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College life spring semester 1

... the first semester. This semester would test me even more
after nailing down a 4.0 my first semester. This semester would involve
two more college hours after taking it easy the first semester to get ... ... Continue»
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College life Spring semester 2

... stood looking at me, "Remember we're changing days this semester, so get
fucking dressed to go work out."


Our ... .

"I guess so. It beats the assholes in our dorm last semester," Bryson said
but didn't seem real sure about this.

"Guys ... ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 3

... start out the semester."

"You saw last night he's pretty chill," Scott said.

"I still have a card left from last semester I could ... it up tonight and it may fuck up our entire

"What's up your ass?" Scott asked and laughed.

"I'm just ... ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 8

... 't called as much or at home every weekend like
last semester. Your mom and I figured you had a girlfriend," he stated.

"I wish ... it sounded he and Garrett went home every weekend last semester," Corey

"It did sound that way. There again, they ... ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 5

... things with a demanding class schedule on my agenda for the

Thursday, I did look forward to my class and talking to ... as were Scott's jeans. Scott was
dressing nicer since this semester started but I don't know if it was to
garner attention ... ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 7

... at all possible, we do need to live
together next semester."

"Corey, you know I really, really want to but I have to ... it either," Kris laughed.

"You got me there but the semester is really just starting, bitch!" Bryson

While we were ... ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 10

... things up. It is something I probably
should have done last semester. Every time he sees Stephan he calls him a
fag and ... that it was the first Monday of classes for our
semester after a holiday and a snow day. By the end of the ... ... Continue»
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College life spring semester 11

... to do this summer?"

"I'm trying first to get through this semester. What's on your mind?"

"Well... I've thought since we might get our own place for next semester
maybe.. staying here all summer and hoped you'd consider staying ... ... Continue»
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Hej...Semester :)

... Hej...Semester :)” löd texten i SMS meddelandet.
”Alltid, när solen skiner….” svarade jag till den ... ... Continue»
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College life Spring semester 4

... up. Matt caught me
in bed with another guy last semester," Corey stated.

"Are you k**ding?" Towson said. "Corey, I'd never take ... ... Continue»
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College life spring semester

... no," Brennan said.

"You should have seen his girlfriend last semester. Totally hot," Kendall

"So much for that. She dumped ... ... Continue»
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The Sucking Professor Part 1 (True Story)

... f****y on holiday breaks. I had four classes my first semester. Most were prerequisites, Math, English,Western Civilization and ... the spring semester began. I had passes all my classes, and I was already registered for my spring semester classes, I ... ... Continue»
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... pretty well occupied.

For the first semester at this College I was busy and ... rest. At the end of the first semester I had written the following about her achievements. ... speaker."

Right from the start of second semester she began talking to me a lot, ... ... Continue»
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... But don't you?"

"None that don't include me passing this semester and hopefully graduating!"

"I guess if it's that important. Sure, I' ... . He couldn't believe he was finally with her. After a semester of studying her in class, he was finally touching ... ... Continue»
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... or introduced me to his f****y but we spent one memorable semester together.

But as I've learned, that which attracts some ... to bring up.

The semester was coming to a close. Jacob was actually going to take the next semester off to "find himself ... ... Continue»
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My First Dorm Experience


"Self conscious!?" Ashlyn said. "Give us a semester babe, we'll fix that right up."

"A semester?" Megan said. "I bet I can do it ... , I want to make sure you understand the rule this semester." Ashlyn whispered. So standing in the open doorway looking ... ... Continue»
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... a little homesick and concerned for my mother. After the first semester, I came home for Christmas break. It was really nice to ... headed for the west coast facing a new college semester. The challenge of this semester was being away from mom when we wanted ... ... Continue»
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... men could cause, because she’d been through more guys last semester than I could count.
I, stupidly, had been saving myself for ... layouts.
We talked about our classes, our majors, the upcoming semester, our finals, our grades…it was actually nice to ... ... Continue»
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Sweet Little Coed Ass

... attended each class. For the first 5 weeks of the semester I took only a passing interest of her rather attractive features. ... comfortably for the benefit of the patient.

During this semester I had scheduled my office hours from 4 - 6 PM on Thursday ... ... Continue»
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After Class in His Office

... to keep himself in check and under control. During this semester however he was having quite the struggle. If 19 year ... down her throat.

"You've been such a little tease all semester."

"Well I'm glad I finally got your attention sir."

He turned and ... ... Continue»
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