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soldier boy chapter 5

... was furious with her b*****r for dragging the soldier from her just as she was about ... here for Sarah while you have been playing soldier boy so believe me when I say she is a ... night if you must know. I enjoyed having that soldier fuck me, loved the feel of ... ... Continue»
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Soldier Boy chapter 1

The sun streamed through the window and Sarah stretched languidly on the bed letting the heat warm her already warm skin. The bedcovers were loosely thrown across her petite frame leaving only her ample breasts exposed. Stroking them softly with her fingertips she watched as her nipples hardened and tiny goose-bumps appeared on her body. With the sun stoking the tiny flame of arousal in the pit of her stomach she began to move her hand lower. Across her flat stomach it travelled with a feather light touch. Down even further her hand went caressing her hips and then her mound. Parting her legs slightly she slipped her hand between them feeling the heat. Gently rubbing herself she wondered if she had time to play. Sighing heavily she knew she hadn’t so reluctantly she took her hand away leaving a longing there which needed fulfilling.
In a fluid movement she hopped out of bed, stretched, and padded to the bathroom for a shower her, tanned bottom sashaying sexily. Turning the shower on Sarah tied her long blonde hair up into a loose knot before climbing in. The water flowed over her body feeling warm and silky against her skin. Soaping herself down Sarah washed the stickiness from her hot body, the waters cool spray tracing tiny clear rivers down her back and over the curve of her bottom. Rinsing the sweet smelling soap from her skin she climbed out of the shower. Wrapping a large towel round her hair and another around her chest she walked back into the bedroom. Opening the doors of her very large closet she stood wondering what she could wear her reflection looking back at her from the mirror.
Rubbing her hair dry slightly she threw the towel onto the bed before letting the towel fall from her still damp body. Sarah turned this way and that, smiling at what she saw. Five minutes she thought to herself, just five minutes of pleasure.
She started to caress her stomach with her hands. The gentle touch sending quivers of arousal between her legs. Her nipples slowly hardened at the touch and moaning slightly she started to play with them. Holding both breasts in her hands she pushed them together and tried to lick her nipples. Letting go of them she watched as they bounced on her chest. Pinching one nipple then the other she felt a trickle of moisture between her legs and her clit throbbed in response. Again she pinched them and again she felt her clit throb Looking into the mirror she watched herself as she massaged her breasts, watching the nipples stand to attention as she played with them. Longing to delve deeply between her thighs Sarah parted her legs and slipped her finger into her warm wet pussy. Watching her reflection Sarah continued to delve deeper, her finger finding her tender clit. Circling it with her finger she sighed in pleasure. Using her other hand to play with her hard nipples she pinched them between her fingers the pain making her gasp.
Slowly sliding to the floor she sat with her back against the bed and parted her legs slightly so she could see her hand between her thighs. Opening her legs even wider Sarah licked her lips as she saw how wet she was. Her pussy glisterened with her juices and The sight of her own arousal made her moan. Her clit ached to be touched but she continued to play with her nipples. One hand caressed her breasts and fondled her nipples and the other parted her pussy lips, tiny drops of moisture trickled onto her fingers. Dipping her finger into her warm wet pussy she gasped slightly at the sensations which washed over her. Taking it out she watched herself as she slowly licked her finger, tasting her own sweet juices. Pushing her hips forward she pushed her two fingers deeper in. Sarah longed to let go and plunge her fingers deep inside herself but she also wanted to make it last. Aching all over she took her time.
“Hey s*s. You got a minute spare?” her step-b*****r called from the other side of the bedroom door.
Groaning her frustration she removed her hand and tried to calm her breathing. Taking a deep breathe she stood up and wiped her hand on her towel. Calling out as she did.
“Sure come on in.”
Walking into the room he slung himself onto the nearest chair and stared at Sarah. His tall frame filled the seat and his casual clothing hung well on his broad frame. Presenting her well rounded ass to him she asked over her shoulder.
“So what you after now? If its money I’ve only got my credit card, if it’s the car I’m taking the soft top.”
“bl**dy hell how did you know that’s what I was after?” he said.
“Because I know you well Shaun.” Turning to face him she added. “I’m meeting up with Paula for lunch and maybe some shopping afterwards. I haven’t seen her for ages so I maybe back late. So if you see mum tell her will you.”
“Well I hope you plan on wearing some clothes you’re a bit under dressed right now.” He said this as he looked her up and down chuckling. Even Shaun admitted his baby s****r was hot. She wasn’t very tall but she had curves in all the right places and her ample chest was certainly noticeable, firm with very perky nipples. He could smell her muskiness in the air and he knew she had been pleasuring herself before he had walked in. Her nipples were still hard and her cheeks were flushed slightly. He could feel his hardness growing on its own accord and he smiled to himself, later, he thought, later.
“Well what do you think I should put on?” she asked sarcastically turning back to her bulging wardrobe.
“How about the pink alter neck sundress with those white high heeled sandals you bought last week!” he replied, equally as sarcastic. Shaun had seen the dress when she had bought it and knew that it would be perfect for meeting Paula in. Incredibly short it fitted snugly to her almost perfect figure, showing of her generous breasts to perfection before sliding tightly over her waist and flaring at the hem.
Dressing quickly Sarah added a matching sunhat and bag to the outfit plus a pair of oversized sunglasses.
“How do I look?”
“Hot, if I do say so myself.” He laughed.
“Anyway I must dash I said id meet her at 10 and it’s a quarter to now.” Giving him a peck on the cheek Sarah hurried out to her car and drove to meet Paula.
Paula was her best friend, had been since primary school. That was until her parents had moved away while Paula was in her early teens. Every year since Paula had tried to come and visit at least once to catch up with all her old friends, especially Sarah.
“Baby you look adorable.” Paula cooed at her friend. “You are just so cute in that outfit. I wish I could wear it.”
Her eyes roved hungrily over Sarah’s body lingering on her tiny waist and large chest.
“Shaun chose it for me.” She said blushing.
Almost purring Paula replied.
“Well when you see him. Tell him he has excellent taste. I could eat you here and now.” Reaching out she stroked Sarah’s cheek.
“So where are we going for lunch dear?” Sarah asked laughingly.
“Oh you will love it. It’s a tiny pub out of town. I discovered it last time I was up and thought it would be nice to go for lunch there sometime. Well now’s the time. We’ll have to take both cars because unfortunately I have another appointment to go to afterwards. I’ve got until about 2 ish before I have to leave you. So it means no shopping I’m afraid.”
“No problem babe. We can save that for another day. Is this place far?”
“About an hours drive, but its well worth the travel. I’ve booked us a table for 12 so I think we had better get gone.”
Hopping back into her car Sarah smoothed her skirt down over her legs and checking herself in the mirror she started it up and waited for Paula. Following her friend through the streets and out onto the country roads Sarah turned on her stereo. The car ate up the miles and the drive led them out into the country. Birds sang and the sunlight caressed her skin nicely. Cultivated fields of summer crops gave way to wilder scenery. Rocks jutted out of the hills proud and hard and the hedgerows became less tamed. The road was quiet with no traffic in either direction but over the music Sarah became aware of a deep rumbling behind her. Looking in the mirror she saw a large vehicle descending quickly upon her. Pulling over slightly she wondered who or what could be so arrogant on the roads. Up in front Paula was doing the same and both cars let the large trucks pass them by. Sarah’s breathe caught in her throat as she finally realised what was in the back of the trucks. Smiling to herself Sarah wondered where they were going.

Pulling up outside the pub Sarah closed off her stereo got out and locked the car door. Paula stood waiting against her own looking poised and sexy in her white trousers and top. Her short black hair contrasted nicely with her tanned skin.
The pub was an old coaching inn and it stood in the middle of nowhere. Large containers of flowers stood like footmen around the façade cascading their contents over the sides, riots of blue, red and yellow flowers jostling for space. Hanging from the inn was a sign declaring it to be the Fox and Hound. Opening the door for her to enter Paula caressed Sarah’s behind feeling the tiny material of her panties beneath her dress. A shiver of lust ran through her body and she whispered in her ear.
“You are so sexy today babe.”
Sarah laughed quietly wriggling against Paula’s hand.
“Thank-you dear heart.”
“I will have you one day you know.” Paula’s voice was husky as she spoke.
“Shall we eat? I’m starving.”
The double meaning was not lost on her and Paula groaned to herself. She knew that she was being teased and tempted. She knew that Sarah preferred men but she wanted her so badly it hurt. Not removing her hand from Sarah’s behind they walked into the pub and she could feel the cheeks of Sarah’s bottom moving beneath the material of her dress. Her own panties were starting to moisten with desire and the longing to slide her hand under the dress and stroke Sarah’s ass was almost too much.
With an hour to go before lunch the two of them went to sit outside in the beautiful garden.
Crossing her legs Sarah now realised why Shaun had had her wear this particular dress. By its very nature she was unable to wear any bra with it and her nipples were now erect and straining against the material. As they had walked outside a group of middle aged business men had openly watched her, their admiring glances causing her to blush. Lust filled their eyes and a few even absentmindedly stroked the front of their trousers.
Paula chuckled and whispered in her ear.
“I see I am not the only one who wants you.”

When it was time to order they both decided that they would eat al fresco. The glorious sunshine and beautiful scenery added to the already perfect lunch.
Sarah knew her friend wanted her and tried not to think about it. She was unsure if she should spoil their friendship. Deep down she wanted Paula as much as Paula wanted her but her friendship was worth more than casual sex.
The time flew and before long it was time for Paula to leave. Paying the bill they walked out of the pub and towards their cars. Leaning back against the door Sarah smiled up at her friend watching her face. Paula stood looking down at Sarah and suddenly felt herself leaning forward to kiss her.
Surprised Sarah stood still but then felt the gentle caress of her friend’s lips on her own. Slowly her lips parted and she felt the tip of a tongue flick between them. Paula nibbled Sarah’s lip gently, tiny bites which promised so much. Wrapping her arms around Sarah’s waist and pulling her forward Paula could feel her chest heaving slightly.
The taste of her was intoxicating and Paula felt d***k as she kissed her friend. They moaned as their tongues entwined hungrily feeding from one another.
Sarah’s arms went up to her friends neck and locked behind it drawing her closer.
Suddenly they were interrupted by the loud noise of a horn. Parting quickly they turned to see the truck that had passed them earlier drive by.
“I’d better get going or I’ll be late.” Paula spoke, her voice uneven.
Sarah was shocked to think she had kissed Paula, more surprised she had been turned on by it. Her body ached for more and she shivered with the thought.
“Call me later and we can arrange to meet tonight if you want.”
“That would be nice, I will do.” Shaking she turned and walked away leaving Sarah by her car.
Standing still Sarah became aware of the scrunch of gravel and the honk of a car horn.
“See ya later.” Paula shouted over the noise.

Getting into her car and driving away she didn’t realise she had taken the wrong turning until she saw the church. They hadn’t passed a church on their way in.
Shit, thought Sarah. Now where am i?
Finding a large lay-by Sarah pulled over to get her bearings. Unfortunately she had followed Paula so hadn’t got a clue where she was. Opening the glove compartment for the sat nav she fumbled around trying to put her hands on it. Not finding it she bent over to look in and swore when she saw it wasn’t there, then swore again when she realised she had lent it her b*****r.
Hitting the steering wheel with her fist Sarah’s language was less then ladylike. Revving the engine in her anger she wheel spun the car.
Thud, thud, thud. The noise was coming from the front of the car, Thud Thud Thud .
Wondering what it could be she stopped again and got out. Walking around the entire vehicle she saw that the front wheel was blown. A broken bottle lay next to the wheel in question and she cursed the stupid person who couldn’t be bothered to use the bin she had noticed.. Kicking the wheel with her foot she cursed again when she hurt her toes. Standing and staring at it she knew one thing, she wasn’t changing a tyre in these clothes. Changing the tyre was the easy part getting the dirt out of this dress was another. Reaching into the car, her pert bottom on show, she looked for her phone. Her day could only get better after this.

The guys in the truck had watched as the two girls kissed one another. They were so obviously into each other that they had not heard the large vehicle drive past. Jay was sat in the back listening to the other men .Anyone would think they hadn’t seen two women kiss before, he thought, although this one was defiantly a hot one. The blonde was defiantly worth a second glance but so was the brunette. He could feel his arousal in his uniform as he thought of those delectable bodies in his bed. That long hair cascading over the sheets as he showed her just what the British army was capable of.
Driving down the road he let his mind wander about just what he would do to her and how he would do it.
“Earth to jay, come in Jay.” Mark nudged him.
“Uhh.” His revere broken he turned to look at Mark.
“What you doing in there, fucking those girls?”
“Dam right I am. Wouldn’t you given the chance?”jay replied with a smile.
“Hell yeah. Id show them some decent fucking love. The blonde was so fucking hot my dicks still hard after watching that.” He laughed.
Aware that the truck was slowing down Jay wondered what was up. Finally it stopped and he jumped out. As the officer in charge it was up to him to determine the problem, if there was one. Walking round to the front of the truck he opened the door and climbed up to the cab.
“What’s the problem?”
“I thought we might like to help a damsel in distress Jay.” The driver replied.
“You know we never stop.”
“Yes I know that but this one is defiantly worth stopping for. Take a look and tell me you don’t want to stop and help.” The driver said a huge grin on his face, Intrigued despite himself Jay leaned over to look around the driver and then smiled.
“Well. Well. Yes I think it is worth the stop.” Laughing he climbed out and walked over to the car.

Sarah glanced over her shoulder when she heard a vehicle stop behind her.
Oh shit, she thought.
Standing up and leaning back against the car door she waited for the guy to come over and talk to her. Sarah hoped he had come to help and not give her any trouble. Although she would love trouble if it looked like him, god he looked sexy in those camos.
Calming her breathing she waited for him to get closer. Her blue eyes a challenge behind her sunglasses.
“What’s the problem miss?”
“Looks like ive driven over a bottle or something. Could do with changing my wheel but I need help.”
“I’ll get a couple of the men to do that for you.”
Shouting over to the truck he ordered two of them to come and help.

Jay couldn’t believe his luck. It was the blonde from earlier and she was even hotter up close and personal. Long waist length hair ended at a well rounded ass that was barely covered with the dress she was wearing. Her ample breasts strained to escape from its confines, the nipples hard and tantalising as she breathed.
He could feel his cock getting hard.
“In that case let me open the boot so you can get the spare out.” As she spoke she turned and leaned over the door to press a button on the dash board. Her dress rose slightly and the rounded cheeks of her ass came on show. The moment lasted only seconds but it was enough for him to see she wasn’t wearing any panties, or if she was they were tiny ones.
Fucking hell, he thought.
Jay smiled to himself and defiantly wished he could do her, from behind, over the car, just as she was now. Remembering what he had seen her do earlier he felt his cock get even harder.
He walked over to stand next to her his tall muscular frame dwarfing her petite one. As she bent over her arse wriggled slightly. Jay imagined it on his cock as he raised her skirt and lowered her panties before sliding himself deep inside her delectable pussy.
Sarah stood up and turned to find him standing next to her. Swallowing hard she stepped to the side her heart pounding in her chest. He was so, she struggled to find the right word, male.
His height intimidated her but it was more than that, it was the way he stood, confident, strong and almost predatory. Even when he had walked over to her it was almost like a tiger stalking its prey. Sarah felt like the prey but the idea of being eaten by this tiger only made her hotter.
Mark and another soldier, Taffy, jumped out of the truck when he heard Jay shout. Striding over to the car, he noticed that Jay was standing next to the blonde they had seen earlier. His cock hardened.
Jesus she was fucking sexy.
“Jay?” he asked. The question unspoken.
“”Change the tyre on this vehicle private.”
“Sure thing.”
Indicating to Taffy to help Mark started to change the wheel, every now and then looking at jay who was talking to the blonde.
Lucky bastard he thought. Mark’s cock was still hard after watching her earlier. Now it was so hard it hurt. What he would do to her right now.
“Would you like to sit with us while they sort your car out miss?” Jay asked Sarah.
“If you don’t mind.” Sarah was beginning to get aroused. How many more sexy guys were going to jump out of the back of the truck, she wondered.
Following Jay she walked around to the back of the vehicle.
“Would you like a hand getting up or can you manage.” Jay asked unsure if he wanted to see her climb up, maybe seeing what was under the dress, or putting her there himself and feeling those large breasts rubbing against him.
“Could you help please.” She stood with her back against the truck waiting for him to pick her up.
The men in the vehicle watched as Jay placed his hands on Sarah’s waist to lift her and he knew that they wanted to be in his position. He knew that everyone of them wanted to slide their hard cocks into her very wet pussy and fuck her stupid.
Behind her he could see a few of them gesturing what they were thinking. They whispered to each other and he knew just what they were saying. He was just glad she couldn’t hear there comments.

She shivered as the cold metal made contact with her skin. Glad she was wearing her sunglasses Sarah’s eyes travelled over the soldier’s body, wondering what lay beneath his clothing. As she held on to him she could feel his muscles beneath his uniform. Finally her eyes settled on his face and she swallowed quickly.
“Thank you.”
She was surprised her voice worked. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she hoped they would hurry up and fix her car. Never had she been in a position like this before. Sarah wasn’t sure if she was grateful or scared.
Letting go of her Jay took a step back trying to hide the raging hard-on in his trousers.
The silence that followed was almost palatable.
Licking her dry lips Sarah watched the flitting emotions on the soldiers face and smiled to her self. His trousers did not hide the bulge at all and she was getting wetter by the second. Her nipples were hard and her mouth was dry.
Never had she wanted any man this badly and she was so horny sitting here. He was unconventionally handsome. Brown eyes to the point of black stared at her and she shivered when her eyes travelled over his body. The uniform only added to his attraction and Sarah sat drinking in everything about him. Throwing caution to the wind Sarah decided she just had to have him.
“Honestly I don’t know what I would have done if you hadn’t come along.”
“It’s no problem miss. Glad to help.”
Sarah wriggled on the cold metal her dress riding further up her legs showing him more of her creamy skin. Parting her thighs slightly she spoke quietly.
“Is there anything I can do to thank you for your help.?”
Was it his imagination or did she emphasise the word anything.
Conscious of the other men behind her Jay shook his head.
“I’m sorry to be a nuisance, I would normally change it myself but as you can see I’m not wearing the right clothes for the job.” She said as she indicated her dress.
“no your not a nuisance miss, I’m glad we could help.”
The conversation was stilted and awkward. Turning her head Sarah glanced behind her, swallowing as she saw the other soldiers. A few of them grinned at her making her blush. She knew just what she would like to do with a couple of these and she wished she had the courage to do it She also had a good idea what they would like to do to her.
When she looked back at Jay she smiled sexily widening her eyes and biting her lip.
“well at least I’m safe with all you guys around.”
Jay smiled back, little did she know, he thought. Everyone one of those guys was probably sporting a boner and dreaming about fucking her senseless. He defiantly wanted to feel his cock buried deep inside her.
“I mean what girl couldn’t fail to feel safe with all of you guys carrying those big guns.” Her eyes travelled over Jay’s body lingering just below his waist.
The duel meaning wasn’t lost on him and he grinned back at her.
“Do you like big guns?”
“oh yes, the bigger the better. Are they all loaded and ready for use?” Sarah asked innocently.
Jay nodded.
“We’re always ready for action miss.”
“That’s so reassuring to know, and you’re all fully trained in how to use them?”
“Oh yes, fully trained. Every one of us knows how to use his weapon.”
Sarah could feel her self getting really wet and her nipples were so hard.
“I’ve always wanted to hold a soldiers weapon. Would it be possible?”
“I’m afraid not but I can let you feel it while I hold it.”
Stepping forward so he stood in front of her jay offered her his weapon. Watching as she reached out to touch it he saw how she gently wrapped her fingers around the barrel before stroking its entire length.
Fucking hell, he thought, how suggestive was that. His cock jumped violently in his trousers and involuntarily he stepped closer.
Up and down the barrel her hand went feeling the cold hard metal between her fingers. Down and round her hand went feeling all of it then stroking back up to where Jay held it. Touching his hand tentatively she looked up at him and smiled.
Sarah looked him straight in the eye as she continued to play with his gun. Biting her lip she glanced down and then back up at him.
“Its defiantly bigger than I expected. Are you sure you know how to use it?”
Jay nodded.
“I hope the safety is on, I would hate it to go off while im holding it.”
Low and husky her voice was driving him mad.
Jesus fucking Christ, he thought, how fucking tempting was she.
It was taking all his control not to take her here and now. His cock was straining in his trousers. Looking past her he could see the guys gesturing and making crude comments.
Sarah knew what was going on behind her and inside she was laughing to herself. She wasn’t as innocent as her baby blue eyes suggested.
Leaning forward so that her mouth was level with his ear she whispered.
“Kiss me soldier.” Her mouth brushed against his ear lode as she spoke her breathe warm againt his skin.
Needing no second telling Jay turned his head and captured her mouth possessing it completely. No gentle kiss he invaded her mouth with his tongue, tasting her lips hungrily. Pressing against her he could feel her breasts rubbing against his uniform and his cock ached to own her. She moaned loudly and he kissed her harder.
Shouts behind her were ignored as he took her mouth for his own. Pulling away from her he stepped back gasping for breathe.
“Go for it.”
“Fuck her.”
The guys were shouting this and more behind her.
His breathe sounded harsh as he looked at her. Wiping his mouth with his hand he glanced over her shoulder to the men in the truck. Jay knew he wanted her but did she want him as badly.
She looked at him and her eyes roamed over his body before locking on to his face. The lust in her eyes shone like a beacon and he knew she wanted more than just a kiss. Needing no encouragement he placed his gun on the tailboard and stripped of his helmet. Stepping forward again he reached round and grabbed her hair tilting her head back before taking her mouth. His free hand held her tight against him as he took her. Biting her lip he took possession of her, forcing her legs apart with his body.
Her hands were round his neck pulling him closer and her moans were muffled in his mouth. Pulling her head back away from his he f***ed her backwards, pushing her further and further back. With one hand he f***ed her legs further apart and pushed up her dress. Grabbing her panties he practically ripped them from her body the smell of her arousal wafting up to his nose.
Sarah lay against the cold hard metal of the truck and prayed she was doing the right thing. She wanted to be fucked so badly she ached all over. Looking around her she realised she may have taken on more than she could manage. It was one thing to dream about something but so different in reality. Breathing heavily she let her eyes roam.
Everywhere she looked male eyes focused on her and all she could see was pure unadulterated lust.
Jay watched as the others crowded in slightly.
“Back off. This one is mine.” He growled.
Sarah heard him jump into the truck as she inched herself further into it. Watching as he stood above her unbuckling his belt and undoing his trousers she gasped loudly as he knelt down between her legs.
“Is this what you want?” Jay said as he stroked his cock
Sarah nodded.
“I asked you a question. Is this what you want?” his voice was commanding and she shivered in anticipation. A trickle of moisture dripped from her pussy and again she nodded.
“Yes what?” he commanded.
“Yes sir.”
Leaning forward he plunged into her wet pussy and started to fuck her. Sarah moaned loudly as Jay went into her. The sudden feeling of fullness almost made her come. Closing her eyes she arched her back and threw her arms to the side. Lying there as he pushed into her she moved her hips to meet each thrust.

Mark stood next to the car as he helped Taffy change the wheel. He could hear shouts and whistles coming from the truck.
“Be right back.”
As he walked over the shouts got louder and he could make out words that were being shouted.
“Fuck her.”
“Give it her Jay.”
“Screw the bitch.”
His cock hardened as he walked and he just knew what was happening.
Fucking bastard, he thought. I wanted her.
As he walked to the back of the truck all he could see was Jay fucking the blonde. Smiling to himself he jumped in and knelt beside Jay, watching has he plunged into her.
Opening her eyes Sarah whimpered as the other soldier appeared her eyes widening when she saw the obvious arousal in his trousers. Licking her lips she turned her head away and closed her eyes. She was so close to coming all she could think about was how much her clit ached and how good it felt to be fucked so hard. Groaning loudly she arched her back wanting more.
Mark watched as she moved under his mate and grinned.
“Need a hand.”
Jay shook his head and moaned as he felt her muscles tighten around his cock.
Fuck she was tight, he thought.
Leaning on one arm he reached up to pull her dress to one side exposing her breasts. Bending down he captured one in his mouth and sucked hard on the nipple. Biting down he heard her moan loudly and he thrust harder into her. Letting go he captured the other nipple and bit down onto it. She moaned even louder and he sucked on it hard. He let go and leaned back watching as they bounced up and down.
Suddenly he stopped and looked at her. She groaned in frustration and lifted her hips to encourage him. Jay resisted her movements and very slowly pulled upwards.
“What do you want? He asked suddenly.
No reply.
“I asked you a question. What do you want? Answer me now?” he ordered
“I want you.” Sarah answered, her voice small and shaking.
“That wasn’t the question. What do you want?” his voice was hard and the tone commanding.
“I want to be fucked.”
“I want to be fucked.”Sarah said louder.
“I want to be fucked...what?”
“I want to be fucked sir”
“Better. You learn quickly.”
Suddenly he plunged deep inside her and she moaned even louder arching her back as did.
He was finding it hard to hold back as she moved beneath him. Suddenly her body tensed and her muscles tightened around his cock. Moaning loudly Sarah shuddered and her quivering body sent him over the edge. Coming suddenly he grunted as he thrust into her.
Getting off her he leant back on his heels his cock glistening with both their juices .Sprawled in front of him Sarah opened her eyes and smiled a slow sensual smile.
“I needed that.” She laughed.
Sitting up she reached forward and touched Jays face.
“Well soldier you certainly do know how to use your weapon.”
Turning to Mark she saw the bulge in his trousers and smiled sweetly.
“I’m hungry have you anything I can eat?”
Mark stood up in front of her and unzipped his trousers. As they slipped down his legs his erection came into view and Sarah licked her lips. Kneeling in front of him she straightened her skirt and pushed her long hair away from her face. Gazing up at him her blue eyes gleamed with admiration at what she saw in front of her.
Slowly she wrapped her slender fingers around his thickness and leant forward. As she kissed the tip of his cock she held his gaze. Gently she flicked her tongue across the head before taking him into her mouth. Sucking gently she wrapped her tongue around him taking him deeper into her. Reaching around him she drew him closer, digging her fingers into the tight muscles of his ass. Humming gently she took him further in, swirling her tongue around before letting him out of her mouth. Flicking her tongue up and down his shaft she sucked on his balls before licking him all over. Back into her mouth she took him sucking hard and long. Slowly but firmly she sucked his cock building the pace and groaning into his crotch has his cock went deeper into her throat.
Mark was in heaven, his cock twitched violently in her mouth as she took him deeper. Moaning loudly he grabbed her head and held it to him trying to push further in. His knees felt weak as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft. When her tongue swirled round his cock he started to fuck her mouth. Grunting loudly he pushed forward and felt himself slip down her throat.
Fuck, he thought, heaven.
Harder he pushed. Her fingers dug painfully into his flesh but he didn’t care. He wanted to come. He wanted to shoot it down her tight throat. He wanted to fuck her face and then fuck her pussy. Hanging onto her head Mark pushed harder.
“oh yes.” He gasped
“Oh my god I’m coming.”
Harder and harder he fucked her mouth as he came down her throat.
Sarah held on as Mark used her mouth. Sucking deeper she felt his balls tighten in her hands and the hot flow of cum shoot down her throat. Taking it all she swallowed it down, eating him hungrily.
When he had finished shuddering she let him go with a pop and leant back on her heels.
Looking round Sarah smiled as she saw several of the soldiers with their cocks in their hands. The noises they were making were turning her on again, her pussy throbbed for more cock. Standing up she winced at the pain in her legs but not caring. With care she moved to the edge of the truck trying to decide how she was going to get down.
Mark and Jay grinned at one another, hopped down and helped her from the truck. Leaning back she looked at them carefully unsure what to say. It wasn’t everyday that she got fucked or gave a blowjob with others watching. She could hear angry comments from those that she had left behind. All of a sudden Sarah realised she could be in trouble and she looked worried.
Jay and Mark saw the look on her faced and both realised she was worried about what was going to happen now.
Wishing she had been a good girl Sarah wondered how she was going to get out of the situation. Suddenly it didn’t seem so much fun any more but she tingled all over at the thought of doing it again. Aware that they were talking to her she focused on the smaller of the two.
“Well the wheels changed so we’ll leave you to it.”
“Thank you for your help.”
Quickly turning and walking away Sarah hurried over to her car. Opening the door she turned to watch the two men jump back into their vehicle. Sitting in the driving seat Sarah looked at her hands on the steering wheel and realised that she was actually shaking. Turning the key in the ignition she revved the car and drove off.
Well at least she had a tale to tell Paula when she saw her later, she thought.
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Soldier Boy chapter 4

Sarah ran up the stairs furious with her b*****rs and their whole attitude to her life.
Who the fuck did they think they were, she thought.
Throwing herself down onto the bed she lay looking up at the ceiling mad with everyone.
What she needed was a plan, something that would piss them all off and hopefully get Shaun’s attention once and for all.
Lying on her back she grabbed her phone and dialled Paula’s number.
“Paula it’s only me, is there any chance I can pop round. I really need to get away from the house all this testosterone is beginning to piss me off and I need somewhere to crash for the night. Yes I know it’s early but I don’t want to spend any more time here than I have to.”
Half an hour later she was sitting in Paula’s bedroom hugging a pillow on her lap.
“Honest you should have seen him anyone would think I was one of his squaddies, don’t do this don’t do that. What am I? Thirteen or something, It’s a different matter when they screw someone loud enough the whole household can hear them.”
“So what do you plan on doing about it?”
“I have no idea, all I do know is its got to be good. I want them to know they cannot run my life. I want them to understand that I choose who I fuck and when.”
The two girls sat looking at each other wondering what on earth they could do.
“Have you any idea as to what their plans are why they are home?” Paula asked.
“Well if they are true to form then it’s the pub, the club, football and screwing.”
“Well the pub we know about but what club do they go to?”
“It’s the one on the edge of town. I’m not old enough to go there though the entry is over twenty ones only.” Sarah shrugged.
“Are you on about the one by the old church by the roundabout?”
“Yes that’s the one.”
Paula started to laugh.
“In that case I think we have a plan my girl. But first I need to make a phone call and then we need to go shopping for you.”
“Aren’t you going to let me in on it?”
“Not just yet. If the person I call says no then we are back to square one.” As she spoke Paula reached over for her phone and began to dial a number. Taking the phone into the bathroom she locked the door leaving Sarah to wonder what the hell she was up to. As she lay back on the bed she wondered if wanting revenge on her b*****rs was just a bit petty and c***dish or if it would be worth it. She knew that her behaviour had been a bit wild but it wasn’t half as bad as her b*****rs at that age. Phil and Mike wanted to keep her a chaste virgin whereas Shaun was happy for her to explore her more base side. But sometimes-even Shaun annoyed her, why he didn’t stick up for her she didn’t know.
Sarah smiled as she remembered the look on Shaun’s face as he had walked up the stairs behind her the day before. He wanted her so badly and she wanted him but she knew if anything happened between them and they got caught the shit would hit the fan. Blonde she maybe but stupid she wasn’t. But as the saying goes, there are more ways to skin a cat, and boy was she going to try them all. Stretching out her legs she wondered what devious scheme Paula was hatching in the bathroom.
Bored she got up and went to the bathroom door to try and listen in just as Paula opened it.
“All sorted, now all we need to do is buy you some suitable clothes. Get your stuff together we are going shopping girl and this time I’m buying.” Seeing the look on Sarah’s face she laughed.
“Don’t worry you will love it.”

Staring at the girl in the mirror Sarah smiled. Turning sideways she tried to see the back of the outfit but couldn’t quite do it. Left and right she looked as Paula grinned from the doorway.
“Are you sure this is the one?”
“Trust me,” Paula replied, “This is the one. No man with a pulse could resist you in this outfit, believe me its hot.”
“But you said that about the last ten.” Sarah laughed as she turned to face her friend.
“And I meant it about every single one. Sarah you have a body to die for and no matter what you wear you look good. Your waist is tiny, you tits are amazing and what you lack in height you make up for in curves. God if I had a cock I would be fucking you right now against that mirror.”
Shocked Sarah just stared at Paula blushing furiously. It was the first time Paula had come close to admitting what she actually thought about her and although flattered Sarah knew it would never happen. Unlike Paula she preferred men whereas Paula liked both.
Watching Paula disappear from the changing room she went back to looking at her own reflection and the outfit she was wearing. Even she had to admit the black contrasted nicely with her skin and the cinched waist pushed her already ample breasts higher until the pink of her areoles showed above the material. Stroking the pale skin above them she eased first one nipple then the other out until they were resting like ripe cherries on the velvet. Licking her lips she wondered if this was the look Paula was hoping to achieve for whatever plan she had hatched. But then again she had said the same about all the other outfits she had tempted her with; even Sarah admitted they were sexy. The tiny skirt that went with it barely covered her pert bottom, Turning to the side and bending over she could see that anyone standing behind would have a good view of her ass and her pussy lips. Was this really what Paula wanted her to wear for whatever it was she had planned?
By the time the two girls had finished their shopping it was time to head back home. Sarah thought she knew how to shop but Paula had out shopped her and she dared not think about how much it had all cost.

In the taxi on her way to the club Sarah could feel the nerves kicking in. Clothes next to her she fiddled with the carry straps trying to decide if this was indeed the best thing to be doing. Eyes closed she lent back against the seat the cold leather soothing to her hot skin. As her body relaxed she stretched out her legs and arched her back trying to release the tension that threatened to snap within her. All day she could feel it building within her and she knew if she was to carry out her plan she could not afford to relax one bit. She loved them all dearly but she also knew she had to make a stand and show them she was no longer a c***d. Knowing what was going to happen later she had to keep that fire burning otherwise she would loose momentum and her plan would falter. But the thought of it was also making her feel incredibly hot.
Her nipples were so hard even with her bra on she could see them poking through her top. Glancing to see if the driver could see anything Sarah undid a few of the buttons and slipped her hand inside, easing first one and then the other nipple out of her bra she gave them a tweak feeling the wetness drip in to her panties. With her body humming in anticipation Sarah knew she needed some form of release. If she didn’t do something she felt like her whole body would tear apart. The skirt she was wearing felt suddenly restrictive so quietly she undid a few of the buttons and let the material fall either side of her thighs. Parting her legs she felt the cool air caress her inner thighs and she sighed as she leant back in the seat once more. Letting her hands wander Sarah stroked her skin, her light touch causing goose bumps to appear. The already hard nipples grew even harder as her hand slid back inside her blouse softly stroking the well -rounded mounds of flesh. Frustrated at the restriction of the material Sarah hurriedly undid the last few buttons and pushed the blouse to one side. As the cool air touched her hot skin she felt her nipple harden and she let out a tiny moan.
The driver couldn’t believe his eyes as the blonde in the back undid the buttons on her top. When she had got in to his taxi the first thing he had noticed were her large tits, the gentle bounce as she got in mesmerised him and he had traced the outline of her bra with his eyes. His cock had twitched at the thought of her naked body spread eagled over the bonnet of his taxi. As she had settled in the back he had adjusted the mirror so that he could get a better view of her. Disappointed that he could not see both her tits and her pussy with the angle of the mirror he had waited for her to tell him where she was going. The address she had given him made him raise his eyebrows and mentally he planned a more extended route so he could look at her body for longer.
With furtive glances he watched as she leant back in the seat and closed her eyes.
That’s it darling, he thought, just one more button. When she had undone them all and pushed the blouse aside he was left with an unrestricted view of her bountiful tits and his cock grew in his jeans. Her bra barely covered them, the half cup holding them ready to be worshipped by his eyes. Cherry red nipples hard as the cherries they reminded him of sat resting on the lace, waiting to be licked and nibbled on.
He could see how hard she had made them and his mouth salivated at the thought of tasting them. Watching her open her skirt and part her legs he thanked whatever god was watching and gently easing down the zipper on his jeans he let his hard cock free. Bountiful and ripe he longed to put his cock between them and fuck them. Her hands kneaded the creamy flesh making the already hard nipple even harder and he could clearly make out the puckered skin surrounding them. As she toyed with them she arched her head back and lifted her hips from the seat a delicate moan escaping her lips. His cock could not have been any harder and he knew that he would cum soon if she carried on. She was ever guy’s wet dream and porn star rolled into one. If he hadn’t been driving he would have been between her legs making her moan loudly with his tongue. He could almost taste the moisture that was soaking her panties. Barely covering her pussy they looked to small for her tiny body. Just when he thought it could not get any better she slid her hand inside and from her movements he could tell she was stroking her clit.
Oh god, he thought, take them off. Let me see you fingering that pussy. Let me see your fingers sliding in and out. Go on fuck yourself.
His silent prayers filled the taxi and he licked his lips as he watched her. Some one must have been listening because as he watched she removed her hand and quickly slipped her panties over her hips and around her ankle, the material almost at breaking point. From where he sat he could smell her arousal and he knew that she could not fail to know he was looking at her. How could she not know what she was doing to him? His cock was dripping precum and he could barely keep his eyes on the road. Nearly all his attention was on the woman in the back of his taxi whose fingers were now inside her very wet pussy. One hand tweaked her nipples and the other tweaked her clit. Soft moans now escaped her lips and her open mouth needed a cock inside it. Driven to distraction he pulled the taxi over not caring that she knew he was openly ogling her. His cock in hand he groaned as he started to stroke it.
That’s it baby fuck that pussy, ram those fingers inside, he thought, open those legs wider. That’s it, wider; let me see you fuck that pussy. The words in his head tumbled through his mind and he willed her to do what he asked.
Her free hand pulled hard on her ripe nipples and as he watched she released them from the confines of the bra with one deft movement, the catch concealed behind the bow he had noticed between her tits. How he had noticed it he did not know when all he could think about was those well -rounded globes of flesh that cried out to be manhandled.
His hand stroked his cock faster as he saw first hand what he would normally only see in a porn film.
Yes baby that’s better, pull those nipples for me. Open those legs and shove your fingers deeper.
Her eyes opened and he gulped hard. Blue eyes stared at him and he realised he had spoken out loud. But instead of stopping she did what he asked. Opening her legs she moved slightly so he could see better and licking her lips she pulled hard on her already distended nipple a loud groan escaping her.
Smiling encouragement he eagerly watched as she pushed her fingers further inside herself.
“Now take your fingers out and lick them, suck each one till they are clean,” his words sounded loud in the silence of the cab causing him to blush.
Slowly and deliberately she did what he asked and he sat mesmerised as she sucked them clean. Glancing down he could see her juices glistening as they dripped from her. She was soaking wet and the smell of it filled the air.
“You’re a horny little one aren’t you?”
Her nod was barely that but the blush that showed on her face told him she had heard. Bolder now he tried to decide what he wanted her to do next.
“Open those legs wider I want to look at your pussy. Your soaking the seat with that juice of yours, do you know that?”
She again blushed and nodded.

Sarah sat with her legs wide open and stared at the driver. His eyes were fixed between her legs and she knew he was wanking as he looked. Her nipples were so hard they hurt and her pussy was as wet as he said it was. Even with the soldiers she had not been this turned on. Knowing he was stroking his hard cock as he looked at her made her feel so powerful. His voice was smooth with a hint of an accent but it was not threatening in anyway. Glancing out of the window she noticed that they were parked on some industrial estate. Still light out she knew that if anyone walked past they would see she was nearly naked. Just the thought made her bite her lip and the silence dragged as she sat there.
“Fondle those nice tits for me baby.”
Putting both hands over her breasts Sarah began to knead them. The ample flesh spilled between her fingers and her nipples felt so sensitive against the palm of her hand. Between her legs she felt her clit respond to what she was doing and she felt her juices leak out. Tweaking and pulling on her nipples she could hear the driver wanking in the front seat. The harder she pulled the more her clit throbbed and the wetter she got.
“Oh baby your tits are so good. Those babies need to be eaten. I want to bite those nipples and suck on them. I want to put my hard cock between those tits and see my cum on them.”
She could hear him talking and it was turning her on even more. She pushed her hips forward opening her legs as far as they would go, showing her wet pussy to him. Desperate for release she groaned loudly wishing she had her vibrator with her. Exposed and on show Sarah knew this was the furthest she had gone. Her body hummed with the need for release and as she played with her breasts she could feel the start of her orgasm. Never had she cum without touching her pussy but the more she pulled and tweaked her nipples, pinching them hard and gasping the more it was building inside her.
“That’s it baby pinch those nipples, play with them, oh fuck you make me wanna cum all over them. I wanna ram my cock in that pussy of yours and make you scream. Fuck I can see your juices flowing.”
She could hear him talking dirty to her and she loved it. Moaning loudly she arched her back. Sarah pulled harder on her nipples and kneaded the large creamy mounds and she felt her orgasm building fast. Wishing for something hard inside her she remembered how it felt to feel that squaddies cock ramming into her and she screamed in release, her whole body quaking as it flowed over her. Shocked and stunned she let her orgasm consume her. From far away she heard the driver cum his grunts making her smile.
Spent she lay back quivering but knowing that what she had to do would be easier now. With shaking hands she dressed herself and tried to tidy her self up as best she could, with a smile she picked her sodden panties up and handed them to the driver whose answering grin eased the tension.

Feeling the car slow down and come to a halt she opened her eyes and sat up looking out at the building she would soon enter. Taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly Sarah rubbed her suddenly sweaty palms on her jeans and let herself calm down, the butterflies clambering to get out and fly away into the night air.
“No charge for the ride miss these are payment enough.” Said the driver as he held her panties up.
The building in front off her looked imposing with two large wooden doors dominating the façade. Grabbing her bags Sarah got out of the taxi and made her way towards the doors but found them locked. Knocking loudly she stood and waited for someone to answer.
“Can I help you?” a voice asked her through the door.
“My names Sarah I think your expecting me tonight, I'm a friend of Paula’s.”
“Hold on a second, we aren’t open yet.”
The doors opened and Sarah came face to face with the large chest of the guy behind it. Looking up at him Sarah’s eyes widened and she took a step back. The guy was huge, making even her b*****rs seem small, and she thought her legs would give way as her thoughts became lustful and dirty. In the pit of her stomach she felt the uncoiling of her arousal. With extreme control she kept her voice as steady as possible when she next spoke.
“Hi are you Chris?”
“No, I’m Dean, Chris is out front in the bar, I assume you’re the new girl he was on about earlier. Look a bit young to me but hey I’m just the doorman. Leave your bags here and one of the other guys will take them to the changing room for you. “
Turning on his heel he didn’t even wait for Sarah to catch her breath his long strides making it hard for Sarah to keep up.
The bar was huge with its curves sweeping around the room on the two smallest sides. Booths and tables mixed with each other each with a view of the stage that dominated the centre of the room. Cleaners and bar staff ignored her as she was introduced to Chris.
“So your Sarah, was expecting someone older but hey you have a good figure and knockout tits so I can over look that. Turn round and let me get a good look at you. Yes tiny but good and that ass is amazing by the way. Seems like our Paula wants a huge favour from me and seeing as I owe her one she is calling it in. I owe you nothing and I intend to keep it that way. What you plan on doing is dangerous and if it kicks off I could be in serious trouble with the law. Not to mention your b*****rs and his friends.”
Shocked by his bluntness Sarah could only smile and nod.
“Don’t look so shocked, now follow me and we will go into my office and discuss what’s going to happen. And by the way I think I’m going to fuck you later.”
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Nurse Bert and The Pool Boy Chapter #2

Bert and the Pool Boy
Chapter #2

From that first day, Bert made sure that she would not be poolside when the young pool boy came by to clean the pool. She really didn’t want to take the chance of giving into her desires and maybe having others find out about her adultery.

Then one day, Bert, wearing a pair of shorts and a loose fitting top with no bra, decided to go and work in her garden. Not paying any attention to the time, she heard the gate open and close. She looked over and saw that it was that young man, coming to clean the pool. She couldn’t help but notice that the young man was wearing a tight pale blue Speedo this time. The pale blue Speedo seemed to leave even less to her imagination than the white one did. Bert said hello and he did the same. Bert tried hard to ignore him but she found herself turning her head from time to time to sneak a peek at his bulging swimsuit.

Each time Bert looked over at the young man, Bert found herself imagining how good it might be to be sliding her hand down into his swimsuit and stroking his dick, making it harder and feeling it grow. She began to picture herself getting down on her knees, pulling down his swimsuit, grasping his semi hard cock, taking it out and wrapping her lips around his meaty shaft. Mmmmm Oh how she loved to suck a nice hard cock, especially one of a good looking young man like Bill.

Bert soon realized that her panties were soaked with her juices and that her clit was now rock hard and throbbing for attention.

“Bert” she heard suddenly coming from behind her. It startled her and he saw that it had.

“I’m sorry, I did not mean to startle you Bert” he said, “I just wanted to let you know that I was done and that I was going to be leaving.

“Oh, okay, I’m , I’m sorry that I haven’t been such a good host today. Would, would you like to have something to eat before you go?” she asked.
“Oh, that would be mighty nice, yes, please, if it’s not too much trouble” he replied.

“No, no trouble at all” she said. “Go and put your tools in your truck and I will put some lunch on the table and just come on in when you’re done” she instructed him.

“Okay” he said as he walked over to where he had laid his tools and began to put them in his truck. When he was done, he walked into the woman’s house. Not seeing her, he called out her name, “Bert”.

“I’m in the dining room she replied”

When Bill walked into the dining room, he stopped dead in his tracks. “Oh dang” he said for there, to his surprise, was Bert, naked, laying on the table, her legs spread wide and a chair in front of her.

“Come on in and have a seat Bill. I’ve got your lunch right here for you” she said as she placed her hands down between her legs and spread the lips of her pussy. “You might want to come in and eat it while it’s still so very hot”

With a slight smile on his face, Bill sat down in the chair in front of her spread legs. Pulling her closer to him and with his mouth open and his tongue out Bill slid his tongue up and down the front of the woman’s pussy tasting her warm sweet juices.

“Mmmmmmm, Honey, eat it, eat that pussy for me Honey” Bert moaned.

Bill licked her pussy all over, making slurping noises as he sucked on her clit. As he did, she began to grind her cunt to his mouth.” Man, this bitch is hot” Bill thought to himself.

“You like that, don’t you Bill? You like how my pussy tastes, don’t you?” she asked coyly for she knew he did.
“Oh yeah, you got some great tasting pussy” he said as he continued sticking his tongue up inside her wet hole and lapping up her juices. “Mmmmmmmmmmmm, so nice and creamy”

Bert could feel herself about to explode, her breathing getting harder and quicker. With her hands pulling Bill’s head tighter between her out stretched legs, she ground her hips harder against Bill’s mouth.

“OH, OH MY GAWD, I’M, I’M GOING TO CUM. OH, OH, OH MY GGGAAAWWWDDD, I’M CCCUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGGG, I’M CUMMING, I’M CUMMING” Bert screamed as wave after wave of sexual pleasure rushed through her body, her hot pussy juices oozing out from within into Bill’s hungry waiting mouth. “OH MY GAWD BILL, MORE, MORE, EAT ME SOME MORE” she cried.

Bill’s cock was rock hard and he really wanted to be sticking his meat up inside Bert’s little pussy but right now, he wanted to hear her cum again. Spreading the lips of the woman’s pussy, Bill slid a finger into her tight wet pussy as began to lick and suck her hard throbbing clit once more.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm” Bert groaned feeling the young man’s finger begin to slide in and out of her sex. “OH MY GAWD Honey, that’s it, finger my pussy. Mmmmmm, that feels soooooo good” she said as she rocked her hips to meet the thrust of his finger.

He licked and sucked her clit as he finger her pussy faster and faster till she couldn’t hold off any more.

“OH, OH, OH MY GAWD BILL, I’M, I’M, I’M GOING TO CUM, OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDDD” cried Bert. “OH DAM HONEY, EAT IT, EAT THAT PUSSY” Bert continued as her juices oozed from her pussy.

Bill lapped up every last drop of her cum and when he was done, he stood up between her legs and, with a slight grin on his face, asked her “So, is there anything else for lunch?”

Looking down between her legs, Bert could see that his huge cock was rock hard by the way it was pressing tightly against his Speedo. She was sure that if he got any harder, he would be able to tear his swim trunks open just by the hardness of his cock. Bert thought about how nice it would be to have such a nice hard cock to play with but she was but she kept thinking about Bear, the man she was married to and she just couldn’t bring herself to go that far. It was bad enough that she had been doing what she was doing.

“Sorry Honey, but you have eaten all the pussy that I can stand to give you” she said with a grin “and I think it best that you get going” as she scooted off the table and got dressed.

“Are you sure?” Bill asked, hoping that she would change her mind. He so wanted to be sliding his cock into her.

“Oh yeah, I’m sure” she said with a firm voice for she knew, that try as she might, her defenses were beginning to weaken.

Bert watched Bill as he walked out the backdoor of the house, pickup his equipment and leave through the gate. All the while, she couldn’t take her eyes off the young man’s firm muscular body and imagining him naked. It had gotten to the point, that he was all she could think about all through the day. She would find herself thinking seducing him, licking and sucking on his magnificent cock until he was rock hard and then have him slide it into her hot wet pussy and fucking her till she was screaming at the top of her lungs. She found it hard to focus on the important things that she had to do. Sad to say, she even found herself masturbating two or three times a day all the while of thinking about the pool boy. Even now, she was feeling her clit beginning to swell and throb with excitement just at watching him leave.

Bert had to shake her head to get those thoughts out of her head so that she could get back to matters at hand.
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Soldier Boy chapter 2

Sarah slammed the door behind her as she ran into the house. Throwing open the living room door she threw herself across the sofa grabbed a cushion and held it over her head. Groaning loudly she couldn’t believe what she had just done.
“What the hell has happened to you?”
Peeking from under the cushion she spoke.
“You really don’t want to know.”
“Oh yes I do. Your dress is filthy and i know you were immaculate when you left earlier. So come on girl spill the beans.”
Shaun sat on the arm of the chair with his arms folded waiting for Sarah to speak. His blue eyes gazed down at his s****r, waiting patiently.
“I told you, you really don’t want to know.” Her muffled answer came from under the cushion.
“Well I’m not going anywhere and I’m very patient, you know that. So if I were you I’d just tell. “
The silence that followed seemed to stretch out. Sarah argued with herself wondering if she should tell Shaun or lie. But knowing her the lie would come back to bite her on the bum, she sat up on the sofa holding the cushion down on her lap, and looked across at her step b*****r. His brown hair really did need a trim and how could he look so poised dressed in those old jeans and t shirt, she thought.
“Are you sure you want to know?”
“Details dear girl, details.”
“Well you know I was meeting Paula for lunch today?”
“Yes.” Shaun nodded.
“Well that bit went really well. Lunch was great and the pub was beautiful. However things went wrong just after that.
Standing up Sarah paced the floor nervously letting the sound of the wall clock fill the air. Turning to Shaun she frowned slightly.
“I can’t believe I did it.”
“Did what? Sit down and tell me now.”
Sitting on the edge of the sofa Sarah looked at Shaun. Her once clean dress was wrinkled and smudged with dirt stains and her blonde hair was dishevelled.
“I kissed Paula.”
“You did what?” Shaun felt a stir in his trousers.
“I kissed Paula.”
“What sort of kiss, a friendly kiss on the cheek or a kiss?”
“A full blown kiss.”
“Wow, why?” Shaun asked. There was a definite stirring now in his trousers and he shifted slightly in his seat. Paula was gorgeous, short black hair, striking features and a toned body. She was a lot taller than Sarah but not as tall as he was.
“It just happened. One minute we were talking and the next we were kissing.”
“But a kiss won’t get you looking like you’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards.” He said indicating the state of Sarah’s clothes.
“That wasn’t the, sort of wrong, I was on about. After I kissed her I was a bit shocked so when I drove home I took a wrong turning. Then just when I realised what I’d done, I got a puncture and had to change a wheel.”
“Well that explains it then.”
“Nope, that’s not how I got like this. I was about to sort it out when some guys stopped to help me. A couple of them changed the wheel. I sat with the rest of them and one thing led to another.”
“What do you mean, rest of them, how many were there?”
“I’m not sure how many were in the back of the truck maybe about twenty but only three of them helped. Two changed the wheel and I sat talking with the other one whilst they did it.”
Tossing the cushion to one side Sarah looked at Shaun and bit her lip slightly.
“I didn’t mean it to happen but they looked so fit and sexy in their uniforms. I couldn’t help myself, honest.”
Her large blue eyes pleaded with him not to be mad at her.
“You didn’t?” Shaun interrupted.
“I did.” She giggled.
“Oh my god Sarah.”
“I only did two of them. It was so good too .He really did know what he was doing and he did it while all the others were watching. I was so horny I had to do something.”
Shaun stared at Sarah with an incredulous look on his face.
“Am I such a naughty girl Shaun?”Sarah pouted lowering her eyes.
“You're a very naughty girl Sarah.”
“But it felt so good to be taken like that. Right there Shaun, in front of all the others he fucked me hard. Then afterwards I sucked his mates cock and that felt good too Shaun.”
Sarah looked at her step b*****r with her hands quietly resting on her lap. Unable to look at her Shaun stood up and walked over to look out of the window.
“I couldn’t help myself.” Sarah admitted.
Shaun rubbed the front of his trousers subconsciously at the image in his head. Turning to look at her he wondered how someone could look so angelic but behave the way she did. She sat with her hands on her lap playing with the hem of her dress watching him intently. Eighteen years old, he thought, with the most delectable body he had ever seen, one which he had watched develop from just plain skinny with no breasts to the one he now saw in front of him.
“Was I so bad Shaun? Do I need to be punished?”
The eagerness in her voice made him catch his breath and he almost came in his trousers.
Walking back over to her he stood and looked down at her innocent face. With one finger he lifted her chin and stood looking down into her eyes. There was no shame in them for her actions and he wondered if he should take some responsibility for what had occurred today. Then again he had not f***ed her to do the things she had done. All he had done was point her in the right direction.
Stroking her face with the side of his hand he thanked god that they weren’t related because how he felt at the moment he could have fucked her stupid. His cock was ram-rod hard in his trousers and he could tell that Sarah was still horny. Her eyes twinkled and she oozed sex from every pore of her skin. It would have been so easy to bend down and take her mouth with his.
Torn between his b*****rly feelings for her and those of a man for a woman Shaun sighed and let his hands drop to his side.
“Yes Sarah you need to be punished.”
“How do I need to be punished?”
Shaking his head with regret Shaun replied.
“No. I’m not going to punish you.”
“Please Shaun, I’ve been a very naughty girl and i need to be punished, you just said so.”
“I said no, now behave.” Shaun’s voice took on a hard edge.
“Don’t you love me Shaun?”
“Yes i love you Sarah.”
“I love you too Shaun.”
“Behave now.”
“Yes Shaun.”
Shaun stood there and wanted nothing more than to put Sarah over his knee, pull down her panties and spank her bottom till it shone. He could see himself doing it in his mind’s eye and he groaned inwardly. Resisting all temptation he stood back and just looked down at her. Taking a deep breath he felt it was better to change the subject or he would not be responsible for his actions.
“Don’t forget we are going into town later.”
“I’m supposed to be meeting Paula tonight for a drink.”
“Don’t tell me you’ve forgotten about tonight!”
“Well after today I’m surprised I remember my name.”
Looking at his watch he stated, “Well for starters Phil and Mike are due back sometime soon. Then we’re meeting up with a bunch of their mates in town for drinks.”
“Oh shit, I had forgotten, do you think they’d mind if Paula came with us.”
“I can’t see why not.”
“I’m going up to grab yet another shower before they arrive home. Give us a shout when they get here.”
As he watched her walk from the room Shaun started to touch the front of his jeans.

Following her up the stairs he could understand why men would want to fuck her. She was innocently sexy and even he was not immune to her very delectable charms. Her ass swayed from side to side with each step up and he could only imagine how her breasts would bounce slightly as she moved, with their juicy fullness and semi-hard nipples swaying very slightly with each step.
As Sarah walked up the stairs she reached down and pulled her dress up and over her head revealing her tiny panties, the material of which only just covered her heart shaped bottom. The white lace now dirty and ripped clung to her like a second skin. His eyes roved over her body and he quietly undid the buttons on his jeans. Sliding his hand inside, he held his hard cock. He wanted to take it out and stroke it as he walked behind her but he was too scared to go that far. Instead he squeezed it inside his trousers and stroked it with tiny movements.
Tossing her hair from her shoulders Sarah caught a glimpse of Shaun behind her with his hand down his jeans. Not letting on that she knew what he was doing Sarah smiled slightly and she knew then that he was hers.
Opening her bedroom door she walked in and closed it behind her leaving Shaun to wonder what tonight was going to bring. Feeling braver he took his cock out and openly stroked it has he walked across the landing. His hand felt good as it slowly moved up and down his shaft. Reaching his room he quietly went in and sat in his chair turning on his computer. The image that came up showed his step s****r in her bedroom. Watching intently Shaun continued to caress his cock.
Sarah sat on the bed and looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was dishevelled and her lipstick was smudged. Her body ached from earlier and opening her legs and touching her inner thigh she could still feel the roughness of the guys’ uniform on her skin. Smiling to herself she could also see the look on Shaun’s face when she told him what she had done. At one point she actually thought he was going to cum in his trousers.
If only he knew how much I want him, she thought.
Her smile became a grin as she thought about the night ahead. All those squaddies in one place, surely that would be every girls dream. Fuck what her b*****rs thought, she was going to pull out all the stops tonight and show them that she had finally grown up. Her reflection showed she had a good body, petite in height but curvaceous with large breasts and very sensitive nipples.
Holding her still tender breasts in her hands Sarah gently cupped them. Looking down she noticed that her nipples were still hard. With the pad of her thumb she stroked the skin around them and watched as they got harder. Fascinated she swirled her thumb around the nipple again and felt her body starting to respond. Her nipples felt painfully hard now and she started to pull on them trying to make them harder still. Reaching under her pillow she pulled out her trusty vibrator and switched it on. The gentle hum made her shiver as she anticipated the pleasure which was to come. Laying it on the bed she pulled her panties off and opened her legs as wide as she could, watching her reflection she slowly inserted the vibrator into her very wet pussy. Deeper and deeper she pushed it in and all the time watching herself in the mirror. The vibrations sent shockwaves through her body and using her free hand she stroked her stomach and chest. Feeling the softness of her skin beneath her touch she moaned. Letting go of the vibrator she leant back and let the vibrations go through her. Shivers ran through her body as she flexed her muscles holding it in her pussy. Her body was humming gently and she gasped out loud. The skin on her inner thighs felt tender from earlier and she could see the goose bumps as her fingers caressed it. Slowly her hands covered her body going high and higher up until once again she held her breasts in her hands. The comforting weight made her feel horny and she let them drop so they bounced onto her chest. Pulling on her nipples she gasped at the sensation which swept over her. Letting them go she just let the vibrations go through her body.
In her head she replayed the fucking she had had that afternoon and she could feel herself cuming. Moaning loudly she tugged and pinched her nipples letting the vibrator send her over the edge. Arching her back and pushing her breasts together she pulled on them. Feeling the vibrator slowly slide out she exploded onto it and pushed it out with her muscles almost screaming out her pleasure.
Collapsing back onto her bed she lay spread-eagled on the duvet her pussy throbbing and her nipples aching. The dull hum of the vibrator could be heard from its place on the floor and Sarah shook in the aftermath of her orgasm.

In his room Shaun watched as Sarah came and his cock exploded into his hand. Never had he watched anything as erotic as Sarah masturbating. He had tried so hard not to explode too soon, but as she screamed he could hold it back no longer, and his hand flew up and down his shaft bringing him closer and closer to his own release. When the vibrator had popped out of her glistening pussy his control drained away and he finally let himself cum wishing it was all over those perfect breasts.

Her shower was refreshing. Wrapping a towel round her body but leaving her hair free she walked out of the bathroom.
“Sarah, Mike and Phil are here.” Shaun’s voice was muffled from downstairs but unmistakable.
“I’ll be down in a sec”
Grabbing an over sized t shirt of Shaun’s which she used to sl**p in Sarah ran downstairs to greet her b*****rs.
Slinging their bags onto the floor Mike and Phil stood in the hallway just in time for Sarah to launch herself at them. Squealing in delight she clung to Phil tightly as he swung her round before dropping her back onto the floor.
“Don’t I get a hug to s*s?” Mike asked his arms out-stretched.
Sarah threw herself at him and wrapped her slender legs around his body laughing up into his face. As she wrapped her legs around Mike Shaun noticed that she was completely naked beneath his t shirt. Her nipples stood out proud through the material and he glimpsed her pussy when she opened her legs.
“Of course you get a hug.”
Shaun stood watching as he leaned against the wall. Mike and Phil were Sarah’s natural b*****rs he was just her step b*****r. All three looked alike with blonde hair and blue eyes. The two men could have been mistaken for twins if it wasn’t for the glasses that Mike wore.
“I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on this one. It looks like she’s done some growing since last time we saw her. Just sorry we had to miss her birthday, but duty calls and all that jazz.”
Phil laughed as he spoke but Shaun caught the hidden warning in his voice. Blonde and blue eyed Sarah was most defiantly the baby s****r. In the time they had been away she had toned up and filled out in all the right places.
Clinging tightly to Mike she was carried into the kitchen and placed on the work surface. Walking behind Shaun noticed that Sarah wasn’t wearing any underwear and he hoped Mike and Phil didn’t notice. Unwrapping her legs from Mike she sat on the kitchen side and swung her legs in front of her twirling her blonde hair in her fingers. Grinning like a cat Sarah looked from one b*****r to another as they stood talking.
Glancing at the clock a while later Sarah let out a small gasp.
“Listen guys, have you seen the time? Are we eating in or are we grabbing a curry while we are out.”
“Tough question, what do you reckon its going be?”
“Curry it is then. In that case I’m going to get ready. Plus I need to phone Paula to double check arrangements. See you in a bit.”
With that she jumped down and padded out of the kitchen.

Phil turned and looked at Shaun.
“Why didn’t you tell us about this development?”
His voice was hard and his gaze even harder. Shaun swallowed slightly.
“Which development is that?”
“What about Sarah?” he asked innocently. Shaun knew exactly what he was talking about but he didn’t want to admit it.
“Jesus Christ man, have you seen the figure on the girl.”
“It is rather nice isn’t it?”
“Don’t fucking wise crack with me Shaun or I will knock that smug look right of your face.”
Shaun stepped back nervously. The look on Phil’s face was enough to make him want to leave town right now and he hoped it didn’t get any worse.
“I can’t stop nature. It happened all by itself.” He shrugged.
Moving a step closer Phil was only stopped by Mike who stood in front of him.
“Shaun’s right Phil, you can’t stop her growing up.”
Turning to Shaun he continued.
“However we did ask you to keep an eye on her for us Shaun.”
“I have kept an eye on her and she hasn’t got into any trouble as yet. I cannot be behind her twenty four seven and you should know that.”
Shaun was only glad they weren’t aware of just how much growing up Sarah had done since the last time they had seen her.
“He could have told us.” Phil repeated.
“And say what. Hey Phil just to let you know Sarah has grown tits and is so hot all you can think about is fucking her. And like that would go down well. Stop acting like some Neanderthal and give the girl a break. She is eighteen now and above the age of consent.” Shaun’s voice was as hard as steel as he spoke.
“She isn’t coming out with us tonight the guys will eat her for breakfast. It’s like throwing a lamb to the wolves.”
“And who is going to stop her?” Shaun said as he leaned against the counter top.
“If you think I’m going to tell her she can’t come out with us then forget it I’m not that stupid. She may only be tiny but she has a wicked temper.”
All three looked at one another and realised that Shaun was right, no one wanted to tell her she couldn’t come out with them.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” Phil said as he stomped out of the kitchen to get showered and changed. Shrugging at Shaun, Mike followed Phil out the door. Shaun stood and breathed a sigh of relief. If only they knew, he thought, that Sarah was the wolf and the guys were the lambs.

Half an hour later Shaun, Phil and Mike were stood in the living room waiting for Sarah to come downstairs. Pacing back and forth Phil still hadn’t yet calmed down from seeing the new Sarah.
“How long can it take to get ready?”
As Mike spoke the door opened and in walked Sarah. Holy cow, Shaun thought, the shit is really gonna hit the fan now.
Looking from Phil to Sarah and then back to Phil he waited for the fireworks.
Sarah looked from one b*****r to another as each one stared at her. The expectant look on her face as she wondered just what they were thinking spoke volumes.
“If you think you’re going out wearing that fucking dress then forget it.” Phil shouted.
“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing? “Sarah shouted back.
Looking down at her dress Sarah couldn’t see a problem with it. The short red dress clung to her figure showing off every curve. The long sleeves covered her arms tightly but still managed to look sexy and the neckline was high. It clung to her body covering everything but at the same time showing her ample breasts to perfection. Turning round to show her b*****rs the back of the dress she heard them gasp. The dress scooped down low to show all of her slender back stopping at the curve of her bottom. Barely covering her ass it stopped short of being indecent, yet it was plain to see she wasn’t wearing bra or panties. Her slender legs flowed nicely from beneath the material and her diminutive frame was accented by her red high heels.
“You are not coming out wearing that dress Sarah Jane. So go upstairs and find something decent to put on.” Phil shouted.
“Who the fucking hell made you the boss. This dress cost a fortune and I will wear it.” She shouted back stamping her foot like a petulant c***d.
“There isn’t enough of it to cost a fortune. Go and do as you are told. Now.”
“No.” Sarah screamed stamping her foot.
Mike and Shaun sat down and waited as Sarah and Phil shouted at each other. Digging her heels in Sarah stood her ground her eyes blazing in anger.
Ten minutes later with much screaming and shouting Sarah walked from the living room having won the argument.
Placing his hand protectively on the small of Sarah’s back Shaun walked with her outside to get into the taxi. Wriggling her bottom slightly Sarah encouraged him to lower his hand. Whispering softly in her ear Shaun caressed the small of her back feeling the soft skin beneath his fingers. Her bottom felt wonderful under the material of her dress and with ease he moved his hand over it feeling each cheek as she walked.
“Behave yourself otherwise...”
Raising his hand he lightly spanked her ass revelling in the feeling he got from her startled reply.
Hearing the sudden shout Phil turned to look at the two of them scowling at Sarah as she smirked at him. Whispering in her ear Shaun said. “Now do as I say and behave your self tonight.”
“But I’m always a good girl Shaun.”
“Behave, now.” He replied giving her ass another quick spank, his voice suddenly hard and intimidating.
Sarah sat in the front sulking and Phil sat behind her his face like thunder. Mike and Shaun just looked at each other and hoped it would get better.
The taxi stopped in front of the pub and they all piled out. Paula was waiting outside for them looking stunning in a short black dress and matching shoes. Her tanned legs went on forever and she received several admiring glances from men walking past.
Leaving the girls to each other the three b*****rs walked into the bar.
Shouts and cries went up as the large group of men at the bar saw Phil and Mike.
“Phil you tosser what fucking took you so long.”
“Mike get your lazy ass over here and get me that fucking pint you owe me.” The guys shouted.
Testosterone induced greetings ensued and Shaun watched as the two girls walked away from them and over to the ladies toilets. Quietly he slipped to the bar and ordered his first pint before lounging against it to watch the scene in front of him. Mike and Phil soon became the centre of the large group of men.
bl**dy squaddies, he thought. All they were interested in was booze and women.

Ordering another pint he was surprised to see Phil wander over. The two of them got on but he never felt comfortable in Phil’s company. Shaun preferred to spend time with his computers unlike Phil who liked his sports. His temper was unpredictable and his over protective attitude towards Sarah always grated. The girl was eighteen and over the age of consent but he did agree that bringing her out tonight was a recipe for disaster. All this testosterone was bound to spill over and for some reason he knew that there was going to be trouble before the end of the night.
“Where’s Sarah?” Phil asked.
“No idea. She was with us when we came in but she disappeared as soon as she got in the pub. I think she may be in the toilets with Paula. You know what that pair are like when they get together.” Shaun shrugged as he spoke.
“You don’t give a rat’s arse either do you?”
“Listen Phil; just give the girl a break will you. Girls will be girls.”
“Not all girls are my s****r and not all girls scream to be fucked. What the fuck happened to her?”
“She grew up or didn’t you notice that.”
“You know, that mouth of yours is going to get you in some serious shit.” Phil almost growled.
“I’m being serious. She grew up. One minute she was Sarah the next minute she was Sarah with tits. There isn’t anything you or I can do about it.”
Spotting a mate Shaun took his pint and wandered over leaving Phil by the bar. Downing his drink Phil scanned the bar trying to spot his s****r.

Sarah and Paula emerged from the toilets and made their way over to the bar. Standing waiting to be served they looked around the room to see if they knew anyone. Instead all they saw were Mike and Phil drinking with their mates. As they talked Sarah felt a warm breath on the back of her neck and somebody trailing a finger down her spine. Not daring to turn round she stood stock still and hoped it would carry on. The breath got closer and closer to her ear and a deep velvety voice whispered gently.
“My weapon is well oiled and fully loaded. Would you like to pull the trigger?”
Gasping loudly Sarah spun round and stood face to face with the guy she had fucked that afternoon.
“Oh my god it’s you.”
Her words were almost drowned out as his mouth descended on hers. Wrapping her arms around his neck she pressed her body against his wanting to feel him against her. Deep inside her body she could feel the stirrings of desire and her naked pussy responding. Her nipples became hard as they rubbed against the material of her dress. On her back his hands stroked the soft skin at the top of her ass and inch by slow inch she could feel his hand descending inside her dress. Her pulse quickened and gasping into his kiss she pushed her pelvis against his harden. The kiss became deeper and she could feel a trickle of moisture leave her pussy and trail its musky scent down her inner thigh. Holding on to him she curled her nails into his shirt feeling the toned body underneath it. Pulling his shirt out of his trousers Sarah raked her fingernails across his back and heard him growl deep in his throat. Overwhelmed with lust she pulled harder at his shirt feeling his own hands pulling up the hem of her dress. Quickly she unbuckled his belt and opened his trousers as she felt him lift her up. Opening her legs she wrapped them around his waist and was lowered on to his hard cock. Moaning loudly she threw back her head and growled a deep guttural noise that was echoed by Jay.
Slamming her back against the bar Jay plunged his cock deep inside her warm and very wet pussy. Feeling her legs around his waist he fucked her eager body. Grasping her large breast in his hand he swore at his inability to taste them instead Jay bit and suckled on them through the material.
Sarah moaned and meowed in his ear spurring him on to fuck her harder. Each gasp and groan brought him closer to cuming and he fucked her harder still feeling her juices trickle out of her wet pussy and down onto his balls. Slamming into her he knew he was going to cum soon and he bit her nipples even more. Sarah could feel herself cuming as Jay rammed into her leaning back she almost screamed as she felt Jay shoot his cum into her.
Suddenly she felt him dragged from under her and she fell, banging her head against the wooden floor. Dress still raised she lay on the floor looking up into the furious face of her b*****r.
“What the fucking hell do you think you are doing?”
“I was enjoying myself.”
“Is that what you call it? Damn it girl I should...”
Phil was inarticulate with rage as he looked down at his s****r. Turning round he raised his fist and hit Jay squarely on the jaw knocking him onto the floor.
“You bastard! You fucking bastard!”
“For fucks sake what was that for.”
Standing up Jay fastened his trousers and stood facing Phil.
Shaun and Mike were holding him back as he tried to get at Jay, his face contorted with anger. Glancing at the two other b*****rs Jay could see the controlled anger of Mike but it was the look on Shaun’s face which surprised him the most.
Shaun stood holding Phil back with a look of dark lust glowing in his eyes. He had stood by the bar and watched as the squaddie had taken Sarah and he had wanted it to be him instead. Looking on he could see that the two of them were oblivious to the rest of the world. He was rock hard in his trousers as he watched Sarah get fucked against the bar and glancing round he had seen other squaddies watching, he had hoped that they all wanted to do her as well.
Letting go of Phil he walked over and helped her stand up.
“I told you to behave yourself. Now you will be punished.”
... Continue»
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soldier boy chapter 5

Sarah stood by the bar later and wondered if it was to late to go home and hide under the duvet. The nerves that she had managed to quell were barely controlled and as she looked into the mirror she didn’t even recognise the person staring back at her. The girls in the changing room had weaved their showgirl magic and transformed her into someone she did not know. Her long blonde hair had somehow been hidden under a flame red wig that was as short as her own hair was long. A slender neck led the eyes to a wide expanse of creamy skin and she smiled as she saw how well her corset cinched her already tiny waist pushing up her generous breasts. The mounds resting gently on the velvety material seemed huge and she let her hands stroke the soft skin. Bare legs looked long and sexy encased in the leather material of her high- heeled boots and her bottom was hidden beneath the tiniest skirt Sarah had ever worn.
Placing the leather peaked cap on her head and the aviator glasses on her face Sarah nodded to the mirror and took a deep breath before going to find Chris.
Standing in front of him she breathed slowly as he walked around her nodding his obvious approval.
“Well babe if you move as well as you look then we are in for a treat tonight. Now go find the girls and get that cute little ass ready for your spot. Oh and by the way anything you earn is mine call it an insurance against collateral damage. Now go before I realise i'm going mad.”
Sarah stood nervously watching the girl on stage dreading what was to come but knowing she must do it if she were to prove her point. She was sick to death of her b*****rs trying to run her life.
As the music ended and the girl on stage finished her spot Sarah looked over into the audience. If she was to be convincing she needed to hope and pray no one recognised her. Unable to see her b*****rs or their friends Sarah frowned, please please please show up, she thought.
As the lights went out and the girl on stage ran past her Sarah knew she had past the point of no return. Walking forward into the darkness she took up position on the stage and hoped she remembered the routine she was to do. In the air around her and over the audience she heard the beginning of her song and letting the beat take over she started to dance.
Just as the music ended Sarah glanced over and saw that her b*****rs had arrived. At the back of the room she knew that they would not be able to recognise her and she breathed a sigh of relief. With the final beat of the music she struck her final pose, her breathing heavy and her clothes soaked in sweat. It had been a while since she had done a routine like that at the gym.
Backstage she went to the changing room wondering whether she should shower and get changed. Looking in the mirror she decided that she loved the outfit before making her way to the bar after a quick freshen up and a small adjustment to her outfit. Fingers crossed she could carry out her plan before they figured out who she was.
In the bar she quickly located her b*****rs and taking a deep breath she pretended to ignore them as she walked past, her pert bottom swaying sexily in her short skirt. Behind her glasses she saw them look her way and a tiny smile played at the corner of her mouth. Stopping to chat to customers she tried to play her part. Inside she was shaking like a leaf her stomach in knots.
Her eyes roamed the room and she was surprised to see that Shaun had come out with them. Normally he preferred to be with his friends and left Phil and Mike to theirs but tonight he was here as well. Sitting in one of the booths he was with a few other guys.
This could work out perfect, she thought.
Wandering round the room Sarah chatted and flirted with the customers, all the time getting closer and closer to Shaun. The music in the room made it almost impossible to talk so with a series of gestures she managed to avoid any personal dances without causing any offence. Just as she made her way close enough to see who was with him, Shaun looked at her.
A slight frown creased his brow has he thought he recognised the petite red head standing at the next booth. If he didn’t know any better he could have sworn it was Sarah. But Sarah certainly hadn’t got red hair and she certainly wouldn’t be able to get to in a place like this. If she did he knew she would be asking for trouble. u******e and with an appetite for sex that was boarding obsessive this place would be like a sweet shop to her. Most of the guys that came here wished that the dancers would have sex with them and knowing Sarah she would do it to. Whether they did or didn’t he wasn’t sure, but what he was sure of this new girl looked like jail bate in a place like this. No wonder the guys were round her like moths to a flame. Looking over to the bar he saw that Mike and Phil were watching her intently and he wondered if they too thought it could be Sarah as well. Drawn back to the conversation next to him Shaun gave her one last look before turning away.
As Sarah walked past she was stopped by one of the guys sitting with Shaun. Bending forward she listened as he asked for a more personal dance and smiling sweetly Sarah nodded her agreement.
Listening to the beat of the music in the bar she began to move her hips from side to side. The slow movement hypnotic and snake like. Her tiny skirt swishing in time to the music gave a hint of what was underneath. As she moved Sarah undid the buttons on the tiny jacket she was wearing. Underneath she revealed the corset, which she had danced in earlier, and the eyes of her customers shone with lust. Leaning forward she caressed her breasts feeling the creamy mounds under her fingertips. Before sliding a hand over her stomach.
Shaun sat mesmerised as the dancer moved sexily over his friend’s crotch. Her hips and body flowed from one movement to the next and with each one he could feel himself getting harder. Behind her he could see Mike and Phil watching as she danced her way between the three guys in the booth. His cock was hard in his trousers and he wanted to reach out and touch her legs feeling the skin at the top of her stockings. With infinite care she undid the skirt and let it drop to the floor stepping out of it to show the tiniest pair of panties he had seen for a while. The black material barely covered what they were supposed to cover and the urge to pull them to one side and slip his finger into her was so strong he clenched his fists to his side. This girl was hot and only woman hotter was Sarah. Thoughts of her dancing like this flooded his head and he drew in his breath sharply. As the dancer got closer to him he hoped he would not embarrass himself and cum like some adolescent teenager. Placing one dangerously slutty shoe either side of his thigh on the seat she stood above him gyrating her hips tantalisingly close to his face. Was he imagining it or could he smell her arousal. With a feline grace she turned to face away from him bending forward to crawl across the empty table in front of him. He longed to take her there and then, as she lay sprawled across it. Her tiny body was perfect and her large breasts spilled out of the corset she was wearing. In one fluid movement she turned to face him, her face hidden by the glasses she wore. Without the hint of a smile she sat on the table facing him her feet either side of his hips and her legs wide apart. Looking her up and down he took in her legs encased in the stockings she was wearing. Her tiny feet shod in patent black shoes with dangerously high heels making her look sluttish. The black velvet corset circled her waist topped by the overflowing mounds of creamy flesh Shaun couldn’t ask for anything as sexy. As he watched she reached forward and began the slow torturous journey upwards as she undid the fastenings to it. With baited breath he waited for her breasts to be revealed to him and his cock fought to be freed from the confines of his trousers. Just has she got to the last few fastening the dancer spoke.
“Are you enjoying the dance Shaun?”
His eyes flew to her face as with those few words his guess earlier was confirmed. Unsure as to how to react he sat there and watched as she let free her ample breasts.
Closing his eyes he tried not to react to seeing her almost naked form straddled in front of him.
“Don’t close your eyes. I want you to see what you do to me.”
The tables had been well and truly turned. Ever the dominant he was caught between his need to turn her over and spank her for her deception or to obey. Opening his eyes he watched as she pinched her nipples hard causing the sensitive nubs to harden. He had seen her breasts many times but never had he seen them so close and the longing to take that hard nipple between his teeth and gently bite it was so strong it nearly overwhelmed him Fascinated he watched as she tweaked and rolled it between her fingertips.
“Yes Shaun I know you want me, I also know you want me submissive to you. Do you like how it feels having to obey? Mike and Phil are watching so if you don’t want to cause a scene I would do as you are told. Do you understand?”
Shaun nodded and suddenly the music seemed distant the booth they were in surrounded by an invisible barrier that hid them from the rest of the customers. Shaun’s friends watched as the dancer touched her self and they moved closer to Shaun to see what was happening. Shaun looked shocked at something she was saying and the colour seemed to drain from his face.
“Do you like what you see?”
Shaun nodded.
“Would you like to touch me? Would you like to hold my tits in your hand, tweaking my nipples so I beg for more?”
Again he nodded.
“If I touched my self would you enjoy that?”
In a daze Shaun could only nod to each question she asked and unbidden he touched the front of his trousers, trying to make him self more comfortable.
Fascinated he watched as she reached down and with a splayed hand touched the wisp of material between her legs. Running her fingers over it and pulling it to one side Shaun sat watching as her finger went inside. Groaning loudly he wanted to haul her over his knee and spank her arse hard leaving handprints on her beautiful cheeks. The pain in his hands showed how tight he was clenching them and with a deep breath he brought himself under control. Calming himself mentally he sat up and stared her in the face.
“Take your glasses off? I want to see your eyes as you touch your pussy.”
With these words Sarah hesitated in her caresses and he knew then that she was not as sure of her self as her words made out. Underneath she was nervous and the glasses hid how she really felt. If she had been as sure of her actions as she looked she would not be wearing them, instead she would be strutting sexily around with her own blonde hair flowing and her body on display. Instead she was hidden behind a more confident persona trying to make him the submissive. In a flash of inspiration he grabbed her hand and hauled her to his feet. Quickly before he could be stopped he half pulled, half dragged her to the back of the bar and into the room behind it. Once inside he closed the door and locked it.
“What the fuck do you think your doing in my office?” Chris shouted as they burst in.
Pulling a chair over Shaun sat down and dragged Sarah over his knee. “I’m going to teach this slut a lesson in manners.” As he spoke he pulled her thong off and left it hanging around her ankles.
“Shaun get off me.”
”Not until you have learned your lesson young lady.”
Kicking and screaming Sarah tried her hardest to get up but the more she struggled the harder he held her down.
“If I were you I would take your punishment like the good little girl you should be. I refuse to play referee between you and your b*****rs any more. I have told you time and time again to behave and you have yet to listen,” as he spoke he raised his hand bringing it down on her upturned posterior. “If this is what it takes to control you then so be it.”
Chris watched as Shaun spanked Sarah’s bare bottom. With each thwack his cock hardened. Never had he seen anything as erotic as this before. Sarah wriggled on Shaun’s lap her cries falling on deaf ears.
“What the hell were you thinking coming here, knowing it’s a regular haunt for Mike and Phil. Have you got a death wish?”
“I’m sick to death of them telling me what to do, I’m an adult for gods sake.”
”Well start acting like one. They do not want to know that half their mates have fucked their baby s****r.”
“Fuck you Shaun.” She almost whispered. As each blow landed she could feel the heat rising in her. Her whole body was getting hotter and her nipples were getting harder as they rubbed against Shaun’s trousers. Between her legs she could feel the moisture beginning to leak and trying not to show it she held them even closer together. Glancing at Chris she could see his erection long and thick in his trousers. He didn’t even try to hide it as he moved closer to her. Standing with his arms folded her eyes were drawn to his crotch and she almost purred her appreciation of his cock.
“Sounds like someone has been a very naughty girl and she needs to be punished,”
Biting her lip she watched Chris standing above her and her heart felt like it would explode. Tall, muscled and bald he was imposing and from across Shaun’s knee even more so. From under the sleeve of his black t-shirt she could see the hint of a tattoo and she shivered at the thought of him taking her. She remembered his words from earlier and gulped hard.
“If I’d have known what a bad girl you were I would never have let you come in my club.” Chris said. “But it looks like Shaun here has it all in hand, so to speak.”
“You know him?”
”Did I fail to mention that? Yes I know all of your b*****rs. How can I not know them when they come in here all the time and spend money on the girls’? Seems like you have been a bad, bad girl Sarah and its not them that need punishing. It’s you.”
Putting her head down Sarah realised she had been beaten and maybe it was time she did listen to Shaun. But what about the other two, surely they still had a lesson to learn.
“Let me go Shaun, let me go home.”
Shaun stopped spanking her and lifted her up. His normally easy- going expression had been replaced with a hard look she had never seen before. Shaun was never stern with her, even after what she had done in the last few days. Easy going and laid back that’s how she knew him.
“Your not going home yet young lady. If you are so determined to show me what you have got I want you to show us both. Show us how you pleasure yourself.”
Lifting her up he sat her on the desk and left her to stare at him.
“I cant do that.”
“Why ever not. You have just don e it outside so that others can see. Why not now for the two of us? Surely this would be better. No distractions, no other men around, or is that what you want, more men. Now, now Sarah that’s just plain greedy.”
Both men had moved over to the small sofa and sat down to watch as she squirmed on the desk. She knew that she would never get home until she had done what they wanted. Sitting naked on the desk she could feel herself getting horny at the thought of being watched by them both. Self -consciously Sarah opened her legs so that they could see just how wet she was. The moisture glistened in the stark light of the office. As they looked it leaked out and trickled down onto the wood beneath her.
“Why Sarah you should have said Shaun’s spanking turned you on.” Chris grinned at her, delighting in her discomfort. Blushing Sarah couldn’t help but enjoy her own arousal and the more she denied it the more she knew it was what she loved.
Even further she opened her legs for them to see and beneath her she could feel her wetness gathering. Closing her eyes she let her self drift off into her own world. Dreaming of this moment she let her hands move over her body, caressing her thighs, touching the smooth skin at the top of her stockings. Stroke after stroke, touch after touch her senses heightened by the darkness Sarah got more turned on. Up and over her stomach her hand moved causing goose bumps to appear. When her hand touched the underside of her breasts her nipples hardened instantly and unbidden a groan escaped her lips. Arching her back she raised her bum of the desk trying to reach the hand of her invisible lover. Leaning back she lowered her self onto the desk and continued to caress her self. Lowering her hand she let it stroke her hairless mound before entering the warm depth of her pussy. As it slipped in her moans got louder.
Seconds felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours as she continued to explore her body. Aroused to the point of no return Sarah forgot about where she was moaning loudly she writhed on the desk.
“That's it Hun show us how you cum.” Shaun’s voice sounded far away but it spurred her on. Deeper she delved letting her juices flow out and over her fingers.
“That’s it babe open those pretty little legs wider, show me what you’ve got.”
Sarah groaned louder. Obeying the voice she opened her legs even further placing her shoe shod feet on to the desk. Far away she heard the creak of the sofa.
A hand grabbed hers and removed it from her aching pussy only to be replaced by something else, unsure as to what it was at first Sarah held her breath as she felt it gently probe her. Warm, moist breath filled her and she arched her back to meet the new invader.
“Do you like that sweet Sarah? Do you like Chris’s tongue inside you? I hope that delicious mouth of yours is waiting for me. Do you know how long I have wanted to sample your delights?”
Opening her eyes Sarah saw Shaun standing behind her head. Mesmerised she watched as he undid the buttons on his trousers and eased his cock out. Stroking it he reached forward and placed his finger on her lips. Sarah took it eagerly into her mouth and began to suck it, showing him how she would like to suck his cock.
“Do you want my cock in your mouth?”
Sarah nodded.
“Do you want to taste my cum in your mouth?”
Again she nodded.
“Open wide then.”
Taking it in her mouth Sarah sucked gently wanting to savour the taste of him. Her tongue whirled around it and as he thrust forward she opened her throat and let him use her mouth. With tiny thrusts she felt him push it further and further in until her mouth felt full, the thickness of his cock surprising her.
With her mouth full and Chris licking her out she felt like her senses were going to explode. Never had she experienced such intense feelings in her body. Tingling all over Sarah moaned loudly. Trying to articulate her longing for more cock she arched her back and raised her hips. Just as she thought she would explode in pleasure she felt her pussy suddenly empty and in frustration she slammed her hands on the desk knocking over the lamp and putting the room into semi darkness.
“Now no temper tantrums young lady otherwise I may have to take away your dummy.”
Whimpering at the thought of being left with out his cock she lay still, her mouth trying to take in all of it. Her empty pussy throbbed.
“She tastes so sweet Shaun,” a drop of moisture seeping out of her at Chris’s words. “And so wet.” With a sudden thrust she felt her pussy filled with Chris’s cock and the loud moan which escaped her sounded loud in the almost silent room.
As Chris thrust into her and Shaun filled her mouth Sarah could feel herself cuming. Deep in the pit of her stomach and from between her legs she could feel the slow coil of it tightening a grip on her clit. Splayed out on the desk she waited for the spring inside to break and her orgasm to come crashing down over her. Tighter and tighter it coiled as with each thrust Chris pushed her onto Shaun’s cock.
“Oh fuck. She is so tight.”
With those words it was too much for her and Sarah exploded on to his cock, her screams drowned out by the cock filling her mouth. Both men watched as she shuddered continuing to use her body until they both felt the need to fill her.
Feeling them both withdraw from her she felt bereft.
“Remember you can never better me young lady.”
As she heard the door being unlocked and then closed as the two men left Sarah was left wondering. What the fuck had just happened.
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soldier boy chapter 6

Lying on the desk Sarah let the muted sounds of the club wash over her. Stunned at what had just happened she didn’t know how to feel. Should she be shocked that it had happened or was she actually glad it had happened, she wasn’t sure.
On silent feet she went over to the mirror and stared at her reflection. The red wig was still in place, barely, but her perfect makeup was smudged and her lipstick non –existent. What clothes she did have on were fit only for the bin and frowning she tried to put right what was wrong. What the hell had she started; Shaun was really pissed off with her now and if her b*****rs saw her here she would hate to think what they would do. As one solitary tear rolled down her face Sarah sat down on the floor and hugged her knees.
From behind the mirror Shaun and Chris watched as Sarah cried.
“Do you think you went to far?”
“No, she needs to learn.”
“But surely you could have done it a different way.” Chris looked at his friend.
“I did not see you complain when you fucked her.”
”What man would complain about fucking such a delectable body? Just because I don’t agree with how you’re doing something, doesn’t mean i'm going to turn down a piece of that ass when it’s offered to me on a plate.”
“She will learn and she will learn quick, if she doesn’t then she will end up.” He left the sentence hanging, instead choosing to shrug his shoulders.
“What I don’t understand is why? Why are you doing this? Why her?” Chris sat down and leant back in his chair waiting for Shaun to answer.
Through the mirror Sarah wiped away her tears and stood up. Walking over so she seemed to stand in front of the two men she stared at her reflection. Straightening her skirt and adjusting what clothes were left on her she ran her hands over her chest and stomach. Cupping each breast with a hand she offered them to the mirror fondling them delicately and watching as the pink nipples gradually hardened. As she ran her hand over her skin she tipped her head back and opened her mouth a silent yearning evident on her face. Shuddering she flicked and teased each nipple until the puckered skin around it stood out as much as the nipple itself. The look on her face was lust filled and letting each breast go she watched as they bounced before coming to rest. Thrusting her chest out she turned and walked from the room. Her walk was more strut than walk and with her head held high she closed the door silently behind her.
“That is why.”
“What is that supposed to mean?”
“How many of your girls would do what she just did. Only yesterday she admitted to me that she had let a complete stranger fuck her, then when offered to her she sucked another man off in front of about twenty guys’. Then she admitted to kissing her best mate, she then fucked another guy in a public bar in front of a group of men, her b*****rs included. And her only regret was that she had not been allowed to cum. There was no regret as to her act but only to the outcome of her act. She as just tried to reduce me to being her submissive and then been fucked both ends by you and me. But does she regret these actions no she does not. She does in fact relish them. I can guarantee you that she is even now plotting how to get even with me. Her capacity for sex seems to be boundless.”
“So what are you trying to do, tame her?”
Shaun laughed.
“I intend to tame no one. What I aim to do is teach her that she needs to be discreet. At the moment she flaunts that delectable body all over the place, showing it to anyone who would look. Our little minx needs to learn that it is not always the best way and that if she wants to seduce men she needs to act like a woman, instead of a c***d.”
“What about Mike and Phil, what if they find out what you are doing?”
“They wont, Phil is nothing but a Neanderthal and Mike isn’t that bothered. He thinks that Phil is being too over protective, and really who are they to say anything. The pair of them have spent most of the last few years fucking every woman that’s crossed their paths. I fail to see what they can do to stop me. My only concern is Sarah, she seems to have developed a penchant for guys in the military and in particular a friend of Phil’s. Jay has already sampled the delights of Sarah’s body and I know she would love to sample his again. What I need is to get him to help us.”
“How on earth do you plan on doing that?”
“Easy, we go and talk to him.”

Sarah walked through the bar hoping that her b*****rs would not recognise her. Her glasses now back in place and her cap back on her head she looked just like the other dancers and she was determined to get her own back on her b*****rs even after what had happened. The bar was more crowded now than before and it was hard to see her them standing with their mates. One person she did spot was Jay but before she had time to walk over to him she saw Shaun and Chris stand next to him. Watching to see what would happen she saw them take him into the office she had just left and shut the door.
“Hey pretty lady show me how you move.” A d***ken voice whispered in her ear.
Planting a smile on her face Sarah turned to face the voice behind her.
“ If you got the money I got the moves Hun.”
“Oh I got the money and I intend to spend it,” the voice slurred, “ now show me them sexy moves.”
Doffing her cap and smiling sweetly Sarah turned and led the guy to the nearest booth.
“Now sugar can you really take what I got to offer, cuz what I got to offer is to hot to handle.”
“Oh baby show it to me.” The man said almost falling backwards into the seat behind him.
With the music in her head Sarah started to sway. As her hips traced figure eights in the air and her hands slid over her body she closed her eyes and let her self go to the beat of the music. The touch of her fingers, barely there, aroused her senses and seemed to give her movements more suggestiveness. Facing away from him she wriggled her bottom letting the material of her tiny skirt rise and swirl around her. Teasing him with a hint of what lay underneath it she lowered herself down almost sitting on his lap.
“Oh honey, give me what you got.”
Bending and stretching forward Sarah danced with a feline grace. Reaching outwards she pulled her body across the table in front of her, the cold metal a soothing addition to her hot skin. In her element she taunted the guy with her body. Rolling suggestively on the table, arching her back, opening her legs letting him stroke her thigh before moving away and smiling. Wagging her finger at him she frowned then sucked on it causing the man to laugh at her teasing. Sarah saw his hardness in his trousers and licking her lips she raised an eyebrow before lowering her eyes, showing him that she knew what she was doing to him.
Reaching forward he paid for the dance in the age old way and rolling her body over his she whispered into his ear.
“Thank you.”
Before leaning backwards with her bottom on the table and opening her legs placing a foot either side of his thighs. Supine on the table she pumped her bottom upwards tracing her fingers down her face and over her breasts, her nipples hardening at the touch. Both hands touching her inner thigh and seemingly trying to push her open thighs even further a part Sarah touched, stroked and caressed her whole body. Rising up she looked at him through her glasses and bit her bottom lip a half smile playing at the corner of her mouth. She cupped her breasts the flesh spilling through her fingers. Pinching them so her nipple hardened even more she let them go the weight causing them to bounce and jiggle. Placing a finger playfully over her lips she shook her head, letting him know not to speak. Turning her head from side to side she watched the bar for signs of her b*****rs, or anyone else, for that matter coming over and disturbing her. Then she lowered her hand and slipped it into her tiny thong. Aroused beyond the point of no return Sarah looked the guy in the eye and with the tiniest movement of her fingers she came swiftly and silently. As she shuddered she removed her finger and let him lick her juices from it.
“No, thank you.”
Swivelling round on the table she hopped off and walked away.

Jay sat in the office waiting for one of the guys in front of him to speak. Shaun and Chris leant on the desk with their arms folded. Weighing up his options his eyes narrowed and he knew that if he had to he could take them both on, not relishing the idea of it though. Chris owned the club and he didn’t really fancy getting barred from here. Shaun was Phil and Mike’s b*****r and he didn’t fancy hassle in that direction either. So he sat and waited for one of them to speak. The silence seemed louder than the music in the club itself but he wasn’t going to be the one that broke it. Leaning back he crossed his legs nonchalantly.
“We seem to have a bit of a dilemma on our hands.” Shaun said. “ Sarah appears to want to spread her wings, or in her case her legs. And I, as her b*****r, don’t feel she is doing it in a safe and discreet manner.”
“What’s it got to do with me?”
“A lot.” Chris interjected.
“It appears that she has found a liking for guys in the military, you in particular.”
“And that effects me how?” Jay shrugged. If by Sarah he meant the tiny blonde whom he had fucked the other day he couldn’t really see any problem with her, other than the fact she was Mike and Phil’s b*****r. He wasn’t feeling generous enough to lose a chance at a career for a bit of skirt.
“Well I thought you may be able to help us in some small capacity.”
“Well I want you to keep her busy, you and maybe a few of your more discreet friends. Keep her b*****rs from finding out what we are doing and enabling me to get her to be more discreet in what she does. She is a c***d still, only just turned eighteen, and she is attempting to play in a man's world, your world. She does not care that it has potential implications on her b*****rs’ military lives, nor does she understand that when you play with men the stakes are higher. Men are men and boys are boys. Do you understand what I'm saying?”
“Sure but what’s in it for me, and what do you hope to gain from it?”
”I gain nothing just the knowledge that she is safe and that she learns how to play discreetly. And you get to fuck her.”
“Why not just let her get on with it? Like you said she is eighteen so she can take care of herself.”
“Maybe so but I prefer to point her in the right direction than let her do it herself. I do not want her getting into a situation she cannot get herself out of. She is a tease and she has a body that needs to be fucked, but what happens if she doesn’t want to fuck? Or someone wants more than she is prepared to give. If you and a few of your mates can keep her busy then it’s a win win situation for both of us. Now are you going to help us or not?”
“Well I’m not going to turn down a bit of skirt like her.”
Jay wondered what else Shaun was trying to achieve with Sarah and although he relished the thought of burying his cock in her sweet pussy he knew that if the shit hit the fan he didn’t want to be anywhere near it.
A knock at the door sounded in the room and calling for whomever to enter Chris waited for them to speak.
“Boss you had better come and sort the new girl out.”
“Why what’s she doing?”
“Walking round topless.”
“Fucking hell she will get mauled in there tonight.”
Chris went to find Sarah.

Back in the bar Sarah loved the attention. Hidden behind her wig and glasses she made her way through the guys in the bar flirting and teasing them. Her nipples stood to attention and every now and again she felt a hand stroke the skin at the top of her stockings making her quiver and harden even more. The men in the bar placed money in the waistband of her skirt as she walked, many stopping to chat and stare at her. Some even tried to touch her skin. Sensitive from everything that had happened she felt like she could not get any more aroused. The more she walked around the more aroused she got and the more she let the men touch her.

Chris watched as Sarah walked around his club. The men flocked around her like bees around a honey pot. Her tiny frame made her look younger than her actual eighteen years and even though he had already tasted the delights of her body he still wanted her. Not immune to her considerable charms But more importantly he had to get her out of the club. He had a strict no touching policy and she was allowing the customers to many liberties with her body. Even as he stood watching a bald man with a paunch had his hand up her skirt. Frowning he saw her encourage a younger guy to stroke her stomach, his hand moving closer to her breasts. Chris could see her hard nipples from where he stood. The moment the guy bent forward to take one of those cherry red nipples in to his mouth and suck on them both Chris and the bouncer moved forward. The bouncer grabbed the guy and Chris gathered up Sarah. Throwing her over his shoulder he strode purposefully from the bar to deposit her in the changing room. Behind him he heard the outcry of the men but he wasn’t bothered by it.
“What the fuck do you think you are playing at?”
“I was having fun, what the fuck do you think I was doing?”
“I told you before you went out there what the policy of the club was. No fucking touching.”
”But I don’t work here so it doesn’t effect me.”
”No wonder Shaun wants to keep an eye on you,” Chris pushed his fingers through his hair as he stood looking at Sarah, “You are here tonight as a dancer and entertainer so for tonight that policy does effect you. I don’t make them up for my health; they are there for a reason young lady. I do not want the girls in my employ to be subject to the men in this bar groping them whilst they work and you go and do the exact opposite.”
Sarah stood and looked at Chris before shrugging her shoulders.
“Well aren’t I glad I don’t work here then.” Pulling her hat and wig off she handed it to him. With her hands on her hips Sarah stared defiantly at Chris almost willing him to do something.
“Well seeing as I’m no longer your boss I want you out of my club.”
“Because your under twenty one that’s why. Now get changed and get out.”
“And if I don’t?”
“Then I will have you forcibly removed from the premises.”
Sarah laughed.
“Would love to see you try that one.”
“Don’t push your luck young lady.” As Chris spoke Sarah walked towards him. Licking her lips she bit her bottom lip and then fluttered her eyes at him.
“Now Chris do you really want me out of your club? Or would you prefer to be doing something a bit more, fun?” Glancing downwards she smiled sweetly before slowly looking back at him.
Chris felt his cock twitch and he frowned.
“You haven’t got a clue what your doing Sarah. I’m not one of those fawning little boys you play with. This is the adult world and your just a little girl.”
Sarah stood in front of him and touched his thigh stroking it her fingers gently caressing it. “Really, I could have sworn you were all man earlier.” Her hand crept around to the front of his leg.
“Sarah behave.”
“Or else?” Both hands stroked and caressed Chris’s body as she spoke.
“Or else you may regret it.”
“I regret nothing Chris.” Standing on tiptoe she kissed his chest through his top. Her hands moved upwards tracing small circles on the way. “Did I tell you earlier how much I loved your cock in my pussy. Mmmmm it felt so good to be fucked by you.”
Her voice was low and husky as she spoke and Chris found himself responding to her. His hands stroked the soft skin of her back as he wrapped them around her. Leaning forward he kissed her hair smelling her perfume on her neck as he trailed his kisses downwards.
“Nothing like a real man to make a girl feel full.” Sarah pressed her body closer to him her hands moving to grip his ass and pull it closer to her. Purring up at him she leant backwards thrusting her breasts up encouraging him to take her hard nipples into his mouth.
Looking down at her Chris knew that she was dangerous; Her nubile body was luscious and ripe. Already she had guys wrapped around her little finger and if he wasn’t careful he would be another one to that number. Used to being the boss he realised that he would be dancing to her tune and that was unacceptable. Taking first one nipple into his mouth he wrapped his tongue around it. Teasing it until she moaned loudly and the hardness was almost painful. Nibbling on it he smiled as she pushed her hips nearer to him. Letting go he went to the other nipple and did the same to it. When he let go and leant back he saw how they were ripe red and jutting out from the pale skin of her breasts. Flicking them with his tongue he drew them once again into his mouth biting harder before releasing them.
His hand pushed her legs apart and he rubbed her thong pushing the material into her wet pussy. Pressing harder he circled her clit the bud hard beneath the thin material. Growling he held onto the thong before swiftly pulling on it. The ripping sound was loud in the silent room and free from any barrier he pushed his finger into her. He listened as she gasped loudly before he spoke.
“Is this what you want Sarah?” My fingers fucking you.”
Pushing harder he added another finger making her groan as he stretched her open.
“Your so wet. Does this feel good?”
Leaning forward he again bit her nipple.
“Fuck me Chris.”
“Please.” She begged.
“Please Chris fuck me.”
Chris added yet another finger to her pussy, taunting her with his movements.
“OH god please.”
”I said no.”
Sarah shivered on his arm and Chris could feel his own hardness in his trousers.
“You’re playing with the wrong man Sarah. You need to learn we don’t all dance to your tune.”
Twisting his fingers inside of her he used one of them to tease her bottom.
Almost crying in his arms Sarah didn’t know if she could take any more of his teasing her body felt like it was on fire.
“Please Chris I need to cum. Oh god I need you.”
”What do you need Sarah?” his voice was edged with steel as he spoke.
“Fuck me.”
“No, tell me what you need.” He twisted his fingers again and she moaned louder.
“I need you.”
“Tell me what you need.”
Another twist.
”I need your cock.”
Another twist.
“I need you to fuck me with your cock.”
Suddenly he removed his hand and pushed her away.
“Now that wasn’t hard to admit was it?”
Confused Sarah looked at him her body shaking violently as she tried to focus on Chris.
“Bastard.” She screamed at him.
“Now, now young lady. There is no need to swear at me.”
Launching her self at him she pummelled his chest with her fists screaming obscenities.
“Run along and play with the boys little girl.”
Removing her fists from his chest he turned and walked away leaving Sarah alone.

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the Boy's Story (Chapter 7)

Being a good Master he doesn't want to hurt me too much so he stops spanking me and leans down and pulls on the nipple chain while continuing to fuck my arse. As he has cum twice already he doesn't cum this time and pulls out and makes me lick his cock clean before we lie down together again. "How is the feeling?' he asks me. "Very strong" I say and he says "Good - we have more to do! You are my Good Boy!"............

Chapter 7.

The feeling is very strong still for both of us as the second pills do there magic. We both know that the feeling makes us more willing to try new things and makes our enjoyment of our actions and each other much stronger - even though we love each other a lot. We are laying holding each other when he asked me about the feeling and he said it was very good for him too. I could see by his eyes that he was having good strong feelings. Suddenly he rolls over on his hands and knees and orders me "Lick my arse Boy!". I am so happy to hear this as I love his lovely smooth arse and the soft brown love bud that is his arsehole. I know it is the 'E' that is making him give me this order and I willingly get behind him and slowly lick along his crack my tongue flicking lightly over his hole, teasing him. I increase my tongue pressure more and each lick I let linger over his hole before moving on. I hear him sniff poppers so I reach for him to give me a sniff too. This really gets me going and I start rimming my Master strongly, licking, sucking, pushing my tongue into his love hole. I move up to bring his cock down between his legs and suck on the head teasing it with flicks of my tongue and then to his balls that are out of the cockring now so are looser and I suck each into my mouth. I keep going down on his arsehole, back to his cock & balls several times and he is moaning saying "You are my Good Boy". My cock is hard so I kneel behind him and rub it up and down his crack. "What are you doing?" "Just teasing you Master" I reply. He reaches to the cabinet and gets down a new dildo that he has bought and gives it to me and he rolls over onto his back. I take the dildo, open a condom and roll it down then lube the dildo with a lot of KY putting extra on his beautiful arsehole. "Relax Master" I say and again, as before with the anal beads, I slowly put the end of the dildo against his opening and slowly put the head of the dildo into his arse. I can feel he is tense so I stop pushing and wait while he takes more poppers. I talk to him quietly and gently telling him he is my strong Master amd that I want to give him much pleasure. I see his body relax and I feel his sphincter muscle make the dildo move slowly, very slowly, so I push the dildo in until the head passes the sphincter and and I stop pushing. The dildo is about 3" inside my Master and after about a minute I gently insert another 2" which I think is enough for him. I ask him if it is OK and he says "It's alright - no more in" and I obey him. Then I turn on the vibration switch to slow and I can feel the dildo start to tremble in my fingers and I hear him moan so I think it is touching his prostrate and giving him good feelings - even though he is not often wanting this action. My Master prefers to work my arsehole and only sometimes will he let me play with his.

After about 2 minutes I increase the vibration speed and I am feeling very excited for my Master. This dildo is about 3-4" thick and about 7" long and we have other dildo's that are thicker and longer including double dildo's that we will use later. I slow the vibrator and then turn the switch off and then slowly start to withdraw it from his love tube. Again, as always the head has to pass the sphincter and this gives a very strong sensation of pleasure and pain. The dildo slides past the muscle and I take it out and lean down and kiss his manhole. Then I crawl up to him and he takes me in his arms and kisses me. I say to him that I could use my cock instead of the dildo because my cock is smaller and he just says "We'll see" as is his usual answer.

"I need a pee" he says so we both go to the bathroom and I get into the bath and lie down ready for another golden shower. He stands on the bath and after a minute of concentrating starts to piss over me - it is warm and feels lovely. He stops peeing suddenly and orders "Stand up!". I do and he tells me to turn around and bend over so that my arse is pointing at him. I feel him move close behind me and his semi-hard cock touches my arsehole. He holds it firmly and with his body and his hand pushes his cock into my arse and stands still. After about a minute I feel a warm flow into my insides and my Master is making me his Piss Boy and pissing into my arse. I think it is called a 'piss enema'. "You are my Good Piss Boy" he says and I feel the warm pee inside my arse - it feels just like an enema.

"I am finished" he says. "Hold it in" and as he pulls his cock out I tighten my arse muscles to stop the flow. He kneels down behind me so that he can watch his piss flow out of his Boy and tells me to release it. I do and I can feel it rush out like an enema and his comment "It's looks OK". Always the master of understatement!

I stand up and turn around and start to piss hitting his cock and balls and I aim down his legs and back to his cock. When we are finished I get the enema bottle while he has a shower and I clean my arse inside to get all the piss residue out then I have a shower too.

I go back to the bedroom and my Master is laying back on the pillows and looking still strong with the feeling and orders me to get his cockring which I put on for him. He wants me to put on the hood again which I do and he tells me to suck his cock. I love sucking his cock but this time I can't see it so have to use my hands and my mouth to explore his lovely 7" cock and his wondeful smooth balls held tight by his cockring. I suck him for many minutes enjoying the feel of his cock. I raise my head up and start to slide his cock down my throat until I almost have my nose in his pubic hair. I gag a couple of times but f***e myself to relax and breathe and feel his cockhead in the top of my throat. I can't hold it there long and slip his cock out of my mouth while I get my breath back.

He moves down the bed and gets behind me and opens my cheeks and looks at my arsehole. He runs his finger up and down it then goes to the cabinet and I hear him getting things off it and he climbs back on the bed. I feel his fingers touch my hole and they are covered in KY. He pushes one finger into me and pushes it in deep then twists it around before pulling it out and replacing it with two fingers - same action, then he uses three fingers and pushes slowly until all fingers are in to the knuckles. "You are my Good Boy" he says and spanks my arse with his paddle and puts his three fingers back into my hole. He leaves them in moving them in and out slowly each time going in a bit deeper and between this he is spanking my arse with his paddle. I know he is preparing me for some serious arse play and I wonder if he will try and use the giant dildo on me???....

To be continued. ... Continue»
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Policeman's Boy 3


Chapter 3

Nick was disappointed at having to work a day shift on Saturday - the day
he was due to move in with Ross and Colin. Fortunately it was quiet day and
his mind often turned to thoughts of sex with Colin. And that meant having
to hide a hard-on more than once. He was hard again now as he waited for

Ross's car pulled up outside the police station and Nick climbed inside
after placing his bags in the boot. "Thanks for picking me up," said
Nick. "I plan to buy a motor bike early next week and that will make it
easier to get around."

"Not a problem, Nick. I was coming into town anyway to get a few things in
the supermarket," said Ross as he drove off. "Did you have a good day?"

"It was a pretty easy day," replied Nick. "Plenty of time to think about a
session with Colin later," he added with a smile.

Ross laughed. "I knew that would be at the top of your agenda for
today. Well, we've got time for some fun with him before dinner."

"Good! I'll go crazy if I don't empty my balls soon,'" said Nick.

"Colin is excited but also quite nervous," said Ross. "Don't be too rough
with him today."

"Okay, I'll try to be nice," said Nick.

Colin was waiting in the hall when his dad and Nick entered. "Hello
Nick. Do you want any help with your bags?" he asked.

"Hello Colin. I almost didn't recognise you with your clothes on," said
Nick. "Thanks but I'll manage on my own."

Colin blushed slightly and returned to the living room. Ross followed
him. "Don't mind Nick. He just likes to tease," he said.

"It's okay, Dad. Our first meeting was a bit unusual," said Colin with a

Ross laughed. "It certainly was. I almost had a heart attack when I saw you
naked on the floor."

Colin giggled. "It would have been worse if you'd brought Gran home instead
of Nick."

"Now she would have had a heart attack!" Ross said and then laughed.

"What's the joke?" asked Nick as he entered the room.

"We were just talking about Colin being naked in the hall the other day,"
explained Ross.

"Ah, that was a lovely sight,' said Nick. "It's a shame you weren't naked
to greet me today."

Ross winked at Nick and then turned to Colin. "You could strip off
now. It's a warm day after all."

"No, I can't do that," said Colin. "It wouldn't be right."

"It's better than being naked when we're not expecting it," said Ross. "Now
come on. Strip!"

"Yeah, let's see you stark bollock naked," said Nick, groping himself.

Colin realised that the men were serious. He kicked off his slippers as he
started unbuttoning his shirt. With his shirt off, Colin then pulled off
his socks. He glanced up at Nick as he unfastened the top of his shorts and
saw the lust in his eyes. This turned Colin on and his cock began to
stiffen. By the time he had stepped out of his briefs, Colin's cock was
fully erect.

"Now that's what I like to see - my son with a hard-on," said Ross.

Colin smiled at his dad then looked at Nick for approval.

Nick just stared at Colin for a minute then said "Kneel in front of me and
I'll show you my hard-on."

Colin didn't hesitate. He quickly moved over to Nick and knelt in front of
him, staring at the bulge in his trousers.

Nick winked at Ross then started to undo his fly. Colin licked his lips as
the white of the man's underpants came into view. "Eager for it, boy?" Nick
asked as he opened his trousers wider and allowed them to slide down his

Colin said nothing but his eyes opened wider as he saw the full length of
Nick's thick cock pressing against the white cotton and then the damp patch
at the cockhead.

"Do you want to see it?" asked Nick.

"Yes please," answered Colin.

Nick took the waistband of his y-fronts in his hands, lifted them clear of
his cock and then slowly eased them down.

Colin gulped as he saw the massive cock close up. It was even bigger than
he remembered and pre-cum was leaking from the piss-slit. The musky smell
of a man who'd been working all day filled his nostrils and turned him on.

"I want you to hold it near the base and take the head into your mouth,"
said Nick.

Colin reached out and took hold of Nick's cock. It was so thick that his
fingers only encircled part of the shaft. As he eased back the foreskin,
Colin inhaled the erotic smell of the cock cheese which had built up during
the day. Colin noticed the white sticky mess and hesitated.

"Suck it - NOW!" ordered Nick.

Colin bent forward and took the cockhead into his mouth. He could taste the
tangy cock cheese and found that it wasn't as disgusting as he'd feared. He
used his tongue to clean the cock and then turned his attention to the
piss-slit as he loved the taste of pre-cum.

"Your boy certainly loves cock," Nick said to Ross.

"He does and I'm glad about that," said Ross with a smile.

"I'm going to feed him my first load of the day," said Nick as he took hold
of Colin's head and slowly began to fuck the boy's mouth.

Colin let his hand fall from Nick's cock as the man began to face-fuck
him. He grabbed hold of his own throbbing cock and started wanking it.

"Leave your cock alone, Colin," said Ross. "Concentrate on pleasing Nick."

Nick was thinking only of himself as he shoved his cock deeper into Colin's
mouth. The boy was gagging as the cockhead f***ed its way into his throat.

Colin tried to relax but he couldn't cope with the thick cock fucking his
mouth. Tears filled his eyes as he struggled to accept Nick's cock but he
didn't try to back away.

Nick was turned on by the noises Colin was making and by the tears in his
eyes. He knew he couldn't last much longer. "Take my cock," he said as he
face-fucked the boy. "Yeah, that's it. Swallow my load. Here it comes. Aah!
Aah!" Nick started shooting off, sending his first few blasts into Colin's
mouth. Then he pulled back and fired the rest of his load onto Colin's

Ross was impressed by the amount of cum Nick shot over his son's
face. "Well done, Nick. That was some load," he said.

Nick shoved his still hard cock back into Colin's mouth and said "Your sexy
boy really turns me on. I'm looking forward to fucking him later."

"We'll both fuck him later," said Ross. "Now let's relax before
dinner. Colin, fetch us a couple of beers."

"Yes Dad," said Colin as he stood up. He moved his hand to wipe some of the
cum from his face but was stopped by Nick grabbing his wrist.

"Leave that cum to dry on your face," said Nick. "And stay naked."

Colin looked at his dad who said "Do as Nick said." Colin meekly went
through to the kitchen and returned with beers for Nick and Ross.

* * *

Dinner had been over for a while when Nick said "I'm feeling horny again."

"Colin, go over and suck Nick's cock," said Ross.

"Aw, Dad. I want to watch this film," said Colin without taking his eyes
off the television screen.

"Ooh, not the correct response," said Nick. "He needs to learn that our
sexual needs come first."

Ross thought about what Nick had said a few days ago about Colin getting a
sexual thrill from rough treatment and decided to test his theory. "Turn
the television off NOW Colin and get over here," he said. Ross then stood
and removed the leather belt from the waistband of his trousers as Colin
switched off the television.

Colin turned to see his dad holding the belt in his hand and became
worried. Ross hadn't been in the habit of using corporal punishment so he
knew that this was due to Nick's influence.

"Bend over this chair," instructed Ross.

Colin did as he was told. He was nervous but also somehow excited at being
punished in front of Nick once again.

Ross drew back his arm and then lashed out at his son's bare buttocks with
his belt. Colin screamed as the belt landed. Ross hesitated when he saw the
red stripe on Colin's buttocks but Nick urged him to continue. "Yes, that's
what the little bugger needs," said Rick. "Give him a good thrashing."

Ross hit the defenceless arse again and Colin let out a loud gasp - not a
scream this time. There were grunts as the next three strokes fell but
Colin didn't try to dodge them. Ross finished off with a much heavier
stroke and Colin groaned loudly.

"Right, stand up and apologise to Nick," said Ross.

Colin stood and turned to face Nick. There were tears in his eyes as he
said "Sorry Nick" but both men were looking at Colin's cock. This had been
soft when he had walked over to the chair and now it was fully erect.

Nick stood up and began to undress. He wanted more than a quickie this time
and he wanted to be comfortable. "Come over here and kneel in front of me,"
said Nick.

Colin did as he was told, and was soon kneeling with his head bowed. He was
slightly scared of Nick but at the same time he was turned on by the man's
dominant personality. As Nick removed his briefs, Colin glanced up at the
huge cock and gulped. It looked much too big for him ever to take it
comfortably in his mouth.

"Suck the head of my cock," ordered Nick.

Ross had started to get an erection while beating Colin. Now, seeing his
son's lips stretched around Nick's massive cock, it grew to its full nine
inches. He needed to free his cock so he started stripping off.

Nick was enjoying the feel of Colin's warm mouth but he wanted to take
things slowly. "Okay, lick my balls now," he said.

Colin sat on his heels and started licking at the hairy, lemon-sized
balls. However he couldn't take his eyes off the cock towering above
him. He knew that Nick wanted to fuck him and he knew it would hurt.

"I want you to lick my arse crack now," said Nick as he turned his back on
the young teen.

Colin had never rimmed his dad so he hesitated. "Get your tongue in there
now!" demanded Nick.

Ross stepped forward and pushed his son's face into Nick's arse. "Do as
you're told, boy," he said firmly.

A strong musky smell filled Colin's nostrils as his nose went between
Nick's arse cheeks. He closed his eyes and began to lick. Slow, tentative
licks. It wasn't as nasty as he'd feared so he licked more.

"That's good," said Nick. "Lick the whole length of my hairy crack."

Colin swallowed, took a deep breath and then slowly licked from just above
Nick's balls to the top of his arse crack.

"Again!" Nick demanded.

"That looks hot," said Ross as he watched his son.

"It feels good. You should get him to do it to you," said Nick.

Without being told, Colin licked the policeman's crack another twice. Then
Nick spoke again. "Now I want to feel your tongue push into my hole. Do

Colin could sense his dad moving closer and decided to do as Nick had
instructed without any argument. He moved his tongue to the puckered
entrance to the man's arsehole and pressed the tip of his tongue against
it. "Get it right in," said Nick. Colin pushed harder and soon heard Nick
say "Ah! That's good. Yeah, push deeper." Colin tried his best but his
tongue wasn't long enough. Nick however was satisfied to feel the tongue
touching his most intimate place.

"I really need to fuck Colin after watching that," said Ross.

"Go ahead. Prepare him for my thicker cock," said Nick. "He can suck on my
cock while you're fucking his arse.

Colin was made to feel that he had no say in the proceedings with the way
the men were talking about him. And that was the case as both men were more
interested in their own pleasure than what Colin wanted. Luckily Colin was
happy to submit to their wishes.

Nick sat down and Colin crawled over to take the man's cock in his
mouth. Ross fetched some lube and rubbed a generous amount over and into
Colin's hole. Ross then finger-fucked the boy with one and then two fingers
to get him ready.

"Don't loosen him up too much," said Nick. "You'll enjoy fucking him more
if he's tight."

Ross was about to say he didn't want to hurt Colin but part of him did want
to see his son in pain. He tossed the lube aside without applying any to
his cock and moved into position.

Colin moaned around Nick's cock as his dad's cock suddenly entered his
arsehole and then push deeper.

"Fuck him hard," said Nick.

Ross didn't need any encouragement. He was very turned on by the events so
far and by the thought of seeing Nick's enormously thick cock fucking his
son again. He took hold of Colin's hips and immediately began fucking him
hard and fast.

Nick grabbed Colin by his hair and pushed his cock deeper, causing the boy
to gag and splutter. He was enjoying watching Ross fuck Colin and he
started fucking Colin's mouth in time with the other man's thrusts. Colin
was making more noise and when Nick looked at him he saw the tears in the
boy's eyes. This was a huge turn-on but he pulled his cock from Colin's
mouth. He did this because he didn't want to cum so soon and not to spare

Ross was really pounding hard into Colin now. "Grab hold of his tits and
pull them while you're fucking him," suggested Nick.

Ross slowed down a little while he located Colin's nipples. When he had
them in his firm grip, he tugged and twisted them causing Colin to cry out.

"Yeah, that's it," said Nick as he rubbed his cock over Colin's face. "Make
the little bugger suffer."

Ross held tightly on to Colin's nipples as he fucked him faster, pulling at
them as he moved backwards and forwards. Colin's moans became louder. Soon
it became too much for Ross. "I'm cumming!" he shouted as he started
shooting off inside his son's hole.

Colin sighed with relief when his dad let go of his nipples and simply
hugged him while the hot cum was filling his hole. Pre-cum dripped from
Colin's cock and this didn't go unnoticed by Nick.

"Your son loved that rough treatment, Ross. You should see the amount of
pre-cum leaking from his stiff little cock," said Nick.

"Is that right, Colin? You enjoyed that rough fuck?" Ross asked.

"Yes Dad. It was sore but it made my cock very hard," admitted the boy.

Ross spat on Colin's face then said "You love being abused. Bet you can't
wait to have my cock inside you, stretching your hole again."

Colin wiped the spit from his face but said nothing.

Ross pulled his softening cock from the boy's hole, spanked his buttocks
and said "Answer Nick. Don't be insolent or you'll get another belting."

"I'm not sure. I think your cock might hurt me too much," said Colin.

Nick smiled and said "Well, I'm going to fuck you whatever you
think. However I'll make it easy on you. You can climb on top and control
the speed of entry."

"How do you mean?" Colin asked.

"I'll remain sitting on this chair. You climb up and lower yourself onto my
cock," replied Nick.

"Oh," said Colin as he stood up. "I've never done it that way before."

"Do you want the lube?" Ross asked Nick.

"I don't think that will be necessary. You used a fair amount and he's got
your cum inside him now. My cock should go in without too much trouble,"
replied Nick. What Nick meant was not much trouble for him. It wouldn't be
easy for Colin.

Colin climbed onto the chair and crouched down over facing Nick. "I'll hold
my cock upright and you can lower yourself onto it," said the man. "Yes,
that's it lined up with your hole now. Relax and let it in."

"I can't do it," said Colin. "It's just too big."

"You can do it," said Nick. "You've already taken it once."

Colin pushed himself down on Nick's cock but he couldn't relax enough to
open up.

"Let me help," said Nick. He reached up to grab hold of the boy's shoulders
and pushed down. At the same time, he bent forward and took Colin's right
nipple between his teeth.

Colin yelped at the pain on his nipple and the distraction caused his arse
muscles to relax enough to allow the cockhead inside. Then with his weight
and the pressure from Nick"s hands he slowly slid down and impaled himself
on the giant cock. He didn't take the cock in silence though. He moaned
loudly the whole time.

"That was really hot," said Ross. He didn't make it clear whether he meant
watching Nick's cock stretching his son's hole or hearing the noises Colin
made as he struggled to cope with the pain. He could see the tears in the
boy's eyes as he looked at him now so he added "Well done, Colin."

"Now ride that cock, boy," said Nick. "Let me see you bounce up and down
on it."

Colin winced as he raised himself a few inches and then allowed Nick's cock
to fully penetrate his hole once more. "Try harder," said Nick. Colin
raised himself higher the second time and gritted his teeth as he sank back
down. He moved faster the third time but whimpered because of the pain as
be quickly sat down.

"Slightly better," said Nick but maybe it would be better if I lay you on
your back and took control."

"No, let me do it," pleaded Colin. "I just need to get used to the size."

"Maybe I can help a little," said Nick as he placed his hands under Colin's
bum and helped him to rise. Then with his hands on Colin's waist he pushed
him down again. Colin gasped but allowed the man to move him up and down
several more times, fucking himself on the massive cock. Soon Colin was
moving faster with no assistance.

"This stiff little cock shows how much you're enjoying yourself," said
Nick, taking hold of the boy's cock and squeezing it hard.

"Does it still hurt?" asked Ross.

"Yes Dad. It hurts like hell," replied Colin through gritted teeth.

"But you're still hard," said Ross.

"I know. I'm weird," said Colin.

"No, not weird," said Nick who was now thrusting up into Colin's hole each
time the boy lowered himself. "Just someone who enjoys being sexually

Colin looked confused but he was happy when his father moved behind him and
grabbed hold of his boy-cock. "Yes Daddy. Wank me please," he said as he
continued fucking himself on Nick's cock.

"Someone who gets turned on by pain is called a masochist," explained
Ross. "There are plenty of boys like you - straight and gay. Pain and
pleasure is often closely related." With that, Ross grabbed hold of a
nipple with his free hand and twisted it viciously.

Colin let out a howl and stopped moving until Nick grabbed hold of his
waist and pushed him further onto his thick, ten inch cock. Ross was
wanking Colin roughly and it didn't take long for the boy to cum. He gasped
as the spunk shot into the air and landed on Nick and himself.

Nick enjoyed the feel of Colin's arse muscles spasming around his
cock. When the boy had finished he resumed fucking him, thrusting up into
the tight hole.

Ross watched as Colin bounced up and down on the thick cock. "Yeah, fuck
him Nick. Give my boy what he needs."

Nick tried to hold back but all too soon he cried out and began shooting
off inside Colin. "Take my cum, boy. Take it all!"

Colin was sure he could feel the hot cum fill him up and he smiled. He was
pleased with himself for being able to take the huge cock. He knew it would
get easier each time.

"I'm ready to cum again after watching that," said Ross. He stepped forward
and pointed his throbbing cock towards Colin's mouth. Colin eagerly took
the cock between his lips and started sucking. Ross wanted to be in charge
though and he grabbed hold of Colin's head to face-fuck him. It only took a
couple of minutes before he shot his load down his son's throat.

"That was hot," said Ross when he had finished and was helping Colin to
climb off Nick.

"Yes, it certainly was," said Nick. "Did you enjoy it, Colin?"

"Hmm, yeah," replied Colin who now felt slightly embarrassed.

"Great!" said Ross. "I think we're going to have a lot of fun with Nick
living here."

To be continued
... Continue»
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Policeman's Boy 4


Chapter 4

Colin woke up to find himself alone on Sunday morning. He hadn't heard his
dad get out of bed. He stretched out, went for a piss and then headed
downstairs to see what his dad was doing. He heard Nick's voice coming from
the kitchen and paused to listen.

"We can get some sex toys and bondage gear from that sex shop near the bus
station," said Nick.

"Is it really necessary?" asked Ross. "This is a delicate matter and I
don't want to be seen going into a sex shop."

"We could improvise for a while but it would be better for us and for Colin
to use the proper stuff," replied Nick. "My face isn't known around town
yet so I could go on my own. Or we could wait until one of us has the
chance to visit the city."

"Let's wait and buy it elsewhere," said Ross. "Now I better get Colin out
of bed. I promised to take him swimming this morning."

Before Colin could move, the kitchen door opened and Ross was facing his

"Hello Dad," said Colin. "What is bondage gear?"

"Erm..." Ross was lost for words but Nick appeared behind him.

"Good morning, Colin," said Nick. "Bondage gear is what masochists like you
often wear during sex sessions. It includes things like padded leather
cuffs so you can be tied up without your skin being damaged. If you were
just to wear ordinary handcuffs for example your wrists could get badly
chafed if you struggled and moved about."

"Oh," said Colin. His cock was beginning to stiffen but he had to find out
more. "Why would you tie me up?"

"Come into the kitchen and sit down," said Nick. Colin took a seat and
waited for Nick to continue.

"Well, let's see," said Nick. "I think we've established that you like us
being in control and that pain often makes you very horny." He paused and
Colin nodded. "Okay. If we were to tie you up, you'd be totally under our
control. We could spank your cute butt or torment your nipples and you'd be
helpless to resist."

"It would make our sex sessions even more exciting. Don't you agree?" added

Colin bit his lower lip as he considered the possibilities. Then he smiled
and said "Yes."

"Maybe we could try a bit of bondage later," suggested Nick.

"Okay," said Colin. "I need my breakfast now though. I'm starving!"

Ross laughed. "All you think about is food and sex."

"I'm not the only one who was thinking about sex this morning," retorted

"Don't be cheeky," said Ross. "Let's have a light breakfast and then we'll
go swimming."

"Are you coming swimming with us, Nick?" Colin asked.

"No, I've got to work from ten until six," replied the policeman. "I'll be
ready for another form of exercise when I get back though." He smiled and
squeezed his crotch.

Colin blushed slightly then said "Maybe we can try the bondage thing then."

"I think we should. Okay with you, Ross?" said Nick.

"Definitely," replied Ross.

* * *

Ross went to collect Nick at the end of his shift. Conversation on the
drive home soon turned to Colin.

"I'm looking forward to another session with Colin this evening," said
Nick. "He seemed keen on the idea of being tied up."

"Yes, he did. I thought he'd need a lot of persuasion," said Ross.

Nick nodded and said "I was a bit surprised too. Anyway it suggests that
your son could be willing to try other kinky stuff. What is he doing now?"

"He's finishing some homework," replied Ross. After a short silence he went
on. "I'm happy to share Colin with you and to explore this S&M stuff but I
don't want his schoolwork to suffer. So I think we should keep our joint
sex sessions for weekends." Nick was about to object when Ross added "I
don't think it would be a good idea to suddenly go from him having sex with
me two or three times a week to sex with two men - two well-endowed men -
on a more frequent basis. Especially if we're also introducing him to
bondage and other things."

Nick thought for a moment before replying. "Okay. I can't say I'm not
disappointed but I do understand."

"Good. Just think how horny we'll be at the start of each weekend," said
Ross. "His tight little hole will get a really good workout."

"And if you are working at the weekend, I can still fuck him?" Nick asked

"Yes, of course," said Ross.

Nick smiled at the thought of being able to fuck Colin as hard as he
wanted. "Fantastic! Hey, there he is waiting for us," he said.

Ross brought the car to a halt and the men got out. "Hi Colin. Desperate
for my cock?" asked Nick.

Colin laughed. "Not really. I saw the car from the window as I was coming
downstairs so I thought I should open the door."

"But you do want my cock though?" asked Nick.

"Maybe later. We're going to eat now," replied Colin.

"Put the food on the plates while Nick gets changed," said Ross.

"Yes Dad," said Colin.

* * *

"Everyone ready for a bit of fun now?" asked Nick a couple of hours later.

"I am," replied Ross. "Colin?"

"I guess so," said the boy, beginning to feel a little nervous.

Nick was the first to get to his feet. "I think we should use your bedroom,
Colin. We can tie you to your bed."

"What do we use for the bondage?" Ross asked.

"Maybe some narrow belts," suggested Nick. "Let's go upstairs and see what
we can find while Colin gets naked. And can you bring some clothes pegs?"

Colin wondered what the pegs would be used for but he was too afraid to
ask. He went upstairs with Nick while his dad went off for the pegs.

"Do you have any old belts?" Nick asked as he climbed the stairs behind
Colin, looking at the lad's bum.

"I've got a couple," replied Colin. "I'll show you." He took the man into
his bedroom and took two soft belts from the cupboard.

"They are perfect, very flexible," said Nick. "I've only got my uniform
ones and they are not ideal. Hopefully your dad will have something

Colin stripped off and lay down on the single bed, his cock already
erect. The pillows were removed and Colin instructed to spread his arms and
legs. Nick used the belts to tie Colin's ankles to the legs at the bottom
of the bed. Ross didn't have anything useful so they decided to use their
police handcuffs to bind Colin's wrists to the legs at the top of the
bed. Socks were used as padding to protect the boy's wrists.

"That looks hot," said Nick as he stood back and surveyed the scene.

"Hmm, yes," said Ross as he started stripping off.

"Sit on his face and get him to rim your arse," suggested Nick as he began
to undress.

Ross climbed onto the bed and slowly lowered his arse towards Colin's
face. "Lick me, son. Lick Daddy's arsehole."

Colin looked up at the large buttocks coming towards him. He wanted to
please his dad but he was worried. Nick had told his dad to sit on his face
and that sounded scary.

Ross crouched over Colin's face with his buttocks just touching. "Get your
tongue in there, boy. Lick me like you did Nick yesterday."

Relieved that he wasn't going to take the weight of his dad, Colin stuck
his tongue out and licked at the hairy arsecrack.

"Go a bit lower, Ross," said Nick. "Otherwise he won't be able to reach
your hole."

Ross moved an inch lower and was rewarded by feeling more of Colin's
tongue. The boy was now licking up and down the sweaty crack. "That feels
great, Colin," said Ross after a minute "but I really want to feel your
tongue inside me. Go on, get your tongue in my hole."

"Yes, get your tongue inside your dad's shithole," said Nick. He grabbed
hold of Colin's balls and squeezed them hard.

Colin squeaked but pushed his tongue deeper into Ross's hole.

"Ah, that feels so hot," said Ross, his cock now leaking pre-cum with the
excitement he felt. "Now I know why you wanted him to do it to you, Nick."

"We can make it a regular thing," said Nick. "Now let me get to work with
the clothes pegs."

Colin felt Nick take hold of his cock and pull on his foreskin. Suddenly he
jerked as a wooden peg was clipped on and his foreskin couldn't fully
retract when Nick let go. It was uncomfortable but not really
painful. There was a bit more pain when two clothes pegs were attached to
his scrotum.

"Whoa, Colin," I'm getting close to cumming so I'm going to get off you
now," said Ross. The man had enjoyed the feel of his boy's tongue and
seeing the pegs being attached to Colin's tender parts had turned him on

Nick brought whimpering noises from Colin when he attached clothes pegs to
his inner thighs. "His nipples," said Nick, tossing two pegs to Ross.

Colin watched as his dad picked up a peg and moved it above his right
nipple. He let out a howl as the peg snapped shut on his little
nub. Seconds later the other peg was attached to the left nipple and this
resulted in a yelp. However Colin didn't struggle or ask for the pegs to be

Nick gave an evil-looking smile as he climbed onto the bed and aimed his
ten inch cock at Colin's mouth. The boy opened his lips and was soon
enjoying the taste of the man's pre-cum. "You love man-cock, don't you?
You're a little slut," said Nick as he pushed his cock deeper into the
boy's mouth.

"Yeah, fuck his mouth Nick," said Ross. He loved seeing Colin's lips
stretched around the thick cock.

Colin struggled to cope with Nick's cock. He gagged a few times and his
eyes watered.

"He's got a hot mouth," said Nick before spitting on Colin's face. "However
I want to fuck his arse again." He pulled his cock from the boy's mouth and
added "Let's heat it up first."

Ross wasn't sure what Nick intended and watched as his colleague removed
the clothes pegs from Colin's cock, balls and thighs. "Give me a hand. You
do his right leg," said Nick as he released the belt tying Colin's left
ankle to the bed. Ross followed Nick's example and the two men soon had
Colin's legs pulled back and restrained to the headboard.

"That's a nice target," said Nick as he picked up his uniform belt and
wrapped the buckle end around his hand. Then he pulled back his arm before
hitting out at Colin's buttocks.

Colin cried out as the belt landed and left a broad red stripe.

"Your turn," said Nick.

Ross took his belt and hit Colin's arse from the other side of the belt.

Colin moaned. Then he felt another blow from Nick's belt and whimpered.

Ross didn't wait long before delivering another lashing to the tender

Colin howled and then shouted "Stop! It's too much!"

Nick was about to hit the boy again but Ross grabbed his arm and stopped

"Don't go too far. And I need to fuck him now," said Ross, throwing his
belt to the floor. "Did you bring the lube?"

Nick shook his head. "No. Just use spit."

Ross hesitated but he was eager to ram his throbbing cock into his son's
hole. He spread the boy's arsecheeks and spat on the puckered
entrance. Nick moved closer and spat too. Ross spat one more time then took
hold of his throbbing nine inch cock. The placed the head, wet with
pre-cum, against the entrance to Colin's hole and pushed.

Colin moaned softly as the cock entered him and then said "Hmm, yes
Dad. Fuck me."

Ross took hold of Colin's smooth thighs and pushed again, forcing his cock
deeper. "I'm going to fuck you, son. I'm going to fuck you hard."

Colin closed his eyes and groaned as his hole was slowly filled by the nine
inch long cock. Then he opened his eyes and smiled. "Come on Daddy. Fuck

Ross grinned, knowing that his son was ready and happy to take a
pounding. He eased his cock back and then suddenly rammed forwards
hard. Colin gasped but didn't complain. Ross now began fucking the boy with
steady, f***eful thrusts.

"Yeah, that's it. Ram it right up his pussy," encouraged Nick.

Colin was enjoying the hard fucking. It felt odd to have his arms and legs
bound to the bed but he liked the thought of being totally at the mercy of
his dad. "Yes Daddy. Fuck me hard," he said.

Ross began to fuck Colin faster. His strokes were shorter but he was really
pounding into the boy. "Take it, boy. Take your dad's cock!" Ross
said. Then he moaned and shot load after load of hot cum deep into Colin's

Eventually Ross pulled back and his softening cock slipped from his son's

"Now get him to clean your cock," said Nick. Ross looked at Nick, slightly
puzzled. "Put your cock in his mouth and get him to lick your cock clean,"
Nick explained.

Ross liked the idea and moved his cock towards Colin's mouth.

Colin was a bit reluctant to suck the dirty cock but he didn't want to
refuse his dad anything. So, when the cock touched his lips, he opened wide
and took the cock into his mouth. He was relieved to find that it didn't
taste too bad and was soon sucking and licking it clean.

"My turn," said Nick when Ross climbed off the bed. "I think we'll try a
new position. Help me release him."

Minutes later Colin was on his back with his left wrist handcuffed to his
left ankle and his right wrist handcuffed to his right ankle. "That looks
good. I want to see your face while I fuck you," Nick told the boy.

Nick moved onto the bed and spread Colin's legs. "Pass me a pillow, Ross. I
want to raise his arse higher." With the pillow in position under Colin,
Nick shuffled forward with his stiff cock in his hand.

"Ready for another fucking?" Nick asked, looking into Colin's face.

Colin bit his lower lip apprehensively then said "I think so."

"You're a little slut," said Nick scornfully. "You just love having your
pussy fucked, don't you?" He spat on Colin's face then moved his cockhead
against the puckered entrance to the boy's hole.

Coin moaned loudly as the cock tried to f***e its way inside him. "Let me
in," said Nick as he spanked the boy's arse. Suddenly the head of the
abnormally thick cock burst through the sphincter, accompanied by a yell
from Colin. "That's it, boy. Take my big cock," said Nick. He thrust
forward and four inches of his cock were now inside. Nick enjoyed seeing
and hearing Colin's reactions as the cock stretched his tight hole. Another
thrust and then a final push had the full ten inches of the man's cock deep
inside the boy's hole.

"How does that feel, boy? You like my big cock, don't you?" Nick said,
pressing against Colin's buttocks.

Colin gritted his teeth and hissed "Yes, I like it. It hurts though."

Nick laughed and began to fuck the boy. Short, f***eful thrusts soon gave
way to longer strokes and Colin moaned as the pain turned to pleasure.

"That's hot!" Ross said. His cock was hard once more as he watched Nick
fuck his son.

Nick winked at Ross as he continued to fuck Colin. He spanked the boy hard
and then spat on his face again. "Look at his hard little cock, Ross. The
young slut loves being abused."

Colin looked over at his dad and gave a weak smile. He did enjoy being
dominated and fucked hard by Nick but he didn't want to admit it.

"Fuck him harder!" said Ross. "Fuck the cum out of him!"

Nick increased the tempo once more and fucked Colin with hard, a****listic

Colin moaned - partly because of the pain but mainly because he knew that
he was rapidly approaching a climax. "Ah! Ah! I'm gonna cum! Aaah!" he
shouted and then started shooting hot spunk over his chest and stomach.

"I'm going to cum again!" Ross said as he hurried over and shoved his cock
in Colin's mouth. "Here it comes, boy. Swallow it all."

Nick didn't slow down while watching Ross feed his son. He knew that he was
close to shooting off and he couldn't hold back any longer.

As Colin swallowed the last of his dad's cum, he felt Nick fire a load
inside his arse. He was blissfully happy.

Ross smiled at Nick as he moved away. "His mouth is all yours now," he

Nick pulled his semi-hard cock from Colin's hole and then spun the boy
around until his head was between his manly thighs. Colin looked up at the
cock hanging above him and opened his mouth. It wasn't easy for Colin to
take much of the cock into his mouth but he did his best to clean it.

"Good boy," said Nick when he was satisfied. "Your training is coming on

Colin smiled and said "Thanks Nick."

Nick shook his head. "Call me Master or Sir when we're having any kind of
sex fun."

"Okay Master," said Colin. "Can you take the pegs off my nipples please?"

Nick reached down and pulled the pegs off. Colin winced at the rough
treatment and then moaned because of the pain when the bl**d returned to
his tender nipples.

"You didn't say thank you," said Nick.

"Thank you, Master," said Colin.

Ross bent over and kissed his son's forehead. "That was fun. Now go for a
shower and get ready for bed."

"Yes Dad," said Colin.

To be continued
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Policeman's Boy 2


Chapter 2

As Colin had skipped school, Ross put him to work. Colin had to make lunch,
serve it and wash up before being sent out to the garden. He was made to
stay naked indoors and he was now digging at the end of the garden wearing
only his pale blue cotton briefs and boots.

Ross and Nick stood at the window watching the lad working away.

"Does he often miss school?" asked Nick.

"No. I try not to have afternoons off but when he knows I'll be home he'll
sometimes skip school and be here begging for sex."

"He's certainly a good fuck. How long have you been screwing him?" Nick

"About a year. I came home early from work one day and found him naked,
fucking himself with a carrot and calling out my name," said Ross. "I'd
never thought of sex with a guy never mind my son before then but I was
turned on watching him and one thing led to another."

"It must have been hot, taking your son's virginity," said Nick.

"It was," said Ross. "It took a while for him to get used to it - the size
I mean. He's always been horny. Now he can't get enough. And I have to
admit I feel the same - not that I'd tell him," replied Ross.

"I know what it is to feel horny. It's not easy finding someone who can
take my big cock," said Nick. "Would you let me fuck Colin on a regular
basis if I move in with you?"

"To be honest, I hadn't planned on sharing him with anyone," said
Ross. "But watching you fuck him earlier really turned me on." He reached
down to the front of Nick's black trousers and squeezed the semi-hard cock
through the material. "This certainly made that little bugger of mine
squeal. I'd love to see you fucking him again but I don't know about it
becoming a regular thing."

"You said Colin can't get enough sex. Perhaps the two of us can keep him
happy," suggested Nick.

"I'm not sure that he'd be happy with two big cocks fucking him regularly,"
said Ross. "We were both pretty rough with him and it must have hurt."

"Didn't you see how hard his cock was all the time? He loved being used
like that," said Nick.

Ross looked doubtful. "Are you sure?"

"Positive. He was begging to be fucked hard when we arrived, wasn't he? He
then spunked off while you were fucking him and his cock was still rock
hard when I took him. He'd probably have cum again if I'd been able to last
longer," said Nick. "Your son is not just a bottom boy, he's a masochist."

"I didn't realise that," said Ross. "Our sex sessions have always been -
what's the word - vanilla?"

Nick asked "Did you enjoy spanking him?" Ross nodded. "And you said you
enjoyed watching me fuck him, even though you knew it was hurting him."

"That's true," said Ross. "Does that make me a sadist?"

"Let's not bother with names. I can enjoy vanilla sex too but I get a
special thrill from BDSM stuff," said Nick. "I'm sure the three of us could
have a lot of fun together."

"I'll think about it. Now let me show you the bedroom and you can see
whether it will suit you," said Ross. "It's across from Colin's room but he
normally sl**ps with me."

It didn't take long for Nick to confirm that he wanted to move in. "Great,"
said Ross. "I'll call my lawyer friend to draw up a rental agreement. You
go and chat to Colin."

Nick went outside to the rear garden and walked over to Colin. The boy
stopped immediately as Nick approached and looked around to see if there
were any neighbours watching. He was embarrassed at having to work outside
in just his briefs but there was something about Nick that turned him
on. As the policeman approached Colin's cock hardened and tented his cotton

Nick didn't speak. He went straight for Colin's briefs and yanked them
down. Then he grabbed the small hairless balls and squeezed them, making
Colin yelp. The boy's four inch cock reached its maximum size as Nick
increased the pressure.

"Nearly f******n? You look more like like a ten year old with your hairless
boy-cock. One that size isn't much good for fucking but I don't suppose
that'll ever be of a concern for you, eh?" teased Nick. "Nice tits though -
I'll get my teeth into them later. You've got a great arse too. I'll be
fucking that again soon. I think your Dad will enjoy watching me."

Colin blushed - partly due to embarrassment and partly because he wanted
Nick to fuck him again.

"Back against the wall, Colin."

Colin dropped the spade and moved backwards towards the brick wall with
Nick still gripping his balls. As he reached the wall, the policeman let go
of Colin's balls and told him to turn round and face the wall. Nick then
reached for the long-handled rake resting nearby.

Ross had finished his phone call and was watching Nick with his son. He had
seen his colleague pull his son's briefs down and squeeze his balls before
pressing him against the wall. Now Nick was parting the reddened arse
cheeks and forcing the wooden handle of the rake into the lad's hole. Ross
heard his son scream and hurried outside to see more of the dry handle
being f***ed in.

As Ross reached him, Nick whispered "Look at how stiff his cock is. He
loves being abused."

"Shove some more up him, Nick" said Ross.

Nick pushed a further two inches of the handle up inside Colin. The boy
cried out in pain.

"Shut up, Colin. The neighbours might hear," said Ross.

Colin closed his eyes and gritted his teeth, determined not to make any
more noise.

Nick let go of the rake and it slowly slid out of Colin's hole. "Turn and
face us now. Let's get a good view of your stiff little cock."

Nick smiled at Ross as he pointed at Colin's throbbing cock and then turned
his attention to Colin's tits. Nick traced the large chocolate-coloured
circles surrounding the prominent nubs with the sharp edge of his
fingernails. Colin braced himself against the wall as Nick moved his
fingers to the nubs. Nick started to pull and twist the nubs and the pain
worked its way into Colin's chest. Then he let go and began using his

Ross moved closer to watch Nick bite his son's nipples. He knew it had to
be painful from the expressions on Colin's face but he made no move to stop
Nick. Suddenly Colin gasped and began spunking off. His cum only narrowly
missed landing on Nick's uniform.

"Told you the little bugger gets off on being abused," said Nick.

"It certainly looks that way," said Ross. "Leave Colin alone for a moment
and we'll go inside and talk in private." Turning to Colin, he said "Put
your pants back on and clear all the stuff away. Then come back inside."

"Yes Dad," said Colin.

Nick and Ross walked back into the house. "The rental agreement will be
ready for signing in a couple of days so you can move in at the weekend if
you want," said Ross.

"That would be fantastic," said Nick. "And will you share Colin with me?"

Ross looked at Nick for a moment and then blurted out "Yes! My cock
stiffened as I watched you with him just now. You are right about him being
aroused by rough treatment so I'm sure both of us will have fun with you

"Thanks," said Nick. "I hope Colin will pleased at being fucked more

"I'll drive you home and then have a talk with him," said Ross. "I'm sure
he will be okay with it."

* * *

"So how do you feel about Nick moving in with us?" Ross asked his
son. Colin shrugged his shoulders. "You must have an opinion. Tell me what
you're thinking."

"I like the way things are now," said Colin.

"I do too," said Ross "but there are advantages to having Nick as a
lodger. The rent will come in useful Ð I'll be able to buy you the new
bike you wanted for one thing. Plus I won't have to get your Gran to
babysit when I'm on night shifts if Nick is around."

"I don't need a babysitter," said Colin.

"Officially you're too young to be left alone," said Ross. "Anyway things
won't change too much. You'll still sl**p in my bed and often it will just
be the two of us."

"Nick said he's going to fuck me again. Is that true?" asked Colin.

Ross put his arm around Colin's shoulders. "Would that be a bad thing? You
seemed to be very turned on by him earlier."

"IÉI don't know. I didn't like the way he fucked me. That hurt a lot,"
said Colin. "But laterÉ"

"Yes?" probed Ross.

"It's weird but it gave me tingles and made me stiff when he took control
and did those things to me in the garden," said Colin.

Ross gave Colin a hug. "There's nothing to be worried or ashamed
about. Some guys find it sexually exciting to be dominated by another
person. And some guys get turned on by pain."

"Really?" asked Colin.

"Yes," replied Ross. "Nick knows more about these things than I do but we
can learn together. I'm sure we can have a lot of fun."

Colin hugged Ross and said "I hope so, Dad. Now let's go upstairs. I want
you to fuck me again."

Ross laughed. "You're insatiable, Colin."

No time was wasted. Colin helped his dad undress and then quickly knelt to
suck the nine inch cock. The boy pulled the foreskin back and then used his
tongue to tease the glans. Next he gently squeezed the cockhead to lap at
the pre-cum oozing from the piss slit.

"Enough," said Ross after only a few minutes. "I want to fuck you now. Get
on the bed on all fours."

Colin got into position while his dad used KY jelly to further lubricate
his throbbing cock.

"Be rough with me Dad - like you were earlier," said Colin.

"Are you sure? Your hole still looks puffy and sore," said Ross.

"Yeah, I'm sure," replied Colin. "Give me a good hard pounding."

Ross moved closer and pushed his cock slowly into his son's tight arsehole.

"Harder, Daddy. Fuck me hard," said Colin.

Taking hold of Colin's narrow waist, Ross began to fuck the boy faster and
with more f***e. Soon he was banging away with hard, a****listic strokes.

Colin moaned and said "Yes, Daddy. That feels so good!"

Ross reached under and grabbed hold of Colin's stiff little cock and wanked
him roughly while he fucked him. "Yes! Yes!" Colin cried as his dad's cock
pounded into him. Then he gasped and started shooting off.

Ross felt Colin's arse muscles squeeze his cock as he shot his load. He
moved his hands to Colin's shoulders and fucked into him even harder. And
then he began spunking off, filling his son's insides with another dose of
daddy cum.

"Phew! That was hot," said Ross as he collapsed on top of Colin.

"It was fantastic," said Colin. "Thanks Dad."

To be continued
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Mommy's Panty Boy, Chapter 1

My father left us when I was little, so most of the time it was just Mommy and me around the house. I always used to love looking up Mommy's skirts from as long as I can remember. It always looked so sexy and would always give me an erection. Sometimes I would peek into her bedroom when she was getting dressed.

I really love my Mommy. She is so beautiful and so much sexier than the girls my age. Actually, the girls my age are nothing but dorks the way they show-off their stuped piercings and tattoos making themselves look like something out of one of those old Boris Karloff movies grandma likes to watch.

But my Mommy isn't like that. I should know, I've seen her completely naked stepping out of the shower and there is not a tattoo or any other blemish anywhere on her whole body. And no stupid pieces of metal or jewelry to get in the way either. Her skin is so smooth and creamy white—with just a touch of tan from being out in the sun. Mom is in real good shape too, even though she's 38. She works out at the gym all the time and could easily pass for 28. She's about five ten, trim, and well-stacked. I think she told me sometime that she has a 37C. All I know is that they look firm and they bounce when she walks which I really love to watch. And, oh yeah, she has shoulder-length blonde hair.

All my buddies at school keep telling me how lucky I am to have such a beautiful, sexy mom. If only they knew how sexy she really was!

I turned 18 just yesterday (Friday), and mom took me out to dinner and dancing to celebrate. I felt so grown up, being the e****t of such a beautiful sophisticated woman. The fact that she was my mom made no difference at all to me. In fact I felt proud of her. She turns eyes everywhere she goes. But especially last night. She was really dressed! She had on a form fitting, silky black dress that went down to just below her knees, and it was slit up on one side clear up almost to her hip. She also wore heels and hose. And the side of the dress where the slit was showed off her stockings and garter straps. It looked so bitchin' sexy. And, when the angle was right, or whenever she bent over the right way, I could catch a glimpse of her white panties when the slit of her dress parted. Of course so did a lot of other people based on all the looks she got. Actually, her panties, the whole monty, kind of showed up a little bit anyway through her black, stretched real tight dress. So did her white bra.

I was the envy of the whole club, and almost every eye turned her way. I really felt grown up and important being the e****t for such a beautiful, sexy woman. But the best time of the whole evening was when we were dancing.

Around ten o'clock or so they turned the regular lights out and turned on a special dark lighting that made anything white stand out like it was florescent. So, this made it look like my mom's dress had completely disappeared and all you could see was her underwear. That looked so-o-o fucking sexy. It was really fun dancing the fast numbers with her and watching her move her white panties and bra this way and that in the lighting. But what I really loved were the slow numbers because then she danced up real close with her body right against mine. Mom is about an inch taller than I am, and in heels even a bit more, so when we danced up close her tits fit right on top of my pectorals. I felt like I was in another world, feeling her body move so sensuously against mine. The aroma of her perfume accentuated the other-worldly feeling making me feel like I was being transported on a bed of flower petals.

She was so warm, and felt so sexy moving in her slinky dress that was almost invisible under that lighting. Her white bra, standing out so sharply in the dark lighting gave me such a hard-on—especially the way she rested it on my chest. And, OMG, feeling her tits moving against my chest as we danced! She pressed her body in tight against mine, her arms around me, holding me close. The heat of her went right through me. And the way her hips and ass moved side-to-side as we danced sent tingles all over my body. There was no way she could not feel the growing bulge in my pants the way it was pressing against her crotch as we danced.

But Mommy didn't seem to mind at all. She just kept on dancing and holding me close. I got real brave and let my hands slide down from the small of her back to her ass!

Her face immediately turned bright red as she leaned back to look me in the eye. At first I thought she was going to scold me or something. But then her beautiful green eyes glistened and her face crinkled into a mischievous smile. I love it when she smiles like that 'cause it makes her nose kind of wriggle and wrinkle. She leaned back into me, much closer this time, resting her cheek against mine. When she ran her own hands down my back to rest on my butt I thought I'd go crazy. How could she not feel my cock suddenly get even harder as it strained against my trousers, throbbing against her increasingly warm crotch. Her warm crotch that was moving so sexily against my growing erection as we slow danced.

She let out a sigh, and the warmth and dampness of her breath scalded my ear lobe and made me tremble.

I can not describe how sexy it felt, having her ass move in my hands as we danced. Feeling her hands on my ass, feeling the heat of her crotch against my all too obvious, throbbing erection, feeling her tits move on top of my chest.

Towards the end of the evening, she gave me a kiss right on the lips. "It's getting late, son. I guess we'd better be going."

We walked to the car arm in arm. I played the gentlemen and held the driver's side door open for her. As she sat in the car seat and swung her legs in, the split in her skirt parted big time, and her whole skirt slid up and her legs parted giving me a nice bull's eye view of her panty covered crotch.

She caught me looking up her skirt, up between her legs.

"Oh, you naughty little boy you." She giggled and poked me in the stomach with her index finger as she brought her legs back together and swung them into the car. "Go sit down on your side."

I hung my heed sheepishly, and did as she said. But on the way home, I couldn't help but look at her legs as she drove---especially since the slit up her dress was on MY side so I got to see all the way up almost to her panties. Every time she had to apply the breaks, her thigh muscles would ripple just a little under her stocking. I tried to imagine what it would feel like to have my hand on her thigh and feel those muscles moving and rippling.

Mom began talking to me about school and stuff, but I still couldn't get my eyes off of her and how sexy she looked.

When we arrived at home, mom didn't wait for me to open the car door for her. I guess she didn't want to give me any more opportunities to look up her skirt. But, once inside before she headed off to her bedroom she gave me a big hug.

Neither of us said a word at first. We just held each other for the longest time. Then finally she said, "Thanks for the wonderful evening, Wendell."

"Thank you, mommy. It was your idea, and your treat."

"Yes, for your eighteenth birthday. You're my big man now." She kissed me right on the lips. It wasn't a sex kiss, but it wasn't exactly a mother-son kiss either. She let her lips rest against mine for much longer that the usual f****y good night kiss.

Her perfume enveloped me once more, transporting me out to la la land. I tasted her breath as it entered my mouth. My dick sprung to life again and began to bulge and throb against my trousers pressing against her crotch. God, I wanted to give her tongue so bad! But this was my mother for crying out loud! I felt her lips puckering once more against mine sending ripples of pleasure all through me. Then there was that sweet soft suckling sound as she kissed my lips strongly one more time. So, I gave her a little tongue. I just couldn't help it.

Her lips parted at first, and I felt her crotch grow suddenly warmer against my erection. Then she suddenly broke off the kiss, and pulled away from me with her face turning all shades of red. She turned and made a dash for her bedroom giving me a "good night sweetie" over her shoulder as she left me standing there in the front room.

I stood there perplexed for a few moments. The sweet aroma of her perfume lingered and still enveloped me. The sweet cherry taste of her lipstick was still strong on my lips and tongue. My lips still tingled from the sweetness of her kiss. My cock still throbbed from the closeness and hotness of her, and my whole body trembled from my overpowering need.

Needless to say, I didn't get much sl**p last night. My clothes still smelled of her sexy perfume, so I sat them on a chair near the head of my bed so her aroma could keep me in la-la land all night long.

My lips tingled all night long from the good night kiss she gave me. My cock throbbed from remembering the feel of her body against mine as we embraced, the feel of her body against mine when we danced, and from the way my Mommy looked in that slinky black dress under that dark lighting, with her white bra and panties swaying this way and that, and the way her body moved against mine, the way her ass felt in my hands. And, oh, yes! Those tits!

This morning (Saturday), I was the first one in the kitchen. I got mom's coffee ready, then sat down at the little table in the breakfast nook to eat my cornflakes and read a football magazine. Just to the side of the breakfast table I was sitting at we have a serving bar/counter top combo that extends out from the sink and wraps around parallel to the breakfast table. There are several bar stools arranged on the side of the bar facing the breakfast table.

As I was eating, I heard from behind me the "swish, swish, swish" sound of nylon stockings rubbing together as mommy walked from her bedroom towards the kitchen. I immediately stopped chewing my cornflakes so I could listen all the better to that sexy sound. I felt my cock grow hard against my gym shorts from trying to picture what her legs looked like all encased in those sexy nylons and how sexy they must make my mommy feel as they brushed together with each step she took: "swish, swish, swish."

Then I heard her heels clicking on the kitchen floor tile and hot bl**d surged through my body. My cheeks felt on fire. My mouth got suddenly dry.

Her perfume reached me before she did. I inhaled deeply, letting myself get carried away. I imagined she was embracing me closely and we were slow dancing, holding on to each other's butts.

Her hand on my shoulder sent chills all through me. She bent down to give me a kiss on the side of my face. "Good morning, Wendell, how did you sl**p?"

I swallowed hard, then answered. "Oh, I don't know mom, I guess I kind of tossed and turned." No way in hell I could tell my mother that I masturbated all night long just thinking about her. "And, you, how'd you do?"

"I kind of tossed and turned a little myself. I guess maybe we both had a little too much fun dancing last night." She gave my traps a squeeze, then swished on over to the counter top/bar. My cock quivered with each step she took from the "swish, swish, swish" of her nylons rubbing together and the click of her sexy heels on the tile. I watched her as she poured herself a cup of the coffee I had prepared.

"But it was worth it," I managed to say, giving her a smile when she turned back around.

Her cheeks turned beet red, but then her face crinkled up into that irresistible smile. "Well, thank you, Wendell." She tried to hide her nervousness by grabbing the paper off the countertop and pretending to read the headlines as she sat up on one of the bar stools right in front of my face.

Even though this was Saturday, she was dressed like she was going to work. In addition to the heels and hose she had on a silky red skirt that came down to just above her knees. On top she had on a light pink blouse. The material of the blouse was so fine and delicate I could easily see the outlines of her nice, sexy white bra underneath.

Still reading the paper she placed both her feet on the highest rung of the stool so her knees were way up and her thighs angled high. For a brief second as she positioned herself, I saw right up her dress. I saw her sexy white panties. Sure, I've seen her in her panties before, but this was just so much sexier—when you're not supposed to see it.

She crossed her legs making her skirt slide up a bit. I caught another nice glimpse of her panties before her legs closed together. You can't believe what a beautiful close-up view I got. I mean, sitting on the stool the way she was, her legs were practically right in my face. Needless to say I had forgotten all about my football magazine.

Her skirt had slid up her thighs so high by now that I could see the tops of her stockings and the garter snaps holding them up. She took a sip of her coffee, put the cup back down on the sink and holding the paper a little closer to her face she recrossed her legs flashing me another glimpse of her panties—and making her skirt inch up just a tad more. With each movement of her lush thighs, the silky smooth "swish" sound of nylons rubbing together made my poor hard-on throb all the harder.

And, oh My!, How gorgeous her long legs looked in those stockings. And, the contrast between the beige of her nylons and the creamy white of her upper thigh gave me an instant erection. Her exposed garter straps fascinated me. My eyes followed their trail from where they held her nylons to where they disappeared under her skirt. As my cock throbbed, I was seized by an urge to kiss her along her garter straps, having my tongue and lips go where her garter straps led me—into those secret mysterious places up inside her skirt.

As I stared at her gorgeous gams so close to my face I had pretty much stopped pretending to eat my cornflakes. My mouth was so dry and my heart beating so fast, the cornflakes tasted just like so much cardboard now.

Mom reach back down to the counter to lift her coffee cup up. As she took a sip, she once again uncrossed and recrossed her legs—much slower this time than before. I mean this was going on right in front of me, not a foot away. Naturally I stared up between her legs. What else was I going to do? This time I clearly saw the bulge of her mound caressed so tightly by her white panties--her beautiful white panties standing out so clearly in contrast to her red skirt. I knew I was drooling into my cornflakes, but I didn't care. I had such a raging hard-on. I wanted to BE her panties so bad so then I could cup her mound just like her panties were doing.

As she slowly closed her legs back together, she turned in the seat slightly as if to get better light on the newspaper. This move made her garter straps stretch out a little further and I thought that looked so friggin' sexy. Even if she was my mother I didn't care. She was one hell of a sexy lady.

Mom finished her coffee, then leaned back in the stool to set her cup back down on the counter top. As she did so, she uncrossed her legs slightly, lifting one up a little to give herself more balance. This opened up her thighs more than ever--right in front of me--and I got to see almost all of her crotch—her beautiful panty-covered crotch. I could even make out the darkness and the mystery of her slit behind the panties.

She caught me looking up her skirt!

Her face turned bright red. Then she grinned at me—her nose crinkling up like it does. "I don't know what I got all dressed up for. Today's Saturday isn't it?" She ran her hands down her thighs, smoothing out her dress.

"Y-y-yes, Mommy."

"And here I thought I had to go to work. Actually, I'm supposed to meet one of my colleagues for breakfast, then we're going to the mall. Maybe I'd better go change into something a little less formal." She scooted forward off the high bar stool, causing her dress to hike all the way to her waist as her feet touched the floor.

For a moment her panties were completely exposed all the way to her waist. Her crotch was not a foot away—directly in front of my face.

My bl**d throbbed in my blushing cheeks. My cock ached. I stared at the nice wet spot gathering where her slit was. The wetness made her panties almost transparent. Her slit clearly stood out. Actually, when she had slid off the bar stool it had caused part of her panties to indent into her slit showing me a nice camel toe. Her blond pussy hairs were starting to show through too.

The close, hot smell of her muskiness made me feel light headed.

All too soon she smoothed her dress back down, then she stepped over behind me. She bent down to give me another kiss on the side of my face. Her hands were so gentle on my arms as she touched me there. Her perfume filled me with sweetness—such a nice contrast to her muskiness I still smelled and that made my cock throb. She touched her tits lightly to my shoulders as she whispered in my ear. "Can you be a good boy today and mow the yard while Mommy's gone?" Her hot breath made me tingle all over—and made my cock twitch.

"Y-y-yeah, sure, mom."

She gave me another sweet kiss on the cheek, then turned to go. As she walked across the kitchen, heading towards the bedroom, her heels clicking on the tile, I again relished the "swish, swish, swish" sound of her nylon enshrouded legs rubbing together. And my aching cock throbbed in time to each step she took.

Somehow I managed to finish my cardboard-tasting cornflakes while mom was in her bedroom changing. Then I went into the living room to sit on the couch and finish reading the article in my football magazine.

I lowered the magazine when I heard mom come out of her bedroom. I was anxious to see what she had changed into.

She had changed her dress heels for pumps, but she still had her nylon stockings on. The silky, formal, red dress she had changed for a red latex micro mini. This skirt was so short that her garter straps were exposed almost to her butt. From the angle I had, sitting down on the couch, I could see a wisp of white panty peeking out from under her hemline as she walked. She had obviously changed her panties because there was no wet spot on these panties.

She had the same see-through blouse on—but with no bra this time. Her erect nipples poked through the flimsy material almost lewdly. She had left a few more buttons undone showing cleavage clear down to the top of her stomach. She had so many buttons undone that about the only thing holding her blouse in place was the way the thin material clung to her huge, erect nipples.

She walked towards me, hips swaying side to side, micro mini glistening and trying to hike even further up her thighs and hips with each step she took. With each step a hint of white panties winked at me. As she walked, her magnificent boobs jiggled this way and that like a couple of bowls of Jello. Her hard-on nipples danced and tugged at the flimsy material of the blouse.

She paused right in front of me. She looked down at the bulge in my gym shorts then crinkle smiled at me. "Well how do you like my outfit? I just bought this skirt last week." She did a couple of turns, moving her ass and hips so sexily as she twirled. I didn't know whether to look up her micro mini that seemed to hike up a little higher with each movement she made, or stare at the way her tits bobbed and chimmied under her skin-fitting blouse.

"M-m-m-mommy, you look so sexy in that outfit you're gonna get arrested."

"I'm glad you like it." She giggled and did a couple more turns, then bent down forward to give me a kiss on the forehead.

As her perfume enveloped me, I couldn't help but look down her almost wide open blouse. Her tits dangled so close like a pair of ripe peaches on a tree, I wanted to just reach out and touch them. No, I wanted to stick my face in there and kiss and suck them.

Her hands tenderly holding my cheeks, she kissed my forehead twice, lingering long enough to allow me plenty of time to admire her breasts dangling so close. Then, she brushed her lips down the length of my nose until they were planted on mine. This time, I didn't try to give her any tongue. I was afraid she'd pull away just like she did last night. So I just sat there frozen, and enjoyed the feel and the taste of her musky breath entering my mouth and the sweet taste of her raspberry lipstick on my lips.

We stayed like that for what seemed like an eternity, lip to lip, with our mouths slightly parted, just breathing into each other. Then her lips puckered into a motherly kiss against mine and she pulled away.

As she walked to the front door I watched her ass move under that stretched too tight of a skirt. She paused at the door and turned to smile back at me, her hips stuck out to one side so sexily. "By the way, maybe before you mow the lawn you might want to stick the wash in. I left a few things on my bed that need to be washed."

"Sure, mom."

She gave me another crinkle smile, and stepped out the door.

As soon as I heard her car leave the driveway I tossed my football magazine aside and made a dash for her bedroom. With hot, hormone engorged bl**d raging through my body and my temples pounding I entered her holy sanctum. There, d****d over the edge of her bed was the silky red skirt she had just taken off. Just above the waist line of her skirt was the pair of white panties she had just taken off! They were spread out to look almost like they were being worn, with the crotch side up, wet spot and all. Just above her wet panties was the sexy, white bra she had just taken off. It too was spread out neatly with the cones facing upward. They way the whole ensemble was arranged from skirt, to panties, to bra, it almost looked like a real woman was laying there.

Before I knew what I was doing I was down on my knees rubbing my face against her silky skirt, imagining that she was still in it. Her perfume was still strong on the skirt and I breathed deeply, letting it fill me up and carry me away to la la land. Then I stuck my head up inside of her skirt imagining she was sitting on the bar stool, and I was licking and kissing my way up her thighs. All the while my cock throbbed and ached for release. When my head poked out through the waist of her skirt I buried my face into her panties. Her wet spot was still warm and it felt so frigin' good against my lips as I kissed and sucked the crotch of her panties wishing she was still in them. The taste of her sex on the wet spot went right to my brain. I fondled her bra cones as I sucked off her panties—and then I shot my wad into my gym shorts.

I went into the bathroom to remove my shorts and clean myself off, then right back into her room I went. I found that it gave me an extra thrill to walk into her room while bare-fucking naked. I was tempted to rub my face into her wet spot again—it looked so fucking sexy there on the bed. Just the thought of it made me start to get hard again. But first I walked into her closet to rub my body against all the sexy, silky dresses she had hanging there. I really loved the way the slinky material felt against my skin—but especially against my cock. I was fully erect once more now as my cock plowed its way through from one dress to another.

I just had to find where she kept her panties. I walked over to her dresser and opened up the top drawer. Her panties were there all right. Dozens of pairs. Whites, blues, pinks, every sexy color you could think of. But that's not all that was in her panty drawer! There were also a couple of vibrators, and some nipple teasers. With trembling hands I picked a vibrator up and turned it on. It tingled me so nice and funny. But the thought that my mommy would get herself off with these sex toys made my cock just throb with aching need. It was just bobbing up and down in its eagerness to find pussy as I thought of where my mommy would use this vibrator thing.

I tried touching it to my cock but it was too much. It almost hurt. So I turned it off and put it back. I grabbed up a handful of her panties and laid back down on the bed and rubbed her panties all over my body. I took the damp panties off the bed and drapped them over my face---wet spot right on my mouth. I fondled her bra cones again, then rubbed the other panties all over my cock and balls while pretending to munch on her wet spot.

Suddenly I got a sixth sense feeling that someone else was in the room! I pulled the wet panties off my face—and there was mom standing in the doorway with one hand on her hips.

"Well, well, well," she said, a funny smile on her face.

"Oooops. Gotta mow the lawn" I said making a dash for the door.

But she wouldn't let me by. She grabbed me by the arm. "Oh no you don't young man! You just sit right back down and tell me what you think you're doing."

With head hung low I turned back towards the bed. I didn't feel like I wanted to sit on the bed with all the tell-tale evidence of what I'd been doing s**ttered all over, so I sat on a small footstool right near the bed. I still had a hard on, so I tried to cover it up with my hands as I turned to face her.

"Well, now, that's better," she said, shifting her weight to put her hand on her other hip. She looked so damned sexy even when she was mad. "Now tell me what this is all about."

"I-I-I-I-I'm sorry, Mommy. I thought you were going to be gone all day."

"My girlfriend backed out of our shopping trip, so I came home. It looks like I caught you having some fun didn't I?" She had a real funny look on her face, like she was pretending to be angry, but a trace of a smile flitted across her lips. Her green eyes flashed with what looked like hunger when she looked at the erection I was trying to hide.

I felt so ashamed, I didn't know what to say. But I couldn't take my eyes off her either, the way she was standing there with one hip stuck out to the side, and her hand on it making her chest stick out. Her nipples were bigger than I've ever seen them before, they pointed at me through her skimpy blouse like accusing fingers. And I could see her panties peeking out from under that micro mini she had on.

Now she was grinning at me as she walked right up to me. She stood right in front of me, not a foot away. She was so close the smell of her latex skirt filled my nostrils, but that smell was overpowered by another---the same muskiness I smelled, and tasted, on her wet panties. Only this was much stronger and it just made my poor fucking cock throb. Sitting on that low stool like I was I could look right up her skirt—and the crotch of her panties were all sopping wet—much more so than the ones I'd just played with.

I looked up at her tits and watched them heave with each breath she took.

She grinned at me real funny, like nothing I've ever seen before, then she said, "you really like playing with my panties, now don't you?"

"Y-y-y-yes, m-m-m-mommy," I managed to mumble. I mean how could I lie about it at this point?

"Well then, why don't you play with the ones I've got on?" She ruffled my hair, then with a little giggle, she turned around and bent way over, causing her skirt to hike way up exposing her panty covered ass which was almost in my face.

I couldn't believe what she'd just said. I didn't know if that was a real invitation of if she were just making fun of me. I was embarrassed, but I also wanted to touch her real bad. I wanted to run my hands all up and down her legs. I wanted to fondle her ass wriggling like it was right in front of my face. I wanted to reach my hand between her thighs and play with her panty-covered mound. I wanted to nuzzle my face against her panty-covered ass cheeks. But, instead I just sat there like a bump on the log, staring open-mouthed.

She reached back and pulled my hands away from my erection they were trying to hide and placed them on her nylon enshrouded thighs.

Electric jolts raced all through my body when I felt the sexy slickness of her stockings. My cock jumped and bobbed as I ran my hands up and down her sleek legs relishing the sexy feel of them.

With her long blonde hair cascading down to the floor, she looked back at me from between her legs and smiled. Then she stood back up inching herself even closer to me so that my face was buried in her latex skirt. The smell of the latex was really exciting—especially since it was blended with the aroma of woman sex I instinctively knew was coming from her cunt. I ran my hands up her thighs fondling the bare flesh between the tops of her stockings and her panties.

She let out a sigh and began playing with her nipples through her flimsy blouse. I stuck my hands up her skirt to fondle her panty-covered butt cheeks while kissing the rear of her stretched tight latex skirt.

"Ummmmmmmm, yessssss! Wendell, yesssss!" She moaned, tugging on her nipples all the harder while moving her ass back and forth against my face.

I reached a hand between her thighs to cup her mound. It was so nice and hot—and oh my God, how wet it was!

She let out a gasp of air when I touched her pussy. I figured she liked it so I started rubbing her there through her panties while kissing and rubbing my face into her latex-covered ass-cheeks.

Even through her panties I could feel her pussy getting hotter and wetter with each stroke. And my poor cock just throbbed and jerked up and down so violently I thought it was going to tear itself out by the roots.

She turned around then and pulled me to my feet. She crushed me to her body in a loving embrace and began kissing the side of my face. Her tits had exploded out of her mostly unbuttoned blouse and now naked, pressed against my chest. Her erect nipples were much bigger than before and seemed to bob and dance on top of my pectorals.

My cock immediately found its way up her skirt and touched against the steamy hot wet spot on her panties. I shivered and trembled all over from the forbidden sexiness of it.

"Oh, Wendell, Wendell," she sighed, "what ever am I going to do with you."

"W-w-w-what do you mean, mommy?"

Instead of answering she just planted her mouth against mine and the next thing I knew her tongue was sliding in between my lips. And it was the sexiest thing I've ever felt in my life. I felt like someone had just poured hot honey all over me. The electric shocks went right to my already screaming cock and it quivered and shook against her wet panties.

She lowered her hands down to my butt, and as she swished her tongue around inside my mouth driving me crazy, she squeezed my ass pulling me in tighter against her as she rubber her drenched panties all over my cock. When she pulled her lips away from mine, she reached a hand up to pull my head down towards her breasts.

I knew right away what she wanted and I quickly obliged. I dove right in kissing and fondling her gorgeous tits like an a****l. Unfortunately I had to bend over a little to mouth her breasts and this pulled my cock out away from her deliciously pussy wet panties. For a few seconds my hard-on bobbed and thrashed in the air as if angry over being separated from hot pussy. But it wasn't alone for long. The touch of her hands on my erection sent me to new heights of horniness. It was even hotter than her kissing me. As I sucked her big, sexy nipples into my mouth, she played with my cock and balls and I thought I was in heaven.

But I also felt like my balls were ready to explode from cum need and my cock was beyond ache. "Mommy," I said.

"Yes, dear?"

"I-I-I-I'm so horny it hurts."

"Ahhhhh, sweetie," she held my face between her hands and kissed me tenderly on the lips. "Mommy feels the same way you do. But would you like mommy to kiss it and make it better?"

"S-s-s-sure," I gulped, hardly daring to dream what she meant.

There was a small love-seat/couch against the wall right next to the bed. She scooted the stool up to the love seat and sat down on the love seat couch with her feet on either side of the stool. "Come here honey, and stand on the stool so mommy can make you feel real good."

I did as she said and my erection bobbed and shook only inches from her face. I felt her breath on my shaft and on my balls and it sent goose bumps all over my body.

She straightened her body up and with one hand fondling my ass, she held my cock in the other and lowered it down to her tits. She teased her inch-long erections against the tip of my shaft as if she were trying to fuck them into the little cum hole. Then she tilted my cock upwards and ran one of her nipples up and down along the bottom of my cock. Then she took both hands and pressed her tits inward with my dick caught in the crease between. With her hard-on nipples jabbing into my groin, and the silky softness of her breasts wrapped around my erection, she said. "Okay, Wendell, fuck me now. Fuck my tits."

I began pumping my cock up and down between her tits like she asked. With each thrust of my cock, the tip poked out through the top of her breasts and touched her waiting lips and tongue. It only took a few pumps, just a few seconds of that kind of treatment and I exploded shooting my come all over her breasts and all over her mouth. She swallowed, then licked my cum off her lips and chin, then cleaned the rest off with a Kleenex. "That was a good boy, Wendell. Now while you rest lets clean up the mess you made with all my panties and then we'll have some more fun."

After we put all of her panties and stuff away that I had been playing with she drew me into another embrace. She kissed my face tenderly and ran her hands down my back to fondle my butt. Her kisses became more urgent and she soon had her mouth planted over mine. She began French kissing me again as she played with my ass. She pressed her tits against my chest, her nipples stabbing into my upper pectorals.

I let my own hands run down her body until I was playing with her latex covered butt and sliding my hands up under that skimpy tight skirt to fondle her panty covered ass. It didn't take long before I started getting hard again, my cock rising up between her thighs. It trembled at the lush feel of the sexy soft skin between her upper thighs, then it shot straight up towards her sopping wet cunt in a sudden surge of horniness that surprised both of us.

"Ummmmmmmmm!" She exclaimed when she felt my erection slam into her wet panty-covered pussy.

"I guess we'd better take the rest of my clothes off, Wendell. Do you want to start with my blouse?"

"S-s-s-s-sure, mommy." With trembling fingers I began to undo the remaining buttons as my cock quivered and probed, trying to work its way through her sopping wet panties to the steamy treasure beyond.

Mommy tossled my hair as I undid her buttons. Then, smiling at me, she turned around so I could slide the blouse off her arms. She pressed her latex-covered ass up against my cock and played with her nipples as I removed her blouse. Free of her blouse she turned back around to give me another French kiss and rub her nipples across my chest. "And now for my panties." She made me kneel down before her.

"Y-y-y-yes, mommy." I pressed my face into her latex covered crotch as I ran my hands up and down her sexy, nylon enshrouded legs. I slipped my hands up under her skirt to fondle her ass while inhaling the sexy latex smell of her skirt mixed with the hot, steamy sex smell of her cunt. Out of the corner of my eye I watched her play with her nipples, pushing them this way and that and tugging on them between her thumbs and forefingers.

I pulled her panties slowly down her legs until she could step out of them, placing her hand on my head for balance. By the time I had her panties off, my head was down near her knees, so I looked back up between her legs to admire her sexy cunt framed by her ass, blonde pussy hairs, her thighs, and the whole sexy landscape framed by that latex skirt. Her pussy lips looked all red and swollen and her clit was poking out of its hood and pressing against her latex skirt.

"Okay, honey," she said as she sat back down on the side of the bed. "Come and stand here on the stool again so mommy can see how nice and hard your cock has gotten again."

I did as she said, my cock throbbing and bouncing right in front of her face. She looked so incredibly sexy the way she was sitting there on the bed. Her nipples all red and throbbing, and looking like they were ready to erupt from her tits. Her skimpy skirt was hiked to her hips and she had her legs parted so I could stand in between them. With her skirt hiked up like that and her legs parted her pussy stood out fully exposed from the bottom of her slit to the tip of her clit.

She began to gently fondle my ass while I stared at her pussy. Then, with one hand cupping my balls she kissed the tip of my cock sending electric thrills all through my body. The next thing I knew she was sucking me into her mouth! Oh, my God! Did that ever feel good! She sucked me all the way in until her nose was buried in my pubic hairs. She held me there for a moment, then she slowly pulled her head back, sucking so hard her cheeks caved in on the sides and I thought my balls were being vacuumed right down her throat. Then her lips were on the tip of my cock, and she took a deep breath through her nostrils and repeated the process. She continued to play with my balls and ass while sucking me back and forth, up and down.

Since I had already come twice in the last hour, I was not in any danger of premature ejaculation, so I just relaxed and enjoyed what she was doing to me.

"Oh, mommy, this feels so good!"

After sucking on me, and playing with me like that for a few moments, she stopped, and let go of my dick. She looked up at me. "Would you like to make mommy feel real good now?"

"S-s-s-sure, mommy, w-w-w-what do you want me to do?"

"I would like you to do this to me." She pressed my hard-on up against my stomach, then she ran her tongue up and down the length of it along the sensitive underside. Then she swished her hot tongue back and forth from the bottom of my shaft to the top, licking it side to side as she worked her way up.

And I thought I was going crazy it felt so fucking good.

Then she began flicking her tongue at the tip of my cock teasing the fucking hell out of it.

"Would you like to do that for mommy now, sweety?"


"Then why don't you just push that stool out of the way, and kneel down on this pillow." She reached over to her bed to grab a couple of pillows. She tossed one on the floor between her feet, and propped the other one under her back.

I was on my knees in an instant—right where I'd fantasized being for so many years, right between her legs. I looked up between her thighs at her glorious pussy. For a moment I thought how strange this situation was. That was the very hole I came out of 18 years ago, now here I am trying to find my way back in.

But I didn't think that thought too long. My cock was throbbing too much at the sight of her. Those beautiful, puffy, swollen red lips that looked so hungry. The opening between, all pink and gushing wet with her sex juices. The folds of tissue on top of her cunt with that big, horny clit of hers poking out—just like my cock, looking for action.

Trembling all over, I started out by kissing the insides of her thighs to gain my nerve. The sexy, smooth warmth of her inner thigh flesh was reassuring to me—as it was arousing. I heard her sigh, and glanced up to see her playing with her tits again and licking her lips.

"Yesssss, Wendell, yesssss, you are sooo good to mommy."

I kissed my way up her thighs until I found myself licking the lips of her hot pussy, just as she had licked my cock.

She scooted her ass to the edge of the love seat to make her pussy easier to get to. She placed her feet on my back and began rubbing them back and forth while I licked her.

"Ummmmmmm, yesssssss!" she moaned.

I worked my tongue all over her slit, just like she'd instructed me. And I found that it turned me on more than anything else I'd ever done in my life. Especially when she began to moan and rock her hips in time to my licking.

This made me feel bolder and more adventuresome so I worked my tongue in between her lips into her slit as if I were trying to French kiss her cunt. To work my tongue further inside of her I pressed my nose against her clit, then tried to curl my tongue back up to where I thought her G-spot might me. And she went crazy.

"Unnnnnnnghghgghgmmmyeesssssss. Oh, God, yes, Wendell, Ohhhhhhhhhnnggg." She moaned as she was really moving her hips now trying to fuck my nose with her clit and all the time tugging on her nipples like she was trying to tear them out.

How many men, I briefly thought, get to make love to the very orifice that they came out of? All the pain and trouble she suffered to bear me and birth me, I was now repaying with pleasure. And, that thought made me soar. I was a bird, a plane, at once flying high above, looking down at the scene, and at the same time I was a pussy eating maniac slurping away at her love hole.

Her sexy warm thighs clamped down hard against the sides of my flushed face, holding me to her. My whole world, my whole universe became her cunt and those sexy warm thighs clamped against my cheeks. I was an infant again and at the same time a god. This was the beginning and the end of all things. The whole universe was between her thighs in her cunt and my cock throbbed and ached to get inside there.

I was so engrossed in her pussy and in trying to give her pleasure I was only vaguely aware of her feet slapping spastically on my back as she went into her orgasm. The slapping of her feet on my back caused her thigh muscles to ripple against my cheeks, and that felt oh, so sexy.

I felt her hot sex juices gushing all over my face which only made me work my tongue all the harder. The hot, steamy, smell of her pussy was so sexy I felt like I was on a d**g of some kind. Her cunt smell and the smell of her latex skirt so close to my nose made me want to just mash my face even more into her cunt. I tongued her clit like she told me to, and this made her start flopping and thrashing on the couch, so I grabbed hold of her ass and mashed my face into her cunt and started sucking on her clit as hard as I could until she came.

"Ngnghnghngh!" She grunted.

When she finished coming, she pulled me up on to her lap and kissed me all over, licking her sex juices off of my face. While she kissed me and licked my face, I played with her tits, and she played with my cock

"I want you to fuck me now, Wendell," she said after a few moments of making out and playing with each other.

I stood between her legs as she scooted her ass as close to the edge of the love seat as she could. Then she guided me into her, and OMG how good that felt! So hot and so wet it was I felt like someone had poured hot honey all over me. I began pumping my cock in and out like a pro. She wrapped her thighs around my waist and rested her feet on my ass. The feel of her nylon-encased feet on my butt cheeks was so, so, sexy. It made me fuck her all the harder. With my hands planted on either side of her, I was kind of leaning into her at an angle as I fucked her.

With each thrust of my cock, her whole body moved and heaved. And, her tits, so close to my face jiggled all over. Her nipples, so erect, so red, and so sexy, I just could not resist. I bent my face forward just a bit and took one between my lips so I could suck her while fucking her.

"Yessssssss, baby, yessssss!" While I fucked my cock into her pussy and sucked her tits, she reached a hand down to play with her clit.

"Nggggggghhhhhhh" she moaned.

She began quivering all over and I knew she was about to cum, so I pumped her harder and faster.

"I'm going to cum Mommy!", i screamed with passion.

"Yesss baby! I want you to cum on mommy's face!". She jumped off my cock and kneeled infront of me.

"OHHH YESS!!!" I pumped all my warm semen all over my mother's face and lips. She smiles and began to lick it off with her tongue. She wiped her fingers in my cum and shoved her cum-laced fingers in her mouth.

"Ummmmmmm, such a sweet boy," she hugged me and kissed me all over my face, and I could taste the cum. "you fucked me so good."

She had me sit on the love seat next to her and we just made out for awhile. Then she sat on my lap, facing me and straddling my legs with hers. She fed me her tits and I gladly sucked and fondled them. "Play with my pussy too," she whispered into my ear.

So I reached a hand down under between her thighs to rub her pussy while sucking her tits.

"Ummmmmmmmyesssssss, sweetie, you make mommy feel soooo good."

Sucking on her tits and playing with her hot wet cunt like that made me start to get hard again---especially as I felt her getting more turned on. As she started moving her hips around to rub her cunt on my hand better, my cock suddenly shot up and slammed against her ass cheeks.

"Ahhhhhhh," she breathed into my ear. "That's what I've been waiting for. You sure are nice and eager, and you make mommy so hot when your cock rises up like that. Now mommy's going to fuck you like you fucked me."

She rose up a bit to pull my cock up to her pussy, then inserted it between her horny, swollen-red lips. She paused there a second, relishing the feel, then she slowly lowered herself down my shaft. And OMG that felt so fucking good. She repositioned her feet so she could bounce up and down on my lap while fucking herself with my cock.

I grabbed her by the buttocks and got into her rhythm, helping her fuck up and down on me. She leaned forward so I could suck her tits while we fucked, then she started working her crotch around in circles twisting my cock this way and that and I thought I'd go crazy it felt so fucking good. Having both just come, we fucked that way for a good half an hour before coming again.

After that she made me lay down on the bed and she taught me how to 69 each other at the same time. Several hours later after wall-to-wall sex we both realized we were hungry. It was past six in the evening so we stopped to make dinner. Then we had more sex well into the night.... Continue»
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Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy / Chapter #1

Nurse Bert and the Pool Boy

It was a nice warm and sunny Sunday. The girls were gone for the week to visit friends and Bear was away at work, Bert thought that maybe she would go and get her swimsuit on and go sit outside by pool and try to work on her tan.
Bert got on her swimsuit, grabbed a big tall glass, her beach towel, a big glass of ice tea, her new nook, her sunscreen and stepped outside and headed for the lounge chair by the pool.
Before sitting down, Bert took a good sized amount of sunscreen and began to rub it all over her body, making sure that she did not miss a single spot. With that done, Bert sat down and made herself comfortable and began to read.
After about an hour or an hour and a half, Bert heard the gate to the backyard open which startled her. Into the yard walked a very handsome young man, probably in his mid-thirties. His body was slim and yet somewhat muscular and very tan. His hair was blonde and his eyes were a very beautiful blue. The greatest feature though was the fact that he was wearing a very white Speedo swimsuit, a swimsuit that definitely showed off the outline of his manhood. Trying not to stare, Bert guessed that his manhood had to be about 8 or 9 inches in length with a good size girth.
The young man, upon seeing Bert by the pool, walked over to introduce himself to her.
“Hi, my name is Bill. I believe it was your husband who hired me to take care of your pool while he is out of town”
“Uh, yeah, my, my name is Bert” she stammered while trying to introduce herself. “Yeah, uh, just uh, do whatever it is you have to do. I, uh, I hope it won’t bother you if I just sit here and read while you are working.”
“No, no mam, it won’t bother me, it won’t bother me at all” Bill replied.
“Well, if you need anything, please don’t hesitate to ask” Bert offered.
“Thank you” Bill said as he turned back toward the pool to start his work.
Bert couldn’t help but stare at the firm round cheeks of the young man’s ass. “Oh my” she thought to herself. Her imagination was going wild with sexual thoughts. Normally, she wasn’t like this but the fact that she was feeling horny and then to have the pool man here was just driving her to distraction.
As for the pool man, he knew that he was a good looking man and he loved driving women crazy, especially the older ones. Bill would stand up and stretch, pushing his hips forward, making sure that the ladies were getting a good view of what he was hiding in his Speedo.
Bert had to get away from this guy before she did something that she might regret later, so she got up and went into the house to fix herself a glass of ice tea. She was hoping that something cold would take her mind off of the pool man.
As Bert got out of her lounge chair, she hollered over to Bill, “Bill, I am headed in to get a glass of iced tea. Would you like a glass?”
“Yes, please” he replied.
“Why did I ask him” Bert thought to herself. “I wanted to get away from him, not to have to talk with him again” she thought to herself as she fixed two tall glasses of iced tea.
Just as Bert was about to walk back outside, Bill appeared at the kitchen door.
Bert was somewhat taken aback when she saw him. Not wanting to be rude, she invited him into the air conditioning. As they made small talk Bert found it hard not to stare at the outline of his long and thick manhood that was clearly defined by his tight swimsuit. Just the thought of having his cock was making her soak the crotch of her swimsuit and her wetness was driving her crazy. “So Bill, are you done for the day?” she asked him.
“Yes, I think I am done for the day. Everything seems to be fine” Bill replied.
Bert had never been so sexually forward before but this young man had not only pushed her to the edge but over it as well.
“Well” Bert started as she took his glass of ice tea from his hands and placed them on her breasts. “How about these? Do these seem fine to you?” she asked with a grin on her face.
“Oh yes” Bill replied “they seem to be very fine” as he began to gently squeeze her big mounds of flesh.
“Mmmmmmm” Bert groaned as she pulled the straps of her swimsuit off of her shoulders and pulled her top down, exposing her large ample breasts.
Bill gently squeezed her titties, rolling her hardening nipples between his fingers. “Oh yeah, you have some great titties” he said.
“Mmmmmmm, I’m glad you like them” Bert panted.
Leaning forward, Bill opened his mouth and began to lick and suck on the older woman’s nipples. With each lick and suck her nipples became longer and more painfully harder.
Bert placed her hand behind the young man’s head and held him close to her chest. “Oh my gawd” Bert groaned loudly as the young man pleasured her nipples. Bert could feel the lips of her pussy begin to get puffy, her clit beginning to get bigger and starting to throb and her juices beginning to soak the crotch of her swimsuit. It had been so long since she had been with anyone that her body was working overtime.
Reaching over, the young man placed his hand between the woman’s legs.
Bert slowly tilted her head back and spread her legs when she felt the young man’s wondering hand.
“Ahhhhhhhhh” Bert moaned when the young man’s fingers began to massage her hardening clit through the fabric of her swimsuit.
Bill removed his lips from the woman’s nipples and stood up and then leaned forward to give Bert a deep and passionate kiss. As Bill slid his tongue between her lips, Bert wrapped her lips tightly around his tongue and began to suck it as if it were a cock and she sucked long and hard.
Bill managed to pull the swimsuit fabric to one side and slipped first one finger and then two into the woman’s pussy. He was surprised to find out just how wet she was. She was so wet, he had no trouble sliding his fingers deep inside her.
“Mmmmmm, that’s it Honey” she groaned loudly when she felt his fingers begin to massage her hard throbbing clit. “Oh, oh my gawd, yes, yes” Bert said panting as she ground her pussy against his invading fingers. “Oh, oh my gawd. Oh my gawd Honey, I’m going to cum. Oh, oh, OH MY GGGAAAWWWDDD, I’M CCCUUUMMMMMMIIINNNGGG. OH MY GAWD YES” Bert screamed as her body shook violently. She wrapped her arms tightly around the young man so as to stop herself from falling over she was cumming so hard. Bert placed her mouth over the young man’s and slid her tongue deep inside. She tongued his mouth with great passion.
After a minute a two, she managed to push herself away from him and told him “You have to go”
“Are you sure you want me to?” he asked with a slight grin.
“Oh yeah, I am very sure. You have definitely got to go” For she knew that if he stayed any longer, she may go too far in their meeting.
Bert pushed the young man away and pulled up her swimsuit and as she did, she got a glimpse of the young man’s hard cock within his Speedo swim trunks. She knew that if he didn’t leave now, she was going to want what he had to offer.
With some disappointment and not wanting to anger the older woman, Bill turned and went into the backyard, got his tolls of his trade and left.

TO BE CONTINUED...... Continue»
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"A Soldier's Boy".

A re-posting of a good old British classic.

A Soldier's Boy.

by pete (

A young boy's first sexual experience encourages him to
find his real sexuality.

(Mb, 1st-gay-expr, oral, mast)


With acknowledgements to ‘RafSarge’

Chapter 1

I let out a stifled moan and took a man's cock into my
wet mouth, in one single graceful movement of pure
lust, for the first time in my life. I didn't even gag!
I must have been born a natural cock-sucker, I thought
wildly to myself, as my lips closed around the velvety
softness of him.

We had met just over an hour ago, in the back row of a
darkened movie house, he was a soldier from the nearby
Royal Artillery base and I was a boy out for his usual
Saturday morning matinee at the cinema, just fooling
around at the small sea-side town, where I lived.

By chance, he had awakened my pubescent body, and now
here I was in another world. In the cinema, I had cum
all over us, almost the minute he had fondled my
throbbing cock through my shorts, and had pulled it out
clear of my boxer's in the nick of time.

He had quickly looked around, nobody was nearby, or
looking, and he had bent down and taken my spewing
cock-head in his mouth, and sucked and swallowed every
drop of my gooey boy-cum down his throat, with obvious

Then he had taken out his own stiff cock... it was a
neatly circumcised eight-incher, from his army pants,
and he had folded my hand around it. I had very
clumsily jacked him off to a very noisy orgasm, one
that the movie soundtrack had very nicely covered,
almost as if planned.

After he had cum all over the place, he had cleaned
himself up, and reached out for my cock once more, and
was obviously pleased to find that it was hard again
...... twelve year-old boys are horny! He was surprised
at the size of my cock, it was at least four inches when
it was hard like now, and the circumcised head gleamed
softly in the dim light.

The flesh of the shaft felt like velvet to him and he
trembled. He had fondled me gently for a quiet minute
or two, then he had hesitantly asked me if I would like
to go with him to another place somewhere, so that we
could have some more fun...

I had agreed after only a few seconds hesitation. He
promised to stop if he did anything I didn’t like. I
had a pretty good idea of what he had in mind, I hadn’t
missed his fingertips probing and trying to move up to
my rear-end, as he had sucked at my cock...

I was too aroused to object... I wanted him to feel me
there! Pandora's Box had been opened for me and with a
vengeance. Now here I was, at this secret place of his
under the end of Southend pier, finding out that his
cock now had other needs, before finally filling my
bottom for the first time.

It had taken him all of thirty seconds to strip me of
all my clothes and thirty more to kneel down in front
of me, take my soft cock into his hot mouth and make me
rock-hard again. Then he had stood up and undressed
himself, and taken me by my shoulders and pushed me to
my knees, and had slid his throbbing stiffness into my

I just had time to see with some pleasure that he was
completely without pubic hair, before his cock-head
f***ed its way down my throat, and for one awful
moment, I thought I was going to be sick but I fought
off the sensation of nausea, slowly calming my heaving

At the same time, I started breathing through my nose,
and very quickly I soon regained my control... yup, I
was a natural all right! I slid one hand around behind
him, my boyish fingers pressing into his muscular
buttock flesh, caressing the new sensation in my
tactile fingers.

My other hand cupped his big balls, caressing and
squeezing at them, rolling and fondling them. My lips
and throat worked on the cock they had captured, my
tongue massaged the fat rim of his cock-head, as he
f***ed it down my throat.

I breathed noisily through my nose, every deep breath
carrying his smell into my brain. I was in pure sexual
ecstasy, d**gged now by the masculine odours that I was
inhaling so deeply, intoxicated by the taste of him. My
eyes absorbed the beauty of his smooth hairless crotch,
he must shave it I thought... my head was spinning in
erotic desire for unknown things..

He groaned aloud with pleasure, writhing in torment as
my sensual mouth did unfathomable things to him. He put
one of his hands behind my head, pulling me in closer,
and his hips began a rhythmical movement. He was
thrusting his throbbing cock deeper into the liquid
warmth of my soft throat, fucking my face in obvious

I could sense that his climax was close... he was going
to cum in my mouth and I braced myself for the flood
of gooey semen, that I knew was coming. Then he groaned
loudly, and grasped the back of my head, pulling me to
him, and finally shot his load far down my throat,
frantically screaming out his pleasure.

I gagged continuously as I swallowed his thick
streaming ejaculate, until his cock finally stopped
pumping into me. By then however, I had relaxed,
finding that I liked the taste of his gift to me and I
gulped and swallowed it all to the last drop, as he
slowly wound down.

We stayed there like that for some time, my hands
clutching his ass to me, while his cock throbbed gently
in my mouth, his hands holding my head to him. He had
softened a little but not too much, and now he started
to grow hard again in the warm wetness of my mouth.

Then: "Stand up," he said lewdly, "now turn around,
bend over and hold that rail, you want me to fuck you
in that pretty bum of yours... right?" and he smiled at
me as I dumbly nodded.

I scrambled off my knees to my feet, gasping for air,
my heart pounding. I swivelled around, bending over as
I had been instructed. A hand which that I vaguely knew
was my own, grasped my aching cock, pumping hard, up
and down, up and down.

"Stop that! You can do that later...." he said thickly.

My hand flew away from my cock, clamping on tightly to
the rail. I could feel his fingers now, probing the
crack of my arse, seeking for the entrance to my boy-
cunt. Suddenly, the probe found its target and at
first, it played around the edges, the door to my boy-
bum virginity still closed.

I moaned softly, pushing against him, magical new
sensations were flooding my brain, as he fingered me.
The probing finger pushed firmly, and the barrier gave
way, and with a grunt from the man, his finger finally
moved into the moist darkness of my anus.

I was suddenly glad that I had gone to the bathroom,
and had a poop, as he had suggested, before we had left
the cinema, otherwise there might have been a disaster
right then... (He had obviously anticipated what was
going to happen!)

He immediately hit the nub of my prostate, and I
groaned in NEW pure pleasure, now I wanted more, but a big
hard eight-inch cock? I gulped... I still wanted him.
Then the finger slowly withdrew, I looked around, and
he had taken out a tube of KY gel. From his army
jacket, and was smearing his fingers with it.

Then I felt him insert a greasy finger into me and ream
it around, and then he added yet another finger,
reaming me out again. Now my sphincter started to
relax, as he urged his hand into me... his fingers
slowly opening me up gradually, taking his time.

I could sense his almost screaming need to plunge his
throbbing cock into me, ready or not! He could soon
tell the obvious difference, as my BUM-hole opened up
and accepted him. He withdrew his fingers and leaned
over to my head.

He said rather hoarsely: "You're about as ready as
you're ever going to be ... here it comes boy, hold on
to that rail!"

Then I felt the smooth head of his cock probing and
straining, pushing at my bum-hole. He was relentless,
his tip forcing its way into my opening, followed by
the rim of his cock-head, and I started to groan in
agony. He ignored my pleas for him to stop and he
finally surged into me, bringing pain such as I had
never known before... so much for his promise I thought

I had started crying, my body was now writhing in
agony. His hands were clamped around my heaving hips,
controlling me and preventing me from wriggling myself
away. He paused; his penis was in my no longer virginal
rectum, for almost half its length, I could feel his
big swinging balls hitting against my soft buttocks.

He desperately wanted to fuck me, to fuck me fast and
hard, to fill my rectal boy-tunnel with his juice but
he curbed his lust, knowing that I needed time to
recover myself.

He stopped pushing and panted: "Relax son, and lean
back against me. Let your body feel me throbbing inside
you, my cock needing you... let your young bum-hole
relax around me, feel me... want me to fuck it!" he
said gently, as he caressed my soft butt-cheeks.

He was very caring, now that he was inside me and I
almost forgave him his broken promise. I heard him as
if he were far away, and very, very, slowly I
straightened myself.... I had stopped crying. I leant
back against the soldier's firm broad chest, my
buttocks almost touching his crotch.

I closed my eyes, and took a couple of deep breaths,
and deliberately relaxed my anal ring around the
invader. I opened my eyes, which stung with the sweat
dripping from my forehead. I couldn’t see properly, and
everything seemed to be out of focus, swimming in a
misty haze.

So, this was what it was all about ... what it felt
like, being fucked... and in a very special place...

I trembled all over... I loved it!

Chapter 2

My sphincter had started to adjust finally, and I
gently squeezed his shaft with the ring of soft muscle.
I gasped loudly at the pleasurable feeling it gave me.
Then I put both my hands behind me, grasping his ass,
and deliberately I pulled him deeper into me, in
complete surrender.

His big cock was throbbing, pulsating with desire. I
felt it jerking against the walls of my anal tube, now
I wanted him to fuck me out of my mind... it might hurt
me even further - I didn't care.... all I wanted was
for him to fuck me silly!

"Oh, do it to me now!" I groaned, and pressed myself
further onto him, my anus was clenching around his
throbbing shaft.

"Bend over and spread your legs open," he panted into
my ear, adding passionately: "I’m all yours now son,
take me... take all of me!"

I obeyed, thrilling at his hot words and his firm
hands grasped me on either side of my hips, as he
slowly began to withdraw his throbbing shaft. Then
slowly he pushed forward again. I winced a little,
drawing in a sharp breath. He continued his back and
forth movement, and he told me I could start jerking
myself off now.

My now slippery anus was getting more accustomed to his
constant movement, and a feeling of pure sensual
pleasure slowly spread through my entire body, as my
tight sphincter adjusted to his sliding cock. My own
cock responded gratefully to my hand, with its old
familiar rhythm. He picked up speed, he could not
contain his lust... his need for me any longer... this
was going to be the best fuck he had ever had in his

My virgin body gave itself to him completely. He was
violently slamming home now, going as deep into me as
he could, and then withdrawing almost all out. His
tempo was increasing rapidly, and I was rocking back
and forth, my body moving in time with, and yet meeting
his thrusts... deep grunting sounds came from his

I was moaning out loud, and my lips were parted, my
mouth open in a rictus of the purest carnal pleasure.
My cock was like an iron bar; it had never been so big
before! The veins were huge, the crown swollen and
bathed in clear, sticky pre-cum. Harder and faster he
fucked me ... I could vaguely feel something wet
running down the insides of my thighs, it was my anal
juices lubricating the man's thrusting, spearing

My prostate jumped sweetly every time his cock-head hit
it and I felt a churning in my balls; it would not be
long now before I would shoot my load. I tried to
control myself; I desperately wanted to cum at the same
time he did, then very suddenly and without any
warning, the soldier let out a yell! He pounded and
thrashed, and thrust harder, faster.... he was about to

I let my own control go, my hand pumping my prick like
mad! We were completely out of our minds now... then he
climaxed, and his hot thick cum erupted from his cock,
crashing against the sensitive walls of my boy-pussy...
I felt every spurt on my soft rectal flesh as his semen filled
my belly, the first time that my insides has tasted that male

As he erupted again and again, over and over he moaned
out my name, begging me to take him.... take him....
take all of him!

I heard his heartfelt plea, and felt his ejaculation
deep inside me, I thrust my pelvis forward, my bursting
cock reaching outwards and upwards, as my own cum
exploded from my body in a stream of white fire. I
writhed and thrashed about on his jerking prick, as if
I was a huge fish on the end of a line. I groaned and
yelled... sobbing happily as my body sucked him into

My forward thrust of my hips tightened my butt-cheeks
on his shaft, I was nearly out of my mind with ecstatic
sexual agony... my rectal muscles gripped him tightly.
I wanted him to stuff his balls into me, and I reached
under him and tried to do just that, but of course they
wouldn't go in!

Then the soldier collapsed over me, completely spent.
He was purged of all lust, all carnality. He was
panting, hoarsely, as if he had just run a long, hard
race. My own knees were buckling now; I braced myself
against him, completely wiped out. Slowly, I recovered,
and I could feel his wonderful stiff cock deflating
inside me, then finally pull out from my body.

I groaned softly.... it was all over, my rectum felt
empty, my sphincter abandoned! I would never feel this
way again... there is only one first time!

My fucked boy-cunt was still trembling with pleasure,
and I stood upright and turned to face my spent
seducer. He was on his knees, chest heaving, he was
completely done-in, his lovely cock was now hanging
down limply in glorious defeat... it shone with his cum
and my rectal juices.

After a minute or so, he started wiping himself off
with his under-shirt, and then he paused, and started
cleaning me up first. He managed to get in a few licks
and kisses on my softening cock as he did so. Then he
turned me around and started to wipe off my ass. He
felt me twitch in pleasure as his fingertips brushed my
anus, and stopped wiping me.

He pushed his fingers in my hole once more, and started
reaming me out. I loved it, and he sensed it, and
fingered my prostate as I shuddered in pleasure. As his
fingers opened me up, some of his thick cum that had
filled my rectum started to run out, and down the
insides of my thighs.

He moaned softly as he saw it, and scooped it up in his
fingers and sucked them avidly, then leaned down and
licked my thighs clean. Then finally, he took me in his
arms, stroking me all over, and I thrilled at his touch
as he hugged me tight.

He panted: "Peter, that was fantastic... are you okay?
I know I hurt you.. I promised not to, and I'm sorry...
but Jesus, that was one hell of a fuck!"

"W.. was it really good for you?" I asked tremulously.

He hugged me again: "Yeah, that was the best fuck I've
ever had in my life, and I'm counting women too! Your
ass is the nicest and best thing I've ever fucked, and
you sure love being fucked... you're one very sexy

He smiled, adding, "You're a horny little bugger, I
think I'll keep you, is that okay!" and I nodded
happily, as I blushed hotly at his compliments.

He looked at his watch: "Come on," he said, "get
dressed quick, I have a friend who has given me the
keys to his apartment, he has already left, we've got
some sucking to do," he paused and added, "and some
more fucking!" and smiled as I looked up at him

Then he stepped back a few paces, and slowly looked me
over, really looked me over. He asked me to turn around
slowly, almost as if I was one of those fashion models,
and embarrassed, I did so, as he looked at me with
immense pleasure in his eyes.

Finally he said: "Peter, you have a really great body,
and your lovely ass is out of this world!" I blushed
again, as he added, "To say nothing about that very
nice cock of yours, and your sexy mouth!"

I smiled up at him, and then we finally started getting
dressed. I looked at my watch, it was just one-o-clock,
we had at least three hours yet... I had to be back
home by five, a lot could happen in three hours, and it
sounded as if he had plans for us.... I trembled

I smiled to myself, look what had happened to me in
just two!

Chapter 3

The apartment was on the third and top floor, over some
kind of store and offices, and the soldier opened the
door of the private entrance on the street and I
followed him up several flights of stairs, to the top
floor landing. There he pressed an unobtrusive button,
and I heard the usual soft chimes, muffled inside, but
nothing happened, so he put in the key and opened the
door, called out his friend's name but all was quiet.

He led the way in, and closed and locked the door
behind me. He led me into the living room and sat me
down on the big couch, then left me, saying he'd be
right back, and I looked around me.

The place was bright and airy, the furnishings were
very comfortable, and everything looked expensive. I
could see a big kitchen off the dining area, it was
quite the place, I thought.

I started thinking about Dave, then I smiled to
myself... that was the first time I had thought of him
as ‘Dave’, it was about time I thought, after all we
had done together, in just two short hours.

My whole body glowed with sexual pleasure, my mind was
satiated with erotic stimulus, a whole new world had
opened up to me. I was twelve years old, I had just
been fucked in my bottom for the first time in my
life and loved it! My rear-end tingled as I thought
about his fucking of me and my cock started to harden

I heard him come out of the bathroom, and he called out
to me up the hallway, to ‘make yourself comfortable’. I
smiled, I knew what he meant, stood up, and stripped off
my sweaty clothes.

Standing there in that strangers home my cock sprang up
happily, it really likes me being naked. I would have
loved a shower, maybe later.... I saw a large wall
mirror and got up and looked at my reflection.

Yes, I did have a neat body I thought, then turned
around, and checked out my bum, so recently fucked
by my new friend and smiled to myself, he was right,
it was rather nice. I looked at my boyish mouth... it
didn’t look any different to any other mouth that I
could see. Then my eyes dropped to my hairless belly and
four inches of stiff cock... it did have a certain aura
about it, I thought, smiling again.

I gulped as I remembered his inspection of my naked
body. I had been very embarrassed and although I liked
his admiration, I was still rather uncomfortable with
the whole thing. So why was I getting even harder now,
as I thought about his appraisal of me... his hot eyes
on my naked body... on my boy cock.

Just then he returned, he was wearing a short terry-
cloth bathrobe that barely covered his cock. He looked
at me standing in front of the mirror, at my stiff
cock, and chuckled.

"Well it didn't take you long to get into the spirit of
things. Peter, welcome to my home!" he said, and waved
his hand around.

I smiled happily at him, as my cock waved at him, and
hardened even still more. He grinned, and came over to
me and stood next to me, as we both looked at ourselves
in the mirror. He had a very nice body too, his legs
looked strong and muscular. Then I realised what he had
said, and looked up at him in confusion, as his hand
enveloped my stiff cock, and slowly rubbed it up and

I reached for him in turn and although his cock wasn't
hard, it was still the nicest I had ever seen... and
had up my ass! He put his arm around me, and led me to
the couch, sitting close to me, his hand still holding
my hard cock, slowly wanking me off. I reached for him
again and his cock started to slowly harden in my

He went on: "Yes Peter, this is my place... and since
I'm not here half the time right now, I loan it out
sometimes to friends."

He paused as he rubbed his thumb over my pee-hole and
his finger-tips tickled the little nub of my circumcision,
then went on: "Special friends that have younger friends,
that look just like you, Peter... with great young asses
and firm bodies, and nice cocks... almost as nice and big
as yours!"

He smiles and continued ".... and some even younger than
yoiu, much younger"!

He stopped as my cock jerked uncontrollably in his hand
now, at his erotic words. He smiled and leaned over and
kissed the head of it but only for an instant. He then
reluctantly sat up, and his hand started slowly jacking
me off, and I listened to him now, as if from far

He went on, lewdly now, as if he was trying to turn me
on: "My friend who was here earlier today was with a
boy just like you, and just like you, that boy was
getting fucked in his tight young ass... fucked until
he moaned for mercy... yet not really wanting to stop!”

He paused and squeezed my cock tightly, then went on
softly: “After they had recovered a little, they would
have sucked each other off.... and then, because the
boy was like you, young and horny and his cock still
hard, he would have fucked my friend in his ass, until
he moaned.... but not for mercy!”

But by now I was hardly listening, as his hand flew
purposefully up and down my throbbing shaft, he had
gently taken my hand off his own cock, obviously he
wanted me to cum by myself. He was fascinated by my
cock. I laid back on the couch and gave myself up to
him, as he keened deep in his throat, his face was
close to my cock-head, as he waited for me to cum,
watching it carefully as the pressure built up.

The head was shining, the velvety shaft throbbing in
his hand, and I concentrated on prolonging my pleasure,
trying to make it last. His hand slowed down, it was
almost as if he was reading my mind again, and then his
hand stopped it’s motion altogether and he just
squeezed my shaft, very, very, gently and stroked the
smooth hairless skin at the base of my cock.

My pre-cum oozed out of my pee-hole, his tongue dipped
to meet it, then the tip pushed itself into the little
hole. His fingertips gently spread it open further,
until it was smiling at him, and he licked at it for a

Then his tongue moved down to the little nub of my
circumcision, and he licked and nibbled on it just as
if it was a tiny clitoris on a young girl. My cock-head
jumped, he could tell I was getting close, despite his
care over me, and now he raised his head, and his hand
flew in final deliverance, his hot eyes, fascinated
now, watched my cock intently.

I couldn’t delay my need to cum any longer and I
screamed like I had never screamed before. My hips
arched off the couch, as my cum was pressurized in some
subterranean void, deep within my body, and then
released like a volcanic eruption. My cock throbbed as
if it was going to burst, but thankfully, the lava was
persuaded to take the path to the outside world, and my
cum spewed out of my clitoral pee-hole, like a geyser
in a national park!

I screamed again and again.... he was moaning aloud, in
his own erotic pleasure at my final deliverance, as my
whole body heaved in shuddering spasms of delight.

My stream of white fire shot high in the air, the
initial spurt ending up on the glass-topped coffee
table, some six feet away. Dave watched it happily for
an instant, and then he quickly bent over and took my
spewing cock-head into his mouth. I filled his throat,
as he gulped and swallowed every drop with the same
pleasure he had shown in the cinema, he was moaning in
delight as my gift to him filled his belly.

He really liked my cum, and I grabbed his head in my
trembling hands, pulling him to me, and my cock
throbbed in his mouth until I had finished pumping into
him, and even then, he didn't let me go. His sensual
lips sucked gently at the head, his tongue flickered
over my pee-hole, digging out the last oozing drops of

My screaming had stopped, and now I just moaned softly
in pleasure, as he worked me over with his mouth and
tongue ... he was very good, I thought happily to
myself. I reached out and found his own stiff cock and
grasped it firmly in one hand, as my other gently held
his head on to me.

I thought to myself, that it was maybe me, who should
keep him!

Chapter 4

Dave suckled at my cock until it finally softened, and
even then he was reluctant to lift his mouth off me. He
finally did, and I held him as he wound down from his
high, his hunger for my boy-cum satisfied for the
present. His stiff cock was throbbing in my hand, and I
knew that he had another need for me right now, he
needed something nice and warm wrapped tightly around
this wonderful cock of his! Again he read my thoughts,
and snapped back to the present, sitting up, and taking
me in his arms.

He nuzzled my neck, and said hoarsely: "Jesus, Peter,
your cum tastes so good, so thick and sweet, and so
much of it too! I told you that you were a horny little
bugger... you’re also a juicy one!"

My hand tightened around him, and he was reminded of
his own condition now, as he looked down at my hand
around him, and I felt him tremble softly, and I pulled
his head to mine.

I put my mouth up to his ear and murmured tremulously:

"Take me to the bedroom... I want you to fuck me
again..." and I licked his ear, as he wriggled like a
little puppy.

He laughed, hugging me, then stood up and bent over,
and effortlessly lifted me in his arms, and carried me
into the bedroom, where he gently deposited me on his
huge bed. I lay on my back, my head on a pillow, and
looked up at him, as he seemed to tower over me. Then I
reached out for his rock-hard cock, pulled him to
me so that he was straddling my face and quickly
took his magnificent cock deep in my mouth.

He moaned as I sucked hard on him, but this was not
what I wanted... my boy-pussy was almost screaming out
in need for him.... I could feel that my anus was
twitching hungrily for his cock...

I pushed him off me, and turned over on to my stomach
and like a bitch in heat, stuck up my ass, and offered
myself to him. He looked down at me and groaned out
aloud, then he leaned over me and covered my back and
up-thrust bum with hot kisses, as I lay there
trembling, almost out of my mind for him. I had no idea
what to do, how to lead in any way... I just wanted

His kisses turned to licks, as his mouth covered my
ass-hole, and he eased his finger-tips into my crack,
and opening me up, thrust his tongue deep into my tawny
anus, reaming out my little volcano in obvious delight.
He was moaning and sucking at me now, almost as if to
turn me inside out... I trembled at his intensity.

He finally raised his soft mouth off my ass, and I felt
him reach over to a bedside table, and soon his fingers
were lubing up my throbbing anus. It didn’t need much,
it was still juicy from his previous attentions. I felt
his fingers begin to probe me, and he started keening
in his throat as my sphincter opened up easily, and
soon he had his fingers deep inside me, and was gently
but firmly reaming me out.

My cock was pressed tight to the bed-covers and now it
was hardening in pleasure, as his fingertips caressed
and probed at my prostate. I had only just cum
like gangbusters... he was right, I thought wildly.
I really was a horny little bugger!

I sensed that he was ready to fuck me and lifted my
buttocks up to him spreading my legs, thinking that
was what he wanted but he gently stopped me. He
reached up and pulled a pillow down, and told me to
lift up, then slid it under my hips and pressed me down

He murmured: "Now you're just right... close your
legs... there. I'm going to fuck you now Peter, you're
all mine again... take me boy... take me like you did
before... let me love you!" then he straddled my

I trembled, and nodded, and stuck my boyish bum up
further in the air, as I felt him feed the tip of his
throbbing cock into me. His cock-head followed and
once again there was the initial agony of my sphincter
being invaded, but it quickly passed this time.

The ring of muscle stretched almost gladly, as if it
were remembering it's pleasure the last time, and
allowed his thick shaft to slide very slowly into me,
then it clenched tightly around him, and throbbed
deliciously as it worked it's magic on the invader.

Dave was groaning in abject pleasure, as he felt my anus
close around him, and I was in heaven again, as now he
fed his cock into me for it's full length, his hairless
crotch was rubbing sensually against my soft buttocks.
My sphincter clenched tightly around him and I could
feel my anal juices start to run once more.

Then he gently lowered his body down on mine, covering
me completely, and as our bodies met, he trembled, and
stopped moving. Now he took his weight on his forearms,
while still maintaining full contact with my soft young
flesh, and we gently squeezed and rubbed against each
other, in erotic pleasure.

My rectum clenched delicately but very firmly around
him, and we fucked slowly without a single movement of
our bodies, except for only the sensual contractions of
my sphincter, and the muscles of my rectum, around his
throbbing, jerking cock. My buttocks and anus squeezed
him tightly... lovingly.

Then I felt him start to move inside me at last, in
short little strokes, hardly a half an inch at a time
but the concentration of tactile feeling on such short
movements on our sliding flesh, was sensual in the
extreme. He told me to cross my legs, that way I could
squeeze him even tighter.

He was an expert, in fucking young boys in their hot
and horny rear-ends! I fleetingly wondered how many of
us were around... in his stable... I would love to
compare notes!

But soon it was time for some rougher fucking... I
wanted to be fucked silly again, I wanted him to ****
me! Again he read my mind, as now he lifted his body
off me and knelt behind me, raising me to my knees. He
held me up by my hips as he started to pound into me
now, his balls slapping noisily at my bum-cheeks.

My own cock was rock hard again, and now I could reach
it, and I grabbed it and started jacking myself for the
millionth time, my mouth was drooling, I was a sexual
maniac for his cock in my ass, for his thick hot cum to
fill me again.

I was moaning loudly now in pleasure, as I felt him
sliding in and out of my clenching anus. It was that
sensation of our hot living flesh, rubbing against each
other's, that turned me on so very much. We were both
panting hard now, I was ready for him to blast into my
loving ass-hole, as he increased his tempo, and started
to really fuck me with passion.

Then he took me by surprise. He wrapped his arms around
my waist, and flipped himself over on to his back,
taking me with him as he kept driving into me. Now he
reached down and pushed my hand off my cock, and
started jacking me off himself, and soon his driving
hips and pumping hand were synchronized in their loving
abuse of my body.

I lay there spread-eagled on my back over him, my
thighs and legs open wide, my arms outstretched, as my
soft ass-cheeks rammed down on his crotch, in answer to
his heaving thrusts.

He shuddered, then screamed out: "Peter... FUCK... TAKE
MEEEeee..!" then he blasted what seemed like a gallon
of boiling cum into my hungry rectum, as he jacked me
off to my own orgasm, and I screamed out in my turn, as
my spasming cock spurted my jets of cum all over us.

Jesus... we were very good together, I thought wildly
for an instant, as we heaved and writhed all over his
bed. His cock and hand were still pumping busily at my
throbbing flesh, while his other hand lovingly rubbed
my gooey cum all over my body, as we groaned our way
through yet another glorious spectacular orgasm
together.... Continue»
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LANGSUIRS: Shadow of the Old Ones. CHAPTER 1

Shadow of the Old Ones


COPYRIGHT (c) 2010

NOTE TO READERS: The following events take place
during the invasion of the Earthly plain by the creatures
known only as the "Old Ones." While previous knowledge
of the LANGSUIRS comic is not necessary to read this
eBook, having read the comics, will probably make the
eBook much more enjoyable and understandable.


Thursday - 2:46 pm
Marlin Township, Highway 9 - Graydeaux Parish, Louisiana

Officer Laura Bingham stepped out of the Marlin Police station and the dry heat of the afternoon slapped her in the face.
"Fuck it's hot," she grumbled under her breath as she made her way down the concrete steps and straddled her Harley Davidson police bike. Turning the key, she started it's engine and with a subsequent kick, she unseated the prop rod and then pushed the bike backwards into the street before putting into gear. "Some days I wish I'd opted for a car with some air conditioning," she muttered further as she pulled at the collar of her uniform shirt...feeling a bead of newly formed sweat careen down the crevice of her chest, slicing between her tits and ending up somewhere in the lower half of her bra.
Cruising slowly, she made her way down Main street, which was actually Highway 9. The roadway had been renamed simply for the amount of space it occupied within the grand city limits of Marlin...all two miles of it. Two traffic lights, and a handful of stop signs along with a ridiculously reduced speed limit was all that enabled the town to even afford a police department. And as was her job, Laura prowled the few streets in search of someone to write a ticket to, each and every day.
Today had been odd though...what with all the ruckus out past Graydeaux swamp where apparently a train had derailed. She'd wanted to run up there and assist, but the Chief had nipped the idea in the butt before she'd even had a chance to ask. Apparently the Sheriff's office and the State Police were all over it...even had some National Guard involved and with the town budget running close to red, the Chief wasn't about to let his only traffic cop go traipsing off to commit to community service and aid when she could stay home and write tickets.
Laura grimaced as she pulled out from the traffic light and realized her badge and job was a fucking joke. She was no more here to serve and protect than the man in the moon. She was a revenue collector... a cultivator of funds for the City. Hell, she couldn't even remember the last time she'd actually gotten the chance to do a good help someone. Nobody in town liked her. Even off duty, they'd recognize her and avoid her like the plague. She hadn't even had a date in nearly six months and that was in spite of her double-DD tits.
Glancing downward, she eyed them, compressed beneath her shirt and bullet-proof vest. She always thought she looked ridiculous with the vest on. It bulked you up so bad you had to wear a size larger shirt to start with...and with her noonies crammed down in there, it was even worse. Less than a year ago, she didn't even have a vest. The Chief had been too tight-assed with the money to buy his handful of officers bullet proof protection. Only after Corbin got shot at by a d***k he pulled over, had enough fuss been made at the City Council to get them any.
Not to be misunderstood, she was glad to have the expensive vest and all the protection it afforded her...but now she wasn't able to wear her uniform shirt one size too small...nor to unbutton the top down a little low...nor to use her tits to coax some act-right out of the citizenry she pulled over for ticketing.
She'd pull a guy over...he'd be pissed...angry... belligerent as all hell until she walked back up to his window with that top unbuttoned and then all of a sudden things were great and grand. Her tits had been a great pacifier, so to speak. But now with the vest in place, well...she'd had to pepper-mace twelve men and one woman during the last ten months. Two had ended up with felony battery charges out of it.
She used to like her job...she got to write the tickets and nobody was angry at her. Now, it was fire and fury every time she turned her Harley's lights on. No more googly smiles and blubbering blabber from horny men staring down the gap in her, now it was just angry rednecks and assholes who thought she was just a fat bitch with a badge writing them tickets for stupid shit...stupid shit for which they wanted to fight over...stupid shit for which she ended up having to mace them over...and more times than not...slap cuffs on them.
As she approached the far end of town, she slowed and moved over to one side...almost up onto the sidewalk itself as a small convoy of military humvees blasted down the middle of the street, packed full of troops that appeared armed with M-16 rifles. They were hauling least 40 or 50 inside the 25 zone.
"Assholes," she grumbled out loud as she watched them zip past her. A few looked out at her and nodded...most ignored her as if they were far more intent on their mission than some plumpy looking two-bit cop.
"Dispatch...this is Two...just about got run over by a convoy of guardsmen... are they part of that train spill or what?"
Her should mike popped static and then broke into a response:
"Copy that, Two...notice from State is to allow passage of all military vehicles into the spill zone."
"Well Marlin ain't exactly in the zone...think maybe I should slow'em down some...they're driving down the middle of the damn road for crying out loud!"
"Negative, Bingham!" it was the Chief's voice blasting at her from his own nice air-conditioned patrol unit. "Leave'em alone...they're probably coming up from New Orleans heading North to the zone...just try to keep everyone out of their way."
"10-4, Two out," she replied and sighed deeply as she released the transmit button on her radio.
It was about that moment that she realized there was a dark line of clouds moving down from the North. They were black as shit...bolts of lightning stabbing down from them in all directions, but not the slightest sound of thunder.
"Dispatch...what's the weather looking like?"
"Two to dispatch...can you check the weather...looks like a nasty front moving this way."
"Sorry, internet just went down...I got noth---" Susie's voice cut out and was replaced with static.
"Dispatch...Susie? You copy?"
Nothing but static responded.
About that moment a car whizzed by her...hauling nine kinds of ass and her radar gun beeped...the display lighting up with the number 72 on it.
"Holee fucking shit, man...what the I invisible?" She gunned the Harley's engine, tapped her siren switch, and whipped the bike around in the middle of the street to pursue the old car. As she turned the big bike though, she realized the rest of the street was all but empty of traffic. The fact seemed odd to her but she was too obsessed with the speeder to concern herself with the ramifications or causes of the lack of other vehicles.
The old car looked like a old greenish Dodge...its hood had been white, obviously replaced at some point. The tags were covered with mud and she couldn't make them out. Over the blaring sound of her siren, she attempted to raise the dispatcher again, but got nothing but static.
By the time she reached the other end of town, she was doing sixty miles an hour herself and the green car was still out-pacing her. Gripping the throttle and bracing herself, she sped up to seventy as she zoomed through the last stoplight. At seventy eight, she managed to catch up to the car and hitting eighty five, she managed to cruise up beside the vehicle on the driver's side. To her surprise, it was a woman driving...shoulder length black hair...middle-aged...
"Patty Douglas?!" the woman's name blurted out of Laura's mouth as she recognized the woman behind the wheel of the car. Something was different though... something wasn't right with her...with the way she looked.
With the flick of a finger, she switched on her loud speaker and snagged the microphone for it off the dash of her bike.
Patty glanced over at her as if she'd only just then seen her. The look of shock on her face was almost painful. The car bounced and weaved a bit too close to Laura and she had to whip to the left to avoid a collision.
Patty ignored her demands and just continued to drive... actually hitting the gas even harder and pepping up the old car's engine enough to pull ahead of Laura.
"BITCH, I'M GONNA SHOOT YOUR TIRE OUT!" she bellowed over the speaker at the accelerating Dodge. Gunning the Harley hard, she nudged it up to ninety five and managed to get up alongside the car again. This time, she glanced into the backseat and saw Patty's son, Shane, sprawled out across the bench seat. He didn't have a shirt on and looked a bit glazed over.
Oh shit...something's wrong...maybe she's trying to get him to the hospital or something...DAMMIT! Laura's mind reeled at the idea that the woman was rushing her son for medical help and here she was threatening to shoot her tires out.
Revving the bike, she moved up to the driver's window and pulled her loud speaker mike to her mouth.
"PATTY...ARE YOU GOING TO THE HOSPITAL...I CAN RUN e****t FOR YOU...JUST TELL ME WHAT'S GOING ON!" Her voice was fading, even amplified over the speaker...the wind whistling past her was drowning the sound out. Both of them were closing in on a hundred miles an hour and Laura was beginning to become nervous on the motorcycle.
SHIT! If she taps me or I hit a hole, they'll be picking pieces of me up off the road for days...or spraying me off with a hose, more likely!
Somewhere about that point, she decided it wasn't worth dying over. Hell, they hadn't even seen another car since busting out of town...Highway nine was dead...completely.
"PATTY...HEY...TELL ME SOMETHING!" she shouted once more over the amplifier at the woman in the car.
All at once, she realized, as she looked into the car, exactly what it was that was wrong with the picture. Patty had no visible sign of a shirt. Like her son...she bore no evidence of an upper garment at all.
Edging a bit closer to the car, she managed to see into the interior a bit better and was shocked at what she witnessed. Patty wasn't just topless...the woman was completely naked...and she was...FAT!?
She's not that that her? That's definitely Shane in the long has it been since I seen her? Last week...yeah, Arlan's truck-stop. She wasn't that fat...what the fuck?!
Over and over, she turned it in her mind and she just couldn't make sense of how the woman could be so fat now...when she hadn't been just a week prior...nor why she'd be naked in her car driving so damn fast.
"FUCK IT," she said aloud...and too late, she realized she still had the loud speaker mike keyed on...her curse blasting out from the amplifier horn on the front of the bike.
Letting off the accelerator handle, she began a controlled slow-down and as Patty's old car gradually moved forward from her, she glanced one last time into the backseat of the car at Shane.
Suddenly, she hit a bump and the bike wobbled and she slammed the hand break to regain control. Fighting hard, she managed to bring the bike to an eventual stop. By the time she accomplished it though, the car was nearly out of sight entirely.
"Shit...shit...shit...what the fuck?"
Straining to get over the shock of almost losing control of her bike at high speed, she continued to curse and gasp for several seconds. Finally, after gathering her wits some, she began to roll over what she'd seen in her mind.
That's not possible...what the fuck did I see? Think, Laura...fear and adrenaline can affect your didn't see what did you see, woman?
She replayed the final seconds of the chase in her mind. Patty...naked...fat...HUGE...driving fast...glancing at her ...then the car moving forward slowly and...and Shane in the back...naked...was he really naked?
Fuck yeah he was definitely naked but...but surely that wasn't a...I mean he's eleven or twelve...surely he wasn't...I mean that wasn't even...IT WAS MASSIVE!!!
Okay...saying that it wasn't what she thought it was...then what the hell had she seen? Nothing came to mind...I mean, after all, there weren't many things in life that could be mistaken for a man's penis. And so if you alleviate every option, whatever remains, no matter how ludicrous... must be the answer...or the truth...however you wanted to look at it.
Laura sighed and twisted on her bike to look back behind her. The highway was empty now...nothing but her, asphalt, and rice fields on both sides of the road for miles.
Turning back around she sighed and pulled her helmet off. The heat was beating down on her and her adrenaline rush was wearing off...she was bottoming out...feeling exhausted and defeated.
Oh had to be a dick then...the boy was in the ass-end of that car, naked and jacking the fuck off.
She'd certainly seen stranger things in the years she'd been a cop...but it wasn't the boy's masturbation that shocked her so much as it was the size of his penis. was as big my fucking leg...that's just not possible...that's not even human.
Concentrating, she closed her eyes and tried to revisit the moment when she saw him just before hitting the bump in the road. Replaying the event, she saw him clearly in her mind...his glazed over expression, his eyes...his eyes looked pupils...just white...white eyes. Looking down she could clearly envision the gigantic dick...its huge head swollen and shiny...nearly purple...semen oozing out the top of it and the last second, the boy's head tilted if to look back at her as she glared at him...and the dick suddenly exploded with nasty jizz all over the driver's side back window...and that's when she'd lost control of the bike.
Shit...I didn't even hit a bump, did I...damn...that shit shocked me so bad I just about nearly killed myself.
Sighing once more, she opened her eyes and stared down the road in the direction the car had disappeared.
"Dispatch...Two to dispatch, do you copy?"
Her radio gave nothing but static.
"Well traffic...what the--" and as the words exited her lips, she turned and faced North...the nasty dark clouds still slowly inching their way South toward town...the forked lightning a bizarre golden color as it shot off in every direction.
With a sudden pounding of fear in her heart, she reached for the AM/FM radio on the bike's dash console and switched it on. Nothing. Nothing but static responded to her tuning of the dial on either frequency band.
"Oh shit...shit, shit, shit, shit...FUCK!" She switched the radio off with a slam of her hand and jerked her head back up to gaze toward the ominous band of clouds. "Train derailment fucking ass!"
She looked back behind her and moved to turn the bike as to head back into town, but as she did so, she saw a band of humvees blasting towards her in the distance. And as she stood there astraddle the massive bike, she could swear she heard shots. Quickly she killed the engine and strained to listen. In the distance from the point of the military hummers, she could make out the sound of automatic weapons fire...heavy maybe the 50 caliber gun on top of one of the vehicles. At some point, the lead vehicles pulled out ahead and left two behind. The two in the rear, swerved abruptly and pulled nose to nose, blocking the highway off behind the convoy. Two guns cranked up then for certain and she could make out the fire from their barrels. They were shooting at something behind the convoy...something coming up the road in pursuit.
The first humvee blasted past her position and didn't make any attempt to slow down. The vehicle was packed full...soldiers and civilians...c***dren. As the convoy blew past her, she realized people were hanging on to the outsides and tops of the vehicles...and interspaced within the convoy were a handful of civilian vehicles of every make and and pickups packed full...their beds crammed with people. All of them with expressions of horror and terror. Some had guns...some had nothing ...some appeared to be injured.
Zoom, zoom, zoom, zoom...the vehicles zipped past her without a blink of to somewhere other than there.
An explosion ripped through the air and she jerked her head back towards town where she saw smoke billowing up from the roadway just beyond the blocking hummers. Just then the last of the convoy passed her...the last vehicle, an old pickup truck, rattling and blowing black smoke from its tailpipe or lack of one.
"God be with you!" some woman in the back of it yelled to her as it blew past her bike. She managed to lift her head and make eye contact with the woman for just an instant before they were too far away.
Oh shit...she thinks I'm staying behind
Twisting her head back around, she watched the soldiers at the roadblock rip into something with their machine guns. The ones inside the hummers were out now and firing their rifles. Something was close now and it was about to make their position...over run them. Part of her wanted to crank the bike and haul ass...and part of her wanted to know what the fuck they were shooting at. And still yet... another part of her yearned to charge into the fight...finally get to be a hero...earn the badge she something besides writing a fucking ticket.
Cranking the bike, she kicked it into gear and gunned it forward towards the roadblock...knowing full well she was gonna be sorry for it... but also knowing she had a duty to perform. Whoever that woman had been...she trusted her to protect them. This was something more than tickets...this was life or death. With a conviction she hadn't had in years, she accelerated the bike and reached to unsnap the holster on her Glock 40.

Thursday - 2:05 pm
Two miles East of Marlin Township - River Road, Hwy 9

Joanne Stiles sneered as the military humvee whipped around her, passing her as if she were standing still.
"Crazy assholes...gonna get somebody killed...never a cop around when you need one!" Thinking to herself, she remembered only a month back when she'd gotten pulled over in town by the chunky motorcycle bitch. "Yeah, that was me driving like that I'd have already been tossed under the jail."
Her sons both sat quietly beside her...Jimmy a little closer than what she found comfortable, but the old station wagon had a bench seat in the front as well as the back and as she'd been driving, the boy had been sliding closer and closer to her. The front only had two seatbelts despite having room in the middle for a third person. The back had three belts...and that fact alone, perplexed her mental capacity for a time as she continued to drive.
Lack of a seatbelt probably wasn't the only reason her son kept sliding around. Lack of clothing probably played a part in it as well. How had that happened? With a sly glance, she spied over at the two boys and took note that both were completely naked...not a speck of clothing between the two of them.
Eyes back on the road, she furrowed her brow and tried hard to recall how their nudity had developed. It wasn't normal for them to be riding around in the car naked...nor for them to be riding in the front seat with her like they were. There had to have been some good reason or the other for it ...but for the life of her she couldn't seem to remember...and then, all at once, the memory of prior events came rushing back to her...

24 Minutes Earlier...

"Just where the fuck do you think you're going?" Joanne snapped at the two boys as they prepared to climb into the backseat of her mother's old station wagon. "Both of you are soaking wet!"
"Well we just got out of the pool, Momma!" Ricky, her oldest, quipped as he rolled his eyes. "The seat is ain't gonna hurt nothing if we ride wet!"
"Here, I brought you towels," she retorted as she tossed one to each of them. "Dry your asses off, dammit...I'm not listen to Momma bitch about her car smelling like wet dog."
Stupid swimming party...damn bitch throws one and invites half the school to it...then calls everybody like an hour later and tells them to come get their k**s...some shit about a train crash...and bad weather coming. As I got nothing better to do.
She'd been overjoyed at the chance to get away from the boys for the afternoon. She'd even called up Tom and had made plans to meet him at the motel in five... their usual room. Tom was her lover...and the town police chief. A month back, she'd gotten a ticket from the chunky motorcycle bitch...Big-ham...or Bingo...or whatever the fuck her name was...and she'd been desperate not to have to tell her husband, Kyle, about it. It was nearly $200...all for running a stupid stop sign. She'd ended up going into to talk to the Chief about it...and one thing led to another...and somehow she'd ended up on top of his desk, him mounting her like a cheap whore on a car hood. Her ticket got fixed... and so did she. Kyle was hung like a gerbil. Tom was not.
She'd been on her way to get some of his ten inches when her cell phone had busted loose with Karma indication she had an incoming call... and of course it was the swimming party mom...come get your k**s...train wreck...blah, blah, and blah. She heard about half of it...the rest just sounded a lot like, "No dick for you!"
They only had one vehicle and Kyle had taken it to work as usual and had come home at lunch to pick up the boys and drop them at the party...then gone back to work. Tom usually picked her up for their rendezvous, but it wouldn't do to have him picking up her boys or for her to be seen driving around in his police car. So she'd ended up calling her own mother and borrowing her ancient station wagon to go pick them up.
The boys were finally through drying off, but as she surveyed them, she realized their swimming shorts were still soaked through.
"Stop!" she blurted as Jimmy, her youngest, tried to climb into the backseat. "I don't think so...did you two not bring any clothes with you?"
Dumbfounded, the two turned and looked at each other and then at her...vacant expressions answering her question.
"Oh c'mon...what'd you two do, just put on your shorts and jump in the damn truck?"
"Dad was in a hurry...he came home on lunch break to get us, so we didn't have time to---" Ricky tried to explain.
"Oh shut the fuck up!" she cut him off mid-sentence. "Men, you're all the same...both of you are just like your father...complete morons."
Both boys smirked and made for climbing into the car again only to be halted once more by their mother's scolding.
"HELLO?! HEY! I didn't tell you to get're not gonna ride in there wet...your grandma will shit a brick."
"Well what you want us to do, ride on the roof?" Ricky popped off at her with a grin.
"We could take our shorts off and ride naked," his younger b*****r added, attempting to be as sarcastic, but falling miserably short of real wit.
"Well yeah, smartasses...take your pick then...ride the roof or shuck the shorts...your choice," she snapped back at them.
Oh crap...did I just really tell them that? she wondered to herself as she watched the dismayed expressions on their faces. Yep...I did.
Looking around, she realized there was no one left at the party really. The party mom was around the side of the house picking up trash...her k**s probably inside already. And considering how long it'd taken for her to get a ride to come get the boys, she assumed all the other k**s at the party must have already been picked up. For the most part, she and the boys were the only tenants of the driveway in front of the house.
Fuck it...maybe they'll remember to bring some clothes next time instead of running off half-assed like their old man!
"Are you serious?" it was Ricky who spoke first.
"I think she's serious," Jimmy chimed in with wide eyes.
"Damn right I'm serious...make your choice," she replied.
"Mah-muh?!?" Jimmy dragged her name out to emphasize his distaste for her orders.
"Maybe you should have thought about this before you hauled ass with your Father...maybe you get your damp asses scorched sitting on hot'll remember to bring clothes with you next time. You're just lucky I thought to bring you some towels...or you really would be riding on the damn roof." She eyed both of them with agitation. "Stop standing there looking stupid and drop'em...and give'em to me, dammit...don't you dare toss them in on her carpet."
Groaning and rolling their eyes, they conceded defeat and slowly reached to pull their swim shorts down. All the while, glancing to and fro to make sure no one was watching them.
Joanne leaned reached out and opened the passenger side front door...hoping between it and the back door being open, no one would be able to spy her sons stripping.
Unintentionally, she found herself looking down at them as they shucked their suits.
The curse of unfortunate for them, she thought to herself as she analyzed how small their penises were. Though to her surprise, Ricky, 11, was actually sprouting some light pube hair it appeared. Nasty...disgusting! She averted her gaze, but had to turn back to look at them when they handed her their drenched shorts.
Oddly, upon second look, Ricky's dick wasn't all that small ...not as small as she'd thought. For an uncomfortable moment, she accidentally stared at his genitals...which he noticed enough to stare back at her.
"What?" he spouted with a touch of pissy attitude.
"Nothing," she lied. But as Jimmy moved to climb into the back seat, she felt her lips move...words emanating from her mouth...words she didn't intend to say, or so she thought. "Front seat...both of you...front seat with me...move!"

24 Minutes later...

Joanne finally snapped out of her reverie.
Damn...why couldn't I remember that earlier? I feel really weird today...not myself. She sighed audibly and blinked her eyes repeatedly. Probably a lack of dick...maybe I'd gotten my weekly injection of it...I wouldn't be---
Lightning popped off to the right of the car in the rice field that ran alongside the's bright spark interrupting her thoughts.
"Whoa, damn!" she exclaimed a bit louder than she intended. She tensed and waited, but no thunder ever arrived. "Well that was weird," she added when she finally decided the roaring noise wasn't coming. Leaning forward, she looked out across the field and noticed, really for the first time, the horrendous bevy of storm clouds rolling towards them. "Damn I guess the weather really is gonna get bad," she admitted to no one in particular.
"Carmen's mom said the storm might have chemicals in it from that train wreck up North of Graydeaux swamp," Ricky commented.
She stared at the clouds for a bit too long and had to swerve to recover her driving.
"Sorry...sure is a weird cloud," she asserted as she tried to excuse her lack of attention for the road. Thinking about the road made her suddenly realize how truly abandoned Highway 9 was. Usually this time of day, there should have been tons of traffic...but all she'd seen was the Army hummer hauling ass around her.
Recalling the event, she realized there had been a soldier up in the cupola of the vehicle...a soldier who'd had his hands on the big gun that was mounted there. And as they'd passed her, he'd pointed the massive barrel of the behemoth down at her...eyed her with more than just curiosity. Shouldn't that have frightened her? Why didn't it? Again, she realized she wasn't feeling herself today.
Why the fuck was he riding around with that big ass gun pointing it at people anyway...shit! Give somebody a fucking coronary...or...or...
In her mind's eyes, she replayed the image of the soldier pointing that big, long gun at her...over and over. The look on his face reminded her of Tom...or maybe it was just the uniform...or...or maybe it was the big gun. Somehow it reminded her of Tom wielding his big cock, pointing it at her as if he was going to her do her in with it if was some kind of fucking weapon. Now, as she recalled the hummer passing her...the soldier's aggressive posture did the opposite of inciting fear. it induced something more primal than caused her to become horny. Mentally she twisted the memory to one of Tom in the turret, pointing a giant dick at her.
She chuckled without warning and nearly snorted, as she attempted to stifle the laugh. How stupid was that? What kind of a moronic fantasy was that? Giant dick...what the hell?
Her son's name just popped into her mind.
Why the fuck am I thinking of Ricky? Even before she tried to assess the question, the answer slapped her mentally.
His dick, she remembered. It was big...or bigger she thought than when she'd first looked at him...she'd stared at it...but then he'd caught her and she'd had to avert her eyes. That was nearly a half hour ago.
Nonchalantly, she turned her head to the right and stole a quick glance at the boys. Both were looking out to the right as the massive storm front and the wicked lightning emanating from it. They were obviously mesmerized by it... and would no doubt be oblivious to her if she were looking at them. Taking the opportunity, she turned her head fully and looked down at their naked bodies...most specifically their genitals.
Well fuck me, she remarked mentally as she surveyed their man-junk. Maybe they were just shriveled up from the swimming pool, she thought to herself as she realized their penises were definitely larger than what they were back when they first took their suits off.
Looking more intently at Ricky, she realized his was in fact, very much bigger than she remembered.
Oh, damn...he's nearly as big as Kyle is limp. The thought led directly to another perverse question: I wonder if he gets boners yet? It was a reasonable question, right? He was displaying the beginning fuzz of pubic maybe he did have erections.
She glanced back at the road and corrected her drift, then immediately returned her attention to her oldest son's crotch.
I wonder if he jerks off? Now that was certainly a loaded and lewd question and quite likely one she had no business thinking, but yet she had...and in her mind, she imagined an image of him with a full erection...jerking on it...choking it hard and then ejecting semen all over the dashboard of her mother's spotless old car.
Looking back to the road, she grinned slightly as she realized how dirty her little fantasy had been.
It's just a fantasy...right? Not like it hurts anything, right? She used her deluded reasoning as an excuse to replay her fantasy...but this time she imagined Ricky's dick bigger... much fact, as big as Tom's hog of a cock...not just lengthy but also fat and veiny with a bulbous purple knob of a head that was always so swollen it was shiny and explosive looking.
Snapping out of it, she returned her attention to the road and again, corrected her drift. She glanced to the right to see if the boys had noticed her bad driving. To her relief they were still both turned and staring at the passenger side windows at the fantastic lightning display.
The clouds were nearly upon them now, but not a single drop of rain fell. It was rather disconcerting...almost ominous, and as she looked out at the storm herself, she began to feel like it was somehow watching her.
Quit thinking about it and'll be home in another ten minutes...and then the bottom can fall out if it wants.
The sunlight was quickly fading, obscured by the billowy, low hanging cloud deck. She leaned down and flicked the headlights on, even though it was still bright enough to see.
Quit thinking about it, she demanded of herself, but she still turned to the right to look out at the storm again...and to steal another glance at her sons' naked bodies.
Well damn, Joanne...if you need something else to think about...why stop with just one?
Almost as if on cue, she imagined her sick little masturbation fantasy one more...but this time, it was both her boys with huge, fat woodies...both of them jerking off... and both of them spooging all over their grandma's pristine dashboard.
Her mind suddenly wandered back to the swimming party house. What was the k**'s name...Carmen? Yeah, Carmen Dartez...her momma was the fatty coon-ass bitch that always brought brownies to the school...and one time she brought pizza...all the other moms hated her. Pudgy bitch didn't apparently have anything better to do than cater to her pudgy little daughter.
Yeah, like I got a lot going on, she reminded herself. I'm a housewife and a do-nothing one at that. She sighed and stared intently out at the highway in front of her. But I still had something better to do today than that fat bitch...could'a had me some dick, dammit...if her fat ass had been doing what she was supposed a party instead of canceling it after it started.
It was annoying her that she couldn't recall the woman's name. was something similar to her own... at least it started with a "J" she was certain. Judith! That's it...fucking fat Judith Dartez. She'd gone to school with her back in the day. Always hated her because she had a big rack of tits that the boys used to always stare at.
Looking down at herself, she realized she was impeded in the boob category any longer. She'd been barely a B-cup when she graduated high school...and after marrying Kyle, she'd packed on a few pounds...and found herself in a
C-cup about a year into the marriage, for which Kyle didn't seem to mind. And by the time she'd gotten pregnant with Ricky about a year later, she was pushing a D-cup pretty hard. After he was born, she'd ballooned out of the D and remained out of it until after she quit nursing. And nursing had caused her to shed weight...a lot of it. She'd been around 115 when she graduated...and was around 150 when she got pregnant...swelled up to 175 while carrying Ricky, and then a few months after delivering him, she was a scant 130 and her fantastic tits were dilapidated and deflated back to barely C-cup size. For a time she'd even taken to wearing a tight B just to perk her tits up and make them look bigger. She even tried to gain weight once to see if they'd perk back out...but all she did was manage to swell her belly out and her tits remained the same.
Her belly...that was a ridiculous contrast to the rest of her body. She'd had a flat stomach in school but after being married for two years and gaining some 35 pounds, her ass had gotten soft and round and her belly...her pathetic belly, had swelled outward and become soft and jiggly. Not that Kyle seemed to mind. She'd gotten out of the shower one night and was standing in front of the bathroom mirror...just shaking her flabby stomach to be stupid...when he'd walked in and began to smile at her with that moronic smirk he always got when she was doing something that turned him on.
"What are you grinning about...I look fucking pregnant," she said to him.
"Well maybe you should be," he'd replied and then dragged her to the bedroom where they fucked ravenously... during which he coaxed her into pooking her belly out so that she really did look pregnant.
"C'mon belly this what you like...then do it... knock me up...make me pregnant, big man," she taunted him as she bounced up and down on his pathetic little dick.
How odd...looking back now, she realized that was probably the very night she got pregnant with Ricky. And the pregnancy did its own number on her body. Aside from the temporary tit inflation and stretch marks, after her son was out, her previously paunchy tummy was a gross and sagging bag of skin. And throughout her nursing phase, as she continued to shed the pounds, the skin began to droop more and more. The fat was being absorbed but the stretched out skin was not recovering from the distention of her previous fatness or the ridiculous devastation heaped on it by nearly ten months of growth by her son.
After about a year, she'd decided to just try and gain weight again to fluff herself back out.
Fuck, I'd rather be chunky than saggy, she remembered telling herself as she f***e-fed herself an entire box of ding-dongs and downed a half-gallon of chocolate milk.
And her efforts worked...on everything but her titties. By the time Ricky's second birthday rolled around, she was pushing 165 and most of it...most of the whole thirty five pounds she'd packed on since delivering Ricky...seemed all to settle in her belly and thighs...and her ass...let's not forget about the ass.
In high school, she'd worn a size 4 jeans...a size four! The idea of that seemed too far-fetched to be true these days, but she knew it was the truth. When she'd gotten pregnant with Ricky, she'd been wearing a size 10...and was into a 14 by the time she delivered. Two years and too many cases of snack cakes later, she found herself back in her 14's...and sadly, her gut was almost as big as it had been when she'd been pregnant. Okay, maybe not that big...not NEARLY that big, truthfully...but her belly, when she wasn't sucking it in, measured a good 40 inches in diameter and she had to fight to cram it down inside her jeans. On more than one occasion she'd found herself eyeing her maternity pants with their elastic belly bands in the waist.
I would almost rather tell Kyle I need 16's...rather than have to admit I'm wearing maternity pants, she'd realized one morning as she got dressed to go shopping. She knew those pants were comfortable and her belly wouldn't have to be cinched up. For a long while, she stared at them just lying there in her drawer...taunting her, she knew.
Angrily, she'd finally jerked out her levis and began the battle to get them on her fat ass. Pulling...jerking...and stretching, amid grunts and groans and lots of four letter expletives...her denim struggle had lasted for the better part of five minutes before she eventually maneuvered them into position.
"Eat it bitches," she'd barked at the obviously shrunken pants as she continued to tug at the button and zipper. Flopping back onto the bed, she strained and sucked in until she managed to get them pinned and zipped. Sighing like a dying cow, she rolled to get up and realized the pants were just absolutely unbearable. The legs were starting to give some, as they always did, but waist was cinching her too tight for her to even breathe...and a massive roll of compressed fat was bulging up over the tops of them. When she pulled her t-shirt on and down, the blobby muffin top was undeniably visible. Agitated, she grabbed at the waist of her shirt and pulled, attempting to stretch it out some so it didn't cling to her torso so badly. It helped conceal her mushroom top roll...but she still couldn't breathe worth a fuck.
"Y'know what...fuck you bitches," she'd groused as she pulled her shirt up and rammed her thumbs down into the top of her jeans and tugged them down...down the level that her belly could freely spill out over the top of the waist band.
Gasping, she released her stomach muscles and just let her gut sag outward...all 40 inches of it. It felt good. Tight on her ass and legs...and loose in the waist. She tugged a bit more to situate the pants even lower so her love handles could spill out as well.
"Oh hell...ain't no stretched out shirt gonna hide this," she admitted as she eyed herself in the mirror...her protruding midsection bulging out in all directions against the shirt's fabric. "Fuck least I can breath...and I ain't gotta tell Kyle I need bigger pants."
Not that he'd mind, probably, she thought to herself. He still has a thing for my big belly. Why is that...does he get off on me being pregnant?
Sure he did...she knew damn well he did. He'd practically tied her to the bed posts while she was carrying Ricky. Every single night he was climbing between her legs with his puny little four inches of rod...not that it did her much good. In thirteen years of marriage, he'd never once gotten her off. But when she was pregnant, man-howdy, he sure took care of himself without regard to anyone else.
Good grief, if I go into town dressed like this everyone's gonna think I AM pregnant...again...
Suddenly she realized she was going to have to go about this one of two ways...either lose weight and watch herself sag out again...or she was just going to have to get pregnant again for real. She opted for the last idea and not three weeks later, she was puking in the toilet...not for the first time and certainly not for the last. The following week the magic stick showed a plus sign.
Knocked up with Jimmy, she began to stroll around with her belly pooking out and hanging free...unafraid of whether anyone commented about her "looking" pregnant or not. But the cravings were killer. By the time she made her second trimester and really started rounding out, she was already weighing in at 185...twenty pound...twenty fucking pounds in less than three months. She looked like she was already big enough to deliver and even her doctor kept making "twin" jokes at her expense.
By the time she made the seven month marker, she was tipping the scales at 200 with a belly that measured 54 inches in diameter...fifty fucking four...she was a beached well, but at least her tits were swelling up as well as her ankles. The week she delivered Jimmy, she popped the clasps in her double DD brassiere.
A week after his birth, she had no clue how big her tits were, but they were huge. They shimmied like massive bags of jello every time she so much as breathed. The problem was that they ached like motherfuckers, but she wasn't about to start breast feeding again...hell no. She wasn't gonna let them deflate...wasn't going to let baby Jimbo suck the life out of her body. He got the bottle and that was all he got.
By the time her doctor released her from post-partum care, she was back down to 180 but the days of cramming into size 14's...even with her belly hanging over the top... was a thing of the past. Nope...she'd probably never see a 14 again...ever.

Joanne sighed with distaste as she twitched her hand to correct her drift yet again. Damn, sure seems like we are to have been home by now...damn highway is just dead... seems like I been driving for hours.
On an off-hand thought, she glanced at the old clock face mounted on the dash and realized it'd only been fifteen minutes since she'd left the Dartez house with the boys. Hell, she hadn't even made it to Marlin yet...they were still out in the fucking rice fields.
She hit a bump in the road and felt her body jostle. She was wearing her "free swing" bra...she called it that because it was old and stretched to hell and gone and did very little to contain her double DD's any at all. It was what she was wearing the first time she got tagged by Tom at the police station. What a fiasco.
In thirteen years of marriage, Kyle had never once worked her to orgasm...and in less than five minutes on the top of a messy desk, Tom had made her cum no less than two times. The second time she'd came so hard, she actually ejaculated and sprayed woman-scented lubricant all over his fucking desk. Not that he cared. The nasty bastard had gone down on her afterwards and licked her into a third fucking orgasm. By the time he was done with her, she could barely walk and felt totally whored-out as she attempted to fix her clothing and exit the building without looking suspicious. She was pretty sure the dispatcher, in the office next door had heard everything...but she didn't even bother looking up at her as she walked out of Tom's office. She'd wondered for a while why that was. Did Tom have a habit of fucking bitches in his office? Undoubtedly she wasn't the first. She had no concerns about the matter. She wasn't about to leave her husband for Tom. He was a bald, pot-bellied loser...covered in hair, except for his shiny head, and though she wasn't certain, she was pretty sure he was at least fifty years old...and here she was only just now 31 years old. Tom was old enough to be her father. She was disgusted with him and aroused by his massive cock all at the same time.
She didn't want a relationship with him...she just wanted him to keep fucking the shit out of her. She'd felt bad the first time she did it...kept telling herself she only did it to get out of the ticket...but days later she was masturbating and thinking about him...or rather his cock.
Oh fuck, he's so old...damn...his ball sack hangs down between his legs like a pair of fucking bull nuts. Sadly the thought wasn't far from the truth. She'd been disturbed the first time they did it...when she felt his testicles slapping against the back of her ass cheeks with every thrust of his dick.
She wondered how many other repressed bitches in town were throwing themselves on his cock. Nasty, old, fat bastard that he was...she imagined he had quite a bevy of cunts lined up here and there...hers was probably just the tip of the iceberg.
Still, his vile appearance and ancient body made her feel better about herself. At least he acted like he appreciated he honestly was hot for her. He'd been the first man to even flirt with her in years, aside from Kyle of course.
Drops of rain began to pelt the windshield and she reached forward to turn the wipers on. As she leaned forward, she felt her plump belly compress inside her size 20 jeans...jeans that she hiked up to conceal her 48 inch gut. It wasn't so round any more though. A decade of age had drooped it and it now folded in half at her navel...and more of its bulk was in the lower half, so she didn't at least have that infamous mushroom roll up top as bad anymore.
Nah, that was a was still there, but her huge DD tits hung down over it and hid it for the most her the chance to deny it existed. Eleven years since Jimmy had been born...and she steadily fattened up till she was now edging 210 on some days. And the last time she'd had the gumption to pull a measuring tape around herself, her waist had registered 42 inches...but if she lowered it to the bottom of her fat gut, it was closer to 48 inches. It was as if all the fat in the stomach had dripped slowly down into the lower half over the years. Maybe wearing her tight ass jeans too high had mashed it all downward.
She snickered aloud again and coughed to conceal it this time, not wanting to snort like she'd done earlier.
Mashed it down, indeed. No, she was just getting old and gravity was having fun with her. It hadn't perturbed old Tom any though...nope...old bastard had ripped her blouse open and jiggled her fat belly like it was a third titty before attacking her actual titties like a ravenous monkey. His big, stubby fingers had played all over her body...and she'd just let him do whatever he wanted. She didn't care what he did or said so long as he kept packing that cock into her. And he did...and had continued to do so twice a week now for over a month.
Even though Kyle was always horn-dogging her, it just wasn't the same. He was her husband...she knew he liked her tits and her gross belly...but he was supposed to, right? His attraction to her just didn't make her feel excited like it used to back in the day. Having some new man show some interest riled her in ways she couldn't describe.
She adjusted her ass in the seat and glanced over at the boys again beside her.
"DUDE! Did you see that one?!" Jimmy blurted as he pointed out to the right side of the car.
"Shoot yeah...dang that one was freaky," his older b*****r concurred as they remained glued to the lightning show that was now getting extremely close.
She glanced down at their genitals again and found herself staring hard at Ricky's piece. Squinting, she tried to decide what the hell she was seeing.
Holee his dick bigger??
That was of course impossible. Unless he really had just been shriveled up from swimming. Whatever the case, his penis was long now...quite long. As she stared, she tried to gauge mentally, just how big it was. From her best guess it was at least three maybe four inches long and it was limp.
Well hell...stupid Kyle ain't but barely over four when he's flaming hard as a rock! Her son was bigger than his own father. The idea was blowing her mind. And he was only eleven years old! And looking at it again...she realized it was kinda plump...actually almost's skin looking like it was artificially inflated somewhat...several big veins bulging through it.
Dammit...his balls ain't all that small either, are they? The question was more rhetorical than real. She could plainly see they were pretty good size. His sack was round and spherical and inflated enough to hoist his dick outward some. Damn, his sack looks full...almost bloated.
Suddenly she felt a surge of warmth between her legs and realized she was getting moist...moist from looking at her eleven year old son's junk. The idea was not only lewd, but it was embarrassing and she felt her face heating up.
She f***ed herself to look back at the road.
Fuck, are we ever gonna get home?!
She glanced at the clock and to her dismay, realized only about two minutes had passed since the last time she looked at it.
I'm sitting in my mother's car with my two sons...both of them naked...and I'm getting hot from it. Mom would take me out and shoot me if she even suspected what kinds of things I've been thinking!
And speaking of dirty thoughts, she wondered if the boys had inherited any of their father's sexual preferences. Obviously they hadn't got his genetic short-comings, but she was curious if they had any likes for bellies and titties. Most boys did...the tits, anyway.
Thinking back to the swimming party, she recalled that Dartez had been wearing a swimsuit...a one-piece. She had a long shirt thing over the top of it when she'd seen her cleaning up from the party in the side yard...but she wondered if the bitch had ever actually gotten in their pool with the k**s? Her shirt hadn't been wet.
"So did old lady Dartez do any swimming with ya'll?" she asked neither boy in particular.
They both turned to look at her.
"Umm...yeah, she got in and shot at us with a water gun for a while...why?" It was Jimmy of course, who answered. His older b*****r had learned to perceive a loaded question when it was posed to him...and learned not to jump on answering them until he figured out what was up.
"Was her fat ass wearing a bikini or what? I didn't think they made them big enough for her."
"She ain't that fat, Momma," again it was Jimmy that answered.
Seeing that his little b*****r was taking up the interrogation, Ricky opted to return his attention to the lightning storm.
"Well I wasn't just talking about her ass," Joanne added. "I was talking about her big'ole monster ass titties."
"Oh," Jimmy quipped with bugged out eyes. "She was wearing like a one wasn't a bikini."
"Looks like her girl is gonna follow in her footsteps, huh," she went on. "She's got more belly than boobs though... she's a porky little twirp, ain't she...was she in a one-piece too?"
Ricky snorted but kept his face turned.
"What you laughing about?" Jimmy blurted and punched his b*****r in the shoulder.
"Carmen is Jimmy's girlfriend," Ricky announced as he rubbed his arm without turning around.
"Least I got a girlfriend, butt-munch!" the younger boy growled. "And don't make no fat jokes...I saw you all getting close to her momma. Did you see her boobs good enough?"
"Shut up, a-hole!" That obviously got his attention. Ricky twisted around and slugged his little b*****r in the right shoulder so hard it made a pop noise.
"HEY! HEY! Break it the fuck up, punks!" Joanne bellowed as she reached over Jimmy's head and pushed Ricky away from him. "Enough of the punching!"
Silence ensued for a time after that and she found herself staring at the road again...and the boys resumed their gawking watch of the approaching storm.
Well, despite a fight, at least I got my answer, she thought to herself. Apparently they DID get their father's sexual tastes. For their luck though, at least they didn't get his dick ...or at least Ricky didn't.
Thinking about it, she glanced down beside her at Jimmy's personal parts and to her delight, she realized he was no longer shriveled either...and despite being only nine, he quite obviously had a dick that was at least three inches long in flaccid form...and like Ricky, also had a sack that looked over-filled.
She imagined them jerking off again...shooting jizz all over the dashboard, emptying their bloated sacks all over Grammy's precious vinyl and wood.
She shifted in her seat again and felt the wetness between her thighs.
Oh hell...I think my fucking panties are completely wet!
She carefully shifted herself again and yes, she was certain now that her granny panties were completely soaked all the way through. Gently, she scooted down in the seat a bit and leaned forward to see if she could see her crotch over the girth of her tits and belly. No, she could not. She sighed and suppressed a grunt.
With her left hand she reached down and casually placed her fingers between her legs.
Oh fuck...
Her heart skipped a thump or two as she realized she'd not only soaked her panties...but her jeans as well. Her fucking jeans?! Was she really that horny? She'd been desperate to get to Tom this it was understandable that she was riled...but for fantasizing about her own sons...well, this was just ridiculous. And yet...her fingers were coming up moist from their encounter with her doused denim.
She closed her thighs together.
Blame it on them, if they notice...say their suits or towels must have touched your pants when you were putting them in the back end of the car. The lie emerged from somewhere deep within her mind and she couldn't quite determine how or why she'd come up with it...but it was certainly a logical argument and she intended to use it if the need arose. Her jeans were dark maybe they wouldn't see any wet spot...especially between her legs.
No more had she closed her legs together than she found herself twisting her head and gazing down at Jimmy again.
I wonder if he gets boners? I wonder how big it is hard?
Her perverse thoughts were getting bolder and less controlled. Earlier she'd been embarrassed to be thinking such things, but they just seemed to be flowing out of her mind like so much random if the topics were nothing more deep than the weather or sports.
I wonder if that little fat huzzy has been playing with him?
She imagined little Carmen rubbing up against him in the pool...touching his junk through his swim trunks...maybe sticking hand down around for his dick... finding it and maybe stroking it right there in the pool while her fat momma watched.
Watched? that's not all the bitch would be doing with my well endowed boys...
Her gaze drifted over to Ricky and she allowed him to enter her sick and twisted fantasy. Dartez was leaning up against the wall of her fancy in-ground pull, out in the shallow end...her one piece suit rolled down so her huge ass titties could float for her Ricky to jerk off on.
You're being stupid...there were other k**s there...she wouldn't have done anything like that, fuck! But then she remembered that nobody else was there by the time she showed up to get them. Was there ever anybody else there? Maybe it had been a private little party...just for her sons. Maybe the big fat bitch really had been doing something nasty with them.
"Ricky...son...did Miss Dartez show you her titties?"
Had it not been for the hum of the engine and the light patter of rain drops on the roof, you could have likely heard a pin drop inside the car after she asked her overly direct question.
Both boys turned to stare blankly at her.
"Answer me, Ricky...I'm serious...I'm not gonna do anything...I'm not mad...I just want to know if you saw her titties or not."
"Umm...well it's kind of hard NOT to see them," he finally replied with a bit of a fake chuckle...obviously attempting to conceal his horror at her asking him such a blunt and sexually oriented question.
"Well it's no big deal if she did...I mean women do dumb stuff all the time...and you're both cute...and well, I wouldn't blame you if you were looking at them...I mean she's got to have at least double EE' you said, they're kinda hard to miss."
When he didn't respond, she turned and glanced over at him...then her eyes flicked downward for just a split second ...just long enough to notice his penis elongating.
Oh fuck, he's getting hard...and he's got no pants on!
"Oh gross dude," Jimmy blurted all at once. "What's wrong with you man," he demanded, obviously having noticed his b*****r's growing erection as well. "MOM?! Ricky's got a boner!"
"SHUT UP, DOUCHE-BAG!" the older boy shouted as he twisted around in the seat so that no one could see his erection. "Mom would shut up talking about boobs!" he added, a mere grumble under his breath, but loud enough she could hear it.
"He's right, shut up, Jimmy...he can't help's my fault for talking about big titties...the day's gonna come when you have the same issues, so stop dogging him out." She glanced down at him and noticed his little dick was moving and not from road motion. "Maybe you already got that problem a little, huh?"
Jimmy immediately twisted and looked up at her and then dropped his gaze down to his own naked lap.
"N-n-nooo," he sputtered.
"Oh, I think you do," she argued and without thinking it through, she swapped hands on the wheel and reached down with her right hand to his genitals...her fingers wrapping around his dick and tightening. With a few little tugs, she felt him tense and then she released him. A quick glance down and she saw the results of her actions even before she realized fully what she'd just done.
OH FUCK...oh holee shit...I just...what did I just do...why did I do that?? SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!
Like a two dollar whore, she'd just reached down and grabbed his dick and jerked on it...two or three little pulls and now he was growing harder by the second as she watched in horror. Her own son! She'd just took her own nine year old son's cock in her hand and jerked on it till she made it hard. What the hell was she thinking?
Part of her wanted to pull over and puke...and another part of her was raging with excitement at having done it.
I gotta get this under least Ricky didn't see me do it...I can cover this...just...just play it off...something... just say something dammit!
"See...don't pick on're just as bad," she asserted.
"Crap," Jimmy grumbled as he put both hands over his dick and attempted to push it down to no avail. "Why'd you do that it's gonna stay that way!"
Oh shit...he's not perturbed that I touched it...he's upset because I made it hard! Well at least maybe I didn't warp him up. How stupid am I to start with...why...WHY did I do that??
She continued to watch him pushing down on his dick. And to her horror, it was turning her on. His cock was at least four, maybe almost five inches long, though it was pretty narrow. Still, despite that, he was bigger than her husband and he was only freaking nine. He didn't even have any pubic hair yet! And on top of that, here he was hard as a rock from her stroking it like...for less than a second!
"Tell me something...has your father ever explained to you two about...y'know...beating off?"
She could almost hear the wind whistle as both their heads whipped around and up to gawk at her.
"What?" Jimmy stuttered?
"," Ricky added with a an odd look on his face.
"You two are evidently old enough to need to know...I mean if you get hard like're gonna get to where it stays that way unless you let off some of the pressure," she explained in a monotone voice as she returned her own attention to the road ahead.
"Pressure, what'd'you mean? Jimmy prodded her.
"Your balls there...they make this stuff called semen...and it starts really churning when you get to ya'lls kind of builds up after a while and it makes your, I mean your penis, get hard. It's how babies are made, actually."
She stopped her lecture and waited to see if they were gonna gross out, but neither made a peep. Without looking at them, she continued on...
"The semen builds up...and...okay, like, your penis gets hard like that so you can stick inside a woman and squirt the semen inside of her...and that makes her pregnant, okay... does that make sense?"
Nothing...not a word...nothing but the sound of the rain and the road.
"But boys...well you're not old enough to be doing that, but your penis...well it's gonna do what it's just biology y' gotta learn to deal with it, and part of that is beating off."
"Okay...I'll ask...just what the heck are you getting at, Momma?" Ricky asked with his usual hint of sarcasm.
"You two have never done it, have you?"
She glanced over at them and smiled.
"You beat off to get the semen out...and it will solve that hard problem for you. Let the pressure out, y'know?"
"How do you beat off?" Jimmy asked and as she looked down, she realized to her sick amusement, that he was still boned up and fighting with it.
Without another word, she reached down with her right hand again and gripped his shaft...and immediately began jerking on it.
"Just do this till the semen shoots's kind of like peeing, but it'll be thick and white and it kinda..well it pops out more than sprays." While she talked her hand continued to pump on his privates. She abruptly realized she was getting off on it...and not just the physical aspects of wanking on a, no...she was getting off on the way her older son was watching...and her twisted excitement doubled when she noticed he'd turned back around and his own dick was still erect...and she could fully see it now, and to her deviant delight, it was big...bigger than she expected.
Just on initial exam, she knew it had to be at least six inches long and was thick...really thick. It looked odd standing out from his pelvis like it was doing...and it wasn't curving was sticking straight out and it reminded her of Tom's big dick.
Oh shit, if he's that big big is he gonna get in a few more years? She found herself yearning to get her hand on Ricky's dick as well...and she imagined herself in the middle of the big bench seat in the back...a boy on either side of hand on each of their dicks, jerking them off at the same time!
Suddenly she couldn't stand it any longer. She released Jimmy's dick and pulled the car over on the side of the highway, practically off into the edge of the rice field. Popping the shifter into park, she twisted in her seat and faced them.
"Do it...both of you...right now...I wanna see you beating off...I'm not riding all the way home with both of you pointing hard dicks at me."
"DO IT...I'm not joking here...jerk them bastards off right now. We're not going anywhere until Granny's dashboard is dripping with white shit, got it?" Her voice was suddenly stern and demanding and she was getting even more excited by it. She was in control...these two little boys were here little bitches and they had to do what she said whether they liked it or not. She carried them for nearly ten months and she'd changed their diapers, fed them, washed them and taken care of them for ten years...and that meant she pretty much owned their wiry little asses. Oh yeah, she was in charge here and it wasn't like they weren't gonna enjoy it, I mean c'mon...what boy don't like popping a spooge, huh?
Oh shit...where do these thoughts keep coming from? It was as if she had some sort of little nasty voice in her head telling her to do do bad, disgusting things...things she knew she wasn't supposed to be doing...hell things she should even be thinking about, for that matter. But she kept on listening to the voice and at times, it seemed as if the voice was talking on it's own...through her felt as though she were a voyeur...watching through her own eyes but not in control of a twisted sort of dream that she couldn't wake up from.
"C'mon...put your hand on your dick and pump this," and with that said, she reached out and latched on to Jimmy's dick again and instantly began to jerk back and forth on it.
"MOMMA?!" he blurted, but his expression was one of mixed he was freaked out, but trying to smile at the same if he liked it but didn't know why.
"Yeah, it feels weird at first...and it's gonna feel crazy weird right up until you shoot off, but then it'll feel great, just trust me...I know what I'm talking about."
"I don't want to," Ricky muttered with a horrific expression marring his cute face.
"So if old big tits Dartez had whipped her big ones out at the pool and told you to jerk for her...I bet you'd have beat your fucking balls off for her, wouldn't you?"
Oh crap...where did that come from? I didn't say that...or at least I didn't want to say that...okay maybe I was thinking it, but I didn't mean to say it!
But she had. She'd blurted it out big as shit and part of her didn't give a damn that she had. It was the truth probably and she knew it...and he knew it.
"Your momma not good enough to see you jerking off? What's the titties not big enough for you? Oh that's what it is, wanna see some chest meat before you gonna lay out some cream of soup mix for me, that it, little boy?"
She glanced down and realized Jimmy's dick was pulsing as if in time with his heart beat. Her hand had previously reached all the way around it...but now it was, no it wasn't swelling it was just outright inflating in her hand. As she watched it expanded from four to five and then to six inches in length and it kept on going until it was almost a foot long and drooping downward, nearly bridging the distance between him and the dashboard radio console.
"What...what did you do to me," he gasped as he reached out to grab his monster cock with both hands. Like a rabid, out of control a****l, he began pumping on his grossly distended shaft and he continued to do so until a splurt of white goo erupted from the head of it and spattered across the surface of the AM/FM radio.
"OH SHIT," Ricky blurted in an almost girlish voice as he jumped up and literally climbed over into the back seat to escape his little b*****r's bizarre expulsions.
Joanne followed his escape route and twisted in the seat herself so that she was leaning over the back of the front seat, looming over him. With a vicious jerk of her hands, her blouse buttons shot off in every direction, revealing her white and aging brassiere beneath it. Another rip, and the bra was gone...her droopy titties dangling free and dr****g over the back of the front seat in plain sight of the boy.
"There's you some titties, spank for Momma, show big Momma what you got packed in that sack...c'mon now...I know you're dying to pump it out...the pressure has got be terrible...look at your nuts, boy...look at'em!"
Ricky glanced down and stared in horror as his ball sack began to inflate like a balloon...the pressure inside making him feel like he needed to pee bad, even though he didn't. Something was was aching so very bad and then he had his hands on his dick and he was pumping on it...hard...vicious like!
Joanne was so hot now she couldn't stop if she wanted to. Ricky's testicle sack was perfectly round and practically the size of a softball and somehow she just knew he was gonna shoot cum everywhere...probably all over her fat titties... maybe even her belly...yeah, Kyle used to like shooting all over her big belly...he'd tell her to pook it the fuck out and talk nasty to him like she was pregnant and then he'd dump his pathetic load all over her spare tire.
Leaning back from the seat, she removed the remains of her blouse and tattered bra and then climbed over into the back seat with Ricky, who by now, was drooling at the mouth from jerking off so hard. He looked literally rabid, like a mad dog, almost frothing.
"Won't come won't come out...oh shit, it won't come out, me get it out!"
She reached and unbuttoned her pants...unzipped them and then rolled them down, followed with her nasty, hole-ridden and soaked granny panties.
Ricky managed to look at her as she pulled her pants down...her fat gut billowing out of her panties...hanging down, all bloated in the lower half, hanging so low that it nearly covered her big hairy bush. And he could smell her, he could smell the stank of her cunt...he could feel the heat coming off of her body and suddenly all he could think about was burying himself inside of her.
"Look how big Momma's belly is, like that... your old man likes it...he cums on it all the time...he likes to pretend I'm pregnant...but y'know what...I don't like pretending," she added with an insinuation so bold it slapped the boy in the face.
"Get in my pussy, little boy...get that fucking cock in my pussy and fucking load me up before I suck it out of your ball sack with my fat lips!"
Ricky lunged onto her and didn't even let her kick her pants the rest of the way off. He just burrowed in between her spread thighs and crammed himself deep inside of her sopping wet and gaping pussy.
"YES! OH FUCK YES, you nasty little fuck...screw your momma's pussy...cum in it...cum in it!" she shrieked at him as he pumped in and out of her. Glancing past his head, she could see Jimmy climbing over the top of the front seat, his gigantic foot long cock slapping side to side as he crawled over into the rear of the wagon with them. "OH HELL YES...YOU'RE NEXT, LONG DONG...YOU'RE NEXT in Momma's cunt!"

22 Minutes Later...2:27 PM

The old Green Dodge with the white hood, blowing smoke and losing cobwebs from it's exhaust port, roared down the highway with nothing but stink and hot wind in it's wake, tearing up asphalt with little regard to anyone in it's way. The driver, her body expanding more by the second, fought furiously to concentrate on the road, ignoring the sickening horror that she felt every time she glanced down at her blubbery torso. She was barely able to fit in the space between the steering wheel and the driver's seat...and just since she'd pulled out from her house, her tits were already so big they were getting in the way of her mastery of the wheel...and her belly...hell, she couldn't even see it for the tits, but it was down there and it was getting tight...she could swear the bottom of her stomach had to be hanging over the edge of the seat...and with big bumps, she could feel it tapping the actual floorboard below. A was all a fucking nightmare. Glancing up in her rearview mirror, she saw her son was still jacking off furiously as ever, his dick still growing larger, bigger now than before they'd left. It was maddening, but there was nothing she do to stop it. She had to get something...find somebody...before...before his dick exploded or she was too fat to move at all.
She whipped by the old station wagon without even noticing it...or the fact that it was rocking like it had a party going on inside.

"Did you see that? The fool was attached to the top of that fast moving motor cart?!"
"They call them cars for short...did any of you pay attention during our instruction about this world or was I the only one?"
The two minions both crawled around the side of the station wagon, moving out of the roadway for fear of being struck by another high speed automobile. The armored carapaces were sturdy, but not nearly enough to protect them from flying bullets...or from four wheeled projectiles.
"That's certainly what I'd call dedication to your cause, though, is it not?" the first creature added as he glanced off in the distance where the Dodge was quickly disappearing from view. He strained several of his piercing green eyes in an attempt to see if his brethren was still managing to hold on to the top of the noisy vehicle...but he could not longer see it clearly enough to tell.
"When they wreck the only thing he'll be dedicated to is death...that's why I had our bunch stop their car," his ornery companion asserted with a touch of a superiority complex.
"Are they still fucking in there?"
The old station wagon was rocking like it was a giant paint mixer, side to side, front to back, and up and's aging shocks squeaking and groaning with each f***eful surge of movement inside.
"Yes...the female keeps somehow...breaking my control. It's as if part of her wants to follow my commands, but then her mind starts to wander and I can't keep her on course. Her memories seem to be the source of confusion, but I'm not certain why."
The first creature sighed and allowed a bit of drool to trickle from it's primary mouth...stringing in a gooey mess down to the asphalt.
"Maybe I should use the memories against her...twist them perhaps...yes...yes that might enable me to bend her mind better, do you not agree?"
The first creature sighed again before responding.
"Why don't we just fuck the bitch ourselves?"
"Because," began the second, more intelligent creature, "if we fuck her, it begets only a b**st...or at best, a vile ass Nurgling. And while the Nurgles are diabolical little bastards, what we're in need of is strength and power...and that means a Djinn!"
"I hate them...they're always bossing us around!" the first quipped with an obvious distaste for the other beings.
"We're stuck...the gate has been sealed and the human army is closing in on us...they'll annihilate all of us if we don't produce something that can meet them in battle. And the only ones of our kind that can do that is the Djinn, plain and simple. So if you want to die, go ahead and waste your time fucking the monkeys yourself. Otherwise shut the fuck up and help me get them to violate themselves! It's the only way to open a flesh gate for the Djinn to come through."
"Fine..." the first sighed yet again, this time expelling a large amount of drool and foamy excrement from both it's mouths. "He's gonna kill her when he comes through though and there's no guarantee we're gonna get a hold of another weak I guess we just don't get to have any fun at all, do we?"
"Is that the only reason you're here? To have fun with mud monkeys? You're disgust me!" The second creature spat greenish goo onto the pavement and snarled some sort of hideous growl that was actually audible.
"Hey! Calm just made noise...the monkeys can hear y'know...even if they can't see us!"
The second sucked in a deep breath and froze. His dumber companion was right...and the easiest way to lose your grip on the humans' minds was to let them know you were there...frighten them...fear was the great wall builder in regards to telepathic manipulation.
"Shit...stop pissing me off and maybe I won't do stupid things like that. Now focus and help me get this done before something runs over us."
"Maybe we should get in the car with them...I'm more powerful the closer I am to them."
"No, no,'d be too easy for them to accidentally bump into us...or see something move that we've bumped into ourselves. No, we stay out here till the deed is done and then we move on...that's the plan."
"Hey, I think she's doing the other one now...I want to watch!" the first creature said as it used one of it's eight legs to reach up onto the rear bumper of the car and pull to raise it's armored carapace up high enough to see in the back window.
"And this is why our invasion is failing...idiots...idiots more concerned with perverse interspecies mating than with conquering." The second creature sighed himself and lifted his own body up to look in. "The main gate is already shut on us...our invasion is all but lost anyway...I suppose we might as well enjoy ourselves before the humans close in and kill us."
"My sentiments exactly," the first concurred. "Hey, let's do some freaky I love fucking with the monkeys' heads...c'mon...let's do it!"
"What do you have in mind?"
The first blinked all of his eyes at once and something akin to an evil grin creased his upper mouth. "Oh I've got all sorts of ideas. I've been listening in on your control with this one and she's got some serious mental hang-ups that I'm dying to try my hand with."
"'ll cut her loose and you can play with her...just make sure you get one of the younger ones to impregnate her...and remember, they have to WANT to impregnate her or it doesn't work."
"Okay, so you play with them...and I'll play with her... that should more than take care of the matter, right?"
The second creature thought about it for a moment and realized his moronic companion was probably right.
"Fine, let's do it."


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By Amanda Wrighter


Annie Farrow leaned back in her seat and waited patiently for her husband to receive her words. The international connection was poor at best and despite promises by the military to provide solid lines of communication to families, the damn connections always seemed to have a delay to some degree.
“Well he’s okay though, right?” Martin, her husband, finally replied from the other end of the line…somewhere in Turkey where he’d been stationed for the last six months.
“Yeah, the doctor said it’s more fractured or cracked than actually broken, but they put a cast on it anyway just to keep him from fucking it up worse,” she explained.
“Well how are you doing?” he asked after a brief silence. “Pregnancy still going okay?”
“Yeah, I just had my seven month checkup. It’s definitely a boy,” she added with a bit of humor.
“Take after his old man, huh?” Martin said with a snicker. “I’m guessing the ultrasound was showing more than just fingers and toes, huh?” And again, he chuckled.
“Well duh…it was kinda hard to miss. Even the doctor made a bit of a lewd comment about it.”
Martin broke into a full laugh now and it went on for a bit before he finally spoke again.
“Well babe, I gotta go…just call me if anything else happens. I can’t do much but I like to at least know what the fuck’s going on, ya’know?”
“I got it under control. Don’t worry,” she assured him though she knew she was lying about that. But what else could she do? Her husband was in the Army and when they sent him somewhere…then he had to go…no ifs, ands, or buts about it. “Bye, I love you,” she added before he said the same and hung up.
She stood up from the table and stared across the room at the female soldier manning the desk by the door. She looked bored.
“Is there any chance they’ll get the video chat thing going anytime soon?” she asked as she waddled her way toward the door.
The woman looked up and her eyes did the usual widening that most people did these days when they realized how hugely pregnant she was. At least she recovered and didn’t gawk for long.
“Where’s your husband stationed?”
“Turkey, but I don’t know what base.”
“What’s his MO?”
“Oh yeah,” the woman blurted, cutting her off before she could even finish her reply. “Nah, he’s not on a base at all. He’s stationed to a mobile launch vehicle probably so…no, he’s not gonna have vid-chat, sorry. Honestly you’re doing good if he’s got access to the phones.”
“Yeah, well he usually gets to call me at home when he’s off like this, so--”
“Sorry,” the female soldier cut her off again. “No direct calls when they’re out like that. Basically the calls can be tracked to locate his unit’s position, if that makes any sense for you. So any contact has to be through here so that we can scramble and secure any communications.”
“Is that why there’s a delay when we talk?”
“Sorry, but I can’t answer that, ma’am.”
Annie sighed and started for the door.
“Must be tough being this close to delivery and your husband away, huh?” the woman called out to her.
Turning, she tried to smile though she really wanted to smack the woman in the face.
“I’m only seven months…twenty nine weeks,” she stated and waited for the woman’s eyes to pop out of her head.
It was the standard second question and not the first time she’d heard it in the last few weeks.
“Nope…nope…just the one,” she replied and turned to get out before she lost her temper and went off.
“If one more person makes a big deal out of how big my belly is I’m gonna scream,” she grumbled to herself as she waddled down the steps of the Army’s secure communications building.
Her stepson, Steven, was sitting on the steps, still nursing the fresh cast on his left arm. The boy was a total nerd, right down to the shaggy hair and glasses. He might have weighed sixty pounds soaking wet with a bowling ball in his pocket. How or what he’d been doing to break his arm, she was still in the dark about.
His mother, Katie, was in the Navy and had been assigned sea duty for six months aboard an aircraft carrier and so she and Martin had taken him in…but less than a week afterwards, Martin had been told to pack a bag and head out too. So for nearly the entire time she’d been pregnant, she’d been playing mommy to Steven. As if being pregnant wasn’t enough of a chore by yourself, she was also stuck with Steven.
Not that he was a bad k**. Honestly, most days, she’d almost forget he was in the house with her. She lived on base in a two story townhouse that had two bedrooms, both upstairs, and Steven stayed to himself in his room nearly all the time, so she seldom heard from him unless he was hungry.
Breaking his arm had honestly been the most trouble she’d had with him. How he’d managed to do it, he still wasn’t admitting. All she knew was that he’d been in their tiny fenced in patio when she heard a calamity and upon investigation, had found him sprawled next to the fence holding his arm and looking like he might hurl.
“You ever decide to tell me what you were doing?” she asked as he stood up and began following her into the parking lot toward her car.
He didn’t reply so she decided to wait a bit before asking again. When they got to the car, she climbed in or rather “fell” in, as had become her typical method for getting into the car and behind the wheel. Her belly was so large that bending normally had become a thing of the past. Once she was situated, she strapped in and cranked the car.
By that point, the boy was in the passenger seat and also buckled in.
She flicked the electronic locks and sealed them in. The clicking noise startled him and when he twisted to look at her, she smiled ruefully at him.
“Not get’in out till you tell me what happened. And your Dad told me I could ground you until you did. So spill it already,” she demanded.
Steven sighed and turned his attention from her and onto the dashboard directly in front of him. She noted his cheeks were turning bright red as he did so.
“It don’t matter if it was stupid…I just wanna know what it was, okay? If it’s super stupid, I promise I won’t even tell your Dad…we’ll just make something up. But dammit I’m taking care of you so you owe me the truth. I mean I damn near had a heart-attack when I found you, so c’mon and spill it.”
He pawed at his cast and glanced sidelong at her for just a moment before sighing again.
“It’s embarrassing,” he all but whispered.
“Oh c’mon…just tell me, Steven,” she prodded him.
“You’re gonna be mad at me,” he added, his face turning beet red.
“No I’m not,” she insisted. “Tell me.”
“I climbed up on the patio chair so I could look over the fence,” he explained without breaking his stare at the dashboard.
“Why were you looking over the fence?”
“The neighbor,” he replied, his voice barely audible.
Annie rolled that around in her head for a moment before responding. Their only neighbor on that side of the fence was some floozy bitch whose husband was also stationed overseas. The woman…she thought her name was Megan maybe…didn’t have much to do with her. All she knew was she’d been trying to get pregnant for a long while before her husband left and when she found out that Annie was pregnant, she’d all but started ignoring her and giving her the proverbial high-tone.
And over the last few months, she’d noticed that the woman was distinctly gaining weight…a lot of weight. And she simply hadn’t bothered to buy bigger clothes to accommodate her expanding girth. Instead, she’d just taken to letting her rolls bulge out for everyone to see. In fact, the last time she’d seen her a few days prior, the woman had been wearing jogging pants and a tank-top t-shirt as she walked out to check her mailbox. Her joggers were pulled down in the front and her fat belly was bulging over the top of them…and the t-shirt was way too tight and far too short to cover it either. So as Annie stared in awe, the woman’s lower bare belly just jiggled and bounced past her. Megan had noticed her staring and just appeared not to give a damn. She’d also not been wearing a bra and her formerly D-cup tits had swelled into what had to be pushing double DD’s or maybe even bigger. The tits though…well…those she didn’t mind seeing, but the woman’s belly and her plumped up ass stretching the seams of her jogging pants was a bit more than she would have chosen to see.
Oh good grief…was the boy peeping at her?!
Steven had been living with her long enough to have been witness to the woman’s weight-gain as well, so maybe he was fascinated with it. And if the bitch was donning slut-wear to check her mail, then there was no telling what she was wearing on her private patio out back.
“Were you peeping at Megan?” She knew it was a loaded question, but she wasn’t sure how else to ask it, so she pulled the trigger and waited for the impact.
“Yes ma’am,” he finally whispered, looking like he might burst out into tears.
She felt bad for him, so she decided to try and de-ice the situation some before he had a breakdown on her.
“She’s got big boobs, huh?”
Steven blinked and then suddenly turned to look at her and just for a second, she noticed his eyes dipped to her own chest before bouncing back up to meet her own.
“It’s cool, Steven…I’m not gonna tell your Dad or your Mom,” she revealed with an icy smile. “I’ve gawked at her a bit myself, quite honestly.”
“They’re like the size of footballs!” he blurted a bit louder than she was expecting. “Sorry,” he added in a quieter tone when he realized he’d nearly exploded verbally.
“What was she doing on the patio?” Annie inquired as she finally put the car in gear and started backing out.
“She walks around naked,” he said, his face flushing bright red again. “She sunbathes I guess…I don’t know.”
Doubtful! The huzzy probably just doesn’t want to wear her tight ass clothes when she don’t have to, Annie thought to herself. And she could sympathize to an extent. Had Steven not been staying with her, she’d have been roaming the house naked too. Especially during the last few weeks as her belly took a growth spurt. But that wasn’t all that had been expanding. She was fairly certain her ass was spreading and her titties were most definitely starting to grow larger.
She’d been wearing a C-cup when she first got pregnant, and now she was bubbling up out her bras. It was more than likely she was going to have to go for a D-cup soon. Not that she minded. It was the one good thing about being pregnant. Most women started swelling up early on, but she’d remained the same for nearly her entire term…until a few weeks ago. And now, she was wondering just how big her boobs were going to get. And after catching Steven glancing, she wondered if he was interested in that as well.
Oh good grief, I’m his stepmother for crying out loud! Oh damn…that’s not exactly a deterrent is it? That fact actually made it far more likely that he would be attracted to her to some degree. And he obviously had a thing for giant boobs…so if hers kept developing, then he might very well be peeping on her too!
“She’s getting fatter by the day I think,” she commented as she pulled into traffic and headed for home.
“She looks good to me,” he blurted and then blushed again while diverting his gaze away from her.
“You’re turning into a straight up little pervert, ain’t you?” she said with a grin. “Break you frick’in arm trying to scope out a titty…that’s hard-core, man.”
The boy didn’t reply but she could tell he was fighting not to smile.
“Well I hope it was worth it,” she added. “Did you get an eyeful or what?”
He nodded. His smile grew wider but he still wouldn’t look back in her direction.
The question might are’ta be whether SHE got an eyeful or not! As she thought about it, she knew damned well the woman had to have heard him fall and the ensuing chaos that followed. I just wonder if she knew he was peeping? AWK-WARDDDDD…
Boy, if she thought she got the cold shoulder before, there was no telling what she’d get now if the woman knew her stepson had been peeping at her.
“Well just for my personal state of mind,” she began, “try not to kill yourself next time.”
Steven twisted in the seat to face her, his brows furrowed as if he were perplexed by what she’d said.
“Next time?” he said, repeating her last words.
“I’m not stupid, punk! I could sit here and tell you not to do it again, but I know damn well if she struts out naked again you’re gonna burn your eyes out trying to see. And beating your ass probably wouldn’t even do any good. You got too much of your Dad in you I think. He’s a giant pervert too,” she added with a smirk.
He also had a big, fat sausage dick that tended to soothe her ego when she busted him staring at other women. He always looked…she always caught him…and she always boo-booed about it…and they’d end up fucking to fix it. It was almost a humorous habit now. So much so, that quite often she’d point out a woman or draw his attention to them so she’d have a reason to pout about it and get some over it.
“Look, I know you’re at that age where you suddenly realize you like girls, so telling you that you can’t look is just a waste of time. But do try to avoid killing yourself when you do it…and if you get caught, I’m denying all knowledge of your actions, Mister!”
About that time she pulled into their parking space in front of the barracks style townhouses and put the car in park.
“C’mon…it’s getting late and you got school tomorrow,” she said as she fought with her seatbelt to get it unwrapped from around her mammoth belly.
As the two of them started the short walk toward their front door, Megan emerged from her own door and jostled her giant tits out to meet them. Rather than wearing joggers this time, she was sporting a pair of ridiculously tight silky shorts and a white t-shirt that did nothing to conceal the shape or color of her nipples and areola…nor did it do much to contain their swaying movement as she walked.
“Is he okay?” she asked as she stepped over onto their strip of sidewalk and cut them off. “I heard him fall earlier.”
“Er-hrmmm…ummm…yeah, he’s okay. Just cracked his arm so they put a cast on it for a few weeks,” Annie replied, trying hard not to stare at the woman’s chest. Her stepson was making no such efforts though and was gawking unabashedly at Megan as she leaned over to poke at his cast. “Er-hrmm,” she cleared her throat again to let him know she knew he was staring.
He glanced back at her and half smirked, his eyes wide enough to be pie plates.
Looking down, she inadvertently noticed the front of his jeans were puckered outward…more than should have been.
Motherfucker! He’s got a boner! Just standing there staring at her tits up close and…and…
“STEVEN! Go on in the house…and…and go take your bath or something,” she blurted, shoving at him from behind so that he had to move past Megan.
“Er-hrmm,” this time it was Megan clearing her throat as Annie stepped past her on Steven’s heels.
She turned and looked at the other woman, who motioned toward the door…just as Steven shut it behind himself.
“Didn’t want to say anything in front of him,” she began, “but ummm…I think he was peeping over the fence at me when he fell.”
“I know,” Annie replied. “Sorry. He’s at that age, ya’know. I threatened him if he did it again.”
“Oh hell, I don’t care,” Megan stated with a wave of her hand. “Kinda nice to have a guy looking at me for a change. If my husband doesn’t come home soon, I think I’m gonna fucking explode.”
“Oh hell, no fucking shit,” Annie agreed. “Just between you and me, I’ve gone into debt buying batteries, if you know what I mean.”
“Being pregnant is probably worse…the hormones,” she commented. “I been trying for like two years now.”
“Yeah, I know…sorry,” Annie apologized.
“Ah it’s no big thing…I mean I’m glad for you and Martin and all,” Megan asserted. “Sorry I haven’t had much to do with you guys lately. You started showing and it kind of depressed me a little.”
Oh crap! She’s been eating herself stupid because I’m pregnant?!? Suddenly she felt sorry for the other woman.
“I’ve been eating like a pig lately…not that you can’t tell, I’m sure, huh?”
Annie felt like she needed to say something positive or at least something that would get off the subject of pregnancy.
“Umm…ya’know I think that might be why captain fence perv might have broken his arm, actually.”
Megan arched an eyebrow and pursed her lips but said nothing.
Annie smirked.
“Those,” she said, wagging her index finger side to side to indicate Megan’s titanic tots.
“Oh c’mon, woman…fuck! Put on bra before he breaks something worse than an arm!” she blurted, laughing about it.
Megan snickered a bit and glanced back toward the house where the boy had disappeared moments before.
“What’s he got a boob thing or something?” she asked.
“Yeah, apparently,” Annie agreed. “From what I heard, he got an eyeful on your patio too.”
“HUH? Oh, yeah…maybe,” Megan admitted. “Didn’t think anybody could see, ya’know. Get’in me a little sun.” She tried to f***e a smile but it didn’t quite develop.
“Well I’ll try to keep him from scaling the fence on you again,” she stated in an effort to break off what had suddenly become an awkward conversation.
“Umm, if he wants to look, I don’t care,” Megan added as Annie started to step away. “Seriously. I mean, not like that, ya’know…but if he’s doing it…I’m not gonna call the cops on him or nothing, you know,” she added with a nervous smile. “So like don’t beat him down or anything.”
Annie nodded and muttered, “Thanks,” as she hastily moved toward her door.
“Umm, hey,” Megan called out just as she got her hand on the doorknob. “If you need anything…ya’know…like help or anything with him or the baby or something, just let me know, okay. I’m bored stiff and I’m going bananas living by myself. And…and honestly it might help me out of my funk to hang out with you a little.”
Annie suddenly felt bad for the woman again.
“Okay…thanks,” she managed to say before slithering into her house and shutting the door.
Damn! If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that woman got off to knowing he was peeping at her! Having thought that, she suddenly felt the need to analyze the idea. How would she react if it was her that he was peeping at?
She’d caught him glancing at her tits in the car and it hadn’t bothered at all really. In fact, it’d made her think about her tits…which had quite honestly turned her on a little bit.
Oh gross…I let a ten year old turn me on!! No wait, not really…I mean he just more or less sort of triggered it. My tits were what turned me on, not him! Of course that might be the case for Megan too. She had commented blatantly that she was just happy for a guy to be looking at her. So maybe it was just the idea of being peeped at that did it. But what exactly? Had it made her feel desirable? Probably. So it wasn’t Steven per say, but just the results of his actions. Ah, no wonder she said she didn’t mind if he did it. She’s depressed as hell…and fat…and it probably made her feel good about herself for the first time in a while.
Suddenly she was feeling sorry for Megan again. So much so that she was actually entertaining the idea of inviting her over.
Ever so slowly, she began the waddling climb up the stairs toward her bedroom. Once inside, she made her way to the bed and flopped down on the side of it. Her hands made quick work of her blouse buttons and in seconds she had her shirt off. And with a few more flicks of her fingers, she had her overly tight brassiere off as well.
“Good grief,” she muttered as she fondled her aching tits. “That’s it…you’re out of here, bitch,” she cursed at her bra and flung it toward her open closet doors. “Hello D-cups,” she said as she squeezed her breasts again and started to massage them.
“Umm…Annie?!” The shout came from across the hall in the bathroom.
“What?” she shouted back.
“I kinda need some help,” Steven bellowed back.
“Crap,” she muttered as she pushed herself up off the bed and then realized she was topless. She snatched her blouse up off the bed and then stopped to look for her bra. Remembering she’d tossed it into the closet, she moved over towards it and gazed up into the over-flowing piles of clothing that pressed forth from her closet doors.
“Well that bitch is just gone,” she mumbled as she opted to just slip her blouse back on without a bra.
She quickly buttoned up the blouse and adjusted the tight belly, jerking it down to make sure it covered her massive stomach before stepping out of her room and across the hall to the bathroom.
“You decent?” she called out through the door as she twisted the knob and found it open.
“Well that’s my problem,” he replied back as she pushed the door open and entered.
He was standing beside the tub in nothing but his jeans.
“I can’t get my cast wet,” he explained. “And I’m left-handed. So I got a feeling this is gonna be a little bit of a problem,” he added, pointing to the tub of water.
“Ohhh,” she groaned as she realized that he was going to have to do everything one handed…off-handed.
“I can’t even soap my rag one handed, I don’t think,” he stated with a worried expression. “Can you…maybe help me out here?”
“What? You mean take a bath?”
“Yes ma’am.”
She thought about it for several minutes and realized that she didn’t really have much a choice in the matter. He didn’t have anyone else to help him and the last thing she wanted was for him to slip and kill himself in the tub while fumbling for soap.
She sighed.
“Alright…let’s go with this. Can you get your pants off?”
“Yeah, I can use my hand…just can’t use it in the tub,” he stated as she unbuttoned his jeans and kicked out of them.
She turned to the cabinet and opened a door on it to retrieve a washcloth while he was working on his pants, and when she turned around, she was momentarily startled to see how much of a bulge he had in his underwear.
She tried to divert her gaze, but her eyes were locked on the bulge at the front of his tidy-whities. She wanted to look away, but before she could f***e herself, he began to slide his underwear down and out popped his dick and balls.
Holee shit, man!!
His dick was thick and dangled down at least four or five inches in length. The boy was longer limp than half the guys she’d ever slept with.
Oh damn, he must have got that from Martin, she thought to herself as she continued to stare at him. Her husband, the boy’s father, had a thick nine inches when fully hard. He was so long he could never get it all the way in with her. She did good to let in seven of his nine inches and even that much felt like it was poking her tonsils. She’d never liked length as much as girth. Luckily Martin had both…and apparently so did his son, even at ten years old, and the boy’s skinny frame made the damn thing look all that much bigger in comparison.
As she watched, he stepped over into the tub and his motions made his cock swing back and forth between his legs. She felt mesmerized by its movements…as if it were some kind of pendulum tick-tocking back and forth with the intent of hypnotizing her.
His balls were nothing to laugh at. He had a high and tight knot of testicles that looked like a real palm-full. As he stepped over into the hot tub though, she noticed they were starting to unshrivel.
“How are we gonna do this?” he asked, snapping her out of her trance.
“Oh, umm…well…m-m-maybe it would be easier if I just do it, ya’know,” she suggested. “Just sit down in the water and hold your arm out over the edge of the tub.”
After he did so, she approached the tub and dropped down onto her knees beside it and placed a small hand towel over his cast.
“Remind me to get you a big ziplock bag or something to tape around it tomorrow,” she said, as she leaned over the edge by his cast and pressed her pregnant belly against the cold tub wall. “Oh good grief…this is gonna be fun,” she muttered as she gasped while straining.
All was fine for the most part until it came time to wash below the belt line.
“Umm, you’re gonna have to stand up,” she told him and before she could lean back, the boy stood up and his genitals were suddenly too close to her face for comfort.
“I can wash my own butt,” he told her. “Just gimme the rag.”
She complied and handed him the soapy washcloth. Moments later he moving his hand to the front and was about to try and scrub his genital area when he dropped the rag into the water.
“Crap!” he blurted and bent forward.
“I got it,” she asserted and quickly beat him to the draw. After fishing the cloth out of the water, she soaped it up again and was reaching out with it in her hand to return to him, but instead of extending his hand to take it, he just looked down and waited. “Uhh…you want to--”
“Oh!” he chirped when he realized she wanted him to try again. “I…sort of…need both hands to do this right. I mean I have to hold it and then…well…” he broke off with a smirk and blush. “I got it,” he said and reached for the rag, apparently realizing all at once that he’d expected her to do something she didn’t want to do.
“No,” she said and pulled her hand back. “I know how to clean it. I get it. It kinda does need two hands,” she admitted. She watched Martin take a shower and bath so many times it was ridiculous and she’d noted more than once that he would pull his dick out full length to soap and stroke it and then pull the skin back to clean the end of it… a set of tasks that undoubtedly needed two hands to do properly. She was certain he could half-ass it himself with the one hand, but kneeling there as she was…so close to his wet and dripping cock, she felt the distinct urge to touch it. “I got it…just don’t ever say I didn’t do anything for you, Bucko. And if you tell your Dad I did this, I’m gonna beat you nine ways of Monday.”
She spread the cloth across her left hand and then with her right, she reached out and grasped the base of his penis. As she lifted it, she realized his balls were now dangling, hanging quite low and rather than a tight wad of skin, both of his testicles were now all too discernible within the sack of skin.
“Okay…one wiener cleaning…coming right up,” she muttered with a snicker, trying her best to lighten the awkwardness of the situation.
She pulled back on his foreskin and reached up with the washcloth to scrub the head and glans. She’d no more than touched the rag to it though, than his penis moved in her right hand. She ignored it and began to twist the cloth on the tip of his dick. By the time she stopped and moved her left hand back, it was no longer possible to avoid the fact that his dick was hard.
For a moment or so she just remained motionless with her right hand still gripping the base of his shaft. It was a handful of cock she held and it felt good. She could feel his pulse pumping through it like a steady drumbeat.
She finally rolled her eyes upward and looked at his face. He was gazing down at her, his cheeks dark red and his eyes wide as saucers. He was as motionless as she was.
It’d been so long since she’d had a dick in her hands… so long since she’d had the opportunity to fulfill herself through sex. Part of her wanted to do something with this fat sausage she gripped…and the other part of her railed against the idea, knowing full well this was her ten year old stepson and that such a thing, while not directly i****tuous, was certainly not something to be done even if the boy was complacent with it. And if Martin ever found out, he’d murder her for sure.
She willed herself to let go of his dick, but she did so only to rub her right palm across the soapy rag she held in her left. Part of her wanted to wash away the perversion from her hand…and then another part wanted her to soap it up so she could play with it better.
She glanced back up at him and realized he was still staring down at her with a look of shock on his face.
“Umm…are you okay with that?” she asked, gulping to try and keep her own cool about it. The boy nodded and for a moment she thought she noticed a bit of a glint in his eye as if he might have liked it and was too embarrassed to admit as much. “Perv…I think you like getting a bath, don’t you?”
He snickered and grinned and his penis was starting to droop slowly, so perhaps it was just a reflex after all.
“You ready for me to finish?” she asked, reaching out with her now soapy right hand to grasp his testicle sack.
He didn’t say a word, but as soon as she began to wash his balls, his erection began to rise again. She f***ed herself to ignore it, but it quickly attained such hardness that it was slightly jerking, physically, as his bl**d pumped through it.
She slid her right hand up from his balls and grasped his dick around the base again.
Oh damn, he’s so hard…and shit, he’s got a long one like Martin! She’d have had to use both hands, end to end to enclose its length…meaning his boner was at least seven inches long. And it was thick enough that she couldn’t wrap her fingers all the way around it. A gap of nearly an inch stretched between the tip of her thumb and the end of her middle finger.
Oh fuck, he’s got a big, fat fucking dick! It’s just so wrong that it’s attached to his scrawny ten year old body! I mean c’mon…what the hell, man?!?
She’d never cheated on her husband in the four years they’d been married…but if she was honest with herself, she had to admit it was because she never imagined finding another man who could sexually satisfy her like Martin did. But Martin wasn’t here. Martin hadn’t been here for nearly six months and her vibrator just wasn’t doing the service like he did. She was pregnant, hormonal, and she had needs…she had desires…and she was so tired of sl**ping alone and having to touch herself at night.
She never made the conscious decision to do it, but at some point, her right hand slid forward on Steven’s penis and then pulled back making the boy twitch and shift his weight from one leg to the other. He was trying to step back…to pull himself from her grasp, so she stopped and gripped his dick dramatically to get his attention.
“Don’t…don’t ever tell your Father,” she said to him, staring up straight into his disbelieving eyes. “Do you know what I’m doing?”
He shook his head slightly side to side.
“Does this feel good?” she asked as she began to slide her hand along his cock again. He nodded excitedly and so she continued to do it, picking up speed a bit. “I’m jerking it off,” she said with what she knew must be an overt expression of lust on her own face. Her voice was already sounding husky and course and she just didn’t care to conceal her desire past this point. The boy liked it. Why couldn’t she?
He grunted and began to wiggle a bit with his hips… which only made her want to pump it faster. As her grip increased in speed, so too did his hip twisting and before long, he was panting out loud and blinking profusely.
All at once, a spurt of semen erupted from the tip of his cock and shot nearly a foot away to splatter on the tub faucet. She continued to pump him, but the semen was just oozing out now and dripping down into the tub water at his feet.
Oh man…it’s his first jizz…his first cum! I just popped me a virgin dick!
Suddenly she was getting carried away with it. This wasn’t her u******e stepson anymore. Now he was a cute, little virgin and she was a naughty MILF breaking him in for the first time. It was exhilarating in a perverse way that she’d never experienced before.
She finally let go of his shaft and dipped her left hand down into the water to rinse the cloth free of soap. Once she done that, she raised it and used it to rinse his penis clear of soap and sticky cum drips.
His cock was drooping now, but it was still semi-erect and swollen from her m*****ing grip. Even in this state, it was still at least five inches long…and to her awe, semen continued to ooze from the tip of it.
Fuck, he’s never cum before! He’s just all backed-up, ain’t he? Bet his fucking balls are just aching right now!
She looked up and asked him, “Are you gonna tell anybody that I did that?”
He blinked and then vigorously shook his head from side to side. “No ma’am…nope…uh-uh…never!”
“You can do that yourself, you know,” she said as she folded the washcloth and d****d it on the side of the tub between them. She was leaning back now and looking down and realized at that moment that she could see her own erect nipples bulging through her blouse.
“Can you do that with your right hand, Captain Lefty?” she asked him, looking back up.
“Maybe,” he said nervously.
“Do you think I have nice boobs?” she asked, her eyes telling him far more than her mouth was. “I mean I know they’re not nearly as big as Megan’s but--”
“They’re awesome,” he blurted, cutting her off.
With both hands, she reached and grabbed both sides of her blouse and jerked with all her might, bursting the buttons and sending several flinging across the bathroom in various directions. Her tits spilled into view atop her very pregnant belly and the boy’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head.
She pulled herself up from the floor and shucked the tattered remains of her blouse…then pushed her maternity jeans down to her knees…kicking the rest of the way out of them. In the space of a few seconds, she was stepping over into the tub with him…her huge round belly bumping into his chest and forcing him to step backwards in the tub enclosure.
“I know you’re young, Steven,” she began, “but older people…they get…they need sex sometimes. And I’m pregnant, Steven…I got hormones running out my ears, okay. I get so horny I can’t stand myself. Do you know what horny means?”
He nodded enthusiastically, but continued to inch back further away from her until he bumped into the back wall of the enclosure.
She stepped forward towards him until her belly was against his chest again, essentially pinning him to the rear of the enclosure. Her hands were squeezing her tits now and kneading them like dough.
“Steven…baby,” she said. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to, okay…but…but please…please do something with me…just something. You can do anything you want. You can touch me…do you want to touch me? Look how big my titties are. Do you wanna touch them?”
The boy was visibly sweating now and his face was so red that it looked like it might be turning purple to an extent. Beneath her humongous orb of stomach, his dick was standing straight up again…hard as a rock and when she moved a tiny bit closer, the tip of it touched the bottom of her belly.
“Oh fuck, you have such a big dick, Steven. Do you realize how fucking big you dick is? Do you? Oh damn, I wanna do more than just wash it for you. You know that, right? I wanna suck it. Can I suck it? Can nasty Annie suck your fat cock?”
She gripped the towel rack rail and braced herself as she dropped to her knees in the water and then slid forward until her big belly was between his knees and her tits were just beneath his dangling balls. Before he had time to respond to her, she had her mouth on the end of his cock and was deep throating him with rapid-fire suction and strokes.
He groaned when her left hand found his balls and gripped them. He gasped loudly when her right hand again coiled around the base of his shaft and began to jerk him off while she slobbered all over the end of it.
He leaned back against the wall and just tried to relax, to let her take him, but the gnawing, aching pressure in his testicles was overwhelming, so try as he might, he couldn’t seem to hold his hips still.
She finally popped her mouth off his cock and began to talk to him again.
“Oh yeah, you like that…you like this nasty shit, don’t you? I know you like me…I saw you glancing at my tits today in the car. Not the first time either is it? I know what bad little boys think about…I know all about it. I like it! I’m nasty…I’m so nasty…so fucking nasty. You didn’t know your step-momma was so nasty, did you? Didn’t know I liked fat cock, did you? Never dreamed I’d rip my shirt off and suck your dick, did you?”
“Annie…ahhh…Annie!” he kept blurting her name.
“Say it…say my name, little boy…say my name!”
“Annie!!” he all but shouted and reached down to grab at her hand…almost as if he wanted her to stop, but she knew he didn’t. He was getting close to cumming hard and she knew it…so she started pumping harder and faster.
“Gimme that load! Give it to me! Give my nasty pregnant ass that load, little boy! Shoot that shit all over me you dirty little fucking bastard--”
And he erupted like a geyser all over her face.
“Oh fuck!” she gasped as a second and third spurt splattered her lower face. Some got in her mouth and she could taste the salty goo on her tongue.
She leaned forward and sucked him into her mouth again and proceeded to milk his cock until he stopped cumming.
When it was over, she slid his flaccid dick from her lips and leaned back. Looking up at him, she smiled, cum still all over her cheeks and chin. She laughed out loud and then retrieved the cloth from the tub side to wipe her face with.
When she was done, she tossed the rag into the water and pulled herself up into a standing position.
He was looking up at her now and her larger size seemed to make him feel all that more small. He felt like she wasn’t done…like she was just beginning with her dirty sex business. He felt like a mouse that was cornered by a fat cat with big teeth. It was scary but also it was awesome! What he’d just experienced was the most intense and fulfilling sensation he’d ever known. He knew now why older people obsessed so much about sex…why they talked about, made movies about it…spent so much time trying to get it. It was well worth it!
Annie pressed up against him and mashed him back into the cold, wet wall at the rear of the tub. Her titties were right in his face.
“I did stuff for you…so now I want you to do something for me, okay? I want you to suck my titties. You wanna do that? You wanna suck my titties, Steven? I know you do. Fuck, you broke your damn arm just trying to see Megan’s big ass jugs! So I know you’d give your left nut to touch mine, wouldn’t you? C’mon…suck these bitches! Put your damn mouth on my nipples and make me moan!”
He leaned his head forward and sucked her right erect nipple into his mouth while simultaneously raising his right hand to grope at her left tit.
“Don’t play, little boy. Momma likes it rough! Bite on it a little…suck hard…yeah…yeah, like that!” Her hand rose up and grasped his and f***ed his fingers to squeeze hard on her right nipple and then pull it. “Ohhh fuck! Oh yeah, you bad little motherfucker! Pull it hard! Ahhhh!”
She was moving her own hips now, much in the same way he’d been moving his when she was jerking him off, and he realized that it was probably for the same reason. She was getting off just as he’d been doing moment before. Whatever he was doing here, he must have been doing it right, or so he assumed, so he continued to do it, except now he did it harder, more roughly. He nibbled on her nipple and pulled it with his teeth and then tugged viciously on her other tit.
“OH SHIT! Oh, you bad little bastard…I’m gonna fuck you so hard…SO HARD!” she blurted. “I’m gonna ride your scrawny ass into the floor! Yeah, I am!”
It was about then that she realized his dick was touching the bottom of her belly again.
“Oh fuck, you’re hard again! Oh fuck, you’re so bad, you’re so bad! You wanna fuck me don’t you? I know you do, I know you do! You wanna cram your cock all up in my pregnant pussy don’t you? Nasty little boy…wanna fuck your old man’s wife! I’m your step-momma, boy, you know that…you know that don’t you? Yeah you do, but you don’t care, ‘cause you got a big, fat cock that wants to fuck!”
Beating him off…sucking him off…had been terrible enough as it was, but could she do more? The voice that had protested against this whole charade was all but silent now. She’d already crossed the threshold of no return and she knew it. She’d done enough now that doing more really wouldn’t make much of a difference. In truth, the only thing left undone was having the boy put his dick in her and if she was going to go down for this, then she damned well intended to get all she could out of it.
At least she was already pregnant…at least she wouldn’t have to worry about strapping up or pulling out. No, no, she could be as nasty as she wanted to with Steven. No worries about getting knocked up or catching an STD…no, no…this was an incredible opportunity to be dirtier than she’d ever been in her life. And he was a pure virgin…he’d do anything she told him to, no matter how freaky it might be!
She backed up and pulled him with her. Stepping out of the tub, dripping wet, she led him out of the bathroom and across the hall into her bedroom. Soaking, she flopped onto the bed and spread her legs for him.
“Get up here and fuck you some pussy, little boy! Come fuck Annie’s aching cunt, you nasty little bastard! Step-momma needs some cum to make the ache go away!”
He climbed onto the bed between her knees and then his hands were on her belly. Hesitant at first, but then his fingers began to slide around and around, taking in her massive orb that was her stomach.
“You like that…you like my pregnant belly?” she asked him, almost cooing with delight. “Fuck it…stick your cock in my pussy and play with my belly, boy! Fuck my pregnant ass like I’m a cheap whore!” After having said it, she wondered if the boy even grasped half of what she was blabbering to him. In the end, she didn’t really care. She talked nasty during sex more for herself than her partner.
He fumbled for several attempts, but then finally managed to get the tip of his dick into the right position to penetrate her.
“Oh fuck,” she gasped as he pressed inside of her. He was nowhere near as big as his father, but for some damned reason he felt huge. Probably her pregnant vagina was swollen with extra bl**d flow. She’d read about that…about how pregnancy could even intensify orgasms for a woman. This was the first time she’d had any dick though, since she’d first found out she was knocked up. She’d no more peed on a stick than Martin had packed a bag and departed.
It wasn’t just the physical sensations at play though. She’d always been led by men during sex…and for the first time ever, she was in charge. It was liberating…but there was still something else to it.
“Annie,” he gasped her name as his boney hips began to buck between her thighs.
Martin always called her Annie during sex.
“Call me Momma,” she blurted. “Be dirty…call me Momma, dammit!”
“Oh Momma!” he grunted as he pumped her pussy with his fat and swollen cock.
Oh shit, that’s it! I’m getting off on this because he’s my stepson…because he’s a boy! Oh fuck, I never even dreamed of such a nasty thing as this! So many deviant fantasies throughout her lifetime…and yet, never once, had she ever imagined herself taking such a young boy between her legs. But of course she’d also never thought in a million years she’d find a boy with a cock like this one!
“Fuck your pregnant Momma,” she called to him as his hips slowly sped up with their driving, humping movements.
He’s got his father’s dick, she realized. And I’m pregnant with a boy too! Her mind drifted back to the ultrasound earlier in the week…the doctor’s humorous but slightly lewd remark about her son having an overly obvious penis. Oh shit, my son’s liable to have a big dick too!
As she lay there building to orgasm, she found herself wondering if she’d ever do such a thing with her own son? Such deviant thoughts led to her imagining two Stevens fucking her…one dick in her pussy and maybe another in her ass or mouth. Two dicks…three holes…which to use? And then she wondered just how Martin really might respond to learning that she fucked Steven. He was a serious pervert…a real freak at times. Might he be alright with it? Could he be into it? In some twisted fantasy she suddenly conjured, she was besieged by both boys and her husband. Now she had a cock for each hole!
Just then she realized that Steven was muttering and pounding the shit out of her. His hands were gripping her stomach and pawing at it…then they slid down to her upper thighs and with a final series of thrusts, he began to ejaculate inside of her and the sensation of his semen load penetrating her pushed her into a shouting orgasm.
Hot fluid shot from her pussy and soaked the already wet bed beneath them while her arms shot up and grabbed the headboard behind her. Her hips bucked and gyrated until she all but tossed him from her.
“Ahhh, ahhh, aahhhhh…OH FUCK, YOU LITTLE DIRTY BASTARD! YOU MADE MOMMA CUM…made me cum so hard…OH FUCK…oh holee fucking shit!”
She continued to refer to herself as “Momma” and for some reason it turned her on to do so. Why she’d blurted it the first time, she had no idea…but now the cat was out of the bag and it wasn’t going back in for hell.
“That…that was sex,” she said, gasping for air as he pulled back and slipped his limp cock from her swollen and drenched pussy lips. “That was good sex…that was fucking awesome sex!” she added as an afterthought.
Steven was exhausted though, and paid her comments little mind as he crawled up beside her and collapsed in the covers beside her.
She lay there for a while till she realized he was asl**p.
“Typical man,” she whispered aloud as she rolled over with her back to him and faced her nightstand. There atop the bedside cabinet was a photo of her and Martin on their wedding day.
For a brief moment she felt guilty and feared she’d somehow ruined her marriage with this depraved act, but as she stared at her husband’s image, she found herself drifting back to the idea of him gang-banging her with Steven and their son. Of course, in reality, by the time her own son was old enough to do something like this, Steven would be twenty years old, a grown man himself.
Rather than deter her fantasy, this seemed to stir something else entirely. Now she imagined two versions of her husband plus Steven taking her f***efully atop this very bed in which she now lay.
She rolled back onto her back and came to terms with the fact that despite an immense orgasm, she was still fucking horny as all hell.

Lying on the bed with her legs spread, she ran her hands along the curvature of her big belly and then eventually slid them down her upper thighs.
I should get my vibrator out, she thought, but then she realized the noise would probably wake Steven up. So she drew her knees up and let her hands probe downward to her gaping pussy.
As she began rubbing her clitoris, she developed the distinct feeling of having a cock inside of her.
“Oh fuck, that is awesome,” she whispered to no one but herself. It really felt like Steven was still inside of her, still pumping slowly in and out of her and it was good…so very fucking good!
She began to stimulate her clit vigorously in hopes of achieving an orgasm, but as her fingers moved faster, so too did the sensation of penetration. After a moment or two, she found herself slithering about on the bed, grappling with the strange sensations…and trying to somehow intensify them. She rubbed as her pussy harder and faster, and the in and out feeling increased, but it wasn’t quite getting her to where she wanted to go, so at some point she plunged the fingers of her right hand into the soft and moist opening of her vagina while continuing to rub her clit with her left. To her shock, the penetration sensation doubled and her hips began to buck of their own volition. She was getting there…it was cumming…and it was going to be as intense as what she’d felt with Steven if not even more powerful. But just as she was about to reach the apex of her orgasm, her fingers touched something hard inside her pussy…something that was moving back and forth…in and out…but from inside of her.
“Ohhh…oh fuck,” she gasped, trying her best not to shout, but then the thing inside of her pushed all the way out and her hand caught it. She pulled and ecstasy flowed over her, but the thing slid out further. She pulled harder and waves of sexual pleasure enveloped her.
Somewhat fearful of this strangeness, she rolled over and looked at herself in the full length mirror that was mounted on the wall that ran parallel to her bed. What she held in her hand was a giant penis. She tugged on it again and it slid out a bit further.
She leaned forward and looked down. True to the reflected image, what she held in hand was a big, fat dick that was drenched and sticky with her pussy juice…but it dangled out of her…out of her pussy. It looked like she had a penis of her own, for the most part…but that wasn’t possible. This couldn’t be real!
She stroked the thing and waves of elation coursed through her entire body. She squeezed it now with both hands and pulled on it till it gave and slid out even further. Now it was at least a foot and half long and she could literally pull its bulbous, purplish head up to meet her distended belly button. She pulled again, and still it came out more. Now its tip was at the top of her belly…more than two feet long!
She rolled it around against her belly and it felt incredible.
Is this what it feels like to have a cock? she wondered as she began to pump it with both hands…and it took both hands because it was at least four inches in diameter.
She rolled sideways to look at herself in the mirror again. Her hugely distended belly reminded her that she was pregnant…pregnant with a boy…and at that moment she realized whose penis this was.
“Oh fuck…are you giving Momma your cock? You want Momma to play with it for you? Oh Momma’s naughty like that…Momma likes playing with big, fat cocks!” and with that said, she began to pump the giant dick as vigorously as she could until she began to feel the cock pumping on its own…sliding in and out of her pussy. “Oh fuck…fuck me…fuck Momma hard…cum on me!”
Without warning, an immense glob of cum burped out onto the top of her belly and splattered her titties. Excited, she intensified her hand motion on the monstrous penis…until more semen squirted out. After two or three eruptions, her whole pregnant belly was covered in thick, sticky mess.

“Hey,” Martin said, startling her. “What are you doing?”
She was in the kitchen and something was buzzing. She looked down and realized she had her vibrator in her hand. With nervous hands, she flicked it off and tossed it to the counter top.
“Nothing…I don’t know…wh-why?”
“What the fuck? Were you masturbating in here?” he asked, stepping closer to her and whispering as if he didn’t want anyone to hear him ask her. He pointed down and when she looked, she realized she wasn’t wearing anything but a maternity blouse.
She leaned back against the counter facing him and pulled her knees together.
“Maybe…I don’t know,” she replied hesitantly.
“You know Steven is right over there,” he whispered as he stepped close enough she could smell him. He pointed now past her shoulder, over the counter and into the living room. She twisted and saw that Steven was indeed, in the living room watching TV.
“W-when did you get home?” she asked.
“Just now,” he replied. “Is he naked?”
Annie glanced back into the living room and sure enough, her stepson was buck naked, lounged on the couch with the TV remote in hand.
“Oh shit…I can explain,” she blurted.
“SHHH!” he hushed her and then his finger moved to her lips to prevent her from further outburst. “Guess you finally noticed he has a big dick like his old man, huh?”
His hands caressed up her arms and then he gripped her shoulders and f***ed her to turn around and look across the bar into the living room. Then he pulled her back some so that her belly wasn’t against the counter. With a bump, he nudged her over into a leaning position until her titties were resting atop the counter.
“What are you doing?” she hissed back at him.
Then she felt the nudge of his penis prying between her ass cheeks, seeking her anus. He was about to ass fuck her and she knew it.
“MARTIN! He’s right there!” she hissed again.
“I doubt he cares,” Martin whispered to her over her shoulder as he pointed again into the living room toward the TV.
She followed his direction and realized a porn movie was playing on the screen…and then her eyes diverted to Steven who was now erect and jerking off on the couch.
“I bet you been fucking the shit out of him while I was gone, huh?” he whispered to her as he f***ed his oversized cock into her butthole. The pressure was almost too much…but then he started sliding back out.
“Martin!” she gasped, and he was jamming into her again…then sliding out. “Oh baby…do it…ass fuck me!” she cooed to him.
And then he was going at it…pounding her ass for all it was worth. She bit her lip to try and hold her silence, but after a short span it was impossible and her voice erupted with curses and moans.
She looked into the living room again, and Megan was there, naked and dancing wildly for Steven while he beat off to her. She gasped and put her head down on the counter. When she raised it again, they were in the bedroom and she was leaning over the end of the bed and Steven was on his back in the middle of the bed, the fat neighbor on top of him riding him like a bronco that needed to be broken. They were less than a foot from her face. Their gyrations were flopping the bed under her and still Martin fucked from behind.
She collapsed into the covers, groaning and pulling at the sheets. When she managed to raise her head again, Megan was hugely pregnant…her belly the size of a beachball…her tits the size of baskeballs…milk spraying from the engorged nipples as she bounced atop Steven.
“I got pregnant! I got pregnant!” the woman was shouting at the top of her lungs.
And then she was gone entirely and Steven was standing up in the middle of the bed. His cock was monstrous, at least two feet long and as thick as the cock she’d milked before…but before what? Something was not right here. She remembered a massive dick cumming all over her. She struggled to recall the details, but the boy was walking towards her, his immense dick swinging side to side.
He slapped her in the face with it repeatedly until she opened her mouth and let him feed it to her. She was gagging on it…it was too big…too much…

Now she was on her back on the bed and someone was under her…who? It was Martin…he was still ass fucking her and she was lying on top of him. Her legs were spread and Steven was between them, feeding his cock into her gaping pussy. They were fucking her at the same time…

To be continued…

... Continue»
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Masturbating Little Girls

Masturbating Little Girls by Author Unknown

Chapter 1

Jody was fresh, blond and thirteen. She was tall for her age, willowy,
and had a real zest for living. She loved learning anything new. And her
latest thing that she was "into" as she put it, was playing with

"Oh, hello, Manny," she said, recognizing the voice on the phone. "How
are you feeling?" She propped her feet on the radiator that was thumping
with the sound of circulating water. "What did you say? This damn
radiator is making a hell of a lot of noise. Oh, you're staring out of
the window and you wish I was there? Yeah, I know, it's lousy isn't it,
this snowstorm and all, and we have to study."

"What am I doing? I'm playing with myself, of course." Jody always had
her hand on her crotch when she was on the phone.

She had her hand on her crotch because she was always horny. It was
automatic. She would dial a phone number and plop! There would go her
hand between her legs.

The phone would ring, she would answer, and plop! There would go her
fingers to her pussy, rubbing over the denim of her jeans, or tucking up
under the skirt of her plaid school uniform.

They would twist under the elastic of her panties and dig between her
pussy lips and find that lovely secret she had only recently discovered
... her clit that felt so good when rubbed.

"Tell me what you're doing," Jody heard Manny say.

"Okay. I'll give you a play by play description. If I can. I get very
aroused, you know." She had her jeans on so she quickly zipped the fly
down and reached under the elastic waist of her little panties.

"Mmmmm, Manny, it feels so good. Oh, how I wish you were here to see.
I'm rubbing my pussy now. What does it look like? Well, you've seen it,
you know how it looks. Yeah, I know you still want to hear it.

"Well, it's all blond and soft and downy. Sparse. So you can still see
my pink pussy underneath. And now my finger is going all wildly over it,
digging in between the pussy lips, just like you did it to me.

"Mmmmmmm, oh, Manny, can't you come over? Oh, it feels so good. Mmmmmmm.
And now I'm rubbing real hard, flitting my finger all over it, making it
all swollen and sensitive.

"And now I'm yanking my jeans down to half-mast and my panties too.
Yeah, I'm all bare now from the waist down to the knees. Oh, Manny, it
feels so good. Oh, I wish you were here to eat me."

"Yeah, now I've put a finger up my pussy. Mmmmm, it's so gooey and wet
inside. Oh, it's wonderful. Yeah, it's great. Terrific. Mmmmm, I'm
digging two fingers up my cunt hole now."

"I'm thrusting a finger in and out of my hole now. My legs are spread
real far apart. I'm straddling the stool. My thighs are so far apart.
And now I'm feeling my thighs. They feel so good and soft.

"Why don't you come over and rub them for me, honey, Manny, could you?
Oh, if you were here to watch me, I'd really get off. Oh, it would be so

"Honey, Manny, what are you doing? You got your hot cock out of your
fly? Of course! I don't have to ask, do I? Yeah, while I'm, mmmmmmm,
getting it off on this end of the wire, while I'm digging my fingers up
my, ohhhhhhh, cunty, tell me how you're beating your meat, hon, please?"

"Yeah, Jody, well, uh, it's hard to describe," Jody heard him say. She
heard him pant on the other end of the wire. It was like a dirty
telephone call, except that she knew the heavy breather. It happened to
be her f******n-year-old boyfriend.

"Well, try to describe it, huh?" She was busy trying to squirm down on
the stool and reach a finger way down between her ass cheeks, and
wriggling it up her rosebud of an asshole. "Mmmmmmm," she moaned.

"Whatd'ja do, huh? Whatd'ja do?" he said, breathing hard and heavy on
the other end.

"I'm stickin' it up my asshole, honey, and oh, it feels so good, oh, it
makes me feel like I'm gonna come right away," she moaned, grappling
with her asshole, her pussy hole, and her cunt slit and clit all at the
same time. "Honey, hold on, I need another hand," she said, laying down
the receiver.

Manny heard the receiver clunk down and the sound of her moanings and
groanings. "Ahhhhhhhhh, Oooooohhhhhh, eeehhhhhh, ehhhhh, oh, oh, oh,
Jody, honey, do it some more."

She liked to talk to herself, like she was talking to a lover, while she
masturbated. In a sense, she was her own lover.

She thrust her two fingers up her pussy hole and dug in and out of it
wildly. In and out and in and out, her fingers went, doing a dance of
their own. They rotated expertly around and around her little, tight
cunt walls.

"Ahhhhh," she groaned, finger-fucking her asshole at the same time. When
she masturbated, she was a magician. She was practicing sleight-of-hand,
and sleight-of-finger.

Her hands and fingers were everywhere at once, digging into all her
sexual holes, reaching up to pinch and knead her nipples, digging into
her mouth to be sucked on and thereby arousing her lips and tongue.

"Ahhhhhhh," she moaned. She slid off the stool and sat on the bare
floor, placing her cunt right near where the receiver hung down and
touched the floor.

She dipped into her pussy-hole and made wet, sucking sounds, slurping
sounds, with her fingers in her honeyed hole. "Can you hear it?" she
yelled real loud to Manny.

"Yeah, yeah," she heard him yell back. "Go on." He must be yelling real
loudly for her to hear. Probably the floor monitor in his dormitory
would come running soon. Ned, the monitor, was a bespectacled bookworm
and a real fairy if he was anything, still a virgin at f******n. It
disgusted her. Jody and everyone she knew, girls and boys, had already
had reams of sexual experience, had done every conceivable act and then
some, the degree and variety of which would put any adult to shame.

And she loved it. Jody loved sex. She was so glad to be a teenager at
last. She was always curious about sex, ever since she could remember.
And now she had the equipment to do something about it.

Even when she was three, four and five, she remembered seeing her
b*****r run around home naked. She loved watching his little tiny penis
wiggle around as he ran. She loved watching her mother give him a bath,
and soap and towel him there between the legs.

When the c***dren had gone to bed, they snuck into each other's rooms
and played with each other in bed, under the covers.

Jody was surprised to find out that a lot of middle class c***dren were
pretty hung-up about that. They'd never explored each other.

But her father was an artist and her mother was a writer and they had no
hang-ups about such things. They exulted in life, and although they had
standards for behavior in public, they thought a healthy knowledge and
exploration of each other's bodies, as c***dren, was a good thing. It
made sex easier when you grew up. Her parents never said much about it.
They were just easy-going and never said anything against it, never
judged them, even when they would look in on them at midnight when they
went to bed and found them naked and snuggled in each other's arms.

Her mother would carry her off to bed, slip her into her nighty, and
that was that. No big deal.

And now Jody was grateful. No playing doctor and nurse anymore, that was
for sure. Just good healthy honest sex and masturbation.

"Jody, what are you doing now," shrieked Manny over the receiver. His
groans came hot and heavy over the wire.

"I'm masturbatin' with the receiver," she crooned, digging it into her
groin. She wished it were smaller so she could get it right up inside
her. "Ohhhhhh, it's so great. It's like a black cock inside me. An
electronic cock. Oh, I hope I don't get a shock," she squealed, lying
back on the cold floor with the receiver cradled between her slim, soft
thighs, and laughing. "Can you hear my cunt talk?" she laughed.

Her cunt did seem to be speaking its own sexual, erotic language. She
had one end, the hearing part, on her clit and was rubbing frantically
with it. The other end, the mouthpiece, was on her own piece of ass,
chucking her between her cheeks. The middle part, the handle, or the
staff, as she liked to refer to it, straddled her pussy, and she pushed
it as far into her groin as she could get it, like she did when she rode
a merry-go-round horse as a young c***d.

"Nghnghngh," she moaned loudly.

She rolled the receiver back and forth from the top of one thigh to the
top of the other. She pushed her blouse above her tits, small but firm,
and she pinched the braless orbs. She rubbed them delightedly all over,
and pulled their pert, erect little nipples.

"Whatcha doin' now?" yelled Manny through the mouthpiece buried in her
cunt hole. "It sound like the ocean in a seashell."

"It is," she yelled breathlessly, rubbing the receiver up and down all
the while. "it's, uhhh, mmmmm, waves of, oooohhh, orgasm," she moaned.
"It's deep sound within the seashell of my cunt. Oh, honey, Manny, I'm
going to commmmmmme."

She pushed the edge of the receiver ear piece into her clit and rubbed
the little penis-like projectile fervently. With her other hand she
stiffed her cunt hole and jabbed deeply into herself, gathering the
juices and feeling her cunt explode in spasms, one after the other.

"Ohhhhhhh," he heard her yell, really loudly. "Nghnghngh," she screamed,
so her yells could be heard up and down the dorm hall. "Ohhhhhhhh," she
moaned again, feeling herself peak and enjoying the warmth and thrill of

She lay in a daze, feeling her crotch wet and odiferous from the juice
of her explosive come.

"Hey, that was great! That was terrific!" yelled Manny from the other
end. "Wheeee! Whew! Some come!"

He himself was jacking off at a furious pace. The moans of his
girlfriend on the other end were as good as the real thing. Nearly. They
were at least as good as the dirty pictures a friend had sent him from

He jacked his dick rapidly, feeling his stiff staff in his palm, while
his thumb and finger worked the head over, arousing the sensitive pucker
beneath the ridge.

His stiff self got stiffer, the more he whacked himself off. It didn't
take him long at all. He could come five times in a night. He had the
quick comes of early adolescence.

Jody didn't mind at all. When they had sex, he could always get it up
again, right away.

He fingered his balls, as he held the receiver between his left jaw and
his left shoulder.

He held the staff with his left hand then, and jacked rapidly with the
other. He came, whacked some more, and spurt and spasmed again.

"Ohhhhhh," he grunted loudly. And Jody heard him, grinning from ear to

Suddenly the door burst open. "Jody!" an elderly woman stood before her,
hands on hips. "Stop that this instant! Whatever are you doing! And on
the phone, too!"

She grabbed the receiver from between Jody's thighs. It was wet, and she
wiped her hands on her woolen skirt. "Disgusting!" she said. "Who is
this?" she demanded into the receiver.

"Jody! Jody!" Manny was yelling. "I think this connection is broken.
Hello? Hello? Are we on a party line? Hey, whoever it is, what does your
pussy look like?"

"I beg your pardon, young man! Who is this? I demand to know this
instant. You are shaming the morals of this young girl. You are tempting
her into the path of bodily lusts. This school was grounded on the
highest ethical and moral values and I will not have them corrupted by a
bawdy phone call."

They heard the abrupt click of the receiver and then dead silence. Jody
could hardly contain a suppressed chuckle, even in the midst of her
terror at being discovered by the headmistress.

Miss Ellen Glen slammed the receiver into its wall apparatus and turned
to the young girl, whose face was flaming beet red.

"For this, young lady, you will be grounded for two, no, for three
weeks. You must be in your room at seven every night and not leave the
premises. Pull up your panties this instant! That's disgusting! Wherever
did you learn such ugly habits, hmmm? I mean it! Who was that boy? If
You don't tell me this instant, you will be immediately expelled."

The lady's muscles kept twitching in an ugly fashion, and Jody couldn't
help but think she reminded her of a walrus she had seen recently at the
zoo. "Ned Weatherby," Jody answered promptly, without a trace of a lie.

"Ned? That was Ned? I don't believe it. How disgusting. No wonder he's
in his room studying every night. He's not studying. He's doing lewd
things with you on the phone! Good lord! I will contact his headmaster
immediately. And you, young lady, get those jeans up over your private
parts and sit down and study this instant."

"I didn't know people eavesdropped on my phone calls," murmured Jody,
barely able to be heard.

"No, Jody, nobody eavesdrops. But we do have a, uh, spot check, just to
waylay any, uh, negatives that may sidetrack our young girls here. Such
as what just passed! I do declare, young lady, I don't see how this lewd
behavior can help but affect your grades."

"I get straight A's," murmured Jody, looking at the floor, and not
wanting to be disrespectful. Her jeans were back in place, and she was
buckling her belt, and passing her hands over her hips. That felt so
good. It was a subtle gesture, and one that could not be reprimanded.
Still, she knew Miss Glen saw it. It was a sneaky sign of Jody's
hostility for her. Jody had to flaunt her spirit somehow.

Then she put one hand back of her hips and gave Miss Ellen the horns.
All the while, she maintained a perfectly respectful expression.

"You get straight A's, but not for long, my dear, if you keep that up.
Seriously, Jody, let me speak to you frankly and sincerely."

Jody groaned under her breath.

"I think of you as my own daughter. I think of all my girls as my
daughters. I want only the best for them. Only the BEST! And this is not
the BEST! You must have grace, my dear. And self-respect. And tidy
behavior. Know what I mean?"

Jody grimaced. Miss Glen was always using those same stupid expressions.
"Know what I mean?" or "tidy." It made Jody want to puke.

"Yes, Miss Ellen." She thought she should curtsey in a snotty manner,
but she resisted the impulse.

"My dear," Miss Glen implored, taking her hand in her own. Jody wanted
to pull it away. She had her doubts about Miss Glen's own sexuality. Her
loose, old skin made her nervous. She hated the feel of it. She liked
the, young skin. Age made her nervous. "My dear," she repeated, "I KNOW,
I just NOW you understand, don't you?" Without waiting for a reply, she
went on, "I KNOW I can depend on you, can't I? To set an example for the
other girls, know what I mean?"

"Yes, Miss Glen," she said through smiling lips and clenched teeth,
wanting to pull her hand away from her bony grasp. She felt Miss Glen
trying to search out her gaze, trying to penetrate her own reserve.
Finally she let her hand drop and Jody moved towards her desk. "I think
I better study now, Miss Glen, okay?" She looked at her brightly.

"Yes, dear, of course. Excuse the interruption. You understand, I know."

"Yes, Miss Glen," she said sweetly.

The headmistress went out, closing the door. Jody sat sullenly down at
her desk. She felt thwarted. She felt robbed of her privacy. And again
her hand went to her crotch. She wished she could put a lock on the
door. They were always interrupting you here. They were always barging
in when they weren't wanted. They didn't just want your mind, she
thought, they wanted your very soul.

She couldn't wait to get out of this place. Christmas vacation was
coming soon.

She got up and quickly called the boys' dormitory. When she got Manny on
the phone again, she confided, "Look, Manny, that was Miss Glen. She was
listening in on the switchboard downstairs. Let me call you after this.
Otherwise we have a problem."

"That was Miss GLEN?" said Manny, nearly choking. "Oh, my, gosh. And I
talked about her pussy! What a riot. I don't know whether to laugh or

"She thinks it was Ned," laughed Jody.

"Oh ho ho. Is that what you told her?" he asked. "He's the unlikeliest
person. Poor guy."

"Did you come, Manny?" said Jody. "We were interrupted. Yeah, I remember
now. I heard your groans."

"Mmmmm, sure, and you sounded great yourself. When am I going to see you
again?" his hand was on his staff of plenty again, Jody was certain,
just as her own hand returned to her cunt.

"I'm grounded for three weeks. It'll have to early," answered Jody.

"Tomorrow, in the chapel?"

"What time?"

"The usual," he said. "Four?"

"Okay," she said. "Great. Bye, honey. Gotta study now. And happy
masturbating." The receiver clicked and Jody hung up. She returned to
her desk, She couldn't wait. She couldn't wait to see Manny in the
flesh. In the naked flesh to be precise.

Her hand went between her legs again. The chapel was not really a
chapel, but an abandoned woodshed down the road.

The schools were on adjoining campuses, and all of it together made up
about thirty acres of land. It was on the edge of town, so the teenagers
had access to the countryside as well. It was a terrific locale to be
young and sexy in.

Jody stared into her history book, wondering what history was REALLY
like back in Renaissance times. Here she was reading all about the art
and political events of the period, this period of great upheaval. But
what she was wondering was, what was the sex life like?

What did the men and women, the teenage boys and girls really feel? And
what did they do? And how did they do it? She wondered if they did it
the same way that you do it now.

She sighed. Her questions were of such momentous importance to her, but
to nobody else, it seemed. Otherwise, they'd write a textbook and give
her all the answers.

She wanted to feel herself up again. But she refused to be interrupted.

She got up and dragged her desk chair to the door, leaning it against
the door. It would brace the door shut, like a police lock, and should
the intruder succeed in gaining entrance, the chair would first topple
over, as a warming signal to her.

She flicked off the light then, and slipped between the blankets of her

She took her jeans off. She took her blouse off. She slipped her panties

Ahhhh, wasn't it wonderful, she thought. Wasn't it wonderful to feel
your body, your fine firm and slender body and to make it all hot and

Wasn't it wonderful to feel the newly developed titties underneath your

Wasn't it wonderful to feel the soft and wet folds of your pussy
underneath her fingers, and to play with your little clit.

She sighed as she strummed the fine instrument with her thumb and her

She rolled back and forth on the bed, feeling her body warm and snug
between the blankets.

She sucked on her finger a moment, pretending it was a boy's dick
between her lips. She put two fingers in her mouth and sucked on them.

She stuck her fingers everywhere. She was thankful for her fingers. They
knew everywhere to go.

She stuck her fingers in her ears and felt the crannies and crevices of
them. She was sensitive there.

She was sensitive everywhere. She stuck her fingers up her nostrils and
made them tingle. She sucked on her fingers again. She felt her body all

Her hands traced a sensual, erotic path down her slim body. Her hands
felt over her boobies and over the invisible curve of her belly.

She dug a finger into her navel. She was distinctly an innie. Her hands
felt good everywhere. She wished they were Manny's hands.

She dug a finger up her pussy hole again. She turned over on her belly
and imagined herself lying on top of Manny, moving so that his dick
plowed right into her.

Her little boobies appeared larger in this position. She pinched her
nipples hard. "Ohhhhhhhh," she moaned.

She moved so her skin slid over the warm blanket. It made her feel very
sensual. Oh, but she hated being condemned to be alone in her room. To
study. And grounded for three weeks! It would be unbearable. She would
have to find a way out.

Right now she was wondering, what would she masturbate with? She'd used
about everything already, and was continually seeking new objects to
masturbate with.

She wanted to try a coke bottle, but her best girlfriend, Susy, had told
her that that was bad. A bottle would create a suction and pull her
insides out. She didn't want that. She loved her body too much.

She'd used a candle once. She'd used rubber erasers. She used a stapler
once, and practically stapled her cunt shut.

She'd used the turn-on knob of the radiator once. And it had really
turned her on, as she straddled the protrusion, trying not to burn
herself on the steam heat.

She'd used every conceivable object she could think of, electric
toothbrushes, water piks, combs, and even the needly branches of a
Christmas tree. She called it a dildo tree. That was a little sharp and
uncomfortable, however, and she wouldn't soon want to repeat it.

Right now she decided to select her slide rule. It lay in her drawer.
She used it for her geometrical calculations. She got a big bang out of
it, mathematically speaking.

And now she would get another bang out of it, hopefully.

And she would do just that.

She fetched the slide rule, shivered, and dashed back to bed.

She inserted it. The cold steel gave her an instant high. She shivered
with pleasure, and thought of her geometry teacher. He was a handsome
dude, one of these sweet hippy types with a lot on the ball and a lot of
balls. She'd love to get him in the sack.

She knew she wouldn't, though because she asked him, and he said so. She
was really getting the hots for him during one September class. The
weather was balmy and mild that day. It was Indian summer weather And
she couldn't help but proposition him. She used the subtle approach.

"Mr. Jeremy," she said in a plaintive tone, rubbing her body
u*********sly against his desk.

"Yes, dear," he said, looking up from his pile of papers he had just
collected. "What can I do for you?"

That was the wrong thing to say, and she smiled sweetly at him. "You can
come for a walk with me. The heather is in bloom ..." she quoted poorly
from some poem she read once.

"I'm married," Mr. Jeremy said quickly. She thought she detected that he
was hiding a lump underneath the desk. He pulled his chair in more
closely and confirmed it. He usually lolled lazily atop his desk, when a
student came to talk to him.

"I guess you got the point," she breathed, chuckling nervously.

"And you have two sweet points, I see, and I daresay three. I'd love to
know them all, all your wondrous points, all the points of your compass,
the seven wondrous points of Jody, but I fear that school policy forbids
that I do anything about it. You understand, Miss Jody," he said,
smiling the sexiest, most flirtatious smile she'd ever seen.

She nearly melted. She turned to go and accidentally brushed one of the
papers off his desk.

"Oh, I'm so sorry," she breathed, stooping for the paper, and aware that
her little skirt was perking up to her ass cheeks. She swore she
couldn't help it.

But she was glad it happened. He had stooped quickly at the same time to
retrieve it, and his face nearly came up at the same time that her ass
did. She caught him nearly swooning and said, "That's okay, Mr. Jeremy,
you know I have the hots for you. I'll think of you tonight ..."

She was creaming into her little panties and he was probably doing the
same into his shorts.

"Uh, good-bye now," she murmured, unable to take her eyes off his sexy
eyes and his playful smile.

"Good-bye, dear. I appreciate the invitation," he had said.

And now she thought of that little scene. It brought the slide rule to
life. She pretended that Mr. Jeremy had touched it. She pretended that
now, even now, it was his muscled fingers and hands that were tracing
over her lovely curves, measuring her every twitch, every heave of her
turned-on body.

Now he was measuring her tangents. Now he was finding her square roots,
located of course in her pussy, her clit and her nipples. He was passing
his hands over her logarithms.

She flit the edge of it over her clit, being careful not to hurt
herself, and gave in to her own body's rhythm.

"Mmmmmmm," she moaned softly, there in the dark, underneath the blanket.
And a little imagined balloon over her head had Mr. Jeremy sketched in
the middle of it, watching her, and getting his own rocks off as he did

"Oh, Mr. Jeremy, I love you, I adore you," she said, her groin bumping
and grinding to the rhythms of his logarithms. She tried to picture him
with his wife. Oh, what did they do? She wondered. And how did they do
it? She wanted to do exactly what they did. Oh, she felt so lonely.
Without her Mr. Jeremy, without her Manny, and sentenced to three weeks
of hell in the dormitory, able to go out only for classes. Ugh!

Well, she still had her masturbatory techniques, and she still had her
slide rule, and she still had an infinite variety of tools of

A slide rule is important to my bag of tricks, she thought, feeling the
cold steel against her groin and pressing it between the flesh of her
soft thighs.

She drew it up then and pressed it perpendicular to her body, across her
breasts. She measured the span between her nipples, although she
couldn't really see in the dark. She guessed the span to be about seven

She measured the circumference of her tits, and also the diameter. She
decided the left one was bigger than the right one. She tried hard to
remember the formula for finding the perimeter of her breast, when she
knew the diameter. She gave up trying.

The demands of her body were too great. "Ahhhhh," she moaned, feeling
the juices of her cunt squeeze out of their walls.

She gave up the ruler just then and used her hand. Her old familiar hand
that knew the ins and outs and secrets of her private places better than
her ruler did.

She remembered a movie she and Susie had snuck in to see recently. They
had seen a woman masturbate. In fact, they had seen two women
masturbate. She remembered how they'd done it, and emulated them,
emulated the gestures of these two, experienced blond actresses.

She recalled the one lying in bed. The camera was at her back. She could
see the hand of the woman jut into her groin, and the other hand wrapped
around one tit. The other woman, her companion, had stood in the other
room and watched her through the doorway.

The camera had showed her silhouetted against the doorway. The woman in
bed jabbed at herself and groaned and spasmed.

Jody had had the funny feeling, then, of creaming and coming herself,
right in the seat of the theater.

She remembered that scene now, and felt all horny again. Her hands
jabbed away at herself and she felt deliriously happy. Her hands and
fingers rode all over her body.

She imagined herself on the movie screen of a theater. She imagined
auditioning for the art of the masturbator.

"You masturbate very well," the director would say, "very convincingly,"
and he would ask her back. There would be five finalists.

He would select her, because of her wealth of techniques and objects,
and her sheer will and drive to orgasm.

She would win hands down any time.

And now her hands were going down again. She worked quickly, rummaging
all over her twat, inserting her pegs in the right holes.

"Nghnghngh," she moaned, fucking her cunt with her middle finger.
Another finger went down to her ass cheeks and plunged into the hole
between them. It completely melted her.

With the other finger working frantically on her clit, she worked
herself again into a frenzy of pleasure ...

"Ohhhhhhh," she moaned again, thinking of Manny fucking her in the
woodshed. "Nghnghngh," she groaned, feeling Mr. Jeremy's imagined hands
on her breasts and cock up her twat.

With the two sexy lovers of her imagination working on her, she couldn't
help but come with a burst of cuntal fluid.

"Ohhhhhh," she screamed as softly as she could, so Miss Glen wouldn't
come running again.

She kept jabbing and rubbing and thrusting her groin up and down till
the waves of extreme pleasure subsided.

And the feeling of warmth and peace flooded her, from pussy to tit. And
she slept soundly that night while visions of dildoes and slide rulers
danced in her head.

There would be more dreams to come!

Chapter 2

Jody woke early the next morning. She dressed without masturbating and
went downstairs to breakfast. She and Susie ate together every morning.

The topic, as usual, was onanism. That was Susie's favorite word. It was
her preferred word to masturbation.

Susie was a robust, pink cheeked brunette with long, silky hair that she
could sit on.

And she was sitting on it now, while she ate her pancake. Every morning
Susie had one pancake for breakfast. Without syrup. She loved it that

"You know," she was saying to Jody, stuffing the single pancake into her
lovely mouth, and licking her lips, "you know, boys can stick their
pretty dicks through a pancake and really get their rocks off in it.
This thing's pretty doughy. Bet it feels just like a girl's pussy.

"It would be juicier with syrup, Susie," Jody said dryly. "Really, I
can't see what you see in those horrible pancakes. They're so dry."

"It takes the cake!" chimed in Susie. Susie liked to pun. It was her
favorite sport, next to masturbating.

"Well, test it out on Ricky next time you get him in the hay," said
Jody, tossing her blond hair back from her face, as she munched on her
crinkly cereal.

"Why should I give him pancakes when he can have me!" she cried. She was
easily affronted. "I mean, let him find his own pancakes. I'm not going
to help him."

"You should find them for him," advised Jody in mock seriousness. "What
if he doesn't find a pancake to help him through the dry spells? He'll
find another girl. Boys are like that, you know. By the way, I worry
about such things. I'm grounded for three weeks. It's going to be

"Whatever for?" asked Susie, eyeing the boy waiter that was taking the
trays and dishes off the tables. She had an urgent desire to goose him.

"For having my pants down while I talked to Manny on the phone!"

"I don't believe it. What a riot. Who caught you?" she asked.

"Old scum bag herself."

"No! Miss Ellen Glen. Heavens. Weren't you embarrassed?"

"Oh, she was probably jealous. She probably wanted some young cunt for
herself. She had the nerve to take my hand in hers and plead with me to
be a good girl. I got sick to my stomach. She digs emotional
togetherness, but it made me nauseous. Nauseous, I say! Nauseous!"

She yelled it out, and the girls at the tables around her turned, looked
and giggled. Jody gave them the horns. They gave her the finger back.

"Hell, old scum bag has no sex life herself," said Susie. "She probably
doesn't even have a sex. You know, the equipment. Let alone the
orientation." Susie liked big words, as well as puns.

Big words were her favorite sport, next to puns, and next to

"Onanism," she was saying. "Onanism; onanistic, onanizer, to onone. Is
that the verb, Jody? What's the verb? Like to masturbate. To onanize?
Geez, where can I look it up? I've got to find a sex dictionary, Jody.
Where can I find one?"

"You don't need to find one, darling Susie. You could write one. You
know ALL the words. You know words I haven't even heard of before."

"Oh, gee, Jody, hey, you flatter me. With a compliment like that, I just
might quit school and be a success in life."

Jody studied her friend. "Whatever would you do?" She could see her best
friend sitting in an editorial office somewhere, humped over a huge book
with a feather for a pen, dipping it in an inkwell and printing words
like masturbation and onanism in a delicate script.

Her other hand, of course, would be between her legs. Practicing what
she was preaching. "Susie's Words for Secret" she would call it. It
would sell like hot cakes. Like pancakes.

"I'd teach," said Susie without hesitation.

"What? I'm afraid to ask. Don't tell me." Jody was shaking with
laughter. The boy behind Susie, who had been picking up the used trays,
was giving Susie the horns behind her back. Susie didn't notice.

"I'd teach masturbation in a local college," she announced. "Some
schools allow you to teach anything you damn well please. Without

"You certainly have those," Jody said, drinking the last of her milk.

"Well, hey, Jody, I have the words. But you have the techniques. Would
you be my assistant? You could spread-eagle in the laboratory ... we'd
have a three-hour lab once a week. You would be paid well. You wouldn't
have to show up for the lectures. I'd have three one-hour lectures per

"I'm sure it would be the most popular course on campus."

"I'd teach an introductory course and an advanced one, plus a graduate

"You'd be the first full professor of masturbation in the country. A
real first for any female."

"Would you come?" asked Susie, her eyes bright with excitement.

"I certainly would, are you k**ding? Three hours of masturbating, I'd
probably come twenty times. Minimally."

"Hey, that's great, Jody. I knew you wouldn't let me down."

"You'd have to insure my pussy, though. With all that activity,
something might go awry. You know, amiss."

"I'd get a stunt man, I mean a stunt woman. She could do all the fancy
things. You wouldn't have to worry."

"Hey, thanks, that's a big relief. I'd hate to risk my neck. We could
get the movie rights, too. Distribute to sex education classes
everywhere. We'd be rich." Jody was always thinking of money. When she
wasn't thinking of sex.

"Are you so materialistic as all that?" cried Susie. Her disappointment
in her friend was keen. "We wouldn't do this for MONEY! We would do it
for pleasure. For the pleasure of spreading the word on this greatest of
all sexual arts. We would contribute all proceeds to the Foundation for
Masturbation. I mean, where is your sense of duty? Really, Jody. Money!
Bah humbug."

She finished the last bite of pancake. "I must go. I'd rather come. But
I must go. What are your plans for after school?" She got up, and nearly
bumped into the boy, who had finished clearing the trays from the tables
all around them, and now was only pretending to clear trays away. He
obviously had the hots for Susie.

"Why are you standing so close to me?" exclaimed Susie without a pause.
"I mean, why aren't you lying on top of me? I would vastly prefer it!"
She smiled at him, blew him a kiss, waved good-bye to Jody and gave the
boy the finger behind his back.

Jody laughed and called after her. "I'm going to chapel." It was a code
word that they both understood.

"Enjoy!" yelled Susie, bounding up the stairs to the door. She paused
dramatically at the top, pretending to give a lecture. Then she
disappeared out the door.

Jody finished and flirted with the boy as he took her tray away. He
didn't even notice her. He had the hots for Susie. Kitchen workers
prefer brunettes, thought Jody snottily. Gentlemen prefer blondes.

She removed her hand from her crotch, which she had been keeping warm
all during breakfast, got up gracefully and left.
* * *

It was cold, walking the path alone that afternoon to the woodshed. The
path wound along a creek, partially iced, but not yet firm enough for
skating. Jody drew her coat and scarf more tightly about her.

She nodded at a couple she passed on the path. They must be coming back
from chapel. They looked very happy.

She quickened her step. Manny would be waiting for her. He got out
earlier than she did. Another quarter of a mile and she would be there.

The chapel, or rather the woodshed, was a popular place with the pupils
of both schools. It was a meeting place known only to them. The faculty
was not cognizant of its existence.

It kept the student body of both schools sane. They needed a sexual
retreat, even at their young age.

Jody came within a stone's throw of the woodshed. Manny was waiting at
the door. She picked up a stone and threw it at him. He ducked. It was
her idea of a fond greeting.

He gave her the finger. Even with her poor eyesight, she saw it. She
knew that was his idea of a fond greeting. She grinned and quickened her
step over the frozen path. A stone wall ran along the edge of it.

The last ten yards, she ran, her blond hair flying over her shoulders.
She ran into his arms. He picked her up and flung her around and around.
Then he put her down.

"Let's hurry," she said. "We don't have awfully long. How are you,
Manny? Gee, it's great to see you."

He kissed her. His lips were soft. He had the face of a boy and the body
of a man. He was nearly six feet. She loved him already, at f******n.
They planned to be married when they finished college. That was eight
years away.

Jody considered it a mere formality. She had to remember to take her
pill. If she didn't, they would have quite a f****y by the time they

They both liked sex. Manny opened the door and led her inside. It was
dark and cold and gloomy, but it was a place.

Various k**s had brought blankets and newspapers to warm the cold cement
floor. There was a flashlight without batteries. It didn't help the
lighting situation.

"Manny, it's so cold," said Jody, shivering. Her teeth were chattering.
"How can I take my clothes off in here? It's the coldest I've ever seen

"For sex; we can do anything, right?" he said, pulling her to him and
rubbing her all over. "This will help." His strong hands rubbed all over
her, beneath her coat.

He felt her soft curves beneath her clothes. She wore slacks and a
sweater. She wore no bra, and her little nipples were prominent
underneath the wool.

"Hey, you look nice," he said. "Let me feel your nipples." He pulled and
pinched the pretty erect knobs through her sweater. "Hey, wasn't that
something last night? Poor Ned was freaking out today. He said someone
made up a lie about calling some girl in your dorm and breathing
heavily. He was very upset. He talked his way out of it, I guess."

"Well, if Miss Glen comes back to me, I'll just say you said you were
Ned. I really don't know who that nasty phone call was from!" She
reached down and kneaded his cock between his legs. "Hey, that's some
erection you got waiting for me. You guys, you're always horny. I can't
understand it."

"The pot calls the kettle black, you little horny masturbator, you,"
cried Manny, seizing his sexy girlfriend and kissing her hungrily. "Boy,
did I have the hots for you last night, hearing you moan and groan and
your cunt creak and secrete. You must have had the receiver right down
between your legs. I heard everything. I heard you cream, do you know
that?" He rubbed her sexy little knockers. "Mmmmm, I love these."

"Let me take my coat off," she said, slipping out of it. His magic hands
were warming her.

His hands were better than a crackling fire. She felt the rush of
passion. She embraced him, stormcoat and all. "Now it's your turn, you
hot-bl**ded American boy, to take your coat off. It's pretty bulky and I
think you have something even bulkier underneath it."

Her hand moved down to his basket and kneaded the warm mound, warm even
in the cold of the woodshed.

"Mmmmmm, that feels good," he said. She helped him out of his jacket and
they sank to the blankets on the floor. He lay down on top of her.

"Let's streak the headmaster's office tomorrow," he said, before placing
his lips on hers and tonguing her expertly.

"Mmmmmmm," was her only answer. She parted her lips and let his warm
tongue enter her mouth. She felt his tongue play over her teeth and
tongue and sighed deeply. Her whole body sighed at the relief of being
with her boyfriend again.

Manny's hand went down her body and over her hips. He loved the soft and
undulating curves of her body. She had small tits, but a lovely ass,
plus a beautiful face. She was a find.

His hand caressed her pussy, underneath her woolen slacks. "Ohhhhhh,"
she moaned.

"Let me see you play with yourself," he begged. "I love to watch you."

She complied. Her hand went down between her legs and she began prodding
her pussy into action. "Oh, no, I did this all last night. You do it
now. You're here. That's what you're for, silly." She withdrew her hand
and replaced it with his own.

"Okay," he said. "THIS time." He undid the fly of her slacks and
massaged her mound under her panties.

Then his cold hand went down underneath the elastic waist and found her
bare and lovely pussy.

"Oooooh, it's cold!" she protested. "Mmmmmm, oh, that feels good." She
soon got used to it.

And his hand warmed up in her hot crotch. "You do have the loveliest
pussy this side of the Connecticut River," he said.

"Thank you," she said, smiling. "Tell me about the others."

"They're not as lovely," he said, jutting a finger up her hole. She

"Oh, that feels so good," she sighed. "Mmmmmmm. Oh, do it some more. Oh,
Manny, put two fingers in. You know I like it so."

They had known each other for precisely two and one half months. They
had explored each other's bodies thoroughly.

Two of his fingers fit her perfectly. She felt them deep up her now and
she was very, very satisfied.

"Oh, you're so wet," he said. "Mmmmm, I feel your thick cunt juice. Oh,
man, do I love to feel you there."

Jody could only moan. "Oh, more, oh, do it more, oh, go deeper. Oh, it
feels so good. Oh, man, mmmmmmm. Oh, honey!"

He kept finger-fucking her until he heard a final burst of pleasure, in
her cunt and on her lips. Her groin thrust way up to meet his prodding
fingers and sank back finally to the bed of blankets.

"Oh, honey, oh, Manny, oh, that felt good." She laughed and shuddered
and smiled sweetly up at him.

"Oh, that's so much better than by long distance!" she added. "Sex by
telephone just ain't the same," she said, shaking her head back and
forth on the blanket that served as a pillow under her head. "No way!"

His hand seized her own and brought it to its rightful place on his
crotch. "Do me," he pleaded. "I thought about you all last night. I must
have masturbated a dozen times."

"Where?" she asked, looking up at him and trying to imagine him all
alone in his dormitory room, masturbating. "In bed or in the john?"

"Everywhere," he said. "Both places. And your image dangled all the time
above my head. Right up here," he said, raising his hand to a foot above

"Oh, that's nice," she said, giggling. "It's nice to know I was up
there. I was your muse of masturbation."

"Very amusing," he said. "Yes." He grinned above her, his lips nearly
touching her own. She felt his warm breath on her face. Their breaths
together made a cloud in the air of the frosty woodshed.

"My gosh, it's cold in here," she exclaimed. "But you're so warm on top
of me, I barely notice."

His mouth went down to her breast and she felt his warm lips and breath
on it.

Her fingers undid his fly. She could do that with her eyes closed. She
reached into his jocks and sprung the cock out. It was like a jack in
the box. A cock in the box.

He had a good eight inches. He was very proud of it. And she was too.
She told him once he was the best hung man on campus. He asked her how
she knew.

She smiled mysteriously each time he asked.

Right now he was feeling her cold, cold hands on his warm cock. He was
nearly creaming already. Her cold hands had the effect of someone
throwing ice cubes on him. It was definitely heightening.

She jacked his cock into a ballooning erection. She watched her hands in
motion. She loved the feel of the hard, pulsating muscle.

She played with it as he had once instructed her. It was the only
instruction she ever needed.

he fingered it skillfully and he creamed in her palm.

"Mmmmmmm," he groaned, feeling tremendous relief. He came so much
lately, he couldn't keep count. And he couldn't keep from coming. He
could think of nothing else but sex lately. He didn't fight it. He just
accepted it.

He was erect again all ready. That was his pattern. He would cream, and
then the irrepressible thing would spring to action again.

It was truly amazing.

He raised her sweater and sucked on her bare tits. He ran his tongue all
over both of them.

He tongued the nipples and they erected pertly to his tonguings.
"Mmmmmmm," she moaned, loving the wet warmth on her nipples.

She helped him pull her slacks off her and then her panties. Her pussy
shivered in the cold.

"Oh, Manny," she groaned. "How long are we going to have to put up with
this? Can't we find anther place?"

"I'll work on it," he said. His hands were warm now and he fingered her
tight little cunt.

He enjoyed playing with her clit. He rubbed and rubbed the little knob
and felt it erect and blossom under his. touch.

She squirmed and moaned. She forgot about the cold. "Ohhhhh, do that
some more. Oh, that feels so good. Hey, oh, yes, right there. No higher.
Lower. To the right. I mean left. Yeah, right there."

She spread her thighs and watched his hand down there between her legs.
She loved the feel of it, and loved to watch it. She wished there were
mirrors all around the walls of the woodshed so they could watch

Susie's mother had a bedroom just like that. Susie's parents were
divorced. Her mother had two steady boyfriends. One was married to
another woman. One was for the long nights when her true love could not
be with her.

Jody made up her mind that she would have a bedroom just like that when
she had her own apartment. She refused to say "when I grow up." Jody
felt very mature. Having sex made her feel very mature, even at
f******n. She felt grown up already.

Manny had a surprise for her then. His hand left her clit and snuggled
under her small, round ass cheeks.

His finger found her secret back door and entered. Without knocking. His
finger walked right in and thrust up the long tight passageway.

"Oh!" exclaimed Jody, feeling the erotic shock of his finger up her
backside, up her puckered hole.

"You like that, don't you?" said Manny, looking at her, grinning. "Wish
I could feed you my cock up your ass."

"That would be delectable," she agreed, pausing in her pleasure. "But
only if you shrink it first. You know, take the air out."

"Impossible," he said. "It's always erect." He shrugged, while she shook
her head. "I can't help it."

"Maybe after we have our four k**s, I'll be all stretched."

"Silly, you don't have k**s out your backside. What does that have to do
with it?" He laughed.

"You're making me delirious. My thinking is coming out crooked. Oh, keep
doing that, honey. I'm losing my mind. It's wonderful."

She felt his long and thick finger go in and out of her. She rode up and
down on it, posting as she would on her horse back home. She loved
riding horseback and she loved riding cocks in her asshole.

"Can I help?" she suggested.

Without waiting for his answer, she put her hand down "there." "There"
was her pussy, in the crack between her pussy lips.

"Oh, I love to watch you rub your twat," he said, staring at her
beautiful pussy. He watched her finger go up and down in the slit.

"Let me see," he said, moving closer so he could watch, all the while
not forgetting to fingerfuck her asshole. It was awkward and his hand
was getting cramped.

But that didn't stop him from watching her masturbate herself. It gave
her intense pleasure.

She rubbed hard, feeling the hot waves of pleasure mount up her crotch.

Another finger of the other hand entered her pussy and she fingerfucked
her twat hole. Oh, that felt good.

With their fingers working cooperatively on her pussy, she was rocking
and squirming with passion.

"Ohhhhh," she moaned, letting the warm feelings flow all over her. "Hey,
that feels good, oh, so good, oh, so nice."

She loved masturbating herself. And she loved it when he helped her.
Together they could do anything.

She felt her passion rise and rise and rise. It overwhelmed all her
senses, all her logic. She went with it and felt the sharp shudders of

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned, feeling a warm wave wash over her.

She was silent, just recovering from the coming. She put her arms
lovingly around her boyfriend.

"Manny, honey, that was so nice. I love you. It makes me love you very

She knew he couldn't take much romanticism. But she couldn't help it.
She was a romantic.

"Hey, what time is it?" she interrupted herself suddenly, not giving him
time to have to say "I love you" in return.

He pulled back his sleeve and looked at his watch. "Five thirty," he

"Oh, crap," she said. "I'll miss supper. I don't care. Sex is nourishing
enough anyway, don't you agree?"

"No," he said, shaking his head. "I'm famished. But, I admit, I could
live a while on pussy juice. Mmmm. A diet of pussy juice, that would
last me several ..."

"Several hours, I know," she broke in. "Oh, do it, Manny, oh, please
suck me. You know how I love it."

She spread her thighs invitingly.

He responded.

His tongue moved over her belly and down into her pussy lips. He lapped
slowly, tasting her salty juices.

Sucking her pussy was a pleasure, which nothing exceeded, as far as he
was concerned. His friends were envious, that Jody let him suck her

Of course, he didn't tell her that he told them. His friends were sworn
to secrecy. She would kill him if she knew that they knew.

If she knew that they knew that she let him suck her pussy. She didn't
mind that they knew anything else. But pussy-sucking was a new thing to
her. Susie had just confided the word to her recently. She had hissed it
in a stage whisper over breakfast. All the girls at the nearby tables
turned in horror.

Jody and Susie were looked on as exceptionally astute and knowledgeable
about sex. They were, by degrees, given great respect and great disdain.
It depended on the fluctuating moods of the dorm population.

Right now, Jody was doing field research. That's what she and Susie
laughingly called it.

Jody was feeling the hot laps of tongue on her pussy. Manny's tongue
went into her pussy hole and tasted of the sweet cunt juices.

He thrust a finger up her asshole again. And he continued to eat her. He
continued to suck her off.

He licked the tops of her thighs, as a brief excursion, a brief detour,
from her pussy.

He came back to her pussy lips, and prodded his hot tongue between them.

"Ohhhh," she moaned, as she felt the tongue doing hot, wet things to her

He lapped all around it, inside the pussy lips and back to the clit. He
sucked hard on it.

She moaned in pleasure, spreading her thighs as far as she could. She
was glad that, a long time ago, in ballet class, she had learned to do
the splits. She didn't know then, that it would come in handy when she
was f******n.

She did the splits now while he ate her. And her pussy felt it was going
to split, as she came very quickly.

Without letting her come down, he mounted her, thrusting his eveready
erect cock up her, all eight inches.

"Ohhhhh," they moaned in chorus, both feeling the deliciousness of his
warm stiff prick up her wet, receptive cunt.

They were very young, but they knew everything they needed to know. He
thrust and she counter-thrust.

Three times they did that. Then he came. He came very quickly. He was
very young.

But it didn't bother her. No sooner had he climaxed then poof! it was
erect again. She laughed, feeling the thick protrusion again inside of

She threw her young arms around him and held him close to her. She loved
him very much.

She could see their breath again in the cold of the woodshed. Suddenly
she shivered. She looked down and thought she could see a hot breath
coming from her cunt. She smiled.

He came again quickly. "Ohhhhhhhh," he groaned, feeling his hot prick
juices break like a dam in her cunt.

They didn't lie there long. It was too cold. And late.

They sprang up, pulling up pants and pulling down sweaters. They thrust
their arms inside their coats and wrapped them tight around them. They
hugged once more in the semi-darkness before going out into the cold.
Outside it seemed warmer. The woodshed had been damp.

They trudged back up the path toward the campuses, holding tightly with
gloved hands.

They laughed all the way. Jody felt a depression mounting as they neared
her dorm and the hour of seven.

"I don't know if I can stand it, Manny," she said.

"Call me," he said. "I'll be ready with my magic, long distance hand.
And I'll be ready to hear your cries of pleasure."

"Masturbation is not enough," she cried, kissing him one last time
outside the dorm.

Chapter 3

The next day was Friday and Jody had a long morning of classes to get
through again. The previous evening had been spent in a series of phone
calls placed by Jody to Manny for the pleasure of mutual masturbation.

She wished she could have placed a conference call like her father, a
businessman, used to do. Then she could have hooked up Susie's, Manny's,
and Ricky's phones and they would have had an orgy by telephone.

She was lazily thinking about these things in her geometry class. Mr.
Jeremy was putting her to sl**p, for a change. Usually just the sight of
his sexy body kept her awake enough to keep in touch with the day's

But the lesson was especially boring today ... about hypotenuses and
right triangles. Jody didn't think any triangle was right. She was only
interested in straight lines between two points, male and female. And
rectangular straight lines between four points, two males and two
females. Which gave her the idea about the orgy by phone.

The idea perked her up considerably. Her eyes were on Mr. Jeremy, but
only because he kept moving around. He was flattered to suddenly have
her undivided attention. His lesson became more inspired.

Jody's mind, however, was on other things. Namely, how to place a
conference call. That evening would do. Her curfew was at seven, and the
others' was eleven. The call would have to happen after that. She
couldn't keep them, especially Susie and Ricky, from good, healthy, real
live sex.

And the call would be for her own benefit. And for Manny's. She hoped
and prayed he wouldn't find another girlfriend during the interim of her

So she had to set up enough sexual interactions, if only by phone, to
keep her boyfriend, and herself, happy.

She thought she'd bill the call to her parents' phone, and then the
dormitory operator wouldn't need all the details of the call. She didn't
want anyone listening in on this one.

She met Susie between classes and broached her idea. Susie was game.
Susie was game for anything sexual. They scheduled the phone call for
eleven fifteen that night. Susie would notify Ricky. Jody would notify

Manny grooved on the idea. He said he would be ready, willing and able,
at eleven fifteen.

At precisely eleven ten, Jody called the operator. She gave Jody's,
Susie's and Ricky's phone numbers and then hung up and waited for the
operator to call her back.

At eleven fifteen exactly the phone rang. She picked it up eagerly.

"Hi!" yelled Susie from her room on the fourth floor.

"Hey, Sugar!" called Ricky from his room in the boys' dorm.

"Shut up, you guys, I can't get a word in edgewise," screamed Manny over
the receiver. "I'm hot and ready."

"Hey, wait, you guys, till the operator is off the line," cautioned
Jody. "Hello, hello, operator ..."

"Go ahead," said the operator in a nasal voice. She clicked out. Jody
hoped she didn't have her key pulled back, listening in on what was to

Of course, if she enjoyed that sort of thing, and didn't call the
service assistant over, that was all right with Jody. Jody's hand was
already on her crotch.

"Ready, gang?" she called.

"Yeah, man," chorused the other three.

"Sounds like a bridge game," exclaimed Susie. "Without the dummy."

"Gee, thanks," said Jody. "Okay, gang, we gotta be organized about this.
The rules are this: anything you do, you have to describe it, in as much
detail as possible, for the edification and erotic pleasure of the rest
of us. No fair doing it and saying nothing. If your hand is on your
cock, say so!"

"That goes without saying," said Manny.

"I'm not the verbal sort," apologized Ricky.

"You gotta be, k**. How else are you going to trip off our lusty, dirty
fantasies?" said Susie to her boyfriend.

"Susie, we already did it once tonight. Do I really have to do this
again? I don't know about this."

"Come on, you horny bastard," exclaimed Susie. "And get your head out of
the book. Okay?"

"Is it a sex book?" asked Manny. "Doesn't he know how?"

"Fuck you!" said Ricky "Okay, my heart's in it now and so's my cock.
It's hanging out of my fly and I'm jacking it into erection. It still
has come on it from when Susie and I made it tonight. And saliva from
when she ate me."

"Right on, Rick! Atta boy. Hey, man," said Susie, "wanna know what I'm
doing? I'm naked from the waist down. I got my fingers up my twat and
I'm jerking off. Ohhhh. It feels so good. It feels so terrific.
Fantastic. Mmmmm."

"Susie, what do you look like?" asked Manny, panting hungrily on the

"Nothin' doing," said Jody. "I don't know if I'm goin' to like this
after all."

"But, Jody, it's an orgy, isn't it?" laughed Manny.

"G'wan, Manny," said Jody. "Tell what you're doing!" She herself was
rubbing the pert little nipples under her blouse.

"Yeah, share and share alike," said Susie, aroused by Manny's hots for
her, "Now, I'm taking off my sweater and rubbing my nipples, too, just
like Jody. Oh, man, wish you could see my big tits now. Hey, Jody, this
is excellent preparation for our future lectures. It affords great play
by play description, doesn't it?"

"Right on, Susie, oh, if you could only see me now," said Jody, "I've
moved down to what would be virgin territory, if I were a virgin. It
goes without saying, that I am not, I think."

"Oh, that's a great disappointment to me," said Manny. "I can't marry
you now."

"Aw, shucks," said Jody. "Well, no matter, I know how to make myself
happy. I just take three fingers and insert them in my twat. Then I suck
on the other fingers. Now, I'm inserting a finger up my asshole for good
measure. "Nghnghngh."

"Oh, does that make me horny," breathed Manny. "Ohhhhh, one description
is worth a thousand pictures. Which reminds me, let me get that picture
out of you. Oh, where is it? Here, in my wallet."

"Which picture is that, Manny? Oh, my gosh, not that nude one you took
early in the fall at the woodshed! You carry that around and show
people? I hope not! I want the illusion preserved that I am a virgin!
Otherwise, one's reputation is hopelessly destroyed for the duration of
one's stay at Mrs. Goody's School for Girls." Susie stopped whacking
herself off momentarily.

"I can understand that," said Ricky. "Otherwise you got the guys from
Mr. McIntyre's School for Boys all down your neck and up your skirt,
right? She puts out. Things like that. Ohhhhhhhh."

"What are you doing? What are you doing?" said Susie, jumping up and
down and sighing into the receiver as she continued pulling on her
nipple and shoving a finger up her.

"I bought this liver on the way home. I know it sounds funny, but a
fellow told me once it feels just like a girl's twat. I've never tried
it till now. And it does! Not as good as Susie's, to be sure, but nice,
squishy and soft just the same."

"I got liver trouble enough, what with all I drink, without it having
falling down to my cunt!" said Susie, graphically enough.

"Your trouble or your liver?" quipped Ricky.

"You name it," said Susie. "Well, guess what I have here," said Susie.
"Something I haven't reported to you yet."

"What's that? What's that?" said Jody, emceeing the proceedings of the
conference call.

"A vibrator!" said Susie.

"Where the hell did you get that?" breathed Jody, all excited.

"At a d**gstore in my hometown, a long time ago," said Susie. "Do you
want to know what? My mother took me in and bought one for herself. When
I displayed such interest, she bought one for me too. And you know the
most embarrassing thing about the whole thing?"

"What's that?" said Ricky. "I'm jacking myself harder, by the way. Did
you hear me come once? In the bl**dy liver? Whew! What a come. Boy, is
it squishy and hard to hold onto, though. I keep dropping it."

Just then the other three heard the sound of the receiver dropping and
crashing to the floor. "Damn!" they heard, in muffled tones, far from
the phone. Then Ricky picked up the receiver again and came back on the
line. "As I said, this sticky stuff is slippery business. But oh, so

"Lot's of protein in liver," said Susie admiringly. "Well, you'll just
have a pretty meaty cock, that's all. And we'll have healthy offspring.
Ohhhhhhh, it feels great. I just put this eraser up me. Oh, it feels
real good. Anything I wrote on my cunt walls with the pencil I jabbed up
it last night, out of sheer frustration, is bound to be erased with
these motions."

"What did you write, graffiti?" said Manny, sighing heavily.

"Yep, she saw the writing on the wall," said Ricky. "The liver treatment
is going great," he added.

"You're certainly becoming verbal quickly," admired Susie. "The liver is
doing the trick, I see."

"So what are you doing already, Susie?" asked Manny.

"Why do you want to know?" said Jody, jealous. "Why don't you ask your
old girlfriend right here?"

"Honey, I know what you're doing. I haven't had the pleasure of getting
to know Susie, and since I think that's the object of this conference
call, to get to know all parties well, I think I have a right to ask.
She's not going to get pregnant if I ask, now, is she?"

"I don't know," said Jody. "Have you been taking the pill, Susie?"

"Silly!" answered Susie. "I'll be glad to ask the young gentleman's
question. I don't believe in holding any information back from anyone.
That's part of my sex education program."

"So?" said Manny. "I'm waiting ..."

"Well, after erasing the writing on the walls of my cunty vagina, I
inserted the vibrator. Oh, man, it feels so fantastic. You push the
little button on and the whole thing starts vibrating. Anyway, I never
finished my story about the vibrator. That cocky son of a bitch cashier
had the nerve to demonstrate this thing right in front of my mother and
me. It was so embarrassing. For my mother at least. Her face got red and
she said she understood, and she'd take two. The man, of course,
demonstrated it on his neck. What a riot. When we all knew what it was
REALLY for ..."

"So which of your holes is it up now?" said Manny.

"All of them," said Susie, moaning. "Ahhhhhhhh," they heard her moan.
"Ohhhh, it's so fantastic. Yeah, it's really great. Mmmmmmmm. Right now,
I have it up my cunt hole, mmmmmm, way in. Then I pull it out. Then I
stuff it up again. Oh, man, is it fantastic. Hey!"

"What happened? What happened?" asked Manny.

"Hey, man, stop getting your rocks off on my girlfriend," complained
Ricky, groaning in ecstasy shortly thereafter.

"That's a moot point," cautioned Manny. "Your choice of words is not
quite accurate."

"But it is," said Ricky, figuratively speaking. "Just lay off."

"All is fair in love and war," said Manny. "Tell all, little Susie."

There was no answer, just an incredible moan followed by short little
grunts. Then dead silence, with a lot of sighs and deep breathing.

"Wake up, little Susie," said Ricky. "Have you come and gone?"

"Ohhhhhh, I'm out of it, friends," said Susie softly, with long breaks
between words. "I think I'm gonna bow out of the action, if you don't
mind. That was the come to end all comes."

"Geez, Suz, I thought I gave you those kind of comes," whimpered Ricky.
"Don't I?"

"Honey, nothing beats a vibrator, does it?" said Susie. "Jody, you ought
to know."

"I'm ignorant. I use hands and fingers. An occasional banana. Never a
coke bottle. In fact, I just happen to have a banana right here. Picked
it up at the kiosk before placing this call. Yeah, I'm all naked now,
and sending the thing up my pussy hole, skin and all. Mmmmmmmmm."

"Oh, your groans, Jody, are too much," whispered Ricky sexily. "Go into
more detail," he added.

"Well," Jody went on. "I'm sitting on a terry towel on the floor, or
rather lying, trying to stretch the long phone cord down to me, but
having a little difficulty. And in and out goes the banana, and oh, it
fills my fruit bowl up nicely. You know?"

"Mmmmmmmm," said Manny. "I can see that banana up your twat now. Oh, I
can see it go in and proceed to come right out again. I wish it were
peeled and I would be eating it all the way up to where it disappears
inside the gluey doorway of your cunt."

"I'd fall for that myself," punned Ricky. "Slip it to her."

"Ssssss," said Jody. "No puns allowed here. Only sex."

They heard her moan some more and then punctuate the moans with ooohs
and ahhhhhhhs. "Oh, that was wonderful," she came back on the line to
tell them. "Oh, I just kept shooting that banana right up my come hole
and it felt so good, deep inside me. And I used the stem of it to arouse
my clit a lot. Ohhhh, I remember it well. And the other tip of the
banana went up my asshole, to banana-fuck the hole. Hey, it was great!
I'll bow out for the moment, but I might come in again."

"Great, Jody, that leaves just us right now, I guess," said Manny.

"That's you and me, hotcakes," said Ricky to Manny. "What's this big
deal about the man always coming first and not letting the woman take
her own pleasure? Here we are, left holding our balls. Egad! Mmmmmm, so
I'm going to come in my liver again. Ahhhhhh. I'm dipping my prick in
the raw piece of meat and folding the meat over my cock. I'm fucking the
liver. Oh, it feels so great. It feels so wonderful. I'm pushing the
meat all over my dick, to really get it all hot and livered up. I slide
it down to the balls, and let it arouse my nuts in their holders, too.

"I hope the women are listening," breathed Ricky. "This is all for them.
Well, I'm just doing it the good old-fashioned way," he added. "I got
one hand on my dick. I'm rubbing it hard. I put the nail of my little
finger up the pee slit. I put my thumb and forefinger around the head,
with the little fucker being jacked off superbly by those two numbers.
Ohhhhhhh, and my fingers of my other hand go under my balls and rub
those around. Ahhhhhh, that feels good too. And then off I race, rubbing
hard and feeling my cock get stiffer and stiffer. Mmmmmm, in a minute
I'm going to break open. Ohhhhhhh, there it goes. Mmmmmmmm."

"Geez," said Jody. "I'm getting hot and bothered all over again." Her
hand went to her cunt again and started jabbing away at it.

Manny continued. "What happened to the liver?" he asked. "I was so
looking forward to a continuation of the liver demonstration."

"I used it up," apologized Ricky. "It is in a sad state of disrepair."

"Well, I'm jacking off too. You seen one guy jack, you seen 'em all
jack," he said. "Yeah, well, my hand is on the staff of my cock. I jack
up and down and it feels good, just like yours. I finger my balls, just
like you, and it feels way out, man. Then I sometimes stick a forefinger
up my asshole, and titillate that. And that feels terrific. Yeah. So now
I got this huge erection goin', thanks to hearing you other guys get
yourselves off, especially Susie, if you don't mind my saying so. And
now I feel like I can't wait any longer. Now I feel like I'm ready to
spill my seed, as it were. Ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, OHHHHHH! It's
spurting, folks, it's spurting all the way to the floor. It's like a
geyser. Like Old Faithful!"

"I can see it now," quoted Susie. "And you are there!"

"Are you all spent now?" asked Jody. "I believe we are, Thank goodness,
because it's going to be an expensive phone call, you know? Bill-to's
are more expensive than regular calls. My heavens, I better get time and
charges, so I know what kind of bill to expect from my parents."

Suddenly a voice interrupted her. "I'll be glad to give you time and
charges, dear, if you just hold on a minute." It was the nasal twang of
the operator.

Jody was astounded. Confounded. "How did you get on the line, operator,"
she asked, trying to contain her embarrassment and shock. "I should be
angry at you. You aren't supposed to listen in."

"I wasn't listening in, doll," she said. "I was participating. But you
couldn't hear, since it's a one way connection. Since you all provided
me with so much pleasure, I'm not going to charge you the state tax.
Don't tell anyone however. It's just a special break from yours truly.
You know?"

"So, you heard everything, eh, conference operator?" said Manny.

"A lot. I heard a lot. I had to keep flipping in and out, to attend to
other calls. But yours was the most interesting, so I sort of hung in

"More power to you," said Susie. "Just so you don't get us in trouble."

"Oh, no," whispered the operator. "I have my hand between my legs, in my
crotch, as it is," she added. "So what do you think of that?"

"Did you come?" breathed Jody.

"Too many people around, honey," said the operator. "That's okay. We
have a fifteen minute break. I'll go relieve myself in a private place,
such as the employees' restroom."

"Okay. Uh, how much was it?" asked Jody again.

"Let's see," whined the operator. "It was fifteen minutes. For
seventy-five cents a minute. About eleven dollars. Split four ways. You
do the math."

"Okay, I'll take it from there," said Jody. "No big amount for such
great and extensive pleasure."

"You have to pay a whore more," chimed in Manny.

"Keep it to yourself," said Jody. "What would you know about that?"

"Nothing really," said Manny. "I have a girlfriend that puts out."

"Sssssss and up yours," said Jody, angrily. "Some nice guy you are. At
any rate, glad you enjoyed the four-way whacking, five-way counting

"Six-way," corrected the whining operator. "I brought the service
assistant over."

"Oh, no!" exclaimed Jody. "We ARE going to get into trouble now."

"No, she was getting her rocks off just like you. It's for the sheer
pleasure of it, you know?"

"Great. Nice to know we made a friend," said Susie. "Let's quit while
we're ahead. Is everybody happy?" she yelled.

"Yesssssss." came the chorus of about six voices, some familiar and some

They all yelled good-bye and see you tomorrow. Jody hung up, in a very
high state. She didn't want to be alone, but she was. There was nothing
else to do, at this late hour, but masturbate.

She stood in front of a mirror, and took out a picture of Manny, taken
at the same time as he took the naked picture of her.

It was a full-length picture, in color, of Manny standing holding his
big erect dick in his hand. They had tried getting a picture of both of
them but the delayed button on the camera wasn't working properly.

So Jody had to be content with this picture. It had been hell trying to
find someone to develop it in that conservative town near the campus.
But finally they had succeeded. The developer had been a graduate, four
years previously, of Mr. MacIntyre's School for Boys, and knew the
importance of having good naked photographs around. It saved the boys
and girls from many a lonely night, chucked away in their dormitory

In the picture Manny looked as if he could have put it right in her.
"Yeah," she thought, chucking the few clothes that remained on her and
tucking the hot photograph under the corner of the mirror, to leave both
of her hands free for free manipulation of her erotic parts and
erogenous zone.

She watched her reflection in the mirror, as it roused herself in a
state of excitement. Oh, she thought, she looked so sexy. She had to
give herself credit.

She watched her lovely body, slender and with small, well-formed tits.
She stuck a finger in her belly button and rolled it around and around.
She rotated slowly before the mirror, pirouetting all her fine curves
into view.

Her ass looked the most inviting, she thought. She began masturbating
with her ass to the mirror. She turned her head so she could watch. She
looked back into the mirror and bent over slightly, so she could see
both her back side and the photo at the same time.

Her ass looked lovely sticking out. She bent so that she could see her
cunt hole, and parted the same so she could look directly up the
red-tissued hole, wet with mucous and cunt juice. It was truly an erotic

She stuck her finger inside and rotated it around and around. It was
interesting to see the finger disappear up inside her body.

She stuck a finger up her asshole and felt the delicious sensations
accorded her back door. With a finger up each hole, some very sensitive
parts of her were caught in the middle. It was like a double banana

Then she flagellated her clit slightly, arousing it into an excited
state of excitement. She spread her legs and thighs far apart. It was

It was great to see those fingers all at work on her sex zone, each
taking a different part of it, a different melody, as it were, and
making it all go together, like a song in three-part harmony.

"Oh, Manny," she said out loud and petulantly. "I wish you were here,
here in the flesh, that is. Mmmmmmm. She turned her head further to keep
his photo in view.

She imagined he was really there, and about to send the cock of only
f******n years up her.

Up her cunt of only thirteen years. It was truly amazing, she thought,
that only two years ago, not only did sex not interest her, but her body
was such that she couldn't have done anything anyway. She was not
developed yet.

She felt like an experienced woman of the world at thirteen. She knew
she had one exciting life ahead of her.

She thought of Miss Ellen Glen and how the old lady had taken her hand
in her own and the thought made Jody shudder.

She really wondered about some of the old maids at the school ... the
teachers, the counselors, and, of course, Miss Glen. She wondered if
they had the hots for each other at all.

Well, it didn't really matter to her if they did. All she cared about
was getting her rocks off whenever she needed to. If they didn't stop
her, they could live anyway they wanted.

The problem was, that their own uptightness got in the way ... got in
the way of enjoying her own pleasure.

She watched the door, hoping no one would burst in. She wished she could
lock it, but they weren't allowed.

She bent clear over now and watched her reflection between her legs. She
could see only her legs, slim and straight, and her ass, soft and
malleable, an attractive woman's ass.

She could see Manny's photo between her legs, too. She pretended that he
was about to attack her from the rear. The fantasy turned her on.

She saw that cock come closer and closer. She saw it enter her pussy
from the rear. She really felt it go all the way up her pussy. Oh, it
was great.

She felt the imaginary photographed Manny thrust his cock in and out of
her pussy repeatedly.

She imagined them to be in the woodshed and that the temperature was
warm as toast, because outside it was summer. Oh, she'd love to fuck out
of doors, too, come summer.

She felt him hold her groin and guide his big cock in and out of her,
with his hands guiding the movements of her hips.

"Ohhhhhhh," she was saying, feeling the imagined thrusts of his
penetrating cock. "Oh, go deeper," she intoned, "oh, please go deep. Oh,
Manny, it feels so good, ohhhhhhh."

And as she went through the whole scene in detail, she thrust and
counter thrust along with his own thrusts and counter thrusts.

She felt him reach down for her little orbs hanging pendulously from her

He squeezed and kneaded and felt them. Oh, he really knew how to turn
her on. Oh, it was so nice. It was really great. He pinched and kneaded
the nipples, he pulled them, he twisted them under his fingers.

He felt her under her arms, he felt her in her shaven armpits. The
feeling of his touch there raised her erotic temperature thirty degrees.

She sucked her finger then, imagining her finger was none other than
Manny's dick. She sucked on it. She passed her tongue all over it. She
licked his lovely balls and listened to him moan and squirm in pleasure.

She held the stiff staff in her hand and lowered her mouth down on it
again. She inserted her tongue in the widened pee slit, that looked like
a little mouth. She tongued all around it and tasted his pre-come fluid.

She ate her way around the head and tongued all along the ridge. She
held back the foreskin and showed the prick so lovely and fleshy and
hard. She lapped down and up the shaft and took the whole cock into her
mouth again, eating right up to the balls.

The imaginary cock, or the cock on celluloid, rather, having a certain
reality of its own, swelled and neared its point of coming.

"Hey, come," she was saying in her mind to Manny and his cock. "Oh,
please, come in my mouth, oh, please, oh, it tastes so good. Mmmmmmm."

And his celluloid cock would come in her mouth. She would milk it dry
with her mouth and swallow the gallons of fluid. Right now she was
tasting the stuff, all the while beating her own meat, inserting fingers
again and again up her hungry, never satisfied cunthole.

She managed to dig her fingers in very deeply, giving herself a modicum
of satisfaction. It was nothing like having a prick up her, Manny's
prick, she finally decided, but it was still exciting.

She massaged her clit to a point of fulfillment. It was fantastic. It
got all hot and bothered and erect and the feeling was one of waves
passing over and over her pussy.

She touched herself everywhere between her legs, outside and inside the
outer pussy lips, outside and inside the inner pussy lips, then way
inside her tight pussy hole.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned, feeling the highest, hottest spasm coming over
her yet.

"Hey, you look sexy and feel so good," the picture seemed to be saying
back to her. She eyed it between her legs and felt she did indeed see
the dick of the photograph swell, or enlarge, as it were, to magical

At last she came, and came again. Her pussy hole vibrated and sweated
its fluid. She seemed to have reams and reams of fluid yet left in her.
It was so good to shed it at last. The spasms rose to their heights and

She toppled to the throw rug on the floor, all imaginary cocks having
since returned to their realms of unreality.

She was left, a satisfied young girl.

She looked at the clock. It was nearly twelve thirty. She wondered if
she was going to masturbate her life away, alone. Well, at least for the
remaining three weeks. And that seemed like a lifetime.

She went to the restroom and found an empty shower. She bathed the sweat
and cunt juice of many orgasms away, and the prick juice of her
rendezvous with Manny. It felt so good, the warm, soapy water flooding
over her body.

She dug the handle of her hairbrush up her, letting it give her maximum

Then she towel dried herself and returned to her room. She thought she'd
try to borrow Susie's vibrator. She needed a lot of variety in her three
weeks of f***ed sexual solitude, aside from her meetings with Manny.

Chapter 4

Mrs. Goody, who had founded and named the school which Jody and Susie
attended, lived, retired, in a little house on the edge of the campus, a
stone's throw from the woodshed.

Jody had never paid too much attention to it before. She and Manny
passed it on their way to their frequent screwing sessions in the
woodshed, where Jody had learned so much about the human anatomy.

On this particular occasion, she was passing alone to meet Manny and she
saw a car pull up to the little house at the edge of the wooded area.
Mrs. Goody got out with a bag of groceries and motioned the driver away.

There was something about the way Mrs. Goody moved, even at this
distance, that roused Jody's attention. It was the brisk way she moved
her stiff figure, that caused Jody to feel that maybe she could learn
something from the retired, former headmistress.

She looked ahead, on this Saturday afternoon, to see if Manny had beat
her as usual. He hadn't. She walked the few yards further to the
woodshed and poked her face at the cobwebbed window.

It was dark inside. There was no trace of movement, no trace of Manny.

Jody decided to while away some of her spare time, while she waited for
Manny, in spying on Mrs. Goody.

She had to be careful, though. She didn't want Mrs. Goody to get the
wrong idea. She was there merely to pick up a little harmless
information, an innocuous enough goal.

But of course, it was, in a sense, trespassing. She tiptoed quietly
along the path, and as she neared the house, snuck along from tree to
tree. A meager amount of snow had fallen and covered the path and the
ground alongside it. Finally she was at the last tree before sneaking to
the window through which she thought sure she could get a good look at
Mrs. Goody. She pressed close to the side of the house, letting only her
nose and eyes pass beyond the edge of the window.

It happened to be the kitchen she was looking into. She pulled back,
just as she saw Mrs. Goody pull her head out of the refrigerator. She
had put all her groceries away, except for a package of celery stalks
sitting on the kitchen table.

Jody's curiosity was at once sparked. Could it be that Mrs. Goody was
making a celery stew? Or could it be something else she was making,
namely herself.

Mrs. Goody picked up the bag of celery and headed through the door into
the next room.

Jody had to slide along to the next window to keep up with her. The next
window let in on the livingroom.

But Mrs. Goody didn't remain long here either. She merely passed through
it on the way to the next room.

This time, Jody had to circle one quarter of the house, to find the next
window, the window that let in on Mrs. Goody's bedroom. And just as she
came up to it, the draw d**** snapped shut in front of her nose.

Luckily, Jody found a hole where the d**** didn't quite meet the edge of
the window. It was through this crack that she peeped and witnessed the
most interesting actions which, if known to the student body in general,
would provide them all with gossip enough to last several weeks.

Mrs. Goody had sat down and spread-eagled on her bed. It was a large and
comfortable double bed, with a chenille bedspread on top.

Jody's eyes bugged out of her head. Mrs. Goody was pushing up her skirt
and latching on to her long johns, those flannel panties that extended
nearly the length of her slip.

There must have been a slit in them, like in men's long johns, because
she saw Mrs. Goody's whole fist disappear up it. The bag of celery lay
alongside her on the bed.

At the same time, the other of Mrs. Goody's expert hands, that must have
many times been used to smack c***dren's hands that had caressed wrong
parts of their anatomy, now went up to caress parts of her own.

Jody saw her pull her cardigan sweater open, button by button, and
expose her whole chest. It was covered by the top part of a cotton slip
and, beneath that was a pink bra.

Off came the skirt, and then the bra, too, was loosened. It didn't come
off, but merely was pulled up above her tits.

Those tits! Jody had seen nothing like them. They were huge and loose.
They fell, as the breasts of old women are wont to do, clear down to her

And Jody saw her take first one, and then the other tit in her hand and
massage it. She saw Mrs. Goody's old, aged head go back against the
pillow her whole body was propped against, against the headboard.

Her face, in ecstasy, looked ten years. younger. Jody judged her actual
age to be around seventy. So even old people do it! She was amazed, Jody
was. There was so much to learn in her life.

Jody wanted to learn everything. If she spied enough, she probably
would, it looked like.

Meanwhile, she would learn all she could from Mrs. Goody, who was giving
a free lesson in human masturbation before her eyes.

Jody had to congratulate herself on her astuteness. She had fingered a
book on body language in the bookstore and she picked up enough
information to be of use to her. She had picked up enough vibrations
from Mrs. Goody's bouncy walk to know that she, Mrs. Goody, was up to
some hanky-panky.

She watched the old, lined hands grasp at her hanging tits and massage
the nipples. Her face had the look of an angel on it. Her eyes, cracked
around with lines; were half closed.

First one huge tit was palmed. Jody saw the fingers, bent with
arthritis, touch the nipples, still healthy looking and brown. Then,
Jody saw the amazing.

Mrs. Goody's tit was so large, that she managed to cup it and bring it
halfway up to her mouth.

Then her face went down, and she was actually able to suck her own tit.
It was awkward, however, and she could not do it for long. Then she
stuck her red tongue out of her mouth as far as she could, and licked
all over first one nipple, and then the other.

Jody's eyes were bugging out. She wished she could reach through the
glass storm windows and move the curtain back further, so she could see

As it was, she was f***ed to squint, one eye at a time, through the

But she got to see lots as it was.

The best was yet to come.

Jody watched as her hand went down between her legs and pulled her skirt
all the way up now, and pushed her long johns way down to her loins.
Over the elastic of the waistband, Jody could glimpse a great gray bush,
or rather the upper extremes of it.

It was the beginnings of the large expanse of her forest of pubic hair.
Mrs. Goody was looking down her long johns now and chuckling, obviously
enjoying the sight and feel of what lurked beneath it.

Her hands and arthritic fingers set up a rubbing motion deep in her
panties. Jody longed to see. She wished Mrs. Goody would pull her long
johns down the rest of the way.

But it was probably cold in her bedroom. At her age, she wouldn't want
to catch cold. It could be the end.

She, Jody, was thinking maybe Mrs. Goody could come and speak at Susie's
future masturbation course. There could be a unit on masturbation for
senior citizens.

Of course, Mrs. Goody would do nothing of the sort. Jody wished she'd
brought her camera. A picture or two would have been interesting fodder
for future discussions between her and Susie on female masturbation.

She saw Mrs. Goody pant and moan soundlessly through the closed window,
as she rubbed her clitoris again and again. She spread her soft white
thighs on the bed and fingered her tits again simultaneously. She rubbed
her hairy underarms and sucked on her arthritic fingers. She jabbed her
fingers up her cunt. At least, that was what Jody supposed she was

Then, surprise of surprises, Jody saw Mrs. Goody, the former
headmistress and founder of Mrs. Goody's School of Girls, stick a finger
up her back puckered hole.

Jody was hysterical. She just couldn't believe it. And she could view
this because Mrs. Goody was pulling her longjohns all the way down to
her knees, after all.

Now her whole hairy pussy was exposed on the big, chenille covered bed.
Her white hair, cut short and curly around her lined face, was bobbing
up and down on her head, with every move of her finger on her pussy.

Her face seemed to look towards the window, and Jody ducked quickly. It
made her, Jody, remember that Manny was coming and perhaps already at
the woodshed. It brought her back to reality, and though she didn't want
to leave this scene that was providing the scoop of the semester, she
knew Manny would be able to appreciate it.

She looked back towards the woodshed. The door to it was on the other
side the tiny building about one hundred yards away.

Jody started to whistle softly, but She realized that Mrs. Goody would
probably hear her before Manny would.

Then she got the idea to throw a snowball in the direction that Manny
might be watching. She couldn't hope to reach the front door of the
shed, itself, but if she could catch his attention, that would suffice.

So she kept on scooping snow up, meager as it was, and forming small
snowballs that she heaved with all her thirteen-year-old might towards
the path that led back to the campus.

In a minute she saw Manny's head peep around the side of the building.
She waved frantically for him to come this way.

Then, when he got close enough to see her, she lay a finger across her
mouth and motioned for him to be silent.

Manny tiptoed along the path, crunchy with snow, and got within talking
distance. When he was about to open his mouth and greet her, she again
motioned him to be quiet and he came up to her.

He kissed her in greeting but Jody was too excited and pulled away,
stepping aside from her perch so Manny could see the scene that she had

And Manny saw it. He saw Mrs. Goody, famous retiree of his s****r
school, with her pants down and her bra up, on her double four-poster
bed, jacking herself off.

Manny was beside himself with laughter. He couldn't help it. Here was
the most conservative, supposedly, member of the school community,
getting off on her own flesh. It was too much!

He watched more closely. She had two fingers up her widened, old cunt
hole and jabbed into it again and again.

He saw her make the moans of pleasure, although he could not really hear

She widened her thighs and he saw the incredible mass of her hairy gray
cunt. It was a wonderful. She rocked back and forth and up and down on
the bed. First she used her fingers, first this way and then that.

Then Jody pushed her way back into the little slit of space and saw
finally what the bag of celery was for.

It was not for crunching on. It was not for stuffing with peanut butter.
It was not for stuffing at all, unless you imagine it to be for stuffing
up her vagina.

In which case you would be right. She broke the seal on the bag and
opened the top. She pulled out the whole hunk of celery and broke a
nice, green healthy looking stalk off, with plenty of leaves at the top.

Without even bothering to wash off the stalk, certain to be a bit grimy,
from all the celery Jody had seen her mother clean, at least, Mrs. Goody
plunged the tip of the stalk straight up her hole.

Then even they heard her groan. It was a faint groan, but a groan all
right. That's how loud it was. It penetrated even the window.

She rotated the stalk around and around her cunt. "Ohhhhhh," they saw
her moan, as she plunged the stalk in and out of her twat.

Then she turned the stalk around and actually used it like a feather
duster, brushing the lush looking greens over her hairy gray cunt and
arousing her clit into excitement once more.

Manny and Jody nearly exclaimed aloud. They were so amazed and so
enchanted with the sight.

Jody mimicked the stick of celery up her cunt and made bumps and grinds,
as she stood in the snow, feigning the stalk of celery in her hand.

Manny laughed silently. He would do nothing to terminate this incredible
view of Mrs. Goody. It was a voyeur's delight.

"How long do you think she's been doing this?" whispered Manny.

"Shhhh!" said Jody.

Mrs. Goody seemed to look up just then and towards the window. But she
couldn't possibly have seen them. They were well concealed behind the
folds of the curtain, having pulled back just in time. No doubt she had
just heard a strange sound.

The sound of giggling teens, to be sure, but an undefinable sound, as
she entered her aged throes of orgasm.

They watched her thrust the celery stalk in and out, in and out, and
arouse Mrs. Goodie to the point of no return.

She began writhing around on the bed, as if this were her last stalk of
celery ever.

She broke another stalk off then and kept titillating her clit with the
feathery greens, while she continued fucking herself with the stalk of
the other.

It was truly an amazing sight.

Jody was glad that on that Saturday, she and Manny had planned their
rendezvous as usual at the old woodshed. They had gotten much in return.

They figured there wasn't much more to watch. They continued to look at
the old lady get her rocks off on the celery.

Jody wondered if then she ate it afterwards. She didn't have long to
wait to find out.

Mrs. Goody didn't even bother going to the kitchen and washing off the
cunt juice. She merely put the stalks to her mouth, one by one, and ate
them, seeming to relish in their garnish of erotic juices and groin

Jody and Manny nearly sank to the white ground in fits of hysterical

The show was surely over then. Just to make sure, they eyed the slit in
the curtain once more.

Mrs. Goody was rolling off the bed now, and pulling her clothes back on
piece by piece.

First she pulled up the long johns. Then she pulled her bra back,
putting her huge boobies back into their cups.

Then she put the rest of her clothes on again. Fully dressed, she
suddenly headed for the window where the teens were watching her.

Before they could move away, Mm. Goody quick pulled the sash of the
d****s and they came tumbling open, exposing herself and her bedroom to
the full view of the boy and girl, and Jody and Manny to her view.

They heard her scream and ran like wild fire in the direction of the

"Oh my gosh," gasped Jody, running hard and trying to keep up with her
boyfriend. "What if she recognized us?"

"She didn't," said Manny, running as fast as his long legs could carry
him, which was pretty fast.

He turned around once, and realized that she, Mrs. Goody, could easily
look out another window and see in which direction they were headed.

He wondered if it was wise to stop at the woodshed at all, no matter how
much he and Jody wanted their rocks off.

When they arrived, they plunged through the door and slammed it shut
behind them, panting heavily.

They found themselves in the semi-dark of late afternoon. All was as
they had left it. Tousled blankets on the floor, with the imprint of any
number of girls' hips on the top blanket.

"Will she come here?" asked Manny. "What do you think?"

"I want to have sex with you," answered Jody. "I haven't come all this
way for nothing. I NEED you, Manny, please. If she comes, let her look.
We can fasten the door shut. At least, if she looks, we'll have one up
on her too."

"No, I think she'll have two up on us. She'll have us for window-peeping
and for fornicating. All the rules are in favor of the adults, not the

"Right you are," said Jody thoughtfully. "But I don't know where else we
can fuck, do you?"

"No," answered her boyfriend, as he saw Jody's pretty face in the dim
light, flushed from running.

"She's not going to go looking for trouble, I don't think," said Jody.
But She realized her erotic feelings were getting the best of her. She
was incapable, in that moment, of making an objective decision.

Already the memory of that scene was turning her on. And so was the
vibes she was getting from being with her handsome and sexy boyfriend.

He gave off a lot of warmth, making the air degrees warmer all about
him, it seemed. At least, Jody was always aware of it. She always k**ded
him about the heat his sexuality generated.

She thought there must be some truth in that. At any rate, her hands
dropped to her groin and she began masturbating herself.

She'd worn a jacket and jeans and long socks under her jeans. Her pants
were very tight.

Manny turned her around and she pirouetted before him, her round ass
cheeks the picture of sexiness.

They couldn't NOT make love. They both knew it and there was no further

They tumbled down on the mound of blankets and began tearing at each
other's clothes.

Jody started for Manny's huge basket, grabbing at his fly and trying to
rip the zipper open.

She succeeded and she pulled the beautiful cock out of its cage, that
is, out of the jocks in which they were sequestered, and she began madly
rubbing and jacking off the lovely, smooth projection.

"Oh, eat me, eat me," he moaned.

"I will, I will," Jody moaned hungrily, trying to contain her arduous

She hungered for his cock, she really and truly did. She took the cock
into her mouth and sucked on it, looking up at his face now and then to
see his reaction.

His head was thrown back and he was moaning with pleasure.

Jody was pleased. She loved satisfying her man, even at the ripe age of

She licked all over his shaft and licked around the sensitive ridge. She
took her favorite instrument in her hand and flagged it up and down,
setting the glans on fire.

She heard Manny begin moaning. He rocked forward and back on his legs,
bumping and grinding to her expert sucking exertions she was performing
on his sensitive cock.

She sucked harder and harder. She ate him all the way to the balls. Then
she slid her tongue down the shaft and back to the head. He went crazy
with desire.

"Should I keep eating you or do you want to put it in me?" asked Jody.
She knew he would be capable of getting it up as many more times as
there were minutes left.

She said, "I'll eat you, honey, Manny, and swallow it all. Every bit of
it. You know how I love to do that."

"Okay, honey," he answered, loving her all the more, in that minute, and
nodding his approval.

She kept sucking him off. She repeated all the motions of her tongue,
riding up and down the prick, up and over his flaccid balls, and even
around his solid, muscular ass cheeks.

She held tight onto his ass cheeks then, and ate him to the end.

"Nghnghngh," he was moaning just as his semen broke and spurted into her
eager, waiting mouth.

In that moment, as Jody began eating and swallowing the delicious come,
a shadow passed across the nearly dark room.

They both started up, looking instinctively toward the window. There, in
the flesh, and with her winter coat on, stood Mrs. Goody, delighting in
her spying.

The k**s were frantic. Manny drew up his pants, his prick still dripping
with come, and plunged his dick into his jocks.

When his belt was fastened the k**s tore toward the door, wanting to get
the hell out of the woodshed, but not having the slightest idea what to
expect on the other side.

It felt so nice to her, to have a big solid shaft in her little hands.
She looked down at it, and her hand, expanded around the thick base,
looked so small in comparison. She bent down and kissed the tip of his
shaft, and a drop of lubricating cream formed a pearl on the tip.

"Lick it again," he said.

She bent down and her tongue lapped up the drop of cream. He was really
steaming, and she felt her power over him. She could do anything to him.
She could make him happy, very happy, or perfectly happy. Or, she could
just turn on her little fanny and walk off.

She decided to break down and give him the best blow-job he ever had.
Getting down on her knees, she enveloped the huge throbbing cock,
letting her tongue flutter over it.

"Oh, that's great. That feels great!"

She would have smiled, but her mouth was stuffed with hot meat. Her
hands came up and embraced the hot sausage. It was just too big to
maintain that heavy thrust, in and out of her mouth, and her little jaws
were getting tired.

Now, by holding onto the shaft, she could allow just a few inches to
penetrate her mouth, and she could jerk-off the part of his long shaft
that was clinched in her fist.

He loved the idea. His body broke out into gestures, twitches, of sheer
pleasure, and she could see that her little sporting movements were
being appreciated.

She closed her eyes, trying to remember the sensation of sucking on a
big cock, so she could duplicate it at any time, even if she didn't
happen to have a big cock handy. She was trying to think of things she
could use instead. A hot dog, of course, she thought. Maybe a dildo,
certainly that'd be a gas!

Suddenly his hands came down and seemed to grasp her with new urgency,
as though he was about to lose all control of himself. She was right. He
started to ravish her mouth, his long thick cock going in and out of her
so quickly she felt her mind clouding up. It was almost impossible to
tell when, but she knew what was coming.

She could see, when she opened her eyes, his underbelly, coming at her.
Her nose would bump against it, at every downbeat.

"That feels just great!"

She let a hand slide down and cup his balls. It was getting hard on her,
just taking in his giant cock, and she wanted it over soon. She wanted
him to finish.

"Oh, baby! Your fingers feel so nice on my balls," he moaned, looking
down at her.

She stopped everything for a moment.

"Give my jaw a rest!" she moaned.

He could see that she needed it, and he just stood there, waiting for
her to start again. He petted her, and touched the corners of her mouth,
where there was moisture from his driving cock, mixed with her saliva.

"That feels really good. Is it hard to do?" he asked.

She didn't want to say it was, because she liked doing it and wanted to
finish. She shook her head, indicating that it wasn't. "It's just such a
big cock, I need a rest."

He smiled, seemingly pleased with the thought. He watched as her lips
began to flirt with his cock again. He also, was wondering how he could
ever duplicate this wonderful feeling if he didn't have a little girl's
mouth to shove his cock into.

He couldn't think of anything that could feel quite like that,
especially when she grabbed the hot shaft in her fist, and fluttered her
tongue over the tip until the bolts of hot cream came erupting out, all
over her little mouth and chin.

"Wow! That feels nice!"

His whole body was shivering with pleasure, and his cock was shooting
out hot jets of come, as she squeezed him, prolonging his orgasm, taking
most of his come in her mouth.

It was bittersweet. She swallowed it down without great effort, and
licked on his cock for a moment afterwards. Then, she felt his hand
tugging at her hair and she moved away from him.

Suddenly, he was between her legs, playing with her little pussy again.
He hadn't forgotten her. He let his fingers fuck her. Two of them
entered her, and then another finger suddenly slid deeply into her anus.

She was stunned, shocked, with pleasure. She began to hump at him, her
hips gyrating down on his hand, and her whole body flooded with the hot
combination of sensations she was feeling. It was so nice to have her
clitoris, cunt, and asshole massaged at the same time. She came in a few
moments, but she didn't let on. She wanted him to keep trying. She
wanted him to make her come again.

He seemed to be getting tired also, or at least his fingers were, and he
moved his hand away after ten minutes. She was sweaty and exhausted, and
she'd already came anyway, so she thought that perhaps that was the end
of it for the time being, but then, she felt his hands parting her legs
just as she closed them.

He was far from done with her. Now, he was going to let her have the
full f***e of his tongue on her little love button.

"Oh, are you going to ...?"


His tongue started at her thighs, sucking and lapping at the smooth,
silky skin. Her inner thighs were a delight, and he lingered, although
he was hungry for the taste of her little bush, throbbing just above his

He smiled before he went down on her, smiled with the awareness that he
was going to drive her right out of her little mind, on the fucking
spot, with his tongue.

"Get ready!"

His voice had a warning ring to it, and she tensed. He seemed to mean
it. His eyes shown with intensity, with a twinkle that combined mischief
with purpose.

It occurred to her that he could drive her mad, at least for awhile. She
decided to welcome it, to lie back, spread her lovely thighs, and
welcome it.

It came! His tongue covered her entire crotch. It's swooping licks ran
from her pussy and clitoris, way back to her asshole, as he held the
balls of her buttocks tightly in his hands, keeping her in just the
right spot so that his beating tongue could lay it down on her with the
proper degree of sensation.

She closed her eyes and committed her attention to his beating tongue.
In no time at all, she was in heaven, transported by the flood of
pleasure that enveloped her; made her limbs dance with joy!

"I'm coming! Oh! That feels so wonderful! I'm coming!" she moaned,
whimpering with delight.

He didn't miss a stroke of his whipping, tongue laying it down on her as
she almost struggled to get away from the source of her pleasure and
near-insanity. It was the hardest thing she ever had to sit still for,
even though it felt so heavenly.

Her head was clouding quickly, and she felt as though her entire being
was centered in her genitals, specifically, at the point where his
tongue was beating her.

"Oh, I can't stand it another minute!"

This time, she did come, her body dancing, twitching, going crazy under
the beating tongue!

"Oh! oh, I can't stand it another minute!" do that before," she
whimpered, her head swimming.

He smiled as he registered her responses. He knew he was driving her
wild, and he wanted her to remember that he had that power, and could
duplicate the delights he led her to.

Her body, sweating and jerking, spine tight, went into a crazy
tarantella of motions, her hands grasping his head close to her flaming
little pussy.

Soon she was done, and her spine relaxed. He could sense her orgasm, and
he kept up his tongue-beating through it, but then stopped when she was

When she looked up, his face was covered with her pussy dew, and he was
smiling. She knew it was over. Her body told her that it had to be over,
for the moment. But, she knew it would happen again!

His cock was very hard, and he let it out slowly. The little girl looked
at it, let her little fist close around the base.

"I'm going to lick it like a lollipop!" she said, sensing his delight.

She bent her head.

Chapter 5

What kept life interesting in New England, was the constant arrival of
new k**s. Whenever Mr. MacIntyre's school got a new bus load, or even
just a few new heads, it was soon common knowledge around Mrs. Goody's

"You should see this one," Susie confided to Jody.

"What's so special about him?"

"Well, I just saw him for a few minutes, but he is good looking, and he
gave me that look with his eyes, you know?"

The girls giggled. They'd both learned to recognize the look in a boy's
eyes when he was stalking a girl.

"So you think he had the hots for you?"

"I'm telling you!" Susie insisted.

"Well, what's his name?"

"Gregg. Manny checked it out for me. He didn't look too happy about
doing it, but he did. He does want to keep me feeling good about him,"
Susie said.

"Well, I guess I know why. Alright, let's check out this Gregg
character," Jody consented.

It was late, however, and they'd have to draw up a plan of action. In
the meanwhile, they were both getting hot just from talking about this
new k**, Gregg, and they both wanted to feel the sweet friction of sex
on their young cunts right away.

"I'm horny now!" Jody moaned.

She moved out on her bed, stretching, opening up her legs and beginning
to stroke her blonde little honey pot with her fingers. She'd developed
some interesting techniques, and was able to get a finger up her ass, as
she massaged her own clitoris and finger-fucked herself.

Susie looked on, watching the blonde girl work up a sweat, moaning and
sweating, humping her torso up, as though there were a man on top of

Susie loved to watch Jody masturbate. She loved to see anyone in a state
of sexual delirium, and Jody reached that orbit quickly, and knew how to
hold onto it, making it last.

Jody brought her other hand up and began to pinch her nipples, making
the little mushrooms taut and perky.

"Oh, Gregg! Stick it in me!" Jody moaned.

Susie almost laughed at that, but she could understand it, and it made
her want to do the same thing. She felt her own pussy get wet, and her
own little hand dropped down to her delta, which was more than ripe for
some action.

Susie stretched out on the bed with Jody, and began to masturbate
herself, her own fingers penetrating deeply into her little twat.

The action got complicated within a few minutes, and the girl's started
working on each other. Sex seemed to occupy so much of their time, of
their thoughts, that any hang-ups they ever had were fair game to go out
the window.

Jody loved having her cunt lapped, and she closed her eyes as it was
happening, imagining herself surrounded by beautiful boys, all of them
fighting for an inch of her skin to lick with their tongues.

While her head flooded with this fantasy, she licked at Susie's twat,
noticing Susie's wild physical responses, the way the little girl bucked
and kicked, and got very hard to hold onto as the action went on and on.

Soon Susie was coming, and she tightened her smooth thighs around Jody's
head just a little too tight, but the blonde girl held on, not
complaining, knowing that Susie probably had her own fantasy built up,
and she didn't want to snap her back to reality until she'd come.

Jody also had a good distraction going for her, and the pressure of
Susie's thighs on her head didn't seem to matter much in the face of all
the pleasure she was receiving from the girl's tongue.

Susie's little breasts tempted Jody, and she found herself seeking them
out, pinching the taut nipples. Susie's responses increased, and not
only that, but she started to reciprocate, and soon Jody was feeling
herself totally involved, almost to the point where she didn't need her
fantasies anymore, and could get off on just what was happening.

Fantasies are fun though, she thought, and didn't cross them off her
list of things to enjoy. It was just that, when they weren't needed, why

"Oh! I need a big cock inside me!" Jody moaned.

Susie couldn't provide that action, but she did dig deeper into the
blonde's pussy lips with her tongue, making Jody moan and throb, her
whole body shaking in the delights of terminal orgasm. Yes, the little
blonde was coming, her whole being absorbed in the sweet sensual tongue
that was licking at her cunt!

"Oh that's nice!"

"I'm coming soon!"

"I'm coming NOW!" Jody blurted out.

It was the last coherent thing she said for the next few moments, during
which time, she was in a sexual delirium, matched equally by Susie, who
was also feeling the powerful, purposeful stroking of Jody's own tongue
on her own little bush.

The two girls came together, in a rhapsody of sensations that filled
them both with thrills they needed desperately, and appreciated

"Wow! That was nice!" Jody said, straightening up on the bed.

"Yeah! That was something. I'll bet you were dreaming that Gregg and
five other Gregg's were laying it into you," Susie said, causing them
both to giggle.

"Dreams are nice, sometimes," Jody said, reflectively.

"So's having your bush sucked," Susie added and again, a fit of giggles
flooded the room.

The girls went to sl**p that night, their fires somewhat put at ease,
but their appetites, still strong and distinct.

Jody wanted to check out this new boy, Gregg, and she knew how she was
going to play it. Through Manny. Manny would cooperate, if she promised
him the right thing.

As soon as she got a chance to speak to him, she set up a meeting with
the new boy, but it would have to wait until the weekend. Manny was
insistent about that. It was only Wednesday, and Jody wasn't the patient
type. But, she reasoned, the weekend is better than nothing, and she
could hold on. This Gregg had better be good, she thought, but didn't
say out loud.

Manny wanted some pussy, but she held him off. First of all they were in
the woods, and she didn't like taking risks like that if she could help
it, not in the afternoon.

He got kind of insistent, and he finally talked Jody into just showing
him her tits.

"I just want to suck on them," he said, as soon as they were out.

She watched his little mouth cover the taut buttons of her nipples. His
demands always started small and increased. She watched him take his
cock out and begin to stroke it himself. She knew she could have reached
down and helped him, but it excited her to watch a boy jerk-off, and she
told him she'd pose for him like a magazine picture, if he'd lie down in
the grass with her, and jerk himself off.

"Hey, that's a wild idea!" he delighted.

"But you can't touch me. You can just tell me how you want me to pose."

"That's fair. Wow! That's wild."

He seemed to like the idea, and it appealed to her also, to be a sexual
object, and at the same time not be touched. She wanted to see him
jerking it, getting himself off on just the sight of her.

Jody stretched out on the grass, on her side, opening her blouse and
lifting her skirt, pulling her underpants down so that her little bush
was exposed.

Manny got down, just a few feet from her, fully dressed, except his huge
cock was protruding from his zipper, and his hands were busy playing
with his thick rod.

"Put your hands over your head. Like, put them on the crown of your
head, and jut those tits out at me!"

She did what he said. She felt like a magazine model.

"Wow! That's pretty. Now I can really concentrate. Jody, lick your lips
for me. I like to see them glistening wet."

Jody smiled, her eyes burning deeply into his, and she licked her lips,
her tongue making a great show of moistening them.

Manny's cock was pulsing in his hands. He was moist, and looked like he
was going to explode any minute.

"Jody, put your mouth over it!"

"Now Manny, you know that isn't part of the game," she said, thrusting
her breasts out more.

She wanted her image, the sight of her, to be enough for him. That, in
some mysterious way, pleased the hell out of her.

Manny wanted more, she could tell that, but she wanted to see a boy jerk
himself off. She wanted to see the come shoot out of his cock, while his
own hands were working it.

"Come on, Manny, let yourself come!"

"Jody, your little pussy looks so good. Let me kiss it for you just

"You know where that'll lead. We already set the rules, Manny, so you
might as well come. You like my breasts?"

She jutted them up more, and then, just to drive him wild, she bent her
head way down and lifted one of her tits up, so that she could just
barely touch the nipple with her own tongue.

That was what finally got to him, and soon he was spilling, shooting
bolts of come out of his cock.

"Oh Jody! You're so pretty!"

She looked at his cock, as the hot bolts shot towards her, and she had
to move quickly to avoid the deluge. Even so, she got a few drops of his
sticky come on her breasts and blouse.

He finished shooting and rested on the grass a moment. His cock was
sticky, and he took out a handkerchief and wiped it off.

"Wow! That was nice but it could have been nicer," he said, looking at
her as if she'd denied him the real goodies.

"Look, Manny. You have to be ready to try knew kicks. That was a great
kick. I got off just watching you do that."


"Yeah, sure. That was great. You look so strong and manly with that hot
come shooting out of your cock."

"Sorry I got it on your blouse."

"Oh, it washes off. Now don't forget this weekend. I want to meet Gregg,
and I want you to tell him something for me, alright?" she asked.

"Sure. What?"

"Tell him that I have a beautiful body, and that I'm a real hot bitch.
Tell him that of all the girls here, I'm the one everyone wants. You can
do that, can't you?"

Manny grinned. She sure could manipulate, but then, it wasn't far from
the truth. Jody was a piece of ass, and everyone knew it.

"Don't be surprised if he knows all about you already," Manny said.

"From who?"

Manny shrugged, doing his blank, almost poker-face, and she knew she'd
received as much information as she was going to get from him. Well,
alright, she'd gotten what she wanted, and the weekend would be on them
in a few short days.

Manny and Jody parted in the woods, both going away with their own
feelings, with their own rewards for what had just happened.

By Thursday, Jody was tense. She'd snuck around MacIntyre's place a few
times, but she didn't see anyone new, let alone a dark-haired,
well-muscled guy named Gregg. She was getting more and more impatient.

Thursday night in bed, she conjured up a picture of what Gregg should
look like up close, and she used it, locking it in her mind, to allow
herself to masturbate. She heard the springs of the bed begin to make
their characteristic squeaks, as her finger humping got out of hand, and
she had to slow down. Jody didn't want to make her kicks public.

"Oh, Gregg!" she whispered, almost seeing his face, her eyes shut tight,
her little fingers stirring up her hot bush, the balls of her ass
rotating down on her fingers as they entered her bush. She let a hand
come up and begin to massage her nipples, imagining that it was Gregg's
hand, coming up to appreciate the lightly halloed, perfection of her

She was whimpering, working so hard the sheets were covered with sweat,
her little ass rotating down, as her fingers penetrated her bush and
stirred it up. She let her pinky slide into her ass, and loved the
complex of sensations that rushed at her. What a wonderful fantasy,
Gregg provided. She didn't even really know what he looked like, and she
could construct him in her mind, make him even more perfect than anyone
could ever hope to be.

"Oh Gregg! I'm coming! Oh Gregg! Work on my pussy with your tongue,

Her nipples got sore and she returned her hands to her cunt, really
concentrating on her little clitoris which seemed to be the easiest to

Her young body, aching for a man, was finding its own satisfaction in
her masturbating, but it was a satisfaction that required intense

She thought of Manny, lying on the grass stroking his long cock, jerking
it like mad, looking at her as she posed for him. That had been a kick.

The next image that filled her head, and the one that took her over the
line and into a wave of orgasmic bliss, was of. Manny, jerking his cock
to her image, while Gregg gave it to her in her pussy with his own stiff

She loved to imagine herself being needed and desired by many men, and
the thought of pleasing them both at once, and one without as much as a
touch, really caused her to steam up. Her little body went into a
furious dance, and the balls of her ass shook the sheets as they
rotated, pushing her cunt down on her stiff fingers.

"Gregg, I'm coming! Oh, Manny, jerk that hot cock for me!" she moaned,
as her body allowed her the release she craved for.

After she came, she wanted to get up and wash, but her body felt so
fatigued, so overcome by the activities of the past fifteen minutes,
that all she could do was lie there. She fell asl**p, holding onto her
fantasy world until the great black abstraction of sl**p took a final
hold on her.

Jody woke up and showered, feeling refreshed and alive at once. It was
Friday, and that meant that there was going to be some socializing. in
fact, there was a dance scheduled for that evening. Of course, there
would be chaperones up the ass, but that didn't mean that two clever
young bodies couldn't slide away and warm each other up.

The day drifted by, and she hardly paid any attention at all, being
caught up in the wonderful fantasies of Gregg. She'd gotten word of a
few new arrivals since the week began, but for some reason, and Susie
probably had a lot to do with it, Gregg stood out, and it was Gregg that
she was going to make her play for.

Of course it helped to have Manny as a partisan. He didn't like setting
up another guy for some of her sweet little ass, but he'd do what he had
to do. Jody knew she had control of Manny, at least to a point, and if
she acted a certain way and took care of him also.

That was no problem before the dance, Jody and Susie helped each other

"I think I'll skip the panties," Jody said. "What?" Susie looked

"I said, I think I'll just skip the panties. Won't that be a thrill,
when he puts his hands up my skirt, and there's only me up there!"

"Wow! That is an idea!" Susie said.

"Yeah, that's what I'll do."

"But what if someone notices? I mean, how the hell would you explain
that one?"

"I can say I forgot. That's all. I can just say I forgot!"

Jody said it again, seemingly to convince herself that her excuse
sounded realistic. At any rate, she'd decided to skip the panties, so
why worry about something you're going to do anyway?

"You're crazy," Susie said, "but I like it!" Jody laughed. She liked
that kind of affirmation. She felt that she had balls, guts, when it
came to sex, and she wanted other girls to know that. She wanted people
to talk about her as a hot firecracker. That's how she saw herself, most
of the time.

The dance started out slow, with the adults in full control. There was
very little booze, but just a little, slipped into cokes and consumed in
stalls in the bathrooms, and someone came up with an occasional joint of

Jody scanned the room for Manny, even long before most of the boys had
shown up. He didn't seem to be in sight, and Susie was getting nervous,
because she wanted to get it on with Manny that night. They clung close
together, Susie and Jody, checking out the new arrivals, growing
impatient by eight o'clock.

A little before nine, Manny came storming in with Gregg, and they
approached the two girls right away. Jody and Susie had been mingling,
but they were so distracted that most of the people they talked to could
tell, and so after awhile, they kept to themselves. All of a sudden,
there they were! The boys they'd been waiting for!

"Susie, and Jody, I want you to meet Gregg. He's new at MacIntyre's."

Manny beamed, as though he'd been bred especially for formal

"Hello, girls. So you're Jody," Gregg said, taking her arm at once and
leading her onto the dance floor.

It just so happens they were playing a slow record, and that bit of luck
gave Jody her first taste of things to come.

Gregg wasn't shy at all, and he held her tightly around her waist, his
hand flat on her back, pushing her breasts to his chest. They had to be
careful, dancing like that, about who was standing close, but Jody
managed to devote one eye to scanning the area, making sure none of the
anti-happiness squad was around.

He was everything she'd conjured last night. He was around a foot taller
than she was, with curly black hair and a very tight body. Not an ounce
of extra meat anywhere, but just solid muscle, which she could feel
clearly defined through his white shirt and thin sports jacket.

Jody could also tell that Gregg knew how to hold a girl, and how to move
her around. Their bodies responded well to each other, and not at all
like they'd just met a moment ago.

She pressed her leg to his crotch, and he smiled, his hand moving
through the lavish blonde hair, to stroke the soft nape of her neck.

"Gregg, you really dance!"

"Jody, Manny's been telling me I have to meet you. I see he was right
about that."

She blushed, her pale skin filling with color, and her eyes lowered. He
kept staring at her, and stroking her nape with a soft hand.

They were dancing in such a way, that his back was to the wall, and Jody
wasn't surprised when Gregg's hand dropped from her waist and fell
lightly on the balls of her buttocks. He was very brazen, looking at her
eyes all the time, as his hand tightened, squeezing her, feeling the
tight shape of her young body.

"That feels nice," she let out.

She wondered if he noticed that there was nothing on under the skirt. He
didn't seem to, but, she figured him to be a quick one, and she thought
he might have guessed it the moment he looked at her.

It sure made a difference to her, wearing no panties. She could feel the
moist dew on her pussy already, and her thighs rubbed together in such a
way, that she was ready to take his cock out right there on the dance
floor! Now that would be a mistake, she told herself, snapping back to
sanity before it got too late.

The dance ended, but they stayed very close together. Soon though, they
felt self-conscious, and Jody especially, was afraid of a verbal
reprimand, so they just held hands, or that is, he took her by the hand,
and led her off the dance floor.

Some fast numbers came up and they sat them out, getting to know each
other a little, which was hard in the face of all that noise and

"Well, it has its advantages, like being close to MacIntyre's place, for

She let out a laugh, and he could tell by the way she touched him, a
casual hand coming up and stroking his cheek, that he turned her on,
that she wanted him.

After all the things Manny told him about Jody, she was the only girl
there he even bothered to look at. She did live up to her description,
though. Her blonde hair was sweet and pretty, and her eyes were
something else again! Her body was young, but her breasts were fairly
full, and certainly well-formed.

He noticed the way her little nipples were clearly defined, even under
the white-on-white blouse, and the bra she was wearing. He could tell
from looking at her, and watching her act, that she was a total flirt,
and was probably only wearing a bra because she had to. He wondered if
she was wearing anything under that skirt.

The skirt was more-or-less regulation length, which meant that part of
her knees had to be covered, but he could see that her legs were
shapely, and he imagined that they retained their shapely texture all
the way up to her blonde bush.

Gregg suddenly got very hungry for her. There was a fast record on, and
he asked her to dance. He wanted to see some of that machinery she had
kick into gear. He wanted to see her shake it for him. He'd be able to
tell so much, just from the way she used her body on the dance floor.

The number had already started when they hit the floor, but Jody got
right into it. She could sense his eyes on her, and she let her hips do
the talking, as well as her breasts, pumping at him, her breasts doing a
splendid shimmy which she achieved through a skilled and practiced
motion of her shoulders.

Jody knew how to act out her fantasies, and dancing was, to her, a way
of inviting someone into her imagination. She was sure he was watching
her, imagining what he'd like to do to her. She worked up a sweat
quickly, beads of perspiration making her face glisten, making strands
of her blonde hair cling to her face, as the bulk of her mane floated
about her head and shoulders. Each time she jerked her head, her hair
took off in a sea of golden blonde motion, that seemed to excite him.

He was a good dancer also. He kept it simple, but he was precise and
sexy. So few boys knew how to really dance, that when a hot number came
up on the record player, most of the dance floor consisted of girls
dancing with girls.

Well, Gregg knew his steps, and he was laying them down nicely, even
though most of his attention was going into watching his partner, as her
breasts jutted and shimmied, as her hips rotated.

When she spun around, turning in quick, tight pirouettes, he could make
out the balls of her ass distinctly, and, jutting out as her buttocks
was, he decided that she had no panties on indeed. That was naked ass
under that thin skirt, if his senses could be trusted!

That inspired him, and he really laid some steps down, even doing a
half-split and bouncing back up, into a complicated dance step. Some of
the others, especially the girls, had stopped dancing, and were just
watching the two of them. Jody flushed with pride, as she and Gregg
proceeded to hypnotize many of the dancers and onlookers, with their
swift, sexy dancing.

Of course, the anti-happiness squad had to be taken into consideration,
and after that one quick dance, they had to lay low for awhile, and
return to a low profile. It didn't matter. They'd already established
some very effective rapport, and Jody knew what was coming her way soon

She didn't want to just have him once, this knew stud who promised every
kind of thrill she could conjure, in his eyes. She wanted to have him
again, and again, even if that meant she'd have to cater to his wishes,
break down a little for him. It would be worth it, she decided, watching
him wipe the sweat off of his face with a handkerchief.

He sure was one good looking guy, she thought to herself, loving the way
his hair, neatly combed in the beginning of the dance, began to fall all
over his forehead, over his ears. By the time the dance was over, he
looked like a wild man, and Jody liked the image of a wild man! That,
for sure, would be part of her next trip down fantasy lane.

They had some of the punch provided by the management, which was bland,
to say the least. Not only was there no booze at all, but there was very
little flavor at all.

Earlier in the evening, someone, who remained unidentified, poured some
vodka in the punch, and things were moving right along until one of the
chaperones got a whiff of what was going on and burned down the action,
making them remove the whole bowl, pour it in the toilet, and make a
second batch. As if in punishment, the second batch of punch was worse,
more bland, than the first.

"This shit's terrible. I wish I had a bottle," Gregg said to Jody.

Jody could tell what kind of a boy he was at once. His symbols were
direct and to the point. He was a wise ass, a tough. He was the kind of
guy who could hold his own, and did so! That excited her. She knew he'd
be more demanding, and maybe even take her over, in a lot of ways, but
he excited her, and that was that.

The mischief in his almost black eyes, was sparkling and clear. He gazed
across the dance floor, then looked at her, looking bored.

"Baby, we have to blow this place," he said.

"But where can we go."

Gregg smiled. At least it was established that she wanted to leave with
him. Now, all he had to do was work out where they'd go. Well, he
reasoned, there was always the woods. Yeah, that would do. But then, all
the older people associated with both schools had cars, which meant
there was a lot full of cars sitting around.

"Wanna hop a car and take a ride? We can find a nice quiet place to make
it, and then return. Nobody'd know," he said.

Jody felt her heart jump. He was a wild one. First of all, she hadn't
said she was going to make it with him. He'd assumed that. Of course, it
was true, but, she was used to holding the cards, or at least having the
illusion. Secondly, he wanted to steal a car. Now, that was a bit off
the wall!

She looked at him and realized that she'd never known anyone as wild as
him before. He wasn't fooling. He was wild! Authority meant nothing to
him, and she could see it spelled out clearly on his face. He looked at
the adults as though they better leave him alone if they knew what was
good for them, and for some strange reason they did.

So he wanted to cop a car?! Well, Jody could see how that could be some
real fun! She didn't know what to say. Perhaps the woods were better,
and less complicated.

"Let's just go in the woods and get to know each other," she whispered
in his ear.

He turned quickly, so that his lips touched hers before she even knew
what was happening. It was such a quick sudden kiss, it took her by
surprise. She flushed and looked around, wondering if anyone had

"You shouldn't do that here! You'll get us both in trouble!" she flared.

She was flattered, but his defiance scared her. She didn't want to see
their party get busted up before it began. If the wrong eyes fell on
them, they were in trouble.

"Fuck trouble!" he said, rather loud.

She looked at him, and she started to laugh. He just sincerely didn't
care about their rules and regulations.

Jody felt strange walking towards the exit door with him. She felt
differently than she'd ever felt. His defiance gave her strength, and
she felt like she was going to be free of the rules and regulations that
guided life at Goody's, simply because he, Gregg, would teach her how to
operate around them.

Gregg had that look of strength, of pompous determination, always in his
face, and it made people respect him, even though he was a mere fifteen.
He already looked like he'd seen more than most people, and could deal
with whatever came up.

"We'll have to leave carefully. Let me walk out first, and meet you in
fifteen minutes around the rear door."

"I don't know this place in the dark," he protested.

"Alright, listen, to the left of the parking lot is a garden. It'll be
empty. Got that?" she said.

He nodded his head. She flushed with pride, that she was directing him.
It filled her with a glow, that he even respected her judgement, her

"You first, Jody!'

He moved to kiss her, but she moved away, her eyes apologizing. She
didn't want him to think he didn't want to kiss her. Not at all! She
wanted him to know that, they could blow the whole thing, just by
rushing it and letting the wrong people see them.

To Gregg, it didn't matter who saw what. Anyone who got in his way, had
to deal with him, and he could get rough if he wanted to. He often
wanted to, just out of sheer boredom.

He watched her walk out the exit door. Her ass was beautiful, even
better than he'd imagined. His mind drifted back to last night in bed.
Manny had befriended him, and then filled his head up with pictures of
this hot little piece of cake named Jody who wanted to meet him.

Gregg had taken the information in calmly, but later, alone in bed, his
cock began to twitch with anticipation. He couldn't help dreaming up a
Jody, a picture, from what Manny had said. The long hair, the beautiful
eyes, the breasts, budding, with pale pretty nipples. And she was a
hungry bitch! That's what Manny said. That Jody was hungry for cock! Not
any cock, although she sure could have any cock. She wanted Gregg.

Gregg had found himself stroking his cock, dreaming of her golden hair,
of her lips around his cock. Now, that he saw those pale lips, that
cute, pointy little chin, he couldn't even hide the huge bulge in his
trousers. He had to touch her, to taste her, and nobody better get in
his way.

Gregg waited fifteen minutes, still playing back the incidents of last
night. Finally, he couldn't stand it anymore, and began to stroke his
cock, then, humped the bed, shooting a thick load out into his

He'd felt silly, but he needed the relief, and that was that. Gregg
acted on his needs, at once! Last night, the bed had served him, had
stood still for him, and he transformed it in his mind, into a thin
blonde with sweet tits. Now, the real thing was waiting for him! The
real goodies! He was going to give her a time she'd never forget.

Gregg combed his hair in a small panel of mirror on the wall, and went
for the exit.

One of the hired ushers asked him where he was going.

"Are you k**ding? What do you mean where am I going? What kind of
question is that?"

"I have to know. We have to keep track of you young people," the man
said, firmly.

Gregg resisted an urge to come down hard on the man's toe with the heel
of his boot, just for kicks, just to set the record straight that nobody
had any right to ask him questions like that. But, he knew that if he
got in a hassle now, it might interfere with his plans for the evening,
and he didn't want to slop up his good times because of some clown who
had bad manners and thought he could ask personal questions.

"Ah, I'm going to bed. I feel like hell. Sorry I snapped," Gregg said,
looking down.

The usher smiled, and wore a look of placid understanding. He offered
Gregg the sign-out book and a pencil.

"Just write your name, and where you're going," the man said, hopefully.

Gregg wrote the name, 'Samuel Sansome-To bed,' and handed the book back
to the door zombie.

The man smiled and let him pass, and Gregg moved slowly, careful not to
swagger or appear arrogant. He had to remind himself that he had other
things to worry about. Defiance can be a full-time job, and a tiring one
at that.

What Gregg wanted, on his way out the door, was kicks, pure and simple,
and he didn't want anything, not even himself, to get in the way of his
pleasures. That little blonde. She drove him nuts before he even got to
meet her. Now, she was surely going to blow him away.

Gregg walked to the end of the parking lot, and there it was. He moved
to the garden entrance, his eyes scanning, alert.


He turned quickly, and saw the reflection of her golden-blonde hair in
the light of the moon. She was standing about fifteen feet away, deeper
into the garden.

He walked towards her, and when he reached her, he wasted no time,
taking her tightly into his arms and kissing her, chewing on the
softness of her little lips, grasping the balls of her buttocks and
grinding her groin into his.

She didn't fight at all. Jody was wondering how she was going to handle
him. She knew he'd come on strong, and she didn't want to be very easy
and present no challenge, but when he grabbed her so f***efully, she

Jody felt his tongue going in her mouth, running along the row of pearly
teeth, doing battle with her own tongue. He really knew how to kiss a
girl, and he was teaching her a great deal in the first five seconds.

When his lips left hers, and he was standing there, his finger on her

"Look at me!" he demanded.

She stared into his eyes.

"I jerked it last night because of you, because of what Manny told me
about you. It made me dream you up. Now that I see you, I'm hungry for
it, Jody. I dig that tight ass of yours," he said, through clinched

His hands both moved behind her, and cupped her buttocks, which he
pushed in towards himself, grinding her into him.

He kissed her again. She was so aglow by his words, that his body almost
electrocuted her, almost made her tingle. She wanted him so bad she was

"We better get out of this garden," she said, suddenly.


"Well, k**s do get caught here all the time, and if you get caught, you
are in trouble."

Gregg pondered it a moment. He wasn't afraid of the trouble. What
bothered him, was having somebody break up his fun.

"You wait here a minute. Just a minute," he said to her, kissing her

"Where are you going?" she implored.

"Baby, I said for you to wait here. That's all I said. Now do it!"

He walked away from her, leaving her standing alone in the garden. She
didn't know what he was up to, but she sensed that he was as hungry for
her as she was for him, and that he'd be back.

Imagine, she told herself, he stroked himself off last night thinking
about her. She'd have to thank Manny.

He pulled her tightly to him and began to feel her up at once, his hands
going all over her, under her blouse, down her belly. When he reached
her skirt, lifted it up, and found no panties, he was more than amused.

"I knew it. I knew that little bush was loose under that skirt."

Gregg unzipped his pants and told her to get familiar with his cock.

Jody decided to play it slow.

"What do you mean?"

He proceeded to show her. He took her hand and guided it to his cock,
which was sticking straight out of his pants. Jody felt the hot rod
throb in her hand, and she wanted to bend down and kiss it at once.

Just as she was about to, a police car appeared behind them, siren on,
blasting. Jody tensed and said her prayers, and Gregg slowed the car
down slightly.

"I don't think they're chasing us. Play it cool. If they are, I'll slow
down quick and do a U-turn. If they catch us, you just say you thought
it was my car. Say I told you it was my car!" Gregg said.

Jody's mind was reeling, but she took in the information. She'd do
exactly what he said if they got stopped.

Gregg waited until the patrol car was almost on them, and then he pulled
to the side of the road, waiting to see if they were going to just speed
by, or stop, in which case he'd slam the huge Thunderbird around and
make them chase him.

The patrol car didn't even slow down for them, but rather, just raced
around them, obviously on their way to some kind of an emergency.

They were moving like white lightening, and were soon out of sight. Jody
was shaking like a leaf, and even Gregg had to admit that the situation
didn't appeal to his nervous system.

There was a pack of cigarettes on the dashboard of the car, and Gregg
picked it up and opened it.

"How considerate. Most of the time, when you borrow a car, they forget
the cigarettes," he said, lighting one.

She looked at him and was amazed because he appeared so calm. His cock,
however, was soft on his lap. Ah ha, she reasoned, so there was the
proof that he'd been shaken up. He wasn't fearless, but then, there are

Jody put her hand on his cock and it stirred. In a second, it was hard

"Don't you think we should get out of here?" she said.

They were on the shoulder of the road, and it was pitch dark outside.

"Yeah. Let's find a spot where we can bring this buggy into the woods."

They crept along, and Gregg put the brights on so that if there was an
opening in the woods, they'd find it. It didn't take more than a mile
before they came to one of those country roads in New England that
looked like it hadn't been used in twenty years.

Gregg charged it full speed ahead, causing the big Thunderbird to bounce
off of a tree and hit bottom a few times. He laughed as it happened,
telling Jody to hold onto her ass.

"You are a wild man! You're crazy!" she let out.

"Yeah; baby! That's the idea!"

He took her in his arms and kissed her again, this time, moving her
skirt way up on her hips. His fingers were quick to enter her little
delta, and in moments, the front seat was slid way back, and she was

Gregg was no k** when it came to the ways of the flesh. He seemed to
know exactly what he was doing. She was right about one thing though. He
was demanding.

"Baby, I want to see my big cock sliding into your mouth," he said to
her, and it was stronger than a mere suggestion.

He actually placed his cock before her mouth, and moved her head
forwards. She let her lips tickle the tip of his cock, then, after a few
moments of that, it was him controlling the action, as he pushed his
shaft deeply into her little mouth.

"Baby, give it a good healthy soul kiss."

He watched her, holding her blonde hair off of her face, so that he
could see her little profile on his leg as she sucked at his cock.

Suddenly Gregg decided that he wanted to taste her blonde twat, and he
arranged them in a sixty-nine position right there on the front seat of
the car. It was hard, and their bodies were twisted and contorted by the
limited space, but that skilled tongue felt better on her twat than
anything she'd ever felt before. She felt herself getting more and more
steamed up, as his tongue beat down on her oven, lapping at the sweet
dew that drooled out of her little young cunt.

"Oh Gregg!"


"Gregg! I never felt so tingly before!"

Her little thighs pressed down on his head, and her hands were on his
neck, pushing his tongue closer and closer.

Gregg's cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, and she couldn't help
realizing how last night, in bed alone, she'd sucked her own thumb,
pretending it was Gregg's cock.

Well, she hadn't even met him yet. Now she not only met him, but she had
a mouthful of the real thing, and she was delighted not only by his
tongue on her pussy, but by his big cock in her mouth.

Her little fist covered the base, because it was difficult for her to
get the whole shaft in her mouth. With the base tightly in her fist, she
could let her tongue and lips really work out on the tip of his shaft,
which stuck out, through her fist.

He was really laying it on her, really fucking her mouth with all his
might. He'd lost all control of himself, and he was fucking her mouth
and lapping at her twat like a maniac.

Suddenly, she felt a finger enter into her ass, and she moaned and
whimpered with pleasure.

"OH! I'm coming! Gregg! I'm coming!!"

Her whole body was shaking and throbbing in his grip, as her jaw clamped
down hard as the orgasm flooded her senses and made her suck even harder
on his cock. She fluttered her little tongue over the tip, and soon his
hot sauce was shooting into her mouth.

"Swallow my sweet cream, Jody. I want to watch you gulp it down!"

Gregg watched the blonde beauty as his hot sauce filled her mouth,
spilling out of the corners and running down her chin, down her cheeks.

"Oh! Gregg!"

She'd swallowed most of it, but he held her head still, and she realized
he wanted her to lick him off, so she let her tongue come out and lap at
his cock, even as it softened.

"Wow, Jody. That was great! You're one tight chick, baby!" he said.

She basked in his affirmation. She smiled and told him that he wasn't
bad himself.

"Hey, baby. I think we should return the heap before it's missed,

She nodded her head.

Gregg drove the Thunderbird in reverse, out of the woods, banging it
around as much as he liked, and then got back on the road, where he
drove quickly and skillfully until they got near the school.

"Now watch this baby. they'll never even know it was gone until morning
when they see how bumped around it is," he said, coasting the car into
the big lot.

He left it right where he found it, and was very careful to wipe
fingerprints off the wheel and the door handles.

She watched as he worked, admiring his dexterity, his hipness. He knew
exactly what he was doing.

When the car was ready to be abandoned by them, they got low on the seat
once more, for a goodnight kiss which went on and on, until Jody
mentioned, that after all that fun it would be a shame to get caught
kissing in someone's car.

"You're right, baby. Tomorrow's another day."

"I want to see you a lot, Gregg!"

"Baby, you won't be able to avoid me!" They snuck out of the car, and
back into the party. Gregg signed in using the same phony name he'd used
to sign out. Actually it was the name of a novelist, one of his heroes.
He smiled politely at the usher, like a good little boy.

Chapter 6

Jody had a hard time returning to what she once would have called a
normal orbit. Gregg had left her head spinning. The boy was so crazy, so
impossibly sure of himself, that she gave him god-like proportions in
her head.

From then on, whenever time wouldn't allow an actual connection between
Jody and her young stud, she found herself tossing in bed, her fingers
working at her clitoris and pussy, trying to duplicate the feeling of
having Gregg's strong hands on her. She'd pinch her nipples and moan,
tossing on the hard flat mattress, transposing it, in her mind, to
Gregg's hot body.

Her imagination would take her so far, and then it was up to her
fingers, and even they didn't take her where Gregg took her.

One of the girls, a girl named Mary, produced a dildo, which her b*****r
had sent her from home. That was a delight, and it made the rounds with
the girls, each one cleaning it off and taking a night with it.

Of course, it wasn't passed around without a definite feeling for who
should get it and who might snitch. Susie and Jody had no trouble
getting it, their reputations being solidly bad. That delighted them for
the first time. It meant that every so often, they could borrow the hard
plastic phallus, that vibrated when you pushed a button.

On Jody's nights with the vibrator, she stretched herself in bed and
recalled whole events, whole sexual episodes, between herself and Gregg.
When she ran out of stuff to replay, she just made up new images, and
sometimes they, were better than what actually happened. Sometimes, the
new images gave her ideas for things to do when she and Gregg would have
the time.

"Well, Susie asked, "When are you going to share him a little. I mean,
I've had to listen to how great he is for the past week. When do I get a
chance to see if he's as great as you say?"

Jody hadn't thought about that. Of course, Gregg was like her, in that
he could probably select anyone he wanted and get a response. He was at
least as appealing as she was. If she tried to hold him for herself, it
just wouldn't work, she decided.

On the other hand, if she shared him, and made sexual connections for
him, he might appreciate her doing so, and consider her something
special, something too good to ever turn his back on. That's what she
wanted, in her mysterious way. She wanted him to be committed to her, in
any way possible. She turned to her friend.

"Yeah, maybe it's time you got a taste of that hot cock. You've spent
enough time with that dildo. I'm sure though, that after Gregg, Manny
won't cut it for you."

"Let me worry," Susie said, amused.

"Let Manny worry is more like it," Jody said, and this time they were
both amused.

Jody set it up for a week night, which meant a lot of creeping around in
the woods and sneaking out, but it seemed exciting enough to all parties
concerned, and so they decided to do it.

The meeting spot was to be in an old work shed, that had long been
abandoned, was deep enough into the woods that nobody would come across
them, and was almost right between the two schools. It was ideal in

The meeting was to take place at nine, but Gregg got there early, being
delighted and enthusiastic about the idea of playing around with two
girls instead of just one. It was right up his alley, and just what he

He'd even gone to the trouble to bring a box of candles, so that it
would be light enough in the old shed, for him to see them, for him to
see what he was doing.

He lit some of the candles and was delighted with the way the inner
shack illuminated. There was only one window, and he put a board over
it, so that air could pass in and out, but not light. He was moving
quickly, being precise.

Inside, he spread out the other prop he'd brought to complete the party,
which was a blanket. He stretched out on the blanket and lit a

There was nothing else he could do. The rest of the party was up to the
girls. He'd just have to wait, and see if they came through. Of course,
he was pretty confident about Jody. He knew she was really hung on him,
and would do almost anything for him.

Gregg guessed that Jody's motives for setting this up, was that she knew
he'd get around to Susie anyway, Susie being one of the sharpest looking
girls at the school.

He knew that the girls had their eyes on him. It was nothing new to him.
It had always been that way, as long as he could remember. He liked it,
and counted on it.

It didn't take long for the girls to arrive, and they looked nervous and
giddy. They seemed so self-conscious about what they were doing. Gregg
was amused. He unzipped his jeans and his big cock popped into the air.

"OH!" Susie startled.

He had a cocky look in his eyes as he began stroking his cock with his
own fingers, showing them that it wasn't even full yet. It still had
some growing to do.

"It grows quicker if you put it in your mouth," Jody informed Susie.

The brunette flushed with color and looked down, but Gregg approached

"She's right. It really takes off if you put it in your mouth. That girl
knows what she's saying."

Susie looked up and their eyes met, and suddenly he was on her, his
hands under her skirt, pulling down her panties, pushing her down on the

"Be a good girl and help me, Jody!"

Jody did what Gregg said, as usual, and Susie offered no resistance, and
in fact, loved being undressed by two people.

Gregg liked the dark-haired girl's taut nipples, and sucked them into
his mouth, his tongue beating on them, making them even more taut,
making them moist so that they gleamed in the candle light.

"Hey, is that talk true about you girls having a dildo?" Gregg asked
Susie, looking straight into her eyes.


"Yes! Well, I want to see how you jerk it, baby. I mean, I want to see
what you two would do if I wasn't here and you were horny."

Jody knew what he meant, and she was game. She quickly stripped her
skirt and blouse off, and began to spread out on the blanket, finger-
fucking herself, moaning and whimpering as she really worked herself up
in no time at all.

Gregg watched, stroking his cock, even though he could have easily had
Susie stroke it, or even suck it for him.

"Yeah, that's what I want to see. Susie, I want to see you get yourself
off. I'll jump on when the time is right!"

The way he had of looking at a girl, his tone of voice, all contributed
to the cooperation they gave him. It was as though they were his slaves,
and he was going to take them on a trip they'd never forget, but by his

Susie saw Jody obey, and the pretty blonde, although she wanted more
than her own fingers inside her, was getting pretty steamed up. Susie
spread her legs wide and began to stroke her bush, working straight on
the little clicker of her clitoris, rolling it between her fingers. Her
other hand came up and made her nipples taut, and soon she also was
moaning and twisting around on the blanket.

Gregg stood over them both, jerking his cock slowly, watching as the two
girls performed for him, and, he was sure; for themselves. He wanted
them to start working on each other, but he couldn't think of a way to
get it going without him, so that he could stand above the pile and

He decided that if he made his wishes known to Jody, she might be able
to carry it off for him, and really get the boat on the road. He
whispered his suggestion in her ear.

"I want to see you two working on each other, baby. You can do it!"

Jody heard him clearly. How well she knew she could do it, and she also
knew that if she did, she'd have that commitment from Gregg. She'd
probably be the only girl who ever did that for him, and he'd appreciate
it. Gregg was a person who could be cruel with strangers, but once you
were in his circle, his select, almost closed circle, he valued you and
acted accordingly.

He'd already proved to Jody that he valued her, meeting her as much as
he could, and always being sure that she was sexually satisfied, unlike
most young boys.

She knew also, that what he was asking her to do, was relatively easy.
The transition was almost a technicality. Jody simply began to cup
Susie's tits in her hands, pinching the nipples. Then, she let her hand
drop to the girl's dewy bush, stirring her up, pushing a finger in the
already moist opening.

"Oh, Gregg!" Susie moaned.

Gregg was standing above watching, and he smiled. A drop of lubricating
cream dripped off of his cock and dropped onto Susie's face, and she
rolled her eyes, her nostrils steaming, as Jody began to really work up
the fires inside her.

"Oh, that's great!"

"Eat her, Jody. Get down and sixty-nine with her," Gregg suggested. But
when Gregg suggested, it was sort of a command.

Jody twisted her body around so that she could get her head between
Susie's legs, and Susie could do the same, and both girls took off with
their tongues, lapping at each other, heating each other up, and
certainly heating up the select audience in attendance.

Gregg lit a cigarette. He had such an urge to jump on them both,
watching their breasts bouncing, their limbs twisting around each other,
the tight young balls of their buttocks. He knew that he was going to
jump in strong, and he wanted to settle back and have a cigarette first,
maybe detach himself a little, to prolong the pleasure.

He was thankful for the candles. Imagine, he thought, having all that
sweet action going down, and not being able to see it. That would be no
fun at all.

Gregg almost shot into his own hand, just from watching Jody's hands
gripping Susie's buttocks, as the blonde ate Susie's pussy, and Susie
moaned, tightening the silky skin of her upper thighs around the
blonde's head.

Gregg put the cigarette down. He was ready to hop on. He was more than
ready. He was almost dizzy with readiness. His cock was fit to steam
when he finally landed on that soft sweet pile of femininity.

Susie grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth, thinking of all
those nights she'd sucked on Mary's dildo. There it was for her, and it
was as big as the dildo. Her little mouth was really open! Her little
lips had to really expand to get around his thick handsome shaft.

While this was going on, Gregg replaced Susie on Jody's twat, separating
the skin skillfully, so that the little clitoris stood up proud and
ready to be tongue-whipped.

Jody squirmed and whimpered, obviously driven beyond delight by the
beating tempo of Gregg's hungry tongue.

Gregg couldn't take much of this high input, and he felt the need to
release coming closer and closer. he almost had to close his eyes and
block out the scene, but who could block out such a lovely scene.

He watched as Jody came, feeling her smooth thighs close around him. She
was twitching and whimpering, her whole body feeling the electricity of
orgasm pass through her limbs and torso, jerking and twitching!

The blonde girl threw herself from side to side, her golden hair
spreading on her shoulders and breasts.

Susie, although she didn't know it, was about to get a mouthful of sweet

Gregg bent down and turned his attention to the brunette, as soon as
Jody finished coming and he felt her spine relax. Gregg watched Susie
now, as the girl let his cock slide deeply into her mouth, letting it
out only to suck it back in.

He was almost enchanted, almost transported into a state of adoration,
watching her, cupping her cute little jaw in his hand, as his cock began
to fill her sweetest hole.

"Look at me, baby!"

She opened her eyes and watched his face contort with pleasure as his
thick hot sauce shot into her mouth.

"Drink it down, baby; It's so bittersweet," he said, and his eyes read
his adoration for her beauty.

She blushed and watched his face, as his thick cock stopped shooting
come into her.

"Now lick it off, Susie," he told her.

She didn't have to be told. She wanted every drop of the sweet cream.
She could picture herself sucking her thumb at night, if that hard fine
cock wasn't where she could get at it. When he released her, her whole
body went limp and she sank to the blanket.

Gregg wasn't about to let such beautiful action go unrewarded, and he
sank to the blanket with her, his head reaching between her limbs, his
hands parting her thighs, lifting her legs in the air. His tongue came
in dead on target, lapping at her little clitoris.

"Oh, Gregg! That's so sweet!"

While Susie was being slurped off her feet by Gregg's hungry tongue,
Jody stretched out and began masturbating, watching the sexy scene
having given her the desire to play with her little bush. While it was
true that Gregg was the only one that could satisfy her, it couldn't be
denied that she herself knew the right spot to touch, and could work her
little clitoris up to a warm glow at will.

Gregg lapped at the sweet pussy drool that oozed out of Susie's flaming
cunt. The girl was overcome with fire, her hips gyrating down on Gregg's
mouth, as he held her ass firmly in his hands, keeping her in place,
keeping her where he could lap at her.

He could look up, and see her head way up there, between her tits. It
was a great angle to watch her enjoy it, because her breasts were
bouncing as she gyrated her hips, and it made her look really sensual.

She came in no time, dancing out the tarantella of terminal orgasm, as
Gregg continued to lap at her clitoris, his tongue even going as far
back as her anus.

She clutched at his head, holding him tight, loving the strong, powerful
way he possessed her. Susie could understand, in a jiffy, what all the
fuss was, that her girlfriend Jody was making about this young stud. And
she, Susie, had thought Manny was a hot trotter!

Chapter 7

Jody found herself getting more and more paced to a life of sexual
action, and, knowing she'd left Manny out for so long, from her frolics
and kicks, she decided she'd have another crack at him.

After all, she reasoned, Manny was the one who was there first, and,
since Gregg got to make it with Susie, as well as some other girls, she
felt she had the right to do what she wanted.

It took a few weeks for Jody to learn that Gregg had replaced Mary's
dildo for a lot of the girls. From the gossip, it was all taking place
in that woodshed.

Yeah, Jody mused, it was time to give old Manny some of the goodies he
was burning for. She knew, that if she caught him hungry, he'd be a
pleasure, and he sure would be hungry for her.

She laughed, thinking of the way she'd used Manny. She'd even made him
masturbate himself, while she just showed him her breasts and posed for
him like a model. And after all the good times they'd had, to have him
settle for so little. She was amused by what she'd done to Manny, but at
the same time, she wanted to treat him differently, to make it up to

Jody combed her long blonde hair, using the mirror on the wall of her
room She was nude, and her golden body seemed to be getting more and
more feminine every single day. She smiled at herself, then jutted her
breasts towards the reflective glass, thinking that they must be pretty
perky if Manny could have his cock erupt from just looking at them.

Well, she wasn't going to play any more games with him. Not this time
around. She still wanted Gregg, but now, she wanted Manny also.

She even had her plan of operation down. Instead of approaching Manny
with a wink, a shake of the shoulder, which would have been easy enough,
she was going to thicken the plot by telling Gregg that she wanted him
to bring a back-up squad to the old woodshed.

She met Gregg a few days later on the road, while taking a walk.

"How are you, Jody? You've been out of sight lately," he said, in his
usual half-interested manner.

He sure knew how to be cool with her, she mused, but she knew she was
going to warm him up with her reply.

"Oh, I've been thinking about how a lot of the girls seem to be making
frequent trips to the old shed lately, Gregg."

Gregg was a young man who prided himself on his coolness, on the fact,
that if you hooked up a lie detector to him, he could probably snow you
blind without making the needle register.

His control was. precise, and he didn't even bat an eye.

"So?" he said, flatly.

"So, I was wondering, as long as you seem to be having so much fun if
you'd mind if I had some?"

He looked at her a long time his cold eyes seemingly appraising her
body, her face, the stature with which she stood before him.

"Baby, you are sweet."

"You didn't answer my question!"

She knew how he could put something off, and she didn't want any of his
theatrical devices to work on her.

"Jody, you're a free agent. Nobody owns you. If anybody says they do,
kill them. It's them or you!"

She smiled at him. He was theatrical, but his stances were well timed
and on the target. He was a master, in his odd way.

"Well, I have a favor to ask of you. It really shouldn't be something
you'd mind at all."

"You remember what you and I and Susie did awhile back," she said.

"Sure I remember."

"Well, I'd like to do it again, but with different players," she said,


"You and Manny."

"Me and Manny!"

His voice went up, almost to a false tone.

"What's wrong with that? If you can have two girls at once, why can't I
have two men at once?"

She'd stumped him. He lit a cigarette and stared at her. She was a
hungry little bitch, he thought. Well, Manny'd been dying for her
lately, and he knew he could set it up easy enough. It might even be

Anyway, it was something he could do for her, and he liked doing
something for her. She was still his favorite, of all the girls in that
damn stupid school. He was going through them like they were flowers and
he was a bee, but, after all was said and done, he was sure that Jody,
the sweet, fresh blonde angel, was going to be the one that registered
as the best.

"Baby, I'll see you in the old shed tonight. Make it around eleven so
that me and Manny can slip out without any hassle. I've been sliding out
so much I know the place better in the dark than in the daytime," he
said, laughing.

Jody smiled at him. She was tempted to take him in the woods on the spot
and suck his sweet cock for him, but then, she remembered, she wanted
him hungry. She wanted them both hungry, and she wanted to be the only
girl around!

She skipped on down the road, her head already flooding, clouding, with
visions of things to come.

Manny went for the idea right away.

"Wow! It's been a long time. I jerk it at night thinking about those
perky little tits," he said.

"Yeah, I never realized what a hot bitch she was, you know, Manny? I
mean, I was realizing today, that, even though I've been with a lot of
those girls, Jody stands out in my mind. She is damn hot stuff."

"Yeah. Eleven! Let's make it."

At ten-thirty, Gregg made his entrance. Manny was to slip out later, and
Gregg knew he'd be along. Gregg wasn't worried about Jody showing up at

He knew his hot little blonde bitch would be there, ready to take it
from as many ends as she could get it.

Gregg lit the candles, placing them around she shed so that the action
would all be visible to everyone. His next move, was to take his
portable radio out of his canvas bag. He'd been spending so much time in
the shed, he'd really learned to make himself at home there.

He wished he'd had some pot, but what the hell. It's not exactly a
garden of multi-delights, he told himself. It's just an old shed.

He laid out the blanket and stretched his limbs. His cock was huge
already, just from thinking of that blonde bitch, with her tight
buttocks and perky nipples. He started stroking his cock through his
jeans with in a moment, that wasn't quite enough, and he had his big
cock sticking up out of his zipper.

"Wish that bitch would hurry," he said aloud.

Gregg wished, suddenly, that Jody would show up before Manny. That way,
he could rip-off a quick piece of her golden tail, before the party even
started. That'd be ideal. He should have told Manny to come at

Sometimes it amazed Gregg, just how his mode of operations fucked-up on
him. Sometimes, he was afraid that he wasn't very cool at all, and that
his act was wearing thin.

Of course, nobody noticed his doubts, his self-doubts, which so
contradicted his act, that if they were picked up by others, he'd be all
but destroyed.

Gregg liked the way the candles illuminated the shed, and he felt a warm
glow in his stomach. His cock was still hard, but he'd decided not to
get himself all worked up. He decided to let Jody do the heating up,
with her little oven!

Gregg heard some noise outside, some branches being trampled. A few
weeks ago, it would have scared the shit out of him to hear anyone
outside, but, lately, he'd come to think of the joint as his private
paradise, and anyone approaching, must be an invited guest.

Luckily, he was right.

"What's doing?"

It was Manny. He looked down at Gregg's big cock, sticking up out of his
lap, and smiled.

"Getting it ready?"

Gregg tucked it in and smiled.

"I want Jody to get it ready for me. Let's act like we don't give a shit
about fucking her, and get her to excite us."

Manny smiled. It was far from his mode of operation to pull a stunt like
that, but Gregg seemed to know his way around with chicks, and Manny
liked the idea.

"I dig, but I don't know if I can do it. I might jump her as soon as I
see that pretty ass," Manny said.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Try and be cool. Let's play it. Let's be

"I'll try."

Jody was fifteen minutes late, but on purpose. She wanted them hungry.
She'd snuck out of the school early, but she'd waited in the woods, from
a spot where she could see the shack. She saw the dim light of the
candles burning through the rim around the board that Gregg had put by
the window.

They were waiting for her. She stood by a tree, her hand under her
skirt, stroking on the hot little oven, and warming it up. Her pussy was
moist, and she let a finger slide in.

She felt wonderful, fully alive, standing there. There were two boys in
that shack, and in no time, she'd walk in and enchant them both, turn
them into hungry a****ls, who'd lick and suck her, and enter her pussy
and mouth!

Her finger slid deep into her pussy and she gave a soft sigh. The moon
was out, and there was just enough light for her to watch herself
stroking her bush. She thought of lying down and doing it right, but why
waste time?

Jody approached the shed, her hips swinging, her body feeling loose,
like it was about to be devoured in a frenzy of sex. She'd managed that
holy state, of stepping inside the very moment!

Jody opened the door of the hut, and the two boys turned to face her.
She walked in, unbuttoning her blouse in an inviting way, letting the
tops of her breasts show.

"I see we're all here."

"I see you're late;" Gregg said, barely looking at her.

Manny kept his eyes down, although he seemed to be struggling to do so.
She wondered why they were being so cool. Well, at any rate, she'd blow
their cool for them on the spot.

Jody let her open blouse fall to the floor. She had her bra on, in case
anyone saw her trying to sneak out, but she quickly unsnapped it, and it
too, fell to the floor of the shed.

Her little breasts stood up perky and ready, and Manny had to f***e
himself to sit still, to turn around and look the other way.

"So how you feeling, baby?" Gregg asked, as though they'd met in a
crowded subway station.

She wanted to say that she felt horny, but that would be playing into
his hands. He was so clever, she realized, asking her that, asking her,
in a casual way, to give her game away.

They were all playing the same game though, and the air was thick with
sexual tension, tension that they all guessed, would make the game all
the hotter once it got rolling.

Jody continued to do her part. Before anyone could completely avoid her,
she pulled her skirt down, and the smooth silk of her thighs glowed in
the candle's light.

She sat down on the blanket and lifted a leg into the air. She'd worn
stockings, and she peeled them off carefully, making as much of a show
of it, as she could.

Gregg would have had a shit-fit and jumped on her right on the spot, but
he was watching Manny. He found Manny's reactions to Jody so amusing, he
couldn't help break out in a laugh. Manny all but gulped out loud,
watching Jody remove her next stocking. His face was breaking out in a
sweat, and steam could have come out of his ears, the way his face

"Something wrong, Manny?" Gregg asked.

Manny looked at him as though he'd just crash landed from Uranus.

"Is something wrong?"

Gregg turned to Jody, at the same time, unzipping his fly and letting
his already hard cock pop into the air.

"Come here, baby!"

She bent over and put her face close to his.

"What do YOU want?" she asked, sarcastic in tone.

He put his hand on the nape of her neck and pulled the little blonde
girl towards him, making their lips meet. Gregg let his tongue taste the
pearly row of teeth, then slide to the corners of her pretty little
mouth, that mouth that he was soon going to stuff full of cock.

"You taste good, Jody. I brought along some assistance, so you can be
sure you'll get your fill of it tonight."

"Good to see!"

Manny was creeping closer, and soon he was massaging her pussy, with his
hand reaching under the balls of her buttocks, stroking the sweet dewy
young bush.

Gregg kissed her again, and this time his hand came down to touch her
taut nipples, to pinch the little buttons and appreciate their texture.

"Give it to her in the ass, Manny!" Gregg said.

Manny had her buttocks up in the air already, and it was easy for him to
act on the suggestion. He got his cock between her lovely cakes, and let
it rub over the wet pussy and clitoris. He didn't want her ass, but the
idea of taking her from behind was appealing.

"I want your pussy, Jody. Guide it in."

Jody reached down and guided Manny's big cock into her pussy from the
rear. He was hungry, and entering her tight twat killed his cool act,
and transformed him into a hungry maniac. She couldn't believe the
f***e, with which he was slamming his cock into her. Her buttocks felt
like it was being spanked, by the drive and f***e of his body beating
against hers.

While this was going on, Gregg was holding her face in his hands,
touching her cheeks with his palms, watching the expressions of pleasure
register in her eyes, in the subtle contortions of her eyebrows.

Her mouth opened wide, and her nostrils flared, as she gasped for air.

"Oh! Gregg! He's inside me! Manny's fucking me!"

Gregg kissed her forehead and licked the smooth baby skin of her face.

"I know, baby. He's inside you, and soon my big cock is going right

He opened her lips with his finger, letting his fingertip feel the warm
moistness of her mouth. His cock pulsed, and he couldn't resist the urge
to just let her have it, to ravish her mouth and get it on.

Gregg moved himself in position, and soon his cock was up against her
lips. She looked at him, her eyes wide. She knew he loved to watch his
cock slide in and out of her mouth. Well, she never felt more like
sucking a cock.

What, with Manny giving it to her from the rear, she was more than ready
to let this sweet shaft enter her mouth, where her little tongue could
give it the old flutter, sending Gregg into fits of pleasure.

That was more than half the kick for Jody, when it came to sucking a
man's cock. She loved the feeling that she had the power to make him
feel such utter and complete pleasure, that he would have to virtually
explode, to exorcise the intensity of her gift.

Her tongue was gifted, and Gregg moaned as he watched her cute little
face, the blonde hair spread around her, her lips expanded around the
shaft of his cock, her hand on the very base, contracting and squeezing

"Jody, eat that cock, baby!"

Jody let the cock slide out of her mouth, so that she could make a great
show of hugging the huge phallus to her cheek, to her forehead, letting
it tickle the baby skin on her face. She cupped it to her chin so that
the tip was above her eyes.

Gregg watched her, nostrils flaring, responding to Manny's driving cock,
and he thought of her as an angel of orgasmic bliss. She looked so sweet
with his cock right there, right at her face. He wanted it in her mouth
again. It throbbed, and she got the idea.

He watched her little lips stretch around it, until the whole shaft was
deep in her mouth. Her cheeks got taut from suction, as his cock slid in
and out of her sweetest hole.

Meanwhile, behind her, her buttocks were still being assaulted by the
thrusting bursts of Manny's underbelly, which beat her, each time his
cock thrust into her pussy.

Gregg looked up at Manny. The boy was working up a hell of a sweat,
socking it to Jody's pussy. His face was a mass of purple, with sweat
covering his skin, glistening in the candle's dim glow.

"Give it to her, Manny!"

Manny looked on at the voice that was cheering him on, and he smiled, as
though he was freshly returned from another planet, but only briefly,
very briefly. His eyes went back to the balls of Jody's buttocks, and he
forgot all about Gregg.

Gregg also turned his attention back to Jody. He was watching the sweet
blonde as she sucked on his balls, taking them in her mouth slowly,
letting her tongue tickle them for a second, then letting them slide

While this was happening, Gregg's cock was standing up, grazing her
cheeks again, and the moisture from his cock was blending with the sweat
on her face.

His cock felt so nice rubbing on the smooth skin of her cheek, and he
held her hair back, so that her profile could be observed.

His hands dropped to her fine little nipples, and he squeezed the
buttons, making them taut, making them come alive in his hand. He was
going to come in her mouth soon, but he wanted to wait until he had no
choice, until she'd taken the random element of choice out of him, with
her little tongue.

"Suck it good for me, Jody. I want you to taste my hot sauce!"

She let the tip of his cock graze her lips, and soon the whole shaft was
deep inside her, ravishing her, taking her! Her tongue was helpless
after he really kicked in gear. His cock was too huge, his thrust too
quick, for her to use her tongue. Her efforts were devoted to hanging
on. Her little jaw was beginning to ache, and her head was swimming.

She might have suspected that any moment, she was going to receive a lot
of sticky come! it started with Gregg, who held her by the crown of her
head, and by her chin, watching his cock shoot hot sauce all over her
pretty face and in her mouth.

She gasped, still obsessed with Manny's hot cock digging into her, and
she contracted her cunt on his hot rod, forcing his own orgasm to

Manny gave in to the deluge of sensations that were floating through his
body. He'd flicked her solid and well, and he needed a moment of
release. His hot cock began to pump hot come into her pussy, and her
contracting pussy drank up the hot stuff!

"Oh, I love that hot cock inside me!"

Gregg looked at the sweet blonde who was still between his legs. He
didn't know which hot cock she was referring to, or if she meant both,
but she sure looked good to him, her mouth open, gasping for breath, his
come forming beads on her upper lip. Her nostrils flared so nicely when
she was short of breath, he thought, holding her little chin.

"Baby, Jody! That was great!"

Manny had obviously gotten more than he'd bargained for. The bitch had
almost bucked him off with her gyrating hips, her swinging torso, the
delightful balls of her ass, which he'd been bumping into with delight!

"Wow! I feel very fucked!"

Even as she spoke the words, she could feel the hot sauce oozing out of
her pussy, dripping out of the corners of her mouth.

Gregg sat back and lit a cigarette, calmly watching Jody pull herself
together. She was totally fucked-out, her eyes looking dreamy, glowy.

Manny was stretched out on the blanket facing down, as though the very
thought of getting laid would make him blow his brains out with a Smith
& Wesson. He was shaking slightly, as if shivers of pleasure had
converted into shivers of ice, intensity provided by the magic of sex.

Gregg watched Jody for a moment, and he tried to read what was going on
in her pretty little head. She started to comb her hair, and so she
obviously thought they were going to just sit and bullshit for awhile,
and then break up for the evening and sneak back to their captivity.

Gregg had other ideas. The little dish wanted it right. He was going to
see that she got it right! Manny might be knocked out of commission for
awhile, but he, Gregg, was hot to trot, and he knew that once he kicked
his ass in gear, and Manny watched the pretty blonde huff and moan to
the stroke of some nice cock work, Manny would snap back and help him
stuff up her lovely holes.

"Come here, baby, I want to lie on you and suck on those perky tits.
Feed me those nipples, Jody."

Jody was tired, and couldn't believe Gregg was even horny after that
insane number, but if he was, she was still fit to boogie. She cuddled
close to him, and he grabbed her breasts and cupped them, lifting her
nipples to his mouth.

His tongue made the tender mushrooms tingle, as he danced around them,
the taut fruit exciting him. His fingers were down in her delta, which
was still sticky with Manny's come.

Gregg could tell that Manny had fucked her cunt, and not her ass, and
while he couldn't blame Manny, he himself, Gregg, wanted Jody to take an
ass full of cock! He thought it would help her saturate in cock, if
that's what she wanted to do, having him bring reinf***ements, and
tricks like that.

Well, he was ready. Actually, Gregg was glad Manny came along. Jody was
a great cocksucker, but any girl would be a better cocksucker if she had
another cock loving up her pussy at the same time. It stood to reason.

Gregg looked at Manny. The lucky stiff, he thought. Gregg reasoned
quickly, that he'd use Manny to inspire some of the other little girls
he brought to the shed. Surely, Manny would go for the idea, and he'd
get plenty of action out of it. It would work out for everyone.

Jody still had the strength to jut her tits out, to stroke Gregg's
cheeks as he sucked her nipples, to coo and moan deep in her throat, as
his tongue traced the halo of her nipple, then let the taut fruit slide
out, only to suck in the other nipple.

Gregg felt his cock getting hard again, rising up off his lap and
beginning to throb with anticipation.

"Baby, you really know how to suck cock. Was that enough cock for you?
Tell me Jody!"

She smiled, looking into his eyes.

"That was great. That was too much!"

"There's more where that came from."

"Oh, Gregg! But maybe we should wait My jaw is sore, and my pussy is
really raw from that backwards position Manny was giving it to me from.
Tomorrow is another day."

He moved her suddenly, before she had a chance to think of what he was
doing. Her pussy was still wet, and he knew he could get into her ass if
he moved fast.

"Baby, I know your pussy is sore and I know your jaw is sore, but I want
that other hole, Jody!"


Gregg knew that Jody's asshole was moist enough to enter soon, and his
cock throbbed with the thought, as he prepared, grasping her around her
hips and jutting her buttocks back.

"Give me that sweet tight ass, Jody, you sweet blonde cunt!" he groaned.

His cock was inside her at once, the tightness of her anus causing his
cock to shiver with pleasure. She tightened her ass, and he began to
move quickly and sharply, digging deep into the soft, warm, canal.

"Baby, I dig that tight ass. I dig the way your breasts jut out at me,

His hands went around her, and he was pinching her nipples with one
hand, and his other was on her sugar bush, stirring up the sensitive
little clicker.

Jody felt an orgasm flood her at once. The strange combination of being
fucked in the ass and masturbated by skilled fingers, both at the same
time, was overwhelming.

The balance of pain and pleasure was elaborate, and each time she
thought it hurt just a little too much, when his cock would really
f***efully drive into her anus, her body would glow, beginning at her
clitoris, which was being massaged by his fingertips. This glow, would
spread throughout her limbs, and make her quiver with sensation,
neutralizing the pain, not negating it, but making it beside the point.

The POINT, was the pleasure, and that was coming on her more and more,
as his cock moved down into her. She felt her body flood again with
sensation, and another orgasm wracked her limbs, causing her whole body
to shiver and wiggle.

He had to grab her by her waist, just to keep from being bounced off.

"You're into it now, Jody! Let me have it, baby! Take me on! Take me for
a ride!"

Jody heard him, and his words made her gyrations increase in R.P.M.'s
until he had to grasp her rotating ass with flat palms, just to stay

"Tighten that ass for me, bitch!"

He loved the way her blonde hair fell about when she jerked her head
from side to side in passion. He loved watching her perfect body,
dancing to the flaming tempo of his cock, beating into her warmest,
tightest hole.

"Take it in, Jody! Keep it tight.'

He knew he was going to come soon, and he wanted to take the lovely
blonde with him. His fingers concentrated on her clitoris, until once
again, for the third time since he'd entered her ass, her body contorted
with the gestures of terminal orgasm.

A wave of orgasmic prelude passed through him. He could feel the liquid
fighting to escape. Soon, his driving, and her tight ass, could no
longer be ignored, and his hot sauce came shooting out of his cock,
straight into the tight sweetness of her asshole.

"You sweet bitch! I love that tight ass, Jody!"

She came, her body concentrated on her clitoris, which his fingers never
ceased to ignite. Her ass kept rotating at him, as she jutted it up,
meeting his pumping cock.

Gregg loved the soft tight balls bouncing under him, and didn't want the
orgasm to ever end, as he became acutely aware of the lovely ass that
was under him. Soon, however, the hot shot was over, and his cock was
losing altitude.

He withdrew slowly, dripping come from his cock. He looked at her sweet
ass, seeing that he'd filled it with come, and that it was starting to
drip out.

"Sit on the blanket a minute, baby. You've been shot through and

Manny was stroking his cock. They'd forgotten all about him, but he was
watching the whole thing, and it got him hot again. He was hungry now,
looking at Jody, all messed up, her hair clinging to the sweat on her
face, her breasts bitten and flushed, her asshole pink from all the
slapping of bodies that had taken place.

He wanted her, and he knew she wouldn't be receptive to the idea, that
she would tell him that there were other days, but his cock was harder
to reason with than he was. He, Manny, could just look at her and agree.
There will be other days. But his cock, now that was another story. His
cock, wanted her NOW! He was just deciding which hole he wanted, where
he wanted to put it. She was stretched out on the blanket, literally
limp, her body just barely present, almost drifting into sl**p. Manny
looked at her. She was on her little flat stomach, and her ass was
facing him.

"You look like you've been neglected," Gregg observed.

Manny smiled at him and nodded in agreement. He was trying to figure how
he wanted to take her, and how she would be more likely to give herself.

He finally worked up the approach, turning her over and kissing her, his
hand moving onto her little twat.

"No, Manny! I'm so sore. My pussy is really stinging. Wait until another
time, please?!"

She was almost crying. He didn't have the heart to f***e pain on her,
and he almost stopped.

"Fuck her between the tits," Gregg said, offhanded.

"Of course!"

Manny turned her around and made her sit up. Her breasts were just big
enough to form a sweet cleavage.

"Push those balls together for him, Jody, so that he can slide in and
out of your cleavage. Do it, baby!"

She was moving slowly, as though she was asl**p and dreaming, but she
did what Gregg told her, what Manny was demanding.

"Oh, I'm so cloudy from all this!"

Gregg smiled, watching Manny's hard cock enter into the warm cleavage
that Jody made by pushing her arms into her sides and jutting her
breasts forwards. She really looked pretty, and Manny was digging the
hell out of fucking her cleavage.

Soon, his cock started shooting pearls of lubricating cream out, and her
cleavage began to glisten with moisture. Manny cupped the lovely, snowy
breasts, and pushed them into each other, heating up the cleavage which
his cock was fucking so enjoyably. He'd never enjoyed her breasts more.

Her nipples were hard, and Manny loved watching the buttons dance around
on the globes of her pale tits.

"That feels good, Jody!"

Jody's head began jerking from side to side, and her hair flew about
her, getting more and more messed up, making her look half-crazy. She
was beginning to feel like the whole incident was a dream, or like it
already ended and she was caught up in some kind of residue.

Manny was going to explode all over her, and Gregg smiled, watching the
other boy thrust into her cleavage, knowing full well where it would

Suddenly, Manny's cock was shooting hot licks, and it looked like a tit
pumping milk. The hot come covered her cleavage, spilling down to her
stomach, covering the globes of her tits.

"Oh, Jody! I love those sweet tits, baby. I love to fuck your sweet

Manny began to jerk and moan, as his cock emptied his passion onto her
bosom, as the come landed on her breasts and neck and face. When he was
done coming, he released her, and she fell back to the blanket.

This time she was really a mess. She was covered with sweat and come,
and it was dripping out of every hole she had. She breathed in, gasping,
her body unable to move.

"Oh, did I just get fucked," she moaned.

"You can say that, baby! That is what happened," Gregg said, smiling at

She didn't see his smile, although she was looking right at him. Her
focus was blurred, and her head was filled with clouds of
memory-pictures, snapped by the camera of her mind during the past few
hours. They were pictures that would bring her many happy hours of

She was exhausted, beaten, but happy and delighted. She'd never, in her
entire life, imagined that anyone could feel as fucked as she felt.

"Baby, can you get up?"

She'd fallen asl**p. She didn't know how long ago, or how much time had
passed. Her head was still in a cloud.

"I don't know. I don't want to move."

It was Gregg. He was prodding her, trying to make her move.

"Jody, it's almost morning. Manny went back, and if I don't do the same
soon, we might just get in trouble."

Jody f***ed her eyes open. Her body was sticky from all the come that
had been shot into her and on her, and her head was aching from all the
sharp pleasure.

She realized, while they were fucking her so hotly, that even pleasure
can cross an intensity line, and get out of hand, converting into
something near pain, near desperation!

"I don't know if I can move, Gregg. You better go back. No sense of both
of us getting in trouble. Besides, if we're both missed, they might put
two and two together."

Gregg felt like a soldier with a wounded comrade on the field of battle.
There was no way be was going to abandon her, and have her get caught.

Gregg managed to get her on her feet. Fortunately, it was chilly
outside, and he opened the door of the shed, blowing out the candles,
and letting some fresh air come in the little room.

Jody began to snap together, but slowly, and every time he left her
alone a moment, she would close her eyes again and appear to drift off.

"Baby, come back!"

He hated to do it, but he slapped her across the face, forcing her eyes
open. She stumbled about, and then began to get her clothes on. Slowly,
she began to look more believable. There was a big hickey on her left
tit, but her blouse covered it up. Her ass had been chewed on and
spanked by both their thrusting bodies, but it was covered nicely by her

Her hair was a mass of tangles, and it didn't look like she had the
energy to lift her arms over her head, let alone comb knots out of her

Gregg took her comb and f***ed it through the lush blonde hair, and soon
she looked almost fit to be seen. Of course, her lips were pretty
chewed, and they were obviously swollen. Well, it was too late to worry

"You going to make it back?" Gregg asked her.

Jody took a step and began to shake.

"I don't know. I'm really dizzy and shaky. What'd you guys do to me?"

"We gave it to you good, and you were well worth the efforts, Jody,

"What am I going to do now?"

She was awake enough to be worried at least, Gregg thought, relieved.

"Let's straighten up your act and get you home. You'll make it. I'll
walk you as far as I can.

They left the shack and headed towards Mrs. Goody's school, slowly
stumbling along through the dewy New England woods. The dawn was
breaking, and Gregg was beginning to get nervous.

Since he'd gotten into his pussy action, he became less overtly hostile
to authority, trying to keep a low profile so that he could carry on
without sinking the whole ship, and he didn't want to get pinned
sneaking out, only because it would make it harder for him to sneak out
the next lime.

He smiled at the thought. He felt, at the moment, like he'd never had to
get laid again, like the little blonde had sucked and fucked him for
good, permanently.

They walked to the edge of the Woods, and then it was up to Jody to do
it herself. She was more awake, moving by herself but she didn't look
like she could come up with a slick answer if anyone asked her what the
heck she was doing wandering about.

"Now, just remember if someone spots you. You couldn't sl**p, and you
took a walk. Got it?"


Her sl**py face lacked credibility.

"Say it!"

"I couldn't sl**p. I took a walk," she repeated, mechanically.

"Yeah, you might convince some idiot, but listen, baby, try not to
stumble and make a lot of noise, because your act isn't very convincing.
Got it?"


Again, so blank, hearing information.

"Well, I can't do anymore for you, Jody. If I could pick you up and
carry you to bed, I would, but that would be a sure bust."

"Uh hu."


Her eyes opened wide and she appeared to gain focus. A slap across the
face would have done it, but he chose yelling at her, hoping it would
work just as well.

"Now, get your ass in there before you're missed."

He pointed to the school and she smiled.

"Gregg, that was wonderful. Thanks so much for that. I really dug that
whole scene."

"Yeah, but you have to come back."

"I don't want to come back."

"Alright, listen, if you can just make it to bed, you can tell them
you're sick and have to take the day off. That way you can sl**p all
day. It'll work if you play it right. Just don't let a doctor see that
sweet body of yours, baby. Me and Manny chewed you up really good."

She smiled, as if she remembered exactly the bite he was talking about.

"Yeah, I'll make it. Gregg, don't worry. Give me a kiss, Gregg!"

Gregg felt her body go limp against his as she kissed him, but her
little lips were alive enough, and her tongue darted into his mouth.

"That's it, baby!"

He held her face by her pointy little chin.

"You're back among the living. Now tail-ass quick, and let me do the
same, before the lid blows on our little secret games," he said.

Jody realized at once, that they stood to lose a good thing if she blew
it. That old shed provided them with the only kick they got, and she
wanted to make sure it was still in operation the next time she needed
some cock although she couldn't imagine when that would be.

"Alright. Enough fucking around."

Her face snapped into focus and she smiled, her eyes bright and
apparently clear, although a close examination would tell she was
forcing herself to look alert.

"That's it, baby. Now, I'll see you tomorrow."


He watched her stumble into the clearing, towards the school. Gregg
crossed his fingers. It was light out already, and it was really chancy,
but, even if she was discovered creeping about, she might talk her way
out of it.

Now Gregg, he had a problem of his own. He had to move quickly, and he
did. He raced through the woods, and was at Mr. MacIntyre's joint in no
time. Creeping in, in broad daylight, was a bit tricky, but luck, and
fate, collaborated, and let him past the sly eye of the anti-fun squad.

"Wow, you're a fucking wreck," Manny said to him, as he approached the
breakfast table a few hours later.

"You don't look so totally refreshed yourself," Gregg said, smiling.

They sat and ate quietly, hoping nobody suspected them, but a little
amazed that they weren't in trouble. They both felt as though they'd
exploded a bomb and nobody heard. It was a strange feeling.

"Manny, my boy, I feel the basis for a strong partnership in the air."


"Manny, we both know that Jody is a great cocksucker, but let me tell
you something, my good man. Last night, with your cock penetrating her
from the rear, she was better than a great cocksucker, man! She was
inspired! Magnificent!"

"You're fucking crazy!"

"Maybe so! May very well be, but it be to your benefit, my boy. You're
going to get more ass than your cock'll know what to do with. I'm going
to share the feast with you."

"Hey, I'll be your right-hand man."

"Yeah, my right hand man! My back-up! My sideman! My MAIN man!"

"And the chicks? I mean, are you going to ask them if all this is up
their alley?" Manny asked.

"They'll see the light, in the dimness of that old shack, they'll see
the light. One after the other, they'll see the fucking light!"

Gregg's voice took on a mock-religious quiver, and he rolled his eyes.
They both laughed, but then, they didn't want to explain themselves to
anyone, and they stifled it quickly.

"That shack was made by angels. By angels! Who should we have next?
After breakfast we'll skip a class and discuss the menu, my boy," Gregg
said laughing.

Manny ate his eggs and toast quickly, washing it down with orange juice,
and the two of them strolled out together, past the prying eyes of the
established command.

"I wonder what she looks like today,' Gregg commented, when they were
outside, leaning on a tree, breathing the fresh morning air. Both boys
were pleasure stunned, walking around, but half in a c***. Their eyes
were bl**dshot and squinted. Gregg wore dark glasses.

"I'll bet she looks fucked. I'll bet she looks like somebody, or some
bodies, fucked the living shit out of her!"

"Yeah. I wonder why?"

"Beats me!"

They settled under the tree and fell into a detailed description of the
delights of the previous evening, each one triggering their favorite

"Did you see me come all over her tits?" Manny asked, excited.

"I sure did. I watched her take it in her pussy when you were behind
her. She sucked my cock so nice with you stuffing her pussy!"

"Yeah, that bitch is hot!"

"Manny, you know what I dug best?"

"Tell me!"

"I dug cupping her little chin in my hand and fucking the hell out of
her mouth. I loved shooting hot come into her mouth. Her tongue is so
fucking wild!"

"Yeah! Amen to that!"

Just a short distance away, a very tired little blonde girl had just
told one of the staff members, that she was sick. She said that she
didn't need a doctor, and that it was just a heavy curse coming down on
her, and thankfully, the staff zombie let her alone.

Jody's mind was filled with the sweet images of last night, and when
Susie asked her what happened, she was more than happy to share the
enormous event.

The End
... Continue»
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The Flight of the naked Goddess - Chapter 3

The content of a bucket of brackish water quickly shocks me back into consciousness and slowly I start to understand, that the old bald man next to me must have bought me in exchange of a few jars of sour wine. But he helps me up and even smiles at me: »A good number that you just did up there, Queenie, but now you better come with me!« His name is Thorses, he says - and he doesn't really look like bad man at all. And he must be already much too old to advance onto such young girls like me, but I could be totally wrong - how much could especially I know about the species man?
But then: He certainly likes to spank my naked buttocks as he drives me steady up the dusty main road, flanked by colourful shopfronts. He tells me, that he had recognised the royal sign on my belly, and that I was for sure a good investment to him! I just have to laugh about that joke, what earns me another hurtful smack. He doesn't use the whip on me, but he hits out at every lecher that tries to maul me.
Spicy aromas emerge from the cookeries and the clothes for sale swing animated in the warm breeze. The air is heavy from camel dung and bloated fishguts. Filthy dogs rummage growling through the heaps of discharged rotten meat and a flock of vultures circles relentlessly over the disgusting village, awaiting the cover of the night for their scavenging. There are naked slaves everywhere at their duties and not treated too friendly at all: whipping and slapping seems to be a daily routine for their masters. This is all equally as disgusting as it is exciting! - That is it then, how my people live! I'm shocked!
On a open place with a round stone well in the middle a naked boy gets punished with a belt and the enthusiastic bystanders are slapping his juvenile erection hard until the poor boy ejaculates with a humiliating groan. On the other side a extremely pretty young girl is doomed to the block, her hands and neck locked in the heavy wooden restraint. Her helpless little bottom is continually smacked by the rude youth of the village, that also plays the cruellest games with her completely exposed mussel.
I shiver, and a stirring of passion discharges a surge of fluid inside of me, but then another spank on my own behind rapidly brings me back into my reality. But the spark of lust is fired up again in my awkwardly itching oyster and it produces already plenty of the naughty slime of desire. I was broken in, and may be no longer able to resist the lusting of my body anymore. Appalled though by the primitive method of my first orgasm I know that I soon will get addicted to the overwhelming sensations my flower is able to produce. Even my burning backside does nothing less than stimulate my hungry libido - and it seems that the devil himself is corrupting my horny soul!
And also my bladder desires its relieve, but as I ask Thorses for that favour he spanks me again hard with the flat palm of his hand! »You better not speak without being asked, princess! Otherwise you'll end up in those blocks as well! If it is that what you need?«, he tutors me and pinches my oozing oyster as a confirmation of his words. Then old Thorses pushes me on and through a gate into the shady courtyard of a tavern. I can smell the whiff of d***ken men and the sweet stench of their water pipes.
Two girls are waiting for me there, dressed only with dirty skirts: Milena, a pale northern girl and the dark Nandu from the deepest south, so I get introduced to them. Milena is ordered to wash me, and she dips me into a wooden tub full of soapy water. And I enjoy the caress of her nimble fingers in the most secret folds of my tender flesh. Nandu points at my tattoo and exclaims: »What a nice little thing to have - but what could it mean? It seems to watch me all the time!«
Milena dries me off and leads me into the dark building. Thorses is waiting for me in his office and musters me with the pride of the proprietor. He gives me a flat blue cap to hide my baldness underneath and a couple of sharp slaps onto my buttocks to make me stand still.
»Sorry, Princess, but we don't want anybody to know, do we!«, he smirks at me and locks the traitorous tattoo and the clean lotus flower beneath into some indestructible stiff leather pants with a smooth copper edging and a very solid snaplock in the back. »It's for your own protection!«, he fights my growing confusion, and then he teases me further: »I will make sure that your a****l instincts will be decently satisfied, but only by prosper men who can pay dearly for that delicious dessert! I don't want any strive with the gods, but if you really need a good spanking, just ask me for it!« And then he laughs again like a complete idiot over his own dirty jokes.
»It's still early, so go and help Sedu with setting up the wine jars!«, he commands and dismisses me. I find Sedu in the humid darkness of the cave that serves as a cellar. He is a young bloke with finely carved features and his face lightens immediately up as he sees me coming down the steps. And in an instant he grabs hold of me and presses me against the wall. His hands are all over me and his strong garlic breath meets my nose, I have to sneeze. I pull my stomach in as far I can to allow his thin fingers access to the hidden secrets. I need a friend, and I need help! And that's why I have to give all I have.
He gets excited and whispers, that he knows exactly who I am, and: that his uncle plans to sell me for a hefty ransom to the royal guards, as soon they would come by!
»Get me out of these pants, and out of this house - I'll do everything you like from me!« So I try to convince the horny youth with my sweetest tongue. And as he fingers my flower in the dark he boldly suggests, that he could smuggle me out tonight in an empty jar! We could run away together - but that his uncle would kill him, once he gets to know!«
I'm so happy over these kind words that I grab hold of his little manhood under the skimpy tunic and start to massage it gratefully. But suddenly there's the uncle right behind him. He hits Sedu with his whip so violently over the left ear that it starts to bleed, and he yells at him, that he was here to work, and in no case to play with his girls! To me he just barks: »Go and entertain the soldiers, so that they drink more wine!« I just nod and quickly climb the steps. Thorses but is right behind me and he pushes me through a door into the noisy and smoky tavern. My blue cap rises some eyebrows, but nobody shows real interest in my stupid pants.
A young soldier pulls me on his lap and tries to stick his fingers under the rigid metal seam, but without much success. He smells after the musky raisin of the hemp plant and the penetrating stench of cheap booze. He caresses the insides of my legs, where the skin is the softest and the most sensitive. That drives me mad! And then the glossy plum of his ramrod suddenly rises between my thighs and smiles at me. I squeeze the monster hard between my legs until it spits sticky at me. The happy soldier orders wine for me and suckles on my hard sultanas, as if there would be milk inside. The sweet smoke makes me dizzy and the wine wanton as hell.
The ample Nandu is already stark naked and gets fondled by a rich silk merchant, on who's lap she sits with a satisfied smirk on her face, certainly deeply impaled by his eager weapon. And the slender Milena lies on her back on one of the heavy wooden tables, half a dozen young guys playing with her splendid nudity. I can hear her fall from one orgasm into the next one under the excited cheers of her heated tormentors. And in the far corner an indecent citizen masturbates a little cute black slave-boy with undivided enthusiasm, determined to savour the spilling liquid at last. My imprisoned flower is on fire and dribbles already joyfully the rich cream of lust. I have to get out of these pants - goddammit!
An official tax collector in his traditional garb joins the disgusting orgy with his his lovely daughter in an exquisite wardrobe. She is not even my age, but is offered like a wooden toy to his older compagnion. Without any visible appreciation she is denuded in this oh so perverted place and her c***dish body examined by the old man, who's only intention seems to penetrate her from the back, not to waste her valuable virginity, that could be sold dearly at a later occasion. Her cries and sobs touch me deeply, and the distorted expression of her innocent face in her pain and humiliation are burned like a branding into my brain - to this day and forever!
I get handled from one soldier to the next and I have to rub their bursting cocks under the table until they spend. I can overhear their conversations and learn, that Thebes is under siege once more, that the Pharaoh is wounded and on his way with the skimpy rest of his once so powerful f***e to retreat on Elephantine. And the current undertones are clear to me: It is all his fault anyway, because he ruins the whole army through his excessive greed for the most expensive burial in Egyptian history. And he ist to weak to get the long fingers of the priests out of his pockets - he is a wimp and a shame to the whole kingdom - he has to be replaced, but the hell by whom, the soldiers quest!
One of the d***ken soldier even pisses on me and I have to suppress my bitter tears over the shameless humiliation. Fearless rats running around my dirty feet and the red wine spills allover the table. Then I have to climb onto the top and dance about, but only to get spanked and slapped all over my legs. My thighs are already glistening from the soldiers sticky sperm, mixed my own excited juices, that I can't possibly hold back anymore in my state of arousal.
Allthough I thank Hapi for this unique occasion of first-hand insight into the horrible habits of our men, but I also pray for an end to it - I don't think I can stand the disgust any longer! And to my good fortune a wealthy traveller enters the dark smoky room and his inquisitive gaze sticks instantly to my raging frustration! I try a submissive smile, if something like that really exists? He waves me over to his table and sets me like a c***d in front of him on the top. He asks about my name, age and origin, but I can't be honest with him - he would not believe me anyway! I just shake my head, as if I would have lost the content of it. Then he asks me, if I wanted some wine, and I nod emphatically. Only d***k, I reckon, I could survive the shame of buying my escape from the aweful inn for the price of the desecrating of my pretty flower by a complete stranger.
His name is Khasir and he is actually quite nice! His hair is well kept and his snow-white robe spotless. With a proper handkerchief he cleans my body from the lusty emissions of our royal army and grins: »Should be good for the skin though, I heard!« Then he tries to spy down into my tight chastity pants, but this time I don't pull my belly in. That but attracts now immediately the attention of the watchful Thorses. He smells a good business even far against the wind and he is next to us in a flash. He rubs his bulging belly with visible joy and slaps me again, to sit straight up, as if my titties would be an asset too!
Khasir tells him, that he was tired from a long travel through the whole night, and that he would like to enjoy my lovely presence in private. Payment doesn't seem to be a problem and in exchange of a gold ring he gets the use of a backroom and the key to my sodden pants.
But he isn't interested in my exposed feminine charms as he rips the soaked leather from my hips, only the little tattoo seems to be of real worth to him. »Well well, what have we here!«, he exclaims with the joy of a lucky winner and rubs the little picture with a bit of spittle, to convince himself of its genuinity. Then he tells me, that he was here to help me, and he calls me Daughter of Horus. That sounds all very flattering to me, but I can't understand his motivation. Amarsis couldn't have sent him, and the Pharaoh wouldn't be interested in me for good measures. But when Kasir says, that I have to marry him to save torn the kingdom, I suddenly get the strong impression, that he primarly wants to help himself - to Egypt's gold and treasures!
But I try to be nice to him: I keep his cup always full with wine and make smalltalk like a subordinate servant, I undress him and wash his tired body like a passionate wife and I prepare the bed for us like a loving mistress. The exhausted Khasir lies already flat on his back as the stress and the alcohol slowly take their toll. First I massage his weary feet with devaut tenderness, then I stroke his furry chest until he purrs, and then even his proud manhood, until it stands stiff for me. It is big, maybe even too big to be accomodated by me, but all the tease and the frustration of the whole afternoon still swelters like embers in my groin. I'm in desperate need of relief!
Kasir's eyes are closed - because of my tender attention to his member or simply out of sl**piness, I cannot say! But I remember the old saying: When the woman is on top, she beholds control! Slowly I move now over him and guide his impressive snake towards my hungry flower. And I can hardly describe the rising pleasure of my bold action to drive his throbbing flesh deeper and deeper into my open lotus, supported by a cunning rotation of my hips, but then it starts to shrink already, it flops out of my tight embrace and disappointingly spills the seed of life all over his hairy belly.
And by this time my future husband is already snoring softly under me. He certainly isn't a bad man, but completely unthinkable as my royal groom! But he seems to offer a real chance of escape. I can't take any risks, I can't delay! Would he pay for me or just steal me from Thorses - maybe even confis**te me in the name of the mighty Pharaoh?
A screech wakes my out of my thoughts: a hawk sits on the window sill, looks at me with a strangely tilted head and flaps away. The window is small and high up under the thatched roof, but with help of the chair I just can reach it. I climb out slowly, but then I run. And believe me, I can run like a cheetah when I have to! Out of the yard, up the street and far out into the boiling desert. For the first stretch even double as fast because of a pack of dirty dogs hard on my kicking heels, but as I can imagine: The rhythmical juggle of my little breasts and the mad bounce of my naked bottom would be a beautiful sight! A big dimple forms with every pace in my hard-worked buttocks and the muscles of my thighs and calves are perfectly displayed in shape and strength! And with both hands on my head I'm holding on to my new hat!
I disturb a yellow desert fox in his afternoon nap and two vultures from ripping a dead jumping mouse into hopefully equal bits. And even my thoughts are racing with me: Rumors travel faster than the truth, Amarsis said once to me. I have to go away from Egypt, that is clear - play dead for a while, until the headhunt is over and my hair grows back. I have to find allies to establish peace all along the Nile, up to its very spring in the jungle heart of Africa. Because nothing less fits a queen of the Nile!
By then my full bladder starts to hurt again and to drive me crazy. Making sure that nobody is following me from behind I squat under a rocky outcrop and let my waters flow. They disappear instantly in the hot sands that grills the soles of my feet to buffalo steaks. And a whistle wakes me abrupt out of the imagined intimacy of my blissful feelings - it's a young goatsherd, sitting on the rock! His nose resembles the beak of a vulture and his eyes possess the unnerving restlessness of a hungry crow. Was he the bird that followed me all the way high in the sky?
»Hi Sweetheart, were are we going?«, he asks from above. »One tenth as a road toll, that's what you pay for my protection!« »But all I have is my hat, you can have that!« »I prefer the tenth between you legs!«, he snares and makes a sign with his fingers that commonly indicates sexual intercourse. »Bitches need it every day - and it doesn't look that you had it already, hey?«
I just blush very naturally and he jumps down from his throne and in front of me. He wears only a little linen bag on a string around his bony hips to protect his reproductive organs from the harshness of the desert sun, and it bulges already very dangerously.
Sex can be a key to success, I remember Amarsis' wise words, but this case can be solved without it! I have no time to play - I'm on a mission! »Show me your weapon then, proud warrior, before I might decide!«, so I unsettle his macho manners easily. In an unnerving frenzy he unpacks his bulging bag, but the content is heaps too dirty and rugged for my spoiled liking. So, pretending indecision I scratch myself somehow worried behind the left ear until my cap falls off, and with it I grab a handful of sand from the ground and throw it in his eyes. Then I sprint again, and I shout over my shoulder back at the poor boy: »Get one of your own goats, Sweety!«, and I leave only a little cloud of dust behind me for the pimp to consider.
Then I fall in a slower pace with long springy steps to make only the shortest contact with the blistering hot sand of the desert, and now I swing my arms freely, the nice blue cap in my hand. But not for long I freeze in my strides, then a huge cobra bars my way. Its scaly skin has this dim pearly glow that only the dirty smoke from a funeral pyre may copy adequately. I know of the old tradition of trapping the soul of a loyal servant for all eternity into the body of a cobra to protect a king's grave from disgrace and robbery.
And only through my the mental connection with it the snake has disappeared. The sun sets already bl**d-red like a ripe orange behind the endless dunes in the west and my shadow is growing very long. I follow the cobra's meandering tracks in the sand and come up some square rocks, for sure hewn by men. I find the entrance to the burial chamber easily and the cobra awaits me, coiled up on the doorstep. He lets me pass inside as I would be an invited guest. The grave was plundered long time ago, the sarcophagus is empty and the wall paintings fading. But I can still decipher, that the tomb belonged to a queen of a former dynasty, poisoned for speaking out against the brutality and arrogance of men hundreds of years ago. Her royal cartouche spells Miebis, and I had heard about her in Amarsis' amazing stories. And I remember her famous truthful saying well: Men make war - women make peace! I feel strongly, that I will be safe here for the night!
I dust out the hardrock coffin and fall fast asl**p. But as it seems usual in such spooky places the dreams come soon to you as the messengers of the souls in transit: And I see the crown of the Pharaoh smashed and bl**dy on the ground, the golden cobra sneaking away and between my legs. I'm stiff from fear as it slips into my body through my open lotus. My belly swells up in pregnancy and then I give birth. The feeling beholds undescribable pleasure - an endless row of golden babies slip from me, crawl down into the waters of the mother Nile and drown - no, now I see them emerging on the other side of the wide river, blessed by Hapi: a whole army of archers with golden breast plates and shin pads, their spearheads sparkling in the sunlight like a firestorm! But then the sun changes suddenly into the shape of a hugh hawk, the costume of the heavenly god Horus, his mighty wings spread wide over the newly born f***e - and I'm sure that he blinked with one eye at me!
Then I wake and surprisingly get aware of my own fingers playing inmidst my sodden flower with the swollen pistil of bliss. I know, that when the dragon is awoken, he has to be fed! And with a guilty moral consciousness I toy myself through the moaning and groaning of my orgasmic convulsions and at last with a huge shudder over the threshold of ecstasy - the alert king cobra hisses from the doorstep, as if my personal pleasure would have been definitely too noisy for a queen,but I couldn't bother, and happily satisfied I slip back into a deep dreamless sl**p . . .

... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVIII

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter XVIII

“Darko and Vic Gets Their Bottom”, with Darko and Vic (both OCs) and Sergei Vitaiev (from ‘The Girl From the Steppes’, Hugdebert)

Sergei: and

A morning at Darko’s mansion…

A pleasant morning of a Saturday at the spring…

A perfect morning to do many pleasant things and enjoy the sunlight bless the ones who are awake and asl**p, helping them to see that the day would be good and summer was about to come…

And what was going on at Darko’s estate? Well, he wasn’t alone, if you want to know the truth. He wasn’t alone by any chance, like the gorgeous man he always was. And, as usual, he had visitors for the day.

The two visitors were his good friend Vic, always ready to enjoy a good day along with his buddy, and he carried with him an extra partner, a Russian man with blonde hair and a full beard named Sergei Vitaiev, a man from the Army who came to stay in Vic’s home for a couple of weeks during his vacation. And of course he took Sergei to visit one of his best pals ever.

But that visitation wasn’t just something that every friend does to another. This aforementioned visitation ended being a great experience for Sergei. At least in the sexual order…

Now, we take everyone to Darko’s bed, where the three men are naked, Mr. Vitaiev in the middle of his two ‘hosts’, trading kisses and caresses in the biggest display of homoerotic love shown at least until that point on that Saturday. That resulted from a talk when the Russian got interested to see the Western men’s experience in sex and they successfully managed to seduce their guest into taking part of a gay threesome, smart bisexual men they were.

Darko licked the blonde man’s neck and kissed it as Vic used his hands and mouth to touch the man’s hairy chest, feeling horny about having Sergei, a total rookie on gay sex, at his reach in that morning. And the Russian Army man didn’t shied to express his emotions.

“I can’ believe I am doing this. I never took a man to my bed ever!”

“Well, me and Vic took you to my bed, so technically you are a ‘virgin’ on that”

“But we know you are going to be back home not anymore virgin in the rear”

Vic and Darko were experienced on having sexual affairs with males, but they always knew they would find ‘fresh meat’ they would have to be kind with him before they gave him the ‘full treatment’. One of the best ways were through kissing, licking and touching their lover to make him warm for the next round of sexual bonanza.

“Are you enjoying it, Sergei dear?”

“I would love to see to where you two will take me”

“We are going to take you somewhere you never went in your life”

The two men seduced their Russian sweetheart with strong skills, as they noticed him getting hard with their caresses, as much as they were too. Soon, the blonde soldier had to take into the next step, which was the traditional oral love on both men.

However, at first, Sergei seemed to have the diseases of the first-timers, hesitating on how he would suck both men’s cocks. Vic and Darko needed to tell him to take it easy and do it as it pleased them.

“You don’t need to take it deep at the first shot. Go slow, go like your wife does with you”

The reminder of his wife, Anna, was enough for him to change his approach. Sucking Vic first and then Darko, he took his time licking and sucking both men with slow and swift moves, gently caressing with his tongue and lips his lovers’ genitalia and hearing the first moaning impressions from them.

“Ohhh God! You suck real good for a newcomer, pal!”

The early sloppiness soon was a thing from the past. Sergei quickly mastered the secrets of the blowjob, sucking it like if he did it from ten years. He knew how to go easy and then go hard on his lovers’, getting to deep throat them once in a while and even having both going for it inside his mouth. While he sucked one of the cocks, he jerked the other one, not wishing to keep it without being pleased.

“I never thought sucking cock was that good! I want to do more!”

Darko and Vic allowed the Russian to enjoy their dicks, feeling waves of pleasure as Sergei had them in his mouth. It was the perfect situation before they finally presented their guest the joys of anal penetration.

“Hmmmm… Ohhhh… yeah! Keep sucking it! Ohhhh!”

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Both guys lightly squealed during entire Mr. Vitaiev’s oral game, but they were eager to show him other kind of adventures. They put the Russian in all fours and went to lick and finger his ass, giving him a preview of what he would expect that shining morning.

“I cannot believe that I am eager for being fucked by two men”

“And I cannot believe how hot you are, Sergei!”

Sergei whispered with the other two men’s treatment on his asshole, lubing it with tongues and trying to make it better for their cocks with their fingers. Darko and Vic also enjoyed that crack, anticipating how they would bang it.

After their teasing job was done, both men laid Sergei Vitaiev on the bed, with a pillow below his waist to help him to get his in a better position. Darko quickly slid his cock inside the Russian’s ass and the fun really begun. Vic had to wait for a while before he could allow his foreign friend to suck him again.

“I am just fucking him for a few seconds and I know he is already hot!”

The black male quickly got the grip of the blonde army man, sliding his ebony organ with easiness, helped by the long session of lubing. Vitaiev started quickly to moan, even if part of it being shut by Vic’s cock in his mouth.

“Ahhhhh… Ohhhhhhhhh… Fuck me! Ohhhhhhh! Yessss!”

A man who never tasted another man in his entire life got fast the feeling of getting his ass filled by a dick. That black penis going inside and outside his asshole, virgin until a few minutes earlier, brought him sensations that he didn’t even mentioned to think about. He was always a straight man, who loved his wife and was a stallion for her. Being at that unusual position, at least for him, was something that left him eager and anxious at the same time.

“This dude you brought from Russia is really hot, Vic. Where did you have a man like this?”

“Well, his wife is also as hot as him, if you want to know about it”

Maybe they were tempted to set up sometime a foursome or whatever with that comment, but for now the only thing that mattered for them was to fuck the man of the relationship and they enjoyed on how they got Sergei to like cock that day, even touching himself once in a while to bear with that delight.

“Fuck my ass! Fuck my arse!”

Soon, Vic wanted to have his turn on his guest and they put him in all fours, the Brazilian behind the blonde Russian who now was taking his turn on blowing the ebony man’s penis. And another round of fun has started for them.

“I always wanted to fuck this butt! Man, he is so hot! And tight!”

Vic held firmly the grip on Sergei’s buttocks, using to propel him to go deep into foreign territory. He was pleased to do an ass that always seemed to be a forbidden place for him and even more pleased he could do it with a good friend like Darko, who took himself to push his dick inside the Russian’s throat.

“Like how you take my dick inside your ass, darling? Like it?”

The army man said a few yes but the best answers came with moaning and screaming, sometimes using Russian words to express how much pleasure he felt with being tamed by those two men, who in turn had the best of their feelings on having sex with Mr. Vitaiev.

“I always knew he was a little whore inside this macho thing… I always knew”

Of course Vic was the one who seemed to enjoy the most banging Sergei, given the fact they knew each other for long. His enthusiasm was bigger than anything else that morning and he wanted to enjoy every moment on having that hairy and well-built body at his service. But he also helped Darko to get his own piece of the action too.

Like the next step, where Darko made the Russian man sit on his dick and ride it, as Victor stood up above them and managed to have his penis again inside the blonde’s mouth. He liked to see those scenes in porn movies and decided to try it that night.

“Ride it, cowboy! Ride it! Yes, like that! Good boy…”

Totally taken by the heat of gay sex, Sergei wanted to keep those dicks inside him, satisfying it until the last drop. He didn’t cared on how awkward was until minutes ago for him to think about that, he just wanted to get fucked by them and have his own measure of pleasure by touching himself and loving to be their ‘whore’

“Come here and have my cock, dear Sergei… yes, like that!”

“I am loving it, gentlemen! I love you! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Obviously the two other men loved the Russian as well, having all the delight to bang that army man. The gay threesome quickly built into something amazing and the gentlemen didn’t wish to end that soon. Or even later.

“Ohhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

After some time like that, they changed again places, when Vic fucked Sergei as the lied on his side and Darko took another shot at getting sucked by him. And the blonde only wanted to get more and more nailed by their lovers.

“God, you are still horny after all this time! Man, I knew you loved it!”

“I think he always loved cock, but he never found one to do him”

And how Sergei loved those cocks. Even if sometimes he only could moan and say words in Russian that exactly expressed how that Russian fell in love with his Western lovers and wanted to get all what they could give him on bed matters.

“Fuck me, gentlemen! I want it more! I want it more!”

Vic gave more and more, finding easily to slide his cock inside the already acclimatized ass of his guest, going deep and fulfilling his requests with joy and happiness. Even on his always dirty mind he never thought that his foreign friend was a cock-happy man.

“I really think we should try to DP him. Don’t you think, Darko?”

“His butt is so perfect for that. But let me allow him to suck my cock for a few minutes more”

Darko fell in love with the blonde Russian’s oral skills, watching how Mr. Vitaiev pushed deep that black dick inside his mouth and throat, almost like if he needed to make that blowjob to survive or something like that, even enjoying to have his tongue being slapped by that big sexual organ.

“He sucks so good… ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh… suck my cock, you slut!”

After both men enjoy their respective sides, they went for the scene they thought it could be a great finale for their threesome. Vic went underneath Sergei and managed to put his cock inside the Russian’s ass. Behind that white butt, was Darko, who managed to find space to stick yours inside their guest. When both men found themselves in position, they returned to the action.

“Been years I don’t try doubling a guy like that”

“Yeah! Me too! He is perfect for that!”

With two dicks into his bunghole, now Sergei was in another galaxy of pleasure, feeling the men rubbing each other inside his small hole and going deep, gently ‘tearing apart’ that hole.

“Two in my butt! I think you will rip me entirely, gentlemen!”

“Don’t worry. After a few days, your ass will be back to the normal size…”

They played with Mr. Vitaiev’s bit hairy ass for a while, slapping and gripping his buttocks with pleasure. The blonde Russian loved the kinky games and allowed them to enjoy his butt outside and by inside.

“God, it’s fucking amazing!”

At first, they went slow and easy but when they found their pace; the fucking became again hard and deep. Even in different positions, Vic and Darko could find a way to keep banging really well their love without slipping away that much. Well, everyone knew they were pros on that, so…

“Oh Yes! Oh Yes! Oh Yessssssssssssssssssss!”

“My God! That ass! My Goodness!”

“Fuck Yeah! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Almost hypnotized by sexual delight, both men didn’t notice that Sergei was about to shoot his load. Not even the Russian himself knew he would that soon do it, keep his hands on Vic’s chests and away of his cock. But it happened, suddenly, after nearly good minutes on that position, the blonde soldier blew his load on the Brazilian’s belly.

“I am going to cum! Yesssssssssssss! I am cumming! Ahhhhhhhhhhh!”

Vic loved to be in the receiving end of Sergei’s jizz fountain, who seemed for a while never ending as the Russian shot a lot of his cum on him. He didn’t care to clean himself, still busy on his fucking, but his time and Darko’s would be very soon…

“Damn, he came on me! And now I think I am going to cum soon!”

“Me too! Let’s load his face with all our jizz!”

They finished their double penetration job and again took Sergei on his knees, jerking in front of him as he also used his tongue on the meantime It didn’t take long for them to achieve their goal.

“Yesssssssssssss! I am cumming!”

“Yeah, me too! Yeahhhhhhhhhh! Cumming!”

Sergei’s face, lips and beard got sticky with both males blowing their load on him. The Russian soldier even swallowed a bit of the cum his lovers showered him, finding fantastic the real taste of a man’s ending. And he loved as well the bath he received.

After both men finished to cum, Sergei and Darko used their mouths to clean Vic’s still sticky belly, as he watched with not restrained eagerness. After the threesome, Sergei realized he would enjoy a lot his stay with Vic’s.

“You two know how to have sex, gentlemen. I am glad to have my first homosexual experience with both of you”

“Don’t worry, man. We are here for that, to make our friends happy and satisfied”

“I just hope that would be our little secret, if you don’t mind to keep it to yourself. If Anna knows about it…”

“You could invite her and we can try a foursome”

The three men laughed as they stood laid down on the bed, talking about many subjects. And, for your information, they did it again later that night, but that we only might tell at a next opportunity.

THE END (of this chapter)... Continue»
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Erotic Comic Orgy Series - Chapter X

Erotic Comic Orgy Series – Chapter X

“Madame Calls Her Friend”, with Vic (OC), Madame and Ingeborg (from ‘The Divine’, Stramaglia)

Madame (the brunette) and Ingeborg (the blonde):

The door opened and then Vic and Madame walked into her house, apparently sharing a quite pleasant chat if noticed how loud they talked to each other and laughing at almost every second of it. As soon as they went in, Ingeborg, the loyal secretary and Madame’s partner came from the living room to see the lovebirds arrive.

Madame and Vic went to see a play, produced by a good friend of hers. She wanted to enjoy that opportunity to make her lover get knowledge of her world as a singer and actress and what he had to deal while she was away with her plays and concerts.

“It seems the play was far from bad, I imagine”

“The play? Well, it wasn’t bad, Inge. But me and Vic didn’t care about it, right?” commented Madame.

“I think I didn’t pay attention to anything at the stage, given how your friend is close to a man”, Vic remarked, sparking a wicked smile from Inge and a censure look from Madame.

“Always you, Madame!”

“I don’t care, Inge”, said the brunette as she removed her coat and put where it belonged. “I am what I am and I won’t change at this point of my life”

“And no one of us wants you to change, right Inge?”, added Vic.

“Why I would like to change the person that I care the most in the whole, sir?”

Vic also removed his coat and went to the living room, where the couple spent some time chatting, with Inge’s eyes spying at both of them. Always worried about Madame, the blonde always had an excellent opinion about her neighbor, specially when talking about his adventures with ladies.

“Look those two! They seem like two teenagers after a state fair party…”, she thought looking at how they smiled while talking with each other.

She didn’t knew much about what about Madame and Vic were talking, but knew that was something ‘serious’ as they shared a kiss between the chatting and even noticed her being there, apparently doing a remark about it. When both were about to leave the room, she stood at her place, waiting to see the next chapter of their date.

“About to leave that soon?”, the blonde secretary questioned.

“Don’t be silly, Inge! We are going upstairs!”

“Oh, really… good luck then to the lovebirds”, Inge waved to them.

“You don’t need to wish us good luck, Inge. You can come with us if you want”, suggested Vic only to make her mind puzzled.

“Are you asking me to engage in a threesome with you two?”

“Yes, he is”, nodded Madame. “In fact, I proposed that to him and Vic agreed”

“Well, I kinda like the idea… you two are really hot and Vic deserves to know how we are good together on bed”, said Ingeborg.

“That’s why we had the idea…”

After a short deliberation, Inge decided to do the only thing she wanted: join Madame and Vic in sex. Both women wrapped her arms around the South American gentleman and went to Madame’s chambers.


Once at Madame’s bedroom, Vic suggested if Madame and Inge could show a small sample of how they liked each other. That sample happened through a small, brief and passionate French kiss, which only contributed to make both women horny for each other. Vic just watched it at first, but soon joined the action, kissing the brunette’s neck and licking that spot.

“I always loved women who knew other women so well”, stated the Brazilian.

“What a coincidence! So do I!” replied Madame.

Past that stage, the kisses where everywhere they could, with both girls pleasing each other’s mouths and their man. Soon, the trio surrendered their clothes way, and the ladies noticing his mildly hard cock.

“I think you two need to do something about it”

Ingeborg and Madame smiled to him as they started to masturbate him in an odd kind of ‘teamwork’. They used her hands to keep his cock somehow in the way to a full erection, which worked for a while.

“Ohh… you girls… ahhhh…”

It didn’t take longer for both ladies to use their mouths to please their lover. Starting with kisses and tongue baths at the tip, sooner their mouths worked at full motion sucking and sharing to each other the Brazilian’s dick, often leaving it for other places like his crotch and belly and even upstairs again.

“Madame! He has a delicious cock! Hmmmmm!”

“I told you would like him, Inge!”
The two women enjoyed tasting his penis, with all the licking; kissing and sucking they knew they could give to a man like Vic. They delightfully watched their man moan with every touch at his rod.

“Suck my cock deliciously, girls! Ahhhh! Yeah, that’s it! Ahhhh!”

Ingeborg left the sucking part to her boss while she went downstairs, licking and kissing his balls, enjoying to taste Vic’s sack and listening his pleasure noises. The oral action was intense inside that room…

“I would suck your cock for an entire lifetime, Vic honey!”

“Me too! I never knew he was such a hunk, Madame!”

“And you will learn more about him, Inge!”

Madame and Ingeborg sucked Vic the enough to warm him up for the main feature. The opera singer laid him on bed, where she could see his ‘soldier’ at full action mode, and sit on him, filling her dampen pussy with cock. Inge went to the other end, sitting at Vic’s face, having her boss directly at her eyesight.

With all on their marks, the threesome could go on, with Madame riding Vic’s dick and Inge having her first dabbles with his tongue at her snatch. The sensual seduction was about to take part of the action inside Madame’s bedroom.

“Ahhhh…. Yeahhhh… that’s so good!”

“Uhhhh… Ahhh… lick my pussy… yeah, go on…”

Vic delighted himself with his girlfriend having himself inside her genitalia and with a pussy for him to clean with the mouth. The moaning was the codeword he knew to keep his job going on the way the bi ladies couple demanded.

“Damn, you two are so… ahh… My God! Ride that dick! Ohhhh!”

Madame wickedly grinned hearing Vic’s answering on how she treated his cock, but her smiles were aiming for Ingeborg. Her venerable secretary and lover showed to love Vic’s requested intrusions at her pussy and watching Inge getting pleased turned Madame on even more than anything, or almost.

“Inge, you look so hot when someone is doing you…”

“And so do you, Madame!”

Without any further exchange of words, the two ladies again kissed each other, but now driven more for lust and passion than anything else. Vic’s pleasure giving actions made them feel like the times that just were the two of them, two women needing to give each other pleasure through lesbian sex. As they kissed, they moaned and said their names loud to show how much they loved each other.

“Ahhhhh! Madame! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!”

“Inge! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhh!”

They kept that configuration for a while, with Madame still lusting to hump her lover and Inge getting joyful feelings with a male giving her oral, and with a lesbian kissing scene to spice up things. However…

“Want to change positions, Madame? I want to feel someone else’s tongue on me!”

“Why not? And I guess Vic’s tired of us having our weight on his body…”

Vic didn’t mind to answer that nor wished to do so. He quickly agreed to change the position and the threeway engaged itself with the millionaire having Madame in all fours and Inge opening her legs right in front of her boss. When he noticed Madame was about to place her head between the blonde’s legs, it was his time to join the party.

Almost at the same time, Vic had his dick again plowing Madame while the opera singer gave Ingeborg her initial oral treating. Moaning and pleasure screams returned to the table (I mean, the bed) as naturally, the fucking session continued.

“Ahhhh… Madame, your tongue is divine! It’s heavenly!”

“You two… I love you two! Vic and Inge, I love you always and forever!”

“Ohhh yes! Me too! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

Madame gave her secretary perhaps the best so far pussylicking Inge had. She knew where the blonde woman had her most sensitive spots and worked them to make her moan the loudest she could. With an occasional help of a finger, she knew where her tongue had to be to please Ingeborg.

The lesbian thing helped, on the other hand, to make Vic as horny as he could. As a lover of all things Sapphic, see two women show how much they liked each other was something had helped him to keep himself focused on screwing Madame. And, boy, how he screwed her…

“I never thought you were so delicious like that, Madame!”

“I knew you would like to have Inge with us, honey…”

It was so intense the threesome and how they were going deep into it turned things into a better tide inside that bedroom. Madame tasted all what she could from Inge’s pussy, making her blonde lover moan. Meanwhile, Vic used part of his best energies to bang Madame’s cunt, feeling his dick getting ‘sucked’ by it while giving her a good fuck.

“Madame! Ahhhhh! Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! So hot to fuck you! Ahhh!”

The hot threesome lasted like that for a while. Then, Inge suggested that she should be the one to get Vic inside her, even if the blonde secretary wasn’t the major fan of having sex with a guy. Then Madame arranged a position for them to do it, with Ingeborg lying on the bed and Victor wrapping her legs around his body, while his dick went into her tender pussy.

“Is this good, Inge?”

“Oh, yeah… Yeah… please, sir, let it go all inside… please, I want it!”

Without much to say about it, Victor slid his cock past Inge’s pussy and gently started to engage himself into the coitus. The blonde secretary quickly forgot her past troubles about the male genitalia and moaned with his first thrusts.

“Yeahhh! Ahhhh! Come on! Fuck me, Vic! Fuck me!”

Madame watched with pride and lust how her boyfriend had his early fuckery with her precious lover. At first, she restrained herself to see the faces of pleasure at Ingeborg’s face, but a woman like her isn’t just for seeing others having fun and she not having a piece of it. And a request from Inge brought her back to the ‘game’.

“Please, Madame, let me taste your delicious flower. I need to taste you, now!”

Without a second of hesitation, Madame jumped herself to fix her crotch above Inge’s head. When her pussy was at a close distance from her lover’s mouth, she received her first oral caresses.

“Inge… oh… ahhhhhhhhhhhhh yessssss!”

The brunette watched how Ingeborg adjusted her face to keep her mouth at the right distance for her mouth to work. Meanwhile, Vic kept his job of doing the blonde woman, watching Madame’s reactions while being pussy eaten by her loyal secretary.

“Have I said that you look pretty when you moan like that?”

“You know that is so good, Vic. Ahhhhh, yeah, lick my pussy!”

Even in a threeway like that, romantic feelings still aroused the night and Madame and Vic kissed each other as they were still tied to their commitments to Inge. The Brazilian found a way to make her not lose most of the balance with the kiss as both had the blonde secretary as their target.

“I cannot believe that Ingeborg was that hot! Why you were keeping away from me?”

“She had a few bad experiences with guys, but I told her you would be the perfect one!”

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Yeahhh! Fuck me, Vic! Fuck me! Let your cock inside me! Uhhhh!”

Vic fucked Ingeborg the best he could, as they stood with that position for a while and the blonde serviced her boss with the accuracy of a mistress in oral arts. Then, they decided to try other positions to make the fun go better.
One of those had Ingeborg sit on Vic’s lap, having his dick inside her pussy and with her back facing her lover. As the secretary had the Brazilian putting his rod in and out inside her pussy, Madame enjoyed herself her employee’s breasts and even the occasional lesbian kiss.

There were a few others that they tried, but let’s not extend this story too much for our readers, even if they like long stories sometimes. Given this series intention, let’s say they had lots of fun and Vic had himself inside all of her holes, giving the girls a series of great orgasms.

Those orgasms were lovely, especially for Inge, that finally made to achieve her climax with a man doing her, and loved it. Not without a help from Madame, that licked the blonde’s clit for a while when she reached her ‘boiling point’.

As a gift, Madame and Inge decided to make Vic cum using their tongues to lick and tease his cock. In a few minutes, he exploded is load into the two ladies’ bodies, covering their faces, breasts and even the belly in white manmilk.

“Ahhhhhhhh! My Goodness!”

After the sex, with their faces clean, the girls again kissed each other and thanked Vic with others.

“So, did you liked Vic, Inge?”, asked Madame.

“I liked it! I think he can be our man, Madame”

“I am glad that I made you happy, Ingeborg. Now I know I must call you whenever I want to do Madame here…”, commented Victor.

“And I think the two of us can be very good friends, sir”, agreed Inge, while touching Vic’s. cock.

“Indeed, Inge…”

THE END (of this chapter)... Continue»
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