.

"I love your cock," she said, again dropping down to her knees to gently suck on him. "If you can get it hard again, do we have time for one more fuck?" she asked.

"It would have to be a fast one, Kelly," John said, looking at his watch. "We need to leave here in the next ten minutes or mom and dad will begin to wonder."

"I couldn't possibly get it up again," Tom Henderson laughed, "though god knows I'd love nothing more than to be buried in your sweet pussy again."

"Well, maybe we can do this again sometime," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "If you want to, that is," she said, kissing him, her tongue pushing into his mouth. "I don't mind."

"God, yes," Tom Henderson gasped, not believing how hot this little vixen was. "How about next week at the same time?" he asked.

"Oh, really!" Kelly exclaimed. "You really want to fuck me again?"

"I sure do," he admitted. "We can make it a weekly thing if you want to."

"Oh, Mr. Henderson," Kelly gushed. "That'll be great. I can't wait to feel your big cock in my pussy again."

"We better go, Kelly," John advised, again checking his watch.

"Go on, get dressed," Tom Henderson said, giving her a quick kiss. "You don't want to get in trouble with your parents."

Quickly Kelly picked up her clothes and dressed, once again the young schoolgirl.

"Bye, Mr. Henderson," she said, letting her hand grab his cock once more and squeeze. "See you next week."

"Next week, Kelly," he replied, smiling at her youth as she and John left his office and entered the elevator.

"Oh, John, I can't believe how much fun that was," Kelly said as soon as the elevator doors closed. "And with you right there watching I thought I would die."

"You sure are beautiful, Kelly," he said. "I couldn't believe how neat it looked when he was fucking you."

"And it turned you on, didn't it?" she asked, her hand closing on his hard cock in his pants. "I'll take care of that when we get home," she promised as they got their bicycles.

"Are you sure you can?" John asked, not believing what he was hearing.

"Oh, I could fuck all night," Kelly said, grinding her pussy onto the bicycle seat. "Especially for $1000."

"Yeah, we really do have $1000, don't we," John marveled.

"I can't wait for next time," she said. "Do you really think that dad's other friends would like to fuck me too?" she asked. "I think I'd like that."

"I'm sure of it," John said. "But are you sure you want to do this?"

"Oh, yes, I am," Kelly assured him. "I want all the cock I can get, especially if there's $1000 attached to each one."

"Well, I'll see what I can do," John promised as they pulled up to their house.

"Hi there, you two," they heard their mother say as they pulled into the garage.

"Hi, mom," Kelly replied.

"How was the movie?" Karin asked as they came through the doorway into the kitchen.

"It was great!" Kelly responded. "I think we'll go to the movies more often. It's a nice way to spend an evening."

"I think that's a nice idea," Karin agreed, pleased that her twins were still so close.

"Night, mom," Kelly said. "I'm pretty tired so I think I'll go to bed."

"Me too," John agreed. "Night, mom," he said, kissing her on the cheek.

What beautiful c***dren I have, Karin thought wistfully as she watched them retreat down the hall. I'm so lucky, she thought.

John was about to fall asl**p when he felt, more than heard, his door open, and then Kelly was climbing into his bed with him, completely naked.

"Now it's my turn to fuck you," she said, kissing him, her hand going between their bodies to find his cock. "The whole time he was fucking me I only thought of you, wishing it was you fucking me and him watching," she said, feeling him get instantly hard. "It was so incredible having you hold my legs open while he fucked me," Kelly said, sliding his cock back and forth between her pussy lips, getting him nice and wet. "Now I get what I really want," she said, positioning his cock at the entrance to her pussy and lowering herself onto him. "Yes, this is it," she hissed, rocking her hips back and forth. "Fuck me, John, fuck me," she moaned, feeling his hands grab her hips and begin to push her back and forth.

Before she knew what was happening, John had flipped her onto her back, his cock still inside of her but with him on top, and he began slamming his cock into her, fucking her like crazy, trying to expiate the excitement of the evening as quickly as possible.

"I want you to cum in my mouth," Kelly panted as he fucked her. "I want to taste your cum."

"Well, here it is," John gasped, pulling his cock from his s****r and crawling up her chest, sliding it wet and gooey into her open and waiting mouth. He felt her suck him down into her throat and then his balls exploded, his cum shooting into her mouth. He could feel her gulp once, twice, three times and she tried to swallow his cum as quickly as it filled her mouth. Then he felt his cock subside and he fell over onto the bed, spent as though it had been him fucking her all night.

"Thank you, John," Kelly said, kissing him. "I love you so much for letting me be a whore and fucking me like this."

"You may be a whore," John said softly, "but you're a very expensive one, and I love fucking you. And I love watching you get fucked too."

"I know you do," Kelly said, hugging him. "That's why you're so perfect."

John fell asl**p with a smile on his face, never even noticing that Kelly got up and returned to her own room.


The next morning Kelly again came to John's room and fucked him silly before their parents got up for breakfast. John hurried home after school to meet his father so they could go play golf with his work buddy, Bob Adams. When they got to the course, John was surprised to see that Tom Henderson was also joining them.

"Hello, John," Tom said, shaking his hand. "More practice?"

"Uh, yeah, Mr. Henderson," John said, unable to get out of his mind the sight of his s****r being fucked by him the night before.

"How's Kelly," he whispered to John when he was sure he wouldn't be heard.

"She had a big smile on her face this morning," John said, remembering how she looked as she left his room.

"So did I, all night," Tom replied, laughing.

They began to play and John saw that Bob didn't have a chance of beating his father. And for that matter neither did Tom. It was obvious towards the end of the round that Bob was thoroughly frustrated and pissed off at being so thoroughly trounced.

"He sure looks like he'd like to kill dad," John observed to Tom.

"Yeah, he's not a happy camper," Tom agreed.

"Maybe I should tell him about Kelly," John mused, curious to what Tom's reaction would be.

"I'm sure he would," Tom laughed. "I'll say something to him for you, if you'd like."

"You wouldn't mind?" John asked, surprised.

"Hell, no," Tom replied. "I'd like to see everyone your dad has stepped on be able to get back at him. He's a great guy, he just has no class."

John couldn't believe his luck when he heard this. He was even more surprised when Bob came up to him as they walked up the 18th fairway.

"I understand you could help me pay back your father a bit for being such a shit," he said out of the blue to John.

"Uh, what do you mean?" John said, suddenly unsure of himself.

"Your s****r," he hissed. "Is it true?"

"Yes, it's true," John agreed.


"That's right."

"Well, I want to fuck her in the ass and pretend that it's your father," he said. "You have any problem with that?"

"Me, no," John said. "But I'll have to ask Kelly. I don't know if she's ever done that before."

"Well, if she agrees, you two come to my house at 8:00 tonight."

"Your house!"

"Sure. It's okay, trust me. 8:00."

"Okay. I'll talk to Kelly. But I don't know if my parents will let us out tonight. We went out last night."

"I heard," he said with a grin. "I'll take care of that for you too."

They finished playing the round and picked up their bags to walk to the parking lot.

"John, I noticed that you're using an old putter," Bob Adams said. "Why don't you come by my house tonight and I'll let you have one of my old ones. They're all new compared to that and you might find one that feels just right in your hands."

"Gosh, Mr. Adams, that'd be swell," John said in genuine gratitude. "I'd really appreciate that."

"You got any problem with that, Jason?" he asked.

"No, not at all. That's really nice of you."

"No, it's a pleasure. John's a good k** and he'll beat you one of these days, even if we don't."

"Well, that's what he thinks too," Jason laughed. "But I doubt it."

"I don't," John said, steel in his voice.

"I'll see you tonight then, John."

"Sure thing, Mr. Adams, and thanks."

"Don't mention it, don't mention it at all."

When they got home John went directly to take a shower before sitting down to eat dinner. He hadn't had a chance to talk to Kelly yet and he was worried about her reaction to Mr. Adams' strange request to fuck her in the ass. Luckily for him his father saved the day by his regular bragging, which also included John's invite to pick himself out one of Bob Adams' putters that evening.

"I think that's wonderful, John," his mother said, leaning over and kissing him on the forehead. "You have fun and keep practicing and we all know that you're going to beat your father one of these days."

"I plan on it," John said, staring directly at his father's smirking face. "Hey, Kelly, you want to come with me tonight?"

"Uh, well, sure," Kelly replied, surprised to be invited.

"It's better than hanging out here anyway," John told her, winking.

"Okay," she said.

After they finished dinner and cleaned up, they got their bicycles from the garage and started to ride to the house and John quickly filled Kelly in on his conversation with Bob Adams that afternoon.

"He wants to fuck me in the ass?" Kelly asked, slowing down her pedaling. "I don't know if I like that."

"Have you ever done it before?" John asked.

"Not really, just once someone pushed their finger into my ass while we were fucking."

"Did you like it?"

"It made me cum like crazy," Kelly laughed, remembering.

"Well, do you want to do this?" John asked. "He agreed to the $1000 too."

"I guess so," she responded. "Besides, it might be fun too. And if I'm going to be a whore I have to do things like that, don't I?"

"Kelly, I don't think you're a whore, maybe a high-class call girl."

"It's still a whore," she laughed. "Sex for money. Besides, I like thinking of myself as a whore. It's so wicked."

They pulled up to the Adams' house and parked their bicycles, knocking on the door. It was answered by Mrs. Adams, surprising both of them. She was a short blonde woman, very beautiful, it seemed to John, and she was wearing an oriental lounging robe.

"Oh, hi. You must be John and Kelly," she said. "Bob's in the den. Go right on in."

They went into the den and Bob was standing there with a drink in his hand, wearing an identical robe to the one his wife had been wearing.

"Hello, John," he said, smiling at them. "And you must be Kelly," he said, walking over to shake their hands. "You're even prettier than I'd heard," he said.

"Thank you," Kelly said, blushing slightly as she looked at him. He appeared to be of medium height and strongly built and he was nice looking too, she thought as he released her hand.

"I believe this is for you," Bob said, reaching into a pocket and pulling out a folded wad of money, handing it to Kelly. "Is that right?"

"Uh, yes," Kelly said, feeling herself blush again as she took the money, turning to hand it to John.

"What about Mrs. Adams?" John asked, looking towards the door.

"Oh, don't worry about her," Bob said. "It's no problem at all. I understand that you insist on John being present, right?"

"Uh, yeah," Kelly nodded. "I feel safer for some reason."

"You don't mind your b*****r seeing you, you know, naked like that and having sex?"

"It sort of excites me to know he's watching, actually," Kelly replied, turning to John with a smile on her face. "And I know it excites him."

"I'll bet it does," he agreed with a smile. "Why don't you take your clothes off for me to start with then?"

"Are you sure?" Kelly asked, looking back at the open door.

"It's no problem, I assure you."

"Well, okay then," she said, pulling her t-shirt off over her head, then releasing her bra and letting it drop to the floor. Her tits fell free of the constraining bra and her nipples hardened instantly, screwing into cherry knots on the end of her full tits. Then she unzipped her shorts, letting them slide to the floor, leaving her standing naked in front of Bob since she wasn't wearing any panties.

"God, you are really a beautiful young girl, Kelly," Bob said, frankly appraising her body. "And this is your amazing clit that I've heard about," he said, reaching down between her legs to gently stroke it as it stuck out from between her pussy lips.

"Ooh, Mr. Adams, that feels nice," Kelly said, feeling her juices begin to flow.

"Would you like to suck my cock for me, Kelly?" he asked, letting his robe part to reveal that he too was naked underneath.

"Oh, yes, I love to suck cock," Kelly said with a smile. "Yours is so thick too," she said, shyly reaching forward to grasp it in her hand.

Dropping to her knees in front of him Kelly flicked her tongue out, wiping across the head of his cock and tasting him. Immediately his cock swelled to its full size in her hand, not quite as big as John's or Tom's but much thicker than either of them. Unable to get her hand all the way around the shaft, Kelly opened her mouth as wide as she could and closed her lips around the head of Bob's cock, letting her tongue swirl all around it.

Bob sighed as he watched Kelly on her knees in front of him trying valiantly to suck his cock, her big tits swaying in front of her. He looked up at John and smiled as he was how rapt his attention was on his s****r blowing him. John noticed Bob's attention and shifted his eyes, looking up and back over his shoulder as he felt or saw something there. He was shocked to see Mrs. Adams moving up to the back of the sofa, a finger to her lips indicating that he should be quiet. Her other hand softly slid onto his shoulder, lightly squeezing it as John stared up at her. She nodded her head towards her husband and Kelly, a smile on her face, and John turned back around to watch as Kelly continued to suck on Bob's cock. His mind was whirling in panic because of Mrs. Adams' presence.

"Boy, you sure are big, Mr. Adams," Kelly said, gasping for breath.

"You're doing fine," he replied, slightly leaning forward so she would continue.

Eagerly Kelly continued to suck his cock and John noticed that she was now able to get about half of it into her mouth as she bobbed back and forth. Still feeling Mrs. Adams' hand on his shoulder, John again turned and looked up at her. He noticed that the top of her robe had slightly parted and he could now see one bare breast with a big hard nipple pressing against the material.

She looked down and smiled at him, seeing where his eyes were. Caressing his shoulder softly she walked around the sofa and sat down right next to him, her thigh pressed up against his. Her robe, which only came down about 3/4 thigh when she was standing, was now only about 1/4 thigh, barely covering her pussy. She patted John on the thigh, letting her hand rest there as she crossed her legs. This caused the bottom of the robe to split apart up to the cinch at the waist but John was unable to see her pussy because of the way her legs were crossed. The top of the robe was gaping open and he could clearly see one tit with a big pink nipple.

Just then Kelly started to moan and Bob groaned. John turned towards them, knowing that he was cumming in Kelly's mouth. He could see Kelly's cheeks billowing as she struggled to swallow the cum that was filling her mouth. For the first time he saw cum leak out the corner of her mouth and dribble down her chin as she continued to gulp and swallow. Finally he stopped cumming and Kelly licked and sucked the last of it from his cock before letting it out of her mouth. She used a finger to scoop up the glob of cum that had dribbled down her chin and licked it off too.

"Gosh, Mr. Adams, you sure do cum a lot," Kelly said, smiling up at him, his hard cock still in her hand.

"Do you like to eat cum, Kelly?" he asked.

"Oh, yeah, I love cum. I love the taste of it. It makes me so wet."

"Would you like it if I ate your pussy for you before I fuck you?"

"Oh, yes, I love having my pussy sucked."

"Why don't you lay on that coffee table there behind you," he suggested, smiling at her.

"Okay," she said, turning around. Her mouth dropped open and her hands tried to cover herself when she saw Mrs. Adams sitting on the sofa next to John.

"M-m-Mrs. Adams!" she cried. "I-I-I didn't know you were here I mean --"

"That's okay, Kelly," she replied. "It was wonderful watching you suck Bob's cock. I could tell you really liked doing it."

"Y-y-you don't mind?" she asked, terrified.

"Of course not. Why should I? That's what he's paying you to do, isn't he?"

"Well, yes, but he's your husband, I mean."

"You just don't worry about it. Lay down here on the table and let Bob eat that sweet pussy of yours. He loves to eat pussy. I know."

"Well, okay, I guess," Kelly said, letting her hands drop. "If you're sure you don't mind. That it's really okay."

"I promise," she said, crossing her heart with a finger.

Shrugging, Kelly crawled onto the coffee table, laying on her back with her feet up on the edge as wide as the table would allow. Mr. Adams stood looking down at her, his cock standing straight out in front of him, and Mrs. Adams leaned forward, letting her hand slide to cover John's cock as she stared at Kelly's pussy.

"She does have a big clit, doesn't she?" she commented.

"Just like Tom said," Bob agreed. "What a beautiful pussy," he said as he dropped to his knees in front of her. "I can't wait to taste it."

As Mrs. Adams continued to rub and squeeze his cock, John watched Mr. Adams bend forward, lowering his face into Kelly's wide open pussy, his tongue leading the way as it dipped directly into her hole. He heard her sigh as Mr. Adams' tongue slowly began to lick her pussy, sliding up and down between her pussy lips, tracing them, sucking on them, even lightly chewing on them as Kelly gasped and writhed on the coffee table.

John's cock was rock hard as Mrs. Adams rubbed and squeezed it while they watched Mr. Adams eat Kelly's pussy. Kelly was writhing on the table, her breath coming in gasps now as she neared orgasm. When Mr. Adams began to suck on Kelly's clit, lightly biting it and flicking it with his tongue, she went over the edge, cumming in Mr. Adams' mouth as he continued to suck on her. Mrs. Adams leaned forward to watch Kelly's face as she came and reached out to firmly grasp one of Kelly's nipples between her fingers, squeezing and pulling it as Kelly's orgasm slowly petered out. Releasing her nipple, Mrs. Adams leaned back onto the sofa again, but not before undoing the cinch of her robe, causing it to fall wide open, exposing her body.

"Fuck her now, Bob," Mrs. Adams said, seeing her husband's cum-drenched face as he lifted it from Kelly's pussy.

"Umm, yes, fuck me," Kelly panted, her hands between her legs holding her pussy wide open.

"You've got quite a s****r," Mrs. Adams said, turning to John, one hand still firmly on his cock.

"Uh, yeah," John gulped, staring at her tits as they hung gracefully from her chest, her big pink nipples hard and sticking out.

John couldn't tear his eyes from Mrs. Adams as she tucked one leg up under the other as she turned to face him, watching the expression on his face as his eyes traveled down to between her legs. She smiled to herself and began to pull his zipper down when she saw his jaw drop as he saw her smooth-shaved pussy spread open between her legs. He finally turned his head when he heard Kelly groan, and saw that Mr. Adams was sliding his huge cock slowly into her pussy. As he slowly began to fuck her, Mrs. Adams succeeded in extracting his cock from his pants, holding him firmly in her hand as she watched her husband fucking Kelly.

Without any warning Mrs. Adams suddenly moved so that she was straddling John's lap facing him, his cock sliding between her slippery pussy lips and her tits pressing against his chest.

"While Bob's busy with Kelly, you can make me happy," she said, reaching down between her legs and grasping his cock in her hand, guiding it to the entrance to her hole.

John gasped when he felt the hot velvet of her pussy envelope his cock. He was so shocked that he didn't know what to do. But that didn't matter, because Mrs. Adams knew exactly what to do, and she did it. She began to fuck him, sliding her smooth pussy back and forth on his cock. She lifted one of her tits and held it to his mouth, encouraging him to suck on it. John couldn't believe it. Kelly was getting fucked by her husband on the coffee table, and he's paying for it, while his wife is fucking him on the couch, and he doesn't have to pay for it.

John heard Kelly gasping and knew she was only moments away from cumming. He couldn't believe how good Mrs. Adams' pussy felt as she milked him. Then Kelly cried out as her orgasm took her. Mrs. Adams just fucked him harder and harder, never even looking back at Kelly.

"You sure got a nice pussy, Kelly," Bob Adams said, slowly fucking her now as she recovered from her orgasm. "You're nice and tight too."

"Oh, Mr. Adams, your cock feels so good in me," Kelly gasped, no energy left to meet his slow thrusts.

"I want to fuck your ass now, Kelly," he said. "What do you think of that?"

"I've never done that before," she replied, "so please don't hurt me."

"What do you want me to do?" he asked. "Tell me."

"Oooh, I want you to fuck me in the ass," she gasped as he slammed his cock all the way into her pussy.

"Why don't you get on your hands and knees on the floor then," he said, slowly withdrawing his gooey cock from her pussy.

"Oh, don't take it out," Kelly gasped when she felt his cock withdrawn from her grasping pussy.

Helping her to sit up, Kelly seemed to notice John and Mrs. Adams for the first time.

"Oh, John, what are you doing?" she asked as she watched Mrs. Adams sliding her ass back and forth on John's lap.

"I'm not doing anything," John gasped, his cock ready to explode from Mrs. Adams' incredible pussy.

"Cum inside me now, John," Mrs. Adams panted, fucking him hard and fast.

"Oh, god, oh, god," John said, feeling himself go over the edge as his balls began to spasm in orgasm.

"Oh, yes," Mrs. Adams cried, feeling his hot cum shooting deep into her pussy. "That's it, fill my pussy, give it all to me," as her pussy milked his cock dry.

Kelly's mouth was hanging open as she watched and heard her b*****r filling Mrs. Adams' pussy. She couldn't believe it. Then Mr. Adams was helping her off the coffee table onto the floor, where she knelt on her hands and knees, her ass high up in the air.

"Here you go, Kelly," he said, sliding his cock into her wet pussy from behind.

"Ooh, yes," Kelly breathed when she felt his cock fill her pussy.

"Kathy, will you get me the KY, please," Mr. Adams asked as he slowly pumped Kelly's pussy.

"Sure, Bob," Mrs. Adams replied, slowly pushing herself up off of John's cock.

John could only stare as Mrs. Adams stood momentarily in front of him, her robe hanging open. Her pussy was absolutely hairless and her pussy lips were red and swollen, gaping open. Smiling at him, she turned and opened a drawer in the coffee table, reaching in a removing a tube of KY. She then went to her husband leaning down to kiss him as he stroked his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy.

"Would you like me to do it, Bob?" she asked.

"Yeah, if you don't mind," he replied, smiling at her knowingly.

Squirting a generous amount of KY onto her fingers, Kathy began to rub in onto Kelly's asshole, pushing a finger inside and making sure to lubricate the inside of her virgin asshole too. Then Bob slid his cock from Kelly's pussy and pressed the head of it against her asshole. Kelly groaned as she felt the head of his cock stretching her asshole as it slid into her. She was gasping and panting as she felt him rest there for a moment, her asshole slowly adjusting to the size of his cock just inside. Then slowly and inexorably he began to push his cock into her ass. Kelly felt like she was being split in two as his big cock slowly but surely filled her ass. She couldn't believe how stuffed she felt when she finally felt his pubic hair pressed up against her ass as he buried his cock completely in her.

"Man, this is one tight ass," Mr. Adams exclaimed, resting as Kelly adjusted to having his entire cock stuffed up her ass. "How do you like it, Kelly?" he asked.

"Oh, god, you're so big," Kelly sobbed.

"It'll stop hurting in a minute," Kathy Adams assured her. "It's like that for me too."

"You mean you let him fuck you in the ass too?" Kelly gasped.

"All the time," she replied, moving around in front of Kelly. "You'll begin to enjoy it in a few seconds too," she said, sitting down cross-legged in front of Kelly. "It's probably hurting less already, isn't it?" she asked, leaning forward and gently kissing Kelly on the mouth.

"Uh, yeah, I guess so," Kelly agreed, feeling herself relax a little.

"Well, then, let's fuck," Bob said, slowly pulling his cock back out of Kelly's ass, then just as slowly pushing it back in.

"Oh, god," Kelly gasped as she felt Bob's huge cock sawing in and out of her ass. "It's so big," she said, lowering her face to the ground as he continued to slowly fuck her ass.

"Here, maybe this will help," Kathy Adams suggested, uncrossing her legs and putting one on either side of Kelly, scooting forward until her naked pussy was right in front of Kelly's nose.

"Suck her pussy, Kelly," Bob Adams said, his cock never slowing down. "Suck Kathy's pussy."

John couldn't believe what he was hearing. He got up from the sofa where he had been sitting and moved over to where he could closely watch his s****r. He could see Mr. Adams' cock sliding in and out of her ass. Mrs. Adams' cum-filled bald pussy was split open just an inch in front of Kelly's nose. Each time Mr. Adams slammed his cock into her ass, Kelly's nose would bump forward into Mrs. Adams' pussy. With Mr. Adams encouraging her, he saw Kelly's tongue stick out and plunge into Mrs. Adams' pussy the next time Mr. Adams thrust forward. And that's where it stayed. John watched in disbelief as Kelly enthusiastically glued her mouth to Mrs. Adams' pussy, sucking and licking up the cum that he had just put there as Mr. Adams continued to pound her ass.

Kelly was almost growling as she ate Kathy Adams' pussy while Bob Adams was now vigorously pounding his cock in and out of her ass. She couldn't believe the sensations she was experiencing as Mr. Adams' cock seemed to split her wide each time he buried it in her ass. She felt like she was having a continual orgasm. And getting to eat John's cum out of Mrs. Adams' pussy was turning her on more than anything she had ever done. She realized that she loved the taste of pussy as she fastened her lips on Mrs. Adams' clit, sucking it and teasing it with her tongue, even using her teeth lightly as she twisted and thrashed beneath her.

Then she felt Mr. Adams' cock seem to grow even larger as he slammed it once more into her ass, then she actually felt it pulsating as he began to shoot his hot cum deep into her bowel. She groaned into Kathy Adams' pussy as she slurped the juices flowing from her pussy as Mr. Adams filled her ass with cum, then he slowly slid his rapidly diminishing cock from her ass.

"Oh, god," Kelly groaned, collapsing on the ground in relief and exhaustion when Bob Adams' cock finally withdrew totally from her ass. "That was unbelievable."

"Oh, Kelly, you were wonderful!" Kathy Adams exclaimed, scrambling to kiss Kelly. "I loved the way you ate my pussy for me."

"Oh, I liked it too," Kelly said. "It tasted so sweet."

"Here, let me taste that sweet pussy of yours," Kathy said, moving so that she was kneeling between Kelly's legs. Pushing Kelly's legs up until they were almost touching the ground by her ears, Kathy Adams had a totally unobstructed view of Kelly swollen pussy and ass, which cum was starting to dribble from. With a smile she lowered her face, letting her tongue lead the way into and between Kelly's pussy lips. Kelly moaned as Kathy Adams licked and sucked on her pussy, and almost came up off the floor when she felt her tongue at her asshole, then pushing in as she ate the cum that was dribbling from her stretched rosebud.

"John," Kathy said, raising her face from between Kelly's legs for a second, "do you think you could put that nice cock of yours in my ass for me while I'm eating your s****r's ass and pussy for her? I think Bob's not quite ready and I really need a cock in my ass."

John stared at Bob Adams in disbelief when he heard this. Bob just laughed, tossing the tube of K-Y to him.

"Here, you better use a bit of this," he suggested. "And give it to her good too."

Numb with disbelief, John lubed his cock up with the K-Y as Kathy Adams continued to suck his s****r's pussy.

"Here, put some on her asshole too," Bob Adams said, taking the tube from John and squirting it directly onto his wife's asshole. "This way you'll slip right on in," he said, using his fingers to smear the K-Y around and even push a couple of fingers into her ass to provide some lubrication there. "Go for it, son," he said, holding his wife's ass cheeks wide apart, giving John a good target.

John couldn't believe his luck as he stepped forward and presented the head of his cock to Kathy Adams' asshole. He pressed to enter and felt a strong resistance at first, then the head of his cock was slipping in past her rosebud and he was quickly buried deep in her ass. He was amazed at how hot and tight her ass was as he just rested for a moment, his cock throbbing in her ass. Then he slowly started to fuck her, feeling the way her rosebud gripped his cock tightly. As he fucked her ass he could hear her tongue sluicing through Kelly's pussy as she ate her. With Bob Adams encouraging him John began to really fuck Kathy Adams' ass, slamming his cock in and out as hard as he could. He knew he wouldn't be able to last very long as he felt her tight ass gripping his cock. Then suddenly his balls were exploding and his cum was shooting deep into her ass, filling her yet again with his hot load.

"Oh, god, I love the feeling of a good cock cumming in my ass," Kathy Adams panted, lifting her face from Kelly's pussy and asshole, pressing back against John as his balls emptied into her willing ass.

"She's got a real nice ass, doesn't she?" Bob Adams asked John as his cock slid from his wife's ass. "She's still real tight, though not quite as tight as Kelly," he laughed. "Maybe next time we'll both fuck her at once, one in the ass and one in her pussy. That's her absolute favorite. Maybe you'd like that too, Kelly."

"Gosh, I don't know if all that would fit in me," Kelly said, leaning on her elbows, her legs spread and her pussy wide open.

"You'll be surprised at what we'll fit in you," Bob said cryptically.

"And I think you two better be getting home before your parents start to worry," Kathy Adams observed, a smile on her face as she got to her feet.

"Oh, gosh, I forgot all about the time," Kelly said, scrambling to her feet. "What time is it?"

"We've got enough time if we get going now," John informed her, turning to look for his clothes.

"Thank god," Kelly said, grabbing her clothes and pulling them on. "They'd ground me for a month if I was late on a school night."

"I do hope you both will come back next week too," Kathy Adams said, smiling at the surprised looks on their faces. "In fact, we should make it a weekly thing. I know Bob loved fucking you, Kelly, especially since he feels like he's getting some revenge on your father, and I think John has a marvelous cock that I'd like some more of. In fact, here's a little something for you, John," she said, reaching into a drawer and handing him five $100 bills. "I gather you two are doing this as a type of business," she went on, ignoring their shocked faces, "so you have to charge everyone for everything, especially that wonderful cock of yours, John."

"But, but..." John sputtered.

"Look, all of your parents' friends have more money than they can ever spend, like your parents. What you two are offering is very special and the money is unimportant to us compared to the fun we'll have with you, okay?" Kathy Adams explained.

"Well, if you put it like that, sure, I understand," John said, realizing the validity of her statement. "I just never thought...."

"No, I'm sure you didn't," Kathy Adams laughed.

"But what about Sara?" Kelly asked. "I mean, I noticed that she wasn't here tonight. But what about other nights?"

"Oh, this is Sara's night to go out with her club," Bob told her. "It won't be a problem. But of course you shouldn't tell her anything about this."

"Gosh, we'd never tell any of our friends from school," Kelly said, shocked. "What would they think?"

"I think they wouldn't believe you," Bob Adams laughed.

"We better go," Kelly said worriedly, looking at the clock.

"We'll see you next week," Kathy Adams said, her hand reaching out to hold her husband's cock.

"Bye," they both said at once, leaving.

"I can't sit on my seat," Kelly complained as they pedaled off on their bicycles.

"Did you like it when he fucked you in the ass?" John asked.

"Not at first," Kelly admitted, "but then it started feeling really good, especially when he came. That felt so cool feeling him spurt inside of me like that. I liked it. Did you like fucking Mrs. Adams in the ass?"

"It felt unbelievable," John admitted. "Her pussy was pretty fine too. I like the way she shaves it smooth, you can really see what's going on."

"Yeah, and it was so nice sucking her pussy," Kelly said. "I couldn't believe I did it, but then I really liked it a lot. She tastes different than me, but she was so full of your cum and that's a taste that I really like."

"It was great watching you two suck each other's pussies," John said, remembering how hard he had gotten.

"You'll see it again next week, won't you?" Kelly said with a laugh as they pulled into their garage, entering the kitchen not 5 minutes too soon to make their curfew.

"So, did you two have fun at Bob and Kathy's?" their mother asked them.

"They're really nice," Kelly answered.

"What did you do?" she asked.

"Oh, just talked and played some games," Kelly responded, momentarily shocked by the question.

"Was Sara there?"

"No, not tonight," Kelly replied. "But I'm sure we'll see her next week."

"Next week?"

"Yeah, they invited us again. John and I killed them in cards so they invited us to play again, and if we want we can do it every week."

"Well, that was certainly nice of them," Karin remarked, looking at her two c***dren more closely.

"Well, I'm tired so I'm going to bed," Kelly announced, yawning.

"I guess me too," John said. "Night, mom."

"Good-night, John, Kelly," Karin said.

"Night, mom," Kelly said, kissing her on the cheek before going down the hallway to her room.


John awoke the next morning to the sensation of Kelly sucking his cock to life as she lowered her pussy onto his face. I love waking up like this, John thought as his tongue slithered into his s****r's pussy, drinking up her already flowing juices. After Kelly had cum once from John's tongue, she turned around and straddled him, easily sliding down on his cock as her pussy enveloped him.

"I love your cock, John," she said, slowly fucking him.

"And I love the way you love my cock," John said, thrusting up to meet her. "How do you feel this morning?"

"Oh, my ass?" Kelly asked, sliding her pussy back and forth on his cock. "It doesn't hurt or anything, if that's what you mean. Why, do you want to fuck me in the ass?"

"I'll fuck you anywhere you want me to," John replied.

"Well, I want you in my pussy right now," she said, "but later I want you to fuck my ass for me."

"God, Kelly, you're something else," John said, feeling his balls begin to churn. "I think I'm about ready to cum. Where do you want it?"

"Oh, I'd love to feel you cum in my pussy again," she said, "but I'd rather eat it now, my favorite breakfast."

"You'd better hurry," he said as she scrambled off of him and turned to suck his gooey cock into her mouth, again lowering her pussy onto his waiting tongue. As his tongue slid up into her hole, John felt his balls explode as Kelly sucked on his cock. He lapped at her pussy as she sucked cum from his cock, swallowing all of it and sucking him clean before lifting her head from his lap.

"God, I love the taste of your cum," she said, climbing off of his face and turning to kiss him, tasting herself on his mouth and knowing that he could taste his own cum on hers. "But I'd better get out of here before mom and dad wake up," she said, getting to her feet. "Thanks for the nice fuck."

"Yeah, you too," John said grinning as he watched her naked ass swinging as she left his room. "What a great s****r!" he muttered as he got up.

They finished breakfast and said good-bye to their mother and began their ride to school. They were discussing the fact that they now had $2500 from a couple hours of fucking and how easy it was going to be to make much, much more when John suddenly slammed on the brakes of his bicycle.

"Shit, I forgot my homework," he said. "I forgot it once last week and she told me she'd count it as not done if I forgot it again. I've got to go back and get it."

"Well, you better hurry," Kelly said. "I'll see you later."

John stood up on his pedals and began pumping as fast as he could for home. It figures that they were almost at the school when he had remembered. As he turned onto his street he saw a blue BMW that looked like Tom Henderson's turn into their driveway. As John approached the house he saw that it was indeed Tom Henderson's BMW. Curious as to why he would be here at this time of the morning, John quietly dismounted his bicycle and walked it up to the garage, for some reason not going into the garage as was his usual custom.

Careful to be quiet for some reason, John approached the door to the kitchen in the garage and noticed that it wasn't closed completely, that there was a gap of perhaps an inch or so and that he could see into the kitchen and dining room table. What he saw shocked him to the core of his being. His mother was lying on her back on the dining room table, her hands holding her knees up and apart while Tom Henderson sat in a chair with his face between her legs. John couldn't see his mother's pussy, but he knew without a doubt, especially because of the sounds his mother was making, that Tom Henderson was eating his mother's pussy.

Then Tom lifted his face and stood up and John was looking right into his mother's pussy, spread wide open and red and puffy like Kelly's got when he had been fucking and eating her. He saw that his mother also had a big clit like Kelly's and now knew where Kelly got hers. He saw her hand drop between her legs and two fingers slashed into her pussy, disappearing up inside of her while she begged Tom to please fuck her.

Tom moved around the side of the table and held his hard cock out to his mother, who immediately opened her mouth and engulfed it, sucking on him while he began to fuck her face. John stared in amazement as his mother took Tom's entire cock into her mouth each time he pushed forward, sucking him right down into her throat. He had a hard time tearing his eyes from his mother's pussy with her two fingers sliding in and out, her huge clit sticking out begging to be sucked. He realized that he had a rod of steel in his pants as his cock got rock hard watching his mother. Suddenly he noticed what was so different about his mother's pussy as compared to Kelly's. His mother's pussy was absolutely bare of hair. She had shaved it clean like Kathy Adams did.

He heard Tom groan and returned his attention to the blowjob his mother was giving him. He saw her holding his cock in her hand, the crown of it just inside her mouth with her tongue running all around it as gobs of cum shot into her mouth. Twice she had to close her lips on his shaft to gulp and swallow the cum that filled her mouth, but then she would go back to just running her tongue around it, her mouth open as Tom emptied his balls into it. When he finally finished cumming, John saw her close her mouth on his cock again, sucking like crazy, not allowing him to lose any of his hardness. She finally released his cock from her mouth, cum all over her chin.

"Now, Tom, fuck me hard, fuck me," she told him, removing her two fingers from her pussy and using them to push the cum from her chin into her mouth where she sucked on them.

John could see her pussy gaping open, her clit hard and sticking out before Tom stepped between her legs and blocked his view. When he saw his hips thrust forward and heard his mother gasp, John knew that Tom had filled her pussy with his cock, and by the motions of his hips he knew that he was now fucking his mother on the dining room table. He could hear the squishing of Tom's cock sluicing in and out of his mother's pussy.

"Take your shirt off so I can see your tits," Tom panted as he continued to fuck her.

John's view was blocked but he could see his mother's arms moving and then he saw her drop her shirt to the floor next to the table and he knew that she was now laying totally naked as Tom fucked her.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, Tom, fuck me," she cried as Tom slammed his cock in and out of her pussy. "Do you like fucking my pussy, Tom?" she gasped. "Does it feel good?"

"Yeah, you've got a great pussy," he replied, slamming his hips in and out.

"Are you going to cum in me?" she asked, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts.

"I'm going to cum all over you," Tom panted, slowing down. "Would you like that?" he asked, slowly withdrawing his cock from her pussy.

"Oh, put it back in, put it back in," she cried, lifting her hips to try to find his cock.

"Sure, I'll put it back in," he said, rubbing his cock on her swollen clit, causing her to jump.

"Oh, fuck me, Tom, fuck me," she begged.

"At your command," Tom said, thrusting his hips forward.

"Oh, oh, oh, my ass," Karin cried out. "Oh, it's so big."

John realized that Tom had pushed his cock into his mother's ass and that he was now fucking her. He remembered watching Kelly get her ass fucked and also himself fucking Mrs. Adams' ass and he just had to see for himself. Without thinking John pushed the door open and burst into the room, quickly moving over next to Tom and staring down at his cock sliding in and out of his mother's ass while her pussy gaped open above it, her clit big and swollen and sticking out.

"Oh, god, John, John, what are you doing here?" Karin gasped when she saw her son.

"I forgot my homework," John replied, his eyes never leaving his mother's pussy and ass where Tom's cock had not slowed down.

"Stop, stop," Karin gasped, trying to sit up in spite of Tom's cock sawing in and out of her ass. "My son."

"I'm not done yet," Tom said, pushing her back down onto the table as he continued to saw his cock in and out of her ass. "Your mother is one of the world's great fucks," he panted, smiling at John. "She's beautiful and all three of her holes loves cock. And she can cum like nobody else if you know how to stimulate her the right way, like this," he said, grasping her clit between his fingers and squeezing and pulling on it.

And indeed John watched as his mother writhed on the table as an orgasm swept through her body. He could see her pussy juices flowing from her gaping hole down to coat Tom's cock as it slid in and out of her ass.

"Oh, god, no," Karin cried as her orgasm controlled her body, Tom's cock relentlessly sawing in and out of her ass.

"Here, John, you do this for me," Tom panted, releasing Karin's clit.

"Oh, god, no, please," Karin cried as she watched her son reach between her legs and grasp her clit between his thumb and index finger, squeezing it and sending her over the edge again in an uncontrollable orgasm while Tom's cock continued to pump her ass.

John loved the feeling of rubbing his mother's big thick clit back and forth between his fingers. It was soft and hard at the same time and deliciously slippery. He saw her hole drooling juices and without thinking slid his other three fingers into his mother's pussy. He was surprised to feel her pussy grasp his fingers and literally suck them in. He could feel Tom's cock sliding back and forth through the membrane separating her pussy from her ass and his mother was writhing on the table as she came over and over again. He began to plunge his fingers in and out of his mother's pussy, finger fucking her while he continued to manipulate her clit.

"Oh, god, I'm going to cum," Tom groaned, and John indeed felt Tom's cock seem to get larger through the membrane. John felt Tom's cock actually spurt as he began to shoot cum into his mother's ass, then Tom pulled his cock from her ass and began to shoot his cum all over her pussy, covering John's fingers as well. John continued to finger fuck his mother, rubbing Tom's cum all over her pussy as her orgasm too began to subside.

"Put your fingers in her mouth," Tom instructed John, a big smile on his face.

Reluctantly John removed his hand from his mother's pussy, cum covering his fingers along with her copious juices. He moved to a position at the table where he was standing right next to her shoulder, seeing her head back, her mouth open as she gasped for breath, her breasts heaving with big hard nipples sticking prominently upright begging for attention. Tentatively John reached out with his gooey cum-covered hand and held it just above his mother's open panting mouth. As he did so a gob of cum slid from his finger into his mother's mouth. He watched as she closed her mouth, swallowing it, then opened it again as she continued to gasp for air. John lowered his fingers into his mother's mouth, feeling her soft tongue meet them, then her lips closing on his hand as she sucked and licked Tom's cum and her own juices from his fingers. With his other hand John reached out and covered one of her breasts, his fingers finding and squeezing her hard nipple as she sucked his hand clean.

"Maybe you'd better get that homework you forgot and get to school," Tom said to him, shaking him out of his trance as he jerked his hand from his mother's mouth.

John ran to his room, grabbed his homework and ran back to the kitchen to get to the garage and his bicycle. As he ran through the kitchen he saw that Tom had moved around and was again feeding his cock to his mother's sucking mouth. He couldn't believe what he had just witnessed, and done himself. No wonder Kelly was the way she was, he mused, she was just like their mother.

He got to school in time to turn in his homework before the bell rang dismissing the class. He went looking for Kelly and finally found her in the cafeteria where she was sitting and talking with Becky Henderson. He couldn't believe the coincidence. When Kelly saw the look on his face she knew that something had happened.

"John, what's the matter?" she asked, staring at him.

"I'll tell you later," he said, not wanting to upset Becky or give away their secret.

"It's okay, tell me now," Kelly insisted, not having any idea of what he wanted to tell her.

"Oh, I think it should wait," John advised, glancing at Becky.

"Becky won't tell anybody, will you, Becky?" Kelly replied, turning to her friend.

"I promise," Becky agreed, crossing her heart.

"I don't think you want to hear this, Becky," John told her, noticing how nice she looked sitting next to Kelly.

"Well, if you can tell Kelly, surely you can tell me too," she replied.

"Well, it's about your father," John said in warning, both to her and especially Kelly.

He saw Kelly start when he said that and saw that she realized that maybe he shouldn't say anything, but by now it was too late, Becky was insisting.

"If it's about my father, I definitely want to hear it," she insisted.

"You won't like it," John told her flatly.

"Well, that's a chance I'll take then," she decided, frantic now with her need to know what John thought was so serious.

"Well, I warned you," John told both of them, staring at Kelly and slightly shaking his head from side to side.

"Maybe he shouldn't tell us," Kelly said, suddenly not sure that she wanted Becky to hear what John had to tell her.

"No, if it's about my father I have a right to know what it is," Becky insisted, starting to become mad..

"Fine," John agreed. "But I warned you, remember. When I went back to get my homework I saw your father's car at our house."

"So what? He works with your father. Is that so unusual?" Becky asked.

"Well, my father wasn't home," John replied. "But my mother was."

"Well, he probably dropped something off," Becky suggested.

"Yes, he definitely dropped something off," John agreed, a smile on his face as he remembered. "But it wasn't for my father, it was for my mother."

"So what? What did he drop off?"

So John told them what he had seen, conveniently leaving out his active part in the fun.

"That's a lie!" Becky shouted, jumping to her feet. "My father would never do something like that."

"You think I make up stories about my mother like that?" John asked her, angry that she challenged his word. "I bet he comes by every morning before he goes to work."

"You're a liar!" Becky shouted at him, tears forming in her eyes. "My father loves my mother."

"I don't think this has anything to do with love," John said. "It was just sex."

As Becky started to cry, Kelly pulled her down to sit next to her, her arm around her shoulder.

"Look, maybe you're right and John didn't exactly see what he thinks he saw," Kelly suggested. "There's a real easy way to find out."

"How?" Becky asked, wiping her eyes.

"Why don't you spend the night at our house and in the morning we'll spy on my mother and see if anything happens. We'll be a little late to school, but that shouldn't be a problem."

"Oh, my parents will never let me do that on a school night," Becky said, shaking her head.

"Sure they will," Kelly assured her. "Just tell them you and I have to work on a project that's due tomorrow and they'll let you. Why shouldn't they? They can't suspect anything wrong is going to happen. You can call them from our house after school."

"But what about my clothes and stuff?" Becky asked.

"We're about the same size," Kelly observed. "You can borrow some of mine, okay?"

"Well, if they say it's okay," Becky agreed.

"Okay, I'll see you two later," John said, hurrying off to his next class.


As John and Kelly and Becky rode their bicycles home from school that afternoon John was very reluctant to go directly home, not wanting to have the confrontation with his mother that he knew was due.

"I think I'll go down to the river for a while," he said as they neared their neighborhood. "I'll see you at dinner."

Kelly and Becky continued to the house where Kelly got permission from Karin for Becky to spend the night and Becky called and got permission from her mother.

"Where's John?" Karin asked Kelly.

"Oh, he said he was going to go down to the river," she replied. "He'll be here for dinner."

"Well, you make sure to go and get him so that he's here in time," Karin told her. "He should have asked me first."

"Okay, mom," Kelly agreed, dragging Becky with her down to her bedroom where they shut the door.

"I can't believe that your mom and my dad did what John said," Becky said when they were safe in Kelly's room. "Your mom doesn't seem like that kind of a person."

"What kind of a person?" Kelly asked curiously.

"You know, like a slut or something," Becky replied.

"Well, I don't think that just because two people fuck each other that that makes anyone a slut," Kelly observed.

"But they're both married to different people," Becky protested.

"That's just sex outside of their marriage then, not being a slut."

"But what if they really did those things that John told us?"

"It sounded like it was fun to me," Kelly laughed, seeing the surprised look on Becky's face. "Haven't you had sex with anyone yet?"

"Well, no, of course not," Becky said indignantly. "Have you?"

"Yes," Kelly replied simply.

"You have! You're k**ding! With who?"

"I can't tell you that," Kelly said with a laugh.

"Did you like it?" Becky asked, curious now.

"Oh, I love it," Kelly replied enthusiastically. "It's the best thing there is."

"Wow! Weren't you embarrassed to be naked like that?"

"A little bit at first," Kelly conceded, "but then it was no big deal."

"Didn't it hurt?"

"Just a little the first time, that's all."

"The first time! You've done it more than once?"

"Well, of course, silly. What do you think these bodies are for?"

"I don't think I could do it," Becky said wistfully.

"Why not?"

"Because I'm just too small."

"Too small! We're almost the same size."

"No, not that way, down there," Becky said, her hand waving in front of her shorts.

"What do you mean?"

"Well, even when I use a tampon it's real tight. I think a guy's thing would rip me apart."

"That's nonsense," Kelly said. "Tampons are always tight because you're not wet and excited down there. If you're wet and excited it's a lot easier. I even make myself wet to put a tampon in just because it's easier."

"You do! How?"

"I just play with myself a little bit, rub my clit, then it just slides right in, like a cock."

"Kelly! You're awful," Becky said, falling on the bed laughing. "I can't believe how you can say those things."

"Look, we've got an hour or so until dinner, why don't we go down to the river and find John. We can go swimming while we're there too."

"I don't have a bathing suit," Becky replied.

"Well, down at the river we don't wear them," Kelly told her. "Nobody ever comes there so it's cool."

"What about John?"

"He's my b*****r, what could be safer?"

"He's not my b*****r. I'd die if he saw me naked."

"No you wouldn't," Kelly told her laughing. "You'd like it because he'd probably think you were really cute."

"Not me," Becky protested. "I know he doesn't think I'm cute."

"How do you know? How many times have you actually spoken to John about anything?"

"Well, I haven't ever really."

"Then how can you say that? He's my b*****r and I know he'd think you were cute. Come on, let's go to the river," Kelly said, opening a drawer and pulling out two large t-shirts, handing one to Becky. "Here, put this on so you don't get your clothes messed up," she said, pulling her blouse off and then her shorts. "It's a lot easier," she said, reaching behind herself to unhook her bra, letting it fall to the ground as she pulled the t-shirt over her head. "See, this is much better."

Becky just stood there with her mouth hanging open. She couldn't believe that Kelly had just undressed like that in front of her. She felt herself start to blush as she had stared at Kelly's breasts with her nipples hard on the ends before she had pulled the t-shirt down over herself where it hung to about mid-thigh.

"Come on, 'fraidy cat," Kelly teased, "we're running out of time."

Fighting the urge to blush uncontrollably, Becky quickly shucked her clothes off until she was standing in just her bra and panties. Kelly was sitting at her dressing table pretending not to be interested while keeping the corner of her eye on Becky in the mirror. She smiled to herself as she saw that Becky was debating with herself on whether to remove her bra or not, and when she saw her reach behind herself to unhook it, she turned around just as she was dropping it to the floor.

"Gosh, Becky, you've got really nice breasts," Kelly observed, causing Becky to blush as she reached for the t-shirt. "They're bigger than mine and your nipples are really dark."

"They are not bigger," Becky protested, embarrassed.

"Sure they are," Kelly said, pulling her shirt up and moving so that she was standing right in front of Becky, their nipples only a couple of inches apart. "See."

And indeed Becky's breasts were just larger than Kelly's. As Becky stared at Kelly's breasts so close to her own, she felt her nipples contracting and getting hard, so she pulled the t- shirt on over her head as Kelly dropped hers.

"Ready?" Kelly asked, smiling at Becky.

"Yeah," she replied, smiling back.

"Let's go then," she said, suddenly reaching under her t-shirt and pulling her panties down and stepping out of them.

"Aren't you going to wear your panties?" Becky asked in amazement.

"Well, I'm just going to take them off to go swimming, so why bother?" Kelly asked with a laugh, opening the door. "You coming?"

"Yeah," Becky said, shaking her head, following Kelly out the door but not removing her panties.

They made it out of the house unseen and quickly headed down the trail to the river. Kelly was laughing and skipping along and her infectious good mood began to get to Becky so that by the time they got to the clearing by the river she too was laughing and skipping along with Kelly. When they arrived at the clearing John was nowhere to be seen, but his clothes were in a pile.

"He must be swimming," Kelly observed. "Let's go join him," she said, pulling her t- shirt off over her head, standing there totally naked in front of Becky.

"Gosh, Kelly, are you going to go like that?" Becky asked, staring at Kelly's naked body.

"Sure, why not? He's only my b*****r. He won't bother us. Come on, the water is great here," she implored Becky.

Becky hesitated for a moment, then slowly peeled her t-shirt off over her head, standing there in her panties.

"Well?" Kelly asked, staring at her panties.

Slowly Becky pulled her panties down and stepped out of them, her face blushing crimson with embarrassment.

"You're beautiful, Becky," Kelly said, staring at her body. "You shouldn't be embarrassed. I wish I had that much hair covering my pussy," she said, cupping herself and drawing her fingers slowly upward, stretching the skin and totally exposing her pussy lips and clit. "It's so easy to just see all of me," she added, seeing the surprised look on Becky's face. "At least your pussy has some privacy."

"Shouldn't we get in the water?" Becky asked, embarrassed by the situation, her nipples now rock-hard pebbles on the end of her breasts.

"Yeah, let's go," Kelly agreed, turning and running down the embankment to splash into the water, surprising John.

As she surfaced she heard a splash behind her and knew that Becky had joined her. They both surfaced to see a shocked look on John's face.

"What are you two doing here?" he asked, wishing Becky would stand up so he could see better the breasts he had only glimpsed a moment ago.

"Mom didn't want you to be late for dinner, so we decided to go swimming and make sure," Kelly said with a laugh, splashing him. "Do you mind?"

"Well, no, of course not," John replied. "Do we have much time?"

"Not really," Kelly admitted. "We should probably get out and dry off so we can get back already."

"Ladies first," John said gallantly, a smile on his face.

Kelly turned and swam for the bank and Becky followed her with John right behind. As Kelly scrambled up the bank, her pussy and asshole visible to both of them, Becky glanced back at John right behind her, embarrassed as she realized how exposed she'd be to his view. But seeing no alternative she too scrambled up the bank, losing her footing once before finally making it up over the top where she found Kelly laying back in the grass, her feet flat on the ground with her knees apart, totally exposed.

John had a great view of Becky's pussy and asshole as she scrambled up the embankment, and even glimpsed some pink between her legs as she slipped once and struggled to get her footing, her pussy spreading apart and revealing all. His cock immediately surged to its full size, standing out in front of him as he tried to climb the embankment after Becky. Fighting to control himself, he totally lost the battle when he topped the rise and saw Kelly laying there with her legs spread, her pussy wide open to his gaze, and Becky sitting with her back to the tree, her legs pressed together but her breasts exposed with her nipples hard and sticking out. When Becky saw John come over the top with his cock sticking out in front of him, she gasped, never having seen a hard cock before.

"What?" Kelly asked, propping herself up on her elbows to see what Becky was gasping about. "Uh-oh," she said, "John's got a hardon. Is that for me or Becky?" she asked with a laugh as he sat down facing the two of them, his cock sticking up in front of him.

"Thanks a lot," John said, feeling a bit of a flush in his face as Becky continued to stare at his cock in astonishment.

"Becky, haven't you ever seen a cock before?" Kelly asked, seeing Becky's expression.

"N-no," she stammered, embarrassed as she realized that she had been staring.

"Well, we don't have any time now, but later tonight after dinner maybe John will let you see it up close, okay?"

"Oh, that's okay," Becky said quickly, unable to take her eyes from it.

"You don't mind, do you, John?" Kelly asked, smiling at him, her pussy wide open and her clit sticking out.

"We'd better get home for dinner," John said, ignoring her as he got to his feet, his cock swinging in front of him.

Dinner was an uncomfortable affair for John, both because of the furtive glances his mother kept giving him, as well as thinking of Becky's naked body and her obvious fascination with his cock down at the river. Whenever he looked at his mother he could only see her naked and sprawled on the table with Tom Henderson's cock pounding her ass and he himself playing with her clit and finger fucking her at the same time. It was with relief that dinner finally ended and John excused himself to go to his room, ostensibly to do his homework.

John was lying back on his bed, thinking of everything that had been going on in his life when there was a soft knock on the door. When he replied to come in, he was shocked to see his mother open the door and close it behind her, wearing her dressing gown.

"I'd like to talk to you," she began.

"Uh, sure, mom," John replied, frightened now that the inevitable confrontation was starting.

"About this morning," Karin began, "I'm very sorry about that, that you had to see what you did."

"I guess it's none of my business really," John replied, unable to get the picture of his naked mother out of his mind.

"Well, I think it is your business," she said, "especially since you literally had a hand in it, wouldn't you say?"

"I'm sorry about that, mom, I was just doing what Tom told me to do," he replied lamely.

"I see. And you didn't want to do it. And you didn't enjoy it, right?" she asked.

"No yes. Well, you know what I mean," he said.

"No, I'd like to hear you explain yourself, please."

"Well, yes, I did want to do it, and yes, I did enjoy it," John said, blushing. "But so did you," he said defiantly.

"Yes, I did," Karin agreed, nodding. "But that doesn't make it right. And I don't think your father would be particularly happy to know about it either, do you?"

"I guess not," John answered, smiling as he thought of his father's reaction. "But I'd never tell him."

"I'm sure you wouldn't," Karin said, smiling at her son.

"Mom, are you and dad having, you know, any problems or anything?"

"No, of course not," Karin replied. "What makes you ask that?"

"Well, gee, mom, I mean, this morning."

"Oh, well, of course I understand why you ask, but no, there's no problems between your father and I. I can't explain it to you now, but maybe someday. You'll just have to believe me for the time being."

"Sure, mom, no problem."

"Then I'll say good-night," Karin said, turning the knob and opening the door.

"Night, mom," John replied.

The door closed behind Karin and John fell back on his bed totally exhausted from nervous energy. His mind was whirling as he went over his conversation with his mother in his mind. And he still couldn't get out of his mind the picture of his mother's shaved pussy with his fingers jammed up into her, her big clit sticking out. How he'd like to suck on that clit, he realized as he slipped his pants off, slowly stroking his now hard cock in his hand.

Suddenly the door to his room opened again and Kelly and Becky slipped in, closing the door behind them. John tried in vain to cover himself and hide his cock but was totally unsuccessful. Kelly grabbed Becky's hand and pulled her over to the bed where John was laying, his cock sticking up in the air. They were both wearing t-shirts which came down to just below their pussies, and because he was lying back on his bed John thought he could see some pussy hair peeking out from beneath.

"See, I told you he'd be playing with himself," Kelly said with a laugh.

"What do you two want?" John asked, feeling very exposed and uncomfortable.

"I promised Becky you'd let her see your cock again. She seemed so fascinated with it earlier and I figured you could maybe teach her how to do some things with it."

"Really! Is that right, Becky?" John asked, staring at her blushing face. "Do you want to learn how to play with a cock?"

"Y-y-yes," she stammered.

"Well, if I'm going to let you experiment with me and I'm naked, you have to be too."

"Oh! Well --"

"Sure, why not?" Kelly said. "It's not like he hasn't seen us before."

"You mean, you would too?" Becky asked.

"If you want me to, I don't mind. It might be fun."

"Well?" John asked, letting his hand again wrap around his cock.

"Okay," Becky agreed, slowly reaching down and pulling her t-shirt off over her head, leaving her standing naked next to an equally naked Kelly. "What now?"

"We should get on the bed," Kelly said, climbing over John, making sure to drag her pussy across his face as she sat on the other side of him, her legs crossed Indian fashion, exposing her split pussy with her clit sticking out.

Becky followed Kelly, climbing over John's legs to kneel next to Kelly right at John's hip.

"What should I do?" she asked, staring at John's hand slowly massaging his cock.

"Well, just do what I'm doing," John suggested.

"Go ahead, silly," Kelly said, taking Becky's hand and putting it on John's cock.

John let his hand fall to his side as Becky slid her fingers around his cock, gently squeezing him. Slowly getting accustomed to the feeling of John's cock in her hand, Becky began to slide her hand up and down on John's cock, just as she had seen him doing when they came into the room. As she did so a drop of pre-cum formed at the tip of John's cock.

"What's that?" she asked.

"Oh, that's the best part of it all, almost," Kelly said. "Go ahead and lick it, you'll see."

"You're k**ding!" Becky exclaimed, staring at Kelly in shock.

"No, I'm not," Kelly laughed. "If you don't, I will."

"You wouldn't!" Becky said, shocked by what Kelly was proposing. "He's your b*****r."

"Oh, right now he's only a cock, and if you don't take the treat you're being offered, I will."

"No, I'll do it," Becky said, squirming a bit on the bed.

Slowly she leaned over, sticking her tongue out and licking the drop of pre-cum that had formed, actually sticking the tip of her tongue into the slit at the top of John's cock in the process.

"Isn't it yummy?" Kelly asked, excited watching Becky lick her b*****r's cock.

"It's okay," Becky said, tasting it for the first time. "I guess it's hard to tell."

"Just suck on it and you'll get more," Kelly told her. "Just pretend it's a lollipop."

"You mean all the way in my mouth?"

"Sure. Do you want me to show you?"

"You wouldn't!"

"I told you, it's just a cock. You suck it, you fuck it. If you're lucky it's attached to someone you like."

"That's a terrible attitude," Becky said, shaking her head but not releasing John's cock from her hand.

"Well, what about your father fucking our mother?" Kelly asked. "You think it's any different?"

"Well, I don't believe it," Becky said.

"You better believe it," John said, "because that's exactly what I saw, and I'll bet we'll all see it in the morning."

"Well, maybe," Becky conceded, stroking John's cock in her hand.

"Go on, Becky, suck on it," Kelly encouraged. "You'll never learn if you don't try."

"Yeah," she replied, leaning over to lick the head of John's cock again. But this time she lingered, swirling her tongue around the head of his cock, even gently sucking on the head of it for a few seconds before sitting back up, her hand never leaving his cock.

"Isn't it nice?" Kelly asked.

"Yeah, it's okay," Becky agreed.

"See how much of it you can get in your mouth now," Kelly suggested.


"Well, that way you can pretend to fuck his cock with your mouth and it feels really good to him," Kelly explained. "And if you do it right, then he'll get so excited that he'll cum in your mouth and you can really taste the goodies that way."

"I don't know," Becky said hesitatingly.

"Watch," Kelly said, suddenly leaning over and engulfing John's cock in her mouth, feeling Becky's hand move out of the way as she went all the way down on him. She bobbed up and down a few times and then sat back up, a smile on her face and John's cock glistening with her saliva. "That's how you do it."

"Kelly, he's your b*****r!" Becky exclaimed in shock.

"Well, he's got a big, delicious cock right now," she replied. "Go on, suck on him. If you don't, I will. I'd love a mouthful of his cum right now. And I'll bet John will suck your pussy for you if you do a good job, won't you, John?"

"Sure I will," John agreed. "I love to eat sweet pussy."

"Gosh, you really like to do that?"

"I'll show you," John said, sitting up. "Lay back," he suggested, swinging himself off the bed as Kelly gently pulled on Becky's shoulder, pulling her onto her back where she lay with her legs pressed together and her feet dangling off the end of the bed.

John got on his knees at the side of the bed, putting a hand on each knee and pushing upwards and apart until Becky's feet were resting on the edge of the bed, her pussy exposed to his gaze.

"I don't know," she said, one hand trailing down to cover herself.

"Hold it open for me," John said, leaning forward and licking her fingers where they covered her pussy. When her fingers parted slightly John slid his tongue between them, tasting for the first time her sweet pussy.

"Oh!" Becky gasped when she felt his tongue slither between her pussy lips to lick her clit.

John then slid his hands up her thighs, displacing hers as he used his fingers to spread her pussy wide, diving in with his tongue as he began to lick and suck on her pussy. Immediately Becky began to moan, and so loud that Kelly worried about her being heard.

"Shhh," she admonished an almost incoherent Becky. "You don't want my parents to hear you, do you?"

"Oh, oh, oh," Becky gasped uncontrollably as John's tongue worked her pussy.

"You've got to be quieter," Kelly whispered, bending over close to Becky and kissing her softly on the mouth. She was shocked to feel Becky's tongue slide into her mouth as Becky gripped her head, kissing her fiercely as John continued to suck her pussy. Kelly happily kissed her back, taking advantage of the situation to let her hand come up to cup one of Becky's breasts, her fingers finding her hard nipple and pinching it and pulling on it as they continued to kiss.

"Wouldn't you like to suck John's cock now?" Kelly asked, staring right into Becky's eyes.

"Oh, yes, but don't stop, don't stop," she begged.

"We won't," Kelly assured her, tugging on John's arm to drag him up onto the bed next to Becky's head, his cock sticking into her face. Becky opened her mouth and John slid his cock in, watching as her lips closed on him and her tongue began to slide all around the head. Meanwhile, Kelly had slipped off the bed and was kneeling between Becky's still spread thighs. Looking up to see Becky sucking eagerly on her b*****r's cock, Kelly leaned in and licked her tongue up the length of Becky's open pussy, tasting her sweet juices and feeling her body spasm as almost immediately she began to cum. Kelly lapped eagerly at Becky's pussy, slurping the juices that literally flowed from her virgin hole. Becky was writhing on the bed as she sucked John's cock and Kelly ate her pussy. She was experiencing an orgasm for the first time in her life and it was almost non-stop. John was excited as well, watching Becky suck his cock and seeing his s****r eating her pussy at the same time. As a result he felt himself approaching that point of no return much faster than he would have liked.

"Oh, god," John groaned, feeling his balls begin to churn.

When Kelly heard this she lifted her pussy juice smeared face from between Becky's legs and crawled up onto the bed, literally laying on top of Becky, their breasts pressed against each other, watching very closely as Becky sucked on John's cock.

"He's going to cum," Kelly warned Becky. "Just keep sucking and swallow as fast as you can. You're going to love it."

Then Kelly saw John's face screw into a knot and then he was shooting cum into Becky's mouth. Becky gagged and choked a bit at first and Kelly saw cum oozing from her mouth around John's cock. Then she saw Becky's throat contract and she knew that she had swallowed a mouthful of John's cum. She leaned forward and licked the cum from Becky's face that had escaped from her mouth as Becky continued to suck and swallow John's cum. Finally John stopped cumming and Becky opened her mouth, letting his cock slide free, her mouth still full of cum. Kelly quickly captured John's cock in her own mouth, sucking the last of the cum from it before letting it go and kissing Becky, pushing her tongue into her mouth and swirling it around, tasting John's cum. Becky kissed her back ardently, her tongue dueling with Kelly's as they kissed. Finally they broke their kiss, both of them breathless, and Kelly stared into Becky's face.

"Wasn't that wonderful?" she asked, kissing her softly.

"Oh, it was so nice," Becky breathed. "I can't believe how it all made me feel."

"And didn't you love the taste of John's cum?"

"Mmm, yes, it's wonderful," Becky agreed.

"And your pussy tastes so sweet too," Kelly added.

"You liked that?" Becky asked.

"Oh, yes," Kelly told her. "It's the only thing I like as much as a cock."

"You've got a great pussy to eat," John added.

"Well, what now?" Becky asked, her face flushed.

"Well, my pussy could sure use some attention," Kelly said. "Any volunteers?"

"Gosh, what could I do?" Becky asked.

"The same like I did for you," Kelly replied.

"You mean lick your pussy?"

"Well, since you don't have a cock to fuck me with, your tongue will have to do," Kelly said with a laugh. "Unless you don't want to, then I'll make John make me happy."

"Your b*****r!"

"Sure, silly, why not? If I can suck his cock, he can sure eat my pussy for me, or fuck me for that matter, if he can get it up again after that nice blowjob you gave him."

"You'd let your own b*****r fuck you?" Becky asked, incredulous.

"I'd let any cock fuck me right now, unless you're going to do it."

"I don't know if I can," Becky admitted softly.

"Well, look, let's get more comfortable," Kelly said, pulling Becky onto the bed and straddling her in a 69 position. "I'll eat your pussy some more and you can either eat mine or John will or he'll fuck me, just as long as someone makes me cum."

And with that Kelly lowered her face between Becky's thighs and stuck her tongue into her pussy, slurping the juices that had again filled her from her excitement. Her own pussy hovered just inches above Becky's face, her lips spread and her juices dripping off her huge distended clit. Becky just stared at Kelly's pussy, her mouth open as Kelly's tongue worked magic in her own pussy.

Then she was aware of John's cock sticking in her face, the head of it nuzzling Kelly's pussy lips. Becky stuck her tongue out and licked John's cock as it lay across her mouth. John pulled back a bit and let the head of his cock slide into Becky's mouth so that she could suck on him. Then he pulled it out and slid it up and down between Kelly's spread pussy lips, wetting it on her juices and then letting Becky suck on it again, this time tasting Kelly's pussy juices as she sucked on it.

Again John pulled his cock from her mouth, again sliding it up and down between his s****r's pussy lips, wetting it again. And suddenly Becky watched as John's cock slid into Kelly's pussy, totally disappearing as he fucked his s****r. Becky gasped as she realized that John was fucking Kelly right in front of her nose. He stroked the full length of his cock in and out of Kelly's pussy a few times before withdrawing it and letting Becky once again eagerly suck on his cock. When he pulled it from Becky's mouth this time, she pulled Kelly's hips down so that she could bury her face in Kelly's pussy, licking and sucking with gusto as she ate pussy for the first time.

John watched as Becky sucked his s****r's pussy, her asshole staring at him invitingly. Pressing his cock again between his s****r's cheeks where Becky was busy sucking, he succeeded in sliding his cock once again deep into his s****r's pussy, stroking it two or three times before removing it so that Becky could once again glue her mouth to it and suck. John placed the head of his now well-lubricated cock against Kelly's asshole, firmly pressing until her sphincter relaxed enough so that his cock could slide into her tight ass. While Becky continued to suck Kelly's pussy, John began to fuck his s****r in the ass for the first time, stroking strongly as Kelly moaned into Becky's pussy where she herself was feasting.

John could not believe how exciting it was to be fucking his s****r in the ass while her friend ate her pussy at the same time. He stroked and stroked, his balls churning harder and harder until he knew that he couldn't hold himself back any longer. Pulling his cock out of his s****r's ass, he directed the stream of cum onto her crack where it slid down into her pussy where Becky eagerly lapped it up, her face becoming covered in cum at the same time.

Finally he finished cumming and collapsed on the bed, totally spent. Then Kelly fell over and the three of them just lay there panting, totally spent from their exertions.

"God, I never knew anything could feel so good and be so much fun," Becky sighed after a while.

"And you haven't even been fucked yet," Kelly said. "Wait until you have a nice hard cock deep inside of you, you'll just love it."

"You liked having a cock in your ass?" Becky asked.

"Oh, yes," Kelly replied. "It's strange at first, but when you get used to it, it's unbelievable. I could cum just thinking of it."

"But your b*****r...." Becky began.

"Has a marvelous cock, wouldn't you say?" Kelly asked. "I figure I'm lucky. You don't have a b*****r, do you?"

"No, I don't," Becky replied. "But if I did I'm sure I wouldn't be having sex with him."

"You don't know what you're saying," Kelly laughed. "When the opportunity arises a good cock is a good cock. I'll bet you'll fuck your father when you find out how good it is."

"I most certainly will not!" Becky exclaimed.

"Well, I sure will," Kelly told her. "And I'll love every minute of it too."

"You'd fuck your father?" Becky asked, incredulous.

"Well, I guess so," Kelly replied thoughtfully. "I hadn't thought of that, I was thinking of fucking your father."

"You wouldn't. He wouldn't," Becky sputtered, sitting up.

"I sure would and I'll bet he will too," Kelly laughed. "But if John's right you'll see in the morning, won't you?"

"I think I want to go to bed," Becky said, feeling suddenly uncomfortable.

"Yeah, it is getting late," Kelly agreed, getting to her feet. "Thanks, John, it was great."

"I'll say," John agreed, staring at Becky as she got to her feet and stood by the side of the bed, her nipples hard and her pussy hair matted from the sucking it had enjoyed.

"Well, at least you could kiss each other good-night," Kelly said, seeing them staring at each other.

Quickly getting to his feet, his cock dangling in front of him, John put a hand behind Becky's head and bent to kiss her. When he felt her mouth open and her tongue slide out to duel with his, he let his other hand drop down between her legs where he slid a finger between her pussy lips and into her pussy. Becky sighed and pressed her pussy into John's hand as he gently frigged her and rubbed her clit.

"Come on, let's go," Kelly said with a laugh, "or he's going to fuck you right here and now. This won't be our last time together, will it?"

"I sure hope not," John said, letting Becky go and bringing his hand to his mouth where he sucked on his fingers.

"You can suck his cock in the morning," Kelly laughed, pulling Becky by the hand as she hastily bent to retrieve her shirt.

John sighed as the door closed behind them, not believing how Kelly was changing their lives. He knew he just had to fuck Becky now, and he was pretty sure he was going to. Such were his thoughts as he drifted off to sl**p.

"Come on, sl**pyhead," John was suddenly aware of hearing, pulling him from his erotic dream, "wake up. I'm going to take a shower and leave you and Becky to suck each other off," Kelly continued. "But be quick, we don't want to raise any suspicions today, and we have a show to catch, don't we?"

"Uh, uh, yeah, sure, Kelly," John replied, shaking the sl**p from his head as he tried to integrate everything Kelly had just told him.

"I'll be back in five minutes," Kelly said, turning and going to the door, revealing that Becky had been standing behind her, both of them totally naked.

John's cock instantly sprang up as he stared at Becky standing there looking uncomfortable.

"Well, go on, silly, can't you see he's ready now that he's seen you?" Kelly laughed, giving Becky an easy shove in the back, propelling her to the edge of John's bed.

"Hi, Becky," John said, letting a hand slide up her leg to cup her pussy. "Umm, you're nice and wet, aren't you," John said as he slid a finger between her pussy lips. "Why don't you sit on my face so I can suck your pussy for you," he suggested, gently pulling her so that it was easy for her to comply and climb onto the bed, straddling his head with her pussy right above his mouth, facing his feet.

"Oh, god," Becky breathed as she felt John's tongue slip into her pussy. "That feels so good."

"It tastes even better," John managed to say as he caught his breath before diving back into Becky's juicy pussy.

John happily slurped at Becky's pussy, thoroughly enjoying his breakfast. He was definitely pleased, though, when he felt Becky lay forward and then his cock was engulfed by a warm moistness as Becky began to suck on his cock. Frantically she sucked on him while John kept his tongue jammed as far up her hole as possible, drinking the juices that flowed copiously from her pussy. He felt his balls churning as he built towards orgasm and at the same time fastened his lips on Becky's clit, sucking on it and teasing it with his tongue, driving her wild as she spasmed in orgasm. Just as his balls exploded the door opened and Kelly slipped in, still naked as a jaybird, fresh from her shower.

"Oh, yeah, suck him, Becky, suck him dry," she breathed, coming over to the bed and bending close to watch as Becky gulped and swallowed the mouthful of cum that she was sucking from John's cock. "Hurry now, we have to get dressed and down to breakfast in five minutes," she warned.

"Oh, god," Becky gasped, lifting her mouth from John's still pulsating cock. "I can't."

"Then I'll finish it for you," Kelly said, leaning over and sucking her b*****r's cock into her mouth, using her hands to finish milking him dry. "Yummy. Now let's go," she said, pulling Becky by the arm off of the bed. "You can finish later."

John just lay on the bed watching as Kelly dragged Becky to the door. He was pleased when she turned to look at him, a smile on her face as well as a trickle of cum dribbling down her chin.

"Thanks for the suck, Becky," he said. "But I can't wait to fuck you."

"And you will," Kelly said, "but later. See you in five."

They all met for breakfast and Kelly had a hard time not bursting out laughing as she watched Becky squirming in her seat, knowing that she was just as hot as she was. They finally finished and gathered their school books and left, taking their bicycles and riding away from the house, but not to school. When they got to the corner they went around, stopping at a house that was directly in back of theirs, dismounting and leaning their bikes up against some bushes as they quietly made their way through the yard to their own home where John had thoughtfully left the window to his room unlocked and open. Quietly they snuck from his bedroom to the living room where they could hear and also see into the kitchen where Karin was cleaning up from breakfast.

"It won't be long now, you'll see," John whispered.

And true to his word, a minute later the door opened from the garage and Becky's father Tom stepped through.

"God, Tom, I've been so nervous," Karin said, turning to greet him. "With Becky here all night I was just so nervous."

"But why?" Tom asked, reaching for her, his hands going into her robe and parting it.

"Because of yesterday, of course," she replied, shrugging her shoulders and letting the robe fall to the ground, leaving her standing there nude. "I talked to John about it but I'm not sure what effect it had."

"John will be fine," Tom said, pulling her into his arms and kissing her. "But I've got a meeting in 30 minutes so we'll have to hurry this morning."

"That's it, just stop by for a quick fuck and run," Karin laughed.

"That's right," Tom laughed with her. "Now bend over the table and let's see that beautiful ass and pussy of yours."

With a smile Karin moved over to the table and spread her legs wide, then lay forward, presenting her ass and pussy to him, which happened to be directly in line with the view John, Kelly and Becky had into the kitchen. They were all treated to the sight of Karin's ass and bald pussy staring at them. John looked at Becky and saw that her mouth was hanging open in disbelief as she stared at the scene in the kitchen. Then her eyes got even wider when she saw her father drop his pants and his big stiff cock sprang out.

"He's so big," she whispered.

"I'm going to fuck him," Kelly whispered back. "It'll fit just fine."

Then Tom stepped in the way of their view and they knew from his motions that he was fucking Karin, especially in view of the moans and groans coming from her. They watched in silence as Tom fucked Karin until finally he groaned and they knew that he had cum. When he stepped away from the table they could see that his cock was all glistening from Karin's pussy and that cum was dribbling from her hole.

"I'll see you tomorrow morning, Karin," Tom said as he pulled his pants up. "Sorry I've got to run."

"That's okay," Karin said, not moving from where she lay sprawled on the table. "I'm just going to lay here for a minute and enjoy."

"Bye," he said, bending over and kissing her on the ass.

John watched Kelly and Becky's faces with a smile on his face as he saw the disbelief written there. Then he looked at his mother's cum-filled pussy and knew what he had to do. As Tom walked out the door to the garage, John got to his feet, pulling his zipper down and extracting his already hard cock from his pants as he walked up to the table, his eyes locked on his mother's cum-filled pussy. As Kelly and Becky stared in disbelief, John plunged his cock into his mother's pussy without preamble, burying himself in one thrust.

"Oh, god, Tom, that feels just incredible," Karin grunted as John's cock filled her. "You just couldn't leave, could you?" she asked as John began to vigorously fuck her. "Oh, yes, like that, just like that," she moaned, her eyes closed and still totally unaware that it was her son fucking her.

In no time at all John felt his balls churn as the excitement of fucking his mother brought him to the point of orgasm. Slamming himself into her one last time, he felt his orgasm explode, cum pumping into his mother's pussy as she clamped down on him, milking his cock as he dumped his load of sperm to mingle with Tom Henderson's, Kelly and Becky watching.

"Jesus, Tom, that was intense," Karin sighed, half rolling her upper body over to look back, her eyes popping wide open along with her mouth when she saw her son standing there, his cock glistening with their combined juices.

"John! What do you think you're doing?" Karin screamed at him, scrambling to sit up.

"I'd say I was filling a need that Tom didn't quite cover," John said, suddenly unafraid, knowing that there was nothing she could do about it.

"You watch your mouth, young man," Karin snapped at him, totally at a loss of how to deal with an impossible situation. "I'm your mother, damnit. Doesn't that mean anything to you?"

"Sure it does, just like you being dad's wife and all that," John replied. "Besides, you liked it and you know it. What do you care anyway? I mean, it's obvious to me that you're not in love with Tom, you just fuck him. Makes you feel good, right? Well, I've wanted to do that since yesterday and I just couldn't resist. And I'm glad I didn't too. Your pussy feels great."

"This conversation is not going to happen," Karin said. "You get yourself to school right now."

"Suck my cock for me first," John demanded. "It's still gooey from being inside of you."

"I most certainly will not!" Karin exclaimed.

"Sure you will," John replied. "Especially since I'll do the same for you too."

"You'll what?"

"Suck my cock for me and I'll suck your pussy for you," John said simply. "Don't you want me to?" he asked, putting his hands on her knees and pushing them apart, staring at her pussy oozing cum.

"But I'm full of ..." Karin began.

"Cum, Tom's and mine," John finished for her, letting one hand slide up her leg so he could slide a couple of fingers into her pussy, causing her to groan. "You going to suck my cock or not?" he asked, bringing his fingers to his mouth and sucking on them.

"God, he's something else, isn't he?" Becky whispered to Kelly.

"He's the greatest!" Kelly whispered back as she watched her mother slide off the table to kneel in front of John, his wet, gooey cock sticking in her face. John stepped slightly to the side, causing Karin to turn so that she wasn't facing in the direction from which Kelly and Becky were watching.

"God, I must be totally crazy," Karin muttered, opening her mouth and letting John's still hard cock slide in, closing her lips around the base after it had slid into her throat, filling her mouth completely.

"Oh, yeah, mom, that's great," John sighed as he felt his mother suck on his cock with her entire mouth and throat. "You really know how to suck a cock."

"Mmmm," Karin responded, loving the taste of all the cum and the feel of her son's big hard cock in her mouth. "You have a nice cock, John," she said, momentarily letting his cock out of her mouth before engulfing it again.

John just stood there letting her suck on him, looking over at Becky and Kelly every once in a while and smiling as they watched. Now Karin was holding his balls in her hand, rolling them gently around as she sucked on his cock. He knew that he would cum if she continued sucking on him but he just didn't care. It felt so good! And then it happened, he exploded in his mother's mouth, cum filling her cheeks before she gulped it down, sucking on him and milking him as she sucked her son off. When she had sucked every last drop of cum from his cock, even going so far as to chase the last little bit with the tip of her tongue in the slit of his cock, she gently sucked the head for a moment, then kissed it before letting him go, his cock now whistle clean.

"God, what a great blowjob, mom," John breathed, staring at his mother's face.

"Yes. Well, that's not really anything you should have ever known," Karin replied, a blush appearing on her cheeks.

"No, but I do," John replied, offering her a hand as she got to her feet, "and now I'm going to learn about something else I probably shouldn't ever get to know about too," he continued, helping his mother to sit back on the table.

Taking his mother's feet and placing them on his shoulders, John knelt in front of the table, his nose bare inches from his mother's open oozing pussy. Karin stared in amazement as her son stuck his tongue out and slowly slid it into her pussy. She almost fainted with delight as she felt him glue his mouth to her and begin to suck and tongue her pussy.

John found himself amazed that he was sucking his mother's pussy, especially since it was full of cum, but he was surprised to find that he really didn't mind, that it tasted just as good. So it was with delight that he sucked and ate his mother's pussy, feeling her writhe beneath his tongue as he sucked her clean.

By the time he had finished Karin had cum several times from her son's expert ministrations. She smiled at his cum-smeared face as he got to his feet, his cock still hard and standing out in front of him.

"That was quite nice, John," she said, shaking her head. "I never imagined that my own son would be doing that to me."

"I like it," John said simply, his cock twitching. "Can I do it again?" he asked, stepping a half step forward, his cock rubbing between her pussy lips.

Karin just stared at her son, his eyes never wavering, feeling his cock rubbing lightly between her pussy lips, teasing her. "Then it's off to school, okay?"

"Okay," John agreed, nodding as he leaned forward, his cock slowly sliding into his mother's willing pussy.

They both watched as it slowly disappeared into her pussy, then John started slowly pumping himself in and out, seeing his mother's pussy lips gripping his cock as it slid in and out. He could feel her pussy gripping and squeezing his cock and he marveled at such an ability. Karen never let her eyes leave the junction of their bodies where her son's cock was doing such a marvelous job filling her hungry pussy. Becky and Kelly just continue to spy and watch, totally in shock by what they were seeing.

"Oh, I'm going to cum," John groaned, pumping his cock in and out of his mother's pussy.

"In my mouth this time, John," Karin panted, trying to meet his thrusts.

"Now, now," John gasped, pulling his cock from his mother's pussy and stepping back as she sank to her knees in front of him, opening her mouth and engulfing his cock just as it exploded, cum filling her mouth as she sucked on him. She sucked him dry and clean and then got to her feet.

"Now, off to school with you and we'll talk later," Karin said.

"Sure, mom," John said, dazed by the experience. "Oh, Kelly and I were going to go to the movies tonight. Is that okay?"

"Just be home by curfew," Karin said, surprised how easily they had slipped back into a normal mother/son relationship, even though they were both still naked.

John pulled his clothes on, now unsure of himself, and left with a quick and quiet goodbye to his mother. Karin just sat there for a few minutes staring into space and thinking about what she had just done. Then shaking her head she got to her feet and went down the hallway to her bedroom to take a shower. Becky and Kelly took advantage of this to sneak out of the house where they met John down the street.

"That was amazing, John," Kelly said, throwing her arms around him and kissing him. "You fucked mom so good."

"I can't believe you did that with your mother," Becky said, staring at him in awe.

"I can't either," John admitted. "It just happened."

"It was so exciting," Kelly said. "I'm just so wet."

"Me too," Becky admitted with a giggle.

"I can't wait to see you and John fuck," Kelly said as they approached the school.

"What!" Becky said, blushing.

"Admit it, you want to," Kelly said, nodding knowingly. "And after seeing your father's cock I think I'll fuck him."

"You'll what?" Becky burst out with a laugh. "And when are you going to do that?" she asked.

"Tonight," Kelly said.

"No way!" Becky retorted.

"Wanna bet?"

"Bet what?"

"If I fuck your father tonight, you fuck John tomorrow night."

"Deal. Because you don't have a chance."

"You just agreed because you want to fuck John," Kelly laughed. "But it doesn't matter. I'll get to fuck your father and you'll get to fuck John."

"How will I know if you're telling the truth?"

"You can watch."


"Well, I think I'll fuck him in his office tonight, so you come to his office around 7:45, quietly, and you'll see all you need to."

"You're so crazy," Becky laughed.

"I can't wait to fuck you," John said, smiling at her as they split up and hurried to their classes.

There was really no opportunity for Karin to talk to John after school and he and Becky left shortly after dinner to go to the movies. She had mixed feelings about what had happened that morning, including Tom, but she was also extremely thrilled by the experience and knew that she wouldn't mind some sort of a repeat performance. She shook these thoughts from her head and instead took Jason to bed early and fucked him silly, falling asl**p thinking of her son's cock.

John and Kelly arrived at Tom's office in high spirits. They were having so much fun they thought they would burst. Tom was there waiting for them, quietly handing John $1,000 as they shook hands.

"It's nice to see you again," Tom said, smiling at Kelly.

"Me too," Kelly said, smiling back at him. "I've been thinking about your cock," she said, stepping forward and cupping him in her hand through his pants. "I remember how big it was."

"Would you like John to wait somewhere else this time?" he asked her.

"Oh, no, I like it when John watches me," Kelly replied, rubbing his cock. "It makes me even hotter."

"Well, why don't you suck on me for a bit then," Tom suggested. "I'll sit down," he said, stepping back a step and quickly dropping his pants, his cock sticking out. "Is this comfortable for you?" he asked as he settled into a comfortable looking chair.

"Just fine," Kelly said, reaching for his erect cock as she sank to her knees in front of him.

"Why don't you undress first," Tom suggested.

"Um, nice idea," Kelly agreed, getting to her feet and quickly undressing. "I'm so wet already," she said, sticking her fingers into her pussy and pulling them out glistening. "See," she said, licking them. "Umm, I taste good tonight," she mused as she sank back down to her knees in front of him, bending forward and sucking his cock into her mouth.

"Oh, that's so nice," Tom sighed as he watched Kelly engulfing his cock.

"It tastes so good," she said. "Sort of like pussy too," she added.

"You never know," Tom laughed, realizing that he hadn't washed since he had fucked Karin that morning, that Kelly was in essence sucking her mother's pussy juice from his cock as she sucked him. That just made it all the better, he thought. The women of that f****y were incredibly hot when it came to sex, as Kelly was now proving by so expertly sucking his cock.

Kelly was really getting into sucking Tom's cock, loving the taste and feel of it in her mouth. She could feel how wet her own pussy was and she just couldn't wait to get her pussy licked and then fucked. And Becky should be here soon, she thought, swallowing Tom's cock entirely. She noticed out of the corner of her eye that John had edged away from the chair where Tom was sitting and she thought she noticed the door quickly open and then close and then John was again sitting down next to them watching her suck Tom's cock. She felt Tom's cock begin to swell and she knew that she was about to get a mouthful of cum, which is exactly what happened. Tom groaned as Kelly sucked him dry, eagerly swallowing his cum as he kept filling her mouth.

"Mmmm, that was yummy," Kelly said as she lifted her face from his lap, his cock in her hand.

"That was great, Kelly," Tom sighed. "You've got a great mouth."

"Will you suck my pussy for me now?" she asked, getting to her feet and spreading her legs in front of him, using her fingers to hold her lips open, her swollen clit sticking out from between them. "I'm so wet."

"I'd love to suck your pussy," Tom said, sitting up and slipping a hand between her legs, his fingers sliding into her pussy and feeling her heat and wetness.

"Lay down here," Kelly said, stepping away and indicating a place on the carpet.

Tom sucked his fingers as he happily slid out of his seat onto the carpet, laying down on his back. Kelly stood over him, her legs on either side, and slowly squatted down until she was straddling his face, her pussy nestled on his mouth and tongue as he began to suck on her. Kelly sighed as she felt him eating her pussy, holding and squeezing her breasts and pulling on her nipples in delight. Then she saw Becky's face peeking out from behind a desk, staring at her as she rode her father's face, his tongue slurping at her juices. Kelly just smiled at Becky, knowing that she was in for a real show tonight. She got so excited that she began to cum, crying out as she ground her pussy into Tom's face as he slurped up her sweet juices.

"Oh, god, I've got to have your cock now," Kelly gasped, sliding down off of his face until she could grasp his hard cock in her hand, positioning it at the entrance to her pussy. "Oh, yessss," she hissed as she lowered herself onto his cock, feeling it fill her pussy completely as she brought her feet forward to just beneath his armpits, her hands behind her on either side of his feet. This had the effect of giving her the most penetration and him the best possible view of her pussy sliding up and down on his cock. It also afforded Becky the best possible view of her father's cock buried in Kelly's pussy.

Slowly she fucked him, delighting in the feeling of a cock in her pussy again. It had been too long, at least a day or so. Becky being around had prevented her from getting her usual fix from John and she was so horny. She rode him and rode him, his cock unrelenting in its hardness as they fucked. Kelly came so many times she lost count, Tom reaching between her legs to rub her clit while she fucked him.

Slowly her pussy started to get sore and Kelly got an idea. Rising up on his cock, Kelly grasped it in her hand, sliding the head of it around the entrance to her pussy and her asshole, which was already wet from the juices that had flowed from her pussy down the crack of her ass. She then placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass, trying to relax enough as she pressed down, trying to lower her ass onto his cock.

Tom was watching in delight and reached between her legs and stuck his fingers into her pussy, at the same time feeling his cock begin to slide into Kelly's ass. Kelly gasped as she slowly lowered her ass onto Tom's cock, feeling it fill her, stuff her until she finally felt herself resting on his legs, his cock totally buried in her ass.

Kelly looked up and saw Becky staring at her in amazement, her mouth hanging open. She smiled and then slowly started lifting herself up off of Tom's cock, then lowering herself as she gave herself her first ass fuck. She rode him for almost 15 minutes before getting tired. Then Tom put her on her hands and knees, without dislodging himself from her ass, and fucked her ass for another 30 minutes before he finally came in her ass. Kelly could feel his cock pulsing and spurting inside her ass as she just knelt there totally exhausted, Tom's cock still embedded in her ass.

"You are an incredible fuck," Tom said, panting, worn out from the exercise.

"You took forever to cum," Kelly gasped. "You fucked my pussy and my ass raw. I've never been fucked like that."

"What are we going to do about it?" Tom asked, slowly starting to withdraw his cock from her ass.

"Maybe I'll bring one of my girlfriends with me," Kelly suggested. "Maybe two of us can wear you out."

"And who would that be?" Tom asked, his interest peaked.

"Oh, I couldn't tell you that," Kelly said, laughing as she realized she was thinking of Becky. "And you'd probably have to be blindfolded. I'm sure she'd be too shy to let you know who she is. She's not like me, I guess."

"Hmmm, blindfolded," Tom mused, a smile on his face. "You do that and I'll give you double," he said, smiling at Kelly as she turned around and collapsed on the carpet, worn out.

"Okay," Kelly agreed, smiling up at him. "But only if you fuck me like that again. I love your cock."

"It's a promise," Tom laughed.

"Do you like fucking me more than my mom?" Kelly suddenly asked.

"What?" Tom asked, surprised.

"Oh, John told me about yesterday," Kelly said. "Am I as good a fuck as my mom?"

"You're both uniquely incredible," Tom replied directly. "But you both really love it, that you have in common."

"And she likes it in the ass the way I do too, doesn't she?"

"Yes, she does like it in the ass," Tom laughed. "But why these questions?"

"I just think it would be fun if we could all do it together, that's all," Kelly replied.

"You arrange it and I'll be happy to attend," Tom laughed, giving Kelly a helping hand up.

"I will," Kelly agreed, pulling her clothes on. "But we have to get home before we get in trouble. Say hi to Becky for me."

"I will. And I'll see you next week, okay?"

"Okay. And I'll see if I can bring my friend with me. But she's sort of shy so I don't know."

"Thanks for your help again, John," Tom said, shaking his hand as they left. "I'll see you later."

As Tom turned away when they opened the door, Becky too quickly slipped through, hiding in the shadows until the door closed and they started down the stairs.

"I can't believe you actually fucked my father," Becky said, shaking her head. "And you let him fuck you in the ass too."

"It was wonderful," Kelly sighed. "Your father has a great cock."

"And who are you going to take with you next week?" she asked. "I couldn't believe you said that."

"You," Kelly said simply.

"Me! Are you crazy? You want me to fuck my father? I'm a virgin!"

"Not after tomorrow night you won't be," Kelly laughed as they exited the building. "Tomorrow night you get to fuck John, and I'll bet you like it so much you'll fuck him every chance you get. Come next week you'll jump at the chance to fuck your father, especially since he'll be blindfolded and won't be able to see you. Bye."

Becky just stared after them as they pedaled off on their bicycles, then quickly hurried home before her father so she wouldn't be missed. What an incredible day it had been. So much had happened. And she knew that Kelly was right. She couldn't wait for John to fuck her tomorrow night. And she was ashamed because of that. It wasn't right to have such feelings, she had been taught. But then she had watched her father fucking Kelly's mom and Kelly too. And he did have a nice cock, Kelly was right about that.

The next day Becky saw Kelly right away in their first class. She felt nervous butterflys in her stomach but felt immensely warmed by Kelly's bright smile.

"Hi," Kelly said when they finally got a chance to talk. "John's real excited about tonight. Did your parents agree to let you spend the night with me?"

"Yeah, they did. I asked dad right after he got home last night. He would have said yes to anything at that point."

"It's amazing how compliant a well-fucked man can be," Kelly laughed. "And your dad sure can fuck. I'm still a little sore today. Oh, yeah, and I sucked John's cock a bit this morning, but I didn't let him cum. I saved that for you."

"Oh!" Becky said, still surprised by Kelly talking like that so matter-of-factly.

"Aren't you excited?" Kelly asked.

"I'm soaked already," Becky admitted, giggling. "It's sort of embarrassing. My pussy has never been so wet."

"See you later then," Kelly said, going off to her next class.

John got home that afternoon from school before Kelly who had some things to take care of afterwards. As he walked in the house he found his mother at the sink still wearing her house robe.

"Hi, mom," he said, opening the refrigerator.

"Hi, John," Karin replied. "I'm glad you're home. We need to talk."

"Sure. What about?"

"Well, I'm sure you know what about," Karin replied, turning to face him, feeling her face flush.

"Did you fuck Tom this morning?" John asked. "Is that why you're still in your robe?"

"How dare you talk to me like that," Karin said, indignant.

"Come on, mom," John replied with a laugh, stepping close to her. "You've been doing him every morning for I don't know how long, why would I think that you wouldn't today. And especially since you're wearing your robe with nothing underneath it," he said, boldly reaching forward and pulling her robe open, showing that she was indeed naked underneath. "Is your pussy still full of his cum?" he asked, reaching between her legs and forcing a couple of fingers into her pussy, feeling its wetness. "I'd say so," he said, licking his fingers.

"Now you stop that," Karin said, her face flushed with excitement as she watched her son lick his fingers.

"I think I'll fuck you too," John said, reaching down and unzipping his pants, freeing his cock. "Then I'll suck your pussy again."

"John..." Karin began, staring at her son's big hard cock standing at attention in front of her.

"Come on, mom, lay on the table like you do with Tom," he suggested, gently turning her towards the table. "Kelly will be home soon so we do sort of need to hurry," he said, pressing on her shoulder so that she lay face down on the table.

Reaching down and grabbing the bottom of her robe, John threw it up over his mother's back, exposing her ass and wet pussy to him. He stepped forward and rubbed his cock between his mother's pussy lips, getting the head of it nice and wet, then leaned forward and buried himself in her pussy, feeling her pussy muscles gripping his cock as he stuffed her.

"Oh, god," Karin moaned, loving the feel of her son's cock filling her hungry pussy.

"You sure do have a magic pussy, mom," John said as he began to fuck her.

"Oh, just fuck me, John, just fuck me," Karin moaned, trying to lift her ass to meet her son's thrusts as he drove his cock deep into her pussy.

"Is your ass as good as your pussy?" John asked, pumping away. "I remember how much you liked it when Tom fucked you in the ass."

"Ahh, fuck me, fuck me," Karin moaned.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass, mom," John said, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, yes, fuck me, fuck me in the ass," Karin hissed, cumming on her son's cock as he continued to drill her pussy.

Pulling his now wet and gooey cock from his mother's pussy, John pressed the head of it against her rosebud and was surprised to find that he was easily able to slide his cock into her ass. Karin was cumming uncontrollably now with John's cock filling her ass and she just lay moaning on the table as he began to fuck her ass. John pumped and pumped, loving the feeling of his mother's ass clenching his cock as it slid in and out of her bowels. He felt his balls beginning to churn and he knew that it wouldn't be long now before he began to cum. Just as he felt his balls start to explode, the door opened and in walked Kelly and Becky, both of them stopping dead in their tracks as they saw John's cock slamming in and out of Karin's ass.

"Oh, god!" Karin cried when she turned to see and saw her daughter and her friend standing there, their mouths wide open as they watched John fuck her in the ass. Then she felt John's cock swell and begin to spurt his cum deep inside of her ass and she started to cum again despite herself. John pulled his cock from her ass still spurting cum, spraying it all over her ass as she lay helpless on the table, Kelly and Becky just staring.

"Wow, mom," Kelly said, "you're too cool," and grabbed Becky by the hand and dragged her from the room, even though she wanted nothing more than to stay and watch.

As Kelly and Becky left the room, John pressed his cock back into his mother's ass, feeling her sphincter close on his shaft again as it slid into her.

"Oh, John, that was your s****r," Karin cried, turned on by his cock in spite of herself.

"That was a great fuck, mom," John said, slowly fucking her ass with his rapidly diminishing cock. "I'll eat your pussy for you later, I promise," he said, letting his cock finally slide from her ass. "You've got cum all over you," he said with a laugh.

"Oh, John," Karin sighed as he helped her up. "Now we've really got problems, as if we didn't already."

"Don't worry about Kelly, mom," John reassured her. "She's really pretty cool and I'll talk to her. Becky too," he added, thinking of fucking Becky that evening. "I'm going to go get cleaned up a bit now, though," he said, looking down at his s**t smeared cock hanging in front of him.

"Yes, you better, and I'll do the same," Karin agreed, shaking her head in disbelief at what had just happened.

"I can't wait to eat your pussy again," John said as he left the kitchen.

"Get out of here," Karin said, laughing at the absurdity of the entire situation.

God, I am so horny, Karin thought as she slid off the table to stand on her feet. And I've just been fucked silly too, she thought. I wonder if there's something wrong with me, she thought, thinking back over the past half year since she had been fucking as much as she could. Tom Henderson wasn't the only one, she thought, but he was sure a good one. And now her own son! But he sure knew how to use that magnificent cock of his, she smile to herself ruefully as she stepped into her own shower. And she couldn't wait to have him eat her pussy for her either, as much as she had acted and said otherwise.

John had showered and lay down to take a nap before dinner when he was suddenly awakened by Kelly and Becky jumping on his bed.

"So, been fucking mom again, huh?" Kelly asked, grabbing his cock through the bed covers. "And fucking her in the ass too, huh?" she said, squeezing lightly on his rapidly growing cock. "I sure hope you saved something for Becky here. She's so horny her panties are making noise they're so wet."

"Kelly!" Becky said, astonished.

"Well, they are, aren't they?"


"Come on, take them off and lets see," Kelly encouraged. "You're not going to need them anyway. I'll take mine off too and we'll both go without panties for the rest of the night," Kelly giggled, laying back and pulling her panties down her legs, kicking them from the end of her foot as she sat back up, noticing John's eyes on her pussy. "Oh, does my pussy still look good to you, now that you're fucking mom?" she asked, a mischievous grin on her face.

"It looks as good as it ever did," John agreed, licking his lips.

"Come on, Becky," Kelly said, pushing her onto her back and straddling her chest. "Get her panties, John," she said, leaning forward and pinning Becky's arms to the bed.

Becky offered no resistance as John reached under her skirt to her panties, hooking his fingers in the sides and slowly pulling them down. When he had pulled them off of her feet Becky did nothing to hide herself, her knees being wide apart with her feet flat on the bed, her pussy spread and open to John's view.
"You have a nice pussy too," John said to Becky, leaning over and sliding his tongue into her. "You taste great," he said, slithering his tongue again into her hole, this time fastening his mouth to her and sucking while his tongue searched.

"Oh, gosh," Becky moaned, arching her back as much as possible with Kelly sitting on her chest as John ate her pussy.

"Is that good, Becky?" Kelly asked, letting her hands slide up Becky's arms to cup her breasts and squeeze.

"Uhhh, yes," Becky gasped as John found her swollen clit and teased it with his tongue.

"Ooohh, that sounds good," Kelly said, listening to the sounds John was making in Becky's pussy. "I want some of that," she said, shifting her weight forward until her pussy was poised in front of Becky's mouth. "Suck my pussy for me, Becky," she implored. "Make me cum like John's doing for you."

And the only sound you could hear now was the sound of pussy being eaten. The sounds and smells filled the room as both girls came over and over again. Then John got up from eating Becky's pussy and knelt between her thighs with his cock pointed at her pussy.

"I think this is the time," he said, gently sliding forward until the head of his cock was nestled against her virgin hole between her spread pussy lips.

When Kelly heard this she dismounted from Becky's face, turning around to watch John take her virginity. Becky too pushed herself up on her elbows to look down her stomach to where John's cock lay between her pussy lips.

"Here we go," John said, gently pushing forward, feeling a bit of resistance at first until suddenly the head of his cock and a few inches slid into Becky's pussy. Becky gasped and her eyes opened wide when she felt John's cock begin to slide into her pussy. It felt much bigger than it had looked and she felt a surge of heat between her legs as she felt the head of John's cock throbbing in her pussy.

"A little more now," John said, leaning forward again, more of his cock sliding into Becky's pussy until he pressed up against her maidenhead.

"Oh, god, that feels so big," Becky gasped, looking down at John's cock stuck in her pussy.

"Just a little more now," John said, bracing himself for the final thrust. "Are you ready?"

"Yes, do it!" Becky panted, desperate now to get it over with and be a woman.

"Do what?" John asked, a smile on his face. "Tell me what you want."

"Please, John, I want to feel your whole cock in my pussy," Becky begged, trying to slide forward and impale herself. "Please fuck me."

"Okay. Here goes," he said, suddenly thrusting forward and driving through her maidenhead, deflowering her.

Becky gasped and almost cried out when she felt John tear through her hymen, his cock burying to the hilt in her pussy. She could feel him throbbing inside of her and almost immediately the pain of her deflowering diminished, leaving her feeling stuffed and excited as she looked down and saw their pubic hair mingled together.

"Oh, god, that's unreal!" Becky gasped as she felt John's cock throbbing in her pussy.

"Fuck her, John, fuck her," Kelly urged him, reaching out and pinching Becky's nipples between her fingers.

Becky thought she would die when John started to slowly slide his cock in and out of her pussy. At first it was a bit uncomfortable, and then it started feeling nice. She loved watching it disappear between her legs and into her pussy, then reappear, all glistening and wet from being inside of her. Her mouth was hanging open as she stared at John's cock just going in and out of her pussy.

Then suddenly Kelly reached down between her legs and began to rub her clit while her b*****r was fucking her. Immediately Becky began to cum, her whole body shaking as John's cock continued to relentlessly fuck her while Kelly continued to rub her clit and play in her pussy at the same time. Kelly pushed Becky down on the bed, straddling her. Becky gasped when she felt Kelly lean forward and lick her clit and pussy, and her b*****r's cock, as she was getting fucked. She wrapped her arms around Kelly's waist and pulled her pussy down so that she could suck on it while Kelly and John were pleasuring her.

"God, I think I'm going to cum," John said, his face twisted up in delight.

"Not inside me," Becky gasped from between Kelly's thighs. "I'm not on the pill or anything."

"I'll take care of it," Kelly said, climbing off of Becky's face and kneeling beside her, her face just inches from where John's cock was sliding in and out of her pussy. Becky had propped herself up on her elbows again so that she could watch John's cock as it slid in and out of her pussy.

"Oh, god, here I go," John cried out, pulling his cock from Becky's pussy.

Kelly immediately swooped down on her b*****r's wet, gooey cock, sucking it into her mouth as it erupted, cum filling her mouth as John spasmed. Kelly loved the taste of Becky's pussy on John's cock as she sucked him dry. Then, her mouth full of John's cum, Kelly crawled up to Becky and kissed her, driving her tongue into her mouth and then sharing her mouthful of John's cum with her. They kissed and sucked at each other's tongues for several minutes before stopping to breath. Then Kelly got on her knees on the floor between Becky's legs and began to suck on her newly fucked pussy, driving her tongue as far up into her as she could as she sucked and slurped at the juices filling Becky's pussy. Becky came again and again as Kelly expertly sucked her pussy. By the time Kelly lifted her face from Becky's pussy, John's cock was hard again and standing straight out from his body.

"Ooohh, lucky you," Kelly said, taking her b*****r's cock in her hand and licking it. "John's cock is nice and hard again and it looks like he's ready to fuck you again. This time he can fuck you in the ass."

"Oh, god, no," Becky gasped, already over the edge. "He's too big."

"No, he's not," Kelly laughed. "You saw him fuck our mom in the ass, and you've seen your father fuck me in the ass. You'll love it."

"God, no, he's too big," Becky said, panicky.

"Well, if you don't let him fuck you in the ass, I'm going to let him fuck me," Kelly said, taking the head of her b*****r's cock in her mouth and sucking on it.

"But he's your b*****r!" Becky said, recovering from her experience.

"Yes, and he's got a nice hard cock that's NOT going to go to waste," Kelly replied. "So what's it going to be? Are you going to lose your last cherry and get fucked in the ass or am I going to get lucky and enjoy this beautiful cock all by myself?"

"I just can't," Becky moaned. "Not tonight."

"Oh, good," Kelly said, quickly moving to mount John's cock.

Becky stared in astonishment as Kelly grabbed John's cock and positioned it at the entrance to her pussy, then lowered herself totally onto his cock. Kelly was sighing as she began to rock back and forth, fucking her b*****r while Becky could only stare in mute amazement.

"I can't believe you're fucking your b*****r," she finally sputtered.

"You had your chance," Kelly panted, increasing her rhythm. "And he's got such a great cock, doesn't he?"

"Have you done this before?" Becky asked, staring at John's cock as it slid out of Kelly's pussy all glistening from her juices.

"We've been fucking each other for almost a month now," Kelly admitted. "It's so convenient."

"And you fucked my father too," Becky added. "Anyone else?"

"Sara's dad," Kelly replied, panting as she ground her pussy into John's groin.

"Really! Does Sara know about it?"

"I don't think so. She wasn't there."

"Wow! What was it like?"

"Well, Bob Adams can really fuck. He was the first one to fuck me in the ass. But it was really nice having his wife, Kathy, eat my ass and pussy after he had fucked me. And after she had fucked John too."

"John was there?"

"Oh, I never fuck without John," Kelly laughed. "That's what makes it so exciting," she said, suddenly jumping off of John's cock and sucking it into her mouth, just as his balls exploded and cum shot from his cock, filling Kelly's mouth as she hungrily gulped his hot load down. "And I love to eat his cum. It's the best," she said, sitting up on her knees, licking her lips as she swallowed the last of his cum. "I'm going to bed now. You sl**p here, Becky. That way you two can fuck all night long. It's a great way to lose your virginity, believe me. I'll see you in the morning for some."

Becky could only stare in surprise as Kelly opened the door and quickly slipped out, closing it behind her and leaving her alone with John. Suddenly she wasn't so sure of herself and felt nervous and shy as she sat naked on the bed next to John.

"I think I'll eat some more of that sweet pussy of yours," John said, gently pushing Becky onto her back and spreading her legs, lifting them over his shoulder as he lowered his face to her again wet pussy.

"Oh, god," Becky groaned as she felt his tongue slide up into her pussy, slurping and drinking her juices. She reached down and held John's head in her hands, holding him tightly against her pussy as he ate her.

She didn't remember sl**ping when Kelly suddenly appeared on the bed with them the next morning. Her only memories were of fucking and sucking and being sucked non-stop.

"How's your pussy this morning?" Kelly asked, nuzzling down between Becky's legs until she could stick her tongue into her pussy. "Mmm, sure tastes like John's been here," she said, licking and slurping at the cum cocktail that filled Becky's pussy. "How do you feel this morning?"

"Unbelievable!" Becky sighed, opening her mouth so that John could once again slide his cock in to be sucked.

They continued like this for several minutes, Kelly sucking Becky's pussy while she sucked John's cock. Then Kelly got up from the floor and climbed onto the bed, positioning herself so that her face was still between Becky's thighs, but she was now straddling Becky's head, her pussy poised above her mouth which was still somehow filled with John's cock.

"Fuck me, John," Kelly said, looking back over her shoulder. "I need some of your cock."

John pulled his cock regretfully from Becky's mouth and easily slid it right into his s****r's pussy just inches above Becky's face. Becky stared in fascination as John's cock began its journey in and out of Kelly's pussy, her pussy lips clinging to it each time it withdrew, all glistening and moist, only to disappear once again into the inviting depths of her pussy. Then Becky felt Kelly's tongue once again at work between her legs. Unable to resist, she lifted her head and began to lick and suck on Kelly's clit and the shaft of John's cock when she could. Every few strokes John would let his cock slide from Kelly's pussy into Becky's mouth for a quick suck, then back into Kelly's pussy again. Becky loved the taste of his cock after it had been inside of Kelly's pussy.

Then, to Becky's surprise, John pulled his cock from Kelly's pussy and positioned it at her asshole. She was shocked when she realized that Kelly was pushing back against John's cock, helping it to enter her ass, which it did, all slick from her pussy. Inch by inch it slid into Kelly's ass until finally it was completely buried, John's stomach against Kelly's cheeks.

"Oh, god, John, I love the way your cock fills my ass," Kelly breathed, grinding her ass against him. "Now fuck me and fuck me good," she begged.

Becky watched as John began to fuck Kelly's ass, her eyes just inches from the action. She could see Kelly's pussy gaping open and juices dribbling as he methodically fucked her ass.

"Oh, eat my pussy for me, Becky," Kelly begged. "Eat my pussy while John fucks my ass."

Shaken out of her trance, Becky eagerly stuck her tongue into Kelly's pussy and began to eat her while John's cock slid in and out of her ass, his shaft rubbing across her nose and face as she struggled to get as much of her tongue as she could into Kelly's pussy. Kelly was audibly groaning now as John furiously pumped his cock into his s****r's ass while Becky nibbled and sucked on her pussy and clit at the same time.

"Oh, god, oh, god, I'm cumming," Kelly cried out as she felt her orgasm ripping through her body.

"Me too," John gasped, his cock a blur as he fucked her ass.

Becky just slurped and drank at the juices that flowed from Kelly's pussy. Then John pulled his cock from Kelly's ass with cum spurting from it, shooting it all over her asshole and pussy where Becky eagerly lapped it up. Finally the three of them collapsed onto the bed, totally spent.

"God, that was so good, you two," Kelly finally said. "I can't believe it."

"That was incredible, Kelly," John breathed.

"You two are amazing," Becky chuckled. "You are totally perverted."

"Isn't it great!" Kelly agreed, turning to smile at Becky.

"Yes, actually, it is," Becky laughed. "It makes me want you to fuck me in the ass," she said, looking at John.

"Well, you'll have to give me a few minutes to catch my breath," John sighed, "but I can't wait to fuck your ass."

"We better get ready for school," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "You can fuck Becky's ass tonight if she can get permission to stay over."

"Uh, Kelly, we're going to visit the Adams tonight, remember?" John said.

"Oh, gosh, I had forgotten," Kelly said, her hand going to her face as she flushed.

"What, Sara's house?" Becky asked, not understanding.

"Well, yeah, only Sara's not there tonight," Kelly said with a giggle.

"Then why go there?" Becky asked.

"Should we tell her?" Kelly asked John, a smile on her face.

"It's up to you," John said with a shrug.

"What?" Becky asked, getting to her feet, her hands on her hips.

"If I tell you will you be our sex slave forever?" Kelly asked.

"What! Are you crazy?"

"Don't you want to be our sex slave?" Kelly laughed. "Think of all the fun we'll have."

"Please tell me," Becky begged.

"First you have to agree," Kelly said.

"I agree, I agree," Becky said. "Now will you tell me?"

"Okay. We're going to visit Sara's parents," Kelly explained.

"So that's it? What's the big deal?"

"You'll see tonight," Kelly laughed. "It'll be your sex slave debut."


"We go over there to fuck them," John finally had to explain, "just like Kelly did with your father."

"You're joking!" Becky said, staring at them. "You fuck Sara's parents?"

"Actually, they fuck us," Kelly laughed. "And it's lots of fun. They'll love it when we bring you with us. Bob Adams was the first person to fuck me in the ass and now he can be your first one too."

"I'm not doing anything of the sort," Becky declared.

"Yes, you are," Kelly laughed. "Remember, you're our sex slave now and you have to do what we tell you. And we're telling you that tonight we're going to the Adams' and fuck. And I promise that you'll love every minute of it," Kelly said, opening the door and going to her own room to change for school. "You coming?"


"Do you think she'll show up?" John asked Kelly as they rode their bikes to the Adams' house that evening.

"I hope so," Kelly replied. "It'll be a lot of fun if she does."

"Look, there she is," John said, seeing Becky at the corner closest to the Adams'.

"I'm really glad you came," Kelly said as they rode up to Becky.

"Me too," John added, a smile on his face.

"I can't believe I'm doing this," Becky said as they walked together.

"Is your pussy all wet just thinking about it?" Kelly asked with a laugh. "Mine sure is."

"I'm nervous," Becky replied.

"It'll be fine, you'll see," Kelly told her as they parked their bikes and knocked on the door.

"Why, hello, Kelly, and you too John," Kathy Adams said when she opened the door. "And who is this?"

"Hi, Mrs. Adams. This is our friend, Becky Henderson. I hope you don't mind if we invited her to come with us."

"Of course not. Any of your friends are welcome. Why don't we all go in and join Bob," she suggested, turning to lead the way.

"Bob, this is John and Kelly's friend, Becky Henderson. They invited her to join us this evening."

"Well, that's very nice," Bob Adams said, coming forward and shaking Becky's hand. "Would you like something to drink?" he offered.

"I wouldn't mind a Coke or something," Becky admitted.

"She's a little nervous," Kelly said, embarrassing Becky.

"Now, now, there's nothing to be nervous about here," Bob Adams said, "is there, Kelly?" as he handed Becky a glass of Coke.

"I don't think so," Kelly answered, moving to stand right next to him, her body pressed up against his side while her hand reached out to cup his cock through his clothes. "She's just shyer than I am."

"Why don't we sit here on the sofa while Kelly and Bob get started," Kathy suggested, taking both John and Becky by the arm and gently leading them to the sofa.

As they sat down on the sofa, Becky saw that Kathy's hand remained between John's legs, massaging his cock through his pants. Then she saw Kelly dropping to her knees, taking Bob's pants with her as she released his cock and quickly sucked it into her mouth.

"Ahh, Kelly, you have such a talented mouth," Bob sighed as Kelly continued to blow him.

"Wouldn't you like to help her, Becky?" Kathy asked, her hand now wrapped around John's cock that she had extracted from his pants.

"Come on, Becky, he's got such a big, yummy cock," Kelly said, pausing from her activity just long enough to implore Becky.

"Go on, dear, it's okay," Kathy assured her, giving her a little push as she started to get up from the sofa.

"Just suck him the way you sucked me," John added, "and you'll do just fine."

Slowly Becky made her way from the sofa to where she was kneeling next to Kelly in front of Bob. Kelly smiled and stopped sucking on Bob's big cock, holding it in her hand and offering it to Becky.

"Go ahead, suck on it," Kelly encouraged, watching as Becky hesitantly leaned forward and wrapped her lips around Bob's cock.

"Oh, yes, that's nice," Bob breathed as he felt Becky's lips close on his cock and her tongue begin to lathe him.

Kelly bent down and began to suck on Bob's balls while Becky continued to suck on his cock. Kathy never relinquished her grip on John's cock the entire time, pulling on it while she watched the two young girls sucking her husband's cock.

"Stand up here, John," Kathy said. "I want to suck your cock while I watch them."

Kathy's hand never left his cock as John stood up next to Kathy, positioning himself so that she could suck him and at the same time see Kelly and Becky sucking on Bob's cock. He sighed when he felt his cock slide into Kathy's mouth, completely disappearing down her throat as she swallowed him.

The room was full of the sounds of cocks being sucked. John looked over at his s****r and Becky and saw that Becky was really sucking on Bob's cock as he was pumping it in and out of her mouth. He looked down at Kathy Adams sucking on his cock and saw that her eyes too were on Becky as she sucked her husband's cock.

"Oh, man, I'm going to cum," Bob Adams panted as he continued to fuck Becky's mouth.

"Cum for me, John," Kathy Adams implored John, holding and squeezing his balls as she sucked on his cock. "Fill my mouth the way Bob's going to fill Becky's."

John squeezed his eyes closed as he felt Kathy Adams sucking harder on his cock, trying to bring him off. He heard Bob groan and opened his eyes to see what was happening. He saw Bob holding Becky by the back of the head, his cock jammed into her mouth and cum dribbling from the corners of her mouth as she struggled to swallow his cum as he filled her mouth. When Kelly crawled up next to her and began licking the excess cum from her face and chin, John could take no more and his own balls exploded, cum shooting into Kathy Adams' mouth as she sucked on him. She pumped his cock as she sucked him, not stopping until every last drop had been sucked from him.

She released him and he dropped to his knees in front of her, exhausted from the f***e of his orgasm. Bob was leaning back against the bar, his cock dangling in front of him while Kelly and Becky kissed, sucking on each other's tongues.

"Um, this is so nice," Kathy said, licking her lips. "Now I think it's our turn to have our pussies sucked too," she said, leaning back and letting her robe fall open, revealing that she was completely naked underneath. "John, you can eat me while Bob eats Kelly and Becky," she said, bringing her feet up onto the edge of the sofa, opening her smooth-shaven pussy for him.

"Lucky you, John," Kelly said, quickly shedding her clothes.

"You'll get your turn, Kelly," Kathy murmured, her hand lazily sliding through John's hair as he sucked her pussy.

"Why don't you sit up here on the bar, Kelly," Bob suggested, smiling when her saw her young, nubile body again.

"Oh, that looks like a good idea," Kelly agreed, climbing up on the bar and sitting with her feet up and her knees apart, her pussy right on the edge for him to eat.

"And what about you, Becky?" Bob asked, looking at her stare at John sucking his wife's pussy. "Would you like me to suck your pussy like that for you?"

"Oh, you don't mind?" she asked, blushing.

"There's nothing I'd like more right now," he replied. "Why don't you undress and sit next to Kelly."

Still blushing, Becky undressed and climbed up on the bar, her nipples hard and sticking out from nervousness and her pussy wet with anticipation and excitement from having watched John sucking on Kathy Adams' pussy. Bob stood staring for a minute at the two exposed girls before moving in front of Becky, a smile on his face.

"This looks very tasty," he said, pulling up a bar stool and sitting down in front of her. "I think I'll find out," he said, leaning forward and sliding his tongue right into her pussy, gluing his mouth to her and sucking as Becky groaned in delight.

"Her pussy tastes nice, doesn't it?" Kelly asked, rubbing herself as she watched Bob sucking her friend.

"Do you like sucking Becky's pussy?" Kathy asked from the sofa where John was still sucking on her pussy.

"Oh, yes," Kelly replied. "She tastes so good."

"She certainly does," Bob added, lifting his face from Becky's pussy. "But if I remember correctly, so do you," he said to Kelly, moving his bar stool over so that he was in front of her.

"Um, yes," Kelly sighed as he began to suck her pussy.

"Oh, I want to taste Becky's pussy," Kathy said, gently pushing John away from her pussy so that she could get to her feet.

John watched as she went over and began to eat Becky's pussy, her husband next to her eating Kelly. He couldn't believe what he was seeing. His cock was so hard again that he thought it would break and he couldn't wait to put it somewhere.

"My, this is a tasty pussy," Kathy observed, licking her lips that were covered with Becky's pussy juice. "I want to watch you fuck her, Bob," Kathy said, running her fingers through her husband's hair as he continued to munch on Kelly's pussy. "Do you think you're ready yet?" she asked, reaching down to hold her husband's cock in her hand.

"You bet I'm ready," Bob replied, lifting his face from between Kelly's thighs.

"Her ass is still virgin," Kelly said, smiling as she saw the reaction on Bob's face. "I remember how much you liked taking my ass cherry and thought you'd like to take Becky's too."

"Is that true, Becky?" Bob asked, getting to his feet.

"Yes," Becky breathed, still shaking from her many orgasms.

"And do you want me to fuck you in the ass?"

"Maybe," Becky sighed. "Kelly sure likes it that way."

"Yes, I know she does," Bob laughed. "So does Kathy. Ask John, he fucked her ass last week. Come on down here," he said, offering her a hand down from the bar. "Lay on your back on the coffee table."

As Becky complied, laying back with her legs splayed wide open, Kathy, Kelly and John stood around the table watching as Bob positioned himself between her legs, his cock standing straight out in front of him.

"Umm, let me help," Kathy said, straddling the coffee table so that she was standing with her spread pussy above Becky's face.

Reaching between Becky's legs, Kathy ran her fingers into Becky's pussy, letting them slide up into her before pulling them back out and holding her pussy lips wide apart, exposing the pink interior of her pussy to her husband's cock. Bob Adams took his cock in his hand and rubbed the head of it up and down between Becky's spread pussy lips. Becky moaned on the table, almost out of her head with ecstasy as she experienced one continuous orgasm as Kathy rubbed her clit while Bob slowly slid his huge cock into her pussy.

She gasped when she felt Bob's cock completely enter her, filling her like she couldn't believe. His cock was so thick. As he started pumping her pussy, Kathy Adams lay down on Becky, licking and sucking on her clit and her husband's cock as it slid in and out of her hole. Becky saw Kathy's shaved pussy right above her face and without hesitating put her arms around Kathy's hips and pulled her pussy down to that she could suck on it.

The three of them fucked and sucked while Kelly and John stood there watching, John's cock in his fist and Kelly standing with her hand stuck between her legs.

"John, fuck me," Kathy panted, lifting her face from Becky's pussy. "Fuck me hard and fast."

Without hesitating John moved behind Kathy and slammed his cock into her pussy, displacing Becky's face in the process. Then he felt her tongue slithering along his cock as he fucked Kathy. John fucked like had never fucked before, slamming his hips back and forth as he pounded his cock into Kathy Adams as she sucked Becky's pussy while her husband fucked it at the same time.

"Oh, god, I'm going to cum," Bob groaned as he felt his balls churn.

"Oh, yes, cum in me, cum in me," Becky cried out as her pussy spasmed in joy at the sensations Bob's cock was causing.

"Come eat, Kelly," Bob gasped, slamming his cock deep into Becky's pussy as he filled her with his cum.

Kelly dropped to her knees next to Bob, staring at Becky's swollen pussy wrapped around his shaft. She could see some cum start to ooze from Becky's pussy around Bob's shaft and she leaned forward and licked it off. Then Bob pulled his cock from Becky's pussy and she sucked it into her mouth. It was still oozing cum as she sucked on it, swallowing it completely as she tried to get every drop of cum that she could. Then Bob pulled his cock from her mouth and gently nudged her face towards Becky's cum-drenched pussy. Without hesitating Kelly dove in, slurping the cum from her friend's pussy while Kathy Adams kissed her face and forehead while John continued to fuck her from behind.

"God, I'm going to cum," John cried out.

"Go do them too," Bob said, gently nudging Kelly, his eyes wide as he watched to see what she would do.

But without hesitating Kelly scrambled around to where her b*****r's cock was sliding in and out of Kathy Adams' pussy, all slick with their combined juices.

"Oh, yes," John cried, slamming his cock into Kathy's pussy one last time, his balls exploding as he came.

Kelly knelt there staring as her b*****r's balls spasmed in his scrotum, filling Kathy's pussy.

"Now, Kelly," Bob said softly, wondering what she would do, but knowing in his heart.

And he was rewarded with being right as Kelly grabbed her b*****r's cock and pulled it from his wife's pussy and swallowed it, sucking it down into her throat as John continued to cum.

"Aww, jeez, Kelly," John gasped as she sucked his cock.

But Bob Adams just watched in delight as Kelly sucked her b*****r's cock, swallowing all of the cum before letting it drop from her mouth and diving into his wife's pussy to finish getting the rest. When she finished, she sat back on her heels, her face covered with pussy juice and cum, a big smile on her face.

"So, you like your b*****r's cum, don't you?" Bob asked her.

"It's yummy," Kelly agreed, smiling up at him.

"And his cock, you like that too?" he asked.

"John's got a great cock," Kelly said, still smiling.

"And where do you like his cock?" Bob asked.

"Everywhere," Kelly said, staring at him unashamed.

"In your ass?"

"Oh, yes, especially there," Kelly said.

"Then you suck John's cock until he's hard again so he can fuck you in the ass, and Becky, you suck my cock until I'm hard and I'm going to fuck you in the ass, okay?"

"Uh, sure," Becky said, struggling to her knees in front of him.

"Kathy, why don't you help them get ready," Bob suggested, a gleam in his eyes.

"I'd love to," Kathy Adams agreed, scrambling to the small end table and opening a drawer and getting the K-Y jelly.

When she turned around she was greeted by the site of Kelly on her knees in front of her b*****r, sucking his cock, and Becky on her knees sucking her husband's cock. It was a sight that swelled her with happiness, especially seeing Kelly sucking her own b*****r's cock. What an incredible c***d, she thought, not for the first time. It's a shame that Sara's not a bit more like her, she mused.

Leaning forward, she ran her hand between Kelly's legs, enjoying feeling how wet she was. Then squirting some of the K-Y on a finger, she began rubbing it on her asshole, then pushed her finger into her ass, smearing the jelly to lubricate her, feeling Kelly pressing back against her finger. Then she reached between Becky's legs and was shocked to feel how wet she was. She couldn't resist running a couple of fingers into her pussy, feeling the heat as she squirmed. Then she began rubbing the K-Y on her asshole and felt her really begin to squirm. Gently pressing her finger against Becky's rosebud, Kathy felt her resist, then suddenly relax and her finger slid slightly into her ass. She could feel Becky clenching her ass muscles on her finger so she patiently waited for her to stop, then gently pressed her finger further into her ass, smearing the K-Y in the process. Reluctantly she removed her finger from Becky's ass and sat back on her heels and watched the two girls suck cock.

"Okay, John I want you to fuck Kelly in the ass now," Bob said, watching her swallow her b*****r's cock. "Kelly, I want you to just stand up and bend over with your hands on the floor. And spread your legs real wide. Come close and watch this, Becky, so you can see what I'm going to do to you."

As Becky moved to a better position to see, John was rubbing his hard cock up and down between his s****r's pussy lips. Then pressing it against her asshole, he slowly slid into her, not stopping until his belly was pressed up against her ass cheeks.

"How does that feel, Kelly?" Bob asked, rubbing his cock in Becky's face.

"Umm, real nice," Kelly sighed, wriggling her ass. "But fuck me now, John," she implored. "And fuck me hard."

As they watched John began doing just that, pumping his cock in and out of his s****r's ass. Kelly was pumping her ass back against him with each stroke, loving it.

"Becky, you get on your hands and knees for your first time," Bob said, gently guiding her as she complied, her eyes never leaving John's cock as it made its way in and out of Kelly's ass.

"Kathy, you still have that K-Y?" he asked.

"Here you go," she said, putting some in her hand and grabbing his cock, lubricating it real well before releasing him. "Be gentle with her," she warned.

"Of course I will," Bob said. "I'll treat her as gently as if she were our own daughter," he said, resting the head of his cock against Becky's rosebud. "Try to relax if you can, Becky," he advised. "It will make it a lot easier if you can."

"I'll try," Becky agreed, a bit frightened at the thought of that huge cock being shoved into her ass.

Then she felt Bob start to apply pressure to her asshole and she automatically resisted, clenching her ass. Then remembering his admonition, she attempted to relax even as he increased his pressure. Suddenly when she thought something would break, he was pressing so hard, she felt his cock begin to slide into her ass, stretching her.

"Oohhh," she gasped as she felt another inch or two of his cock slide into her ass. "That's so big."

"Are you okay?" Kathy asked her, sitting on the floor in front of her. "Do you want him to stop?"

"N-n-no," Becky gasped, feeling even more of Bob's cock press into her ass.

And then Bob succeeded in pressing his entire cock into Becky's ass. He just stood there, feeling his cock throbbing and Becky's ass clamping down on his cock.

"Are you ready for him to start fucking your ass?" Kathy asked Becky, gently stroking her cheek and feeling the tear that rolled down as she fought the pain.

"Yes," Becky whispered, almost afraid of what would follow next.

Slowly Bob began to fuck her in the ass, gently sliding his cock in and out until he felt her loosen up a bit and become more lubricated naturally. Then he started fucking her more in earnest, enjoying the tightness of her ass even more than he had the tightness of her pussy.

"You'd do this to your own daughter?" Becky gasped as Bob continued fucking her ass.

"That was just a figure of speech," Bob laughed, continuing to fuck her. "Of course I wouldn't fuck my own daughter."

"But why not, daddy," a voice said from behind all of them. "It looks like so much fun."

Everyone froze and turned to see Sara emerging from behind the wet bar where she had been hiding. Nobody said anything at first.

"S-s-sara, what are you doing here?" Kathy stammered as she struggled to her feet, trying not to cover her nakedness reflexively.

"I wondered why you were so concerned suddenly that I go to those stupid church meetings each week," she explained. "You never even go to church. So I thought I'd hang out here and see if there was any special reason. Now I understand."

"Oh, Sara, this wasn't supposed to be anything you knew about," Kathy sighed, feeling sick to her stomach.

"Well, I do know about it," Sara replied. "And John and Kelly, I knew you two were cool, but this is just way cool!" she exclaimed, staring at John's cock sticking out of his s****r's ass. "Keep fucking her, John," she insisted. "I want to see you cum in her ass."

"Sara!" Kathy exclaimed. "Watch your mouth!"

"You too, daddy, don't you want to finish what you're doing?" she asked, ignoring her mother. "Maybe because I'm dressed you're uncomfortable," she said. "Well, I'll take off my clothes too," she said, pushing her shorts down and stepping out of them, standing in her panties. "That's what you want to do to me, daddy?" she asked, pushing her panties down and stepping out of them, her sparse blonde pussy visible between her legs. "Well, here, look at it while you're finishing up with Becky," she said, moving to stand next to Becky and bending over, displaying her pussy and asshole to her father as he stood there with his cock buried up Becky's ass.

Bob groaned and began to furiously pound his cock in and out of Becky's ass, his eyes never leaving his daughter's pussy displayed before him. When he saw a droplet of pussy juice drip from Sara's pussy lips, he groaned and began to cum deep in Becky's ass. As Sara stood up to watch and move closer as her father came, John groaned and began to shoot his load into his s****r's willing ass.

"I want to see you cum," Sara gasped, her eyes wide.

Almost simultaneously John and Bob pulled their spurting cocks from the asses of the two girls and finished cumming on their backs.

"Oh, wow, that's so neat," Sara said, staring in amazement at the two cocks and the pools of cum on the backs of the two girls.

"Sara, I think you should go to your room and we'll talk later," Kathy tried to say.

"Oh, mom, I think I'm done doing the stupid little girl things you try to make me do," she replied. "I've seen what I've seen and heard what I've heard. I know you were sucking on Becky's pussy and that John was fucking you. I also know that John has fucked you in the ass. I've watched daddy fucking Becky in the ass and I know he's fucked Kelly every which way. So what do you think you're going to threaten me with? I know we need to talk, but it will wait until everyone's gone, right?"

"I guess so," Kathy sighed, realizing that she had now lost any and all vestiges of control that she had once had over her daughter. "Are you a virgin, Sara?" she asked, almost fearing the answer.

"For the moment," Sara replied, smiling at her mother's obvious concern. "But I don't guess I will be for much longer."

"Maybe we should go," Kelly suggested, standing up, the cum running down her back and between the crack of her ass.

"Are you done?" Sara asked.. "Isn't there anything more that you were going to do?"

"I think we're done for this evening," Bob said, nodding at Kelly. "I'm sorry about this."

"Oh, I don't mind," Kelly said. "It made it sort of fun in a different way."

"Are you going to come back next week?" Sara asked.

"That's up to your parents, I guess," Kelly replied, shrugging her shoulders. "Do you want us to come next week?"

"We'll talk to you during the week," Kathy answered.

"Well, I want you to come next week," Sara insisted. "And if they don't want to play like usual, then maybe I'll play. You'll come, won't you?"

"Sure we will," John agreed, reaching for his clothes. "If your parents say it's okay, of course."

"It is okay, isn't it?" Sara asked, a demanding tone in her voice as she stood with her hands on her hips.

"Of course it is, dear," Kathy replied. "We just need to have a talk, that's all."

"Bye," Kelly said, turning and hugging and kissing both Bob and Kathy. "I really did have fun again. I hope I get to see you next week."

"Oh, you will," Kathy assured her. "We just need to talk. This has been sort of unexpected."

"See you in school, Sara," Kelly said, touching her on the hand as she walked by.

"Bye, Sara," Becky echoed.

"And you come next week too, Becky, okay?" Bob said as they moved out the door.

"Well, thanks," Becky said, surprised to be invited. "I'd like that. This was weird sort of fun, I think."

"You were wonderful," Kathy told her, glancing at Sara to see her reaction. "Especially for your first time. It's always the hardest."

"I am a little sore," Becky admitted. "But it's okay. My pussy was a little sore the first time too."

"Yes, that's the way it is," Kathy said, putting an arm around Sara's shoulders as they saw them off at the door. "See you next week."

"Let's talk, Sara," Kathy said, closing the door and leading her daughter back into the room.


"Man, I can't believe that happened," John said as they rode off. "Sara showing up like that. How could she have known?"

"Well, she sure knew," Kelly laughed. "Imagine walking in on dad with his cock stuck up one of our friend's ass. Can you imagine how shocked he'd be?"

"Well, I can imagine that," Becky laughed. "It happened to me, remember?"

"Well, you're going to take it one step further," Kelly laughed. "You're going to fuck your father and he's not even going to know it."

"I am not!" Becky insisted. "Why would I do such a thing?"

"Well, one, because you want to keep having fun with me and John and our friends' fathers," Becky said. "And, two, you're really thrilled by the idea of getting to fuck your father without him knowing."

"Oh, yeah. That's it. And how do you plan on keeping him from knowing who he's fucking?"

"I'm going to blindfold him," Kelly said. "It'll be great, you'll see," she said, standing up on her pedals and riding off."

"She's crazy," Becky said, struggling to catch her.

"Yeah, but she's usually right about these things," John said, riding with her. "You'll see."

"Well, bye," Becky said, taking the turn to her house. "See you later."

"Bye," John said, riding off and catching up to Kelly who was laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face.

"What's so funny?" John asked, riding next to her as they approached their house.

"I just can't wait to see Becky fucking her father," Kelly told him. "It's going to be great."

"Hey, dad's car's not here," John observed.

"He must be at one of his meetings," Kelly offered.

"But who's car is that?" he asked, pointing to the one parked in front of the house.

"I've never seen it before," Kelly said, dismounting her bicycle at the garage entrance.

"Shhh," John warned, his finger to his lips.

Quietly they entered the house, pausing to listen for any noise. They heard a slight muffled sound coming from the living room and they tiptoed down the hallway until they could peek into the living room. What they saw totally astonished both of them. Their mother was on her hands and knees, sucking the biggest, blackest cock either of them had ever seen. And at the same time another equally huge black cock was sawing in and out of her pussy from behind. She was getting it from both ends at once.

They watched, transfixed as these two huge black cocks serviced their mother, who seemed to be easily accommodating them both. Suddenly the man whose cock was being sucked groaned, throwing his head back and it was obvious he was cumming in Karin's mouth as she struggled to suck and swallow all of him. They could see cum oozing from around his cock as Karin sucked and swallowed as fast as she could. Then the man fucking her from behind groaned and began cumming in her pussy. Karin spun around, dislodging him from her pussy and sucked his cock into her mouth, gulping and swallowing his cum as fast as she could. But she still ended up with cum dripping down her chin onto her tits and smeared all over her face when she had finished.

"Karin, you are the cock craziest bitch I've ever known," the man who had been fucking her pussy laughed when she sat back on her heels, wiping her chin with her hand and then licking the cum from her hand.

"You aren't so bad yourself," Karin laughed, sitting back, her legs spread and her knees open, her gaping pussy swollen and throbbing from the fucking it had just received.

"When's the old man coming home?" he asked.

"Oh, he won't be here for a few hours yet," Karin replied, looking up at the clock.

"And what about your k**s?"

"Oh, shit, they'll be here any minute," Karin said, a panicked look on her face.

"Where is dad, mom?" John said, walking into the room with Kelly right behind him, a smile on his face. "Hi, I'm John. That's my mother you just fucked."

"Hi, John," he said. "She's a great fuck."

"Yeah, I know," John replied, sitting down on the sofa as if this was the most normal thing in the world.

"John, I don't know what to say," Karin said, feeling tears starting to form in her eyes.

"Gosh, mom, you just got fucked by the two most incredible cocks and that's all you can say?" Kelly said, plopping down on the sofa next to John, staring at the two cocks dangling nearby. "You've got so much cum smeared on your face and tits it's unbelievable. I never knew anyone could cum so much."

"You like cum?" the other man asked.

"Oh, yeah, I love cum," Kelly said, nodding her head. "I'm just like my mom, I guess."

"Well, your mom just fucked both of us, so I guess you're not totally alike, are you?"

"I could fuck both of you too," Kelly said nonchalantly.

"You should be careful how you brag," the other man said. "Someone might call you on it some day."

"That's okay," Kelly replied.

"You think you can fuck both of us?" he asked. "Right here, right now?"

"No sweat," Kelly answered. "But it looks like you've had it for tonight to me."

"That's because you don't know shit, little girl," the first man said. "Karin, I think we're going to teach this little cooze of a daughter of yours some manners," he said, stroking his cock in his hand. "You got a problem with that?"

"It's none of her business," Kelly said. "I fuck who I want to fuck, just like she does."

"Well, your mama's been fucking us pretty regular for a while now, so I guess she has some say in it."

"I can't believe this conversation is happening," Karin said, getting to her feet, cum dripping from her tits to the floor.

"Mom, you're covered in cum," John said with a laugh. "You're the unbelievable one."

"I'm going to fuck them," Becky said, getting to her feet. "You two think you can fuck me too?" she asked, quickly stepping out of her clothes and standing naked.

"Kelly!" Karin said. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm getting laid, mom, just like you just finished getting, okay? I can't wait for some big hard cock and I'm going to get some right now. If you're so bothered, just let John fuck you again. I know he loved fucking you in the ass. You might try that," she said, moving over towards one of the men and sinking down onto her knees, reaching up and taking his huge cock in her hand.

"I've never seen a black one before," she said, looking up at him, his cock in her hand.

"It's just a cock, sweetheart," he said. "You suck it and fuck it like any other."

"That's just what I thought," Kelly said, leaning forward with her mouth open and sucking on his cock. "How about putting that other one where it will do me some good," she asked, wriggling her ass and reaching between her legs to spread her pussy lips with her fingers.

"Man, that pussy looks like it's had a workout already," the man said, kneeling behind her with his cock standing at attention.

"Just a warm-up," Kelly said with a laugh before returning to sucking on the other cock.

"I can't believe this!" Karin cried, staring in shock as her daughter took one cock in her mouth and the other in her pussy, just like she had been doing not ten minutes before. And she took it like a pro, Karin thought in shock, watching her daughter perform.

"God, no wonder you were doing this, mom," Kelly said, lifting her face from the cock in her mouth. "These are the two most incredible cocks I've ever felt. God, fuck me hard," she cried, wriggling her ass against the cock plunging in and out of her pussy from behind.

"Man, this is some prime pussy," the man fucking her said. "Your daughter has just as fine a pussy as you do, Karin," he laughed, seeing the sticken look on her face. "And you don't have to worry, I'll still be fucking you whenever you want," he said, slamming his cock in and out of her pussy. "Let's switch," he said to the other man. "I'm ready to cum."

John and Karin watched as the two men switched positions, the man who had been fucking her moving around to feed his huge juice-covered cock into Kelly's willing mouth, while the other man jammed his cock into her pussy.

"Man, this is fine pussy," the man now fucking her said.

"Oh, yeah, suck it, baby," the other man said. "That's it, I'm cumming now," he cried, grabbing Kelly by the head and holding her down on his cock as his balls spasmed and he shot his load of cum into Kelly's eagerly gulping mouth.

Kelly tried to swallow all of the cum but it was too much and it leaked out around the shaft and dripped down her chin. She had no sooner finished sucking the last of his cum from his cock when the man pounding her pussy from behind announced that he too was ready to cum. Without hesitating Kelly dropped the cock she was sucking and spun around, eagerly sucking the cock which had just been pulled from her pussy into her mouth just as it too exploded, again filling her mouth with hot cum. And Kelly just sucked and swallowed as fast as she could, loving the taste of cum filling her mouth over and over again.

Positioned as she was on her hands and knees, her gaping pussy, swollen and red from the pounding it had taken, plus her ass were pointing right at her mother and b*****r who were standing side by side watching her perform, her mother with her mouth wide open in shock, her b*****r with a grin a mile wide as he watched his s****r fuck like a true whore. John dropped his pants to the floor, his cock standing straight out in front of him.

"What do you think you're doing?" Karin asked him, her eyes wide in shock.

"She looks so good I think I'm going to have some of that too," he replied, delighting in the surprised look at his response.

"You wouldn't dare fuck your s****r!" Karin exclaimed.

"Why not," John replied. "I fuck you," he said as he sank to his knees behind his s****r, his cock in his fist.

Rubbing his cock between Kelly's swollen gaping pussy lips, John slid his cock into her totally stretched-out-of-shape pussy, barely feeling it. Pumping a couple of times, he pulled his cock out of her pussy and moved up a notch and slid it into her ass, which she took without missing a beat sucking the cum from the cock in her mouth. Karin watched in astonishment as her son proceeded to fuck his s****r, her daughter, in the ass right in front of her while she sucked the cock of one of the two men who had just fucked her after fucking her mother. Her whole world seemed like it was spinning out of control.

"You've got to stop this," Karin cried out, pulling on John's shoulder. "This is totally wrong."

"Okay, mom. I'll stop," John said, pulling his cock from Kelly's ass just as she finished sucking the cum from the cock in her mouth. "I'll fuck your ass instead. I know how good that feels too," he said, grabbing her by the hand and pulling her down onto the floor.

Firmly handling her, John f***ed his mother into a kneeling position on the floor in front of him and began pushing his cock into her ass while the other two men and Kelly watched in amusement.

"Oh, John, John," Karin gasped as he began to fuck her ass.

"It's still nice and tight, so I guess you guys didn't fuck her in the ass yet, did you?" John asked as he pumped his cock in and out of his mother's ass.

"No, boy, we sure didn't," one of them responded. "But you keep at it, you're doing a fine job."

And John did just that. He fucked his mother's ass until he couldn't take it any more, then he slammed his cock as far as it would go up into her as he began to cum, filling her ass with his hot load as Karin moaned and groaned in pleasure. When he finished cumming inside of her, John withdrew his cock, followed by a stream of cum, from his mother's ass.

"You've got a great ass, mom," John said, getting to his feet. "But I bet dad will be here real soon and you'd better get yourself cleaned up."

"Nice meeting you guys. You sure know how to fuck," he said, shaking hands with the two black men.

"You got one crazy f****y," one of them said. "But they do know how to fuck. See you next time, Karin," he said as they gathered their clothes and dressed.

"Your pussy sure is gooey, mom," Kelly said, sticking her hand in her mother's pussy from behind as she got to her feet. "Thanks for sharing."

"Oh, Kelly, this is all wrong," Karin cried, pulling away and struggling to her feet, cum dripping from her ass.

"No, mom, it's not, it's just perfect. Now we'll really start to do things together, as a f****y, won't we?" she asked, picking up her clothes and sauntering down the hallway to her room.

"John!" Karin implored.

"Thanks for the fuck, mom. Can't wait until next time," he said, following Kelly down the hall. "Sounds like dad's car just pulled up."

"Oh, my god," Karin cried, running to her bedroom and jumping in the shower.


After spending the night fucking each other to sl**p, John and Kelly got up and dressed for school. There wasn't much conversation at breakfast that morning and Jason left for work first. John and Kelly began to smile and wink at each other, enjoying their mother's silence as she busied herself in the kitchen.

"Bye, mom," John said, coming up behind her as he and Kelly prepared to leave. "Have a nice fuck with Tom when he gets here," he said, reaching down and firmly rubbing her ass through her robe. "I know he'll enjoy it."

"John!" Karin said in a frosty voice, turning to look at him and his s****r. "This will stop. Immediately. I'm sorry it happened at all, but this will stop and I'll hear no more about it, do you understand?"

"Does that mean you're going to stop fucking Tom and those two black guys and who knows who else?" Kelly asked, her face serious but a twinkle in her eye.

"We're not talking about my life," Karin countered uncomfortably, "we're talking about our life as a f****y."

"Well, I like our life as a f****y just fine," Kelly said. "Especially now, I mean, so what, we fuck each other. You can't tell me you don't enjoy it, I've seen you."

"But your father, if he knew..."

"Mom, I bet you're doing this just because of dad, if I know him. I mean, he thinks he's god, I bet he fucks around all the time, doesn't he?" Kelly said.

Karin's sudden flush of color in her cheeks confirmed the truth of Kelly's observation.

"But we need to get to school now," Kelly said. "You have fun with Tom when he gets here and we'll see you after school. Maybe you'll come down to the river with us and swim."

Before Karin could protest, they were out the door and on their way to school. Karin sat down heavily in a chair, her head in her hands, completely at a loss as to what to do. How could she claim any moral high ground? What could she say to make them realize and believe that it was wrong? And they had caught her with Henry and James. And Kelly had taken them both on as easily as she did, right in front of her. And then John with Kelly and then John with her. She felt like she was going to scream as the helplessness of her situation overwhelmed her.

It's not like she could or would stop her own extracurricular activities. Kelly had been 100% correct about her father. He fucked anything that moved without a cock, she thought bitterly. And he justified it, admitted it as being just a pressure release from his high-pressure job. Well, two could play that game, she thought grimly. And she loved the game. Karin had never realized how much she loved sex. And the more she had, the more she wanted.

Just then Tom walked in the door, just like John and Kelly had said, his zipper down and his cock dangling in front of him.

"Hi, Karin," he said, a big grin on his face. "Climb up on that table and let's fuck."

Karin sighed to herself as she got to her feet and let her robe drop to the floor, climbing onto the table and laying on her back with her legs spread and her pussy open for Tom Henderson. She'd worry about everything later, she said to herself as Tom slid his cock into her and began fucking her. Later, she thought, wrapping her legs around him as her pussy began to flow with enjoyment, bucking up to meet his thrusts. Later.

John and Kelly couldn't stop smiling as they rode their bikes to school. Life was just too much fun to believe lately. They had almost $10,000 and they were both having as much sex as they wanted with many different people, including now their mother. Kelly confirmed to John that she planned on fucking their father one of these days too, but not just yet. When they met at lunch, they were both surprised when Sara Adams came up and asked if she could sit with them. They made room for her and she joined them.

"I'm really sorry if I ruined anything for you two last night," she said. "I just didn't know what to do. I couldn't believe what Becky told me, and when I saw it for myself, I don't know."

"So, Becky told you," Kelly said, nodding at John. "I didn't realize."

"Oh, don't be mad at her," Sara pleaded. "She and I have been friends forever. And I'm not mad or anything about it, just real surprised. And I don't know if I'm more surprised at them doing it or you two," she admitted.

"We wouldn't want to do anything that would hurt your feelings," Kelly said. "They told us you'd never know."

"Are you going to do it again?" she asked, staring at them.

"I guess that's up to your parents," Kelly said. "If they want us to visit with them, well, we like it a lot."

"That's what I thought," Sara nodded. "And I don't mind. In fact, I don't know how to say this, but I want to do it too," she said, blushing. "But I'm a virgin."

"So was I once," Kelly said with a laugh. "That's the easy part. But what do you mean, you want to do it? In general or with us or with your parents or what?"

"Oh, well, all of it, I guess," Sara admitted, her face scarlet now. "I know that's terrible of me, but I've felt this almost burning feeling ever since last night," she said, pressing a fist between her legs.

"I know that feeling," Kelly smiled. "I have it all the time. If I could, I'd do nothing but fuck all day and all night all the time, that's how much I burn like that."

"Really? B-b-but I thought it was only me and that there was something wrong with me. I mean, I even fantasized about doing it with my father."

"He'd probably love it," Kelly laughed. "And he's a good fuck. He knows how to fuck. And he's got a really nice cock."

"I know, I saw it," Sara said, "up close while he fucked you."

"Mmmm, it was so good too," Kelly sighed, remembering.

"Have you ever even played with a boy?" Kelly asked, a twinkle in her eye.

"No, not really, just some kissing and stuff."

"What stuff? Did you let him touch your tits or between your legs?"

"Oh, no, not that, ever," Sara said, shaking her head.

"Well, you know if you want to do these things..."

"Oh, I know. And now I think if I don't I'll go crazy. I mean, I almost rubbed myself raw last night after I went to bed."

"We better get to class," John said, speaking for the first time. "We'll be late."

"Sara, why don't you come over our house after school," Kelly suggested as they got to their feet. "Maybe we can explore this idea further if you want."

"Oh! Really? Well, I don't know," she said, blushing. "I'd have to get permission first."

"Somehow I don't think so," Kelly said with a laugh as they left the cafeteria. "But you do what you want. If you like, meet us at the bike rack after school. Bye."

"Oh, man, you are something," John said, a smile on his face as they hurried to the one class they shared."

"Don't tell me you don't want to fuck little Sara's cute pussy after seeing it last night?" Kelly laughed. "I can't wait to taste it myself."

"Me either," John agreed.

They were both pleased when they saw Sara waiting by the bike rack after school.

"Hi, Sara," Kelly said, getting her bicycle.

"Hi, Sara," John said. "You coming to visit us?"

"Do you mind?" she asked.

"Of course not," John said. "We'd like it a lot."

They only talked of school things on the way to their house, all of them aware that that was not what they were interested in. When they got to the house they greeted Karin with a kiss on the cheek, surprising her, and introduced Sara. Then they went down the hall to Kelly's room and closed the door behind them.

"So, Sara, how can we help you?" Kelly said, slowly undressing.

"Um, well, I'm not sure," Sara gulped, seeing Kelly strip right in front of her and her b*****r.

"Would you like to have sex with me and John?" Kelly asked, getting right to the point, cupping her breasts in her hands. "Or maybe you'd rather just be with John? Or me?"

"Oh, really!" Sara said, blushing deep red.

"John, would you like to have sex with Sara?" Kelly asked him, rubbing the front of his jeans.

"I think that would be great," John said, a smile on his face as Kelly undid his jeans and tugged them down to the floor.

Since he had stopped wearing underwear his cock stood out in front of him.

"Oh, isn't that nice!" Kelly said, wrapping a hand around John's cock. "Come feel this, Sara," she beckoned, stroking John's cock.

"Oh, man, I can't believe this!" Sara gasped, staring at Kelly massaging John's cock right in front of her. "You're doing your own b*****r!"

"He has such a nice cock, don't you think?" Kelly asked, still working his cock in her hand. "Come feel," she said, reaching out and grabbing Sara by the hand and pulling her close.

Holding her breath, Sara allowed Kelly to place her hand on John's throbbing cock. She was thrilled when she felt how soft and warm it was in spite of being so hard. Her fingers wrapped around it and she tried to imitate what she had seen Kelly doing.

"That feels nice, Sara," John said, smiling down at her. "Do it with your mouth now."

"What?" Sara gasped.

"Go ahead, suck on it," Kelly encouraged her. "And why don't you get out of those clothes too," she said, reaching out and undoing Sara's skirt.

"What are you doing?" Sara hissed at Kelly, not relinquishing John's cock as her skirt suddenly fell to the ground, leaving her in her panties.

"It's much better, believe me," Kelly said, suddenly dropping to her knees and pulling Sara's panties down to the floor too. "It's not like he hasn't seen you naked before, is it?"

"No, but this is embarrassing," Sara said, blushing as she looked up at John, his cock still in her hand.

"Take your shirt off too, Sara," John said, reaching out and pulling it up.

Sara had to let go of his cock as he pulled her shirt up over her head, leaving her standing there in her bra which Kelly quickly made disappear. She had fuller breasts than they would have imagined and her nipples were hard and sticking out from the tips.

"Now, let's suck on John's cock," Kelly said, dropping to her knees in front of John and taking his cock in her hand. "If you won't do it, I will," she said, opening her mouth and slowly letting it slide in on her tongue until her face was pressed up against his belly. Then she slowly let it slide back out, all gleaming from her mouth.

"He tastes so good," Kelly said, licking her lips and looking up at Sara. "You try now."

Sara was almost in shock as she let Kelly pull her down onto her knees in front of John next to her. She had just seen Kelly take her b*****r's cock all the way into her mouth.

"Come on, Sara, help me," Kelly said, licking John's cock and bobbing up and down on it.

Slowly Sara leaned forward, letting her tongue lead the way until she felt John's cock. Slowly she licked him, feeling it on her tongue, then she softly sucked on the head of it, feeling it fill her mouth. Kelly was next to her, encouraging her, rubbing her hands on her back and shoulders and down to her ass. Slowly she began to enjoy the taste and feel of John's cock in her mouth and she began to lick and suck on it in earnest as Kelly continued to rub her back, shoulders and ass. She had just let more of John's cock into her mouth when she felt Kelly's hands slide around her ass into her pussy, a finger sliding right up inside of her. Choking and gasping she pulled her mouth from John's cock.

"What are you doing?" she cried, trying to pull away from Kelly's probing fingers.

"Just feeling how wet you're getting from sucking on John's cock," Kelly said without any embarrassment. "You have a sweet little pussy and I can't wait to see John fuck it."

"I don't know," Sara said, looking fearfully at John's huge cock in her fist, wondering how it could possibly fit inside of her.

"She tastes nice too, John," Kelly said, licking her finger. "Here, taste," she said, offering him her finger.

Sara watched in astonishment as John sucked on Kelly's finger, tasting her pussy juices.

"Umm, that's nice," he said. "Why don't you let me lick you a little bit now," he suggested, taking her by the hand and pulling her to her feet, Sara's hand never leaving his cock. "You can have more of that later, I promise," he said, pulling her onto the bed and positioning her on her back. "But now I've got to taste your pussy," he said, prying her legs apart and kneeling in between them, staring at her virgin pussy. "Oh, yes," he said, as he lowered his face to her pussy, his tongue leading the way past her pussy lips into the warm, juicy interior.

Sara gasped when she felt John's tongue slide into her pussy. She had never imagined anything feeling so good. She put her hands on his head and spread her legs as wide as she possibly could, wanting to make it as easy as possible for him so that he wouldn't stop. His tongue was driving her crazy as he probed and teased, slurping at her juices that were now freely flowing.

"Do you like having your pussy licked?" Kelly asked her, kneeling by her head on the bed.

"Oh, oh, oh, yes," Sara, gasped. "It's so wonderful."

"And it tastes wonderful too," Kelly told her. "Now taste me," she said, straddling Sara's head and lowering herself until she felt her pussy rubbing on Sara's face. "Lick me, Sara, lick me," she said, watching John's tongue as it flew in Sara's pussy.

Then she felt Sara's tongue begin to explore her pussy and she smiled, knowing that Sara would soon be as hooked on sex as they were. She was so impatient to see John fuck her that she was ready to scream. But then if he fucked Sara, then she could have him, and she was so horny.

"John, do it now," Kelly said to her b*****r, seeing his eyes light up as he looked up at her.

Lifting his face from between Sara's thighs, John pulled her until her ass was just on the bed with her feet resting on his shoulders. Her pussy was spread wide open and nice and pink as he grasped his cock and began to slide it up and down between her pussy lips. The whole time Sara never stopped licking and sucking on Kelly's pussy. Then John placed the head of his cock at the entrance to Sara's hole and slowly pressed. At first nothing happened, then Sara suddenly gasped from between Kelly's thighs as John's cock penetrated her pussy an inch or so. He waited, feeling his cock throbbing and her pussy clenching on his shaft. Then slowly he began to saw it back and forth, slowly working it into Sara's pussy as she gasped and groaned between Kelly's thighs. There was a spot where he couldn't get past until he finally pushed real hard, causing Sara to cry out as his cock buried itself completely in her now deflowered pussy. Sara was no longer a virgin.

Climbing off of Sara's face, Kelly moved down to where she could see John's cock moving in and out of Sara's pussy.

"That's it, John, fuck her, fuck her good," Kelly said, delighting in the sight of her b*****r's cock sluicing in and out of Sara's newly deflowered pussy.

Sara was moaning and rolling from side to side as John slowly but surely fucked her, stroking his cock deep into her with each thrust, then pulling it almost all the way out before plunging back in again.

"It. Feels. So. Good." Sara managed to gasp as John continued to fuck her. "Don't. Stop."

"Not until I'm ready to cum," John agreed, picking up his rhythm as Sara's pussy adjusted and began to make it easier.

"You've got to cum in her mouth," Kelly said, her eyes wide and bright. "It's the only way the first time."

"Oh, oh, oh," Sara cried out, arching her back as she came for the first time, her pussy spasming on John's cock as he thrust in and out of her pussy.

"That's it, Sara, cum like crazy," Kelly encouraged her, reaching over and massaging Sara's tits, her nipples hard and sticking up off of her chest. "Fuck her, John."

"I'm going to cum," John said, his face screwing up as he tried not to lose control.

"In her mouth, in her mouth," Kelly said, tugging at him. "Don't screw it up for her."

Suddenly John pulled his cock from Sara's pussy and climbed up on top of her so that he was straddling her chest with his cock pointing at her face. Sara opened her mouth and John slid his gooey cock into it, almost exactly as he exploded, cum shooting into Sara's mouth as his cock banged against the back of her throat. Sara closed her lips on his cock and struggled to swallow his cum as it filled her mouth, tasting herself on his cock for the first time along with his cum. When John finally stopped cumming, he gently disengaged himself from Sara's mouth, climbing off of her body and sitting next to her on the bed, staring at her laying there with her legs wide apart, her pussy red and throbbing, her face smeared with cum and her lips puffy.

"Well, Sara, how was that for you?" John asked, smiling at her.

"Oh, John, that was so wonderful," Sara said, struggling to sit up. "I can't believe how much I liked it."

"Maybe you understand your parents a little bit better now," Kelly said, smiling at her. "Your mother loves John's cock."

"I can see why," Sara sighed. "I love it too."

"Well, your father's got a pretty nice cock himself," Kelly said. "I'm sure he'd love to fuck you if you want him to."

"Fuck my father!"

"Sure, why not?" Kelly asked. "It's just a cock. And it's not like you don't like him or love him, is it? You're not trying to make babies, just fuck and have fun. That's why I love John so much."

"You two really fuck each other?"

"All the time," Kelly assured her. "In fact, if you hadn't been here now, that cock would have been filling my pussy instead of yours. I gave it up for you."

"Oh, Kelly, are you really a friend?"

"Sure, why not," Kelly agreed. "We have a lot in common, I think."

"I better get home," Sara said, getting to her feet. "I can't wait until the next time," she said, running her hands down her new body. "We can do this again, can't we?"

"Sure we can," John replied. "I'll fuck you any time you like."

"Yeah, and next week maybe you can surprise your parents and join us," Kelly suggested.

"Oh, that would be something, wouldn't it?" Sara laughed as she pulled her clothes on. "Mom and dad watching me fuck."

"You'll probably be fucking and sucking them," Kelly observed dryly.

After Sara left Kelly and John just lounged on her bed naked, not doing anything but talking. There was suddenly a knock on the door and before either of them could react, Karin opened the door and entered, a look of total shock on her face as she saw her twins naked together on a bed.

"What do you think you're doing like that?" she asked, angry.

"Oh, mom, chill out," Kelly said with a laugh. "Why pretend? John just fucked Sara so she wouldn't have to be a virgin anymore and I sort of helped. Now we're resting, okay?"

"No, it's not okay," Karin exclaimed, exasperated. "We talked about this."

"Yes, we talked about it and didn't agree," Kelly said. "And we don't agree. You've shown us that it's okay to have sex with whomever you want, whenever you want, as long as dad doesn't find out. Well, that's what we're doing. And if we feel like having sex together, like you and John have done more than once, that's what we'll do," she said, reaching over and grasping John's cock in her hand. "And you're always welcome to join us, no matter who's involved."

"Don't you understand how wrong this is?" Karin asked desperately.

"It doesn't seem wrong to me," Kelly said, leaning over and sucking John's cock into her mouth. "In fact, it tastes pretty nice to me, what with Sara's pussy juice all over it."

"Well, I won't tolerate it," Karin said firmly.

"Look, mom," Kelly said, lifting her face from John's cock. "We've tried to be nice to you about this but you've been nothing but uncool. So this is how it's going to be. We don't want to hear another word from you about what you think of what we're doing. You've set the example. If you bother us again about this, we'll tell dad you've been fucking Tom every morning after he goes to work. I'm sure you don't want that, do you?"

"You wouldn't dare!" Karin said with a real feeling of fear in her belly.

"Oh, of course I would," Kelly said with a laugh, "if that's the only way to keep you in line. And further, if we want you to join us, and we invite you, you'll join us."

"What do you mean?" Karin asked, stricken.

"That means if John wants to fuck you, you let him. If he wants to fuck you in the ass, you let him. If he wants you to suck his cock or he wants to suck your pussy, or for that matter if I want you to suck my pussy or I want to suck yours, you will. Or I'll tell."

"You don't mean it."

"But I do," Kelly said, sitting up, a smile on her face. "I don't want to, but if you don't grow up, I will."

"Oh, god, what have I done?" Karin sobbed, her face in her hands.

"You fucked Tom after we went to school today, didn't you?" John asked suddenly, stroking Kelly's head as she resumed sucking on his cock.

"How dare you!" Karin exclaimed, her face flushing as she remembered that morning.

"See, you're such a hypocrite," Kelly said, lifting her face from John's cock. "Now either undress and join us or go away," she said, again swallowing John's cock.

Karin just stared as her daughter very expertly sucked her son's cock. John never stopped stroking Kelly's head and never took his eyes off of Karin for a second the whole time Kelly sucked his cock. Karin knew she should go, that she should stop them, but how could she? She felt so powerless as she watched Kelly working John into a real state as she sucked his cock. She could feel herself getting wet as she watched. She had felt John's cock inside of her, but she had never really realized what a beautiful cock it was, at least as big as his father's if not bigger. And it seemed like he had his father's incredible control too. She couldn't turn away. Kelly noticed and locked her eyes on hers as she continued to suck. She was bobbing up and down, taking the entire length of John's cock into her mouth each time.

John was beginning to groan and Karin knew that he would lose control any second and cum. She had no doubt that Kelly would swallow his cum after seeing her with Henry and James the day before. She obviously had the same love of the taste of cum as she herself did. There it was, she thought, a smile crossing her face as she watched John arching his back as Kelly sucked and sucked on his cock, not stopping until John fell back onto the bed, totally spent and literally sucked dry.

With a smile on her face, Kelly got up from the bed and slowly walked towards her mother, her tits swaying as she sauntered over. Karin just stared at her daughter, someone she didn't even know any more. When Kelly got right in front of her, she reached up and put her arms around her mother's neck drawing her face towards hers and kissing her softly on the lips. Karin didn't know what to do, she had never kissed another woman before. She felt Kelly's soft tongue gently parting her lips and she gave in to the kiss, opening her mouth and letting her own tongue slide out to caress her daughter's. She suddenly tasted a familiar taste and then was aware of Kelly pushing a mouthful of cum into her mouth, her son's cum, John's. Automatically Karin swallowed, noting that John's cum was sweet, very tasty. Then Kelly broke the kiss and stood there smiling at her as she licked her lips and swallowed what she hadn't passed to her.

"Doesn't John taste great, mom?" Kelly asked. "Wait until you taste it from the source. But you've done that already, haven't you? I can't wait to taste your pussy, mom, especially after John gets done fucking you. Doesn't that excite you just a little bit, the thought of your own daughter sucking your pussy after your son fucks you? I think it sounds deliciously wicked and I can't wait."

"Sorry, mom, but I told Kelly how great your pussy tastes. It's the only one I know that's as sweet as Kelly's," John said, getting to his feet. "Maybe if dad doesn't show up again tonight the three of us can have some fun together."

"I can't take this," Karin sobbed, her face in her hands.

"Hey, mom, it's okay," Kelly said, feeling badly and putting an arm around her mother's shoulders. "There's nothing to cry about. Nobody's getting hurt."

"It's just that you're my c***dren and I'm supposed to give you positive input for your lives, and I'm doing such a terrible job. I feel like a depraved perverted failure."

"Oh, mom, you're not," Kelly said, hugging her tightly. "We love you so much, even more now that we know you're so much like us," she said, gently leading her over to the bed and sitting down, pulling her down next to her. "We just want you to be happy like we are," she said, leaning on her mother, feeling Karin's hand slide around her to hold her close.

Kelly wriggled closer to her mother, causing her mother's hand to accidentally fall onto her breast. Karin quickly pulled it away, but Kelly caught her hand and put it back, smiling up at her mother.

"I like it when you hold me like this," Kelly said. "It feels good."

"Oh, Kelly," Karin sighed, shaking her head. "I just don't know what to do."

"Just enjoy, mom, just enjoy," Kelly replied, letting one hand slide up her mother's body to cup one of her breasts. "Isn't that what it's all about?"

"But what if your father were to find out?" Karin asked, gently kneading Kelly's breast without realizing it.

"Him!" John said, getting to his feet and moving to stand directly in front of his mother, his cock sticking out in front of him.

"I'll bet I can get dad to try to fuck me," Kelly said with a chuckle. "It should be easy. I could tease him like crazy for a while before I let him do it. Would that make you mad, mom?"

"He wouldn't dare touch you!" Karin exclaimed.

"Why not, mom, you touch me," John said, moving his hips forward so that his cock rubbed his mother's face. "Go ahead, suck on me, mom," he encouraged. "Just do it."

"Oh, John," Karin sighed, reaching up with one hand to hold her son's cock. "You do have such a beautiful cock," she said, rubbing it in her hand. "And you do taste so good."

"That's it, mom, just do it," Kelly encouraged. "Suck him."

Unable to resist, Karin opened her mouth and began to suck her son's cock. She felt it grow to its full size in her mouth and she could taste the pre-cum already flowing from the tip and she sucked on him. And Kelly had slid a hand under her skirt and was rubbing her pussy. She hadn't worn any panties so Kelly was easily able to slide her fingers between her slick pussy lips into her very center, rubbing her just right as she sucked John's cock. She felt John pushing her backwards as he climbed on top of her, straddling her chest as he continued to feed is cock into her mouth. She parted her knees willingly at the suggestion of Kelly's pressure on her legs and was rewarded by the feeling of Kelly's mouth and tongue on and in her pussy while she sucked John. They sucked and sucked, not stopping until they had each sucked each other several times, cumming in each other's mouths, finally laying on the bed naked, mother, son and daughter, spent from their pleasure.

"Oh, mom, that was so wonderful," Kelly breathed, letting a hand d**** over to touch her mother on the bed next to her.

"Yes, Kelly, it was," Karin agreed. "You two are really something, you know."

"We're just your k**s," Kelly said with a laugh. "And I'm going to shave my pussy like yours. It's so nice to eat that way. I want to make it easier for my pussy to get sucked."

"I've never tasted another woman before this," Karin admitted.

"Isn't pussy great, mom?" Kelly exclaimed, sitting up, her face wreathed in a smile. "It's the only thing as good as a man's cum and it's totally different. My favorite is a cock cumming in my mouth that's just come from a pussy. I saw you liked it that way too. You like the taste of your own pussy on a cock, don't you?"

"I suppose I do," Karin admitted. "I'd never really thought about it."

"We'd better get dressed," John suggested. "Dad should be home any minute now."

"Oh, god, your father," Karin said, sitting up. "What are we going to do?"

"Just leave it to me," Kelly answered, getting to her feet. "I'll start on him tonight. By next week I'll have him begging to drink my pee."

They all broke up laughing at that and got dressed, and not a minute too soon, for Jason Redson pulled in to the garage just as they finished. When Kelly heard her mother call them to dinner, she smiled as she thought of the reaction her outfit was going to cause. As she sauntered into the dining room, everyone caught their breath when they saw her. Kelly was wearing a t- shirt that came down to just above mid-thigh and nothing else, though they didn't realize that. What was obvious was that she wasn't wearing a bra and her nipples were hard and sticking out through the thin, white material.

"Hi, dad," she said, bending over and giving him a hug and a kiss, making sure to rub her tits on him.

Jason squirmed a bit uncomfortably as his nearly naked daughter hugged him. He was acutely aware of her beautiful tits pressing into his arm as she kissed him on the cheek. She had certainly grown into a beautiful young woman, he thought, realizing in dismay that his cock was responding. Throughout the meal he tried to avoid staring at her, but he wasn't always successful. A couple of times when Kelly had reached across the table for something her t-shirt had pulled up on her body and Jason hadn't seen any sign of any other clothes under it. He caught his breath when he realized that Kelly might not be wearing any panties.

Dinner finished and Kelly and John both helped their mother clean up. Jason noted with satisfaction that whatever had been causing tension between Karin and the twins had disappeared and that they seemed like the happy, close f****y he had always known. He was watching TV when they finished cleaning up and came into the room. Karin sat next to him on the sofa, snuggling close, while John took one of the big chairs while Kelly flopped down on her stomach in front of the sofa directly in front of the TV. Jason tried not to stare at the backs of her legs as they disappeared under her t-shirt, wondering if she were wearing panties.

As they watched the television, Karin snuggled close, something she hadn't done in a while. They found a movie and were soon engrossed in it. Then Jason noticed that Kelly squirmed every once in a while at a particularly tense moment in the movie and that her movements were having the effect of hiking her t-shirt up on her body. He wasn't sure, but he thought that he had seen some tendrils of hair underneath the t-shirt. Then at a particularly frightening scene Kelly screamed, jumping a bit before flopping back down, but this time her t- shirt had hiked up over her ass to her waist, leaving her naked from the waist down.

Jason didn't say anything, he just stared at his daughter's pussy spread open in front of him on the floor with Karin snuggled up against him, apparently not noticing. Jason could see beads of pussy juice glinting between Kelly's spread pussy lips. His cock was rock hard as he stared at his daughter in front of him on the floor. Finally the movie ended and Kelly slowly pushed herself to her feet, not before being in a hands and knees position in front of him, her juicy pussy wriggling in his face. She came over and hugged and kissed him good-night, again pressing her tits against him as she hugged him. John kissed his mother good-night and left them on the sofa.

"What's this, Jason?" Karin asked, cupping his rock hard cock. "Is this for me?"

"And why not," he bluffed.

"Take me right here, Jason," Karin said, sliding off the sofa to kneel between his legs on the floor. "Fuck me right here," she said, pulling her clothes off and laying back, her knees up and wide apart as Jason stared at her.

Then he was pulling at his clothes, trying to get undressed as fast as he could, then diving on top of his wife and slamming his cock into her without any preliminaries, fucking her like a madman, only picturing his daughter underneath him the whole time. John and Kelly watched from the hallway, smiling in satisfaction when they heard him cum, then sneaking back down the hall to spend the night together in John's room.

The next morning Kelly came to breakfast wrapped in a small towel. Since Karin said nothing about it, Jason kept his mouth shut and enjoyed the sight of his daughter's tits when they'd accidentally spill from the towel. Or when Kelly half stood to lean across the table to get something, he could see the smooth expanse of her ass cheek. His cock was hard as a rock when he finally had to get up and go to work. He couldn't see the smiles on his f****y's faces, nor could he hear them erupt in laughter as his car drove away

"Oh, that was great, mom," Kelly said, still laughing, having given up on holding the towel up. "I thought he might cum in his pants right here at the table."

"And who's to blame him?" Karin said with a smile.

"Guess what?" Kelly suddenly said, sitting up straight, her tits sticking straight our at them.

"What?" Karin asked, playing along.

"I shaved myself this morning."

"Where?" John asked, leaning forward, his interest piqued.

"My pussy," Kelly replied, smiling at him.

"Let's see it," John insisted.


"Sure, Kelly, let's see your shaved pussy," Karin agreed with a laugh.

"Well, here we go," Kelly said, getting up and standing on her chair with her hands on her hips, her feet as far apart as the chair would allow.

They could both see her pussy clearly now with all of the hair removed. She had left just a small brush above her pussy of flaming red hair which accentuated her full puffy pussy lips, through which protruded her clit almost a half an inch. It was as thick as a pencil and bright red.

"Man, Kelly, that's one sexy looking pussy," John said, licking his lips and shaking his head.

"What do you think, mom?"

"You look remarkably familiar," Karin said, standing up and loosening the cinch on her robe and pulling it back out of the way, assuming the same stance as Kelly. Her pussy looked almost exactly like Kelly's, or visa versa, with a thick red clit sticking out from between her plump pussy lips.

"How about a taste, Kelly?" John asked, getting up from his seat and approaching her.

"Go for it," Kelly laughed, running her fingers through his hair as he glued his mouth to her bald pussy.

"You two better get dressed and get to school," Karin reminded them, smiling as she watched her son suck her daughter's pussy. "Besides, Tom's going to be here soon."

"Oh, mom, when are you going to let me fuck him?" Kelly implored as John continued to suck on her pussy.

"Now, both of you get moving," Karin said, getting to her feet and literally pulling John to his feet. "Later, save it for later."

"Sure, mom, as long as you join in too," John replied, smiling down at his mother.

"Of course I will," Karin told him, stroking his cheek. "How could I resist?"

And so the week went with Kelly and John having sex with their mother almost daily. And Kelly continued to tease her father, making sure that he saw as much of her naked as possible. On Saturday John played golf with his father and Tom Henderson and came within three strokes of his father's score.

"I'll get you one of these days, you'll see," John told his father as they drove home.

"Maybe, maybe," Jason laughed. "But no time soon."

"You wait," John replied as they pulled into the drive.

They were unable to pull into the garage because Kelly was trying to do something with the ladder and was blocking the way. When they got out of the car, John went right by Kelly into the house while Jason inquired what she was doing.

"Well, I'm trying to find this paper I wrote last year and I'm not real comfortable with the ladder. I need someone to hold it, I think."

"Well, I'll hold it," Jason said. "Where do you want it?"

"I think over here in the corner" Kelly replied, directing him to a corner near a window where there was some light.

"All right, go ahead," Jason said, bracing the ladder.

Kelly slowly climbed up the ladder in front of her father. She was wearing a mid-thigh t- shirt and nothing else. As she climbed up the ladder Jason became very aware of his daughter's naked legs as they went by. He looked up and almost fell to the ground when he saw that she wasn't wearing any panties and that her pussy was shaved as bare as the day she was born. She looks just like her mother, Jason thought as he stared at his daughter's pussy not 12 inches in front of him. Kelly was pushing at boxes, looking in some, moving others.

"I think it's this box over here," Kelly said. "I'll put a foot on the shelf and I can reach it, but you have to hold the ladder tight," she said, looking down at her father and seeing the obvious reaction in his face. "Okay?"

"Okay," Jason agreed, nodding.

With a smile, Kelly stretched one leg across to the shelf and rested her foot there, leaving the other foot on the ladder. This straddling effect caused her pussy lips to spread wide apart, showing the pink, moist interior of her pussy. Her t-shirt had hiked up over her ass and Jason was getting an unobstructed view of her pussy and asshole.

"I got it," Kelly announced triumphantly.

Jason just stood there holding the ladder as Kelly started down, not moving as her pussy lowered right onto his mouth, his tongue sliding up between her pussy lips.

"Oh, daddy," Kelly mewed. "That's so nice. Your tongue feels good in my pussy."

"What am I doing?" Jason Redson said, backing up from the ladder and staring at his daughter's pussy that he had just been sucking.

"Oh, daddy, that was so nice," Kelly said, making no attempt to cover herself. "Will you do it some more?"

"We should get in the house," Jason said, trying to ignore her. What if Karin saw?

"Oh, daddy, and just when you're finally being some fun for a change," Kelly said, climbing down the ladder. "But I bet it got you horny, didn't it?" she asked, reaching out and pressing her hand against his crotch and feeling the hardness of his cock in his pants. "Oh, yeah, daddy's got a hardon," she said, smiling at him and turning to saunter into the house.

Jason took a couple of minutes to gather himself while he was pulling the car into the garage before going into the house and confronting his f****y. But nobody said anything or looked at him funny or anything. Karin turned and smiled at him, putting down the pot she had in her hand and came over and kissed him, hugging her body tightly against his.

"Hi, there," she said, wriggling her crotch against his and feeling his hardness. "Did you have a nice game?"

"Uh, yeah, great game," Jason agreed, noticing that Karin was in her dressing robe.

"Why don't you go watch TV until I have dinner ready," Karin suggested, turning out of his arms and moving back to what she had been doing. "I'll call you."

"Sure, that sounds like a good idea," Jason agreed, moving into the f****y room where the TV was on and Kelly was sitting on a chair watching.

Dropping onto a sofa, Jason tried to watch the TV but was distracted by Kelly sitting in her chair, her feet up on the edge and as far apart as the chair would allow. Her bald pussy was clearly visible to him from where he sat. Jason didn't know what to do. His daughter was obviously trying to tease and/or seduce him and he didn't know what to do. He fucked more women each week than anyone had any idea, and he wasn't adverse to the idea of fucking his beautiful high school daughter if that's what she wanted, but Karin, Karin wouldn't be so happy. As it was she was very suspicious and probably knew about what he was like, but their own daughter right in their own house, that might be too much, even for Jason Redman.

"Jason, I'm going to help John with some of his homework for a few minutes," Karin said, sticking her face into the room. "I'll let you know when we're done. It shouldn't take more than 20 minutes or so. Do you mind waiting for dinner until then?"

"No, that's fine," he stammered, worried that Karin would notice how Kelly was sitting since she had made no effort to cover herself. "Just let me know."

Karin went down the hall to John's room, closing the door behind herself as she let herself in.

"Well, Kelly's got 20 minutes to see what she can do," Karin said to John who lay on his bed with a smile on his face. "So let's see what you can do in that same 20 minutes," she said, letting her robe slide from her body to leave her standing naked in front of her son.

She walked to the bed and climbed up onto it, climbing over John's body until she was able to squat with her pussy right in his face. She sighed with pleasure as she felt his tongue begin to slither around in her pussy as she rode his face.

Meanwhile, as soon as Kelly heard the door to her b*****r's room close, she got to her feet and walked over to stand in front of her father.

"Dad, I just loved it when you licked my pussy earlier," she said, staring at him unabashedly. "I want you to do it again," she said, climbing onto his lap and standing on the sofa until she could press her pussy into her father's face. "And don't worry about mom," Kelly assured him, "she's helping John with his homework," as Jason began to eagerly suck his daughter's shaved snatch.

"Oh, yes, that's it, that's it," Kelly moaned as her father's expert tongue aroused her. "Suck my clit, suck my clit," she cried as Jason fastened his lips around her huge distended clit and softly nibbled on it like he did with Karin, knowing that it always made her cum like crazy.

And Kelly was no different. Her body spasmed as her orgasm ripped through her body. She felt her pussy juices run into her father's mouth as his tongue never stopped slurping and slithering all over her pussy. Finally Kelly stopped cumming and the attention of her father on her clit was becoming too much to take, so she pulled away from his insistent tongue, smiling down at his juice smeared face.

"Oh, dad, you really know how to eat pussy, don't you?" Kelly panted, pleased with herself.

"You've got the tastiest pussy I've ever tasted besides your mom," Jason told her. "But why are you doing this, Kelly?"

"Mmm, I think I want to taste your cum too," she said, slithering down her father's body and opening his pants, reaching in to extricate his all too hard cock which she squeezed in her hands. "Nice and big, too," she observed, thinking that John was giving Karin more than this at the moment.

Jason stared in amazement as Kelly went down on him, swallowing his cock the very first time and then sucking him like he had never been sucked before. She sucked with her whole mouth, her lips, her tongue, her cheeks, and her throat, like she was trying to suck the life out of him, which she was. Kelly sucked her father's cock, playing with his balls at the same time. She knew he was going to blow his load quickly and she did everything to make sure of just that. Finally he started to groan and Kelly was rewarded by the gush of his huge load into her mouth. She sucked and sucked, swallowing every drop as Jason filled his daughter's mouth with cum.

"I want you to come to my room tonight and fuck me," Kelly said, sitting back on her heels, cum dribbling down her chin which she wiped with the back of her hand and then licked off. "I want to feel your cock in my pussy," she said, getting to her feet, her hands pulling up her t-shirt and rubbing her pussy. "Promise me," she insisted, sliding a finger into herself. "Promise me you'll come and fuck me tonight."

"I promise," Jason groaned, unable to resist.

"Good," Kelly said, smiling at him. "I'll go see if mom's done helping John yet," she said, sauntering down the hall with a smile on her face.

Opening the door to her b*****r's room, Kelly was treated to the sight of her mother astride John's cock, riding him like crazy.

"You better hurry and finish," Kelly said, closing the door behind her. "We're finished and dad wants to eat, food that is," she added with a laugh.

Reaching between her mother's legs from behind, Kelly grasped her b*****r's slippery cock in her hand and rubbed it and also her mother's pussy as she rode him. She felt them both stiffen and then begin to cum, Karin grinding her pussy down onto her son's cock, milking his cum as she herself came. When they finished cumming, Karin slid off of John, sitting on the edge of the bed with her legs spread wide, cum dribbling from her pussy. Kelly immediately dove in, slurping and licking at the cum cocktail that was her mother's pussy, not stopping until she was clean. Then she turned to John and sucked on his cock until it too was nice and shiny clean.

"Did your father suck your pussy?" Karin asked as she pulled on her robe.

"Yeah, and he sucks pussy real nice too," Kelly said, a smile on her face. "And then I sucked his cock."

"He let you?" Karin asked, a bit surprised.

"He didn't get a choice," Kelly said. "By the time he could do anything about it, it was down my throat. Nobody's going to say no then. And he promised to come to my room tonight and fuck me."

"So are we going to do like we planned?" Karin asked, going to the door.

"Yes," Kelly said. "When he leaves to come to my room, you go to John's room. When he's ready to leave there, I'll let you know and you can run into him as you come out of John's room naked while he's leaving my room. And I'll hide his clothes so that he's naked too. That should really get things going."

"You are something else, Kelly," Karin laughed as she left John's room to go put dinner on the table.

Kelly wore an even shorter than usual t-shirt for dinner that evening, and her hard nipples were very prominent sticking out the front. Jason tried not to look or stare at her, not wanting Karin to have any idea, but nobody seemed to say anything and remarkably Karin said nothing to Kelly about her skimpy dress. After dinner John offered to help his mother clean up and Kelly and Jason went into the living room to watch TV. As Jason sat on the sofa, Kelly plopped down on her stomach in front of the TV directly in front of him. Because her t-shirt was so short, it pulled up over her ass, and since Kelly lay with her legs spread apart, Jason could look right into her wet pink pussy.

"Thanks for the help, John," Karin said as they came into the living room.

"No sweat, mom," John said, flopping down into a chair.

"Kelly, that certainly is a short t-shirt," Karin observed as she sat down next to Jason.

"I know, mom, but the others were in the laundry."

"Well, the least you could do is to keep your legs together so we don't have to see your tonsils," Karin said with a laugh.

"Oh, sorry, mom," Kelly said with a laugh, bringing her legs together.

"She sure is growing up, isn't she?" Karin asked Jason, letting her hand slide into his lap to massage the erection that she knew she would find there. "I see you agree."

"Jesus, Karin," Jason hissed. "Not in front of the k**s."

"Oh, Jason, sometimes you're so square," Karin said, turning to wrap her arms around him, her robe opening from the waist down as she hooked a leg over his.

"Let's watch a video tonight," Kelly suggested, turning to look at her parents.

"You pick it out, Kelly," Karin said.

"Okay," Kelly agreed, jumping to her feet.

She rummaged through the video collection checking to see which one she wanted to watch. Finally she held one up in her hand.

"I wonder what this one is," she mused. "It doesn't have a label. It must have gotten torn off," she said as she fed it into the machine, plopping back down on the ground in front of the TV, kicking her heels up until they touched her butt, then back down again. Her knees spread when she did this, affording Jason and Karin a perfect view of her pussy again.

The video started choppily; suddenly the scene was a group of people at a party. Karin was distracting Jason with her kisses and her hands and he wasn't fully concentrating on the video as it progressed.

"Oh, wow, mom, that's you," John said suddenly.

Karin and Jason looked up at the screen to see Karin naked coming out of a big cake.

"Where did you get that?" Jason demanded, trying to sit up but hampered by Karin being wrapped around him.

"It was on the shelf with all the others," Kelly replied, "only it didn't have a label on it."

"Man, mom, you sure were cool," John observed as Karin climbed out of the cake and moved around the room where all of the men, and there were only men, licked the cake from her body.

"Oh, dad, that's you!" Kelly exclaimed as Karin pressed her cake filled pussy into his face. "Gosh, dad, you're really eating her pussy in front of all these other people," Kelly observed. "What was the occasion?"

"This was your father's bachelor party and his best friends talked me into being the girl in the cake," Karin told them with a laugh. "Boy, was he surprised."

"Weren't you nervous being naked in front of everyone?" Kelly asked, turning to look at her parents, one foot on the ground, her pussy wide open.

"This was your father's wildest dream, for me to fuck all of his friends," Karin continued. "So I decided that the last thing I'd do for him is give him his wish before we got married, that way it would be out of his system."

"I can't believe it," Kelly said, watching as Jason flushed bright red as Karin obviously massaged his cock through his trousers in front of Kelly.

"Don't you think we should turn this off?" Jason asked Karin, suddenly very uncomfortable. "Is this something they need to see?"

"Oh, dad, don't be so square," Kelly said, turning back to the screen. "You were obviously cool once anyway."

As they watched the screen Karin was pulled to the floor on her hands and knees and one of the men got behind her and shoved his cock into her, while another man knelt in front of her and she began to suck his cock. The only sound in the room for the next 30 minutes was heavy breathing as they all watched Karin fuck and suck every one of the men at the party, finally sucking and then fucking Jason on a table in front of everyone. When the video ended, Kelly got to her feet, her face flushed.

"You two are so cool!" Kelly said. "I can't believe how that turned me on," she said, rubbing herself under her t-shirt. "I'm going to bed now. Good-night," as she leaned over and kissed them both on the cheek, managing to press her hand into Jason's lap and squeeze his cock, never mind that Karin's hand was under hers.

"Yeah, me too," John said, getting to his feet. "Pretty incredible video."

"Oh, Jason, let's go to bed and fuck, please," Karin pleaded after their c***dren left the room, her hand massaging his hard cock.

Without a word Jason got to his feet, pulling Karin after him into their bedroom, pushing her onto the bed and jumping on top, savagely taking her and fucking her until he came, then he rolled over and seemed to sl**p. Karin smiled to herself, very pleased with the progress of the evening so far. She had enjoyed seeing the video again. It had been over 16 years since it happened and she had only seen it once before, on their honeymoon. She drifted off to sl**p, setting her internal clock to awaken her if and when Jason got up.

She almost missed it, so gently did he get up from the bed. Karin watched him through nearly closed eyes as he tip-toed naked from their room. She waited 30 seconds and then silently followed him, just in time to see him slip into Kelly's room and shut the door behind him. Karin followed him down the hall but went into John's room, sliding into his bed and waking him up before crawling under the covers to suck his cock hard so he could fuck her.

Meanwhile, Kelly awaked to the sensation of Jason sitting on the edge of her bed. Opening her eyes, she saw his cock standing up from his lap.

"Oh, dad, you did come," Kelly breathed, letting her hand wrap around his cock. "Will you fuck me now?" she asked, leaning over and licking the head of his cock.

"Get on your hands and knees, Kelly," Jason instructed. "We don't have much time. I need to go back to my bed before your mother wakes up and misses me."

"Okay," Kelly said, turning over and getting on her hands and knees, presenting her ass and pussy to her father. "Fuck me now, dad, fuck me hard."

With an almost a****l-like cry Jason Redson plunged his hard cock into his daughter's pussy, almost dying when he felt the velvet tightness of her squeezing his cock. He began stroking and stroking, delighting in the sensations her pussy caused him. Kelly was ooohing and ahhing and wriggling her ass against her father as he plunged his cock again and again into her pussy.

"That's it, dad, fuck me, fuck me," Kelly panted, knowing that he wouldn't last much longer. "Cum inside of me, dad, cum inside of me," she implored him.

Jason groaned as his balls exploded, cum shooting into his daughter's pussy as she continued to milk him. When Jason finished cumming, Kelly fell forward, banging her head into the wall.

"Be careful, Kelly," Jason told her. "You don't want to wake anyone up, do you?"

"No. I'm sorry, dad," she said, turning around and laying on her back, her pussy wide open and dripping with his cum. "I loved the feeling of you fucking me," she said. "I can't wait until we do it again."

"Yes, I liked it too," Jason agreed, "but I have to get back to my room now. Are you okay?"

"Umm, I'm fine," Kelly said. "Thank you so much."

"Good-night, Kelly," Jason said, carefully opening the door and backing out, shutting it quietly before turning to go back down the hall.

But as he turned he ran into Karin as she carefully shut the door to John's room, her naked body against his naked body.

"Karin!" Jason started. "What are you..."

"What are you doing coming out of Kelly's room naked like that?" she asked, her hands on her own naked hips. "And what is that all over your cock?" she asked, reaching out and grabbing it in her hand and feeling the still wet slipperiness of it. "Have you been fucking Kelly?" she asked.

"Karin, I can explain," Jason tried to say, terrified of being caught like this.

"What's going on?" Kelly asked, opening her door and seeing her parents naked outside of her door.

"Kelly, has your father been in your room tonight?" Karin asked her.

"Well, yeah," Kelly admitted.

"And what happened?"

"Well, he, uh, you know, he fucked me," Kelly said, standing naked in the hall next to the two of them.

"Jason, what have you to say for yourself?" Karin asked, indignant.

"But, but, but what were you doing coming out of John's room?" he asked suddenly, trying to shift the attention away from himself.

"That's not the question," Karin said.

"You were coming out of John's room naked like that?" he asked. "Why?"

"Check her pussy, dad, see if she's got John's cum in her like I have yours in me," Kelly suggested, laughing.

"Don't you dare," Karin said as Jason grabbed her by the arm and jammed a hand between her legs, withdrawing it dripping with cum. "So what!" Karin said defiantly, sticking her chin and her chest out. "You were in there fucking Kelly so I went and fucked John. What about it?"

"But, he's your son."

"But she's your daughter."

"I think we need to talk," Jason said, "in our bedroom."

"I think I need to have a talk with Kelly," Karin said, "in her bedroom. I don't know if I want to sl**p in your bed anymore."

"Karin!" Jason said as she took Kelly by the arm and led her into her room, shutting the door behind them.

"You and I are going to have a talk," Jason said after opening the door to John's room and sticking his head in.

"Sure, dad, whatever you say," John agreed, laughing silently to himself.

Fuming, Jason went back to his own bed by himself, waiting for Karin so they could talk. But she didn't come and he got tired and fell asl**p, not waking up until morning to the sensation of his cock being sucked. Looking down, he saw Kelly between his legs swallowing his cock. When she saw that he was awake, she crawled up his body and easily impaled herself on his now hard cock, smiling at him.

"Good morning, dad," she said, riding his cock. "Did you sl**p okay?"

"Kelly, what are you doing?" Jason asked, groaning in pleasure as her pussy milked him. "Where's your mother?"

"Oh, mom's in fucking John again," she said. "And I figured that since you got to fuck me last night, it was my turn this morning"

"Does your mother know?"

"Oh, yeah, she knows," Kelly said, rocking her hips back and forth.

"And she doesn't care?"

"Oh, she cares, but she also likes John's cock, I think," Kelly told him. "She says he's bigger than you are."

"She says what?" Jason asked, his cock flagging as he heard this.

"Oh, don't go getting soft on me," Kelly said, increasing her tempo.

"Breakfast will be ready in five minutes," Karin said from the doorway. "Will you two be done by then?"

"Karin!" Jason exclaimed, trying to sit up.

"I'll have him cumming in no time, mom," Kelly said, grinding herself into him.

"Oh, my god," Jason said, lying back as his orgasm started, cum shooting into Kelly's hungry pussy.

"Yeah, that's it," Kelly said, humping him like crazy. "Cum in me, cum hard."

When it was over, Jason lay like a dead man, worn out physically and mentally.

"Come on, breakfast is waiting," Kelly said, pulling him from the bed.

Jason grabbed his robe and followed a naked Kelly to the breakfast table where John was already seated, a smile on his face.

"So, you two finished finally," he said. "It's about time."

"Mom, you have cum running down your legs," Kelly said with a laugh.

"So I do," Karin agreed, spreading her legs and looking down.

"Let me help," Kelly said, quickly scooting to her knees in front of her mother and licking at the trails of cum that ran down her thighs, then sticking her face right into her mother's pussy and sucking on it while Jason watched with his mouth hanging open. "Umm, that's so good," she said as she got to her feet and took her place at the table.

Jason ate in a daze, hardly daring to believe what had happened to him in the last 12 hours. Karin finished eating and got up to wash the dishes.

"John, do you mind helping me?" she asked.

"Sure, mom, what do you want?"

"Jason, you're going to be late to work," Karin noticed, looking at the clock.

"Oh, god, I better get dressed," he said, jumping to his feet.

"Fuck me from behind while I'm washing the dishes, John," Karin requested as Jason stood there dumbfounded.

"Sure, mom," John said, dropping his shorts and moving behind her while she spread her legs wide.

Jason stared in amazement as his son's huge cock, and it was certainly larger than his, he noticed, eased into Karin's pussy from behind. John began to slowly fuck her while she continued washing the dishes.

"Umm, that's nice, John." Karin said, looking back over her shoulder at him. "Now fuck me hard," she said, resuming her dishwashing.

Jason shook his head as he left the room to go get dressed. His whole world was unraveling. When he finished dressing and went to leave through the garage, Kelly was on her knees next to her b*****r and mother as John pulled his cum-shooting cock from Karin's pussy and Kelly sucked it into her mouth, swallowing him easily as he continued to cum.

"See you later, dear," Karin said, standing up and watching as Kelly finished sucking John off.

"We're going to the movies tonight," John said to his father as Kelly continued to suck him. "So we'll see you later."

Jason was speechless as he left, getting into his car to drive to work. He had to be dreaming.

Karin, Kelly and John were rolling with laughter when Jason drove off.

"You two are wonderful," Karin said, hugging them both. "I'm sorry I ever doubted you. That worked just wonderfully. But you'd better get dressed and get to school, and Tom's due to arrive any minute."

John and Kelly went to get dressed for school, laughing the whole time.

Tom arrived not two minutes later and immediately pushed Karin over the back of a chair, pulling her robe up and exposing her. When he saw her pussy, he smiled, realizing that she had already been fucked very recently. So, wetting his cock in her pussy, he pushed it up and drove it all the way into her ass in one stroke, causing her to gasp out loud. Quickly he was slamming his cock in and out of her ass, fucking her like crazy.

"Oh, hi, Tom," John said when he saw him.

"Hi, Mr. Henderson," Kelly said, reaching between his legs to fondle his balls. "Hope you have a nice day, mom."

"Bye, you two," Karin gasped, turning to look at them. "I'll see you later."

"You sure do have two great k**s," Tom said to Karin as he fucked her ass. "I only hope Becky turns out half as good."


Becky was very much on Kelly's mind as she and John rode to school. She still had not confronted her about trying to sabotage them at Bob and Kathy Adams' house, but she still had her doubts about her. Tonight would be the real test. If she came through, she would be fine and she'd help them make lots of money.

When Kelly finally caught up with her at school, Becky was sort of aloof.

"Becky, I haven't seen you in days," Kelly said, hugging her. "Where have you been?"

"I've had things to do," she replied, outwardly neutral, but inside feeling her stomach churn with excitement when she felt Kelly's embrace.

"Well, we're expecting you to join us tonight," Kelly said. "Don't you remember?"

"About what?"

"We're going to visit your father at his office tonight," Kelly reminded her. "And we're going to blindfold him for the entire evening. That way he's going to eat your pussy and fuck your pussy and your ass and he'll never know it's you."

"I don't think so," Becky said. "I've changed my mind."

"Well, I don't think so," Kelly told her sternly. "You're being silly and you know it. You love it. I've seen you. You be at your father's office at 8:00 or you'll never ever get to talk to me or John again. And I mean it," Kelly said, turning and storming off, really pissed off at Becky and hoping that her threat had worked.

When they got home after school that afternoon, Karin was laying on the sofa naked, playing with herself.

"Hi, mom," Kelly said, bending over to kiss her. "How was your day after Tom left?"

"Oh, okay, I guess," she replied, sitting up. "How was school?"

"The same," John told her, a grin on his face.

"Hey, mom, why don't you meet us later on this evening," Kelly said suddenly.

"What do you mean?" Karin asked.

"Well, drop us off downtown and then meet us again at say, 8:30," Kelly explained.

"But where, at the movie theater?"

"No, why don't you meet us at Tom Henderson's office," Kelly said, nodding her head.

"At Tom's office!" Karin exclaimed. "Why on earth?"

"Will you do it?" Kelly implored. "Please?"

"Well, okay," Karin agreed. "But that's really strange."

"John, mom looks like she needs a pick-me-up. How about it?" Kelly asked.

"Great idea," John said, dropping to his knees next to the sofa and taking Karin's legs and throwing them over his shoulders. "And I'm hungry too," he said as he dove into his mother's pussy.

After John ate his mother's pussy for several minutes, he pulled his cock out and fucked her. Karin just lay there sighing as her son pleasured her. Kelly watched for a bit, then went to her room. When John finished fucking his mother, he let her suck him clean then went to his own room to rest. And that's where Jason found her when he got home from work, a little early for a change, still asl**p on the sofa, totally naked, her legs splayed wide open exposing her pussy. Unable to resist, Jason dropped his clothes quickly to the floor and lowered himself onto his wife's sl**ping body. As Karin woke up, he was sliding his cock into her pussy.

"Oh, Jason, how nice," Karin said, wrapping her arms around him and lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. "Fuck me, Jason, fuck me," she cried as they began to thrash like two wild a****ls.

They both cried out as they came, together, pressing as hard as they could as they lost themselves in each other's pleasure. Jason lay panting on top of Karin when they finished, trying to catch his breath.

"Wow, dad, you can really fuck," John said from the doorway where he leaned against the jamb.

"He sure can," Kelly said, stepping into the room. "John and I will get dinner ready so you two can keep on doing what you're doing," she said, turning and dragging John after her.

"We've got the best k**s in the whole world," Karin sighed to Jason. "It's hard to believe."

"Karin, I can't believe you're behaving like this about this," Jason said, propping himself up on one elbow to look down at her.

"I don't know what you mean," she replied, a blank look on her face.

"Karin, we're having sex with our c***dren. Do you really think it's okay?"

"No, but I don't care. They're both fantastic lovers and they have such healthy attitudes, I've never been happier with my f****y. And you, are you telling me you don't just love sex with Kelly? She's incredibly beautiful and so, so horny all the time."

"She looks just like you, only 15 years younger," Jason said, kissing her.

"And you liked fucking me then, didn't you?" Karin asked, reaching down to stroke his growing cock.

"And I still do," Jason said, reaching down himself and guiding his cock back into Karin's pussy.

He pumped and pumped, aware at some point that Kelly and John had entered the room and were standing right next to them, watching them fuck.

"I want you to cum in my mouth, dad," Kelly said to her father, running her hand over his ass. "I want to taste the two of you at the same time."

"Oh, god," Jason cried out, driven over the edge by Kelly's lewd talk.

He felt his balls contract and spew cum into Karin's pussy. He abruptly pulled himself out and there was Kelly, grabbing his slimy cock and sucking it into her mouth, making it disappear down into her throat as she sucked long and hard on him, swallowing all of the cum and licking him clean before sitting back on her heels.

"That was so good," she said, a big smile on her face. "Can we eat dinner now?"

Everyone laughed as they went in to the other room and sat down to eat. They talked of the normal things a f****y with twins would talk about, school, sports, everything but their now totally i****tuous f****y relationship. That was never mentioned. When they finished eating, everyone pitched in and cleaned up and Kelly and John reminded Karin that she had said she'd give them a ride to the movie theater and pick them up.

"Oh, let me put some clothes on," she laughed, looking down at her still naked body.

As she drove them in to town, Karin tried to ask questions about what Kelly was doing but got nowhere as Kelly deflected her questions. She dropped them off and promised to come to Tom's office to pick them up at 8:30, a little more than an hour from now. As she drove away, they turned from the theater and went to Tom's office where they found Becky in the lobby nervously waiting for them.

"Hi, Becky," John said, putting an arm around her shoulders and giving her a kiss on the cheek. "It's nice to see you."

"Hi, John," Becky said. "I'm glad to see you again too."

"Hi, Becky," Kelly said. "I'm glad you decided to come. This is going to be so much fun, you'll see. Look at this great blindfold I brought to put on your dad," she said, pulling it out of her bag.

It was of such a design that it fit over the head and down over the eyes to the bridge of the nose. It was of black leather and had drawstrings in the back to fasten it securely.

"Wow! You think my dad's going to let you put him in that?"

"I know he will," Kelly laughed. "Give us about 20 minutes or so and then come in real quiet. You'll see that he's totally blind. Then you take your clothes off and I'll direct you from there. But remember, don't talk! If you don't want him to know who you are, you have to be quiet, understand?"

"Yes," Becky nodded, licking her lips nervously.

"All right, then, we'll see you in about 20 minutes," she said, stepping into the elevator that John was holding for her.

When they entered Tom's office he was already there, a large drink in his hand and a big smile on his face.

"Hello, Kelly, John, glad you came."

"Oh, after seeing how good you were giving it to mom, I couldn't wait to get some of that myself," Kelly said.

"And you still bring John with you."

"It makes me hot knowing that he's watching me," Kelly replied. "You know that. Besides, I've got a surprise for you tonight."

"What is it?"

"First you have to pay John, right?"

"Such a head for business," Tom laughed, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a wad of money.

"This is my surprise," Kelly said, pulling the blindfold out of her bag.

"Is that what I think it is?" Tom asked, a grin on his face as he handed John $2,000.

"Well, my mystery guest doesn't want to be seen or known, so you'll have to wear this if you want her to show up."

"Who is it?" Tom asked eagerly.

"Someone from my class, like I told you. More than that, you don't get to know. But you'll get to eat her, and she'll suck your cock, and you can fuck her in the pussy and the ass. But you can't see her. That's the rules. Okay?"

"Okay!" Tom Henderson agreed. "But what about you?"

"Me you get to see," Kelly said with a laugh, stepping out of her clothes and moving to stand in front of him, reaching for his pants and dropping them to the floor, his cock in her hand. "And I get to see this beautiful cock that's always in my mother," she murmured, dropping to her knees and sucking it into her mouth. "Mmmm."

"Oh, yes, Kelly, suck me, suck me," Tom sighed, shaking his head as he saw John grinning.

"I think we should put the blindfold on now so you can get used to it," Kelly suggested, getting to her feet and leaving Tom with a monster hardon sticking out in front of him.

Quickly Kelly fitted the blindfold on Tom, lacing it up in back and then testing him to see if he could see. It was obvious he was as blind as a bat.

"Oh, this is nice," Kelly said, sliding into his arms and kissing him. "How does it feel to you?"

"Well, it's strange, but interesting too," Tom replied, kissing her. "It has an element of excitement."

"And it's only going to get better," Kelly said, slipping to her knees and capturing his cock in her mouth again.

Kelly was on her knees sucking Tom's cock when Becky silently let herself into the office, nervously looking towards her father in his mask with Kelly on her knees in front of him. John silently motioned her over to where he was standing and she silently came and stood next to him. She couldn't believe that she was standing less than three feet from where her father was getting his cock sucked by Kelly. She saw that he really did have a big one and a thrill coursed through her body at the thought.

John put an arm around Becky's shoulders, letting his hand fall to cup her breast, gently squeezing it and finding her already hard nipple between his fingers, rolling it and pulling on it through her shirt. Becky looked up at him, surprise and delight at the same time etching her face. Holding a finger up to his lips, John began to unbutton Becky's shirt, removing it and then her bra. Then he unzipped her skirt and let it slide to the floor, surprised when he saw that she hadn't worn any panties. He reached between her legs and felt how wet she was, sliding a couple of fingers up into her juicy pussy as she writhed silently on his hand, trying not to groan out loud and give herself away.

Kelly looked up from sucking on Tom's cock with a big smile on her face. Beckoning to Becky, she got her on her knees next to her while she continued to suck Tom's cock. With hand motions, she made Becky understand that she wanted her to hold her father's cock in her own hand. Taking her hand in hers, Kelly pulled it to Tom's cock; letting her own slide away as she wrapped Becky's around the shaft. The look on Becky's face when she felt her father's cock pulsating in her hand was amazing. Her whole face lit up in surprise and joy. Kelly didn't even need to encourage her to lean forward and suck it into her mouth as Kelly pulled away.

Tom was moaning and groaning as Becky sucked his cock and Kelly and John just stood watching. Kelly reached over and pulled on John's pants and he quickly undressed, his cock standing out in front of him. Kelly indicated Becky's pussy and ass pointing at them and John got down on his knees with a grin on his face, rubbing his cock between Becky's dripping pussy lips before sliding it into her pussy, not stopping until he was completely buried deep inside her pussy while she sucked her father's cock.

Kelly stood up and put her hands on either side of Tom's face, leaning forward and deeply kissing him, running her tongue into his mouth.

"How do you like that, Tom?" she asked.

"Kelly! But who..."

"Ah, ah, ah," Kelly said, putting a finger to his lips. "Remember our agreement. Do you like the way she sucks your cock?"

"Oh, yes, it's just great," Tom replied, moaning.

"I want you to cum in her mouth," Kelly said to him, kissing him again. "Can you do that, Tom?"

"Yes, yes, I can," Tom moaned again. "Almost there now."

"Suck him real hard now," Kelly said to Becky. "Suck him until he cums in your mouth."

Becky increased her sucking, working her father's cock with one hand and his balls with the other. Finally Tom groaned and began to cum, shooting his hot load deep into his daughter's mouth as she continued to suck and swallow as fast as she could. The whole time John had been plunging his cock in and out of her pussy, really priming her for her father. When she had finished sucking and swallowing all of her father's cum, Kelly gently pulled her away from his cock, wrapping her arms around him and hugging him to her body.

"Did you like that, Tom?" she inquired.

"That was great," Tom sighed, leaning back against the counter.

"John, cum in her mouth," Kelly told her b*****r, who instantly pulled his cock from Becky's pussy and she turned around in time to catch his cock as it exploded, cum filling her mouth as she continued to suck him off.

"Isn't it exciting knowing that she just sucked your cock and swallowed your cum, now she's swallowing John's cum too?" Kelly asked, him rubbing her body against his. "What do you want to do now," she asked, "suck my pussy or hers?"

"I want to suck hers," Tom answered instantly. "I want to taste her."

"Well, I should be insulted, but I'm not," Kelly laughed. "Because I know how nice her pussy tastes too."

"You do?" Tom asked, turning his face to stare at her, even though he could see nothing.

"Umm, yes, I love her pussy," Kelly told him. "But now you lay down and she'll sit on your face and you can taste her yourself and imagine what it looked like when I tasted her."

"Oh, god," Tom groaned as he sank to the floor, lying on his back.

With a smile on her face, Becky squatted down over his face, her knees on the ground next to his ears, lowering her pussy onto her father's mouth, feeling his tongue slide up into her as he began to eat his own daughter's pussy. Becky had to really pay attention not to make any noise as her father ate her pussy. At the same time Kelly was sucking on Tom's cock, trying to get him hard again quickly, as she knew that Becky would cum very quickly. And sure enough, groaning through clenched teeth, Becky began to buck on her father's mouth as her pussy spasmed in orgasm, her juices flowing as he slurped and lapped them up. By the time Tom had finished sucking his daughter, Kelly's sucking on John's cock had him hard again.

"Umm, that was nice, wasn't it?" Kelly asked as she helped Becky to her feet.

"What a tasty pussy that was," Tom gasped, licking his lips.

"Now you can eat me too, anyway," Kelly said with a laugh. "But I'll make it better for you by having a nice new pussy sit on your nice hard cock, okay?"

"Oh, yes, this is great," Tom gasped, arching his hips up in an attempt to feel it already. "I want to feel my cock in her pussy."

"Well, then that's what you'll get," Kelly said, directing Becky to mount her father's cock.

Still a bit nervous, Becky stood over her father and reached down and grabbed his cock in her hand, feeling how hard he was. Lowering herself, she rubbed the head of his cock between her pussy lips, then slowly started lowering herself onto it, feeling it fill her, stretching her pussy as she completely lowered herself until she was impaled.

"God, what a tight pussy," Tom moaned, feeling his daughter's pussy clenching his cock.

Slowly Becky started sliding back and forth on her father's cock, fucking him. With a smile Kelly straddled his face facing Becky, the two of them smiling at each other as they serviced him. Kelly sighed as Tom's tongue began to work her pussy over and Becky was riding with a strong steady rhythm on her father's cock. Because he had just cum, she'd get a nice long ride before he came again.

It was at this moment that Karin quietly slipped into the office, so quiet that nobody noticed her until she was right behind Becky, staring with her mouth open as she and Kelly rode on top of Tom Henderson. Smiling at her mother, Kelly indicated with her hands that she should undress and take her place. At first hesitating, Karin then quickly slipped out of her clothes and moved around next to Kelly. Becky's eyes popped open when she saw Karin Redson standing naked next to Kelly. She actually stopped moving for a second, and then quickly continued as Kelly got off of her father's face and Karin took her place, smiling at her as she rode her father's cock.

Kelly sat behind her mother on the floor as she and Becky enjoyed Tom. Very furtively she worked her fingers on the laces of the face mask that Tom was wearing, loosening them until she would be able to remove it with ease. Only John saw her and a big smile was on his face. Tom too realized what was happening, but he couldn't figure out who was there or even how many were there. In any event, he didn't care.

Gently tugging at the mask, Kelly pulled it off, indicating to Tom with a finger across her lips that he should be quiet. Not wanting to spoil anything, Tom blinked his acceptance and eagerly returned to eating Karin's pussy, not knowing that it was her, and still wondering who was fucking him so nicely. Finally, Becky couldn't control herself any longer and her pussy started to spasm on Tom's cock. He felt this and let himself go, wanting to cum with whoever it was that was making him feel so good. At the same time, Kelly urged her mother to get off of Tom's face, which she did reluctantly, and as both Tom and Becky began to cum, Tom was able to see that it was his daughter astride him, cumming all over his cock that was filling her pussy at the same time.

Becky screamed when she saw her father's unmasked face staring at her but was unable to move, so strong was her orgasm. At the same time, she loved the feeling of his cock pulsating as it filled her pussy with cum. She drove her pussy into him, grinding herself on his cock as she milked him.

"Oh, Becky, you're incredible," Tom gasped as he continued to spurt cum into her pussy.

He reached up and squeezed her breasts in his hands, squeezing her nipples and pulling on them as they both wound down from their orgasms. When Becky finished cumming, she fell forward onto her father's chest, his arms going around her body as he held her, his cock still embedded in her pussy.

It was at this moment, prompted by Kelly, that John got behind Becky and pressed his cock against her asshole, causing her to gasp when she felt it slip in, now stuffed with two cocks at the same time. John pushed and pushed, struggling, but finally got his entire cock in Becky's ass. Tom knew from the feeling what was happening and he was shocked by the utter joy on his daughter's face as John commenced fucking her ass as she lay on top of him with his cock in her pussy.

"Well, Tom, it looks like you got your wish," Karin said with a laugh. "She's turned out every bit as good as mine, wouldn't you say?"

"Oh, Becky, I had no idea," Tom stammered, staring at his daughter's face up close, his cock still in her pussy, John's cock was pounding her ass. "Are you okay?"

"Oh, daddy, I'm more than okay, I'm just great," Becky panted, John's cock jarring her with each thrust. "I love to fuck and I always wanted to fuck you. Are you mad at me?"

"No, no, definitely not," Tom assured her.

"I know you fuck Karin every morning," Becky told him, gasping as John really slammed his cock in and out of her ass. "Now you can fuck me too. I like being fucked in the ass and I know you like that too."

"Yes, I like that," Tom agreed.

"Oh, John, stop, stop, please," Becky implored him. "I want my father to fuck me in the ass and fill me with his cum. Do you mind?"

"No, of course not," John said, withdrawing his cock from her ass.

"Here, John, put that in my ass while Tom fucks Becky's ass," Karin said, getting on her hands and knees in front of John, who quickly complied, burying his cock in his mother's ass.

Meanwhile, Tom was kneeling behind Becky, pressing his cock into her well-prepared ass, shocked at how tight it was as he began to pump her. Becky was moaning and groaning as her father's huge cock reamed her ass for the first time.

"Oh, daddy, your cock is so big," Becky gasped as Tom fucked her ass. "I love the way it feels."

"Oh, Becky," Tom said, fucking her ass wildly. "I can't control myself," he cried, jamming his cock deep into her ass as he began to cum, filling her bowels.

"Oh, yes, cum inside of me, fill me with your cum, daddy," Becky cried, arching her back to feel him even more deeply inside.

John was filling his mother's ass at the same time, his balls emptying as his mother's talented ass muscles milked him. When they all finished cumming, Karin suggested that it was time to get home or they'd have to explain to Jason why they were so late, also that Tom and Becky probably needed to talk. Kelly kissed Tom and Becky goodbye, and there was silence between the three of them until they had driven a few blocks.

"Do you mind telling me what that was about?" Karin asked.

"Becky wanted to fuck her father and we set it up," Kelly replied innocently.

"I see," Karin said quietly.

"Thanks for coming to get us, mom," Kelly said, a big smile on her face. "I could tell you hated it."

"I just don't know what to think of you at all any more," Karin said with a sigh as they arrived at their home. "And what about now?"

"We'll let him decide what happens," Kelly replied, "if that's okay with you, of course. If you'd rather I not let him, I won't."

"I agree, we'll let him decide," Karin said as they walked into the kitchen from the garage.

"Hi, dad," Kelly said, leaning over and kissing him like she always did. "Night, dad."

"Well, hi and good-night," Jason laughed as Kelly skipped down the hallway.

"You tired too?" Jason asked Karin, a twinkle in his eye.

"I think I am, actually," Karin agreed, heading for their bedroom, Jason following right behind.

And for the first time in weeks everyone in the Redson f****y slept where they were supposed to.

CHAPTER f******n

The next day at school Sara came up to Kelly to inquire whether she and John would be coming over that evening.

"I suppose so," Kelly told her. "We haven't heard otherwise from your parents."

"Oh, good, I'm glad, " Sara told her. "And I know my parents will be happy too," she said moving off in another direction.

On the way home Kelly told John about her brief conversation with Sara. They both thought it was a little odd, especially since they had not heard from her since the day she had had sex with them. Later, they were excused to go visit Sara. Kelly and John rode their bicycles quickly to the Adams' house. A beaming Sara met them at the door.

"Hi, you two," she bubbled. "I'm so glad you came."

"Why, Sara?" Kelly asked as they entered the house.

"You'll see," Sara told her, barely able to contain herself.

They went into the f****y room where they usually had their fun and Bob and Kathy were both sitting on the sofa, naked.

"Hi, you two," Bob said, getting to his feet, his cock swinging in front of him. "Glad you were able to come," he said, shaking John's hand and slipping him a wad of money and crushing Kelly in a big hug and a very intense kiss.

Sara was standing next to the sofa, barely able to keep still she was so excited.

"Why don't the two of you get undressed," Kathy suggested. "I'd love it if you'd suck my pussy for me, John," she said.

"Sure, you bet," John said, quickly shucking off his clothes and falling to his knees in between Kathy Adams' spread legs.

Kelly was right behind him, kneeling between Bob Adams' knees as he sat back on the sofa next to his wife while b*****r and s****r sucked on them.

"I'd like Kelly to suck on me now," Kathy said, "so why don't you two switch places."

"What!" John said, lifting his face from her pussy.

"You don't mind, do you, John?" Kathy asked him, running her fingers through his hair. "I mean, you eat pussy after it's been cum in, don't you? I don't think there's really a difference."

"And you'll notice a little something extra this week," Bob said knowingly, giving John a look.

"It's up to you, John," Kelly said, secretly delighted by the thought of seeing John suck a cock.

"I'll do it, daddy," Sara suddenly chimed in as she appeared next to Kelly, suddenly without her clothes.

"You just wait, Sara," Bob said, his eyes still locked with John's.

"Sure, why not," John said, suddenly making up his mind. After all, why should Kelly put up with the majority of the work when they were both sharing the rewards?

"That's a good boy," Kathy said, rubbing his head. "Now, come suck my pussy for me Kelly."

Changing places with John, Kelly found it difficult if not impossible to watch her b*****r as she stuck her own face into Kathy Adams' pussy. John, after the initial misgiving and doubt, gave himself totally to his conviction and without seeming hesitation grabbed Bob's cock in his fist and lowered his mouth to envelope it, tasting another man's cock for the first time. And they were right, it really wasn't any different taste wise than eating a pussy that was filled with cum, and god knows he'd done that plenty of times.

Quickly he was bobbing up and down on Bob's cock like he'd been sucking cock all his life, and he was enjoying it, he found. Kelly was lost in rapture sucking Kathy Adams' pussy and she was even more excited by the sound of John sucking Bob's cock next to her. When she heard Bob groan as he began to cum, she lifted her face from Kathy's pussy to watch just as Bob began to pump load after load of hot cum into John's mouth. But without a problem John swallowed all of it, happily sucking the last of Bob's cum from his cock before sitting back, licking his lips.

"Wow, what a great blowjob," Bob said, shaking his head. "You're a natural, John."

"That wasn't bad at all," John agreed, grinning as he realized what he'd accomplished.

"Are you ready to fuck me, John?" Kathy asked, running her fingers through her pussy.

"Oh, yeah, you bet," John said, getting to his feet and displaying his very hard cock.

Kathy Adams pulled her feet up onto the edge of the sofa, scooting her ass forward until it almost completely hung over the edge, her pussy presented and exposed completely. John moved in front of her and dropped to his knees, his cock pointing right at her open pussy. Holding his cock in his hand, he presented it to the entrance to her pussy and easily slid it in, not stopping until he had bottomed out. They all watched as he began to saw his cock in and out of Kathy's pussy, his shaft glistening with her juices.

"Oh, that looks so nice," Sara lamented.

She suddenly dropped to her knees in front of her father and grabbed his limp cock, opening her mouth and beginning to suck on it.

"Sara!" Bob said.

"I want you to have a hard cock and fuck me, daddy, like you promised," she said, looking up at him. "Please!"

"You go on, Sara," Kelly told her, "and I'll keep him busy for you," she said, climbing up onto the sofa and lowering her own pussy onto his face.

Bob eagerly began to eat Kelly's pussy as his daughter bent and began sucking on his cock for the first time. It wasn't long before Bob felt his cock beginning to respond and then he was at his fullest size and hardness. They could all hear John's cock sluicing in and out of Kathy's pussy and her grunting each time he slammed into her. Then Sara stopped sucking on her father's cock and climbed up onto his lap, grabbing his cock and holding it to the entrance to her own pussy, slowly lowering herself onto it.

She almost cried out as it stretched her pussy, but when she saw her mother staring at her, a slight smile on her face, she toughed it out and completed impaling herself on her father's huge cock. Then slowly she started to fuck him while he continued to eat Kelly's sweet pussy. Kelly could tell from the way Bob was eating her pussy that he was close to cumming and that was something that she wanted to prevent for the time being. So climbing off of his face she reached between Sara and Bob when she lifted up off of his cock and grabbed it, actually pulling it from Sara's pussy with a pop.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Sara cried out.

"He's about to cum," Kelly told her. "You don't want to get pregnant, so you'd better have him cum in your ass, don't you think?"

"Oh, he's so big," Sara said. "I don't know if I can."

"Of course you can," Kelly assured her. "I can, and John's cock isn't exactly small and he fucked you in the ass."

Kelly saw the raised eyebrows of Kathy and Bob and realized that Sara hadn't told them everything.

"Your father loves to ass fuck," Kelly told her. "He'll probably fuck you more if he can have your ass too."

"Would you like to fuck me in the ass, daddy?" Sara asked him nervously.

"Only if it's something you'd like," Bob said carefully, wanting it more than anything.

"Then I want to try," Sara said, a smile on her face.

"Ah, ah, ahhhhh," John suddenly cried out as he came in Kathy's pussy, driving his cock deep into her as his balls emptied.

They all watched until he had finished cumming and moved out of the way, Kathy's pussy gaping open and dribbling cum from her swollen pussy lips.

"Why don't you get on your hands and knees," Kelly suggested, pulling Sara down to the ground and positioning her so that her face was almost in her mother's gooey pussy. "Come on, Bob, she's got a beautiful ass just waiting," Kelly said, rubbing a finger into Sara's pussy and then pressing it slightly into her ass.

Hardly able to control himself, Bob got on his knees behind his only daughter and slid his cock back into her pussy for a couple of strokes before pulling it out and pressing it against her asshole. As he steadily pressed his cock against her, she was f***ed forward, pushing her face into her mother's gooey pussy. To Kathy's delight, she felt her daughter's tongue dart into her pussy and begin to eat the cum cocktail filling her. Sara gasped when she felt the head of her father's cock pop into her ass, almost splitting her open. It took all of her self-control not to cry out. She tried to lose herself in eating her mother's tasty pussy, but the pain was almost overwhelming as he pushed his entire cock into her ass and then just lay there waiting, his cock throbbing deep inside of her.

"Are you okay, Sara?" he asked his daughter tenderly.

"Uh-huh," Sara gasped, trying not to cry. "Now you can fuck my ass," she managed to get out.

And that's just what Bob Adams did. He began to fuck his daughter's ass. But she was so tight and she had brought him almost to orgasm when she had ridden him that he was unable to fuck her for very long when his balls exploded and he filled her ass with his cum. Sara was gasping the whole time, able to feel his hot cum splashing deep inside of her bowels. As he finished cumming, she could feel his cock subsiding and then slipping out of her ass. She stayed like that on her hands and knees, her face pressed into her mother's pussy for several minutes just trying to catch her breath. Then she lifted her cum-smeared face from her mother's pussy, a look of triumph spread across it.

"How was I, daddy?" she asked, turning to look at her father. "Am I fun to fuck too?"

"You're just wonderful," Bob Adams told his daughter, hugging her to him. "If you like you can start sl**ping with your mother and me."

"Oh, daddy, thank you, thank you," she cried, bursting into tears as she threw herself into his arms. "And thank you and John too," she said, turning to hug Kelly. "You've taught me so much."

"It's just fun to us," Kelly said, surprised at the turn of events but seeing how she could use this in the future.

"John, are you ready to fuck my ass for me?" Kathy asked him. "I hate to be left out."

"Well, with a little help, yes," John said, looking down at his half hard cock.

"Oh, let me," Sara said, quickly scrambling so that she could suck his cock, tasting her mother's pussy all over it as she slurped and sucked, trying to get him hard again.

And it didn't take long at all before Sara's eager mouth had John ready and hard. Kathy Adams' knelt on the sofa so that John was able to stand up, and with everyone watching closely he pressed his cock into her ass and began to fuck her. Sara was the most excited, cheering them on as John hammered away at Kathy's ass. When he finally came in her ass and his cock shrank as he withdrew it, he was fucked out. Kelly had a smile on her face as she indicated to him that they should dress and leave, seeing the looks Sara and her parents were giving each other. After they dressed and said their good-byes, they saw that the three of them had sunk to the floor in a tangle again. Kelly smiled and laughed all the way home but said little else other than that she had a great idea she couldn't wait for.


The next day Kelly filled John in on her idea and enthusiastically enlisted his support. John immediately got on the phone and contacted Tom Henderson and Bob Adams to explain to them. He told them both that Saturday afternoon, when Jason was sure to be playing golf, there would be a party at their house. They were encouraged to bring any friends they liked, and that it was $1500 per person. Not unsurprisingly neither of them balked and they both promised to bring people with them. Kelly made it a point to talk to both Becky and Sara during the week, as well as her mother, without whom nothing would be possible.

Finally Saturday arrived, and not an hour after Jason left for his golf game the guests started arriving. First to show up was Tom Henderson, who shocked John by bringing his wife and her s****r with him. As he shook hands with John, Tom slipped him an envelope with $4500 in it, a big smile of anticipation on his face. Next to arrive was the Adams, and John was really shocked to see Jim and Adele Stork with them. They were maybe the richest people in the area and Adele Stork had won the state beauty title when she had been a 17-year-old girl. Next to arrive were Henry and James and they brought a young black girl with them named Sade who they introduced as Henry's cousin.

John had over $10,000 in his pocket as he greeted them as a group, thanking them for being able to attend. He then produced two jars with folded bits of paper in them and encouraged everyone to pick a number, the men from one jar, the women from another. When they expressed curiosity about the numbers, John assured them he'd explain shortly.

"But first," he began, "take turns using the bathroom over there to change clothes," he said, seeing some surprised looks on a few faces. "There are robes hanging on the door, enough for everyone. And, please, only wear the robes," he asked them.

Tom Henderson was the first to go change, returning in a few minutes wearing only the short silk robe he had found on the door. He grinned at everyone when they stared at him, then Kathy Adams went in to change and that was all it took. One by one they changed into the short silk robes, naked underneath as they all stood around waiting for John to explain further.

"Now for the numbers," John said. "You need to find the person who also has the same number and that person will be your partner for the next part of our fun," he explained.

There was some confusion as everyone sorted themselves out, but in the end everyone was coupled up, Tom with Sade, his wife Susie with Henry, her s****r Joan with Jim Stork, Bob Adams with Adele Stork, and Kathy Adams with James.

"Now," John began again, "there are five rooms in the house, each one with a number on the door. In each room is a surprise. Each couple must go in the room together and come out together. It's up to you to decide what to do with your surprise. So if you'll give me a minute or two, you can start searching for the rooms and begin. I know you probably have questions, but if you just follow these directions everything should become very clear very quickly, okay?"

When everyone agreed, John went upstairs to one of the marked rooms, closing the door behind himself.

"Well, let's do it," Bob Adams said, turning to smile at Adele Stork. "You ready?"

"I suppose so," she said, holding her robe tightly closed around her body. "This is so strange, but it seems like fun."

They quickly went into the house, looking at each of the doors until they found one with a number 2 on it. Smiling at her, Bob opened the door, letting her enter first and closed the door behind him. It was pitch dark in the room and they stood for a moment letting their eyes adjust. Then they heard a soft voice in the dark.

"May I take these?" the soft female voice said, reaching up and grasping the neck and collar of Adele's robe from behind, pulling it down her back and off before she could even react or protest, leaving her standing naked in the dark. Then the same was done for Bob and there was silence except for the sound of their breathing.

"Oh, my," Adele gasped when she felt someone's face press into her pussy and a tongue softly begin to probe. "Bob, what are you doing?" she asked faintly, enjoying the sensation as well as the anonymity the dark provided.

"Nothing," Bob replied next to her, obviously puzzled. "What are you....oh, man," he gasped when he felt his cock grabbed and sucked into a nice warm mouth. "Oh, Jesus, Adele, I can't believe this."

"What are you talking about?" Adele asked, suddenly feeling the tongue leave her pussy.

Then Bob tentatively reached out towards the voice he heard and his hand encountered a naked shoulder. Carefully reaching further his hand was filled with a very firm breast with a hardened nipple on the end.

"Adele?" Bob asked tentatively, his hand thoroughly exploring the breast that filled it.

"This is so strange," she whispered, enjoying herself.

"Check this out," Bob said, letting his hand slide down her arm to take her hand, pulling it to that it finally rested on the head that was busy sucking his cock. Trailing her hand further down the face he didn't stop until he had placed Adele's hand on his hard cock where she could feel that he was getting sucked off.

"Oh, my," Adele sighed, feeling the hardness of his cock throbbing in her hand as a mouth slid up and down the shaft.

"This way," the voice suddenly said softly, leaving his cock standing out in front of him as she took him and Adele by the hand and gently lead them to where they bumped into a bed, and then sat down on the edge of it.

"There now, just relax," the voice said, gently pushing Adele back until she was lying on the bed.

Then it was Bob's turn and he was lying on the bed next to Adele, feeling the heat of her body as they lay there. Then there was a muffled gasp from Adele and Bob was aware of weight shifting on the bed. Turning to his side and reaching out, his hand encountered her torso and softly slid up to cup her full breasts, nipples hard. Sliding up to her face, Bob was surprised to encounter the full ass cheeks of the girl in the room who happened to be sitting on Adele's face. That was the sound Bob had heard, the sound of Adele's tongue as it sucked the pussy sitting on her face.

Letting his hands wander down her body, Bob was pleasantly surprised to find her legs spread wide, her pussy open and wet and shaved smooth. Cupping it with his hand, Bob slid a finger, then two into the gaping pussy, feeling it grip his fingers as they softly sluiced in and out. Then rolling over, Bob knelt in the dark and lowered his face into the wet, swampy pussy whose vapors filled the room with lust. He could feel Adele writhing as his tongue danced between her spread pussy lips, drinking her up as she in turn sucked the pussy of the girl sitting on her face.

Then he felt the girl get up off of Adele's face and heard her take a deep breath, trying to calm herself as Bob continued to suck her juicy pussy. He felt the girl kneel behind him, reaching between his legs to grasp his hard cock in her hand. By holding his balls in her hand she was able to gently encourage him to move up on Adele's body, not stopping until he knew he was straddling her chest, his cock resting on her face.

He almost died when he felt her mouth open and his cock was sucked into a warm, velvety suction machine. He felt Adele gasp as she sucked him, and reaching behind himself he satisfied his curiosity that the girl was now sucking Adele's very tasty pussy. This when on for a couple of minutes until he felt the soft hand on his shoulder gently pulling him off of Adele's face and her fabulous sucking mouth. He found himself laying on top of Adele, his cock nestled between her legs and rubbing her pussy. He felt a hand wrap itself around his cock and slide it up and down between Adele's wet pussy lips, then felt his cock placed at the entrance to her pussy. Without the slightest hesitation, Bob slammed his cock into the welcoming warmth of Adele's pussy, feeling her muscles pull him in and begin to milk his cock.

Slowly but steadily, Bob fucked her, delighting in her response and participation as they slowly built towards a climax, the girl was all over them, kissing, touching, stroking as they fucked. Just as he felt himself about to cum, Bob felt himself pulled firmly from between Adele's legs, his cock springing up as it withdrew from her wonderful pussy. Bob felt himself pulled around the bed until he was kneeling with Adele's head between his knees, his cock jutting out above her face unseen by her. He felt the girl straddle Adele's body and then her soft ass pressing against his cock. He could feel Adele's tongue as her face lifted to drink from the girl's pussy, flitting here and there.

Then grasping his cock in his own hand Bob guided it to the sopping pussy in front of him, slowly sinking it in to the warm moist depths of pussy as Adele continued to lick the two of them. Stroking his cock steadily in and out of the tight pussy in front of him, Bob knew that he was going to cum almost immediately. Groaning a warning, his balls exploded, cum shooting into the pussy milking his cock. He felt Adele's tongue the whole time, drinking up their juices as they flowed from around his cock in the tight pussy. Then he pulled his cock from the pussy when he had finished cumming only to feel it engulfed by Adele as she swallowed him, sucking all of the juices from his shaft before releasing him and gluing her mouth to the pussy above her, drinking up all the cum that filled it.

Finally it was over and the three of them just stayed in that position catching their breath. Then Adele started to laugh softly.

"God, that was the kinkiest thing I've ever done," she said. "And I have no idea who I've just done it with."

Suddenly the light came on, blinding both Bob and Adele. What they saw was a young girl, brown hair, a leather mask covering her entire face with the exception of her eyes and mouth. Her pussy was shaved bare and her breasts were firm and upright. Bob knew immediately that it was Becky and smiled at his luck. He had wanted to fuck her again and he had had his chance, with Adele Stork thrown into the mix to boot.

"You were both very nice," the girl said softly. "That was the surprise for this room. You're free to explore the other rooms together, or to find another partner, or to explore by yourselves. Thank you."

"Thank you," Adele said, a smile on her face as she realized the irony of the situation, wondering what was going on in the other rooms.

She needn't have worried on that score. Tom Henderson's wife Susie was very uncomfortable with the entire setting. She couldn't believe that she was standing around in a silk robe with nothing on under it with a room full of basically strange people. But she was tired of her husband constantly going off by himself and she was determined to make the best of it for his sake. But Henry was the blackest man she had ever seen and she was uncomfortably aware of his huge cock swinging underneath his too-short robe. She had seen a glimpse of it already and was still having a hard time believing how big it was and not even hard yet!

Gently taking her by the hand, Henry led the way into the house, quickly finding a room with the number 4 on it.

"You ready for this?" he asked, a big smile on his face as he saw her nervousness.

"I don't know," Susie replied, hesitating. "This is all so strange to me, especially being dressed like this."

"You look just fine," Henry assured her. "You're very beautiful."

"That's not what I meant," Susie said, blushing at the compliment.

"Well, let's find out what our surprise will be," he said, not releasing her hand as he opened the door and entered the room, pulling Susie after him and shutting the door.

What they saw absolutely astounded Susie and caused Henry to smile hugely. In the same kind of leather mask Kelly lay on the bed, a large cucumber in her hands sliding easily in and out of her pussy as she pleasured herself, her clit huge and swollen in excitement.

"Oh, good, you're here," she said softly, not stopping with the cucumber. "Which of us do you want to fuck first?" she asked.

"I can't believe this!" Susie exclaimed, holding her robe closely to her body.

"Well, I'm going to fuck you both," Henry said with a smile, "but this uptight little lady needs some loosening up first, so I think I'll start with her, and you can help me if you'd like."

"That sounds like fun," Kelly said, removing the cucumber from her pussy and licking it, sucking on it, her eyes never leaving Susie's face which was beet red.

"You'll do nothing of the sort," she said, indignation written on every pore of her body.

"Shit," Henry said, "you don't understand, I see," he said, taking her by the arm and dragging her over to the edge of the bed. "You're obviously a horny bitch, so either join in on your own or you'll join in anyway. Don't be stupid. I can smell how hot you're getting."

"Maybe you'd like to try my cucumber," Kelly suggested, languidly withdrawing it from her pussy and licking it. "But first you've got to lose the robe," she said, staring at the woman.

"Let me," Henry said, reaching over and literally ripping it from her body as she tried to hold it close and tight.

"What do you think you're " Susie started to say when Henry threw her onto the bed where she landed on her bed.

Kelly quickly moved to straddle her head, her pussy poised just inches above her face, her knees on her shoulders effectively immobilizing her.

"If you want to run your mouth, run it through my pussy," Kelly said, lowering herself onto Susie's face.

"Go on, suck her pussy," Henry said, grabbing Susie by the legs and pulling them apart, exposing her pussy. "Man, this bitch likes to fuck, her pussy's as bald as yours," he said, reaching forward and sliding a finger into her, feeling how hot and wet she was. "And she's ready too," he added.

"Oh, I can tell," Kelly said, sighing as she felt Susie Henderson's tongue and lips finally begin to explore and eat her pussy. "Go on, eat her pussy and get her going," she commanded Henry.

"No problem," Henry said, crawling up between Susie's spread legs and replacing his finger with his tongue.

Immediately Susie began to moan and writhe on the bed as Henry ate her pussy. She never stopped eating Kelly's pussy, but it was obvious that Henry's tongue was having an immediate and pronounced effect upon her. She started gasping and then cried out as she came, flooding Henry's mouth with her juices as he continued to lap at her pussy.

"Go on, fuck her now," Kelly told him, "she's ready."

"Oh, oh, oh," Susie moaned as she felt Henry crawl up between her thighs and then begin to press his monster cock into her pussy.

"It's about time this cute pussy gets some serious black cock, huh?" he asked, burying himself deep inside Susie's pussy. "Now let's see if you can fuck as good as you look," Henry said, beginning to stroke himself back and forth in her pussy.

Susie was moaning and groaning as Henry's massive instrument plowed her furrow. Never in her life had she imagined being so filled with a cock, and the fact that it was black and attached to a total stranger didn't even matter to her now. She only knew that she wanted this cock to fuck her like she had never been fucked before and never stop. And Henry did a passable imitation of this desire, fucking her steadily and furiously, pounding her pussy as she came and came and came, finally just laying there exhausted as he continued to fuck her.

"Give her a break," Kelly said. "She's had enough for the moment. Give me some of that beautiful cock."

With a sucking sound Henry's cock slid from Susie's pussy, her cunt gaping open lewdly from the stretching it had just received. Kelly leaned over and sucked his gooey cock into her mouth, tasting Susie's juices all over it before getting on her hands and knees in front of Henry and on top of Susie. She leaned down and kissed Susie on the mouth, tasting herself as Henry fed his cock into her pussy from behind.

"Oh, god, he fucks so good, doesn't he?" Kelly breathed as she kissed Susie.

Susie responded unbelievably, driving her tongue into Kelly's mouth and sucking on her like there was no tomorrow.

"Hey, now, why don't you slide down and suck on my clit while Henry fucks me," she suggested, seeing her eyes light up as she shimmied down beneath her body.

Then Kelly felt Susie's mouth as she sucked on her clit while Henry continued to fuck her. She knew that Susie was licking Henry's shaft as it slid back and forth across her face each time in plunged into and out of her pussy. Finally after almost 15 minutes Henry announced that he was ready to cum. Kelly felt his cock swell up even bigger inside of her and begin to shoot its hot load deep into her pussy. Pulling forward off of his cock, she turned to see Susie grab it and suck it into her mouth, sucking and swallowing all of the cum that was streaming from Henry's cock.

When Henry had finished cumming, he reached down and grabbed Susie's legs and threw them over his shoulders, sliding his still hard cock once again into her hot receptive pussy. Susie groaned and moaned as Henry fucked her for a minute or so, then he withdrew his cock from her pussy and dropped it down a notch, pressing it against her asshole.

"Oh, god, not there," Susie begged, fearful that he would tear her in two.

"Oh, yes, I've got to fuck this ass," Henry said, pressing against her rosebud.

Susie would have screamed had Kelly not plastered her pussy over her mouth when Henry's huge cock pressed past her ass sphincter and began its trip into her bowels. She had been fucked in the ass before, but never by anything near as large as Henry's cock. She whimpered into Kelly's pussy for a minute or so until her ass adjusted to the size of its assault, then her body betrayed her and she began to enjoy it, to get off on the fact that a big black cock was ravaging her ass, that she didn't even know the man fucking her and that her husband was obviously in another room with other women experiencing the same thing.

"Oh, yeah," Henry gasped as he began to cum deep inside of Susie's ass. He could feel her clenching her sphincter against the shaft of his cock as she attempted to milk him. He thrust and thrust, filling her ass with his cum, not removing his cock from her ass until it had shrunk enough to fall out on its own, leaving Susie's asshole gaping open, dribbling cum down her ass and legs.

"Oh, my god," Susie gasped as Henry let her fall to the bed, completely spent. "I never imagined anything could be like that. My body feels like it's been destroyed."

"You're just getting warmed up," Kelly assured her with a kiss. "Now you need to go explore the other rooms. You can do it together or you can go on your own, or you can find someone else to go with. But you don't want to miss a room, believe me."

"Now, what's your pleasure?" Henry asked Susie with a smile.

"I'm going wherever that cock of yours is going," Susie said, pushing herself to her feet.

"Have fun," Kelly said, helping her on with her robe.

"Thank you so much," Susie said, kissing Kelly.

Karin stood in the room she had chosen wondering whether she was doing the right thing in participating in Kelly and John's idea when the door opened and Jim Stork and Joan came in and shut the door behind them.

"Oh, my, this is going to be fun," Joan said letting robe fall to the floor as she approached Karin and softly slid into her arms.

"Ahh, aren't we lucky," Tom Henderson said to Sade when they closed the door behind them and saw John laying back on the bed, his cock standing straight up in the air.

"Am I supposed to do something with him, or you?" Sade asked him, looking him innocently in the eyes.

"Absolutely," Tom agreed, nodding his head. "Everything, as a matter of fact."

"Well, let's get to it then," she said, slipping her robe off her shoulders and moving to the bed, crawling up on it and capturing John's cock in her chocolate mouth as Tom moved in behind her.

It was hours later when everyone staggered worn out into the living room, robes forgotten, cum smeared all over everyone and the smell and reek of sex in the air.

"We want to thank you for coming, and cumming," John said with a laugh, standing in a line with Kelly, Becky, Sara & Karin, everyone still wearing their masks. "This succeeded beyond our dreams and we're so happy with it that we've decided to do it once a month, the first Saturday after Jason's gone to play golf."

There was a lot of laughing when this was said, for there was no love lost for Jason in this crowd, and everyone had had such a wonderful time.

I wonder who I can get to join us next month, Kelly mused as she watched everyone leave.

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It's hard to believe it's been a year since that fateful night. Almost impossible to comprehend the changes that have occurred in my life, in my outlook on life, on who I've become...on what I've become...on the horrible things I've done...

I'm going to drink from her breasts tonight...those beautiful orbs that are filled with thick, delicious creamy milk that her body has manufactured for my s****r.

Then I'm going to make love with her...unmasked at last.

I think I finally decided to do it simply because I had a bigger penis than my dad. To prove that you can't fuck around with the Miller men. For the f****y's honor. For my grandfather... and my great grandfather... and my great, great grandfather...and my...

But of course it was never really as simple as that. You don't decide to fuck your mother because your cock is bigger than your father's.

Oh, I could blame Mr. Parker, Mr. Graham fucking Parker with his smooth talk and his oily manner. With his fat prick. What an asshole he was! But I made him pay.

Or I could blame mom for letting the bastard, her boss, fuck her. I could blame her for making dad a cuckold, for making yours truly the son of a cuckold.

Or blame dad for letting another man stick his cock in his wife. I mean what kind of man lets another man cum between his wife's legs? What would have granddad Miller thought of that?

Or I could look in the mirror...

You know, I'd always believed we were a pretty typical f****y. A happy f****y. The Stan Millers of Roanoke, Virginia, U.S.A.....


At the time it all started, my dad, Stanley Albert Miller, was a forty year old C.P.A./Financial Adviser who owned his own successful company and had a beautiful, intelligent wife and an eighteen year old son. Who had coached his sons Little League baseball team and who had liked nothing better than spending his Saturday or Sunday afternoons teaching his son the finer points of angling. Who, though quiet, was respected by just about everyone who met him. He was a Shriner.

And his wife Patricia, my mom, a smiling extrovert, popular with everyone, who'd had a c***d as a s*******n year old high school senior, yours truly in fact, then had juggled school and me over the next five years before joining the labor f***e when I'd started kindergarten. And then she had never looked back.

They never had another c***d after I had appeared. Dad, a college junior at the time I was conceived, had run into mom, a neighbor girl he'd known forever, then a sixteen year old, at a college frat party. Somehow Dad, relatively innocent at the time, perhaps more so than the much younger Patricia Adams, impregnated mom before he got her home, then, with absolutely no regrets, married her three months later. Over the years I'd learned that Dad would have loved to have had more c***dren but it had never happened.

And my guess was that he had never cheated on her, shit, probably he had never even thought about cheating on her in the almost twenty years since that night. He was happy. Successful. He loved his wife. Had a satisfying sex life. Was proud of his son. He had lots of friends. He was living the American dream! He didn't know, or at least didn't let on, that his wife had made him a cuckold.

And then there was me, William (Will) Albert Stanley Miller, named after three generations of Miller men. I was the k** who grew up on a tree lined street of beautiful, single f****y homes each on their own half acre meticulously manicured lot. A house that had a pool and a pool table. A house big enough that the only son of the f****y didn't just have a large private bedroom, but actually his own suite that included a bedroom, a playroom/library, and a full bathroom with shower and sauna. In my own wing of the house.

Who, lets face it, grew up spoiled, not wanting for anything. Who rode around town on his motorcycle with lots of spending money in his pocket.

I was eighteen when it happened, I had a cute girlfriend, got pretty good marks in school, was the clean-up hitting first baseman of our high school team...I had already slept with two women.

The first, a college coed from New York had taken my virginity on a Florida beach a week after my eighteenth birthday during our annual f****y Easter vacation. And in spite of my awkward first attempts at lovemaking she had been tender and kind and encouraging, and it must have been good for her because we'd spent the remaining seven days of the vacation locked in each others arms. Mom and dad had looked on knowingly, maybe sad that my manhood signaled the beginning of the end of my dependence upon them, but I think also happy to see how uncomplicated my transition to a sexual being had been.

My girlfriend Susie, who I'd been dating on and off for a couple of years, succumbed to my entreaties two weeks after I'd returned home from Florida. She was bowled away by my sudden confidence in matters sexual. And it was good between us. Even great! In fact the sex we shared was much better than the rest of our relationship had ever been.

It was a Tuesday afternoon when it happened, just three days left before our summer vacation was to start. Life was good. I had just wandered into the town center after school had finished that afternoon when I looked up and saw them fifty feet away across the square...


Mom had gone to work for Mr. Parker's agency four years ago, in 2002, lured away from the real estate agency she'd worked at for ten years by promises made by the smooth talking owner/salesman.

If I'd seen what I saw that late June day a year earlier it would have gone completely over my head. I never would have been sophisticated enough in the ways of men and women to have recognized the signs. But I hadn't been a year younger.

It was just a simple caress, a soft movement of his hand through mom's hair and then across her cheek. It was a cupping of her chin in his hand for a second as he bent and whispered something in her ear. The smile she gave him back that even I, at fifty feet away could recognize for what it was. A lovers moment!

My mother was fucking her asshole boss! The knowledge smashed into my brain, the conclusion unarguable. I stumbled away from the scene stunned, and then ended up a half hour later in my girlfriend Susie's room, with no memory of how I got there.

"Does your dad fool around?" I asked her, trying to sound casual, after we'd spent twenty minutes talking, listening to music and making out. I'd been shaking inside the whole time.

"Of course he does. Why do you think they got divorced? Mom too," she answered in a matter of fact voice. "They all do," she said with a teenager's complete confidence, then added, "they get married...then five or ten years later they start-"


"Did you catch your old man fooling around? Is that what this is all about Will? Its normal ...they all do it."

"But surely your mom doesn't?" I pled.

"She's screwing Dr. Jacobs?"

"The dentist?" I asked incredulously.

"She's getting drilled twice a week is my sweet mom," she said with a laugh, then put her hand in my lap and asked, "Do you want to use your big drill on poor little Susie Dr. Miller?"

I did use my 'big drill' on Susie during the subsequent twenty minutes but I really hadn't wanted to. I'd wanted to tell her my parents had a perfect marriage ...that they never cheated... that they loved each other. As we lay on her bed afterward, naked, my sperm oozing from between her legs, she asked, "Is he as big as you?"

"Who?" I asked stupidly.

"Your daddy."

"My dad?"

"His prick. If he is its no wonder he's got all those women chasing him," she answered as she lifted my cock off my thigh. "Your mom is soooo lucky," she added, then closed her lips over my sticky cockhead.

But I knew he wasn't as big as me...and that it was mom who was doing the running around. How fucking lucky was that I asked myself as Susie hungrily swallowed my lengthening shaft?

The next day in homeroom class I looked around at my classmates and after doing a quick count realized the parents of at least eighteen out of the twenty-nine were divorced, maybe more. My best buddy Jimmy, whose parents weren't divorced, told me over lunch in the school cafeteria that his old man had a mistress.

"But he's too old," I protested. "What about your mom? Does she know?"

"She must. But I don't think she really cares Will. I think she's probably happy about it. It just means she doesn't have to sl**p with him so often, I don't think she's into sex," Jimmy said with a shrug of his shoulders.

"How do you know about his girlfriend? Who is she?"

"He left something lying around the house. Then I heard a telephone conversation," he said with a wink. "She's a college student."

"Your old man's fucking a coed? But he's sixty years old," I protested.

"It still gets hard at sixty Will. Or at least they want it to. Why the fuck do you think every second commercial on TV is for Viagra?" Before I could answer he added, "But if your old man is screwing around he's a fool. Your mom's the sexiest women within fifty miles."

"Screw off," I muttered.

"She is, she can have me any day she wants," he answered as he suggestively ran his hand up and down the crotch of his jeans.

If he hadn't been my best friend, and if we hadn't had a history of discussing women we'd like to fuck, of teasing each other, I might have clocked him. Instead I answered, "With that little thing you got, she wouldn't know you were in her."

"God I'd love to see her naked?" he continued with a leer. "What're her nipples like Will? Does she shave down there?" he asked, his questions staccato like, with an evil smile, clearly trying to get a rise out of me. We knew each other too well!

"Fuck you," I grumbled but it wasn't Jimmy who had me pissed off. It was Mr. fucking Parker!

The truth is I'd seen dad naked fairly recently. Just last month. After we'd played tennis at the club and were showering. That's why I knew I was bigger. But I'd never seen mom a bikini yeah, or in her bra, but not naked. I'd heard them making love once but that was years ago, almost before I even knew what it was all about. But I'd never thought of my mom as a sexual being before. I had never felt the slightest sexual attraction towards her. She was just mom.

Yeah my buddies had teased me about her a bit...had more than once said the same kinds of things Jimmy had just said. Mom was the youngest, and by far the hottest mother, among my circle of friends, even I had recognized that. But it had never translated into any feelings on my part. Screw your mom? Yuck, I'd thought.

Was she really that sexy I wondered as I sat in class that afternoon? It was Wednesday, June 21st, 2006, and in two days my junior year of high school would be finished and I'd be free for the summer. One more year and then I'd be off to University. I was eighteen years old. The world shoulda been my oyster. But I'd just found out my mom was cheating on dad. Screwing her boss. And I knew I just had to do something about it!


It was just a typical evening at the Miller house that Wednesday night, Dad grilling ribs and veggies on the BBQ on the patio by the pool while Mom threw together a salad and opened a bottle of wine. Everything was pretty normal except the crazy thoughts that were bouncing around inside my head.

Sipping a coke while I talked sports with dad, my eyes kept drifting through the open patio doors to mom as she moved back and forth in the kitchen. She was still dressed in her normal work clothes, one of her many suits that said just screamed 'top real estate agent'. Today she'd worn an ivory colored French cut outfit that featured a soft, three button jacket over matching linen skirt.

"Hey you, lazyones, I could use some help," she yelled through the doors at me.

"Can you set the table honey, pour the wine, I'm just going to run up and change?" she asked when I wandered in, and then as she started out of the room I watched as she undid the top button of her jacket. But then she turned back and leaned over and grabbed a fat slice of tomato from the salad and popped it in her mouth.

When she had leaned over I saw that all she had on under her jacket was a pale yellow, lace demi-bra. Her breasts were spilling out of it! Full, ripe breasts that were much bigger than Susie's. For the first time in my life I felt the sexual aura my mom threw off. I let this new feeling roll over me as my cock lengthened in my shorts, as I started to understand what Jimmy had been talking about at lunch.

"You're not looking bad for an old chick ma," I said to her back as she started to move away, the type of teasing line that she was used to receiving from her only son. But as I gave her the wolf whistle my eyes were aware of every curve on my mom's perfectly put together butt. And my whistle had a hard-on behind it.

"Yeah right," she laughed as she looked back, but there was a happy gleam in her eyes.

When she came back five minutes later her long black hair had been released and was bouncing wildly over her shoulders and halfway down her back. Mom was one of those women who look good in anything and even dressed simply in a short skirt and shiny scarlet cami looked not only gorgeous but also ten years younger than her thirty-six years.

A trace of perfume wafted in her wake as she passed me as she walked over and then bent and hugged dad.

"Wow!" Dad exclaimed playfully, than gave me a leering look as he pulled his wife of twenty years down onto his lap.

"Stop it," mom laughed as she leaned back into her husband's warm embrace. Her pleated white skirt, a short mini style tennis cut, danced up her golden thighs as her sandaled feet were lifted off the floor. Laughing happily, they were both oblivious to the hungry stare their son's eyes were directing at the small, lacy vee of yellow cloth that was suddenly exposed. A piece of cloth that just seemed to highlight the triangle of pubic fur that was a dark, ominous shadow that easily was visible beneath it.

"Don't you wish you had one of these Will?" dad joked when he and mom broke their embrace.

"They broke the mold dad, I'll never find anyone like mom," I teased back, my smile as tight as my pants seemed to be over my straining cock.

"You've got Susie, she's lovely," mom said as she got up off dad's lap patting her skirt down. But even I could hear mom's underlying thought that 'she's not nearly good enough for myyyy son'.

"Let's eat," dad ordered.

I dreamt of making love with my mother for the first time that night. Then I woke up near dawn groaning as my penis spurted out its creamy tribute to her allure.

In the days and weeks that followed I realized I was as mad at dad as I was at mom and her asshole boss. As I started to spy on my parents I couldn't help asking myself what kind of man would let his wife sl**p around with who knows how many different men? Susie's stories about her mother's escapades had made me assume the worst about my mom. How many others were there? Who were they? Were other men making dad, and indirectly me, a fool? Were they laughing at us? How long had she been doing this?

I was angry and embarrassed. I hated to see mom go out the door in the morning as I wondered if she was on her way to sl**p with her boss. Or someone else. Watching dad I realized he would never be able to stop his wife's sexual roving, that it was up to another Miller man to bring his wife to heel. That it was up to me to punish the philandering bastard who, every time he thrust his cock between mom's thighs, was shaming me.

Do you know that a normal American citizen, who is willing to spend a couple of thousand bucks in twenty-first century America, can buy himself enough spy gear to stock a good sized P.I. agency. I found that I, an eighteen year old Virginia teenager, could just log on to the internet and buy just about anything I needed. Cheaply! Like:

-miniature pinhole wireless cameras


-wireless UHF telephone bugs

-digital GPS car tracking 'real time' devices

So I bought some!

I started with dad and mom's bedroom and bathroom, installing wireless cameras with microphones that could be both recorded to tape as well as watched live on my laptop. The stuff had only arrived on the 29th of June, a Thursday, the Fed-Ex package actually signed for innocently by mom. "Just some computer stuff ma," I'd answered casually to her question of what I'd bought.

"Speaking of computers dear, you've got to get mine organized, I'm having some serious problems," she'd answered.

"Sure, you want me to do it tonight?" I asked. And so, that night, I, the ever helpful son, got total access to her desktop in the den and her ever present laptop. I memorized the passwords to her e-mail and date book, her bank accounts, hell everything.

Then I figured out how to use the new stuff I'd bought the next day, and then, when dad and mom were out Saturday afternoon, I installed the bugs and cameras in their bedroom and bathroom. What a son!

Then I watched, alternatively ashamed and excited, as my father made love to my mother that night. A grainy porno film gone wrong! Lying in my own bed, stroking myself to orgasm as dad's hips thrust urgently into his moaning wife. It was a disgusting, unforgivable invasion of privacy! My cock was bigger than dads. I knew I'd be able to satisfy her better than he ever could.

I have to warn you -- you'll never look at your parents the same way if it ever happens to you. Voyeurism can almost turn into a disease. Watching your mother's tits and nipples and mouth and cunt and ass being touched and penetrated. Aroused and licked. Fucked.

Watching your mother on her knees between the legs of your father, her lips opening to take in his prick, disgusts you even as it excites. Hearing her cry out, 'Fuck me daddy, fuck me hard with your big prick', was so contrary to everything she'd always represented to me all my life. And yet I watched -- spellbound. Wishing it was my cock in her mouth.

How can I describe my parent's sex life? I'd had no idea what was normal for a couple that had been married twenty years. On the one hand, a boy has porn films he invariably has been exposed to as a reference. But even I, at eighteen, knew that the actions of porn stars cavorting through every conceivable coupling wasn't even remotely close to reality.

And my own experiences were too new and too personal to represent some 'normal' level of sexual activity that I could compare to my parents.

I watched over those summer weeks. I learned their routines, their sexual likes and dislikes. Heard stuff a boy should never know about his parents.

They averaged out to sex twice a week. Usually a Thursday or Friday night and then most Sunday nights. Dad loved to have mom take him into her mouth prior to intercourse but she almost never let him come in her mouth. It was foreplay. Dad didn't like going down on mom, from her comments it clearly was a long standing but relatively small bone of contention between them.

They weren't very athletic in their couplings. No Kama Sutra of positions between the Millers! Missionary position and doggie style was their complete repertoire. The Sunday sex usually involved only one male orgasm but the Thursday or Friday ones usually featured two and once even three male spurtings.

Dad's cock seemed relatively average, both in girth and length. Maybe six inches fully erect. It seemed to work fine.

They seemed to enjoy the sex. There was never any angry words, no recriminating accusations. They invariably fell asl**p smiling in each others arms. But somehow it just wasn't...I don't know, maybe intense is the word I'm looking for. It lacked passion...v******e...need.

And I noticed that Mother hardly ever had an orgasm during sex, and when she did it was invariably produced by the urgent manipulation of her clitoris by her fingers as dad fucked her doggie style. It was clear from watching that her sex drive was significantly greater than dad's.

Watching spellbound in my room, knowing that mother was going elsewhere for sex, I couldn't help but mutter advice as I watched my father with mom. As I stroked my own long penis to the rhythms of mother's sexual groans I'd yell out unheard instructions to dad.

"Not, don't do that...slower...faster...," an endless litany that I hoped would somehow be heard and understood, and then acted on by dad.

And yet he'd invariably cum before mom was ready, and well before my cock was ready to spew out its load of thick cum. It simply became clear as the days and weeks passed that if I didn't want mom to stray in the future that I'd have to give her what she needed myself. Whether she wanted me to or not!

What's worse, I'd asked myself endlessly as the days had passed, to have my mom sl**ping around town disgracing herself and belittling dad, shaming our f****y, or for me, her son, satisfying her carnal needs with taboo i****tuous couplings?

As to her extramarital affairs it soon became clear that her sexual trysts were rare exceptions in an otherwise normal life. Her phone calls, her e-mails, her instant messaging revealed nothing of a sexual nature, instead simply became for me a boring task of sifting through screens of uninteresting correspondence.

Even the camera and bugs I'd placed in moms office the second week had yielded nothing more than the odd comment between the lovers that simply confirmed my suspicions that something was going on. But no real proof!

It was mom's 2006 date book and calendar that finally gave me my first true clue. Kept on her computer and accessible from home and her office and her BlackBerry, I scoured through every entry for 2006. The only anomalies I could find were small red stars that appeared eight different times over the six plus months. There was never any name or other notation next to them. They occurred randomly, but generally there seemed to be one every three or four weeks.

Quick crosschecking of Dad's date book and his American Express receipts showed that dad had been out of town on all eight days that a star appeared in mom's book.

It was on July the twelfth when I figured out the stars. Checking again, I saw the last one had been on June twentieth, the same day I'd seen them across the square. Quickly I realized that the tender caress I'd seen that day had been simply the denouement of an afternoon of infidelity. Parker's cum had probably been sliding down mom's thigh as I'd watched them from across the square!

I also immediately realized as I plotted the dates of their meetings that if the two continued to form they were due for another rendezvous any day.

I simply watched and waited!

I had also learned quite a bit about Graham Parker during my weeks of spying. Married, with four c***dren aged seven to sixteen; I soon found that the forty-nine year old wasn't cheating just with mom. Monitoring his phone conversations it was clear he was one of those middle-aged married salesmen who figure it's their duty to try their sales lines on every member of the opposite sex they meet.

I followed him one Friday night in July when he came out of one of the local pickup bars around eleven with his arm around a forty something blond. A blond I immediately recognized as the divorced mother of one of my classmates. I tried to follow him that night on my motorcycle but once out of town and winding through the forested foothills it was impossible to keep up with him without giving myself away. So I let him go that night.

But then found out two days later (from a casual question I asked mom) that he owned a small cabin fifteen miles out of town, deep in the woods, a private lair on a small stream that was almost impossible to find without a map. Driving out to scout the location I knew immediately it was where he took my mom. That this one room cabin, with a washroom and small open kitchen, but dominated by a queen sized bed that sat proudly in the center of the room, was where my mother lay back and opened her legs and let another man defile her.

I wanted to burn the shack down. Instead, I installed one of my wireless, pinhole cameras before I left. Right next to the bed.

I continued to wait, and then, finally, during dinner, on Sunday, July 23rd I heard dad tell mom that he'd be going to Richmond on the following Wednesday, that he even might have to stay overnight. At ten-thirty seven that night, while my father was in the shower, my mother sent an e-mail to her boss, it had no message, instead there was simply a red star next to the letter W.

Then, when dad emerged smiling from the shower, mom playfully pulled the towel from around my father's middle and sank to the carpet in front of him. I watched as her mouth engulfed his hardness. She swallowed dad's cum that night. Even dad could sense mom's wanton playfulness.


I'd assumed that Parker's cabin was going to be their destination and I wasn't disappointed. They'd left the office together at ten thirty in the morning, ostensibly to visit some properties (or so I heard them tell the agencies secretary through my hidden mike) but neither could hide their hungry smiles as they slipped into Parker's Mercedes.

I raced ahead and had reached the cabin and had hidden myself when Parkers car bounced up the last fifty yards of the rutted path ten minutes later. I'd already turned on the camera.

And then I'd sat back and watched the cabin for over a half hour, the whole time fighting the urge to sneak up to the window and watch them. But I knew my camera was rolling.

But then suddenly the door opened and mother backed out into the sunlight. I watched her as she talked to the still hidden Parker, then heard her laugh as she turned and then ran laughing to the river bank. She was naked!

He followed...also naked...his penis sticking out, his engorged cock pointing the way as he chased mom into the water. It was bigger than dad's, both longer and thicker. If I'd had a gun in my hands that day Mr. Graham Parker would have been dickless before his feet hit the water.

And yet I did nothing. Instead I watched him pull my willing, giggling mom into his arms. I watched as her lips urgently sought out his. I watched as he carried her wet naked body to the grassy bank.

"Little slut," he laughingly said, his loud words echoing around the clearing as he f***ed mom to her knees before him. "Suck it!" he ordered as his hands grabbed handfuls of mom's flowing hair.

"Make me," she challenged back, her eyes gleaming in excitement as they looked up at the man towering above her.

"Eat it bitch," Parker yelled than cracked his palm against her cheek.

"Bastard," she hissed back but then hungrily attacked the angry red, bl**d filled cylinder of meat that faced her. I watched stunned, both by the v******e of the slap and the angry language, and by the way mom devoured the thick cock. Nothing I'd seen in the weeks of watching mom and dad had prepared me for this new a****listic woman on her knees. She was a woman I'd never encountered before.

"Enough," Parker finally cried, then pushed mom's mouth off his prick before roughly pushing her face down onto the grass. "On your stomach slut," he ordered, then moved behind Mrs. Stanley Miller and brought his saliva coated penis towards the crack in her butt.

"In your ass today slut?" he asked as he slid his cock between mom's cheeks.

"Fuck you."

"No, I think I'll save that for later," he laughed as he rammed his cock into my mother's pussy.

It went on and on. I watched spellbound as he slapped mom's ass repeatedly as his cock spat his filthy cum inside her. Watched afterwards when she cleaned his prick with her tongue.

I masturbated as I watched. I couldn't help it. With tears running down my cheeks. Realizing suddenly that I wanted to fuck my mother as badly as I wanted to kill the prick who was grinding his body on top of her.

All that afternoon they continued. My mother screamed out her orgasms...her satisfaction a series of loud moans interspersed with vile, coarse demands. I came four times while I watched. And as I watched I started to make plans...


I'd been spying on Mr. Parker too of course. Knew that it wasn't just mom that this middle aged Romeo was fucking. But it was mom he was going to pay for. And when it happened he was going to know exactly who and what he was paying for.

It was mid August, three weeks after I'd followed him and mom to the cabin in the woods, three weeks since I'd got proof positive he was screwing my mom. It was time for him to pay for his transgressions!

Mom and Dad had gone to the Big Apple for a two week holiday in mid August, leaving me alone to mind the store as dad had so aptly put it.

"I can't come?" I'd asked when they'd told me, not wanting to miss a chance to spend some time in New York.

"You got a job junior," Dad had laughed in answer. "Besides, your mom and I have plans, private plans," he teased as he looked over at mom with his attempt at an evil, sexy leer.

So I stayed home. The Taser C-2, which I'd ordered as part of my plan, arrived on the Monday morning of their first week away. I'd charged the $389.99 to dad's Visa card, knowing he'd heartily approve the investment given the spate of robberies that had been occurring in our neighborhood lately. Protection for mom I'd tell him if he ever asked.

I still had the bug on Parker's office phone so I was easily able to follow his plans and movements. And it turned out to be ridiculously easy. When I checked the tapes Thursday night I heard him talking with his wife, going through a long, drawn out explanation about how he had to go to Richmond for the weekend.

His next call was to a married woman who he'd sold a house in a town thirty miles away to three months earlier. I listened to the tape as the prick arranged a dirty weekend at the seashore with her. Heard him tell her how he'd booked a suite at the Marriott on Virginia Beach for the next night.

They arranged to drive their own cars and meet there. "I'll be there by eleven sweetie," were his last promised words before hanging up. Not fucking likely I thought as I sat listening. The next morning I put my motorcycle in the back of dad's pickup and drove it out to the cabin in the woods where I left it hidden in the brush. My escape vehicle.

He came out of his office at seven thirty the next night, and was smiling broadly as he walked towards his car which was the only one left in the small, poorly lit parking lot behind his building. He thought he'd be getting laid in a few hours; instead I hit him with the Taser two seconds after he'd unlocked and opened the car door. It took another ten seconds to handcuff and gag him, then throw him unceremoniously into his trunk.

Thirty minutes later I pulled the Caddy up in front of his cabin. I hadn't been gentle with the car as I'd bounced up the rutted track. By the time Graham Parker started to come around he was naked, spread eagled, his arms and legs tied to the four corners of the bed. He was already starting to bruise from the pounding he'd taken in the trunk. Too fucking bad!

He awoke to find a tall, black clad man, his face completely masked, looming over him.

He was still woozy from the jolt of Tasered electricity he'd received and I simply watched silently as his slowly clearing eyes moved around the room and over me, trying to figure out what was going on.

"I think you got the wrong guy," he finally said, trying to sound confident but unable to hide the tremor of fear in his voice. His eyes were scared.

"Not if you're Mr. Graham Parker," I answered pleasantly, disguising my voice.

"Is this my cabin?" he asked, stalling, wondering what it was all about. "I don't have much money on me...I don't," he started to add but I smashed him in the face with a short hard jab of my left fist.

"What the fuck mister?" he cried as bl**d started to trickle from the corner of his mouth.

"I was hired to cut off your dick Graham."

"Hired? My dick?" he asked, his befuddlement clear in his eyes.

"Do you know happen to know a Mr. Stanley Miller?" I asked. His eyes flickered open in surprise at the name but he stayed quiet. "He took his wife to New York," I continued. "Felt it would be better if he wasn't in Roanoke when it happened."

"When what happened? Who are you?" he demanded as he flexed his arms and tested his restraints.

"It's nothing personal on my part Graham. It's simply my job," I said in the iciest tone the man had probably ever heard.

"I didn't do anything...we haven't done anything...I promise... ahhhhhh," his words stopped by a blow to his stomach.

"You've been sl**ping with another man's wife Graham."

"It's her fault...Christ man, she's a slut...can't get enough of it...god, you must know what its like," he stammered, spittle flying from his mouth as he made his excuses.

"Her husband, the guy who hired you, he can hardly get it up," he added just before I smashed another fist into his face.

"Please," he pled, crying now, "I'm sorry...I won't ever touch her again."

"Not with your cock anyway," I said quietly as I pulled the blade from it's sheathe and held it up in the candlelight.

"Please...please mister... no, noooo I beg you," he screamed as his eyes followed the knife as it slowly descended towards his groin. Straining to free himself from the ropes, his body was arching off the bed as I brought the tip of the blade to his cock. He was sobbing as he watched me draw the sharp point from the fat base of his penis slowly upward, leaving a hair line of bl**d in its wake.

He shit himself!

I didn't kill Graham Parker that night. Nor did I cut off his cock. Nor even slit his sack and cut the balls from his body. I simply couldn't. I left him an hour later lying in his bl**d and urine and feces, blubbering like a baby, his nose broken.

As I drove away from the cabin that night on my motorcycle, the air whistling through my hair, I couldn't help but wonder if it wouldn't be better if I'd killed the prick.

FALL 2006 -- PLANS

Mr. Parker never slept with my mother again! In fact, in mid September, after a huge argument he'd provoked, in front of the whole agency staff, he fired her. But he did give her a six month severance check!

Mom started work a week later at her old agency who'd been elated to have her back. Life returned to normal. School was back in, my senior year had started. I continued to fuck Susie but that was all it was now. And every time I pumped my cock between my girlfriend's legs it was mom's face I saw.

I'd practically stopped using the cameras to watch dad and mom making love that fall after school started. Instead I'd started to watch mom more and more when she was alone, naked coming out of the shower, or sitting naked on the toilet, or changing her clothes. Twice on film I'd caught her masturbating and as the weeks passed I could see her increasing frustration. The a****l in her was stirring. I knew it was only a matter of time before she went looking for another man. I was getting ready.


The Fitzroy's, Bob and Cathy, whose backyard backed directly onto ours, had held a neighborhood Halloween party for as long as I could remember. It was always held on the closest Saturday night to the 31st and that year it was to be held on October 28th.

The adults started to arrive at the Fitzroy's around nine p.m. Costumed and masked. It's strange what clean living, middle aged suburbanites will do when they have their faces masked and bodies costumed and a few drinks inside themselves. It was that one night of the year when they dared to do things that they couldn't or wouldn't do any other night of the year.

Jimmy and Susie and I had actually crashed it the year before, had moved anonymously through the crowds of adults for over an hour before we'd fled laughing back to the teenagers party at the White's house. I'd even danced with two women that night, had held them tight against me while they'd tried to guess which of their neighbors was holding them. So I was pretty sure that I'd be able to pass. I was worried that mom might recognize my voice but my drama club training and the way I'd fooled Parker had given me the confidence to believe I could fool her.

My plan had slowly evolved over those fall weeks, until I'd finally decided to fuck mom without her having any idea who it was who was doing her. **** her anonymously.

I knew I'd be able to get her alone. And I knew that dad and a few of his cronies would end up in the Fitzroy basement watching TV and discussing sports after they'd had a couple of pints. Dad didn't do much dancing.


I watched silently as mom left the kitchen and slipped out the patio doors and started to move across the backyard towards the gap in the hedge that led to our yard. She was caught for a second by a short overweight guy who sported a George Bush mask. I thought it might be Mr. Boyd, our car insurance agent, and I had to laugh as he danced her around in a circle before she eluded his grasp. I was a shadow, right behind her when she slipped into our yard.

She was wearing a blond, pig tailed wig over her beautiful black hair, part of her Little Bo Peep costume that featured a knee length pleated skirt and white blouse from which a good third of her breasts spilled out the top. I was dressed as Zorro, a bearded and masked Zorro who's only sword was already hard and erect between my legs.

" that you Stan?" mom whispered as my hands circled her from behind and moved over her breasts.

"No," I mumbled through my mask, "Its not." I pulled her back hard against my body and my cock.

"Who is it?" she asked, still not terribly alarmed as she tried to turn her head. Halloween party shenanigans she was probably still thinking.

"Who would you like it to be?" I whispered seductively in her ear.

"Graham?" mom asked as I pushed her blouse and bra down and off her breasts. "Not here...stop it...please Graham," she pled as I cupped her naked breasts in my hands, then she started finally to struggle to escape.

"I've wanted you for years slut," I said huskily, pulling her back again so her bum was tight against my raging erection.

"You've had too much to's not funny...stop it, Christ, it was you who wanted to end it," she insisted, still thinking it was Graham who was mauling her.

"I've watched you...with your husband...with Graham...with the others, I've always wanted to fuck you, fuck your hot little cunt," I growled as I pushed my hand under her skirt and panties and then roughly pushed a finger inside her.

"Are you crazy? Who is it? Charley? Don? Bob?" she demanded as she struggled to pull away.

"Slut," I growled as I put one hand over her mouth and then f***ed her body down onto our backyard lawn, tearing the thin panties from her as I bore her down.
"Here's a nice big, long, fat trick and treat for you Mrs. Miller," I hissed in her ear as I shoved my straining rod between her thighs and then up deep into her moist center. An anguished, muffled moan escaped from her mouth and into my hand as I started thrust savagely.

It took only seconds before I felt her insides open in welcome, before I felt the first moist lubricating discharge around my prick. I slapped her tight butt with my left hand as I thrust remorselessly inside her, then moved my other hand away from her mouth and down onto her tits.

"I'll scream," she warned.

"Will you?" I whispered back. "Poor me, the father of two young c***dren, married to a loving wife...lured by the town Jezebel into illicit sex in her backyard-"

"Bastard...who are you?" she hissed, but quietly.

"The wife who's fucked half the husbands in the subdivision," I accused as I smashed my thighs against her bum.

"I haven't, they won't believe you... they'll believe me," she insisted. She was soaking now, her insides now straining to stretch wide for my pounding cock.

"Cum baby...cum like you used to for Graham up at his cabin," I urged as I felt the first tightening deep in my testicles.

"What cabin," mom protested, then cried when my palm smacked into her ass. Seconds later I felt her orgasm hit, an orgasm that exploded out from her center in waves that both squeezed and tightened ever further around my finally spurting cock.

"Get off me," mom finally ordered, panting, her body still pressed against the damp lawn, still speared by my rampant cock.

"Don't want to cum again Mrs. Miller?" I teased as I held her head down so her face was in the grass.

"I didn't," mom denied.

"I have more white sauce for my little Patty," I said with a laugh as I thrust in and out. Then I pulled out and sat kneeling between her legs. I smiled as she tried to scurry away and then caught her ankle just before she'd escaped. She tried to kick out but I simply twisted her ankle and f***ed her onto her back. There was as much excitement as there was fear reflected in her eyes as I stared down at her.

"I'll give you just five seconds...then I'm going to start screaming," she warned. "Five...four," she started as I got to my feet.


"Fuck you," I said as I bent and then hoisted my mother up on my shoulder and started to carry her towards the house.

"I'll scream, I will," she threatened softly.

"Too late for that now Mrs. Miller. Now where's your bedroom?"

"We can't...Stan will be home soon."

"Fuck Patty, your old man will be talking to his fishing buddies for the next two hours," I sneered, "he'll never miss you. Fuck, a woman like you and he's talking about fish," I added as I turned and moved towards my room. "Maybe we should call him and let him watch," I said as I marched down the hall towards my room.

"No...not that way...that's Will's room," mom protested as I walked into my bedroom and threw her down on my bed. "He could come home anytime...please..."

"Shit, he's going with that little Susie Woods girl isn't he? From what I've heard he's probably screwing both her and her mother about now."

"What? What do you mean?" mom asked, who, even while being ****d, was still curious about news of her son.

"My wife heard he's fucking both of them, that he gets a doubleheader a couple of times a week," I lied. "Apparently she heard it direct from the horse's mouth when they were both getting their hair done."

"Susie's mom is having sex with Will?" mom asked as I pulled her costume from her body and then tied her to the bed.

"Apparently he's well hung," I said as I spread her legs.

"He is?"

"Not as big as me," I promised as I took my thick cock into my left hand.

"Who are you?"

"I'm the guy you've been looking for ever since good old Graham kicked you out," I said with a sneer.

"He didn't kick me out," mom denied, too proud to admit she'd been dumped.

"Did you ever ask yourself why he dumped you Patty? Why a loser like him would drop the sexiest woman in town?" I asked as I climbed on top of my tethered mother.

I could see in her eyes that she had asked herself the question. Like probably a thousand times since he'd broken off the affair.

"After I broke his nose he started to come around...started to agree with me that it probably wasn't a good idea banging one of his employees," I said scornfully as I pushed my fat cockhead between the engorged, cum covered lips of mom's vagina.

"His nose? It was you who broke it? He said he'd run into a protruding beam," mom said as she lifted her hips up off the bed in an u*********s welcome to the thick sausage that was disappearing inside her.

"He was crying when I ran the knife blade up his cock Mrs. Miller. Yes Patty, I think I can honestly report that Mr. fucking Graham Parker hasn't been chasing any married tail for the last little while."

"But why?" she asked.

"Cause I wanted you Patricia, now shut up and fuck me."

"Make me you bastard," she challenged as her ankles locked together behind my back.

I did! Our screams were echoing around the room when we both came five minutes later.

There'd never been anything like this in my life before. It was as though some primeval gene had been awakened and set loose. Simply taking a woman whether she wanted to or not. Forcing her to like it. I realized that this was how sex should be. And I knew instinctively where this a****listic need had come from -- I'd inherited it from the woman lying, panting and sore, bruised and wet, needy and violent, open and dripping out my cum, on my bed. My mother. We were two of a kind.

"I want a set of keys," I ordered as I stood by the edge of the bed, feeding my sticky cock into mom's mouth, letting her clean it with her tongue.

"Why?" she asked after I'd pulled the saliva covered length slowly from between her lips.

"So when I want you I'll just come and get you Patty."

"I'm married...Stan, and Will. This was a mistake..."

"Fuck're mine now," I said as I grabbed her arm and started to march her towards the front door, her body bruised and naked, my semen sliding down her thighs.

"Who are you, tell me," she pled, holding onto my arm as I went to leave through the front door. I'd taken a full set of keys from the hall table.

"I'm going to put my baby in you Patty," I promised as I let my eyes slowly run up and down her body.

"I hate you...I never want to see you again...I'll call the're a bastard," were just some of the choice remarks my mom rained down on my departing back.


"Where were you? Was it that bastard Parker?" Dad demanded, his hate for the man obvious. As I watched them on the grainy tape I realized that maybe dad had known what had been going on.


"Who was it then?"

"I don't know."

"You don't fucking know!" dad screamed. "Weren't your fucking eyes open?"

"He was in a costume."

"You had sex with someone and you don't even know who it was? Are you crazy?" Dad asked incredulously.

"He ****d me," mom said softly.


"HE ****D ME," mom repeated, then in a softer voice added, "he caught me in the back garden...on our side."

"But...who," dad stammered, clearly stunned by the unexpected charge.

"I was coming home to get a bottle of rum...some ice...they were running out, I took the shortcut through the hedge."

"Running out?" dad muttered, still in a state of shock from mom's use of the word ****.

"When I cut through the hedge...I had just got through and then he grabbed me from behind...he pushed me to the ground...he had a costume on Stan...a mask, he was so strong," mom said with tears in her voice.

"What'd he do?" dad asked woodenly.

"He was the man who was wearing the 'Zorro' costume...I'd seen him at the party earlier," mom said, ignoring dad's question.

"You mean he's one of our friends? One of our neighbors? Who was he?"

"You must have seen him?"

"The guy with the cape? The full face mask?" dad asked. "Yeah, I think so."

"I had seen him in the house earlier...dancing with the woman dressed as a the bar...then by the pool later..." mom said softly.

"Christ he had a big hat on, his face was completely covered," dad remembered aloud. "I didn't talk to him, I didn't recognize him. He was tall though, I remember that."

"I didn't either," mom answered.

"What about his voice...shit, he's got to be one of our neighbors."

"It was muffled, the mask...and it was like he had something in his mouth. He said he'd wanted have sex with me for years."


"He said his wife had gone home to check on their k**s...that he was going to fuck me-"

"He's married? He has k**s Why didn't you scream?" dad demanded, his anger at mom creeping back into his voice.

"I tried to Stan...he slapped me, then taped my mouth...then he carried me into the house...up to Will's room."

"He ****d you in the house? In Will's room? Where was Will?"

"YES! Yes he fucked me in your son's room. On his god damm bed. I don't know where Will one of their parties. Who gives a shit Stan? He ripped the clothes from your wife and ****d her. Twice!"

"He did it twice?" dad asked.

"Then he made me clean him...with my mouth...suck him. Lick his sperm from it."

Daddy finally came to, finally came out of his stunned funk and asked, "Jesus, are you okay honey? Did he hurt you?" I watched as he engulfed mom in his arms.

", not really," she whispered.

"I'll take you to the hospital," he offered as he stroked mom's hair.

"Noooooo," mom moaned.


"I'll be okay...a**p."

"What about the police? You can't wash until-"

Mom didn't answer aloud but simply shook her head no.

"Did he use a condom?" dad asked, but then continued when he'd read the answer in mom's eyes. "The bastard...the fucking bastard. What if he has AIDS or something else? I'll kill him when I find him," he threatened.

I watched as he filled the bath tub, then watched as he carried his wife and placed her softly in the soap filled water. I watched as he lovingly cleaned my sperm from her body.

It's too late dad I wanted to yell, suddenly absolutely certain that my mother was going to have my baby. They didn't discuss the possibility of a c***d that night.


As the days passed the two simply let the matter drop. Dad's original gung-ho claim he was going to find the perpetuator and kill him slowly slid away. Within a couple of nights they'd tacitly decided that it didn't matter, that it was simply an aberrant event that had randomly struck them and the only thing to do was try and forget it and leave it in the past.

Three weekends later dad left for his annual fall hunting trip with his buddies, a trip they'd gone on for over twenty years. I heard him offer to stay home. "Its okay sweetie, I'll just tell the boys something has come up. I'm not leaving you now."

"Don't be silly honey," my mom answered, "I'm fine now, it's all over, we can't stop living our lives." After a couple of minutes dad agreed, obviously relieved that he could still go. Mom had never told dad that her r****t had their house keys, nor told him that he'd promised to return.

I waited til the Thursday night, the eve of dad's departure, before I told mom that Jimmy and I were driving to the coast for the weekend.

"But Will, I'd hoped you and I could spend some time together this weekend," she protested.

"I'm sorry...I'll stay if you absolutely need me," I'd answered in that needling tone that every American teenager uses with his parents when he wants something.

"No, no, you go," she'd quickly insisted, "I'll be fine. We'll do it another time." And as she said those words I couldn't help wondering if I hadn't seen a sly hope being born deep in my mom's eyes.


She was lying naked on her back on top of her sheets when I entered her room just after midnight the next night. I was naked except for the full face mask I wore. My cock was fully erect. The only light in the room was a little street light that seeped through the opening in the curtains and some light from the hallway that slipped by the bedroom door that I'd left ajar.

I straddled her sl**ping form, keeping most of my weight off her as I lifted first one, then her second hand, and attached them to the head posts of her bed with prepared ropes. My cock settled itself between mom's breasts as I worked.

"Nooooooo," mom wailed as she came awake and saw me above her.

"My little slut's been waiting for me hasn't she?" I gloated as I pushed her breasts together around my penis.

"Bastard," she cried as she struggled to free her hands.

"Open your mouth Mrs. Miller," I ordered as I slid my cockhead upwards through her tits until it rested on her closed lips.

"You prick," she yelled, as I squeezed my fingers into her cheeks and f***ed her mouth wide open. Then I pushed my cock inside. Held her jaws wide as I shoved deep into her throat. She was gagging, fighting for breath when I finally pulled out and slid down her body. Then rammed my saliva coated cock deep inside.

She was squirming, writhing under my heavy body, her face contorted in anger as I continued to thrust hard upwards towards the womb that had carried me for so many months. Then she started to scream her pleasure. She was loving it.

"Is that all you have, you bastard?" she demanded after I'd shot a heavy load of sperm into her spasm-ing insides.

"More?" I teased as I ran my hands roughly and possessively over mom's breasts and then down into the sticky dampness between her legs.

"I hate you."

"You love love my cock fucking you," I said as I pushed two fingers inside her.

"Why? You're married," she demanded.

"She's not like you...she's a cold bitch, I need a cock slut like you."

"I'm not," she denied even as she arched her hips up into my probing hand.

"We're made for each other bitch," I said as I untied her and laid her across my lap, then mixed caresses with sharp slaps to her firm, tight bum that I soon had glowing red under my onslaught.

I finally let her slip off my lap and down to her knees between my legs where she sat panting, her teary eyes staring at the snake again lengthening just inches from her mouth.

"It's ugly," she hissed as her left hand closed around him.

"You like it that he's so big don't you Patty," I teased, enjoying calling my mom by her first name. "Kiss it Patty, kiss the big cock."

"It's not that big," she insisted even as she started to pump me.

"It's better than Graham's isn't it? You should have seen him crying when I put my knife on it. He was afraid I was going to cut it off."

"You had no right."

"Much bigger than your husbands," I boasted.

"I love him," mom answered between long, moist licks up and down my shaft.

I fucked her all night, finally leaving just as dawn was approaching. "I'll be back ready," I warned as I left.

"I'll call the cops."

"Then you'll never feel this again," I said as I grabbed my penis and waved it at her.

"Who are you?" she demanded.

"I'm the man who comes and fucks you when you need it, that's who I am," I answered.

"I have to know...please, if we're going to continue to do this..."

"Of course we're going to continue...when I want," I said as I left her room.


She was waiting, naked, washed, and perfumed, her hair combed and lustrous, when I walked into her bedroom the next night. There were two candles casting romantic, flickering light on my body as I moved toward her bed. "Fuck me," she ordered, "fuck your little slut Patty."

I did! Then I took her ass. Mrs. Patricia Miller was in love with her son's cock! The respected real estate agent, the popular community mom, the loving wife, was unmasked, simply becoming a screaming dervish when impaled on her son's big cock. The reasoning human being was gone, the a****l born.

In the weeks and months that followed we'd come together randomly. A crashing, violent, smashing together of two hungry a****ls. Lust and need. Love. Hunger.

Then on Christmas day mom and dad announced to me that I was going to have a s****r (or so they hoped). I acted suitably surprised even though I'd heard them discussing it for a couple of weeks. I'd heard worried, whispered conversations in their private sanctuary that my cameras and microphones had easily caught.

"It could be his," mom had said worriedly. "Maybe it would be better if I had an abortion."

"What if its mine...I've always wanted another."

"Another man's baby?"

"Its mine. I know it is," dad insisted.

"We could try again...later...after I take care-"

"Its murder," dad said, an imploring tone in his voice.

"Will is leaving next fall...we'll be all alone," mom conceded, "It would be nice to start again."

"I love you Patty," dad promised as his hand softly caressed my mother's stomach.

Over a couple of nights I listened to their soul searching, until they finally agreed they wanted it. Mum was going to have my baby.

I continued to fuck her. Every two or three weeks I'd do her. No warning. At home...or I'd call and tell her to meet me at one of the houses she was showing...or at Graham's cabin. I loved the afternoon I spend sexing her on Graham's bed.

I was always masked. And strangely, after a while she stopped asking who I was. I think in some way it made the sex even better for her.

In April, I told dad and mom I wasn't going to go to university the next fall.

"What?" they'd both screeched.

"I don't want to miss the first year of my s****r's life, I'll go next year," I said quietly.

We argued for weeks until we came to an agreement: I'd take off one year but promised to go in September 2008. And I'd spend the year working for dad's company, learning the ropes. I'd worked there the last two summers and knew that dad loved having me there with him.

My s****r Vanessa was born July 31st 2007, a seven pound nine ounce dark haired beauty. I was a father!

Three weeks later, in late August, masked, I sucked milk from my mother's breasts for the first time in almost twenty years, sucked at her fat teats even as my cock plunged repeatedly into her depths.

I enjoyed working full time, and was even able, with my knowledge of computers and the internet, to come up with some ideas to grow Dad's business.

Dad was even approached by one of the big Carolina based banks in late September, a group interested in acquiring Miller Investments. Dad let me sit in on the meeting, a meeting in which he showed a complete lack of interest in their opening eighteen million dollar offer to buy him out.

"Why would I sell?" he asked me later as he and mom and I ate dinner. "We got all the money we need and when I'm ready to retire you can take over." Mom agreed with him completely. They were both happy with life.

I was less so.


I walked quietly into the den at just past seven thirty that night. Mom hadn't known I'd already got home and I'd waited until she was feeding Vanessa, both breasts bared, before I'd entered the room. I watched for seconds silently until she looked up and noticed me.

"Will! I didn't know you were back," mom said as she tried to cover her unoccupied breast with her hand.

"She's always hungry, isn't she," I asked, as I watched my daughter's lips sucking noisily at her mother's nipple.

Mom, although she usually fed Vanessa wearing a garment that was more modest, wasn't particularly upset that I was watching. In the three months since my daughter's birth I'd often seen her at my mother's breast.

"I'll say," mom agreed.

"She's lucky," I said with a smile as I sat down next to her on the couch.

"Why?" mom asked, and I knew her well enough to know she was fishing for a compliment, even if I was her son.

"Can I have some?" I asked boldly, licking my lips.

"You're crazy, why would you want to do that?" she asked softly, not rejecting the idea completely.

"I can't remember what it tastes like. Did you like it when I was a baby and suckled? What's it feel like? Is it different than when..." I let the question die as I slowly cupped mom's free breast.

"Different than what?" mom asked softly, her eyes boring into mine, not protesting my fingers as the stretched out her fat teat.

"Different than when it's a man and a woman...I mean different than if it was me and Susie," I answered, lowering my head to her breast even as my eyes remained locked on hers.

"It's different Will," mom whispered as my lips closed around her teat and I joined my daughter in drinking from mom.

"Oh baby," she groaned as I hungrily sucked in her creamy nourishment, as she held the back of my head cupped in her hand and held me tight against her fat tit.

We were both embarrassed, or at least feigned it, when I finally pulled back from her breast, a line of milk sliding down from the corner of my mouth.

I backed out of the room stuttering out half sentences, "I should shower...pick up Susie at nine...costume...I liked tastes..."

Mom was blushing, I knew she was feeling the same a****listic desires as I. It was Halloween!


I took my time showering and getting ready. Of slowing putting the Zorro costume on. A costume that had lain hidden for months in a box at the back of my cupboard.

"Noooo! Not now," ma squealed when I entered her bedroom twenty minutes later. "Will's still here, Stan could be back any minute."

"Your husbands been delayed Mrs. fact he won't be back tonight," I said in my r****ts voice. I unswirled the cape from around me as I spoke, exposing my erect manhood that was protruding proudly from my open fly.

"Will's upstairs...he could come down any minute," mom wailed.

"You let him suck your breasts," I accused.

"You saw?"

"It's okay, I took care of him," I said ominously as I threw my hat across the room.

"What did you do?" mom demanded as she started towards me and the door behind me, fear for her son clear in her eyes.

"He'll be all right," I said soothingly as I grabbed one of her hands.

"And where's Stan?"

"It's our anniversary Patty, don't you remember?" I asked as I unzipped my pants and let them fall to my ankles. I wasn't wearing underwear. I slowly f***ed her down, pushing on the top of her head until she finally fell to her knees between my legs. I undid the buttons on my shirt and then let it fall off my shoulders as her mouth opened and she took me in.

After a minute of licking my penis she spat it out and then looked up into my eyes and hissed, "God I hate you. You prick," she added as her saliva covered tongue reached out and licked a drop of pre cum from the tip of my straining cock. She bit down twice, just hard enough to hurt.

"Suck it slut," I ordered, suddenly speaking in my own voice, Will's voice, as I thrust between her lips. It took her three or four seconds before my words registered, and when she finally looked up at me, a confused look in her eyes, she saw me pulling the mask from my face.

She tried to scream out my name, but all her words were muffled as I held the sides of her head viselike in my hands, not allowing her to reject the cock that her genes had helped make. I finally pulled it slowly out.

"It was always you?" she asked, an almost manic gleam in her eyes.

"Yes mommy."

"You bastard," she hissed but I could see a strange happiness in her eyes.

"Did you think you could fuck the whole town without me finding out? Without me doing something?" I demanded as I pulled her to her feet.

"I could with your daddy," she answered as she leaned against me, challenging me with both her words and body.

"I'm the daddy now slut," I said derisively as I lifted her up and grabbing her ass moved her so my cockhead was at her slit.

"You're can''re a boy...its against the law," my mother railed even as her hand slipped between our bodies and grabbed my cock.

"Put it in mommy," I ordered as I lifted her up and down, my strong hands easily holding her firm ass.

"Make me," she dared while squeezing the lips of her vagina over my bulbous cockhead that was glistening with pre cum and her saliva.

It was different this time, even wilder and crazier than ever before. With both of us knowing that we were breaking every societal convention in this wild, i****tuous coupling. There was no Halloween mask this time to hide our complicity, our perversions.

"I LOVE YOU," my mother screamed when we finally orgasmed together ten minutes later. Of course she loved me. She'd made me...nurtured me...taught me...fucked me...

We slept together that night for the first time. We dreamed of each other even as our bodies lay side by side. She was smiling, a devilish look in her eyes, when I awoke the next morning. Her hand was around my erect cock.

"It poked me...woke me...your cock," were her first words.

"It wants another do I," I said sl**pily.

"Good," she answered as she rolled on top of me and directed my cock inside her.


An hour...or maybe two hours later she asked, "What are we going to do? About daddy? Gosh, he'll be home soon..."

"Daddy's gone."

"What do you mean? Gone where?" she asked.

"It wasn't working...he was too old... he's passed now," I told my mother, my lover, my wife, my slave...

"Passed where?"

It hadn't been an easy decision, hell I'd loved my dad. But he'd had a pretty good life. And how happy would he have been when he found out his wife was sl**ping with his son? It was better this way for him.

And he hadn't suffered...I'd made sure of that. His body would be found...maybe not for a month or two...but it'd be found...he'd be buried...everything would work out for him.

We'd probably sell the company after a couple of months...we each got fifty percent under dad's will...Maybe move to Hawaii...that'd be a great place to raise two daughters...

I'd take care of his wife...she certainly wouldn't be sl**ping with anyone but a Miller man from now on...

"What'd you do?" mom asked.

"We'll talk later mom," I answered as I pushed her back down onto the bed


... Continue»
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jhon and mom

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I had intercourse for the first time when I was 14 years old. I fucked
my mother. And it wasn't her idea; it was mine. I was only 14, but I
seduced my beautiful 29 year-old Mom. I'm sure committing i****t never
entered her mind until I became obsessed with idea of fucking my Mom
and deliberately set out to corrupt her. I look at old photographs and
I realize that I was a very good-looking k** at 14, except if you saw
the picture you would probably guess I was only 12. My growth didn't
begin until I was 16 and then I shot up fast. Not that you'd mistake
me for a basketball player; I'm just 6 feet. I might have been small
for 14, but I was very advanced mentally. I was only in the 1st grade
3 weeks and they jumped my to second grade, I was no genius, but I was
very smart. Obviously I was born with a strong sex drive. My Mom once
told me I was always playing with myself from the time I was 2 years
old. I know that when I was ten I got a hard on almost every night and
stroked my cock till I fell asl**p. My cock, now there is a funny
thing. I was physically small for my age everywhere but between my
legs. At 14 I had 6-inch long dick and it was a thick one. As far as
my sex drive, it shouldn't have surprised my Mom because I later
learned she was playing sex games with her older b*****r since she was
7 years old. And she was younger than me the first time someone
fucked her. When she began school she was a very pretty girl and kept
getting prettier. All the boys were after her and I guess she
satisfied most of them. So I definitely inherited my sex drive from
her. I inherited something, as well. A gene that open to i****t.

I've told you a lot of personal stuff, but let me introduce myself.
My name is Billy Davis; my mother is Susan Davis. When my mother
divorced my father she went back to her maiden name and had mine
legally changed to match hers. We lived in the south and my mother
married when she just turned 15 and I was born a week later. I missed
by 7 days being a bastard. A girl getting pregnant and married at 15
wasn't all that unusual in the south back then, and she stayed in
school until she got her high school diploma. My father was only 17;
but he had a job at his father's garage. As a matter of fact, by the
time he deserted us he was a master mechanic. And desert us he did
when I was 6 years old. He had been a good father, took me places,
taught me how to throw a baseball over the plate, how to fish, and
lots of other things a young boy should know. Even how to fight dirty
if some big k** bothered me. The first time a bully tried to beat me
up I was 9 and the k** was 12, big for his age and almost fat. He was
the school bully. I used some of what my Dad taught me. As he started
to throw his first punch, I kneed him in the balls and stamped as hard
as i could on his toes. Boy did he yell. Of course he eventually did
beat me up, but I never stopped swinging and kicking so I know I hurt
him some. He had me on the ground but I kept going until some k**s
broke it up. I found then bullies leave you alone if they know you'll
fight back, and probably hurt them even if they win. That applies to
anyone, so I never got in a real fight again.

So I only have good thoughts about my father, but one day he was gone
forever. When he left us he was only 23 and my Mom 20. Eventually my
mother divorced him; she told me my Dad had weakness for very young
girls and had runaway with a 14-year-old. We never saw him again. When
he left, we moved in with her mother, her Dad was dead. A year later
my mother's luck suddenly changed dramatically for the better. Her
father's bachelor b*****r died and left everything to my mother. Every
thing consisted of small 7-acre farm in another town, and $6000. We
moved immediately. Of course, my mother didn't attempt to operate the
farm, but the farmhouse was a 2-bedroom wood frame built 70 years ago
and built to last. The neighborhood around the farm had become almost
residential when we moved in and Mom sold off 4 one-acre house lots at
a nice profit. My mother used some of the money to modernize the
kitchen and paint the house; all the rest is just as it was built. The
remaining money lasted long enough to pay the taxes and utilities for
a few years at a standard of living similar to a f****y not much above
the poverty line. Mom had become a very good seamstress and used the
small room off the living room my grandfather had used as an office,
to open a tailoring business. It flourished and now we are what I
guess they call working class or lower middle class or what ever. In
short we are no longer poor.

My Mom was very smart and was not just pretty, she was a knock out. A
lovely face ringed by genuine blonde hair and a body any model or
Hollywood star would have traded for in an instant. Had she been born
outside the South, or there just a few years later, with her brains
and looks her life would have been entirely different. Or maybe it
wouldn't have mattered. Once our life as lovers began my mother joked
she was a born slut. I think she was and, as it turned out, a taste
for i****t. As a result of her early marriage, when I was 14 my
mother was only 29. But she looked no older than a college coed. Slim,
blonde, with legs up to her armpits. Sometimes when she was walking
down the street a car full of teenage boys would honk the horn and
wave. Imagining seeing her totally nude would turn anybody on. The
fateful moment for me had happened when I was 5. I had been sent to
play with a friend at his house, but we had gotten into fight about
something and his mother brought me home early. When I came through
the back door into the kitchen I heard my Mom's voice from the living
room. She was shouting: "Fuck me, Billy, pound your prick into me!" I
sneaked over to the living room door and peeked in. My Mom and Dad
were on the rug, both naked. He was on top, ramming his cock into her.
Of course, at 5 I didn't know it was called a cock, but I saw what he
was doing. I heard my mother shouting, "Fuck me. Oh God fuck me." And
then my Dad shouted back. "I didn't marry you because you were the
prettiest girl in school, I married you because you were the biggest
slut. And I wanted a girl who loved to fuck and was good at it as I
was." My Mom yelled, "Well, fuck me like I was a slut, pound that big
prick into me." I sneaked away, but I loved my Mom and someday I
wanted to do what my Dad was doing to her. And from then on every time
I touched my dick I fantasized about it. As I got older and knew more
and more about sex my fantasies became wilder and wilder. And now at
14 when my prick was big enough and I could cum off, I was desperate
to do it.

I was smart enough to realize what I wanted would be wrong and getting
my mother to have sex with her own son would not be easy. For 2 years
I fantasized how to do it and many ideas came to me and were rejected
as exciting to imagine, but not possible in the real world. Then when
I reached 14 a thought came that I believed might work. And it did! A
day came when my young 14-year-old body was lying on top of my mother,
both of us naked, my cock plunging in and out of my Mom's cunt. But
before I tell you the story, it's important to I relate an event that
occurred just before I seduced my mother, but later had a very large

A year before our i****t began, a young boy moved into a house a
little way down the street from us. I learned that the boy's parents
had been killed in an auto accident and he came to live with his Aunt.
I saw the k** only rarely; he seemed to stay in the house most of the
time. One day I was walking home from school when I heard k**s behind
me shouting, "Get the queer!" I stopped and turned around. There were
five what looked like 10 or 11 year old boys chasing the k** who had
moved in down the street. When he tried to pass me I grabbed him. "Let
me go," he shouted, " they'll beat me up!" I held him and the chasers
stopped when they reached me. At 13 I was a lot bigger and stronger
than these boys so I tried to sound authoritive as I could. "What the
hell is going on here?"
"He's a queer. He tries to get boys to fuck him in his ass!" the
boldest one answered. I replied, "Then he deserves it, give him a good
beating! Which one of you has he tried to get to do it?" They looked
at one another. Their spokesman said, "None of us would ever do that,
we're not queer! But everyone in the 6th grade knows he is." I
continued to stare at their spokesman. "I understand. Did who ever
told you say he was one of those this k** asked to fuck him?" I could
see the spokesman was looking a little unsure of himself, "I don't
know" "What's your name?" I asked.

"Teddy Delvico." I nodded my head, "I thought I recognized you. But I
don't understand why you're chasing this k**. Everyone in the high
school knows you asked two guys on the football team if they wanted to
do it with you." The k** blanched. "That's a lie! I'm not queer! I
never did that!" The other four k**s focused their eyes on him. "I'm
not queer!" he shouted again. "Why should I believe you when
everyone in the high schools says it's true? You believe what you
claim everyone says about this boy. Or should I not pay any attention
to rumors unless I know myself? "

The k**s got the point; they hung their heads and shuffled their feet.
I said, "But you should stay away from him" I looked at the boy,
"What's your name?" "Alex." "Are you the new k** on my street?"
"Yes." "Then I know all about you and you are a bad guy. You boys,
stay away from Alex here."

The one who said his name was Teddy asked, "What did he do?" I shook
my head, "I can't tell you, but my cousin lives in the town he came
from and when this k** moved in I asked him to check him out. I don't
want to get any rumors started so I won't tell you what he told me,
but, believe me, it's bad."

"We won't tell anyone," they exclaimed almost as one voice. I nodded,
"Well, I guess the lesson I just gave you says I can trust you not to
pass on rumors. Alex was arrested when he was 9 years old. Of course
he was too young to go to jail, but no one wanted him in the town so
that's why he's living here. Now this is secret just between us;
that's all I'm going to say." One of the 5 piped up, "You can trust
us, you should tell us his crime so we'll know why to keep away from
him." I hesitated and then, "Okay, but I'm trusting you to keep it a
secret. One day the woman who lived across the street saw Alex and the
8-year old girl who lived next door go into his garage. The lady was a
busy-body so she kept watching. When they didn't come out she tried to
call Alex's mother and the mother of the girl, but no one was home. So
she called the police. The cops found Alex and the girl naked and she
was letting him do dirty things to her."

Alex was staring at me with wide-open eyes, but he said nothing. The
five k**s were almost drooling. The one named Teddy asked. "What kind
of things was the girl letting him do?" I snapped, "I've already told
you more than I should. The things the girl let him do are his
business. Now remember, you better keep your mouths shut! Put up your
right hand, boys, do you swear to keep this a secret and stay away
from Alex?" The five of them solemnly said, "I do!" When I said no
more they ran off.

"Come on, Alex, I'll walk you home." He looked up at me and said,
"What you told those boys are all lies." I answered, "I know, I was
making it up as I went along. Tomorrow every boy in the 6th grade will
believe you've done things they've all fantasized about. They'll all
want to be your buddy and have you tell them all the details of what
you did with the girl next store. Just make things up that 11-year-old
boys would do if they could get a girl naked in a garage. And only
tell things a little bit at a time. Make them work hard to coax it out
of you. Believe me, no one will ever believe you're a queer." The k**
nodded at me and smiled.

"Of course, some k**s may tell their mother about the rumors, but the
worst that can happen is they'll believe it and tell the k** not to
play with you. Who cares, right? And when their mother tells them not
to play with you they'll want to all the more." Alex nodded his head
and asked, "Why did you do this?" "For a couple of reasons. One, I
don't give a shit if you like boys to fuck you up or ass or not. If
you do, you're not one of those swishy fairies I hate. Second, I don't
like to see k**s gang up on someone. Finally, you're sorta a neighbor
and neighbors should stick together." As we walked he kept looking up
at me like I was a hero to him or his big b*****r or something. I
swear he wanted me to reach out and hold his had! It made me very
uncomfortable. After that we never spoke again, but he would wave
whenever he saw me. I never imagined that someday all this would

The Story

Chapter 1

Although my mother was single and more than attractive, I knew she
didn't like to go the honky tonks that in the Deep South was where you
met men, all of them wanting to get into my mothers pants. It was
almost two years since the last time she dated a guy a few times, and
I was sure got laid. However, I could remember that before my father
left, to my 5 and 6 year old mind, it seemed they were always telling
me to go play and locking themselves in the bedroom. And she must
have began fucking very early if she was knocked up at 15. My Mom was
obviously a woman with hot pants, and not getting as much sex as she
needed. I figured my Mom was ripe to seduce. One night I laid down on
my bed naked, stroking my 6-inch cock. I had left my bedroom door
partly open. My light was on and I was certain my mother would glance
in when she walked by. She would get a good look at the size of my
prick and her son jerking off. I heard her come up the stairs and I
closed my eyes and stroked my cock as fast as I could. After a minute
I opened them and caught a glimpse of my mother as she quickly walked
away. Obviously she had stood and, for a few seconds, had watched me.
In the morning, she didn't mention it.

The very next night when I heard my mother on the stairs I repeated my
performance with the door open wider. Again I kept my eyes closed as I
stroked my prick, but I could tell that mother's footsteps had stopped
just outside the door. I knew my Mom must be standing there watching
her son jerk off. The fact that she stayed there seeing me stroke my
prick I believed meant it was turn on for her. I suddenly opened my
eyes and she was right there looking in. She didn't move and we locked
eyes for a few seconds, then she slowly turned and walked away. I felt
a surge of lust that shot 2 bursts of cum 10 inches in the air and two
smaller spurts that oozed out of my cock. All of the cum landed on my
stomach. Again I felt so overwhelmingly horny that I scooped it up and
pushed into my mouth and I gulped it down.

I am sure millions of mothers have stumbled on their sons masturbating
and doubtless acted in million different ways. But I doubt many were
turned on, so sexually stimulated that thoughts of i****t began to
enter their mind. But I was sure my Mom was thinking about it. I
believe that there must be something in my mother's genes that had
been activated by the sight of her son lying naked beating his young
cock. As I later learned, her sex life began when she was 7 and it had
been with her b*****r. But if I had not done what I did, her i****t
gene would never have surfaced. It had to have been there or she would
not have reacted as she did.

However, as promising as my Mom's actions had been there was still no
assurance that my cock would soon be in her cunt. That came the next
night. I undressed but kept my door shut. After a time I heard my
mother walk past. I waited a few minutes and then opened my door wide;
my prick was a hard as a rock and already leaking pre-cum. I began to
stroke it and when I felt an ejaculation was near slowed the pace
until the feeling had temporarily faded. While I was jerking off I
groaned as if I was overwhelmed with pleasure. I knew my mother
couldn't fail to hear me so I watched the open door. Almost
immediately she appeared and stood there looking in. I stared directly
in her eyes and for a moment our eyes locked; then she returned to
intently watching me stroke my prick. My own mother watching me
masturbate triggered a blast of white cum shooing into the air. From
my stomach I scooped up a big glob of cum and, as my mother looked on,
I smiled, sucked it off my fingers and swallowed. As I did it I kept
smiling at her and she was smiling back. I scooped up more cum and
brazenly held my hand out towards her. She looked, gave her head a
little shake 'no', and walked back to her room. Remembering that smile
I spontaneously erupted again. That night I got to taste and swallow a
double load.

How was I going to get her to actually commit i****t, let me actually
fuck my mother? I instinctively knew it had to occur naturally, not
just "Okay Mom, can I fuck you?" When I came down to breakfast next
morning my mother was already there. She proceeded to act if nothing
had happen the last three nights. "What do you want for breakfast
"Just cereal, Mom; I can get it myself." I filled a bowl with Wheat
Chexs, added milk and sugar, sat down and began to eat. "Billy, I've
already had my breakfast, but I'll sit with you and have another cup
of coffee. We need to talk about something. Why do you want me watch
you jerk off. That's not a natural thing to do."
"Well you did watch and last night you smiled and winked. You must
have liked seeing me jerk off."
"You're absolutely right. That's why we've got to put a stop to this
before it gets out of hand. What made you suddenly to start flaunting
yourself at me, your own mother?"
'I might as well say it out loud. Because I've wanted to fuck you
since I was 5 years old."
"Five years old! My God, what could put a thought like that when you
were 5?"
I told her how I had watch my Dad fucking her and heard all the
raunchy things she was shouting. "Every since then I wanted to be on
top of you and you say to me, 'Fuck me, oh God fuck me' and say 'I'm a
slut and I want you to ram that cock into me as hard as you can'.
That's what I want."
"I actually said those things and you still remember?"
"Yes, like it was yesterday. I want you to love me like a son. But I
want to be your secret lover, too. Look how excited I get just talking
to you about it." And I pushed my shorts down to my knees and my 6
inch prick was standing straight up."
"Billy, a mother having sex with her 14 year old son is simply wrong.
Now pull up your pants or I'm just going to walk away. Oh, God, this
is terrible; talking to my son like this has me a little turned on,
"Are you tempted to feel your son's cock in your cunt?'
"You shouldn't be using those kind of words to your mother."
"What word?"
"Cock and cunt and prick and fuck! Why do I get a tingle in my pussy
when I say them to my young son? So it all ends right now. I'm going
to go up stairs and get dressed and go grocery shopping and we'll both
pretend none of this has happed!" And she did just that. I found a
note after she had left that after shopping she was going to visit her
s****r and I should get my own supper.

The next morning Mom and I ate breakfast and neither of us said much
more than "Good Morning" or "Want me to get you another cup of
coffee?" Then sounding bright and cheerful I said, "This is going to
be another scorcher so why don't we go swimming?"
"Well, I have no customers until after lunch, but I just don't feel
like digging out my bikini. Then drive to the park. And around the
pool and beach there'll be a million little k**s racing around and
"I didn't mean the park, I meant the river right behind our house."
"Don't be silly, Billy. You know all along the river there's at least
25 feet of scrub trees and thorny bushes. You can't even see the river
until winter when all the leaves are down."
I smiled at my Mom, "That's why it's perfect; you can't see the river
from the trail along it unless you walk a couple of hundred yards to
where the city has cleared everything to make the public beach.
Otherwise there's no way to get to the river without a machete. But
some of my buddies decided to make a place where we could swim with no
one seeing us. So we could swim naked."
I told my mother how we had taken tools from our fathers' collections
and spent a whole morning hacking our way to the river. We then
cleared an area for a little beach. Johnny had the idea to leave some
of the thorn bushes where our path started. Bushes we could pull away
when we wanted to get to the river, but would make it hard to spot our
path from the trail if you didn't know it was there. We used it all
the time.."
My mother laughed, "You little devils! Did any one find it?"
"We never saw any signs of it. It was great. We could swim whenever we
felt like it and we didn't have to wear a bathing suit. So you see,
you and I could cool off in the river by just getting up from the
table and walking down the back yard to the river." Of course I made
it sound easier than it was; remember this had originally been a farm
and from where I stopped mowing our yard, there were 2 acres of tall
grass. "Come on Mom, be a sport. It'll be fun. Just like when you were
a k**.."

My mother sat looking at me for a minute and then stood up. "Okay, you
talked me into it. It's nice for a mother and son to do something
together." I thought, "Yeah, like me pushing my cock between your
pussy lips and fucking you hard!" And so we walked down to the trail
along the river. "I don't see any path, Billy"
"Good, but it's right here," And using a stick we kept lying just off
the trail, I pulled back some thorn bushes and there it was. My mother
laughed and started down the path. I followed after using the stick to
pull the thorn bushes back. The narrow path zigzagged and then there
was a small cleared area with the river very slowly drifting by. Under
our feet was a soft layer of dirt (a mess when it rained). Over the
years my buddies had stolen bags of weed killer their homes until the
soil here and along the path was probably so chemically saturated
nothing would grow for a hundred years.
My mother stood looking at the river and smiling. "Okay Mom," I said,
"let's get undressed and go for a swim. Remember I told you no bathing
suits here."
Of course when I first suggest it, my Mom must have know I hadn't
dropped the idea of i****t. And over night she must have thought about
it and her sex drive must have taken control of her better judgment.
My Mom replied, "I'm still a little nervous. Anyone can see us from
across the river. There's no trees or bushes there."
"Come on, Mom. You know across the river is a quarter mile of
abandoned cotton fields. Someday maybe someone will put in one of
those housing developments, but no one ever comes there now." When my
mother didn't move I decided the time had come for action. While she
looked on I took off my Tee shirt, stuck my thumbs into my shorts and
underwear, pushed them down to my ankles and stepped out of then.
There I stood naked, just a few feet separating my mother and my hard

Mom looked at me, "Billy, you know you're a little small for 14, but
in some ways you're a lot bigger than most boys your age." I smiled,
brazenly stroked my cock twice and dove into the water. My mother
watched me swim across the river. When I swam back I stood up at the
shallow place in front of the riverbank. The water reached only to my
knees. My cock was still sticking straight out, hard as a rock. "Come
on Mom, you've got to come in." All my plans depended on what my
mother did next. She turned her back to me and slowly undressed. When
she had finished I stood holding my prick and staring at a beautiful
round, naked ass, smooth as white silk with an inviting crack running
down the center. My own mother's naked ass! A thrill ran through my
body, it was certain now that very soon my cock would be in my
mother's pussy.
"You know, Billy, I'm your mother. I shouldn't be standing in front of
you naked."
"I know Mom, but I want you to turn around so much, you've simply got
to do it"
She said, "It's an awful, forbidden thing I'm doing Billy," and she
turned around to face me. She was 29, but with her youthful body she
could have been 18. I gawked at my Mom's petite, firm tits, her flat
stomach and where her narrow waist widen into the beautiful ass I had
just admired. Her long legs were perfectly shaped and where they
joined, surrounded by a thin thatch of blonde hair, was the object I
had for so long desired. Her cunt. Her pubic hair was not thick so her
cunt lips were visible through the blonde strands, and I suddenly
ejaculated. As the thick white fluid suddenly spurted from the end of
my prick into the river, it caused my mother to gasp in surprise. Then
Mom said something that granteed what our secret relationship was
going to be. She said, "Billy you shouldn't be wasting that cum in the
"Oh Mom, it's just that you're so beautiful you made me cum-off just
looking at you. You can't imagine how exciting it is to look at your
mother's pussy while standing in front of her with a hard-on!"
"That's the trouble Billy, I know how exciting it is because I know
how I feel with my 14-year-old-son looking at and talking about his
mother's cunt. I also know what a terrible thing I'm doing. But when I
think about it, for me i****t seems to magnify sexual excitement until
it's overpowering. I wish I had more willpower, but I don't."

My body shivered with pleasure as my mother climbed down into the
river. She was a strong swimmer and made it effortlessly to the
opposite shore, although looking a bit awkward because she was keeping
her hair from getting wet. She swam back and stood in front of me at
the river's edge. Two naked bodies, one the mother, the other her son.
"We might as well say it, you and I going to fuck. We're going to
start feeling about each other as lovers.
"O God yes! I've fantasized about it, jerked off thinking about it
since I was 5, so yes, I want to be your lover! I want to find out
what it feels like to have my prick in your cunt. My own mother's
'There's a word for what we're doing, Billy. It's a terrible word."
"Sure. I'm 14. I know the word is "i****t". And for me that's what
make this so extra exciting; we're doing something we shouldn't be
"Oh God, I know it, Billy. The thought of my 14-year-old son fucking
his mother makes my cunt begin to leak my pussy juice. And it
shouldn't! I should put the thought out of my mind. March right back
up to the house and never mention any of this again."
"Oh Mom, please. You're not going to do that are you?"
"No, I'm going to lie down on that blanket, spread my legs and
say....come on, son, screw your mother." I almost had another
spontaneous ejaculation!
When she was lying on the blanket she spread her legs as wide as she
could, and bent her knees in until her feet were together. Now her
pussy lips were wide apart and I could see the pink folds inside. My
Mom smiled, 'This is the raunchiest pose I can take, Billy. It's a
terrible sin to let my own son see me this way, but I want you to see
your mother looking as wanton as a slut because I know you want to. In
your fantasies I must have looked like the this."
I looked down at my Mom's slit. The lips were puffy, and love juice
was leaking from her cunt and dribbling down her ass. It was a lovely
sight and it told me that my mother wanted to be fucked by her son
just as much I wanted to put my shaft in that wet and waiting pussy.!

Chapter 2

My mother on her back, spreading her legs for me left me speechless. I
immediately dropped down on my knees between her legs and lowered
myself till my young cock was just touching my Mom's pussy lips. And
then I did what I had dreamed of for so long. Her pussy was already
wet and lubricated by her pussy juice so I plunged my prick as deep as
could into her cunt and began to fuck my mother.
As I pumped my mother said. "Ooohhhh......That feels so wonderful..... I
haven't had a cock in me for almost two years, and the guy's cock
might have been a little bigger, but it didn't come close to how good
yours feels inside. Let me savor it for a minute before you start
pumping. Oh god, this shouldn't feel so good. It's an awful thing I'm
doing, allowing my 14 year old son to fuck me. I'm a terrible mother."
"No your not", I cried, "you're a wonderful mother. For most mothers
and sons, the mother letting her son fuck her probably would be wrong,
but not for us. No other son would become obsessed with fucking his
mother just because he saw her dong it for a few seconds when he was 5
years old. I'm not so dumb that I didn't know that doing such a thing
was forbidden, what I wanted to do was wrong, but that made me want to
do it all the more. I wasn't interested in any of the sexy girls at
school I should have been fantasizing about. I wanted my mother and
no one else. And I wouldn't have my prick in my mother's cunt right
now if, like me, you didn't want to commit i****t. We're a mother and
son who were meant to fuck."
"I'm afraid you're right. The thought of sex with my 14-year-old son
never entered my mind. But, like when you suddenly wanted me when you
saw me having sex with your Dad, the moment a I saw you with your
prick hard in your hand and cum shooting out of it, all I could think
of was that I wanted it in me. So, no matter how wrong i****t is, I
want you to fuck me now, pump that cock of yours in and out of your
mother's cunt as hard as you can!"
I shivered because my Mom wasn't talking to me like her 14-year-old
son, but like a sex partner. Talking about cocks and cunts and
cum-off. The whole situation was so overwhelmingly exciting that I
knew I would cum off pretty quickly. And I knew that when the feeling
started I would not be able to hold it back.
My mother surprised me as we fucked; she was groaning "Aaahhh....Am I
really fucking my 14 year old son? I love it....ahhhh," as she said it
she shuddered. Mom seemed to be swept up on a wave of passion. "Oh
God ....fuck your mother ..... screw your mother .....oohhh .....fuck.....
oooooh fuck me hard!." She flung out obscenity after obscenity,
completely consumed with the act of i****t. "Oh Billy, I want your
cock in your mother everywhere ...... I'd love your cock up my my
mouth.....oh yeah.......fuck harder......I wish I could suck your prick while
you fuck me......oooooh..... I don't want this to stop.......pound me...... fuck
your wicked mother!" I realized she liked dirty talk and so did I.
"Yes, Mom, your son has his cock in your pussy......." I felt her
shudder. "In a minute your son is going to fill your pussy with
cum-off. Your own son's cum-off is going into our cunt, Mom." My
mother seemed nearly out of control. "Fuck .....fuck...fuck .........I love
your prick in me....Oh god, I love being fucked by my son!" She had
lifted her ass from the ground and was thrusting upwards in an effort
to get my cock in deeper. I shouted, "I've got my prick in my own
mother's cunt!". Hearing myself say those words was too much for me.
I came off and the feeling was ten times more intense than I had ever
"I feel your cum shooting into me, Billy, and it's making me have an
orgasm .... Ooooooo ... there's another. Don't stop. Billy. Keep fucking
me until you go soft. ........ahhhhh.....the orgasms keep coming.....Oh God,
this is so good."

We had both had enjoyed massive climaxes, but my cock was still
rock-hard. I said, "We both had so much pent up anticipation of what
we were going to do that when we did it we both came too soon. Do you
feel how stiff my prick still is?"
"Oh, I do! Fuck your mother again, Billy fuck your mother again!" As I
began to pump her pussy again Mom kept calling out, "Oh, God, I love
my son screwing me....ooohhh, your mother is depraved, Billy, she
can't get enough of her son's cock......fuck me, fuck me, baby
.....Ooooooo!" Obscene talking with my mother had gripped me. "You're
a terrible mother, letting your son fuck you..... you're my mother and
on your back pleading for your son to ram it to you!" "That's
right!.... Ram it to your mother.....keep your young boy cock plunging
in and out of your mother......ooooh this is so horny......fuck me
harder, Billy.....fuck your raunchy mother harder!"
I was now so carried away with what we were doing and saying that all
I could do was put my face close to my mother and keep calling out,
"Fuck....fuck....fuck!" I began to feel a climax rising in my groin as
my mother almost screamed, "I want my son to fill his mother's cunt
with cum.....oh, God.....I want you up my ass, in my mouth....oh,
Billy, your mother wants her son to fuck her everywhere.....
Ohhh.....your giving your mother multiple orgasms, you
cum in me!" Her timing was perfect, my young body shuddered and
semen erupted from my prick with the power of a fire hose, "There it
is, Mom, there's what you wanted your son to give you!" My mother was
actually writhing with passion as I filled her. When it finally ended,
in our exhaustion, we lay against one another for a long time. I don't
think anyone but an i****tual mother and son could have felt as
excited and sexually fulfilled as we did.

"Oh Billy, your mother has never had anything feel that good. I wish
you had seduced me when you were 10! When I imagine me fucking a
10-year-old boy, it sends chills through me. Oh, I'm such a perverted
person! I would never have imagined that i****t could make sex so
All I could say was " I know!" Then I remembered something I liked
when I jerked off and had fantasized doing with my Mom. I slipped two
fingers into her pussy and came out with a gob of cum-off. My mother
watched and smiled when I put the cum into my mouth and swallowed it.
"Billy, I think your getting addicted to your own cum-off."
"I am. But it's really exciting when I am taking my cum out of my own
mother's pussy, I almost making me cum off again!"
"Well then, give your mother some." So I scooped out more from inside
her leaking slit, brought it to her lips and my mother gobbled it up.
"Believe it or not, Billy, I haven't tasted cum since your father left
us. That's a long time. Oh god, eating my son's semen. My whole body
tingles! Next time I want to eat more of that delicious white stuff.
Your mother is going to give her son a blow job and you're going to
fill my mouth with gallons of cum-off."
"Oh Mom, do it! "Suck my cock until I cum-off in your mouth!"
"I want to so much, but we've got to get back. I'll teach you lots of
ways to have sex tonight, I promise. We've committed i****t and
there's no going back. So, if you'll excuse my words, fuck it! You may
be only 14 years old, but your prick is magic to me."
"You know, Mom, I could come off just saying it out loud. "I'm 14
years old and I'm fucking my own mother!'" And sure enough my prick
began to stiffen.
"It does sound luscious because it's so depraved. Mother and son
i****t! It's wonderfully obscene!. Billy. Tonight you'll do lots more
to your mother besides fuck her. Come on, we've got to get out of here
before I'm on my back again with your prick in me." With that she
dressed and hurried up the path with me behind her..

What for so long I had dreamed and fantasized about had happened; I
was practically walking on air. As we neared the house I said, "As
long as we aren't going try to fuck again until tonight, I'm going to
ride over to Tommy's house after lunch. So I want to check my bike
because I think I may have ran over a nail." I left her and went
around to the garage. When I did I saw Mom's s****r Ellen's car in the
driveway. I wondered if she had seen us walking back from the river
because every couple of steps I had reached over and rubbed my
mother's ass and she had done the same to my crotch. Instead of going
into the garage I went to the front door and slipped inside just as my
mother came through the back door. I went through the dining room and
sat down next to the door to the kitchen.

Chapter 3

Before my mother had a chance to speak. Aunt Ellen placed her hands on
her waist, "Well, finally Susan, you decided to come home. I've been
waiting for half an hour! "
My Mom said, "I'm sorry, but you didn't call and say you were coming."
I heard my Aunt take two steps and I knew she must be standing right
in front of my mother."
"My God Susan, you reek of sex!"
"Don't be silly, who would I be having sex with?"
"Susan, I'm your older s****r and I've been married for 12 years. I
know sex when I smell it. Who is it Susan? I didn't hear any car pull
up. Wherever you've been you must have walked there."
"Stop talking crazy, Ellen you're imagining things."
I could hear my Aunt sniffing and I knew she was smelling Mom. "He
must be one of your neighbors, which means you're having sex with a
married man. Oh Susan, I hope you know what you're doing!"'
"Ellen, you're my s****r and I love you, but if you say one more
stupid word about this, I'm going to tell you to leave this house."
"Alright, you're a 29-year old woman with a 14 year old son and it's
your life. Now, what I dropped by for is to leave this evening gown.
There's an affair at the country club tomorrow night and I need you to
take it in. I've lost some weight."
I though, "Lost some weight!" Aunt Ellen was only five years older
than my mother, 34, and she had a figurer to make any male look twice.
She was taller and bustier than my Mom and not as pretty. More like
handsome or attractive or something. But she had inherited the same
long shapely legs. Although she had bigger tits than my mother, they
didn't sag or anything. Sometimes I spent weekends at my aunt's house
using her swimming pool and I always had fantasies about us fucking.
She didn't need to lose weight!
Anyway, my mother told her the dress would be ready tonight and she
could pick it up tomorrow morning.
"Thank you Susan. You know that an affair with a married man is going
to reflect on me. Damage my reputation when people find out."
"I'll say it one more time. I am not having an affair with anyone. Now
go home!"
When Aunt Ellen left I guessed that my mother knew I'd been listening,
but she said nothing about the conversation. Instead Mom went into
her sewing den; I made myself a peanut butter sandwich for lunch and
rode over to my friend's house.

At dinner that evening I was admiring, as I constantly did, my
mother's beauty. At 29 it was in full blossom. With her model's slim
body and youthful features she could easily be mistaken for a
teenager, or at the very least, a college coed. "You know, Mom", I
said, "when I look back on my first sexual experience imagine how
fantastic it will seem when I know it came when I was only 14 when I
fucked my own mother! I dreamed of it happening since I was five, but
I still find it hard to believe that my dreams came true."
"If I was a good mother I would be repelled by a statement like that,
but since I'm not, I'm glad it's true."
"Do you remember your sexual experience?"
"Do you think a mother should tell her 14 year old son when she began
"Yes, if that mother has striped naked in front of the 14 year old son
and told him to fuck her."
"Well, in that case I guess I could tell you about it. Especially
because I know hearing about his mother's first screw will give you a
nice hard-on that I can suck later."
So she began.

"I was 7 years old, one night I came out of the bathroom after taking
a shower. When I opened the door to go to my bedroom, I hadn't put
anything on because I thought everyone was downstairs. But when I
stepped out my 11 year old b*****r standing right there. We were both
surprised, but when I walked past him he reached out and ran a finger
inside my pussy. I stopped and looked up at him and he pushed the
finger inside and wiggled it around. I still stood there and he said,
"Do you like the feeling of my finger in you?' and I said, "Yes". He
took my hand and led me to his bedroom, I sat on the edge of his bed
and he ran a finger in and out of me, then two fingers. Of course at 7
I knew we shouldn't be doing this, but I loved the feeling it gave me.
We heard someone start up the stairs so I ran to my own bedroom. After
that we did it a lot; we'd both get naked and I would rub his 11 year
old prick while he finger fucked me. We did that for a couple of
years, but gradually he did it less and less. He was 14 by then and I
asked him why we had stopped having naughty fun. He said because it
frustrated him. He had learned to jerk off and when he played with my
pussy all he could think about was putting his prick inside me. "Why
don't you?" I asked, and he said I would get pregnant. Of course at 10
I wouldn't have, but neither of us knew any more than if a boy came
off inside a girl she would have a baby.
So I was 10 years old, had been playing sexual games for 3 years and I
was still a virgin. I was also hooked on how nice it felt to finger
fuck yourself . A year later I was doling it and suddenly I had my
first big orgasm. Wow, was it exciting, so I did it lot. Even though
I didn't want to get pregnant, I had been fantasizing about being
fucked more and more. One summer day I was taking a short cut home
through some fields where there were the remains of a couple of old
granite quarries. Underground springs had filled them with crystal
clear water and girls were forbidden to go near them because, for as
long as anyone could remember, boys had gone swimming in them naked.
It was early June and was too cool to go swimming, but when, like a
good girl, I was passing well clear of the quarries; I was surprised
to hear laughter coming from the direction of one of them. My strong
sexual appetite was already manifesting itself and I got a sudden urge
to disobey and go over to the quarry and see who was doing the
laughing. It was a very naughty urge, Billy, because I hoped to get my
first close look a naked boy other than my b*****r. When I stopped
behind some bushes at one end of the quarry I saw two nice looking
boys. about 15, swimming. My young pussy began to get wet while I
waited for them to get out of the water and reveal what I wanted to
see. When they did and stood on a rock their slim young wet bodies
glistened in the sun. I gasped. Hanging between their legs was a good
size prick. I was fascinated.

However, Billy, there was a very serious problem. The handsome naked
bodies and dangling pricks that were turning me on were black, and
this was the South. Any decent Southern girl, no matter what her age,
should have quickly walked away. But, Billy, I found those naked
bodies and cocks excited me and I didn't care what color they were.
What's more I was 11 years old and overcome with a desire to discover
what it felt like to be fucked. I was wearing a skirt; but I slipped
off my panties and walked down and sat on a rock across the quarry
from them. When they saw me they were about to grab their clothes and
escape the danger I represented. But I was smiling and had my knees up
and my legs spread, my naked pussy was clearly visible across the
quarry. I could tell they were struggling over what to do. After a
short time they decided not to run away, they remained standing where
they were. Then the boldest boy did a very dangerous thing for a
black. He dove into the water and swam over to where I sat. He put his
hands on my rock, his body submerged but clearly visible through the
clear water, I could see his prick was erect. And that caused my pussy
to tingle.
Looking up at me he said, "A little white girl flashing what's between
her legs to a black boy could get us both in a lot of trouble. What's
you want?"
Just like now, Billy, when I became consumed by sex, I liked to talk
dirty and lost all inhibitions. "I want you to fuck me."
I could see that my use of a four-letter word shocked him for only a
moment. The he replied, "You ain't the first white girl who wanted a
black cock in her. How old are you?" I'm not one to lie so I told him
I was 11. "Man, that's awful young to start fuckin'," he said. I
smiled and replied, "Maybe so, but I want to find out what it's like.
If we were to slide over into that tall grass no one could see us".
The boy nodded, "Even though you only 11 you're a mighty pretty little
girl, so I got me hard-on right now. I guess I'm scared cause you
white, but I'd love to fuck you." He thought for a moment and added.
"What about my buddy over there. You willin' to let him fuck you,
too?" I didn't hesitate, "I've never done this before so he can fuck
me if I like it when you do it. My name is Susan, what's yours?" The
boy replied, "I'm Steven and that's Jesse over there." Then he shouted
across the quarry, "Come on over and bring our clothes."

When the three of us were in the tall grass we would be visible to a
passerby only if one of us stood up. Lying between their naked black
bodies, I had no trouble slipping off my dress. At 11 I had no tits;
never-the-less both boys began to stroke my chest and slowly moved
their hands down to my pussy. An electric shock went through me when I
felt a finger sliding into my hairless cunt. The boy called Steven
said, "I never saw I naked white girl before and I'm as hot as a
firecracker. I'm goin' to be puttin' my black cock in that white cunt
right now." He placed his body between my legs, but before he put his
prick in, he said, "If you ain't done this before you gonna feel a
little pain when I break your cherry and you're gonna bleed some. But
I won't start really fuckin'right away, and if you just lay back the
pain will go away and my prick will begin to feel good inside you. I
know because I done this before. Well, only once before. In fact I'm
15, but I've only fucked a girl twice before this and one of them was
a big, fat ugly thing that anyone could screw. And Jesse here, he's 14
and I know even though he denies it, he's a virgin just like you."
His speech finished, he began to slide his cock into me and I lifted
my head and looked down to see his black shaft go in. Then he hit my
cherry and I flinched, but I didn't cry out. It was just like he said.
It didn't take long before the hurt was gone and I was once more alive
with passion. Shamelessly I told the boy to go ahead and fuck me. It
felt better than anything I had imagine and at 11 I found my self
panting. I began softly calling out "Fuck me....fuck me." And then I
experience my first fucking orgasm. It took my by surprise, I had been
able to bring my self to orgasms for a while, but this was something
else: it felt so wonderful it almost took my breath away. Actually it
was a very short fuck; like me, he quickly came off, too, and for the
first time I felt semen spurting into me. When he finished I held him
so his prick stayed in me until it so soft it slipped out. I looked at
that black cock and almost wanted to put it in my mouth. Instead I
said, 'Wow, I liked that. But I hope I don't get pregnant" Steven
laughed. You're only 11, you ain't gonna get knocked up. You can't get
pregnant until you start having periods and you're too young for
that." I was thrilled because that meant I could fuck as often as I
wanted, with no worries about having a baby.
Steven smiled and said, "Ain't no doubt you liked that as much as me
so I guess you're ready to let Jesse here have his first fuck."
f******n-year-old Jesse was just a little taller than me; he had a
beautiful black body and I could hardly wait for the second fuck of my
life. Jesse was quickly up on his knees between my legs, his 5 inch
black prick erect. But before he moved over me, Steven, a year older
and obviously in command, ordered him to wait, and he told me to get
on my knees and put my ass up. "Little Susan, you about to get screwed
doggy style. Jesse, we both gonna' like this, we can watch her cute
white ass and your black dong goin' in and out of her pussy." I was a
bold girl and like dirty talk, I said, "I don't want to hurt your
feelings, but this must be a very naughty sight, a little white girl
and a young nigger about to fuck her!"
Steven replied, "You don't hurt my feelin's usin' that word
considerin' what we doin' together. That's exactly what this is. Two
southern nigger boys shovin' their cocks into a 11 year old white
girl. And that's just how I'll describe it to my friends." Doggy
style, any style, I didn't care how I was fucked, I couldn't wait to
experience another orgasm. It was obvious Jesse was paying no
attention to our conversation because he was concentrating on shoving
his black prick in and out of my tight little pussy as fast as he
could. He ejaculated after less than 2 minutes of pounding into me. It
felt so good that I quickly had that wonderful feeling running
through my body again.

Well, Billy, you got the picture. That was your Mom's first screwing.
We stayed there a while and they both got hard again and took turns
screwing me one more time. Before the last fuck I asked Jesse to pull
it out at the end so I could see what cum-off looked like. He told me
to look down between my legs, some of it was leaking out of my
hairless little slit. "No I want to see how it comes out." There was
no need to worry, the excitement of fucking an 11-year-old white girl
quickly had them hard again and they both sat in front of me and
jerked off. So for the first time I saw how a boy ejaculated, saw cum
shoot out of the end of their black cocks onto the grass. The sight
turned me on so much I asked them to fuck me again, but they said they
didn't think they could get it up. Before they dressed I told them I
knew they would brag to their friends about fucking a white girl, but
asked them to please not say who it was. "It would be me mean," I
said, "if you ruin my reputation and every one starts calling be a
"nigger fucker!" Steven and Jesse promised they wouldn't tell my
name. I don't for sure if they kept their word or not, but there were
never any rumors about me. We saw each other once in a while walking
downtown, but we never fucked again. You know, Billy, I'd forgotten
that from the very first time I engaged in sex, it was forbidden sex.
And it was quite a beginning for an 11 year old white girl to have her
first sexual experience be one where she was fucked four times and
watched two black boys jerk off for her."
Half way through my Mom's tale my prick was stiff and I took it out
and began jerking off as she talked. Before she was finished I had
shot a load onto the kitchen floor.

Chapter 4

After dinner my mother did some sewing. I watched some television, but
I knew the main thing on both our minds was sex. Eventually my mother
declared it was time for bed and I rushed up to her bedroom and
stripped naked. When my mother followed a few minutes later and walked
into her bedroom I was lying provocatively on her bed stroking my
"My, my, this is shocking. Your mother walks into her bedroom and
there's her 14 year old son lying on her bed jerking off. What's even
worse, now your watching while she rips off her own clothes, reaches
down like this, and spreads her cunt open for her son to look at. You
know I could be arrested for this."
"Mom, I know i****t is a terrible sin, but is it i*****l?"
My mother got up and moved the bureau close to the bed and tilted the
mirror so that we could watch ourselves. Then she knelt down beside
me, pushed my hand away from my rock hard shaft and began to stroke it
herself. "Billy, we are committing a very serious crime. If anyone
walked in here and found us naked and me slowly jerking you off, they
would have me arrested. I would go to jail and you would be turned
over to some agency and put in a foster home. And what I'm about to do
is even worse!" She plunged her head down between my legs and instead
of her hand around my prick it was my mother's mouth.
"Mom, one of my favorite fantasies was my own mother sucking my
Mom looked up for a moment. "Has anyone ever given you a blow job?"
"No, never.....I mean no .... but, well, sort of"
"Tell me son, what does 'sort of" mean?"
"It's a long story, Mom, and kinda embarasing."
"Is it about sex? If it is I want you to tell me about it."
"It's when I was young and ....didn't realize bad."
"Billy, do you want your mother to suck your cock?"
"Oh, yes! Just hearing you ask me that is making me even harder."
"Not before you tell me about this 'sort of' blow job."
"Okay, one day when I was 11 years old there was a k**, Tommy. You
never met him because we didn't hang out together because he was 16.
But he was so cool; sometimes I walked over to his house and if he was
shooting hoops or something, even though I was only 11 he'd talk to me
and let me try to shoot a few baskets. One day when I walked over to
see if he was around he was in his garage working on his bike. I
called out to him, "I'm getting a bike, can I watch what you're
doing?" Tommy said he didn't care so I walked in and watched him
take off a wheel. "I've got a flat time, ah....what did you tell me your
name was?" "Billy." "I remember. Watch and you'll see how to fix a
flat tire." He continued to do what was necessary and all of a sudden
he asked me if I ever jerked off. I told him, yes, if he meant did I
stroke my cock in bed at night and that it gave me a neat feeling. I
told him most of the boys I knew in the 6th grade did it, sometimes we
joked about it.
"No," he said," that's not jerking off. Jerking off is when you hold
your cock in your fist and stroke up and down fast and you suddenly
get a fantastic feeling and stuff shoots out the end of your cock." I
told him I had never heard of that and Tommy asked if I wanted him to
show me and I told him, sure. Well he said he couldn't show me in the
garage even if he closed the doors because it would make a mess on the
floor. So we went behind his garage where there was a row of bushes.
We went behind them and Tommy dropped his pants, leaned his back
against the garage and did what he said you did. And sure enough,
after he was stroked his prick for a minute, Tommy made a loud groan,
pushed his pelvis out, and white stuff shot out on to the ground. "Oh
God, Billy, the feeling is sensational! You've got to see if you can
do it. You can't imagine how great if feels when you shoot off. Take
your dungarees of and try it." So I did. With my pants and underwear
around my ankles I did what he did, but nothing happened. 'You've got
hold your pick tighter and stroke up and down faster. Here, I you
don't ever tell anyone, I'll do it for you. Tommy stood close to me,
put his hand around my little prick and squeezed hard and pumped
faster than I did. It was exciting, having this 16 year old boy
stroking me.

but I show you how. Tommy moved close beside me and wrapped his hand
around my little prick tighter than I ever thought of doing, then he
began to stroke my cock, which was suddenly harder than it had ever
been when I held it. A thrill ran through my body; the 16 year old boy
I admired so much jerking me off. Suddenly I felt an intense feeling
building in my prick, and ass and stomach. I began to groan, it was
the most wonderful feeling I had ever experience and suddenly I had a
thunderous climax and cum spewed from my dick. Tommy nearly shouted,
"You did it! I knew you were very young, but I could tell you were a
little boy filled with lust and could cum-off earlier than most k**s.
Wasn't it great!"
"Oh God, yes! I'm going to do that every night! I'm going to be a
jerk-off addict! You were a great guy, showing my how to cum-off."
Tommy said, "Lets do it again and I bet it will be even better if we
jerk each other off. Billy, grab my hard cock and do me." So I
grabbed his prick, which was bigger than mine, at least 6 inches long
and so thick I couldn't get my hand all the way around it. At the same
time he wrapped his hand around my little 4-inch cock. Were both
standing there in the bushes behind his garage, naked from the waist
down, our cocks hard as rocks, jerking each other off. We shot our
loads almost together, first me, and this time it was even better than
the first time, followed by at least 5 long spurts from Tommy that
soared our at least 3 feet.
As I talked

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mom and son Marriage

a big hello to all of you. My name is Deepa, a 42 year old housewife from Jamshedpur Jharkhand. I am new to this site and story writing. I used to be very innocent and very conservative Hindu lady. I am here because of my son who is now my husband too. Strange isn’t it, but it is true. I married my son under his tremendous pressure and unconditional love which I was missing since my husband’s untimely death.

Now to coming to the story, which is a true story I hope you all will enjoy it. My husband died 10 years back in an accident leaving behind me and my only my son Jaydeep who was a 10 year old then. My husband’s f****y did not like me because ours was a inter caste love marriage. My husband married me against the wishes of his f****y and his f****y members virtually threw me out of their house and f****y. We are basically from Bangalore.

We had to live under severe hardship and Jaydeep was my only hope in life. My entire hardship vanished whenever I saw his smiling face. As time passed by he completed his studies and got into a very good job. His salary was in six figures.

I started looking at him with a changed stance not as a mother but also as a lover. I appreciated his looks, love and behavior. The idea of his marriage crossed my mind. I thought it was right time for me to scout for his bride. Then I felt a tinge of jealousy too for his bride. I thought how lucky she would be to have such a loving stud, sorry a person as a husband. So he just asked me to come for shopping. Hearing this I blushed like a teenager. I was little bit shy because nobody talked to me like that since my husband died.

He said, “I want my mom to look like a model or movie star in good cloths and also in good makeup. I want you to look like a real scene stealer. We will shop for latest things in fashion.”

I liked his attention but was little confused, so asked him, “Why this entire fuss son. I am happy with what I am. I do not want to look different. What will people say? I do not want to embarrass people and specially you. Why will you spend so much on me? Save some for your wife.”

He came near me and hugged me tight and said, “Mom you know I work for a very large company and I am in a very good job, so they have given me a posh bungalow in rich locality where people are rich and modern. So I don’t want my mummy to look old fashioned in front them.”

I laughed told, “Ok baba, as you wish, your mom is ready to fulfill your wishes. My lovely son……..”

My last sentence made his eye glow big. He took me to a very big clothes shop and bought me many chiffon sarees some of which were made from very thin material making it almost transparent.

I protested, “I do not like such material as even in my dream I not wear it.”

My son ignored my pleas and asked the sales girl for some matching blouses for which she asked for size. I felt shy to tell it before my son. The sales girl understood my problem and asked me to come to trial room.

I told the sales girl, “My size is 34. I buy bra for this size.”

She smiled at me, “I don’t think your size is 34 so I have to take your size. Don’t be scared dear. Please come to the trial room.”

She took me to the trial room. It was small cabin type with light bulbs above. I was getting hard breathing. It looked very scary.

She said, “Please remove your pallu as I want to measure your correct size.”

I did so and she took my boobs measurement and all other measurements. It is the first time I learned my boob size is 36 C. she gave out that mysterious sexy smile. While measuring my breasts she deliberately touched and pressed my nipples which I ignored thinking it must have been accident not intentional.

We came back from trail room she showed us different pattern of blouse. All of them are low neck, while some of them were sleeveless; some of them were back less too. I got jitters even imagining myself wearing those things. Such designs were a big no – no for me but my son did not listen to my words.

My son selected all the 3 patterns. I felt shy imagining how I would look if I wore it. My son also asked them to show choodidar suits of latest fashion too.

“Now what has he gone mad?”, I thought to myself. “What he thinks I am not going to wear choodidar suits. He is going to make a fool of me, his mother.”

I stopped his pranks and told, “I won’t wear them. So stop being naughty and let us get out of this shop. I will wear sarees only. Even this fancy blouse is not to my liking, understand. Now leave the shop.”

My son laughed at me as if I was like a little girl in big shop. He said, “Mom these are the latest fashion in town. All girls wear them and so will you. Not only you will have to wear jeans, t-shirts, middies but also you will have to wear skirts and tops for me.”

Ignoring my pleas he asked sales girl to show lot of varieties which she obliged. My son selected as many as he liked. I stood there like a dumb c***d pricking the floor carpet with my toe nails. The lady asked us to come by evening all blouses will be ready.

There I came to know my waist is 34. Some of the middies which he bought finished just above knee and god did they look really sexy. I have hairy legs and thighs. I dare not wear that trendy stuff.

I took my son to a corner and told, “I am not wearing those stuffs, no matter what comes. So stop buying this. I will arrange your marriage in near future and you fulfill your desire by buying such stuff for your wife.”

My voice got louder when I saw he was not listening to me. I clutched his arms and tried to pull him out of the shop. I tried to reason out with him. How could I tell him that I have hairy legs and thighs.

Hearing our conversation the owner of the shop told, “s****r now a day’s fashion has changed its face. Even ladies of my age are wearing such dress, so there is nothing wrong in it. Many young boys like my son also want to see their moms in these fittings. You are not too old for these dresses.”

I didn’t understand first but quickly understood when my son Jay took me to another section of the store where they displayed variety of lingerie. They had a range of mannequins wearing sexy, lacy and god knows what type of different lingerie. This was the first time I was visiting such section with my adult son. Earlier I used to purchase myself or with my husband.

By looking at those things I really felt very shy but my son was acting as if he was from another planet. He quickly selected so many bras for me, his mother, what a shameless fellow my son was. He bought bras which were cupped ones, stuffed ones, padded ones, even lace ones where entire breast is visible and a hole in the nipple area so that the nipple sticks out.

He wasted no time neither asked me anything as he already knew my boobs size. He bought bras of different colors, mostly light shade ones (like pink, sky blue, white) and few hot dark shade ones (red, black, gray etc ). God in my entire life I had never seen such things. I was feeling shy as well as proud of my lovely son for purchasing so many lovely bras for his poor mom.

Then he asked the sales girl for panty section. She showed us lot of varieties.

She asked, “Which size?” He asked her, “She is here why don’t you measure it yourself because I don’t know.”

The girl gave a very naughty smile at him and took me to a trial room, took my buttocks measurement which came to 40inch. I know I had big ass.

She asked, “Is the man your son?”, I said, “Yes, why you asked?”

She told, “He got a very good taste. He really wants to see his mom to look very sexy. How will you show him how this fits?”

Saying this she pinched my tummy. An electric current went through my body as result. I could not react to her act as I felt very shy and hid my face in my hands. Any other opportunity I would have slapped anyone who would have done such thing to me. How dare she comment like that?

She again said, “Don’t be so shy madam. You are going to have great time with your son. All the best, madam.”

I meekly thanked her as my cheeks were burning red due to her comments and action and all this was due to my own son. I wanted to kill him when we reach home. Then all stuffs were packed neatly. My son paid the bill and also tipped the salesgirl.

I was not talking to him for the entire episode. We came out of the shop. To smother my anger and anguish, he took me to posh hotel for lunch.

He said, “Don’t feel bad mom. I want you to feel good, young, beautiful and sexy. I want that you fulfill all your secret desires which you could not pursue since you had to look after me after dad’s death. I know you suffered a lot due to dad’s death and in laws indecent behavior. Now that your son earns a lot you tell me your desires and I will fulfill it. Can’t you make me happy for one moment by wearing those things?”

Hearing his soft words I felt tears welling up in my eyes. He cared for me so much and I was getting angry at him. I held his hands and blessed him. Even his eyes filled with tears. I thought it is my duty too to dress up and behave as per his desires if he felt so for me. I will be the model he has in his mind and there is nothing wrong in it. My heart felt for him.

We had very good lunch again we went on purchasing spree again. That time I was not feeling all that shy so we went to a very good cosmetics shop and purchased lots of cosmetics like lipsticks, nail polishes, body sprays, eye shadows, eyeliners foundations, creams, scents, blushers and a manual for how to use them also. The shop owner was very expert beautician. She provided all our basic needs.

My son said something in her ear, for which she smiled very naughtily at him and gave him 2 packed stuffs. She also gave address of one of the very expensive beauty parlor. My son took me to that parlor. He gave the card which was given by the cosmetic shop owner. The receptionist forwarded the card to parlor owner. She talked to the cosmetic shop owner over phone, they discussed something and owner took me inside.

She asked my son, “Sir, we are happy that you visited our parlor. Now I ask you to leave her with me and come back after 2 hours. Please give me those 2 packs which were given by the cosmetics shop owner to you.”

My son handed her the packets and left the parlor. I was feeling scared and worried. She took me in that big room after few minutes came back smiling naughtily at me.

It was an air conditioned hall, with a big bed in the center. She handed me a big towel and asked me, “Please wrap this towel around your body and remove your clothes,” I hesitated but she assured, “Don’t worry madam we are all females here. I want to do complete make over and for that I need to see what you got beneath. Help us to serve you better.”

I removed my saree and blouse. At that time I wore very cheap white bra with no panty. She asked me to remove all the clothes, so I removed bra and petticoat too. First time I was posing naked before anyone (even lady) other than my husband and doctor.

I felt very shy and was trembling with fear I quickly wrapped the towel around me tying the knot at my breasts. The towel ended at my ass. My ass was visible whenever I bent forward. Many things were going on in my mind. There might be cameras in walls or ceiling. But the lady was really expert. She knew how to handle female. She took me to a big table and asked me to lay on it. I followed what she told me. I lay on the table with my face down hiding my tummy. She applied a perfumed body lotion all over my body and started massaging my body. Oooooo……….wow what a massage my body never felt such comfortable.

She started her hand movement from neck, then shoulders then spine and finally reaching ass. She removed the towel in one swift move. She applied more lotion on my ass cheeks. She slapped my ass cheeks playfully as it jiggled like a jelly cake. She giggled at her own deeds. Again she began massaging my ass. Her hands were creating magic on my back. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her deft touches.

She inserted her hands in the ass crack too. Her fingers were almost reaching my pussy crack but she did not touch the pussy hole. Her actions were making me wish for more. Where ever she kept her hands I would get goose pimples. She was expert in teasing a woman. She would reach the pussy then when I wished her to insert her finger in my hole she would remove her hands. Remember I never had done such thing with any woman. Ghosh, I was getting wet by a woman’s touch lifting my ass up to enable her to reach my pussy depths.

Then suddenly she moved to my legs. I cursed her for this. She massaged my back thighs and knees. Finished it in minutes and asked me to turn over. I turned facing the ceiling all nude and my boobs heaving up and won with my hard breathing. She sensed my hardened nipples and began pouring lotion on my breasts. She fondled boobs as we knead dough before making roti.

I was simply enjoying her each moves as she applied little more lotion on my boobs and started giving circular massage. She carried on her movement on my breasts for nearly 15 minutes. She took extra care for my nipples. She was pressing my boobs and tweaking nipples and even massaging the base, giving me immense pleasure, for the first time after the death of my husband. Remember my body had forgotten how a hand felt when it touched my breasts and nipples.

She was bending forward to fondle my boobs. Her breasts were inches away from my face. I wished to lift my head and kiss and suck her breasts or at least touch it. Her hands were doing wonders to me. Her face told that she was also enjoying fondling my boobs. Her subtle massage was giving bit wetness in my pussy as after so many years somebody touched my boobs. I could feel my pussy lips quivering and wetness oozing.

Oooooohhhh god I was about to cum on the table, I began moaning responding to her hand movement. I was in heaven and ashamed of my awkward position too as I thought she would easily understand that I was about to orgasm before her eyes. Imagine I was laying on table nude and a lady massaging me and I was reaching orgasm.

But before I could cross the threshold she changed position much to my relief. (Such a tease)Then she came to my foot and massaged every fingers and toe. Then she moved to my legs and thighs. Then sometimes slowly, some times fast she was rubbing my thighs and legs.

Slowly she reached my waiting pussy. She playfully touched the pussy lips. My wet pussy was quivering at her each touch. She stroked along the pussy lips for the first time. She made faces after seeing my hairy pussy.

I wished to ask her how she found my pussy but before I could say anything she commented, “Madam you don’t shave your pussy. So much hairs. You need to remove it. It looks so clumsy. Today females like to keep their pussy shaved and so do their husbands. Don’t you know that?”

I replied in negative and she laughed it off and again concentrated on my pussy. Then slowly she reached my pussy area. She poured little extra oil on pussy and started rubbing pussy lips in slow circular motion. Her deft fingers were dancing on my pussy lips. It was too much for me.

She inserted her fingers in my pussy hole, I jumped up in excitement as if I was waiting for it. She kept on fondling my pussy lips and eventually found my clitoris. God ohhhh every inch of my pussy was responding when touched by those expert hands. I was really aroused after 2 decades so felt so horny. If she were a male I would have simply asked her to fuck me then and there. Such was my condition.

The lady also understood my condition and took bit extra time for my pussy, massaging it for eternity. Within few minutes I felt as if I was about to climax. Seeing my facial expressions she planted her mouth on my cunt and began licking my cunt juices. My pulsating pussy lips were too much for her too. I bit my lower lip in excitement. She inserted her tongue in my pussy hole. I raised my buttocks in air to meet her tongue.

I began moaning like never before. My husband had never kissed me on my pussy leave aside licking or sucking. He would just insert his tool, release and perish. The parlor owner was ultimate woman for me that time. She found my clit and began flipping her tongue around it. She sucked the clit along with my pussy lips. Her hands were parting my pussy lips wide for her tongue to access the deepest point in my pussy, a place never touched by any human hands or mouth.


She inserted her middle finger in my anus. Within minutes I reached climax. I saw stars dancing before my eyes as I finally climaxed. I clasped my thigh with f***e trapping her face inside my thighs. I cummed in earth shattering waves after waves. It was my first orgasm after two decades or so. I clinched her hairs very tight. I lay there catching my breath and smiling eyes closed.

Seeing this, the lady smiled naughtily and asked, “How you feel madam? Did you enjoy? Now we need to shave your jungle. Please sit on the chair with legs spread apart.”

I was still nude without a single stitch of cloth on me but till now I was used to my nudity. She asked me to sit on a chair and spread my thighs widely. I did so and she applied some shaving foam on my pussy hair. Then she started brushing which gave out a lot of lather. Her brush started making me excited again. Then she saw my closed eyes and understood my predicament. So she took out razor and started to shave my pussy hair.

She did not remove all hair but left a little patch which looked like a brush on my pussy and trimmed it leaving a thin strand of hair line just above my pussy lips. I never imagined that I was going to get my pussy hair shaved as before that I had never shaved it. I stroked the pussy area and found it very smooth.

She brought a hand mirror to show me my pussy which was shaved for first time. My god it looked so beautiful. I never thought that pussy also needs shaving and trimming. I ignored her naughty looks and kept my attention to my newly shaved pussy. I saw my shaved pussy in the mirror, it looked really nice.

Let me describe my pussy for you. I am very fair lady with glowing skin even at this age. My pussy lips are pinkish in color with a small crack like opening between the two rose petals like pussy lips. Inside that there is a rosy colored clitoris which looks like a crown in my pussy.
She gathered the pussy hairs in a plastic packet and handed it over to me, saying, “Mam, this is your virgin pussy hairs shaved for first time. Please keep it with you as your son had asked for it. He had instructed us to give you the same.”

I was surprised to hear that but I did not react. I wondered why would my son ask for my pussy hairs, did he know that they would shave my pussy or he had asked them to shave my pussy. These questions needed to be answered at the earliest. I dare not ask them.

She herself quenched my curiosity, “Your son wanted you to look like a real modern lady having all the modern needs. So he wanted us to clean your body, armpits and pussy. And hand over the hairs to him as a gift. They say that carrying mother’s virgin pussy hairs brings good luck to men.”

I was surprised to know that. I think what she said was her own interpretation.

She said, “No, few more things are to be done before your son arrives to take you home. We have surprise package for him.”

Her assistants brought towels for me. She dried me and gave a new set of bra and panties which my son had purchased early that day. They helped me to wear both because the panty was a laced one and both were pink in color, I was using such fancy lingeries for the first time in my life.

I wore the panty………… oh I felt like a princess. I thanked my lovely son a hundred times in my mind for this. Then I stood before the mirror and looked at my body. I myself could not believe at what I saw in the mirror.

I got such a sexy body with 38 size boobs, 34 size waist, no fatty stomach, no folds in tummy, no thunder thighs with sexy long legs.

The woman watched me admiring my beauty and said, “Madam please wear this robe.”

I put on a robe and they took me to the makeup table. I was seated on it. Again the lady came and she did my eyebrows, gave them very sexy shape, applied foundation on face, eyeliner and mascara on eyes, blush on cheek, lipstick lip gloss lip liner on my pouting lips. I was using all these for first time. I was admiring my beauty in the vanity mirror.

Suddenly she told me to remove my bra panty again. I did so and she got between my legs and applied some cream on my boobs. Then started to rub it hard. Wowwwwwow suddenly my boobs really felt stiff and nipples got erect like a pole. Before I could ask anything, she applied another cream on my pussy and started rubbing it for a minute. My pussy felt so tight.

I asked, “What are those stuffs?”

“They were very costly cream which is imported,” she said smiling very naughtily, “Your son bought these for his sexy mom. It makes your boobs hard and nipples erect and when applied to pussy it makes it tight and smooth.”

Now I also smiled hearing her comments about my son. I very naughtily wore my bra panty back. Again she sprayed a body spray and did a little hair cut expertly. She curled little on either side of my face. Again sprayed some hair cream on my hair and tied a very sexy bun. Let me tell you that I got very good hair, even at this age there is no gray strand in it. My hairs come up to my ass and make a very thick choti.

Finishing all the makeup she gave call to my son to ask whether he brought the blouses from the store or not.

My son replied, “Yes mam, I will be there in a minute.”

With in no time he came to parlor and sent the blouses along with sarees inside for her to select. She selected a pink saree which was of very thin material and also thin petticoat and sleeve less, low neck and back less blouse. She herself dressed me. She tied saree knot 3 inches below my navel, spread some glittering thing on my navel. I wore that sexy backless blouse.
Ooh god it revealed entire back of mine. I looked so sexy that even my eyes did not believe what a transformation it was, from ordinary mature very simple lady to a gorgeous sexy horny lady.

I sat on chair she applied matching pink nail polish 2 coats on both toe nails and finger nails which increased my sex appeal. Oohhhh god it looked so sexy. She sprayed very pleasant and nice smelling perfume below my shaved arm pits, on my bare back and boobs in front.

She asked me to come out. I felt bit nervous because I was going to face my son after makeover. The lady held my hand and took me to my son who was in the guest room. I didn’t have courage to look at him. I did not feel such shyness even on my marriage day.

My son was so much surprised that he almost shouted, “Mom, you look really sexy, wow you are really gorgeous. I never imagined you were so sexy mom.”

First time he called me sexy. A son was calling his mom sexy………….Ooh God help me face this situation……. I dared not look into his eyes and kept gazing the floor. After hearing his exclaimed husky voice my shyness increased further more. I began trembling in embarrassment.

He came near me, I raised my eyes and looked in to his eyes, “Don’t be shy mom, I am your son not outside common mom. Say something mom, speak.” My son tried to boost my morale.

I tried to say something but my voice choked in my throat, only tears welled up in my eyes seeing my wonderful son.

The lady said, “Your mom is really a beautiful lady and you are lucky son to have such a beauty as your mother.”

“Yes, indeed mam, I am really very lucky.” he thanked her and paid bill along with extra tips.

The lady felt very happy and asked us to visit again. My son held my hands firmly and brought me out. We seated in the taxi which was with us since morning. The driver stopped blinking his eye and dropped his jaw because he had seen me in the morning and was seeing me now. He was surprised by the difference in me.

Without hesitation he told, “Mem saab aap bahut khoobsurat deekh rahi hai.”

I thanked him and I asked my son, “Tell me, do I look so beautiful?” he told, “You are looking like a real sex goddess, no heroine can match my mother’s beauty,” saying this he flattered me a lot and my shyness had vanished a little.

First time my son put his hand around my neck and pulled me towards him. Our thighs pressed each other, my left side boob almost crushed under his manly chest. I felt as if a high voltage current passed through me. I was shivering, my son dragged me little closer but I tried to keep a distance from him, but with no success.

He took me to a jewelers shop, bought me one gold necklace with pendent, 2 gold chains, diamond ear rings, very beautiful nose ring and silver anklet with small bells which makes ghal ghal sound while walking. He also bought 6 rings studded with diamond 3 for each hand. Then he asked the shop owner to show toe rings.

I told him, “Stop, don’t buy it. I am a widow, I can’t wear it.”

He smiled mischievously at me and selected 2 sets of toe rings which married women wear. He also purchased something which was packed. Then we came out.

“What else you want purchase Jay,” I asked.

He took me to very expensive foot wear shop, bought so many chappels. He told me to wear one high heeled sandal which I did. My feet looked so sexy with nail polish and beautiful anklets.

He took out the toe rings from his pocket, “Mom please wear it for your son……….. Please maa.”

He was almost begging which I could not refuse so I wore it. Wow it really increased the beauty of my feet. We came out of the shop and went to a restaurant as it was almost night and I was tired. In restaurant everybody gave lusty looks at me. Firstly I got irritated but I adjusted.

We mom son seated like newlywed couple and we also behaved like one. Whenever Jay was cutting jokes I laughed full heartedly making others turn their attention to us. I was enjoying the attention the crowd was providing us.

When we finished the dinner my son asked the driver to drop us in a nearby resort, “What is this Jay beta? We have a home. Let us go there not anywhere else.”

Jay replied, “No mom today I want to discuss something very important with you, that is why I am taking you out.”

“Whatever you want to discuss you can do it in our home bete.” I tried to convince him but he was in no mood to listen, “No, mom please listen, it is important. I want to discuss it very peacefully which in that small dungeon I can’t.”

I thought he wanted to tell me something very important and also didn’t want to make him upset, so I agreed.

“Oohhh……….. Thank you, mom you are so kind to me, you are my lovely sexy mom.” I smiled at him for his comment.

He got happy and that was what I wanted him to be. That day he had made me feel so happy so I wanted to make him happy in return. He purchased a suitcase filled it with our purchases. The driver took us to the resort.

My son told on way, “I had purchased a lot of jasmine flowers kanakambhara.”

I asked, “For whom you are taking the flowers, Jay beta as no temple will be open at this late hour.”

He replied, “No mom, this is for my goddess who is always with me.”

I didn’t understand what he said so I laughed. Suddenly I thought my son had fallen in love with some girl and wanted me to meet her so he had spent so much on me to make me happy. Little did he know that even without such gifts, I would have readily agreed to any girl for him to marry. After all, I was his mother.

To his know what was inside his mind I asked, “Who is that goddess show me bête.”

He said,”Definitely I will show you mom, but at the resort. Wait for the suspense.”

We arrived at the resort and we got down from the taxi. My son pulled me closer holding my waist as we entered the reception which was manned by a model like receptionist. Jay told her that the honey moon suit was booked in the name of Mr. & Mrs. Jaydeep. I was shocked to hear what he told her. I almost fell aback. Since Jaydeep held my waist, I did not fall. I tried to speak but my son placed his finger on his lips and signaled me not to say anything. I almost went into trance.

“Welcome Mr. & Mrs. Jaydeep to our resort for your Honey moon suit,” Saying this receptionist handed the room keys and welcomed us.

I got really angry with her, how dare she call me Mrs. Jaydeep. Tried to open my mouth but my son again signaled me not to talk. She called the bell boy and asked him to take our luggage and she led us to honey moon suit. Finally we reached there. The suit was in the corner of the top floor of the building.

A fine rose wood carved big door stood right in front of us. She opened it. My mouth opened wide……………Ooohhh it was a huge hall. It had everything in it what a big posh flat would have ……………a big sofa set……… dining table, cupboard………. sit out in balcony and most importantly a big rosewood cot with a very luxurious bed.

Few sexy paintings adorned the wall of the bed room and to my surprise the entire bed room was decorated with flowers (jasmine, rose and many more flowers). In the middle of the bed a there was a love marking along with the wordings “Happy married life… Mr. and Mrs. Jaydeep” And on the corner of the bed many sweets, fruits and dry fruits were placed in silver plates. The room was filled with a beautiful smelling incense stick.

Over all it was a complete set up for a hot and sexy Honey moon, but whose honeymoon. It was a million dollar question. Did he invite his girl friend here and wanted me to meet her in this sexy room. A bad idea as the room was too erotic for such talks. Many things crossed my minds which needed explanation. From his generous behavior in the day at the parlor to the room booked for Mr. and Mrs. Jaydep to this sexy honeymoon room, entire day’s events were dancing before my eyes.

I couldn’t understand what I was seeing as it added more to my confusion. I looked at my son in total confusion he again not allowed me to talk before the receptionist.

The receptionist handed over the keys to my son. Jaydeep again said, “Thank you and we are not to be disturbed until we call.” She smiled naughtily and said, “We are not disturbing any newlywed couples…….. Especially, on their First Night or in their Honey moon suite. Please feel like home sir and madam.”

My son smiled and said something in her ear. It added fire to my anger for the attention Jaydeep was giving to her. Then I thought she might be confused because of my dressing and make up. It looked like I was a bride, so she was addressing me as Mrs. Jaydeep. I smiled in my mind.

Immediately I started asking questions, “What are these entire Jay? What are all these arrangements??????????? So you married a girl without my consent and made all arrangements for your Honeymoon???????????? You only bring me to bless both of you. Where is she?…….. Who is she????????????? Show me????????? Kya woh achi khandhan ki ladki nahi hai??????? Kya wo sundar ladki nahi hai????????????? Tere saath padhnevali hai kya??????????”

There were many questions which needed explanation. But my son replied smilingly, “Oohhh……..nahin maa…….. Maine abhi shaadi nahin kiya…………. Ladki pasand jaroor hai magar ladki ka bhi permission lena zaroori hai na…….Main to use pasand karta hu magar ye nahi pata ki wo mujhe pasand karti hai ki nahi………………. Mai usko bina pooche ye sabhi arrangements kiya kyon ki mujhe maloom hai ki wo zaroor permission degi…………. kyon ki mai use bachpan se janta hoon.”

I replied, “Arre beta…….. Pagal hai kya wo kaunsi aisi ladki hai jo tujhe bachapan se mallom hain aur main use nahi janti…….aisa koyi ladki maine tere saat nahi dekha………. tu mazaak kar raha hai na…………. sach sach bata bete……. mai yaha aane ke waqt se confusion me hoon.”

Jaydeep, “Maa wo ladki thodi dari hui hai.”

I said as I was really confused, “Ooh kaha beta….. kaha chupa rakha hai usse……. mujhe use dikha na…… Aur wo dari hui kyu hai?”

I started searching for her in room.

Jaydeep my son said, “Kaha dhund rahi ho maa?????? wo bilkul mere samne hi hai.”

It really angered me because nobody was there except me. He was joking with me for sure.

I was exasperated, “Idhar tere samne mere siva aur kohi nahi hai Jay.”

My son smiled as if to reveal the secret now, “Haan…… maa…… wo ladki koyi aur nahi…… sirf aap ho maa…….. My girl is you mom. Main apse shaadi karna chahta hu.”

He bent on to his knees in filmy style and said, “Will you marry me? You are my love of life. I will keep you happy all your life.”

I could not believe my ears. I was totally shocked; I never felt such a shock in my entire life, to hear this from my beloved one and that also from only son. He wanted me as his bride. He loved me….. Oh my dear lord…My son doesn’t have any girl in his life. That was a relief for me.

Suddenly I started feeling guilty….Maybe I should not do it as it is beyond the society’s acceptance…………What would the f****y members say to this alliance………Maybe I had dressed too offensively which made him think like that towards me….Maybe I should have stopped the arrangements that started in the morning culminating to this honeymoon suite.

My son said that I was his bride which I never imagined even in my dreams. For 5 minutes the room was under pin drop silence. Society would blame me for this. They would say I had enticed or seduced my son to marry me. I had to confront the situation now.

I recovered from shock and started abusing my son, “Ye kya bol raha hai? Haaram khor…….. Apni ma pe gandi nazar rakhta hai? Shayad mujhi se koi bahut badi galti ho gayi tujhe palne mein jiska mujhe ye sila mila hai. Maine tere liye dusri shadi nahi ki. Darti thi kahi mera pyar bant na jaye………Aur aaj tu mujhe ye din deekha raha hai.”

I went on and on and said many more harsh words until i got breathless due to excitement. Before that day I had never used such words for my son, “Hey bhagavan use maaph kar dena…… wo abhi bacha hai.”

I was unstoppable for 15 minutes abusing him with loud voice. Thankfully the room was sound proof that’s why nobody heard my shouting. For the entire period my son did not open his mouth. When I got cool he tried to convince me in polite manner.

He opened his mouth, “Maa mai tera beta hoon……. mujh ko teri sukh ka sada chinta rahta hai……mujhe pata hai ki tune mere liye dusri shadi nahi ki……. ye tere liye sahi mauka hai…apne saare gham bhula de aur mujhse shadi kar le… tu mere liye bahut dukh sahi hai…….mujhe palne mein bahut mehanat ki hai……….mujhe hamesha teri fiqra padi hai mom……..

I just want to give back what I got from you…….No women will share my love……… My unconditional love is only to you mom that’s why I don’t want any other girl as my wife. You are the women who filled my heart and soul mom.

Give a thought to my request……….think mom. I will wait for you whole life…If you won’t agree to marry me I will never marry just as you never remarried for my sake………I am not asking you to take this decision in hurry. But please don’t say no…… My life depends on you and your love.”

I was in stupor not able to reply anything. But I somehow managed to say, “Now I don’t know what to say beta…… Ab ek maa aapne bete se shaadi nahi kar sakti……Aisa karna paap hai aur hamara saamaj bhi isko nahi manega.”

Before I could finish my sentence my son was ready with reply, “Maa saamaj ko chhodo……… Is samaaj ne tumko kya diya hai siwa nafrat ke …….. ye mujhe malum hai aur rahne do ye paap punya ki baaten…….. sab bullshit hai…. wo bhi chhodo khud bhagavan ne aapni beti se shaadi ki…………. Rati Kamdev ki maa hoke aapne bete se shaadi ki.

Man lo main kisi dusri ladki se shadi karta bhi hu to iska kya guarantee hai ki who mujeh tere jitna pyar degi…….Tumhare siwa kaun meri dekhbhal itne achche se karegi…………Kahi usne mujeh tere khilaf bhadka diya to……Main kis ki side lunga teri ay uski??????????? Us waqt mujhe kaisa lagega?”

Things changed so fast that he convinced me instead of me convincing him. His talks were making sense. I thought what is wrong in it. If two adults want to marry what has the society got to do with it. And who ever marries Jay will surely be very lucky so why not me. In him I saw a very generous, caring and loving husband.

The entire day, my pussy was on fire. Firstly the parlor owner made me so hot. My pussy started oozing wetness by thinking of my son’s cock, my boobs got stiff and my nipples got erect. If such was his effect on me by just thinking what would he do if I actually married him or fucked him? I decided I would agree to his request and marry him. My body hairs got erect by just the imagination of his cock.

I smiled at him, “Acha beta teri sab manghe hum poori karenge……….. aaj se teri maa teri biwi hai…………. pehle mujhse shaadi karle………. mere bete aapni maa ko biwi banale……….”
I covered my eyes with my hands due to shyness.

By hearing this, my son become very happy, and jumped in joy, “Thank you mom. I love you so much…..Oohh god thanks a lot.”
He said, “At last I got my mom has my wife……… ohhh mom, mai tujhse abhi shaadi kar loonga…… woh bhi according to all rituals. What do you say mom. Sorry…… mere hone wali patni.”

I said, “Acha beta…………. sorry mere honewaale pati………. kya iska bhi tayyari kar liya.” I said with very naughty smile.

He said, “Haaahaan, meri maa……. nahin nahin meri honewalli biwi……… Taiyari mein der hi kitna lagega…..Abhi Abhi iska bhi tayyari ho chuka hai.”

Then he picked up phone and called the receptionist to ask her to send any Panditji in 15 minutes. The receptionist agreed to send one in few minutes.

Jay bola, “Kya baat hai…. aha maa tum tayyar ho jaao…….. pehale thoda makeup ko theek kar lo aur woh red color saree pehalo jaldi………… tere saath suhaag raat manane ke liye mera lund tadap raha hai.”

First time my son talked to me using sexy words but instead of feeling angry at him I began to feel happy and naughty.

But I playfully slapped his back for the dirty language he used for me and said, “Cheeeeeee……. Ma se aisi baten karta hai? Yaad rakh abhi main teri biwi nahi bani hu…….. Apne jaban ko sambhal ke rakh samjaha……..Acha mai abhi tayyar hoti hoon.”

I applied red nail polish and wore very expensive red colored saree suitable for bride with matching laced bra and panty. I put on a sleeve less and backless low neck blouse and asked my son to tie those thin thread.
While tying the back thread he said, “Wow kya khoob lagti ho meri jaan……… Ek dum apsara………….. You are really sexy my darling mom.” saying he started pressing his already erected cock against my ass. I felt some very hot iron rod pressing on my ass. It felt very nice. He knew how to arouse sensuality.

But I said, “No baba not before marriage then everything. Beta tu bhi jaldi se ready hoja………. Waqt bahut kam hai.”

My dutiful son said, “It is ok mom. Ha mom mai abhi ready hota hoon.” saying he went bathroom.

He took shower and came. His erect cock was standing like a pole in towel making a tent inside. I felt ashamed looking at his hard cock so I put my head down, but kept on looking at that priceless cock of my darling son, through the corner of my eyes with a hungry look. My son knew what his mom would be looking at.

He spurted out his excitement by saying, “Ye to tere liye hi hai meri raani……. mai tumhe zaroor dikhaoonga pehale shaadi honede. Fir aram se dekhna ise.”

I really felt so shy at his dirty words spoken to his mother that I put my heads down with absolute embarrassment. My son got ready for our most sacred i****t wedding. He was wearing cream colored shervani and red shawl. Oohhh he looked like a prince in that outfit.

My motherly heart looked at him happily but my bride heart inside me took over it and it started imagining my suhaag raat with him. He sprayed very costly perfume on him. Both bride and bridegroom were ready for their i****tual taboo marriage.

Then the reception said that panditji had come along with some selected guests. My son asked her to send them to our suite.

I was surprised and asked my son, “Who are the guests and whether they know that we are mom and son?”

Jaydeep replied, “Cool mom, they know we are mom and son, even panditji knows that and they all are happy about our i****tual marriage, so no worry.”

Panditji straight away started rituals saying, “Pleas pay attention, the mahurtum is going to expire within 10 minutes and it is already late. So start at the earliest.”

He called both of us in front of holy fire starts chanting mantras asked my son for mangala sutra. [panditji brought all pooja materials along with iron fire stand] My son took out a mangalasutra from his pocket and placed it on the coconut. Oh that is what he had bought at that jewelry shop I remembered.

One of the guests, an elderly woman, who was mother of one of his friend put jassmine and kanakambhara flowers on my hair along with little haldi on both side of my cheeks legs and hands and a small kajal just below the right side of my lips[we called drushti chukke]

My son tied the mangalasutra around my neck. We the erstwhile mother and son became husband and wife according to Hindu dharma shastra. The i****tual taboo marriage of mother with his son was complete.

Panditji blessed us and said, “Beti ees shaadi se parishaan mat raho……… ye maa bete ka shaadi shastra sammat hai.”

I thanked him, he collect his dakshina and went away along with all the guests wishing us happy married life. Among the guests one elderly lady named Pushpa also decided to marry her son whom she secretly admired and longed for but could not muster courage to say.

Hearing that all guests laughed including me. Till then I became fully open so no more shyness for me. I mingled with guests, the female guests appreciated my beauty and the way I looked so young and dress. The male guests got jealous with my son for having such a beautiful mom who had become his wife. Everybody left the room leaving me and my son in the room.

My son tried to hold me but I said, “Ooooooooooh…na baba na, go and wait for me on the bed. I will come soon.”

My son replied making dirty gestures towards me with his fingers and thumb into a circle gesticulating of my pussy hole, “Oh mom, don’t make late come fast as my cock is so hungry for your pussy.”

I laughed at his excitement and replied him in the same dirty language, pointing at my pussy, “Ok beta your newly wedded mom is coming to you. I also want your lovely masculine cock inside my pussy. My pussy is itching for your iron rod.”

I entered the highly decorated suhaagraat room carrying milk in a silver jar with a silver glass. My son was surprised to see milk and all. I had asked the receptionist for it and she provided it happily. My son [husband] was surprised to see me behaving shy like all newlywed brides. But I was luckier than other brides as I married my own son. My son took the milk jug from me.

I fell on his feet and said, “Mujhe aashirwad dijiye sada suhagan rahane ke liye.”

I uttered the words very respectively the same way a wife converses with her husband on her wedding night.

My son husband said, “Ooh common mom. You are older than me and also my mom so I should take blessing from you and not vice versa.”

I whispered, “Sssssssshhhh aisa mat kahiye…….. Pran nath…….. mai aap ka daasi hoon aur aapki patni hoon. Mujhe ab apke charno mein rahna hai. Apki sewa karni hai aur apke bachche pal ne hai. Main sada apki sewa mein upasthith rahungi.”

My son got thrilled by hearing those nice words from me. He encircled me in his well built shoulder and hugged me tightly. My boobs were pressed to his broad hairy chest. Electric current started running all over my body. As after more than twenty years a male was hugging me to his chest, the male who was none other than my own son who had become my husband. He lifted my face and started to look in to my eyes which increased my shyness many folds.

Jaydeep asked, “Sharma rahi ho kya maa????”

I said, “Hhaan ji mujhe bahut sharum aa rahi hai……. Mujhe aise mat dekhiye please.”

My son caressed my cheeks and said, “Is main sharmane ki kya baat hai…….tum meri patni ho…….. aaj hamara suhaag raat hai………. maa aaj poora raat enjoy karna matlubh tumhe chodna chahta hu…….. Kayi positions me chodunga aur gaand bhi marna chahta hu……….mom don’t feel bad if I use vulgur words…….. Agar aap ko parishhani hota hai to I will stop using it.”

I was enjoying his dirty words and wanted him to continue in the same manner so told, “Oh ho, nahin bête…… Don’t worry tum ko jaisa kahana ho kaho,,,,,,,, maaf ki ji ye maine aap ko tum kaha.”

Hearing this, my son, my husband said, “Ooh chhodo na maa bed room me ye sab chalta hai. Ab mujhe wo akrne do jo main karna chahta hu. Jiske liye maine tumse shadi ki. Us chut ka darshan karwao jis se main bahar aya hu.”

Saying this, my son started kissing my fore head, then on my eyes, on back of my ears, on my rosy cheeks and on my nose. Oohhhhh I don’t know where he learned this but his kisses were creating sensations in my body………… Oohhhh I also started responding to his kisses. I put my hand in his hairs. His mouth was closing on my face and my lips. My heart was beating fast like a drum. My face became very hot and red. I felt very dizzy and suddenly my hand was pulled by my son and placed on his raging cock. I shivered to touch something very hot. My lips felt some salivating hot mouth on it and a big face covering my face.

My precious juicy fingers were giving him much more excitement which I felt in his kissing and also from his steel rod like cock which was rubbing on my thighs. Ooooooooohaaaaaaaa…. Then his mouth came to all parts of my face giving special treatment to my cherry red lipstick coated juicy lips. First he delicately placed his hard truly male lips on my lips, and then rubbed his lips on mine very delicately for good 5 minutes which made my lower vertical lips means my pussy lips to start crying happily.

Now he opened my mouth gently and inserted his tongue inside. I welcomed his tongue in to my well oval shaped little mouth with any hesitation I started chewing his tongue………. Ooooooohaaaaaaaaa what a beautiful scene it was……. a mom son kissing each other passionately on their suhaag raat. Our tongues loved each other very much with lust. We kept on kissing like that for nearly 10 minutes and hugged so tightly that even air couldn’t pass between us. We separated our eyes were filled with pure lust and nothing else.

My son turned husband said, “Oh meri raani, meri maa, meri sexy biwi…. kya mast hot lips hai tumhare………. mom really it is so juicy sweet and smooth……. so sexy. I never thought it would be so sexy, I am really lucky man having you as my wife.”

I replied kissing his lips, “Me too lucky beta for having you as my husband…… you are a wonderful kisser ………I think even your dad never kissed me like this……… where did you learn this? With whom have you been practicing?”

He didn’t expect such question so got nervous but replied, “No mom, I never kissed anybody……. Promise……. It is you only whom I have kissed till date. It is the lust and passion for you which lead me to this.”

Saying this he simply threw away my pallu and started to stare at my boobs which are 36C in size firm and well shaped half of which was already out because neither my blouse nor my bra could hold it fully. His big palms held my boobs and he started squeezing it………….ohhhhhhh my!!!!

He was fondling my boobs the same boobs which had fed him when he was a toddler and nursed him to adulthood saying, “I can’t stand any more……….. The passion runs in me………. wow mom…….. What a beauty you have……… wow they are so firm and good in shape………. I think your first husband, my dad not use it much. Nor did you feed me much.”

I replied, “Oh yes beta…… mera pehala pati, yaani tumhara baap bahut jaldi chale gaya na and he did not use and he didn’t take that much interest in sex. Iska beta yaani mera bhi beta yaani mera dusara pati bahut sexpert lagta hai…….. I am really proud of you son……… you know how to make a woman surrender to your charm. You are master in this.”

He removed the thin thread which was holding my blouse and out came my blouse in one go. He threw it away; the lace bra also got the same fate. The boobs which were freed from cage were ready to be handled roughly as well as smoothly. I am very fair lady so those melons are milky white and the brownish nipple were erect more than a inch from their original size. Without wasting time my son started squeezing it with his both hands.

I cried out, “Aahaaaaaaa my son be little slow and soft on my dear boobs……… Remember they are your mom’s boobs……. Please handle with care…… even in your c***d hood you were so fond of it………..Just fondle and suck don’t bite.”

Son replied, “Oohhhh…….. My sexy mom………. my lovely wife……… I am really lucky that I was fed by these. It’s so good honey what a boobs you got… if I knew they were so good I would have fucked you much early or even ****d you if you didn’t let me fuck you.”

I said, “I would have fucked you also if I knew you were so good in sex…………. I would have allowed you to fuck me much early…………… Your mouth is so hot and sexy.”

His fingers were caressing my back and soon his lips devoured my erect nipples and he started sucking it. I could feel pressure of his warm and demanding lips on swell of my boobs, his teeth were pressing softly on my boobs, trying to leave love marks around my nipples and his tongue was caressing, licking, flirting with my fully aroused nipple. Meanwhile with one hand I was caressing, squeezing his firm hips and with other hand I was rubbing my pussy which was pressurizing me more and more for my son’s already stirring cock.

Enjoying my attention my son started putting my right nipple in his mouth while squeezing left boob like he did in his c***dhood. He used to drink milk from right boob first and squeeze the other boob…….. Oooooooooohaaaaa what a sexy sensation……….. Again he changed his position squeezing right and chewing left.

Oohhhh I couldn’t control, the pussy juice was oozing, running like a water fall in my tiny panty completely soaking it wet with my pussy juice………. even my thighs could feel the wetness and the heat of my lust…….. My hands started to gauze size of his cock over his dress………. It was so hard too long and thick. I still not seen it but I could imagine the size and feel so happy that it belonged to my son [now my hubby]

Both of my hands were on his head grasping his hairs……… My eyes were closed feeling his hot breath on my face and nipples…He was sucking both my boobs alternately… I was letting out hot moans…Then I caught his hand and led it to my pussy and placed it on it. He started squeezing my pussy………. He extended his palm till it covered my crotch………..He began roaming his hands on my pussy area…My sanctum sanctorum…… His birth place……. My son found the pussy mound easily and squeezed it from above the saree folds…….. To unravel the pussy he began pulling my saree……… Within few seconds my saree was on floor along with my blouse and bra……..Then he removed my petticoat…… I was waiting for him to remove my panty……..He removed it with jerk tearing it into two pieces…. My pussy was naked before my son, my husband………. My young stud………My fucker from today.

He began massaging my pussy mound………..I was getting wetter and wetter……His fingers were parting my pussy crack……. His finger was invading my pussy hole.. My pussy was throbbing to his tender touch… I had waited for ages for the day to arrive……. Finally my cunt had found a worthy suitor……. A worthy fucker, who was my flesh and bl**d.

All I could say was, “Oh god, main mar gai……… Mere pati parmeshwar mere raja……. mere pussy ko pyar se sahlao… MERE PURUSH?.MUJHE LOOT LO?..YE BADAN TUMHARA HAI…………AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH???.!!!!!!.”

He came between my thighs and parted them…..He began kissing my thighs from knees to my pussy………. His wet tongue was all over my thighs…….. wooaaaaaaaaaaa…………. How wonderful feeling it was for me…….. I never enjoyed such abundant pleasure in my life till that day………… He pulled my pussy lips with his lips and began sucking it……

I kept on murmuring, “Uufffffffffff ahhhhhh apni unglii meri geeli pussy mein dalo…….Aaahhhh……Chuso na meri chut ko…….. Pussy lips ko aur chuso. Chato meri clit ko……….Ghus jao andar usi ched mein jis se tu bahar aya tha.”

He inserted his hot tongue in my pussy hole, I shrieked, “Oh mmmmmaaaaaaaa…….main gaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii janoooooooooo……….. oaurr andar…………mere pati…….. apnii gurm gurm zuban mairi pussy kay under dallllooooooooooo………..jjjjjjiii ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”
I needed something to hold on…… I held his hairs in my hands and pulled with strength. Meanwhile he located my clit and began sucking it…..

I instructed, “Oohhhhhhh…….my darling sonny cock……..yesssssss son………….BITE MY CLITTYYYYYYYYYYYYY…………..CHEW MY CLITTYYYYY………..liccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk my cunt some more…….lick…..lick……lick……….PUSH YOUR HOT TONGUE deep into my pussyyyyyyyy…….oooooooooooooo.”

Then I climaxed with his mouth placed on my pussy. I almost screamed with pleasure. With this I let out a big gush of cum. It was the best orgasm I ever had. My son-husband licked my love juice which was oozing from my pussy. I felt so nice and elevated. Unable to think further I groped his thick cock over his pants and squeezed it hard. He came over me, his cock still in my hands and kissed me. He inserted his tongue in my mouth. I could taste my cunt juice on his tongue…………. It tasted funny..Imagine tasting your own cunt juice that also from your son’s mouth or tongue. I sucked it little more.

Meanwhile his cock had grown to it’s full erection…. I could feel it in my hands that it was oozing precum…….. Lovely cock that belongs to my stud son.

I moaned loudly, “Dear son, now your mom is hungry for your (mine now) cock. Don’t make me wait for it beta……..mere pati….mere purush.”

He smiled naughtily and asked, “Kya hai………. meri raani……….. meri maa aur mere patni………… kya chayiye tumko bata na….. Mast chuchi wali mummy… Mera lund kyu pakda hai.”

Closing my eyes with excitement and shyness I said, “Mere chut ke malik………Mere badan ke swami………Meri khushio ke rakshak………Mujhe aapka……. aapka ye chayiye… Ye jo itna kada sa hai mere haathon mein……. Jis se aap kisi aurat ko aurat hone ka maza dete hai……… Mere kaam dev ke avtar”

I squeezed his cock a bit strongly. His cock was throbbing in my hands like a live mouse waiting to jump at me.. His mother…….. his wife……his darling’s cunt…….. I thought his cock was too big for my little cunt hole but was re assured by the fact that this boy had emerged from the same hole. So if his head can come out from the hole, his cock can also go in.

My son was still in playful mood, “Ooh maa aise bolliyega to kaise pata chalega apko kya chaiye……… Iska naam to baatao. Haath mein le rakhi ho………. Naam kya hai.”

I hid my face in his chest, “Uummmmmmmm…..chaalo ji mujhe sharum aa rahi hai.”

He wouldn’t let me free, “Iss me sharumane ki kya baat hain…….. Come on mom tell me.”

I knew he wanted to hear the dirty words from my mouth and wouldn’t let me free unless I did as he told, so I shyingly told, “Ok……mujhe mere bete ka……… mere pati ka aur mere raaja babu ka lund chayiye…………. haaan lund chahiye…….mujhe chodne ke liye………. chusne ke liye aur mera chikni gaand me goosane ke liye ………..chaahi ye tera mota pyara lund……….. Mera pyara beta please aapni maa ko ye lund de de. Iske darshan kara beta……….Bahut din se ise nahi dekha hai…Jab tu chhota tha tab dekha tha……….Ab kitytna bada aur mota ho gaya hai……….. Kisi jawan aurat ke choot ko to fad hi dega.”

Now I was free with him as my shyness had disappeared and that is what my son wanted. I was freely using dirty words like choot/lund/chodo/chuso and all such things. I felt a strange tingle in my pussy when I used such words. I decided to use it as often as possible to make me and my son-husband happy and hot.

He smiled and nodded his head in affirmation and said, “Jaroor meri rani…….. My mommy cunt……. Mera lund tumhare liye hi hai………. Is se main tumhari choot chodunga………… Choot fad dunga aaj…….. Aaj hamari suhag raat hai na………. Jor se pakdo ise aur hilao.”

I was delighted to hear his words. Meanwhile my hand was moving on his thighs and reached his penis in no time. I opened his pajama string and slid it little down, as his cock was now free from cloths. I glided my hand on his cock and as I touched his cock, I became weak in my knees. It was heavenly to feel his naked manhood in my hands and as he had a tool perfect for man not that of a k**. He had cock big enough to fuck any woman of his choice which was fully erected by the time.

I started thinking how big would it be when it gets inside my cunt. It had become so large and thick after full erection. I took his cock in my hand and moving my hand down and up, and his cock beaming in full erection. I was still holding his cock in my hand and was rubbing it feeling its nakedness on fingers. My heart beat increasing every second.

And with a hard breath I bent down and started kissing his cock softly. I was kissing, licking and sucking his cock as he was moaning and saying, “Mommy…… I am so lucky to have you as my wife-mother…. Oh you are too nice… Such a lovely mouth too apart from nice pussy for me……. I will always keep you happy.”.

I was so happy that I had married him. Then he put his hand on my waist. He was trying to fondle my naked tits, which were now swinging on my chest. He caught my tits in his hand and rubbed them for a while and then I put his cock in my mouth, kissed, licked and sucked it. I closed my eyes as my head was bobbing up and down on his erect cock. He was fondling my nipples hard as I was sucking his dick which had become like a steel rod in its full erection and was not less than 8”long.

He flexed his face muscles and became hard I understood he was about to cum. He yelled aloud, “Mom I am cummIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING…………Mera paani le lo maa………. Pee jao apne raja bete ke lund ka pani…….Oooooaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh……….. Meri rani maa.”

Within few seconds he shot jet of sticky cum in my mouth which I drank with pleasure.

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Ride With Mom Turns Horny

The summer of 2007, it was an urgent trip to Jaipur. I, aged 24, had to accompany my mom aged around 40. We are a small f****y – me, my mom and my younger s*s. Dad expired while I was 18.

We had started from Delhi at 6:30 in the morning, halted at Haldiram’s for breakfast. When we had entered Haldiram’s I had noticed a f****y had come probably mom-dad-daughter and son-in-law. Since Mom and Daughter had acute resemblance. I was continuously staring at them. Specifically their butts and boobs. So much so that mom had to actually tell me to concentrate on my breakfast. One key thing I had noticed was, since we had started from Delhi mom was having her pallu very low. Almost revealing one of her blouse covered breast. Shamelessly, I stared at her part exposed boob and said “OK”. It seemed that me staring at her did not matter.

Here I would want to mention that my mom is a typical Indian woman – a 5’2″ height, well grown in the right areas with a mild paunch. Wheatish in complexion and an item of fantasy during my numerous oral sex and masturbation sessions with my s****r as well as my college (girl) friends.

Where normally she is very particular about the way she dresses. Well d****d in saree and related clothes, covering almost from neck to toe, today seemed to be a huge deviation. I could clearly make out her bustline, what with almost one of her breast waiting to pop – out. Her saree was tied almost 2 inches below the navel and a comfortable amount of her waist being seen.

We finished our breakfast with me openly staring at her breast at regular intervals and she looking me straight into the eyes whenever I did that. But no attempt to cover the nectar pot.

I started driving and occasionally hitting her thigh, our discussion was limited to f****y affairs and an occasional comment on how good I drive (any double meaning here). almost after 30mins of driving we approached a toll gate, where she started enquiring if there is any facility of washroom enroute and she had to pee big time. This got me irritated since we had just left Haldiram’s where she could have done that.

While approaching Rewari, she again started her cries that she wanted to pee really bad and cannot hold. With little bit of frustration, I told her – you have two options – One, I pull over and you can go behind tree and pee. And in case she is ashamed of doing in the open, I will stop the car in a shade and she can relieve in a bottle which we can throw away. After giving me a disgusting look for couple of seconds, she said-I will take the first option. We were approaching a road curve which was followed by a huge heap of stones and bushes soon after on the left side if the road. She asked me to stop the car there.

I stopped the car, she got off and asked me to accompany her as this was really lonely. To get off the road, one had to cross a barricade (2 1/2 ft tall) and she wanted my help. She placed her hands on my shoulder and crossed the barricade. While doing so, her right breast first hit me, actually almost compressed to my chest, which was not actually necessary. After crossing she leaned on me, making her pallu slide down further and revealing ample amount of cleavage. Then she asked me to come along with her. Since I had not locked the car, I asked her to proceed and meanwhile I will lock the car and join her. She walked into the stones mound, which would completely hide her from the rest of the world but anyone walking through the gap between mound would clearly see the person as well as what she was doing.

Now, after locking the car, walked in the direction mom had left and ended up at the entrance to the mound. I almost collapsed at what I was seeing. Mom had lifted her saree, petticoat and slid her panties down and was squatting giving me a Crystal Clear view of her Thighs, pussy and the gap through which the Golden Fluid was flushing out. I just kept staring at her pussy and the golden liquid. I assume she had seen me too, but made no attempt to stop me or hide herself. After the flow stopped to a trickle, I slowly walked towards her and saw she really had to go as there was a huge puddle of wetness as if someone had dropped a 2ltrs bottle there.

She asked me for a bottle of water to clean her pussy, which I refused since I had to walk back to car and get it. Instead, I offered her my handkerchief. She readily accepted it and wiped her pussy lips and also tapped the inner regions of her pussy and handed over the kerchief back to me.

To tease her, I pulled the kerchief close to my nose and inhaled strongly. She laughed and said, you are such a nasty fellow. Is this what you and your s****r do in your rooms. This got me zapped, as this actually was one of the various activities that me and my s****r, Meena, used to do. Now I was confused if she knew and said this or was it some wild statement. I gave a quizzical look. She herself took control of the situation and said, let’s go we need to reach Jaipur while the light is still on.

While driving, Mom was sl**ping, I noticed mom, her pallu had come down further and one of her breast (blouse covered) was totally open and I skin and beginning of the cleave was very evident. And in her sl**p she had that mixed look of an innocent sweet little girl and at the same time raunchy, sexy and hot with the way she had dressed.

I slowed down the vehicle and slowly let my hand pass over her breast, just a minor brush – no movement, then softly pressed her exposed boob. Immediately, pulling my hand back I waited for mom’s reaction, she was still sl**ping. Assuming that she was asl**p, to make up with the lost sl**p for the early morning start. I slowly extended my hand first caressing her breast from the outside and then cupping it and then I started applying slight pressure. With no movement from mom, I got emboldened and almost squeezed it, which is when she thrust her breasts out and made a sigh! remark. I got worried and pulled my hand back. Doing it with s****r was much different from this.

I let the situation relax for couple of minutes and then started fondling, kneading and crushing her boob. I noticed that her nipple was getting really erect and poking into the blouse. I suspected that mom was also liking it and she was pretending to sl**p. So I started to unhook her blouse. After I unhooked two of them, it looked like I could push my hand inside, I slowly let me fingers crawl into her blouse, lifted the bra and then for the first time the soft, sweaty, hot breast skin made contact to my fingers. An UNFORGETTABLE MOMENT. The breast that fed me as a c***d for 2 long years, the breast that produced milk so that i could grow big, the breast that produced the nectar that protected me from all diseases as a k** was now providing me another kind of satisfaction. The pushed my fingers to the nipple and started pinching, twisting them.

I don’t know when she woke up but she was staring at my face. I was driving very slow and totally lost in the magic of the moment that i failed to notice that she was awake and now looking at me. So as to make me aware that she was awake, she just thrust her boobs ahead making my hand strain again the soft fabric of her bra and the crease of her blouse.

Sensing the change, I immediately turned my head to see mom staring absolutely blank into my face. I immediately drew my hand and looked straight ahead onto the road. I increased the speed. I did not have the guts to turn around and look at my mother.

Then mom coldly said. Decrease the speed. We do not have to die.

I slow down and say – “Sorry Mom”

Mom – what is left to say sorry? In middle of the road you have unhooked and me and fondled and played with my breasts? You turned me into a bitch. What is there to say sorry?

I – Your boob was out and was very tempting, i couldn’t resist and committed the act

Mom – Yes you are right. It’s my mistake.

I – Why do you take a high moral ground? You exposed your pussy to me. You let me have a clear view of your pussy and the piss that gushed through the small hole. You tempted me. You didn’t even say anything when I inhaled the hanky that was wet with your pussy piss and pussy juices. Oh Yes! I know you were hot about something and there were strong traces of the juices. I am no novice in that. Whom were you thinking off?

Mom – Oh and you are an expert in differentiating the Pussy Juices and Piss? Where did you learn this from? Who told you? Your s****r?

I – What are you saying?

Mom – Don’t act smart sonnie. Do you think I don’t know what is going in between you both?

I – I…eh…ahhh… what are you talking off? You seem to have mistaken.

Mom – May be, but your wet undies and your s*s wet panties that I keep seeing very often filled with your cum and piss cannot be a mistake. Your s****r spending 30 mins in your bedroom and toilet to get ready and you coming out absolutely ready within 5 mins behind her cannot be a mistake.

You bastard, you talk of my moral ground. You fuck your younger s****r, lead her into nasty things and you talk of my moral ground. I cannot believe I gave birth to such a dog, fed him, bathed him, took care of him and this is what you do?

I – Mom, we have done no wrong, we are grownups. We know what we are doing. What if we both tasting each other’s urine? We both enjoy seeing each other shit and wipe each other. We love to exchange our spit. We love to like each other’s intimate areas. We love giving oral sex to each other. We know what we are doing and we will continue what we are doing. What is wrong with that? We are not cheating anyone. She has saved her virginity so that we I can break hers when we get married.

Yes, you have heard it right. We do not want to get married to anyone else. We wanted to wait till you brought up the marriage part and tell you. But since you know everything a little more information is not going to do any harm.

Mom – Shut up you dirty shit eating dog. Don’t you have any values? Can’t you differentiate between bl**d relations and outsiders? Thinking like that about your s****r itself is a grave mistake and you are talking of marrying and fucking and producing k**s with her? Oh god, how did I raise this lump of shit.

I – Whatever you may think you please go ahead and think. Me and Meena are not united by our bodily needs. We have been doing this since she was 12 and I was 14 so sex is not the only criteria. I love her. If only fucking was the factor, then by now I would have taken her virginity and fucked her until her pussy expanded. What bl**d relations are you talking off? Where is written that there should be no sex in bl**d relations? Who will stop any two consenting adults who know and are sure of what they are doing? What stops a mother from fucking his son? A s****r getting her pussy pounded by her b*****r? A father screwing his daughter?

Mom – oh god! What are you saying? You mean to say, you would fuck me? You would fuck the very hole that you had come to this earth. You would want to plant your seed in the very womb that had carried you?

I – And why not? A strong large thick and alive dick is anytime better than those brinjals and cucumbers that you keep shoving up your pussy. Yes, me and Meena watch you do it and masturbate each other. I am willing to fuck you and always prepared to fuck you whenever you want and wherever you want. Why should a sexually active gorgeous female waste her life?

Mom – Enough! you rotten fellow. She screamed and hid her face crying.

I felt very bad looking at her situation, I immediately begged her for forgiveness.

I – Mom, I am very sorry for screaming at you. I got carried away by the way you were reprimanding me. I always felt we are a small f****y and we needed each other’s support.

Mom, I love Meena but that does not mean I don’t love you. I can give you what you want. But that is only if you desire so. The love that we have towards each other is not bound by any selfish reasons.

I extended both my hands and pulled her hands away from her face. Her eyes were read and tears rolling down her soft silky cheeks. I wiped her tears and said

I – Mom, I do not want to give you false expectations that I will stop thinking about Meena. But we would wait until we have your acceptance before we get married. Regarding whatever I said about you, that is true. But again you are free to decide on what you want and what you don’t.

Mom – Lets drive, n don’t talk to me.

She was silent through the journey to Jaipur. After 2 hours of long silent and heavy-hearted ride we reached Jaipur,

We checked into a hotel. The room had two queen size beds. The bell boy had brought in the luggage. Mom didn’t want to go out and wanted to have food in the room itself. I immediately went through the menu and placed an order. The order was expected to arrive in 40 mins.

Mom – I will go take bath and come. Don’t try peeping inside the bathroom. Yes, I am going to piss, shit and then bath. You can imagine whatever your rotten brain can let you imagine but that is it.

I – sure, I don’t think you had to say all that. There is anyway no keyhole to peep in. Once you shut and latch the door it is anyway closed.

The same, blank face devoid of any expressions turned around and said – after showing you everything I don’t think there is any need to shut the door.

I got shocked, and was trying to read between the lines. Did she mean that she wanted me to step in and see her doing all that or she actually meant that i do not have the permission.

I had a confused look. May be she understood. She immediately unwrapped the Saree standing in in only Blouse and Petticoat. She unhooked her petticoat and let it slowly drop down to the floor, revealing her wheatish soft and silky thighs. Her thighs resembled that of a banana tree trunk. She had her back towards me, her buttocks were covered in large panty.

I calmly walked towards her and starting from the ankle started kissing her slowly moving upwards. The calves, knees, inner thighs, beginning of the butt. Where my mouth couldn’t reach my fingers and palm were having a field day. I was still behind her.

I stood up, walked across her and stood face to face with her. She was fixed to the spot with her eyes tight shut, fist clinched and teeth shut.

I slowly held her chin and lifter her face. She still did not open her eyes. Then I softly said.

I – Mom, you don’t have to do it if you do not want it.

Actually, the question had no meaning. Since her erect nipples, pungent scent from her crotch were give away that she wanted it then and there.

I – Mom, say something

After slowly opening her eyes, quivering lips she answered.

Mom – My son, I don’t know if this is right or wrong, but I need it. I have waited for 6 long years for a male touch on my body. I have wanted it every night. Numerous days, I felt like killing myself due to the loneliness coupled with my body needs.

I immediately put my finger on her lip, I didn’t want to strain her with all the talk. Then I slowly rolled my finger on her lips. Tracing the contour of her rosy pink and lovely lips. Then she suddenly opened her mouth. Hot vapor just escaped, I could feel it on my finger, a feeling as if water was sprinkled on a hot pan. I understood how much she wanted it and felt sad at what such a glorious female been wasted.

I inserted my finger slowly upto the second knuckle and planted the finger on her tongue. As if taking a cue she held it with her front teeth and slowly started sucking it. In and out as if giving a blowjob. She was looking straight into my eyes. Filled with lust, need, hunger, love. I slowly pulled the finger out and immediately put in my mouth. Sucking greedily.

Mom then took my finger by herself and put it back in. Then she said in a husky voice.

Mom – Do you want to see me pee?

I – No…. ,after a seemingly long gap and a surprise and confused expression on my mother’s face, I want to bathe in it.

Mom – Oh my son! My bladder is filled with piss. I am sure you can atleast wash half your body in it. Come my son, I am yours now on. I will do whatever you say. Whatever you want! Use me, take me, F U C K meeee…

I – Mummy, how lucky I am to be able to do all that to such a voluptuous and gorgeous female. My own mother.

Mom – Yes, my son, talk nasty, be vulgar, I like it that way. In fact your father and me were always enjoyed it like that

I – Yes mom, your son and daughter also like it that way. You know mom, I am going to lick your cunt. Smell your cunt, taste the warm juices, open my mouth and let you piss in my mouth. I will drink your piss mom. Then I will get closer and see the nasty hole which my father had taken the cherry off and then fucked numerous times. The cunt where my father pushed his dick in and after humping and depositing the hot, creamy, white semen lay on you. Me a product of the bodily hunger of my mother and father was conceived in the womb that lay at the end of this dark sticky tunnel. the pussy that stretched beyond limits to get me and my s****r onto this earth. I am going to lick it mom and later fuck it mom.

I – Mom, you wanna get fucked mom? You wanna get fucked by your own son.

Mom – Yesss…. my fucker… I will spread my legs for your cock. I will take your cock inside my pussy. I want you to fuck my pussy.

Then we noticed that food could arrive any moment, we immediately dressed up but lay in each other’s arms. Then I sat on the bed, mom came and lay in my lap. The pallu of her saree on the ground, her busty 38DD sized milk containers thrust up in her blouse. Her navel as if it was some deep dark suction pit… i was caressing her and smooching her…And then the bell rang…. food was at the door…

Mom, slowly walked into the bathroom and this time she did close and latch the door and I could her the shower running.

I walked towards the door and opened it. The room service guy placed the food on the table and left. Before he leaving, he handed the receipt to me and asked me to sign. The moment I saw the receipt my world turned upside down. I felt as if the ground and vanished beneath my feet. The name of the restaurant in the hotel from where the food was provided is “Meenal”. That is when it struck me, I was going to cheat my lover, my almost wife. I signed the receipt and passed it to the waiter. I had to talk to Meena, but what am I going to tell her? How will she react? I just put on my jeans, T-shirt and shoes. Mom was expecting me and when she heard the clothes ruffle, she was calling my name. I didn’t respond and just walked out of the room shutting the door behind.

For almost 30 mins, I just walked on the road not caring where I am going. Mom had been calling continuously on the phone, but I didn’t want to pick and talk to her. Mainly since I didn’t know what to tell her.

Then it was Meena’s call, I looked at the phone ringing for a very long time and on the third call, after missing the first two calls, I took the call. She had a very worried and tensed voice.

Meena – Bhaiyya where are you?
Me – Nothing I’m here in Jaipur what happened?
Meena – Mom, told me that you were not taking her call, so was worried. What happened why are you not talking mom’s calls?
Me – Nothing like that, I didn’t hear the ring. That’s it. I myself knew that was far from convincing. May be I subconsciously wanted it to be that way.
Meena – Bhaiyya, I know you are lying. Tell me, mom said something about us? Did she find out about us?
Me – Arey nahi yaar (No way)
Meena – You are feeling something about Mom?
Me – (Having been caught off-guard, I stammered and responded) err..rr.. No…hmmm…nothing of that sort

Meena – Cut that crap, and come on please be fucking honest with me. What the fuck is there to hide from me?
Me – Well… it… is… MOM!
Meena – Fucking shit, what the hell are you saying? What about her? What did you do?
Me – I haven’t done anything yet, but… would have ended up doing something if I had not come out of the room. Dear s*s, I can’t betray your love, I can’t cheat you.
Meena – Oh b*****r, what are you saying?
Me – That’s not all, ( I hurried as if I wanted to tell her in one go). I have felt her boobs, I have told her about our relation and activities. I have told her you are the only one I am going to get married to.
Meena – Damn… shit …

Me – If I hadn’t stepped out of the room, I would have definitely been screwing mom.
Meena – What are you saying? (I could hear a disappointment, upset and anger in her voice.)
Meena – (after couple of seconds)Even you proved that all mean are alike. You just need a set of busty boobs and a hole to stick your dick in. Doesn’t matter whether it is your s****rs or mothers or anyone else’s. You just need to fuck.
Meena – You have disappointed me, I have become lonely.
Me – Meena, no way. I stopped and ran out of the room for this reason. I CANNOT CHEAT ON YOU!!!
Meena – Go Away! I don’t want to see you. ( and she cut the phone. )

I tried calling her numerous times but her phone was switched off.

Confused, I walked back towards the hotel room. I needed someone to talk to.

I went and rang the bell, not knowing what to expect. Mom opened the door, I could see my “actual” mother returning. More covered and properly organized. She walked back to the bed, I reclined on the chairs.

Mom – What happened? What did Meena say?
Me – Nothing
Mom – I am sure you must have tried telling her whatever we had done and were going to do. She must have got upset hearing that.
Me – Zapped, did she call you? How do you know?
Mom – I could guess the amount of love you have for each other from the very fact that you had left your “more than willing to get laid by you” mother and ran out. I knew we wouldn’t have gone all the way.

Mom – I am very happy that you love her so much. My daughter’s life is secured. Now I need to see what can be done that would not create any problems for us.
Me – I was listening to her like a zombie.
Mom – Beta, come to me. I am calling you as your mother, not the mother who was going to spread her legs and get fucked by you but caring mother.

I crawled onto the bed and laid my head in her laps, staring away into infinity.

Mom – Don’t worry, once we are back in Delhi, we will talk and sort out the matter.
Me – I am worried she may do something now, she is all alone and disturbed.
Mom – Beta, I have seen you both since c***dhood, I have brought you up. I know what is going to happen. If I am not mistaken, she will call me in couple of minutes and talk to me.
Me – Ma, if she calls you I want to hear what she has to say.
Mom – Sure, I will turn on the speaker and you can hear what she is saying.

While talking all this, I was absent mindedly speaking to her right breast and not her face. Only after the final few words were spoken by mom, I actually noticed that I was hardly couple of inches away from her nipple and the hugely swollen breast. Suddenly my mind cleared and I was again horny. My body was warming up again and I could feel that I was actually breathing hot air, my nostrils almost burning. Since I was taking deep and fast breath, I was sure that the warmth of my breath was reaching my mom’s breast. Which I could say was having only a blouse and she was not wearing a bra inside. The advantage I had was since mom’s breast was really huge the saree could do nothing to cover the bulge which could be viewed form the side and below.

Mom stopped speaking, and I could see her breasts rising and falling with each breath she took. I understood even she was excited. I moved a little to see where actually she was looking. I then noticed that she had clenched her eyes shut, her teeth were biting the lower lip. And both her hands were grabbing the bed sheet as if to control from holding me.

I slowly blew on her breast, she immediately jumped and put her left hand on her breast, the exact spot where my breath had landed and the right hand she almost pulled my head to her breast but stopped. She had grasped a handful of hair and was not knowing what to do. I got up and sat opposite her. What i saw, made me feel real bad.

Mom’s forehead was covered in sweat, even with the AC running, her lower lip had deep marks and may be cuts due to the intense biting. Her eyes spoke and gave everything away. She wanted to get “FUCKED”, she was sad that she couldn’t demand that from me. The red eyes with tears and a helpless expression on her face made me feel real bad.

At that moment, phone rang, it was Meena, mom was about to take the phone, I stopped her and took it in my hand. I realized that whatever has happened is something which I should fix, since I was responsible for the current situation.

Me : Hi Meena
Meena – Where is mom? why have you picked the phone?
Me – Mom is sitting here, and since I am responsible for this mess or bliss, it is appropriate I talk
Meena – Bhaiyya, I don’t want to lose you. please give the phone to mom
Me – I am going to put you on speaker, whatever you have to say can be told and I have right to hear what you speak.
Meena – Fine
I put the phone on speaker
Mom – (with a heavy voice) Bolo Meena

Meena – Mamma, I love bhaiyya. Please don’t separate him from me.
Mom immediately started weeping and was absolutely inconsolable.
Meena – Mamma what happened, please don’t cry.
Me – Meena I will call you in sometime, don’t worry, things will be under control. Its only three of us and whatever happens we three need to take care of this. We all love each other and need to take care of each other. Just don’t worry, I will call you in few minutes.
Meena – Theek hai bhaiyya. Please call me

I hang up the phone.

Mom had buried her face in her palm and was weeping. The tears were running down the arms and onto her saree clad thighs. I walk around and stood in front of her. I sat next to her, and put my arms on her shoulder. And then the unthinkable happened, I said “Anu, kis baat pe ro rahi hai (what are you crying for?)”. Anu is my mom’s name.
Me calling her by name was such a shock value that she immediately turned around and was staring me in the face.
Me – Tell me what are you crying for?

Mom – I am such a loser. I lost my husband, I seduced my own son. I am in love with my own son. I am cheating my own Daughter. I don’t deserve to live.
Me – You are saying that you seduced your son-in-law and love your own son?
Mom, had a strange and surprised look on her face.

Me – Yes, mom if this is where we are heading to, then we better move in with complete faith in each other. You gave birth to us, you fed us. Me and Meena have d***k your milk and grown. We have lived in the same house shared all the happiness, sorrow, love. Why can’t we be a f****y?
Mom – will Meena agree? She is so possessive about you. Just like a wife wants her husband all for herself, Meena wants you. This is anything but natural.

Me – I won’t disagree that, and in an ideal situation and circumstance this may be right. But here we have it all messed up. If I move away you will be heartbroken and never recover. Which me and Meena cannot bear. If Meena moves away from us, both of us cannot bear. Only option is I move out form your lives. (Mom immediately jumped up and hugged me)
Mom – No! Never say that! I will kill myself rather than losing you.

Me – exactly! this is the same between all three of us and we need to realize this. Only solution is we accept that our three lives have changed forever and if I am not mistaken (pointing at her breast which were resting on my chest, due to her hugging act) for the better.

Mom moved away from me, and teasingly slapped me saying you are impossible.

Taking that as an yes from mom, I took the phone and called Meena. I explained the situation and she agreed saying that even she had figured this out but still the fact that she will have to share me was bothering her. I told her that when we are back in Delhi we will talk and fix that also. For which she replied,

Please take proper care of Mamma, give her whatever she needs.
Me – I stressed “Whatever she needs?”
Meena – yes, I mean it. “What…ev…er” haaaaa! Chalo it’s already very late , I will go to sl**p now.
Me – Bye darling! Please take care of the assets, I have left with you.
Meena – You are a shameless creature.
Me – Don’t you think both of us are?
Meena – You dog, bye! and she disconnected the phone
I turned to see mom, who had a very satisfied smile listening to our talk.


I ask her, “Why are you smiling?”

She replies, “Where am I going to see such a fucked up f****y? A s****r is allowing her b*****r to fuck their mom.”

I ask her, “Why ma? Are you upset that I had to take Meena’s consent to fuck you?”

She said, “No I am really happy that you both are so much in love with each other and are faithful to each other”

Me – Now you are part of the group so I need to take consent of two people now on

Mom – What? So you are planning to fuck more women? You will ditch us and then take your own way?

Me – Just saying ma. Ok, so Meena asks me to take proper care and give whatever you want. So what do you want ma?

She suddenly blushed and said “nothing”.

After the things got cleared I was looking at my MOM sexually.

Medium built of 5′ 2″ now sitting on the bed with her feet touching the floor. Huge breasts – 38DD straining against the blouse and giving a clear view from the site where the saree had risen, smooth mild sweaty mid rib, a sweat patch at her armpits, a little above soft and smooth neck and shoulders, beautiful chin, well carved lips with a mole on the right of upper lip. Pointed nose, dimple cheeks with ample amount of meat – for all purposes like biting, pulling, kissing and playing. Deep black magical eyes, well etched eyebrows large forehead. A true beauty – as if god had sculpted her at leisure.

I slowly walked towards her, sitting on the floor, I put my head in her lap looking away from her.

She asked – What happened?

Me – Nothing Mom, I suddenly feel at peace. I don’t know I feel relaxed. The two people whom I love the most in my life have become even more closer to me. We are going to become 1, figuratively and literally.

Mom – That’s true, I cannot believe, both my k**s, whom I had carried in my womb. Bore all the pain to bring them to the world, breast fed them. It all looks so dreamy.

Me – I had always been dreaming about you. I look towards her and say, I always wanted to feel you mom, I wanted to fondle your breasts, suck them kiss them, I wanted to see between your legs and if “POSSIBLE” insert my Cock and fuck that pussy.

It’s hard to believe now that I am actually going to live my fantasy. My mom is a willing partner in my sex fantasies, she is going to invite me and willingly open herself to me.

Mom – Son, yes I had gone through hell to compromise and come to accept this. While your father was alive he had spoilt me so much sexually that since the day he left I have been literally craving for it every minute every second. And she became emotional.

Me – Mom, I am sorry for reminding about dad. Are you feeling bad.
She took my face in her palms and looked straight into my eyes.

Mom – Son, during our hot sessions as well as romantic moments, we always used to say to each other. Whatever happens to each of us – we should not stop from fulfilling our love and sex desires. Only that I am going to get my sexual needs satisfied from my son – our own creation.

Me – Mom, if you don’t mind can you share what sort of sexual life you led?

Mom – May be on another day I would not have even though of uttering even a bit of this to you. But now… yes… I can share everything with you.

Your dad was definitely a pussy man. He was very fond of whatever came out of my pussy.

Whether my cum, piss or my two glorious k**s. He always wanted to lick it, smooch it. Bath in my urine. I must have urinated on him more number of times than actually in in the pot. I had given him blowjobs while shitting. He fucked me while cooking and then deposited his cum either in the dal or curd and we had eaten it together.

I still remember the days when you were born – I used to nurse both him and you together. In fact one fine day he also wanted me to wipe his ass and change his underwear, asking me to assume it was a diaper. Luckily, we limited it to Piss alone. Though we had no inhibitions in shitting front of each other and did wipe each other later. I really miss all of those kinky, vulgar, wild sex days.

Me – Mom, I want to do all that with you. Will you do that with me?

Mom – I was worried that you want to run away from me, but I am so happy that you want to be part of it.

Me – How frequently would you have sex with Dad?

Mom – prior to you were born we used to have almost twice daily, on the days I had periods, I used to give him a blowjob.
Me – But during those periods “blowjob” might have been unheard of?
Mom – Do you think porn films and magazines came during your generation only?
Me – so you used to watch porn films and magazines? didn’t you feel shy?
Mom – When we were already doing things, what is there to feel shy? As a k**, I had watched my dad and mom do it. Since we used to stay in a single room apartment, where we had to share the bedroom. I used to see them very often.

Me – oh! so you saw your dad’s dick also? You liked it?
Mom – Blushing. Yes, in fact I was so fascinated by the whole thing that I was eagerly waiting for my share of Dick.
Me – tell me everything na?
Mom – ok, but before that lets finish our food quickly.

Then without more delay we quickly finished our food. During this period I openly stared at her. Primarily the face, boobs, and the waist area. Mom noticed me and was just smiling whenever our eyes met. To help me in my attempts, she allowed the Saree pallu to slide a bit and give me a unrestricted view of her packaged boobs. Clearly showing the curves and massiveness of the globes.

We finished our food, both of us together went to the bathroom to wash our hands. I was standing behind my mom, with my chin resting on her shoulders and smelling her. Sometimes pushing my face forward and rubbing my cheeks against her. I stuck my groin to her waist, as I was taller than her. I looked at her in the mirror above the hand wash and smiled.

Mom said “You seem to be restless”
Me – Not me.
saying so I parted my legs so that my dick touched her butt and exactly the butt crack.
Me – this fellow is getting restless.
Mom – then why don’t you give him some rest.
Me – his sl**ping bag is not ready yet
slowly rubbing at her vagina zone over her saree..

Then we slowly walked to the bed.

Coming up in next parts….
... Continue»
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Becky and her son 1

To the outside world Becky Loudon was a typical middle class mother; divorced with one son and living in a small town in a friendly community. The neighbors were friendly enough and gossiped about each other like people in all neighborhoods. Becky liked the neighborhood, but didn't know many people, which was okay with her. She was pretty much like them with one exception; she had an overwhelming desire to make love to her son.

It started two years earlier, after Becky's son John graduated from high school. He was a handsome boy, tall for eighteen years and looked older. His blue eyes, brown hair and strong facial features made him very popular with the ladies. Although not a straight "A" student, he had always done well in school. He played soccer and spent his spare time reading and exercising. Becky was proud of him and they became close when his father left her for a young slut. Becky wasn't sure exactly when her view of her son started to change. It might have been an incident that occurred after his eighteenth birthday. She had walked into his room and saw him lying on his workout bench lifting weights. He was busy and didn't notice her standing just inside the doorway. From her view of his legs she could see the muscles in his calves and thighs straining and glistening with sweat. Her eyes, almost u*********sly, traveled up his body. When she reached his midsection she almost gasped. He had on a pair of very tight stretch workout shorts and the bulge in the center was clearly outlined. As much as she wanted to she could not draw her eyes away. It had been quite some time since she had had real sex, although she did pleasure herself often with a vibrator she kept hidden in her underwear drawer. Now staring at her son's clearly outlined testicles and cock made her quiver with unwanted pleasure. From that time on, as much as she fought it, her dreams were of her son.

For several years Becky chastised herself for her wanton thoughts about her own son, but that didn't change anything. She wondered if there was something wrong with her and if she needed to seek help. Then something happened that changed everything. She was surfing the Internet one day and decided to visit an erotic story site. It was not the first time she had done so, but this time she searched the category for mom/son i****t stories. She found several from one particular author and began to read. Before she was very far into the first story she was rubbing her pussy. The story portrayed a mother similar to her who agonized over her feelings toward her son. Eventually the mother had given in and made love to her son. The story really struck home with Becky. By the third climax she was exhausted. Still she went to bed that night and masturbated again, this time with John in the place of the son in the story. The following day she was reading the stories again and incredibly at the end of the story, the mother became pregnant with her son's c***d. That was not something Becky had allowed herself to consider. But it must have been buried somewhere deep in her mind because the thought of being impregnated by her own son excited her like nothing ever had, so much so that she climaxed several more times before she fell into an exhausted sl**p.

For the next week, Becky read more of the author's stories and then looked at the statistic's and comments sections. She was surprised to find that the i****t stories were the most downloaded of all stories. In fact, several of this author's i****t stories had been downloaded almost two million times each. It occurred to Becky that there were at least two million people who liked i****t stories as she did. When she read the comments she was also surprised that many of them were from women. Some were thanking the author for making them feel like they were not alone and giving them the courage to act on their desires. Suddenly, Becky too realized that she was not alone. If all these people found i****t exciting, could it be so wrong, she wondered. From there Becky did more research and found that i****t was not as uncommon as many people thought. She found that it had occurred throughout history and in some countries it was rampant. Many of the royalty in Europe were born as a result of i****t. Even in the ancient world i****t was rampant. All of this was quite an eye opener for her.

After her research Becky found that she was more excited then before and her dreams and fantasies became very graphic and, of course, always involved John. She wrote to the author of the stories and told him of her fantasies. He forwarded her several more stories, which encouraged her to act on her fantasy. Becky, embolden now, began to plan on how to seduce her son. She printed and then left several of the stories lying around to see what happened. Over the next several days she found that the stories had been moved and she was certain that her son had seen them, if not read them. She was so excited she could have climaxed at a single touch. The following day she grew even bolder and took off her pink panties and left them under the desk where the stories were lying. Later, after her son had come home and gone to his room, she checked and realized, with great excitement, that her panties were missing.

Later that evening she noticed her son gazing at her with what might have been desire, but she couldn't be sure. When she went to take shower that night she opened the hamper to throw in her panties and saw the pink panties lying on top. With a trembling hand she reached down and picked them up. She gasped ... the crotch was soaked with what had to be sperm. As she stared at what she thought was fresh cum she found her shaking hands bringing the panties closer to her mouth. Suddenly she stuck out her tongue and tasted the creamy liquid. Oh my God, she thought, it is cum. Her hands were trembling as she pulled the panties from her mouth and on impulse stepped into them pulling them up her thighs. A gasp escaped her lips when the sticky fluid reached her freshly shaven pussy mound. She reached down and pressed the sodden crotch to her pussy and then she rushed to her bedroom and threw herself onto the bed. Without closing the door fully she began to masturbate. She pressed the sodden cloth to her swollen pussy as she rubbed her clit. She could feel her son's sperm smearing across her smooth flesh and some even drip down her lips. Then she pushed the crotch into her pulsing opening, forcing some of the sperm inside her. The realization that she was pushing live sperm into her unprotected pussy took her over the top. She gasped and moaned as waves of pleasure rushed over her. When one climax ended, another began until she almost passed out. When she finally recovered and opened her eyes she thought she saw movement outside her door. Could that be John, she wondered? Incredibly the thought of that made her slip her hand between her legs and she began all over again.

Several days later Becky had fallen asl**p on the sofa a few minutes before John came home. He awoke her with a kiss. Becky stretched and groaned, saying that her muscles were sore for some reason. John smiled and asked if she would like a massage. Of course she said yes, but a bolt of excitement went through her because she knew that the most recent story had a scene where the son had given his mother a massage. She wondered if he had read that part and if so what he was planning. The two of them went upstairs where Becky got on the bed on her stomach.

"Uh ... I can't give you much of a massage with all those clothes on," John said.

Becky giggled and said, "I guess not." With that she stood up and began to unbutton her blouse. She saw John's eyes on her as she slowly opened her blouse to reveal her white bra. The bra was rather thin and she knew that her nipples could be seen through the gauzy material. Instead of being shy she thrust her chest out slightly and felt a chill of excitement. That made her nipples even harder. Now they were obvious and poking through the material. Becky felt her pussy begin to swell with excitement. Her hands slowly went to her skirt but then she hesitated. "Uh ... should I pull my skirt up or ..."

John didn't let her finish and said, "Take it off."

Becky was trembling as she tried to unbutton the fastener on her skirt. After several attempts she got it lose and then unzipped the zipper. She turned around to hide her flushed face as she dropped the skirt to her feet and stepped out of it. Feeling her son's eyes on her ass made her pussy quiver and she worried that her panties were getting wet.

She knew her panties had slipped between her cheeks so she reached back and pulled them out, smoothing the thin material over her ass cheeks. Because the material of her panties was so thin she knew that when she turned around John would be able to see the outline of her pussy. In fact, like her ass, the panties had slipped between her lips, which she didn't remove. She turned around to face her son. A chill of excitement rushed through her when she saw his eyes dart from her tits to her pussy. The room grew quiet as the sexual tension rose quickly. "Uh ... you want me on my stomach first?" she asked, breaking the silence.

John's mouth opened but he didn't answer.

She let him stare for a moment more and then quietly climbed onto the bed and lay down on her stomach. She felt the weight of her son as he climbed onto the bed too and then straddled her, like in the story, almost sitting on her waist. Becky jumped at the first touch of John's hands on her flesh. He began by slowly massaging her shoulders and then worked down her spine.

"This is getting in the way," he said as he pulled on the back of her bra strap and let it snap back. Then without asking he began opening the clasp.

Becky tried to control her breathing as she felt the elastic spring free and flip to the side. But John didn't stop there. He tugged at her shoulder straps until she rose up and allowed him to remove the bra and toss it to the floor. Now Becky was topless with her son straddling her back. She could feel her heart beating hard as her nipples rubbed against the blanket under her. She moaned as John began to massage her back again, slowly working down her spine. When he could go no lower he moved until he was straddling her thighs. Suddenly she felt his hands on her panties and he began to tug. Oh my God, she thought, he's pulling my panties down. Almost without thinking she lifted her hips and allowed her son to take her panties off. Now she was totally naked and trembling.

"I love your ass," John whispered so softly that Becky could barely hear him. But she had heard him and her pussy throbbed.

"Oh God, John," she gasped as his hands came down to her ass cheeks and he began to massage them. He squeezed and kneaded her soft ass flesh for a long time. Then Becky felt him pulling her cheeks apart and suddenly she knew he could see everything. Her son was staring at her asshole and her half hidden pussy. She could feel juice seeping from between her now swollen pussy lips. She held her breath when she felt her son's fingers slipping down her cheeks until the tips of his fingers were almost touching her rear hole. Then he moved a little lower, brushing his fingers against her outer lips. Again Becky gasped. For a second she thought he was going to slip a finger into her. If he had she knew she would have climaxed. But instead he moved lower on her thighs, pushing them further apart. Becky felt incredibly exposed at that moment, but also incredibly excited. Then she felt something. It was gentle and light. Oh my God, he's kissing my legs, Becky's mind screamed. Even if she wanted she couldn't stop him now. Her legs moved apart involuntarily as her son began to kiss the back of her leg, moving slowly upward. He paused at the sensitive area behind her knees before moving higher. Soon he was near her ass cheeks again. Another gasp escaped her lips when his mouth and then tongue touched her trembling ass cheeks. He kissed and licked the hot flesh until Becky could take no more. She twisted and then flipped over until she was on her back. She started up at her son who had a smile on his face. For a moment no one spoke. She allowed her son to stare at her nakedness. Then she reached up and grabbed his arms.

"Kiss me," she whispered. To Becky the words sounded like they were coming from someone else. She knew she couldn't be telling her son to kiss her. But she was, and he did kiss her.

A moment later their lips were locked together. She wasn't sure whose tongue entered whose mouth first, but within a moment it didn't matter. Their lips and tongues were dueling as they gasped for breath. Becky felt John's hand cover one tit. She wanted him to suck it but she didn't want to break the kiss. It was the sweetest and best kiss she had ever experienced. It made her head spin and her pussy quiver. John squeezed her nipples until they were rock hard. Then he pulled away breathlessly.

"You want me to suck your tits, Mom?"

"Oh God, yes, please," she gasped. Suddenly there was no going back. She knew she could not stop him from making love to her now. All thoughts were washed away and another gasp escaped her lips as her son's mouth found her hard nipple. She pulled his head tight and pressed her flesh into his devouring mouth. He sucked one nipple until it was throbbing and then moved to the other. Becky's chest heaved upward as her son kneaded and sucked her tit. He moved his face between the two large orbs and began to lick there. Then he was sucking the other tit again. From one to the other he traveled until both tits were soaked with his saliva.

Becky was boiling hot and she had to have him. She no longer cared if it was right or wrong. She pushed him away. With her face a mask of wanton lust she said, "I want you. Take your clothes off. I want you to fuck me. Will you fuck your mother, John?"

"Oh God, Mom, you don't know how long I have fantasized about you saying those words." With that John jumped up and stripped in record time.

Becky gasped when she saw his virile and rock hard cock spring from his shorts. It was bigger than she imagined. The head was swollen and red and his balls were churning. She watched as he walked closer to the bed, his cock bouncing up and down hypnotically. God, this is my son, Becky thought, and I am going to fuck him. Becky opened her arms to him. He crawled onto the bed and quickly positioned himself between her legs. Then he leaned down and kissed her again, pressing his body to her tits. When he pulled away he lifted his hips up and looked down at her.

"Take my cock and put it in your pussy," he said.

Becky, trembling at his words, reached between them and found his pulsing cock. She moved it up and down between her wet and swollen pussy lips and gasped out a moan of pleasure. Then she put the head at the entrance of her pussy. She looked up at her son and almost screamed, "Fuck me, fuck me, oh God, John fuck your mother!!!"

John pushed down, forcing his cock into her waiting pussy.

"Johnnnnnnnnn" she screamed as his long cock went all the way into her in one movement ... all the way to the bottom. It took her breath away. Becky grabbed his ass and held him tight as her hips bucked upward, forcing his cock even harder to the bottom of her canal. She held him deep for a moment until she could catch her breath. Then she let go. He knew what to do. She felt his sweet cock slipping out of her, only to plunge back in quickly. "Yes, yes, yes, fuck me."

"Oh God, Mom, I'm fucking you. It's not a dream. I'm really fucking you," John moaned as he began to pump into his mother.

"Yes, yes, you are fucking your mother and she loves it. I have dreamed of this for so long. Fuck me hard, baby."

Becky joined John's plunging hips and moved her hips upward to take each downward stroke. She wanted to scream at the top of her lungs but was afraid the neighbors would hear, so she whimpered and cried out in pleasure.

The room quickly filled with the grunts and groans of the two lovers. Their hips slapped together and there was a sucking noise as Becky's wet pussy produced more and more juice. Becky was overcome with love and passion. Her head spun and her body trembled. I'm really fucking my son, she thought. That thought was more than she could take and her body began to convulse. Her head felt like it was going to explode as a kaleidoscope of colors flashed behind her tightly closed eyes. She pushed upward one last time, taking her son's cock as deeply as possible. Suddenly she was climaxing. It started in her toes and rushed up her body to explode in her head as wave after wave of pleasure racked her very soul. It could have been more than one climax, or it could have been one very long one. It went on and on. Somewhere in the distance she heard John saying something but she couldn't make it out. She heard it again and she knew what he was saying.

"Mom, can I cum in you? I'm getting close."

The words exploded in Becky's mind. Her son wanted to cum in her pussy. That incredible thought prolonged Becky's climax. Those were the words she had heard a thousand times in her fantasizes, and now her son was actually uttering them. In her mind she thought she had answered him, but it must have been only in her mind because he asked again.

"Oh God, Mom, can I cum in you?"

"Yessssss," she screamed. "Cum in me, fill me with your sweet cum, baby."

"Oh yes, oh yes, I'm cummmmmmmiiiiiinnnnnnggggg," John screamed.

When Becky felt her son's balls explode and begin to spew his hot seed into her she started to climax again. She could feel his hot and virile sperm pumping into her unprotected pussy. It was all she had dreamed for so many months. Her son was pumping his hot cum into her pussy for real ... it was no dream. She knew his potent sperm was blasting deeply into her, so deep that there would be no stopping it if there were an egg waiting there to be fertilized. "Oh John, oh John," she gasped.

Finally, John pulled back with exhaustion and his cock slipped out. He looked down and gasped when he saw his thick sperm trickling from his mother's open pussy.

"Look at what you did to me," she said with a smile. "My pussy is filled with your cum. I love it."

"I love you, Mom," John Whispered.

"I love you, John," she returned and pulled him to her for a long, slow kiss. As they kissed is cock slipped easily into her very soggy pussy.

The two lovers fell asl**p in each other's arms. Becky awoke several hours later and wondered if it had all been a wonderful dream. Then she felt her son lying beside her and realized that it wasn't a dream. He had fucked her and as if too prove it she slipped her hand between her legs. When her fingers returned covered in sticky cum she no longer doubted that her son had fucked her. She turned on her side and saw him sl**ping peacefully. While she didn't want to wake him she could not control herself. With a gentle hand she reached down and grasped his soft cock. She moved closer and gazed at it in the dim light from the moon coming through the window. His cock was beautiful. As she began to stroke it slowly, it began to grow. It was amazing to see it turn from a rather small appendage to a pulsing rod. She continued to stroke it until a clear drop of juice appeared at the head. When the urge was too strong she leaned over and licked the drop from the head. She heard John moan and knew that he was awake. She turned and looked up at him.
"Can I suck it?" she whispered.

His eyes were suddenly opened wide. He seemed surprised that his mother actually wanted to suck his cock.

"Can I suck your cock and drink your cum?" she asked.

Finally he found his voice. "Oh yes, Mom. Please suck me."

Becky moved quickly to take the swollen head into her mouth. "Mmmmm," she moaned as she tasted the sweet head, which was coated with his cum and her pussy juice from their earlier fuck. She sucked until she could only taste his cock. She loved the taste, but she wanted his cum ... she wanted to swallow her son's sweet juices. Her stroking hand began to move faster. Up and down she moved as she sucked just the head. She could hear John moaning quietly and could feel his hips twitch with pleasure. She wanted it to last, but she wanted his cum more. Her hand began to move faster and she sucked harder.

"Mom, Mom, I'm going to ... ohhhh ... cummmmmmm!" John screamed.

Becky pumped frantically as she felt the large head swell in her mouth. She felt John lift his hips and then freeze. Suddenly the back of her throat was filled with his thick cream. It blasted out with great f***e, forcing her to swallow or choke. She swallowed once, twice, three times and it kept coming. When it finally slowed, she held the last drops in her mouth and savored them. She sat back with her eyes closed and slowly drank the last of his sweet sperm. Her pussy quivered and she almost climaxed. It was incredibly exciting to realize that she had her son's live and potent cum in her pussy and stomach. He was part of her again.

She crawled up and leaned over and pressed her mouth to his. They shared a sticky kiss before John rolled her over and began to kiss down her chest, pausing at her tits to work on the nipples. Then he started to kiss lower.

"You don't have to do that to me," Becky said, hoping he would not listen.

"I want to. I have never done that. I want to eat your sweet pussy, Mom."

"Oh yes," Becky whispered as she opened her legs and allowed John to kneel between. She was amazed that he didn't seem to care that she had not cleaned up and her pussy must be a mess. She gasped when she felt him push her legs upward. As he bent lower she could see the top of his head and feel his hot breath on her pulsing pussy. She didn't want to rush him, but she wanted his mouth terribly. She waited as he began to slowly lick her smooth outer lips that were still quite sticky. Her hips twitched as he crossed over, touching her clit gently with his tongue. "John," she gasped, wanting his mouth on her, but he pulled back and chuckled. Then he began to kiss the backs of her thigh, running his tongue up and down the soft skin before jumping to the other side. "God, John, please," she gasped.

"Ahhhhhiiiiieeeee," she screamed as he placed his mouth directly onto her pussy. Her thighs wrapped around his head, imprisoning him between her legs. Her hips bucked as she felt his tongue find her hole and delve into the bubbling juices. Suddenly she was climaxing and screaming. Her son was sucking her cunt. Her son was eating her pussy ... her own son. She bucked her hips as he sucked and tongued her hole. Then his mouth found her very swollen clit.

"Johhhhhhnnnnnnnnn," she screamed as another climax began. Her hips practically bucked the poor boy from between her legs. Fortunately he stayed with it and sucked her through climax after climax. She could feel her pussy gushing juice into his sucking mouth and worried that she might drown him. The pleasure went on and on until she could take no more. She finally pulled his head from between her legs and saw his face shimmering with juice. She pulled him up and kissed him passionately. She was amazed when she felt his hard cock between her legs. "Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me," she gasped as his cock moved deep into her pussy.

Becky was fixing breakfast the following morning when she felt her son behind her. She was wearing a short nightgown and, of course, no panties. She swooned when his hands slipped around her and to her tits. She leaned back into him as he found her naked tits under the gown. "Mmmmm," she murmured when she felt his lips on her neck. "Oh, the pancakes are going to burn," she said, making no move to pull away.

"Turn the burner off," John said.

Becky reached down and shut off the gas burners. When she tried to turn in John's arms, he held her still. He twisted her head and kissed her lips and then pushed her forward until she was leaning over the counter. Becky gasped as he quickly pushed up the back of her gown. "John," she whispered with excitement when she felt his cock pressing between her legs. She spread her legs and moved her ass back so he could slip his cock into her pussy. "Yes, fuck me," she gasped as he began to move into her with rapid strokes. She couldn't believe the stamina of her son. They had fucked three or four times last night and now he was doing it again.

Becky pushed her ass back into her son as his motions began to increase. He fucked her for some time before he whispered, "I'm going to cum."

"Cum," Becky answered, and although she was not ready to climax herself, she wanted him to enjoy it. A moment later she felt John push into her deeply and freeze. Then he was grunting and she could feel his cock throbbing as it pumped cum into her. Finally his cock began to shrink and then slip out of her. She pulled away and turned around. "Good morning to you too," she said and laughed. Then she looked down at his wet and dripping cock. "Let me clean this up." With that she went to her knees and sucked the cum and pussy juice off his cock. "Now, sit down and let me fix you some breakfast. A growing boy needs his protein."

John laughed and staggered over to the table and sat down. Becky fixed him six pancakes, a huge helping of bacon and six slices of toast. He ate it like he was starving. She watched him with the look of lovesick teenager on her face. To think he came from my body and now he is cumming in my body, she mused.

"What, do I have syrup on my chin?" John said when he saw his mother staring at him.

"No, I was just thinking how much I love you."

He smiled. "As soon as I finish my breakfast I'm going to show you how much I love you," he said with a lecherous smile.

"Oh no, my insatiable son, I have to go do some shopping. But I will take you up on that later."

"All right," he answered begrudgingly.

Becky went upstairs and dressed, dawning a pretty peasant dress. When she went to get a pair of panties she paused. A naughty smile came to her face and she closed the drawer. It's a warm day so I won't need panties, she told herself. She felt so naughty leaving the apartment without panties. If the neighbors only knew what a kinky lady I am now, she thought and chuckled to herself.

The outdoor mall was crowded as usual. As Becky made her way through the shoppers and past the vendors stalls set up on the sidewalk she suddenly felt something between her legs. "Oh my," she gasped aloud when she felt John's cum begin to trickle from her pussy. She had almost forgotten that she had not cleaned up. His cum must have been very deep inside for it to take so long to come out. As she walked, her thighs began to become sticky, but strangely it felt good. She stopped when a neighbor approached her and said hello. As she talked she could feel her son's sperm begin to come out in greater quantity. Then she felt something hit her shoe and looked down. Her face turned red when she realized that a large drop of sperm had dripped onto the toe of her shoe. Fortunately the neighbor did not notice. When the neighbor saw Becky's red face she asked if she was all right. Becky said yes and that she was a little hot because of the crowds at the mall. Then she excused herself saying she had to finish shopping. She felt so naughty for enjoying the feeling of her son's cum running down her thighs. She wondered what all these people would think if they knew that her son's sperm was dripping from her pussy. But she really didn't care what they thought anymore.

When she arrived home and was safely inside the apartment, she quickly unloaded the shopping sacks and went to find John. He was in his room lying on the bed in his underwear, reading a book. Without a word she hurried over to him and pulled his shorts off. Then she bent and began to suck his cock until it was hard. He didn't protest as she quickly climbed onto the bed and straddled his thighs. With her dress still on she sat on his cock, taking it deeply into her very wet pussy. "Ahhhh, I have been thinking about that for two hours," she gasped.

"And I am the insatiable one?" John laughed as he watched his mother begin to bounce up and down on his cock. He liked the way her tits jiggled under her dress and reached up to tweak the nipples. Becky smiled down at him as she moved up and down and then rocked her hips back and forth like a stripper on stage. She braced her hands on his chest and began to lift her hips until his cock was almost out of her pussy and then she plunged back down, bringing a grunt from them both. Then she got her feet under her as she squatted on his cock. In this position she had freedom to really take his cock fast and deep.

John let her have her way and watched her climax several times before he flipped her over and began to fuck her hard. He fucked her to three more climaxes before he felt his climax coming on. "I'm going to cum," he gasped.

"Yes, cum in me. Cum in me," Becky said.

John moaned and shot another huge load into his mother's pussy. Finally he rolled off her, gasping for breath.

Later when they had caught their breath John looked at his mother as if he had something to say.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. It's just that ... uh ... I know you don't take the pill ... or anything ... uh ... aren't you worried you'll get ... you know get ..." John said and paused.

Becky smiled. "Pregnant?"

"Uh ... yes," John said and actually blushed.

"What would you think if I did get pregnant?"

John was stumped. He knew the answer he wanted to give, but didn't know how his mother felt about it. "Well ... uh ... I ... "

"Answer me truthfully. Would you want me to have your baby?" she asked more seriously.

"Mom, I ... uh ... never want to do anything that would hurt you."

"A baby wouldn't hurt me. I did have you, you know."

"You know what I mean. But I guess it would be ... kind of cool to ... you know, to have a b*****r or s****r."

"Well it wouldn't be your b*****r or s****r. It would be your son or daughter."

John paused as if he hadn't really thought of that. Then he a big grin crossed his face.

Becky shook her head, smiling. Then she said, "What if I told you I wanted you to make me pregnant ... that I wanted you to be the father of my c***d?"

"Really?" John's eyes were as big as saucers.

It was Becky's turn to pause, but not because she didn't know the answer. She wanted to drag it out a little. "Yes, really," she finally said.

"Oh my God, Mom. That would be amazing," John said, clearly excited. "When can we start?"

Becky laughed. "I think we have already started. But my fertile period is this weekend. So make sure you eat plenty of eggs and meat to get your protein."

"I will." John rolled over onto his mother and kissed her passionately. "Let's start practicing now."

Becky shook her head again and sighed. A moment later John was pumping his cock inside her. She wondered if there was a luckier woman in the world.

Becky wanted to hold John off until the weekend to insure that he had plenty of sperm for her. However, that was easier said then done and not just because of him, but because she found she could barely keep her hands off him. It didn't help any that they were running around the house mostly naked all the time. Even seeing his soft cock made her want it. And it wasn't just about fucking. She loved to suck him too. In fact, after an incident in the kitchen she began to wonder if she was becoming addicted to his sperm. They had sat down to dinner when Becky realized that she had forgotten to get her low cal salad dressing from the refrigerator. "I forgot my dressing," she said and started to get up. John said he would get it. As he passed her she grabbed him. "Wait, I know where to get my low calorie dressing." John seemed confused when Becky reached for his soft cock. She pulled his rapidly swelling cock to her mouth and began to suck it. John didn't protest.

Soon he was gasping and nearing his climax. "Mom, I'm going to cum."

Before he could cum, Becky pulled his cock out of her mouth and pointed the head toward her salad and continued to stroke him. She smiled as she looked up at his surprised face. A few seconds later he tensed. Becky giggled as a huge squirt of juice arched out and directly onto her leafy salad. She pumped his cock until all the cum was drained from his balls.

Then as John collapsed into his chair she casually cut up her cum covered salad and began to eat. As her son watched with amazed amusement she finished the salad and then took a piece of French bread and wiped the plate clean before eating it. "Now that is what I call a low calorie salad dressing."

John was truly amazed, but not to be out done, he slid from his chair and under the table. "Now, I want my salad, but without the greens," he laughed as he pushed her legs apart and dove for her wet pussy. Becky forgot about the rest of the dinner as her son sucked her pussy until she climaxed four times. Then, he sat down and began to eat the real food with a cat that ate the canary look on his face. Her copious pussy juice was smeared from cheek to chin and down his neck.

The following day they were sitting in the living room kissing when John pulled his mother's hand to his perpetually hard cock. When she tried to pull away he held her there. Finally she gave in and stroked him for a while.

"I want to fuck you," John said.

Those words made Becky tremble with excitement. She still wanted to wait to let him fuck her. She wanted Saturday to be very special because she had a pretty good idea he would make her pregnant. Then she thought, he is so young and virile that climaxing probably makes his sperm more potent. She would make him wait to fuck, but not to climax.

"Stand up, John."

He hopped to his feet. His cock was pointing at Becky's face.

"Would you like to fuck my tits?"

"Oh my God, Mom, I would love it."

"I thought so," Becky said and pulled John to the sofa and then slipped to the floor between his knees. As he watched she slowly unbuttoned her blouse. With each button she revealed more of her braless tits. Finally she separated the blouse and received a gasp from John. Then she stripped naked. With a smile she moved closer and wrapped her tits around his cock. Looking up at her son she began to move up and down. She could feel the juices from his cock running down and coating her tit flesh. She bent her head and licked and sucked the head as it appeared from between the mounts of flesh. Then she dribbled saliva onto it to make it easier to slip between her tits. When John started to move his hips up and down rapidly she knew he was close. She looked down and saw his cock disappear between her tits and when it appeared again John yelled. Becky watched as a huge blast of cum shot from the swollen head. It hit her directly in the face. She giggled as the next blast hit her face as well and then the next. When John's cock finally stopped spitting, her face was literally covered with his sperm.

Becky sat back and smiled as his cum dripped from her face. Then she smeared the sticky liquid across her cheeks, chin, and forehead. "Cum is good for a lot of things. You already know it makes a great low calorie salad dressing, but it is a great skin cream too." She smiled when she saw his skeptical look. When she was done she licked his cum from her still sticky fingers and said, "I think it might even be better than chocolate."

After those incidents, Becky was successful in keeping John at bay until the weekend ... or more specifically Saturday night. On Saturday she ushered him out of the house and told him not to come back until late in the afternoon. Becky spent the day getting her hair, fingernails, and makeup done. She even had a real massage. However, she could not really relax because of the excitement burning inside her. She kept thinking about the future with her son ... like having his baby and what that would mean ... or about her son moving into her room and becoming her husband. The thought of him sl**ping with her every night sent an excited chill down her spine. Yes, husband and wife ... she liked that thought. She almost climaxed in the beautician's chair.

When she arrived home she got the bedroom ready by changing the bed to her best sheets, setting up scented candles, and darkening the room. Then she arranged the dinner table with John's favorite meal and put out her best china and silverware. Now all she had to do was wait for her son/lover/husband to come home.

John arrived around seven. When he walked into the house he saw his mother sitting in the living room in a bathrobe. He went in and kissed her passionately. She told him to go shower and shave, then come to dinner. He obviously wanted to have sex right then, but all he got was a quick feel of her tits. She had to push him away or everything would be ruined ... her will power was almost as weak as his. Finally he relented and went to take his shower. When he came back Becky had dinner on the table.

"Wow, must be a special night," he said, already knowing how special the night was going to be.

"I thought we might eat by candle light," Becky said as she lit several candles she had set around the room. Before she sat down, Becky took off her robe. She heard her son gasp. She had on a white garter belt, nylons and high heels and nothing else.

"God, Mom, how am I supposed to eat dinner now?"

"Something wrong?" she asked teasingly.

"No, not wrong. You look ... God, you look gorgeous."

"Thank you, now the sooner you eat the quicker we get to bed."

Becky watched her son gulp down his food. She, on the other hand, in spite of how difficult it was, took her time. When she was finally done, she stood and held out her hand to her son. Then she led him willingly to the bedroom. When they stepped inside she stripped him before she went into his arms. A moan escaped each of them as their lips met. They kissed for a long time; Becky loved to kiss him, she loved his lips and tongue, it is almost more intimate then fucking, she thought. Finally Becky reached for his very hard cock. As they continued to kiss Becky backed toward the bed, never taking her lips from his. She went to the bed and then onto her back with John following.

John crawled onto the bed, finally having to break the kiss. Following his mother's direction he knelt at her head. She grabbed his cock and brought it to her mouth. John moaned as she began to gently suck him. She caressed his balls, lifting them and feeling their weight. She thought about the baby making sperm contained in the two squirming sacks.

"Mom, you had better stop," John warned.

She pulled away, not wanting him to cum in her mouth tonight. She had a much more important place for his sperm. "Are you ready to fuck me?" Becky asked.

"Oh God, yes," he answered.

"You know I am ovulating today, so it is very likely that I will get pregnant. Is that what you want? Do you want to make your mother pregnant?"

"More than anything in this world."

"I feel the same way," she said. Then she spread her legs and allowed John to kneel between them. She saw his cock throbbing and juice dripping from the slit. She figured he wouldn't last long the first time, but she also knew that they would fuck several more times this night.
"Look how swollen and ready my pussy is. My pussy wants your cock. Put your cock into me, John. Put your cock inside your mother's pussy."

John slipped into position between his mother's legs. His hand was shaking as he grasped his cock and pointed it toward her more than ready pussy. When the head touched her opening, they both moaned. Then he pushed in gently, allowing just the head to enter her.

"Oh yes, fuck me John. Fuck me hard. You can climax as soon as you like, I don't mind."

"Oh Jesus, Mom," he groaned as his cock moved into his mother's willing hole.

Becky almost swooned as she felt her son's long shaft slip deeper and deeper into her opening. When he hit bottom Becky grunted and then lifted her legs and wrapped them around his waist. "I'm ready, lover, fuck me, and make me pregnant. I want your baby. Give your mother a baby."

"Oh yes, Mom, I want that. I want that so much." With that John began to pump into his mother. He started slowly, but quickly increased the pace until the room filled with the slapping sound of his actions. "Mom, I can't last long," he warned.

Even Becky was surprised at how quickly he was reaching his peak. But that was okay with her. She wanted his cum ... she needed it. She suddenly felt a faint shooting pain, which always let her know that she was ovulating. The timing was perfect. Her head was spinning as she gasped, "Oh my God, John, cum, cum in me now."

He bellowed and pushed into her deeply. His body froze and his balls tightened.

Suddenly Becky could feel it. She could actually feel his cum hitting the back of her pussy. Incredibly she felt a climax coming as well. Her body convulsed and her legs tightened around her son's waist. "Ahhhhhheeeee," she screamed as a strong climax rushed through her. Her body felt like it was on fire. Her pussy began to convulse and that caused her to squeeze her son's cock tightly. Then suddenly she felt like the flood gates had been released. She could feel her pussy gushing juice. She had never done that before. She was actually squirting juice from her climaxing pussy.

"Ohhhhh," John moaned as he pumped all of his hot sperm deep into his mother's pussy. It gushed out like a river, filling her pussy until it squeezed out the sides and dripped to the bed beneath them.

Becky was still convulsing when John collapsed onto her. It took her a few moments to realize that John was spent. She wrapped her arms around him as he lay on her chest gasping for breath.

"Wow!" John whispered.

"Yes, wow," Becky repeated. "That was amazing. Stay there for a minute. I want your cock to keep the cum in me."

"I'll stay in you as long as you want," he breathed.

After about fifteen minutes, Becky rolled onto her side and curled up next to John, throwing her leg over his thigh.

The cum started to pour out of her. But she knew it only took a few minutes for millions of little guys to find their way to the opening. "God, I am really wet down there. I think I squirted," Becky said, slightly embarrassed.

"I love it. Now you can cum just like me," he laughed. John kissed his mother and then pushed himself up onto his arms over his mother. "Can I fuck you again?"

"Huh?" Becky said before she realized that John was still hard. "Oh yes, fuck me again. God, I love you."

"I love you too," John said as he slipped easily back into his mother's pussy. He began to pump into her again. Quickly the room filled with the sloppy sound of their fucking. The first load of cum sloshed inside Becky with John pushing the sperm even deeper with each stroke. It almost felt like the head of his cock was entering her cervix.

This time John lasted a long time. Becky, on the other hand, climaxed several times before her son came again. He filled her pussy to overflow and Becky squirted again, adding to the wetness beneath them. Then they fell asl**p for a few hours. When John awoke he rolled over onto his mother and slipped his cock into her saturated pussy. She awoke with a moan of pleasure. Then she wrapped her arms and legs around her son.

John climaxed twice more that night and Becky lost count of how many she had. It was the most amazing night either of them had ever experienced.

Mom and son fucked through the weekend and then every night thereafter. It was two weeks later when Becky purchased a pregnancy test kit. She knew it was early, but she couldn't wait. She followed the instructions and then looked at the reading. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw the red plus sign. She wanted to run into the streets and scream with joy. Her heart felt like it was about to burst. There was no regret in Becky. This was what she wanted. This was so right and no one could convince her different. She almost swooned thinking about her son's baby growing inside her ... their baby, conceived in love. Tears started to pour from her eyes. She wiped her eyes and tried to calm herself until John got home.

When John arrived home Becky wanted to run to him and give him the news, but she decided to wait until dinner to surprise him. After he sat down she placed the test device onto the table. John looked at it and said, "What is that?"

"A pregnancy test," Becky said.

"And?" he said excitedly.

"You see the little red plus sign?"


"That means it is positive. I'm pregnant!"

At first John did not react because he was having a hard time processing the words "I'm pregnant."

"I said, I'm pregnant," Becky repeated.

Finally John's eyes opened wide and he jumped up. "Oh, Mom, I can't believe it," he screamed as he pulled her into his arms. He lifted her and spun her around. "I can't believe it. The first time and you're pregnant."

"Yes, isn't it wonderful."

"Better than wonderful. Oh God, Mom, I still can't believe it."

"It is a preliminary test, but the kit says it is almost 100%. You mother is pregnant with your baby."

He put his mother down and said, "I love you more than anything in this world."

"And I love you the same," she answered. Then she said, "Will you still love me when I am big and fat with your baby. It won't be long before my tits and belly begin to grow, then you might have a hard time getting your arms around me. Tell me you will still love me?"

"Are you k**ding? I couldn't love you more and not explode. I know you will be even more beautiful than you are now ... besides, I like big tits," he said and laughed.

"How does it feel to know you are going to be a daddy?"

"A daddy," he repeated. "God, I don't know, it is so amazing that I can't even process it."

"Well, let's go to the bedroom and celebrate," Becky said. She took John's hand and led him to their room. When they entered she whispered, " I have a surprise for you tomorrow."

"A surprise? What could be more of a surprise then I just got?"

"You'll see. But I guarantee that you will be surprised."

"You are incredible, Mom."

The following evening, after dinner, Becky told John to give her a half hour and then come to the room. He was to take his clothes off outside the door and then enter. John wanted to know what the surprise was but Becky refused to tell him. She just said, "You will like it, I promise."

John waited exactly 30 minutes and hurried upstairs. He quickly stripped outside the door and then reached for the knob. He was nervous as he slowly turned the knob and opened the door. He gasped as he stepped into the room. The room was aglow with candles again. On the bed was his mother, on her hands and knees, totally naked. All he could see was her ass cheeks. As John walked over he noticed that her asshole was slightly open and seemed to be slick with some type of lubricant.

Becky turned her head toward her son and said, "I want to give you something special. I have never had a cock in my ass and I want you to fuck me there ... to take my virginity. It will always be yours. You can use it whenever you want. I give my asshole to you."

John gasped. He had no idea what to say. He had never fucked an asshole and certainly never expected to fuck his mother's ass. "Are ... are you ... sure?" he asked hesitantly.

"Yes, very. I have been practicing with my dildo and I think I'm ready. Just go easy at first. I will tell you when you can fuck it hard."

John moved to the bed and climbed between his mother's legs. He looked down at the tiny hole and then the head of his cock. The hole looked much too small for his cock. He didn't want to hurt his mother, but he really wanted to do this. He moved up on his feet a little so he could get a better angle. Then he pressed his cock downward and aimed it at her hole.

Becky jumped when she felt her son's cock touch her hole. She hoped she was ready for this, but she knew there was no turning back. She wanted to give him her ass and nothing or no amount of pain was going to stop her. She felt John putting pressure on his cock and she felt her asshole resisting. She pressed down trying to open herself for him. There was some pain but it was bearable. "Push harder," she encouraged. Suddenly she felt her sphincter give and the head pop inside her. "Hold it there," she told him as she gasped for breath. The hardest part was over.

A few moments later she said, "Push it in."

John pushed and his cock slowly slipped into his mother's ass. Inch by inch it went deeper until his balls touched her pussy. He paused to catch his breath and let her adjust.

"Oh God, John you are all the way inside my ass."

"Yes, and it's so tight," he hissed.

"Fuck me slowly until it starts going in easier."

John pulled out slowly and then pushed back inside. He heard his mother groan and stopped.

"No, keep going," she said.

He pushed harder and buried his cock in her ass until his balls were against her pussy again. Then he pulled out and did it all over again. Gradually he began to move faster and then faster.

"That's it. It's starting to feel good." Becky began to move her hips from side to side helping his cock to go deeper and deeper. "Fuck me hard, John."

"Oh yes, Mom, it feels good. I love your asshole. It's so tight. I can feel your ass squeezing my cock. Fuck, this is good."

Becky began to moan with pleasure now. With each plunge she grunted when he hit bottom. Gradually the fullness inside turned into pleasure. "Fuck me, fuck my ass, John," she almost screamed.

Now John was on his feet and plunging his cock down into his mother's ass. He would pull all the way out until only the head was inside, and then plunge back in hard. His thighs slapped his mother's ass cheeks with each downward plunge. "Oh yes, oh yes, that is so good. I love your asshole, Mom."

"Good, because it is yours forever, lover." Becky reached between her thighs and found her clit. She used her middle finger to stimulate her clit. The pressure in her ass was moving her rapidly toward a climax. She wanted John to cum with her. "Fuck me hard, John. Cum in my ass, baby."

"Oh yes," he gasped. The speed of his hips increased. A groan escaped his lips. "Ohhhhh, Mommmmmm!" he screamed as his cock began to pulse.

Becky could feel it; she could feel the pulsing of his cock. Her ass responded with her own pulse. "I'm cummmmiiiinnnnngggg," Becky yelled.

John's cock began to blast his hot cum deep into his mother's ass. Each massive squirt was followed by another, and then another.

"Yes, yes, yes, squirt that hot juice into my ass," Becky screamed until her convulsions were too much for her. Her mouth opened but only grunts came out.

John's cock stopped squirting before his mother's climax ended. He held it inside her until she gradually collapsed under him. Then her still pulsing asshole squeezed his cock out.

"God, Mom, that was incredible."

"It was for me too. Now you have all three of my holes. But my asshole is your special place."

"I love it and I love you, Mom."

After that night, anal sex became a regular part of their lovemaking. Becky wasn't sure if she or John liked it more. She even came up with a game using anal sex. It almost happened by accident. One evening John was watching TV when Becky came in with a snack. He pulled her onto his lap and kissed her, almost spilling popcorn over the sofa. She got up and tried to admonish John but she couldn't even fake anger with him. Instead she sat the popcorn down and knelt between his legs, reaching for his zipper. She pulled his cock out and began to suck. Then she paused.

"You know you still have dishes to do."

"Ah, Mom, I hate doing dishes."

"Okay then, let's play a little game. If I sit on your cock and you don't cum for 30 minutes you will not have to do dishes for a week. If you lose you have to do dishes like normal and wash my car once a week for a month."

"I think I can do that," he said smugly.

"We'll see," Becky said as she stood up and turned around. With her back to John she lifted her dress, revealing her naked ass. She looked over her shoulder and said, "Do you like my ass?"

"You know I do," John said and reached for her ass. He pulled her back and leaned forward until he could kiss her cheeks. Becky bent over and spread her cheeks. "Mmmmm," John said as he spied the pulsing star of her asshole.

Becky moved back and said, "Lick it then."

John didn't have to be told twice. He leaned close and stuck out his tongue, touching her asshole. Becky groaned. Then she felt his tongue pushing into her. "Oh, John," she gasped as his tongue wiggled into her nether hole. "Tongue fuck my asshole, baby," Becky begged.

John did, pushing his tongue in as deeply as it would go before pulling out and then sucking the little hole. After a few minutes Becky pulled away, leaving John with his tongue stuck out tickling nothing but air.

"Okay, it is seven P.M. right now and you have to make it until 7:30." With that Becky moved back until her ass was over John's swollen cock. She reached between her legs and grasped his cock and held it straight. Then she squatted, placing her asshole on the head of his cock.

"Mom, that's not fair," John protested when he realized that she was going to take it in her ass.

"I didn't say which hole," she said and laughed. With that she pushed down, taking his cock slowly into her ass. Both she and John moaned as inch after inch slipped into her tight hole. When she reached bottom she paused. "I will give you a little break," she said. "I am just going to sit here and I won't move."

For a moment John was relieved. But then he realized that his mother's asshole was so tight that he could feel every squeeze that she made. He felt her moving her sphincter on his cock, which made his cock throb and caused Becky's ass to squeeze him in response.

Becky smiled as she leaned back onto her son's chest. She opened her top so that her tits were free. Then she reached down and took John's hands, placing them on her tits.

"Mommmmm!" John protested.

Becky laughed as she sat still ... at least on the outside ... yet she was squeezing and releasing her sphincter around John's throbbing cock. She was pretty sure she was going to get her car washed for a month. She knew John was struggling not to move. But she also knew that he could not stay still that long. She looked at the clock and only ten minutes had passed. "Only twenty minutes to go."

John moaned.

"God I love your cock in my ass. And wow, your tongue felt soooo good. That is your special place; deep in my tight asshole. It is all yours ... my asshole is all yours." Becky knew her words were driving him crazy. She felt his cock throbbing harder. She squeezed her asshole tight and received a responding throb. "Only fifteen minutes to go."

"Mom, I can't ... I can't ... oh shit," he gasped.

Becky almost laughed but she was getting close to a climax herself and that was without even moving. Just having her son's big cock in her ass was enough to get her off. Then she placed her fingers between her legs and began to rub her clit. It didn't take long and she was starting to climax. Her pussy spasmed and juice began to squirt out. "Oh Johnnnnnnnn!!!" she gasped as her pussy and then her ass throbbed mightily.

"Oh, Moooommmmm," John groaned as his mother's asshole clamped onto his cock like a vise. Each convulsion caused her ass to pulse on his cock. He could take no more. Suddenly, as hard as he tried to fight it, his cock head grew inside his mother's ass and began to blast his hot cum into her asshole. It felt like there was a milking machine on his cock, pulling his cum from him. When he finally shot the last blast, it balls almost hurt.

Becky collapsed back on her son, breathing heavily. "I guess I won," she whispered.

John laughed and said, "I think we both won."
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True Love

True love
Tags :
Author : Hi Hi
Book : Slut Mother
Story : Slut Mother
My Secret GardenMarriage HelpThe Actressb*****rsSafe HavenA Beautiful JourneyTrue loveEating cum from my prosititute mother's assholeWhite Whore for Black CocksHouse of Debauchery IIGina becomes a ProstituteHouse of Debauchery IHow My Mother became a ProstituteMotel MamaSlut Mother, The New LessonSlut Mother Gets it up her AssSlut Mother Gets Married Part 2Slut Mother Gets Married Part 1Sluts and Goddesses
It was 3 in the afternoon when I unlocked the ugly blue door to my 2nd floor apartment. It was the last door in corridor lined with 10 apartments on each side. The whole building had an old, musty smell and the discolored gray carpet was dirt with huge stains. The walls of the corridor had fading yellowish paint that made the whole building looked dismal.

My apartment was the last one on right, facing the trash chute and next to large window.

I had lived here for last 3 years, right after I married my Debbie. A couple of years older than me, Debbie was the perfect woman for me when we got married. She was 5' 5", slender, 120 lbs, blonde with nice 36 tits and tight ass. The romance was brief. Debbie didn't want to wait too long so we married right after high school.

The first year was a blur. We were madly in love with each other, always fucking, always kissing and driving my mother crazy! Then one day mom decided it was time for us to move out and Debbie and I found this apartment. Mom paid the rent for first 6 months as our wedding gift and I got a job to pay the bills. Debbie decided to stay home.

After first few months in the new apartment I realized how difficult life really was. My job at the restaurant was not enough to pay the rent and the bills. Since I still loved my wife, I took a second job.

At 21, I was working 2 back breaking shifts and barely making ends meet.

Debbie still didn''t work and had even stopped cooking and cleaning. I often came home to find the bucket or tacos for dinner, dirty laundry strewn around, dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen.

Not only that, Debbie had put on 70 lbs. We didn't have medical insurance but I took her to a shrink who told me that she was probably depressed.

"Yeah! I knew that and that's why I brought her to you asshole." I thought as the doctor wrote prescription.

Debbie refused to take the pills. She was happy watching TV and eating and spreading her legs every night for me.

After coming home, I watched some TV too and when I came to bed, I found my 200 lb wife naked or in her small, red teddy waiting for me to fuck her still tight cunt and ass. I liked that, at least in the beginning. But lately, I had lost interest in my fat wife lying on her back, naked with her legs spread. Her big tits and tight cunt just couldn't get me hard anymore. All I saw was a woman who didn't put any effort in making our lives better.

The door knob was rusty and the door squeaked loudly as I pushed it open. A familiar site greeted my eyes. My fat wife was sprawled on the couch watching her soaps, gorging on the bucket of chicken on the table in front of her. I cursed under my breath but still loud enough for her to hear me.

She looked at me lazily and then went back to watching TV. I was pissed. Goddamn it! I deserved better than this fat, sloppy slut.

I went straight to the kitchen.

"Debbie" I called her "come here a minute"

"What" she yelled from the couch.

"Come here" I yelled back.

"What do you need?" she refused to budge. "Get a plate. Dinner is here on the table"

"I don't need dinner. I want you to clean this mess up here" I was really getting angry.

"I will do it later", she said with finality.

I couldn't take it anymore. I went into the living room and turned the TV off.

"Get off your fat ass, you bitch" I yelled at her.

"I am not a bitch and don't talk to me like that" she jumped up from the couch with agility I never thought a woman her size could have.

"All you do is to lie on that fuckign couch watching TV and eating all day"

"And all you do is to work or masturbate on this same couch." she said sarcastically. "Yeah. I know what you do here every night you bastard."

I was stunned. She was right. For last few weeks, ever since I had lost interest in her I had turned to porn and masturbation. I never knew that she knew that.

I turned around and walked out of the door. My head was spinning and I didn't know where to go but I just didn't want to be there with her.

My mom lived about 100 miles away in the city and I hadn't seen her in last few months. I took my car and started driving.

Couple of hours later when I knocked on mom's door, I was still agitated.

It was 7 in the evening. I was tired, hungry and depressed. When mom opened the door, I couldn't help it anymore. I hugged her and tears rolled down my eyes.

"What happened?" mom asked worriedly. "Is everything alright?"

She helped me to the couch in her 2 bedroom apartment and I sat down not knowing what to say or do.

She brought me a beer and held my hand as I told her the situation at home.

After listening to the story, mom hugged me and kissed my forehead.

"It will be alright honey. I never liked that Debbie anyway but you didn't listen to me."

I lifted my head and looked at my mother sadly.

She was a pretty woman, not too tall, 5' 3", a little plump at 160 lbs but not fat. She had oval face, big brown eyes, brunette with her hair in a bun, pretty, full lips and gentle smile. She was wearing red, silk see through gown that didn't go past her upper thighs , a half cup bra and a thong.

Suddenly the door bell rang.

Mom looked at the watch and gasped.

"Oh my God! Its my guest. Listen honey why don't you wait in other room. Feel free to lie down and watch some TV. I will cook for you and you can stay here tonight.

"Thanks mom. Are you working again?" I asked.

She smiled gently and then got up pulling her little silk gown around her waist, making it ride up and exposing her almost naked, wide but tight hips.

I went inside. I could hear the man come in. I kicked off my shoes and flopped on the bed.

A few seconds later my mother walked in holding the man's hand behind her. She had taken off her gown and now only had her little bra and panties on. She looked very sexy. Her almost naked body was glowing in the dimly lit room. Her long legs were smooth and little thong panties barely covered her pussy. Through the sheer material I could tell she had shaved her cunt. Her belly had some fat and love handles on either side spilled over the thin string of her panties. Her unusually large tits were covered in sheer, half cup red bra that exposed her aereols and left nipple as her tits bounced around with no support. My mother always had large breasts - almost 40 G, they were full and pendulous with beautiful dark nipples.

Her neck and jaw showed signs of her age but her face still looked fresh.

At 49, my mother was still a very voluptuous and desirable woman.

All three of us were startled. I knew I had entered the wrong room and I could see mom getting annoyed but I had no idea she was servicing her clients in her bedroom. That was different. When I lived with her she always entertained in the living room or a separate service room.

I got up without a word and left the room.

"Sorry about that darling." I heard mom apologize to her client.

"Just relax and could you put your donation on the table?"

"How much" the man asked in a hoarse voice.

"That will be 60 baby" mom replied gently.

I had settled in the other room to give mom some privacy but the walls in these apartments were paper thin. I could hear the man unzip and his pant falling to the ground.

Mom giggled softly and I heard her say "No underwear? I like young boys. So impatient, so ready! Oooh! You are hard already".

She giggled again.

I knew if I could hear them, they could hear me too. I sat back in the loveseat and picked up a magazine trying to focus on something other than sounds my naked mother was making in the other room.

For next ten minutes all I heard was the man grunting loudly and my mother encouraging him as she earned her living.

"Oh yeah! Fuck that cunt baby! Fuck this whore" i heard her say between groans.

"Yeah!" the man grunted as he plowed my mother's soft cunt.

"Oh yeah! Cum quickly baby" she said gently.

"I just got here" he complained.

"Yeah. but you only paid for 30 minutes and you were late. I need to talk to my son so hurry up." mom sounded annoyed.

That was different too. My mother always enjoyed having sex. I had never heard her telling a man to hurry up and finish.

In next few minutes, i heard the bed rocking a bit faster and then there was silence.

"Good boy" mom finally said. "Did you cum?"

No response from the man but I could hear him roll off my mother.

"Let me help you with that." I heard her say softly. "Oooh! you came so much in me! Did you like me baby? Did I make you happy?"

The man laughed.

"C'mon lets go baby. Bathroom is over there and there are fresh towels behind the curtain."

Five minutes later the man was gone and I came out. Mom was in the kitchen now. She only had her red little teddy on. Her underwear was on the kitchen floor and she didn't put her bra back on either. I could see her naked body clearly in the bright light of the kitchen.

This brought back a lot of memories.

"What do you want to eat?" she said smiling.

"Whatever you want mom. I am hungry so something quick will be good."

"Sure honey. I am sorry but I need the money so I have to work tonight. Do you mind?"

"Not at all mom." I said. Then I put my hands on her shoulders and kissed her lightly on her cheek. "You know I appreciate what you do mom."

"Thanks my love" she said hugging me, crushing her mammoth breasts against my chest. "I am so glad to have a son like you."

"Ok. Let me take care of dinner before the next guy arrives in 30 minutes. I only have one more after that and then we can relax together."

"Sure mom. I will be in the room."

I ate the meatloaf and potatoes. Mom was always a fast cook, not a very good one but fast and decent.

I caught the glimpse of her next john, a while man about 65, balding with thin, long nose and big round glasses. He had a sheepish look on his face.

"I wanted to see you today so bad Veronica." I heard him say from the other room.

Veronica Buns. That was mom's alias whenever she worked. The picture she used was that of her curvy hips in a red thong.

"I am glad you could come to me tonight." mom said pleasantly. I could hear man unzipping and his pants falling down.

In a few seconds I heard him groan.

"Sorry. I am not hard." I heard man's apologetic voice. He was a little ashamed but somehow comfortable confiding in my mother.

"Don't worry darling. You have a nice cock. I will take care of you."

mom whispered but I still heard it. In next few minutes i heard heavy breathing and a few groans.

"Oh Fuck! Oh shit! You have my whole cock and balls in your mouth! I have never felt like this before."

I heard my mothers muffled laughter as she thanked her patron with a mouthful.

It took only a few more seconds before I heard the mans groaning growing louder before he grunted loudly.

"I am so sorry." the man groaned. He didn't sound sorry. A little ashamed perhaps but not sorry.

"Mmmm..." mom said slurping. "You are delicious baby and you came so much. It was hard to gulp it all down!"

"Thanks!" the man said between short breaths.

"Did you like it darling?" mom said laughing.

"It was beautiful" man said, now relaxed.

He dressed and left. The whole session lasted no more than 10 minutes. When I came out mom was still at the door counting the money.

She looked up at me and handed me the bills - a wad of 5s and 1s.

"I don't know where he works but he always has lots of ones!" she said giggling. I could see fresh cum in her teeth and on her lips.

"You want a drink?" she asked me. She had taken off the small gown and was now completely naked.

"Sure. I will take a beer mom."

We sat on the couch and mom turned the tv on. She let her legs falls apart and that opened up her rather large pussy.

"Does it bother you?" She asked me when she saw me looking between her thighs.

"No mom. I have seen you naked before. I just didn't know you were working again."

"Oh you know. I always liked doing this. Its easy, it pays enough and I don't have to worry about 'falling in love'. I mean these guys come to me and I relax them. "

I looked at my beautiful mother. Her eyes were sparkling. She seemed happy and satisfied and there was no guilt or pain on her face.

"So now tell me honey. What's up with you?"

"Oh mom!" I suddenly couldn't control myself and fell into her arms, burying my face in my mother's large, warm and naked breasts. She felt so soft.

Before I knew it i was lying down on the couch with my head on her lap and her nipple in my mouth. Mom ran her fingers though my hair.

"What's wrong baby? Its that bitch Debbie. Isn't it?" she said gently but I could hear anger in her voice.

I told her everything. About the laundry, the house, the dishes, compulsive eating and shopping and she listened. W