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smelling my nieces panties

smelling my nieces panties

... putting her musky panties on over my face while I layed on her bed and jerked off. I even had ... some panties and stuff them in my mouth while rubbing one out. It got to the point where all I wanted ... thongs in the drawer. I asked my wife if she thought they were her nieces or the other cousin... Continue»
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Awesome Episodes Of Pleasure With Dianna’s A

... and jeans and took of her panties and bra. The aroma of her hair was so good, my “Tom, dick and Harry ... was not wearing her bra and panty. I played with her nipple and bit it softly with my lip over her ... up and kissed me passionately.

Aunt Rose felt my man and pulled my pants off and started sucking... Continue»
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... for the night. Katie could smell the cigarette
smoke and the clink of cocktail glasses from the party ... cotton
panties and a matching soft-cup black cotton training brassiere. She
grabbed her pink silk ... waist, finding a home right
under the band of Katie's panty's thin elastic band. Her hands
folded... Continue»
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The Perls of Parenting

... for the holidays and f****y dinners.

I think I was mainly invited due to my nieces insistence. Considering I ... they were little my nieces called me "Eric" not "Uncle Eric".

Recently I have suspected they had ... was the "cool" relative.

It then hit me that my twin nieces may not even know the fate... Continue»
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Zelena's Story 5

... , that she was limp and sweating when it was over."Thank you my love, my little niece ... : "What you want talk Jacko? You want talk fucking? I no can do unless you have condom, anyway you my ... cousin and you too young fuck me.""I'm nearly as old as you Zelly. And I know you let my dad fuck you... Continue»
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The Slithering: The Cloak and the Dagger

... you, Monsieur! Colette is my niece, as is
Josette. They are staying with me for the weekend ... pummeled with
the mixture of perspiration and liqueur on his foul-smelling breath.
Oliver's level ... the

"There is no need for that tone of voice in my presence," said the woman
sternly... Continue»
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A Week in Vegas-day1-part

... and we had just gone thru a busy, long and cold winter back East where we live. I'm Charles, 45 and my ... the aisle from us. Where ever she is my wife has the amazing ability to find and home-in on the one ... my friends”. “Good people” she calls them; this either as our Life1 or Life2 (see below) friends... Continue»
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A woman perspective, Short sexual stories

... was still sl**ping.

He bent down and scooped up my panties, which were on the floor at the foot ... , in fact he was still stroking as I lifted my leg over him, reached between us and tore my panties from ... casting of his true life niece fucking her b*****r, I bet he got off watching her act, just as my... Continue»
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Emma Watson and Alexa Vega With Uncle Steve's

even through his pants, his erection had shifted into my hand!

“You know, pearls should only ... , between my legs, it
ended up pressing up against my panties! While it felt wonderful, I ... ! My panties become so wet that
it dripped down on my legs. I was dumbfounded, as we kept kissing. I... Continue»
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Visit From My Niece

... to
explain to the clerk that this beautiful girl was my
niece, and that her bags had been lost in Denver ... with this girl in the
same room. Got to stop this, I'm 25 years older than her
and she's my niece ... the elastic
of her panties. Do I dare get a closer view? No. It
would just make my dick hard again... Continue»
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Tea Ladies

... and fondling another girl dressed in sexy
clothing, sensual lingerie, smelling of exotic perfume ... encased in satin panties whilst the girl in her arms
reciprocated far exceeded any fantasy Michele had ... on the bed and hiked up her skirt and pulled her panties aside she felt apprehensive
and anxious... Continue»
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Steps****r's Conundrum

... .

When she answered the phone Stella said happily,"Hey Heidi! What's up with my favorite
niece ... then pulled out, zipped up his
pants and ask if she wanted to go home.

That had been 6 months ... fuck her," Francis said,"I want to try putting my tongue in her
pussy, like we saw in the pornos... Continue»
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... , “The crotch did, so I took them off.”

And I held up my damp blue panties for him. Again, I could smell ... though she was his niece!

It really pissed off my no-nonsense mom, and she’d just shake her head ... at a time.

For some reason, even with the boys who fumbled like idiots getting my pants down or who... Continue»
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... .

He pulled his pants back up, but I stayed in just my panties,
garterbelt, stockings, and heels. He ...
was a TV. She walked in on me in a dressing room before I had gotten my
pants on over my lace panties ... panties.

Last to go on was my bra. It was padded, and I had sort of smallish
male breasts... Continue»
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The professor II

... moaned aloud as she witnessed her niece getting fucked. Zooey put her right hand in her panties ... , fucking your niece huh!” Dakota continued, “Ride it! Ride my cock, I want to see you cum you perverted ... throbbing cock.
“Would you like to see my bare legs?” asked Professor Deschanel.

Tim of course... Continue»
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Nephew's panty fetish fuels great sex

... to masturbate quite often. I also know you have a thing for my panties, so I don’t quite believe you ... cum in some tissue or something, not my panties.”

All the way to her work place where I drop her ... himself with your panties. Obviously used the red ones to smell your pussy juice and the black ones... Continue»
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New Neighbours

... out what pair of pants were tightest in the right area and which muscle shirt would look best ... . Barbara reached over and rubbed Jimmy's cock through his pants and said that it appeared Dana ... her tongue down his throat and unzip his pants. He managed to pull the halter top completely down... Continue»
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Lysandra's Secret Desire by Michael Knight

... later moving to Europe, apparently she was his favorite Niece, not having much to do with the rest ... Madame."

The woman led Lysandra into the main hall of the house, "I'm Margarete and this is my ... , "You're French... right dear?" Margarete said.
"Oui...I've lived there most of my life but moved... Continue»
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My real story

... through the material of my pants.

Friday 1pm came and I was out of the house and driving to the park ... looking on.

My mouth was now down by his glans. I could smell it – it smelt clean and the drop ... me down onto my knees and virtually tore down his trousers and pants. He stuffed his rigid cock... Continue»
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Sex Ahead 3

... ," said Jennifer. "I should be ashamed to admit
this, but I like having my son in bed with me ... wouldn't mind you getting into bed with her. If you hadn't
come into my room when you did, I'd have ... of satisfaction in her
voice. "It makes me feel so deliciously wicked, to have my son's big
solid... Continue»
Posted by heavenly_joy 4 years ago  |  Categories: Mature, Taboo  |  
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