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soldier boy chapter 5

soldier boy chapter 3

... was furious with her b*****r for dragging the soldier from her just as she was about ... here for Sarah while you have been playing soldier boy so believe me when I say she is a ... night if you must know. I enjoyed having that soldier fuck me, loved the feel of ... ... Continue»
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Soldier Boy chapter 1

... she was wearing her sunglasses Sarah’s eyes travelled over the soldier’s body, wondering what lay beneath his clothing. As she held ...
Sitting up she reached forward and touched Jays face.
“Well soldier you certainly do know how to use your weapon.”
... ... Continue»
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Soldier Boy chapter 4

... saying goes, there are more ways to skin a cat, and boy was she going to try them all. Stretching out her ... ... Continue»
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Nurse Bert and The Pool Boy Chapter #2

... the Pool Boy
Chapter #2

From that first day, Bert made sure that she would not be poolside when the young pool boy came ... times a day all the while of thinking about the pool boy. Even now, she was feeling her clit beginning to swell ... ... Continue»
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Soldier Boy chapter 2

Sarah slammed the door behind her as she ran into the house. Throwing open the living room door she threw herself across the sofa grabbed a cushion and held it over her head. Groaning loudly she couldn’t believe what she had just done.
“What the hell has ... ... Continue»
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soldier boy chapter 5

Sarah stood by the bar later and wondered if it was to late to go home and hide under the duvet. The nerves that she had managed to quell were barely controlled and as she looked into the mirror she didn’t even recognise the person staring back at her. ... ... Continue»
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soldier boy chapter 6

Lying on the desk Sarah let the muted sounds of the club wash over her. Stunned at what had just happened she didn’t know how to feel. Should she be shocked that it had happened or was she actually glad it had happened, she wasn’t sure.
On silent feet ... ... Continue»
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the Boy's Story (Chapter 7)

... "Good - we have more to do! You are my Good Boy!"............

Chapter 7.

The feeling is very strong still for both of us ... my insides and my Master is making me his Piss Boy and pissing into my arse. I think it is called a 'piss ... ... Continue»
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Mommy's Panty Boy, Chapter 1

... between her legs.

"Oh, you naughty little boy you." She giggled and poked me ... rest off with a Kleenex. "That was a good boy, Wendell. Now while you rest lets clean ... fingers in her mouth.

"Ummmmmmm, such a sweet boy," she hugged me and kissed me all ... ... Continue»
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Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy / Chapter #1

Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy

It was a nice warm and sunny Sunday. The girls were ... ... Continue»
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"A Soldier's Boy".

... British classic.

A Soldier's Boy.

by pete (

A young boy's first ... place...

I trembled all over... I loved it!

Chapter 2

My sphincter had started to adjust ... ... Continue»
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LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 1

... eBook much more enjoyable and understandable.


Thursday - 2:46 pm
Marlin Township, Highway 9 - ... had been a soldier up in the cupola of the vehicle...a soldier who'd had ... sight of the boy.
"There's you some titties, spank for ... ... Continue»
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Masturbating Little Girls

... heroes.
He smiled politely at the usher, like a good little boy.

Chapter 6

Jody had a hard time returning to what she once ... they might put
two and two together."

Gregg felt like a soldier with a wounded comrade on the field of battle.
There ... ... Continue»
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The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 3

... bystanders are slapping his juvenile erection hard until the poor boy ejaculates with a humiliating groan. On the other side a extremely ... brain - to this day and forever!
I get handled from one soldier to the next and I have to rub their bursting cocks ... ... Continue»
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Halloween Strip

... Spider man was down to his shirt and underwear, and soldier boy was down to just boxers. The Knight's sword was ...

"Which one were you?" She asked me.

I grinned. "I was the Soldier Boy," I said, then laughed. She giggled, too.

"You know who that ... ... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter X

... at her place, waiting to see the next chapter of their date.

“About to leave that ... on bed, where she could see his ‘soldier’ at full action mode, and sit on ... keep himself focused on screwing Madame. And, boy, how he screwed her…

“I never thought you ... ... Continue»
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Pagan Princess (Chapter Four)


“I must give Drachius credit for his expertise.” Said the first soldier. “These patterns are superb, he made her scream so much I very nearly ejaculated”.

“Me to,” replied the second soldier. “What a superb body this girl has, do you think we ... ... Continue»
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The Slave Girl (Chapter 4)

Chapter 4

"You´ll wear a strip ... auction. A bit of discipline, nicely presented, whets the boy´s appetites."

They cringed. Each of ... you to the U.S. with a belly full of my soldier´s sperm."
The penalty of being female! ... ... Continue»
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Dark Descent. Chapter 1

... who among them were the righteous.


“Under conditions of tyranny ... them fully.
“Wakey, wakey…c’mon…snap to, soldier,” a distinctly male voice now involved itself ... of having lost it with a boy she should never have been touching. ... ... Continue»
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Romance Comic Cover Stories - Chapter XVI

... Chapter XVI – My General (based on All True Romance No ... “So, what my dear wife wants from her army boy?”

“Hmm... let me think...”

I went to where Julian ... like I was at some destroyed building, fucked by the soldier that saved my life, nailed by the man ... ... Continue»
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